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[From our evening edition of ycrerday.J
Closing lernei..Liberals f;nt?iliiff ground.
The day wears apace. The strife thickens. The
Liberals are coming to the rescue. The hopes ot free
men are growing brighter anil brighter. The 1 snrers
look black. Their (lags flout no longer in the breeze
A mournful silence rests ovei their camps. The shout
of victory resounds through the Liberal ranks. The
clang of arms' mounts on the air and is music to the free
man's ear. The industrious mechanic treads firmer
than he was wont. The speculating usurer begins to totter
in his font stepe. Wall street begins to wear a sackcloth
and ashes look. Broadway gains in intere t and activi
ty. The shout of freemen is upon the air and the uni
versal cry is,?victory! A few hours more and the route
of the enemy will be complete.
The first, second and third wards have lost, as com
pare 1 witli 1831, nearly one-fourth of their strength.
They have called for theirchildren, and lo, t are not.
Great is the wailing of the usurious Rachels for their
offspring. The gain of the Liberals, in 'he 9th, 10th,
11th and 17th wards, lias been tremendous. The free
man looked to these quarters, and he found his brethren
in arms ready to join him in the battle for liberty, and
emancipation from < ii/uc government
A few hours more, and the contest will be over. The
dead must he buried decently, and the wounded care
fully nursed. The count for Senator will be immediate
ly trade, and by 8 o'clock this evening, we shall know
enough to know how the fight has gone. Look out for
our fourth edition, between 8 and 9. P. M.
Courier Ekprkih, No. 1.?12h.
1st Ward?101 this day.
2d Ward?102?witty as ever.
-3d Ward?143?great fun.
4th Ward?241?close.
-Cth Ward?158?rows expected.
Liberals in high spirits.
Courier Express No-2?12 h. 10 m.
7th Ward, 265 Liberals, 125 Usurers.
10th " 168 " P2
11th " 1?0 " 45
13th " 170 " 87
17th " 113 " 54?1 Rump.
JoeHoxie at the lltli weeping like Niobe.
Courier Express, No. 3.?l2h. llm.
8th Ward?530?nearly two thirds Liberals?Usu
rers trying hard.
5tk Ward ? 245 votes polled today, up to 12 o'clock.
Nin'h Ward.?213 votes?great majority are demo
14'A Ward.?192 votes polled, up to 12 o'clock?27 of
these are whigs.
Fifteenth Ward.?12 o'clock?203 votes polled to-day.
Whigs 810 ahead Many dirty vagabonds in the pay
of the Whigs in a general fight.
gCT* Sixtf.f.sth Ward.?12 o'clock. Unparalled ex
eltement. We left Joe Hox'.e making a stump speech.
5avs Joe, ''we hoist the bloody flag?we give no quar
ter, by (1?1! Rut, gentlemen, argument goes for noth
ing? let's all have a glass of grog! I'll stand treat?
we've got a general fund! Votes polled 173.
(O* Old Tammany was crammed with the Liberals
last si'ht. i<ucb enthusiasm wo have never seen. Keep
it up. my boys, and exert it today. Mr. Thomas Hawk
spoke at length. He was quite happy. " Fellow citi
xens !" (Laugh.) " How do you like that for a begin
nisg ?" (laugh.) " I regret that the latter part of my
name sh?uld resemble a certain favorite, fashionable
weapon lately incorporated into the I sutcrs eont of
arms.". Tremendous shout. " And yet I rejoice it is
Hawk, for if 1 can frighten away from the constitution?
from the ballot box, even one of the unclean chickens, I
shall be most happy !" Three cheers. The 1 surers
Lave given us all soils of names. They may well do
so, under the cloak of patriotism. (Laugh.) " 1 lellyos
that a elock as large as the canopy of the heavens would
suffice to hide this sins"
" Hatchet and all!-' cried a voice in the crowd. (Rons
qf laughter.)
" A hatchet is a fit emblem of their doctrines. By
persisting in keeping up the rotten banking system a1
Philadelphia and Albany, they hope with that weapon
to cut down the tree of liberty, and leave us the prickly
brambles of bank domination to shelter the American
soil. Rut their hopes are vain. The egg of their
schemes has been laid a long time, and if I can prevent
thetn, they shall never hatch t !" Six cheers. In fine,
Mr. Hawk was full of fun. His speech gave satisfac
tion, for it varied the heavy toil of the battle, and in
spired his hearers with fresh zeal. What a glorious
power is that of rousing up and controlling the passions,
reason and judgment of a multitude, thought we, as wo
oa ne away. Demosthenes and Thoinai Ilawk were?
" We shall beat them," said a Liberal.
" What's to binder you ?" said we.
" Nothing."
" Then do your duty," axd we quietly went home.
try "What are you 7" " I'm a freeh voter." " Fresh,
your'e drunk." ?' I'm not, I'm only fresh." " Are you an
American ?" 1 am?l'in of Indian blood, the true Ame.
rican." " He's drunk, turn him out." A row or fight
and the man non ipet he, eed tipsy he. was turned out
|Cj" Yesterday a rough looking gentleman,?not a
dandy.?stepped into a certain temple of Tonsor, and sst
down tn be shaved. The tonsor flourished his weapon
and began. " My God P said the rough looking gentle
mm,?" you must be shaving me with a Hatchet!"
03" " Seen the Courier, Will, this morning?" "No."
' The Colonel says, once more unto the breach." " He
does?" " He's too late." "Why?" "Wo are into
it.' ' And we'll take cure to keep them out of it."
" You alone could do that!" said Bill. His friend was
ti big an Ilixou 11. Lewis.
03* "The victory ia ours, my lord," said Aldanhantu
to his liege at the battle of Cuanha. " 8tay not so, till
yonder fort is ours, Go and take it." Aldanhnnta
obeyed his commander's orders nnd the fort fell. Lib
erals, go ye and do likewise Relax not your energies,
but storin the last fortaf the usurers.
[From our gsroml Morning Kdilton of Yesterday.]
Our Magnetic Trie graph deal royrd-Uaurltri
Hitraordtmxryr ?'oi grena of (he Contest
Desperation of the Kntmp
It ia with no little degree of rhngnn an regret that
we have lo inrotin our hundred thousand enthusias
tic readers in New York, and in all other parts of the
Union, that at a quarter to seven thia uiorning, the
8lh day of Nsvember nnd the laat of the troia jour a,
our magnetic telegraph was utterly destroyed. The
keeper had risen from his warm bed, tnr the night had
been very cold, and re paired to the observatory on the
op of Tammany Hull, for the purpose of arranging
the dial plate, tubes, Ac. Ac. He exchanged sig
nals with the branches established in the different
wards, precisely at half past six and fsund all righl.
Just at quarter to seven a slight explonion was hea:ci
accompanied by terrific rattling of the wires and ri
volving inorement of llie hanrts on the dial plate. A
vivid flash was seen to pass iu the direction of the
city. What was the astonishment of our intelligent
keeper, who is an eminent electrician, to find C ol.
St?no walking arm in arm with M Br 1' on
the pavement opposite the Hall.
It was plain, the Colonel and his protege were in a
negative condition, and passing so near our magnet
ized wires inserted in India rubber tubes, their supe
rior uttiactive affinities disturbed the fluid, and caused
the explosion just alluded to. The Colonel and
M a were seen to walk on with great haste, evi
dently pleased that they had broken up the raseatlv
Herald's means of information. Do what we will,
some of these unmagnetic loafers of W all street con
tinually cross our path. Atter the heavy expenw to
which we went for the accommodation of the public,
to be disturbed by these negative clouds of humbugs,
it is too much for flesh and blood to bear. Hut they
can't keep our ship on its beam ends. We have es
tablished couriots most extraordinary, and shall gi\e
the state of the polls in our several editions up to 20
minutes of their publication. We intend to get our
Telegraph recharged. Next week full account.
The contest is going on finely. The Liberals arc up
a.td doiug. The day is a glorious one, it a cold north
wind, a bright sun, end a clear heavens can makcone
so. It is an inspiring sight to see the flags, the stur
spangled banners floating in every direction.
The Usurers arc becoming desperate. They threat
en and look black. A certain magistrate swears that
ho will be elected, and what is more, he will be our
Mayor! His eyes flash fire at ths very thought of
so much honor being heaped on his unworthy head.
Liberals, yott-will save him the pain of such an eleva
tion. The other Usurer candidates are trembling in
their shoes. They shout, they exhort. They run
about, but 'tis no use. Their troops are dispirited?
their ammunition i9 out.
Courier Express, No. 1?9h. 10m.
Eighth Ward.?The strife is less active this morn
ing. Both Usurers and Liberals are evidently rest
ing on their arms,to recover t he fatigues of yesterday's
hard fought struggle, which terminated so favorably
for the latter. Appearances at this moment indicate,
thnt in an hour ar two hostilities will be renewed
with their former vigor. The polling when we left
was 112.
Courier Express, No. 2?9 h. 15 in.
Sixteenth Ward.?At 9 o'clock, 27 persons had
voted the Liberal ticket, and only two the Usurer's
ticket. The excitement here is tremendoua?fighting
in every room in the house?here a blact eye there
a bloody nose. Sevcnteeen men had been up all
night, trying to bring in illegal votes for the Usurer s
ticket. A body of firemen met them and whipped the
whole of the seventeen in less than 17 minutes. The
Whigs are desperate and despairing?swearing nt
every body and every thing; several of the Black
well's island jail birds got so drunk yesterday that it
is feared they will not get sober in time to vote.
Fifteenth Ward-9 o'clock.?Whigs here not up
yet. They hnd a great wine frolic over night, and
red eyes and blue noses are very prevalent this morn
ing. 55 votes taken here. They will not poll here
250 more votes before the final c lose, and their majo
rity will not reach a thousand. Just as we were
leaving, a tall dandy entered with his pantaloons
?trapped down so tight that Easy, the clerk, had to
ease them and unstrap them before he could open his
mouth to vote. Kaey was a witness on Robinson's
trial. . ... t
Fourteenth HW-9 o'clock.-Liberal ticket safe
here. 39 votes polled ?26 Liberals?the latter arc
180 ahead on the entire ticket. Not much animation
-whigs half asleep and wholly intoxicated. Bets
hero freely 2 to 1 on the Liberal ticket?whigs and
usurers shy?an enormous mass of cnbbage wagons
ranged between the polls of this and the 1* iftienth
Ninth Hard?At 9 o'clock, enthusiasm here im
mense. 37 went up in one body to vote the
Liberal ticket, as soon as the polls opened. 133 had
polled in all up to 9 o'clock?at a fair estimate the
Liberals calculate on 450 majority hove?the Usurers
are using great exertions?giving away cabbages by
wagon loads, and beef and beer. Bloockcr street is
full of omnibuses from mornine till night.
Fifth it'nrd.?Half past 9-84 votes polled. The
struggle here will be very clese-it is thought that
there will not be 50 majority either wny. Adomram
Chandler, one of the whig candidates, has been ex
ceedingly busy about the polls the whole time?but
he, at least, is sure sf a defeat.
Coi'sisa Kxrsxss, No. 3, 9h. 20m.
Seventh Ward.?120 votes poll*! at 9h. 10m ?of
wlucb 100 were for the Liberal ticket. When we en
quired the state ol the poll at this ward, one of the
clcrka remarked, "thatis Bennett's man, tell linn the
wrong number," we arc much obliged to the young
man for his courtesy, but we know a trick worth two
?f that.
The Libcrala ore determined to bring ont lhar lull
strength today. All the electmneerers for tlit
ufurei'a ticket have left the poll in scaruh of Deck
rats, and the geinmen vot sleeps in the market, to
make a show, but as an honest Liberal remarked,
?it's no go?we've go>d challengers."
Ttn/A Ward-9h. 5n??38 votes pnlh-d for the
Liberal ticket, and two for the usurers. The Liberals
are t.l high spirits, and intend to do a good da v's work.
E'erenth tfard?9 o'clock.?Poll just opened, and
about 60 Liberals waiting their turn to deposit the r
ballots. An old h trkur told us-" If we don't give
700 majority for tha regular ticket you may call mc n
d ??d liar. , ,
Thirteenth nard.-9h. 15in.-90 voles polled for
Liberal ticket -and 11 for the Uaurors. "Will you
give 300 here 7" we inquired of a friend.
" There is no mistake about it," replied he, and Ira
R. Wheeler begins to look devilsh blue. He is sneak
ing round the poll, begging his friends " for Hod's
sake not to let him get beat in his own ward.'
Seve.Ueenth Hard-6k. 55m.-Thc Liberals on the
ground anxiously awaiting the opening of the poll.
Our old friend, Tom Day is on the ground, and says
he is determined to give a bumper to the genuine loco
foco ticket.
Cousins Kxrsasa, No. 4, 9h 45m.
First Ward ? Poll opened sluggishly at 9 o'clock
The few who were there looked remarkably pinchel
?the morning raw and cold?the bar more attractive
-a great many going the whole ticket for gin slings
and brandy cocktails. Poll this day to a quarter of
ten, 42.
Second Ward.?Too cold for the out door cihibi
tiou ot wit?frozen up?thawing inside with the ardent.
Poll this day to a quarter of ten, 67.
'Third Ward.?Same as first, clerks not able to
get out of their store's yet if there are any yet un
The votes today will be Liberal, and the usury
silk gentlemen will kick the beam.
" vVbat are the returns asked a Courier Express
last night.
Who do you want it fori"
"The Herald."
"Don't tell him?tell him wrong," sai l one of the
What a contrast this makes with the liberal policy 1
Comment would be supeitluous.
Poll this day at a quarter of ten, 52.
fourth IVard?Opened at 8 o'clock pretty briskly.
Among the first of voters was a very young looking
"Are you twenty-one 1"
"Yes; don't youthink I ami"
"You are challenged; you must swear it."
" If I can't vote without swearing I wont vote at
State of the poll nt quarter of ten, 151.
Sixth Ward.?The Democrats coming in strong.
Slate of the poll at quarter of ten, 63
Fouhti! Ward.?There is great discourtesy at
this ward?a thing unprecedented, we believe. A re
porter from a public paper has been refused by a door
keeper admittance at the vustomary door of egress
for voters, the only one at which ready ingress to the
room can he obtained. We are at considerable exj
pense in our regulations to procure early intelligence,
and it is the duty, the bounden duty, as it has been
the ready courtesy of all public desecrations to afford
evcrs facility to reporters. The constable was borne
out by one of the inspectors. We shall see whether
this delay in matters of the public interest is to be
JAMK8 D11 Y*I)Al? to. Veterinary Sureeon, N<s. *u
Fifth street, between the Bowery and riec-.m A venue,begs
leeve to inform the public that he now annul* personally to
horse shoeing, invnd ol by rfeputy, as formerly. Therefore
gentlemen sending horses la hiiestablishment, ruay depend no
on having tbetn shod on the most app.oved scientific prince
He likewise attends to the diseases of horses, as usual, at his
own infirmary, hut his arrangements' ar borne shoeing pre
clude the possibility of attending litem at their own stables, el
cept those in hisinueediaie vicinity
To those w ho are sceptic o.'hts abilities, he will merely say,
" Put them to the test; ' the proof of the pudding is in the
eatiRtr.' '? JAM KB DKYBDALK, V. St.
*?*> im* <1 rarluate of lite Edinburgh Veterinary St chord.
DK PI LA" OK Y t'OVt UK It-For removing super
ftutii-hair iroiu the face,arms ami neck. A single appli
cation afiecla t* is purpose without pain or iqjury to the-kin,
which or the contraiy is left whiter and softer lhan before; a
second appli ration deninovs die root* ot' the hair, lor sale by
ni-fiw* J.JA. H. L'A MOURE I'X, 377 Broadway.
"Joseph CMllott'n 4>>lci>rate<l Patent Klon
Jgateil Metallic Pen.**
OSK PII (iil.I.dTT beg* to inform the pnbli*, that be
is constantly receiving from Ids manufactory, In Birming
ham, a regular supply ol bis most approved Metallic Pens.?
The?t?ckoii hand offers the best assortment ia the United
Stales, and of warranted good quality?amongst which may he
DUiid his
"Patent Magnum Ronom Commercial Pen,"
"Original Patent Blip Pen,"
"Original Patent Ladies' Pen,"
"Kagle Pens."
" Double Damascus Barrel," "Lnnsn," " Perovlan," "New
York Fountain," a-d " Damascus Pen*," pat up In a variety o
styles?vis.: on cards nf one doien each, with rosewood and si
bala holders: in bwaesofonedosen each, with holders; in axe
raccorasrs, shell holes and morocco cards.
" Albata Everpoinl, and Pen and Bverpnint Pencils."
From Ike well merited and unlvrrsnl releldty of Ike above
Pens, asaltesled by the whole mercantile community in Europe
and the United States, several unprtnrrpUd maker* have endea
vored to impose ?p?n the public, by a spurious Imitation, par
porting t? he the original "Joseph UilUtlt't Patent," hot which
are utterly worthies:, and entirely destitute of those qualities
requisite to fine writing, wh.rli have estihliabed sarh an onpv
rulled demand for the original pen, in every country where U
la known I!
The public are hereby cautioned in he n tl r guard
against these counter;-its; they may be re adit y dst "ted by
their unfinished sppearance.and by the inferior style in whirl'
they are sent into the market, in their attempt to uupose upon
the unwary.
Each gross of the genuine pen U envelo- rdl.t a neatly print
?d wrapper, desrriniveof the article it contain*.
Farther to iruard .igainM the ft and, the public will please to
observe that tne genuine pens I .ear u-e nf the lollawieg marks,
always raading from the point of the pen:
Joseph Joseph Joseph
Odlotl's Oi Holt's CT.IW.lt
Patent. Warranted. Maker.
The above ruay He had at Ids Warehouse, No. 109 Reekmaa
BitUI.IIUI lloni below Pearl. New York. ol?^m*
('Xq,\1??W asking ion Coal Yard, corner wl Harrow at
J Washington ?i??A slack of superior Hcbuylbill Pea. h Hi
chard Coal is nt prevent on band in 'His yard, wbirh will hew.
for cash at very reduced pri< ??*. Families will find it to the
mi vantage to call before laying in their winter's supply.
PA PI'. It IIA.Vtil US-l?<>NCt?l'RT k BTAMMICRh
beg leaee respectfall v to call the attention ol Un-ir Irienrts
anJ the public generally. Us ike m w ami elegant assortment wl
goods iust rei-eiv. e-< ? . "I ll-eir Hew ?U'"e. No *.1
Prarl street, between Frankloi, uud llagur streets. Conta
iner* and dealers will find, at Uieir estsbiialiraeat, advantages m
where etar u> be met with, in addition to tbsir entire new slock
of goods.
Htammers,of thoahovr ftrm.m'.re generally known ky On
app,-Hat.on of the Three Fingi r? d Paper llangcr, a,,,!
h sertllea* to say, to any but strangers, stands unrivalled in U>f
artoi paper hanging, both fir nearness and despatch, will at
tend In persmc i? f*r a*pracl.cal>le toall the work which '.ball
he entrusted lo biscsre. mvfl -*ra*
WINTKH WIN ? KH -Inportsnt tn Housekeepers,
and *11 who are in favarof economv in these bard times.
RtlCKWKI.L k CO. hive on band, and are receiving week
ly, the best qanlity at htrdwood Charcoal, manufacture4 es
elustvely from beach, h reh snd maple timliee, and put up in
i,?tc? containing e-cht barrel* each, as certified by the I
t*r of Charcoal for the city, and dslivered In >ny part without
any charge tor cartage or box. It ia lound, on experiment, tn
burn ese third longer than pine coal.
A sample of the ab ive coal can b* seen at No. 5 Franklin
Square, w here informal on w ill lie given, and orders ice wd
?us the present prices correspond *o nearly wilh those nf pine
coal, it becomes a great object for those oaing the article to
call and examine lb n'J-.'w4
ported ami ibr sale, wl olesale or retail, at W Of ID'S Tool
more, No 1 Chambers, corn r of Chatham at. a large assort
mewl of the above of superior quality?price varying from ?1
N. B For sale?King's Turning Lathes?Dean's Parallel
Vieea?with tb# usual assortment of mechanics' tools of first
r ate quality. OBU-Im'
fltUTIIK I.AIIIK- VI fl. Hon* reh
I he.?C. WATHON, IA4 Cha'ham at. has on hand an ele
gsnt assortment of liie aUivr articles, w hicli he ran afford to
w-ll at vert reduced prices, and tespeotfullv invite* the atten
tion ol laoies wIk> arc deslrou* of securing their personal com
fort through tha coining wjnler attlie les?t pi-s-ilile expense,to
his stock of Dirssed Fui >, coii-Minu of every article its ike loir
which lie is confident will If found unsurpassed in the city as
regards quality or cheapness
Also, fur cloili, velvet and fancy caps of the latest ami moat
approved patterns.
N B. Ladles Furs altered and repaired, and every article In
the line made to order. CI1ARI.EB WATRON,
olT-lm* 154 Chatham *4,
(t A it Ik Mlt BERNARD!'* Lit DEBORR lakes tic
,? pleasnre to inform bis Itiends and the pnbtir In general,
that n# lias opened aw Apothecry's Rtore at No. 3| Cbaml.ers
st, twn doors from Cbati.am. where he will lie Issppv to wail
4*y and night upon lho*e who may honor him with ihdr pa
tronage. He has studied m Europe, and for the last ?Ixieeri
nutnihs he was emplove?l in the well known establisbmenl of
Mr. J. M lhau, where he tru?U he has givrn entire satis
Medicines of the best nusltty wiH l?e used by him, and physi
eiaa's prescriptiosis will be put up with rate and despatch and
at the (owe st ermt possible. n3 ,1m*
SULPHATE DK tl1" *1N K?warranted perferu)
Hnlphate and Acetate of Morphine?warranted pure?ia
ox. vials.
Juinhe Paste?French?first quality?In 25 and 50 lb. boxes
White Wax?MM) Ihs. suitable for retail.
Rwaim's Panaeeu?at manufacturer's prices, with Npnnish ot
English directions
Medicine Chests?for shins or families.
White "kins?French?w plasters, he?a hirgeasanrtment
Tonic Mlxtnre?warrsn'ed cure for the fever and ague
?to,la and Reldlltt Pnw le-s?by 'he gross or drsen; together
with s large assortment of Prog*, Cbemirnls ami F-.nry art!
cles,far sale wholesale and retail, hy
ofllnt' V> M i lb ant street.
"no's1?; "avis,
I lir,'i rssr.?? at ? BHl'ABWAV, N KW York
n it ? V,,KRY' PKRFUMIKV, kc.
mnnncr L'i??n made to order ia the neatest
??? ' ?)2H-lin*
" l-wij.,
~S" to "rK'T1 * ?>"*??
*'J perior lot of Porcelain Cifr dl 71 '"diion. Just rrceited a
whirl,, for whiteness andbri*lia,^ r vi!,itinf-' ""-'I'.
Peraors furnishing their Swn eS^nl/Sf. ,C?nnMt l>r*'"e|led.
&t\S?35X!5 SfZisrf ?f" K;
P'""" ?' "ALENTINE'S K,,?h,',",riVSi^r i
5 V Card, nt home for wcddim-",75.?'? "f w' "m. I
card?,b*l| tickets,4ic kc. * mercantile and .tore
F?acy Goo..h, 'K&lLrv r, ,
Wholesale dealer ?n ll?*? *?.
drBSK&c t5"VWS"t"' or
A most superior and traveller., who
N. nAAnrxul'!^a1,Tg '?'?V?LZri, ttrte*.
?WK.S ot every tiu-ilitv anT?"?Ortmeni of POCKBT
Mn, from 3 to 1/iiiches, consin'ntlV n' j c\nU!,? 873 P*r ,!<>
log. PocHi't Boons a no rarii Imnd and manulactur
Iher, kc. *"U C "ru Clw?S of pearl, .hell, ivory, lea
'? '"M" s'&M-k to
I -V T HC*mm,*Bl?n Baalneai
Cotton, .na .U^rSS.... P?dl,c.
merchants on order'a t ^wrlwii /Merchandise for com try
{""" Julyment Vnd J*9 ^'thrL^'."''''',?^ h?
long experience hi mercantile nnmrn,?? '"O^ Prom a
general business in one ?.r n . ha vlng ' ended to a
Sis#1 ?
to- A?CaISS Vun",M r ??amcan.l v.
now he hail gmiuine',? t^e^K' 0f Candy can
losenees, and other Cn.r.^i,. ,? tfr'""ral assortment of
-ml warranted pure!',7 No rwS refine,) HuJar.
Broadway, by II. (>kl (iiiuv ,k7ll?1*, ai"1 3214
Vanilla Cfream cindy *' lh* ""'S'"?1 'nvenior of the
IW?W .vnP,,AI'?*'i ~
hair cutting,
, n, a No. 35 Bnwrjty
- . Neat door l" the Zoological I natltote.
I / Kr Tn l^riMuy' 77,^ 'rKert*? '^U' '"?T
American public in ad thelirl^I-h?M.r75'Kowelf to an
Profound Wwlt deVaad 1^ ^i?U,*J7jr' 0,1 D'"t'?ry.
that he -a,, dcse.vr anil retain tt? ?il ft t r 1 1,1 claim
public, ii ,n epportuaitv7m confidence of a generous
cure which iiumerous l " h,"\l">P'?y >?s sci
hnve deri v?d great benetft*'lr"'* sev,;r,,J European Sute.
vented ?onip*osilio'n 7n!firia["|V?"ib? hi? newly in
longer than natural nne? a , which w'dl endure even
w.Sl as ?-y tlm 'm,^,;c;.nd W'',cb c"" fitted by setu ?
- ^r **fi*ce 29B Hudson street. .
? ? ** 017 1mA
OCT IfC\r?snM!li0,Mb,e Boot Mforti
' notice that he i, comtamh? CUT"'T ,H wm.Mer, give.
?l every d^criDlonw^ lr"'" &><"ory fto.u
crd prices lor i a?|n *>* warrant., and w.U .ell at redu
niK?U, he '|t.lena,Med7i?ge"t>?CiUVT|ly U> ^ mannf*ciure ot
for cad, he caa alford chea^r il''.^' "I"*' ^ ,(v filing
aiiy?or in uiht r wfir ii ? ? lfl ^ IHWrliaM-d in tlu>
fbWlB <lwr^2Sr5cy of atce*,l4ljr ol ln%in* Xi>Qi{
from $3 to fj.'so <>0f a*"U frow ** 1? V r-0-BoyW Wlmer
tk'O lm"
to- BK iDirumMi? ?*?ow (lata,
ran. Leghorn, or Ht'n w ijmt7 ?i "bou'J" Purr,,???' T
?d b?M pHd,, in fa"the beslTl - '"r*r?**">><* ofl?K- fl?
" ? ''1 --- -- ?Hr?r-ariTiMi
And .? others ^'during the i
ff"*y* ii mpwvi i , . *pav>h,
pnTr.r 'B" ?' "w reUc'd
^t mwtantly on baad, OenUcmen's fine boots frnoi 25 |
Tint dl'nJtiVlllVr7r"* '"n s'rrI CutliTry, "
I KKIiV IAN 9TKiKL i1 A / hrm .1.1 n . _
Bla^k Horn hnmilrg. warranifH rn/wl Tr? 1 ^ ^ ,v?r3f*
M'INK W 1 hil, an'u I K t-riiico J: 1 tr{ rMrtT lor use.
Ittg seven Pearl, Ivory, or Black ll,,,?*?? y contair
dnr of Ibe we it 7' h "oru K?*?rs, one It* ever
'' 2'"r 3 D?k. or Paaknivea, ?
c ahkm'. ^""'^t1 Sr-r^j Dri *ss,Nh
I cvj!. Tilver hu'11 d'?-d '75 b7. K.^C L fcK ",M P"
? Cansa im iT,
| Over Juhn,on A- CV'i 1'trfnmtny St.rt
< omer of William and Cedar ?u.
n v \i om VaafV n ^ i, 7 n,?,k r,!;iT
M en. No 2?WartSiKn,,M^".r^n;,!rd^f-J' "?.A>
Unl A>kt?o, H'romgit Iron <V?> together w'dtMhe * *" ' '*?'
jactorjr evidence. n bi. po-v?.mri. of u,e prrfrrt ^*nrlt? !lr
those justly c? let, rale, I Mafe* ataiitM fire r ?oL
the raparity of the lMm,,nl .4,hrti?, ,IK1W ?n'1 ?Uo
on Stattru Maml. in the ...-/i!!?- Joow found la ahaadawce
in -ther vertion. of the United Miami ?-t "ml
f*"fe t. thor-ingtdy hoed ) ' ^^,,2
heat. Among the numerous facta we adduce m proof of itlT
lyf hjTZ'j, x,?rur ,ro"
city of I hila,|rIpina, on the Mth t?rt |R tu 77^ 7
numerous ciHxenc, a weerfm ha*, covered *'in i 1
W i.h A.beatn*, u> the b. u ng Of onl> Vorsl of LT^T w^
the bill as filled With honi b,nAr,, r?-,r .4, " ' T^' .TTT *
opened its eortems irvre found iiifmmr?,t 7i1l
grate npon which it r?ted w? '^Tf
U-at i'm V"'!' nl" r we In-besv. ,0 li.iarifv-*
It ln ??'" eounuru' bou?e ot M.-?.ra. If?bb.,
wk" H'%C Fr ,Pu'r *' "** lUUe in the great fire m
' Ji' "''' kBW '? all its . , ?
.nJr7"'" ' W 'h * n,"n'"'r ?' fcTI Of Ike higlie.i
? pcciabibty,tiigeiher with the various pnItems ol the at
?nlss, may be seen a> the . ore of A II M,.m ,V? j" ;
?f>v*r, arent to the manrifai rurra. ot whom tl,? y ran he old
e.1 at nor regular wlmlesaje prirea. 7 "
intl-j mcott k C
< f I * AN. 77 fedar .tree,, imimrter ?t vr?
1 1 .7 . Vi ' * *" u" Mlnwiag hi r
^VmlTo "r,"krr- "u u'"?
W.B# Noreago,
f a Norma,
so.nfio It-is Cam pane ioa,
S5,*"8 Principe,
*.non Hrgalia,
77/aOTraliuca-wholemle and retail, and pat ap e?ref,
and wri' to any part of the I ?it, d Hiates. F
Me'sa. wonld respectfully ra|| lhe attention of all aha
. ?f ? fic?t rate .egar tn call at bt. aAce. If,. 0hjrct
lieen .lore he comanei ced thia bminess to aell none hat
best, and he ? del. t inirw d to keep none olhcra hut id the ?i
best qaadty ltd. ma i?, , lie aoliciui the nmr
ago of hu fro 1 the Public, a aarfnc them he w.d ???,
furnish lb. m with the I,est , I so, ars. "Wl
N. B. lo.aafl *vry .uperiorN.rnliasegtrspatap or pnv
use in botes, under loci, and hey. ^ olGlm
i I **T'P I'unctiea Oarll a, last crop, lat,
rL ?li It8ly, for tile in I t-tnauit purchaser, h
"fi lw J'MIN H. ? <ftTA, 69 Barclay at
I "HP. h. WHICH NT M b K
'V ? "rh Imjeifter of Herman Mdser () ro.|,
i.-lra. offersth* aliove gra ds aholeaale 'rwl re.
at such remarkable low | ... e, ? nrvrr fail 10 ..1.. . ? r
| .0 all that call to in.psS, ^k r#" *
A WAIx'ntV? KfV V % 7,n K_<a,.fln*A1* V.~
y rii#? c< rt firm#s ,
pans are promptly paid in bankable money when ,,rml?,e
toiw*?d 0, re diiWM datol five ||. liar, in .oecie ai ik
di?. ount, or in . astern lolls. ?P*??e, at the B?
The Company wnl he p-epnred In a few .'a*.
insprevrd ?ily
oldkitablished pas*AUK errtcic.
<ik ifet
fnrVi J*i,;!til11 cwui.cry, w'?o ? rsh lo send
oaVafihi.." ?' Br,,ain ,,r ''aland, will a. well ut
hHo Jlb.ml ? W. ."rc y ca" hli" ?' rany.Hients for
so fu^lil! ili?a I l? ??*??>. The subscriber w ill al
!um/i ii i lSr Liverpool ?r (lie Rank of Ireland, lor such
n.irt <ii 11 rt ht ?r 1?' ' or '* to semi any amount to any
'1 1 ntaiii or Ireland; and will only remark Unit it
Utlie determination of hnnself ami Id, friend, i"L&rmal
SUbfrtKrw^ln 9r *h"'' hillierinliwiolaewdC
v. .r ail rt. t. naLtdelay, and lia
Vin^ ait draft* pual lie moment t|,?y are nreseau-.r will aa
heretofore, lie strictly adhered to ??"?.?, win, ag
Applications made, either personally or by letter do.i natd.
to l ie subscriber, will he immediatelyattended to P P *
_o!6-3iW SAM'L I Htl.MPStiN. 573 pearl at.
M?Livn#,B?? royal hank.
* IHKLA\D.?Prrsnni trn<Juig mcwey ir? ihrir
.rtPn'Jsin lrH?n I, Sroilfin J or Rngtar.d, cmi ?#? weekly
acj ominodated with < rai,..,n the hank oi Ireland, pat able u
sight, 111 the different inland towns in Ki ?U,,d. Ireland. Scot
land and Wales. Those residing in the country . mi v -d their
money by post jtbe letter jemt paid) which will he punctual*
attended to, and a receipt reiumei lor the ,air.e tqhce liT
South srreet KUCHK BROTHERS k CO.
<>5 Jill I*
PASS \ OK KOd \ ' W OK I, P.MVS -
?r.">t claM f""t oiini.Min. ket ship S \ I \ A N IS
J r.N'KIfSs, hits superior arcomniodatkins 10 any other
slop in port for second caliiu andrteernge paaMcng-ri, and wiH
positively sail on the Jd November, In r n yular dav Those
about to embark, would do w. II t? ex.,mine tins ship before
engaging by any other. Passengers will be lake,, ?? very
Wjw terms,by applying to IIKHUMAN k KEEN.AN,
?r n a t. . ? til ?.r lc?6 South utieet
N. B Afew nt*re cabin pas-enger* run bi- handsomely ir
rommodated, on reas< aah:e turns. She u-kes steam at the
Bull/?, and warranted to be 1 .wed up the Mississippi. oKdm?
f* Kf* 1 * <>'< o.-The MHb
A I fs.%, Captim Hf\ noiiIs will
I*" 01 P''rk '"P- K- H., every Tuesday
Thursday ami Saturday a'terntmn, atAo'c loek. "K'ay,
pl/kton ?inf>J?D?\ANU S'!H * "" -Thp Sb'-mbow
CLIk TON will be in readiness at Lyme to carry passenger, to
New London and Norwich without delay. Knre thiough, $1.
t_^^UuaTorjuwners!*>r^>lc* yffumjrf
^aSe?!ken^hU^m"]i"{" 2
Tarn-town, 12J cents-Sing sfng and ("rotuu) ^ ceV.u-Ct^
ger s Landing, Verplanck's Point, and Peekskiil 374 centv
The stearnlioat i)?AN(JB, Capt. ProM, wfu fe.ve New
Tsi li0,"i Chambers st. every Tuesday .Thursday
and Saturday, at 12 o'clock, M. "?
Keturniug, leave Peekskiiloa Moadav, Wednesday and FrL
wdiarf1 ocli,ck> A. M., landing at the Old State, Prison
Kor freight or passage, apply tA the captain an hoard, or i
8. W. Baraev.cor. Chambers and West sis., or to 1
?'??*"* CKOOKE L POWKS. cor. Liberty ^
1 L KOAD LINK KIMt lios 1 t)\ "*
Sc^jjjfcggW^ ?Eranilhe fjMttnl Markelfielil street Brta>
rv Place.NurtbRlver, at lo'alork.
o'dmTk *?KTTS wiU sail this aldrrnoon at 4
t re.rht notrecelved onboard alter .3 'clock, P. M.
P*K?enger?far Boston wiiltake the Kail Ron,I Cars at Provt.
rfeixe lmaiedlateiy on tkeir arrival. See "M nlhly Arrange
***? JytSOns?
.. , DKNCK.?'The Steamboat LKXIN th'Tt >N,
Captaia Vandcrhilt, will leave rn.m pier No 3 N. K. toot *{
Morris strew, on Mominy allernoon, Nov. ?, at 4 o'clock.
*.* Paaw r.gers lor Koaten will tw forwarded in the rail rwad
cms imuietlrstely on the arrival of the LEXINOTON at
Freight for Boston will be forwarded without delay.
Kor lurther inlormati- a ini|uireon laiard.rr of
M ^ *>? ?? ALLEN. 16? South?.
N. B. All persons ire forbid trusting any one or ic.-imnt of
the above boat ivrwwaers. ull dtDI"
N. J ?1 be steamboat MONMill Til. CapL
I'humar, w ill leave New York from the fool
of Robinson st. T uesdnys, Tliursilays ami Saturdays, touching
?t Se?oine'? dock, Stat en Island and Key part.
N. H Far the hoar of starting, Inquire at the Barrlay street
House, foul of Barclay st ; Wiiaon J. Honl, corner of West and
Fulton Sla.; an 1 koll. Brown L Co 102 Vesey st. n. In,*
ttUAlJ I^lnilLy
Frtm New Yerl, 4 P. M. fren PrmvuUmt, 3 P. M.
Prt-shlent, Monday, M ? ?
Masaachusetu, Tuesday, 3,1, Rhode Uasd.
ml ^ , Wednesday, 4th. Prewdeat,
Rhode Island, Thursday, .5th, Massachusetts
President. Friday, ktk, ? ?
MaesaCkuseSU. Maturdvy, 7th, Rbmle Uaad.
* , . * . Monday, 9th, President,
Rlatde Island, Tuesday, IOUi, Masaaehuaettt.
Preside it, Wednesday, 11 th. ? ?
Massachusetts Thursday, 12th, Rhode Island.
ml U ,1 j rrt?*?y, ?50?. Presklem.
Rho<ie Island, Saturday, Uth, Massachusetts.
Prtwident, Monday, I6U1, ? a
Msssa. Lusetts, Tuesday, 17th, Rhode Mauri,
* . Wednesday, 18th, President,
S Island, Thnnwlay. INb, Mowcl.iactta.
President, Friday, jtus, ? ?
Masaachusetu, Saturday, 21st, Rhode Mind,
* . * Monday, 2W, President.
Rhode Island, Tuesday, 54th, Ms~sarhusetlsJ
President, Wednesday ,7*% ? ?
MamachusetU, Thursday, >iii Klaxle Island
_? , ' Friday. 27th, President.
Rhode Jslano, Saturday, 28th, Mass-ichuw-tls,
President. Monday, -Vkb, ? ?
Massarnusettr, TueMsy. 3l*t, Khotle Island,
Passengers lor Ro^nn w.ll lake the Rail Road Cars at Pmel
deuce uDiiieo'iaielv 00 liieir arrival.
CP All Mercl.andUr, Specie, and Raggage, at therit
owners tkefawi. ix.'?,?,*
HOJIIR TO LKT, A lurin.hr.: betcinr r.Hun I
let, Willi breakfast. If requited. Apply at l5b Nswan 1
1 si 2m*
TO LKT? la St Mark's Place. No. S3, at the e?-?
ner ol k.b St. and Jd avenue, si, elegant |>arb>r, win
? wardrobe, pnrtry, n,l ?.<? Ir lur isbe.l ..r '.s|._
Kent low?poss. ss ss imineihslrly. Inquire 00 the premises
Lihewl e.tbe dwelling part01 a Hons* In a pleasant part <n
(ireenwlrh st. to let low to a grvjd l< riant o54-2w*
AT WON A HQ,!' h fd ROW FRY. is .Cereal
lor sale aa bamboo* llals (or R3. ?* any ever offered lm
She public?light and durable- warrant, <1 onfur twwitew
and water proof. sh-Sm*
offered lo the cititrws wf New York at the new ole
bliahment of IIOWF.LL k CI) , 128 f'hstkam street,
n the toll..wing t. , in. The pi ice of all 111. Ir .ilk hat., in
ading short raiw, will he three dollars. All il.e-r lur l.au.
lone ami hori naps, ron?lstii jr of nutria and |dain castor, wIR
I* fnur 'totlars. A* the suttscMliers have ishea the utmost paten
to gat these lists up with the greatest elegance of style ami
finish, they will n?K sell esrt pi lor cash, ana al the above esta
blished prises, from which th? v a ill not deviate. In addition,
nmbrrllaa, ami a splendid assortment of canes, consisting of
nearly forty diff. rent kimls and patterns, K get her with a varie
ty of laery ami other brushes, just iec? ived tiv the I'nlaod,
which they are enabled to sail one-Ritrtl I. ss than the n?unl
prim HOWF.I.L k CO.
o24 'tro* 124 Chatham, appmite It'wvseveil ?U
Superior Clipped Kutra Napa, ? . $4 no
Reaver, Ac. ? ? 1 .mi
" Plain f'a.tors, ? ? . 75 to 4 no
Btmrt Nap Nilh, Fsira, > ? 3 Ml
S Ik, ? ? ? ? |I MtUi J m
" Musk rat Napa ... f uu
N. R. A baodU-a with each gv-ntlemans hat. The Plain
Castors at )f DO. air unfivafi. d by any five sollarhat of thn
hind in Ibis markeL J. HTF.UAA P
olO 3m* 3.73 Broadway,rorner ol Anihooy?t
1MI LKT In the National llali, N??. 2*1 and 31 t anal st.
neti Rraadwav, a hamlsnme rtwmi fot ptihl . . .. ?. .,ns,
ami a rmtn for mil.iary ilnila. Also, the Mli atory, ft.r hght
gvannfat luring purptwes. For partirulara. t pply to A. PAirW
|||.iWHRn pram sett or L FRY.EM aN. in the rear. n|i|ig*
fl IFE EH a". N S. 11 A s. If M~ Rtrambosl spa I tie a^
2 packet Udpa,kg ran ?e aupphrd al atmrt notice auk Ihw
new ami improved Life Preservers,msnufarlarrd by the Ros
harv India RuW?er Coat|iany, who are the only manulactae
rera in the Called "tales ,,f 'I"* pve India RaMx r Cloth. AR
Oliver a ar- made of aolvenl Rubber, which iavery toon affi cteA
by the water, ami llahlg to decay.
All orders addressed to Samuel T. Arrmlmng. 211 Pearl a|_
New York, or >2 Washington at. Roa-on, w ill tor, t withprnmpfi
attention N. T. ARMSTRtifsJt*,
o.K 2w * 211 Pearl rt.
|| tIBTfk \ f U Al K KM H \ If I It \ <le, th?
II Bakehouse and two tivrns, tneethrr with Ike lease off
h??nse in front, and lol at No. ?? Orrhard at. ol four years -r-.tw
last May, togetbt r with the < ustom est tblisb*,1. a Cracker mw
rhine, ami ?H the fiainres, with bors.- and wsgona. 7 he sale*
have aversgad I tty-tr past irom t7.f t? 100 pertlav. with
owe bors- am! enc man- ?' if g?avl a staed f-?r the t.?a#
bread and rake hasmeaaaa any in the city. Adding "he latter
business, aa eal?rpn?l?g man iwar eiear fij,??vi .r 1,"M"pef
year W'lh eaw. an opportunity seldt m otfere.1, am' wdfhai
sold rrae nahie. t'nostsntly on hand, Boston Crackers of a
?npertar kirn'. R"stoa Butter, Nagar and Wster Crackf-rt, aR
delivere.1 ie for psrt of the rlty. Far informal'- a taqulre 0#
the sub cribt r on thf premises. 1

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