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Hempstead Plains, or to those who wish to snnff the
brazing and delightful air of Rockaway, bathe in its
blue and pure waters, and dine at one of the mos
splendid hotels in the world, there is no accommodat
tion extended. The cars now leave Jamaica at 3 3-4
o'clock, about the time persons should be dining- If
the Directors study the interest of the stockholders,
they will most assuredly cause cars to leave Jamaica
as late as 6 o'clock, P. M.
There is no reason why the greater number of pas
senders on the twad should be deprived of all accom
modation, because some of the most conspicuous di
rectors own real estate at Hicksville. More anon.
Common Pleas, July 17.? Before Judge Irving.?
Hicks cersus LamkenMan.
This was an uctiwn to recover a per centage for
etiecf ing the exchange of some lands. The defence
set up was that the br ker had already charged 2J
per cent commission and received the same, and that
consequently he could nut recover from the present
defendant. Several real estate agents were examined,
some of whom declared the usage to be to charge both
jjarues, others that the double agency was charged
only in particular instances.
The jury returned a verdict of six cents for the
plain ii H*.
Mabine Coubt.? Before Judge Scott.? Slander
most foul and dark." ? " A suit for slunder and mali
cious prosecution between two negroes."
Mercer vs. Mcintosh. ? Mr. Nash, for the plaintiff',
said that this was a case where his client claimed
damages from the defendant for having maliciously
accused him of stealing 52 dollars, and causing him
to be imprisoned. J?hn Richardson and John Brown
proved that defendant neveral times within their
hearing had said that Mercer had stolen 52 dollars
from him. Richardson also swore that he had seen
plaint ft" several times in prison. Mr. Joachimssen
for tbo defendant, questioned whether the plnintiff
had made out his case, no proof the want o proba
ble ca;<se having been adduced, nor the fact be*n
shown that plaintiffs imprisonment resulted from
the defendant's accusations, The Judge s iid he
woatd give judgment tomorrow (this day.)
Police, July 17th. ? A reprobate of the name cf
Honry Hull was yesterday arrested by police officer
Stanton on a charge of having robbed the tannery
of Mr. William Penny, Philhpstown, Putnam county.
Hull h is already been in the state prison, and there
arc several heavy charges against him. He was fully
committed for trial.
A Spo<m-bill ? A colored boy named Bill \orris
was arrested and eomm tted for stealing seven silver
spoons, the proptrty of his employer, Mr. Nar.ro
Dexter, No. 17 Ann street.
Tuetdar* July 18.
The MWnrMvT the government in relation to the cash du
tie* is calculated, if carried out, to create some trouble in the
?commercial world. Let u? look at the scheme dispassionately,
and endeavor to see how it will work.
It is ascertained now, with pretty tolerable accuracy, that the
amount to be levied in this city is a little over two million* el
dollar-. The importer will be told that he must comply with
the law, or his goods wiH lie sold to the highest bidder, in order
<o satisfy the demands of the government. A refusal, of course,
follows, and ihe goods are accordingly exposed for sale. That
part of the mercantile community, whose interests thus come in
condict with the law, will in a bady resist what tliejr conceive a
wanton infringement of their rights. They will not bid at the
sale, and thus endeavor to thwart the government. The suc
cess of this plan will much depend upou die kind of goods ex
posed. Unfortunately for the importers, most goods subject to
cash duties are in constant demand wiUi the general communi
ty. Buyers will spring up, aad in self defence the importer
will In* compelled to bid in bis own goo<ls or Use the purchase
money. There is M little sympathy between the public anil the
importer, that there will be no restraints imposed on the for
mer, and if they can bid under tl?e guarantee of the law, the
hope of gettiug goods at the caA duty price will throng the
auctioa with purchasers.
The effect of the order will then Iw to collect the cash duties
to the amount of two millions or thereabouts. A fresh Impetus
will be given therefore to the specie market, ami city bank bills
will depreciate accordingly. The t< rmporary los? to the im
porters will l>e on an average 12 per cent, making on two mil
lions $440,000 ? another enormous tax to be j>aid by the con
sumer lor the "better currency." When will men learn to be
content with what is really good.' When will honesty liegiu
to iuAueuce the councils of our government.' Not until the
people, harassed to death by re|M-ated burdens, will rise up and
throw the autknn of their ruin train their high places.
The worst feature in the administration of the general go
vernment, is Its continual warring again?( the mercantile in
terest without why or wherefore. Things are bunglingly man
aged, and unequal law s are passed. In the execution of these
laws there is no discretion, and the most serious consequences
?n?ue. But the Executive is not the power to arrest these con
sequences. It belongs to ('rmgr. ??>, aad as this is a country
where the majority rules, evils can easily be cared if a proper
coarse betaken.
Htocks yesterday werek?oking up. Purchasers are begin
ning to appear among the old dealers in storks? the real 6oiw>
JUt capitalists. N* doubt a lieavy business will be done in se
curities before the resumption of s|iecie payments. The current
of sales at tlie Stock Exchange, will pretty nearly indicate the
reputation of certain bank*, in the estimation of irxmied men.
But it runs so slowly and ?o quietly that the eye af the observer
is apt to be deceived.
Specie was dull in the early part af the day. The brokers will
reap a heavy profit fr<?m the coming sales of cash dutiable
goods? and we may expect that coin will be i<crg dull till that
time approach"**- They understand, as well as Mr. diddle
does, the law of expausien and contraction.
But towards 3 o'clock, very considerable Inquiry was made
after specie. Two per rent on the quoted rates were offered,
but holders refused. The cause of pis movement l? to be found
in the reported suspension ot the llank of England. From the
feverishne.s exhibited, it is evident that the rumor has conside
rable weight with sortie. Mpecie w III be snre to rise it It !>* true.
We endeavored to show a few days since how a suspension
of the Rank ot England was possible We have seen nothm;
in convince us to tlie contrary. In consequence of her own po
licy. she w ill be obhgrd by Ihe government to sustain lite ma
nufacturers. This she cannot do unless h'*r Issues are increased.
The danger consequent imsurh measures an* too imHiinent to lie
ran, ami front this cause, she will be rnm|>eile<l to ask the aid of
government ui make ber notes a leyal tender. In aildition to
thai difficulty, she will have to eonteml against the unfavorable
influence of our example. Win titer any of iIn s<< causes be suffi
cient to induce a catastrophe of the kind allude-l to, it remains
to l?e seen.
New \ on*, Monday, July 17th, P. M.? We had rather an in
active day. as ia generallv the case on Mondays. Auction sale*
were small. The receipts of flour continue light, and the
prices are yet v?ry high. Why is it so' We learn that Ute
mills at Rnr heater are all inacii<e operation, and ihey are to
gether capable of making flno.owi Itarrels of floor per year?
ahont seventy thousand bushels of wheat are required daily to
keep them in operation. Now if our information is correct in
regard to the mills being all in full operation, ami there Itein^
at present m this city a large supply, why doaft the price fome
down f Is it a fhet that the holders fan, liy (heir business exten
siont keep it up ' The article must come down? ami Itefore
three months have passed we shall see it as low as it ever was.
Orain is situated in the same way? that wUI also fall. Floor is
netting in all parts ol tlie Mate at $11 a $13 ? this price pays a
?ery hnndsome profit to the dealer, though he psid an extrava
gant price for hts wheat Why don't the dealer send it to mar
ket f the price is sufficiently high for them to do it ? and it is a
rascally piece ot business to keep it l>eck,to obtain exorbitant
prices. The market here is without an> material change.?
flalea light.
Auction Salev-20 boxes lemon syrup, at is 6d; 201 bags rye,
at 72 a 74c; do. wheat, at |l.< 2 a $1.4%; 52 do. da. damaged,
at 70c; l.ttoo bushels wheat, at ll.ai a #1.32; um do. rye, at 09c.
Receipts of Produce -SOI l?bls. flour, 10 <U. provisions, tltubs
CHAULr.sroN, Jnlv IS,? RW ? Th?> ssles af tlie week are ,V?2
brt- as follows:? ?17 at |3): /? at ? ?- His 13* ?t % 24 at M; a. .1
120 st 31. The d'-mawl is stcsde, with a slight stock. Hough
Rice -ijM* taishel* comprise the sales of the week. 2410 hushela
Vm?|kt SI, and 400 lmstt?-|s 00 cents. P, our? 000 barrels Just
receive* brought on landing ?|0< a II. I.ard? Sales of the
week, a 10 cents. Oar stock has increased.
Cotton Market.
Monday, Jaly 17th, IS37.
Three gk the fhvors of oar nu me pons correspondents at every
point where Cotton is collected for sale and exportation, we
are enabled to lay before our reader* a corrected statement. It
appears from oar table below, that the amount of C>tton on
hand is over 2*0,000 hales. By the ead of August we may saMy
estimate the reduction at #0,000 bales. If we can get 10 cents a
pound for this quantity, the cottoa fhctors of the Nonth will be en
able I In pay off" another Instalment of their debt, equal to fH,
By advice* fr m New Orleans we learn that the IJ. Rtates
Bank agent at that fdace had etponed fT.WO baleenp lo tlie
H gth of July. At Ihe moderate rate of 10 rent* per pound In Lie
erpool, the exportation will place more than a mtUnMiofdoUars
10 tbe credit of the United States Bank la London. Tins mea
sure of exporting Cotton lias been highly beneficial to tlie inter
ests of the Southern factor. Should, however, the Bank of
England, by any calamity, lie obliged to suspend, Cotton will
go up three or four cents on th? pound, thereby enabling us to
liquidate our debt with less loss. Tbe government at all events
will be compiled to sustain the manufacturer!, and hei,ce we
may safely argue that Cotton will not sutler a material decline
from its present rales. The chances are that it will advance.?
Under any event, we must l>? gainers.
The feeling displayed in the different markets, we have care
fully collected and arranged. It will be seen that there is a
strong tc udeucy to a better state of lliingt In every section of
The business done today in the Cotton market ot our own
city was very trifling, and the few transactions that did occur
were at the prices mentioned in our regular classification.
The market at Philadelphia, on tbe 15th, wns moderate.?
Salt s for the week were Mobile, at 10 a lie, and I 'plantl 11c a
At Charleston, on the 13th, a good demand had sprung up
nntl an advance was obtained on lower qualities. Sales for tbe
week, 3019 hales, at 6 a ll$c.
Our dates from Augusta, Ga. are up to the 11th. For the
week previous to that date a slight improvement had taken
plai t*, ami the inquiry for prime anil choice was very good. ?
Sales during the week about 2*500 hides, at prices ranging from
5 to 10c, principally at It a 9Jc. The extremes of the market art
5 a 10c.
Tbe coming cotton crop of Mississippi will not fall short ot'
375,000 bales. This quantity, at II) cents per pound, w ill great
ly over pay tier foreign antl home debt.
Ord. to middling, - . . . 7 a 9c.
Middling to fair, ? ? ? ? ft a lie.
Fair to vrood fair, - - ? - 11 a 12c.
Good fair U> good or prime, ? - - 12
The following is a statement of the stock <tf Cotton on hand,
at the respective places named :
Savannah, July 7tb, .... 8,433
Mobile, July 7th, .... 10,901
New Orleans, July 8th, - - . 37,399
Virginia, March 8th, .... 4,000
Macon, June 8th, .... 11,934
Augusta and Hamburg, July 14th, - - 34,89">
Florida, June 3 'th, ....
Isorth Carolina, May 37th, ... 2, .500
Philadelphia, July llth, ? - - 1,871)
New York, July "17th, .... lii, 387
Nashville, Tenn., June 23d, - - . 8,141
Charleston^. C. July 12th, ? ? - 21,6 "3
Other jxirts, ..... 18,000
Total, ... . 180,167
Miking the aui'tiiNt on hand, in ports and on plantatio",
286,167 bales. This is less ?,<>70 bales than our calculation of
yesterday. The principal part of this reduction ha? been taken
for shipment.
s?lf of Slocks tar Stock Kxihiin^f,
2P> I*. S. Bank, s. t. w. 112J 20 Farmers Trust, IM
50 do s. GO days, 111 50 Mohawk Kail Koad, 74 J
105 do 113 20 do It. w. 741
' .50 do 112} 50 do t. w. 75
12 American L. and T., 8b 150 do II. n. w. 75
12 do 8UJ 25 do t. w. 74?
300 do B. t. w. 87 .50 do n. w. 75
90 do 86* 1.50 do 741
11*0 Merchants Bk. B. 3ds., 102 30 Howard Ins. Co. 95
?50 Butchers' and Drovers, 10> 20 Manhattan Gas Co. 109
25 Del. and Hudson, t. w. 744 80 l.'tica R. R. opening, 120.1
26 d<? R. w. 74j *?0 do p. itc. I2i'j
190 do K. w. 74j 20 tlo 120|
50 do B.t. w. 75 10 Harlem, R. w. fil
5* do n. w. 744 .55 tlo B. 3 days 61
50 do s. 30 7 (1 20 Canto Co. 100
25 do 74J 43 Boston and Prov. R. w. lord
50 da B. n. w. 75 5W Long Island, t W. G3j
Salei of Sptrit this day, at tkr Stock Etr/uinge.
$200 Ainer. Gold, 108.
Prim of Spetriein Oil a Ranlr Rilh.
Sovereigns, 5.30 a 5. .1.5 Half Dollars, 108 a lfWl
Mexican Dollars, 110) a 110} Quarter tlo. 106) a 1*7 J
Five Franc pieces. 102 a 10J Drafts on Philadelphia, 1 a j
Patriot Doub. 116.^
Oh Monday, Jnly 10, at the resdeaceof Thomas Taylor, Esq.
Mhcob, Gn., bv the Rev. Mr. Castles, It. C. Baldwin, merchant
of Augusta, Ga.,to Anna Catharine, daughter of Stephen Holt,
of this city.
At New Havea, Conn., on Monday, lOtli inst., by the Rev.
Mr. Sawyer, Charles A. K lis, of Mdledgeville, Geo., to Susan
Aujrur, ol tbe former place.
In Cumberland, MH., on Friday, 7th inst., Lieut. Samuel T.
Williams, of tlie U. S. revenue service, to Hannah T. Mans
field, of C.
On Sunday, 16th inst., Jonas Addoms, In the 85th year of his
Ou Sunday, 16th inst., Elizabeth L., wife of Roderick l.aw
rcnce, aged 33 years.
On Sunday, 16th inst., Charlvs W., son of Jefferson Brswn,
Kst|.. aged 4 months.
On Friday, 14th inst., John, infant sonof Archibald and Mary
Gaifield, a^ed 3 months antl 17 day*.
High Hater . . . . 9 21
L%trrp?l.? Virginia, Waiaon, ? ? . June 8
North America, Noxie, ? ? June 16
Haxrrt. Ixiuia Phillip#-, CaMort'. . . Jhix- IK
Poland, Anthony, about ? ? June *0
Land**. WeatMMBter, Moore, . . June It
SU J?nie?, SflKir, . . Jui.e 'JO
packrts~to sail.
Lntryoul ? Si. Andrew , Thompson, - . July 24
Orpheus Dura lev, ? ? An jr. I
Lnim. Preaitleut, (had wick, ? . July 3(1
Ontario, Hultlrooa, ? ? Ant'. 1
Shakapeare, Collin*, ... Aujj. I
Hmvrt.? -Silvie de OmMr, W lederholdt, ? July 24
Baltimore, Punch, ? An;. I
CI* K. A 1< BO.
Shipa ll.Tculea, (Fr.) Drider. Boalon, Dm i?, Bmok? I Cfti
AlAcu, Cheever, Liver|iool, Hiclinrilo k Kuliiirdfton; Z.ebrai
(Dan.) Ilahu, Hamburg, I>. II. SclwMt k San; Wklclieria,
I Dutchi Bart, Bata\ is, Fred. Gchhard It Co.; I'mlinr. Tav lor,
J a !ii?-? River, Va. D. IL Kobertaon; barque Pro?peritw, (l'ro?. )
Oahrnberir, lltinlmri;, T. W Schmidt k C&| l>ri|,". Povoaria,
iPrui.) Si'balli, K.ilni, K l? ny?t?-n i. Leverhageni Ktnltrklt
Molten, Kiel, Denmark, Meyrr k lluiwden; Sophia, (Br.) Al
burytNaaaau, N'. P. Avtiiar ^ <-<?.; Robert Atlanta, Martin, (lib
ruber and Malta. I>. if Holieri-on; * In * llclan, l. ilorni lli , Bal
timore ( l(ff>id% Sh.rwood, ImImi | liiirk Atlantic, (Brettl.)
Oravea, Bremen, M i-yrr k. Ilupi'wlmi} brig Wolff, Lnneli'itl,
D. II. Schmidt) Imrk AUlanfa, Bilve?ter,Cape #le V erdfc Wad?
worth k Sim h. Bark Courier, Beck, St. 1'bea, K. Gehhard
k Co.
Br. aliip Lanewfairv, Alexander, Liverpool, June 1th, wit'i
mdie to or?l?-r.
ling Catharine. Towna-nd. Sydney, N. M., |5 day*. to order.
Mrii; Attention, J'bwon, Boatno, ti days, to mn?ti r,
Br. hri/ Clarion, M< Karland, Lubrc, 7 day*, to order.
Bch'. Wa?hington, lin e, Norfolk, 3 day*, with w nod to *Mur
j*e? i C|# arinan
Schr. T raffle, Brim Philadelphia/) <lny?,to J. k N. Brirt'?.
Sclir. Kllen Dou.'la**, llardir, N-wUrn, N. C.,7 da)?. to
Sclir. Th*ddeu?, Walpole, Norfolk, 4 day a, to Sturgi- - k
Schr Cederville, Walker, Folly Landing, 1da\?, In ma?ter.
Rcbr Philip I>e|?ey??er, W'atnu right, Rapiaabahiio# k, 4 d*) ?,
lo master.
SA I I.J.I). ? Sliipa Kngland, Wait#-, Liverpool; Pormoaa,
Omr, Havre, ano aeveral utken
The ?team ahifi Cuba, Captain S* iler, (or w Inch aom#' ("? ;!??
have been ent# rtained, at New Orb nn? on the tth inst, hi* ng
Iteenone month onher pW^tfefram B-don-re to that cite. She
la intend#-#! In ran a< a regular packet betw.-en New Orlcam
and Ma * aim. ami ia represented a? a ?|>leiHlid trwl.
The iKMlieaat nine men, whh the ivreck of a clinker built
boat, wer#- waahed aaliore at a place called Kr? ?hwaier f"o*e,
Newloundland. on tb#' 'aholA|>ril. On w of thel??|ie. ?a?
foand the Register of the Simllmr, o! W Hit# bat en. She kaibnl
trom Ufrrpml tor St. John*, N. B , on the |Ath Mar?-h, ami it
K^appfaked that ha?ln|( been wrecked in the ice, tliecrew had
abandoned lier, an?l made ft?r the ?l>ore in the lonr lK?at. in
ho|>e? to earape wiiii their li*? ?, but the Cove heinif lull of Ice,
wuh a trein?'n<lou? aea on the aliorr, it wa? ini|aniihte for anv
of them to land. Next day the lnwlie* ?#-re picked up, dread
lullv inand'e#!, ami were all interred in one jrra?e.
Tlie Clark*, l'add<*ck, which arrived at Newpnrt a
?hwt time ?ince, r#'porta that ? l>ec. "W. I.UIti, at daylirht. *aw a
unall Ulaad liearmir ea?t, aliout In. mil#-* diataM. hanle.l t?,
and ran within l| mile* oflt. The i?|an<l di?l not ex'-ee?l hall
mile in |en?th. th?>-kly wooded, hut mw no annearanre ?if
it? Iwing inhaliited. The longitude of thi? i'land br th# chrrv
mameter, "?a* 105 2"> W , a?<l latitude il#^|iH-ed from ot>?iTvatton
at noon, 1 1 J1 S A* ik?ii<' ?iirh i? laid downonanvof the lnle.|
( hart? on Imaril the -Hip. it l? roaaiderrd n? newl\ dlacorervd,
and therefore named it " New Ithtti**
Da ring a thunder ?t?rin at Charleston on Um- I |th m?t., the
> ?"tli a carpo of i"on from Cardiff, ( Walea,) had her laa ih
rn\ ma-i. mainma*! ami topirallan'iaaat ?hl?# red by the Ittrb
nlnifj it then deaceiHbd to the deck, entered ilie nmiti l*lcli
way, and ah?H.k the imn very aenathly. It finally pa>.?ed off
through th' how hole, w ithont doinff anx fiirilwt irjnnr.
Tie Hannah, Calhoan.of ami from Plvmonth, lor Strait* of
Betteia'e, 3 w? ek*?n'.piit into Shelhame. N. S l3thulL,ha*hir
the arnall pox on board: I man died, # ?ick. 7 remain ng. el, e
wa< ordered to i|?aniitine.
The iMmafn. Windsor, lying at the wharf al Bo,ton, ? a.
?truck by lightning < n Saturday afternoon la?l. and we ar?- in
fhrmed ha? hanle.l off into the stream to be ?cntlb d Her rari o
c.n?iat? of hitv, lime, lierring^ ?nd oaU. She cleared thiamorr.
ing, and wa? ready for aea.
July 9th, offDewee*. Wm. Taylor, Mopjr. from New York,
for Savannah.
Jnlv 1Mb, vooth of llattera?, Steamer New York, Spinney,
rrofn New York, for Charleston.
July 13th, lat. 4P.1H, Ion 6<i. Charlea, Brewater, LKirpMM. TO
day? oat for New York? hylhe Nt??y,at Bomob.
B?ton. I.ilr is ? Arr. Na?y, Neil. Bay of Man-I?, Tnclf r
Ocean, March l?ih, Rio Janeiro, May ?>th, with
Warren, Jvly 14. -Bl?d Mile*, Revolt, Sooth Atlantic Oeean.
Letter* received at Warren, from on hoard ibe ?hlr> fWllp
Tahb, Bnwen, of that port, <hited -?ff Mocha. Ma'cb |.r?h, re
pntt> her with h?4i whale and ton aperm oH.
I^tiera of the ah)t> Wm. |^?.t 0f Newnorl, dated PeK 3^, la'
Xi/G, S. lonff. *3, W. |43 dava oat 4 day* oot. haw ovcrheilrd,
Jamea llari, Jan. of Newport Tb? ahlp bad 40 tMnr^ls apem
Pa'ermo, May 12 ? Chancellor, New York, 29tb.
St. Julius, N. H., July Mh. ? Mary Elizabeth, Greenlaw, New
Yorli 7ih ? P. J. Nevins, Browu. Hih ? Argonaut, Beits, do.
Eastport, July I ? Ar. Tiroc, New York.
New Bedford, July 14 ? Ar. Orliit, Barker, New York.
Boston, July 15 ? Ar. Fanty, Chmf, New \ork; Sun, Nicker
Min, ?!(>.-, Kmily Kiiiglu, Hnsiner, <lo.; Groibemy, Hull, do.?
Wiud S. W. ? rainy.
Providence, July 14? Ar. J sine* Lumpier, Kenny, New York;
Mary, WeMcott. <i<>.
N i wport, July l-'J ? Ar. Agnes, Swansev, New York.
New Haven, July 11? Ar. Heroine, Thompson, New York.
B ub. July 7th. ? Ar. Baltic, Byron, New York) cpti, Ada- ;
mailt, Barnes, Barbadoe*.
Railway, July 11 ? Ar. Lafayette, N an Velt, New York; !
Tradesman, Williams, do.
Pliiladelph .i, July 17 ? Ar. I Linton, Heed, New York ; Two
Cousius, Mo L.i lie, do.; ( I'd, Ex par inn nt, Long, do.; Rivid,
M' ck.ni, do., S|?ecie, Bush, do.; Ntith >V Kmily, Collins, do.;
Win. Penn, Wrighl, do.; Emily, Toll, do. A v. in the Schayl
kill, Coppor, Shannon, dw.; Waterloo, Pearl, do.
Wa> Illusion, N. C., July 5 ? Ar. 'i'hos. \\ \ tins, TitUbrd, New
York ; John Myers, Ko<iu?on, do.) Greeuv ille, Uurdeu, do. ?
lit li ? CI'd Franklin, Sliephurd, do.
Charleston, Julv lil ? SI'd Sun, Herbest, New York, Vessels
in port ? Caledonia} Francis, (Br.) unldpj Satonj Klixa Grant,
disma?teil; Acadian, Greenock ; Thomas lienuelt, 1. \er|m*>l ;
Tiger, wtgj John Tavlor, (Br.); Mersey ; Jeajjore, Liverpool;
John Hall, wtgj Emperor, llavre; liarijues Marv, (Br.) nnld'g;
Maria, (Sw.) wtg ; Oiivx, (Br.) Liverpool; brigs Cervantes,
Boston; Otli trine, Mediterranean j Cordelia, u libit;; General
Suiuier, u 1 1 1 1 1 '_r ; (Charleston, unldg; Lincoln, uuld^i Kit-on, (Br)
Liverpool; Kmpress, ldg.
ID* Small change, such as ahiltiug*, sixpence*, ten anil live
ceui pieces, will he given in exchange for ^??l<l, halvesor quar
ter dollars. Applv ai the dealt oftlii* office. Jylt-lt
M?iiuii*1 viiaifi'aplngitl So'iety.
Th Juurnri/mt n Printer! throughout the Unitnl Stut.i.
J ' N 'tice i- herehv given, that the Delegate* composing the
above Institution, will hold their first meet i i : in ihe City of
New-York, on the tirst Momlav oi September next, (l(U7j
From information already revived from various part-, oi the
country, the undersigned cannot but ex press his great graiificu*
tiun at the cheering prospect afforded, of the Profess ion heiug
generally represented Our hrethren are alive to Ihe subject
ill New Grlean-, Mobile, Natcbel, Nwhville, Lexington, (Ky.)
Jackson, (Missouri) Washington, I'. Ilaiii-ouig, I'enn..
Cincinnati, Oliio, Kichniond, Va., Baltimore, Philadelphia and
New-York, from all of which places delegates wHI be present,
and no doubt from many others, ? f which, as yet, no advices
have come to hand.
It is earn, stly hotted that a matter of no much Importance to
the Craft, will not lie neglected in any city, tow n or Tillage of
the land, I >ut that the cast, the wi->t, the north and the -outh will
cordially join in the praiseworthy effort u> bind together the
interests anil n elillgs, and elevate Ihe character and ?landing
oftbe profession. CHARLES \ DAVIS, Cor. Bee.
N. li. The several Societies of J'rinters throughout the
Count y, as well as the different Chapelsor individuals where
no Societies are formed, are respertfally requested to give the
a'love as much publicity a* possible. jvlS liiw-Gw
WaST ii, ? A married uian, ol steady habit*, i- desirous
of a iiituation in a wholesale Grocery, or othar establish
ment, where the business will requir* a person to be actively
employed out door ? employment, not salary lieing the object.
A sufficiency fbr Itoard is all that will be required. A jv estab
lishment in want of a person Ira few months, will please ad*
drew a line to II. THOMAS, left at the di sk of the Herald,
staling real name, &.c. jy 18-31 '
BOA It O WABTWr ? For a l?oy seven year* of aire,
in a plain respectable pri\ ate fumilv, wh *re In- would meet
with parental care an j attention. A line direct* d to It. G. II.,
and lift at the l*o?t Office, will be attended to immediately.
BUI UI? \Y A X T KD^Alheif gentlemnn,of liusitie?*
habits wisliea toobtain a room, with brenkfastand tea, in
a private family, without boarders residing in the low er part of
the city. A line aildressedto lt(?Y, Herald OHice, slating loca
tion, terms, \c., will meet w itli immediate attention. j> 1 8-iit
DOG W A N TK1>.? Any person owning a good New
foundland Dolt, which thev would part with, will hear of
a purchaser by addressing G. W. K., by note, at this office.
jyl8 tt
[YfATII I'-.AVS BILL! \R0 feALUQii*, No. m
1?E Broadway, corner of K*'ade street, over I'almo'- CotVee
Hooin, entrance in Aead s'reet; ?l*o, No. M Bowery, next diair
above the Theatre. N B. billiard rooms to let, with tabl-s,
Itc. For sale, second baud table-. .iyl"-lw*
NvU V OI1K. .1 1! L V 4? lftSf.?'r hi? i? to caul III >?
an v pet -on or |?erwins against triisliug or Ir.irUorum mv
wife Hester, who has said ?he will never lue with me again ?
therefore I w ill pay no debts of Imt contracting.
JylMt* ritEDKftlC II. OI'TCALT.
NIB1.?M8 THIS EVENING,. Inly lBth.
1837.? The Proprietor of this established fasliisnable pi ice
of r'-sort, impressed w ith a sense of thai discriminating favor
whi'hhei* J rood and grateful to acknowletlgc, liegs to an
nounce, that through great exertion and consequent ex|?*'i sw,
his arrangements are now completed for the full ami etlective
repie mentation of
whi h will be given on Tuesdays, Thursday*, and Saturday-.
Admittance ?0 cents. Jy 18
New yob h' tattk ,;V,. B.-ri,T~777~
public sales of Horses. Carriaues, llarne-s, ic., e'??tieiw
t*take pUce at this well known establishment, every Monday
at li o'clock.
The next sale will commence on Mon lay, July 21
a 12 o'clock noon, ami all llorset. Carriage*, it'-, intended
for iKit sale musi be shown and entered on or liefore Satur
day next, 22<( inat., a |i o'clock. P. M.
JOHN W. WATSON, 44fi Broadway.
At Private Sale ? Several new and aecond liBiid Carriages, f r
*in?* aisl two Horses. Al-o, double and aintjle Harness ? Korn's
patent Fly-nets, Ilc. iy I f)
ivl Tennessee, Ohio, Charleston Michigan and Liinib*" man
Bank Notes, for sale bv TH'S. D. CAKPENTER,
No. IoWbII street.
N. B. Highest Premium paid for Mexican and Spamili Hol
lar". Also, Halves and Quarters. Notes of the Southern Life
and Trusf Co., j>18-lt*
lvl S. HRllMIIKR!* i CO., 11-' Fulton -lreet,bave just re
ceived a few copies ot the ahove Masic, which t?.ey offer lor
sale cheap.
Also? for -all- as above, Pianofortes, Guitars, Perfuinerv. ami
rename K mlerslndiner W me. jvlf|-il'
|> t ? A i . ? On" W EDNKSDAY, i lie litth in?i., at 4
ft) o'clock Ml the afternoon, for ftSM, Intake pla e from < asile
(>a'den ar<>uinl a Slake Boat, to In- placed Iwtween Kllis'aand
Beillw w'a Island, between ihe Boats l.adv WasbingUm, Ka-t
Itiver Boat, ami Glide, North River, to be row e*l b> the Bns
thers, Roberts's? the I wo winning boats, forth*- l-t and .'d race,"|
at thtr loot of Grand street for the two Silver Goblets.
jy l8-2t"
O.i"' H W A II I). ? Mis.iog? a thick Gold, Lady's
Watch, fold face, e?tbos?ed sides, eliased C i-e, I -OH
OOfi made; black rtUlion 4 fold s?'n|s; |f*ild kev, ? ith st?-#d
socket [ ke>' set w ith J jttries, one Cornelian, one purple Ame
One of the seals ha- M. A. G engraved 110011 it.
" a green -lone, ?% uh an Kve encraveJ on it,
" white Cornelian XY. am) a small Tre*>,?||\
" " purple Amethyst Diamond, rut aides.
The aliove reward will be paid at the barol the \-tor lions >,
and no inquiries made. jyll-lt-MlK* j
(1 BNTftv V 'l.i.w rtt ??'r ri?ii4a v?v bp; l',
I.? COL OGDKN'S BF.NF.FIT.?A Sweepstake, 2 nnh
In at?, under the saddle, fij'i entrance, and added In tl ??
Pronrietor. will eome tiff over the rimtecsnnr, ??? W RDNEs
DAY, the 19th l?4., to whicb there are four sub-cribcrs. To
start nt 2 O'clock precisely.
l-t. Ml, GishIi i< b ent*-rs l'? mpeii.
2d. Mr. F.dwar I enter* I'ollv ?(??ilen.
S(L Mr. Wh,.elin!T eni?Ts I'anl Pr\.
4tti. Mr. Yo#m? eot**rs Deptitv.
From the character 4rthe l|or-e> "re^it s|K>rt may lieex r*-e*ed,
Outre* die, July 13, UK/7. jylt-.t*
Bt ABVlsi r, all who 't:v. mioi t
lo | nrchme T? stlAN*. I.KGIIORNS, ?r STRAW
IIATS ? the fri a?i -t choice 01' the Bnest ami l?e*l ^oo?ls, in ti'r
the be. 1 huuea ? w ith the low# st prh ' s? nMiy be (htind at T.
IIKN \ KTTS* Straw Wureliouse, or sbnw room, at 71 B otul
wav, New York. A new shape, krowu by the name of II, e
|'?ri> llat. This Is a most elejraot sliniw1, sets snat' bihI en?v ?
a id s 1 well pb n-es tin iiiosi fa-ldonnli>le and tasty L*dh*s, i' at
the most rerefK bou?t4llnt* elae where, are ihnlv Ivix glit to
tbi, est aid s'iment lo In- altefl ?? In tbi- In-aMtifnl Mat ? ns im ov?
has Ihe s|i.i|>e correct rave the alnive llon-e. Please to -all and
jn*kre fnr yourselves, lie l<os -till a Inrire stork nn ban I ; a da
variety lo s-ot allcln? with nnromr "n redn< ed p: w**.
If Bear in mind Ihe nnmlier. 2H7 Broadway. jyl'.-lni
IOST. - *n at < ste*tcopy of a mortca> e from Ksra W ill
t uiarth. Jr. In Frra H ilhnarth. Sen., dated N'oy. 12. I rn?;, |?-r
? ,W, w ith in'* rest : also, n ImukI and iimrii'ai'e, '?m? to -ane ,
? Ih e l June 6, Itl7|(*r iLUHi, on demand, viihint?r> t. Su.i
l<mil ami mortgatr* * were placed ietie bands ef Si leek B A* -
drew s, witli a >|h cial power ol attnrni y, ? leeh ? m* oni" I n e
since, ami is beteby again enunli mi ?d?*l. Sa il Andr* ?s
?ays he has lost said pa|*ers, ami the puhiif i- bet t by cau'M'e* d
not to nepneatir tbetn, or eitlnrof them, of any |*"-?'n, a- it
would l?e ?%illioui auth< rity, sad as ibyv are paid. If thev are
lo-t, llie fimlerot them is requested to Isatr them at No 15
vhMhant street, up -tairs. E. WILI.MARTH. M- ?
Ne.?nfork, July 15, 1*17. fy IB-H*
t L. I.? Ties deHrhtfnl and healthy "iiminer **,-ide*ce,
n t to Iw surpassed in the neigld>nrh<*r?d 01 New To-k, fer
^ilobrity of air an*l heauiy of scenery , ia now open for the rj..
ceptionof tierm.-nent awl iransieni hoarih r* Prisons wishing
!*? enjoy the comer*, w th lb*- advantage of good hat biter and
lisbioe, will find Glen Cove House a most de-irnble and econo
mical retreat.
Tin- Hon-"' an I gr?nnd? have itnileryone many jnoici* ns al
ierm inns and iinproWHnemsabMe laatyear. A new BoliHon.e
has also Iteen erected for the eofnenieneeof ladies ami cb blren.
The sttlisrrilier assures his friends and ihe pabhc that no i xer
tio?s shall l>e waniinr lo con'rihnteto their roniinrt.
Tbe steamboat Am*-rican Ragle leaves Fnlloti market ?1 p
e?ery afternoon, for ?Hen Cove lion e, at 3 o'cloek, ISh'i !ay?
esce: ted) ? retominf leaves (llm Cms llou*e, every neirn
Itig at 7 arriving nt N* w York before In o'clock.
*v in -lw* JOHN N. COYNK
I MPOttTAN ? ? ril H'H K |nUHLU' -V . M> l
I \ \RD I'KOLKR has the honor 1 1 announce tl. 't he is a ?
rived inthiscitv direct from the Inms ? of J<-a?' Maria Fa in *,
? t'h a stock of hi? Getmire COl.OGN F. W AT FR, t in gene'-l
c d'e'l Fait *ie Colovn") lieinf appointed bv him astheSttl.E
AGKNT. to sn|iply tSe tra*le in reneral at llie c;ties ot \ew
Y*?rk. PI1M1 Ipnia, Ho?ton, Baltimore, Charleston, Wa? * ng
tan. Albany, and all places in the United State*.
The yreat and irtrreast'ip demand for |. M FARIN CM CO
I.OGNK M ATFIt in thia Conntry (oim-il to the n inierai- a''d
Jo*t compla-wts afaiost th*- liase artlel? imposed on Ihe |>nt'l c,
have induced J. M. Farina to appoint Mr. M. Prolce h ? Sob
Afent, ?*v thai by a ref nlar supply of llie ge nine artie'e, an '
h* making the pnMir U-tter aerpiainte*! with its admired ami
real properties tln-v will lie enabled in a iho't lime lo drive all
the spa ons ftihriealinns from the market, and put an end to th
e 'rerion' impositions hitherto long andvnceessh I y practised
in thweoentry.
N. R? The public are hereby cantion d a/an t nu-m-'nn
iroiios'-rs wh > are da tv arro'jatinsr m ihernselv*-* lh Aget cy
of the liouse of J* an Maria Farina for the pnr|w**'Of vemline
their ?ti fahrlea' ion and coesirtlt'lngnn tinnr'tteijileil fran**
It is onl? n?'C?'s?arv to take notice of the Sr?t. I.thrl an I Bar of
th* t?e adne Cologne Water feotiie, which are sach is tnd> ty
tfttiWl may In the intvyval he addres-e I to M-. M.
PnOI> H.%<le Agent fbr Farit*'* Cologne Wat?r, 4> Foil a
street, Brooklyn. lytb-lw*
i .lUnfKIKHU.
PA?4t* T ' '* m. ? T Ills EVENING
per'orined the Karetof
TWICE KILLED-Mr. Euclid Facile, Mr. keeley? Kannv
Pepper, Mr?. V croon
'I'd which "ill be added
TRUTH ? AlfreO ile Wallback, Mr. Itichio** ? Count Albert, }
Chippindaie ? Miuhh, Mo. keeley.
To conclude with
Tl HN <> I T ? Gregory, Mr. Lat'iam ? Iti -iive, t uippindale ? ,
Sonurviile, U cbin^s ? Marian Ramsay, Miss Melton.
^ r Doors open U 7 ? prlitiHUiK? commence al o'clock.
Boxes $1? I'it 50 cent ? Gallery 25 cents.
l\. THIS EVENING will I ??* performed
DOUOLAS? Youug Norval, Master llivld? Lady Randolph,
.Mil. Greeu.
'l'<i conclude with
T 1 1 K TWO r'KIKNDS? Ainlinw, Mr. (J. Barrett? Elinor,
Mrs. r. Barrett.
i. i Uiwi ?? i )| m 1 1 in tit ? jiennrtii ihccs commence at 7} n't loc k
Boxes 7 j rer?i> ? I'll J c? ut? ? Uallery 2o v eiiis.
I^lt \!\?< 1,1 A | lit; ATil* ?THIS EVENING,, will
be presented
oTIiht.l.o ? Othello, Mr*. Lewi- ? la^o, Mr. Harrison ? !)*???
il< inona, Mis* Alexiua Ki*licr.
Til com lu?l<* W til
THE LADY AM) TIIK DEVI L ? J ereaiy , Mr. Mitchell?
/it'pliy i ma, Miss A. Kisher.
il. / Doors open at 7? pet inrmnnccs cninmenee at 7^ o'clock
precisely Btu* 58 cents ? fttttcMh _
Ol. > M PIC TiIKATKK.-Tlie subscriber* having
purchased the lea*e oflhe prnjieity lately known a- No.
411 llroadwav, (and iinim diiit ly adiouiniug "TattersaliV* welj
known establishment; are now converting it iti.o a neat mill
elegant Theatre. It will lie enu-'ueted alter the maimer of Ma
dame V< *tri*'* "Olympic" London, anil open lor the regular
season on or liliout the 2>th of August (>r 1st ol Sepuinbi r. La
dies a 1 1* I gentlemen ol the prole* -ion desiroua of obtaining en?
gageini lilt, will please upillr by letter, post paid, toeithi r
WILLIAM IS. HI.AKK, or > Proprietors and
New York, July loth, l!i37. jylSHf
? ' AT NIULO'S GARDEN, superior to any thing of the
kiml ever exhibited in this country ; painted hy the celebrated
W. Daniell*. Royal Academician, London. Tin- subject is
WILD ELEPHANT I II I Nil. \ (1, and a correct representa
tiouot' the ISLAND OK CEYLON. All the artists and con
noisseurs th.it have s, eti ihis splendid Panorama, pronounce it
to he the la st panoramic painting ever brought to this country.
Exhibited during the day and evening. Admittance, 'ATt
rent,. jyll-Uui
SHJLV ylil ,? ?? VI NTINOS.? The two GRAND
L) K L'OLfcMPIt, pu nted Irwin nature, by ISoudet, of the
Kren< li School, are now exiiihitin:' ai No. 17 PtM'k Row.
which has been exhibited in most of the prinuipal cities of ihe
1 nion.totke admiration ol' many thousand visitor*.
From 'J o'clock, A. M. to 10, 1'. M. Admission, 25 cts. each,
?Ml it
rtUiB AKKICANIiLEAi , (pom London, is now open
1 at lb- ZOOLOGICAL INSTITUTE, No. 37 Bowery,
being an artificial representation of the sequent ered Mountain
Pass in the heart ol Southern Africa, opening occasionally up*u
magnificent burst* of distant scenery, orer which the eye wan
der* nntirrd t?>r mile* and miles; while at every step the visiter
is startled by the savage scowl of some of the desert monsters,
ur stands lost in mute admiration of the graceful forms of the
THOU iAND SPECIES OK ANT ELI if'E, roaming iridium
les> herds over the Karoo. LIONS, TKJElJsi, LEOPAIiDS,
YOUN ? ?, together w nli aniuials and h r.i- hitherto new to sci
ence, are seen in their dens buaied ii the -vork of destruction, or
bounding itr snort among the rocks, /t f jvern leading through
MASSES OK PILED KOCKS now opens on an extensive
view of the CAKKItE COUNTKY, abounding with objects of
interest. Here, a wounded elephant itttuckinu his pursuers;
there, a view of 'he two .Missionary Settlements, a tree in the
Boccuana country containing the huts of seventeen native fa
milies, and the massacre of an Enrlish party hy the natives.
Oj>e" from 10 m t.e morning till 1# in the evening. Admit
tance 25 cents ? children half price. Kor particulars, see cata
logues or small bills. jcB-tf
f A?T1?P CAMPjep U. MAIM mpsctftHy m
Vy forms his patrons and the public that the Garden having
Vteen extensively improved :?nd embellished m a novel and at
tractive style, is now open for the season.
Ilis wt II knows and justly celebrited Band, under the direr.
ti?n of Mr. Thomas Dilk* as leader, is re-engaged, an.,' will
perform the iuom approved overtures, marches, airs, 4ic.,?\ery
pleasant evening.
N. B. A jnece of KlltEWollKS every fair evening at nine
Admittance o:<e shilling, for vvkich refreshments will be fur
nished h, live bar. je7
Bio ? . 1 A K 1> ^ iiHfllOv r, t>. ? OeNtleinen wishing
to play atbiHiards, or purchase tables, are invited to call
at 218 or 93 Brwadway,aexi dnor aliove Wail street, at the Sou.
thern Cortee lloom, where tliere are 8 tables in one room, an>l
iry the patvnt Indian Rubber ettsbions, slate stone andrnaipo
-itinn cs-mekted beds, with irwuenylefraiuea, and conunou ta
Wles as n'tuvc, will be foued the largest and beat assortment
ever offered tu the public, advantage* to tle-se who wish to pur
chase at short notice, its they can be parked at one day's no
N B. Orders fur anv thing int<-i* line, with eo-h or good
reference, to A BASSKORD, 2li? Broadway, will receive
prompt attention. m In tt
HOfiOK K N ? ? The impression that the beMrtSj W alks.
of this place have been destroyed by ll?e recent improve
ments, 's <|urte nraneotis. Very Utile alteration lias been made
u the Walk* except in the IrH'tediate vicinity ?f the ferry. The
Norway Mamies, Dutch KIihs, and Has?v?mx( Trees, that adorn
ed the Lawn around lite Hotel, luive lie.-n transplanted, and
now form a Im-iiuIiI'uI avenue leading from the ferry to the
P.lvsmn Kiel.'*. ie-l-Utn*
j L. I. ? COL. OODEN'S BKNEKIT. ? A H wee, wake, tw,,
mile lieat*, tinder saddle, $25 eat ranee, and fu'i added bv the
Proprietor, wig come oil", over the aliove Course, on WED
NESDAY. I !?ih ui?t., to which there are fovr subscribers: ? I.
Mr. Goodrich enters Pompeii. I Mr Kdward* enters I'ollv
A doe. 3 Mr. Wheeler enters Paul Pry. 4. Mr. Young enlets
Deputy. From the character of the lw?es, great sjsirt may la*
exoected. To s'nrt at o'clock precisely
Centreville, l.'jthJuly, I337. jyl7 3t*
Blt\ vnVCHRK<K-IM i-?rs Brandy Cheese; I0$
kers ilo ilo, prhne article, lor sale by
Brokers and Catnmi*?i?n Mecrhants,
*M 5A and Set Water street
w UN A N RILVPn-lit Khe?-ts,i Ingots, Plates, ami
f Wire, for sale ution reasooalde tenn?.
je l!)v 2 Contilandl street
A V Was KIL-IKi one eailon demijohns, Inr s.iie hy
Broker* ami CoMiiaission Merrliants,
iy2 Aa *ni| 52 Water street
?BO" s V K? Treasury Drafts, hv ? I.EV\,
r ivtl-lt ? Wall street.
Si.t.N ' ? Celebrated dv tor the I Inn ? .lust recviv
ed trimi Pans, and ti?r?alebv W Kortenb.ich, a [a?thecarv.
14 II ndsnn, corner Head st.; J Tuffel, apotii cary, corner Es
sex and Rivmgton si. jel?.lin*
St Uil'MHIMthNi- The Hi torv of Printing, hy Isaiah
Tb .alias ? A a Historical I iif | it I ry into Hie ProditctlO' and
t'onsumpt lonof the Precious M-tals, Wv William Jacoh, E-'(. ?
Welisters quarto Dictionary in 2 vols. ? The American llare
Torf Register, flpoets?ix#s Herald and Oeneral Htuil riisik.?
H"or sale by jeiti C. SHEPARD, 262 Broadway.
MA* ??'. KB ? DUNCAN l< WEST, Ida. k and white
smith, locksmiths ane bell bangers, 4 Little Urtvn st .,n? ir
Liliertv st., New York, have on hand and are nianufaclnrin'.'
their Patiet M ng|e?, which is a very u-eful machine to hotel
and la'trding li??use keepers, ?> it entirely supercedes ihe use
? ?f ir-'inng, s:?ve? time, >ic , an ' puts a tieaiitdnl ploss on sheets,
tM.de I'lten, he. he. Tliejr will sell them cheap tor cash.
\'|?? ftllN"t IODiA'i Ac.--W*rriiWei| pure.
iv| kept co stantlv on band, torether with a varu tv of the
? h-1 rhenncal preiwnitioo- rur sale on
,y.1 Office 2 Conrtland stre?4.
1' ? Ml. I. A ? ?< /?:.% N f \ N OV-M unofhctnred Uy me
T al I'll Willi*, ii ?' , may 1 1* - h?d ?f Joseph W. W iM> r, No.
.. H Nroadwav, where there w.ll always be a supply nf this
rich n'sl delicious aiticle. II. GREGORY.
jv l.'-.'w ?
| A ?< II.? 300 kegs sail 25 burels prime Wesi.-r?, 'or sa'e
Brokers and t:oiiiinissiott Merchants,
my3 5n ami 52 Water street.
D1 rCH n CTfi: M aake *f.,rsalet,v
Brokers and Commission Merrhants, 'fl h 52 W ater ?tre<*t
KI! KO**OTK.? A lar -e ?npp-'v of tin- vahnble prepa
ra'Wm for the immediate core rf the t?*ifh arhe, put up in i
?mall la'tth-s, for sale by J. A L'AM OUIVEI ' X A I.O.,
niv .'Vt 3T7 Broadway.
i IRHNAM NILf Kli CV*TI ?? The .uhsrriber )
" g continues to execute order* for all descriptions rd ("astings i
apon the shortest notice. A|?plv to
j?. p?v 2 Court laie It *t.
HAM- A M? HHGUL.0KRn.-2O casks Hams, ?i do.
S boa Wee*, fur -sle bv
IIARTMAN k BlflDBALL. Bn>kers sml Commission
m\ |? Merrhants. 20 and 52 Water st.
I s()N A f'.O.'f* Wholesale C i?V Warehon-e is Ig Oiiar
street, op ?taW*. I.ail <?*'. Gentlemen's and Children's Clnsk*
In great variety. JylTitn*
ITH A TB II A R VTI'.l ? A large snpplv of pure Ni
1 x tiate Barvt' son hand and for sale upon reasntiable terms.
ieiax- 2 Courtlamli sc
EI'H'AL MKN ? May obtain Vaccine Vtrss vials,
?hkh will preserve the matter fer ?nv length of time?
litrsale by DR. LEWI* PBUCHT WANOtR.
(e2-y Na. 2 Cortland! *t
C1HEENK. 75 ho?e* Ch?W%
/ 2.5 Old Eaglisbdo.
^5 (srs, ssid J5 kegshrsndv t'Ueese
mrsa'?by HARTMVNfc IIMID- /. Lf.. Broker, and
m >-l7 Comn?i*?ien Merrlian4?. ?* sod 52 Water sC
\ll. BT >?ONTIAH\ N I> N L BA *4 YTkl-d
k a large supply of these srtich-son hsnd : lor sale liy
JvS Ofllee 2 Conrfland street
P'NK IPPLE ? IIKF.sK One hundreil amt^Tty
boxes first quality, for ?ale liv
Broker* and Commission Merchant*. I
all 50 and 58 Water airam.
tSTflll A OK? WIR hetahenin tbe Ore proof wares, wins'
52 Water *teee?. Apply o*i the premise*, to
^ y t,T. -1*00 M i ks St?via j 100 tons nsa'Se Apr I? ?l * 4
Ancilan Sulea.
JI88K CADY, Auctioneer.
ilKk*1!'! ( AH ?? Store No*. 1 1" and 119 Wotaa
) ?Bl'ftK? Tbii Day, at halt |ia?i 9 iVdoiii ii loll **> suit
iiure??*er?. for c?>h, j lw;re ami general MMinmf M of *l?eif
Mniwart', cllllivy, fall hats, touilm, fancy so?p, eloUe
ink, nuns, aiMola, dirtr-. \< ., wnii mii loorUMBl of good$ sail
ed in th?' Souther* and "V* ?>in n market, loo numerous to roei ac
tion >ti un advertisemeat of lliik kind.
Ai Private S.le ? UI.UM ?ki*eu Coinl*, assorted ol till kinda
lt*m cards Hirmiu^'bant ami SLuflinkd Cutlery, of every ?a?
riety imaginable.
awn i!o/imi Collar" and Boioai*.
1 0,000 Needle.. asvirted trout 1 a 12, Mcmrnni^'* and llrinua
:>om rriMo II u nous, Coat, Vest, and Pearl, subject to di^aii 4
turf, winch ? t be t liken in payment
Ai?o, Hnuff lluir,, I'm*, tic. he. Icc.
Also, Herman, French, and Rhode Island Jewelry; low
pi ici ii \> iii Uir.irit Chains, lc.
B M. WaIU), Auctioneer.
* K. .1, UK \ It \ ?. Oi. CO ? Store No. Ii3 Pearl
'?i"' ' ', corner <il Wall.?1 This li.iv, at i) o'clock, at llie aoe
tion room, lliniiw.il v, Cutlery, consulting of pen, jiocket, and
dirk knivi ? on i uriN mid in dnrvns', m imuii> hi dozMMt and an
card* ; needles in caiiniMtrs mil bundle*; iloulm lud lijifM
eye spectacles; sti-,-1 mm brass Uirreled pistols ; percinoKM
CUP*, thimbles, knllt'u^ needles, hooks and eyes, Sic. kc
r'incy Hood* ? Coii?i>-tiiig o| double extra caloiroa, liair
perluinery, ^ reudi mu English si tup, lu\ ruder water, ?v c.
A Iso, hii invoice of coiub*, buttons, cellars, bo?otns, lx>o?,an4
Also, an invoice of Jewelry? Com.. ?liii? ?f e..r-riiiK?,
rinjfs, watch**, breast-pin*, chains, 4tc. v. . |9t
New \ (irk .Joint stock Exchann?
C I T ? OF NKW Yl iKK.
rr i Mireijjn and Domestic Exchange, (told and Silver, aarf
all kinds ol I 'u urrent Money bt.uybl nii.l Mild. jejb-'Jiu
Yuiiillu I ??'<? in ( antly,
mani i actvred by
If . U K t. u ii K > ,
(t/- '!'?? Hltl.% f. ltK. ? For ?ale, a font o( AOATB,
about ?ne third worn? weight about 300 ">s. It will *ol?i
low foretik A|>|)lv lit 21 Ann kb, !>d uliiry. jy 13-1 w
i r HALT WATER 1JAT1IH, n-wopenat Cacde Oard?*.
Battery, for lailien and nentleiiien, aiul at Walt* M., one piar
below Canal, North Kiver, l'r?Hi ?unri>e until lOo'clock at
BILLS, ((old mid silver, and all kinds of uncurreJit mooajp
bought aiul ?old by tlie Foreign and Domestic Exclinnce Co F
Nil. .< Nassau it, je57 Im#
qil UKISIl bEECHKS.-l Received tin* day, a tee
1 lieiif.by lot of tlie nWive superior leecben, anvl lor sale ata
moderate price, at HOPPER'S PHARMACY, 361 11 roan way,
corner of Franklin street.
N. II. Leecbe* applied. al?-tf
- m a ' fc. ? Per* m? a llec ten with weattaeaaaf
tl.e bai k and loins, and those who Maud at tli< dedu, w?B
tind this* ol service, aifiirding comf>rt aud support ta
the rebixeil nuiseles. Kin*s?l?- hi No. 2 Ann Kt. ieSft
s i_rsiii-le Mats lor curt! at whofc
H : si ?
l-?i silk Hal. w?li ar?b. M JJ
do. <10. first <|.Miiity, extra superior J ??
The " Ne Plus Llira," short nap, j
Youth's Hats, 3 00
Fine w'.ite plain hnts, 3 ^
"" "" c">
Wholesale orders respectfu^ j^sTEUART. Broadway.
? B ;TTi- v1wiJslC.? New and faahionahta
H KfivedMusVc bi'rtbe Pianoforte and Piute, at 3 cenu .
VTr MORRISON S PILLS? The y nuine Hy
sal MeilKMiM" . f the Hnti,',! ^olle^ -Mleajth.
^m'y* l? 141 s,r'"',' u,fi"r Bro*Jw,y-_
l)i)i |j jj~HrX~,,|easniit room and board lor one or two
B ti^ niay be had at .??. Oreenwich stree
landt street. JJ':~ r
a siMii.f N'l'lt Vi >1 A N wisJK-s to l>e ?fc0*
A roods led withnha*dsonielr tnrmM,e,l ,w ,rl?t
on any -l eet between Oraml and UUeckersC. aear to
vt.iy. Iteferencrs j-iven and r.-?|Uir?d. Addr.-s? A. k-'.yj^y
(tie pOtel ortit't*.
_ . g . ?_ | or lv pun- \ 4inlii Cr^ain Caiuiy ran tie
IN Inula* the* Bowers Steam Contectionary, No 208 ^owery,
,,,l!s" v to Ris m-rton st. Please rail and taste, Udie-aH other
advertised lieiHir ? spuri?us coaiponUoii.
i>LOl<tll>, noB?LK ASB NKW O*
14 LEANS Bank K'^Yh&PIM.N. * ^ -traet
V i I. MAH,K V .M, U OIL, lor Cartel
? ihe hair either lima ii or jet black. ,
^ ,1 ZV S J, (^.l Hall. ? S,,l, avenue. ,el^i
D LIST. and IT ?l U?' Anatomy and Disease* of *a
h"?;rne???Bmadwav. Pr.vMe entrance in Du*ne "tree*.
TCjFBK PASTE.-I.Vn lb. superior quality Jtyabe
J ?|e W ln)l< ?a'e aid retail, bjr William A.
m srrroN v yspinwall, iw *?__
mvnf, ? ii llromlw av. and in A4or Houne. ^
7Si*?I?IN? AND LVKCHWO-Al anhatrt ia
0 tice,.Uv or nittlit.by P.ier Burnett, *d.S 8th avenue, turn
healthy Sw.d.sl, leeches ' w " Krai'^r D^BluI^'
Or. \ iin Ren-sidaer, Dr. J. W. rrancu, u r. ww,
w? iiiL'ion Dr. Ilerriot, Dr. BanrUer, ?r. .. .
N. B Whe^ children are required to be
1 -.Tb'-s bite instantly, so that parents need not 'T
?uflnriii|I U? thHr cbildrea J _
* C' \ i? I). ? DR. JACKSON ha? added in his Palemaa
Alfeiable Mi (heated Vapo' Bath EsiaMisliment. at ^
prv eenteellv furnished a|iio1uient? aud IhibmI, With IMW*
of nnr- v provided lor invalid, who m?v ? tab to P?
s^Wev under bis medical treaUnent and his Medlcaieil VipW
ltrtNlnD-T"" voiiuu men Uetw?-en thease of ItaM
\\ Si y.'.o v lor iinn-coniuiisMoned othcers of the ?"nrPJ ^
Dra-?.n.. Tin v mint ??' native lain, P?Sl?
character. enli-'ment they will be *cnt to W est Potlll M>
Iraro the e*erci?e, after join ,|^,r reKh.^it. Farf-r
tber particulars, apply ?t IW Pulton st. jy" ** __
l'\ITKD?TtTE8 AB1V. , . .
? ? . ? u_For tin- I'l. led Slates Army, a few ante no
\V ^iSleftrU >-?wee?,l.e.teso, ^ ^ ^
, hiracter. Mid ol r.^-rtaMe s?nd.nK anemif thetrb
?.?S Nob. need ap ily to enter the ~ rv M-I , lint tbos- w _l*i aj^
Iletenninedlo M-ne the pen . I of the-r .allrtmeiit,
oi.lv Ihrcc V ear. .hone* h aad faithfully.
vi?B 'm '
iN OATTA A'l *<:i Til YV. .UHV. B'l" '^,^h Jaly,
A Boat H ace will lake pla' e on T hi r- . I lay. tl ul4%.
rL,ck p. M. for four urn I Ml
lo^Mrt fr??m tM- (<#* ??f Allnnti# 4 pitrbrr
MX 'mre.l en. lent ? ?lo..ts-Pr,?e. Silver
' ' ln.lepen.leW
S'' 1 '? * ? '' '? e<.V .'"'"and "^'lan'V.r-'rrorJe;
rhaii'/ed, in pU, a,
t-e. is ,kw Mvlesand^mr?..w,.ne. T-,,lr r?,
| .... i .I?l l..f ..s-t" .t
Tlie above a re, i.UWEIA k WREAKS,
tail. t?v tl?' impnrttrs ^ .Vtlor IfnM
? v i | v mi II, H- IM AT KB KSKiHA
,v ?..,i . |.,.?|M-re, liavmif ikiw to ls?ue their OW?
"nsll u"! i- for . hiin/e, trnn.l. are e<>nin.Ule<4 on the*a aadA?
public, by the taeihty of proeorhar Hh- -ifm
Ion-, sol kn.,wn ere, fit. therefore. I r?l N > lo twe ?
plat.- of their own. J LAT\v1. ' ' "tl.' tl.Ji.V ordJJ
h praetiral steel plate rnjrraver. ? II ",r?1 'L ,? .1 t2i
in tlM- first stx le. h .r I went v ib.lla. s to Milt lor 7\ ^ m
r. nls b. re a L ? batalred ? - ?!>? ? ; '''a.,? r a,f at a^y
<[**???: !lr "J.'l'.ii lllehl'a'ltenitionV into . card, or hj
h^l T'l ^Jbl forwar.1 .^.mea- to any jmrl in reply la
',r, ,.;!i t."r. '?
vai'M'tv caa la n.
V> Wee- roii ? ? m ' I v on hand an e*ten? ee nsaortm. m of ratio
ren'? fln'Mif made in ibe n?n?t fasb*oiMihle ?ivle. which taey
?Sit"""' Iwrt'i ZZftZZtf,. v.
I ?'i iiAli xi*
!. I, I , M.,"re'.V.^ri^r,?l.rt.v . ami all ? where nature
"v ?:' ThTtmXjr,;' ^
^iiliTTiy'j: rirjlart!' corner of
at the Ifte .tore corner i f Bowery .n?l Iwia-lM*
Burnett, 3.% 6ib avenue
|> 3in? anal aire. . ^ (),? m,oee4*a
f.^i.iHir ieir InerHl.nn'l d ( ^ ^ rn?.,,|,)rnrf ?( the har4
nrirei.ftbe.r?i T(^ ,BbBrrflwn, irrai^Vil n*
Inws and ^ ?car. ?n,mlll(nre of thai jaKronar'* ?> liberally
r.ast fiviirs p. r" '- ?>?hinf t- purchase B.wni or
f? -towe.l on I. rn. ^ r i(| ^ aLK EICS, Si Canal are*.
BMe?, ? o? I' ' ' >for(, fr,m, Ure. nwich street, where may be
the seeom i ? ?" w. inqnantltv, letter r|?ahty,and
f.mnd . ran i?. tound in aav <*her establishment ia
lower m pore.-" ^ ^ C<||<J
J r Cotiatn merchants supplied by the package or d?*ea.
XI . mm aatwt. aTUEK ? . ? ?'pacUiU* and *pl?^?
!\ dbl Hotel.? Board reduced to fl fla ; Pearl S reel l H" ??e
?rbdlt. 'V III esrrv convenience OpOO the old Wile,
_/ n, Hi, rm D tnct The proprietor, yrateftd thf^a mrwt ita^
?m| p.treti 1/e. cl eerfnlly meets the wishes is his ineiaU ^n?k
U,' p ibl ic, m till# rrmis, by a red.irt.-o t? 'WM. "illir
?ent* pr day. r hilr he eararea in i^Tr LI NT
Ti a d atteniloii a- kereV^ure JOHN M rxinT
?!)? kI

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