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BO. 96.
[From our Eveaiag Bdition of Yeslerday.j
From VVubUinstuU'
We are aqain full of intelligence from Washington
by our wholo carps ui corref poiideiHs. j
The statement which we gave on Saturday, of a 1
rumor that John C. Calhoun and his friends intended
to support the locofoco principles of the Message, is
corroborated by accounts published in Baltimore und
elsewhere. On this subject wo find the following im
portant remarks in Dull' Green s paper:?
In examiaiiir closely it* v <-w? [the .Me??acref, and tin* argu
ment- anil ciusi Vi aiions adduce ?! in 01 them, we are
forcibly struck with their identity with tnose uficiJby.llr. r i!
iioun, in his ;.<r ? it speech on tli?- currency in mi. In truth,
the wh?Ie ol tii part ui 1 1 ? ' ? M -sa^e kjmv be u,l to havi turn
formed out of tbe material* turnished by the speech referred
to. The distin^iiwlM*'! Mattwninn of South Carolina foresaw
the tendency of the Banking System, ami earnestly invoke 1
the reunify to make timely provision against the ciilaarophe
which ha> since overwhelmed it.
The system of finance which he r comm >nd?, though spoken j
of much during the I -t f -.v months, i. now. for the first tine,
deliberately presented to the co'iniderat: >n of the country, un
der tb" sign manual ofthe Chief Magistrate. Let it. therefore,
receive the confident ,m;i Ui which it is entitled; and let ut not
im preciptlu'td iiUn a fi'tity condemnation merely on account of its
noit'ti/. f. t ns conf 'i-t it w th such other schemes as the wis
dom of other men mav <>vise, and give o-r judgment ?!is;>as
sionalely for thai whit Ii liny appear to be best calculated for
the emergency. This is demanded l>v every con.-iil ;ration of
joitico to f.tli'T-, respect for ourselves, and regard for the
"c son try. j
The Baliimore Gazette l-.as the following: ?
The letter from tt friend at Washington, which v.e published |
yesterday, -ui , nfj the rei.ief of the writi r, (wto U highly re- i
a -testable), In the rejjoi't, " that the Hon. John C. Calhoun ha I :
expressed, in the ireettand most unreserved language, his ap- !
probation of the plan for keeains? the public money, lecom
mendedin the me, :;.' of the President, has excited very ge
neral surprise in this city ? and while it hn< given great trra'-iti
ration to the Republicans, h::s very naturally caused alaim and
dissatisfaction to the Wl.i<_'s. We have not seen any thing in
the Washington papers on this subject, but we have learned
that other letter* and verbal r? ports have been received in this
city, w bich confirm the statement of our correspondent.
Before we put full belief in this important rumor,
however, we will wait for further information.
There can be no doubt that it is the policy of the
South to separate thegovernment from all banking in
corporations, and to leave trade, currency, and the
exchanges, to take care of themselves. The cotton
growing states arc the balance wheel of the trade be
tween Europe and America. They possess the sole
control of the foreign and domestic exchanges, and it
is highly probable they will try a naw experiment. ?
Mr. Calhoun may, therefore, support Mr. Van Bu
ren's administration, not because he is friendly to its
continuance, but because it leads lo the commercial
emancipation of the South.
There is more in these rumors than meet the eye.
Henry Clay left Washington on Saturday morning
last, and reached Philadelphia that night. He was
closeted with Nicholas Biddle for hours on the next
day. There is great alarm in tho Whig camp, and it
is said the object is to get Mr. Biddle lo use his influ
ence with Mr. Calhoun, and to'produce united action
in the opposition ranks.
We doubt whether Air. Calhoun will follow any i
man's advice but his own. He mny probably think j
it his best policy to go ultra with Mr. Van Buren, ns a
means of breaking him down in the North by upsetting
his Safety Fund system. We arc en tho eve of great
changes. If John C Calhoun support Mr. Van Bu
ren, he (Callioim) will be the most prominent candi
date J'or the 8ucce* uon ; ? and would, no doubt, de
feat both Clay and Webster. Lookout? look out ?
look *ul.
(Kromonr Correspondent Talleyrand, No. XV. J
WAMU*aTOjr, September 9th, 1837.
Vesterday, the House adjourned without doing any
business, until Monday next. On that day the com
mittees will be announced by the ohoir, when the
House will proceed without delay, to the execution of
Kxecutive business now before it.
The result of me few hours which has been con
sumed by the House of Representatives, distinctly
show, not only the character and disposition of its
members, but the objects in contemplation by them ?
nearly balanced in power? infuriated by jealousy on
both Hides. In the short space of four days we nave
seen the halls or our national legislature converted in
to an orena for the accommodation ol political gladia
tors, to wage their battles in, to the eternal shame and
disgrace of the American people.
'1 bus far is only tho beginning. The ending will
tell a tale different from this. The oppos Hon, by their
uncalled for severity and had management, have lost
influence not only in congress, but throughout the
Union. The quiet and mild behavior of the ad nun. s- j
tration party thus far, has for its accomplishment i
eomo important object which the opposite party have
not the isagacity to discover. Important elections
Will III' roinil.;' ,i!l ' f 1 ? 1 1 ? ? ? 1 1 - f 1 j r 1 1 1. 1 1 1 ! 1 1 Represen
tatives are tone chosen for State and nation legislu
turc. The administration members of congress arc
already in possession of this fact, and their greatest
deaire is for the opposition to go the month out, pre
serving the same tone and spirit that they have adopt
ed in the beginning. This is the smrtt for their mild
forbearance and apparent humiliation.
At the longest, the silence is only for a few weeks.
\V!:en the t me for action has arrived, the party m
power will avail themselves of the opportunity, in
lilf OWittg the blame of " nothing's been dune upon
the shoulders of their opponents. The charge being
true, will hnve a powerful tendency to change in fa
Mtr of the adaraietraUon, several thousands oi votes.
The trap is deeply laid, and the opposition with all
their conning, bid fair to be the first caught in it.
The election of Allen, by the House, in preference
to Blair and Rives, decides at once the fate of several
important Pleasures, which will shortly come before
Congress. It seal* beyond the question of doubt,
the fate of Mr. Van Rnren's "Treasury scheme."
Those of the " C msa vativea" who voted for Allrn.
arc known to entertain favorable views to a National
bank. By the defeat of the "Treasury scheme" an
object of still greater importance and of .i more ex
tended notoriety is in view, and must share a similar
fate. The bill preparing by Mr Benton for the in
troduction of an exclusive inetalic enrrency, stands
l??opardixed the instant it may come before the House.
Does Mr. Hentunknow this far- '
Let me prove it by data now before me.
In looking over the names of Senators I find a ma
jority of that body will be disposed to vote favorably
for the golden project ; but in turning to those in the
House of Representatives, there is not a number larger
than one-third that will endorse the decision of the
?Senate on the passage of this bill. This v?te will
give it the quietus now and forever more. Through
the distraction of these minor and less important mea
sures, the grand mngnet is to be retched. Thenro
, u>r ol Hu m I iqiian li'-nips i? to lie in a short
time side by side in the same grave wiih his " 7 'rea
sury and golden humbug,1' and the hands t list des
troys the former are likewise determined to put an end
to the latter. These hands aro conservatives, and
the gn at magnet is of no less a personage than
Thomas //. Hentnn of Missouri, the ambitious aspir
ant for the presidential chair.
It was tn effect this purpose that forty-six thousand
dollars was subsenhed to establish the Madisonian.
Is this fact known by Mr. Benton ? The pretensions
of Mr. B. to the chair of state is zearlmisly disputed on
jest grounds by those of his own party. Put an end
to his golden bill and then his popularity must fall
down to its own level. An effort will be made to ac
complish this point, the result none for a moment can
dsuht. Rivrs of Virginia, ? the candidate for the
presidency by the conservative party. If this gentle
man's nomination cannot be secured the next presi
mdental election will shew a faint administration ral
ly. Thus it is seen that the election of the " Madi
sonian" for state pnnter is to operate in an indiftct
manner upon all of the topics that is named in the
above. THns is the object for which the conservatives
arc laboring to accomplish, and they have the hones
ty not to disguise or deny if.
The indirect recomtnendetion by the President, lor
a general law of bankrupted, will not meet with a fu
l.vorable action from congress. It is understood
! by the partizans of Mr. Van Buren that he is
jirii'ately opposed to the passage of any such law.
Why, it may be asked ? Tue safety Fund ot your
Sta'e, and those gentlemen who manage atiairs at
Albany, can answer the question fully. The recom
mendation to congress of this law, it is said, was
forced upon Mr. Van Burcn by his Prune Minister,
Mr. Kendal!.
A report reached here this morning, that the banks'
of your city, owing to t'.ia views of t lie Executive,
expressed in his Message, were immediately to closo
thc-ir concerns, and throw up their charters. This
report has given cause to much merriment with the
administration members. It is thought as an indi- ;
rectatUmpt to influence congress ;ti her deli bcra- 1
tions. The objet mit he honestly intended bv
vonr hankers ? but here, it is looked upon in a far dif
ferent light. No doubt it w:ll be used by one of the
parties, as an evidence of revolution which has been
created by the Message of Mr. Van Bitrttn.
The Madisonian is out tonight against sorwe part
of t tie Message. As n well written, a plain docu
ment they do not deny. But there are measures
which it recommends, that they cannot liont*tl\j give
their support to. Tm* looks tuack? ithut t>> ink you
In tin- Sarnie, the Vice President has already ap
pointed his committees. TuUmadgc is placed upon
Xaval o/fitirgf whilst Benton and Wright hold the
most conspicuous stations in the Finance depart
ments. Think of that! Is not this proscription with
a vengeance?
A Sffw* 1" tl*c Police Oflice.
Time ? Ahnday morning i past 1.
After an absence of two years, we mingled in the
motley crowd that attended the "watch delivery"
vesterday. The old place looked as natural as ever.
There sat Justice Lownds, with the same severely
calm countenance as in days of old, now- and then
lit wp by rays of benevolence, as well as intelligence
? the same unbending severity of manner ? the same
dogged determination to see that
* Justice be done, though the heat en* should fall;*'
the same gentlemanly demeanor, and neatness of ap
parel that ever distinguished him, to say nothing
about the same anxiety to return home,
" Stretch the tired limb*, and lay the head
I 'poll hit own delightful bed,"
and get a couple of hour's capital snoozing before
breakfast. And by his side there sat the little, indus
trious, kind-hearted clerk, William Callender; who
never threw an impediment in tiie way whenever, of
erst, we wanted information for the amusement and
instruction of our readers; and of whom, so far as
our information and knowledge of him extends, we
can safely say
" None know him but to love him,
Nom* name Lint iiut to pnu?e."
Our fat, funny, and familiar friend, Captain Fisher,
was also there ; but of the rest we can only remark
that " change cameth over all." We looked for the
faces that we once knew, and lo ! "they were not."
" But," the gene: al reader remarks, " what has all
this to do with a police report ?" Much or little,
something or nothing, depending for its appreciation
upon thecapacity of the querist; so let it go even for
wh.it it is worth. We have as yet to get t he " hang"
of the oflice, and that done, we will be hanged but
we will
" Bring out some more reports, "
as good as those of by-gone days.
Sorry were wc to ?<*? live or six young females,
(somv well dressed, and very well looking,) among
tin' calendered culprits ; and right glad would we have
been, could they with propriety have been sent, suns
cereynonic, to their ?everul homes, with the heavenly
admo.ution of Him whose whole life spent for us, a
labor was of love, to "go and sin no more." But as
tlie course of true justice, like that of true love, never
did run smooth, most of all the-c frail fair ones were
sent back I# rough it out in Bridewell.
"They all were ynun?, ami ohp was beautiful,''
as Byron says, but like the rebel angels, and " thelost
pleaid, seen no more below," l hey had fallen from
their high estate of innocence and purity; and as
" Every a tfrir can claim,
Except an erring ktster's fliMine,"*
so all sympathy for their suflVr.ngs, w a presume,
would be mooted at at maudlin. Vet each one of
these young cirls was once as innocent and h:ippy as
the gayest belle of ('roadway ?r New Brighton ? each
one wns onre the pride of a dear mother's eye ? the
anticipated delight of a fond father's heart? enchone
has doubtless Imped, in early life, precepts of purity
and piety; and it is not too much to anticipate that
each one may yet be reclaimed from the error of her
ways. But leaving divines and declnimers to do their
duty, we proceed to do ours, by entering into details.
A tall, comely, cleanly, and well-favored young
female, with an ill arranged month, stood up to an
swer to the unmo of Elizabeth Harding. She waa
born, bred and brought up in the Bay State, but be
ing deficient in the common aeuteness of Yankee
girls, sullen d herself to be seduced by a scoundrel?
?' Er?? she nuinli'T'd ?itleen miniwrs."
With the rapid strides made by women who once
enter the paths of pollution, she soon became a drunk
ard and a swearer.
She lived in .Mulberry street ? supped out, and was
loc ked out, which accountcd for her appearing at the
police office, on a wet morning, attired in alight niun
lin slip, pointed lace boddiee, white crape hat, and cu
riously constructed pantalettes ? which showed oil,
to immense .id vantage, a figure, that for faithlessness
might have been wed as a model for the Venun de
Medici*. She waa not what she had been? whet she
should be, or what alio would be, if Mr. Lownds
would let her go. She promised to live wi?h her
washerwoman for on* day, and with her mother till
the dying day of one or both of them. The Judge
?ook time to consider her ease, and the watchman
took her, as a case, to a cell in bridewell
A mild, modest, matronly old lady came up at this
early hour, to complain of a curiously clad character,
who "looked not of the earth, and yet was on it,"
and who might very well manage to play one of the
witches in Macbeth, without any change of costume,
eowntenice, or complexion. This unblessed, unheau
tiful biped answered to the appellation of Lucy Lore
worth, though in her present state and station she did
not seem worth the love of a solitary aoul. The palm
of poverty and pollution had been nlaeed heavily up
on tier, and she was a banned ami broken being. ?
Petticoats, or under garments of any kind, condition,
or character* she evidently had not; her sole attire
consisting of a cream eolored calico frock, drawn in
atthe waist byastring of the same matcri.il? the
only ornament to hsr head being an old cotton hand
kerchief, like Joseph's coat, of many eolors, and so
abounding in h"les, that her heavy, tangled, and mat
ted hair si raved in undisguised profusion, or confu
sion, rlown a neck that once might hare been white,
but which was now evidently unwashed. This libel
on the lovely sex, was charged by her accuser with
'decaying decent women from happy homes to haunts
of infamy,' and was remanded, for her manifold
Mnrfrartt T "homar, was the oldest, most meddle
wme, ?nd ill-favored of the five. She said she was a
woman, svery inch and atom of her. and she would
prove it to the perfect satisfaction of the police before
she had done with tfcem ; and she did prove it before
she left Mr. Lownds' presence ; if pertiaacity, piquan
cy, provok in t perseverance, and a powerful and perpe
tual play of the tongue, prove any thing. She waa an
orphan, and what was worse, a widow. She had own
ed a store for 24 yMrs, (so said her statement) at the
corner of Fast Broad wav and Market streets, which
W?" [n ^ourt ?f Chancery, out of repair, and
which it was out of her power to procure possession
of-so she left it te the Ood of Heaven (her own
words), to take it from between the teeth of the law
yers-and she got drunk and drummed up recruits to I
drive the present denizens om of it, and she hoped to
be driven out of time into eternity, rather than be
forced to forego
" Tbe measure of her r eat mesfe."
She vc as clapped into Bridewtil for the purpose of
being cooled down, below fever heat.
A Mish Sornh Something, with a pretty set of fea
tures and a passable sot of apparel was charged with
?' Watching the stars ri?.e through the <ilei<t nij^lii,'*
lyin<i, like Fergi-.non the astronomer, upon the br<??.i
of lwr back, m Broadway, when she should have
been in her bed. Whilst her temporary commitment
was being filled up, a well dreoseu, well-looking "jol
ly young waterman," or, ruvhtt, (>v.\miyman, bVood
bolt upr ?ht at the bar ond bagged a hearing.
Mm r. Wiiat do you wain ?
Sail,);. This youn^ hooaiun.
Ma :. I.? f he your wife
Sailor. No? not exactly ? but I tuck her to keep
her as a kind of w.fo for a little while? hut it seems
she dot s' nt like to be a decent woman, and so ?
Mng. And so we must try and make her one. Vou
can go about vour business and *.!?<; tan :;o to liridc
A decently dressed young ? rl, with a penetrating
pair of blue eyes, cheeks of crimson color, and teeth
of unrivalled whiteness, walked sideways to t tie liar
to answer to the name of Jam Johnson. She was
ashamed to be seen there ? had never been there be
fore ? would never be any more ? wruld not tell the
whereabout;! of her parents or place of resi Jcnce ? but
tittered tremendously .111 being tanked to do so.
3/air. Do you think being brought to the watch
house so amusing a matter bs to make yon laugh.
Pris. It seems to yive a Binfcular sensation, and it's
u way 1 have always to laugh when 1 have tingulur
IM'iir. How cauie you strolling the streets after mid
Pris. From so many nixed motives that you will
not believe halfof them if 1 tell yuu.
Ma'/. Then I shall commit you until you do tell
me something more of yourself and your pursuits.
And the doors of Bridewell were closed upon her,
and the doors of the police ofiice closed upon us.
amends to diseases or the
The Eye examined, ami Spectacles adapted to suit the par
ticular detect.
Hour* of consultation from 11 to 4 o'clock, at the ottice, 303
Broadw ay.
IZT Private entrance in Duane street. au28-tf
Vanilla Cream Canity,
No. 35 Bowery,
nul9-3m* Next door to the Zoological Institute.
? J and Counsellor at Law, Ciinton llall. No. -> Beekiuaa sl,
opposite t',e Brick Church door, city of New York, Illinois,
Mississippi, Arkansas, Military Bounty, General Land office it
We-tern Agency.
Patent* obtained and titles perfected for soldiers or th>'lr heirs
either. 1st ? Revolutionary. 8d? Laie War. 3d ? Cnnadica
Volonteers. 4th? English refugees from the United Stains to
Canr.d ? and Nova Scotia. Ath ? Deserters troni tlie British ar
my, ?r the heirs in all die above ease*, titli? ' Titles to lands
forfeited for nnn payment of tax, reclaimed. 7th ? Heirs under
age entitled to I mds sold for taxes. cth ? Those who parted
with tbeir discharges, warrants, or titles, before the patent* i?
??ed can reclaim toe same. 9a ? Lands In the several states
?nd territories in l he Uaited Si# tes, Canada, Nova Scotia, and
Texas, bought and sold, or exchanged, taxes paid an 1 title* in
vestigated, obtained, and perfected, on application in this of
Postmavtrrs throughout the United Slates, and other gentle
men f?rwa,.ii?ig any oflhe atiove claims, and acting as agents
in their several sections of country, will he entitled to 23 per Ct
on all commission*. Cqomiimcmmim post paid.
O- Valuable farmiue land for sale in the stale cr Illinois ?
3<>0 quarter section* of t in acre-, ench, In parcels from ">0 to K'JO
?ere- situated Hear towns and otherwise. Also, in MHunnri li
Ari.iiiMts. d3U-y
S AXON' UifcMKnV FOa 8 * IT RRBliMr
Staten Island, nu<z. 12, 1837.
To Messrs. A. B. k D. Band* ? 1 Tnis is to certify that my wife
wai <1 n long time ? itli the Mali Ithcam very srverely 1 ti
ll ed, causing her -n much pain Rn<l distress as |i? destroy her
real at night, and by the recommendation of our physician, J)r.
Ilarriaon, I applied to you tar n twi* of vour "Remedy forfait
Rheum," and a bottle of your N< rup of BarsapariUa, wlif-ii I
am thankful to sav has performed au entire ami perfect cure in
aliout three week* tim<\ 1 would not myself In finite out ino
nent to pay you $IOd lor yotir inedirine If that wn your price,
?ml ?lie should be in the name situation again. I can therefore
confidently recommend your "Remedy" to all who arethtis af
flicted, and believe all will Hhtain sinidar relief. Vours truly,
We have received nameroa* verbal testimonials similar to
the above, and in every instance where tlie medicine has been
u-ed, as lar ns we have lieea able to ascertain, the retail has
been the same; vii: a perfect care.
As an evidence of the e? timet! in in which It is held, we have
the satisfaction to MiMe that no l'*? than 300 l>oxes neve been
aold within tlit last three we ks. The price is bat SI. I'repar
ed and sold by A. B. A. P. SANDS,
jy29-3m* Iff Fulton, Corner of William st.
?? Joseph Oil lot t 'a <? ?? kg iirntcil Halcnl ?l.I**u
Jarnted Metallic Pen."
OSRPfi BlLL'VIT begs to inform the poblia, thnt he
is constantly receiving from Ins aanaJhctery, in Blrming
ham, a regular supply ol his hio-; approved Metallic Pen*?
The Stock On band offers the be?t avoriment In the Unite*!
Hlates. nod of warranted Rood quality ? amongst which may be
iound bis
"Patent Magnora Bouum Commercial Pen,"
" Original I'.itentMlip Pea,"
"Original Patent Ladies' IVn,"
" Double Damascus Barrel," " l,tinnr?," " Pernviarl," "New
York Fountain," and " Dam.ixu* Pens,'' put ap in a variety o
styles? vit.: on rards of one d>uen each, with rosewood and al
bata holder* : in l>e*es of one dozen each, with holders; in mo
rocco case*. shell botes ami morocco cards.
" Albata Kverpornt, nod Pen and Kverisimt Pencils."
from the well merited ami aniversal r.elebity of ike altove
Pens, as attested by the whole mercantile community in Kurope
and the United Mlau*?, several unprmt p(ed uiakers nave endea
vored to on pose u|>?ii the public, by n spurious imitation, par
porting to In* the original "Joseph Qillwtl's Patent," bat which
?re utterly worthless, and entirely destitute of those qualities
r-ouisite to fine wr.iior, which have established such an unpn
ralled demand for the original pen, in every country where It
1s known ! !
The public are hereby cauUnedlo b* r tl . r gaard
against these roantrrf- its j they may lie readily dst rted bf
tbeir unfinished rppearan< e,aiid by the inferior style in which
they are sent into the market, in their attempt to un pose upon
the unwary.
Kacti gross of the pennine pen i? enveloped in a neatly print
ed wrapjwr, descriptive of tVe article it contain*.
Further to guard against the Iraad, the public will please to
observe that the genuine pens I war one of the follow ing mark*,
always reading irom the poiatof tlie pent
Joseph Jo?.eph Joseph
Gillott't Oillotfs Cliliott
Patent Warranted. Maker.
The above mav be had at his Wareliouse, No. WW Beekman
steret, one door We low Pearl, New York. Jyll-Sm*
These Baths are an improvement on those of Mr. Whit law,
whose wonderful ceres baee estiblished the character of the
Vapor Bath as the moat powerful sutilisry in medical practice
?and t?r Jacbm'towa practice la ikm every variety ef
dis? ase has been eqaaiiy successful. A few of the specific ef
fvcts of Ihe medicated vapor baths ? to remove the effects of
mercury from the system m*v relieve difficulty of breathing,
and hence care astluna and other diseases ot the cheat and longs
? to give strength to tlie stomach, tri the digestive organs, and
cere dyspepsia end its consequent dt-urder?; to cure a' nte sad
chronic inflammation ; us promote the peeling of armfuious and
chronic nicer*, and remote rheumatic pains ami feelings from
the Joints; to promote the absorption of Uropsicnl humours; to
cere gout in all its form* in leas time than ony other agent hith
erto used.
Also, all kinds of eruptive diseases, Krysipelas. or St. Antho
ny's Fire, Malt Rheum, Mcrofuinas Eruptions, he. It hessdes
relieves exhaustion and fatigae, raises the spirits, traaqoHltes
nervous irritation, and increases the appetite.
For the tratb of these assertions. Dr. J. appeals with confi
dence to the hundreds who have teateri their curative power.
These baths are believed to lie the only one* in operation In
this conntry ander the direction of a regular phyairi an. Ills
nrwper to mention that they bear no resemblance whatever to
Un>.e employed In the Thompaonian practice.
Visitors can have a bath et five minute's notice, from eight
o'clock, A. M.,to II P. M.
A female always la attendance to wait upon Ladies at fee
BY, No. 1 Ann st., under the American Museum, and No.
12 Peck *lip.? PR. KVANH continues to be consulted as nsaai
confidentially at the above offices, lias noconnection wllii any
other office in thia city or out of IL The success attending
his peculiar treatment in all diseases at a delicate natare, and
particularly those complicated cases of Syphiltic and Mercuri
al affections, Which hove baffled the inetperienaed medical
men and quacks, enables him to offer a guarantee inall case*.
Da. K vans has confined hims^f to this part of his profession
for upwards of forty years. Hcnce the immense advantage to
be derived In consul ling at his offices. au.S-3m
11 % l<M. oa JRLLY or IC BLAND MoflT
II This article, an celebrated in c#>ughs and diseases of the
cheat, prepared hrom the best Moss, and containing no inleri
noa or foreign admlttare, eonstnntly on hand end for sale by
jfn L/AMOUtkAUX k CO., No. JTT Broadway.
MTO IiKI*? the upper part of a good three story
house situate J it> the upper part ot fire?#witl> street, to
a small family. Il would t>e let at n very low rent, or
tlie whole house wouhl be let, and a small family occupying
tl>e Inwrr part of the house wouU board with them. 4" ? >r par
1. 1 ; l.i r- apply al Broadway, between die hoars ol 9 and 1.
U(io,U 'HI L. K']'. A furnished lodging mom to
let, with breakfast, il requited. Apply at 130 N*?<tu st.
?l U"
i?A Hi'TKL b'l) L ^ ~ UU JUlCA Tb? M,"v
3 foarstnry Brick BuildiiiK at S rnth Ferry, Brooklyn.
???"? T'?e Long hland Hail Koad Car* arrive and depart
from the daor three time* every day, which makes this a great
thoroughfare. For particulars enquire of
A. C AMPBs.Ll.. No. 38 Broad st. N. Y.
The first story of this house would make two handsome
store ? the remainder would make a i b./aruing hatine.
Also to let cheap, several work sL'/;).-. r.u 2' lilt'
?J''? LK I'-SO W V1KU S ' .-A GOOD
;ltj CHANCE. ? The Bar, ( ffee Ki.oin an I lie ctor\ . .No.
?*fa.rai Water -treet, connected villi ti e Pearl Street Hou?e.
The Furniture, Fixtures and Stores in complete order Apply
at !)|e S.i'rntii Pe.nl itua-e. au22-lm*
Jr \ TO > 1?T.? '? ne uri|>er part ol a small i wo story
house, No. 4 Peck Slip, suitable Ibruil oihce. for <"*n ar
1 ist, land ajrent, or any li'rht busine- , or for a man and
his wife. No family with children need apply. ileni$150. ?
Possession immediately,
(ET There will be no other family in the house, the lower part
belnff a medical frtlice. au 2-y
AT BIO A A lt *41 ? js\"iwi hOV. KI{V,i?oi1ered
for sale lis handsome Hats for $3, us - ; u v ever offered to
the public ? li*f lit aud durable ? warranted oniur bodies
and water proof. s3 8m"
'fHKVAlii., MTOWDAa i ? Cll<) Au. M
^ aa Courtlandt street, beg to i :!i r.n tt10trn.de that tl:-y iii-se
?*>".? removed from No. fi CaurtlatuU ? vveev '.otrse a:.ove larcr
and elegant new store, where they have on bxnd, and ar? coii
sumiy receiving, tresh supplies of llaiters' Plush and Trim
a1k>, fancy colored Plashes, for ladies' bonneu, wh.ch ihey
will tell on accommodating terms.
llau, (^aps, Stocks, and Stock Frames, at wholesale. *12-y
t \?w* sw. fo.'s o-;i. i?ui< k is vr
cwA STOKE. ? The sulMcriber*. since the year I8:M, luve
?*? Saniied at furnishing the public with a:i t ier ant ami sub
nan ialMAT of the most ifraci ful form, at the ae or.iniwoatm.j
price of 4>3. They cuu bow say that their efToru have beeti
crowned with triumphant success. The Hats maMtrfaciured
by them during the last three months, surpass In beuuiy and
fnish any heretofore offered, end stand pre-eminent among
those of fiigher price*, worn by the fashionable w orhl. To their
patrons they would say ? the quality, as Iar as may be, n uni
form ? the price moderate and fixed ? the profit small, and all
the sales fur cash. 178 Ckatham Square, cor. Matt st.
myl9-y BKOWN 4 CO.
jfljf Short napped and plain Beavers, possessing all the re*
quisites of the most costly, at the reduced price of $4.2->.
? The subscriber, after nine years practical experience
in nil the branches of his business, having established himself
in trade, now oilers to his friends aud the fashionable comuiu
nity, at his Hales Uooni, No. d Hanover street, opposite the Rx
change, a superior naaortnient of lints of everv variety ol nap
from the medium to the plain, which, in point of economy,
style of finish, and fashionable appearance, stand unrivalled. ?
lie intend* vending his hats al llie lived and unalterable price
of cents, and as the price is n greatly reduced, it pre*
eludes the possibility of selling unless tor cash on delivery ; as
they are equal in every respect to nny sold in the city at $.i. ?
As the subscriber has made aotne new and useful improve
ments in the manufacture of hi-- hat bodies, which cause them
to retain their original shave and color, and their being ex
tremely li^ht and durable, weighing from .r> to <i oxs., and as
he fears no rival in the department of taste, lie hopes his efforts
w ill meet w itli that success they so justly merit ; and as he will
direct hi? attention t?* this style ol hats only, lie feels confident
in producing the most economical; fashionable, and durable
hat that is now offered tor the examination of a discerning com
Arrangements have been made for the reception of the Lon
don and Paris fashions, immediately on their introduction
among the fashionable* of those cities.
KOWF, it CO., No. 3 Hanover st..
between Wall and Beaver ?L, directly opposite the Kxcba nge.
"iT NfiTW AM n MP It O V E D ?T v 'j 6 V
KY, Inte of the well known establishment of l,eary k
Co., ami C. St. John, would respe tfnllr inform our
friends and Ike public that we have opened n llat tstablbb
mrnt I'M Br?adwny, and we flatter enr-elves that after many
years 0B|>erience in the business, we have arrived at perfection
in the art of manufacturing ll^ts \V> fi-el perfectly confidi nt
that the new style of MefTium Nap Reaver lints, w ith imprr>*
ved coloring, which we now filler tor sale, will reader our es
tablishment unrivalled, and enrol it first on the list of taste and
i i-hittn. We tear no rnral In the departmeol 'it tastff, M there
Huti have l?een inspected by some of the first judges in this
city, who pronounce them to be superior to any ever offered
'or sale in this country, at the reduced price of five dollars. It
is a style of llat that has lon^ been wanting in the department
of taste, and wl ich for many vears has employed the minds and
taxed the ingenuity of many of our first ^Manufacturers, but m
The subscriber* have made arrangements with seme of the
first manufacturers in London and Paris to receive the latest
fashions without delay. We also offer forsale at our emporium
of standard fashion for the season, a splendid Slusrt Nap Silk
Hal. of the latest I'a isiau style and fashion, made iu imitation
of llenver Nap.
N. B. Having had experience for many years in the celebra
ted house of C. St. John, we feel ourselves perfectlv compe
tent tw produce the most splendid Chaopeau anil Military cap
on the most reasonable terms ?nd at the shortest notice, with
all the necessary alterations that taste mav require.
THOU \ FLE1THY, I'M Broadway,
?8 lin* opposite franklin llonte.
Ill M IV*
1> I RD late InmMi to, nail for many year* connected with
it Me**r*. I.KAItY 4t <30., after th- moat (ucce?*fal
nencein all the branche* of hi* bu-ine*,, I nvieg established
liim*eM in trade, now oflVr* to hi* friend*, at in, ?ale* room, No.
U iNwsn *trect, corner of Pine, a *np?rior assortment of Hat*
of every variety ?f nap, ftorn the medium to llw plain, which,
ln*tyle of model, mnvrml and finish, ili l??- fhund unrivalled.
Hp intend* to tell at $3 na/jr, and, by dnectintr hi* whole car*
and attention to that single <iyle, m cmUrntW producing an
*mrlr withnot any superior, mid fa?hinn and utility bavintr ew
tahlished this quality h* well for economy and elegance a* du
rability, lie derm* it anobviousndvaritage to the public to COM*
tiae ami eleganr? as durability, k?- deem* it an nliviou* advan
lave to the public to conline hi* effiiri* m one pin pose Instead
m inakiitr etptrlmentain variety. Fearing no rival in the dr
Bart meat ofuste, he in wilting to entrust hlm*e|f III competition
with any ealabliihmeitt iu producing tbi* article.
lie In* made arrangement! for the London and Pari* faiih
Inn* with Mime of the beat hoooM in those citie*, and will always
he first in the market witli the nrw standm! established by
foreign tJiste. BIUO. 13 Na??au, roi ner of Pine street.
HOAP i* prepared lr?nn bfMliftll <?otic?, and warranted per*
fectly innocent It completely eradicate-. t?n, freckle*, pimple*,
?pot*; redne*^ and all cutaiieou* eruption*; gradually realise*
a f lear ?oft -kin; transforms even the nio?t ?allow com pie x
ion* into radiant whitene**, imparting to it a lieautiful juve
mle bloona.
Gentlemen, after khiving, will find it allay the irritability
and smarting pain, and reader the skin ?mooth and plri*ant
For tale wholrsal* and retail by A. Underbill, 81 Beekmwi
*t.,Coni? rof William; Dr. Ilart, corner o| ilmadway and Cham
b? r* *t. Dr. Myme, Bowery, corner Walker at.; D. McheifTelln,
114 Caaal n., corner Lawrence ?t . au*3Mm
1 removing the blue from Move bar* without if\jury to tlie po
lish, and for <? lean in* braaa, copper, pewter, tin, kc. with half
the tsual labor.
The 4bove liquid not only restore* the poH?h to ?teel that ha*
been e*po?ed to the action of fire, Wot speedily remove* all
?tain* or ru*t from dead ground *tove* and fender*, brans, enp
per, Bnianam metal and pewter, are cleanaed by It with the
f;reatr*t eipedition. To block tin . I, ?h cover* that have tieen
n one for year* it give* tlie polish or new one*, It rern??e*
grease, ink ?p*i?, or aay atain* from paiat with the great?*! fa
cility and without iiv)ury to the rotor.
Bra** lacquered furniture will retain it* original hriUiancy if
occasionally cleaned by it. For *ale hy i
Je?-; NATIMN B . ORAHAM. ? N??*D-st.ror Pulton.|
N?W v oit k. UfV Bu rangI and
TRUST COMPANY.? Per*ona may iftet iaearanoea
with thi* Company oa their own live*, or the Uvea of other*,
and either ffor the whole doraUoa of life, or for a limited peri
od. The payateMi of premiam may be either made annaally,
or In a _rr"s* mm.
rreminiua en One Hundred Dollars H?r Ona Year.
Afe. * yew- 1 7r*r- Age. I year. Age. 1 y.
K ? it 2fi 1 07 M 1 48 ? IN
|.f ? n 27 1 12 !W 1 57 SI I ft
N e*4 S ISA 40 l<D ?3 2 12
17 DM 23 1 21 41 I 7* M I It
IS 0 W 30 I 31 42 l? 54 ? I*
It n <K? 31 1 32 43 in 55 S SS
an OH 32 1 33 44 1 ?? M J 47
SI ? 92 33 ' 1 34 O I 91 57 S 7*
SS 34 I 33 Pi I +i M S 14
SB 987 35 1311 47 ltt MJ ? 87
24 0 *? 3t 1 39 4fl 194 ?rt 4 35
? IM 37 1 43 49 1 95
Money will he received in depoaii h> the Company, and h<
Hi tnm, apon which Interest wHI he allowed a* fWUowt :
U pon any nun over flon, irredeemaWe for 1 year,
44 per cent.
" - - |M " tor 5 moa, 4 pi
H m " Iijo "for * mo*, 3 p<
Wm. Bard. Samoel TWompaon,
Thoa. W. l,adlow, l*aae Bro?*on,
Wm. B. Lawrence, Peter Rem*en,
Jacob Ixtriiiard, Htephen W arrow,
John Doer, Jamea Kent,
Peter Harmony, Nath'l Prime,
B. Van Renmetlaer, N. Devereaa*.
John (?. C#*'*r, Benj. R newer,
Tho*. Bu/Tern, C. W. Lawrence,
H. C. De Rhara, Jonathan Owodhae,
Jamea He Bride, John Rathhone, Jr.
, P. U. Btuyve*aiit, Tbaa. J. Oakley,
Htephen Whitney, John J. Aator,
John Maaoa, OoHaa C. VtrfUmt*
B#^' U #WWM. RARO, flilil
LA W1COUL. Riarataii j
?. ATlwi.PhydHan taHhe
IW'-IM U>KD PASNV.i VI <?*? J,|?
vQPft N KKPfMiL. ? The new packet ship WKS'i'CHES
TER, Capt. Ferris, w ill lie leaving Liverpool 1st Octo
ber. Those desirous of sending fiw their friend*, can now d<?
?<>t>v this well ch< sen conve\ ance. Cabin passage. $100 or
L-" ; srcond cabin, jjt?n or jC4 ! steerage, 1 6 (>r ju*- Thi*
packet >tnp iK well known in this jxnt if be one of li e li.md
'""""'t ?liip>, t, ui It lor tlif Liverpool trade, being constructed
<111 a new Hun, tor the >m lor t I > 1 ?* convenience of puss?-iiger*.
Apply to 165 South street.
" ll'iCIIK. BBOTHEMS k Co.
Ko?t lj . V i tt ij,~ The very tinu ufw
" Gardner
... ? ? u<-woi..--li?' ?erv r
CITS I""'14'"1 ship SARAII V AUSAI.IA, Capt. J. L.
~ ? * '?burthen U00 tons, cnppei i ; mil cop pel lilt eM(it Itot
sailer, ami is in nil reflect* a lir-t rate conveyance tor t're.ght
anil pa ??senjrer-. This ship w.ll lie lilted *pi??iU|)frior4iyif.
lir*t cabin excellent turm>lu?l actomnKKlationi; second cabin
will lie constructed on a new plan for comfort ami ease jor
respectable paisengers. Steerage ac< oiitnmilmion superior f>
any packet iihip in (M-ri . only require* inspection u> be con
vinced? laysat pier lu Kan ftiver. Drnfu asr.Mialan Roy
al Hank of Irelaml or HiTerei.'iis. Abo po?t unto payable at
?o "hi in any part of Ireland. Apply to H?1 Son h street.
?4 dtOl ROCHE, i;.;ii i'iiKHS v CO.
i,-t . fi'Oii S Jt. OK^KAN's ? To sa d with de?
<<$?% patch.? Tlie verv fine copper* i eopj - r lasteneil
J3?St>hi]i MATAK ESSETT, Josl is Drew
.u\??ter, register
401 torn . ligld drafl of water, awl >e towi it up th Missis*
sippiliy steamboat, will lie puoctu. '1 _ despatched -,i. ,ili
... . . litiove , it
in nil respect* a first rate cottvevnnce lor freight. For which or
parage, having i xcellent furm-Jied accommodation* m cabui
and steerage, apply to 105 South st.
N. II. Go?ds rorwnrded from thr country lothesul.*. ri'wrt
w ill lie punctually attended to and shipped free ofcoimi i?M<>n.
>2 1 in
.. ? - ; VI i. KO \1> I.J \K P1MB Ko.h.
AfFM ?*_. OKNCK? The steamboat LEXINGTON.
Captain Vandcrhllt, will leave from pi?r No. 3 N. R. fool of
Mortis strei t, on Friday ufternoou, Hept 15, at 6 o'clock.
Passengers for Boston w ill he forwarded in the ra 1 roud cars
iinineoiatrly on 1 1 ? arrival of the LEXINGTON.
Freight for Boston forwarded without deiav.
For furtliei information inquire on board, nr of
D. ?. ALLEN, 169Hoat?i?t.
N. B. All persons are forbid trustinj; any one on ao otint of
the above boat or owner. ?l?-4t
^ "i* POK A b Ua N % .
Tir-iAf-'-ii' From the f.^it nl' Barclay Street.? The
jjrjRMwMB CHAMPLAIN, on Tuesday, Taur- lay and
Saturday morning, at 7 o'clock.
F roni the fool ol Cortlandt utreet.
The SWALLOW this afternoon, at 5 r/cfoek.
The NOIITII AAIKKICA tomorrow alternon, at Sa'clock.
NOTICE.? All goodl, freight, haj-f-at'e, bank bHl?. *pACM?
or any oiler kind of property, taken, "-hipped, or pot on bnard
the boats of linn line, muhi lie attherisk ol Uie owner* of aneli
voods, freight, baggage, kc. 112
? Frmn tlie fo?t ot Markelfiehl street, Butte
?rv Place. North River, atfto'rlock.
T leltlldDK ISLAND will leave this afternoon, at 5 o'clock.
Tlie NARUAGANSETT will leave tomorrow aflernooit
at 5 o'clock.
h reifht not received on board alter i < 'clock, P. M.
Pnwenyer, tor Boston will take the Rail Road Cars at Provf.
denc? iinniediately on their arrival. See " Monthly Arrange
mfn?." ?12
5 ?v FOK IIARTPRUJU the iteam
boal CLEOPATRA, Capi. Reynolds, will
li-avp from Peck Slip. E.K every Tuesuay,
Thurpdav and Saturdav afternoon, at 5 o clock.
FOR SAG IIAKBOR.? Thv steamboat CLIFTON will be
in readiness on arrival of the Cleopatra at I^ynie, to couvey
passensfer* to Satflmrbor wiUioutdelay. Fare through $3.
Fare to New LoiiUon, Stapes will leave Lyme (Bacon's
Landing,) immediately on the arrival of the Cleojtalra.
For further information, inquire on lioard, or of
D. B. ALLEN, 1G9 Sutub at.
N. B.? All persons are forbid trastin|{ any oueon accoant of
the above boat or owner*.
N, B. The Sag-Hitrbour trip on Thursday, September 14lh?
will lie omitted in consequence of different arraneements on
that day. It will he ri ruined on Saturday, ihe 16ili, a- u>uai.
y r ' ?- VORK.? The steamboat ORANGE, Captaia
MensncNIa Frost, wilt continue her regular tntni frrnu
Pi i'kskill lo New York on Mondays, Wednesday* anil Friday*
at 10 o'clock, A. M.j Croten at II o'clock; Sinj Miagatll|aF?
clock; and Tarrytown at 12 o'clock, (noon,) landing at the In*
U-rniediate places.
Returning', leitre New York Tuesdays, Thursday* and Snnr
Javs, at 1 o'clock, P. M., landing at the old State IVimhi wharf.
For freight or passage, spply to the captain on board, or to
S. W. Barney, corner of Chamber* and West I*., and to
CROOK U FOWKS, cor. West and Liberty *t*.
Peekskill, Autf. 21, ' 17. laWlB
SINO SING.? The stenmbont ORANGE*
?t'apt. Frost, will leave New York, toot ??
Chamber* stre'-iat 1 P. M. ? returning IraveSlii;^ Sin" at #1 A
M. for New York. *4
A u'""d Steain Kn|(ine, suitable for a Boat
'from ton to 500 ions, or a Ixsit with engine,
equipments, ke. Apply to S. CARD,
?<?. 1 w ' ljfl Broad st.
(Vin Newport and Providence.)
Fr?m New York.
? ?
Rhode Island,
M av*<h
? *
Rhode Mand,
Mawni liuvtu,
Rhode Mind,
? ?
Rhode KIhiiiI,
? ?
Rhode Inland,
Monday, 4th,
Tuesday, 5?h,
Wednesday, (ilk,
Thursday, 7th,
Friday, Vth,
Saturday, 9th,
Monday, 11th,
Tuesday, Uth,
Wntaralay, l.ith.
Thursday, I Ith,
Fddav, 15th,
Maturday, inih,
Monday, llth,
Tuesday. 10th,
Wednexlay, ^Oth,
Thuradav, 24m,
Friday, 3M,
Nuturday, 13d,
From I'rovtUmm.
Ma>u< httwuv
Rhode liiaad.
Rhode Island.
Rhode IdamL
Ma**ai l.u- iu.
Rhode Inland.
? #
Rhode laland.
N arragoasett.
* * Monday, 2Mb,
Rhode Inland, Tuesday, JRth,
Narragansetl, Wednesday, 27th,
M assachusetu, Thursday, 2Hth
? * Friday, JWh.
Rho?|e Inland, Saturday, Jtnh,
Passengers for Boaton will take the Rail Road Car* at fiwW
dence immediately on their arrival.
iJ.r All Merahamtiae, Hpecie, and Bacgag*" ? ?' the risk of lb*
owncru thereof. t4
EaS sS @53
WU ?rTV n u
Oa and after lite M of .Mcptember, the Cars will be despatched
aa follow,. * 1 1 1
Leave Hirksville. I l/cave Jamaica, I Leave InnUya,
o'cl?rh, A. M. I 8J o'clock, A. M. I M o'clock, A ML
F. M. | Si ? f. M. I it - F. ML
Passengers will he received and left at the following plaea%
ell: t'arle Place, Clowesvtlle, De Lane v A veaae, Cofinectini
Avenue, Pennsylvania Avenue, Itfl Bedfaed.
Tickets can be had al Uie various office*.
lake wmta without them, will becharged one third I
|?(Mitl)l>(. ANii DAl MlHttUL rOR
NEWTON have removed their ?? hool from tbe city to dw?
pleasaat and (lourtahing villa|(e of Writ Farms, Weatclieatcr
They have selected thia l<w ation, not oidy la conseqarnce o
Ita proverbial health, but of Its proximity ta lha city, the dis
tance not exceeding eleven mi lea. The hotw |a larre, airy,
and well adapted lor soch an inatitution.
They are now prepared Us receive young Ladles an hoartero
or day scholars, and they aaaare their friends and die rmbttc,
thai nothing shall lie wanting on their part to adbrt every fo
cttltvol instruction ami improvement to their pup iia. tadtt
qualify tlieni, hv a liberal and accomplished eduratkm, for Um
resperta.de walks of life.
Tuition comprises a complete English coarse, aayeradded to
which are taught the French. Italian, and Spanish language*.
Masla, Drawing, and Dancinif. if required.
Highly respectable references will of raurae In- given ta pa
rents or guardians. If application bemada either personally aft
the village, or by letter directed to the post oAre, We* Farm*
TO ROI TII kii>m r ITA M?*H * bmLd
ERA ?The New York (Jranite Oompanv respectfully in
vite yout atteatlon W samples of Granite lrr>m their Uuarrtea.
which may be <*???* at W?r office. No. * Heekman *
This Clniait. Is of very superior ?taality. helnr p?ro. and
free from forrirn substances. lu eoMpment naru are Mend
ed in such perfect proportions an to render It fern destractihl^
and lew liaMe to dec a# or i*var* from axposnre, wldte sanxa
mtive experiments have prote<l that h splits and dreaaes witlk
case and less waste, than any other nnw in the market.
It j? (.( a lieautiful color, being darker than the llallo well and
lighter than the Qnincy ; and, taking Into connection its ?ob.fl
ty, durability, and comparative cbeapoeas. it will be foanA
well worthy the attention nf aapitalists and batlder*.
Having several thousaad tona now qna tried, the t'ompanp
are prepared to execute order* tn any extent at the 4>artatt
notice, and will contract far Itt delivery at lower j>nceati?a?
at her atone, ot even inferior quality, ran he oMriM for.
Order*, addressed to the Company, hoxTI. Wecbani*' R?
change, or to thair office, No. ? Heekman *<*91 meet pt mip%
attention. aul?-lm* EDWARD DOYLE, Ag ad.
?E?f Rtoc^wjjfte exchanged Je

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