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f Mamaii, hi. P.,ftcL 22 ?Columbia, Murray, put in dismasted,
srtf. order* irom New Y*rk
Kingston, Jbin., Oct. 12.?Buiily, Grove*, New York, 10
fiayt; l?t, Orbit, Meade, New York.
[rTurks Island, Ocl 10.?A ship from New York.
Gaavtss end, Oct. 9.?Entered inwards, Montreal, Griffin?,
Wew York.
Bangor, Oct. St.?SI'd, Buskrod, New York.
Saco, Me., ?ci. 28.?Ar. Henry, New York.
Bath, Oct. 26.?Ar. Wiu. Reed, Nichols, New York?27ih,
cPd, Mary Averell, Tbeobold, Barbadoes; Teoua, Hall, St.
Plymouth, Nov. 3 ?Sl'd, New York, New York.
Naw Bbdbork, Nov. 4_.\r. Two Sister*. Tobey, New
York; Corinthian, Shepherd, do.; Eliza, Nicoli, Howland, d?.
Salem, Nov. 4.?Ar. Lexington, Smith, New York; McDo
aough, EIdredpe, do.; Ocean, Norri*, do.
Boston, Nov. 4.?Ar. Natchez, Wuternian, New Orlean*,via
New York; Pa-e, llallett, New York; Splendid, Patterson, do.
cl'd, Octavia, Page, <to ; Black llawk, Mayo, do.; Hudson,
Ryder, dd ?5th ar. Spartan, While, New Yoik; Banner, Cun
ningham, Trinidad, via New York; Mohican, Chase, New
York; WnL Koscoe, Meeker, do.; Rochester, Nickoln, do.; Rre
aide,Sherwood, do.; Fairfield, Bu r, do.; Tremont, Reed, do.;
Boston, Hallott, do.: Franklin, Spragup.do; Gea. Jackson,
Spaalding, do.; Increase, Sleeper, do.; Trio, Nickerson, do.;
Fancy, Baker,do.; Friend, Bali' r, do.; Rapid, Curtis, do.;Wa
terloo, Peart, do.; Roae, Burgess, do.; Reaper, Howe*, do.;
President, Fouer, do.; Cygnet, Arey, do.; Dodge Healy, Ea.
ton, do.; Hydaspe, Henderson, <lo.; Lafayette, Pendleton, do.;
Rinpire, Biker, (to.; Mall, Loring, do.
Nantucket, Nov. 1.?Ar. Iinpvrial, Swain. New Y?rk;
Martha, Russell, do.?2d, George, Mitchell, do.; Albion, Ro
gers, Albany, via Naw York?3d, Boliver, Drew, New York;
Hero, Bunker, do.
Philadklfhia, Nov. 6?Ar. Pennsylvania, Nay lor, Malaga;
Jane, Hall, New York; Two Cousins, McClain, do.; Rose in
Bloom, Barry, do.; John Wuriz, Chapman, do.; Passaic, Cor
nell, do?cl'd, Mary, Deal, do. Ar. in the Schuylkill?Lar
Itins, Churbuck, New York; Lewis Sptcer, Mott, do.?cl'd
from do , James Kinmntt, Tiiton, New York; Fidelity, Willetts
do.; Kdenburgb, Vanaam, do.
Baltimore, Nov 6 ? Ar. Balance, Manton,Naw York?cl'd
Cbingarorn, Wallin, do.
Alexandria, Nov. 4?Ar. Victory. Penfield, New Yoik;
Madisoa. 8wanton, d?.
Charleston, Nov. 3,- Ar. Moiiticelto, Lawton, Havre; An
son, Sinclair, New York; Hogarth, Croaker, do.; Jones, Hull,
do ; Mary, Pope, Boston; Col. Simmons, Slolt, New Bedford;
Euterprizc, Nye, Falmouth, Mass.?cl'd, Pandora; Drake,Bos
ton: Columbia, Wright, Mobile?sl'd, Opulence, Haeden, Apsi
Savannah, Nov. I?Ar. Alex Grant, Brown, Liverpool 27tl?
BapL; Moctezuma, Maurnn, New York; St. Lawrence, Chace,
Aavre; Nile, Blanchard. Portland, Me.; Marathon, Shtw, Bos
ton?cl'u, Ocmn'gee, Leavilt, New York.
Apalachicola, Oct. 18.?Ar. Harbinger. Pratt, Now York.
KTSmall ctannge, such as shillings, sixpences, ten and live
cent pieces, will be given in exchange for gOM>, aalves or onar
ler dollars. Apply at the desk oftbis office. nt It
ID- VOTERS!?RE \D!!?Music, Dancing, Writing, kc.,
are taught perfect'y, each i.j only Six Lpss nv of one h ur
each, day and evening, for whatever the pupil is able to give
intraide or money, (or, if unabl-to pay any thing, free !) Jt Mr.
A Mrs. Gowatd's Male and Female Collegiate Institute, 92
Hudson street, near SL John's Park. No charge if not
N. B. Mr. k Mrs. G's system it the most popular in New
York, as they have now over 300 mipils References to the
first families in the city. Voter*! E.lucati >u is the mother of
Liberty!! Voters! take lessens!! "Quod erat demons tnm
dumi! i" n8.it*
New York,Nov. 4ih. 1 837~
Fifteen year* ago I lost the sight of n y left eye, although 1 had
the best advice. 1 am now upwardxei CO years old; I was aide
to see very well with my right eye, to read my bible with the
aid of glasses, for which I was very thankful. A friend, haw
ever, whe knew my loss, per*uaded me to call at Providence
House, in Broadway, a', the corner of Canal street, on Dr.
Williams, Oculist 1 did so, lie prepared some drops for my
blind eye. A week has not. passed over my head, yet I can n >w
see almost every thing, which All* me and all my fri ends with
amazement, especially my kiad employer, Mr. N->ah Worrell,
of 26 Elm street, under whom I ain employed at the foundry.
Some think it a duty I owe to the public to make my cure
known. I, therefore, do it from a sense of gratitude to my
Ood, and as well as to Dr. Williams who has clone me good in
my old age. I also met aa elderly lady who said she had lo-t
the sight of on i eve nearly 14 years, hut DOW is much bolter.
Alio, a young gentleman from Brooklyn; both of whom arc
very thankful to Dr. Williams I ain too well known to be
thought capable to wiiteor stale what is not true. God is aUo
my witless JOHN SCOBIK, Gk Elm st.
P. 8. Since writing the above, 1 have seen an old ma who
declared to me that he wa< so blind at to be led about by one
of Ids family. Tliis day, in presence of s?veral gentleman, I
sawhim walk from one room to a<iother without a guide, and
could dist'nguisbthe persons of those present, almost as though
be had never been blind. I am sure he has not been Dr Wil
llama' patient yet one week. JOHN SCOBIE.
Witness, A. W GHISWOLD. n8 It*
r? TO THE PUBLIC.?Bank of New York, Bank of Ike
Slatejof New York. Hutchera' and Drovera' Bank, Seventh
Wara Bank, Chemical Rank.
intending to compel the shove hanks forthwith to resume
specie payments, I will pay Jive dollars and ten (cats, for every
five dollar note, and tea dollars and ten rents in bankable money,
for every ten dollar note of the above banks presented at my
Office. n8-It* L. GARDINER.
?Wednesday, Second Day?race at 1 o'clock?Purse $306
?Two mile beats.
1. R. F. Stockton enter* ck h Middksez by Sir Cbarle*,
dam Powascey, A yis. old.
2. H. W dke* enter* ro. m. Oypaey, full sifter to Medoc, A
Ira old.
J. H. Van softer enter* g. h. Alanaiopan by Medley, slain
by John Richard*, 4 yrs. old.
4. Jno. C. Slevs ns enur* hi. m. Bonny Black by Valentine, 4
Immediately after?a purse?mile heats.
1. H. Wilkes enter* ch. It. Dr. Syntax by Eclipse, out of Sa
luda, & yrs. old.
2. D. Abbott enters b. nt. Bbepliertles* by Lance, out of Re
venge, A yrs. old.
Mr. Sandy Weith will prepare dinner on the Course.
nA-lt* C. 8. BROWNING.
MALE PILLS ?'These excellent unrtof Pilb may he eal
they ore particularly adapted for disorder* incident to the
FEMALE SEX. See adverti-' meat on the Other DagPQf this
and other paper*, prepared by Mr*. Sarah Ann Welch, Femaie
Physician, and tor ?a!e by her appointed Agents, price, 75
cents. r.8*
slen Looo, ami 15 Ceslarstreei?Soros- fine Saddles of Veni
cop will be dressed Utia day, re.tdy nt 12 o'clock, and served
up with currant jelly, at 37} cents a plate.
nt-it* jno. p Brown.
fin rwm IN BMALL Hi LB-1 's.M'.VhdT"*,
? lvrsx"t/xF of a Massachusetts Bank, can fie bad on ap
plication to LEVERETT k THOMAS, 13 Broad .treet.
COUGHS, COLDS. Ac.? Vommnnimtion.?Till* is tOfer
Ufy that I, Win. Burns, have been cured of consumption, to
gether with ad it* alarming evils, s$ cough, difficulty of lireaib
J?g, iBpMfll on ill'- lungs, raising of loaiu-r. kc. fce.,ky the
use Of one bottle ol Dr. Payloi's Balsam of Liverwort, not
wUlialanding my physicians **id I could uevi r recover.
For more than seven year* had this disease t>een preying up
on me. notwithstanding the numerous medicine* I had taken
for relief I know nwlbing but tht* balsam ha* cured, or could
have sured me, and therefore advise svery person, ?? afflicted,
to try Immediately ibis medio no. W M. l> BURNS,
No. 17, Sixth street
Dr. Taylor** Balaam of Liverwort is sold (genuine; l?v the
Proprietor at 27k Bowery. nl K
ECKEL, having removed fiotn 257 Breome MfWL IOKn. ?
Liberty stre?t, corner of Broadway, beg* leave loiuform hi*
RllBil an I ill * pubi c (lull lie CMliMM to give W.-aoaa
at hmlo'orr. in ib? above branaheaof education. Hi* ac
spiainUnce wh h tin- M rdern'.t- ? k Preach, Italian, Spanish,
and Purtiigurae languages, enable him to afifard sunermr ad.
vantage* to those who wish to pur*ueany of the tormer, in cin
tieiion with the latter studies. He is fieraiitud to refer to Dr.
Anth<>n,of Columbia College, and also to Dr. Charle* Fnllen,
MV Oreenwich street n?-5t *
THK tin KAT Hal 111 Ml'19 V K It V t? ?*' I II K
PKllfilCN I' DAY, i* universally allowed to be Th >rn's
-Compound Kstraci of t'opui m and Mirsaparilla, the mixt in
fallible remedy a*er discovered for all stxusl di-rnse*. The
high estimation and enormous sale this medicine has obtained
tbr the U*t fonr years, is a certain criterion of It* immense uti
lity. It baa m*lni UN MM Ihm a aliaa*t ev. r> pari af
Europe; it has been eaamiaeil, approved of,and sanctioned by
the faculty oi metiictne, an I recommended by tbe most emi
nent ol the profession.
?Site recommendation litis pre aratnmeiyoy* above ill ?( hers
M ita neat, portable iarnt, nut up in pots, the m*?de In which it
may be taken, twiur Im>(h cev MM pb-n-.snl, lt? tsslele-s na
tare, with mrestrctun indietorcotitinrmmi from daily hud
oraa. Travellers, especially, would find tiiis medicine highly
useful, and ought never to be unprosi leil wi b a preparation
possessing the advantages which the present one combines.
Accompany ing the use ictne it a pamphlet explanatory of tbe
different stages of "he duets., w nbout any eitra charge, con
lain tie full and smplu directions. It contains no mercury.
Price Mt,So per pat.
Prepared itv J. H Thara. Chemist, London, and (or sala by
P. Dickie, 413 Broadway; Win. Vnnonsoti, tl Fulton at .corner
Oohl; Wnt Van Kmtrerg, 314 Pearl, cor. P. ck slip; H-iui lard
h Delltie, 3 Parltt N. B. (irabam, 90 Bissau street, corner Fnl
row. * nll-lm*
I It VI.* iM, patented Ity the Knval Ac-olemie ol Medicine
Of Paris ?The Copavi Bnl.sm is ol ail tbe medicines employ" d
n continuing the chronic and acute gOMtihoitl offer lions. the
??It one, the specific action of which has neyi.r been doubted'
and to which phytirians have in cons unence given the prele
rence ; hut its nauseoos ta?te and smell are the causes of its
being ejected by man* patients.
This is the reason why so man v cip rlmr nts have been made
in order to ilia over some mode of disguising its tsste, so ihnt
Umight Ire takrn with less repugnance, but luth*rt?> this has
heen hut itnperf, ctly effect.d, and always, by the ? fdltion *>f
some artivn substance, which tnodlBes its properties ami thus
dea'royslt* cheir leal coastilutlon and its ph\Mealclmmrter.
Then forr, having discovered a mode oi administering it In
such a stste that cannotfocca-ion the slightest repugnance, sod
this without submitting It toany alteration. 1 he method e m
?lata in enclosing It in the grlstiae caj rule*. It enclose* that
?srrctnus medieine intucha manner as to disguise it entirely to
the taste nod smell, and it goes into the digestive organs is iih
out any other mivure than that of the gelatine with which It
i* enveloped, and wlleb I* completely dissolved in il e
stomach. By tht* meaea, the trertnent of the gon?rfeea he
u?g effected Without dls-uat, and eonaeqvefUlv ? ithout infer*
npllor, will become more prompt and rarrrt aure, Iho* pre
ventlag "he possibility of a rf'.ip.e.
The direct no* f>r#*e, as * e't M the attestations fmo the
moat eminent p'tylriana ? f Purl* are Unch si d In each hn*.
. !''or sale hi all the m A reapftikle apotliecm lea lit the
ellv and eonntrv.
ItrugfU's sWl anothecsr-i s - re suppllei ? i"h the above ear>
Ntlesby CHAM.** WIU>KVOW,t No ?1 Cherry Are#-,
ni Inj'
weighing U588 lbs. will be exhibited at the above place lor a
few davs, froal 9 o'clock, A. M. un.il 5 o'clock, r. M. This
noble animal wax raised on the banlu ol Connecticut River, by
Isaac Hubbard, K?fj , an intelligent and h'ghly respectable
farmer in Claremont, N. II , and is tlie largest and most splen
did looking ox ever raised in America. He w as nve years old
the fourth day of Jauuary. 1837, and if be gains as much the
two next y> ars as he has the two last, (1100 lbs.)?and lljere is
every rea on to suppose he will?bis weight on the 4lh of
January, 1818, when hut eight ye.irs old, will exceed 4700 lbs.
This great natural callosity is of the short horned Durham
breed, and in form is considered the most perfect of his kind.
Admittance, 12? cents. Tickets at the door. Children, half
price. n8-3t?
FBMAhK CtHWPhil\ t'S.?The original and only
ticularly adapted to disorders incident to the FEMALE SEX.
This medicine is justly celebrated lor ail Female complaints,
nervous disorders, weakness of the solids, loss of appetito, im
purity ol the blood, t taxation by intense heal in warm cli
mates, sick head ache, indigestion, debility, lowness ol spirits,
and particularly for all obstructions in the female system, Fluor
Abbus, he. he To the Ladies, mothers, guardians, managers
of schools, ami to all those who have the care of Females at an
eariy age. To enumerate anil publish the whole of the cases
which Mrs. Welch receives, would be useless and indelicate,
the fn'lowing are inserted ,.ierely to convice the public, and
demonstrate the effects of this genuine and oniy preparation
To Mrs. Wel-h, Dear Madam:?Pleas*' to seiia six dozen of
your (4KNL1NE PILLS. I have really found them to do
won- ers nmong die young women of thu town and neighbor
hood?numbers have been raised from the brink ol the grave,
and restored to perfect health. Catharine Vickerman, aged 18
years, was compelled to leave the service of Mr. Stevenson, ol
Brooklyn, in eonse<]urnee of a cold, an obstruction succeeded,
and a rapid consumption appeared unavoidable; out of charity
I gave her the Pills wiiboui hope, an 1 to my astonishment she
s'>on recovered, llninah Fisher, aged 19 years, was reduced
from the same cause, to a most de plorable siuia ion, the PILLS
perfectly restored her in .? short time, and produced thai regu
larity so necessary u> the health of eve y Female.
Mrs. Right's daughter c uld net walk down stairs, her appe
tite was entirely gone, the mother looked forward to a speedy
dissolution, a sickness attended her eveiy morning, breath
short, sallow complexion, and bloated face: indeed loose sym
toms have been tbr common aitemlants of all my patients in
iliiv particular complaint. Dnc pill, increased to three every
night, soon removed her sickness, and continuance i n their use
soon restored her to perfect health. Mo rejoiced is the heart of
her mother, dial she say-,every pill is worth a dollar. To de
tail the whole of the cares performed in this town and neigh
hood would Jill a volume. I can only nid, that in* all Female
com pi af is.t ven the most desperate, I have neve known them
to fail, and am fully sensible did Parents, (duai'diaiis, and
Managers of Schools, duly consider the health and happiness
of Females from 14 years ami upwards, they would not fail to
recommend and a Iministt r these PILLS,'for hall the com
plaints to which females are subject would lie prevented, and
their happiness increased by die preservation of ill* ir health.
1 am, Madam, your eltedienl servant,
Williamsburg, Sept. 12, 1836. i>8 Broad-street.
O" N. B. Since the publication of this medicine, numbers
have been cured of those vi< lent sick headaches to which the
female sex are particularly subject, and other nervous disor
ders which debilitated the w l.ole syst, in. In fact, wherever
the frame I-shaken bv a nervous ilcdias, isjured by indiges
tion or flatulency, ami reduced by obstruction-, griel,or mala
dy, these pills wib in- found a restorative. They quickly re
store the fibres tw their due tone?the stomach to us proper
elasticity ;?by these mean-promoting digestion and taking off
every thiugobnoxious to the pure L.w or Nati/ke?prepar
ed by Mrs. Sarah Ann Welch, arid sold by her apjiointed
Ag< nts for New York?Mr. P. Dickey, chertiiit, 413 Broad
way? Mr. John B. Dodd, chemist, 6-13 Broadway, corner of
Bleecker street?Mr. Reprer.'s Pharmacy, 63 Bowery, comer
of Walker street?Mr. W. B. Hodman, chemist, fsV7 Broadway
? Mr. Underbill, 38 Hi ekman street, corner of William street
Mr. Hchieflliii. 114 Canal street?Mr. M. C. SMorum, corner of
Broadway and Dunne street?Mr. J. B. Chilton, 283 Broadway
?Messrs. Miller k Qamblen, IBS Broadway.
Price?75 cents a box. with full directions treating the fe
male constitution to health and happiness, which no lady should
he without
N. B. A-k for Widow Welch's Female Pills?wholesale
Agent, 38 Beekman street, N. Y. n8 '
DH.Ua ITOHE FQR BAIaB.?Very eligibly situ
ated for business. Will be sold on favorable terms, to
slose a concern. Apply at the comer of Hudson and Amos sts.
Medical s ruohints. i or 6 young gentlemen
coming to this city, (bribe purpose ef attending the M-di
cal Lecture- dor,ng the winter wmmi, can I e sccommodai'd
with genteel furni-lied apartments ami Board, ina genteel pri
vate family, at 209 Bowery, within 3 minutes walk of the Medi
cal College Terms to correspond w ith the times. n8 2w*
?A CARD?F. WALLI8, having completed the ar
rangements nece.-svry to the opening of a fashionable Hat Es
l ibushment, would inform his friends and the roatinunily at
large, that he is now prepared to offer for the inspection of
those who may honor him wiih a visit, an article which he
fondly hopes will he found suited to their desires.
In appearing lie lore the Fa luonshle World, to manufacture
and provide this most rssential article of dress, and to suit it
to the various wants nail p ruliat ities of a man of taste, the
proprietor is noting* u-ihleofthe magnitude ol the uaderla* ing,
hut resit, wi'lt perfect confidence, to the experience he has
derivt d during many years' constant, cl tee and practical ap
plication to tbis most particular branch of the business.
For the tafermaiiou of those who mav chose to favor him.
the prnpriotni would stale his deeded determination to deal
strictly on the C'ujA Principal. The facilities of purchasing
the material 'or manufacturing, entirely for rash, he would
leave to the judgement of a decerning public, pledging him
self that no pains or expense shall be wanting on Ins part to
secure the approbation of his customers, and engaging to he
ever watchful, to anlicipute their desires. He would solicit a
candid, unbia-ed, inspec.inii oi tin- goods of bis nrudoction.
An assortment of Canes, U mbrellas, Slocks, Olnve?, Brushes.
Itc, constantly on hand. n7-3iu* WALLIS, 170 Broadway}
PO ? ATOKS,? lOAtf bushel* priiiii* quality fur ??le
Anr.lv to Cnpi. t'UAh' on Imarn the Schooner MARY
ALM Y, Pier No. 3, N. R., foot of Vesey street. n7-3r
ACAKD TO GENTLKM KM.?Two or three gen
tleinrn ofsteady, quiet habit*, may hare a comfortable
lodging ronm ;?t 2t?2 B oadwar, furnished with two or three
lied*, warm bed clothing, a small toal more with a pood fire
ia their room craning*.candle light, boots blacked,an?! a pood
cup of coffee merni. g* for tlie ?uin of $2.25 each prr wesli, be
iaa promptly paid ; or the room will he let separate, and
whatever U desired for lioard may he had on the moat reasona
ble terms, by calling for it. B-tter accommodations for the
nmountcharged ran-iot be obtained in the city. Gentlemen
almut m chsnge their lodging* may find it to their interest to
call at the bou<e and see a lull of particulars relative to the
board, terms and ac 'ommodalioas.
N. B. The house contain* nearly forty rooms, therefore this
notice will l>e continued as some one of the rooms may be vaca
ted at all timet n7-lw*
HAliK PHICK Mil SIC.-New " and 'fashionable
Music for the piano forte an?l rtute at 3 cenia per page.?
Also, children*' colored toy books of every kin I for tale very
cheap at Hits KING'S Book store, 141 Halton street.
MOKKIHdN'M IIYbKIAN PILLS?Pack* I* from fe5ernti
to 93. Also, Pow ell's Unburn of Anniseed lor coughs, short
ness of breath, asthma, he. Also, ho.iset and Wister's lotenges.
Also, indehh.r ink for marking on linen witliout preparation,
for sale as above. n7-3oi"
g ^ INORaITa M, A art.
AUCTION NGTIC K? Elegant Knr* at Aoction? Wll
he sold on Friday, the lOtls insl. by order o' the ssien.r?
of a bankrupt establishment, at the store No 32 Maiden l.nu-,
li e entire stock of Purs, comprising a larpe an I complete assort
ment of first rale article", selected tor the city retail trade, con
sisting in part nf siberinn .qnirrel, Ivnt, sable, ge till, ermine,
cliinrill.-i. niutTs. capes, boas, mantillas, opera., aeil, otter and
coney cap1, and cloak collars, squirrel, rola-s and skins, with a
a great variety of other article, too numerous to mention ?
Tnev will be ticld in Ints to suit purchasers. Terms, cash.
nfi-St* _____
C"" #11*: COAL*-|9.?0 PER TON DKLIV KRKD
Schuylkill Coal screened and delivered at |8 M) per ton
Egg site, and #7 VI Ntiti, of the first tpiallty. Delivered at
Biooklyn and Wllllamshu gh, within half a mile of the Perry
at SO cents per ton additional.
Orders received at 2*1 lln.lsonsu, N. ?. 9I-.H'
jCKLANO M tSk .11 I.M. A>r coughs, colds and
1 consumption., useful alike in snah cases as a dcmul.-ent, a
mild tonic, aud a simple and nnlrntatinr article of diet, lor
sale l?v J. A. E. L'AMiM'KKirX, T77 Broadway.
SWALI. Mt.NK NOT B S ?l, ?l is, $1.7% |2
#3 an I $4 nf incorpot ated hanks ol the very first stan.ling
in New England. ronstantiy on hand at the Mrangcr* I t
Change Office,'it Wall street, for city nr Safety Kund notes, at
par. Gold, silver and bank mdta Isniiget and sold o? the beat
terms,and all hinds*dumb notes examined gratis, an.) with
phasarr. ? nllm1
'Pit I I IK hAllll S-MutTs, Bom, Capes. Pelerines,
1 hc.-C. WATSON, 184 Chatham at bason hand a., ele
gant assortment of the almve articles wbirh he ran afliml to
sell at vera reduced prices, and respectfully Invites the atten
tion of ladies who are drslroos of si eorlng their personal eons
Irsrt through the coming winter at the l?*a?t pen ihle expense, to
his stoc k of Dressed Purs, con-hi In" of every article in the lute
which lie is confident will lie found unsurpassed In the city as
regard* quality or cheapness.
Also, fur rlo h, velvet and fancy caps of I be latent and moat
approved patterns.
N B. Isadbs Purs altered and repaired, and everr article la
the line made ua otder. CHARLES WATEON,
ol7-lm* 184 Chashm *C
'I'll ?? lidUIKa ?re respecfullr Invited to rail and e?
1 amine the subscriber's stock nf l.ynx, Genet and Squirrel
capes, pelerines, moll., tmn*. neck Pes and swans down trim
ming Also a eetllf lete assortment of ladles' and mitasg I ca
ver bonnet* of every variety of shape and color, mnsh ? .'use
fur bodies, warranted imper? ions to water. Ilia bonnets have
taken die prrmuim at loth the Pairs f.r two socees-lve years.
Gentb m"n are ii formed that they will find alwavs an aand
medium and si ort nap lies vr tad .Ilk hats of the Is1, at fashions.
Alss latter, Peal, and other fur raps r.f everv variety. Yonth's
ami i hihlren*' hats, far and eloth raps. All the above good*
will he a. Id on the moat reasonable term*, wholesale ami re
tall. HYLVaSTP.ATltTTI.lt.
No. iMChatham Square, near the Bowery. mCSm*
All |j -fie l.adiea who were formerly era*.loved
'nth*' Taiioresaesai*! Seatn*tre?aes rtothir.g establishment
3't> Broadway, have opened the store hfi Leonard street (one
door east of Broad .ray) when they are prepared to cierule
a'l order, for genflewh's linen, ladiss* fitli ..nah'e dress nnrl
clink making, ami wearing apparelofevi ry description Also,
Cmldrei's clothing. C?ps, stork* and rrpairing, Pantaloons
and Vest* brought in rut will be made up in the neatest man
ner on the most reasonable t> rms, and at the shortest notice.?
Per owv can he supplied wilh seamatressas on application as
N. B.?This appeal to a generous ptthlie is in coaseqiieivee
of n terisbrn of the gentlemen committee of Tlw Tallo esaea
and Seamstresses Clothing Establishment, that lh#y entild do
w.thnnt the ntftn in the store j therefore they have taken it up
?m th?m?elve? to open a store on their own acentint; Bad r? ?
? perifully solicit a share of that patronage to liberally award
ed to thrvi |n thei* firmer aitua'inns.
p. s ?The above vtora will lie closed every rvenmr preatae
ly at 4 o'clock M s. E. A. RICH,
Mr?. M. LV MSN
oJ4 1m* Mist L C. (*. ANN
f|*6 J'lt'iftl AfcTSi |i;W i A trOHH-Twm first ratf
ft wo 'It men wHf r n-' am tent emt 'avmei t hy appfs ft g to
M. C. BOYLE, iltfwhwrgh, tbange cnun't,
nftlw* 99mileaf.osn New Yc*,
Union of the K<|ual Right* itnd Tammany
Partleu on the great principles of D?
(Lr AT a meeting of the Equal Right* Party held at Mili
tary Hail, nu the 27th u I., Mr John A. Kiell was appointed
Chairman; and Mr. Crntu, and Mr. Dietlricksnn, Vice Presi
dents; C. Hunt find A. V. Slrplier?, Secretaries?the following
report was made, which was unanimously approved by the
whole party there assembled :?
The Committee to whom win referred the duty el conferring
with the other branch of the Democratic party and their candi
date*, and to present them the'* Ueclmatii n ol Right*," aud the
measure* advocated by the Equal lights parly, ask leave re
fpectluily to
That on Wednesday evening last they proceeded upon their
duties, by waiting upon a like committee appointed by the no
?niHiiiing committee. Your committee laid In tire them the
business they were delegated to transact, aud they were re
ceived in the moat cordial manner by the member* composing
said committee, who not only manile.ued much feeling to heal
the local difference* which have existed between them aud us,but
a deep aud earnest regard for the principles we advocate. Per
ceiving that form rather than principle was the cause at tins
time, of our srpurafou, a communication enclosing a copy of
our Declartionof principles, and the measure* advocatt d l?> the
Equal Rights party, was directed to each of the candidates no
minated by them, who has not heretofore had an opportunity
of expressing his view* upon them.
The correspondeace has resulted in creating an agreeable
impression on your committee, which while it was their hope
?they could hardly havo anticipated. Kull and frank in alt
its detail, and more than this, a spirit of democracy nil honest
desire to advocate correct measures, flowing through it, makes
it desirous for all democrats who desire the advaii''emrut of
pure principles, by union, a perfect union of the democracy.
Indeed, so indelibly, in the opinion of your committee, are the
principles of democracy traced in the whole action of the
Democratic Nominating Committee and their candidates, that
they cannot antiripide any reasonable objection from any man
whose actions are governed bv principle, to a firm support of
the candidates nominated at Tammany Hi ll,because :
1. That branch of the Democratic party has given evidence
of their disposition to unite with us in sustaining the adminis
2. They iiav?mnde a ticket composed of men politically and
morally satisfactory.
3. Tiiey have adopted a Declaration of llights essentially
the same as our own.
4. The individuals nominated, have given unqualified assur
ance, by their own signatures, of their implicit belief in the
doelriues held, and the measures vvr advocate.
5. Principle and patriotism, demand tiint we should meet
the to in a like spirit of conciliation.
C. The for mi of our organization should not prevent us from
pursuing the path best devised to carry out our principle*;
the revival of the old laudmatk* of Democracy ; or the full
success oi the people in contending against a common
7. In union there is str< ngth?to produce union?a mutual
concession of personal feeling must be niad??which conces
sion sustains our principles,?will elect our tii ket?dellat our
enemies?and strengthen the confidence of the people in the
administration of tne general government.
u. Contending as we have been,to revive tie landmarks and
principles of the original Democratic Party, and to effect con
stitutional reform in legislation, we conceive at this iuqiortanl
rrbis,those measures are best advanced by an unknot the
whoie Democratic party.
Tour Committee, aft- r mature d? lib ration, and conscious
that it will be beneficial tow ards the bed interests of our com
mon cause, the cause of justice, and the rights of man, respect
fully reemnnif n I ?ur candidates who have not b en respond
ed to at Tammany Hail, to wi'hdraw their names from our
ticket; and that we use our undivided exertions losupport the
ticket named by thein as it mow slnnds. We are fully of opin
ion that In tli * manner we can conquer our ccnimon enemy,
and thatour course will be appioved by all 11 ose who wish
success to Democratic principles.
Henry E. Ricll,
Dan. a. K'iukrtson,
Michael Dmuciikrty,
Joseph Kosr., Jr.
Thos. N Day.
Lette rs were read from Charles O Kerris, Thomas HerteH,
Eli?ha Morrill, James J. M. Valentine, T. Sedgwick, Jr., K.
H.Lasak,J. B. Sheys, T. Davey nnd A. Anderson; aim from
II. Storms, Samuel J. Willis and J. Brown, the three candi
dates lor county office*.
In alt these letter*, the writers roi curred in the Declaration
of Principle*, and measures advocu ed by the Equal Rights'
The Report ami recommendation ware lnkrn *e; arntely.?
The Iteport was adopted and the recommendation of the Com
mittee accepted, and by a meeting publicly called for the pur
pose, resul ed in the fotlowiug :?
Eqnal Rights Party.
regular proceedings.
TZT AtR large and respectable mei ling of the Equal Rights
Party, held at Military and Civic llall, Bowery, on Thursday
evening, Oct. 31, 1R3?, Mr. John Moutayne was railed to the
rhair, anu Charles Dougherty and A. V. Stephens appointed
After the preliminaries of the meeting were acted on. the
following resolution, sulxnitte.i by Mr. Henry E. Kiell. was of.
fered and adopted l>> taking the ayes and uay*,agrr< ably to the
const.tutton, and carried by over a t wo-thirds vole?only U be
ing in the negative.
Resolved, I'hal we, the Equal Rights P?rty, have the fullest
confidence in the ticket jointly iv militated by the Nominating
Committee at I'nnunany Han an.t the Equal Rights Party
nnd that we at a party adopt it as our ticket, and will use our
best exertions to proenre its entire election.
The following, theiefore, now cowid"1* <*e EQI.'AL
Fur Smiliar.
For diirsibb.
For SKeryff'.
For t '.uii/ v UUrlc.'
For Coromor.
The aliove hemg read was then adopted by nunanimou
vote, amid the cheer* and applause of the entire meeting.
Pre viou* to the adoption ol the Ticket, Mr. Oeo. W. Mat
?eU.by a letter addressed to the Recording Secretary, re?tg n
?d lit* nomination a* Sheriff, and r*C"?ninendrd llie suppwrt of
lite party to lie given to Mr. IDnry Storm*, which was accept
ed unanimously.
Owing to several irregular call* for meeting* of the Equal
Right* Party having been inserted in variout pa|ier*, the
following resolution wa* then offered and unanimously
Resolved. That all call* for meetings of the F.qual Right*
party mat signed bv the Recording Secretary, are unconstitu
tional and not binding on any of Ike member* "f the said par
ty; and that we disapprove ol such call* a* being only calcu
lated to retard ll e great principles (or which the patty con
tend*. JOHN MONTAYNK, Chairman.
Charle. Dougherty, l glj
A.V.Stephen*, joerreiarie*. n flt<
A CA?n.
1ZT PHKMIl'M HTOrKH ? The Committee of the ureal
Fair held last w*ea hi Niblo'?. having awarded a premium to
Msav Ann Houston, 113 Chirlton *trret, for hT Iwraov.
CD Milk aii*I H*i?Ti.r. HtocK#, ?hr be|r? leave la inform Iter
mend* and the public, that they are on anle by Mas. K ino, 111
rdtta ?tr?i I, near Rmadway ; s* lie re alao tany he constantly
had Stocks of every description, manufactured by her of the
lieil taatrriala, and in a style ?im-h for taate, eMtaaa
cheapness are not surpassed in tlna riiv. A beautifal article
mar lie teen hv railing aa ala.se, made etpresdy for mat i i
balls, and nth*r (renterI and fashi- nahle partus, which are got
up at the shortest notice, and on the rnont liberal term*.
|iF,WAHU.-l -l ? a the vicinity of~~Vork viile,
on Ttie*d?y, the 24th I ?t, a small lirindle Roll D?'l'71
Hin ear* stand stmigrit, and are cut lie'or* an I liehinil; hl?
list kings are verv hoar.-e. Whoever will return him lo the
Mulwcf'.ber, (R. AltUINt T"N L CO.,29?'srk Knw.) shall rr
ceive the above reward. UKB. IIA/./.AKIi.
laHUifla, Vet. 30, IWT. ati 3t*
Hlili.UPOIil), ln.| ??rle75 Cloth* and Merrhsi.. I a -
? lor, I'll WIHiam at , 1.1" . > i eve o inf.irm ht? friend* i
the public, tl.at lie bat ju?t completed a rnott ert-otive assart
nir nt of, Winter flood* to which lie invite* inenrrtion, vi*:?
hiarkjf.oluc; and tnlsrrti Krei.cb and K.pglish saucrfins
Cloth*; Molmir. Petersham, Pilot Cloth* and Hri>hUm Reaver
superfine milled drab Cloth*. A great variety of fancy and
ttaple ip,o.t* for |iatiial < to. ?>?!?, he he. which he will ?el
or make up on the most reaMiaable term*. oil lm*
NOTT'ai a I l?Vk> F.. ? ffrr*. t.or r< aim* 7*' ear boat*
aod ahipa' cab n?. banking room*, parlors, r.urwrie* and
[taw-meat room*, tlore*. hell* of dwelling houses, lecture aad
Other public roam*, el urrher he., which from their peculiar
ronAiraction, require to lie replenished with futl hut ewce in
<w?h? kwwri, and which vary In price Irwn $5 to |K, and to
uirnt of winch may tie attach-d variou* formed plain and orna
mental heat condensers for upper r?oin*. hall*, he. with much
Oteinl i tier I
AI*o, Dr. Nn't's Patent Wood Cnoh Rtove, an article of ac
knowledged superiority, a* it will Iruke, Imtl, roa*t, fry and
broil ai t'-e ?anie time by the tame lira, for final I to ;to t . t .
at from $ I2i to $.1'. All of which may he otnained of ami put
op hy the ?ul?vril?er? at nn liour'* notice.
Mioses to be repaired, or order* to pot op nhl one*, fcc. are
ri ftalered a* received, and w II In- taken in band aad executed
in turn. MTRATTON h MF.YMOtJR,
| otwut* ^ m Wiar Rfyri |
? New York, finperter of (lerman *).|ver floods, culler*
and fancy ar idea. offer* the shove frond* wholesale r nd retail
it ?urh tenierkable low price* a* never fail u> give satisfaction
to all that call to in*pact In* dock. rf>-3t* I
? {(Mt'lR BOOTH liOO i *.-ra*hiunabte low pr
U ra I Boot Hiotc.? H. NKwF.LL r?*pectfully Inform* the
puhlietl at he ha* taken the-.tore N?. 94 Canal at., corner o
Wooster, where lie Intend* keeping a iNiiernl assortment l?f
*i< n*a and boy*- taiot*, which lie offers wholesale aad retail at
reduced puce* for ea?b. JuM received from hia factory, a few
case* of French puqtp hoot*, a prime article (ar kuinaier, whic'
We offer* at the rednaed price of
N. R. CotisUaliv on hand, foot* far $2.40 and 93.76.
CVHII'DKR.Ai'kt LOTH I IMi-The subscriber* a-t
/ rntmnntlv en hand aa eatensive assortment of children
clothing, made in the most t.ediii i.nhle style, which they wii
sell on very reasonable h rrr* at wholesale or retail.
?IMai* Mil) A. IHnrf fo CO.. 14 Rowery.
am. inoo case*. | deter each, half rallon jars
loop do do do do
*0* do t do do quart do put Hp ia
vnpcrior st, !e, and fbr ?alc by m
O. k J. R WKIXR, |m Water ??.
oM 4m* neat d?n*r to lloR'a HoteL I
WAl.t.RTMP.r.T N V The cert flcair* of tl. ? ?
pane see promptly paid in hnnknhlc money whenpe?tented
?iim*ol fire f'oPae*- under five d' liar* in ?|iecte, at Ike u?aai
di?courit, nr In eastern bill*.
The Ci miniu will ht p ctare.l la a few- i'sy? to eceivt on
dep ,t|> p- it i,, ? -virtu*,?' *04 Imp* e , ally p'op?-iv?
i oi$-l?*
? - . _ . a ?
PIS M rc l i l 1,.A I'll m.?THIS EVENING willbeper
LASONXAMBULA?Klviuo, Mr, Jones? Ainioa, Madame
LCaradori Allen.
To conclude with the TWO GL'EEXS?Christine, of Sweden,
Miss C minima ? Mar/, of Denmark, Mrs. K.ohard*t?n.
tT Door* open ?l t<l?prrtoi manees commence at 7 o'clock.
lioivt $1?Pit 50 cent*?Gallery 25 reuii.
AmkiiicaS" thka :'kE uo r.uv
lie perform**
THE BltON/H HOUSE?Zamna, Mr. Williamson?Marge
lia, Mm. La Forest.
Previous to which, LOAN OF A LOVEH?Orrtrnde, Miss
O" Doors open at 7?performances commence at a qnarlar
before 8 o'clock. Boxes, 75 cents?Pit, U7J?OilUery, &
National, tukstkk ? i.<ae a
will be performed
OTHELLO?Othello, Mr. Wnllack?l.tgo, Mr. V indent) off?
Desdetuoua Mis* K. Wbrniley.
After which, LtiVE A LA MODE?Sir Archy , Mr. Johnston
?Charlloue, Mrs. Kogert.
Doors open 6f?Performance begin at 7f.
OLYMPIC I HEATHE-Broadway, next to Tat
lersall*.?THIS EVENING will be performed
THE SOMNAMBULIST Ein?*tine, Mr*. Maeder-CoL De
llosamhert, Mr. Corey.
After which, the Irish Drama of KATE KEARNEY?
Lanty O'Lauglilin, Mr. Blake, Kate Kearney, Mrs. Mae
der, Rose Kearney, Mi's. Blake.
To conclude with DELICATE ATTENTIONS?Mr. Gin
gtrljr, Mr. Jones?Mr*. Bustle, A rs. Jones,
Doors open at J past 6; the performance will commence at |
oast 7 o'clock.
-s"V BAKNfcS very respectfully announces to his friends,
the public in general, that Ids Farewell benefit (prior to hi* de
parture for tlie South and West,) w ill lake piacr' on Thursday
iifxt, November 9ib. The evening's entertainment to com
in< nee with the petit comedy called " The Stage Coai h
Adventure," or, "The Two Thompsons." Mr. Thompson
the 2d, Mr. Barnes. Alter which, lor the first time on any
stage, a new Tangedy in 5 nets, cal ed " Oclavia Brsgaldi: or
the Confession," written by Miss Charlotte llarnss. Octavta
Bragaldi, Miss C. Barnes, her first appearance at this Theatre;
Francisco Bragaldi, Mr. H. Waliaek.
In the course of the evening a comic song by Mr. VV. H
Williatiis. To conclude with lav desire) the favourite farce of
Family Jars, or the Mistaken Fa.hers. ? Delpli, Mr. Barnes,
Dig-i r c, Ml. W. il. Wiltiauis. nli If
[VOW EXIIIHI I l\(l at No. 8 Barclay street, tlie
i-N Grand Allegorical NATIONAL PAINTING, 25 leet
high, by Klex.
Admittance 25 cents. Open front 10 in the morning till 10 in
evening. oiaim
Railway, over 40 feet in circumference, with a new engine
propelled by this wonderful and invisible power, is now npen
to the public, in addition to the former exhibition. Open l>sy
and Evening at No. 5 Bare lac street, opposite the Astor
House, and adjoining the American llutel, lrc ui It) A. Al. to
5 P. Al ,ainl from 7 to 9in the evening. Railroad cats put in
motion at 12 M.,1 P. M., and 8 P. Al. Single tickets, 5? cents?
Monthly tickets, not transferable,$1 Far sale at the door, and
at the pi ineinal Hotels. oZt Iro*
hi II l h i . \S I* A 1 NTT S <18,?Now exhibiting at lo7
Bioadway, three magnificent Paintings, just arrived lr<>m
Paris, by the celebrated Duhufe, the painter of the muchadmt
red pictures of Adam and Eve, and a distinguished pupil of
David, whose modern style bids fair to rival the renowned an
cient artists. To tbe admirers ot the fine arts, these paintings
oiler a treat not surpassed by any tiling which lias before
been exhibited in tins country.
One of the paintings, covering 175 feel of canvass, represents
a thrilling scene from Byron'* Don Juan, f4th Canto, ,17th
stanza,) between Juan, Haider, and Laiubrot and the various
passions with which they arc agtta'ed, allowing tull scope to
the pencil of a master, are most vividly depicted.
The second, ol smaller dimension*, although nearly as large
as lile, represent* St. John iu the Wilderness, sipping the pure
stream gushing Iroin a rock, is in the true style ol David, and a
most finished painting.
Tlie Uiird picture represents a beautiful Circassian Maid of
fered lor sale by an Armenian slave merchant to a high Turk
ish functionary.
Hours of exhibition (rem 9 in the morning till 10 at night.
Admittance 25 cents?Season ticket*50 cents. stl-flui*
SA (C K A 1?A K I i? I. A.?Having prepared lor scvi
year a l?yrup of Saraparilla, which ha? been highly
, - . - _ . "P*
|?r?>vvl of. and administered by a nunsber of ihe most reapcc
latilr pb)ric!iiif, in4 which has far ticeHfd my no *t san
guine expeditions, I now with increased confidence offer it te
the medical laculty ana -ull'i rmj community, ?? richly Couceu
?mle(l Compound Byrupof Sursaivurilla, tor th. cureofchron
tc rheumatism, 'ctter, ulcerated *ore tliroat, pimple* on tli?
face, scorbutic eruption*. Pile* produc, d by ar. impure haliit of
the body, erysipilas or St. Aniix.uy's Kire, pain* in the bone*
produced by the to? free use ol mercury, syphiloid alluctious,
scrofula, Ac., and all disorders arming froui nn impure or con
laiidonied slate of tlie blood, &.C., it ba* proved hii effectual
re i edy.
It i-s a well Mttbl'llinl fart that nil cutaneous di-eases arise
from or are Increased by an Impure or contaminated state of
the blood. Therefore, Instead of using external application*,
to force ilie disease back into the system, there to remain ami
produce greater evil, internal remedies should be administered
to pji it v tin- contaminated blond, and diive the disease out ?t
the system, to be forever eradicated. In order t > effect this
era.id object, recourse should be hud lo those medicine* which
have proved, upon tiial, to l?e most efficac ions in purify in*; the
tiiood. Harsarai ilia lias been used many years for this purpose,
but hs* never, till within a short time, lire n properly prepared.
The above medicine ha* re -rived the highe-t encomium* Imm
?''???* of the mast eminent physician*, and is prepared rnmrly
from vegetable suh-tance, and posses e* the active principle of
Narsaparilln Hoot iu a most concentrated degree. Being a very
palatenblc medic,nc, the most delicate stomachran lie hi it con
veair nilv, and it is with safety given to the most tendvr lufunt,
ia corroboration of win h certificates w ill lie atiow n.
Ur. Hl'llman's Cunreal rated Compound Syrup of Sar.iaparillm
has completely ould lie Sw aim's Panacea luid Cotter's t'aiho
I con, in the cure of scrofula, king's evil, ulo rs or * ret, div
vases or eruptions of the skin, chronic rheumatism, sore throat,
venereal complaint*, mercurial affections, he., and wiihoult ex
ception the greatest purifier of the bkiod ever invented.
Th*r i* aa mistiikr here, for some Ot the greatest physician*
In the country certify to these farts, amnn ? which are I>r. Sa
muel Mao,Ur. Amo\ Dr. Hunt, Dr. l*evi, Dr. Leon, and Drs.
Ludlow an Sumner*, and many otli?rs, who have used it and
administered it to their patient* with the gr atest success, after
every other remedy had failed.
For the rare ol rheumatism, scrofula, or king's evil, gout,
sciatica or hip gout, incipient earn ers, salt rheum, a- iibiiitic
and men-uhal diseases, partiaularly ulcers and painful affrc
tions nt tae hones, ulcerated throats and no.till*, ulcers of
every de* ?riptinu, fever tore*, and internal ahcco?e.?. fistulas,
rile*. scs d-be id, scurvy, biles, chronic sore eves, erysio da?,
iilotches, ami evary vnrietv of cutaneous aHWmS) rbrasM
Catarrh, headache, proceeding from an acrid humor, pun in
the stomach an i (tvspep ia tr-m venation ; affections of the
liver, chromeiiiilsmu.aiinnof ihr kidi rys.and general debility
caused by n torpid action of t ie vessel* of the >k n. it is sin
gulaily ? lllcaciouv in renovating ilio-e constitution* which
lua hem hruken down by li\juuiclnus treatment or |uv?nile
irregularities. In general terms, It Is rei-ommeadrd In n I
those diseases which Hrise from iiopurl'ies of the blood or viti
ation of the husnors of whatever name or kind.
Caution.?In consequence of the superiorly of Dr. Mtillman'*
rou ct" I rated compound Syrup of Sarmjmritht, prepare I by
the new process overall preparationsM rttr.nparilli.and the
grestdemand for If, sttempt* have hi en iu*de liy p rvonstg*
nor .ml of thepri sess, to liiiitale it, and by Copying lite whole,
and s- uietimes a part of the direction*, to Impose their wi ak
and inertsyitips nn the public as the same article.
To guard agaiaat the disappointment thai must necessarily
arise by being deceived by any if the fictitious preparation*,
[lurcliasri* will please ask for Dr. ftndmai '* Concern rated
Compound Syrup of SartnpardUi. and observe that OUCh '"itlie
of the geiHiise article will have the imliaisfvn > T. P., wi bout
which none are genuine.
Kor sale, wholesale and retr?il by the proprietor, A. Under
bill, M Hcekman. corner of William ?t. where orders will I*
promptly exrcuitd.
Also far sale by Dr. Ilvtt, corner of Broadway anl Chamber
st , Dr. Mvirc, corn* rof Bowery a- ?l Wsl'.er ??., Dr. Mehrflbn,
lit Csnal -t.. Dr. Olios, comer of llowrry s?d tsrno I sj , and
at no other fda e in this cl y, Abo, in B*?s <>n at Apothecary
Mail. If t Washington *1; Young, Philadelphia. Puce, #1 per
bottle. . .
This is to certify that 1 have SOW my right f>?r preparing the
concentrated compound ayrn P of .arsnpnrtlla hi Mr. A I 'rider
hi I, corner of Brrknmn and WiUlaast*., N( w Y? rk. for Ihe
price of one thousand dollars. Dsted this ^ 1st d.i> ol Meptrni
L-r iu lha war of oor Lord, MP tfcnusar u eight hundred and
thirty -six. n7 1m* THOft. PTI U.MAN. M D.
rrt|I'?MPKO>"P KVHOIPA I* Till Kid
I r'dge street, (lietween M and und Broome) New York.?
The unparalleled -necess wli cit has attended the appln atiwn
of tills Trus* in cui log caaes which had liai n given up m hope
I, ** af't-r having Irled all other kinds, proves its superiority.
It is worn witlij'ctfect ease nod safety, Mix days'trial are nl
lowed. This Truss hss Iwen eaa nined by more t'. an MO ? f
thenost cebhratrd Surge*ns and Pbysirians in N?w I'nrk,
who ngroa In s.iv ng it Baaarsaos onalilie* superior ht "ny
other hi u?e. ABDOMINAL M'ProitTKHM ouan.ntin
new urinciate and Miperior many In use,
nCW II. H. BENJAMIN, Ageot,t< Kldfhlge*
uT^KHftt'Tlil^",N HII'TIVJ I' I PHH.
3 _R|UH A L'llfTHUI. In addition to their prraent as
sm-tment of l.'oen Paper, have JtSSt rrc? iveil a Imge quantily
of the most Mnperior Idne. W riting Paper Ot all n'es, express
ly adapted for Blaak Areow t Bo ki
tirden for Kisnks. hisuranee Coatpaalea, Puhl c Orfiees,
Merchants *nd fillers ?itlier for the City or anv part o# I lie
IWi*le?inr complete or parts of arts mule Irom Uda Pa
per, and ? ul*-'l to any pattern with ureal accuracy, and hound
in most elegant anH .iilMtantial stvir; will receive prompt at
coition K addressed to
BlCll h LOI'TRRL, Btatlonerv, New York.
Also, on hand and fox sale, a large SMurtBlfSl ol Patent
Blank Acenant Books, made in a so,mm style Ot the aliovx
Pa rr. 1 h?c pertoi * who for w ant of time ran. ot wait to
have a set of Account Bookt made -o or.ler, can he supplied
fr< ni this a.smtnam! with a Complete vt of hooks, whk-o will
We warrant' <1 to vise entire vathiacti n t? the m >?t Coir*ct and
pnrticnlar lionl-keeper. .... . .
A!*.'on hand a on "I ? xt? nslva stock of foreign a-.d dotprstlc
MMIuiiai|. cxMHWIuf ?f every variety of fooUrM aod letter
pap* r. lead pencil*, wafers,sealiag wax. o.k *tanJs, some cle
rant bron/e and ebony meta be memorandum laioks, ba, k
gmniimn and rlc 'slKjnrila, copying maclii. cs of various kinds,
an t nil lhere*|oh<ha arllcles for their uie Notsr al prise,
and eter other article usually sold hy siatloner* which they
offer for .ale at prices which must salt nuchas* rs eitler at
wholesale or retail RICH k I.OirTBBL,
Butiooers :md B'irh Rook mannfa turers, No. 01 William
Btreet. ene door below Cedar. n? tw*
L'ltKNttl L % fifith' AO hi?l?R AL RYfifl I'M?The
r iuHscrlhei'lsecond Rieidnr Ciass, tram T te t rycloek. ev
erv Monday, We 'nrsday an<* Friday, is n?w nrgamxlng. Urn.
tlemen wlm wish to jom it are resp, s.ed to Bppty ?* soon a*
amsilde, and leave iheir nauie* and realder.r-., that due no
ti^e may lie sent to the-n when the rl*?s will b*- made np and
ready to , pro. J MANKBi A,iB lit sal st.
f H Th s? who are d -strr. js to witnem the sulaw-r-her**
proei ss of teaching, are Invited to ea las thtrve at 7 o'clock on
Tuesdays, alternate or any ? emtq' nfili*
1,400,0110 ?:,r:r
k-' I* hriw'it k' ('? nr7, A at ?? fw<J -?? -is e . ?rt tp ...p rlnr
style on.' for sCiel,; 't hJ II. W W. M.-? I1)! W ?' s'.
sltha' rAit door lo II >H's if'-u-L
Auction bates.
. JEss* CADY. Auctioneer.
V JKIkMfe. t'AU I , Store Nos. 117 ami 119 Wauw
streets.?! bis Day, at l>aii' pa*t 9 o'clock, in t<r * lo salt
turcliANer*. lor cash, ? large am! general ussnrtm.- of be
ardware. cutlery. fail grama, hats, comb*, fancy mi*?, eMk
uig, |Ui#,?wioi?p uirbs, x.c., w iili an avsnrtmriil of good* iiR
e<l le the tteulbefii and \\ r-u-m market, loo hudmtoim to
lion i? as advertisement o( this kind.
At P rival*- Pale?Mi. unn doivn Cumin assorted of alt ktnbB.
bsiu eartls H miiing I,a.a ami Bbefbeld Cutlery, ul every va
riety iniay innble
2'-?* doten Collar* aad bosom*.
Iti.Wio Needles, assorted from 1 a 12, Hemming'sand UeraMM
'i'Htf grow Button*. Cost, Vest,and Pearl,sulneet to itrlsa
lure, which will be taken in payment.
Aha, Snuff Boxes, Piiw, lie. 4- -. lie.
Alan, German. French, am' Hhudr lilanil Jewelry( lew
priced Watches, Gnard haiM itc. ni33-Iy?
HM. AI'Lttl (J1ILIN, Auctlonei t.
BV r. .1. UEAlt.Mi 4k. CO., Mont "a Building, ooa*
i.?r ot Wall and re rl at ?Tins liny, at 9 o'clk, at the -n*.
lion room, Hardware. Cutlery, consisting of pen, pocket, aat
dirk knives on cards and in duttni; *ri?sors in doteu* inid oa
cards; needles in cannwter* and bundle*; double an<l singled!
eye spectacles: steel and brass barreled pistols; perceaatee
caps, thimbles, knitting needles, books and eye*, lie., he.
Fancy Goods?Consisting of double eitra cologne, iudr #*,
psrtuiiiery, French a.m KugUdi soip, lav wider water, 4.C.
Also, an invoice of coiiibsjrutions, cellars, bosons*, lootf,e?i
Also, an lnvoleeof Jewelry?Consisting e! ear-r?ng* fn*- r
rings, watches, breast-pins, chains, he. he. r,9 fna?
JOHN SNIEFEN, Auct'nneer.
AUCTION NOTICK?Will be told on Thursday, Nw
vember 23d, at 12 o'clock?
Machinery and K.xturvs for Fatlinet Printing and Ototik
Printing Machines, in complete order, for one or two colon.
Copper Shells?Kuginved Shells, new patterns, and good ah
Rolling Machines?Double and Single Presses, with appal**
lus etunpleie.
Iron Plater?A complete assortment for pievse*.
Pree* Paper*? A very superior lot til Pi cm Papers, Stoves,
Furnaces, It,tilers, drying nn.ni blankets, and blanket frame*,
with everv other nature n-oessary Ibr conducting the huntiitj*.
Capitalist* and others will find an opportunity tor the invest
ment of a small amount ?>f money that will lealize great protil,
as the whole will be sold to tbo highest bideer, a* the preaertt
owners are a- rangir g in leave the city. For particulars apply
at the miction room. I 3Ma*
hK W VUKM. lioitsh BAZAAit.
X.F For the Sale of Horses, Vehicles, he. he by rommhson,
n' private site dally, and by public auction every Wednesday
throufcboui the year at 12, M. precisely, without regard Ws
weaker. -
The proprietor takes this opportunity of expres ng his ac
know ledcmei ts lo the patrons of this establithineiit, Loth foe
hiiiisr If ui d the lute finn of Stimpson h Cowan, for tl e very
liberal pairoiifige bestowed ti[Min tie Bazaar, and begs lo as
sure Ins friends itud the public that be has how its sol? manage
in id, and that his whole attention shall be directed to merit
its continuance.
Horses taken at livery as usunl, and careful groom* em
pi.i\ i d.
Horses to hire of the best description at the shortest notice ts*
his Irivndr,and gentlemen introduced hy tliem.
o23 3m* WM. COWAN, Si Crosby *L
U?? i h, BUUTe, BUOTb A*D MiOKB.
RICHARD* h WALKER'S two esublUhmenU. No*. ?*
ami 232 Canal s . N. Y. My triend K, gave n e the names ami
number* of the above establishment*, and told me that it waa
of no use for me u> try any where el?e, lor that he had tried all
through the citv, and could hud nothing that would hear a
comparison with Ki. hards and Walker'* make of Cheap Hoot*.
Why, lliey have more than 20,000 pair* ot the most elegantly
wrou. lit boots to select from, and the potr ! pot for 02.76 are
fall ns hands aieantl fashionable as any $!UK? boot* I ever wore.
All who wish a pair of nice fashionable ami durable boou, either
light drt -.s, wet wenthrr, or water proof bo ts, will do w ell tr>
call as above. Price* from $?-S# to f3.AC, and $4.60 tor water
proof. Until mistake Richards 4t Walker* two establishment*.
Nos. 2:c JII-I 712 ChiuiI St. _ _ oltMm*
1 /? THE article pnbtiabed below, concerning tbe new and
popular dorli lite ailvanceu by the iliaMr.ou* Goebcke, of Ger
many, cannot fill of excit.ug a deep and ttirilling interest
through i ut our coun.iy.
['I'ransltdid from ILt firrmmn 1
Or l.l.lMiNt,
of !\?rlh and South Ami i t, a ?
To Lou 11 Often Uoelicke, M. It., of Germany, (Europe,) be
long* lit** imperishable lioi or of mltling a new ami prec.cua
tlt.cl. toe to toe science of Medicine?a doctrine wditch, though
vehemently opposed by many 01 the faculty, (ol which be it a
valuable member,) lie proves to be at well founded in truth, at
any doctrine of liolv writ?a doctrine, upon tbe verily of wbicb
art- >u?peuiied the liven ol'mill loo* of our race, ami winch lie
boldly challengr s his opponent to refute, vizConsumption it a
disease always occasioned by a disordered slate ol tbe V is Vine
(or lite principle)nt lite human body?olten seemly lurking 111
ilie system lor year*, before tlierv it the least cimiplaiiu o| the
lungs?and it Inch may lie a* certainly, though not mi quickly
cured, as a c uimon cold, nr a simple headache. An invalua
hlv precious doctrine tins, at II imparit an important lesson to
llie apparently healthy of bolb tears, leaching ihem Uiat thia
in iilious fie may be an unobserved inmate ol tbeir "clsyey
houses," even while they imagine iheinsrlvet m cure from ila
attack*, t tibial thea. that tin great tecrel in the an of pre
serving Iteaiih is to pluck out Ike disease while in the blade,
ami not wait idi the lull grow n ear.
Tlilt Hlu?triou* benefactor ol tr.an is also entitled to your un
feigned gratitude, and the gratitude ol a world, tor the I. veu
lion of hit matchless Sanative, who*e beating hat liny jowly
claim lor it sift it title, mure it has so signally triumphed over
our great common enemy, Consiiinpt ion, bolb in iu first awl
last stages?u medicine which lias thoroughly filled liie vacu
um m the Materia Medica, mid thereby proved itself the t oa
querar of Physicians?a medicine for which all mankind will
have abundant cause 10 bless the IsenelWut band of a kind
Providence -a meilicnis whose wondrous virtues have bean
wi??ly portiaveil even by s tin* of our clergy, in their pas
toral vivits to the sick chandier?by which itiesris'they often be
come the happy instruments of chxugiug despondency, into
hope, sickess tulo health, ami the sadness of friends into joyful
of more v due to man ibin the vast mines of Austria, or ev?r?
tie unilrd Irvmutesof out glob'?a medicine winch is obtained
? qtiilly from tbe vegetable, animal, and mineral kingdoms,
and thus pns.esses a three-fwld power?a m dtcine which,
thougb designed as a remedy for consumption solely, is pos
mink of a mysterious inlluence over many diseases of the hu
man system?n aiedlrine wbicb begins l? lie valued by physi
cians, w Im> are daily witnessing its astonishing ? ure? of many
w lioiu tliev bail resigned to the grsspof the in>atial<le grave. ?
Hoch is live demand for this mighty health restorer in Uer
inauy, that Mr. AMb'.uy Strumrr, one ol our booksellers, sold
in one month 147 phials, being more than 12 packages?Mr. B
P. Manhattan grocer, 1.8?Mr. James bevirr, mkeeper, 10$?
a id not a single forwarding agent, who has made return* ?|
n.nuev to I he depository, has sold less than 300 pet month,
since lie received his *pp intment.
An as-o.'?lioii ofg? nth men. with Mr. Manhattan at its Head,
and comprising twenty agents, recently tirterrd Unel.r ke $tu,
nun lor Ike original recipe for preparing lite Hauativr, but this
sum w ns iefused.
Mr. Minimum It U cause to prize this medicine, sin 'e one of
bis daughters, whom itr. Van s >.tu tt alte idrtl in ;i long sick
ness, nod whom lie acknowlet 'fed to lie in a "confirmed con
sumption," hu> keen perfectly cured by u-ing oniy ihrte quar
ters of a phial Aim, nyoung man, who was formerly a clerk
in his store, nnd who had for several yearsheen sub/vet to fits,
was rest?r> d to uniiitrrruplt d health ou taking less tlian l>alf a
phial Meseralotlier very Imp riant core* have been disinter
estedly repotted to the public by the before named physicians,
since tbrir conve sum to the V is \ ilir doctrine, a* will l?e seen
by 'heir nrmezed it stiirn uiala
Of most mr-licine- be I Oft- tbe publie, llie patient is directed
to tska "fist of * v bottle*, sml if these do not cure, persevere
In tbe n?e of ten,or r*? n filteerq" but not so with ihe Match
less Mtuislive.
It is tisre worthy of remark, that In almost every Instance,
where cures h tve been wrought by this remedy, less ttmn a
pliisl I asrvinovrtl the diss ase?ami in no case, whether result
tag fata'ly or socces fully, ha* a patient used two whole phials.
The .Wauvlive h above all eslun.iie, a* a general pceveutlve
of contagious ?li*ease??(ml by many it is said to Ire a never -
falling antidote, ik. ugh the iuveii.or d tps tit/t ekalte it with
sucli infallibility.
Masters of v. >?ct?, who mar whit to ftnrthh I hems. |ve? and
tlieir ctewseaeh with a phial of Is, tan ohtamtlte articie of a?y
of tbe >^fsi?,si Hytr itH <11. C< u t In' the package.
All persons wint live in unhealthy rlin.stes whether hot or
I colli?all' p?ra Ives and other, ioiiim cted with manufactories,
?and all who lead *?? I sntery and iit.tr live lives, are ripesed In
I various insidkni* nta'adies, which may be silently preyng upon
| tlieirrmtilMims, even with their coantrnaiice* wr r (lie
I i .< >?( li at tit, an t whiie they "? ii*pcrt no dang er rdgh" ma
Indies which art aeeastonal u-e of the hsu .live would elieck
in the bud.
DIRKll ridiTH, Be.?Tie pst eat, wldle using tin* no .it.
Cine.should ? at aod drink (inkind. ?oi quantity i whatever ike
a,.pet'te .lirtatr*. and not if > '>m|* II. d to force down, Sgansl
n iture, evgrf n?. ikey, whiek the trnderrst friend* and kimtrst
narses. It. n .ntpru leutly recomui# t d.
Nstare I- the great |di| slnaa, (the disrlor and nurse only
her .etvant*,) and if we woulil prolil by ber advice, we must
adhere -tiirtly to her inf?lhble rerqie. If she order fqi the
patient water, port-r, or hock, ulwy bert H *lie direct fish,
Inwl, eggs, or a beefsteak, regard ber vmce. In ether words,
? hi lia'ient should rat and ilrirk wbstevrr hi-appetite craves,
pot roreet'ing l* he "temperate in all thing*."
In burning fevers, n oca not the patient'* in?t uclive eail fnc
eo. tin- drinit ny sltnplv moisten ng hi* ps rhfd lip*, hut plare
hv hi* bedsislr a vessel id wall r, put into his IimihI a eup. and
let li.ia slske le* thirst ?t pleasure. Tina is reason?this ia
common ceti*e--It. ?is nature.
A* Ibfc* inedieine ? spends its wlmle power in restoring the
di*. rderi d Life 1'iiuciple to it* na ural stal'. ai <? at it I* con
?rtpvent v n-.t in th< least degrre physical, the patient is direct
i si to k? cp the Imwels open with epsmn salts or esrtor rll, in
'he ordinary doses,
Th? danvi ve niayl^nken without tbe least Intvri it|>tii a in
business or pleasure, and without any variation in the tonal
a uirs ? of living.
IX i-K._Kor aitnlts. one drop?for children, a half drop - toe
Infant*, a qusrier drop?to t?e taken. In all raw-. In a htlle
rapid milk, there time* daily?one honr l^fure eaeh meal, and
thus. hi tu.tie till a cure is i dec ed. Tor Infants, tb<- molhe?*U
milk I* the most t'ronvr. "Kul how," ti e putleol wwne?ime%
a k* 'fsn a d'op he divided .run two or f. urpai t?''' 1'oiiwo
or f inr t? a stm li f .11 of milk Into a phial, add one dr"p of thn
Wannl'se, and shake well f.vr live minutes- ihen s tea sis win fall
nf I he rnivtuie will contain a half-dr? p oe a quarter drop, ae
enr.hng to tbe qnzntiiv of m'lk pnr in. It Is not an uncommon
inquiry, "W hy not take two drops f" 7 be answer is nhvlnak.
If wc should push our?fTort* to r? store die * is Vi!.c in aii cqal
ilhrl.im, wr s|v>nld, fheaooth, find nue*e.ve# f..retna Nature,
than vrti ek troihing cubl ne nw.re preposterous or unsafe. Bt
slil.s, the Imno-nse eos- an - labor ?f the_varVdls rbemW-ni prr?
res.e. f'W obtain.nr U.eb?n.lier isa somdeut reuson lor naiog
the bast ,pia.it.tv that .*?" I <?>?? *1!f"T HTCt ?r?
consenn. rleeo| I... .s.t cvp'nsrs Ooellele kus been enmpelled
h. advairre IlK pricefr.im U to V> per phial, whe h sup he
has lake,, w.1.1 much relnclann -and h^s^present petun unr
emhurrassmw f* rannwi fbll nf. mvlneing his m si unrhai it side
enriii.esih.il l.e ha* ? gtcntef desire lo ben< tU mrnkintl thaw
tc urrumrfalf ee.lib. ,
|?rte? rbeee and a third rli tk>,l ir* (ft AO| pr r hvil owm e.
it T e sh ?e medle'nt mayl.e had at the imcksinre of O.
?s KMkNfT"4 V/WProudwav. rhlawd"
ill ?ia. ?IMH Ilk* AND I'Mlli'lM r N'M
lYI f.L'lt JIlNl -Ol o A. lU'V r k ?(>.. N ' ) I l- .swe.fT.
S.?rc bo- ? vn etieisslve u*?Oria'cct t.'f' 'y mad* frn'h sa,
? Itorvtrvu srvf sue, whirl, if t * ? sell ' I ?af
h . ea.lt, oi lier it whole *lv ur rcWiU. siV3af

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