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? O. 143.
I From our evening edition of yesterday. J
Tuesday?Second Day?Bulletin H?. 3?
Liberals going ahead.
8inoe the appeurance of the second edition of the
Morning Herald, containing news from the polls up to
10 o'clock A. M., things are assuming a more satisfac
tory shape. In putting forth bulletin No. 2, wo can as
sure our numerous readers thAt victory hangs ujkjii the
banners of the Liberals. Every where the Tories are
flying. They are dreadfully annoyed by the increased
vote of their enemies. They are getting savage. They
talk of showing no quarter to their prisoners. Let them
take care. Honorable warfare inukes defeat h?mo
The Liberals act and continue to act openly and fear
lessly. Of coarse the fortune of war awnits them. They
not only pray for success, but tliey labor for it. The
price of liberty is vigilance, activity and hard work. Th*
sinewy arms of the Liberals ran sustain the fatigue in
cident upon the labo-required at their hands. Every
appearance?the position of the contending lines?the
state of the polls?the animation of the Liberals and the
despondency of the Tories?the bright heavens,?the
glorious sun, the bracing nnrtli wind, and the aspirations
of lovely woman, for tl.e success of the Liberal cause,
all?all inspire us with high hopes of victory, and a com
plete route of the enemy. Nothing short ofSOOO majo
rity will do. The Liberal-, know this?feel this. That's
right, gentlemen?on, on?the eagle hovers over your
heads, andjeads you conquest. On, on.
Telegraphic Despatch, No. 1, 12 M.
7t/i IVard?112 votes polled at 12 o'clock. The Lib
eral ticket is polling nearly four to one. Tiie Hoxie
men are endeavoring to crowd in all the illegal votes
they can possibly scrape together.
While we were there, one of the keepers of the pene
tentiary dragged up to the ballot box, a drunken Catha
rine market loaler, with a beautiful pair of black eyes,
who offered a set of the hatchet ticket.
Inspector.?" Your naine V
Loafer.?"Tom Smith."
" Challenge !"
Inspector.?" Mr. Smith your vote is challenged."
Loafer.?"The h?II it is. You know ine, Jack."
Inspector.?" Where do you live ?"
Loafer.?" In the United States." (a laugh.)
Inspector.?" What part of the United States ?"
Loafer.?" Let me see e e d?n it all, 398 Madison
Inspector.?"Your vote is challenged arid you must
swear you are a citizen of the United States."
Loafer?"1 am by G !"
Inspector.?" Silence, sir. I cannot receive your vote
if you use such obscene language."
Loafer.?" I can't help it, sir."
Inspector.?" Put your hand on the book and remove
your hat and take that cigar from your mouth."
" Loafer.?" Ne, I'md?d if I do."
Inspector.?" Officer, take this man from the room?
we will not receive his vote."
The loafer left the room and the keeper skulked off to
the market, to find a mvre fit subject."
lOtA,?289 votes polled at 12 o'clock. The Liberals
are going it handsomely. The Rumps have been a
shamed to show themselves on the field, since the
Morning's edition of the Herald appeared.
111*.?210 votes polled at 12 e'clock. Saw nene of
the Hoxie clique on the ground. The Liberals intend
to redeem their pledge, and give six or seven hundred
13tA.?282 votes polled at 13 u'clock. The Locofoces
are bringing ap their forces in a gallant style, and not
withstanding the troop of office-holders they have to
contend against, they will give a handsome majority
against the usurer's
17tA.?5 minutes before 12?276 votes polled. Hdr?
it is all on one side. To use the expression of a meat
shop butcher we saw on the ground, "Jake Arker won't
get a smell here?no way you can fix it."
TkT.RORAfHie Despatch, No. 2.?12h. 10m.
Our Express Courier No. 1 was delayed by a wheel
coming off his vehicle again this morning. It now lies,
if it is not removed, at the corner of Spring street and
Broadway. The carriage was as rotten as the shin
plasters of the present day, or as the corrupt Wall street
clique. We have put it away?its day of grace is over.
So is the day of grace of the speculators.
Coming along on foot, the courier saw a nigger, all in
livery, riding his master's horse at the corner of Broad
way and white, he knocked down a poor old woman.
" That's the way with these ariatocratical creature,"
rried a liberal voice?" all for knocking down the
" Yes, yes, as if we were dirt"
" Is this a republic V cried another.
" No, by G?," said the first.
1st Hard B o'clock?polled 173. The clerks had
come up to the mark yesterday.
2^Ward.?" Here cemea the Herald Express."
'What's the ticket"
" What ticket T"
" The liberal ticket?death to monopolizers?hatch
ets, strings and tassels."
" Hurrah !"
Tolled up to 12 o'clock, 136.
:)rd Ward.?A great array of very ysung 91 melt?ra
iher small of their age?" rather young of their age," as
an " Emerald" of a inan observed. However, grave
an.I potent signiors are sometimes very favorable lo
young men who come suddenly to years of discretion.
4th Ward,?Lota of fun today. We have preserved
the incidents of the election, ami shall give them at full.
Then " laughter holding both her sides" will he seen.
For the present, the poll, op to 12 o'clock, stands this
t!th H erd.?Humor very great. State of poll, at 12
o'clock, on the 2nd day's votes?170.
Tblbobaphic Dispatch, No. 3, 12h. I2m.
Kigtoh Ward.?At this moment, the belligents are
engaged in fearless combat?striving with all their
might to overthrow their opponents. About half past
10 o'clock, t strong detachment of cleaver men, headed
by the redoubted Alderman Acker, entered the fleldi
but they received so warm a reception from tho
Liberals that their ronte waa complete. The Alder*
man attempted, indeed, to infuse courage into his
troep by tailing them that ne one waa so fit for the
office of hangman, to which he sspired, as one who
had almost all hia life time been accustomed to stran
gulation. Rut even this harrangue availed him not i
and at th# haor we left, the poll atood at 466?mostly
TtLsoBAFHtc Dispatch, No. 4?I2h. IRm.
16<A Ward?12 o'clock.?Up to this hour, 121 votes
were polled, making 523 amae the opening. Of thcae
323 are democrats. Tho majority in this ward for
the Liberals will be at least 300.
Fifteenth Ward -12 o'sfedb?296 votes polled since
the opening this morning. The Whigs are despairing.
Their boasted majority of 1500 in this Ward will be
sank down to half that number.
Fourteenth Ward?12 o'clock.?249 votes polled
today. Of these, two-thirds are Liberals.
Twelfth Ward.?They had polled 120 votes up to
12 o'clock?of these, 90 were Liberals.
Ninth Ward?12 o'clock.?403 votes polled since
the opening?of these, 380 were Liberals ?well as
certained. Enthusiasm tremendous. A general con
flagration talked of.
Fifth Ward?12 o'clock.?242 votes in all since
opening today?of these, over 100 are Liberals. A
large body, of 300 Liberals, were marching up to
vote as we left.
K~P The Courier asserts that its party had 2000 ma
jority on the first day What a splendid instance of
clairvoyance! CoL Webb, Col. Webb, don't you re
member a certain gentleman by the name of Gholson 7
As he drove a certain Colonel from Washington, so will
your party, with its assumed 2000 majority, be driven
from New York ere the evening star for Wednesday
shall shed its red light in the west. Oh, Colonel Webb,
Colonel Webb, oh!
OCT Liberals, how do you like the titles showered
upon you by Ci arles King, the decent organ of the
decent usurers? He calls you " ragged ruffians," out
casts," and " native tatterdemalions." What else can
you expect from such upstarts as constitute the hangers
on of a set of men who would grind you to the dust, fet
ter your minds, and prevent you from enjoying thatglo
rious freedom which you inherited from your Anglo
Saxon ancestors. James G. King to call you tatterde
malions ! Is not that the most consummate impu
dence 7
DCP Second Ward.?"Young merchants of respec
tability"?shoving Hoxie tickets at voters. No go.
Two well dressed whigs?whigs in heart?came up."
" Here's tickets gentlemen."
" Let me look," said one.
He opened it. "Can't go the hatchet and Thomas
Street, much as I admire the tenants of the latter
" Give us Storms J" said the other.
" How many ?"
"The Devil will carry off thctories in thre Storms!"
cried another.
" Huzza for the second Ward," said another.
"It is the place for wit"?
" And wine added a fifth."
(C " Here's the Morning Herald Mr. Grundy," said
a gentleman to the Hon rable Senator.
" Thank ye sir. This it the paper."
" I can't understand Bennett. Is he Whig or Tam
many 7"
" Still water runs deep. You'll understand him by
and by."
" My opinion is, he don t rare how things will termi
"There you are mistaken. Bennett has created a
centre around which we must all revolve before long."
" What! revolve round such a man !"
" Not the man, my dear sir, but the power of an inde
pendent press."
" Ah!"
K beg Icace rcapectfuHy ta call the attention of tnehr friend*
an* the public generally. to the new and elegant assortnwHt of
?ju*t received and opening at their new ?tore, No. 3te
?treet, between Frcnkfort and Hague *trecta. Coasu
mert and dealer* wiH And, pi their est* I distune at, advantage* no
where el*e to be nft wKh, ia addition to their entire new itock
tfianviners, of the above Arm, more geaeraMy known by the
appellation of the Three Fingered Paper Hanger, and who, it
I* seedless ta nay, to any bat atrangrrs, stands unrivalled ia the
art of paper hanging, both for neaiaesiand deapatcb, will at
tend la permc :? fsr a? practicable to alt the work which thai I
he entrusted to kkicare. mvSi-dm*
IS7INTB5H?"WlMTKH?Importint to Housekeeper*,
T" and all who are In fhvar of economy in tbeae bard time*.
ROCKWELL k Cf>. have no hand, an.I nrr ri ceiving week
S, the beat quality of hardwood Charcoal, manufactured ei
uaively from beach, h rcb and maple timber, and pat ap in
boaea containing eight barrel* each, a* certified by the lnsnec
tor of Charcoal Tor toe city, and dalivered in <ay part without
any charge for cartage or box. It ia found, oa experiment, to
burn mme third longer than piae coal.
A cample of the above coal can he aeen at No. J Franklin
8quare, where information will he given, and order* received
?a* the preaent prices correspond *o nearly with those of pine
coal, it becomes a great object for those naing the article to
call nod examine It n2 2w*
TTOKHKR TO WiNTafi K.?At my place Hedge
11 Hill, Rye, West cheater County. I have stabling and ail
things necessary, (including a skilful and carefbl groom,) to
enable me te keep a few horse*, (Vom the lit Noven her to the
1st of April next PeraoM derrtng to put horaet out to winter
at per month, may apply to me by letter, peal paid, 146 Jay
itreel.irooklj n.
N. B. Payment must be made in advance, at the commence
ment sfaach month. UKO. WOODWARD.
|I11SH WH1IKBY?The subscriber* have 20 punch
1 eons lrl?h whiskey under custom house lock, which they
offer for sole by the puncheon at moderate rate*,
oaa-lm* uK'l. McBRIDR, Jr. It Co. 13 Cedar st
HOW many hast thou led to tl.e cold and silent tomb f
when, had they been without thy demon-like influence, might
now bme blessed their friend* sod families with their delight
ful and soul inspiring presence!
Endeavor to read the following remark* and ad vis* without
allowing the mind to be obscured hy any mist* of prejudice, or
false principles; and the result ?hall be some knowledge, whe
ther it will amount to conviction, is certainly more than leas
tell. If it should, happy will be the convinced!
Wc know the MM remain* pure, while the wind* and
tides continae to exert their moviag influence, and it is the
ime principle that Import* purity to springs and lakes.
Let this principle cease to art, let 8 i A (1 NATION he there,
ami what la the consequence' Evnn il?e mighty deep, in prw
.traded calms, has been known to PUl'MIKY! Every one
know* the fact as connected with lakes and spring* of water,
when circulation cease* they hrc?me stagnant. PUTRE
FACTION, wherever it exi?ts, in however ?mall qaanlities,
it tt come* ia contact with ANIMAL LIFE, figures, olten de
Whether ye Ire literary, or men ef business; whether ye lie
clerks, student* or me tianlcs, or whether ye be nl that nnfor
lunate class ^ho gain their bread by the needle. To all and
each give ear.
Being deprived of exercise I* to the hnman body as the de
privation ol wind* and tide* to the ocean t it brings about a
Thus it looae* Its nuritv t its rirruiatioa is Impeded t the
and if not an immediate attack of some malignant fever, head
ache, nausea, loss of appetite, and a general debility of the
whole (Vame i? ?nre to fallow
It require* the tempest and the tornado to bring about a state
of purity in the ocean when its wa'ers have herewte stagnant;
and it will require repented evueuatloa*liy the howels, before
the blood can be relieved of it* a< < uinulsted iaafurltirs ami
NATURE left free to restore every organ to It* p nper
healthy BCtian. And even when this is done |g kn Impossible
for those to enjoy health who lake little exercise, unless they
occasionally take*om<- purgative of miilclent power to per
fectly cleanse the ahmeuiary c ii?al of any morhifle matter
which n av be there lodged, and y?t that could do no Injury
under any circa mat ante*.
The character of lilt REAWDRETH'B Pills i* so well
known that they scarcely require to lie alluded distinctly to.
Their saiety to all ages, Ann the child of an kourohl to the
man of one hundred years, their mddoe** and yet the absolute
certainty of effhet according to the -lose given, make* them the
most desirable medicine known. Besides, no attention is re
quired in the time ihey are taken, how, wh 'n.or in what man
ner. Diet has nothing to do with them. Cold ha* positively
LEHB effect on the body when they are used. M ,ny person*
when they have got wet, have, while uitt, swallowed six or
eight to prevent Inero catching cold, and they always have.
The Pills, like their PROPRIETOR, ha* never deceived
any one. Priests, Lawyer*, and Politician*. Fremetiend
Nlaves. all alike, who have a*ed them rmsnwnsnd (Asm m
tirsu #/ Ms nsest nnfuaft/tcd praise.
%T One thtng 'n conclusion, never purchase, exceot at the
Ofllces of DR BRANDRKTII. <>r die Age*,, who are sppoiet
ed and advertised by him. Ahoye all. never go to a drug More.
Bsl *Aat dawn In pessr memorandara keek.
I Bpcuce street, next deny to the Bun Offlce
1*7 Hudson street, sear Canal.
Asnaf ke dsarmsd ky on Aprw Dni Aters, wka kangt ant
/hissrefer, mt lib corner #/ CM and Wndsea _ 1 ??
PI Bowery, between Broome and Honston street#
West street otRee removed to 13 West street, A. B. Wsaaais,
D. H. Hunt,RI ftrand (treet, Ladles' ShoeBtere.
A. Wsaaae, Jua., .AJ West stree; nfl-lwd-ltw*
XI. PISTOLN.-A. W. Hl'IES, 192 PearUu offers for sshs at
extreme low prices (he following new goods.
Rodger*, Wostenholm, and oiher fine Cutlery
Ivorv and common table Cutlery, all kinds
Wade, and Butcher's, and Elliot's Razors
Britannia, plated and jupnnned wares
Anvils, Vices, Hoes and Trace Chains
Edge tools. Planes and Files of diA'ereat maker*
Collins', StMuuond's and Stone's Axes,
5?0 Guns, 300 Uitles, 2,000 pair Pistols
Gun and sporting implements of every kind
Gun materials lor Gunsmiths
Pocket Books, Wallet* nnd Mathematical Instruments
Violin Strings and Violins
German and French Fancy Otods, ia lou to suit purcha
r*. -? olo-3m*
CHANGE ASSOCIATION.-tMfice and agesicyNo.il
Wall st. opposite the Bank of the State of New York.?Gold
and silver and all kinds of uneorrenl money bought and sold.?
Sinai Ihillsfor change of various denominations, constantly onl
band. sl5-2m*
I a HPS cTVa N DELIEKS AC.?ThVsubscriber
l-i begs to inform ui* friends agd the public in general, tiiat
he has received hy lute arrivals from Europe, an elegant as
sortment of the undermentioned articles, which he offers for
sale at unprecedented low prices for cash, wholesale and re
tail, vi7.:
Astral lamps, in gilt, bronzed, marble, and glass pillars.
Mantle do in do do do do witk
rich cut glass pans and drops.
Hanging chandeliers for candles, from 4 to 30 lights.
Book lamps, for drawing rooms, from 2 to 5.
Elegant stand eandelabras, carrying from to 2 to 15 light*.
Elegant mantle candlestick*, plain and ornamei tal.
Hall lamps for oil and gas.
Hanging gas lamps, from 2 to 4 lights.
Ladles wash tables, elegantly painted in oil colors.
Ladies gilt buckles, slides, head hands, fee.
Single and double barrel percussion fowling piece
Duelling, holster, belt-?" J pocket pistols.
Plated candlesticks, branches, cruet frames.
Tea keiMes, bottlestands,lie. W. F. WREAKS,
s27-3ni* 113 Fulton st.
COAL.?Ransom Titrevllle & Co. offer their celebrated
Peach Orchard and Schuylkill coal at the old and well known
Clinton coal yard, No. 1V8 Monroe, between Rutgers and Jef
ferson streets, warranted to be of the best quality, and free
front slate?delivered to any part of the city at the following
reduced prices;
Broken and screened, and egg size, . . $9 25 per ton
Nut, ? ? ? ? 3 00 do.
Lehigh, * ... 8 .50 do.
Grdi-rs received through the post office, and ourboxatlhe
office of the Express, earner of Wall and Water streets, or at
the coal yard, will be promptly attended to.
N. B.?Coal by the cargo 25 per ton of 2240 lbs.
an 11-3m*
SULPH ATE 6 F UUTnTUK-warranted perfectly
Sulphate and Acetate of Morphine?warranted pare?in 2
o?. vials.
Jujube Paste?French?first qualiiy?in 25an?150 1b. boxes.
White Wax?500 lbs. suitable for retail.
Nivalin's Panacea?at manufacturer's prices, with Spanish ot
English directions.
Medicine Chests? for ships or families.
White Skins?French?tor plasters, lie.?a large assortment.
Tonic Mixture?warranted cure for the fever anil ague.
Soda and Seidlilx Powders?by Ihe gross or doxen; together
with a large assortment of Drum, Chemicals and Fancy arti
cles, for sale wholesale and retail, by
o21-3m* _ 86 William street.
AOEKTLkMAN of Uie legal profession, who will
leave this city about the 10th of November next to go
through the states of Alabama and Mississippi, and who will be
located at Tuscaloosa, Alabama, would be pleased to attend to
any husfm m that may tie confided to hi* charge. Apply No.
28 Beekman st. where satisfactory references as to characttNr
and capacity may he obtained. o30-dtN10*
WANTED.?A person of good ad fress to attend a Public
exhibition?it practically acquainted with Mechanics,
Chemistry, or having a knowledge of the Steam Engine, will
meet a preference. Apply between 10 and 5, up stairs, at No.
5 Barclay street.
Also, to let a large room, fitted up as an exhibition or lectare
room, inquire as above. n41w*
pleasure to inform his (fiends and the public in general,
that lie has opened an Apothecary's Store at No. Ity Chambers
st, two doors from Chatham, where he will lie happy to wail
day and night upon those w ho may honor htm with their pa
tronage. H?- has studied in Europe, and for the last sixteen
months he was employed in the well known establishment of
Mr. J. Milhau, where be trusts he has given entire satis
Medicines of the best quality will be used by him, and physi
cian's prescriptions will be put up with care and despatch, and
at the Lowest terms possible. n3 3tu*
J A MI KM Oil Y *UALK, Veterinary Burgeon, No. X?
Fifth street, between the Bowery *od Mrc-.m Avenue,beg*
leave to inform tho public that Ur aow attend* personally to
home shoring, tart: ad of by deputy, as formerly. Therefore
gentlemen sending horses in bis establishment, may depend on
on baring them shod on the most approved scientific princi
He likewise hit""1* to the diseases of horses, as usual, at bis
owa infirmary! but his arrangements ar liorse aimeing pre
clude the possibility or attending their own stable*,ex
cept those in his immediate vicinity
To those who are sceptic of his abilities,he will merely say,
" Put them to the teat: 1 the proof of the pudding if III '.he
eating.' ? JAM KM DRYMDALK, V. (I.
*36 3m* Graduate of the Edinburgh Veterinary School.
fiEPILAI OKY PO W OKR-forremoving super
mJ fluau*hair from the face,arms and neck. A tingle appli
cation aff< cts t< is parposc without pain or ii\jury to the skin,
which oti the contrary is left whiter and softer than before; a
second appli :?tion deslmva the roots of the hair, for sale by
nl-4w* J.|A. E. L'AMOURKUX,377 Broadway.
74 Cedar sL near Broadway.?C. C. MARMH'H COL'KHE
OP INSTRUCTION.?During the coarse, the student has
brought before kirn more than a hundred different business
transactions, each of which l? ? subject of remark, conversation
and study. The tm,.-actions are not unconnected and iionro
bahle, bat regularly connecte<i incidents, tuch as would be
prodeeed hy tne natural routine of basinets.
Thus the course of instruction become* a regular course of
practice, preparing the pupil for almost any rmergen*v,by
anticipating the dime " ' - - ? ? -? ?
? iculties that belong lo the subject. Year
mast pass in a mercautile house, before the dlveraified husi
ness which is introduced lo the pupil la week* could com* im>
der his notice.
Prespeclusscs, wltk terms, kc. may be bad at the rooms.
"The Science of Double Entry Book Keeping Simplified.?
A standar J wark In its fifth editnsa, 3* pages octavo?$ I.JA?
This book is introduced into the Naw York Public Schools, in
preference lo any oibvr on t?\it>ject."
-djjbe Art of Mingle Entry Book Keepjng, improved by the
introduction oi the I'roel or Balance. I? pages octavo?75 cts
By this method, the great defect which ha* heretofore misted
la single entry Is corrected."
"A Lecture on thr Study of Book Keeping, with Balance
Sheet. A nest pamphlet. 48 pares, Itmo prlee It cenU for
single copy. It la a good iatrwdaclioa to double-entry hook
keeping. o18-endlmJ
iph Olllott'a Celebrated I'nient Kioti
gatcd Metallic Pea."
IQIBPn OILhOTT begs to inform the publls, that he
w Ta constantly receiving from his manufactory, in Binning.
bant, a regular supply of hia most approved Metallic Pens.
1 one
Tb St >ck on hand offers the best assortment in the (Tailed
Slate*, and of warranted good quality?amongst which may be
found hia
"Patent Magnum Bonnm Commercial Pen,"
" Original Patent Slip Pea."
" Original Patent Ladies' Pen,"
"Engl e Pens."
" Double Damasro* Barrel,"" Lnnars." " Peruvian,""Hew
York Pountsin," ami " Damascus Pens,'' put np la a variety ?
styles?vlt. an cards of onedoren each, with rosewood and al?
hau holders t in bote* nl one doten each, with holders; in uto
r<sccora#est?be|| tmies an?l morocco cards.
bits Rverpoint, and Pen ami Everpeint Pencils."
Albata Kverpoinl, sod Pen ami Everpeint Pen
Prom the well merited and universal relehiiy of the above
Pens, asattested by the whole mercantile community la Europe
and the United Mtates, sescrul nngnmsplcd makers have endea
vored to impose uj>?n the pnbltr, by a spurious imitation, pur
porting to be the original '' Josepb Mlllatt's Patent," but which
are utterly worthless, and entirely destitute of tinge qualities
auuute to ftne writing, which have established ?och so unpa
ed demand for the original pen, in every country where it
la kawwa!!
The puhticaro hereby raulionet! Us b. r tl i ponrd
against these ooanterfsiU; they may lie readily cted by
ihtilr unfinished appearand ,and by the Inferior Myle in which
they are sent into tne market, la their attempt to Impose upon
fkcuawary. . .
Rack grons of the genuine pen is envelopedht a neatly print
?d wrapper, descriptive of the article it contains
Partner U> guard against the fraud, the public will please tn
?Inerve that the genuine pews hear one nf the foitowlng marks,
always reading from the point of the pen:
Joseph Joseph Joseph
GiUott'a fJillntt't Elliott
Patent. Warranted. Maker.
The above may he kail at M? Warehouse, No. IB Meek man
ueret, one door below Pearl. New York. olIMm*
/"'O AIj?Washing ion Cnsl Yard, corner et Barrow ai
a/ Washington sts.?A stock of superior Mcbitylhill Peach Oi
chard Cool is at present on hand in 'his vard, which will be so
for cash at very reduced price*. Pa ml Vies will find it to thei
advantage to rail Iteforc laying hi their winter's supply.
dl ftp .
ATT It N'l'I o N I?T. CODY, Vtciunller, of No. ICourt
land street, ever grateful to his friends and the puklie In
general, for the lilreral patronage be hns heretofore reeelved,
and whose sole aim ism merit a continuance of their patronage,
tould respectfully Inform them that he is, asnsaal.re-idr, wil
ing and able lo provide them wiih all the luxuries ami d?
ling and able lo provide them with all the luxuries ami delica
cies that Ike market affords, upon terms more IIIm ral titan any
othar establishment i* the city?be being one of Ihe ?!ow and
sure bos litem men, that trade a poo their own capital, aonse
uaeatiy those who patronii# hltn, ?nffer no inconvenience from
the losae* which h? might ha*e sustained, had he pur*ue<l the
that a great many hsve. At bis establishment, at all
hours, may he bus Wines, Ales, l.iquors, Begat*. Oyster* In
, Poultry. pi h. Reef Bleaks, Para k Mutton
every style. Game,
Chops, ngetkerwllh every ?tlier article, bcth eatable sod
drinkable, thai the mo*t fs?tidinus rould desire. Please give
Mm a raft, and von will ftad that this advertisement is hut a
plain statement of fast*. oSl-lw*
No. 80J Broadway, New York.
ready-made linen, stocks, cloves,
N. B. Gentlemen's Linvn made to order in the neatest
manner o26-lm*
VUltlHK Ciirdii?VHItlng Cftrdi?VHltlng
D* Engraved in a superior style and printed w ith the ut
most n< atnev. in the most approved fashion. Ju*t received u
superior lot of Porcelain Cards, expressly for visiting enrds,
which, for whiteness andhrdliancy of polish, c.innot he excelled.
Pernors furnishing their own card plates ear, have ihe.it print
ad in a superior style atone hour's notice. Specimen books
can he examined, and all orders promptly attended to hy ap
plying at VALENTINE'S Engraving k Printing Rooms.
50 John street, corner of William.
O" Cards at home for weddiug parlies,mercantile and store
cards, hall tickets, kc. Stc. oSC-lin*
Fancy Oootla. Perfumery. Brushes, Ac.
Wholesale dealer In
No, 73 Maiden Lnne, (up stairs,)
New York. nis-lm*
Russia Lcalltcr & Rose Wood Writing Ueslts
A most mperior and indispensable article lor travellers, who
regard safety ami convenience.
Ifo. 80 ffilhum stmt, turner of Liberty street.
N. B. An extensive and general assortment of POCKET
BOOKS of every quality and size, from 50 a nts to <i-73 per do
xen, from S to 12 inches, constantly on hand and manufactur
ing. Pocket Booas ana Card Cases, of pearl, shell, ivory, lea
ther, fce. *2S-3m*
Hegi to inform his fiiends and the public that he hat commen
ced the
Commtuulon Uuslueaa
will he made on
Cotton, aud all other artlc'ea of Produce
ET He will also purchase merchandise for eountrv
merchants on order at per rent commission, and exercise his
best judgment and taste in the selection of ",>od< From a
long experience in mercantile pursuits, h;: ving " ended to a
general business in one ef the southern static of many years,
and the last five years in this city, he hopes to reeeive a nberai
patronage. The utmost despatch ana ?.t unflinching adhe
rence to nstructions will he strictly observed.
I /? i nKce I s, Pearl st., up >7iiir?. sl4-8m*
(iri gnry's Vanilla Cream ('and v.
ST7" A CARD.?The above very justly celebrated Candy can
now he bad genuine, together with a general assortment of
Lozenges, and other Confectionary, all made ol retiued Sugar,
aud warranted pure, at No. 131 William street, and at ?21 j
Broadway, by II. GREGORY, the original inventor of the
I Vanilla Cream Candy. 04-3111*
I No. 35 Bowery,
anl3-3m" Next door to the Zoological Institute.
Dlederelch Ilelna, M. D.Murgroti Dentist,
U" From Gerniany, begs leave to recommend himself to an
Amerioan public in all the branches of Murgerv cud Dentistry.
Profound knowbdgeand los.g practice allow aim to claim
that he can deserve and retain the confidence of a generous
public, if an opportunity l?e afforded to him to display his sci
ence ol which numerous patients in several European Slates
have derived great benefits.
He would also take the occasion to recommend his newly In
vented composition artificial Teeth, which will sndure even
longer than nutaral ones, and which can l?e fitted by setts as
well a* by the single piece.
l_T Office 29" lludson street. o)7-lnt*
Cheap Fashionable Boot Store;
CT II. NEW ELL, at PI Canal st, corner of \5oosler, Rives
notice that lie is constantly receiving from his lac'ory, Boots
el every description, which he warrants, and will sell at redu
eed prices lor cash.
By devoting his attention exclusively to the manufacture at
Boots, he Is enabled to get up a better auricle. and hy selling
for cash he caa afford it cheaper than can be pnrchased in the
city?or in other words, it obviates the necessity of taxiug good
for the delinquency of had customers.
N. B. Water Proof Boots from $4 to $5 50? Boys' Winter do.
from 92 to $2.50. o&O-lm*
Tuscan Straw 11 sat*.
CT BE ADVISED.?All who are about to purchase Tus
can, Leghorn, or Straw Hats?the largest choice of the finest
and best goods, in far the best shapes, with the lowest prices,
may be found at T. BENNETT'S Straw Warehouse or Shoe
Room, No. 297 Broadway,
Aud also may be found at this well known establishment, an
assortment of fashionable Silk Hats and Dress Caps, at eery
low prices. a9VHn*
Commission an?l Forwarding Merchant*,
No. fid ('snip st, New Orb ans,
cr Commenced business last spring, and f.om an extensive
personal acquaintance with a majority of the merchants in the
States bordering mi the Mississippi, have great facilities for dis
posing of every description of merchandize.
Attends destined for the interior will be forwarded prompt
ly, and strict attention paid to any business with which they
may be entrusted.
Refer to C. Palmer, C. N. B. Rowland, H. H. Elliott, Esqrs.,
New York.
Further information may lie had an application io
olJ-WkMtJI* El'BTIN PREsCOTT, 55 Water st.
Aad all others who wish to keep their feet dry during the in
clement season.
tor H. NKWELL st 94 Canal street,respectfully gives no
tice that be has succeeded Id manufacturing the much desired
article, a
dial he warrants to be perfectly impervious to water, which
he is enabled In sell (In consequence of the great reduction la
labor ami materials,) at the reduced price of five dollars per
^ Constantly on band, Gentlemen's fine boots from 92-9ft to
95.00. f
Plckslay'a Peruvian Meal Cutlery.
CRIB ...
THE SUBSCRIBER ha* juM received. and now offer* for
sale, for CASH, a moat splendid aad ritnnirc nock of Ibis
CELEBILATKD CUTLERY, the quality and fiaisb of which
cannot be aaroamed, to which be now invitee the Mtentioo of
the trade. Thcstock compriaea
PERUVIAN STEEL RAZORS. with Pearl, Ivory, and
Black Morn handle*, warranted rood, and ?et ready for nee.
ROSEWOOD AND LEATHER Seven Day Case*. contain
ln| aeven Pearl. Ivory, or Black Hora Raton, one for every
day of the week.
PERUVIAN HTKKL DIRKS,In rrent variety.
with 1, 2, .1, and 4 blade*, warranted.
Card* containing I, 2, or 3 doxen of Dlrka or Peaknivea, ae
aorted patievn*.
Three beautiful Rosewood " luuliara In parvo" DK ESMINU
f'ASKS, Ihe n."?t compart lra\elhnp case* ever made.
Two splendid Kmc* nod Unse*, each containing I *et,M ple
com ailver handled TABLE CUTLERY.
Rosewood Writing De?ka, Dresaing Case* Lndie*' Work
Bote*. Military Travelling Caaea. Dressing Roll*, Ladies' Cut
lery Caaea, he. he. he.
* Cr.oaa araaaT,
Over Joknton ?r CV'i Ptrfumrrrg Slow,
Corner ol William and Cedar rta.
Si h i i > |<A ? Kil l ASBKSTOn \\ Uttl till T
IKON *A PES.?The public are invited to call at A. R.
Mnen*. No ISt Pearl street, up stair*, and examine Stifft I'a
tmi Irfimfn, Wrought /con Safti, together with the many >att*
factory evidencea m hi* possession, of the perfect security of
those lastly celebrated Safe* against fire and rnbher* ; and alao
the capacity of the .Mmnal 4ihnfo\ (now found in abundance
?tien I*"
Bladen I land, in the southern part of Pennsylvania, and
in otlu r section* of the United State*, ami with which each
Safe is thoroughly lined,) to resiat effectually the most intense
heat Among the numerous farts we adduce In prsof of Ihe
entire efficacy of these Sute* in protecting their contents from
Injury by fire we merely ?? leef the following.
John Scott (the sole patentee for the application nf the Mm
rral .4<hf>r?< in the constrO' lion of iron sales) exposed in the
city of Philadelphia, on the 29th ifrt., 1MB, in the presence of
n inner on* dtlf ns, a sssfm fw, covered | to |of an inch thick
wnh Asbestos, to tbeharatau of one cord of seasoned wood j
the Ihix ?? as Ailed with Ae?fr-*i?drr? paper ikmsp and when
opened its contents were lound untqjarvri, although the iron
grille upon which it rested wa- heated too white hrmt. One of
St If > AnbtHor t V*t?. (theonly one. we le-Meve, In thia etty at
that time) was In the counting house ol Messrs. Iluhhord It
Casey, in Kx< hangg Plat e at the time In the great fire ta thia
cilv, width saved all Its contents uninjured.
Tketr certificate, w th a nmnber of ?it hers of the highest re*
sprrtahility, together with the va'i"ii? pattern* >>i tin shove
saf*?. may be aetm at the store of A. R. Mom, No. SB. /'cot I
street, agent to th* Mianufarrorra, ot whom they oan lie obtain
ed at our regular wlmlesalc price*,
nl-tm* JOHN RCOTT k Co.
8K IX A*. T7 Cedar street, imtmrtvr ot Havana *tegarr of
the first quality, has now on hand the frrUowiag hramts,
and selerte-l by an eipeiieneetl smoker, and offers them far
sale* on terms to suit I
ion.nun Norragn,
Sn.dou La Norma,
46.eon Dost'ompancioa,
S.S,auo Priacipe,
ya.ono Regain,
17,nut Trahaca--wholesale and retail, aad put ap carefully
and sent to any part of the I'oited Mtates.
drixas would respectfully call the attentloa of all who are
foml rfa first rate segar to call at hla afBee. Hia ohiect ha*
.men sinve he eom??enced tlila hasfaeas to aeU aoae Hat 'he
hsst, and he is determined So keep none others but of lbs very
bed quality thi* rtatket ? sa produce. He aoliatu the patron
age of hi* friend* an I the Public, a taring them be WIN always
famiah ibem with the best nf segar*.
N. B. I?,?aa very sttt erior Regaltaaegarapat ap ?r private
aaelahniea, and* r lock and key. ela-iai*
Ct A Mines' 2?no long boorhes tlarlt a, last crop, lately
I arrived fram Italy, for ?ai< > I t* u> ?uli purchasers, hy
n?-lw# /(WIN i. CONTA, At Ears-lay ti.
AAk A>*, AjV
<ftk Tt?gt aft
(TP PERHONN residing in tins country, w'*o wish to svi?d
for their friends from Ureal Britain or Ireland, will rt? well U>
call at litis office, where they can still make at raiigemeni* for
having tfceni brought to litis country. The subscnber will al
to furnish drafts on Liverpool or the Bank of Ireland, for tscb
tuin* nt inay lie required, or encage to tend any amount to any
part of Ureal Britain or Ireland; and will only remark, that it
I* the determination of himself and hit friends in Liverpool,
that the same punctuality which hat hitherto been observed,
Imtb in the forwarding of passenger* without delay, and ha
ving all draita paid the moment they are presealed, will, as
heretofore, he strictly adhered to.
Applicatious made, either personally or by It tier, post paid,
to the subscriber, will he immediately attended to.
o!6-3m- HAM'L THOMPSON. 273 Pear! St.
IRELAND.?Person* sending money to their
^??"Irimils in Irelan I, Scotland or Kngla .d, can he weekly
accommodated w ilh drafts on the bank oi Ireland, payable al
sight, in the different inland towns in England, Ireland, Scot
land and Wales. Those residing in the country ran send their
money by post (tke letter post paid) which will he punctually
attended to, and a receipt returned lor the tame Other 67
pahswjp: fok nl;\v ohli:.\ss -
lThe first class fast sailing packet ship HVLVANL'S
SJENKINS. has superior accommodations to any other
ship in port for second calim and steerage passsengert, and wiW
positively sail on the 2d November, her regular day. Those
ahout to embark, would do well to examine tins ship before
engaging by any other. Passengers wilt be taken on very
low terms,by applying to IIKKDMAN V KKKN.VN,
61 or I?i6 South street.
N. B A few more cabin passengers can he handsomely ac
commodated, oa rea?< viable t? rnis. She takes steam at the
Bitlize, and warranted to he lowed up lite Mississippi. o4-3rn"
S r*" A K<??T IIARTPOIM). ?The steam
boat CLEOPATRA, Cant tin Reynolds, will
leave from Perk slip, E. It., every Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday afternoon, at6o'clock.
CLIFTON will hem readiness at Lyme to carry pa-sengersto
New Loudon and Norwich without delay. Fare through, $1.
II. B. ALLEN, 269 South *t
N. B. All persons are forbid h~usting any one on account ol
the above boat or owners. o23dtDl*
kcr?, Hasting*, DoblVi Ferry. Irving, and
Tarrytown, 124cenu?Bing Sing and Orotuu, f, cenuT-Cru
ger's Landing, VerpkmckN Point, and Poekakiil, 374 ,-enw.
The steamboat ORANGE, Capu Frost, will leave
York from the toot of Chamlwrs at. every Tuesday .Thursday,
and Saturday.at 12o'clock, M.
Kettirning, leave Peekskilion Moaday, Wednesday and Frl
day at 11 o'clock, A. M., landing at the Old States Prison
For freight or passage, apply ta the captain an hoard, or t
S. w. Barney, ror. Chambers and H eat eta., or to
?'Mn* CROOK K t KoWKH.cor. West Mid L-herty at.
-From the foal of MarketReid street, Bmm
?rv Place. North Rivet, at 4 o'clock.
The MASSACHUSETTS will sail Uiii afternoon at 4
* relght not received onboard afterS 'clock. P. M.
Paaeengercfar Boston wHIlake the Rail Roa.l Cars at Provl.
oeixe immediately on ikelr arrival. See " M- nihly Arrange
iiteaw^ Jyi5 Bin*
? BKNCE.?The steamboat LEXINGTON,
Captain Vnnderbilt, will leave from piar No. 3 N. R. foot at
Morris street, on Monday att< rnoon, Nov. 6, at 4 o'clock
*?* Passengers for Boston will be forwarded In the tail raad
c*'? inuaediately on the arrival of the LEXINGTON at
Freight for Boston will he forwarded without delay.
For further informatioa inquire on hoard,or of
D. ft. ALLEN. 160 Sooth it.
N. B. All persons are forbid tmsting any one on account of
the above boat or owners. oll-diDl*
'N. J.-Tlie steamboat MONMOUTH Caj*.
? Ctiutuar. wilt leave New York from the foot
of Robinson ?t. Tuesilays, Thursdays and Saturdays, touching
at Seguine's dock, Siaten Island and Krypart.
N. B. Far the lioar of starting, inquire at the Barclay street
floute, footnf Barclay st; Wilson J. Hunt, corner oi West and
Fulton si*.; and Wyckofl. Brown k. Co. IP2 Vrary st. n2 lin"
miia rrrj72 htia*J
iff nor ifki vy ur i>vi yrw
Frtm Btm Ytrk, 4 P. M. Prim ProvuUnte, 3 P. M.
President, Monday, 2d, ?? /?
Massachusetts, Tuesday, 3d, Rhode Island.
? ? Wednesday, 4th, President,
Rhode Island, Thursday, 6th, Massachusetts
President. Friday, nth, * ?
Massachusetts. Saturday, 7th, RImxIc Island.
? ? Monday, 9th, PreMdent,
Rhode (aland, Tuesday, 10th, MaaMchns>iA
President, Wednesday, 11th. * ?
Masaaafinsetts Thursday, I2ih, Rhode Island.
? ? Friday, IStfa, President.
Rhode Island. Saturday, 14th, Masaachnsetu.
President, Monday, 16th, * ?
Masaachnsetu, Tuesday, 17th, Rhode Island,
* Wednesday, ltth, President,
Rhode Island, Tharaday, 19lh, Massachusetts.
President, Friday, 2*th, ? ?
Maaaacbnsetu, Saturday, 21st,
* * Monday, Sd, President.
Rhod? Island, Tuesday, 14th, Massachusetts,!
President, Wednesday, tVh, * ?
Massactuusetu, Thursday, 16th Rhode Island
? ? Friday. T7th, President.
Rhode Jslana, Saturday, 99th, Massachnseds,
President. Mmday, 30th, * *
Massachusetts, Tuesday. 31st, Rhnde Idand,
Passengers for Boston wVII take the Rail Road Cars at PrevV
deuce immediately on thefr arrival.
IET Ail Merchandise, Specie, and Baggage, al therts
owner* therem. jyi^ai*
UOOn TO L K.T. A furnished Induing room to
t, with break fast, if requited. Apply at 13* Nassau st.
let, w
si 2m*
MTO IsKT?In Bl Mark's I'lsee, No. 33, at the cut
ncr of Adt st. Hiui 3,1 nvvtitie, an elega(it p, l.-r * S
wardrobe, pantry, ?nd tied room, furnished or net.
Rent low?possess mnnrdiatrly. Inquire on the prcmiaai
Likewise, Hie dwelling part of a home in a pleasant part at
Grreuwich st. to let low tw n good tenant. o24-2w*
AT MONAIiq,!'*fl', 224 BGWKRY, is idlered
r for sale as handsome Maw for |\ at any ever offered M
the public ? fight and durable?warranted onfur Ixidtea
| nd wiBrpmt ?MEP
offered to the rillien* of New York at Uie new eda
blksliment of HOWELL fc CW., 126 Chalhnm street,
upon the fnMawing terms. The price ot all ihsir silk hats, in ;
eluding sty ?rl r.apa, will he three dollar*. All ther fur hat*,
long and ?hort imps, consisting of nntria and plain castor, wdl
lie four dollar*. As the subscribers have takea the utmost painu
to get these hats up with the greatest elegance ,.f 'trie and
finUh, they will not sell esrept for cash, am. al (be above esta
blished prises, from wtuth they will not deviate. In addition,
umbrella*, and a splendid assortment of canes, consisting of
nearly forty different kind* and patterns. ?' gether Willi a varie
ty of fancy and other bru*he*, just received hy the Poland,
which they are enabled to mil one-third leva Uian the nana!
prices HOWELL k CO.
o24 3m# 126 Chatham, apposite R vssevelt aL^
L'lNdl.K II \ is. KOIl < A H11. AT WIIOLK
Superior Clipped Nutrn Naps, ? ? '??
'? " Beaver, kc. ? ? """
" Plain Castnrs, ? ? . |3 15 lo 1 W
- Bimri Nap Hllk, Estra, ? ? ^ ^ ' *
a ppg, . . R M to I N
" Mnakrat Naps ? _ 3 W
N. B. A boadbos with earh genll. imns I it The Plain
Castor* at 94 rq. are unrivalled by any five -foliar hut of the
kind in this market. J mTEUART.
? oM-Stn* M Bmad wav. corm r <>l Anthony si
T4? l,KT.- in tlie National Hall. No*. 2P and 31 Canal M.
near Brand way, a handseme rootn for public neenstoaa,
and a room for military drills. Als??, the Mi story, for light
manufacturing purposes. For partieuljrrt, rpply to A. PALM
ER, on the prrm-es. "r I. FREEM tN, in the rear ol3-lm*
I IKK PKk.NKIt V KKB Bteamboat companies,
1 4 packet ahips.fcc. ran be supplied at ?horl notice wilh the
new and improved Life Preserver*,manafhetnred bv the Ron
bnry India Rubber Company, wlm are the only inaniitacttk
rem in ihe United Htatea of the pure India RubiierCMk *>
other* are made of solvent Rubber, which is very soon affected
hy the water, and liable to decay. _ .
All ardem addressed to Namoel T. Armstroag. It I Pearl
New York, or 92 Waahiagton ?t Bnatoa, wtl'
stiention. A T AR*BT?ON?,
I NMv* *" emr * _
U119TON OHACKRIf B A KK It Y - For *sle, thn
Hakehonse ami two Oven*, tog???" H?h the leaae of
iMiuse la front, and lot of No ?<> Orchard at-of four years frtm
last Msy together with the -oatom eatabltahed. a emeher mn
chlne, and all the fl?t?res, with horae nd miM. The .alng
i,awe averaeed for a veer p**t Irom |76 in 106 per day, with
firiHirS- ^e man. It is m goml ? ^ ronlo M
bread and eahe business a* any in the eMy. Adding the lane*
SSirJ^NrF man may clear fl^O or 9.4f? pe*
year with erne. -
?>M rea
n,i.ir Cooeantly oa hand, Boston Urarkers of g
saoertnr kind, Boston Bauer. Hngar and Water Crachem, ail
, lei i re red la nnv part of the city. Far information enquire nf
"ZZtf williuubons.

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