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JK ? M B V M A R K X ?
Tkanfafi Am|wt?4, A P. M.
Great stagnation prevails in Wall street? nothing has tran
spired ta break the dullness that reign* in that neighborhood.
The liule excitement attending the sailing of the packet* hat all
died away. Specie remain* firm at yesterday's quotation*.
Until neit packet day, the market will doubtless continue inac
tive. Treasury draft* have advanced I percent The sales ot
clock are very light and varied but little from yesterday's
price*. Tlie packets have carried out a considerable amount
of specie a* t.'llows
To Liverpool, nearly ... 9300,000
Havre, .... 100,000
The hanks? particularly the Bank of America ? have com
menced, in good earnest, to curtail their discount*. The Bank
of New York and the Phu-nix discount short paper ireely.
The.iUeution of all is turned to the meeting ot Congress, in
expectation of relief from that quarter. A thousand diilerent
ideas exist a* to the probable doings of Uiat body.
The resumption of specie payment* by the banks throughout
the country, will occupy the lir*t attention ol Congress. 1 lie
method to bring about that desirable object, is now the all-en
grossing theme. Something to stop the large exportation* ol
specie by every packet that leave* tlii* port for Europe. Some
thing to redeem l?oth our foreign and domestic exchanges from
the horrible p!ii>ht they are now in. That someth.ng will only
be found in a National Bank, upon the following plan.
For CoBgre?s to charter a bank with 1 capital of tit ty uii'
lions ? let. the Secretary of the Treasury issue governmenUtock
to the amou'.t ol twenty millions, bearing interest at <i per cunt,
and redeemable in 1845. This to be transferred to the bank for
the same amount In its stick.
When the government stock becomes due, the Secretary of |
the Treasury would sell the bank stock in time to redeem it
This government stosk can be remitied to Europe, whick
"will turn the balance of exchange in our favor. This done,
the further exportation of specie it mo?t efl'cctually stopped.
Now let us look at the heaefiu of all this. The foreign de
mand for specie has ceased. Foreign exchanges are brought
down to their original par value, domestic exchanges will be
come regulated, our impoi tation of specie will ktill continue.?
All this done, and every solvent bank throughout the Union
can resume specie payments within *ixty day*.
From the many statements that have reached us from the
north, south and weft, a great number of the banks appear to
be in a situation to resume specie paym< nts the moment the
banks of the atlanti# cities lead the way, or as soon as the .le
raaiul for specie is confined to this country.
Should such a bank he chartered by the next session of con
gress, this city must be the head quarters for such an institution.
The we*t has already commenced petitioning for it. The df ?
ranged state of the country demands that the National hank
should he located in this city. Although Philadelphia has been
the seat of that institution, yet New York has been looked to
as the criterion ol the money market? New York it the city
that circumstance* point out for such an institution.
If it should please the powers at Washington, to charter a
bank upon the plan above mentioned, the resumption of specie
payments would be certain and *peedy. But even without the
creation of a National hank, if the State banks should make up
their minds to be honest, and gradually and steadily curtail
their discounts, the general resumption of specie payments will
not be !ar distant.
New Orleans has sot the noble example. Will the New York
banks be the last to follow it f
Exchange by the Liverpool and Havre packets closed at
their usual high prices. The amount takrn was exceedingly
small, the rates for the best were 19 a 21 per cent on England,
and 5.35 oil France.
The Exchange in the market at the present time, is draws by
small houses who draw on actual shipments. These are gene
rally preferred to the bill* of the large houses that make U their
business Only a te* houses, however, have the hardihood to
remit anything but specie. Foreign Exchanges are now it
par, with the present prices for specie, but they are twelve per
<ent higher tUn the highest rate during all the pressure In-fore
the bank's >uspensi*n. Domestic Exchanges areas baJ as ever.
The rates for any distance continue high. When the hanks de
crease their per cent, they make It up in time. By whieh it
shews their determination to take the advantage of the woful
state of the Exchanges to fill their vaults, cloaking their exor
bitant charges under a feigned length of time required forcoU
tec liens.
Domestic trade has fairly commenced, and is increasing every
day. Bat no spirit is perceivable In the transactions. Stran
gers (lock to the city in large numbers daily. Tlteir principal
operation* are made at the cash auction sales, thereby greatly
injuring ihe jobbing merchant*. The Messrs. Haggertyt have
[succeeded in getting up two very large cash *ale*? the last one
was larger than has been knswn here tor a long thne at this
|season of the year. Autten, Wilmerding k Co. could not make
raise; they drummed Ihe whole of tke first Ward to make up a
cash sale? they did not succeed. As much at we are in lavor
Of cash business, we think the cash dry good* sale", for this sea
son at Irani, are over. The low price every description of |
good* bring at these tales, induces stranger* to resort lottiem,
leaving omy those who buy on time for die jobbers to maketlie
most of. There i- one redeeming quality about It? tliey who
buy on credit, are those who have paid up regularly through
the pan severe times, and are perfectly good.
The following i?an extract from tlie charter of the Louisiana
iBank 01 New Orleans.
The Mid corporation (halt not, ?t any time suspend ?r re
|rn payment, fn current money o( the (jutted States, ol any <>t |
not- bilN or obligations, or of any moneys receded upon
leposiie in said bink. And it the said corporation tball, at any
jin e suspend or refuse payment as aforesaid, the ladder ' ?Mjny
Lueh note, bill or obligat or the per-.n or persont entitled to
Hemand and rec-ixesud. moneys as aloresaid, Oia.l I*. entitled
0 receive interest thereon from the time of such su?pen*inn or
efusaJ, until the same shall In- fully ptud, at the rate of twelve
>er centum per annum. ? Ckmi-ttr, Str. 17.
Thit bank is accused of redeeming a large amount of iu bills
specie for a gentleman holding high rank In society, while it
efused to redeem a five dollar bill presented by ales* inriuen
ial person. If suck ?? the fact, a more iniquHou* proceeding
an scarcely lie conceived. Comment i* unnecessary. The
Philadelphia banks, from Ihe suspension of specie pay nieiits up
the fir?l of August, decreased iheir circulation nearly
I, .WO, Of 0, and iheir loan* l>1.7?o W0.
Sales at the Stock Eichaags.
August 21th, 12, iM.
1 34 U. S. Bank, 117* 7 Mohawk. 72]
'?25 do 4 dt 117* do h 15 ds 73
ffi do c 1171 80 do tw 72J
In,-, nel Ji llud. s n w 75 100 do e 7 1
? ... ,j. tw 75 80 Fin-meVs In*. Co. c >>
Z do r 75 50 NJ.kT.ILR. c !.2
*0 do S ds 75J 50 Hariem, c 62
? Z haw 7 a} H Itka. ?
M do h 15 ds 75 22 do IJ6J
M do * 15 ds 751 2ri do W la Oct 117
"in rami Bank. c 72? IS Bo.tou. 1 Prov. 100$
M ri^e' lYust, 94 150 L. Island, 1.3.1* ,,J
-3) Ohio L. h T. n w loo *3000 Treasury Dratta, l?Hl
Pr.rt* ?fSe m Oil?*' St**? tkit dm),, ml 12o'rle<fr, M
City Bank, ? ? ? * ' ^
Commercial, . _ ? "
Mechanics' and Trailers', ... M|
aij a t>4
? , "I "
Louivana Bank, - 92
Oa* Light, - - - ? "ij ? ?*?
Canal, ..... 7^ a 7.i
92 a M
Prior* ?f Spent m C Rank >?<?*, tktt rimf.
Ijtui prter. dev.
American Oo!d, - - tnoi a imt 103 a
Sovereigns, ... iNaiW 5 ,Hj
Spanish Hollars, ? - HI a 112 Una 112
Mexican do. . lnttj a lift* llOallOi
Five Krancs, - ? 199 a l?3$ imj . |Hli
Doubloons, ? 17.H a 17.40 17.25# 17.35
PaL l?oubloons, ? ? 16 75
Half Dolls. - 10-IJ a 10*4 mat , i?,j i
Quarter do. ? ? 107J l?7iai<M
Napolesns, ? ? 4.11a 4.20 4.111
New York Share List,
Cien?< r. icri nt 1 4* B?rd *f Brwkrr*. JugnH *4. IS At.
Lm* petal, riu 4m,.
United State* Bank. ? ? H74 1 174
Delaware and Hudson ? ? 75J IM
Mr>hawk. ? . . 71 7fl
Utica and S -lieaertady Rail Road, 117 117
Harlem Rail Road. ? ? *2 J 152
Lonir Island Rati Road. M
|to*to;i k Providence. ? ? I00J loot
N. Jersey fc T. R. Co. ? ? t2
Faroier* Trust Co.. M m
Firemen'* Ins. C*. . . m M
Cotton Market.
Tnvasntr, Aug. 34. ?, F. M.
The inai iset throaghont the I'nlted Plate* la rather daH. It
i?um<s ;i heavy **pe< t as the old crop drs ws t" a clo*e.?
They >,?w , o'timencedere this to pieh the u? w crop In the vi
cinity Ol ? Hannah Advice* from England *o<l France wonld
at the present moment, be very arceptalde to the planter and
? -rrl ,m r cy ai.uld tend to fix tha prices, wkieharenow
? inna' r. The inwlligence, whetlier a decline or aa ad
vnnr. , w.miI.', for a time, operate <>ti bothkay ri d ?eller -
They now ittfier about Jr. We are gradually reducing the
stiH k 1, won liand.
II Tlie r ' < mint* received tlnst-'ay, are from Mobile to the IStii
Inst., S snosh of the |Sth, and from Camden, S. C., to the
Sale, were verv umall at Mobile for the week previous to the
11th?* ome transactions id good quality at 1 11c.
The IMTaet pi Savannah up to tlte I Rt h w as io tolerable con
| rlitio oration* for the week were at 9 a lie.
Th? re wa? hut little doing in cotton ?t Camden, B. C. on the
I )t>'
T'.e enqniry taour market has been more general today
? without re*tdtinf tamarh bnslnes*. Rnrrrs are indtffV rent, a*
I tk"*re i? eeery pros|*rt ihsi ,r r,. .rUn mless ?n?t* ?
"ttei adviees from Liverpool must yield. Tlie re ha* been no
transaction* this day to authorise may change ia our quotations.
Principal aale?froi? 8$c. for M middling fair" to ll$c. far " food
fair." Import since lat instant, 5,316 bales.
We are enabled to reduce the Mock on baad 977 bale*, leav
ing now on baad 140,374 bate*.
fhu > Fork CUurtfcmtion
Ord. to middling, - . - . 5 a 9 c.
Pair to good fair, - - . 11 a 12 c.
Good to fine, .... 13
European Markttt.? Stuck on hand.
Havre, July 6, 1837, 67,918 June 30, 1836, 45,991 Amer.
" " " 11,94(1 " " ? 7,802 otb. col
79,158 53,7?3
Liverpool, July 7, 1837. 249,5*0 July 7, 1836, 17S.508 Amer.
" " '? 12.5, 00 " " " 73,500 oth. cot
375, BOO 250,000
Import! in to ( treat Britain
July lot, 1837. July l?t, 1836.
American Ccttons, 615, .536 474,690
OUier Cottons, 175,316 192.881
790,754 667,580
Liverpool Claji\ficati?n- ? July 7th. 1837.
Ord. to mid. fair. Fmr to good fair. (J nod to fine.
Upland, 41 a 5i<r 5| a 6Jd. 6J a 7$d.
OrU-utis, 44 a 5 hi. t>4 a 7 d. 7k ? 8 <1.
Mobile, 4J a 53d. 6( a Sj|d. a ? d.
Tennessee, 4 a 5|d. (i J a 7 d. 6 a ? <1.
Sea Island, 16 a ? 1. ? a ? d. 2* a 25d.
T be (olio w i i* a statement of the stock ?t Cottoaon hand,
at tise respective places named :
Savannah, August 11th, ... 6,854
Mobile, Aug. II til, .... 4,018
New Orleans, Aug 5th, ... 29,681
Virginia, July 15th, .... 3,000
Macon, J una 8th, .... II. 'KM
Augusta and Unmburg, August 1st, ? ? 26,826
Florida, July 22d, .... 3,300
North Carolina, July 22d, ... 2,350
Philadelphia, Aug. ist, ... 1,907
New York, Aug. 24th. .... 14,ihio
Nashville, Teim., June 33d, ... 8,141
Charleston, August 4th, .... 16,903
Other ports, ..... 10,000
Total. ... . . 140,374
(ieneral Markets*
Thvrsoay, August 24, 6 o'clock, P. M.
Aixt'ier package ?nle of dry goods took place this day.
Messrs. Austen, Wilmeriiing it Co. were the auctioneers. The
terms of the sale were six months, which attracted a numerous
assemblage. The good* went off at very lair prices. Mer
chants think that it is better to purchase en credit than pay the
cash. We don't think so ! Do a cash business if you can honor
ably. The large sale of wines today by Messrs. Iloffmans It
Co., dragged along heavily. Beneath we give the quantity
sold. Three quarters of the stock offer* d was withdrawn.
The provision market is dull. Naval stores are without any
change. Sales of the new crop wheat take place at l.GOe. Pot
ashes are in fair request at $4.75; Pearls $5.37$. Yesterday,
sales took place of 490 bbls. whiskey at 34c.? considerable is ar
riving. The tlour market is without any change in price.
There is a fair demand.
Auction Sales. ? Wines? 5 half pipes Koussillon 22$; 10 quar
ter casks do. 29; 10 barrels do. 26; 30 quar ter casks Madeira 32;
10 barn-Is do. 32; 71 baskets Champagne $1 a 6.75; 15 cases
Sauterne $2) n 3; 10 cases Muscat $2; 20 cases Medoc 2 a 2}; 18
do. I^aros* 2i a 2}; 9 do. Monferrand (1833) 2J; 9 do. Julitn
(1833) 2J. 200 boxes negro pipes 25 a 26$c.; 28 barrels tlour,
made from foreign wheat 5 a 5.25: 20 bales almonds 7$ a 9j; 11
hogsheads Kentucky tobacco 1 a Sc.; COO boxes pipes 25 a 28c.
Camokn, S. C., August 19. ? Flour. $9; bacon, 10$ a 12c; lard,
I0al2$c; corn, 91 a 1.12, sales.
Kichmo.wo, August 21. P. M ? ' Tobacco? ltyjs, $2 a 3; leaf, ?4
a 5. 50; trood to fine, $5.25 a 5.75; g. od manufacturing, $7 a 11;
tlour, $8 a 8.75; wheat, 01.35a 1.42; corn, 92? a 96c.
Savannah. August 18, P. M.? Rice, 84 a 4J; Hour, $10$ a 11$;
corn, $1.30, sales.
Mor.it. r., August 18, P. M.? Flour, $15 a 17; butter, 45 a 50c..
small sales, very scarce.
New Oat.r.ANs, August 16, P. M.? Sugar ? Prime, 5$ a fi; in
ferior, 4 a 5; moderate deiaand Molasses ? On Levee, 25 a
26 rents |>er gallon, sales; On plantation, 22c., small sales. Pork
?mess $*0$ a 21; do, M. O $18 a 18.50, scarce; prime 17 do ; P.
O. 15.50. Bacon? Ham*, 9c. per lb.; canvass. 10 a 10$ do; mid
dlings, n.J a lOdo ; shoulders, 6a $ $ d?., limited sales. Lard ?
Per lis 8$ a 10c. arrivals. Beef? Mom, 15 dollars per bl. 9
per J bbl, liin. demand; prime, 10. Flour? Superfine, 12 a
812$ scarce, sales; fine, $11 50 per barrel, sales. Lead? Pig, .5c.;
bar, 7 a 7$c j?er lb. Tobacco? First quality, 5$ a 6c. per lb;
second do. 3$c. do; crossed, 1$ a 2$ do, sales.
MOHNlNb HKitAl.iJ.-hHU' N?,W?
Bv tbe
land l<la?
High WmUr .... 441
Liverpool.? Columbus, DepeystCT, ? ? July 10
Shewdan, Russell, . . July 1?>
Umvrt. -Rhone, Skiday, . - July '6
Cbarle* Carroll, Lee, ? ? J at" 24
London. Mediator, Champlia, - - July 'JO
Quebec, llebard, ? ? - Aug. 1
Liverpool ? North America. ... Sept. 1
R.wco, Delano, ? ? Sept. 8
-St. James, Selior, - ? - Sep. i
Montreal, Orffllng, ... Sep. iii
Merer*. Utica, Pell, .... Sept 1
Sully, Line*, ? - Sept. 8
Ships Nashville, Jackson, New Orleans, 8. Hole*; Button.
Berry, Charleston, Geo. Sutton. Barh Wohllari. (Prus.) Maaf,
Dantztc, D H. Schmidt Brigs Iddo, Pierce, Pictou; William
Boothhy. Cochran, St Johns, N. B.; Matilda, (Hse.) Bohnner,
Lislton, K. Fiedler It Co.; Nina, (Br.) Alexander, Balixe, (Hon
duras,) Mebegoes It Glee in. Sclir*. CI vie, (Br.) Flint, Yar
mouth, N. 9., Barclay It Livingston; Vienna, Leatherbury,
Cbeirvstone; Vindicator, Rice. Wilmington. Sloops Demo
crat, I" rilhic in. Philadelphia, Metaotora, Mason, Providence;
Travellei , Ryder, do.
Brig Argus, Welsh, St. Croix, Aug. 5th, with sugar lc., to
Brig Tn\jan, Buckman, St Martins, 15 days, to A. Hubbard
it Co.
Bri? Pavilion. Kelly, Baltimore, 4 days, to J. k N. Brigc*.
Brig Mary, Maltan, Gibraltar. OOdnvs, to Hogan I Milne.
Brig Ebia, Lock wood, St Croix, W. E., 1 1 'lays, to B. De
Forest 1 Co.
8ch. Planet, Richard, Virginia, three days to Johnson and
Sclir. Delaware, Brook field, Ricbinond, 5 day*, to master.
Sclir. Elixa, Warren, Boston, 3 days, to inasier.
Schr. Magnum Boaum, Oakley, \ ork Rivar, 3 days, to mas
Sclir. II. P. Havens, Turner, Snow hill, 3 dsys, to II. P. Ha
Schr. Willtnin, Murrh, Ranpahannock, 3 days, to master.
Sclir. Belt, lirittlngham, Berlin, Mil., 3 days, to S. R. Payn
Schr. Kinma, Woglom, Petersburg, 4 days, to Johnsan 1
Schr. Celeste, Terrell, Baltimore, 7 days, to Johnson Is
B FLOW? 10 rfclsrli, P. M. ? I ship and 2 brigs, unknown.
SAILED? Ships Virginian, Watson, Liverpool, Louis Phil
lip, Cast off, Hat r*.
the arrival of the Partfir, at Stmiington, from the Falk
h?Is, we lenrn that tin C'kt. Mini was totally destroy ?
edbjr fee. while lying at one of llie 1-laO'K. Her lioats were
absent trom the ship, after whale*. The C. A. had onboard
about Iffl Wbls. oil. Her tender, the llmry , was to sail for home
ia a few days, with the ortieers and men ol* the C. A. The whale
shlr>? have not been very successful the past season.
The Eli.-n, at this por', reports on tlie5tVi in**., lat. fl, Ion.
f.5, Ml in with tlw stnn Urn '~nin, from St Thomas to Anqailla,
dismasted an?l water loggesi? took from her 7 men, being die
entire crew. Same day saw a brig dismaated.
A small fleet of square riiftfers went to s?a yesterdav.
The ITari* of and frtwn PUMclpM, rtM *be -siled 1.5th J
lasi., bound to Norfolk at*d Peterstiarir, went ashore atmut 15
miles to the south of Cape II. in v, on fit ^.ih mst.. in a heavy
gale from N. E , and very thick weather, having previously
spring a leak. Tbe vessel has bilged, andcartrn much dama
ged?crew saved.
The llmrmonie, (Meek.) Galle, from New York, in liallsst,
hound to Alexandria, was driven ashore about *i0 miles tn tbe
soutbwartl of the Cape*, on the 19th last , in the t^lle. Tbe
Captain has arrited at Norfolk, and atat* s that tbe vessel is
perfectly tight, and can l>e got off without much damage. He
infiirnis that a toirsail sclNaioer from New York, went ashore
a short distance fottn his vessel, and ha* gone to pieces.
We learn that tliere is a vessel laden wltfi sncar, cofl>e, lie.
ashore rear the Wash Woodas
The Urorgut, at Baltimore, encountered terv rough weather
on tbe coast. After passing Cape llatteraa, saw a number of j
wrecks in shore.
Mcmt>. John W. Creskey, ano Remus Crortord. of New
York, came pasaengrn in tlie M -non gmkela. at Fhiladelphki,
from LlverSooi.
For full lu^ iinnt of the dreadfai hurricane at St John's, P.
R-. and St Thomas, see news Column.
The mmi t hern papers ?nd dips, coMinue tn lie filled with
wrecks ami disasters by the late gale.
The t), E, atirvevmg scb?>^oer I'orfm-'r. Wilkes, arrived at
Portsmouth oo SuoUav last from G?wges Rank.
The Setrmtogo henc e, was reported by tlie pilot* at New t>f.
lean*, a* having been seen off the coest, and has not since been
The Colwmkum Kmgk, from New York, for Richmond,
pu' into Philadelphia, afcl inst., in diatres*, having sprung her
Tlie Carolina, Godfrey, fVoot fandwlch, for Providence,
strackon Gasper Point on Tue?iaT la?t, and soon after bilged
and filled.
The Mrdxim, Magee, sPd from Charleston for SI. Augustine
'he 1st Inst. . and np tn the 5th lust., had not arrived.
The Hrllr (Br.) from Dernarara, to Nassau, N. P., was lielaw
Satannah, 1 8th Imt., In distress? repWls on the 4th and 5th
ln*K, lat 36^8, Ion. 75,30, experienced a severe hurricane; on
the .5111 shipped a venr heavy which carried aw ay fore
mast and lKiwsprtt,an?l threw the vessel on berbeam finis; the
Caista n and crew were washed overboard at the smite time,
but fottunately saved themselves l,y ratl ins bold ol the for*,
mast: the mainmast was then cut away, w ben she rislited a lit
tle, abou. ore third ftill of water, which damaged all her pro
visions and left her without a singlf *^,1 or ?.)M the 7th
instant fell >n With ibe.faraf^gB, from New York to New Or
leans, kindlv supplbM her with some -part anilbr. a.l. tin
the 15th, fpll 'n with the n^iffiimt, from Jamaica to Liveniool,
who supplied ns with water, spars and sail-, Tlie R tliei,
madf for Cbatlesion and got In t fathom water, t?oi a gale from
the North hle'V her off. She fort una el y reacbe<l Tvliee vesier
d?y ami came tv awbor at the Light Capt. Bell hep, leave
to rriorn bis gratefnl tha?ks to flapt. Ilathawav, of tne *ttro
toga, ami t'aal. Wiltnn. of the HrHlutmt, hr their klndtje*. and
as<,!ttance tontc?*elf and crew. Tlw Hmrnk. Naiiimore to
Galveston (Texas) waa also itelow in di*tre.?, dismasted*
letters received In Newjiort (Irom Captain Dennis of the
E'it, af this port, dated March 7th, reports her with 2100 brl*.
oil, 368 *p. , with wl?ale? alongside, having taken 400 brls. within
the laat week.
Aug. 16. lat 41, Ion. 61 25, llauiptoa, (Br.) Baiderston, from
New York ta Quebec, out 7 day*.
St. Croix, W. E?, August iz? Try, Leavilt, New York, im
Pictou, Aug. 12.? Ralph, Nichols, New York, next day.
Boston, Aug. 2"..'. ? Cid Warsaw, Flitner, titfdMr; Timor,
Leaviu, New Orleans.? 23d, below?' Trenton) Pratt, Liverpool,
day of sailing July 10th
New Bedford, Aug. 22. ? Sl'd, Otrar and Mail, New York.
Hyanuit 1'ort. Aug. 21.? Pequot, Baker, New York, lor Bos
ton; Page, Hallet, da, do.; Elua, llall, Jo., do.
Providence, Aug. 22.? Ar. Hero, Read, New York.
Roiidout, Aug. 23.? Cl'd, Fulton, New York; Carliou, do.;
Phillip llone, U(i.; Anthracite, do.
New part, Aug. 20.? A r. Delaware, Walleman, New York,
for Newbury port? 22d, el'd, Camilla, Vars, New York.
Ralnvny, Aug. 2d.? Ar. Tradesman, William, New York;
Mechanic, do.
Philadelphia, Aug. 23. ? Ar. Mononpnhela. M'ircken, Liver
pool, 8;h ult.? cl'd, Klir.a, McDermott. New York.
Baltimore, Aug. 23. ? Cl'd, Carolinian, Bedell, New York.
Georgetown, D. C.. Aug. 22. ? Sl'd, President, Judson, New
Norfolk, Aul'. H? Arr. Archduke Frederick, Bancich, New
York? Slat, ci'd, France* L. Kennedy, Adam*. Portsmouth, N.
II.; J. W. Keuiplon, Bedell, Norfolk. Below? Ariel, New
Richmond, Aug. 22 ? Shi. Chesterfield, Lee. New York.
Savannah, Aug. In. ? Ar. Georgia, Nichols, New York; Alex
andria, Covell, Boston.
New Orleans, Aug. 16.? CIM. Raymond, Howell, New York
SHAI.Ij RIL.LS,? Massachusetts Hank Notesof $1 ami
each will be exchanged in sums tu suit for currtnf hills,
on application to J. T. BALCH, 25 South street.
op wn.
TO L.1ET ? Froui DOW until the l?t of Mny Vlt, n
small three story brick Ilous*>, witll aa attic and a base
laent ? will answer either for a dwelling orastore house.
Rent, $250. Apply to Mr. GILI'iOOLY, 8'i Nassau st. au253t"
Hf HUM ? Hf:!l><ON V.INTAMPMKJIT, No. 2. I
O. O, F. ? NOTICE. ? The men Oer* of Mou^t llehron
Encampment are requested to attend an adjourned meeting, oil
Friday, 25th inst., at 8 o'clock P.M. Business <*f importance
will be transacted. By order.
au21 2r C. McGOWAN, C. P.
JPlAaDIUESKI.I SII h. b I r Icijt S Hume and
5 Smollet's History of England
Gibbon'* Rome
The Work* of William Robertson ? containing the History of
Scotland, Reign of the Emperor Charles the Fifth, ami the
History of America
The works (?| the Rev. John Howe
Wilson's French and English Dictionary
Tlie above are large octavos, in splendid English bimliug,
for sale by
au24 C. SHEPARD. 262 Broadway.
AMKH.lt AN htCHANOK (??IPA>V, 14
Wall stseet. ? The certiffeates of thin company redeemed
at par, atortice 21 4 J Greenwich st. au24-3t*
I X~*~ DOI LAri SKICWAM D? Lost, a Diamond
BREAST PIN. The tinder will receive th- aliovr re
ward. hv leaving it at No. 25 Wall street, back basement ufllce.
au24 3t* _
WANTK'i- Part <r a bouse, consisiing of four rooms,
suitable for a snull respectnld? family, in the lower part
of the city, near tha Park. Rent must be mo<lerate.
Also, a lad of 14 to 16 years of age, to attend an office. Ap
ply at No. II lieekiunn st. luHSt
TMIR NO liTH HIVrt'i Exchange Coinoanv's bills
tedeeinable at the Exchange office*, vii : 1!I7 Greenwich,
street, and 45} Canal 8t. au24-2t*
Bind k.c.s' and r/.xdbox hoaiids,
3(?, OPO ll*i. Binders' Boards, as- or ted numbers; 15 000 lbs.
Bandlxix do. do., for .ale by J. CAMPBELL k PERSSE,
?14b 11(1 and 1 1^ Nass mi st. Id-; .< een Ami It Beekman.
FOB SALE. - Building lots, tU) fe--i front and rear, by 200
to .500 feet deep, situate in the village of White Plains, in
the county of Westchester, a few rod? south of the court house,
anilabout half a inde distant from the contemplated route of
the New York ami Albany railread, as reronimended by the
civil engineer, F. D. ^llen.Esq. ? price $150 to #400 a lot ? term*
twoyearscred t White Plains is almul 26 miles from New
York city. There are daily communication* to said city by the
Red Bird stage line, which leaves George Hail's, 25 Bowery,
every afternoon, except Sunday, at 2 o'clock- returning leave!
White Plains every morning at 6 o'clock. Persons wishing to
view the above premises can avail themselves of the al>ove
conveyance. For particulars inquire of JOSEPH B. llART,
?orner Prince st. and Bowerv, New Y- rk Citv, or to
jy29-lm* RICH'D II WOODS. White Plains.
NEWTON have removed their school from the city to the
pleasant and flourishing village of West Farms, Westchester
They ha ve selected this location, not only in consequence o
it* ptovefbial health, but of its proximity to the city, the dis
tance not exceeding eleven mile*. Tie bouse is large, airy,
and well adapted for such an institution.
They are now prepared to receive young Ladies as lioarders
or day scholars, and they assure their friends ami the public,
that nothing shall be ? anting on their pan to afford every fo
cilitv ot instruction and improvement in their pupil*, ami to
qualify them, hv a liberal and accomplished education, for the
respectable walks of life.
Tuition comprises a complete English course, suverndded U>
which are taught the French, Italian, and Spanish languages,
Mu*i*. Drawing, au>' Dancing, if reouired.
Highly respectable raferenees will of course 1m* givn to pa
rent* or guardians, if application l?e mule either personally at
the v.llage, or by letter directed to the poat oilice, West Farina.
an 1 2-1 in
COAL.? Ransom Tilreville k Co. offer their celebrated
Peach Orchard and Schnvlkill coal at the old ami well known
Clinton coal yard. No. 1?B Monroe, lietween Rutgers and Jef
ferson streets, warranted to be of tlie lie*t quality, and free
fr?ni slate? dolivcred to any part of tlie city at tlie following
reduced price*:
Broken and screened, and egg shte, - - 0* 00 per ton
Nut, . . * - . 8 00 f|o.
Lehigh, ... ... 8 50 do.
Order* received through the (mat office, and our In* at the
office of tlie Expreaa, cornel of Wall and Water streets, or at
the coal vard, will lie promptly attended to.
N. B. ? Coal hy the cargo ff7 25 per ton of 224# l!??.
aul I -3m
PtNK AI'PI.K * II ? ;SK? One bundreil ami ItUj
hoxe? ftr*i quality, for sale by
Brokers and C? nimiasion Merchant*,
al < 50 and 52 Water street.
PlltlhflltHilM.-A quantity of French Phoapnonu
just recaivcd, for sale upon liberal terms, hv
jy24 removed to N*>. 2 Courtlaatlt st
RVSfsfAN BKLT8 - For weaknea* ol tlie loins, pam in
the liack. kc. They afford a mechanical su pport to the
hark and loins, give ease au l comfort to persons of weak liack,
and are of great service to thoae of delicate habit. au9
V HIM II T A II B I N V, 'I M ? A consignment of rich flgurad
I and plain Tabbln't*. for sale hv
au2l if R. F. LED WITH, I Cedar st., tip stairs.
Q WAIM'H PAN IVCKAi ? W d>.7. Swaim'* Panacea
II 7 with S|iani*h and PorUtgnese dbectimui, for sale at manu
fkcturen price*, by R"HHTON k AHPINwALL,
aulfl R6 William *t., 110 Broadway niwl 10 Aator House.
PAPER. ? flOflft reams No. I, 2 and 3 foolscap paper,
room* cap anil cmwn wrapping. 37'>o reams medium printing,
1000 ream* medium and a half prinfinr, for fate by
J. CAMPBELL k PERSSE, Paper Warehouse,
a u I -'In 1 III and 1 12 Nassau *t bet? een Ann k Beekman.
T^~#PA ?*K.M 1*1 \ m K II bales 4 -4 English felting*
? do. 6 4 do. da; I ilo. 8-4 do. do. manufactured expresjy
for cylinder machines, for sale hv
J. CAMPBELL k PERSSE, 110 and 112 Nassau at.
i)(I?HT01?'k ASI'IN V\ ALL, M William Mrcc
It offer tor sale ?
200 ounces sulphate of morphine,
3 casks Hn*sia isiogla**,
VMi lb. tartaric acid.
10M lit. sop. carl ionic srxla ,
? c.i?e? Turkey opium.
With a general assortment of drugs and medicines. nul6
. Mty, may be had, witb tnll direct ions f..r us* hy
je2-v DR. LEWIS FEUCHTW ANGER. > Cnrtlandt
H'Mm tBM ' > I ?7?50 frtmi of tlie genuine Kfi Oil,
of recent linp??rtaiion, i<n sale low hy
au7 removed to t Courtlandl st
SON k Ctk'N Wliolesale Cloak Warehouse is 13 Ceslar
street, upstair*. Ladi?*'. Gentlemen's aad Children's Cloaks
lo great variety. aul4-lm
SYRI'P.ofa very *up?Tior quality, m.innUcture>l and for
sale wholeaile and retail at the very low price of $4.30 per do
ten, or Mcenis by the single bottle, antLwarranted as gosd as
any erer made in this city, hy II GREGORY,
131 William 4.
N. B. Sarsapartlla on draught at U)*. a gallon, for srida wa
ter. . Jr ? < ( an? tf
C2 ?? MM A * ?ll. % t H? A con?taat "ipply in Sheets,
? Ingots, Plate*, and * ire, f<sr *ale hy
iyM femoved to NofOnnrtlan 't at.
HAY W ATKH.? InOoae galkm dcmiiohap.lor sale by
Broker* and Commisaioa Merchama,
mv2 50 and 52 Water street
SI'Cf Ollt ? 10 casks of superior quality Uerman Nneen
ry.Joit received, l?ir sale upon the most rea-onalde term*,
an7 ramoved to No. 2 Courtlandt *t.
R AO". ?100 bag* country mixed Rng?, rrcehe?| ai-.l for
<ole hy J. CAM'BEl.L Ji T EllSSE,
a>IT M0 and I li Na ?S|| Stieet
SJA^/VKKAii hOKKftOEV ?The most pleasant ami
" et?caciou? remedy lor pwrifViug t he hloxd. For sale bv Pe
%0r RiiTtiett. New York Chemical Hall, S5 Hiath avenue. iel-Sm
HALP HRK K NIl'SIC ? ? New and jfashlonatde Er.
graved Music for the Pianoforte and Plate, at 3 centa a
BMfiRBISON S PILLS? The ge nuiiit Hfiften O?lP0f
"iliciiM of the Brltis', Collect ?f Health. Pscket. from
? cenWto $3. Sold at MRS. KIN U'S Obi Stand,
"""v 141 Fuhon stree*. aear SroadoaT
81 IjI'IILMlC /KTH? M - A constant supply in car
hoy* aid demijohn*. Iikewne I |h. iwstfle*. of he-t rrmlity
fursn'eby DR. LEWIi* FEt'CHTWAN<?ER.
oTire t CoartUiidt ?t,, near Broadway
I MS II \ k DR. ELLIOTT. 6< l/
LIST .and Professor of the Anatomy and Diaaasea of tha
haman eye.
?i#ee. MRBroadway. PHvis.-e entrance la Qaane street
DmTta HPifN rm ?aatitmoa la Mkaii nterta th
(liefsl and ?Ifir<>r?'in!* in the re o ? p'ora it I ff>rnii m*t ?
ner, at hi* estabMahed ?ai wtdl k fiown Di?9imaar). No. 4 f k
BMP mytf-tf
A mmaementa.
au u Tuba <km;.? thus kvkninu w?i y*
performed the pi V
PETTICOAT GOVERNMENT? Hectic, Mr. Placide? Ana
bella, Mr*. Vernon.
After which,
BIANCA VISCONTI? Francesco Stoma, Mr Mason? Btanca
Viscanti, Mis* Clifton.
To conclude wilh
A PLK \SANT NEIGHBOR? Sir George Howard, Mr. Nex
seu? Lady Elizabeth, Mis. Cnippiudalc.
(L." Door* op> /i *t 7 ? pem.rnuinces imiWM* *1 '4 o'clock.
Boxen t>? Pit 5? cynb ? Gallery 25 ceou.
A.-< ii 1C A .* THKATKIfi. JBOi\KKlf
THIK EVENING will lx- t>er(orm?d .
THE DOOMED HEADSMAN? Balthazar, Mr. Matthews?
Christine, Mis. Cwwt-ll.
'l'<* conclude witli ? M
LI 'KLIN K ? Rupert, Mr. Roge*?? Bnbtnite, Mr. Cowtfl?
Lurlltie. Mis* Nelson. .
BIT Doom open at 7 ? performance* commence al a quarter
before d o'clock. Boscx, 75 cent* ? PH,9lt ? Gallery , w
b*MAIKLiai r HAAt uik^-THlll EVENING,
will i>e presented the
MOUNTAIN KINO? Calderoni, Wm. Helton? Isadora, Mr*.
Af.er which,
FLIGHT TO AM ERIC A? Antonio Piroutte, Mr. Nickcroon
? Klleti Kreetrnive, .Miss A. Powell.
To i onduile with
RETKIHI TION ? The principal character* by Meiara. S?T
uai, Harrison, mid Mrs. Herring.
!L Doors open at 7 ? periormnore* corameiwe at 7J u'clock
precise. y B. X. .. cents ? l'ii25centa.
il'lKK lliMBLlN'* TIIEATHK. lutt Richmond
i'l I Jul, corner of Charlton tfnW furiefr *{.?.? MISS
RAM ND AND AON ESS : Or, the Bleeding Nun? Theo
dore, Mr. J ac knoll ? Agnea, Miss Wray.
Alter which, a variety of Son*;* and Dances.
To conclude with ? ? ...
THE BROKEN SWORD? Rigolto, Mr. Gerinon? Myrtulo,
Miss Hancker. , ...
Doors o'>< n at half-past 7 o'ulock. Performance will cnm
inence a. o o'c.i/ca. Admission to the l>oxc? 50 cents? Pit,
35 cents.
August 25, 1837.
Concert to commence at 8 o'clock.
Grand Overture to Guy Maimermg Bidiop
Hong? Mr. Bishop? I'll r? inember tliee Dcnell)
Bull id ? Mr*. Earle? Here's a health bonne S Got
land to thee ii **
Sol i on the Clarionet? Mr Christian Hull*
Ballad? Mr. Bi-hop ? The girl that I love
Duett? Mrs. Wat*on an 1Mi>. Earl? As it fell U.?
on a day Bishop
Grand Overture to II Pirata Bellini
PVKT tt.
Grand Overture to Masanielio
Twilight Serenade? Mr*. Earlc? Rich is the sun Barneit
Solo on the Fluti ? Mr Cramer BicntT.
Scotch Bulled? .Mrs. Watson ? We're a' noddin
Ballad? Mr. Bishop? Norah, the pride ot Kildare
Grand Overture to Zampa
Admittance 50 cents. _
llOADW A % TH K ?* I It *? [/.flfr Eulcrpmn Hull)
? Corner of llriMulii<a<) and Canal jirert.? ' The um> ager
begs leaves to inform the public that ibis establishment, w hich
has b-nn fitted up in the in. st invi/niticnt and costly style,
will open tor the sea?en on MONDAY NEXT, August 23U',
Mr. nnd Mrs. FLYNN art* engaged for several nights, and
will apjiear on ll.e opening nights in their mrst lavorite cha
racters. M
The fallowing Ladies nad Gentleman are engaged -Mr.
Biakely, Mr. J. Green, Mr. O. Jan.ioon, Mr. Mitchell, Mr. J.
Anderson, Mrs. Hen ing, Mrs. J. Green.
Boxen, 75 cents. Pit, 37J cants.
Ladies arid Gentlemen engaged are requested to meet at the
Green Room on Friday next, at 12 o'clock.
LYNflC THhA T It * < Bromdxva?, nertu Tatter -
talU )? The arrangement* for opening thm establishment
beinic nearly completed, the public, is respectfully .'idorined
that ihr regular ?eavin will commence on MONDAY KV r.N
INO.Septeiulier lltb. On which occasion an ?ppropriate ml
dres*, written by h gentleuwn of this eity ot '<i'?'k literary re
putation, will be delivered ? and a variety of novel and popular
entertainments presented, in which many performers o| esta
blished ceU brity, u bo are already eneejrerf, will nnp?'*r.
The decor Wiona ol the house, which will l?' ot the most bril
liantiiKl costly description, together with the gceuery, draper v,
gat fixtures, fcc. 4c. b.oe been executed bv tbe tirst iirtistsin
die United StaWs, particulars of which will be made known
hereafter WILl.ARD it BLAKE,
Proprietors and Managers.
P. s.? To let, the spacious Reflectory of t .is Theatre. Ap
ply ?s above. ,u" .
J^l.ENDlfi MbW *1? V liu pA?0HAflA ,
0 AT NIBLti'S GARDEN, superior to any thine of the
ktml ever exhibited in this country i pointed by he celebrated
W Darnells lioy.il Acnilemician, London. 1 he subject is
WILD ELEPHANT HUNTING, and a cor-ect rwpresenla
tion of the ISLAND OF CEYLON. All tbe artist* and con
noiweum that have seen this splendid I'anoraina, pronounce it
to he tbe l?est panoramic painting ever ?>rought to this country.
Exhibited during tbe day and evening. Admittance, !4 5
AKII IC A C? fj>~. N.? Tt is favored place of amusement
has continued to be crowded during the day and ?"ve','ntj
ever since ii lias lieen under ihe inanageuif nt ??i Mr. JGHEI II
HOLMTBAD. ???!**
NOT'CK. TO B<?\T C HBX.-A grand Regatta
will c< ane off ?t Uie Klysian Fields, lloUiken.on T ues.tay.
29th August, free for all regular Club Boats, rowing six and
four oar*, rriisi ? Silver t ups.
First race ? two s-'clock ? ?ix oared iKiats.
Second race ? three o cb-ck? four aared lioats.
A third lace will come off tbe same day, tree lor boats rowing
two pair sculls ,
IT Clubs wishing to enter for the aliove races w ill plea^
rive notice to the Mibscril?er, Elysian Fields, IlolHjken, pre
vious to the ivli in-'. H. II. D\KR. aul7-?lu!5
iLi.laitlts i ,>l ?' ?t?? v ?u?.-?eaUeuie? wishrng
to play at biiiiards, or purchase tables, are inviten to cal I
K 218 or 9$ B ruftil wiy , wt *t llw* W all nt "OQj
thern Coffee R.-,?fc, where Uwre are 8 ublentnone room, and
try the patvnt Indian KuMser cushions slate stone an<t compo
siti?H c*mewt?*d b-<ls, with ip?n eagle framea. and common ta
ble? as aw, ve. will be found the largest and bent assortment
ever offered Im i be public, advaat -i*e* ta tlt^e whw wish to pur
chase at sliort iMMK-e, ax they ean be packetl at on* day % mo
"'n. B. Orders fwr aav thine In tWis line, wita cash or food
reference, u. A BAS^FOKD, Il? Bn^a-lway, will receive
prompt atlewttw.
HUllDKEN.- The miprissioii ilisi tbr brnutitul Walks,
d this place have l?een destroyed by the recent improve
?tent*, a niitr errwn?i?u*. Very liule alteration has beeu nixw
In the Walks e?cept in the itaa?e<liair vicinity of the ferry. The
Norway Maples, D tch Blms.aml Baxswaod Trees, that adorn
ed U*? Lawn around the Hotel, have l^-en transplanted, and
a <w form a lieautiful armue leading froia the ferry to tbe
Klvsuin fields ie I .hn*
*A CJA m 1 1. ? MRS DUNN, Proles "sir si lire Spanish Out
J\ tar an<l Siiigintf. (pupil *( tne ceb'brate I Maestro A. Ilngl
oli,> rvsiie tlaliy informs the Ladies <il New ^ork, that she
Ktw? l?-M,?s on tbe above delightful and fashionable ?crom
phstimerrts, to^etlwr or s<-parate. Application to be made al
ber peswlence, Wi B road w ay. aul-lm
BliKAf HIKO POWDRKS -Tlie suhs?ril>er. lie
in" a--enia lor tbe site of Boyd ami Sons "Chlorate ol
Lhne"nni tlte Unite.l Stales, can sunplv dealers and consumers
to anv extent, at the lowest market pi Ices. For parity ai-d
strenithlhey will tie fouml fully e?|ual U> any manufactured In
Uiis country or in Europe.
iio4 tf No. I Iti It 112 Na?**u street.
MI?? lEnoVVK IC S Jlf .w is OMR I ?
aiul L?*t l^ivr? or llluMr*!*"! . By the
aollatr of Hope Leslie. The l.inwnods, Rich NrMw Itr.fcc.
this day publislied awi for sale f'V
jvl?, 1 C. SIIKPARD.W2 Broadwa
API'I.VS V l.< re ipianlitv ol Apples for - ? ,le
trees. Apply to W .'4. TREDW ELL. Clason's Faint. West
Chester. , . . .
Wanted-- At the almte place, a man to attend niartiei? he
must understand die management ol a r.uall boat, awl must l?e
well vceoUMiendfd. XsR'Jt'
(^OfTI* A N n l!7UJO!l OPE IC NaM WALL
f Street, 2 'loots from Peat I.? THOMAS BARNARD
dealer In Bulbt*.. fcc. comit.ues to eiv 'he highest price for
Sovereigns Doubloons, Bank of Borland Notes, Uncurrent
Noie?, he. Al?v on band ind constantly kept for ?al? ftneitold
foiled Silver aiel Import, d Plated Me?sl.
Gold aod silser melted and assays made. aul.>-lm
10 O/in ACrt.it* ILHSOIM LAM) willbeev
1 U.UWI rl. ing. d for su.p. - de.1 pafer. Am.lv in
au22 if W. *. DUNHAM, M Wall st
rito IIKtlii1 I > IIHV CiCJoDS,? Any one ha
A ing a ?toek of Drv Ooodsto di?p?>?* "f, wl.l find a purcha
ser. bv a 4drr*?tng ? *' ottli e.
rif.KITIIR? WANTED -WanKd IO etclange some
goo. I far . lug l.aiid in tWe westeen part of this Wtate. for ?>fne
FaraHure. Anv p.-r?.n having Famdure, and a lshi?r ?
Kan. i ? ill please addieaaX. at l.nsorti e. aB^lv.
- the Bnd^ej -ort Itx erporated F*cha-.; \
social ion have e^.hlished an ofB-e n the city of New
York for the [Mivn-eot f.f their hill*? No. 12 W?|l strefl. Honrs
( ! . > t sV, t't ,^ g iRPNF.R, Treasui ' i .
A ('Aim T?? 1 KK |?IBI,H.-WB HILI.'? in
A Imit d.le stvle of Hair Cutting. No. #? Pearl st. tip staira.?
For l.-ar af any wrmg imprrsaioB tHe public may labor under,
the salise r lM*r resr-H-tfully inform tbetn he has never l^longed
to tbe combination of Ualr dresaera. Shaving ? Mcenta.
caal?e aeenrnntn* I s ted wdhb >ard,and very p!ea*anl rooms,
.i No ul Oreenwlcli street. enrtHr of Me? tor. on reasonable
|rrwML mi 17 In * RARAII A JAMES.
/<|'1<|,IIIV F?ll V A Nil AT IIROCiBD
* ? PRICKS.? The snl?arrtt?er. ? isblng to reduce their pre |
sent iar?e ?t<M-k, ihiw offlT (Wr sale a? al>ove (lor curr<-?t Bank ;
fVotes) the ni'?* extensive ?toi k- ef Sue and osel I Cut
| rry,xr< -.rle.l ietotbeC.iiie.1 St .-onsisii, ry .
di^rriptkHi in "?r ?l Lory, Sell tip. Black, Bone, ?H;: and
Sham Slick I K mves nod K"> :... D- ?s?-ri< and I'aivers.
RA*D - '?( l:o.|..ei-, RH .tt, \\ .Lie and Butcher -nd other
weM kwsn muhers. Rod./er*', Wosteiiholtn'* and ( rook#-' |
Pocaet t u'lerv. Scissors and Shears of all snrts. Lanceta*
Pallet le ami Butcher'^ Knives aa Steels.
PISTOLS.? Pocket, BeU and Duelling Pistols. a v.rv e?teo
livt a ad rumnlcte assort m> nt, all well worthy tl?e attention of
Souiltern ami Western njercb ints and ethers.
auJI lm* f)R AVRLKT k W HEAKS.9 Astof House.
3 m*M?ft?' ttire'? eippr'sly for so<la water ami lor faniily aae.
and a better nni r.l%- fannei In- |uund m U.u city or el^ where
hy H. ORF.cionT, at Ms VaniWa I.ream Camly Manafactarv ,
1*1 WIBtaifesls. . between Joha and Kulbmsla. left-tl
kiXllHW hHI?MV BA A coniplet. a<
? gortir.ent ot ?lik imlia ruWier and cotton, for ?ale wlml-jr
m retail, at No. 9 *nn ?t.
Si spkmim) p*peh WAJitr.n co. ...r
n. ,l k will h?ntr?N| for
w anll-tl. S DUNHAM MWallst.
AwetAssn Haiti.
JRSSK C AD Y , AU' iKiitrrr.
BY JEMK CADI, Su>r* 1W 117 and M9 WW
street*.? Thia Day, at half past 9 o'clock, in I >'? to MM
DrrVaMTt, for cask, a lsr<'r and general aiwnrvuc of
row are, cutlery, fell goods, b*lt>, combs, fancy ('Iota
in?, runs, pistols, dirhs.Ac., will) an ???ruiirnl of goods Mtt
e<{ to the Southern ami Western market, uw Numerous u>
lion is un advertisement of ttiix kind.
At Privau Sale? In, l?f<l ikusn Comlt*. assorted ol aM ktada
lMM rartU Birmingtidun ami Sheffield Cutlery, of
riety imaginable
iil'OO doxer: Collars and Bonom*.
In.uwj Needles, ii-Mirted irow 1 a 12, Hemming'tand Uormae
3000 Button*, Co?i, Vest. and r?ui,??bjeet le debea
lure, whick will be taken in pawient.
Al?w, Mimir Bmri, l'int, fee. fee. fee.
. French, a iiii Rhode Island Jewelry* taee
priCH.I Wat, i ?, (!u:,r,| Chain*, kc. n28-lr*
H,*?t .... BY ? MILDEBERURR.
?lT*f-IlO,.D Pl HNIlXUK.-An Tuetday.M
in i. clock, nt j i Oliver street, a neat assortment of houae
hold furniture, the property of a gentleman leaving tin* city,
conflating iu part of chan*, breakt.isi, leu, ami dining lahlee.
ingrain, Venetian, and other carpeting, solas, sola bedstenda,
beds, bending, and bedstead*, veaetiau window blind*, ruga,
liuiviius, oil clot hi*, liJiil IhuiLs, chins, cut ginhg, Ate.
Al *o, kitchen furnitur#*. nu2I-2l
vi. v\ a it j # Au i friar el .
By K. J. HKAIISB A CO , Store No. 1? Pew t
street, turner ol W . ~1 In* l>sy. tug o'clock, at tke ad
lion room, Hardware, Cutlery, ct>uM?iu>if of jten, pocke*t, aari
dirk knives o* car J* and in diuen*; scissors in doxeas and on
card*; t.eedlesin c* twister* ami bundle*; doubly ami vngted
eye spectacle*! steel and Inns* barreled pistol*; percaaais*
cat thimble*. knitting needles, Iwtokt and eye*, fee. fee.
Fnncy Good* ? Consisting of double extra cologne, hair aft,
perfumery, Freucli and English ?oiip, lavender water, i c.
Abu, an invoice of comb*, button*, collar*, bosom*, I toots, and
Also, an invaiceef Jewelry? Con*iotiog of ear-rings, Roger*
riuifo, watches, bruit plni, cbaiu*, fee, he. i*
\i;w kunli A T'i' K iv HAL L.S. ? Tb. ierajer
. 'I lubli^ sale* o' Horses, Carriage*, Harness, kc., coutiiwu
t? take pmce at tui* sell known establishment, every Monday
at 12 o'clock.
The next sale will commence on Monday, August I9th,
?'t 12 o'clock. All Dorset, Carriages, fee. iiitenslen for thta
?n!e uiu.oi be okwwn ami entered on or before Saturday nrtt,
2iitb inst., ul ? o'clock, P. M.
au? JOHN W. WATSON, 446 Broadwwr.
Vanilla Cream Candy,
H . <* It K ?. ?? K < .
131 Wlt.L'AM STREET. NEW YORK. jy4-tf
No. 35 Bowfky,
aul9-3m* Next door tolhe /oolorical limtitutw.
Ny*trrl?:i? ! Ucad It I
T T ROBERT WHARTON, E*a., late Maynr of Pliiladel
I Ina, has cert i tied, as may be seen belww, to tlie high cbaracur
of the ibllnwing gentlemen.
The underitigned <!?? hereby certify that we have used the
Balm of Columbia discovered by J. Oldridge.and have fouod
it highly *erviee?bie not anly a?a preventive against the fallla(
off* ul the hair, but also a certain restorative.
WM. THATCHER, senior,
Methodist Minister in Mt Oeorge charge,
No. 86 North Fifth staeet.
JOHN P. INO LIS, 331 Arch sL
JOHN D. THOMAS, M D., 163 Race at.
JOHN S. FIJItKY.No. 101 Spiucest.
Ill Ail! Met CHDY, No. 343 South Id sC
JOHN <? AltD, Jr., 123 Arch st.
The a?ed, and those who persist in weariug wigs may Mt
always experience ila rest?rative iiuiilitiea, -el it will certaialy
raise it* virtue* in the dstimation ul the public whe. it is known
tnat three of (be above MK?er* are more than 50 years of ago,
a.id the others not ies? than 30.
I Fro.* the Mayor.)
Common ivealth or Pennsylvania, j
City of Phiiadehthia.
I, ROBERT WHARTON, Vaym ?l Uie said city of I
deipbia, do herehv certify that I aiu well acquainted with
Messrs. J. P. Inj/iis, John S Kurey, and Ha|(b MrCntdy
whose mimes are signed to the above certificate, that tliey ara
gentlemen of character and re*pectal>i:4ty, and as awch full cre
dit shnuM be ^iveii tn the said certificate.
In wiUK-ss whereof, I have hereunto set my hand, and earned
the seal of tke city to lie a/Hied, this tilth day mf
I L. S. | Decent Iter, fee.
IJT The altove article, warranted genuine, is for sale al 9M
I'eurl ?t., one door above Fulton ?t. jy2i-5w*
been attacked for the space of three yearsby a syphillitic dia
ense, which siade me <nlTi'r violent pains in all tb?' srticnlw
lion* of my Itody. I had ulcers in I he tbraat, and the konea In
my bead hejran to decay. Alter having changetl dirtereal
times of physicians, who could not deliver me from that dreaA
1 ul disease, I bud taken the determination of apply iii|{ to Dr.
t)c Zaitnon, 41 Courtlandt st., wh't it n<tted for nl* cures nf
chronic an*l delicate diseases. He agreed tn core ine. After
having undergone n treatment for the space ofsii tuonth*, ac
couittanietl by n rijr or out diet, I enjoy at preson a ino?i per
feet liealtb, v Inch I am indebted for to the care of that skillful
physician. AH object in publishing thi* is lo be of use to *uch
persons wko may Ite afllicted with the n^ine iliM ase. If they
?nay require jsisitive inl'orimll<*n ri-specting my health, they
can adtiret* themsrlvo* t?> Dr. De /.annon, w|>o will mike me
known only tn tucb females who might find Ikeutelvet iu the
same ti uaiiMiias I have lieen in. aalS-lm* E. ?.
lilt BfclTANNIC M*J t?TY* I^CoN StXATt, I
New York, lltli May, IS37. f
XT IN eouformity with a law pawed by toe Legislative tf
'ln? State, ' hi the 21st day of April la-t, entitled, "Ait Act tore.
Kulaie the power* aud duties of Public Ail mini atrtUor* and Mf
r?>i:?te*, r? Utive to the properly and effect* of foreigners."
Notice i* hereby riven that on and after tills dale the p
perty and effect* of all subject* of HI* Majesty who mavdie
their way to. or in tbiaeity, intestate, *uek'propeTty a a<?e<n
jrrivm^ In this Stale, arc 'placed untler the rare of this aflleejMd
not U'tder that of the public administrator, as Iterelnfore. TW
undersigned, in consequence tlaersof, reqaetu thai notices her^
Utfore tent to the pubhc administrator may We sent lo Ibis oAce
w itere information a* lo tlie eslate and ellertt of any *ubjecta?r
hui Majr?ty shall at nil timet he furalaked withoat aay foe er
charge whatever.
The health officer, and others at the quarantine, are i-e*aecV
fully requested Ih tuake their rotnmuaisattoii* to this ofoc*.
where all exfteaies oumected therewith will be paid.
Hi hpruee *treel ? Now en sales ?
News-2?;*t2? I8x41-2fa38? 26137-25*36-24*3*4? 3?t16?
24i34 ? 22x33? 72*31, varktot quaht'ea
M< diuin ami half 2^.^*311, fine..
Meilnim ? Inx24, various qaalities.
Rova! ? 20*2i. ?uper|evr qualities.
Envelop? .4x3S?2.'*1l? 20x36? 20*30.
Wruipint.' Paper? Double erown? crown.
Tea hser ? ??ri?e site ? >tuall.
tbtleis fur Printing Paper executed with despntch.
Office knurs ? 9 lo 2o'clock i 4 lo fio"cl tek.
WM III! AO rORD, Agent. au/i eo.ti.r.
Nl'f Ht A P?TTk !%,
nA VE ON II tNU, and will keep fhrongh the <ea*??ii.
an extensive assortment of SH')PS, BOttTS, NAP AND
WOOL IIATf ? a<aott*si which will be found
in,WMi pair Ne>rro Brogues
12 nun pair men's Thick Bmpan*
9,060 pa>r men's Tb r|i ll?tot* ,
l.ne.O pair W?ys' Thick llo??t*
4 not) pair Oenlh ni< n's fine Calf. Seal an?l Moeoceo B .a?
A enmp'ete ass?,i Intent of pentlewten'* fine t'alf, Morocco an*l
Seal Bro|(ans, Klioes, Walking and Dancing Punipa.
Over hlates antl Slip[tent
JO.iW pair Ladies' I'r uoella, Morocco and Rid Boot*, Walk
ing Shoes, Sli | .pert and Handals
'10,01 it pair tf Youth's, Misses' awl Children's Wises, <>f x
ureal variety of p->t terns. Ahn,
300 cases Fur ami Silk Hals
150 do Black, Drab and Water Proof Word Hats, an>!
many other articles in the line loo numenm* to ineorton in an
ad vert'seme nt ? ai of which v?lli be sold on 'he most libeial
lei ms Ha- tunes wnljostfy. ao2J*t WFfcSTTfiAS
A?? PKNTKHS MMSTKI'- 1? /""'I stead y <ar
J pei ters, w|k> have lte?-n in lite haleit ol aMtonf in tbt
country, will ftnd immediate emidoyinent, by the monik. h^T
Imnteifiate application to C. S. Biowuing, at West H? Itoi.en,
1 one mile f rem II ?ta^ken Ferry.
I*. S A;?f?lic?fioa o nt fit made at or before 7 e'cloeh m th^
STUN E MtSONS WANTED? 2or3?ood Heads inasews,
that i tde r??and sUme tad l. rick .< -i k. canAnd miote.liale ena
ploynMnt. on at plication to C. S. Browning, ai West lloboke*,
one mile front lltdsiken ferry.
P. S. Appheatloii must he made at or Im fore 7 o'clock tn the
eiwrninir. vnM-lw*
At^\iij?.~mi. JACRbwBl has aooed to hit Patent
fciahle Medicated Vnfior Beth EtiaHbshiweot, at *ie9 Bow
ery, penteelly furmslied epenene-nta ao?l boonl, with the
of nursM, providetl for Invalids who may wfcdi In put
selves under kit medical tieatinent and hn Medicated VaMT
llstlio i?iT?if
^ PENMANSHIP.? "Tin* -Vtem it hetfor ndapted M
tlie n?e of school* and for ltnoines? purposes thaa a nf
I ere-tofore publl.hed, tlie engraving Itelng a complete tmi
?atl- >nrd writiutr, an<l dee'4e.||y m>>re free end easy of acquire
ment than any n<?w In B*e." Just published ami lor sale I?y
? I C. SIIEPARD. 2B2 Bioeefnay.
' 1 1 ? ? OTII \i VI K. Kreoaote N nnlverssllv nfkiwed to M
I the speediest nnd most edlhrluol remedy for tin* etcrucia.
tinf thennler yet dtscoyere<t. It gl*ea imniedlaie rrfef form
inir a thin coa?'ulnm oyer the nerve which peoieet? it from the
inipres?n?? s < a i ue atmosphere. Few sale' wfiedesai* ind retail
hy L'AMOt?REAl/X fc CO , No. 3TT ffroadwa' s ?
'III .'it EMI'ltK AMJ IT H CAUilhR- Jeet
ptlbthHed. "TWs srrrrk waa wrlilea hy nee ol the etna*
auios np w r.tersln the country , whow work* liava al? art lieea
popnlxr.** For Mle by C. SlIEPABrt,
iygn I Breiaetwae.
|\KaK>> MM CaN BK( l hkO.li) ?e?e oe?a A
1/ coesde Dro|ta.? The following ease has joat eoote lo the
know leiltfe of ?i,e npent
A g? ntlenian, <*??>??? name may lie known at 'Ite o1*ee,)
purchased ? hr.ttle of *e..t>?tlc Drops si out three w.efes since.
After using II altont three- <lai ?. a l?r|rr pie ce of hard wax came
from bW ear, nnd repeatedly small | aitieb's were taken out.?
Frnm thai lime e healthy -eere tton ?d aol* wax eoemneoced.
and has in reosed. and with it a re?tor?lb?ii of fits tweriry He
lias taken pains tn reeommentl the medicine to I'rieoda sAOuierly
'"I'lie arent 'iivtet every pe'rson tr>sohle<l wtlh<tenfre?s,to ese
Uie 4e"tisf c llmpv *? sfieit ?bat rel ef marh oMalorol Ina la' ge
tn?j?trii> of cese?, and no injury ranprasihly result in any a?e.
Price , |I .V perfteutle.
)(oU bv lln- >"eol.at Lo. AT7 Brrwtl way, aV-.ve H*a sid st,
and ?ern? f of Br>>?dwav and < oertleedi*t. Al**, at No. IS*
Brnaelwny No "WV Sixth Avenue, and fVn. |l? Fnftetl sirref.
t ornei of W il am. ,* a?2? 2r*
(s 1 4 Kfe.SK.-t5 botes Chee**,
j Bdld Knflirii'io.
75 jars, and 95 kegshraedy Cbeewe
tor salehy HARTMAN k Bfftn- ALL, Broker* tnd
l'omn?(saier MerrhsiU*, W and 52 Wmee c

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