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WO. l;i*.
(Prom our evening edition of Saturday.]
Vive clayi latrr from F.nglau4>
By the urt tval of the packet ?hip Oxford, Ca|>t. Ruth
?bun, we have Liverpool aud London dates, to the 30tb
September; the Oxford sailed 1st of October.
Cotton has declined 1-S.
Tlie packet strips North America. Huiie, a''d the
Ratone, Delano, arrived out at Liverpool, on the b'Jth
The President's Message has been receive I in Lon
don. It is not altogether approved of by some of the
papers, a? relates to transaction:- between the two coun
Trade is still improving.
Captain Stockton's k-ttei to the Bji k directors was
published in one of the Loudon papers on the 27th, and
appears to have made quite a sensation. One of the pa
pers calls it "one of the veriest specimens of humbug
that have appeared since the days of Joseph Ady." The
London press seems quite indignant at the idea of the
-great Bank receiving advice and information from an
(Correspondence of the Herald.)
Liverpool, H.rtu'ilay, ?'kbit September. 1337.
Our Cotton Market this week lias been llat throughout, I he
sales of all kinds amounting to ab ut 1.1,1 On bales, at the redac
tion general.y of J. and even m* re linn ibiv, in ? ,nie instance*,
has been conceded to the buyer*. The ehicftales made in l"p
land and Mobile have been from 6 to 7 1., an J in Orleans from
t] to 7d.
The import of all sorts of r.utoa intnthe kingdom, si.ice the
1st of January, amounts to t,oia.o?obal s. against M7,ooo recei
ved during the sa->? lice in lUG; and of Americas, ?ep Talt
ly, the receipts have bsei T\*>,W again* 892,000 bales. The
atovk of ah kinds at this port, kr ;>>-r?*nt e?rimate<l, amount*
to alioul 271,000 hales against 2-W.onO; ?a<l 101,000 American
against 170 500, the estimate . s;<h k of dial description this
time last year.
The sales this week, as (r.llow
70 Sen Island 13] a If!; 2*7u I'pland 5 a 8; 0* 70 Orleans 5
I], 10 3d ; 1380 A bib* ma St Tenn. 5] a r.] ?, li<0 Pernambuco 8]
a 9]; 110 Bahai fc Macais 7 a 8]; 0 e> Msrsjiham 8 a 0] ; 10 l>e
mar t !0] ; 50 Laguira G a 7] ; 4*0 Egyptian 8| ? 10; 740 Sural
3) a 5|; 50 Bengal 3 a S*. Total?13,060.
Of which speculators took 1000 hale*.all Americar.:and export
buyers 1600 do. and 600 hales East India, leaving little over 10,
000 hales for the trade.
The following are our present quotation* :
Upland ordinary to middling fair, 5] a 5] ; fair to good fair,
n6j ; good to fine, 7 J a 8. Orleans ordinary to middling
fair, 5] a .'*1; fair to good fair, f J a 7 ; good to fine, 7] a 8]. Mo
bile ordinar > to middling fair, 5] a 5J ; fair togo->d fair, 6] a 7;
good to fine,7] a 8. Tennessee oril.nary to middling fair, 4| a
fit]; fair to good fair, 5) a 6]; good to rine, 6]. Sea Island, 12a
tOd. and up to 2*.
Tue neiaisnd for cotton this day has been moderate? the mar
Asi.t.? I lie sales this week, about 150 barrels, at no change
ta prices?the market quiet. Tar?No sales to report Tur
pentine? About 25oo barrels have been sold at lis 6.1 to 12s per
cwt ; the piice barely supported. The weather for securing
the whole of the crop of giain being still favorable, we hsvs
every prom se of abundance, and at moderate prices. Sheath
ing copper has advanced lid per cwt.
Ortat Meeflng of the Loroforei?Union with
Tammnuy on principle*-Death warrant
of the Hoxir Clique signed.
At half past seven last evening, a most tremendous
meeting, (as far as regards numbers, and tnucti more in
telligent than the late meeting held at Masonic Hall,)
took place in tne Military and Civic Hall in the Bow
Tkte object of the meeting was to receive the Report
of the Conference Committee appointed to wait on the
Tammany Committee, in order to ascertain whether
those candidates on the Tammany ticket, not nominated
ott the lecofoco ticket would sign the Declaration and
Pledge of the Kqual Rights party ; and, if possible, ho
norably to conciliatqthe differences existing between the
two blanches wfthe Democratic party, and to unite the
lime in a b**ad of union, founded nn principle.
The meeting wit called to order, and a mere orderly
tsae throughout we have seldom sean ; and ?r. John A.
Riell was appointed Chairman, and Mr. Crain and Mr.
Diedrickson, Vice Presidents; ^^Hunt and A. \ . fcjte
phens, Secretaries.
First in order, the Report of the Committee to exam
ine the condact of Mr. Curtis was called for, and after
considerable discussion, the whole matter was referred
back to the Committee, "to strike the blow where it
ahould be struck !"
The Report of the Conference Committee being next
? in order, was called for, and read by Henry E. Riell,
as follows:
The Committee to whom was refer r?d the duty of con
ferring with the other branch of the Democratic Party
and their candidates, and to present them the " Derlar
ation of Rights," and the measures advocated by the I
Equal Rights Party, ask leave respectfully to
That on Wednesday evening last they proceeded upon
their duties, by waiting U|h?ii a like committee appointed
by the nominating committee. Your commuter laul be
fore them the business they wore delegated to transact,
and they were received iti tl:e most cordial manner by
the members composing said committee, who not only
manifested much reeling to heal the local differences
which hare existed between them and us, but a deep
and earnest regard for tbe principles we advocate. Per
ceiving that form rather than principle was the cause, at
this tiiuc, of our separatum, a communication enclosing
a copy of our Declaration ami Pledge was directed to
?ach of the candidates nominated l?y them, whohaa not
heretofore had an opportunity of expressing hia views
upon them.
The correspondence has resulted in creating an agree
able impression on your committee, which?while it
waa their hope?they could hardly have anticipated.?
Full and frank in all it* detail, nod more than this, a
spirit of democracy, of an honest desire to advocate cor
rect measures. Hawing through it, makes it desirous for
all democrats who desire the advancement ofpureprin
ciplea, by union, x perfect union of the democracy. In
deed, so indelibly, in the opinion of your committee, are
the principles of democracy traced in the whole action
of the Democratic Nominating Committee and their
candidates, that they cannot anticipate any reasonable
objection from any man a hose actions are governed by
principle, to a firm support of the candidates nominated
?t Tammany Hall, because:
1. That branch of the Democratic party have given
evidence of their disposition to unite with us !n sustain
ing the administration.
2 Thoy have made a ticket composed of men po
litically and morally satisfactory.
3 They hjve adopted a Declaration of Rights es
eentially the same aa our own.
4. Tae individuals nominated, have given unqualified
assurance, by their own signatures, of their implicit be
lief in the doctrines held, and the measures we advo
5. Principle and patriotism, demand that we should
meet them in a like spirit of conciliation.
6. The forms of our organisation ahould not prevent
Us from pursuing the path best devised to carry nut bur
principles ; the revival of the old landmarks nf Democ
racy j or I've full succesaof the penpla in rentvuding
against a common enemy.
7. In onion there is strength?to produce union
mutual concession of jveraonnl teeling must be mode?
which concession sustains our principles,?will elect our
ticket?dafeat our enemies?and strengthen the confi
dence of the people in the administration of the general
ft. Conv-nding as we have been, to revive the land
marks an 1 principles of the original Democratic Party,
and to effect eonatituuonal reform in legislation, we con
ceive at 'his important crisis, those measures are best
advanced \ y aa UNION of the whole Democratic
The following recommendation of the Committee, its
i drafted into the Report, was also ren-i:
Your Committee, after mature deli >eration, and con
i scieus that it will he beneficial tow ards the best intern ta
i of our I'onuiion cause, the cause of justice, and tlie rights
<>f man, respectfully recommend our candidates who
Lave not been responded to at Tninmany Hall, to with
draw their names from our ticket; and that we use our
undivided exertions to support the ticket named by them
as it now stands. We are fully of opinion that in this
manner we cun conquer our common enemy, and that
our course will he appioved by ull those who wish suc
cess to Democratic principles.
Henry E. Riell,
Dan. A Roni.iirsox.
Michael Dovokertv,
Josel'H Rose,
Thos. ti. Dai.
Letters were read from Charles CI. Ferris, Thomas
Herteli. Eli-La Morrel, James J. M. Valentine, T.
Sedgwick, Jr., F. H. Lasak. .). B. Sheys, T. Dave} a:id
A. Anderson; also from JI. Storms, Samuel J. Willis,
and J. Brown, the three candidates tor county otlices.
in all these letiers, the w riter-, concurred in the De
claration of Principles, .1 pledged, put forth by the
Equal Right party.
The following i- tier v. is also read from C. C. ( '.!? -
brelcug. Esq.:
(iESTi kmkn,?I , egret tiiat. owing t.o an engagement
which I car.not dispense with, it will not be in my power
to accept your invitation to attend the proposed meeting
of the Equal Rights Party, this evening. Called, as 1
ntid'T-o.irid it ? i have been, to produce a union. 1 trust |
it will result in a concurrence with the proceedings of
the Nominating Committee of the democratic party,
which I fully approve. At a crisis like the present,
when cur most iirqiottRiit political and social interests
are involved in tint result, there should be. and 1 hope
will be. no division among those who sincerely desire to
secure for this country, pure, just, and equal legislation.
1 am, respectfully, your ob't servant,
C. C. Cambrei.eng.
To the Committee, itc.
After the reading, it was moved and secoxded that
the Report and the recommendation of the Committee
be taken separately. The question was put on each
and carried unanimously, with the exception of Job
Haskell and two or three of the C'trbonari gang, who
expressed, as wc understood them, their determination
to join the Joe Hoiie cli'jue iustanter, and give their
weight and influence towards carrying the Heltn Jurttt
Col. Ming rose, and said that he would always be
found in the front ranks of democracy, whenever any
encroachments were attempted on the rights of the de
mocracy ; but that under the pieseut circumstances, he
considered it his duty and the duty of every good and
iionest citizen, to unite cordially, and exert themselves
strenuously to defeat the commwti enemy He then
tendered his resignation in favor of Mr. Willis.
This announcement was received with immense ap
.Stephen Hasbrouck rose and said, I cant stand against
my worthy friend Mr. Ferris. (Cheers )
Then Charles CJ. Ferris said, be should be sorry to
stand in the wav of nis friend Mi. Hasbrouck. (Cheers.)
Then mere was considerable of the tickle me tickle
me tickle you system.
After which, Job Haskell said he wouldn't take hi*
name off the ticket. He would'nt resign?lie wouldn't
be elected?he wouldn't do nothing. Yes lie'd do some
thing? he'd go to Masonic Hall.
'* Ami Ike a rst without a tsil,
Ile'it do 1 he'd do ! he'd do!
The meeting then broke up in admired disorder.
Such is the closing scene of Looofoceism in New
York. Like Minerva from the head of Jore, tnev
sprung from Tammany, and after a frolic of a couple of
years, they return to the same spot from which they
started. Or rather like the prodiral son, after spending
a couple of years among the husks, come back to their
mother's habitation. Their can be no doubt now that
with this union, the Hazir faction will be entirely pros
trated in the coming election. Slam. Bang ?Y Co.,
whom we first brought before the world last spring, have
risen in consequence, and unless we are much tuis'aken,
they will slew the Broadway club, and Aen? the Hoxie
faction all to pieces.
The Pilots,?The time is now fast approaching when
in the common course of events, vessels approaching
our port nre exposed to more danger than at any other
season. It behooves us, Mien, most especially to have
good men and true, appointed to the charge of conduct
ing them into our harbor, since sad and fatal experience
has shown us what fearful casualties may happen.
Last year, the loss of the Bristol, and the wreck of the
Mexico, created a field of hsrror in the minds of every
one. The dreadful fate of those who had accomplished
a long voyage, and rejoiced m the sight of land which
ihev were never to reach, many of them, with life, the
agonizing deaths of the suflererz caused us to enquire,
Can nothing be done to avert such dreadful evils 1
The attention of Congress was immediately directed
towards this subject?Congress showed its feeling in
this respect rather than its wisdom. This sapient body
is not always immaculate. The more haste the worse
sj?eed, was verified in the result of their deliberations.
They determined, that as the waters of the bay and
harl?or washed the shores of New Jersey and New
York, that New Jersey should be at liberty to send Iter
pilots into the waters as well as *7ew York.
This has l>een done. We wilt first ask. how- this was
likely to act, and then we stiall eigne to show how it
has acted.
The pileta of New York are one and all, men of ex
jterieiH-e?they have serve-' along and vigilant appren
ticeship to the luties of their | rofession?they sre side,
skilful, and dauntless, and not given to fritter away their
time in cod fishing. So far, so good.
Let us look at the other side?at the warriors taken
from the spindle?at the pilots taken from the fishing
smacks. It is true that s Rule cabbsge meichant has
been elevated to a devil of a height, but the experiment
has not answered well. The big ship Constitution lias
floundered most awfully. In this res >ert, the cabbage
loafer and the Jersey loafers are somewhat skin?not
quite. The cabbage loafer has had the advantage of a
ioag apprenticeship, so that when he gets into some
confounded mess, lie has only to taex ship, and lo and
behold ! he manages to get out of it; but the Jersey pi
lots have served no apprenticeship?they are made fish
ers of men in a moment?tlmy have abandoned their
ne?s, and taken to box the compass. The conseqtienre
is, that when they get into a bad box, they can't get oet
of it; they must be atuck.
This would appear U> the capacities of the weakest
minds the inevitable consequences of placing ignorant
men in situation* of great trust end responsibility
But, unfortunately, we want no logical dsmonsiralion
? we waut no inference to lie drawn from such a pro
position. The axiom has already illnstrate I itself.
Upon glznost the only occasion in which a fishermen
loafer of New Jersey has taken the responsibility of |
conducting a vessel into port, he ha* run her upon shore
?end it we* enly owing to the favorably state of the
weather, that the vessel in question was not Immediate
ly knocked to pieces
I uiortutiate as was lLi? accident, in ait individual
settle?as in all probability tiny damage sustained by the
vessel will be objected to by the Insurance Companies
?in an aggregate sense it is perhaps extremely fortu
The eyes of the public are open?-the eyes of the ship
owners arc Open. Never again, we believe, will any
captain be suffered to endanger bis cargo?his ship?
his crew?his passengers, by taking that incompetent
thing, a Jersey fishermen pilot, ?n board.
" A man mast serve liis time in every trade
S ncct mure."
S;r, s Byron. Congress has said different, but New
York merchants and shippers will not endorse the opin
on of ('ongreis.
In nothing more than in pilotage is a long apprentice
ship nece?s iry.
In the packet ships which come from England and
Havre, front two to three hundred souls may be, and
often are brought over. Are these to be placed at the
mercy if men, whose ignorance is on'.y matched w ith
their unparelleled impudence in assuming a position for
wh h they are altogether unfit?or shall they be confid
e ' to tli 'te who, from long experience, are eminently
i "tidied r the .ill Im portant profession which they
ii ?' ? embraced. an I in which they have passed years
ai.i years of their lives T
This is the time to ask this question! This is the
time to place this husines on a proper footing. This is
the time to annihilate the incompetent?and to send
them back to the position for which their capacities
ha\ e destined them.
It is not when they have, by their ignorance caused
a calamity that may involve hundreds of lives and
plunge thousands in mourning, that we should cry
against them, but now, before such calamity happens.
It it good to redress an evil, but far better to avert it.
True v. isdont consists in prevention not cure.
Movements or Party Men.?Poor Commodore
Rodger* seems to be in a helpless state of mental de
bility. His body is reduced almost to that of a skeleton,
and he is seen wandering about like a troubled ghost.
His mind is almost wholly gone, and he has taken it in
to bis bead that he must go to Europe, and visits the
car office almost every day to take his seat, but is al
ways too late. His memory lias left him, ami he ap
pears to be quite helpless. The Secretary of War is
now on a visit to Nortli Carolina ; the Secretary of the
Treasury is occupied in issuing treasury notes, which
disappear as fast as they are issued ; the Secxetary of
the Navy has got relieved from the annoyance of the
South Sea Exploring Expedition the Secretary of
State i3 making some progress in the acquisition of
Freuen, and condoling with the President about the loss
of f ieorgia. Van Buren's rendition is any thing hut
agreeable?his bed is not one of roses, and lie begins
to think the presidential chair is not what it was cracked
up for.
KJ* A number of Shawne* and Delaware Indians,
amounting to two hundred warriors, have arrived at
New Orleans on their way to Florida. The New Or
leans Bulletin remarks, very seaaibly, that these will
tind fighting in swamps and bushes a very different bu
siness from fighting on the broad open prairies of their j
own country. Again, these indians have been a''''us
lotned to fight on horseback?they will have to learn new
A abort time since we entered into a review of the
whole Florida Campaign- We showed the lamentable
consequences that attended it throughout, and which
had caused Columbia tiie lives of so many of her honest
sons?in battle ami in pestilence-1?on the field an in the
This fatality is still evinced. We therefore look for
ward to another disastrous campaign, in which nothing
will be gained but the knowledge which our Indian al
lies will acquire of our tactics, to be in all probability
one day used in opposition to ourselves. It is too bad
? too bad !
Another Murder.
Since the murder of the beautiful but unfortunate He
len Jewett, and the acquittal of Kobinaon, the Demon or
Fiend of Murder has stalked through the streets of our
beautiful city, unchecked, unscathed.
Miserable?lamentable?horrible?has been the ter
mination of that trial of Robinson's, in Us ooneequeaces
ami influence upon the people of this city. It would ap
pear, by the result of that trial, {during tehich Joe. Hoik
tat tiilt by tide, and almoit hand in hand with the de
?lounndi that a premium was henceforth to be held out
for those who made most bead w ay in vice?that those
in high places, siul considered respectable in private
life, gave their countenance to debauchees, seducers,
and murderers?
Mnce then, we have had several murders in our city,
and no one has been hung for them. A respectable
white man was murdered by four negroes; the same
court of which Joe Hoxie is a member, did not condemn
litem to be hung, or even to the State Prison. A young
German girl, innocent, an 1 virtuous for aught we know
to the contrary, was brutally mutdered in the hesrt ?f
our city, and her body thr wn otf the Battery into the
r ver?r.o one has lieen punished for this ! Why?
why? is the question asked by all, and the ever recur
ring answer is, " The scenes on the trial of Robinson
for Helen Jewett's murder, are too fresh in the minds
of an''
Again t an industrious stevedore was "murdered snd
thrown into the river? No one bas been punished?no
one has been arrested * Why?why ? The same qnet
lion brings the same answer. The man who shielded
and sat by Robinson, has since been elevated to s re,
sensible office in the city council, and is even now a
candidal" for a still more lucrative office.
But this is not all. These dreadful and pernicious
examples are spreading daily and hourly, until the
young and " innocent boys" about town, w ill rtegin to
think that they may commit murder with impunity.
No longer ago than yesterday, several young men
went out on ? gunning party to Blnomingdale?Uiey en
tered some private prescn M?they were warned off by
the keeper, who approached them for the purpose of
putting them off the plantation by force. On this, one
unfortunate youth, actuated doubtless by the memory of
past examples, levelled his gun aud shot the unoffend
ing keeper dead on the spot I
He ialike Kobinaon, respectably connected ; his name
is George Fohr. son of John O. Rohr. He has been ar
rested , and at the moment of oof w riting, a jury <>1
twelve men are holding an inquest on the dead body of
the murdered keeper. When are these things to cease *
Great Ood, to what a pass have we arrived 1
How many more murders are we to reenrd, with bit
terness and psin, and yet no one brought to justice. The
example set by Hoxie?the horrible precedent set by
the proceedings on the Robinson trial, can never, never
lie forgotten 1
f.et tia have ? public meeting, and let the cititens ex
press their doMMxtion of, and their determination to
punioh all murderer*, and all who shield the murderer!
(CT The Ravels are at Cincinnati.
No. ROi Bboabwav, New York.
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Profound knowledge Hid loi g pranire allow loin torln.ra
ll.at he ran desei vr and retain the confldvnre of a generous
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CELEBRATES CUTLERY, the qualify and ftaiahof which
c (iiim)I be aurpawed, to wh.ch be now invite* Uir attention af
l ie trade. The*tock c?nipri?e??
PKKirVIAN STEEL RAZORS. with Pearl, Ivory, and
R'ark Horn handle*, warranted pond, *n<l art ready for use.
IllWool) AND LEATIlKKMcven Day Ca*.?. contain,
intr oeven Pearl. Ivory, or Black Horn Rami-*, on* for *v?ry
day of the an k.
PERUVIAN RTF,El. DII'KN.'n jrreai variety.
with 1, 2, a, and 4 blade*, v ar ranted.
Card* coatah.iaf 1, 2, <?r 3 dozen of Duk* or Penknivea, a?
aorted pattern*
Three hi-uotiful Roaewood" mudum iu parvn" DRESSING
CASES, the moot compart travelliair raw* ever made.
Two aplemlid Knaewond Ca*e?, each ronUuninir I *et, S3 pie
ce., aUvrr handled TABLE CUTLERY.
Rmewivid Writing De?k?, Dre-**inx C,a*e? Ladle.' Work
Bole., Military' Travelling Cave* Drewm/ Roll*. Ladiev' Cat
tery Caaea, kc. kr. he.
38 Cin*a (Taarr,
Ortr Jnlmio* 4r C'o.'? Per/Watery .Vteer,
Corner of wdlum and Cedar *1*.
?21-dh w-3m*
IMPORTANT.?The .uWrilier*, grateful for
the eite?iva patrniiaye oolllierally be.tewed on them
ainee the openinx of their me price llat Edahliahiiteat.
would Inform the public that they tiill continoe In m*
n-factare and vend their inimitable Umrt napped and plaio
a dear mn
Beaver* at the redace*l price of $4.33, Iwiny * dear ?avtnp of I*
per eeni, *? lliey ere warranted to f?e vurpaaead bv nine in ike
city at $S Tbey are lixht, fine and dnrahle, and poawaaed 0'
jet U'ark color, whieh tl.ey w II retain until worn ??L
Tbe.e llat* are becoming all the ve/ue anion/*! tlroae ?k
atndv xentility of npjiearnnce with economy of prlee, ?? Ihey
po*?e.. thoar reoub.te* in a great#* degree than aay Halt
now offered for tne patronage of ike public.
o7 I at* 3 llaeover *t.,nppw*ue I lie Eiehanx*.
AT nOHAII((l * 324 BOWERY, ia offer*'
ale a* bare une lla*. for $3, a? anv offered if
ffie prldie?liielit and durable? warranted nnfur hodtei
? a mI water proof. -m tin*
aaT^R offered to the citizen* of N? w Yoik at the new eata
Idi-litnent of HOW H.l. h CO. 12* Chatham atr.et,
upon the fohnwinx t< rmv. The price oil all Ihelr ailk hata, ta
sin imp abort fiapa, will he three doilar?. Ah their fur ha'a.
lortf a?d holt nap?, conaiallng of nutria and plain rn-ior, will
bp four dollar*. A* the .uhacrtbera have takca the utmoat pah a
in yet theae hat* up w dh the xrcate.l eh pance <d atyl* and
ftni.li, they will not wll ear.pi lor eaab, and at the above eat*.
Iill.bed prlee., from which they will not devta e. In addition,
umbrella*, ami a ?pl<ndid Bvw.rtment of cane*, rnrnwting of
nearly forty dirt", rent kind* ami pattern*, trpeilxT wnl> a varie
ty of fancy and idl er brndie-, juat received by the Poland.
Winch III. v are roakleil to mII onedhted l??? than ti.e aaual
price*. HOWKI.L k CO.
nS4-3m* IR Chillitm, apptmte Bawrvrl'
j AlHl'N C.tAMin A? - The ...Iwcrff.er
LJ IttfffttO Inform hi* friend* and the piddle in general, thaI
he l.a* received by late arrival* from Europe, an elepaai iw
aortment of the undermentioned article*, winch he offer*
*ale at unprecedented low prlrea for caaii, wholeaale and re
tail, via.
A?ral lamp*, In gilt, bronzed, marble, and flam pillar*,
tf a nt it do ta do du dn do WtU
rich cat plaa* pan* and drop*.
Hanging cbaielrhrr* lor randiea, from 4 inMhghla
R.x.k lamp*. foi drawing runni*. from 2 to A.
Elegant viand candelabra*, carrying from In 2 in I* Itghta.
Elegant niuiHlv > andieat.rki, piaia and orname. ink.
tail l>
Hail lamp* for oil *"*
Han* np r*? lamp*, trorn 3 In 4 lijrht*.
I,a lie* wi?li table*, elepaiitly na.nte.l In nileotnri.
Lndie* piN hackle*. ?Jide*, head band*, kr.
Mm/It- nnd doubl. Imrrel perruvtmn '"wi ng pinen
Dm llinx.hoMer, heb ?* J pnrket pratol*
Plated candleelleka,hranehea, inul frame*.
Tea keitlea, taoitleatand*. Itc. W. E WRRAKfl,
?27-3ni* 113 Enhne *?.
(Iota* boot , hoota- wai.kkka. aso t *nei
?ire. t, the aecuid aim* *tore Iron. Greenwich ateeet, b thp
Elacet'.Ret cheap l?o? i. f.? li" rominf wawn. The eakarri
er havr ladh *, xenllrimM and c|,il,tre?,? Vnol* and -hnea of
every de*crii>iinn, In *ell lower than they have been offered to
ihi* public. Alan India Rubber and I . vle-r over vlioe*, t%M
in .lake the ?lore trto Canal *tr.-ft, tk ' *er oml *li. x itore fro?, |
(Jreenwkch at. oIMm* I
Sa ^PIB*
J.V PERSONS residing in tin- country', w*o w ish lo scud
for their triend* frmn Ureal Britain or Irvfand, will <U well u>
imII in (bis office, where ilie.v can still make arrangements far
having them brought to this country. The subscriber w II al
so furnish limit-, on Liverpool or the Bank of Irrliimt, for such
sums us may lie required, or engage lo ?r ml any amount to any
[milof Ureal Britain or litltmd; and will only remark, that it
u the determination of htm*cli tiinl bis friend* in Liverpool,
that Un sanie punctuality which h is hitherto been observed,
both in the forwarding id passenger* without delay, and ha
ving all dran* paid the inoiiieiit tiny are presented, will, a>
heielofori , he strictly adhered to.
Appli'atiouk made, either perkonally or by letter, post piid,
to the suhscriher, will be imtne,(lately attended to.
o!6-3ia- HAM I, THOMPSON. V'd Pearl ?l
l' oil |?(nvi>oN ? To-?.i on the isi November,
i?The fine A. 1. armed Britih ship DI'KKOF MAN
? CHESTER, eoseplr ?> iliilhs, Connsauder, has very
superior accommodations tor cabin passengers. Apply to the
Captain on Ixiard at pier N?. lo N'.rtii nver, or to
iti5 .w* BARCLAY 6c LIMN Us ION, irti Broad t.
yh2> FOll MOM1 LI-?Packet ol the 1st Nov. ?The first
4rTTfft class ropoert'd and copper lasti lied ship KKNKY THK
-""^f'til'll I'll. Capt. Keraey, (lorm* rly the Havre packet)
Thissuperiorvcskcl has commerced leading at per 12, East
river, and will receive goods an 1 prs-eneeistill lsl November.
Such persons j, may he proceeiiing to .Mobile, will do wed b>
select t'iis well chose n conveyance. Applv to
o?bjw* Kiic'i K BROTH ERR A CO. t,7 Sou h -ir- eu
,?.V FOB HI \i O ? pjAX.i Packet si ttie ttl*
v mber?The verv fine iirs class coppered and
-*%r**rnppi*r fastened ship M WltCAANT, Capt. Je rid an, will
be (h snatched a- mvei tiscd?a liist rate conveyance tor height
Ml; ??en,'er?. Such persons may he proceeding cannot
do t> Iter than to select Ho* well eho en conveyance. Apply
to ROC UK UUOTIIKKS CO. 67 South street.
o25-2w -
'KXCHANUf U.V 1' II Hi HOI A b if A NK.
OF IRELAND.?Person* sending money to dieir
-f** ri'-nils in Irefiin I, Srotlaim or Knglnnd, ran he weekiy
accommodated with draft* on the tunk ol Ireland, payable at
sight, in tliH different inlan I towas in England, Ireland Scot
land and Wale*. Those residing in the country can send dieir
money by post (the letter post paid) which will he punctually
attended to, and a receipt returne.l lor the name, ??dice 67
Soudi*rreel. KOCIIK UltUTlllCKN i 6(1.
o5 8m*
PAkSOiK FOli N k. \V OK L I-I A NN -
[The tiisi class l.tsi sailing packet ship ITLfANUI
?JENKINS, luis superior accommodations u> any other
ship in i?ori for second cabin ami steerage pasasrrger*. and will
positively sad on the 2d Navetnher, lier regular day. Those
about to embark, would do well in examine tin* ship before
engaging by any other. Passengers will b** taken on very
low terms,hy applying to IIKKDM AN E KKKNAN,
61 or 106 South street.
N. B. A few more cabin pa*.-enger? can be handsomely ac
?wMimodaied, oa reasonable term*. She take* steam at the
Bali/.**, and warranted to he towed up the Mississippi, of-.lm*
NOKW1CI1, CONN.?On Wednesday, *lat
November, at 3 o'clock, P. M., the lew and
elegant steamboat TIIOltN ,loi It of the very best materialaat
Norwich, during the la*l winter?copper fastened, ld"> feet
length on deck, 16 l vet 4 inches twain and 147 ton* burthen,
completely finished and turnislved lor * day l<o?t, we I ojud
in ah respects ; with a low pressure engine and boilers of
the most approved kind, constructed bv Cunnlgbam V llall,
New York,and is a first rale sea Ixiat. Bhe wvlllie sold with
out reserve. Terms, 10 |>er cent dow n, the remainder ui 2, 3 or
b month*, with approved security. For further information in
relauoo to the host, can lie had on application to either ol the
subset ibert.
roved security, i-or further tab
, can t>e had on application lo elt
APPl.KTi/N M?>KCH,> f
uRsltNl* Phemx Ki nntlry, New York.
<n g'-<? A P O *Y II A KTFOKIA.? The steam
host CLROPATR \, Capt tin Reynolds, will
leave Irom Peck ?lip, E. R., esery Tuesday,
Thiir*dav and Saturday a'ternoon, atSo'chH k
FOR SAW IIAKBMK. ?The tteamliout CI-IPTWN wdlbe
in readiness on the arrival of the Cleopaira at Lyme to con
vey [>a-*engers to Sag Harbor w ithout delay. Fare througk
FOR NER LONDON.?Siageswillbe in readiness irnuie
diately an arrival of the Cleopatra at Lyme, tu aonvey paa
sengers to New London. Fare through $2.
II r Notice.?The fare to Sag llarhar hy the steamboat
CLEOPATRA w.U he $2 until (urthrr notice.
D. K. ALLEN, 96')South (t.
N. B All person* are forbid fruiting any one on account of
the above boat orowners. o23 dlDl*
Ciiarle.ton, Key West and Tawi^vn Bay.?
The superior steam packet NEW CAM
TLF., J. Daion Wilson, commander, willaail Tuaaday, 31at
inst. ?t 4 o'clock P. M., from pier 5, N. R.
Th.s vessel b?* Iwen fitted for sea at pre?t eipense. and
can be piope||e,l by steam or *ail?, and offers a very desirable
conveyance for passenger*. For term* autdv on l?oard, or to
Corner (lid Slin and South street.
ft. B.?Tt^i vessel carries the ('. H. mail to Key West.therlfee
o Tampa Bay and St Mark*. ntl 8t*
N C^"* /A FAKh; R>; l't'KD.-ri)H hINS
*11 ^ ~ " AND PKKKMKll.L.-Parc to Ytt
*W?^BwR^M.kers, Hastings, Dohh's Perry, Irving, atVl
Tarrytnwa, la* cent*?Ring Ring mid Cmtwu. Zr> rent*?Cr??
ger's Lam Hug. Verptanek's Point, and I'cekskill, 874 eenu
Tbe stennibnt OKANUK, Capt. Proal, will |ravr New
York from lite f'Kit of Chanil-ers at every Tuesday ,Thursday,
and Saturday, at 12 n'otock. M.
Re-tummy. lease Peekskillon Monday. Wednesday and Prh
day at II o'clock, A. M., landing at the (Mil State* Priaoa
Porfrrightar passage apply to the captain an board, or Iff
8. W. Rarnay, eor. Cham'.er* and Wmt m*., or to
?u-2m" CROOKK a KOWKM.cor. West and Liberty ?.
Vn*-VpwW ?Pram the foal ol Markelfi. Id street, H ttw
"" ?'Tv*"a-rv piare. NartliRiver, at 4 o'clock.
The MARRACIirSKTTM wiU sail ih? afternoon at ?
y re,i hi not received onboard alter 1 'clock, P. M,
Paasrng crtiar Boston willtakr the Rail Hoax Cam at Proof.
dei.t.t Immediately on their arrival. Men " M nw.ljr Arrangw
men.." JylA 6n?"
In r'l i -mi- TON, VIA NEWPORT AND PRoVl
DP.NCP. -The steamboat LPXINOTO*.
Captain Vanderldlt, wdl leave from pier No. S N. It. <i*a mt
Mortis street, on Wednesday afternoon. Nov. I, at 4 o'clock.
*,* P*."* np>-r? for Boston will lie forwarded In the rail rand
ea<? immediately on the arrival of the LKX1NOTON at
Freight ft?r Boston ? ill he forw arded wltlroot delny.
Porlurlber inlormatlon inquire on lionrd.or of
D it ALLRN.I69Hontl.a|.
N B. All perawneare forbid trusting nny one en neconnt el
the >Ui?r boat or owners. ell diDI*
?uarua and pnuyipia?M kaai>
Frmm firm Yark, 4 P M. Frem f'rsi idsma, S P. AC.
Prcssdenl, Monoav, M. ? M'
Msssacbusetu, Tuesday, Sat, Rhode Irtand.
* ? Wednesday, dth, Pre*.dent,
Rhode Island, Thursday, Nth, Massachusetts.
President. Prtday, 6th, * *
Massachusetts Hetnrday, 7th, Rhode ICud
* ? Mondi-v, 9th, Preahteet,
Rhode Wand, T us seta's. loth, Masssehtwril*.
President, Wednesday, I lib- ?
Masaarfiu setts Thursday, Iht, Rhede Island.
* ? Pridav, Wh, Preahleet.
Rhode Island. R*ur?ay, Itth, Massachusetts.
President, Monday, 16th, ? 4
Massachusetts Tn?s?tay, 17th, Rhode (slab i,
* Wednesday, |9|h, President,
Rhede Island, Thursday, l!*h, Massachusetts.
President, Pr'.day. fhih. # ?
Massachusetta. SatardlV, Slat. Rbnde lalawrl.
* ? Moadnv. ZM, President.
Rhode Island, Teesd?>. Jllh, Mmsachuset %,j
President, Wedeesdny. ??'%, * ?
Massachusetta, Thursday, JKih Rhode latand
* ? Pridny. J7th, PrwsideeC
Rhe'te Island, Saturday, 39th, Massarbnarftt,
President Monday, .VHh, ? ?
Massachusetts, Tuesday, Nisi. Rhode lalawit,
rasa? n^era lor B rston will lake the Rail Road Oars at PmvA
dence immediately mm their arrival.
t.P All Merrhanflae, Hpee.e, and Raff rape, at thesis
owners the emu. ________ MMff*
M i o Ll',1?The third end f- arth Ptoocs ot ,i well
(nff Mouse No. 191 Canal ?t. It la a very desirotde
situation, and th< lower pert -a occupied toy a small
res {recta We family. To a ffond tenant M wnaldhe rented aw
v. ry reasonable terms. Apply "? the premlees tiRk'
MTO l.r.T ?The Isrffe enmrnrsdhros Hw?se No. i
Dry street. The house n new and la ffoodI or<ler? i?
well sui eil for a boarrtinff or club bouse. To t ?ooA
tenant It w h Ire let en advanteyeous terms Wfrtrtef IP
formation. Inqnlre In the re?f of the prrnnsct, or of O e DRwR
B. OPLMrON. aomerof Veaey atreet and Bftmdway.
oiVlw* _________________
Ml?U<?l?l To IsiCT. \faratahedlndgl^g
let,witbhreahfaat,ltre?i"hcd. Apply at 196 Nasaaw A
?I Aw- .
TO K h, AT-The npner part of a_twa tory houte
Ml Cherry st , between Cftn'on ami Montyomrrv aUs
pirmesstnn ffiven tire let of Nw. Ir quire an the prenW
Cts-I w*
TO I e;T? In M Merk't i nee. No. IB, at the wf
nrr oi t H st and M arenne, an eleffant park r. wltf
>war If, Or- pai-trv, 'r>.| l.mlrooni, fur Ishetl or a I.
R.tt Irrw?possrws on Immedistrlv I rpiire no I'rr
Idhewi e, the dwelllny part of a Imu-e In a pleasant part
OreeenleliW to Wt low ta a ffood tenaaL oN ?w*

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