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Tkaridtjri Oct. 8?6 P< M.
We had Tttninl* from several points tbu morning, all bear
ing ob the monetary and commercial movements of the city.
Tbe new* from Washington was rattier uaprepiuow? that
from England qnite fevorable.
Tbe p?sege ef tbe Hub-Treasury Scheme in tbe Senate is
aow oertain, and its success in tbe House begins to be proba
ble. There seem* to be a great apprehension of this new
scheme among ?ome few capitalists aad brokers? other* again
?re decidedly in its favor. One claw of thinkers believe that
the Sub-Treasury Scheme ought to be passed by O ngre*s, a*
lite nearest road to a national bank. To convince the govern
ment of returning directly from the state bank *y*tem to ? na
tional bank is given up in despair. The next best method is u?
encourage and aid the government in carrying their scheme
into practice, under the belief that it will, of iu ?w? accord,
produce the necessity of a great national bank, *'th its centre
ia New York and its sub-divisions from New Orleans to Boston.
Again? the news from England appear* t? lje highly favora
ble. The bullion in the bank of Kaglond is increasing inter
est is falling? cotton is ?teady? and aiJ 'he elements ot com
mercial industry abroad swa to be in lull operation. Oneol
the mart remarkable features in U>e present commercial con
dition of England is that of its c*rretscy and exchanges.
England and tbe United Stales both ccnduct tbeir vast mer
cantile operaUNni* through 'ke agenry o: a m.xrd currency?
but singularly enough it happens that in the form-r country
the government and ihe banks are in unison, and managed ae
according to system, wbil*- iu the latter, we have no general
system? a? scientific arrangements of the parts. Hence witb
fewer of the elements of a good snixtd currency than the
United States, England manages it wi h so much more skill as
to make a dellar in specie go as far again as we do in th* United
la another department of our paper will be found tbe quar
terly average* ef the tank of England. Taking ibis statement
ia connexion with a former ene, we are tarnished with the
following facts
1837. Limns. CtraulMian. Dtpoutt*. Sptete.
July 25, ?26.727, WW> J 8,261,000 l<Mi72.0(W 5.2*6,000
Aug. 22, 26.717,000 1B,462,0W 10,005,000 5,754, 00O
Prnm this table it will be remarked that the increase ef the spe
cie basisof the bank i* rapidly increasing. In January la?t, its
bullion amounted ts about ?1,100,000. In one month it has
as above, increased its specie i, 928,000? .ts circulation only
?301,0(0. The decrease of its deposit es may arise from the
additional demand made for investment* in pablie storks, or
for commercial purposes. U. ?. Bank >hares are quoted st
a price equivalent to 121 per cent of oar currency.
The position of the Bank ut England ia the monetary af
fairs of that coantry ie peculiar and extraordinary. It is the
great central point, where all the paper currencies, through
out the empire are made payable and redeemable. Tbe
private and joint stock banks of England, Wales, Scotland
ssd Ireland, redeem, mi in tpteU, but in papet of the
Bank of England. In Scotland there are multitudes of pri
vate banks? and probably about five or six incorporated
institutions. By the latest documents in our possession,
the aggregate issues of the Scottish hanks are nearly
?5, W0, 000 sterling, principally in small notes of one pound and
upwards. In Ireland, there is a number of associated and joint
stock banks, on the Engl ish system, which issue about ?6,000,
400 in notes of the same description. In England and Wales,
there are two descriptions of banks? the jointstock and the pri
vate banks. Ia December, 1836, the issues of the private baaks
were ?7, 753,000 ? and those of tbe joint stock ?4*238, 000.?
8ioce that period? between January and June, of this year
there was a contraction of ?1,000,000? but since the specie ef
Ihe Baiik of England began to increase, and confidence to be
restored, these banks have also begun to expand. It is
probable that their issues are now equal to what they were in
1830. Taking, therefore, from these cata, which are gathered
from papers and statements received by the recent arrivals, we
reach an exact statement of the monetary artairs of the wliole
British empire. These data, transferred into American cur
rency, may he stated thus :?
C rculatton. Spent.
1837. August Bank'of England, $ui,310,0?? $2^,770,(00
Private English bank*, 35,000,000
Joint Stock English bks. 25,00* ,000
Scotch banks 29,000,000
Irish banks, 35,000,000
tui,3io,oce t*, -no, too
By this statement it will be observed tint the iriimen?e paper
system of the British empire, e<iual, by their own showing , to
$211,310, Ml, U supported by the comparatively small specie
tea in of $28.? ,00ft. Atone period last year, during the great- j
est expansion* of tueir banking system, their issues were even
greater than these, and based on specie still Us* ui smoant. IT
we compare the operation of thu system with that of the United
Stales, we wilt be struck with astonishment at tUa lioancial sa
gacity and talents of the hankers and financiers across the wa
ter. By the Re|<ort n f |ha -y of .be Trf...;-y for IWh,
Hie aggregate circulatioa and s, . cie of the United States stand
thus, or nearly , . _
6 1 rctuotion. Sptrt t.
WO banks in the United States, $120,000, M* $40, 000, 000
?JOC banks of all MUtd* in the Bnti*k
Empire, 210,000,000 28,800,000
Siuce that period, only a few tmnks in England suspended
payments, bat avery bank in the United State* baa beea for
nonths in a state of insolvency.
This su^alar contrast in the management of the banking sys
tem* of the two eoaa trie* give* rise to varion* reflection* and in
clines. Why is it, that, with more specie la the aggregate aad
less paper, the banks of the Uaited State* have disgraced the
country and paralyzed 1U commerce f h a ruts toltlgfrim tkt
Ume*um6le /met Ami sur banker, mm d ear rtmUim en arc mere
lamferi andtimlnrt. Look even at Coagres*? east your eye upoa
th* bank*? examine Mr. Van Baren aad Mr. Bid die ? read Mr.
Calhoun and Mr. Webster? what see we, what bear we, bat a
constant succession of miserable sqaahbles and empty triaka.?
]n this country wa passe ss Hie elements of a solvent banking
system, and a healthy paper currency, in a far higher degree
than even Kngland does. We have specie in abandanee? we
hav? cotton equal to specie, hat we want the men and the sys
tem to orgaaixe it It is scattered over the whole country, when
It should tie at one point. In England, the whole corrency and
exchange* reat an a single basis, the Bank of England. Whenev
er a hank In any part of the empire cannot redeem its notes in
Bank of England paper, or give a bill on London, it is consid
er*'! insolvent, and i* abut up instantly. No specie is required
in the provincial hanks. The Bank of England carrcncy is
equivalent to specie in the empire. Accordingly the whole
specie basis ?f the British current y is concentrated on one
point and that point is London, as the great fortress of at
tack and defence agalaat the whole world. Mew York ought
to be to the United States what London is to the British em
pire, hut the ignorance, folly, and fanaticism of msr hankers
and politicians permit it not.
Ik* Stock Euhang*.
? JT. * C 111 in Lone Staid"* l% *7?
2?Del kHad, s j w Jfi .|e? b 3 ds *?J
?* _ _ '"J*- JJ * .fiBhraoa Ins. 91
? T- U 18 d* m O. Light Ch
30 Kentucky, XI fcrtp ' la
It Vicksburrb. 7.5 145 Sovereigns, & 10
VmiVOftm' U4S 'S* 122 f"-c piece*, loof
T. Ki?mn* ,S? 4600 ,u" S
? ottaaMarkat.
TMvasi>sv,Sept.s,?p. M.
The from Liverpool, arrived early this morning.
She brought us oar usual supply m< papara, together whh a let
?rr from cor Liverpool cottoo oarreapaadent, which w'll he
f found in Mr news columns. The totter published below we
have been permitted to use hy a highly respectable merchant
S of tl is s Ity. It represents the English market a< having been
j hi very flair demand, and ooo.es a farther advance on all qaa
lilins. Bnt other private letter* menttoa the fact, that owiag ia
the great falling of ia tbr demand Car twist aad yarns for the
Kuasiasi market, Uie present price* raaoot loaf ? ,T|, They
ma<t decline. It will he impossible fee them ta ftother ad
vamie. as the new crop of this cowtry will commence going
?ocwarti io a mor ih or six week* The sirxk an hand in Bo- I
gtand i* yet very large, say *?.*? hales egmast VKjm, which
shows an ei?? ss of Sfi, tM hale*.
Tbr increase in the expartof American cotton I rem Liverpool
this year over last is nearly X.w* balsa We give the follow
tor ^notations of American in Liverpool on the 3l*t August for j
th? year* JMI Ar,a * i . *
Sea JsUnd. 'J M a ?d.
Do. stained, 'V a 'P
Upland, * >i a 12
Aial*' m ?/*' Mantle ? a 1.1
Mr w Orleans, ,( a 1U|
n r It t see: u,.ii s* H e yeai IKM drew te a rio?e prices
materially advanced, and eera went imo IIWT. Bat lathe
saootli of February IMT7 they cammeaced on the decline aad
continued rapidly an their downward coarse aatii about the
1st of Aagast, whea they tlirhtiy recovered? bat aaly for a
Aort period. Cottoa holders in Fernamliace, Egypt, he. all!
forwaidttieir prapleiy!o Crest Br 'air wh^n they bear of
the imp rave meat. Our ia<t advices from the focmer mart am
tamed that the cotton merchants were only waiuag far anad
eaace in Rngtond. They aew have it and will accordiagly
Aip the supto. Thus the Bagl*h market will be glaita*
Ltvaarsmt., Sept 1st. IKTT.? The demaad for f attoa ia the
| ??erly part of this week was only ta amoderate extent, hat with
i tirr>. "teiuly marhef, ar>d - the last ll"> ?'nvi b*w I d
>a unproved demand, wlule thrrr haa bees ?' ' less ?ffer r
than Heretofore sn.l prlVe. base eor^eoi >-n?ly forlb?r ad^
vue.ed | a |. The tm movement n raa?ned ch-efly to qaal
Mesr^ngiaf jrom 6 to C|, wbicb have Seen most in reqnest.
The In* ifnaf'ties *tr s'.oot | higher, and in food and fine colter
fheer I* bot little improsenienl. f he sale* for the we?k etidfd
Vhise "fog, am.MMi .,ru? ?.f00hale,, ol wh, hRVflu-eHp
for!., .'f 1. 'C4 '>re-vn? at 4) a ?*~with? ?; t
Jmf. n *. 1107.
ia a*7d.
4 all
I s
Alaba. and Mobile at A a H, and 260 Sea I (land ai IS a It- Abotft
3900 bain bavc beca taken oh speculation, and the market
closed today with much firmness. The ituporu of cotton into
this port since tbe let January amounts to *>42,000 bates, against
796,000 la the first eight months of last year ? in the supply
from the United States, there is an increase of 52,000 bales.
The stock in Liverpool i? estimated at about aM.OOO against
JOi.OOO at the tame period last season ,? the stock of American is
about 190,000 bales, or rather les* than it was at that time.
Tbe following comparative view of tbe imports of cotton
into Great Britain trom the 1st of January to the 19th August,
1837, and of the imports for the same period last year? will
show the superiority that lb* American cottons have over all
other description*. It also shows to the reader at a glance the
immense trade that is done i* this staple between this country
and England.
American, C28.G59
kouth American, 94,104
West luuies, Demerara, &c. 3,623
East Indies, 1 IS, GJ I
Egypt, itc. 13.47U
Aggregate, number of bales ?'>6,575
The exports from all the other cotton growing countries ?
(with the single exception of Egypt) decreased? while the
trade from the United States increased. This lact alone must
convince every rea'onab!'- man, that the slocks lmve increased
in all these countiies. Therefore, when they commence ship
ping, it will glut the murket ?o much, that prices cannot ad
vance. We have made these remarks before. But must again
refer our readers to them, to guard ogair.it any premature pur
chase on their part.
It will be perceived that our remark-* are fully Itorne out by
the following letter from our Havre correspondent, received
this afternoon per the Erie : ?
Havre, August 25, 1?,S7.? Since our last respects of the 15th
inst. cottons have been in active ijemand, and the formerquota
lions have been firmly maintained, fstill no rise whatever can
he noted. Good middling quabliesapftear to have some chance
of moderate advance, as th?y are proportionately at cheaper
rates than low or choice sorts, but upon the whole, if appears to
us that more than steady prices are hardly to Iw anticipated for
one or two months with probably a decline afterwards, ? we
have favorable advices of the next crop. We cannot hut per
sist in the view * we have formerly expreued.
The last intelligence from Marseilles stated that the receipt*
of cotton into that mart from Morea (one of Ike Greek Islands)
w as increaxag, and that the stock on hand of that description
was estimated to be about 8,000 bales.
The Charleston market on the l?t inst., was rather firm for all
qualities of Uplands, and sales were made at? a He. New was
selling at 11 a I lie.
Sales in Boston for the week previous to the 3d inst. were at
10 a 14c.
The favorable intelligence received today rather increased
the demand for cotton in this market. Sales, however, indi
cated no improvement in prices. Nothing further to report of
the new crop.
6 95,230 1
84,121 i
907,426 :
General Markets.
Thcrsdat, Oct. 5, 6 P. M.
We have nothing a< w to rem at k in the flour market. Small
sales were made at $? a 8.25. The receipts have lieen rather
imalL The latter part of the day was very inclement. Messrs.
Austin a Co.'* dry goods sale passed ofl' well, considering every
thing. Auction transactions were small, viz. 17 pipes brandy
fl.01 a 1.03; MO kegs raisins $1.62} ; 10 baskets champagne
|4.75 a |6? cash
New Orleans, Sept 26, P. M.? Sugar? Prime, 5$ a 5J; in
fertor, 4 a 5, moderate demand. Molawses? On Levee, 25 a
26 cents ner gallon, sales; on plantation, 90 a 21c., small sales.
Pork ? Mets, 20 a 20 50; do M O 18 do, scarce; Prime, 17 do;
POIS. Bacon ? Hams, 10 ctf pi lb; canvassed 11 a 12 do,
Middlings, 104 a 11 do; Shoulders, 6 a da, limited rales.
Lard? Per Ik. 10 a 1 lc. according to quality. Beet'? Mess, $15
per bbl. 9 per 4 bbl, limited demand; prime, 10 dollars. ?
Lead ? Pig, 5c.; bar, 7a7Jc per lb. Tobacco? Pint quality,
H a 6c. per lb; second do. 34c. a 4 do; crossed.!} a 2} do, sales.
Freights ? Couon ? to Liverpool, }d per Hi; Havre, He; New
Tork, Jc. Tobacco ? to Cowes and a market per hhd, 50s 6d;
New York, per hhd, 96 a 6*
HtgK tfaUr . . . 12 28
Livery? l ?*'- Andrew, Thompson, - Sept 8
Orpheus, Burnley, . Sept. 16
Shakspeare, Collins, - Sept. 16
H&vrt. Formosa, Orne, ? ? Sept 1.
Silviede <Jra*?e, Widrrholat, Sept. 8.
Linda n. Sanisoo, St urges*, ? ? S?i?i. I
President, Chadwick, ? * Sept 10
packkthTto sail.
Ltvm-poal ? Oeorge Washington, ll'ddr><d^?', Oct 8
South America, Barstow, ? ' Ocl If!
Lcmdsn. Quebec, Heliard, ? ? Oct 10
Wellington, Chadwirk, - Oct 20
Havre.? ? ? Charlf Ri<-hard?on, ? Oct S.
ViMe de Lyon, Stoddard, - Oct- 10
Ships Hutlon, Berry, Charleston. George button; Ruber t
IsaiM', Thorp, Savannah, Taylor li .Merrill. Br. brig Billow,
Burgess, Windsor, N. S. Schr*. Willis Gallop, Partridge,
Edenton, N. 8., Regular, Mills, Wilmington, N. C.: Lark, (llr)
Curd, Windsor, N. S.; Rochester, Nichols, Boston; Mary, Deal,
Packet ship Erie, Funk, Havre, Aug. 28, with mdie to J no.
J. Boyd.
Par net ship England, Waite, Liverpool, Sept 4, with mdte
to C. II. Marshall.
Brig E. Pluribus Unum, Billings, I.uUec, II days, with plas
ter to W. C. Noye*.
Brig Minium, , Lubec, 6 days, with piaster to W. C.
Noyea. ?
Br. arhr. 1 ?dependence, Stevens, St Jolios, N. B. II days to
Schr. Mail, Lorine, Boston, 3 days, to master.
Schr. Alab*ma, Crowell, Bo- tr>n, 4 days, to master.
Schr. |.?"<ntiue,t'lapp, Hammond, A days, with nidie. to Al
len fc Pax son.
rtehr. Tuscarora, Beil, Birbmond, 4 days, with mdie. U> Al
len k Paxsoa.
Number of vessels, with their a ?"?nl of tonnage entered in.
wards, at the Custom House. I'mni the 25th July to the 24th
August 1837, vi* : 1064 vessels, 147,956 tan*. bHnuping to Ornat
BriUli. and 86 vessels, and 22,<M tons belonging to other
Vessels and tonnage entered tbe port of Liverpool for the
month* ending the 24th of Aug. 1836 and 1837.
1837 Liverpool ? 11*0 vessels,
Runcorn > 278 "
1P36 Liverpool ? - 125S vessels,
Runcorn ? 163 M
Mil jtntm
Increase, ? a 24061
Sept 5, o If Bardsey, /ndtptmdrmt, Nye, N. Tork for Livers
' the ?*f land, at this porL
pool? by tl
Sept. 17,
rpt. 17, lat 4<54, Ion. 35 40, .V?rtA Jmeriem, Ha sir, N. Yor
Liverpool? by the >.'??ild*d, at tLs nort
I iPor England, Waite.l
Liverpool, Sept 1.? Ar. St Ctoud, Colbum. New Orleans;
Man. McOikbnst, do.; Motan, Welsb, do ; Ritaoo, Dillon,
Chaneaton? Aug. 31st, ar. Tbosaaa Bennett, linage, Cbnrlaa
ton? Alb, Crown, New Yo' k, will sail again l?th;
Eliia Warwick, Welsh. New York; John Camming*, Theu
ger, Savannah, will soil again soon? en L outwards Aur. 31st,
Andrrw, Thompson, New York Sept. 0th; Caroline Auf us
ta. Bassett, do ? cTa outwards 80th, Tallahassee. Mean?, New
(Mean*; Bnttania, Clark, Savannah? ent. for Idg, 31st. Nor
man, Wood, Boston; Victoria. Candler, Charleston, via Perth
Amboy, will sail 2ld. A'gonquin, Turly, Philadelphia; Miclti
Ei, Stnrgea, New tMesns, will *ail 5th; Edinburgh, BrUtow,
; Arab, Marshal'. do .will ?nil 5th; Alfred Cheever.New
York; Oirard, Drinker, Philadelphia, will sail tth; Oov. Troop,
Miller, Savanna*;? 27th. sfd, Konobnssett, Da vies, Charleston
?Adv. 31 ?t, Orwell. tt?w, N? * ?ni. s>,.. OrmKtut. Bur?ley,
New York, Mih? /ndrpmdrnes, Nye, da, 24th; Clarissa An
drews, Thompson, do.
Conn, Aug. M? The Fredoma. Leach, frosn Liverpool, for
New York, which put into this port 6th leahy, has oeen con
Anrwritr, Aag. ?? Frerfer.ch Wilhelm, Folke, New York
? 3&th, Johanna, Ever*, do.; Tyre, Mcrier, do.
Bsr.stm, Aag. 29.? itlanuc, Gravy, New York? SIM, Co
"cowcTAtiso.-Washinftoo. Barneti, Now York, -ailed
"cliOB. Frsnces, RnlRth. New York.
Dm . Aug. 3B? SPd, losuen. Sturges. New Ynrk
Dannie, Aug. 1C? Henrietta, Claaaon, New York; Maa
^Lj'noait1 '^ar*. 22. Wilhaai, xtoober. New York, for
Stockholm *
Otnos, Aug. 29 -Adelaide. Cavarnard, New York.
H?mb?o>, Aug. 2I-Eebr?, Hahn, New York.
H?var, Aag 22- ?aii Fonck, New York; Sylnhide,
pnyjdier do ; Senegalan. Bloret. 0?*-21?t, d? Urmtv,
Trial, An*. ?t? Triton. Srhnr ng, New York.
Shim. os. Auf. M-Da*ie| Webster, Mansen, New Ynrk. |
Ramsoat?., Aug. New York. Watcher New York.
Rochdai.k, Aug. 29 ? Avenia. Bedovois, N'W York.
Pili.au, Ang 13? Frederick, Beck. New York.
Lwnoon. Aug. M - But toward. On f?n?. Hnttle^, New
York? 20th, Neptune, HJU, New York? /4tl . /'rrfidml, Chad
wick, do.
H?lvo*t, A?g M ? l>*Tr,anwottn, Pa ^kedrff, New York.
BntaTOL, #ct 1 ? Arr. Hainaei Burt N*w Vwrk. *1'^. Htpe,
Pitman, do. ?
Neweoar, Oct I ? Ar. Spartaa, Pre*bev,from Tsonton. for
? Midea, Dermis, New York, for Providences
crd.Teenmseh. CacaeiH .. New Ynrfci Rienrs, Heath, do.
,"fT2,1?." Oct3.? Ar. (hoctaw, Niclter^ra. Baltimore: Ahi
ra l k F.llta. Rye, New York; Hnd**,, Ry4,.r. do-, HpUndW,
Pattenon, do; Renown, Ixivell, 4+, cVd Victory AdaiM, do.
HARTroan,Oet 2 ? Ar. Lanra, Demlng, Mew York
JdM?!teLi v^^rtHTA?-ijrch'r'Ti>n,,',n Y?rk_
Ikoti do S c?'tweU, do.; Abrt.
BALTiainao, Oct 4.? Cl'd, Superior, Cummio?s New V<>rV
Rtcma.no, Oct 2- *r. JanTcurolin^ N^w
York? id, si" 4, Ann F.lin, "omen do. '
f HAat.esron.Oet 1.? Ar John C. Callmun. r??,
Vessels In port? Eh?a Orant, ? jPepg; Belvtdere timiev do
Thief, It Idredire, for Boston Idr. fWu, Farrh.m, from , Jrd fT,
Wsle? Giro ode, lf^ #MwSpbrf(ftir Havre, malting
1 ffnm rMviR'i, djMTi .ffififi T rnnfhiAn . b . ? ?
Lverpo-.. ?.* M,*rMic.
fun, Rrfiwn, for Nrw York ?t?r tmm r .
frrm VnNiir , dw, i f h^lt ADnlin-r frn m Pw 'sLIIHj
<W?l?*)d.*e C vkel, D.1VK (TOU, H(v.Wt, dir '
sie, M'Kown, from Liverpool, dug; tJup^rW, Fwb. do, do; Ckl
M, (Br) Larmour, do, do; Tkracian, Turner, l?r freight or
charter; Ar.son, Hinctdir, from Now Yoi ' ., dug; Cab*t, d?, do;
United Mate*, Turner, from Philadelphia, wle; Bwiuerund,
Hunt, for Havre, Idtj; Mancb*hier, llewitt, do, do; Calhoun, O'
Neill; for New York, Idg; Benjamin Morgan, Tubbi, from Li
verpool, di*j?; Georgian*, Gardner, trouj Antwerp, wl)f; Nim
md, Pentecost, froai Liverpool, wig; Ocean, Brier*, fordo, do; j
Francis, (Br) Manning, do, Up; *u*an, (Br) Humble, from
Marynort, tug; Mary Bernard, Beckwith, from New Orleans,
doj Elm, ICruse; Planter, .Smith, for New York, Idg; Polacre,
Ban Antonio, (tfp) Garrigo, for Wert lmliet, Idg; Young Ca*?i
miro, (Hp) Rtibeba, from Htvana; Homer, lIaT*ey, from New
York, wtg; Delaware, Amen, from Philadelphia, wtg; Ogle
thorpe, Heard, from Baltimore, repg; Libera, (Spl Kabricu*,
from Malaga, wtg; Comet, (Br) Taber, l'epg; Aretn??a, King,
from New Yor*, wig freight; Howell, , from Havana,
repg; Opulence, Hueden, from l\ew York, repp.
Mobile, S<pt. 29.? Cl'd, R?>?e, Flanders Liverpool? ar. Ala
bamian, Lane, New York; Xylou, Putnam, do.
New Orleans Sept. *7.? Cl'd. A<iuilla, Eldredge, New
this evening, (Friday,) at half past 7 o'clock, in the Masonic
If all. 011 tlie follow ing subject.
"Tlie nature ol American Commi'ri'f ? its high moral uses
its virtuous political influence*, ami the national importance it
is calculated to ensure to itie City aud State of New York."
Admittance for a Lady ami Gentleman, 12J cents. oO-lt*
1 i' NOTICE. ? Should this meet the eye of W. S. HOI,
DEN, hi will confer a treat faver by calling onor writiu^
("tving his address) the subscriber, Hoboken House, corner of
Cansl and Washington *t?. New York, as he run render him
great service, on or before Oct. 16, 18 J7. A liberal compensa- ,
lion will be showed him for time and expenses.
oC-3^ ALLEN CLARK. _ |
Q | i\ IIFWAKD ! ? Lost", on Saturday tbe t3d Bepteta- ,
'/Jri" her. lietween Mercer street and wheiethe Blooming- i
dale Road intersects tin' 8th Avenue, a bundle containing a I
dre?s, Willi several oth-r articles of wearing apparel, many of i
them marked wllli the owner's name. Also leh, suppose I in ,
Broadway, a few days before tbe above, a carpet ba*', contain- |
injr clothes, 4t<\ \ re? ard of $-"> will he paid for either of the
above at 28 Burling slip or RS3 Brondwav. *6-2t"
t^UR SALE ? A l'lorte, Barouche Wagon ami harness,
a the owner having n? use for them. Thi- Bareuche is made
in this city; but little used, and will accommodate four person*.
The horse is kind under the saddle and in harness. I'rice*2VI.
Apply at this office. 06 3t*
C^OOKIHG ITOTM-Om ol ii??- Oleke Co .knur
' Stoves may now Iteseen in operation si the Agency Otfine,
where all orders will be promptly -executed tinder the superin
tendance of an experienced person. The Globe Steves in all
instances, either for culinary, hall, church, stores, parlor, nur
sery or other apartments, are warranted to answer tbe purpose
for ? hie h they are recommended. In any iastaace of their
failing to do so, the money will be refunded, and all expenses
paid. EDWARD DOYLE. Agent,
oti-3r* No. 8 Beekmnn st
comer of (Miver and Henry streets. ? The subscriber re
spectfully informs the public thai his musical |>arties will-com
mence on Saturday evening, Sept. 30th ; for which occasion he
has engaged several gentlemen of acknowledged talent and
trusts the entertainment offered will entitle him to that patron
age which has been so liberally bestowed upon similar parlies
for the last five vears. To commence at t> o'clock and close at
11. Admission 12} cents, for wtiieh refreshments will lie given.
o6-3t* _ R. J. WILLIAMS.
WAl*TED-A well edurated young lady, who is either
acquainted with, or willing to learn the German lan
guage, to teach the English, for which a liberal compensation
will lie given. Any application directed X. X. No. 10, and
left at the office of this paper, will be attended to. 06 3t*
\\r ANT ICB-A smart active Bov about It; years old, toat
v 1 tend in a Refectory, and to go of errands. One that could
sleep at home would be prelwred. Apply at 49 William St.
Wl A KTKD- A situation for a young man of respectable
" connections, 16 year* of age, in any mercantile business
Salary not so much the object, employment bein* the princi
pal consideration. A note acdressdd to T. ILT. and left at
this office, will be immediately attended to.
Wanted? A colored boy an waiter ? one who is willing to
serve for his board and clothe*. Apply at 132 Chambers SL
?t-3t* _ _
WANTKD- In a smsll family, a female domestic who
speak* Fr?nch correctly and can come well recommended.
Apply al No. IN fcasi Broadway. o6-lt*
DUBl'FK'S PAINTIWGS.? Don Juan ami Haidee
and St. John in tbe Wilderness. Tbe exhibition at' these
paintings will lie closed on Monday, ihe !?tli of October, at the
Stuyvesant Institute, and will be re-opened on Tuesday, the
loth, at No. 157 Broadway, with the addition of the Circassian
Slave, also by Duhufe. gli 3m*
I MMEDIATELY? FtMir building lots situate on lite cor
ner of Graham avenue and Devoe si in Ihe village of Wil
liamsburgh. These lots are home of the handsomest lot* in tbe
new vihage. Size nL^oh lot 25 feet front by lm feet deep. ?
For terms of sale impim" of George Doyle, corner of Sooth 8th
and 4th st*. Williams'turgh, or of James Melburn, corner of
Boratn and Dean -is. Brooklyn. a39-lm*
| From tin- Homou Diiily Time*, of April 18, IBSo.]
/ | Slatardiv lut wp p?M t viiit In Dr. WilUtmi, 0?efl?l,
i v" it Elocution Hull, where we ?aw a lerpe nunibvr -of hi*
1 hippy jx>or patient*. all of wlx-m toUl u* In the r?o*t gratelul
language, ol the beneficial application* of hi* remedies upon
their eyea.
Home of them hart heen totally l>linei for more than l?rty
year?; butcannow di?tini:ui*h color* and abject* very plninlv;
Hii?t other*, for several yearn, who art- not only able to walk
without a guide, hut ?l*o a*M*t thmewhoare not yet wholly
cureH They one and all i-*pre?w-d their hennfeli thank* to
liieir Itenefactor, and at their united rei|ue?l we makr the
?b ve iiilrnnniL ? A.Vrfw.
To Dr. William*, OcculiM?
Sir? A? a friend to ?uffrrin? haraanitv, I cannot hut expw?M
iny *ati?faotion in reiulin? the follow in arlich from the Koi
ton Pilot ol *pril 12, which a*a friend I advi?ryou to preierve,
a* it corroborate* the lmnaen*e number of perooni re?u?red to
*ight,or cured ofdi*ea?e* ol the eye, naanv of whom are wiiii
ia my owe knowledge, lince your arrival in thin rltv.
Bottoa, April 14, 1836
I Krein the Hoiton Pilot of April I?. Ifc'Jfi. I
In copying from one of our city contemporaries, the annexed j
remark* oa Dr. William*, at the *pee?al requekt of three ?f our 1
friead* and patron* in Boston, who have received irreat bene
I from Dr. Wdlia'ii*' treatment of tlaeir ey?*?. we would lav,
what truth inl Justice warrant, tbat we have known. Home '
yeari afo. several in the rity of Dublin, of our friend* and ar- |
(juatntanccs, whose eye xiifbt wan restored to the clearness of
primitive vision, through the efficacious application* of thk
?kilful and locreWul <>cculi?t. We accompanied, in Dublin,
on two or three occasion*. mne of nur friend* who were then
iteprived of the blessings of eye-aight, to Dr. Williams' lodg
ing i, where we were convinced ay ocular proof of the beael
cial iftrt of bh nwedlw. >? P.
AyA N It W A U K? CHEAP RK.NTH Two dwelling
flgjB llou*es in U?e city of Newark, are foe rent lo (food ten
?* * at*, at the reodei ate price of $SM per annum ttme of
the buildings it uew, two *lan ea in height, finished in modem
*tyle, wlthui arble mantel*, folding door*. If. and a good
yard. Tbe other i* a large two itory houae, lately pot In cor*,
plrte order. and will he painted thi* autuina. To lauiiliei ar
riving from Europe. or Ihfme in the city wiihine to economUt,
tliete butldlnga will he found very desirable. Thay are but a
?bort walk from th?" Kail Koad Depot, and the car* pa** from
thence to Jeriey City In about half an hour. App'y up Main
at &> Water*, or to BEiiJ. W. TOCKEK,
?t-St' near tbe premise*.
SitiNOKA ItCIZ UAKCIA respectfudy inlorin*
tbe public and the amateunof fine inuala, that her Concert
(prevKJii* to ber d> partore for llavasa) will lake place at th?
Citv Hotel on Wedneailay, the I lib of October.
Tbe following eminent artiiti will lend their aid lathe above
Vocal Perlormera? Siroora MaroncheUi, Mr*. Dann, f igno
re Rii'i Garcia, Signor Kern-re, and Xicoar FabL
ln*tru'neatal Performer* ? Ndtw. Boucher, Signoe (jam
W. A. King will preside at the piano forte.
Ticket* $1? to be bad at the City Hotel and at the principal !
muiic store*.
Kor partjralar* du< notice will be given. o4.lt*
TO To a imall family, P*n of a two utory hou*e,
No. 71 Hand* ?t. Brooklyn. There are two Ua*emenu, |
each containing a no.ad fire place, roo<l ytrd an tfwood home i
?and every convenience for two families. Inquire of John '
Huhot. No. 69 Hand* ?L or A. <?jr*hury, IK Fulton at. Brook
lyn P?*ar*?ion irlven Immediately. oA It* |
If you have Ik# toothache, mm) wi?h to avoul having the
tooth eitrw-ted, oar a phial Of Dr. Braroah,* AnlMMontalfie
l.?queur, which iaatantly relieve* the painfal afTVrtion, and
produce* in a few application" an impenetrable cmi over the
delicate aenaitive affected nerve, tha* renneriwg ta incapable of
lieinf acted on hy air, hoi or e?ld water, or maatiration. Be
ing a purely vegetable liquid. It i* warranted not u? injure Ike
enamel ?f the teeth adjoining I be owe aiRrted.
(Tor ?ale wholesale or retail by A. B. k D. Hand*. corner of
Fulton and William ?U; Milnor k Gamble, eomerof Dey and
Broadwav; J. B. Nonet, 644 Brwadway, *ign of the Ootden
Mortar; Wm. HorwiU, corner Canal and Ho < Won ?U; T. K.
Auatla, 46 Carmine M: and P. Bar-net, M tth avnae, N. Turk
D Yoaag. T.1 'tooth Fourth at Philadelphia. o4-lm*
PAPRR.? ???? ream* No. I, a and 9 fonUrap paper, MM
ream cap and crown wrapping, TWi ream mediam printlag,
KM ream* medium and a half printing, far rale by
J. CAMPBRLL k PRKMMB, Paper Warehonae,
<ni !?? llOaad 1 12 Naaaaa at. between Ann k Beekman.
I AM ft.* UKl tllALK, Veterinary burgeon, No.
J Fifth street, bet weea the Bowery and Serond A venue, be?*
leave to inform the pablie that be now attend* pemonally to
borse ahoeinp, innend of by depaty, a* formerly. Therefore
gentlemen ?ew4 mg horaei ta kiaeatahllahmcat, may depenion
on having them abod on the moat app oved aclrntific princi
He lihewne attemla tothe diaenaet of horaea, a? natial. at In*
| own infirmary, bnt Ma arrangement* for home atweinf pre
clude the po**>hility of attending them at their awa liable*, ei
reot tl:oae in hi* imreed.ate vioioKy.
To tbo*e wl.o are *eepiic o." bl* abilitie*, be will merelv *ay,
" Put the>n K> the te?t ; ? tl,e proof of the poridlnfr I* in the
eatmr.' " JAMRK DRYHDALR, V. fl.
(HSm* 'Jraduate of the Rduiliargh Veterinary S< bnoL
CAT* FOK BALK.? 1M doyen otter, lOOdo. aeal, lM
I do. mnakrat; W do. hair aeol; mannfariored of the be* t
material*, and moat fatbionaMe atvle. Country merchant!
I would do well to rail and r lamine for ihemaetva* l?e?ore por
r tin ring rlaewbere.
Alan, a romplre amortment of HaUnnd Cloth Capi of every
variety of atyle, whole?ale and retail, at
dim' J. H. tRCIIER'H, 2M aad 9M On en nick ft.
SHIN PLASfF-ltil of tke North River R?ch*nge Co
ar?* taken (ar goo?l? at tke foMowikf grocery wore* Ben
amin'*, spring ?t; S iflmaa'., oorner of Bleecherand Com
nacre m ?; Van Wort'a, *2 Veaey at; BtanNvant'a, 474* Broad
ways William**, 378 Washington ?ti and redeemed at 3-I7 North
Market at All>any, 0. Barringer k Brotker, tl 8l?e at Sche
nectady; *n. Martin ; fttatea lalanrl
Order* received for **nall note* at >07 fire* nwich < New
Fork, and thoae note* redeemed Uiere m *iiver, amall eaatern
monev. or city ban h hiU*. ______ all lm*
WH MTKP u of agr, to ioara tke hat
finishing Apply io
o.'V.Ttend* ISAAC II. ARCHgB, 1 <menwn h *t
IIO ( II lil . I 1 ?*, or airflte
I ? ? etiUewien, < an lie v -omroo'lau d wi(l p4cv ant rnema and
boon1, l?y applying at 4?4 Urwdft 1m*
A mii?eineiita.
P.? KK TM JhiA ? T1IIS fcVKNINO will be per
KINO LEAR? Kin? Lear, Mr. Porrest? Edcar. Mr. Mi
mo? Cordelia, Mr*. Sbarpe.
To cunrlidr wiih WAYS ANI) MK\NH ? Sir David Duuder,
Mr. Placide? Lady Duader, Mr*. Wh?atley.
(ET Door* open at periormanae* commence at 7 o'clock.
Boxes $1 ? Pit 60 eeau ? Gallery 96 cent*.
TK1H EVENING will be performed
CAPTAIN'S NOT A* M I SK? General Stormwell, Mr. Blake
ly? Emily, Mr*. Herriiif,'.
After which TOM CRINULE? Torn Cringle, Mr. J. R.Hceu,
Elizabeth. Miss De Burr.
Toconc ude with the SPOILED CHILD? Little Pickle, Mm
D<c Barr ? Tag Mr. Cowell.
IL7" Doorsopt nat 7? performance* commence at a quarter
before 8 o'clock. Boxes, 75 c<-rrtH ? Pit, 37$ ? Gallery^ 3&
National, thktk?i ? i*it% ;??;??? opera
//ou? -MK. WALLACE, Lessee.? THIS EVEN INU
will be performed
SAMLET ? II. unlet, Mr. VandenhoST? - Opln-lia, Mies Emma
Alter whicu a Panoramic View of New York Bay and Har
To conclude wiih THE LIAR? Young Wilding, Mr. Vanden
hotl? Miss Grantham, Mr*. Rogejs.
Ooon opea (,?] ? Perlo. riiance begin at 7J.
F'iiANtt.LlN 1*1 JLVrtt.*;.? THIS K\ENING.wifl
he persrnted
BACHELons BI'TTONS-EmUy Wilton, Mrs. W.Sefton
Sim Sam?Hii, Mr. Eherle.
Alter which, KAIitil, the Wooden Shoe.iaaker ? Kahri, .Mr
Eherle? Mad. Kahri, Mrs. Eherle.
To conclude with
TKKKLI; Or, The Siege of .Montk'aiz.? Isidore, Master Ti
tus ? Christine, Mrs. Wallace.
ICF Door> open at 7? performance! commence at 7 J o'clock
precisely. Boxes 50 cents ? Pit 515 cent*.
liVMPK' THEATRIC? Broadway, nest to Tai
ter?all&. ? THIS EVKNING Mill he performed
A DREAM OF THE FUTURE? Captain Valentine Love
lock, Mr. Blake- Honoria Walsingham, (with a soiijc) Mr*.
After which POPPING THE til ESTlON? Mrs. Primrose,
Mr. Jone*? Ellen, Mr*. Conway.
To conalude wiih LES DEUX BEINE8, or La Feinme
Diplomatique ? George Roller, Mr. Edwin? Christine, Mrs.
[CT Boxe*, 50 cent* ; Pit, 25 cent*.
Door* open at J past 6 ; the performance will commence at a
I past 7 o'clock.
Exhibit lou of Indian Forir.iu, ?ud
in* md r < iJ? ??" f urlo*ltlen,
inp the Prairies c?f^ - K'ar^rt^Hn f" f?r ?* yeari
ol the most diatingoMied Indians l*",can,,K "?* Poriraiu
together with paining,, r^'io?N
landscapes ol l be country kri wJ^, ! ,IU"U' <??:?.
the cuir.eiiK of New York inr ? ;?J?7i ?*ndeay?r 10 entertain
of thive huixired portrait* an,i " w,th 8,1 exhibition
which lie lima collected from 3H rt\U!l ?"'er paintinjjt,
em languages, ,1,rt1rr>nt tril.os, speaking
pmtures from life. PartnM*oriTaVk*M?n,k ,n<} p,lnte,J hi?
principal w?rior? are amn,,L .h. w U*wk ?"d ???* ?f hi*
Barrack*, Xle bP.1?'' pain",(l ? Jeftrwn
Point AIm, foiirMS r^ .?'l'"rlW,lr dre? and war
ceremony of the^faNdau* ??nual religious
">o?l cruel torture* upon iliHrJfi rUCf' * '"'Meting the
?plints -through the K an7,uZ?dmS^P*S:'n" hnivM "n?l
wound)., Im;. ?u?pending their bodies by their
?*iue prairie sren'^oT'h^ upper of, the P'ctur
twelre buffalo hunting ?c^5.PtoJ-thi^,,^ran.'1 a *Pri',g of
???ofcoKume, will aUo be exhRifwd ?plendid speci
pr?*ent?tion af "uibrtoT |0l^isU ,in 'u a re
entirely in their native hV,?. ,Vj ln' mm ,n America, and
Hionx, Puucahs, Kouza* Shi?nn coatumea; consisting of
sineboins. Mandanx, CraeV ' Bla?kfeet s"**!' As
l?w?y?, Flathead., Weahs >eor as s ,'rf fc" *' ffs?blW' ?"o?s,
Meno monies, Minatarr?e* A?Ie,? W goes,
.lu* idea of the customs Mumtera ?"h J a f'ubJ'r lo ,orr" a
r<l!" ? nature in North Am^icT " ** uvmK?
'?>>V ill the Lrnur? ^11 commence this eve
each eveninjf of tbe week .-?i..!?. Hall and be repentedan
Th.. cou^wUJ1 I* &,d'Tf~r!ng a,half P?*t7 <??<*
Tu.sday, Wed?e*dav and Th ?? , ?L??,n^ Monday and
and it is hope, I that vMji"n,^iN ?1 n, "y "nd Saturday ;
hour a* poMible, iliat they may se^ tile" ? I "i*1*1.,?* n*?r the
mlttance an r^hiMr.'.n halfprlce
A ?NG? (ZUeft KTfPf*-? C Al* ?ATie>AI. PAINT
KTKX /?. J *'?' ? ?*? Uie pencil of the well kuoun
? , , (etecuted under the ??.pTce* of La'aveite u!?,
n!7ni ? *!''P K*lLb#" ly*n' "?*'*. w ill be open !, ',1V
public view at ?l?? Aoi<l?-my of Fine Art* i\n a n' i '
aa?oon utlv necessary arraairem^ni. ?... L Barclay *t.)
luMtion ofK> large a picture wh o ? ' for aie ?'
perspective eflect, a* Z'Z^r ,^ ^2^''
Notwithstanding ii ?a> (be of rhe aliov^.
the person to whom h. ha, confi,!^ the ,7'^ MV E"'* """
should not exhibit n under like disadtauu^I^* . r,if,ur'*
eve^M Z XZIZ
of the frame, u'lLln '^iVlMher"''! h'h "d^'' ?r "'" ,K)Uam
family of Lafayettw, and which vH?i fi r'P,or>. t-'iven by the
(iiminMli the effort. It i, hoped that U?. !' lo
E VifAWXWK,!' wjin
lie^n'j *NJjSS *X\T ~Al r"'u"" of several fami
wouderiu'dUcovery, the proDriX^l'"'',7 fc^hwMiinr tin.
hibltion from hair past T u! H n'ri.jX f JT *n ?'veninif e?.
U^?ber |^ aa'il l^qher^lce ' " ^ ^ ^^Vp
"???lay evenuir, Sept. 13th at mrW'b Orammar on We?l
in each w.ek will Two evening.
-ft sssrasjfirstt
t ibrT ?(
w,nt,rTl" ab*?r >rmnm uTrough the fall irK,
F: mnihtioI of
l?ndon, ami hi* seedling new (ieranl- JT#-' f"l1l,''r,'0" ol the
Rhododendrona, PoM nlilla* Ho.rs p"i"V ,n,'l"'M;",,?u?e.
'?any other choice green hous.. i ' 1Ar,fn?**iM, aad
selling at vary low Vo? ^|! V?"*.7, hr "
joughhT It Jay street, Br'ookl^l, | ^kf. WU
ArMfl? nU7iiwikI4lii lp,c
"SSiS! ^sfcsn^"'2?"'S,s:
to the fiubltc View
^ AT*nft(? o {rd'|[n'?V"'U FANOHAIA,
ia thla rountry^nainwCl Hfli Ul*
W. DanielU, lloyal Arademtriln' *''ebrated
ttOMMf the MLANO Or CK Yl .7^"*^ r'pc?*au
noiaaeara that have sees ifcu ?f>Jr>.iV; J*11 I,w **?*? ami cnn
to be the beat ptnnrZrZ g?-**"'*** pronounce i,
j5f? - ^^js^sk
er?. and hia bar is supolie,! ?r f*ramMrmt ?-oard
th'TaK^^^/0'""1^^ (nr Ar ""0" ?r>d 1, on
part of hit frfrod. will be duly ap^reciaied. *
-?Tj* , _ JOIW ?AWfW)N. Ne. I r. Frankfort ft
I If * fls< lilRlOltM havmp *nt^rr?l int#? ro. na.t
1 aerahip under tbe name of STKATTtlN A sa v Wrfl'L
'or the priMralmn of the fttove Conner Tlr, .?J alJjT '
bu?taea?; and having purchased tiireTni>'? i 'ion
U-Mflng to the l?e ^ *T
Patent AaUirarite Coal an** W(kh! Htove.' 7T v k ? NocP*
-ffer to their fV lends and
rail/, a complete a?*ortm?? t . t/v ceiei.r.ted
v. Inch, after yeara of trial, haveinlly su?tamerf iI-wk i"w,?
" ' '?? ' " ""*??? I- -heat e.!fn ?i??r ^hjrarter,
bad an opportonity of te?t,n< their mrrZ?L^2l2Z??
cnnvrnmn ce, cleanlim s?, cnml,,"
with those other various and aovrl itistninSZa'whiehkS,r^!
<>"? mesntinie. been ii!lrr?du. ry| A|Ja^?T?!l *? m
IW wejl adapted to I...IU,
leetore room.; Im; . . ' .77 ? Jl? h*" or
the saracenic grate, iTMSST?!''
room.i u>e franklin, to bof ronm? ^ i l>aa?*in*
ornamented cylindrir ^^et ,mn sto?? ,'n lllU P J'n Mit
he. Wood and coal aoek stove. ,rh " ^ *hoP".f?rtoritt,
with frowi one to live boilers -?nH . *|Wll?rHyf
culated for families of from ^ i^w? ."T, Uf r"r"w- w*" r*>
.be neceaaarv appendage ' ? ^ , . ' ' ??
whan required at 4otT rv^,"^"^, of ? i) .
on reasonable trrma.lar, ash rir sl.ort ?nr.r?l! ^ ^"Ps?*e,i of
"' "?'? *??k73*^ S?^1'
WwrTnHi.fcM.la.lfn ^ " 4UI F" ?? ' >"<< ?
widths ; TiiM?'-l Imperial, RnM*e|? a,,^ m"lfh- *"
in every variety. Colored and m u- . Ji^olL.HMrU> R"r
Mau. Astral limp S anla falTu ., i ?1'\ ?o,,r
aad <Uim1 Covers fcc kc. ' " PlaJK), TaNV
Painted Plaor (itl rioths Tu? k
their stoakot Pateat Mmied jiw" au?tl?*nilr '*
ment of all width* a nm? of ??, ? <-lo?ha, a large assort
large roo?n?. the *'"fh ?7 "?e|| cal'-nlated far
Wi^lart wwT *mbo,lU' ?r i" *^1.
Thr altove goods have I>m? ~ i
with regard |B|he i..r?. , "T ""h the greatest rare, I
low be haw the market rw^e* "T' Wl'' *?,H *"7
d4-I?' VnTLilrit; u3 k ' H * AC K P.TT
A?_. K*rl Bro*daav,ind 71 Dirivion Mr*?
? CAnn. Mil 4 new
? tar and M,nrin, <n? , 7 ,'T" "' ?'? p"""h
~) retpertfnli* .?> ,! .? . ^??^'ro A. R??
l ives ksanns.,,, ti.e *a^ .iV^ki 'u ? ' ' ' 'm %h* \
|piuhniff>t*, l'?r#fhrr #>r ?rrw.mu ? . .
Aiiuitoii wiu.
JICSKK UDY, AttriK?m._
BV JKS9K CAB), "ttprr No*. 117 and MB W?w
street*.? This Day, at bali^>tu?i ?? o'clock, in U'.i lo mM
jnri h<c* r-, for rash, a large ui general a**ortn?e of I
nrilwirf, outlery, fail good*, hat*, coral.*, fancy m tap, ciatn
ux, guns, nutols, dirb*, **., with aa UMrrUMfHit of good* salt
?d lo ib? Southern and Western Market, 100 Nuaitruw u?
Ltoi la aa adve rti?eioenl of this kind.
At P rival* Hate? UMHM doiaa Comb*, assorted oi aH kdnda.
10(10 rardk Biraiiagbam and Sheffield Cutlery, i*f every va
riety imaginable
2M0 doten Cottars aad Bosom*.
1?,*M Needle*, assorted from I a 12, Haaa*aing'sand U ermi
ik>. ?
W*H) irroM Buttons, Cost, Vest, and Pearl, sotuect to debaa
tare, which will he taken ia payment.
Also, Snuff" Bote*, Pins, he. Ae. Ac.
AUo, German, French, aad Rhode Wlaad Jewelry, low
P^r,-,t mrh.-s. Guard Chains Ac. ia>S-ly*
B-. WM. M'LOI (illl.IN, Auctioneer.
\ j J . UK A it N H di CO., Hone's Buildmg, cor
ner of Mji tn ,n(^ Pe r| ?t _xbia Day, at 9 o'cU. at the auc
tion room, Hardware,. Cutlery, conmstuig of pen, pocket, ana
dirk .knives oa card* and in dotvu*; s< issor* in iloiens attd aa
card*; needles in rannuter* au<l bundles; double an<l swiglad
eye spectacle* i miM| |iraM( barreled pi-ioU; perrosiwoa
c?P*. thiinhlea. Milling needles, honk* ami eyes, tic. AlC.
Fancy Good* ? Con listing ot double extra ? ologne, hair all.
perfumery, French and fcnglihb soap, l?v?mler water, kc.
Also, an invoiceof combs, tutton*, cellars, bosoms. boot*. ao<(
Also, an invaiceef Jewelry ? Consisting of ear-ring?, firmer*
ri?ir-. watches, breast-pins, ?l*<?iiie, Vr. lie. ji-l
h it M I Nli J. POftTKIt, \uct>oiiee
H F.IIG li PORTKR, 11?! Fultuo *t-, turner of Dutch su,
ofiVr for sale a larj;e assortment of splendid c\ty made fur inium,
well worthy the attention of those w tailing tojnrrcbair. Also,
superior pian* lories, fancy rvod*. Lc. s9-liu'
rjnil K Not<'? t>i ib?* Genrgia Luniuer Comj?nn\ <-e rrdt ero
-l ed atthe oiticcsof Day k Forman, No. 21 Wall street, at
David H?w* ti Son, No. i!7 Wall street, and at J. B. Ch ilian's,
Ne. 18 Wall street, at l$ per rent, discount. *27 u,*
/ 1<> AIj? * asktngion Coal Yard, corner ?( Barrow and
V ' Washington nts. ? A stack ?f superior Sehuy Ikili Pe.-u h Or
chard Coal is at present on hand in ibis yard, whirb will be sold
for cash at very reduced price*. Families will find it to their
advantage to call before laying in their winter's supply.
BOOTS- B?OT* I?OOTH.?Fa*hiot?ahle low pri
ced Boot store.? H. NEWKLL reepectlully infnrais the
poblicihat he has taken the More No. 94 Canal *t., corner af
Wnoiwr, where he intend* keeping a general a**?>runent mf
meii's and boys' boots, which be oAers wholesale and retail at
redaced price* far cash. Just received from his factory, a few
case* of French puinp boots, a prime article far samater, which
be offers at the reduced price of $3.00.
N- B. Cofuuatly on band, boots far $2.50 aad fS.75.
M A L.L BiLLH may he had at the Strangers Office, 38
Wail street, any time lietween Sin the morning, and 6 ia
the afternoon. No bill* will be passed, or in any way recom
mended except thai-eof the very firm standing.
Bank Ni'tes examined w'lh pleasure, gratis.
N. B. (iold, silver, aad bank note* bought and soM on the
best >ernon iSS-li*
AMPB CiiAMDKLIKHS *C.-TK? subM-iber"
bf gs to inlonn hi* friend* and the pohHe in general, that
he has received by late arrivals from Europe, an elegant as
sortment of the undermentioned articles, which be offer* for
sale at unprecedented low price* for cash, wholesale aad re
tail, vit :
Astral lamp*, in gilt.browied, marble, and glaas pillars.
Mantle do m do do do do with
rich cut glas* pans and drops.
Hanging cbandeUers (or candies, from 4 in 30 lighW
Book lamps, for drawlag rooms, from 2 to 5.
Klepant stand candelabras, carrying from to 2 to 15 lights.
Kleirant mantle candlestick*, plain and ornamei laL
Hall lamp* for oil aiul gas.
Hanging gas lamps, from 2 to 4 light*.
Ladie* wash tables, elegantly natmed in oil coin m.
Ladies gilt buckle*, alides head band*, kc.
* Mingle aad double barrel perctusion fowling piece*.
Duelling, bolster, belt, and pocket pistols.
Plated candlesticks, branches, cruet frames.
Tea kettles, bottlestaiMl*, Ac. W. F. WRKAJifl,
s27-3m* 113 Fultaa st.
U lJO v\ , lor several" year* part proprietor of a large
ThonMonian Infirmary in Massachusetu, where hi* prac
tice and experience l?aa been extensive, offer* his service* to
the friends of the Botanic System at 3fi} Division <??., N. Yoiii,
near Chatham Square. Patients attended to at tiieir residence
or at the doctor's house. By strict attention and reasonable
charges he hope* to receive a share of public I'avar. Reference
given to several merchants in rtie city.
Terms ? Cash ia advcnce lor courses and medicines? viaita
L arenrdinr to distance. o3-3teod*
TO LBT- The fir*t floor Na. 17 Fultoa at Bnseklvn, neit
door to tlif Franklin Nuiw, i fir?t rate ?tand for a htir
| dre?t.?r and barber. Inquire at the Franklin House, or of the
, *ub**riber at 25 Pin? st. New York.
J attended to at a minute* notice, by an eiperienced J'kU
| botwnut, at No. 82, Liberty street, corner of Broadway,
ill? lm' '
C^IjOTHING.? The *ub*criWni would infarai NOIJTH
/ F.RN and WRSTKRN MKRCHANTS that they em
i continuing the lintine** lately conducted by .lames Mora, and
: that they are now prepared t<? MANl.'FACTIIRF HTOCKH
I OF CLOTH IN (V at ?fwrt notice, in Ox- moat approved Myle.
Ah they have carried An the cloth in* busineas for* number of
yenr? it; the south. lltey know exactly what description* of
| clothing \* ill unit that market.
They have aiao on hand an assortment of clothing manufac
tured by the (a?liiotiaUle |tattems of this fall, which they will
! low for cash. IIOKA It MANN,
; ??-l?* _ SS4 Pearl (tract.
TH E President and Directum of the United Btate* Forrtjfn
and Bomestic Ktcliaage Company hereby five notiee
that of the capital slack a* this Company having been
?abacrihed for and pud in, or seeured by band ami mortgage
upon uniocumliered real estate. agreeable to the an'-'cs of aa
sociation, they have opened tkeir iMce for the transa ctioa of
burineaa at No. 8 Wall st.
Thii Association la farmed for the purpoae of baying and
sellinr B ill* of Kscbang* and fltock s o'hodie* corporate and po
litic, and arrangement* are mow being formed, and will shortly
be perfected, u> nslablNh ageacies in different place* in facili
tate the negotiation of foreign and domestic bi la of exchange.
The book* of aubacriptioa for an hicreaae of capital far the
city of New York are atili open at the ogice of the Cosnp?iy,
where the articieaof aaaocintion and every requisite informa
tion will be famished ta any peraona who Bay wiah to subacribo
for stock. i?|w'
Q*2A CARAL ITREBTt the second ahoe atore tram
Oreeawich ?trret, is the place to gel Boots and Mhoea
cheap. 8ach a treroendooa Mock of aoch elegant ankle*? m
great a variety, and ?o very cheap, wa y no*#r before collected
together in owe place. Gentlemen* pomp boot* for $2-A0 ; alao
boou suitable for the coming aeaaoa, in the aame proportion ;
alan Ladies' and children'* boou and sbo?a of every rieacrtptini
warranted to atand teat, for sale unusually low. Don't mistake
the store? WALK ER'n, JM, the second shoe atore (roan Green
wich street.
N. B.? Country mera ban ta rappUod by tho package or do>
if*. _ a7-lm*
MILK BAIRV.-l WRKIHT would respectfully in
form kiafriendaand the public that he ha* bought from
Mr. Htaintral his old dairy, and will re-commenre the mttk
business no the lat Octotier.at hia residence on the nudale road.
Murray Hill. Me would Inform kla customer* and the pablic
that he hai taken hia aoa, B. C. Wright, into cor>artaersiup.*nd
that they intend to serve the ir customer* wkh a Am rata article
of Milk from cowa fed on their natural food? paKore la ram
mer, and hay aad meal in winter? and that a? dialllled slop*
will l>e fed to the i%w. , and they waatd pariiculariv invtte
thoae that would wiah to have milk from the dairy to call up
and aea it? l?ow the cattle are fed, and taken care o* aa In
cleaallneaa, he. he., and hope, by attention to bu^ineaa, to me
rit and receive a flair proportion of patronage. >30 lw*
TUB bill* of the Now Ynrk Fareirnand DoaieMic II'
change Company oa the Eaatera Bank, Bangor, are boagM
at li per cent diacoant. at 12B Broadway.
>16- lm* WHITING It Cm.
and hi* wife mar be accommodated with t?ard aad a
parler on the Aral (Joor. hvan^yingat M Mlddagh street,
Brooklyn, only a u w ounotea walk from the ferry. o4-3f
On account of the HI health of the owner? the hualaam
la all caah. and doing well. Apply Ml William street. The
price m 1 1<?' and no abatement. o 44a'
FKKK. A SI) IT.AH1 M Euterpiaa Hall. 41 ? Broa.*
way, late Broadway Theatre, on Wednesday evening, 4th
Octnl-vr. Several proteMional gentlemen are eivaged forth*
?eaaoti. Regular mrhts on Wednesday and Batarday ~~~atnyt
Admittance 124 cents? in refreahineat*.
CM?At. AKLOAT-A cargo of first quality red a?H
/ Peach Orchaed Coal, broken and screeaeu, wll he depo
sed of low, if applied lor immediately, ia Iota to suktaarefca
sers. Apply to the Captain an hoard barge foot of Morris sc
N. River. |MP
TO One haK of a two story houae. with kitchen,
wood house, ami coal house ? all separate. It w ill be rent
ed cheap to a small centeel tsruily fram the lat of November
ne?t,?r aoaix r If the present tenant move* oat Apply It
Grove at Rent very moderate. oA-w*
/jfil, O UNB? BLUNT i BYM. 0an aad PM Ma
nufB' torers. No. 9? Chatham st- ? h *? would reapect
ful?y nfarm the pablio that the* keep oa hand a reaeral as
sortment of RlAea, Fiwllng Pteeea. Metal*, Powder. Shot, and
every ottwr article in the aportmr bne.
All orders thankfully receded pWCMtf| attended to.
N. B. Guns hough, sold ??d etclianged. All kind* af re.
palrine >t.>ne wtlh nestnem aad deapaick. lia'
ANThO-A lad ared I# y ears wlahe* a MtuaUor, m a
(grocery More, thedeiad nf which bastneas b<- understands
very well, havinr had ??? y?*?" etnenence-or a srtnatkm in
the hardware line. Me *ati erne well reeommeodad as to cha
racter, he. from bM present employer and other*. A liae left
at the office cf ti>e llerHid, a<ldresM>d T. J. stating where ho
mav apple. shaU he dalyattended ta o?Al?
| *1 it'P In ihe Ka?t River, oppo lie Coiiear's Mook, lh>a
I t >t< nm'inat Cleopatra, on i&th Nepc P. M. a Bandhoi, eon
t amine one ladies black silk dress, a number of cape* and raf
flles. >?"?? kc., wa* covered with a maaita caae, widaoat any
mark Wlmever wtU return the same to 141 WtBkun st .will
he kandsomelv rewarded. J?"
f UVI ?li?T#L?"l*- ? rooi the rabacriber. or Mss
I j dav last, at the Castle Marden, about tho time of the R*
rsita. a bun h of Reya, f ve in naratier, one heiae a hra?
mpht key. The finder will be suitably rewarded by Icaviag
them at thia rdhce.
RKAOV (ION*.*: "'Ifle ffatsMroMhan^
prioea,(4r*t donr.iNs ?8 Braad w?y. corner Of
Hlfft _
A pxd ??lk Hst. ha?#k or drab, at
do d?% ^rst fjaahrv, entra mperiar ' B
The " Ne ptus IIMra." stiort aa#. ?
Tenth's flats. 1 ?'
Mt.ort oaps of clipped natria, ^ ***
Fine t tack do <W
M nnfietnred In the very ties* maaier for the Cfty retail
WiMii'-aale order' 'eapectlhiy soiirrteii.
J. mTKIMRT. W IrsMdway.
M B Ab iudbo^ g*?eaw*!. each geaUcuMa's haL

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