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1m the Liverpool market iitor from the hope, and almost cer
tainty, tXft Spmt* unUtmk*ig tKt ntrpiut frum MtmekuUr, *r*
Tke interference of England, in the affairs of Spain,
baa not Iwca c#n(lLfi to mere military concern#. Stie
baa been basy in meddling witfa. tbe interaai business of that
fated kingdom. Bri tab goods will throng thither, and Ibos a
new suit is created lor the calicoes, cutlery, fcc. kc., of the
old isle. Compared, however, with the consumption of ttiis
country, that of Spain is nothing. The manufacturers will l>e
supplied, indirectly, by the Bank of England, ia order to keep
the wills, at least, in quarter time, if no more. Under no cir
cninstances, then, can the staple advance permanently. The
over-crop iu America, and other cotton growing rouatries com
bined, with the want of a market like ours, will tend to keep
U?e raw material at a mere living price. Fluctuations, to he
sure, will take place, but the average rale will not exceed 10
cents per lb. It is fortunate for u* that Spain should prove mii
outlet to the surplus of the manufacturing (own*. The
butineas done in America will l>e carried on entirely hence
forth by capitalists. They will ship to sell, through agent*, at
auction. This we know. But by the aext spring a better bu
siness will be done, at saving rates, thruugh regular and careful
houses through establishments that will lit* new on the scene
Of action, and not imbued with the kaven of the old lump.
Sales at New Orleans for tbe week previous to the 26th inst.
were very trifling.
The feeling in this market has not improved since our Inst
report. Sales within our observation have been made of small
parcels at a reduction of Jc on the full rates of last week, and
the demand for all descriptions is very limited. We want later
advices from Liverpool before we can look for a revival of ba
siness. F-ir to irood fair can be bought at ll^a lljc? and this
is the quality principally called lorforshipment. We shall con
tinue our quotation* for the present.
Ord. to middling, - ? - ? C a R&c.
Middling to (air, - - ? ill a lljc.
fair to good fair, * ? ? - 11 a 12 c.
Goo 4 fair to good ?r prime, - - 12 a 13 c.
The folbtwing is a statement of the stock ?f Cotton on hand,
at the respective places named :
Savannah, July 21st, - 3,934
Mo 'tile, July 14th, . 8,l7<j
New Orleans, July 13th, ... 39,770
Virginia, July 15iii, .... 3,tK)ft
Mauoa, June 8th, .... 11.931
Augusta and Hamburg, July 14th, ? ? 34,89.">
Florida, July 1st, .... 4,000
North Cami lla, June litth, ... 2,4.50
PhiladHphia, July llth, ... 2,1*20
New York, Aog. 2d, .... 22,?>61
Nasi' vilU*, Truii , June 23d, ... 8.141
Charlestons. C. July 20tli, ... 17,43fl
Oilier ports, ..... 17,?HK)
Total, ... . . 180,570
By the arrivals at this j.ort we add 7080 bales to the stock on
hand in ibis city? making the quantity in ports and on planta
tion, 243,576 bales.
titueial Market*.
New York, August 2.
The market was rather heavy today, owing to the abund
ance *f the new crop of grain and expectation of large arriv
als dally. Flour will hardly sell ind when sold it is ia small
parcel* tor ,iifci>ediate use. Wheat is inactive. Kye is in lair
request? stock moderate. Tobacco is dull? very small sales.
The business dning in ride is limited. Tbe dry goods market
is in statu quo. The weaihwr is excessively hot -too much so
for the tnaiiaction ot any business. We notice sales of 100 tons
Liverpool co*l recaived per North America at $9 cash.
Auction Sales? 7 Idif*. lluur $ >; 8'J lugs herrings 27 Jc.. 12 bis.
sugartiU a 0}; 70 kegs tamarinds 2 a 2J; itO bags c< flee !i j n ;
17 cbests sout h ng tea, damaged, 17 a 19c ; 28 chests poucbong
21 a22c.; 8 half chests do 21c.; 61 chests young bysou 19 a 39c.:
196ti bushels wheai 71 a 81c ? terms cash.
Ilece.pt-. of i'roduce ? 1213 barrels tlour, 100 do. ashes, 1 1 1
tabs butter.
Baltimore, Aug. 1st, 1*. M. ? Flour ? Tin* wagon price
range*, according tw quality and wheat, at $8.2ia II, and the
(tore price ai 9 a 9-00. Sale* of city mills tlour ut 8.25 a 8.5o ?
some (jundred brls. at the latter price. Gram ? Yesterday
luorniii; the uuraet lor w beats o(ieneil at 91-70 for lies" naw
reds, but owing to the receipt ot pr> tty full supplies, prices
gradually recede. and in llie auer.ioon sales ol best reds Mere
made ai 1.65 a 1.68 and 1.6.1. Today Hie w heat market is flat at
the latter u tine prices, Salesof new la inly li ur white wheat
were in tde yesterday niuruing at 1.78 a 1.89? sales ol good ut
I.65a 1.75.
New Orleans, July 2'nh, P. M.? Sugar? Prime, 5 a 5j|; in
ferior, 4*5; moderate demand. Molasses ? Oa Levee, 2 5 a *6
cents per galkxi, sales. On 1'lamati >n, 20 a 21 cents, sales.
Bacon? Hams, 8J a 9c. per lb; canvassed 10 a 10$ (lo; Middlings,
94 alO do; Sltouiders, tij do, lunitetl sales. Lard ? Per lb. 8}
a 10c., s^les. Beef? Mess $15 per brl.; prime 10. Flour? Super
tine, 812 a 13, scarce, sales; line, 912.00 per barrel, sales.
Load? Pig, 51 a 54c.; bar, 7 to7Jc |?t lb. Tt>bacco? First
oualily, 51 a 6c. per lb; second tfo. 8J a Sets. dn; crossed, 14 a
21 do, s des. Freight*? Cotton? to Liverpool, J?L per lb.;
Havre, le.; New York 4c. Tobacco? To Cowes and a mar
ket perhhd.36M. 6d., Bremen and Hamburg, direct, 37s.; New
York p. r hhd
Sale eg Stocks at the Stack ExekaH?e.
?U.S B.nJ,, taw 111 50 N. O. G^'VloS' w
2 ?{? 1181 10 WMb. ]?, Co. uS
SO do )Md? 11# 10 Men-bant*, g*i
5 ?! c l'?! 25 Htoninffton, m
,f5 u i? ?3d? 118$ 20 Manhattan Ga* Co. 115
WO M<vli in C?, 95 Z<i Canto..,
?*? if 1'^? l?lan<J, Kli
5 N. O. Canal, " 744 50 e7? ?i!
? ?1 ? ? ^ 75' 20 Harlem, c ?1
?? Del. It Hud. * n w S7J 50 do n w .Ji1
100 do b3* 80 ?0 do T
1*> do t? ?0 50 * ?
2M do fc t w 80| 10 do c ml
** <1? c 80 10 Bo* k Prov. 104
"5 f tw ?0J a rto c jfMi
2 111 nw ?04 90 ,|0 b30lU ,(J
48 Illiunia, 90 25 (jQ b 3 da 1044
10 d" AO do b o w ioli
Prictg if Smeru hi Cttm Bank tku dmv
Am. Gold 1081 a I'HJ Doaolonna 17 15 a 17 25
Soverei/na 5-0 a 5 35 Patriot Doubloon*. it, no
Spanish Dollars 111 a ]|U Nap?lenn? 4 10 a 4 20
Mexican Dollar. lou* Hall Dollnn 1084 a 1084
Firm Franc Piece* 103 * 1
?SmU ?/ Sfrcu at tkr Hoar J.
SimnUI. DoU.ni III Ii? Nap.|?H? 4 IS
M. ucau do. lu!>* #500 Halve*, loej
_ M W?w *ork Share Ll?t.
GUtng Prxtu ? the Hoard if Broicrr,. August 2, 6 P. M.
United,*.^ B-nK, . .
Bank ef Ataerica, . ? 112
Phemx, 109
Delaware and Hudson 79 goi
Aavr. Liie fc Tm*r, ai n]
OW11 Lite and Trust, k
Stale llaak, m
New Orleaaa Ga?, ?4 a<
Mokawk, ... 751
fcrsr^iv ? 3 44
Boston and Wnrcrnter Rail Road 97
L tica 4itd H he>.m*dv Kail Rn*ri, 1171
If' Waa?l RaH Road, ?i Uji
Meehaaiea Bunk, m'
Parntrra Truat Ca. ? W
lllinota, ... n?,
W. O. Ca?al a ?. Co. ? . 75
Hinalnrin , . . . g?
l.eati,er Manofac orera, - .
Canton Co., Bait., .
NAH I?C1>.
At Philadelphia, July 80?h, Dr. C. Moore, ?< New York, to
Mm li. A Drau,innn<l Lvtle.
Ai Poortihreuai. on :t?ih alt , Cant. Caleb Ambon*, of New
Turk, to Axua M Ru-sell, of New Hedlord.
At New Ottpnw, on I lib alt, Theodore J. Paeltwood, to Ann
Loin* Puptxua, of rkiiadelnlila.
Ma ta> ?la; evening, Ut U I , at Rath, I. I., Dav*l Theo ]
dore, only child ol' Da* d Graham, Jr., Riw|., a^ed nine
MMh< ?
On Toewla} n?omin(r. Geo. Oraee, of New i/ondon, a*ed 28
y7?Irrue?day, M iMt.of conaumptton, Catheriae Jane Goth
rif. *;? d II Jftil
On Toea<lay eeeniag, 1st inat, Thoma* 0*Roake, black
MRltll. _
At W??irhe?ef, Pa., on Monday. 3l?t ult., Mary Ann Merrill,
of I
At Jamaica, L L, rn Toeaday, lat Inrt., af the ?lrr.pay . John
K\ Puti-raon, N. J-, on Wbmlay, 31at uk., Jamea Steer, a na
tive m KnfilaiML
Al A|taUicliic?A?aa? the 3rd of July, Robert B. Lowerre, ana
Be* ot Srntiaari,
CT Small rfionire, ?och t? ?hilltn*?. ?iip??cn, ?*,, an(|
0M< pUc?w, ?* In> <lv?a iaeacliante for k?JO, h tl?<-?or anar
lwrfo?ae?. Apply at l>v >l?ali of this *3-||
fcTACAMII ?"OLD" HARVlCSrcpcrtfuily announces
to hia frW-B ??. pobMc In irrW^ml, that hh hewAt will iah*
piw on Priifav wit, the 4ih. when will hr prndurH irvtnil
ftwiprf in* now I "fi "W h nccaalon h>- will not lie tMaiatnl
kjr tmf eminent volant ?r performer*, etcrpt hi* wife. an<l
?<Hltt)lw Oho? hHt*.- Thrtnjf h oW J ark ftimK boast <xUin^
the |jr? aieat a?t?ir ni tw? lwini?|>Ji<-rt-?, vet Ik- doe?, (wit boat
preaimilng qoite ft much at the jrral lominary of the tragic
saute >li<l in reornt advertia. ment<.) claim llie miperiority n?er
nil nth- n in ?*? hriulapbero. Th?- rlifTerenee it not much; hall'
? worltl it i|tii>' 'nanifli for him to bnolr in lie trutla (hat *11
hU frifit h, ami tKtir irirnda, an.l lh?ir li icn<l?' iriemlt will not
fcffrttn r?i?i?mtier Fmlay evening; for who can M-f into ikr
aaoabilny of human aflairt? Mhouhl any thing happen Vi tMt
"great**!" ami oileat "living" onmoilian, ihey never conM
?^ifi** theMWM-lwn for not b me pn*W at hia benefit U woui.l
3 I a rwrfc ni rrgret Vo both young am) old lor lite remainder
?llVif ?4m ?.
The perf irmtMva will commence with ti?e new hic In mm?,
T iw^fo-rn?-?l h?.r? cnllnl THR TWn Mt/LpffRRR*;
?e. nmm 7WaArria Frtm m. ? Jemmy T ?it<h? r, Mr, ltarn?>?;
IL'.Tk "trnra. Alter which. THK YOITTHrUL
QITr.r.lS -OhriaiW Mi?a CharVwte Rnrnea.
Mi??C. Htnin Will reaite TV Cmf* im, bavin* Ve*n re<-eWe?4
with iinh Mirkl# l approbation ; wlhav.rietv Ot t n?f? tlanci>,
it. To rorln?t. wilt a aew fa>ce in one act, w ritirn *?
nr. t?lv ft if ? occasion, cjlle.| flP>> CIB FAYMKNT, or
tlo'.lli.nV, C, Islington k Co., in which Mr. m.fl Mr-. Ranirt
?411 perform. tuSl.rofcc
^ lymt0r . 7 7 " 7 jo t*
Ltwtrpm I-? Europe, Marshall, - . July I
ttWAirlii, Allen, ... July B
Mrvrt. ? ? ? Solly, Lines, July 1
Burgundy, Rockett, - - July 8
?*nWan Montreal, Griftin, - . July 1
Oladiator, Briuen, . ? July 10
Lxvtrpotl ? Independence, Nye, - ? Aup. 8
Oitord, Italhhoue, ... A up. M
London Toronto, Griswold, ... Aug. 10
Westminster, Moore, ... Aug. WO
Havre. Poland, Antliony, - ? Aur. 8
Albany, Johnston, - - Aug. 16
Ship Sl George, (Br.) Ray, St. John*, N. B., bark Mystic,
Clark, BmIhh, fr'lgueira k Co.: Olive, Connor, Sydney, Peter;,
fc. Co.; Dan. brig Maria, Moller, St. Ul?e?, Meisegites i Oleim;
Prus. brigs Kraiiciska, Schutc, Alexandria, D. C., D.H. Schmidt
it Son; Johannes, Cruger, Alexandria, D. C., do. do.; Argo,
Skhr, Antwerp, do. do ; Br. brig Aimwell, Scott, Liverpool,
D. H. Robinson; schrs. Nonpareil, Survevanl, Syduev, Nrs
iiiitli i. Leeds; Leontine, l)<*ai liorh, Kiclnnond; Robert Gordon,
Atwell, Baltimore; Tropic, Smith, Wilmington, N. C.; Ro
chester, Nichols, Bostou; Salem, Eldredge, do.; Trio, Nicker.
Mil, do.
Ship Woodbury, Tail, Liverpool, 50 days, via Halifax, 11
?!ays, to order.
Br. ship Phebe, Rattery, Liverpool, 46 days, to Barclay Js
Livingston. She has gotie to Amboy, to land 320 passen
Ship Calhoun, O'Neil, Charleston, .5 days to <1. Sutton.
Bark Cuxhaven, Windt, Hamburg, todays to J. W.Schmidt.
Bark Sagamore, Knight, Gibraltar, June 5th, to order.
Galliot Celesta, Met, Amsterdam, 80 days, to order.
Brig Homer, Halsey, Bordeaux, June22d, to V. IJarstow.
Aus. brig Fedele Amico, Miovich, Trieste, 128 days to A. C.
Ro-sire 4i Co.
Brig Vintage, Snow, Madeira, 46 days to Schermerheru 4c
Brig Bogota, Clear, St. Croix, 14 days, to D. Roger* Si Son.
Brig Buenos Ayr*",, Stewart, Charleston, 6 days, to Scott
k. Merrell.
Brig Frederick, Slellr, Bremen, 51 days, to Meyer St llupen
Brig Columbia, Preb*t, Amsterdam, 43 days, to E. Nolle
Brig Circassian, Ritchie, Aberdeen, 46 days, to ordf,r.
Brig Die Perle, Costell, Bremen, 72 days to Moller 4: Op
Br. brig David Grant, Lawrence, Dundee, 56 days, to Bell,
OgilvieJt Co.
Brig Perseverance, Adam?, Hamburg, 40 days lo Chamber-'
lain, Broom Co.
Brem. brig Charlotte, htihleke, Bremen, 60 days to C. Meier
i Co.
Selir. Levant, Lewis. St. Martins, 12 days to master,
Scbr. Gen Cobb, Cobb, Trinidad deCuha, 18 day?, to Ever
ett i. Battelle.
Scbr. Relief, Skinner, 3 days from Norfolk, to master.
Scbr. II enry, Grannis, Attakupas. 30 days, to master.
Scbr. Director, Post, Virginia, 3 days, to master.
Scbr. Gen. Jackson, Brown, Norfolk, 3 days to master.
Srhr. Mexico, Dalv, Virginia, 3 days, to nrnster.
BELOW ? 2 brigs and 3 schrs.
[Correspondence of the Morning Herald.]
Kingit?n,Ju.'i., July 11th. ? The Jokn Grey Blount, Morton,
will sail tomorrow, for Havana; Dttligbt, Colli**, unc. wtg for a
chart -r; Betsey A. Jaite sailed on the 5th, for Trinidad de
Cuba: Pioneer, Now Ian, sailed on the 1st for Porto Rico and
Laguira. Y< ?;s,ke.
The Isaac Ellis, outv ard bound, was run into by the Vu
Pa le, and lost foreyard. ,
The t7 iritagt, at this f??rt, on the 24th of June, in lat. 30. 3"?, !
Ion. 30, 30, boarded a br g with foremast gone below th<- top, j
mainmast gone clean by the Heck ? looted with lumber an. I '
shiny hs ? had a figure bea-J, as.il supposed to b<* ail A laeririn. I
A Good TtUgrapk. ?The telegraph at Boston, during the 1
lasl week, reported over one hundred ami four .?<?(*. Mr. J.
R.Parker is the conductor. Put the Boston alongside of the '
New York Telegraph? what a ditVerence !
The F. i p >> t , at Boston, on the 23d of July, lat. 404, Ion. 63$ ?
picked up a jolly boat, painted fclnck outside, with a narrow
yellow w ater line, and green inside.
Holmes Hole. July 30th. ? Arr. b'ahius, Chase, Pacific f<cean, j
14ti days from Tahita ? v la Pernambuco, 31 days, v> ith 1000 bbl>.
oil. At Tahita, March 18th ? Addison, Parker, Eairliuven, I'.hiO (
bhls.; she had experienctd a heavy hurricane near Navigator |
Islands, and lost boats, spa rs, sails, fcf.; Canton, Gardener. \B. j
21"0 ; Spartan, Colli n. Nantucket, .500 ; Sarah, Molly, do. 210*1 ;
Barclay, Binney, d?. 6-50; Midas, Spooner, for N, B. fror.i Pa
cific Ocean, left Pernainbuco, Jun<* 2Sth. with 2>00 bbls.
July 16 ? lat. 12, 42, Ion. .59, 1.5? Panther, from Liverpool for
New York, witti loss of miten topmast, lore topgallant mast
Vc. ? bv the Die Perle at this port.
Julv28th ? Ofl'Cape liatieras, exchanged signals with Jones,
Hull. New York, for Charleston.
July 26? lat. iJ.'l, W, Ion. 67, 20? Hector, (Br.) from New
July 9(li? lat. 43, 4, Ion. 46, 50? Philadelphia. Morgan, from
N'*w York, for London.
July 8th? On Goorges Bank, Henrietta, from Riga, lor New
July .5th ? Int. 47, Ion 45? was passed a ship, showing a red
signal, Idue, white and blue crow>.
N'o date given ? was passed, in lat. IU> Ion. 7U, a brif lit sMtd
ship, standing S., showing a red swallow tail signal, with a
white ball? bv the Adaline, at Boston.
Pictou, July 22. ? Mogul, Gallagher, New York.
Hamburg, June I0tn.? SPd, Horatio, New York ; Friend
ship, do.
Trinidad de Cuba, July 14tli.? St. Ileleaa, Benxett, New
York, 30 days..
Clenfuego*, July 13th.? Halcyon, Prince, New York, 25th.
Pictou, N. S , July 20t!i. ? Bommeree, Tv bring, New York.
Varmouth, N S., July I7tb ? Ion, Cann, New York.
Havana, July 15th ? Rapid, Ward, New York.
St. Domingo Citv, July 7th? Marv Shields, wtg cargo, Geo.
Washington, Anderson, Baltimore, 3 days.
Boston, July 31st ? Arr. Jasper, Howe*, New York; Hudaon,
Ryder, ilo.
Pro* idence, July 30th ? Arr. New l/ondoii, Harris, New York;
?I'd, Yankee, Briiftrtmn, da; Hho, Read, 4o. 31st ? Arr. Oen.
Bailey, Gardener, New York.
New Bedford, July 31st. ? Arr. Sarah LoaiM, Kicketson,
New York.
Salt m, July 30th ? Arr. Spring Bird, Nickeraon, NewYork ;
Trailer, Nickcrson, do.; Pilot, do.
^ Philadelphia, A off. I*t ? Ar. Two Cousin*, MrClann, New
York; Porpoiw, Smith, ilo.; Cornet, Dunn, do.
Baltimore, Aug. 1*1? Arr. Edward Vincent, Latham, New
York; cl'd Maria, Woglorn, do.
Richmond, July 3l*t ? Arr. Ann Kliza. Hoinirn, New York.
New Orlean*, July 3AUi.? Cl'd Alabama, Berry, New York ,
Luna. Kendrick, do.
Pall River, July 28th ? Arr. Margaret Ann, Staples, New
1 ' ? " ? 1
ASHIO NICKS' NOT CB ?The undersigned, awig
tiees of William D'titM-ford. hereby give notice to the credi
tor* of taiil Dianeliird, to render their respective account* or
claim* ay ainst him, for the purpose of having the name audited
or adjusted, on or before the i4th day of Augnat, iwHant ; ami
hImj that they will be in attendance at the Bos Office of the
Bowery Theatre every day from I 0 until 1 o'clock for that
purpose, and tlia'. the assignment af the Mid Dinaeford will then
ai d there l>c exhibited, ami any creditor allowed to comply
with its condition* previous to the above date.
<JKO. CI. HTKVKNHON, > Atsignees.
New York, Aug. H, 1837. au3-tM
unusual attention to this disease, an. ha* had much ex|ie
riewce in the treatment of it; and In moctiaaea has been ?MC?
ces fill in relieving its urgent symptoms, and in many of afford
ing entire relief. Its characterise symptoms are an unplea
Mnt sensation at the stertinm-brea*t:<one, commonly at the
lower pirt of it, attended with pain* about the breast, but aiore
particularly the left sid? and regian of lite heart, extending
often to the *liouldet blades especially the left, ami often af
fecting the lef arm. Th?>*c subject to it are sometime* awaken
ed with a sense of suffocation, and generally experience a
shortness of breath, ami Mirnct lines palpitation ?l tlie heart on
walking la?t where it i* ascending or against the wind, or up a
flight of stairs. Doctor Sears would invite thase sabject to Uhis
di*ea e, or to dy*|>ep?ia, liver complaints, or pulmonary or
ilropsteal affection*, to rali oa him at hia ofRce, 4| Ann street.
Namerooa certiorate* may be seen, and refrraacea given.
l> W \KM BATHS, on the Ea.t lli*?
Riter, loot of Pierpont iL,
Itrookly n Height*, are now open for the reception of vuuUtr*. ?
The Swimming llaih f? 4<1 feet long by JO feet wide. Itiakita
atcdonthat parlof|h<: lliut River where o>e waier ia the moat
purr, h twirn the Fulton awl South FerrJea. 50 periona can
Imthe at a lime. The Warm Satin are the owlv Rath* In the
State, where tea watei i* u?ed, which render* the ra peculiarly
beneficial to invalid*. A chemical *oap U provided, w hirh rvn
iler? *ea water a* cleanamg aa rain water. The talorriker
pledge* liim*eif that every thing nhall l>e done to maintain the
rrnotatim tin- Hatha have acquired the pn?i*ea*nn.
Cold Raih*, 121 centi? WariH Bath*, 311 n-nti-ttlekMi for
one dollar. au^lm* EDWARD ORAT.
PPOII?fjO|f, Jr., oBbr* for*aleat hi* waretxm*e, No
?771 Pearl *treet, near Fulton, in lot* lo *uh purrhajier-, and
on term* a* f <xxi* a* ran he procured in the city
Mam run h Paper? SoitaMe (or e*tra large ?how bill*, the
*ame quality now u?e?l by the Zoological Institute, awl work
erf on the larpe preaa now in operation inthiachy. Thia paper
rat be f irnuhed a' *hort notice, in any quantity, and of a much
larjrar ?i*'", if required,
PHntl"ir Paper- Medium, Medium and Half, Royal, Super
Royal, and Imperial, mea*?nng 40, W-S7|, MM, 14
*t, 21 -18. J4 i4, 23 31, and fJH9 iache*, with a tall ataorta*iM Of
roiored paper* of iirlou qaalitie*, embracing; nearly all the
iibovp *1 w*.
Writing Paper*? FooUrap, Rat and folded, Folio Pott, Letter,
hive, white, and aaaorted color*, Pi'l, Demi. and Medlom.
Wrapping Paper? Fnvriope, vanou* ?lie*i Kentish Gapa,
?ultabh- for hardware, poii'hed and plaint Cloth Paper*, eilra
large a>ao*? Crown, Double Grown, and Cap; alao. Urge and
*m?ll Straw.
Hatter*" Paper* ? TVwie, plain and a**?rVd color*; Tip aad
Imperial, of vartoa* color*, eipre**lr Mr hatter'* aw.
Sheathing Pan r<? Por ve**e|*, hnu?e?, kc.
Su-/t?r B'lken' Paper*- Plain, l?lue, ami inlaid with white, of
?jeorted ?l*c?.
Pa?te *>arda ? Trunk, Ronton ao.l New Jerwy manufactory
? iwlen, Raah a, brown Ronaet, in rolkr. Am while and biae
a"d white ie f| 'i* Frr?* an J Straw Board* ? _ .
Card*? Raple*. It art v Vlff., Merrv Andrew *nd lliehland
er Playing, with an aatortmeat of large and ?mall Rlank.
Southern merchant* vUittng New fork an' requeued tora'l,
aa 1 here i* at all tin ea a largo a^aonrrwent of cheap Paper* on
band, well adapted to their market.
Manufacturer* of Paper ??pplhd with mcs frreirn and *+?
R leaching RoRe, Smato, Faitiag, Jacket*, wire Cloth,
Mould*, fcc. iaS^m*
W. r?K?o?"iHi: hii?t?? mexiro and
R w f S TfIL, |iif ofe^rh pa nOng 0 feet hv 6 ) pn'n'ed
b v Mr l'RIN<4l>'. of itro*h yn, to be *cen gratf* at the Mat
Wa eroom of J. STKUAflT, "Wl Broadway, comer of Antlm
ny *t. aoS-St*
rpili: de>igu oftliia institution it U> afford young men an
-*? ?>|>|>oi utility of qualifying themselves tor mercantile
pursuit*, in a superior and expeditious manner; their
attention being evcltmvely directed to studies of prac
t iral utility. The course of instruction comprehends such
information as is i ? i ? 1 1 s | >?.; ? i ;aMe to the merchant and the
inttn of business, and combines the advantages of private
Icjiiuhj with the daily routine of the counting-house.
are taught upon an oiiginal and improved plan, by which
a competent knowledge of these branches may be obtain
ed in one third of the time usually devoted to that object.
Prospecti'sks may be hud at the rooms 1K3 Broad
way (orrr .'ilr. .Wit han't ilruL'iftjt itort),
Adilts who exiM'rience any dilficiilty in the free
use and command of the pen, or those who, from the
want of proper instruction, write an irregular tcrawl, may
have these obstacle* removed in a ftv lemons, and are
enabled, by a novel anil ingenious process, to write, with
ease and expedition, an elegant current hand, adapted to
tilt; practical nmi every-day purposes of lift*.
[ Front the Evening Gate'lt. ]
Tile manner in which Book-KEcn *<i in l"re?j*i?*titly
taught, conveys n very imjterfert idea of tlio practice of
merchant*. l'lie great difference between theory anil
practice ? between the study of an art and its application
to practical tine ? is loo well known to need remark ; and
we think Mr. Foster'* plan |Ki-scsses advantages woitliy
the cunnideration of all who wish to acquire the forms
and modes of business in a thorough and ual manner.
[ Fro at Oti' /{? fmblici'i.]
We are personally acquainted with Mr. Fo-ter, and
take great pleasure in recommending his establishment to
the notice of onr lellow-citi/.eiis. We have examined his
system ill detail, have observed his mode of instruction
in full operation, and nrr fully impressed with the practi
cability and utility of his plan. It facilitate*, heyonU nil
other method#, the attainment of a free, elegant and rapid
business liavd.
For Nit'e as above,
1. Till'. CLERK'S GIMME: comprising a series ef
mercantile letters, Forms of Invoices, Hills of Parcels,
Account !-'ales ; with Hints to Young Tradesmen ; ev
planalQry remarks on Foreign and Inland Kills, Insurance,
Exchange, &c. By II. F. I'sim. I'rirr, 75 tm'*.
eliKldntinii the piinciples and practice of doubly entry
and the modern method of arranging merchant ' accounts.
Seamd edition, enlarged and improved; to which is add
ed Equation of Payments, Commercial Terms, c. l'y
II. F. Foster, I volume, vo. pp. ? Price. '"?I iift.
AND EXPLAINED ; t* which itf added th? Angular and
Anli Angular Systems. By i?. P. Foster, I vol. 8vo.
with plates. ? Price, SI.
which the copies are arranged throughout, aid the slope
Ot'tne letters, tne thlc.\nc>s of the <lown-K(roKe<j, k<\, me
indicated by a new prowess of ruling ; destined m font.'h
Schools and Familiki with a prait :al system ,if Un n
ing the art of writing. No. I to H.
for the use of the student* at Foster's < .immerrial lion!,
No. 1M.2 lln.. < Ail WAY*
LOTTERY PRIZ K OFFU K, No 7 Coo ri la mil street,
between York House mid Weslerp Hotels. Nrw York. Prize*
in all the Eastern, Southern and Western Lotteries )>ai ?! on de
man<l < i l li<- ? in specie, city Hot en OI cxcli.m ?f.
(O* < >rder? received lor t'eketa, Gentlemen calling at this
office will hme everv iiifortnaliou given of chif I'n
enrrent noma on all solvent i>ink, uk< h at par, Oili-e o,?en
front, A. M. to 10. P. M. au'HUiVtu
A ~V.ll". UAB >40 'WHEAT GUOWI.Vt; FARM,
of about 2"l acres, situated in li'towitof Lancaster,
Krirf eou.ity i tin. State, will be exchanged for either
Dry Good* or Groceries ? espe tally the Utter? on the most
reasonable term*, subject u? a bond and roort L'nffe of $4.1! 0, and
interest payable In 7 year* from F.uruarv laid. Sjid farm is
situated a>< >ut 12 mile> from the City of ftufi'alo, aliotit I mile
from the liail I toad now hud ng from Batavia to Buffalo, and
-onn- 6 or 3 mile- fr' iii the Eric Canal. There are Improved
on ?aid farm, ab< 'it :00 acres, and the balance mort t>ea ? t it u lly
timbered with oak, a*h, bi.sawood, su^rar maple, beech, elm,
he.? well adanteil to wheat, and in tin heart of one ol the rich
est and l?st wheat growing wctioii-i In western New York ; the
face nfthe land is preciM Iv what ii should lie? neither entirely
flat, nor yet uneven ? w.th a public highway pasting on two
Hide* of it. There are on huid premise? a Rood frame barn, and
a por?r loghouse, but comfortable for a tenant ; a line young
orchard, good water, and a fallow of Mime Goto 80 acres now in
preparation for sowimr wheat tlm season, with mtdkient team
and farming utensals for lininhiii^ the work. Title indisputa.
l>le. Kor furtlier particular*, call on or addraaa I- II. No. fi2|
Pearl street, New York. nu<'J-mke-St*
ing will take place at Hempstead llai boron
Monday, August 7ih, IKn.
Tbesteainboat BKKtlk V, Cape Scott, will leive the fiwt ol
Canal street, on Tuesday, 8th inst. at 8 A. M.; from the for t of
Market street half pa?t K; foot ofDelancy at. ?A. M. Leave
>J(?atp<>te?<| Harbor 4 p. M. every afternoon during Uie meeting.
Fare 37^ centa each way, au3-l w *
GLEN COVE, and the intermediate places,
if required. ? The steamboat IM'Ft'S KING,
Capt. Yates, will lease the foot of Coarllandt street nn Sunday
morning, (ith inst. at half past ?o'clock, Whitehall at 10 o'clock,
PttlUMl street, Brooklyn, at aqu>rter past 10, Catherine Kerry,
New York, ai hah paat 10, foot of Delaitcjr street, at a quarter
before II, and Dry Dork at II o'clock, pairing through llurl
pate, and viewing the beauti'ul scenery along the East River,
such ax Flushing Hay and Saie'a Point, to the liead of thr
Sound. Fare for the excursion, SO cent*.
au3-3t* SERANTON, Proprietor.
ACAHI). ? MRS Dt'\N, Proteasor of Uie Spanish <iui
tar and Siii^in?, (pHpil af the celebrated Maestro A. Baei
oli.) r.-speetfullv Inform* the Lilies of New York, that (lie
gives lesson* on the abive delipbtful and fashionable ncrnni
idishment*, to/ether or sepirat". Application to be made at
tier residence, 403 Broadway. au2-lm*
PHOSPHOR US.? A quantity of Kreneli Phaapho.us
just rec?ived, for sale upon lilieral term*. by
jyH removed to No. 2 Courtlandt at.
Aljl HEW AlilL? Ln?t or stolen, a pasteboard parcel
W * " containing prints or views in the United State*. Said
views were aewn between two br.twn oostalioard* three feet
square, addreaaed Wm C. Cos, Km., Astor House, and given
in charireof the jvMter at the Astor II mi,#- to 'ake to st? ailliMMt
Kufus King on the morning of Ju'y 24th. The above reward
will be paid for said parcel and it* contents, at 110 Pearl st., up
stain. OQ2-31 *
LO"K At TlllBt h?()K AT THIS!! HH ?K AT
THIS!!!? The Portrait ol James Gordon B***"**, tue
Ladle,' Ka?o' ite,jusl published ami lor sale, wholesale and re
tall, by BAK EIC, tlie Lithographer, No. 8 Wall street, neit to
the church. The Portrait ?f this (listiniruinhed (fentlemaa is,
without doulit, a very correct ami s rikiog likeneaa ? hsviai;
lieen taken trom nature, while on Imard the >teamlioat, lie be
in* at the time deep intiioueht, com pi l in/ one of tlnise beauti
ful Regatta KlCWMOfX, with his bit off cooling Ma head.
N. B. ? Mr. Bennett's news Imya are invited to view the Por
trait ? tliey having a taste for the line art* ? so say* Mr. Bennett.
? EI.LEK, 2*' 2 Uroadway. ? Coat* ?! Ar m?, Cres|?,
pliers, Emlileniatical Sut?,erta. kr , rnprased oi. stone; Dia
monds, Amethysts, Topare*, Crystals, kr , twilight in the
rouutiorcut to any I- >rin; La ie?' s. ils. Pencil Caae* and Sl?
net Hint's, engraved with coat* of arm-, cre?t?, i ame?, or any
device. Corns of Arms paint -d ami iwrwarded to any part of
the l/nited States.
Book* of Heraldry kept wdlh upwards of IftO.OOO aarw*. ?
CftauoT Aims found. au2-.1t'
oiMitr.e r and n\ifAHi>x BOAn?n
13 30 nfto Ilia. Hinder*' Board*, as oit? d number-; 11000 lbs.
Ban li-at do. do., for sale by J. CAMPBELL It-PERSsiE,
aal-3m 1 10 and II] Nasaau *t between Ann k Beekman.
G?t? AT BAKUAINS4IK L??TX-To be tiad u?
the Village of William?burf>li, by applying to
MeKIBBIN k NICHOLI.S, 5 Nassau St., N. Y. or in
JOHN B. Mr K I KB I.N. Wt?UMMW?jfc. Jyl? lm*
LKKCII ?' S-S wetlisk Leeehea const an I y kept on ba?d,
for *ale wholesale and r> tail, by
jySI removed to No. 2 Courltondt ??.
SIKCOBY ?10 risks of tuperior quality German Sueeo
ry, just received, for sale ap >n the inost rea>?>nal>le term",
jy.H removed to No. 2 Court latx It st.
nOOH PL ATFJ- A larpe assortment of <Mfferent sites
awl pattern door plate, for sale at very r< dured prices, by
j J 31 removed lo No. 2 Coarllandt st.
SABSA PRAS E>OZICN4<ICM ? The nsoat pleasant and
efHractnu* remedy tor purltyiti- the lil<>?vd. Fnr sale bv Pe
ter Burnett. New Yonk Cbemteal Hall, SA Sitth avenue, jel-lm
mJ LIST, and Profeaaor si the Aaatonty and Diaeaaes of th?
hnntMi eye.
OfBce, *8 Broadway, Private eatrapre in Duane street
HffRR RR HO WICK'S iflW '?? OWIC "Liee
1? and Let 14 ve? or Domestic Servia- inn*trated " By the
author of Hope l^rstie. The Ijnwnmls, Rieh Poor Maa, he. he.
thla <tay putdislied ami for sale by
Jy*? C. SlIEPAMD, y.2 Broadway.
HU.N, <?li J KIjLY ?P IUKLAND PlrtOt
Thw article, so eeiebratt <1 In c?orh> aad iti?ea?es of the
cheat, prepared from the best Monk and cnntalnlnif n i inlurl
otss or *'orei(ti admilt'tre. roo??anilv on b*nd and for sale by
l?r? 1/AMOURKAUX k C??. No. 377 Broadway.
GKRIHAN RILYK.II-A Constant supply in Sheet*,
I'Hfota, Platea, ao.i Wire, f-w sale by
|yS4 r- moved to Not Conrilan.lt st.
cn on own iuhi.k 01:. ~X.?'?n!Zi ..?F*u,nr
?)U r<ir MW by M Uwm PRnCHTWAIfOKll,
jyH rnn< >?'"'! to N?- t CMrttMMI *. '
UOlt i* nnotM l??M? ? *.? Ka.Mnn?t?Wi low prt
t3 c?4 Boot ?(*.?.? h7 iN K W KLL r??p?rtfulljr infor iui lh?
pnblic tbai b# ha? lahn th>- >imr N-> 04 Canal ??.. eortwr r>(
WofntM, Wlifm V,,- mif,KU k'-rpinj a g'-iwral auurtnu n' n4
iw?'< and boytf lmm> wliirli h?> flffpri whn!e?*l* and mall M
????<?**? I *>r er* far ra?h. Jn?i r*er|??l fmm hit (mcuwy, a f??
raar? of Fivnrh pump )kk?u. a pi im* l?r ?amwwr. whirli
, |?r off. r? at tli?" rntM pt4rf <i( ?.1 ( ?V
ff It. Constantly ?n h trnl, bona for |2.W and $2 7r.
PAH It TillkAT U*. ?THIS EVENING will bit p?r
CINDERELLA? Prinee, Mr. Jones ? Btrin Pumpolino, Mr.
Chippindalt ? Cinderella, Mui Horum.
To conclude with
MY HUSBAND'S ?HOST- Drummer Qilks, Mr. Chippin
dale? Fanny, Mrt Gurner.
t r Doors open at 7 ? perlormances commence at 7J o'clock.
Boxes fl? Pit 5# eento ? Gallery 36 wnu
F BENEFIT.? THIS EVENING, will be presented the
drama ot
TIIE MISTLETOE BOUGH? Carlolus Crotchet, Mr*. La
Forest ? Lady Atfnes, Miss A. Fisher.
The performance to commence with
MY FKLI.OW CLERK -Tactic, Mr. Thayer? Juliet Snooks,
Mis? A. Ki-lier.
To i onclude with
THE WAND K KINO MINSTREL? Jim Baggs, Mr. Mitchell
? Hubert Cat roll, Mm. La Forest.
! /' Doors open hi 7 ? perloruiauces commence at 7| o'clock
precuely Boxes AO cent*? Pit 2f> cents. _______
Hill, coi ner oj Chariton and yuriik stti. ? THfS EVEN
ING, wi.l be presented
IS HE JEALOUS.'? Belmour, Mr. Woodhull? Mrs. Beimour,
Mis. Pickering.
Tn conclude witli
A SEA SIDE STOltV ? Lucy, Mrt. Rogers.
Doors at 7? Performances to ?omirience at half past 7.
IJdXi s SO emu? Pit 25ccnts.
NIItl.il'."* UAKUEN, This Evening, the enter
tainments will commence nt 8 o'clock with
Cousin? Belinda Belmont, Mrs. Knight? Beatrice, ^ersi.'ter,
Mrs. Bailey ? (jirouette, the liead jailor, Mr. J. Seiton.
The amusemeuts to terminate with
LK CIIAPEAU DU <?ENEHALj t>u, L'Ami a Ln (lour ?
Minv. (!<? L*(rnr<le, Mrs. Liaiiey ? Marcbione ? de Villecour,
Mrs. Knight
Adniittanc - 50 cents. ai:U
^ VAUXHALL GARDEN, HOWEUV. ? Thursday, Friday
nntl Saturday, Inst three nights of the Monster Dragon, and of
Mr. James Cook* 's Morning Stui and Mischievous Sprues, with
the most extraordinary av*'iobla(.'e ot equestrian anJ gymnas
tic talent "ver presented to the public in one light
Mr. Cooke, a* a matter ot' principle to the public, now feels
imperiously called upon to contradict au erroneous report, via. :
tUut the prnent season w ill be extended beyond the period nd
verti?ed ; as this cannot possibly be the case, tlie patrons ot this
establishment arc acquainted that the present must he a v< ry
limited visit, as other imperative engagements must cos. pel the
attendance of the w hole troupe elsewhere. au3 St
(~1A*'I LK OA RUKN.-II. MAR*II baa the honor to
> inform the public, dial bin next nhikilioii of F1RK
W OR It 8 will take place t tii> evening, Augu?t i ls'.37.
The evening's display wi 1 commence wi li rocket-, with ser
ii<'ut?, streamers, fcc. A Ireautlful carmine resplendent light,
rmian <?lory. A new ami ?uperb piece, ?I|N tfac Prid? of
Aurora. A auperb pici'f, exhibited for the (ii"t time. called the
Pyramid of Italian streamers. A beautiful Dcngoli Reaplen
dent Light. Rocket*, with crimson, jjreen, orange an I purple
atara. Flight of Fanfan na hw. A new and original drtit n ot
the artiat, lor the tectmd time, by detire, t tie KalrldOKnpe. ?
Tite whole to conclude with aii entire new and magnificent
piece, called (he Cross of Malta, flight of brilliant rockets, It
Hand commence* at 7 ? firework* at a quarter before !?. ?
Adin tiuce 9$ cent*. auii
OL< > Mi'lC Til I', \ i'K i'.. ? The ^utiscriliein lutvin^
purchased the lea^e of the property latidv known a* No.
?M4 Broadway, (and inimediauly ad/onioiug "TBUersaii's" well
known establishment) arw now coi verting it Into a neat ami
alegant Theatre. ft wljl l<e mc ?' uried after the manner ofMa
dame Ve<tri?'? "Olympic" London, and op#* for the regular
aeaaon on ur about the 2AtU of August or latot September. '-a~
di?s and gentlemen 01 the prufe>-iou desirou* obtni'iivig en
gacement*, will please apply by letter, poat paid, toeither
WIIJIAM IJ. ItLAKK.oi > Proprietor* and
IIKNRY K. W1LLAKU, ) Miiugera.
New York. July 10th. 1337. ? jyl'J-lf
u?b k S |||p 5 kw n?v i m;"p\i\o ua ma,
*? ' AT NIBI.O'S GARDEN, auperior to any t' . ig o| the
kind ever exhibited in this country ; painted tiy tie celebrated
W . Darnells, Itoyal Ac.demlcian, Ijondnri. The subject is
WILD ELEPHANT ill 'NTlNfi, and a . . rr. ? i mpreaeMn
tiono! the ISLAND OF CEYLON. Ail if r and con
noisseurs that ha* e situ ihf splendid P.: v >ratnn, 'pronoun?#- it
to he ih<' In -? panor.iin c pointing ever liro'.'^ht to i ?: <? country.
Exhibited during the ?tay and ever 'g. Admittance,
?ents. jylUku
Bl L I ? i v a Jy-i i M i?ii o v ttO.? Qtmkmmm ?Mn z
?o plav at billiards, or purcha?e u :>!<?., .tre invited U> rait
??t 213 or l?2 lirtmdw ajr,aru dowir a hove \\ hII .trevt, at 'lie mh: ?
thern Coffee ll< ioi *, where there ire ; table* intme room, ami
try the patotu Indian Rubber cu-hi<-ns, slate atone andcomi?i
siti?h cemented bi <ls, with lr<?n i-aglr frames, and common ta
ble* as aVnve, will be found the largest and heat assortment
ever offer? ?! tu th< put-ltc. I'dvamage* in th#??e wl*? wwh to pur
chase at short notice, a? they can be packed at aw 'lay's no
N. B. Order* for .my th'nr iat'-U '.'.n#*, with n*h or |tkh]
reference, to A. MAf+SKORD, 2ld Broadway, will receive
prompt attention. nilOtf
HOMOKKS Tlw tmpre*tkon thru the u.'aulitjl Walk*,
oi tins place luiva been destroyed hy the rrcent improve
ment*, Ui ouite erri->neuiM. Very iitUe alteration Int* Ma mart*
in the Walk* except in the imvicHaif- viciuity ol'the ferry. Th e
Norway Maple*, Dutch E.'ih*, and Ba?*? ?'xf Trrfs, liiat adorn
ed the Lawn arouod tiie Hi ?tel. have heen transplanted, and
now liirHi i! beauufui ueenue ieitdini; lroo? tie ferry to the
Slyiian Eir>| I*.
ASTkVIt HOl'BE. The copartnership heretofore e?
iniiif? between Simeon Hoyden ami Frederick Ho\ ilrn
nmler the name ol S. k F. BOYDEN, ha* been Uii* day <)i*aol
vett by mutual consent.
New York, July 19, 1837.
Thebuiine** nfilie A*tor House will he lier? alter carried *r
by (he *uh*cril>e r* under the name -f llovden. Coleman i
Stetw.n. Signed, Frederick BOYDEN.
New York. July 19. \r > 7. i\.'l?'w
article of Confectionary ha? already a 'tamed a popular ly
altogether unprecedented The iMiparulb-|,>d demand for the
article lia* excited the cupidity Bud envy of the confectioner*
generally, and they are now, nnd have lieen for several ilayt
l?a?i, attempting hi counterfeit it.
ftow, therefore, l>e it kttown that the *ul?*rriber in the inven
tor amleicluftiv proprietor of the r?*lpe for pmnuta<*turin|.'
the pure, original, and onlv genuine Vanilla Cream Candy, and
an article of tli* name n taie made Ijy any other peraon, cannot
but be lw?r ami ipuriou*, and unworthy the name it Iwari.
jv 29 tf II. OK EiioKY, 131 William tt. ?
1('Ott SAl. K ? An improved farm ol SOO acre*, with alxMit
40 acre* wheat now on the ffrouud, lying between two
lieautiful lake*. 2li inile? we*t of Detroit. Price $.'i,ono ? |3,0oo
can remain on the larm.lhe tialance ca*lu An the owner i* mi
town only for one week, application niuM be made *?on. Reler
lll-ll' U'>8 Pearl street.
WATCH IjOHT.? On the 'huh ir?*t., Iietween fiftth*tre? ?
and t lie upper part ol Broadway, a ?mail, thick, old fa.
nhioneil g> Id wairh, with emlHMiM'd cane, Erani i* Atkm, maker
Pawnbroker* and dealeri are cautioned *i;.iin*t leceiving the
?time. Twenty dollar* reward "ill be riven, (a' it wa* an old
family piece,) hv leaving il at Mr. Stewart'*, No. 41 William,
corner of Pine ureeL aul 3t*
again returned the CominHiiiw, Produce and Provman
bii>ir.e*? at 10 1 Broad ?treet, thi* da v offer* for > ale 30 ca?k* of
weJI cured Ohio llam* ind Shoulder*, I I brU. M< *a Pork, 41
kepi l.ard, (but no Maim- Land* ) auU'it*
PAPER. ? .W ream* No. I, J and 3 fooltcnp | aper, 'MOO
ream* cap anil crow n wraiip'nf, J7i>0 ream* medium printing,
1000 ream* medium ai d a half peintinir, f-r ?ale by
J. CAMPBELL k PEKSSE, Paper War# liou*e,
a u I 'hi i 1 10 and 112 Na?*?u *1. between Ann * Biek nan.
IT* OH RALE ? A Farm containing <!2| acre*, (or looacre*)
I a( l<v. l ir.. i f< ? le lanrt.Mlunte n Haatingtoa, Izmir I -land,
aliout I mile north ?f the middle turnpike, and near the ?e?t
line of Btnithlown ? with dwelling Imum>, ham and out build
intr*, all nearly new. Eor (nrther particular*, enquire of the
under*! ifned, near the preiauwv
jyjo hi D. BRYANT.
A mm i- a r i? r?? ike piblii.-wm. hill'I i?
mutable ityleofHair ('uiuok. Nw. 86 Pearl *u. up uairv?
Eor fear ?( any wron^ mipr.'**ir>N the public may Utfir under
Ihe .:ih*rril?er r< ?j.< < vnM f iritorm them he lia* never t>eloajfe<t
to the combination of liair ilrviaera. Shavtng i 14 rent*.
HALE P HICK Millie.- New and laahionnlile f?
graved Maaic for the Pianoforte and Klute, at 3 cent* ?
fr MORRISON S PILL*- The gennlae HyKeian Calver
?al Medicine ?f Hie Britiuli College ?f Health. Packet* fro?
Z*> cent* to VI Sold at MR* KINO'S Old Stand,
|2R y 141 Eulton itreet. ur ar Broatlway
manufactured eipre*?ly for loda water and for family u*e
and a i?ett?* iiuafitr cannot lie found in thl* fity or el?ewhe<-?.
by II. OREtloRY, at M* Vanilla Cream Caruty Maoufaetoey,
tSI William ?!?.. Mween John and Pulton ata. leO-ti
Bll A Y VV A run.? l?0?me faMoa dein^hrw.tor *ale hy
Broker* and Conitaiaamn Merchant*,
W ?nd IV W?ier *treet.
II K ICM It. -7* *.?.?? thwM",
/ %% Obi Kn(fli?h<l??.
oral 3ft kffibrMrfjr Ck????,
(WwlHijr IUKTMAN k. II IKU - t.l.C, Bm^r* and
my I7 Cnmnrwwn Mrr<-I,am.-. ^ and M * aler ?t
V \ BTI1.I.A < KK \ l?l CAMDV M iktMlpwcliirf
?op?rinr deacrl|><ioa daily manufactured and for ulrat th*
Rawpjv Htrani ConOrtionary It Saloon, No. JMI Bn??rr, ??|?
immIi* lo RiTlnftun ??r?n. Alan, Irf CrMnw, Vanilla Cream
Dm pa, and a larr? and ifMierml variety of aaaorted
riea. jy?tf
SWKDIMI liKI-'CMKM. ? A ranatant Mipply ?? *?*
kwhhjf AwrilWi l^frhw nt) hand, for ?alr ?lml???lt and
retail, f?y DR. LKWIS FltHCHTWANOKR,
j?K miaotfa to l*o. I Coartlaadl at.
MmhI Tf>~?A k r w ot i c r.-i. a riE*
I RONkCO.'H Wlio4r?|p R!oak Warehouae ia IS Odar
?tfrft, np >lain. Lad laa", <?? ntlriorn'a and CMIdrea'a C Ion In
in ftKi JylS-lm*
I Mir; APPf.K < HKMlC-<l?r hundred awt fitly
iMtra firat quality, for al'jj
IIAMTMAf* k RIRftf Al.l.
Rrokera and CommkMrton Merrhania,
,14 W and M Water nr??
K- fcPpyMWHBWPBWB Hata for m* ?i wt?r>t?-?aU
pn??~?, (firat rtowd No. 3B3 Rreadway, eomer M Amt^rmj
*rrrt?A r"?d ?IU? Hat. klfk or drab, at ?2 22
Wv do. l\r?t (jwality, ettni aoperior * "J
The " Ne rioa Ultra," abort aap. *
Youth'" llala.
Fiae whit* jiUia ha la, J rr
Fine l.lach do. do. . ~ . - . ? .
M.vinfart tired In ih e very maaner tor the ??y mail.
Wl.oU-aale nrdera rrajjeclfoHv HrthrlMb _ .
Jy7-#m* J, mflUAltT, *** h roan way.
JI/SSK CAlJY, Aurtlowfr.
V JKkSK CA 1> , Wore N??. 117 ami IH) W.
B. mmu-ar. V r% u , more No*. 117 ami I HJ WM
street*. ? Thi* liny, at ??all pnst 4 o'rlwt k, in lots m nl
Eurc1. a*er?, for canh, a luryr and general assujtwent <?! >l?fl
ariiware, cutlery, tali fix..--, hats, cmnl>-, fancy ??>?(?, cl'>fe>
ini>, |euii?, pi?tol?, dirk*, Lc., \? itli mi a?M>rtn.ent of (jooria ?oi|a
ru to the Southern and We?l?f? market, too nuiiieroi)* u> mea>
lion in an a ^verti?ri??eiit ul lliU kiud.
At Private Sale ? ItJUHdoinutiiHilii, a-sorted of ull kinds.
Ihou card* Bniiil.tgiiain ami Sheffield Cutlery, ol <???>
nety imaginable.
iiOQO rioien Collar ami
10,000 Neeslles, a?M>rled from I ? 12, Hftnmiiifei ami U?
yoeo rroM Bullous, Covt, Vem, aiH rearl, subject to
ture, winch will be taken in pay i.enL
Also, Snuff Boxes, Pins, kr. kr. tc.
Also, Uerniau, Kienc.li, a t I Rhode Ward Jewelry,
priced Watches, (Juard Cham*. kc. '"^T J
H >1. VN A?ll?. Auotioue. r. ?
V K, J. UKM^s i CO t <tor<" So. 1-3 r?H
street, corner of VS all. ? Thi* Hay, HlU o'clock, at the auc
tion rouiH, H ardware, Cutlery, r.<inmliiif( ol pen, pocket, awl
dirk knives oh card* and in deicir. ; ?t is?or? in dozeux and oa
cards; needle- in canntMi r? und bundle*; ?'oul> ? ami mmgimd
eye *pe?taole?; slfel and bia*s barreled pistol*; percuaaiOB
cap*, thimbles, knitting needle-, hooks ai-.l i ye- 'ic. it c.
Fancy Ouoda? I on-'.-iu,^ of double e\ira cologne, hair
[h ri'umery, French am' Ki.gli*li *oai>, lavamfer waier, ac.
Alt><\ a* invoice ol combs. Wutton-, ctdlars, l>oso?n*, l>ooU, aad
Also, an invoice ef Jewelry? l'i. i ?-i i :r-rinK?, 1aC?r'
rim'-. m ? tche-, hreaM-i wit, v, ? fl4
k \? . ? '?.? i i I-...-. ili- r> ?uiar
1^1 public sales of l|or-?s, Carim i , liainr^kc., ruotiMM
Intake p|..ce allUi* well known e?ul.i'>ni>"'iit, ? ,cr> Monday
,ii 12 o'clock.
The next sale will commence on Monday, Aup?K Itli
'?t 12 o'clock. All Morse*, Carriages, i?t ,.V|> r>r tMi
ss.'e inusi be shown and ??tit?*r*.*?l on or l>e "if Saturday nest,
5th inst., at ? o'clock, P. >1.
an I JOHN W. WA 1ft ON, 416 Kmtdwty,
tr TO Filial JJ ?<. ? tor -al. , a Utt erf VOATSj
about nne third worn? wei:: lit ahsut W> Hi-. It will he
low for cash. Apply at 21 Ann lU, 3d <1117 . ' ,h UMt
T aallla Cream < ??? dy.
M*MDr*cTt'?rn ?v
II . (i K . . ? ? ? It V ,
131 win.' m itimt, wf wit jy4-if
i\vw i ink J.iiui . k.?cliau|(<
NO. 6 ToNIINE kUII.IHNiii WAt L SiatfT,
O* Foreign aitd Do:mi>m ? Kxclk'in^e, tiold ami >dver, and
<?'l kim'vtol I ucurrent Money ln-n.-.u ->11 i 1 i?'<!0-9ifc*
II K.A It ? II IMl COJirui
Battery, for ladie.- und (.'1 nllf no n, ami ?l ( si,, ( (l.- pi*
below (^anal, North Ri?er, fro.n >.inri.-e uukI (? o'clo -u . ni^bv
ADVKRTIKK.?ii x > I-.a : K w?Kt)I.\.?Ryt
\r 8,000 ir.il- ,.ik:KI,a.\D HKS IcK-'IV are
respecuully iiil.irmed the Mill r t >fi' ca > tuMiis'i I inha
bitants Hud oilier* ot tliu c ? t ? ? ? lit th.i up< . lor .m ?? ?? an
low rule- a, Itiry c 'n purchase ti,ut which is ;aki n trom
nant ponds in Ih ? tiei/li>Mirhi>o.| of i' : city. This I in p;-ieut
mill ( >?? I u<- i< I Ife is limned iW.in ptre ' prin:.' water, a-.d ot'courM
Iree from .ill I lu' i im i ? iri'* ? * ii< t m>* vi Kihumin in I lit- lee vend
ed in thiscity. All order* punetnab uik in'od toby
A I* Ml ?i Ollly, .W (iri'tu'vlcb at.
Themilfcrilicr refers to ill.- toil .w mtr :,euileiiieu a* to the .'???
periortty of i ti** ItocM m>l l.aUe let* 1
K K. ( al>in>. S titli ?t ; U. IS. C" att? ivl? n, Ctt v Hotel; W.
C. Andrrvon, Atlanta Motel; t. Rlarrtird, (ilol i II i?:
5/" tirdert recei d ?'-r snipping m lar^e i.u inti , u ? <-*?
Mtnuhle term*. "ui-lw*
i "/ iitKl'.K i? 'o miir.ii ml'iiiiM nn i atsutane in tin- as
humpiions ol Mr. II. Or? gory deriijaiory i it.e . ?? ??( <-ut
Cnnteniporuries ill I lit' -aine buMni*f--(we :i!lu .e ? ? li* pufcii
Ciilion in tin* Kxpl't . ill tin* I'Jlh ih-'iiul, ;nnl v in t epeated
tills IIIOIIIIII'..') lil'.lt \VK Villi M il .1 I lll-llll 111 III I >lv l!' ?t MlU
show upon *?hat hi* pi't len- ons nrr |oumh'd.
Tiif . iirli^t-il miw iiiti-i l.'tl hi haw l?-> ii sent t i n editors
of the Express lor 'iillili.-.iiioii -ln:i!'?it i?i:nt !? !? < 'ly l buy wot'l
publish ll. except li r ?* c >iii ? wi"> bud rtii ml' ri ? t i in d?vel>
? >1 >?- in ?- ill , it * -t ill lw yd;; ? lo l?- u?ed b\ your-eUcs i.r sin
Other* of the I aile, who line been ?o?mllv \ ililicd in Hie |>??
per of this inorn.njj, p.* they oryi u may think pinpi r. T. 4( J.
Mr. Editor. ? In vour jmpi r ii'the 2irh iii't. ?*? n>> ic< a
?oniinunicmii n, -i^ni-'l It tin ??w y, i n the subject ni'ihr :a
r.\ ated VtnltUCrrM Candy, tn * UU?h ! ** r .tin. t?> bo o.e "wile
ii' .tutor : ml pu pi l, loi " ol ll ? in < I r ? ? ? pe. Ii>- i ?trout
Iriends i I truth, ;i? ? I'll n?
,l"-n an-t in ii i wi>i- in!. u>d m
tin man u i art ii !?' ol thf ?i I cle, i r i m ii ii Iw ul it* "?<* ...is"?
we take the l licH lo aiiilii ?? you a i >? t;.i . n r> ? <H to it?
introduction 'to tkia city, ? hi< h way M*r*e to i iila'i i- n ifae
ixihlic mind, r.i to ll.c ri^l I llii* : < ut]< man hu* loa-'tiii.r ilic
title ol in v* ntor :i??! propi ii u?r.
Af'out lliri i iimi,lh? . ^o. h ? ;i. ? v i. hi I'l lUnlelph a c-'klrtl at
II. < Irf^'tu > 'i < ui ii -it . i l.il U illiUin ?Ik i t, ami m ?? n ? <1 for
Vanilla Cri atii (ainlv ; the ;.i*w?rw ?, linvf n i ruili ar
lu'lr ? vv lint i? it ( 'I'he l.iil\ r? , lifil ;i ??> \ <? ry conmion m
rhiladeijilna, \v hi te :i.> ne ?l hail ?? i >i r. At tl>?* am us ite>
Mrt' of Mr. <S. kUc lullv i**pl.i ih* < Ihf i haraett r ol' tin < andy,
iutvi?iHir him I iv nil tin an? i ? in iKf i'. Mr O. vi il It i;ri'at avi
dtty i-oniuienei d the maiiulai ture, mi l llie -all* of the artu-lr
ba* Iwcoiih' ?o jMipnl ii Hint we P-.ir Mr. Ii. ix the lull tidv of
jirokperity, lia.< liir^oiten tin* M<urce I row ? hriKt Iw ilvilwii
all In* knowledge on Ihiitcuhje t. Ilad Mr. <>. routined I miaeJI
utrletly to the truth, we -I., mid in ?, r have imulir d in th*
iiiattir ? lint beinr a**|oni*ln d at llie ini(M-rtiiM*ni n>?uinplion uf
the title **l inventor, mlmi I InmwK*': ' ??? il*ti?.<l > oin?ty
mm another, we could n<> l< 'orhear.
In denying thai Mr <1. in tin- inn ntor ol tin* Vanilla Cream
I'lmly, wr with pleasure allow that hy hi* tsetlion* he haa
"brought it inio enviali'e popularity m ihit r immunity."
have no de?ire to ibjure h.ui m hi* budwim, and ran only re
mark that mi l ine as he coniiMie- to have irtiih as his niollo
and aim, we ?i>li him every ?ueri**.
rmWAI.I* NOT*- R POM 1' 11 A !M? K KltKAT
?IKDI.'CTION IN I'll UK. J. NKAI.K, ? Job,,
dnon frnii Broadway, let* int.' llirr?- win ??( Sirr)
Pl?l?*?, la 10 m II \nit .. l r T!i cn.U |??r Itw, an-' 91,3ft
fifflM) lirjff ?ir*. I1nviii|r mii hand ap*:iii?nf 9A,rM \> t->?,
III* can furn:?li tVrm at tli>- nliovr |iric hf.'iur .'.S | <t c?*ri? l>?lnw
Hip orijfinil cost, !<? !?, ni4tiiiiar: i n r*, ?n?t iradw*
II1M iMK'Mllv. SlMV<lli< ll ill,. I .Ijlrnjl ? vmii ?|
M*ll In ifiv lum a rail ,i-l? ,i.r ? mhih< tplrnillil ?fat-iuM-ua,
'I li?* tlfKniiinal* k? vr uj, _S, .'(ii, 75 c? nt* uxl at I . ?? ,tl? .?.> ult
ra I vi,*iirtt< > , a. ill vii t ink pjiw, ?u;?? nor In r>ri ulioa
tuanir in i'?*- ?-ity .
T /' <?:.*? rv?- 6 JoliTi ?tri-ct,.|.|iw'i? from Br<>*dw.ty.
I r Vmiliiigr, aMr?a and ?tor? rank rojftmrfd ?m*I prti4?l,
at ptir? ?? l<? ami lli* lime. Smxd n-ur* for iiiJ|?Miial?, romp*,
inrs i?rnl (Mililto institution*. nig ? av?'d in a nipri I?<r Hrlf, M tbe
?ltorir?l w.lice.
FOR (; |,< (Til I N ??, promptly r*rcut*d nn tl.r ri'??l mode
nir lrm> nail in t !??? l??-?t i la-iner at llir T M I A >11 ? *>SKS|
050 Broadway, tw ;ir Leonard al.
All klnd? of Orntlraf n'i ami Cli.l?llro'? rlotliinx mule m
abnvr.at i ?avint??l p?-i .*n t.
Th"? ? ?taiili?iiinrin . h.m i ? a law anmbrr nf imlMrlod
fi inal***, iiihI iMMtowa pliant blr aiil in ran * of >irkni <i and
want. l? (!>?? full cx'ciil i?f it? inran*. Aimmk lbn??> aaoiMfd an
infmofr* of both "oriHii-i ot Tallflfwa, ami oltwra v?ho Ue
loiif lu n? i'Iht of Ihf Miicli'iin No di-tinrtion ? iiuilr by tar
Coinmilb-r, A> *ppli< Jinn* tor wmk art dall) nuilr lar hr
yond Iff ability to au ply il, hi. inrrwAM ?! patronx?*' i* >-r*prct
f'i 1 1 v M>lk J 2l>-iiiiw 1 w
SPLKNUIII CI' < l MliU i.f lUr r.nm qua
Itty, mad* ?*tor?-??ly to an?l w nrrmitrd fowd, or e* ?
r laani'rd, in pi* n m;d I' atn1 b?w?. Know ?, nfm.
tirrlv iirw ?T !#? and | atl? -rn*. with d< vn? ?, lieanlifutly work
r?l in it? rl, mUit i'wl j.?M !!? IfrV l*o?-krt Mai Tal.lr CM>
|rry in altimM aikllrw .?rir*v; bur, tin;* an i ma>-oonla|f knirr
in x-abbaTtl*! pnrtakV -tiavi .y *n.i t nnt drnaln(frat?? tnart*
in I/iii'Iim, anil fulfil with *nrrnm?'<! rntlrrj ; tablr kn<iv>?f
?Hh aail whhnat Inrks an i?* ?ilvrr ii??.?tr?eil ia ?aara( ?arraat>
rd ifnl <"ar*r>r? . ml k>mf ?l iir. T -i I ? A lar^* u?m k i om?
prk > ? ? t^rwral ???(?, "tio* id.
Tlx' alios r arr j?.4 ? pMrd, awl for ??!?? to thr tra-lr, ar al rr
tail, ky Ih* miixntrr*, 'tKAVfcl.V k HKF. ifc.1,
Jylilm* ?? A.tur llot.aai
Va .i !..<? V utO'. \lNiriM. I Aii?K..to
[?la n n r til tin Itnlin . ti'tl nry luprft, ^fiatril "? ftk
LIHHKI> lll.liMtN P? < M.AIN ? * 1. 1?. n.ay !.?? |>"^ urwl
at th?' f" it "t Mai'l' n >-? I K ? ? ?*v, ?" *ton?'? KM
. (?RA\ INU i S I *KI.I-H'I!. V I . ?k. .r??,.-i ip.. n^.ktaNJ
, ^"^^ILVrR TMTI M HOOKA NUMB KTl n.*T ???
(hr platH'K "? wlnrh i? iMiu.ually tlack, tkc ?U?er Krtnir rtprMB
|? n>tl?*l Kirih* mlrrrtiwr.
MEKflMVM C'l.MHIfiSlON l.Mllt.H, rifx?in| mith
ftlatinriiH"** ami n?tr.
BKA*B t>ooK I'l.ATKH ANU KNOCKRKM, ?ttk IwImp?
|rt iilark nl(r>lrtiimr!!(<l,ia'l (ipal'b- of rrcri*inf tH* Wvla*
-.i polt.h to?!ll3ni*
THHBV HOLl^OFlAD. cr IViwHm'IiMm ?
AM0CI: A Hali-?\ H \ i 4-ltmnM, R?i ? " *| Ki? h m
well <leM* ie<l ami ???? ? -iint mht?> up?u the teceni |rt
n*Ji traveller* in Ibr finite ' Smti *. It ia a r>?Hl In nvn>.| mm4
lively rtliiU'tion of tlw- f* 'y an>l i 'nomnrr whlrh rlwrvin "-a
? ?>. ?>,? ?? oru', IhM, HiwlHn,, fu.
ler. ifce itr? ?l f 'ott.-jw. ?i 1 0"' li'tle T r"TV>r?? all con . \m fc*
? ?liare, mihI are t>r> n? I nrij ?<ai?l off."
AI?o rrrrptl, j .I.M?etl, THU OLD MAID", their V?n?.
II". ?' ?"*, *f , ?ry ?W attttmr ?f ?? fl. ? mm
?M PMrwilM,* "Mi Bwhrten/lif.
" TW i* f?i amo-irrc volntnt*, ami wntt>a in an
vein." P W -lwl ami for tale Wv
,%?< < HiirPAHn *v' Br-.?.i?ar
F'-iii I. Builuin** l??a. ?o i i (.., *> 1 -rnr hv N*
I in 'rf* l?'? t>?r?p) If In the rtllare of Wl"|? Plan, a, tan
(tie r limy nf W? ?trhe*ter, a few rrwfa anatknf ffcernnrt Soil*.
?ikI ?i>o"I Italf a mtle (liatarH frt>m ihe mnteint.Jvte?l note ml
UmNhii Vtrkrnl A'ban, railrrad. ? rr'<- mi ii<H kf IW
fivil en|{??eer, F. I>. Mlrn, priff
l?n yr an cre?t I WM?e PlaWn w a??nnt 1# milra frntn New
York nljf, TkV are 'I<i1v rmriamriratl- K? l" aaM ettjr by tto
?nr ia* ni "I ln'HeV r nrt ehiMrvu'a Boot* and M<*< < f ev*?-f ??
?rrip?'"", ntiwh will he wild *n |nw that art nne caawh^a*?
the p""*- I'fa't mia<ahe the nvmher? HUT *
tV Oiinlry iwrrtlianU >up,4ied hy Ihe y*r*?f W ?<r>vew.
J* ? I m*
Wll'ti HHIKIU r? i i\ s . WK* KINM 1*4
K7 Ful n.'reci,r<--i,.vil>rtlv anftr ?? p?Wi* :'lt?-niW?f> rw Ke*
Jreaenf - w..?in?ant . f a*n>l~mrn'i -TOOK*. ?*???
ara ? var ?i? . nntr??e.| ol ?4Tti and Srlatlea, rtpre??hr attat?.-?l
for 'rtd ?umme* Wear.
Al? , (Main anrf fi nry ?'ofl|i, nf every *e?rr???n?r, aM a#
wkir% nrr wnrnuHert nf 'h? be?? a?lwt ate, and ??UI nm tK?- -n??
j I literal ter*?.

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