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The Malts.
The ?Ml ilw aula -thtwiK
llow uii we cry, H fiii' ? It fails? tt fall*.
(Bonn Poac
Where U the editor bat that rails ltd rail*
At the constant fk. lure of lite mails, the mail* t
[ N. O. Picayune.
What proAt ?'? r avails, avail*,
By scolding that the mail*- the mail* '
I Phil. Courier.
None at all, for still the mails? the mails
Come creeping a.oag like snails ? like snails.
[Hartford Courier.
When the government alls, the mails ? the mails
Wdl be like a ship with no sails? no miiN.
[Newhaven Palladium.
The slowest but the eures! mail*,
Are those ir?ii*|.<(rte<l by the kwails;
For Amos' humhur. often fail*.
For want of paudles er?>f tails.
[Richmond Indiana Palladium.
Cease ? cease your w*i!s?yoor wail*,
About the f4ilinK mails- >tb? mails,
To u* they conn- ridinjr oa raHs~ -on rails,
And when arrived, we only get their tails?their tails.
I Hi. lyiuis Bulletin.
We curse, when wait'njr for ;he tardy mails,
Amos' thick head, ami his slow rider's tails,
Butih'iagh it I i Offers, or>ntirrly f^'ls,
Theoaly mails we care for are frna/m.
New York Herald.
[From' our Kve^ing KdKton of yesterday.)
The Western Frontier and Upper Canodn.
Tlie letter published below is all that we have fur
ther from the western frontier; indeed, the interest |
having subsided in that quarter, we <lo not look for
details in the minute and especial manner we have
heretofore received them.
It will be remembered that, in the outset of the I p- I
per Canada revolution, Sir Francis Head published a
reward for the apprehension of sundry persons, com
mencing with the caitiff" Mackenzie, and comprising one
Lount ? for the latter of whom ?500 were offered. THs
man was recently apprehended by two loyalists, who
found him skulking in the woods, where he had been
wandering since the fth December. When brought be
fore the magistrates, he did not attempt to justify his
conduct in the rebellion, but pleaded for a favorable
consideration of his case, oh the ground that ?
"He had saved the house of Mr. Sheriff Jar vis from
the destruction to which it had been devoted by Mc
Kenzie. He gave as his reason for this humane interfe
rence that Mrs. Jarvis was reported to be in ill health,
and that the Sheriff had formerly rendeied him per
sonal favors. Captain Stewart, who was in company
with the lamented Colonel Moodie when he was
n.urdered. and Archibald McDonald, Esq., who was
made piisoner the night that John Powell, Esq. caused
the ruffian Anderson to fall from his horse and break
his neck, both appeared before the Commissioners to
testify to the humanity of General Lount. which they em
phatically said they did with heartfelt pleasure, declar
ing that it was their full and entire conviction that, but
for the determined opposition both of Lount and Gib
son, the whole of the prisoners would have been
Buffalo, Thursday evening, Jan. 23, 1838.
me? Gordon Bennett. Esvj. ?
Dear Sir ? Alas ! the war is over, and the Canadians
must yet suffer under the galling chains of bondage,
unless, as the whole of Western New York most fer
vently desires, the government will declare war upon
Great Britain, and allow this state to throw 50,000 mi
litia across the lines to drive the loyal Canucks into
Lake Octsrio.
Nothing is doing here now, and future movements
csn only be surmised. The militia are kept out, and
new enlistments aie going forward. The soldiers are
under regular pay, served with rations, and live in bar
racks, and are marching and drilling daily. This looks
at s though a war was among the possibilities.
The poor piratical patriots, or patriotic pirates, from
Navy Island, are scattered all along the Lake shore,
still hanging together, anxious to cross over our Jordan
to the land of promise ? still looking with longing eyes
upon the prospect of 300 acres of tory land, and $100 in
suver (what a bait for the locofocos f) and still ready to
conquer or die, if our government would only allow them
to cross the Ruhicon. Poor fellows! What a pity so
much good courage should have no chance to show it
self in valorous deeds ! ? thst so much pure patriotism
should be allowed to evaporate ? ? that so much chivalry
.should literally go a begging !
The weather is again warm, lake navigation unim
Eded ? vessels clearing and arriving, and loads of flour
ve been shipped from Cleaveland, received at that
place on the 30tit by the canal !
General Scott is very quiet, waiting for despatches
from Wssh ngton. McKenzie, I understand, lias left
for that place, and Gen. Y an Rensselaer 1 cannot hear
from. The last naws I sent you from the west is con
Samuel Johnson, brother to the Chairmun of the com
inittee of thirteen, is t? be arrested for forging General
Scott's name to the cannon order, and will be examined
tomorrow, if caught.
E very thing is quiet, so far as 1 can learn, on the
other side.
f Prom our Correspondent Mmrrm u ?Wo. XXVI 1
Albany. Jin. 27, 1 e?3eS.
I hsve papers from Toronto of Mondsy. '.'3d inst. A
warm <lebate ensued that da* in the Provincial Parlia
anent upon ihe passage of a bill to authorise the magit
irate a to take arms from any person suspected of being
an enemy to the public peaca, on the eath ot an inform
er. Mr. Gowan. who sn led the Americans so felici
tously the "rnrk-tail and gin sling" republicans, op
CseA with all his might the measure. He ridiculed it,
abuaed it, he called it all the hard name* that lie
could invent Several members weni against it After
? hard struggle, hewever, it passed, the time being
limited t? three years.
The Palladia m, hitherto so loud in praise of Gover
nor Head, is now as fierce againat him. His great fault,
says that journal, was, that he yielded hia duty to the
counaels of those who were at heart enemies of the
province. He underrated the intelligence of the peo
ple, as was proved by the issue of events. When de
pendent on them, they flew to his aid srd saved the
atate. Did his previous coaduct deserve such treat
ment T The Governor, like hia ptedecessor* for the
last 30 years, failed in protecting the interests of those
ashom he was sent to govern.
The Canada papers are <jnite silent upon American
affairs. They are full of extracts from oar journals as '
usual, and their editorials relate to domestic concerns, i
Mr. Bush, who swore to the hand writing of Gen.
Jleott, comes oat in a Buffalo ps]>er, justifying himself by
aaying that he believed at the time what be swore to,
accuses the General wiih remissness of dutv, and de
noances ia no raossured terms those engage*] in forging
?he letter. He asserts that he passe.i Uie csanan on
the road and gave Gen. Hrstt Col. Ransom's letter two
hours before they arrived in Buffalo, and that the teams
came inta tows in open dav. He says that l?oth ciril
and military officers have been culpably remiss, and
that the coaduct of mil concerned snould be investi
The Canadian sympathiser* have so aften compared i
the late rising of Mackearie to the war for American in
dependence. that I cannot refrain from asking them ene
question. Was there an officer in the war of uie revolu
Uon whoae character bore any resemblance to that of
?an Kenssalaer, or of Mackenzie, or of Sutherland?
Who ia tbia latter renegade ? He used to edit a acar
rilena steekly print ia tTtica. About two years a*o
he removed to Lancaster, Erie County, N. Y.,
where he figured as a practising lawyer. A short
tint* thereafter he was indicted for an assault upon
a Dutch girl, was triad, and was convicted. He has
four or five wives in different part* of the state,
and hence hia solicitude in his proclamation to the
soldiers of Canads, " for the prelection ef tmr wives
and daughters." Hia laat move wan to turn patriot !
The Kngliah have ordered Navy Islsnd to be stripped
of iu timber, and hare directed the erection of strong
bresst-works immediately opposite, for the purpese of
eommsnding it
No further wsr news from Detroit. The navigation
was open on Wednesday, the ifclrd, at Buffalo. A
achooner, laden with flour, ceme in that day from Cleve
land. The bill to provide for the organisation of two
thousand men, to act as a sort of cordon along the coast,
above and below Detroit, for the ensuiag three months,
has passed the lowerhouse o the Michigan Legislature.
Governor Mason is the rhsp. When Hir John Col
burne reaches Upper Canada, he will find a kindred
?pint in the (iovernor of the Peninsula state. These
gentlemen will see just ice done, and promptly put down
all further attempts at patriot excitement, when the ina
Iirity of ( anadians prefer their present government,
,et * Sir John tske care of Canada? Governor Mason
will look to Michigan. It is to he wished thst New
York had such a ru'er The political granny that now
rules her destinies, cares more about his own aggran
disement than the public interest
[Ptmi w oorrapoM^eBl Br?g km*. No. XXVILJ
Albany, Jan. 27, 1838.
Well? Willi. Hall's bill hu pssaed-that is, tha
report of the commuter of the whole was this morn
ing accepted by the house, 91 to 19. Tbii ia the teat
vote. No opposition will be made on ita pasaage. Aa
amended, it allowe any citizen to become an auc
tioneer on executing a bond for $10,000, with good and
sufficient securities, aa ia preecnbed in ihe existing
law. The commiaaiona of the present officers are to
expire and be void on the firat or May next Quarter
ly returna are to be made t? the state of all goods
sold or airuck off, making a distinction between the
two transactions, on both of which the dutiea are to
be paid. If any man shall be found guilty of mal
practices, he forfeit? his bond, and disqualifies himself
for ever frem exercising the rights or profession of
auctioneer, besides rendering himself liable to severe
pains and penalties to be executed upon him by any
police or cr.minul court. Whether it will pass the
senate is extremely doubtful. 1 do not believe that
body will yield the patronage now in the hands of
the executive. If it does, the Governor may have
qualms of conscience about the revenue, and be com
pelled, as in duty bound, to quash the wnole proceed -
Mr. Gibbs, of Washington county, moved an
amendment in committee, requiring that no citizen
should become an auctioneer unless he could procure
a certificate of character from the constituted autho
rities of iheci'.us or counties wherein he wished to
setup a selling establishment. Every body laughed
at the proposition, hut from Mr. G.'s manoeuvres, it
was soon seen that he had introduced it merely as an
excuse for making a speech. Sure enough ho bored
the com in ttt ti with a disjointed tirade against the
powers that he, leaping like a rock Ibex among the
flowers of literature, and at last running foul of Abi
j.ih the prophet. Thomas Jefferson, Roderick Dh?,
General Jackson, the whigs, the federalists, the pic
ture of General Washington, mirrors, office hunters,
tarn ly atfaira, right of uetition, slavery, currency,
small bills, regency legislation, and such like things
formed the salmagundi dished up on the occasiun for
the qniei and patient committee. II is remarks re
sombled a bu nel of broken links, and had no more
claim to the title of a speech than this maps of iron
would have to be called n chain. He told Mr. Hall
that he fear< d the bill would not pass unless tne
a Send meat was accepted, and yet on the question to
agree with the committee, this redoubted whig voted
in the affirmative!
Mann utterly demolished Mr. Gibbs. Not eo much
as a grease spot was let t where the little Washington
memoir stood. Mr. Hall smoothed down the ruffi d
temper of his opposing friend by pouring into his ear
a large vial of flattery. It acted like a charm, and
secured his vote. Mr. H. read an extract from one of
the messages of Morgan Lewis, denouncing the ap
pointing system of auctioneers, anj declaring in favor
of throwing the business entirely open.
"I request the gentleman from Herkimer to listen,
while I read the extract again," said Mr. Hall.
" Morgan Lewis is not good authority," rejoined
Mr. Mann. [Laughter ] Mr H. however read the
excerpt again. It played completely into his hands,
and contained all the argument in favor of his bill, in
a nut shell.
Mr. Sibley, the Hogarth of the House, hoped the
bill would pass.
41 While I am up, Mr. Chairman, I must notice the
assertion ef the gentleman from Herkimer, that Gen
Lewis was not good authority. The General, Sir, i8
a revolutionary hero, and if he has not actually killed
his man, it is no fault of his, for he always was on
the look out for the enemy. Is that no authority 1"
Mr. Mann shook his head,
?' Well, then, Sir, Gen. Lewis commanded in the
last war on our northern frontier, and behaved like a
man. Is that no authority ?"
Mr. Mann shook his head slowly.
''The gentleman is hard to please, Mr. Chairman.
I vow will tell him a secret. Morgan Lewis was
Chairman of the College qf Jackson electors in thU
state:? it not thai authority enough 7" [Roars of
laughter, in the midst of which Mr. Mann involunta
rily exclaimed? "Good ! good ! capital and laugh
ed as loud as the rest of the Assembly.]
Petitions are coming in, as usual, praying for legis- !
lative aid to the Ene Rail Road. They are moving ,
in St. Lawrence county, and have sent up petitions
for assistance to the Cham plain and Ogaensburg
Rail Way. The psople of Weat Steuben and East
Alleghany are getting urgent for a new county. Al
most every day a set of petitions on the subjects of
of abolition distinction ol color, Texas, slavery, and
trial bv jury for the negro, are received. They come
generally from some small village where ths gossips
and restless spirits have nothing else to do than to
meddle with business not their own.
The petition of the Staten Island Company for an
aet of incorporation to carry on the whale fiahary,
has been acted on, and a bill reported in their favor.
The Jadiciary committee has been ordered to in
quire into the propriety of altering the mortgage laws
of this State. They want aonacthing done to them,
for at present they act very unequally.
Mr. Lacy, who was to speak today in the Senate,
moved to postpone the debate till Monday, aa Mr.
Young was not in his place. The committee there
fore rose and reported.
Mr. Verplanck has given nottve that he will at
some future day, introduce a bill to repeal the law re
straining Private Banino. We shall have the
great battle anon. Thia question will be apt to keep
the Legislature here till next Jane.
[Prom ?srCMTfspontieni, Jrw|Awi No. XXVI )
Alba nv, Jan. 26.
There was quite a flare up in the Senate today.
Yesterday Mr. Young said, that Mr. Sterling had
been guilty of "dishonorable conduct" in pervert i*g
hi* language. It seems that Col. Young had said
some days ago, that " the Safety Fund System was
not so good a system as that which God had devis
ed." Mr. Sterling in his apeech, wished to know
what system of banking was that? He asked the
question quite humorously. At this Mr. Young sot
offended, and imputed '* dishonorable conduct" to Mr.
Sterling. Mr. S. rose this morning, explained that he
had alluded to this divine system of banking in good
feeling, and demanded an explanation. [ Sensation.]
Mr. Young got angry, and made the mailer worse.
Mr. Sterling.? Does the gentleman say he will not
ratractl 1 have explained,' and must hava a retrac
Mr. Young.? I am ready to correct errors as soon
as any man; but before I explain, I appeal to Hon.
Senatora a* to the language used.
Mr. Hunter.? 1 unaerato?d the Senator (Mr. Y.)
to speak in erneral when he used the terms, " disho
norable conduct."
Mr. Beardsley.? I thought he meant to apply the
terms to the Senator ?{ the 5th, (Mr. S.) [Excite
Mr. Sterling.? The matter muat new he settled.
Did the gentleman intend to impute dishonorable con
duct tome.' [Great sensation.)
Mr. H. A Livingstoi.? We are behaving hero mora
aa military men than Senatora. (Laughter.l The
Senator from the 5th (Mr. S.) kaa eiplained liaad
somely. I hope the Senator from the 4th (Mr. Y.)
will meet him half way.
Mr. Voang.? I will makeno compromiae that onos
to make ine such a fool, a a to say that God had in
vented a aystem of hanking.
After Mime fuither conversation, the gallant Colonel
A question waa made by Mr. Mann, this morning,
upon the propriety of granting the reguest made by
the Atlantic Bank, for the privilege of filing in the
C'lcrk'a office of King'a county tne affidavit that all
its 'spital stock was paid in prevtona to the doora of
the hank being opened for business. It acms that
some cunning lawyer or ease hunter has discovered
a neglect on the part of the bank in tWis matter, and
entered to several sous brought by the institution
against its debtors the plea of " no such corporation."
Thus finding its existence endangered, the President
and Direciors did not deem it prudent to nek the de
cision of s court of |nstice in the present ricited state
of pablic feeling. So they have applied to the legis
lature for exemption from thia plea, hy now comply
ing with the law. The fault ta merely a clerical er
ror, yet the radicals looked big and bristled up on the
occasion. After some sparring the hill was ordered to
a tbird rending. This full and that which has just
passed, in favor of the Rank of Home came fram the
Senato. where Col. Young daly pierced them with
his two edged loeo sword. I have been thus particu
lar on this seemingly unimportant point to show how
the radicals really think. Whenever a chance shall
occur, with any hopes of carrying 'he point, tha very
first bank that trips will be nullified, if the radicals
can have their way
Warmkk Pkopohtio*.? For every single Semi
nole warrior, upwards of one handred lTnited States
soldiers have been and ara employed.
UlLiGioH IK Niw York. ? " Several congregations
in thia city are now in an interacting sute. It would be
premature to go into particulars ; but it is aafe to aay that
there are many anxious inquirers after the way of life,
and some rejoicing in the belief that they have foand
that way. The proapect now ia, that the work will ex
tend te many charchoa."
We aopy the foregoing frem the leading Protestant
religious paper of thia city, the N. Y. Obiervir . of last
Saturday. Three fourths of the readers of the Obser
ver were apprised of the revival it alludes to some
weeks ago, through the columns of the Herald ? since
then the details of its daily progress have been furnish
ed. If the editors of the Observer do not ihenisclves
come under the influence of some of these "awaken
ings," our Sunday Herald will supplant them in the la
test religious news, as it does admittedly the Wall street
press in shipping and commercial intelligence. We
would inform the Obaerver for its own benefit, that in
stead of several congregationa merely being in an inter
esting state, many have already passed that condition ot
things and presented fulfilments of the divine figure of
speech which the ruler of the Jews, Nicedemus, found
it so hard ta comprehend. The work has already ex
tended to churches of almost every denomination, ex
cept the Catholic and Episcopal ; and we wait only the
completion af St. Peter's Cathedral to bring the former
of these also into the arena to hasten on the millenium.
Our accounts from Philadelphia represent that a sim
ilar religious excitement is in existence there ; like
causes producing like effects. The Philadelphia Cauritr
remarks on the subject, that " there is evidence that an
extensive ana genuine work of grace has commenced.
Places that have long been dry at.d barren are beginning
.o assume a new aspect."
Toaiorrow afternoon we shall show the workings of
the spirit in n different aspect, as exemplified in a recent
trial in New England, where the sayings and doings of
Pastors and their flocks, and various mysteries of reli
gion and morals, will be presented in a striking form.
New field fok Newspaper entekfrise. ? A
mwtiwri, in tiie Massachusetts Legislature, to supply
the members with newspapers, elicited a rather pro
fane observation, which was met by a very happy and
pertinent, although obvious, rejoinder.
"Mr. Adams, of Charlestown, said, since gentlemen
were desirous of taking newspapers fiom all parts of
the world, he hoped they would be indulged in extend
ing their patronage a little further. He had recently
read the works of Emanuel Swedenborg, and from
them lie learned that there were printing presses and
newspaoers in heaven. This was a fact. Swedenborg
had seen the presses in operation, and read the newspa
pers. He hoped some of the gentlemen would oraer
their papers from the celestial regions, that they and
their constituents might know what was going on there.
Mr. Perkins said the gentleman last up need not send
for Swedenborg's newspapers in order to know what
was doing in the celestial regions. All that we know
of the affairs of those regions was already in print, and
he hoped in the hands of every person, k was to be
foun4 in the old-fashioned Bible, and was amply suffi
cient for all earthly purposes."
Board or AlDeRMb.h. ? Nothing of any interest oc
cuired in the Board of Aldermen last night, subsequent
to what we published thia morning.
The rest of the business consisted of the sanctioning
by the board of a great number of of reports respecting
corrections of assessments.
A report waa confirmed that Church street, from Ful
ton to Reed streets, be repaved.
The Board adjournea until Menday next, at five
Theatres? Monday, Jin. 29.
National Theatre. ? Last night the romantic dra
ma of the Lady of the Lake, founded upen Scott's poem,
was produced for the first time at this Theatre. It is
(jot up with that attentien to the propriety of the scene,
lor which Mr. Wallack is so remarkable, and for which
the public owe him their thanks. Let them express them
substantially. Formetly, it is known, that Richard the
Third and the chief characters of Shakespear's dra
mas, were played in powdered wigs, and the height of
grief and despair was expressed by the untying the pig
vail of the same, and letting it How distractedly in the
wind. Pope alludes to
" Cato'i corl'd wig, long gown, and Iscqaered ahair."
The Kembles worked a mighty revolution in
Theatrical affairs. Themselves ardent lovers of the
profession of which they were shining ornarnenta, they
sought to enhance its reputation bv bunging it as near
to nature as it was possible. Struck with the absurdity
of young Hamlet's playing in modern costume, they abof.
ished tne dress which had served, as well for Greek,
Turk, Koman and ancient Briton.
They pryed into the records of antiquity, for an exact
description of the costumes of the age they were to re
present : and where these failed to tnrow a light upon
ikeir laudable pursuit, they had recourse to ancient
coins from which they gleaned same information
The drama might then be aaid t* be suiubly re pre
sented for the first time. Every dress of every chief
character bad been a study, and the arms, accoutre
ments ami banners were such as once were wielded,
worn, and borne by the original actors on life's stage.
In America, Mr. Wallack is the first manager who
has adapted so Draisewortby a course. It has been ob
servable in all trie pieces that he has brought oat. It is
the more laudable as it must have been attended with
great expense. Where each revival or new piece is
brought out with appropriati soenery and dresses, the
expense must be great.
To return to the Lady of the Lake. The costumes
are in keeping, the scenery ia characteristic and beau
tiful. Bengough bids fair to follew in the footsteps of
his master, the great Stanfield.
The actors all exerted themselves to the utmost. ?
Harry Wallack played Rhoderick Dhu admirably. J.
Wallack, Jr. is improving ? his Fitz James was a high
ly creditable performance. He wants a little more pol
ish ? he seems to have the raw material, but lacks the
finish sadly.
A Mr. Andrews, a singer new to us, played Al
lan Bane, and much pleased us with the tone and quali
ty of his voice. He bids fair to become a favorite with
the public. We shall leok for his next appearance to
" Confirm a mind almost made op,"
as to his meriia.
Miss Wheatley played Blanche, and made that short
and touching part very effective. Mrs. Roger* and
Mrs. HusselT made the most of Lady Ellen and Lady
The piece went off" rather heavily. There were two
reason* for ihia. In the first place, the first perform
ance of a piece of this kind cannot be considered more
than a dress rehearsal. In the secend place, the per
formances concluded at so late an hour that the patience
of the andience was almost exhausted, and they were
past relishing anything.
The curtain should fall at about 11 o'clock ? half past
19 is too much even for thoee who want the most for
their money. It is a regular surfeit.
(O* Mr. Gibson, of the N. O. Trut Amtricmn, ia about
to publish a business directory of that city, for which
he has peculiar facilities, holding some office or other
in the Police there.
B7 One Mr. W. Lockhart has just pistolled a Mr.
McDonald in the streeta of Jackson (Misa.) The latter
expired inttanitr.
Honor to tub UNnowoaBD.? Two men I honor,
and no third. First the toil-worn craftaman that
with earth-made implement laboriously conquer* the
earth and make* her man's. Venerable to me ia the
hard hand; crooked, coarse, wherein, notwithstand
ing, l;es a canning virtue, indefeasible, roval, aaof the
?ceptr* of thia plsnet. A second man I honor, and
?til i more highly. Him who ia teen toiling for the
spiritually indispensable, not daily bread, but the
bread of life, la not he loo in his duty, endeavoring
towards inward harmony, revealine this, by set or
by word, through all his outward endeavors, be they
high or low I Highest of all, when hia outward and
his inward endesvors are one; when we can name
him artist; not earthly craftsmen only, hut inspired
thinker, that with heaven made implement conquers
heavm for us! Unspeakingly touching is it when I
firm both dignities united ; and he thlt must toil out
wardly for the loweat of all man's wants, is slso foil
ing inwardly for the highest. Sublunar in this world
know I nothing than a peasant-saint, could surh now
snywhere be m? t with. Such a one will take the*
bark to Naxireth itself; thou wilt see the splendor
of heaven spring forth from the humblest depths of
the earth, light shining in great darkness.? Thomai
Car'yle. | . ,
IRISH fifnu Enwlish Oku or*. ? A metaphor, uni
versally admired, ?? characteristic of the old Irish achool
of oratory, has so generally been curtailed of its fair
proportions, that il in ijuite time to restore thein. In a
note to the Fudge Family, Moore says, "Alluding to a
hypocritical pretender to charity, the celebrated Coun
sellor B. asserted to the ^ury, that ' he put his hands
into his breeches' pocket like a crocodile.' " The figure
really employed by the eccentric knight was much more
complete. A mn of property had affected to sympa
thize with the sufferings of some poor people, sided
them with money, and eventually seduced their daugh
ter. Sir J. knew that the way to inflame the minds of a
jury of his country, was to leave something to their ima
ginations, an object which would not be attained by pre
senting simple facts and reasons, nor even by a perfect- I
ly intelligible and natural metaphor. What he actually
said was : ? " He put his hands into his breeches' pock
ets like a crockodile, drew forth his deceptive gold, and
feigned, to shed factitious tears." There cann?t be mere
beautiful disorder than this ! The crocodile's breeches'
pocket is a self-evident proposition, compared with j
the feigning to shed tears; which, however, must have
been shed, because it is maintained they were tears of a
spurious composition. Tiiere is, also, in a tangled way,
the admitted affinity between a crocodile's lachrymation J
and deceitful weeping in general. If the very same i
thought could have struck an English pleader, he would I
probably have arranged it differently. "Gentlemen of
t lie jury, the defendant put his hand into his pocket, .;nd
drew forth the gold that wns intended, in the guise of ]
compassion, to destroy the peace of this poor family ;
while tears as treacherous, and us much at command, as
those supposed to be shed by the crocodile, when he
strives to allure victims by his wail, convinced the confid
ing and grateful creatures of his sincerity." Thus am |
>lified and evolved, the Monaglian jury, would, most
ikely, have given, a* damages, a twentieth part of what j
they did give. ? From Fraier's Magazine for youember.
Gold refore Honor ? Modern Greeks.? Doctor
Epitis, a Greek physician , who had been sent by the j
Greek government to take ?-harge of the sick at the isl- |
and of Poros, has sent back to Ki?? Otho, the older of
the Saviour, which his Majesty hud sent him as a token
of his services. The doctor, in returning the insignia.
stated, that he duly appreciated the honor, but as Time
was preparing a wreath of laurels to twine round his
brow, he did not desire any decorations; all he wanted
was a hundred drachmas per day during the time 1
he had been engaged at l'oros. In reply, the King or
dered the doctor's name to be expunged from the list of
the professors of the university, and has excluded him
from the committee of public health.
[CP A singular trial is going on in Jones cmunty
| (Georgia) of Elijah Barber, for pretending to be one
Jesse L. Bunkley, and in that personation, attempting
to defraud the relatives of the lntter, and possess him
self of certain negroes. Bunkley died in New Orleans
some time ago. The Grand Jury have indicted Bar
ber as an impostor.
Chanc.e of location, but not of action. ? In
an eastern paper a medical practitioner informs the pub
lic that he has left Killing.
No Go. ? The editor of the .Star advertises aw Amer
ican tragedy in manuscript on a subject anterior to the
revolution, for $500. Don't you wish you may get it?
Tubsday, Jan. 3?th? 12 M.
Stocks have declined again. The Money Market is dread
fully dull. Nettling comparatively doing. The latt move*
ment of the Eastern Banks has upset the little confidence that
The published statements of the Banks are no more relied
upon. They nre viewed with suspicion ? by many considered
as mere blinds thruwn out by jugglers to conceal the real
state of affairs? A more wretched condition wi were never in
Capitalists esn trust in netting- trade Is almost extinguished,
and our circnlating medium dreaded.
There is but ene ceurse at the present niement that can re
store a healthful tene to the Banking institutions. It is that a
rigid examination should be mtde into the affairs of all the
Banks, that the people may be humbugged no longer. Then
let all those which are in a retten state, or have been guilty of
mal-practices be imediately wound up and go by the boar d ?
These that are in a good condition will then have a fair chance
and the public st large will reap tbe bene At and profit by
those who have too tang been practicing up?n them.
i It is high time that some decided step was tak?-n.
O" * HKKKAH, ii iii in'* an absolute and well known fact,
tliat every diaease, whether it be ia the head or tart, in the
braia or meanest member, whether It be an outward ulcer or
an inward ab?ce*>, are ail, though arising Cross many causes,
reducible tu this one irraad effect, namely, impurity of the
blood. For on the healthy or unhealthy condition of the Sto
mach aad Bowel* entirely depends the pure or Impure Mate of
the blood, and ennsequeutly the healthy or unhealthy ststc of
tlie body.
It hath been clearly proved in fanner advertisement* that
the atom'rh aad bowels are the sovereirus of the body, and
that by tbcm life or death is propelled h? Its remotest extremi
ties, lb* head , with it* matter organ, the brain, lieing in no
wise more distinguished than the loot in thia particular. How
can wethea deny the great and lending irutn, that there ia a
reciprocal influence between mind and body f The fact ia evi
dent?whether the one ia only a modification of the other will
always continue a mystery IB tliia state of existence; but oar
comfort, our repose. nay, even oar social and domestic hsppt
?ess depend* upon the slate of our biliary aad digestive or pans
?and the management and core of the disorder* of the inind
most be made by application to the body.
Were we content to fo.low nature, to assist bcr la her manifest
strug gir t, what mighty result* might she not effect.' K very t ? ing
would arrange iueu in order, as it were of courae, and tbe whole
work is half done as soon as it be once undertaken. "Purge
out the old leaven that yon may become a new lump," ia tbe
language of scripture? a figure applied spirttnally by istie.
buithow could it have any force nnleaa sanctioned by practical
experience ia the bodr of matter ' Instinct, a mure unerriag
CWe than our much boasted reasoning faculty, prompts tbe
rse in eat thorns, tblatlea, he. be. for tbe purpose sf purga
tion. In like manner, tbe dog, the cat, and all our domestic
aniutals, whose habits can be noticed, waader through the
fields when costive, making selection of ttiose herb* which are
suitable to opea their bowels and porify their fluids. Do we
notobeerve that tha feathered tribe, whose stomachs act by
mechanical force alone, without the solvent fluid of the gastric
juice, require the swallowing and retaining of stony particles
in proportion to their balk, to promote digestion and produce a
healthy tone in their fluids, by evacaation '
These animals of the brutal race, by thus assisting nature, le
cure themselves from epidemic contagion? though they are un
der similar laws to those which govern the human economy.
Purgation, which Is a word of equivalent valae with parifica
lion, appears then to be a fundamental principle of nature.?
Are n<it ibe tides the daily and periodical purifiers af the
ocean ' Are am tbe tempests and tnrna<k>es the purgatives
and purifiers ef the air' Do we not habitually remark that if
this principal of rsnnmt o < ceases for a time to operate, both
water and air become stagasat .' And if the circulation of thy
blood, O Man. ?houl<! become langatd. sliould the humors ac
cumulating in thy sluggish rlmmels of life, prevent tbe heal
thy carrent, where is thy remedy ? They must be driven
down by the Ik wels, or if not removed ia time they will soon
sb"he ap tbe veins, the arteries, and every passage of health
and vigor.
From such unquestionable facts as these, the all important
necessity of watching diligently tbe condition af the stomach
and bowels becomes sell-evident; and also the infinite value of
a mediciao, which will carry off sll obnoxious ascoraulationa
fmm them, without weakening the system. and sach a one is?
Rrandretli's Vegetable Universal rills, which ia England
and America bnve sto-d the lest .it trial, ami have performed
cure* upon thousands ol helple?? persons slier tbe usual scien
tific skill of phvsiciaus bod consoled them with the assurance
li st they eoulrf do no more. Their properties as an antibilious
and aperient medicine are unrivalled; all who use, recommend
them t their virtues surpass all eulogy, and must tie used to be
appreciated. Tbe weak aa? deiiest- will be strengthened by
their use, not by bracing, but hv removing the cauae at weak
new, tbe gross aad corrupt bnmors ?f I he body. Tbey require
no change in diet or rare of anv kind Plain directions as
company each bos, so that every one is his own competent
Principal office for tbe sal* of tbe Brandreth Pills, 1*7 Hud
son strest, opposite Broome.
Central, I Spruce street, next tbe Sua Office.
Bowery, J7tl Bowery.
CP Bewere of counterfeits. ? 'S -Im* j
IkH. JUHAIWN ? conaaiieo confidentially at hlaaMeo,
I " No. 17 Daaae street, between Chatham and William sU.ea
the following diseases, via .? ?ooorrbsra, sseeea Chaacraa,
Stricturea. Seminal Weakness and the namerooa diseaees arte- j
ing froaa venereal poison or improper treatment Dr. Job aeon
engages to remove aay r cecal effect ioo ia two or three day*,
and toe most inveterate rases in a proportionate time, wHbom
tbe aae of anv debiliuting or injudicious medicine, or preven
tion from business. Persona entmstmc the rose I vos m Br. John
ana's aare, may dose themselves with a certam?y of mccem, la
the most aggravated cases. Hcrofaloos sores, siee rated b-e*.
Ik. speedily healed. fttraagers would do welt by clvlog Dc.
Johnson a caN, as a certain preventative mav he made sgabso
tbe occurrence nl the foregoing diaeaas ?.which baa aever fMb
ed when imed within twenty-tear hours sftec exposure, li
ters post paid, and enclosing a fee. can have tbe necessary nse
dioine, aad directmo* for Its use forwarded.
Attendance (Wirn I, A. M. to 1 1 at night. Be. Johnssm bat
moved from It Chambers street.
nedy for suppression. Irregularity, ami all cases where nature
toes not have her proper and regular ton rse.
N. B. They must not be taken during pregnaacy, aitbey
vtll produce abortion. .
Bold by J. H. Hart, romer of Br-adway and Cbamliert at
R. M. OuifHi. eoriifr c/ Sowery Ortml it; iwd hj r.
B?rn*U. .Virth ftvrna*. J* ,m*
To tiik rurfinn katp-iii ntkr'i rkd
DROP ?A single bottle of Ikis Infallible r? med> for vene
real disease, when used ss dlreete<\ has been found ia ever*
imtance in erect a safe and spe? dy rare, having never failed
It i* acknowledged to be tf e most certain, ate ir d ea?v cure
that was ever dtaceverad; it does nst require aay restriction In
Price nne dollar - to be obtained only at tbe office.* Division j
street. dSP Im*
I * RBti Cf BTB- CICWTS? Por sale or exchange i
" / a large quantity of pennies. Apply at the desk of this of- j
DRBTH'rt empley nnd ^SfL'Sil!. Mi LANCK D?Ter
wu a uartner *1 DIL BRANORCTU'S. nor in a or way con
nected with bin except u a clerk. Al tbic tine he na* nothing
whatever to no with StL BRANDRKTH tawy war- neither
h> he connceted with the kale of the PILLS? ami DR. BRAN
DKKTH -.11 ??? to?< T'bk^NPHETH.'m. P.
'| D?CoVnK^-Tb' ViSfrMlJWW6 HwniSttiS?l
The celebrated Dr. PORTT'S ttonorrlHra Bradioator MWT
fail* in any caae. The direction* are perle< t ; fuNy and t
ly describing every cympiotu and stage, and showing the only
sure metLedof cure. It ii acknowledged the prevalence of
thin disease bat wonderfully decreased aiace the uuroducuoe
ol the Kradtcator.
i For sale by A. B It D. Hand*, 1M Fallen! itreetj Byrne's]
, cor. Bowery and Walker at, J B. None*, 644 Broadway, and
P. Burnet, 35 6th avenue. Price ?1. _____
|j -nik 1< t? W A 1< 1>- ? C ItttBl*' S SPKCIMC MIX
t qptJlMJ TURK? for the cure of Gonorrtiaa, O leets, gprio
lures and aualagou* complaints of the organs ol generaMb?
I Tbe Gonorrhoea is a disgusting, conlannM.inng and nHM
malady, tbai I. an long existed, d .>** exist, and aver wilPfcist,
and is loo well known to require any explanation. It i* quits
easy to be got; but lias beau very difficult to get clear of. It is
a companion that hut few admire, although Tl se?t?i* *o vnry
joliriiousoi admiral ion. It pervades all ranks of society, high
andtow.ricb and poor, ttmu uuonial and single.
Although so troublesome ia itaef, ami s? distressing, and efr
ten latal in its consequence*, it is a disease the treatment for
which ba* been inure intolerable than itself. A person wno ?s
\ so unfortunate as to CMiitract the complaint, if ha follow* a
fashionable advice. must first deprive hinu* H Mall application to
I business, which pernapa require* hi* immediate attention, an
I "exercise has a tendency to aggravitle the difficulty," and
1 confine iimiseil t? ills room. He musttlwcii oe oieu, leeched,
kepi constantly sick with doses ol tartar emetic, purged, de
| prived of, all articles of (nod, and usual w rink, in order to hrelk
I inflammatory action. Then follow* a lot?* train ol nauseating
mixtures, irritating injection?, lotions, ointments mid fomr nta
Uen. Kvery day swme new cltnnge must be made, until at
last, alter the patient has lit en kept "under hand" six or nino
| months, be <* leit with a stricture, disease of the prostr ate g land,
I swelled testicles, chronic initamniaiion of ike mucu* mere
brane of ihe bladder, pleet, or some other detectable malady,
that will renin n incurable as long a* lie live*, and from the firit
an exposure iImi excites the ridicule of all anund him.
In Cross's Sn? cific Mixture ihe i erson roasosses a remedy
that completely obvialesall these difficulties, nud maketa rap
id ami pei manent cure without the least regard to diet, drink,
or exercise.
The reme>ty is unparalleled in power. It has the specific
properly of entirely neutralizing the poison, ai ti suppressing
all symptoms of the complaint, sometime* in twenty-four
It is not our object to give a long qujekish r* commend.?
Much experience, n large number of cast s, and extensive ob
servation has proved, iuconirovertibly, is superior efficacy. In
'hort, socli is the < >*n(i?leuce in the Mixture, founded on obser
vation clone, thai t'.e propeietor challenges a single case ol re
cent Gonorrhoea to be brought, in whiclt the Mixture will not
effect a rapid cure; under a forfeiture ol $500.
It is presented to the public lor their benefit, as they stand
much in need of It, and it is hoped they will make a proper
W ith till* remeoy perron* can cure tnemseivr* without the
least expocure, chaise of diet, or change in application to bo
sines*. Tlie*e are considers tivnc sufficiently great to beol con
The medicine contain* nothing that is of the leant injury to
the constitution. Gallon* of It might be taken but no ham
would follow,
Further, tlie di*ea?ecnnnothe contracted il a d?*e of tbe Mis*
lure Is taken at nightoo going lo bed wbeci expased.
It is put up in bottle*, with full directions accompanying It
al $1 a bottle. One bottle lasts a week, which generally cared
Many are cured in two day*.
For sale only by Milnorfc. Gamble, 193 Broadway, corner mt
Dey street ; Dr. Onion, corner of Grand and Bowery ; M. C.
Slocum, corner of Broadway and Duane street; A. B. k D.
Hands, 100 Fulton st. cornel of William, New-York; Jonec k
Hutchinson, corner of Chesnot U Seventh st.. Philadelphia.
N. B. Call for Cross'* Specific Mixture. The proprietor's
signature and number of residence is on ike label ?f each
bottle. j6-3?*
kc.? Br. Taylor,? 1 feel it a duly 1 owe to you and the
community at large, to stele that I have been severely afflicted
with a cough, palpitation of ibe heart, loss of breath, and oth
er symptom* of a severe disease of tbe lung*, and having pro
cured every other remedy without ihe least surer**, and ha
ving heard at length of your Balsain of Liverwort, I wa* indu
ced by one of my friend*, whom it bad enred, lo retort to it,
aad I feel pleaiure to state that I wa* immediately relieved by
it, and ia a lew weeks was restored to my utual health.
WM. H OOD, cor. Chamber* and Green wiech *ts.
The eagerness with which thi* mist invaluable medicine is
?ought for it unparalleled, and afford* most unequivocal asM*>
ranee ef lis usefulness snd importance,
It is told by the proprietor at 375 Boweiy, and at 26 Delancy
street. j26-3t*
ArOPILAK Hb.DIVl>B..-Ttt('HNe'!i Com
pound Kstraci or Copaiba and Saonpnrilla, a certain,
safe, ard most effectual remedy ever discovered for the care
#f ?lricture*, white*, pain* in the bac
and loin*, semiaal weakneM, affections of the kid me*, grave
scorbutic eruptions, lie. tic.
One recommendation tbi? preparation etyoy* above all e
era is it* neat portable form, put op in pots, the mode in w
it may be taken being both easy and pleasant, its tasteless a
ture, with no restriction in diet or confinement from da
business. Traveller* especially would find this Medicine biff
Iv useful, anil ought never to be unprovided with a prepar
lion possessing the advantages which the present one con*
hints. Accompanying the Medicine is a pamphlet explsna
tory of the different stages of the disease*, without any extra
charge, containing lull and ample directions.
Prepared by J. B. Thorn, Chemist, Loadon, and for sale by
o4-6m* N. B. GRAHAM. W? N.??u ?St.. cor. Pulton.
OC a OH CA 11 1* K STKH'lt HkCK SL.IP
DIHPKSHARV, SO. 4, PECK BLIP. first door
below Pearl street.
Doctor Carpenter having had the advantages of a regular
aaedical education, and having received his Diploma for the
Ktice of Physic and Burgery, from the New York Btate
?leal Society, an>t I aviag bad twenty-six years' general
and very *ucce*?tul practice in this city, devote* hi* persanai
and undivided attention to the cut* of ail disease* incident W?
(rail bunaanity, and particularly to a certain c las* or train ol
diseases tor which so many nostrum* and plans of mesliciae
abound in the columns of the newspaper!. Disease* require
to be treated agreeably to the symptom* that may prevail
and the various stages nail change* they may assume? and
brace the least reflection must satisfy any discerning mind that
no specific nostrum cna tie applicable to all case*.
The extensive experience of Dr Carpenter la ill stages aad
varieties ef ibis disease, enables bim to offer a speedy and
thorough rare, and ta adapt a class of medicines so arranged
aad compauaded as mxtoofltnd the taste or lead to suspicion
? compounds totally unknown to the ordinary quacks mf the
iir Separate entrance* and ofllces have been arranged for
the privacy of patient*, who ran never come in cent act. ?
Charge* moderate aad adapted ta the capacity of the patient.
An infeUihle preventive of certain diseases ta be obtained a*
the office? Price, 92- jl-3n>"
Li Office, Na. 5 Division st ? The only care and rafe care far
the Venereal disease in the known world. To every person af
sound reason aad judgment, it must be evident that Hunter's
Red Drop is the moat certain and effectaal cure far tt at awful
disease, I be Venereal. In addition to the extensive sal* of It,
the very eircnmstaneeof their being so many who have vainly
endeavored t? imitate It, I* an undeniable proef of ill woadar
fnl virtue*. We do net wUh to deceive *r juggle with the pub
lic, we merely speak the plain and liinple truth, as our eertift
eat#* will shew on application at the office. The unfortunate
should consider Dr. lfun|er a* their guardian angel rescuing
them from the fang* of u diseaae in wbich many have been
brought to ibe brink of the grave, as much liv drugs as by the
disease , and by an application of this medicine bate been res
tored to perfect beahn aad their wonted purity. We wish it
to be understood that we warrant lo effect a cure in all cases.
Afterselling Is New York for upward< of two years, and in
Philadelphia foar year*. In whicb time, out of thouaat ds of ce?
se*. not on- ha* faded, lie feel* perfectly satisfied that ne matter
how old the case. or ht w inveterate, be will perform a certain
cure, thereby causing the safferer to be as free from the veaa
real poison and as pure as the dsv be wa? barn.
Price 91 per bottle. Office A Division st.? aa other place ia
this city.
P" A preventive may be bad.
Every pbialthal is genuine will bsve the written signature
af Uriah Levi*oa.
To err i* human, aod since 'tis human to err, hi it net our du
ty to leok on the imliacretwms ot oar fellow creature with pity
and da aH that lies In eur power without injuring ?arte Ives, i*
preserve th?m from misery ami disgrace.'
LEVIBON'B 111 'NTER'R RED DROP |* warranted to
to effect a quick, permasent sad safe, car*, without diet, imaffi
er hindrance from bmine**, in all case*. Letter * post paid, de
scribing ease; will be attended In.
Our offices are No. M Hamil no st Albany; No. M North Mb
st Philsdelphia; No 7 Hanover st Bostor; H4 C steps*. Neve
Orleans; Charleston, 8. C.t the ou^y plsces in the world where
the renuine medicine ean oe obtained. jl%lia?
?Aa effectual cure for obstinate discharges inwi ari ssry
caaal, whites, suppression, irrngulsritte* and all legale roet
E laint* srising irom weskees* of constitution In grsvat, audi
mm of command of bladder, they soon completely cur*. Ia
disease* of the kidneys, Madder, aad prostrate glaes. they
rive unspeakable relief. Over M,OM boxes have been sold m
New York without any complaint to any agent. For sale whole
sale and retaH by A. B. fc D BANDfl, is* *jplum it earner
of William, and st the followtnr drag stores t Corner D my sad
Brosdwsy ; cor. Walker and Broadway; Nones, ?4
way ; cor. Cms* and Pearl ? ear. Bowery and Walker : eotb
Wrand and Bowery ; cor. Henry and Pike i cor. Caaal soft
Hudson, ror. Houston aad Bowery, and P. Burnett's. J6 Hft
XJT Prlee ft per hoi retail. They are aieo ft?r saie ny or.
Yeang, Na S3 South Fourth *t- Philsdelphia. snd la Alhaav
by Baairislt Bhaw, fce.., he., d?
PILB9-PIL K I-DB. HALE P Ptfe Olatateal Iss peal
litive cure for the pile* in three dsy* time. Bold by J. H.
Hart corner of Chamber* street and Broadway; P. Burnett*
K lith avenue; R. M. Ouoin, fsnwsf Bowery and Grand *?.
A- 1 m*
? ' >
Bennett's Hswapsper Katahllsh meat.
No. 31 Ann Btrit.
Meantno MtasLa? Issued every meriting eucept Usnoay.-^
Price, two cents per ropv. Country subserthm furnished sttbn
same rate, lor ssv spec 1 4c period, on s remittance in advance
No paper seat, unless paid in udvuncr.
Rvbnims ? **nn- Issued every afternoon at I e'c.loefc
Price, two cent* per copy. Country sahsrrtbers far-staked at
the same rate. Cash, iu advance.
Bt isosr Mordimo IIksalr.? Issaed every Bundsv morn
ing. snd enntsining si ways the latent Foreign nnd Domestie
news received nil. r the evening papers of Balurday have
been published. Price lArer rmti per enpy.
Wtgai.y Hbbai.d.? Isased every Bsteruoy morning at ata.1
?'clock. Price. ? I -I rents per copy. Faral^a< to Wif
subscribers al per ajtnnm, in sdvanre.
W ess t,v II ra?i.n E *tss? Issued every Wednesday aw
ing at nine o'clock. Price S| centa per eopv. Famished
oournry salwcribertst 9S per snnnm, payable In sdvaneuf
Mcmi Wrrrlt Hra*LO ? leued everjr Wednesday and
Saturday Iteing formed ef the Wevkly HeiaM Extra and
Weekly Heralif Famished te ceantry vuhsctibet* at|A per
sanum in sd?saee.
A I'vt a risen sat* -Inserted ia any or sll those papers st tie
ssasi raies always parable ia sdvaaee.
Coa s sse?inne evs? Are requested lo addmsa their Irttetl m
James fJenden BenneM. Proprietor and Editor, aad aU letlera
aa buenes* mi ?? post paid.

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