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wLwiiin. NEW YOKK. MONDAY MORNING, JULY 17. J837. ?o.??
By Kxprert* Mall.
Advices from New Orleans are received to the 9th
of July.
The musquitoes were very troublesome in the city
of the marshes. Many laborers were suffering from
the coups de sol eil. They talk of erecting sheds on
the Levee, for the shelter of goods, the clerks, and the
The Bee, aVan Buren paper, says: ? '? We are op
posed, totis vitibus, to all kinds ol raj* money, and
With Mr. Webster, we look upon a depreciated curren
cy, and irredeemable bank notes, as a robbery on the
community." How rapidly correct principles are
spreading ! They are making their way in the ranks
of all parties.
We give an excellent expos i below of the system of
banking in New Orleans. It suits every latitude.
[Krom our Special Correspondent.]
New Orleans, Jul/ 8, 1837.
Of Susiness matters I have nothing to say, for verily
there !' no business to Bay about. Our merchants are
principally gone to the North, on pleasure, or busi
ness- or have c ossed the lake for motives selfish, or
shel fish, that is to enjoy their otium, or their oysters ;
and the few dealers who remain to lounge away the
summer, have so little to do that you may see them
in the few open stores, congregated in little groups,
and with eager ears "swallowing a sailor's news." A
tolerable gossipping loafer? despised in the busy sea
gon ?is now greedily provided with a chair and a tum
bler, so that he will but help to wile away the te
dious hours of idleness. We do not yet find these
speculating purchasers, spoken of as making, in your
city, 25 per cent, oh changing their specie for south
ern notes, and sending them on to purchase cotton !
How is It they have not yet come? We have plenty
of produce, if they have plenty of the rhino to buy it
?with. Many of our worthy folks have scarcely yet
got steadied down from the conv.vialities of the 4th.
Red looking eyes, and slender head aches, are still
the morning's complaint. Our banks are as dumb as
fish? no statements are yet forthcoming. Your leco
foco, and Webster meetings, have created some little
interest, though I do not think the latter qnite as
popular as Clay? but whichever has the better chance
will sccare the most votes here. Either would gladly
be taken up, if there were but a reasonable chanceof
displacing Van Buren. Your Major Noah has fallen
into a grave error about the press here, for h ? states
in the " Star," that owing to the depression of all bu
siness, the great newspaper establishments of the Bul
letin, True American, and the Bee, have changed from
Daili .-sto Weeklies. Now, 'tis true, they cease to issue
daily, but they all appear tri-weekly, except the Bul
letin, which is out only twice this week, owing to " the
glorious fourth." The stripes and stars floated from
the pinnacle, over the dome of the Exchange Hotel,
on Tuesday, 215 feet from the ground? did any of
your tavern flags fly higher 1 There is an admirable
institution here, called the " Catholic Orphan's Asy
lum," got up, and hitherto supported, by the exertions
and private means of a very worthy priest, called
"father Kendelhon"? but which is now greatly in
want of funds. A gratuitous benefit was to be given
for its aid at the French Theatre last Sunday? when
lo ! ths charitable actresses required S300 to buy ihcm
new dress s or they eould not appear!! This afliiir,
of coursc, then fell through ; and on Thursday an ap
peal wu mado to our benevolent and kind fr.cnd. Cald
well, in theTrue American, and he readily agreed to
get them up a Benefit! Success to him and it! It
was a noble act on his part and wot thy of him !
Tmc Indians.? Major Gen. Jesup and suite arriveJ
at St. Augustine on Thursday last His stay in that
City, we understand, will be short.
It is contemplated to establish a post at the mouth
of Moultrie Creek, about 5 miles Bouthof Si. Augus
tme, and by means of r id ties t? keep np a constant
communication by way of Hanson's and Weadinun's
to I'icolala. Tins will afford complete protection to
the remaining plantations, South and East of the St.
John's River. Twocompanies of foot are lo be raised
for local protection in St. Augustine? and a horse
company will be mustered in for the protection oi the
Mandarin settlement.
Gen. Jesup went up to Volusia on Wednesday, and
examined several sites, with a view to establish a post
in a healthy position on the St. John's River. VVe
understand he contemplates to establish n poBt at
{Silver Spring, on Lake George, about 25 miles North
of Volusia.
The three Indians who were taken by ( apt. Han
aon says that Micanopy has not been killed, as re
ported! he is at the hunting ground at Ahnpopikn.
At Fort Foster a capturs was made which is con
sidered important, of Bow Legs, a brother of Alli
The Indians, it Is now said, left their camp in conse
quence of the prevalence of the measles at Tampa,
and that about 20 of them died before tin y left it.
The op. man is still expressed that they will commit
wo murders or depredations, at least for the present;
and as a proof, it is stated that single expresses still
continue twnde through to Tampa unmolested.? Sa
vannah Republican.
B aw k i no.? In due season and by authorized hands
the penetralia will be uncovered to public gaze? nnd
then we shall !>ehold the WTithings of the monopo
lists, who by intrigue and management, by large sub
?citations to the stocks of the several banks as th*y
were put in operation, by vast purchases of shsres
through means of funds furnished them by other in
stitutions, and in many instances by the hank itself
whose stock they were buying, got into their hands
the control of the business of the doomed bank to
which they attached themselves, and the supreme
dispensation of its favors. After obtaining the con
trol of a portion of the stock through their relatives,
friends and dependants, sufficient to influence the
Section of directors, it is easy to see that none hut
those who were willing ta execute their imperious
bidding could be chosen. If we look a little further
we shall find that one institution under their control
gave them the means of controlling others -and that
there is a kind of sympathetic chord that pervades
sometimes half a dozen banks. The power that gov
erns one bank, may be easily made to reach another,
and then it augments at a ratio that multiplies at
every step. I have the control of one bank } it is easy
to plac" my partner in another ? with his assistance
I can place my uncle and brother in a third, and then
my partner's nephew, son, brother-in-law and couvin
in a fourth, snd so on, till right or nine banks out of
the sixteen are directly or indirectly under my influ
ence. The fortunes of men? the welfare and happi
ness of families are in the bands of the clique that
happens to be tn the ascendant for the moment, nnd
wo to the unlucky wight that dares to exhibit a rebel
lions spirit of indq>endence? w > to the director of
any Unk within the fated circle that dares to stand np
for his own right*, the rifhti of others, or for the pub
lic good! His doom is sealed? his destruction wire,
unless he consent to be bound body ami soul to tho
service of his master?unless he will renounce all the
ties Of friendship and become to all the feelings of
humanity and the cries of nfttnre a perfect man tip'r ;
?nd he will be deemed unfit for a mute at the bosrd of
those enslaved institutions. He is expected to wait
1'ke a dog for the crumbs that hi? master may chooso
to throw to him after he has served himself? nnd like
the dog ,a expected to perform whatever bidding
*n?y be signified to him by word or nod. The board
of tht> bank is net the place for the expression of in
?iependesee of opinion. Who would talk of indepen
dence of opinion lo a British merchant while he was
expecting assistance from the Rank of England, when
lie knew that one woid from a single leading director
would annihilate his credit and his fortune ?
It has been the boast of some of those monopolists
that their inllum?u? pervaded nearly nil the banks in
thacity, and that n majority of the banks being con
trolled by their relatives, friends and dependants,
their power was felt in the institutions where tiiey
were not so powerful. Vote against mv paper in one
bank, and lookout for yourself if you should ever be
so unhappy as to expect a favor from any of "?<*
banks under the influence of our clique. \N e vu
pour upon your head the vials of our wrath; w? will
demolish your credit and dishonor your name, and
disable you from engaging in a commercial transaction
until you come mu> our terms and acknowledge our
sovereign sway. .
In this manner has society been enchained? in tii s
manner thought, opinion and will have been enthrall
ed! in this manner the fortunes of individuals huve
been sported with, and all confidence between man
and his neighbor annihilated. This system has iallen
under it* own corruption ? the monopolists have
passed away, leaving some of the banks in a situation
little better than insolvency, with *us vended debts
from monopolist drawer and monopolist endorser,
and no other security in many instances than the
nnmes of other insol vent monopolists. The monopo
lists have left the banks after hnvins reduced them to
a sinking state? they have brought the banks to the
condit on of the prodigal son? without manty and in
the possession of nothing but ra?s.? A. tuc.
[From the Evening Herald.]
Rkihh nos ok Rknts. ? The Military Hall, corner of
(Jra'ul ami Ludlow ats., on Friday evening, was crowded
to excess by anxious tenants of the Tenth ward, all <u
ger to ascertain the measures proposed to be adopted lor
the reduction of rente.
This example will be no doubt speedily followed by
the tenants of the other wards of the city, and then w<
may expeet to see something important tiike pli*e on
this subject. The exertions of a single wsird, however
meritorious, cannot possibly have the influence a combi
ued movement would possess with the landlords ot the
city and the Tenth having set the example, should not
be suffered to proceed alone. What are the tenants of
the other wards about, that they remain mere idle spec
tors of a struggle that concerns thein as much as those
now engaged in it. Is there 110 pressure felt ! Is there
no opinion that rents are exorbitant and oppressive in
any other ward than the Tenth ? Have the tenants of
the other wards reason to be satisfied with the exorhi- |
tant sums they are compelled to pay to obtain a shelter j
from the storm, and a place wherewithal to lay their i
heads ? If so, it is but just and fitting that the Tenth
ward should be suffered to work out its own redemp
tion, single banded, from the grievances of which it
alone has to complain. But if it be not so ; if the whole
city has equal ground of complaint on this subject, let eve
ry other ward be up and doing, nor by a culpable su
pineness, permit the auspicious movement ot the I euth
to redress their grievances pa?s away unnoticed, or
without its being speedily and resolutely seconded.
Below are tin* proceedings of the meeting:
Mr. B. F. Gautier was nominated chairman, and
Messrs. Swift and Watson appointed secretaries.
The minutes of the last meeting, which we published
in the Herald, were then read and approved of.
The report of die committee t? devise the best me
thod of procuring a reduction of rents, was then received
and adopted It's spirit will be found embodied in the
resolutions, Ac., of the evening's meeting.
Mr Watson addressed the meeting; he said "At no
period has there been greater call for exertion, nor do 1
believe there has been a time when distress has pressed
more heavily on the mechanical and laboring classes.
Work is scant, wages inadequate, and their price paid
in a vitiated and spuriows currenev, whose value, little
(is it is. may in a short time be worth nothing. What is
the prospect before the mechanic in the rapidly ap
proaching winter ! Is it not dreary in the extreme I Is
it not probable that every article of food will be at enor
mous prices ? And is it not an almost absolute certain
ty that employment will not be found to enable bun to
sup|?ort this increased demand f W hat is to become nl
bis family? And what may we not expect from men
driven to desperation, their wives and little ones Iiteral
lv wanting bread > It is clearly then the interests of the
owners of property to accede to the just call now made j
upon them for a reduction of rent, and the sooner they
do so the letter will it be for themselves and lor the
coiufort of the laboring classes ; indeed ol all classes
for all are equally oppressed in this particular.
Mr. Watson then made some observation respecting
the buihlinsr of small and convenient houses by the cor
poratiou to be rented to the mechanics at a fair and
equitable price. He then moved the following resolu
tion :
Mesolved. That the delegates from each ward be ap
p >inted to meet (at a place hereafter to be named) on
Monday the '24th. at 4 o'clock, I*. M. to concert a simul
taneous movement throughout the city, for the reduction
of rents.
An address was delivered bv Mr. Kelly. Alter some
very excellent observations, he concluded by warmly
supporting the sentiments advanced by Mr. \\ atsou, ,
and by stating that the meeting might depend upon his !
utmost exertions in forwarding and effecting the accoiu
plishment of the objects of the meeting.
Mr. Kellv was followed by Mr. Swift, who moved the
following resolution :
He solved. That a meeting be called for next Tues
day night, at * o'clock, for the pur|?oae of electing the
ten delegates proposed in Mr. Watson's resolution.
This was unanimously approved of, and the meeting
The tenth ward has thus o|tcned the ball, and the
other wards of the city will spefdilv follow suit. Some j
thing should !?? done by the landlords t.i relieve ns Inr ,
as in them lies, the distresses of the eornimf winter.?
Men, driven to desperatiou, liecmne dangerous. It e tits
or houses mutt ntme ilnirn.
SxTvanAY F.vewiwo, July 15th.
J. O. Bsnnktt. Kh<? ? Dkab Sia: In your notice I
of the 10'h Ward meeting of tenants, in the Kvennig
Herald, of thin day, there arc many errors, w hich, 1
beg, you will do me the favor to correct, for public#
tion in Monday's Herald. You prcmnttd my name
as one of the .Secretaries of the meeting, which was
not the case? Messrs. Swift ami Hunter were the
Secretaries. In my address to the m eting, I diJ not
say. "work is nc?nt"? wages inadequnu '???? ?
value, Ac." My remarks were : " rheir des
titutc condition for the want of labor anil means, and
their pay being in a depreciated and spurious cu rency,
the value of which," dt.c. ; respecting the " building of
small and convenient houses" my remarks were,
not that " 'he rvrporation, ' should build ih'"tn, but
"that envitalis'". in the possession of immense sur
plus wealth, should, without delay, create employment
for the itoor, by an investment of thor funds in the
purchase of low priced lots, in the outskirts of the city,
and thereupon build small and comfortable d wellings,
to be rented to the poor at a cheap rate; ar.d yet the
investment would be more safe, and ^foductnre of
greater gain than by any other mannsr. did sug
gest, that the citv corporation ought to creafeemploy
tnent hy such public works as would be <.? tne greatest
advantage- ami for which object, "To issue rHnnire
hill ?. of 12} cents, up to $1 ?to 'he amount of
$2,000,000 ? to he redeemed and withdrawn from cir
culation as circumstances would admit, witnin 'ne
period of 20 years " Sir : please have the corrections
made, and I trust your columns will continue to pre
sent to yonr readers, much of your good sense and
? iidgmsnt on thin important subject. I am. sir, your
humbk seresnc _ B. C. Watsow.
Flour is selling at I'ituhurg at ?! to ??'.a barrel- -le?s
I than half thr prU r in What rea*
| is there for thi? difference ? ? Ontario Jtej><?itory .
TRUST COMPANY. ?Person* May effect insurances
with this Company on their own live*. or the live* of other*.
Did either fi>r the whole duration of life, or for a limited ps-n
o<l. The payments of prcMiitim nwry We either mode annually,
or in a grow mm. ~
Premium* un Oaf Huudred Dollar* Cor One Tear.
A trr. 1 year. Ave. 1 Tear. At;*. J year. Age. 1 y.
14 0 72 26 1 07 3?l 1 48 50 1 96
15 0 77 27 1 12 39 1 57 61 1 97
M tl H4 28 1 20 40 1 ti9 52 2 02
17 0 !16 29 1 ?3 41 1 78 58 2 10
18 0 89 M> 1 31 42 1 H5 54 2 18
13 0 HO M 1 32 43 1 89 55 2 32
20 0 91 32 1 33 41 1 90 56 2 47
21 0 3* 33 1 34 46 1 91 .W 2 70
22 0 94 31 1 35 4fi 1 92 38 3 14
23 0 97 35 1 3o 47 1 ?1 50 3 ?7
24 0 99 36 1 39 48 1 94 bO 4 3%
25 1 00 37 1 43 49 1 95
Money will lie received in deposit by the Company, and heJ*i
mtrUM, upon which interest wrtl be allowed a? folio ws :
Upon any sum over $100, irredeemable for 1 year,
4J per cent.
" " " 100 " lor 4 ruos, 4 per cent.
" " " lno " for t mos, 3 per cent.
Wm. Bard, Samuel Thompson,
TIioh. W. Ludlow, Isaac Bronson,
W 111. B. L awrence, f'eter Kemien,
Jacob Lorillnrd, Stephen Warren,
John f>uer, James Kent,
Peter Harmony, Nath'l Prime,
S. Van Kennaellaer, N. Deverenux,
John O. Costar, Benj. Knewer,
Thou. Suffern, C. W. Lawrence,
II. C. De Rhnm, Jonathan GooJhue,
Jame* Mc Bride, John Rathhone. Jr.
P. G. Stuyvesant, Tl*>? J. Oakley,
Stephen Whitney, John J. Astor,
John Mawii, Gulian C. Vcrplanfk
Benj. L. Swan.
WM. BARD, Pr.dedent
K. A NIC01,L, Secretary.
Dr. D. ATKINS, Physician to the Cotppauy. n24-tf
PH IinM.I V, Real K state" and~Oeneral Agency Ofhce
? at Verplanrk, (formerly known as Verplanck Point, We*t
ch'-ster county, New York.)
!NT. B. All order* for the purchase, *nle, or exchange of pro
perty, (real ur iier-ooal,) ielt at the office, or at No. 1 1 Wall st.,
or at No. 7 Carmine street, in the city of New York, will meet
every attention the application require*.
Conveyancing of every description executed at the shortest
Specification*, Plans, and Architectural Drawings made to
order, aud the erection ofhuiMings of every inscription super
intended, Ilc.
A iiuoJier of vacant lots in the city of New York for sale, or
exchange. Alsoiu Newark and Patternon, New Jersey; and
some choice ones at Verplivick. Those who wish to improve,
at the Utter place, the wlmle of the purchase money can re
main on mortgage at fi per cent, if desired
Tliose wishing a delightful place f*r a residence (not surpas-l
I sed on the Hudson River or anv other river) we advise to call
I and see. Those who ?Irak Verplauk is broke, those who think
I it ought t? break, and those who hope it will we advise to stay
N. B. A number of mortgages for sale (nut exactly oil the
Wall street tdan) varying from one to 500# dollars.
Building Lot* to exchange for huildintr materials, mv 30 2m*
NEWTON have rentoved their school from the city to the
pleasant and flourishing village of West Farms, Westchester
Thev have selected this location, not only in consequence of
its proverbial health, but of its proximity to the city, the dis
tance not exceeding eleven miles. The house t* large, airy,
and well adapted for such an imtitution.
They are now prepared to receive young Laities as boarrter*
or dav scholars, and they assure their friends and the public,
that nothing shall be wanting on their part to afford every fa
cility of instruction and improvement to their pupils, and K>
qualify them, by a liberal and accomplished education, for Uie
respectable walks of life.
Tuition comprises a complete F.nglish course, superadded to
which are taught the French, Italian, and Spanish languages,
Music. Drawing, and Dancing, if required.
Highly respectable references will of course be given to pa
rents or guardians, if aprdication be made either personally at
the village, or by letter directed to the po*t office, We*t Farms.
hvii.roiTi) point-marine pavilion.-tius
I" delightful summit retreat is now open for the reception o(
company for the season. Being situated directly on the sea
board, renders this place a very healthy location, a* also a plea
sant situation, wliere an abundance ol' sea fowl can lie had, as
also tea bathing.
Term>? $1 ner day, or $1 per week. The bar I* well su cked
. with choice wines ? -stabling commodiou*.
j N B. Carriages are in readiness at all timos upon the arrival
I of Mie steamboat at New Haven, to conv?v msw-Birers ditvctly
I to the Point. iv'i-l"' HARD WELD.
removing the blue from stove Imr* without Injury to thepo
i lUh, and for cleaning brass, copjier, pewter, tin, kc. with hah
the usual labor.
The nhovv li(|uid not only restores the polish to ?teel that has
I been exposed to the action of fire, but speedily removes all
stains or'rust from dead ground staves mid fenders, bras* cxp
per, Britannia metal and pewter, are cleansed by It with Hie
| greatest expedition. To block tin dish covers that have been
1 in use for vears it gives the polish of new ones. It removes
i grease, ink snots, or any stains from paint w ith the greatest In
cilltv, and without injury to the color.
I lira-. la<-i|uered furniture will retain its original brilliancy if
i occasionally cleansed by it. Foi sale by
jejB-tf NATHAN B. GRAHAM. 90 Na?sau-*t.?or. Fulton.
THK HITIJSCRI II EK has received bv the last arrival
from Eunipe, an elegant assortment of the undermtn
! tinned ertirles, which lie offer* for sale on lite most a4vantage
ou? terms, vil:? . , , .
Antral Lamps, in guilt, bronie, marble ami rut glass; hnngin*
! lamp*, in rill and l>ront?*d, foroil, ga* or canrBes ; ball ianip*.
I in gilt ami bronr.ed, for oil andga*; mantle lamps in gilt and
iironied, cut glass drops, pans and spangle*; gilt stand candela
bra* : ladles work boxes and ornamental work tables; plated
candlesticks and branches ; crurt frame* ; plated urns, kettle*.
I bottles stand*, 4ic. Lc. ; single and double barrel percussion
? eons; pocket, hohtcr, and duelling piMok.
11 3-inill k C W. K. WRKAKB. 113 Fulton street.
W NOTES ? For cJiange, enrraved expressly for storekeep
1 ers, liotels, tradcMiien. manufacturer*, fcc., to supply the pre
I senl scarcity of ^"le. The areit demand fbr these notes
hove made it necessary to engrave an entire new set on Meet
j Plates, with beautiful vignettes, the high finish of which ren
1 iters them secure from counterfeK. Notes for ft , 75, 50. .1 ami
I2t cents, printed ihi bank note (taper, equal to hauk hills in ap
! pearanre and beauty, payable to bear# r at sight In trade Or
bankable bill*. The aWove iMite* are now ready fordelnery
Orders IroMi any part of the United State* promptly attended
I to, on application to , _
J. NEALE. Enaraser anil Printer,
6 John st., 3 doors from Broadway.
N. B. Tradesmen and country merchant* are invited to cal
' ml see specimen* previous to making their purchases.
je 1 9- 1 1 n
I \f tllKK1 lOY*.- Just received, a supply "1 Mark*'
| 1*1 celebrated colored Toy*. They are offered to the trade
on the most favorable term*, by
,11 r. SI1K.PII A K1I.U9 Broadway
1 NENE SOAP 1* prepared from lieaotiful exotic*, and warrant
| ed perfectly innocent. It completely eradicate* tan, freckles,
I pimples spots, redness, and all cutaneous eruption*; gradually
realties a clear will skin; trv nsforms esen the moot salkiw com
plexions into radiant whiteness, imparting to it a heautifuljuve.
nile hhwMn. . , , . ,
Gentlemen, afler shaving, will find it allay the irritability and
smarting pain, and render the skin smooth and pleasant.
For sale, wholesale and retail, hy A 1 nderhill. 18 Beekman
street, corner of William; Dr. Ifart, corner of Broadway and
, Chamber* street. Price 50 cetils per cake. mytt-ftn
R|? HIITON At ANPlNWALIi, Wllmm street
offer for sale s .
.luiube Past. , In 50 and 100 lb. boxes, very superior
Robinson*, patent Barley ami Groat*, fresh and just received
Tartaric A? id, in .501b. boxes .
?HPff CTmitnvtatr* of in wtkI IH.
F.des' Odoriferous Corup?>UH?l, in boxes and WidtJe*
Also. Sm aim's Panicea. at manufacturers' prico*. nl tf _
X~VAUn TO THK P('BLir.-Wll. HILL'S in
imitable stvleof Hair Cutting, N?. 8? Pearl st, upstair*.?
For fear of any wrong impression the public may labor un.ler;
I he sal?criber respectfully Inform them he has nesrer MM|M
to tiie comhmatMin of Hair dre??er*. Shaving H l-4cenl*.
JtUtn' .
LTABTNAN A BUtDNALI., SO Water street, ofler
11. for sale, cheap for cash ;
t tilts Welsh Butter; ?.? firkins Or*n?e en d??; 100 kegs low
priced, an if aide for haker*: 10 jars Brandy Cheese; .No kef* do
do; V*' do sutiermr do; 40 harrHs do do; Imies Pine Apple
r-|,o< *e- 'tn cask ? Hams, far family use; do Shonlders. do do,
equal to Burlington. MARTMAN h B'RDSaLl,
^my |A V) and 51 W aler street
TMIIC subscriber having put 'he FRANKLIN HOUSE, at
1 the r??rner of Fulton ami Water sis.. Brooklyn, in the best
possible condition, is now ready to receive Imarders by the day,
week or year, at a very moderate charge. Tl>e rwnn?. which
overlook New >ork and tlie East River, are very pleas uu and
tiry, will lie let either w ith or w ithout l>oar?|. Horn* of them are
connected wltk pallors suitable for small fcmdiea. The table
will We furnished with good sulistantial fare, and the bar with
food liquor*. Every attention will be p*|d ,n 'he comfort of
ill wh?> visit the liouse. DANIEL B E M HER.
Brooklyn, Mav 2B. 1837. mv*T lm*
VANILLA CBKAHI UAWI>Y-Mannfi?ctttred Wy me
at HI Willi st., mav be hail of Jmenh W. Wilder, No.
3211 Bmadw av, where there will always a su|jlv;.f ibis
rich and delicious article. II- ORKO??KY.
KKADV MONBVI? Sinfle Hats for cash a?wla>le?aie
pnc*% (Hr%i Na W) Broiklwiiy, cornrr of Anthony
A good silk Hat. black or drab, at *2 22
do. do. first qnaMtsr. extra superior 3
The " Ne IN us Ul?a," slioct nap, f J"
Youth's Hats, ! ?
Fine white plain hats, ?
Fine black do. do. _ . r _ _,.u
Mannlhcinred in tkr v<ry liest manner fbr the city man.
".TiC1.-"" '"''""'j-rrSfiAST. m s?.i-,.
F"?. vfw'.,TiJfct
, n,i#iAVM TO LBTf-T?o well furnished. coin
J Ju IlOO ? I ^ vwiili ftii<l clouts
Jr.'M others. Apply on the premises, M'- 7 "
HO! SK TO LET, ?K FV ! ^ t h** a b \V . V, o i -A'-' ; i ?
modern built thret story house tUree house# iu?t
?of Broadway, being the . JE.^r, ^ll? a I
Aniahed. Tui.iiouse isfinl.toed ia tto ||H had iuinicdi*
itoe niod?TO unprovetnetiU, and^afp*1"1 13u >Vai?.r street,
aiely. Apjjly lo O.CLARA.""
fliy 16 i"t' ___ ~rr ?T .
M?OW> & C O.'S ONl'. P'tJ; gj^toivt
STOKE. ? The subscriber*, w?cf tlic y , .
kiiui>**<i hi lurni jiinff tli?* public with 811 ' ' " '
Stan tin I HAT of the nu?t ^rm'.-tul form, at be.--,
price of $8. They cui a?w nay thai their eno H-aclun..i
crow tied with triumphant iuccess. 1 lit 11 i^n?v and
mvltt-y ? i , ? *" ? ~~ "
miX fancv colored Plushes, for ladies' bonnets, which tiny
?sw.. .. ?**??*? *?
il' . ? < ? l>l A MsTHKSrONSIUIMTVI
W .jvrsa.^;
tl,?* same kind u?-ne rally ^J| b no pains or exertion*
make tbeae HalsdojuM.ee there *?UM M | ^ ^
i> pared on n?y part. OKO. 1 . II. KK,M\'^(K,r, Canal.
'' '"'In1 _ , i".- "|. i<;ti't'UN> ? Thi. ma'/
|>1) ' V T vl'.l^l' .w^-.Tu wliose arctoiiectural beauty and ar
X ni.K i nt . M.ii'li-liis i n. ..1(,r ?? ,|?. continent, having
langeineiit f"*1!"'" J pillion Association, opens as a Hotel
!un!le.Ut'r? lmr^?fthe s..b?-riber) for the reception ot board
The centre building 0 ' Uy HO, and twelve ln-d
be used as Priors*"! building, Connected by a carrtdor,
r(K>ms In the r< a ui,i p hall-room. 88 feet bv 40, with
is tlu 8r??\fjj}j?' crtton''. TIr- bas. ni. nt under this room con
a splendid dom< ten . , collljtructH?n, store-rooms,
tail* kitchens oft he m, at " n cted will
larder*, 1 """V,? '"J.1*' ..,,iu>iwide and corridor, are two wm?rs,
'"*'f Vrtt'liM I'bV Vtwo stories high, beside. base.nents and at
The fron, ot the i $&s a ?a..d promen
tiros, forming with the co"? at' ' r ^ T1|t. perspective view
?ide. 2JJ1 teet 1,1 length ?f the most flplemlKl
formed through it* Sn ?umUn<lrd by grounds
that can be j, .. lively engaged,
on wtotch the toanil I ?' 'l P , !iUinm(.r resiliences on our ?ea
Of all the hat lung P^f* become the most dislm'.'Uish
tonard, N-w Br.?hion ' Um the purity ot the
f?i, as ?ti*?irt?aav the .w^ition, the elegance of it* build
atmo^??iere, the . arrenun?HlatU>n* for *ea batlung,
ings, its convenient while its nroximity to the i oui
the variety of Us .?..?> nc. .ta, *h tic ?? ~ ,.u?n. ,s as
Kxrenem^aln^aisT'ly ^^ly between thi. and the city, an 1
perform the trip ^ IVi'm mV*!, situated on an undulating
New Brighton, > V' m the wal -r : oomnrehendinR tn
surface, rising irradual l y ir??n he wa ' Nrw York, will, the
the eastward a noble > . w ouh York nlll| Brooklyn.anJ
shipping, and portsoltbe. i m.rtii, a pco*i?ecl ol the
l>ing Island to ihe N arrow-. 1 johoken and Jersey
Hudson niver to the 1'ahsadeS in^'1^ M.,.? N,.vvnrk and it.
City ; while towards th< , of |l(,rK, B woods,
hav.downu. KhraW-tl port, , wni? iia ' ' wiUl all nveraf
Slaten Island Is "V*' ?'ll woo. led, and it* surface
hmadth of al>?ul fo?r "J ? w|ll) rosids inalldirec
fmely varied toy hill ami d ^ m?g1ii?cei.t nanornn.le
lion.: from ?? -very eminence , ?e " M.n all(| hay, coun
riews af .hip. and spire*, v l w ?n< , variety of scenery
try n,i4 city, present l' uS'rides an.1 walks partieidarlv
throughout die Islj^ renfl. n ^ >V)VH1, watere affor.1.
inviting and Int. rt si - , T|l(, air r, markahle for It. sa
ring., health. ,,, oneti throughout the year,
fhi. . Mabl.-bim ni I w Jl ^^^J.^Utuu.. will la- *uch a.
arv I the term* fnr " *n wella? comfort, to the citi
lo make it an object ol , ' .^nllRneal residence. The
lew of New V..rk to ^lec^n ?, anT^tlnn-r al 4 o'ekw-k. TWe
hrci?kliiJ*l hour al Vork at 3i o'c lin k reaches New
Meamlwuit winch leave* 1 N' d. The last boat to town
Brighton lietore diniw-r .. an.K " "M ,??? flrM in the
passe* at a quarter la-ton _7in Hoard for the summer
XrwHi'nJ 'Ac^d eight dollars per week. Children and
Trr.^.&v.'.- sr?^t'-rrss-"
of familie*. the other jV'ridngh t K0WAR? MILU'W1
'?? ?"? %rrv c 'vi m w
."?.We- u.<AT?i?
I* Kttul > a >,J..^viivV KIH K PLACKH. ? AI?o, a
H DOltlC WD . Hetti, saitablr for |-rlor.,
I.r.e assortment o< " /.. ".re offer.-d lor sale bv the .Ubscn
?1. "r,'V,'v l.r ? nr. inner... not
'XS'"X< 5 &
sr;^r^r;r;;.\?i'?'?s -
ly em ap- * K'n^PUce^Thl* well estahltohed article
Doric and Mmerya r ir . , anv thing now in use
i? known to the publH; a??i | mUantaire* of laith the
for toumiiw coal, as it conj a . ,,4^1101*. as in the
jst'.ul mod.-* Ot enrnmnnwatinr ? 1 ??H.n, as in clo?
coiiiinon grale and hre pi. > > j r?wans toy mean, ol 1
,t.v, s. 11 didn*' s warmth thnn.-rlwmt'ne r ^
he.li dwir, which, toy the Cfimtrii ^. ^ (h.h|w, jl(M, ,.Cit? -,
permitted 10 colli' 1 ' elTecl of destroy nig theo.v
whictol* well known to hav e ^ the Bp| and al
ffii of the here, r , ' , X ,M>r1II|,le. a convenience e?- |
wny. injurK>u* to thej^iealth. r| |>|K)Vf>ll ,,|rwUre. It is a
,ilv ;,ppie. iate.l,a?lh. v .an ^ ,.?UI|1 1(ltr p-.m,
?lKlsi 5JKSS ?" p"'-? co"
teiiien. e. K '''xtVh k BIUVTH*R Kwhanre Place.
|> It * II A W'J? JfAfltAM of the Bowery steam Confee- |
l? CAKIV ? H- w- BK.a , r KPiitU-niea. res|?ec.lully m 1
iK<M.r> and Saloon for UaljM ?**? pablic, that he 1* alwav*
airni* hi* nuinennis , Jnonades. Meads. H.mI*?,
rttllY prepared wjth ,lehcaci?? as tlwv ? .mie in sea- |
Ice*, fcc. lie., with the var? ^ u a|w| ||ir |,e*i a.??itnienl af
?on, for their ^"J^^'^ane*. manufactured rai the irn
pare and wlK?l-.n.e conh r?1^ ll..?r per.m.
proved principle. B. W. r | his !??(<a?n. V>
*ho have not vet 1 h-d an PP^ they ran jadge M itoe can
make .call at 2"* * h*hnietit ; at the same linie
ton and ?rronirwwlalrai."t ^ a|way. fio<t ? re.pectahle
olediiiiig biin.e|f that hi. pair ? ,:_r wniter.. M. W. B. in
^.'i-le'c, society. hi. Bowery K*
.end* to devote W* whj.le an I delairtmeiM.
Uhl^imenl, a* alsn Mr*- " .till to merit a con
ind wiUi the united ei<nH?^?'< ? rl,V,i*lvelv .ipertewed,
?jnuance ol the ..atroaage alr. aHy ?" R w BHYH
with many Itoank* for y . gy**, aj?. m Bowery
Buwerv Steam Conteciionary 0_p,w?e to Bivinghvi
ravUHly ? ?
\|??. H* PK AM I, NTHKK I', ? Bj >acioiis and ?ple?i.
<li<l llolrl. ? lto.r4 MXN lo $1 .W| Pearl Htreei ||r?i|.e
RetoulH, with everv ivenlenci apOMttoeoVI seiie, inlhr nnd.i
?f the Burnt Distnet. Tin' proprietor, rratefnl lot a moal 1 to
?ral patronage, rhe- rfullv meet* the wishes .a Ma friend. ?'"l
Jie puNic, in lliis crl?i?, hy a reiluction to one dollar and fifty
Sfltl pef .lav, whlto be eiigare. to crMHintie hi? ?ivl?' "f kerp
Ing and at.enti.ia as here tot. ire. JOIIN M. FLINT,
myln-y I
Vi?nn? ( tni)?, vitiri^ r*Mp?. in
I plain writing, the Italian ami fancy hands, pruned on Pti
l.lsllKI) UMOMN I "lt< KI.AIN < Milt, mas !?? pr.H-nr.-d
st 'he corner of Maiden lane and Broadwae, at Sloiil'i K.N
etic A V INK KST ABLIMII.M KNT, w here ?|>.r iui'-si Ik?,Ii. rHaT
the plating of which is nniKually thick, tlie silver being 1 ?pr, v
ly rolled for tha advertla* r.
distinotne?s ami ia?te. |
OH t?H DOOR Pl.ATrs ANn KNOCK RRS. whh Waked
W*t Idack ejl^ea^-nainelleil. a a. I capnliie ol re?e|?in({ tin- high
est pohdi. ItlvJInW
/mt anal ?tre?t. The >iilarrilaT? adopt this inellai.1 .rt in
forming tlieir frieials and Itoe nnhlic that they have reduced Hie
price of tlielr #2 71 Bortts to fi.W In cmise^netiee of the hard
d ?' ircitT of inoaev. Tie awliauBwr*. Kral^nl I".
i?*?t favors sola-it a continuance of that patronage ?, liln rally
bestowed on them. Persons wishing 1.' paer l"??e B'^as nr
Sha?. would .hi well io call at * AI.KKR'S, /*? Canal street,
iheseeond slave st.ire from Oreenwlch street, where may lw
found B.wts and Shoes , greater In taantity. better .|aality, and
lower in pnc.e llutn can !>e fannd in any oilier establishment in
tills city. Onlv rail at 2Kt Canal *1
ITT Ooontry merchanU aapplie<l l?y tlie partonga or dotea.
< AitC K ROOKK. Tlwir.ionraf Printing, hv Is.lsb
? IVtuM-Jla Ilia) orient Inquiry n*a the Prodacios and
CoosumiHinnof the PrecM,i?* Metals, Wy William .1 Be oh, Rsq.-.
W eh aer's quarto Dlctt*naf> In 7 "ol.? The American Race
Turf Regvaer. Mpornnaan's Herald, ami (l?neral Stud Book.
fW nie toy >M C. HflPMO, R| Broadway.
?lii|>) ? To sail for Liver|ioel on the 1 J I. July, the very
line first class coppered arid copper fastened ship AL
? ItED, Cberver, natter ? burthen 8W> ton*, u (Vet high l?e
tween decks, and 1* decidedly one of Ike finest ships now in
port lor the ?'??nit'wi ulile iuxoiiiuiodation of [lassenger*. Much
hs may he proceeding, will promote th< ir own interest by se
lecting this well chosen conveyance. Price of pa**age mode
rate. '
Draft# on the A. k C. It nn k of Ireland, with the convenience
ot sovereigns; ami Hunk of England notes, for which applv
at .105 South street. K()( UK, HitoTHKIIS &. < O. jy-Ww*
llie packet ship I'OWIIATTAN, laving al Dover
w"?r'' vv.llll,,' promptly despatched, ami can verycnin
fortnlily lake a lew cabin nnd tteerav?e passenger*. This op
jmrtunity present*, in point of speed ami safety, h conveyance
second to none.
Draft* as usual on the Bank of Ireland, and Robinson k Co.
Dublin; on LlvrrtKiol, Itohuison Hiothers, ISankers. Apply*
3M Pearl street, N. X.
LI\ ERPOOL, always can he secured hi weekly op
portunities hv the Robinsons' Line. The new ship#
will he leaving Liverpool on the 1st and 8th Vugust, both fine
ConveyiuwH lor l'rei;'ht and passage.
Drafts, as usual, on the Robinson Brother-, hankers, Liver
jhioI; the Robinsons Co.; and the Bank of Ireland, Dublin. Ap
|>ly or a. hires* XJ4 Pearl street.
t.1 I'Oit FltfeflOHl' Olt CHAnfFS;
?fflTOThe copper and copper lastened shin NKSTKIt, S.
"?B?llnrdinsr, master ? burthen 397 ions, For terms, apply
to jy 1 1-1 w" M. II. SISE, 87 W all st.
Prom the foot ft I' Barclay Street.? 1 The
Kit IK, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
morning, at 7 o'clock
F'otn the font of Cortland! street.
The N. AMKIUCA this afternoon, at A o'clock.]
The OIIIO tomorrow afternoon at H o'clock.
The R. L. STEV ENM tomorrow afternoon at 5 oY.'ocfc
NOTICK. ? All goods, freight, baggage, hank bWls, specie,
or any other kind of property, taken, shipped, or put on bonnl
the boat* of this line, must be at the risk ot llie ow urrt of iorb
goo I-, freight, baggage, &<?. JytT
rax* ?> KUI.KOAOI lllKPnit ROR
.MiAifiSnSL DKNCE.-Thf steamboat LEXINOTON,
Captain Vanderbilt, will leave from Pier No. 3 N. R. fool 'of
Morris st, on Monday afternoon, July 17, at .5 o'clock.
Passengers for Boston will he forwarded in the rail road cam
immediately on the arrival of the LEXINGTON.
Freight for Boston forwarded without delay.
For further information inquire on hoard, or of
D. B. ALLEN, 169 South rt.
N. B. All persons are forbid trusting any one on accaunt nt
the a I mve boat or owners. iylS
The steandioat CLEOPATRA, Captain
Reynold*, will leave from Peck Slip, ft. H?
< very Tuesday, Thursday anil Saturday morning, ut 6 o*
FOR SAO HARBOK.? Fare $2?' The new and elegant
steanitio ii CLIP roN leaves Lyme immediately nn arrival or
the CLROPATKA, and arrives at Sag Harbor at about 4 o'
clock same afternoon.
FOR SACHEM'S HEAD. ? The Cleopatra will stop at Srt
c kern's Head on Saturdays from New York, and on Monday
to New York. Fare $2.
Fare to New London, 92. Stages will leave Lyme (Bacon**
Landing,) immediately on the arrival of lb? Cleopatra.
For further information, inquire on hoard, or of
D. II. ALLEN. 169 Sooth St.
N. B. ? All persons are forbid trusting any one on account mf
the above boat or owners. iy!2
ami after Tuesday I Ith July, the steamboat
ORANOE. CapL Frost, will leave New York
the foot of Chambers st., on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Satur
days, at 1 o'clock P. M., ami Peekskill on Mondays,
Wednesday* and Fridays, at 1 1 o'clock, A. M. Peekskill every
Sunday ut 7 o'clock, A. M., and New York, at 3 o'clock, P. M.
landing at the old slate prison wharf, Yonkert, Hastings,
Dolilm' Ferrv. Irwtnir. Tarrytown, Sing Sing, Crouns,
Crugefs Landing, and Yerplanck'* Point
Fare ? To Yoiikers, Hastings, Dohb's Ferrv, Irving and
Tarrytown, 2.5 cuts ; Sing Sing and (jroton 37i(rnb ; Cm
ger's Landing, Verplanck's Point and Peekskill, M rents.
For freight or pn-sape applv lo the capt. on Itnnrd, or to W.
T. Barney, corner of Chamber* anil West street, and to
Messrs Crook Is Fowks, corner of West and Liberty street*,
jyll I m
TI'RSDAY, July IRth. The steamboat
ST \TESM \N, Captain C. Peek, will leave
Fulton Market slip, E. It. at 2 o'clock, P. M.t Fulton Ferry,
Brooklyn, quarter past 2; loot of Murray street, N. H ai Half
past and Suite Prison Dock at quarter to J, for an K?< ursion
lo Coney Island, ami around the Bay of New York, and on b?r
retnni will slop at New Brighton long enough to aflord |m*sen
gcrsaa op|Mirtunityaf amusing themselves with a walk around
the beautiful village, and return lo the city alriut fl i'rlork, P.
M. Fare 'si r, nis i. ,r tlir K*i-ur?ion. jvlA-ai*
On and afler this dale, the Cars will nw as follow* SinxKys
included l?
Leave Brooklyn,
M o'clrck, A. M.
I " P. *
L?-nve llick>v?l|e. I Leave Jamaica,
7 o'clock, A. M. | 7| o'clock, A M.
II - "I HI "
.1 " P. M. J 3} " P. M.
Paasenfers will lie received and lell at (lie follow ing iilseea,
vii . Westhury, Chwsvdle, De Lancy Avenue, l? moo Oontae,
Wyckolfs Lane, and B'-diord.
Tickets cnn lie had at the various ticket offce*. Pwaenger*
wIni lake seals w nliout them, will be charged one third more.
J vHjr
Effiti vrsrnit (duuri' Urtrrsur l'?i\\de.r
during an immedii|e effervescent draught, in the hirheal
po??ible stale of perfection, allaying th?* tr,ps? a* well as belnf
mingled Willi a component part of llie pure Jamaica Oingrr,
now ?<i uuch extolled lu difficulty of digestion, where it? ineth
cinal pr? jierties has >|oo<l the te*t and m^t the approval of the
fnsttdiaus and the learned. *
T (j ira?ell?"s, tourists, captains of ve*M-ls, kc., it w ill lie f?au<t
a desideratnra of the highest import, either in s^rknes* or In
health, ?r in whatever c lunate, it will siirpax any oilier prea?
tiun ettnnt, and being peculiarly fortahle, rentiers it a still nr
titer acqusitmn. Prepared by,
JOIINSON a CO. Chemist*,
Al Iheir Mrr *|e>| Hater l>e|?t. iltsud.tH Cedar a|.
Soda and Heidhtr Waters, Syrups of all kinds, SeidbU and
^o?la Powder*, fcr. IfMn
" Jiisr |ih IJIIhiU's <? elelirn t e?l l*ninnt Elan*
unlet! Xetalllr I'en."
JOSEPH OILLIITT l?g? to inform the public. Uiat he
is constantly receiving from his manafnetory. in Birming
ham, a regular supply of Ins most approved Metallic I'eiw ?
The stork on bandoliers the Iie*t a>?ortnieiil In the Itniiesl
States, and of warranted g<?al quality? aueingst which may Is*
louml hi*
"Patent Magnum Bonuni Commercial Pen,"
" Original Patent Slip Pea,"
" Original Patent Ladies' IVn,"
" Do nidi Damascus Barrel,' " Luoars," " Peruvian," " Nr w
York Fountain," and " Damascus Pens," put up in a variety n4
styles ? vis.: on cards of <Nie doten each, with n>?e??aHl aixl al
hata liohlers ; In Imses ol one doten each, with holders ; In mo
roe en case*, shell Imh? anil mororeo cards.
" Alhala Kveriioiiit. and Pen and Evrrpmnl Pencils."
From the well merited ami universal celeluty of Ihe slmr
P?'iis. as attested by lite whole nwrranlde cHiimunilv in Europe
and the Cnitrsl State*, several ??fr,?i ifWsialifrt have endrn
voretl to impose up?n the public, hv * spurious imitalMm, pur
porting lo lie the origins! '' Josepli tlillolfs Patent," hul whtrh
are utterly worthless, and eniirvly ?le?tanle of those qnaUUes
requisite lo fine writing, wMch have established surh an nnpw
railed deman.1 lor the original pen, in every romSrv wit ere fe
is kowwa! '
The public are hereby canlioned to lie upon their gnvrd
again*! th?-?e ronnterfait*; tliev mar lie rvaililv ileteetesl hv
tlwir antlnxhed apiw^imnce, a?a| liy the Inferior stvle ia whirn
tliey are sent into the market, in their attempt lo impose spsi
the unwarv
Each irmsaofllte genahte pen |s enveloped in a neatly print
vd w rapper, drw ritMive nf the article it eontslns
Further to guai >S ag ainM the fraud the puldie will
oliserve that llie genuine pen* liear one of llie follawiag mark*,
always reading from the |ioint of the |>en
.lo^.ph Joseph Joseph
(illluU's Odiotl's Oillott
Patent. Warranted. Maker.
The almve mav lie had at Ins Warelmnar, No. IIDt fteehntnn
strhet, one iloor helow Pearl, New \ ork. jyll-lia
I "a"N|? ??e Klt k.-JOHN L. ROOARDI'S, Altumey
- 1 and Counsellor at l.aw, Clinkin llall. No. 3 lleekmaa *?-.
ntiposlte ihe Briek Church door, elty or New York, IINana.
Missi*sip|n, Arkansiss. Military ftoanty. Ueneral Umi oflkw h
Western Areocr.
Patents ?<Wslne?l and titles perfected for soldiers or their heirs
either. 1st? Revolutionary. 2d ? Late War. 9d? Canadian
Volunteers, tile? Rnghsh refugees from the I'alted ??t?tes to
Canada sa?l Nova Scotia. Ah? Dnaerter* tmai tlie RritM* ar
?nv, <sr the heirs in all the ahove rases. fith ? Titles to laoda
forfeited for non payment of tat, reclaimed. 7th? Heirs nmlnr
'ge entitled to land* sold for taxes. tth? Th^se wlw parted
? ith Iheir i IW barge*, warrant*, or tHIes. belore Hie (??tents in.
med raa reclaim Uie ?*ne. >lh Uwli ia th<'
so,' territories in the I'nited States, Canada. Nor* Scotm, i and
rexaa. lioaght and arikl.or exeh?nre?l.
.eattgaleil, ulitaioed, and perfected, on sppllcallon lo lh?* of
I'osi masters thraoghotit tlie I'alted State*, and olhee <JMie
ten forwardintr *ny ofthe *hove claims, *ml acting a* aget?t
m their several sect huh of roiintrv , will hf entrant! to 3 |" t n
-tn all commissions. Communications post pant
1 V Vaiaalii* larmmg l*nd for ?aie in the *tate n( Illinois.
*2 Urw ^
i4fini(#a?f fwnr inwn" iiM m* PtwBR^rt w
J " Ihe Ml,
^ r 11 n k
.n.l reTs^'i' V^'ha.lT *nd Udn^ ? &TX
?-rvi ce lo those w ho?l*ud muck at ike deak Far Mk at N"
Arm ?t "
rr? V?t )%?.?? IN THE BACH. *PDI
VV r' hi s*lt N BELTS serve to gHe snppoet to *
T .ff .nl irreat relief t? sack as are laboring under *
ami afToci gr< '?' V " ' . , . . Tlsev are also

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