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volume iii> NEW YORK, SATURDAY MORNING, AUGUST 26, 1837.
[From our Evening Edition of yesterday.]
The Elopement.
" Can love be controlled bv advice.
W'U Cupid our mother's obey ("
" Upon my soul tWis is very pretty occupation,'' Haiti
Mr. C. to himself us he sat upon u large atone under a
shady tree in the immediate vicinity of New York.
"Devilish pretty to sit here kicking my heels! 1 stand
a fair chance of having other heel* kick me ? however,
B., poor devil, is a fine fellow, ami to serve him I'd run
a greater risk. Zounds, how late it is ; the sun has
gone down, it is almost dark. Oh, this love ! Heaven
defend me from ever plumping into it."
As he spoke, two figures were seen Coming towards
him at a snail's gallop. They seemed to walk without
the use of their eyes, which were bent upon each other
as if their souls were holding communion, and left their
bodies to take the l>est care of themselves that they
could; as they drew nigh Mr. C. started up.
" B. my dear hoy, how long you have delayed."
" Oh, we have been u very short time, said the person
thus addressed, "have we not, Elizabeth?"
'? It has indeed seemed so, but the sun has set."
I4 arewell till tomorrow. C., you ure my guardian
" And a devilish unprofitable office I have of it."
The young lady was now transferred to the arm of
the gentleman who had been so pleasantly occupied
kicking his heels on the big stone. They went one way,
the gentleman whom we first discovered with her, an
It is time to explain this singular circumstance.
The young lady is a Miss W., of Newark. She has
given her young heart to Mr. B., and he, proud of the
inestimable treasure, has 'swapped' his, in return. So
far so well But 'an oyster may be crossed.' Pooh !
The proverb's musty. They are crossed.
' The course of true love never did run smooth. '
That's a new quotation, if you please. But 'love will
find out a way.' That may pass for original. The lo
vers do find a way. Mr. B. is not approved of by his
own true love's own true parents. They frown upon
his suit ? turn a deaf ear to his prayers and petitions
and refuse him admittance to the house.
He does not despair. He seeks a mutual friend of his
own and his beloved's family. Pours forth his soul.
His friend compassionates him. He helps him to inter
views with his beloved in the manner described. Mr.
C. takes out the young lady. Mr.B. meets them at a short
distance from the lady's house, and pursues the walk,
while Mr. C. awaits their return.
The following day the lovets are again walking toge
ther, but their friend is not kicking his heels on the
atone. What utlie reason ? We will listen to the con
versation of the lovers. It may inform us.
"I have such a dreaJ of the step," says the lady.
" It is the very course to insure our happiness," said
the other.
" It is, 1 know. But now the hour has arrived, my
heart faints. My courage deserts me. 1 cannot leave
my parents in this manner, indeed."
" Do'not say so, love. Already, with the excitement,
your health is sinking ; your cheek has lost its bloom,
aa rifectunlly ns if you had lived a life of gaiety in New
York. This step will take away all the anxiety that now
wears you dawn. Though your parents now are oppo
sed to us, when we are married they will be so no leng
er. Come, come !"
" Indeed, I cannot."
" Come, dearest."
" Oh, ne."
" Come."
" No."
But, saying no, she accompanied him. Cupid con
ducted them to New York, and introduced them to Hy
men. They were unite 1 ? they are one.
But Newark ? Newark is in a commotion.
" Have you heard the news," says one.
" Astounding, is'nt it ?" says the person addressed.
44 1 long expected it," exclaims a third, who, till after
the event, never thought upon the subject at ull.
'? Exceedingly improper conduct, ' cries a fourth.
?' Quite correct," chimes in a fifth.
" Do you know all the particulars?" enquire* a sixth.
44 O, yes," exclaims all the rest, and all the rest give
different versions of the affair. Some declaring that
Mr. B. ran away with Miss Elisabeth, and others as
stoutly maintaining that Miss Elizabeth ran away with
Mr. B.
" I shall wait," says a long headed fellow, "until I see
the account iu the Hsrald, that's the paper for news? it
will give us a correct account.
We cc uld not think of disappointing one who de
pends upon us. So here is the account."
We have only further U? add, that the young bride's '
mother has refused to receive her daugnter. Hut as
the young man s character and connexions are of great
respectability, we think that she will relent. Love ma
ternal is a deeply implanted feeling. Anger may hide
it for a moment, but it will pass away, as clouds from
heaven's brightness, and leave it in iu fullness, depth,
and adoration.
Coopkr A (* II THE Lo*ih>!? Times. ? James Fenni
more Cooper has been rowed up pretty considerably by
the Jnhn Hull rimes. The thunderer savs, that al
though Mr. Cooper confesses he has been no where so
?s U treated as in England, yet he owes the Knjrlish a
most mortal grudge, because he has not been allowed to
take precedence of the magnates of the |am|.
" Thi* American novelist," continue* the Times, " de
tests the name of England, denounces her peers as ri
.lieu loos, her dignified clergy as greasy ecclesiastics,
her constitution as anomalous, and her social condition
ms insufferable, all because a lor J had precedence of
him on entering a drawing room on one occasion, ami <>n
another a noble duke .youpied the post of honor on the
right of the hostess, while the American Walter Scott
was fixed in the Imrrti at the table ? Laughable u
this may seem, it is none the less true." Is this a true
Bill or a Bull?"
" Hhoppiko" to SOUK PfRfosn ? Our dry good*
stores are viaited by the pretty little ladies for other ob
jects than the display of their sweet smiles and brilliant
eyes, as will appear from the following dialogue, to
whom we are indebted for it, there is no telling:
" Please, sir," ssid an interesting little girl abont 16
years of sge, to a dealer in dry goods, "to send ma'am
the patterns of your calicoes, snd put 'em cheap, for she
is going to get a new gown anon, and wanta to see as
wbnt'll wash."
Hhop keeper. ? " Who is your ma'am T"
Oirl. ? " My ma'am is Aunt Oily Dee, sir."
Shopkeeper ? " Your sister was here ye?te-day and
took patterns of all the kinds I have."
C?irl.? ? Yes, sir, ! know that? but then she sewed
them *11 ?p for patchwork, and wouM ntgive me anv,
bat told me to go a shopping myself."
ft# A duel was fought at Washington on the 2Hth,
between two young gentlemen from Bsltimore. who ex
changed six shot. The air was wounded? nothing
IT An editor i?thi? cty ,ay, that Mrs Hbarpe has
f"- j V"! hlUia*0f**r " He has evidently a leaning to
Haw dear t<? my heart are the day s of my splendour,
When fo' d recollection present them to view,
The I leaver, the frock coal, how well I remember,
And every new fashion my tailor then knew !
The gay silken vent, and black stock above it,
The w hiskeri which cover" d my la .re so profuse,
And my hair, in such style that all did approve it,
And even the marking which shone on my shoes ?
The shining jet Blacking, the unsurjiass'd Blacking,
Lee It Thoinpson'sjet Blacking which shone un iny shoes !
The box of thin mixture I hail as a treasure,
For often at morn, when from bed I arose,
It'* gloss has afforded me exquisite pleasure,
Toe blackest and brighest which Blacking liestows j
The bru-hes Isei/.ed, and with little exertion,
On the leather a portion of Blacking did use,
Then soon to my sight, with no little diversion,
The fine bril tant |>olish arose on my shoe* ?
The shining ji i Blacking, the unsurpuss'd It lacking,
LeeL Th-Jinpsan's jet B lacking which shone on my shoes!
How cheap from the maker, each one can receive it,
Put up in a neat iittle box fit for use.
No sj<unoiis mixture would tempt me to leave it,
'Tis ilie h?-st the civilized 'vorld can produce ;
Anil now, though away from tha store of the vender,
Yet still this superior Blacking I use,
An 4 never through life will I cease to remember.
The beautiful Blacking which shone on my shoes ?
The shining jet Blacking, ihe unsnrpass'd Blacking,
Lee it Thompson's jet Blacking which shone on mv shoes!
au221w* ?!>;"< Broadway.
Tl 1 K I)K VIL I disconsolate sat on his turone,
Ami lie thnughtnf the days when the world was his own ?
When men had cast oil" all their virtn<>u? fears
And prayers, or psalm-singing, ne'er troubled his ears,
And heslgh'd "hv.vcan I unng'st such virtuous men,
Those bright days of wickedness bring back again ;
Guilt has lied, and with it has gone Misery's stm/.
And disease scarce a soul to my kingdom doth bring."
But a bright thought soon struck him, an order he gave
Tii build a gin-palace right over a grave;
Where splendor allured to strong potions, and deep.
So they drank at the bar ? in the grave went to sleep.
But Ihe an??l who watches the wretches of earth,
Disowver'd the project ere scarce i< In -4 birth;
And to cure the foul noison an antidote gave
By selling the Tea Plant just close by the grave.
And instructing mankind in the way to procure
It's health giving essence unsullied and pure
He rejoiced ; as he saw the dark baffled fiend fly.
And exulting, return'd to his home in the sky.
Anil now this Elixir of Life, 'tis confest,
The strongest? the purest? the cheapest and best,
Is found at the New \ ork Tea Company's Store, 1
Greenwich street, at two hundred and seventy-four.
aul9 lineod*
CA PttNTKKS WASTE l>? 10 good steady car
peMeis, who have been in the habit of working in the
country, will find immediate employment, by the month, by
immediate application to C. S. Browning, at West Htibokeu,
one milefmm H ibokni Kerry.
P. H Application mus be made at or before 7 o'clock in the
STONE MASONS WANTED ? 2 or 3 good steady masons,
that understand stone and brick work, can tind immediate em
ployment. on application to C. S. Browning, at West iloboken,
one mile from Iloboken ferry.
P. S. Application must be made at or before 7 o'clock in the
morning au24 lw*
AC A r< !?.? OK. JACKWWf* has au.ieo im his rateut ?e
getable Medicated Vapor Bath Kstabhshmriit, at 2?!) Bow
ery, genteelly furnished apartments and board, with the ben
of nurses, provided for invalids who may wish to put them
?elves und* r his medical treatment and his Medicated Vapour
Baths. ieH-tf
PENMANSHIP.? "This system is better adapted to
the use of schools and tor business purposes than any
heretofore published, the engraving being a complete imi
tation of writing, and decidedly more free and ea-y of acquire
ment than any now in use." Just published and for sale by
*u5 C. BHKPAttO. 2ti2 Broadway.
TOOTH ACT! R. Kreosote is universally allowed to be
the speediest and rnoat effectual remedy for this excrucia
ting disorder yet discovered. It gives immediate relief, form
ing a 'bin coaguluin over ihe nerve which protects it from the
impressions of tue atmosphere. For sale wholesale and retail
by L'AMOPRBAIJX fc CO . No. 377 Wroadwav. ivgo
Tub pkumI km; aku i csu.sr ? ? just
published. "This work ww written by one of the most
amusing writers in tlie cnuntry , whmte works hav? always beea
popular." Kor sale by C. SIIKPAUI),
jy20 2 Broadway.
A CARI). ? MFW DUNN. Protessor ?l tne Spanish Gui
tar and Singing, (pupil t?f the celebrated Maestro A. Bagi
oil,) respeetfullv informs the Ladies of New York, that she
(fives lessons on the above delightful and fashionable accom
plishments, together or separate. Application to be made al
her residence, 463 Broadway. ?o?-lm*
BI.KACHINO POWDMU8 ? Tbe inhaerilier* be
intf agent* for the *ale of Boyd mil Son* "Chlorate of
Lhue" in the United State*. can nupply denier* and consumer*,
to any extent, at the lowest market price*. For purity and
ttrengtb tin y will he found fully equal to any manufactured in
thin country or in E urope.
au4-tf No. lilt It 112 N'awau street.
MIS1* SKDdWlCK'8 H^W~ OHK 'Live
and Let Live? or Domestic Scrvic* Illustrated. ' By the
author of Hope Leslie. The Lin wood*, Rich Poor Ma a fcc.l ic.
thit Hay published ami for Hale hv
jyWt C. iMr.PARP.262 Bron.lwa
PKACH OUC ' vi(i) and si iiUVI.KILi.
COAL.? Rjn??m Titreville It Co. offer their celebrated
Peach Orchard a d Schuylkill coal at the old and well known
Clinton cntl yard, No. INI Monroe, between Rutgers and Jef
fer*on *treets, warranted to be of the hnt quality, and free
Irwin ulate? dvlivered to any part of the city at the following
reduced price*:
Br -ken and screened, and egg *ixe, ? ? ffi 00 per ton
Nit. - ? 1 ? - - soo do.
I,ehi<rh, ... ... 8 SO do.
Order* received through the p??t office, anal our box at the
office of the K s pre**, corner o( Wall and Water ?treeti, or at
the coal vard, will be promptly attended to.
N. H. ? Coal by the Ciirgn ?') per ton of 2240 lb*.
au 1 1 ?1m
Appi,k?.-a I nrpe qunntitv of apple* tor mil' on tile
tree*. Apply to W V. TKKIJWi'.LL, Claaon'* 1'aitlt, Wnt
Wanted? At the above place, a man to attend market? he
mu*t understand li?* mnnagement of h small Ixiat, and mu?t be
well recommended. aoK-JH*
floCo A \ |> MILLION OKH(" No. M WALL
Street, 2 door* from Pea, L-THOM AS H A U.N MID
dealer in HuIIiom, lie. continues to five the highest price for
Sovereign*, DouMoons, Rank of Filmland Note*, lineurrent
Noie?, kr Al?i, on band and constantly kept fur tale fin* g'dd
rolled Silver and import# d Plated Metal.
Cold and I liver melted and wav? made. aulS-lm*
111 OIMI AC < * H i* Linoiii L.o" n^ii beTT.
I j' chinked forsutpe, ded paner. Apply to
au22 tf W ? 1)1 MUM. \l Walla.
TO DK~??- ? * I no Y ?(><? I>*. -Anyone |,a
?nit a stock of Dry Oondt to dispose of, wld find a purcha
ser, by a JHr? **ing a line I" X. at tM* office.
FU KNIT URIC want EH.? Wanted to eichange antne
food far inir I nd in tb?? we?te>-n part of ihi* State, for*ome
'nraiture. Any person having Ftirniure, anal wmhinir a e?od
Farm, will ple->*e uddre** X. at thisofWce. au23 Iw*
NOT1C F".? 1 he Bridgeport Incorporated Exchange A?
vriattnm have established an offi. e li the city ot New
York for the pavraent ot their bill* ? No. 12 Wall *treet. Hour*
of hiH'nea*, from 10 A. M. to3 P. M.
auii4f . SMITH OAKDNRR, Treasurer^
ACA n TO f ?I K PI HLH .-WM. HILL'n it,
imiuble ityle of Hair C.uinni;, No ' > I'r irl n., up *tairv ?
For fear of anv won* impreaaina the public may mWir under
the sahseriber renpecttully int??n? the in he hat never belonged
t* the combination of Uair dreaaer*. Sfcavia? <1 I -4 rent*.
J>>>ll' w ______________
^l'l.KMlllt K N? IHIlkUIiLlAN llnme au.l
?3 Smollei'* History of Kn^land
Oihtarf* Rome
The W?.rk?nf William R/>bert*on ? containinp the lliatnry ?f
Smtljad, Heien of the Kmpernr Charle* the Fifth, and the
lit*t'>rvof America
The work* of the Rev. John Howe
Wilson'* French anil F.njrliah Dictionary
Th?' nUnve are large octavo*, in splendid F.nplith hind log,
for ?ale by
au34 C. S II F,P AMD, Jfif Broadway.
Wall Irtseel ?The ce I'ffcite* of thia company redeemed
?t par, at offi' e 2I4J at<94-3l*
K**v |)tll liA 1 n MK.WA*4D~Lo?t. a f>.amond
? WRF. *ST PIN The ^nder will receive th aliove re
ward, hv leaving it at No. 2* Wall*treet, back hatemeat affice.
MM 4*
WANT1- ' Ptrt a bno?e, c'irHi*tinf of fotir room*,
*ntuh|e for a ?null re^pe' table ftmllv, in the lawer part
of the eity, n*nr tho P<rk Ren" mn*t lie moderate
AI?o, a la J ot 14 to 16 year* of age, to attend an affice. Ap
F'y ai N?, ? Beekman tl an94 3t
P*PF.R - A?io ream* No. 1, 2 and 3 foolacap paper, .'WOO
ream* eap and crown wrapptnr TW ream* medinm printing,
WOO ream* medium ai.?l a half arintini, far -ale by
J. C AMPBELL k PERSSE, Paper Wsreboune,
ant-.tm 110 aad lit Natwao *t betwii Ann li Beekman.
TO PA It *1 A ?< RK*-1 ba'ea44 knglith telling*
2 do ? 4 rlo. do^j I do. M 4o do. manofactared expre*-ly
for cylinder machine*, for *ale bv
J. CAMPBRI.L k PKKKME, llOand M2Na?**u?t
as IS
YJH j. 1 3fli """ f,>f r,"'h ?
price*. (Rrat floor,) No. ?3 Bnawlway, rxrrmrr of Antkany
A reod *Mk Hat. Mark or drab, at f2 SO
_. '^-i "?e* taperior 3 00
Tbe?Ne PluaOltra," 4mr?aa?. ^ s w
Vomfc'? Htu, T ?
Ftor white plaia bain, . m
Fine Mark do. da m
^?itjg.'r.yaa.'agr' - ^ ?
It'*.- J. mtMT, m InM,.
LO"K at this bkvouk the cold
WEATIIKR SETS IN.? The experiment ha* been made
an<l fully carried uui, not like thai on the currency, to the ruin
of nearly all whu hud any thin;; to he affected by it, hut to
the entire satisluctiou of every person who have given them
selves thv trouble to make it. The tune lor retrenchment has
arrived, w lien such as ate desirous of experiencing its ad vanta
ges, over experiments m lancv and fashions, will lit* induced to
lay aside prejudice imbibed without cause, ami uive to reason
and experience their pre-eiiinence. The multiplicity of Staves
of an ornamental, expensive and comparatively worthless cha
racter for burning anthracite which iuve lieen lately introdu
ced, have caus.-d many to overlook, ami others to undervalue,
the properties ot theouly one which can with truth he said to
answer the i urp?>e for which they are designed.
has been so much improved in appearance, and its interior ar
rant' < inents so simplified as to entitle il to ,j decided preference
ovei every olhei, where economy 111 fuel, durability, simplici
ty of arr- linemen) s.and diffusion ol heat ; ire the objects desired,
and are of various sizes, suitable for hails, parlors, nurseries, or
other apartments ? in addition to which a Cooking Stove on the
same principle. Ii i- b- en constructed und in successful opera
tion, uniting all the requisites for culiuai v purposes, with nn un
usual decree of cleanliness, facility of igniiion, Minplicity of ma
nagement, ndd convenience, requiring only to In seen in use to
convince the most casual observer of its many advantages.
The durability of the Globe Stove, in collection with its oth
er superior properties, is an additional irc<>miii' mint ion to its
general introduction, as the perfect ada| tatio.i of the form of
Die globe to the free and equal ignilinu of fuel as well as the
transmission of hear, preserves it .it thesafcie time from becom
in; burned, or fractured by coiit/actioii and expansion, which
is invariably the case with the angular stove; and, as the w hole
amount of heat produced bv the coinnustion ol 111 1 is radiated
in every possible directiun in equal proportions, the lower re
gion ot the atmosphere is keptperlec'lv warm, and the univer
sal objection against stoves, of the dillicully of c.onve} ing
warmth to thr- feet, is entirely obviated.
The trifling expense of keeping them in repair, compared
with oilier stores? the ease with w hich Ihey can be managed,
and the total nb?enee of dirt ordust, which Is under perfect con
trol, add much to the satisfaction ef all who have used them.
The annexed certificates from gentlemen whose statement
will not be doubted, and the navies of others equally respecta
ble, to whom reference may he had, will be found fully to cor
roborate what has been said in their favor. Orders will be re
ceived and promptly executed by the Agent, at hisollice, N'o 8
Beektnaii sireet, Clinton Hall, where samples are left for exami
The subscribers bavin * used the "Paten Radiator or Ololie
Stove'' for Ike last three ars, (having previously used rv ry
other description of the most appro* -d patterns,) do w ith con
tinence recommend it to thr public as being in every respect
the most convenient, safe, and economical stove now in us**,
and that they fullv sustain the principle for which they are re
commended. DAN'L E. DKLAVAN fc BROTHERS,
481# Broadway, cor. Broome st.
New York, May 4, 16U6.
In answer to inquiries respecting the Globe Stoves in use at
Black well's Island, and the Almshouse at Bellevue, since
October, 1815, it ariord* us pleasure to have it in our |iower to
say, that they have fully sustained the recommendations given
them, and with perfect confidence can recommend them for
their simplicity of management, economy ?f fuel, diffusion of
heat, and perfect safety, in preference to any other stove here
tofore used iu these establishments.
Superintendent of Almshouse.
Keeper Black well's Island.
Resident Physician.
New York, Jan. 18, 1H37.
In the autumn of 18Ju, I placed an I No 1 Nott Stove in my
house, (which is a three story basement,) anil passed the pipe
through the floors up to the attic, and thence across into a
chimney. On an average I burned 10 tons of coal, and fount
but two difficulties? 1st, I could not warm tlie lower surface of
the atmosphere on the fi'st or basement floor, consequently we
all had cold feet? 2d, the great difficulty in retiug servants to
manage so complex a piece ol machinery as the stove. Tlie ex
pense of repairs on this stove were full $10 per annum.
Last auiumn I was induced to try the Glolie Stove on the
simplest plan, anil I find it to answer the purpose admirably ?
Kroin its sUaj?e, the heat is radiated downward in so per;ect a
inanner.that the best place to warm the feet is t? place them on
the zinc, w ithin a yard or so of the fire.
I cannot sufficiently praise vour ?tove; its simplicity of ma
nagement ? the ease with which fire is made ? the small expense
?<f repairs ? th? perfect manner in which lit at i? thrown out,
render ii worthy of great public attention.
Another important |M>int remains to lie mentioned, viz., tlie
quantity of fuel. Last year I was forced to keep a fire lor
about six weeks m a grate, and that, with Dr. Nott's stove,
consumed all of 16 ton* of coals. This year 1 laid in 10 tons, and
as far as I ran judge, I have not used over C tons.
I should add. that, although the Globe has lieen kept as red
as a cherry full half the time, yet not a fl^w or crack ha* ap
To show the degree of heat in the house, I would add, that
with the same temperature as last year, out of ri or?. Ihe ther
mometer, placed in Ihe same situation in the hou'e, ranged
almut ten degree* higher than il did with Dr. Nolt's stove in
my house ? showing now well the heat is radiated from your
stove. These remarks apply to the lower flc>or ? ?( to the oth
ers, there was no great difference ? but what there was, was in
your favor. TOWNSEND UAItKIS, 4j?i Hudson sl
New York, March 28, 1837.
Rr.rtRKNcK.s.? Messrs. Swonls, llalsted k Coming, 101 Pearl
st ; John llitchcoi k L Son, .S8 do.; Jnninh Dow k Co., 277 do i
Hubbard k C.isev, PettiboueJi Long, I Liberty st; Hunting
rori, Tiffany & Klwell, Piatt st.; Joseph lloxie & Co., 101 Mai
deu Lane; Mr. Kobert Bell, .',9 Pearl st.; James De rarest, 61
Maiden Lane; Mr. Le Barhier, White st.; Roln-rt Emnrett,
Esq.; J. J Schermerhorti, Esq., .11 Warren sl ; D Codwise,
Kst(., 8 St Mark's Place; Jobn V. Greenfield, Esq.: Dr. Miller,
21 Green st; Dr. Barilett, Albion office; Sexton ot Carmine st.
Ilavinir for Ihe la?t two wwters had In operation one oftlie
Patent Improved Olnlte (looking S.ove*, during which time its
um I'ulnes- ha* In i n thorough!) i? I have no he?itatian in
pronouacin; H tlie IwM ami iiii>m comp"' ?? lor all culinary pur
poses, lU any hi prflHMt in llie niarktt; au<l I think no house
keeper whn lake* into view the Important advantages of conve
?fence, fa? ilit\ of n|wration, and particularly ih> trrrat saving
in fuel, by the ? Jo. tion oi this (love, ?iiould U- w uliout It. It
will, no 'loubt, soif. supersede that of all others, unless, indeed,
WKMlf more cmvcm. ill, should h?- U traduced. himI thai I
conceive to l?e barely wiiliin ihe raage o| i?os ibility.
New York, March 13, 1837.
I have tine of the (? oUe Cooking Stove* in use In iny kitrlien
since IiiM full. Mini c tisider it the uest, in |>oint ol economy, fa
cility ?!' operation, simplicity, and general Met it I new. ol any
that I haveaeeti. J, rillLIJI'S.
Rrwiklyn, March IB, IH'tt.
Having used the Ololie Cooking Stove in my family for the
last winter, I reply in answer to inquiries, that it ha* riven
complete satiifat tion, a* well in respect to the small quantity of
coal ewiiiuw d, a* to Ike facility and quickness wnli which all
culiaary aperatmii* may I performed. I consider it dscided
ly the br?t cnnl cooking Move I have wen.
W. I'll YKK, 22 Green at.
New York. March M, HU
In reply to iaqtiirie* re?pectlng my opinion of the Olahe
Caoki<qr Stove winch I purcha-ed last Nov. -raber, I can nay
with plea?ure, it ha* given me entire satisfaction. and I believe
it to be the iiio#1 convenient. useful ami economical ?tove that
has l>< en used. IIKnHY OKLSTO.N, 16 Dey at.
N?-w York, March 16, 1?J7.
I feel pleasure in statin that the fllol?e Cookiar Stove which
I liave used in my family fot the laat eighteen months, answers
in every respeet the engagement made when purrha*ed, thst
there woohl lie a g real saving in the use of fuel; ami I leel *a
tisfied that it i* the moot economical Move in use, and well
worthy the attention of housekeepers.
GBU. M. DICKSON, 129 Oram! st.
New Yark, March 9, 18J7.
This certifies thai Me*?r?. Dnylrt Patteraen's Globe Cook -
Inr Stove has lieen used in my kitchen the past s? a??n; and, I
am hapmr to Mate, ? ith much pleasure to the cook ami ^ratifi
cation of all the family. I therefore do cordially recooim< nd
It* superi -rily n^r others, in its e*>l*Mi to light, it* utdity,
compactness, radiation, and, "thoaarh last not leasi," KCONO
MV. JON \ DiilXiR, M. No. 5 Chambers st.
New York, Much JO, IM7.
*rom my own observation, I fully coincide with the above
recommendation ol l)i. Dfidge in favor of Messrs. D?)lefc Pat
terson's Olohe Cooking Stove.
After having tried all other new invention* in coal cooking
s'oves, with which the New York market has hren Hooded for
the l??t seven ort iglit years, ami finding one general elect and
object on In all coal Move* containing an open gra e in front,
vi?.., not rlviejr hea-, hul an i nmenae quantity oi
aahes, to the irreat det' im? nt of clothing and furniture, or any
tlnnf perishable in It* i ?'ure. I h ve trie?l vark>u? exp^rf.
m? nl? to remedy tlmse deferta, hut to so purpose; neither rto I
think ihat -<p?.n tfrated Moves caa he constructed so as lo pre
vent entirely th" "sites froas ??? aplnt? lato the room when the
frate i* raked; th?refoie, on tni? consideration, I ft el impelled
fr?m a s> (!?<? oi dutv, <n make kn wn to the pu he, wIm> may
have ere' fr. in 'he sante ne?>nv- nieoce, that I have j;iv- n
ths Olol?e C"ok'n|[ Sin\e a lair trial, and ma-t conle?? tha', for
rconntnv In lael rapklltv o iirnilloo, and eitr<ardinary rii?
dilion ?lth wh ch ll*f vartotisoin rat >ons of l??tl njr, 'taking, fry
ing ami roan in|( are performed, In addition to the debits ?li ch
I have de?cril?ed beinp totally remedied, I can chevrftil y
recommend it as decidedly the l>eM Move that I haveerer se? n
or tr"Hl; ami am fallv per*uade4 that no ?.ne who has given
the t4lol>e Stove a fair trinl. w- uld be without it on aav con
sideration. JAMKS S. Ihll.MK ArtiM,
ItS West Broadway.
New York, April 12,1*37.
The ft'ol>e Cookiac ?'tove. which I parchaaed of Me?sr*.
Doyle k Patterson last November, has l?ern In constant u?e in
my family since thst Hmej and I take plea-tire in Mvin* 'hat il
, has (f ?en entire *ati?f* tion, i?oih as to economy and conveal
ence (hr all culinary ptirpnae*.
ISAAC ODRLL, 37 Tillary st.
Brooklyn, March 27, IW7,
The ahore are only a few of the many referrn-es which may
b*h?d. R. DOVLr, Agent. Na 8 Beekmm st
an7-Jtaw-tw rliaotn
Hnwi v ? Mi ml AND Slink
I> At M*RVIN'"?, No. 1*1 Spring street. Is the place where
Kp'e get the worth of their money in Boots and Shoes. Hi?
?e ?tnre l? filled nearly to esce? with almost every descrip
tor, of mea's, women's and chil.lren's B-x.ts ami Shoea. Oen
t|emen'? fine dresa B'tols frnm II to Jh ahilll'ifs per pnir, In
abundance, as rood a* snv v< he foond in tlv- c?f . A large a*
snrment "fhrre >n?l s nail hrty* Boots sold very cheap, la
dles' snd ifclMrHI Boot*, mines ami Slippers of every kind.
?*ye and quality ht comawni use, anM uncnmaioaly Iww, at No
IM Spring, between Ww* er awl Lnwntooe sU., and where
the public w?| loae nothing by carting sal^lai*
frl FOR SALE ? A beautiful Country Seat, situated
IT;*: SJ tl"' village of Mount Hope, ?>range County, Neiv
"?"^"VorkjCon aiiiing 43 acres of land, under a high
cultivation. On the premises is a modern built two story house,
VH by 4() teet, with a kitchen 16 by 1H feet, and a wood house,
barn, lie., in exce lent repair. Atim-hrd to the same is a good
Moie house, 22 by 40 feet, a desirable stand for country business,
distiii t about 28 miles from Newburgh, at the junction of two
turnpike roads, one running to Port Uervis, and iheotlierto
Hotiesdaie, Pa.
Tfte above property possesses every c'r nvenienct for the resi
dence o| a gentleman. The situation is one of great beauty
commanding a fine and extensive view of the adjacent country.
Tin' above Mill be sold low for cash, or exchanged for pro
perty in the City of New York or Newburgh. Forfurthtr
purncu lam, ? nquire of VVM. li. DODO K. No. 60 Maiden lane,
or of die suu'Criber at Mount H?]?e. B. DoUOE. uu252w+
MTO litC'l' ? Prom now until the 1st ol May n< xt, a
?mail three storv brick Hour*1, with ;ih attic and a base
ruem ? will answer either for ailwelling or a store hnuse.
Rent, ?250. Apply to Mr. OILHOOLY, 86 Nassau st. ng??
MITABLI #1? LIB ? ?A stalT ma club sit, hi. "7m
the vicinity of Washington Hall, where a born * ami
carriage will be kepi in the best manner. Apply at No.
806 Broadway. au24-3i*
ROOM TO LS3T? A furnished lodging room to
tet, witk breakfast, if requirred. Apply at 1JO Nassau
H? t- au21-lw
Hi'TBL TO I.' OR LEAS K. ? Tht new
.2^ V"ry Building at South Kerry, Brooklyn.
T?e Long Island Rail Road Car* arrive and depart
fron the door three times every day, which makes this a great
thoroughfare. For particulars enquire of
A. CAMPBELL, No. 88 Broad st N.Y.
'1 he first story of lh;? bouse would make two handsome
stores? the remainder would make a good boarding house.
Also to let cheap, several work sho;>s. au 22- lm* I
MT? ? Lil<; t ? 56~vV A fER S ? AUOti!)
CHANCE. ? The Bar, Coffee Room and Refectory, No.
56 Wafer street, connected with tt-e Pearl Street House.
The Kui uiture, Fixtures and Stores in complete order. Apply
at the Saloon of Pearl Ntre. t House. ati22 lm*
M I O . KT. ? 'i'lie upper part of a small two story
bouse, No. 4 Peck Slip, suitable for an office, for an ar
. ,ti?t, land agent, or any liglit business, or for a man and
Ins wife. No family with children need apply. Rent $150.
Possession immediately,
lp* There will be no other family inthehuuse, the lowerpart
being a medical office. au2-y
MllOUSfc TO LET, MR EOR SAL K.? The new
modern built three story house in 9th st. a few doors east
of Broadway, being the middle of the three house* jnst
finished. This house is finished iu the best manner, with a I
the modern improvements, aud possession can be had immedi
ately. Apply to (f. CLARK, 136 Water street
_ my 16 i-stf
or VALUABLE REAL EST ATE -For the purpose
of executing (he 1 rusts contained in the Will of Ike late
Selah Reeve, deceased, the undersigned will sell at public
auction on Tuesday, the 2!*h day of August, inst. at 2 o'clock
in the afternoon, at the lat*- residence of tbe said deceased, the
Farm, (including the dwelling house, farm bouse, barns, sta
bles, and out bouses,) whereon he resided ai the lime of bis
death, situate wit tin a few hundred yards of the paved streets
in the village of Newbnrgh. The dwelling bouse is large and
commodious, with every embellishment in the way of gardons,
orchard, Iruit trees and shrubbery. The Farm contains 43
acres of most valuable land, under a high slate of cultivation,
with the fences, buildings, and improvements in tlie best order.
It overlooks the entire village and bay of Newburgh, West
Point, and the surrounding Highlands, and commands a pros
pect not surpassed by any other upon the river.
The dwelling house, with the orchard, garden, stables, be
am! a sufficient quantity of land will be sold separate, and the
farm house, with the residue of the laud, will be offered in one
wr more parcels, or tlie w hole ? ill be offered together, as cir
cumstances and the viewsof purchasers may determine at the
time of the sale.
Tbe title is indisputable, and the terns will be liberal.
Executors and Trustees, itc. of Helah R.eve, deceased.
Dated, Newburgh, Orange County, August 7th, 1837.
au 12-dt29
TKCtGVAJbi*, > TO DD ART ft CO., No. 14
Courtlandt street, beg to i nform the trade that they have
[removed from No. 6 Courtlandt street to the above large
*nd elegant new store, where they have on hand, and are con
stantly receiving, fresh supplies of Hatters' Plush and Trim
Also, fancy colored Plushes, for ladies' bonnets, which they
will sell on accommodating term*.
Hats, Caps, Stocks, and Stock Frames, at wholesale. sl2-y
- - - - % & CO.Ofl OMK PiM' E HAT
HB STORE. ? The subscribers, since the year 1824, have
aimed at furnishing the public with an elegant and sub
stantial HAT of the most graceful form, at the accommodating
price of 93. They can oow say that their efforts have bee*
crowned with triumphant success. The HaU manufacture.;
by them during the last three months, surpass in beauty ami
finish any heretofore offered, and stand pre-eminent among
those of higher prices, worn by the fashionable world. To their
K irons they would say ? the quality, as far as may be, is nnl
?111 ? the price moderate and fixed? the profit small, and all
the sales for cash. 178 Chatham Square, cor. M?u su
oiyl9-y BKflWNkCO.
/a^ Ri OOlFbANOi 16 Courtlandt at, reaped/ally
informs the trade that he has on band and constantly
receiving fresh supplus of batters' plush and trim
mings, fancy colored plushes for ladies' bonnets. Silk
hats and raps at w iolesale.
Also, a quantity of English coney fur, sad English coney fur
bodies on accommodating terms. au5 lm*
||0<(l| IIOO f S ROOTS. ? Fashionable low pri
O red B??t Store. ? H. NEWELL respectfully informs the
publicist hr has taken the store Nu. 94 Canal st, corner of
Woo*t?r, where he intends keeping a general assortment of
men's and boys' boots, which he offers wholesale ami retail at
re iuced pi ices for cash. Just received from bis factory, a few
cases of French pump boots, a prime article lor summer, which
be offers al the reduced price of
N. B. Constantly on hand, boots far 12.50 and 12.75.
i\ iV3in*
Or rS in j*n<1 iiwnpftmiHy arouwl New York,
August 10. 18J7.? Dr. Brandreih's (Wees for tne sale of his Pills
in Mew York are, Principal, 187 lliidst.ii st.; Kowery, 276 Bow
ery; Central, I Spruce st, next door lo the Nun office; and
() rand at. office, Orand st, corner of Eldridge; and con
nected with the New York agency, who aie appointed sub
agent*, are:?
D. I>. Wrij/hl..'i!l Houston, cor. Lewis st
N. C. Nan I, Catharine st, near tlie market.
E. II. Tripp, 167 Division, near Pike st
B. s. Taylor, 28 Vesey, Iwtween Ureenwicb ami Washing
ton st
? ,'Vewmaii,250 (Jreenwich, cor. Warren st
Job* Noves, 172 Broome, n -ar Clinton sl
Tbo"<a? Kjile, cor. Hudson and Hammond st.
J. A Whitfield, I Cotirllandt st, Hiail stage office.
Mr. Hlsnfoid, 6.V4 Water sl.
J. k. W. BUrketi. W4 Itroadwiy and 364 Bowery.
Thomas Hill, 30 Frankiori st.
Micha? I tfDoiwicWue, vfl2 Fulton, opposite the market
Henry Fnoe, S09 Broome st.
Howe k IJst^s, 76 Chatham st, fiookseller
A II. Mchayler, 220 Broadway, cor. Ann st.
J. S. Kenyon, I'ariem.
Win. Thomas, North 2<l?t., Williamsliurg, L. L
Mrs. Booth 12 Fulton sl, Br^klyo, L. I.
James llerrimaa, Jamaica, L I.
.Stephen Burr, Oystei Bay, L. I.
John C. II. Santman, 'Southampton, L, I.
Allred Edwards, Sag Harbor, l?. I.
Saaiuel Pea sail, Rockawav, L I.
Walter Havens, lireeaport, L. I.
CT The aliovo Agents have each of them certificates of
Agency, and no person has OENUINE BRANDRKTH
rlLW for sale who has not one. aul6- lm*
VI r W i OHM LilFf. INBllKASCfc. a Bi I>
a oh thia Company on thrir ow? liret, , or U*
<ixl fithn for the whole duration of llfr, or lor ? JJ?'1**
wt Tw piyivnu of preaiium n*T tw eiUww made anoaalljr,
?r In (>?, Hnixlrnt Dollar* tor "n* ^
ir iff- r- :r- jT r ifc
IM ? M a i an 40 i *?9 m >W
? ?M * 2? ?? 17? " "?
1 ! S So I ?) ?t 1 M M 1I?
S n S 31 W ? 1 ? M * ?
2 n ? M ? ?? 1 * * 3 V
* 221 " \m ? > ?? W * ?
i! 22 M | .IS ? l? * ? '?
2 a ? ? SB ? I ? ? ? ??
s :s s s> ?? s? ? ??
: ? M 17 | 4J 49 I So
Monrv will b* rereWe.l in deposit U* CoMW7. awl h?*
n irfl?, upon whlrh IntrrrM will be allowed na followa
Upon ?ny ??? ?w $l?", hii daniahlc (or 1 r#eL
M ? M |M " for ft rana, 4 per <"*nt
m h |M " for * not, S p?w <*??.
Wn. Bard. Harooel TboNipw*,
Thoa. W. IxjHWi w, l??*r Broaaoa,
Wm. ? Ijiwrrnee, Peier Bein?en,
Jacob Lorlliard, Htapben warro?,
John Dorr, E?ff.
frier HaraaoaY, N?th I rrm?e,
H. V?n Kmariliff, I* n?r*re0U?,
John M. Oo?Ur, "'"J; * _
Tho?. Bnffem, C. *, UiH|y.
H C. De Rham. Jonathan Oonrthae,
Jam#* Ma Undo,
p. o. ntaTTMui, vr,Jirr'
Stephen Whitney, John J. **?*<_,
John Maaon. . 0?H?" ??
W WM. BARD, l?r?W*iit
S*' AD Tbvffina to tti* r.i ?ai ? ??
Otillforrt Point.
MARtfR PAVIM oH.-TWf *Hlrhtfiil wnmrr re
tr?at la now open for the reception of rowipaar for the
taaon Beln* altoate.1 Hire?tly on thr ara honrrl, rrn??rr- tM?
nine* a irry heaMhy kvratWwi, aa alao a flraaant tliaaflofi.
mt tea fo^l can h? harf. - ""
^IVraw |1 [>"? ?rUpT week. Th* bar la well ??orfcr?<
?Kil rholre wlnea- ?iaVlinr rnaimodk B". t.
N. B. ?ar*ag?H. *a tfa tlaww af all
?f tM tleamhoat at W?w Wa?rn, is eoaW* ^?rlTf'wltt.D
to th* PotoC Ul??W RICHARD WILD.
>3* FOR HEW O RliBAll-f^
?vCfit Passengers. ? Tlif packet. ol' tl?** 1st Sepieuiber.? Tb*
^^^?iir?t r.|ui, coppered and copper laMeiied last ?aiiu?if
packet ?lnp WouUUOKY, Capl , burthen U00 lone, WW
lie despatelied on the 1*1 Sepiemlier, her regular l'*y
ship Mill only t*Wr ? Mllai| quantity of light freight. H?r b*
l*ffn deck- is 8 feet hii'h, ami fitted up in a superior style ?*.?
press) y fur the comiwublr accmm modai ion of pa*?nMiiienL ?
Passage I" the caliin ami found will We v. ry moderate.
cabin, having staterooms for respectable persons, at the mode
rate charge o( $12 each. Sw-eratje accommodation! superior
it* any ship in the port, lor the low ?tiin i/f $8. Those proceodr
iny to New Orleans will do well to
rate charge
' i the port, for tb __ ^
well to.el-ct this chosen' convey
ance, should apply immediately, anl wcure their bet Uuu Ulbae
105 South sL ROCI1E. BROTHERS V CO aul7tlS
?k KOit ALi.a.\V.
' Krort the foot ?tf Barclay SireeL? Tb*
C1IAMPLAIN tliii morning, at 64 o'clock.
From the foot o I Cortlainit street.
The SWALLOW this afternoon, at 5 o'clock.
The N. AMERICA tomorrow afternoon US o'clock.
NOTICE.? All foods, height, ba^ga^e, hank toils, ipeete,
or any oilier kind of property, taken, shipped, or pot on mm
the boats of this line, most be attheri.sk of tbe owners at sack
goo< l?, freight, trifgWk lM>
TTiTiir ? Prvin the fowl of Markeifield ktreel, BaM?
JS i??iriT nsar*.? ,.v piHCf, North Kivei, at 5 o'clock.
The MASSACHUSETTS will have this alt* moon at S
The RHODE ISLAND w ill leave on Tuesday al ternoau, at
5 o'clock.
Freight not received on hoard alter 1 'clock, P.M.
Passengers for fto.ston will take the Rail i?o-i i Cars at P**?l
dence immediately on Ikeir arrival. See "M nthly ArraJ*ft?
ute lit." a ii 26
S n KAil. KO AD t IN 1, K <Yu ?? *
DENCE.? Tbe steamboat LEXINOToM*
Cantain Vanderhilt, will leave from piwr No. 3 V K fo-x am
Morris street, on Monday afternoon, Aug. 28, at 5<?'cli-ck
Passengers for Boston will be forwarded in the i ail road can
immediately on the arrival of the LEXINO'I'ON.
Freight for Boston forwarded without delay.
For further information inquire on l(oard,nr o|
l?. H. ALLKN. KM Sooth at.
N. B. All person* are forbid trusting any one on account ot
the above boat oruwner.
_b The steanHMMt CLEOPATRA, Captafca
?WW****"**? Reynolds, will leavi from Peck Slip, it. L
every Tuesday, Thursday an<l Saturday morning, at 6
FOR SACHEM'S HEAD. ? The Cleopatra willsnspat So
client's Head on Saturdays from New York aad on Mondayst
New York. Fare $2.
Fare to New London, $2. Stage* will leave Lyme (Bacons
Landing,) immediately on tbe arrivil of the Cleopatra.
For further information, inquire on lioard,or of
O. B. ALLEN, 169 Sooth w.
N. B.? All person* are forbid trusting any one oa accoaut at
the above boat or owners. brU
AND SAO HARBOR.? Passengers for the
aliove places can leave New York every
Tuesday, Thursday and Nat *rday morning's atti o'clock, in tbe
Hartford steanilwiat CLEOPATRA, from Peck Slip, E. R., and
proceed to Lyme, where the new and elegant steamboat
CLIFTON will be in Immediate ai tendance to convey p?
sengers toOysterpoml Point and Sag llarl?or, arriving at tbe
latterplace at 4 o'clock, P. M., same day, returning on the air
ternate days. Fare through $3. au&4f
i- .-.S? ^ ~ touching at Thrwy's Neck, New R<ichelb>t
rw?W- and Glens Cove. ? The steamboat BKROEN
Capt. Scott, will leave die foot of Market street, on Monday,
Aunuvt 28, at3 P. M , and Hnm|M<lend llatle.r, at fij[ A. M, dai
ly, Sundays excepted, until further notice. Fare, ,j0 cents.
All freight taken only at the iisk of the respective owners.
au24-2w* '
The stt'dinboat IJuLIVAR, Capt. Ward, will
leave the foot afDeiancy street at 9 o'clock
on Sundav morning, 27th mst. an> I will twui'h (or pasvngers at
the foot of Catharine sirnetit), Fulion si. N. Y. at 10; Canal sC
104; Whitehall 11 o clock, and proceed down the bat' to Sandy
llook, stopping at the Pavillion, New Brighton on returning..
Collation served on board.
Fare, 50 cent* for the excursion.
N. B. ? ll weather unfavorable, will be deferred to first fair
Stmdav. SCR ANTON, Proprietor. ni.4 -t*
On aiul utter Uiii date, the Cart will run m follow*.
Leave Jamaica,
7} o'clock, A. M.
?a ?
Lvav II icluville.
7 o'clock, A. M.
11 "
3 " p. M.
P. M.
Leave Brooklyn,
4 o'clrek, A. M.
1 " P. M.
PiKi-rifr* will be received and lell at the followinjcj>lni?b
*ii : Weathory, Cb-waviUe, De Lancy Avenue, Union Covrw,
Wrcknir* Lane, and Bedford.
Ticket* can be bad at the varion* ticket office*. _ _
who take neat* nilhout tbem, will becbarifrd one third
,v |7-jr
uuau link.
From Hem Yorle.
Itlmde l*iand,
Nttrra panne it,
* *
Rhode Inland,
Rhode Mind,
IlUttle Inland,
Rhode HI and,
flhn<l?- laland,
august arranokmf.nt.
'I I ursday,
Monday, 7th,
Tuesday, IiH,
Wed.<e?day, "th,
Thursday, 10th,
Friday, I lib,
Saturday, U'th,
Monday, 1 4tli,
Tueaday, l/HIt,
Wednesday, 16th.
Thursday, I7ih,
Friday, I Mb,
Hatur.ay, 19tli,
Monday, " 21 <4,
Tuesday, 241,
Wedne?diy, 23<t,
Thursday, MR,
Fri'tajr. 2*h.
Saturday, JBih,
From I'rfrmdnm
? a
Rhode l^lind.
Riiod.' MmbI|
Ma ^aacbuartta.
m *
Rhode IklauL
\?i raraiiM<tL
Ma>-?i hux tu.
Illiode Idand.
Uliode Island.
KlMide l land.
* ? Monday, 2Bth, Narr?pw**rn.
Rhode Idand, T uenday, 5%h, Ma-?arbti?ett*.
Narraeaokftt, Wedwday, StHli. * *
Ma??achu*etl*, Thursday, SIM , Illiode Island.
P?w nifer* lor Ronton will take toe Rail Road Car* at
dence immediately on their arrival.
CT All Meraamiinr, Specie, and Raffifajfe, at the rr*k nf tkt
owner* thereof. aol-^m*
beg leace reapecttullv to rail the attention of tneir friiada
and the public tfenerally. to the new and elefarit axortmwa ml
good* juM received aaii' opening al 'heir new ?Uire, N?v Mi
Pearl street, between Frank u?rt and Hague atrreta. Cona?
Kirr< and dealer* will find, al l heir e*tahti?linieet, a I vaniagea an
where elae to be met with,ia addition totbelr entire new <Mk
of jpo? la.
Stammera.of the above firm, more gennraliy known kv the
appellaOonof the Three Fingered Paper llantrer, and who. It
1* ?eedleaal??ay. to any hut Mranger*, *t*nd? unrivalled in thn
art of paper hangmg, both for neainea*and despatch, will at
tend hi peraon a? far a* practicable Inal1 the work which 4a|
he eatmrted to htaeare. mrSIAM*
he Ho*
UI?Y II a: *!?*' SAMXII ...
CAIll). ? S. W. HKYI1 of the rfowery Steam Cncdec
Joairy arid Saloon for I ad lev and gentlemen, rinpeel fully
omi* hi* numerou* friend* ami th? public, thai lie i* alwaya
tally prenare?l with Ice Cream*, Lemonade?, Meada, laiai.
Icea, itr , lie., wrth the vanou> del|? iria* aa they > ome in ?ea
?on, for their arcommoilatk>n, aa alao tl?e beat taaaortmem* ?f
nore and wb?l< ?>nie coafectiortanea. n> loufactared on tlie bw
prnvvd principle, r W B rhpettra^ invn?? tip,'
vbo have not yet bad an opportunity of vititiae hi* Salm*, ??
tiake a call al 2'1* Rowery, when tliey can judire of ihe ram
on and ac oouimoHatii n? of Ida eatabli4>metit ; at tlieaame time
nle4em^ hiinaelf thai hi- patron- wdl alway* f.n<l ^ rtlMl
??td ???lect society, with arroninio.latn.if waiter* S. w. R. ha
lend* to 4e?Mt hi* wliwle and %.|e auention to h'< R. wery R*
'.abllahment, a* al*o Mra. R ui tUe confection try department
n*d with the united eienhtw* of both, hope *till in i?.Tit a eon.
inuanc.m i he patronave already ao etiennvely e*j>.-rieae#d|
? Ith many thank* for paat '?vor? *? W vMM,
Rowerv Steam ClMfret^ narv and Sn? on, No m ?'ow?Tf
mv^My opp<?ite to HiimrMMk
KfffrvtM in Cliiaer l*> ? ? > "?e ' nwder.
8 A la I4 II 11 Mil <? III* IIKKHVEi
Btaf an imme.mte efferveacent draufht,
<ai Me atateof rv rt. i l ioa, afla* ?* Ihe thir*t
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