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' '
T? lM?rch?ati and Ms* of Business.
The Spring business, such as it may be, will open
in a few weeks. Whether it be good, bad, or indiffer
ent, it is always well for ail discreet men of busin?ss
, to make as full and active preparations as possible. ?
^Cash is the great system of the day? credit is demol
ished and paralysed by a foolish and visionary go
vernment. Some supplies must be had from this
great emporium, and merchants, south, west, and
east, must congregate here with a little money in
' their pockets to make purchases.
With such a prospuct, the merchants here will be
anxious to get as much good custom as possible, and in
order to tflect such an object, it is now time to think
of advertising betimes for the opening of the Spring.
Now what butter paper b there for this purpose than
the Herald 1
The permanent, steady, and healthy circulation of
the Herald ar this moment, both in town and coun
try, is greater than it ever was, and more than any
lour papers in Wall street. Those who take it have
to pay for it in ad vanes, hence they read it carefully,
?with attention. This circulation extends into every
part of the commercial world, both in this country
and in Europe, and particularly among the higher
orders of men of business and society. Not long since
the French Minister of Finance actually sent to us
through a government agent to subscribe to and
procure a file of the Herald. The Bank of England
also takes it regularly. We have a weekly paper,
called the Weekly Herald, which circulates three
times the number of copics among the traders of the
eouth and weft that any paper in New York ever
Any gentlemen who doubts these facts can be
8atisfled of their truth by applying to us in a proper
This circulation among men of business, and all
classes, arises from the manner in which the Herald
t? conducted. In all the essential elements of a news
paper, we have far surpassed our cotemporaries. In
our report of the Money Market alone, no paper in
this country can compete with us. Indeed, we have
driven two or three of the Wall street prints into an
imitation of as m that respect ; but how near these
imitations come to the original our readers can tell.
In commercial law intelligence in foreign news, in
legislative matters, in our shipping lists, in literature,
religion, and general philosophy, even in wit and
good humor, thrown in te give a zest to life, we have
wielded and maintained an unquestionable superiority
for some time past. We own a News Boat, and em
ploy two others, besides the best news collectors and
reporters in New York. Our industry and our activity
tiave been bant to iKe utmost night after might.
Briefly, therefore, these are some ef the caases
which, in the midst ef ruin, stagnation, and actual
bankruptcy among the newspaper press of this city,
have enabled us te hold our position, and to go ahead
in spite of all personal rivalry, jealousy, revulsion in
trade, or the general disruption of business.
We are happy in csnsequence to say that the Her
ald thus furmshee to merchants and men of business,
preparing for the season, one of the best channels ol
advtrtising that New Yoik can afford. In a more
especial manner this is applicable to those in the
southern and western trade. Thsre is not a oommw
cial city from Philadelphia up teCharleston, round to
Mobile snd New Orleans, and back again by the way
?f Detroit, that the Weekly Herald does not reach,
twice and three times in number, to either the Journal
of Commerce? Courier dt Enquirer, or any other paper
in New York. Gentlemen in Pearl street, when yon
hear the cook crow, what should you do? Oo out
and weep like foolish St. Peter! No, gentlemen ?
get up, dress, shave, write out an advertisement and
?end it to the Herald. I have ciowed my crow,
herefore take advice and be stirriag. Jan. 25.
N^w Yaik on the *lh, and Irom Liverpool on the 24th of
month in the y ear, eicept thai when theae dti?-?
Call an Sunday, the aatling of the *hip. will be deferred uaiil
Ikt Nil day.
raoM nrw r?a?.
Feb. l-Sbip OEO. WASHINGTON, ||. Holdredge, M*
Fab. ?.-?hip PENNSYLVANIA. Johe P. Smith, S'fttnna.
April I ?Ship INDEPENDENCE, E. Nye. matter. 733
Sept. I ? 8Mp RORCOE, J. C. Delaao, matter, 030 loaa.
Jan. 21 ?Slop l*DRPRNDRNCE.
Reli. 21-Hlnp RORCOE.
March M. ? Ship OEO. WASHINGTON.
Tbnf ?'up* ai ? all of the Aral claaa, aommanded by men of
grent riperience. ami no pain* or r* pwnw will be ?pared m
Save the acromniodaiioae convenient, and tba More* ? 1 the Ar*t
de?crip?loi?. Tl?e rale of parage ont II A*ed by aa understand
ing wAh the pr oprtetor* of theoiher packet line*, ai $ M, Nei
ther .he r*piaint n?r nwner* ot theae ve*ael? ? ill I* wif nm|.
ble for any Irtura, parcels or parkitgea, tent hythe alio** *hina
nnle** 1 eguUr lull* ol lading are ?.gaed tbereior. P >r freight
or pa?eai-e. ?>nW In
OK INN MX. MINTI RN k CO. M Front ?t. N. Y or
WILDE.1. PICKERH O I l.l k ? o. L.*erp?*i. ?
?>bD Link or livempoul pack
<?Wi KT W ? The Old Line of Packet! wl'l he d<-*i>airhed
-^^?hy the *ubacrit>ers, in tall ftva Ntw York and Liver
pool on We Itt and Itth of each m"aih, with the *\cr pi , >>, lhat
wben the *nl la^dajr fall* oa Wuaday, tha tblpt wll tail
taceeediaf Monday.
Frn vi New York Prom 1 IverpaoL
TheCOLtTM*U8t (Otu 1 (Nov. 'id
?M < P eb. 1 {Mirh ID
F A. Depeyatar.
61(1 1 ana.
w. fc Raramw.
T3? ton*,
R. L. Walte,
475 t*n?,
D. 1. Rallee,
New ?hip CAMRRfDQE,
?SO ton*.
I n Aoaaley.
S0? two.,
J. Rnfhhone,
? 10 torn,
W. R llo*ie,
?II on*
K. O. Mar*hall, . ?
Theae thip* are all of the ftrat c!a??. cmniande.l by men of
aha after and e*perlenc?,a?d are f?rni?hed with ?lnr*? of ike
l?eet kind. E*err attention wl'l he paid lo pa ?<?, r,r?, to pro
i?o?e .h? lr eomfbrt and convenieree. The raie i>f p?aare out
I ?ar>H? fixed, h- an ande-vandlng with the p">pi inura of the
other* line*, at $l?e, inrln llo* wm?? and ?U>re? ol ev.-ry de
I acrlpt">n; tIM without wineaand liqaor*.
I, ei the rapt am* or owner, of ibe??- *hip? w>ll he re?|x?n
? Wle for an* letter*, parrel* or package* tent by them, ante**
? MjMar hj lit of lading are tlgned therefar.
F? r freight or p*a age, apple lo
RARlSfO KR'iTIIRRS k rn Liverp'*?l, and la
?< Soaihtt. New Yorh.
( OcL
; P'*.
I June
{ Pab.
( June
t Nov.
' March
( July
< Nov.
\ March IS
' July 10
l Dec.
\ April
( Aug.
V D? c
J A|*ll
' Aug.
C Jan
j May
r Ment
f Sept.
c. In.
t <e?t.
( J ily
\ April
' Aog.
{ April
( Aug.
( Jaa.
< May
v KfpC
\ Jan
) May
) Jane
( Pel).
'O L
< March
tTlhffB LIN h.? The vessels comprising the aoove line will be
?"??fciegularly despatched I'ratu New Vork and Petersburg,
a * follow* : ?
Schr EMMA, l>aac Cole, matter.
Sebr HELEN. D. Latouretie, jr. roaster.
helir VIRGINIA, John Wo^Um, master.
Schr PETERSBURG, (new) D Latourette, master.
Schr , (new) J. B. Riittnon, master.
The above nre all first elan schooner*, built expressly for
th it> trade, and comma, ded hy experienced masters. One of
the above vessels will be regularly Despatched from each port
ev?ry Saturday.
All goods forwarded to the subscriber* will be shipped free
of commission. For freight or passage, applv to
j&J JOHNSON h LONV D K N. 86 Wallst.
rV*,!, PACKIi) la-ui.li
The following vessels compose the above line of
? "-**|iackets: ?
Schr LYNCIIBL'RU. (new) John U >uld, master.
Schr TIJSCARORA, John Bell, master.
Schr LKONTINK, Mtmuel I) arborn, master.
Schr RICHMOND, Win Tilby, master.
Schr WEYMOUTH, H. Couch, master.
Schi NASSAU Seth Chi'itrr, * aster.
The propiieu rsof the above tine having for a period of ten
Veals been -ustamed hy a general patronage, aie enabled to
Keep a l.ne of first clnss \rs>e!s. copper fastened, an 1 com
manded by uifii of experiencs in the trade: they now solicit a
continuance of favor, assuring uiercba.it* and shippers that
every arrarnmodnt'oii and facility in t.<?ir power will pe given.
A vessel will be desp itebed weekly, and oitener, i." reqaired.
Iisur nee on the ulmve vessels can be effected at the iowe-t
rates or pretn um. Goods forwarded to the subscribers will be
shipped free ot c?nimi-sion. Apply to the niaster^on board, or
jii ALL KIN h P4XSON. 92 Wallst.
WTLmihiu s on, (N. u.) % ? ? ?v l, in.- .
PACKETS.? This line of packets will hereafter be
composed of the following vessels, sailing from New
York functuallv as advertised, viz :
Sclir. ALFRED F THORN. (New) H. Snnford, master.
Schr REOIJLUS, C. Mills, master.
Schr. RKPKATKR, D H Stanford, master.
S, hr. TELL, R. Hawkins, master.
Schr. TOPIC, Jacob Smith, master.
The above schooners are all first class copper fastened v es
se'*, built expressly for this trade, very I'd si sailers, command
ed by able ami experienced navigators, and will run regularly
to tind from Wilmington throughout the year.
The detention of vessels at New Vork encaged in this trade
Laving her* tofore been a great and ju*lcau?e of complain', the
subscribers sre desirous ol removing the san e hy despatching
a vessel of this line evrry nine days, and to eiTect tue terma
nenl est lldishn tent cf such regulations in their days of sailing
u* will give entire satisfaction to the shipper- ; and as a further
in tin <?(.,. nt for them to give the preference lo the vessels of I
this line over all, or anyiransie.it vessels, which preference
they are justly entitled to as regular packets throughout the
year, tnrough thick and thin. We guarantee that they shall
invariab y sail on the day appointed, full ir not full, and take
freight, when opposed to any transient vessel, at such rates as
will insure die support and preference of all merchants enga
ged in this Irade, hoih nnu-residen and resident shippers ?
and when opposed to a regular packet, nt thecu*ton?ary rates,
or at the same rates as taken b v such regular vessel.
The subscribers feel grateful for Ike liberal support and pa
tronige which thev have always reeeived from the date of
their first establishing this line of packets, (six years since,)
and respectfully solicit a continuance of public favor; and in
return beg leave to assure all shippers, that while no exertions
to please and ?ive perfect satisfaction shall he wnntingon ihelr
part, they will not solicit their freight in any other way than
through their advertisements, which they again assure them
they can rely upon with a certainty of their vessels always
sailing as stated in them, unless detained hy wind or weather,
neither will they circul Hie any false reports In order to nbiaio
their freight, hut depend solely on a stiaight forward eoirect
csurse. as uniformly pursued by them, for a coniinuaacc of
their share, at least, of public patronage and favor.
For the accommodation of shippers, the subscribers have
removed from 18?South s reet to their present location? and
for their further convenience, their vessels will always load at
or as near the feot of Wall street as possible.
All goods forwarded U? die subscribers will be shipped free
of commission or any other t ipense, except w bat Is actually
Insurance hy any of the vessels of this line warranted at the
very lowest rates.
F or freight or pas-age, ail the above vessels having baud1
someaceomm-dations, applv to
_j23 HALLETT It BROWN. ,M Sonthst. rcr Walt.
f AVKisin KUu havmb.. ? ss;tiiNw
LINK.? The ships of this Line will continue th?ir de
-*?*parture from New York on the 1st, and will sail from
Havre on the 24th of each month during the year, thus
From New Yark. From Havre.
1st January, > Ship l.'TICA, ( 2?:h February.
1st May, J Capt. J. B. Pell, <24thJnne.
lsi September, \ ( 24th Octo"?er.
1st February, ) SkinCIIS. CARROLL, ( 24th March.
I* June. J W. L<*e, master, ?. 24thJoly.
1st October, ) ( Mth November.
l?t March, ) Ship ERIE, (24lh April.
1st July, } E. Funk, master, 24th August.
1st November, ) ( 24th December.
1st April. ) Shin BALTIMORE, (24ihMajr.
lit August. > J as. Funk master, < 24th September.
1st Decemlier, ) ( 24th January.
The commanders are well known; their repntatlon Is the
guarantee ol the <iualhies or their ships. The accommodations
are not surpassed, combining all that may be retired for com
fort- Passengers will be supplied with every requisite.
Moods intended lor these vessels will be forwarded by the
subscriber, free from any otner than the expenses actually in
curred on them. For freight <?r passage, applv to
j23 BOYD It HIXCKKN, 9 rnntlne Buildings.
Schooner) LINE. ? This line ii now coaiposed of tbe
following vensels. vit ?
Brig MADiSO.V. W. Bulkley, master.
Bng TYBKE. T. Lvons master.
Brig W||. TAYL'*R, N. Hney, master.
Brig GEORGIA. E. Sherwood master.
Brig SAVANNAU, (new) J. Livermore, master.
Bng AUOIJSrA. (new) A. Hubbard, msster.
The above were huilt expresslv for the Savannah trade,
have superior Tarnished accommodations for pasarngen. and
are earanismU-d by experienced sad a&ligtng masters. They
will saii in regular sue -ession, and continue t* maetwitb their
nsual despatch. All goods forwarded t? the subscriber* will
be shippid ft*e of rommte?loa. Par freight or pisaage.apnly
lo STCROSK k CLHARM AN, W Wall street ?
Ship EDWINA, (new) O. West, master.
Ship HECTOR. D K Post, master.
Ship L"RKN A, J. Urqnbart, mas ef.
Ship TL'SKINA. R. H. Post, master
Wnp ALAB AMIAN. W. B Lane, master
Ship RCSSKLL BALDWIN, J. N. Magna, maater.
HSip JUNIOR. W. H. Williams, master.
Ship ELISHA DENIHON, F. West, master.
Ship ST. JOHN. U. H. Hitcltcuck, master.
The line will consist of nine ships, which will enable as to
despatch three vessels a month. "b<vi the trade requires It ?
These ship* are of the first class, huilt expre*dv for the irade,
of the heat materials, coppered and copper fastened with etten
*ive and hahdsome accomiSKidaiions, ami comma ijesl by et>
p?rianred masters, and will sail pnn. tualiy, as advertised,
when tlio day of sailing falls on Pnndav. the ship will sail wa
the Mon-4av following. The pri-eof package is f7\ witboat
Itqaors. All go >ds forwaraed lo tbe subscrliiers will be shipped
free of commission
J 23 E. D. HURLS UT k SA. M South street.
ITT Remittarc- ? anil drafto wllh fr**ht ao<l p???|f ta and
from Qreat Br tain and Irelaod -R< >C R KS COMMERCIAL
LINK. The Hahacn'>er?re*peclfolly Intimate In ih*tr friend*
ami lit# puldic t ftv rally that tbey ran ?ow ?nt?r into early ar.
ranirn'flti wllh them lor the winning oui of their (amilie*
anafHeml* hy the early apring ?lup?? the Sr?l of wbirkwdl
commence running from Liverpool na Ihe 1? Fi-broary, IKM,
and will continue ?o to ron regularly every w*rk afterward*,
affording to cinigraau u>e mo?l deairalde an. 1 eligible coa?ey
ance tkev ?aa have
The detention of veaaela ai Liverpool enraged la (Ma irade,
having beretoloc# l>een a *r*at aod ju*t cao?e of complaint,
the ?ttbaertb*ra are de*ir>Hi*ot removing the wmte.hr deapatch
in* a veaael every week from Liverpool, to rffeft ll?e perma
nent eaubiiahmen. of ?och regulation* In ibetr day* ol arnliaf
aa will five entire aatiafarlloa IP abippera nod a* further in
dofrmrnt for tbooi to g lea a preference to llw-tr I. in* over all
?r any trotieient vra?el?, we guarantee ihey <hall invariably
aail on the appointed day, fall or n?t tall, and take freight
when oppoaed to any traoalent veaael at aach ratea aa will la
aurethcaapport and preference to ahipp?ra by thl* Lina.
Theweamera ? mp'nyed for the convenience of ibeir paro
gen to Livrrpaol, are of the flrat cla*?? ranninc r?eularly
every Jay from th? diffeaont port* of Ireland and Scotland. a
cnnvenleo-a of importance to ihoae raaidiag at lb* out
porta. .. >
In relation to remittance*, their draft* and poat aatoa an the
Rmal " Bank of Ireland" are oaid at aight, iVee of d ?aoani
or charge, tn every province and coaaty? b? aide* in the tnlaad
to w n a, an?wering tha *nme purtx?? a* Bank of Ireland notea,
a coa?en*ence oaly by thia e*tabli*hment.
Their draft*, aa well a* pae*ar?- order*, can he forwarded by
the regular packet*, atillnif on the l-t, Kill. Hth, and 94th ol
each monfh in the yea'. Tho.e reaiding in the roantrv can
addreai ?? lettera. (poat paid) which will he ^annually at,
leaded to. Farther par icalar* can be aacartainao oa appliea
Uoa at ?7 Hoatb atreet New Yi k __
d*?-Sm* lttn:HF BROTHKM h CO.
' >. ' v?1AUK P^t'W ltlO'i-4 Bm rate
*hlj> will ?all r-ow *'igi OB or ah . at the l*h April
?SMKneit, and can arc ommndate a number of paaaeng eri la
either caMn or ate rage.
For freight or pa** age, applv lo
WM, COtJLTKR. Front at.
N. B. Peraona wlahtng to re nit mone* to th ir Irinnda, caa
ha*e draft* at ai^kloa Mr. Hagh Leightoa, Qai* *t Mligo.
J#J I n?*
ZZ c T* IIOT KL TO L?f T O K LRlaiu
That Inftjj e'taldlahe I and well known Hotel aiiuated
???^ln Ifilea, on Oene**ee *t, neal tl?? ctnal an I c >nten?.
pUted depot of the t?o railrooda. Thehal'd nr l? *fl>r<ck,4
* orV* blgti #o feet lo front by T5 f-el la depth, ami contain*
'oom., Indearadentof garret a d kiteben ft"ont. !?' of wbich
are laige -qnare parlor*. Ai*o, baita, eo'ch koaae, k". T\?
flim tor* will tie dlapo?e t of Hie le?*?e on reaaoothle terma
if repaired p*aae*alon gtvea on tbe Mthof Fell neit .
F<>r *aleor n rhanc ?, tor t-oprnvad ?itv property a heaatl
ful farm on the hank* of t?-e lln l*on, bi?h'y improved, roa
tain og IW acrea, Apply at No. 19 St Mark* Place, oetw eal
ana I J oVl<> k, A M, J9 Im*
<7fT!i Line ? The packets composing the above line will sail
???in regular succession as follows:
Ship A.NGELIQUE, S. Mchoht, master.
Ship OCMULGEE, (new) T. J. Leavitt.
Whip MACON, W. Osborn, matter.
Ship CKL1A, D. L. Porter, master.
Ship LOUISA. U. H. Truman, matter,
Ship OCONEE, (new) J. D. Wilson, master.
The nliove ships were ah built in New York expressly for
this business, and are commanded by captniu* well acquainted
Willi the trade. 'Ilieir accommodations are very superior, and
every futility will be atTorcii/ J to shipper* and passengers. All
(foods forwarded to tlie subscribers will be shipped free o(
OMiiiiiKMo.i. SCOTT fc MOHRELL. 72 South st. j 29
?CTMi The ships comprising the above line will be regularly
"IBs* ?h-patcued from New York, on the llkh and 25th of
each month.
Ship THAMES, Jv. D. Snow, master.
Ship ItOH HOY, A ArH0ldHm.l?ter.
Ship WARSAW, J. Thatcher, master.
Ship WAY EKLY, Thof. Phill pa, matter.
Ship CA1IAWBA, W. 0. Smith, master.
The above are all first rate ship*, copper tautened and cop
pered, an.l commanded by men experienced in the trndv, with
handsome I arm -bed accommodations lor pa-sengers. Goods
forwarded to th? snbacrioers will be shipped free of commis
sion. For freight or parage, apply to
_j:-J CENTER & CO. 91 Pine st
rflfc moBiLU CI r* lis t& pa<kk <??.?
w5g5_B The subscribers h;ive established n line of packets
w jT to run between this port and Mobile, to consist of
ve.^eis of a suitable siie to go to the city without lighterage,
luid is Composed of the follow. n? vessels:
Briu VICTRESS. S. W. Du kins n, master.
Brig WARSAW, P. Slietli-lil, master.
Hrig DKTltol I', K. W. vv illiam-, nia-ter.
Bri^' LEW IS CASS, J. Thaler, er, master.
Brig C AMILLA, F. Nnh la, roast*. .
Brig MOBILE, (new) master.
The above are all (nod vessels, with handsome furnished
accommodation*, ami commanded by experienced masters.
Insurance can be effected on iroodtat the lowest rates of pre
mium. Tins line of packets will have prompt despatch, and
all goods forwarded to the subscribers will be shipped free of
connnisMun. For freight or p,<k.*<ge, ipplv to
_j23 STUftOES* ik CLBARMAV, 92 Wall st.
kti DAKlk N, (Geo.) LINK OF PACK ETS.? Brig
AMELIA STRONG, R. T. Brow b, master.
Brig PREMIUM, J. Coliurn, master.
Brii,' MACON, A.Bibbins, master ,
Brig OARIEM, C, P. BuU'ey, master.
Brig NEW JERSEY, B. MauheH s, master.
Schr, D. B. CRANE, Studley, master.
The subscriber has in connection widi Messrs. Hawes, Mitch
ell &. Collins, of Darien, Geo., established the above line of ves
sel*. built expressly for the above trade and all copper fasten
en; they have aiso three st**ami>o*ts run -liutj on the river. All
goods forwarded tn the agent in New York, wtlloe inrwarded
tree ol commission. K. M. DE VI ILL 186Fruntst.
A line ot stages runs from ttarien to Macon three times a
week also a stennltoat to S-- Augustine twice a week. j23
_ C H A RILTksTON PACICIC ? *? Commercial
?sPaiLiiie ? She following ve>sels compose the above line of
?*[*f packets :
Bri* OIMON, Frederick Sherwood, master.
Brig COKDKLIA, Francis Sherwood, master.
Brig BUENOS AYRRS, H. Stuart, roaster.
Brig FANNY (new) W. Whittlesey, master.
Brig . (new.) "
The above are all first class vessels, bnilt expressly for the
trade, and commanded by experienced masters. Their ac
commodations for passengers are extehs ve, and exertions
will be made to please both shippers and passengers. All
goods forwarded to the subscribers will be shipped Iree of
For freight or nissage, anplv t? the captains on board, to
ALLEN 4: PAXsON.92 W?|fstreet,N. Y. or
j23 WM. A. CALD WELL li SONS. Charleston. 8. C.
'-aS.LlNK.-The following ve?*?U will be regularly d?r
JBB?, patched hfitvwn New York and Baltimore : ?
Brig PAVILION. W. Belly, wa?ter.
Brig SOLON. B. Bourpe, master.
Scbr CHARLES M. SMITH, E. T Totten, master.
Schr HENRY BARUEit. E. C. Biigg*, mailer.
Mrtir DIRECT, C. L Briggs, master.
Schr LACONIC, J. C. Ii-Mmm, master.
The vc*ael? comprising this line are t>u perior and fa*t tailing,
nearly all new. built of the Item material! expressly tor the
trade, ably commanded, the master* experienced pilot* on the
coast. Iiisumnrecan be effected at the lowest rate*, jrreat de
spatch \Mlll?e givrn, and every eiertion will be used by the
master* to give *a?l?faeti*Wl ta shipper*. Good* forwarded to
Ihenubacriticra will boa.' lipped free ol commission. For freight,
ap tly to J.IN. liKIOUS, ,V Old Blip, N. Y.
J 23 i. W. BROWN. Smith'* Pock. Bait
FOR NRW Ox LISA NR.? The Louisiana,
and New York Liueof Pickets will MUloa every other
Mon-lay, from New York, and troni New Orlean*,
and to insure the strictest punc<ualitv in the time of tailing
the line will liereafl* r consist ot the fo low mi ship*:
Ship LOI'ISVILLE. Capt P4imer, l?t. Jan.
Ship HL'XTSVILLE, CapL Eldridge, 14th Jan.
Ship VICKSBtrRO, CapL Wooahouse, 29tbJ<ia.
Ship MISSISSIPPI, Capt. Davi*. lab Pro.
Sliip YAZOO. Capt Trash. 2r>th Feb.
The above ?b'ps are all new, of the Hr?t Has*. are copper
fastened and coppered, and upward* of *?? ton* burthen?
are of a very light draft of water, bring bailt in thia city, ex
pressly for the trade. The prlc? of passage is filed at floo ;
their rahins are fitted on the most improved and conven eat
plan, and famished in a neat and elegant style. Ample stores
of tie first quality, will be provided, and every rrgsrd had to
the comfort aid entire satisfaction of passengers. These pack
er sre commanded by captains well experienced in the trade,
who will give every attention a> d exert themselves t? ac
commodate. They will at all time* be towed op and down
the Mississippi by (team boats, and the strictest punctuality
observed in the time of na'ltng. Neither the owners or captains
of these sixp* will be re*pon?il>ie tor jewelry, bullion, precious
stonea. silver or plated ware, or for any letter, parcel or pack*
age seat by or put on imard of them, uul??s regalar bills of
lading ate taken for the same and the value therein expressed
All goods sent to the subscriber, will be forwarded free af
commission. For freight or passage, apply to
E K COLLINS Jk CO. 74. South <l
No freight received alter the Saturdry evening pravioa* to
the day of sailing. cM
The ah p* comprising the above liae w III bo despatched
?HMfrum New iork and Savannah io the following
Ship TRENTON, (new) Ja* S. Bennett master.
Bh p AC BURN, (new) N. P. Durfey waster.
Bbid REPUBLICAN. R. W. Poster master.
Bhip MILL* DOE VlLLE, D. L. Parter master.
Ship NEWARK, T Dunham master.
The above ships are all of the first class, and built in tfclt city
expressly for tbe trade. Their accommodations lor passen
gers ate elegant and extensive, and every facility will be af
forded tt> shippers by this line.
Woods forwarded to the subscriber* will be shipped free of
all charges except those actually incurred.
Por freight or pas-age. apply to
JOHNSON it LOWDEN. ? Wall *t- and
To sail from New York <?n toe 1st. ana from Live/ pool
on the itia ot each month t
raoM nrw roan.
New Ship SIPDONS, Capt. . Is! January.
Ship *H F.RID A > , CapL J. A. Pierce, 1st Pebmary.
Ship OARRlCK. Capt N. B. Palmer, 1st March.
Stalp SU.tKKSPEAR K Capt. J. Collins, 1st April.
raoM i.tvr.aroot..
Ship OARRlCK, Capt. N B Palmer. 16th Decembar.
Sh p.?HAKESPKARE. Capt. J. Collin.. 1Mb January.
New ship SIDDONS, t apt. ? II h February.
Ship SHERIDAN, J A. Pierce, 16th March.
These shipa ate or the flrat c la?s. alt armed, apwardsof MM
tone burthen built ia the city of New York, withsuchtm
provemenu as to combine great speed with unusaal comfort for
nasaengera. Ever* care tins been taken in the arrangement
of their accommodation* Tbe price of na<?age hence ia ft to
for which ample store., inc. udmg wine*, kr will be provided;
without wines, kr. $1 JO. These tbipa will be < am??an?ted by
experienced masters, who will make every exertina to glee
general satisfaction. Neither the captains nor ilie owner* of
the*- ships will be respun-ihle for an? letters, parcel" or pack
ages sent by them, unless regular bill* of lading are signed
therefor. W?r freight er pa?s?ge. apply Us.
K K. COLLINS k CO, ,VJ South at. New Yark.or to
WM. k JAS RROWN It CO Liverpool.
Tbe ships of Utia line will hereafter go armed, and their peco
liar construction gives them tecuriiy not pos*es*d by any
other but vesaela of war. Jl>
Bv Rail Road and Coaches.
Morning Line? Wj|| leave the foot of Counlandt st- every
mornteg at ? o'clock, hy the cam of the New Jersey Rail R<i*d
to New R'ttnawick, theoee hv ataf> to Trenton, anlving at
Philadelphia the same af'ernoon.
Returning? l^eave Trenton at IIJ o rWk. A. M. after the
arrival of the cars of the Philadelphia aad Trentnu Hall Road,
arriving at New York at o?cloek, P M.
Even nf Line ? Leaves New York, foot of Cnullandt sf. at 4
o'cloclurTM ; passengera will reach Tren'on be 9 o'clock,
lodge, and take the enrlv cars of tbe n?ilai!elMii* *nd Trenioo
Ra I Roa ', arriving in Philadrlpb a b\ !? o'clock, A. M,
Retnrnirg? l^ave Philadelphia at 9 o'clock. P. M. arriving
in ^w York at 9J o'clock, A. M.
Por seats, apply at the Rail *o?d n(H?-e, foot of Coartlandt
*t. New Ycrk.or at the rid ?tage Office, fl ?*oath 3.1 St. oppo
site Congress Mall, Ph' adolpbia, and at the Imr of t e Rtaiag
Sun Tavera a' Trenton.
Passengers ftim Pitfsim can i>? acreiomn^ated h- taking
the first and ls*t cars of the Pat?r*on R?d R ad, whleh e,<?
nect with the above li -ea at the iuactMn at *erg-n; and the
paldic wav relv apon a supply of stage, a? New Rranswick for
their accommodation
For se 'ts in th* aliove named |:ne*. apply to Thoaiaa Whit
field. i*? R. Mail Coach 'WRre, Old No. I C*?artl ia.lt ?l near
Br ndwne. New York.
N B. L-aves the ? ffiee at a quarter before I A. M. and a
quarter be ore 4 P. M
New Yark. N?v. i?, |M1- JM
?The Ship* comprising the atiove line will In* de*
patched trow New York and Savannuh in the follow
ing nrder :
Miip TRENTON, (rew) Jan. H. Bennett, mailer.
Skip AUBIJBN, (new) N P. Durfey, master.
Ship REPUBLICAN R. W, Footer, roaster.
Whiu M1LLEDG hVILLE. D. L. Porter, master.
Ship NEW AUK, T. Dunlmiu, nnUrr.
The abov" >hip* art' all of the first class, built in New York
exprrssly for the trade; their accommodation* lor pnscenger*
are elegant anil extensive, and every facility will be afforded
to shippers. Moods forwarded t? the subscribers, will be
(hipped free of nil charge* except those actually incurred.?
Fur Ireifrht or pas-age, apply to
JOIlNSoN i* LOW UKN, 86 Wall it. New Y^rk.or
ja WASHBURN k LtWH, Savannah.
prfl TON I'acK KTS. ? The tolluwing vessels compose the
??"?ab:>vr Line of Packet* ?
Brig Dl VION. Kredk. Sherwood muter.
Brig <;? iltDELI \. Francis Snerwoo'i master.
Brig BI'ENos AYKES, H Stuart master.
New , Whittlesey master.
New ,
The above are all first cia?s vessel*, buHt exprewlv for this
trade, and commanded by experienced masters. Tlifir tc
comntodatlon* >or passengers are extensive an I commodious,
and exertion will l?e made to please shipper, and passenger*.
All goods orwarded to the subscribers will be shipped free of
For freight or passage, apply on board, brtwen Murray and
Pine st. wharves, or to
61 South st. up stairs, or
j24 Agents, Charleston.
To sail from NewYoik on the 8lb, 16th nnd 24th, and
from Havre 1st, 8th and 16th of every month.
From flew Y?rk, From Havre.
Ship LOUIS PHILIPPE, ( I6ih Dec. C M F-b.
300 tons, J. CastofT, 8th April. ?? Hi h Mav.
{24th July, (bth Sept
( 24th Dec. t 8th Feb.
Ship SULLY, D. Lines, 16th April. 1st June.
( 8th Aug. ( lHlh Sept.
i 8lh Jan. i 10th Feb.
Stjip BURGUNDY, Jno. Ro;kett, ,24th April ^ nth June.
(InthAug. ( 1st Oct.
(ItithJau. ( 1st March
Ship RHON E, Wiu. Skiddy, ?8ih May. ' lbtli June.
(24thAug ( 8Hi Oct.
Ship CHARLEMAGNE, r21itiJan. 1 8th March.
A. Richardson, < 16th May. ?? 1st July.
( 8th Sept. ( 16th Oct
Ship V'lLLE DE LYON, (8th Feb. f 16th Mscli.
300 ion, Charles Steddart, ? 24th May. <8tbJuly.
(16th Sept. ( 1st Nov.
f 16th Fed. (1st April.
Ship FRANCOIS, Ier, W. W. Pell, { 8th June. ' 16th July.
(24th Sept ( 8th Nov.
C 24th Feb. ( 8th April,
Ship FORMOSA, W. B. Orne, ? IGt'i June. \ l?t An;;.
( 8ih Oct ( ISshNov.
Ship S1LVIE DE GRASSK. C 8ih March. t 16th ApriL
L. Wiederholdt, < 24th June. < Sih Aug.
( 16th Oct. ( 1st Dec.
Ship POLAND, C. Anthrny,
( 16th Mar. C l?t May.
< 8tb July. <; 16th Aug.
( 24th Oct (8th Dec.
2<th Mar. 2d May.
Ship ALBANY, J. Jnhnsoa, Ititb July. 1st Sept.
8th Nov. 16th Dec.
These vessel* are all of the first class ami ably commanded,
with elegant accommodations for passengers, comprising all
that may be required for comfort and convenience, including
wines and sto ??* of every description. Good* sent to either of
the subscribers at New York, will be forwarded by these
packets free ol all charres e*cept those actually incurred.
j23 WM. WHITLOCK. Jr 46 South street.
Sailing from New York on the 24tk, and Irora Liver
-???EjtoI on the 8th of each month.
The nb'tva line of parkets will be continued by tbe subscri
bers, and iscomp?**e? of the following ships:?
From New York.
June 24? The UNITKB STATE*, Capt. N. H. Holdrege
March 24? The ST. A * DREW, Capt. Win. C. Thompson.
Aug. 24? The VIRtllNI AN. Capt. Isaac Harris.
Wept. 24 ? T he SHEFFIELD. Capt. Era*. P. Allen.
From Liverpool.
May S? The ST. ANDREW . hW? ton*.
June 8? The VIRGINIAN, 690 urns.
Joly 8? The SHEFFIELD. t>0? tons.
Aug. 8? The UNI TED STATES. 6V* too*.
TbiqwHtltl lad accommodation* ol the above ships, an4
the f puiiti'?n ot their ronimandors a'e well known. Every
exertion will be made to promote the comfort of passengers
and the interest* of importer*. The price ol passage to Liver
pool in the rabin, a* in other line*, is Hied at $140, with wine*
and store* of everv description.
The owner* will not b# responsible for anv letter, parcel or
packagesent by the nlioveshtpa for which abill ?f lading is nut
taken. For freight or pa**age. applv to
J24 ROB T. K Kit MIT, 74 South rt,
oiILkANsTTKsfatch lime.
This line consist* of 21 ships and brig*, one ol whi*b
will snil wsreklr till the lit of October; after which
time two will sail weekly during the busin. ss season. These
vesael* are all of the first claas. warranted to inanre at lowest
rates, and to take steamers at the Balixe. Freight and passen
ger* will he taken in this line throughout the year, at 10 per
cent le*a than any other line whatever. Apolv to
R. KLWELL, Packet Offihe, 50 Sooth st.
All gwsds from out port* will be shipped to nn4 fnrwarded
imm^iately at New Orleans, free of commission, and every
care and attention pnid, to warrant des natch and safety. Mer
chants having freight in dispose of, will find it decidedly for
their interest to apply as above. 3?
To ?.?i, from *>r>w York .mth* 10th, and from Kings
ton, Jaaa. th - 1-Vh of rach month,
Tbrditp ORBIT, Warrrn Fo* tna?ter. will aall?
Pm?i Nn? Ydii, Froru Kiagtt.-a, ( Jam. )
10th Oclobrr, 15th Novfmbfr,
10th Drcrmltrr, 15th Janaary,
Hth Frbraocy, 15th March,
10th April, 15th May,
loth June, Ifttk July,
l?tb Aogo?', 1 jih 4apteml>rr.
The ?bip JNO. W. CATER, J no. R. Crane, mailer, will tail
From New York, From Kiogaton, I Jam )
loth Normibrr, 15 h Daarmnrr,
10th January, 15th Janaary,
l*th March, 15th April,
10th May, 15th Jane,
|0ih July, r<h August.
It th Srptrmltrr. 15th Oeteb*r.
Thr aboyr thlpa arr new ropnered rrasrl*. of ihr tirat rla?a,
aid COMMMM by r*prr1rnerd rnaatera. Their arrommoda
tiona f?r paa?rnrrra arr rlerant and eitenaire bring t"urat?be?l
with state room*, and erery way r^aal in thr regular Earrv
peaa Packrta. Brda, beddinu aad s.ore, arr farmafeeti in tlir
manner usaal with parkrt ?hlp?, ( wiar? etcept-4.) Thr price
af parage it ft*e<l frtna New Vark at |7> and from Kingston,
at 1 100 Steerage passage f-15 For terwia of freight. apply to
B. AYM \B b CO. $4 stoath at. Nr?? York, and
j2i CATER h TTRKELL. Eiagaia u. Jam.
<BHB| E P*.? To Mil on thr l?t, 10th and 2Mb o? erery n> *ath.
JMMM Tbia liar of packets will hrrral'irr be coropssaetl af the
following ahipa whirh will aaereed rarh other ia thr order in
whi'h ifoey arr named? sailing punctually, from Nrw Yirfh
and Portsmouth en the l?t, 1 'Hh and aad from London on
U>a 7 ili, |7th and 77th of errry month, throughout thr yrar.ria.
rmoM naw voaa. Ltonoa. maraw
(Jaa. I ( Frt?. 17 ( Frli. >0
Hhip ST. JAM EH, Wm. S. Sebor, Mayl ; Junr 17 J Jane*)
I Bet* I ( Oct. 17 ( OrL an
i Jaa. It ( Feb V ( Mar. I
Ship MONTREAL, S.R Oriffiag. ' May 10 J Jone T { July I
I *ept.lO<<?ct. or. 1
i Jan. 80 i Mar 7 t Mar. In
Sb pOLADIATOR, Tba.Briitan ' ?ay3?? July 7,' July 10
/ Bepljb f No*. 7 ( Not. 10
( Feb. I (Mar 17 ( M*r.
Ship MEDIATOR, capt Cham pi In Jnor I < July 17 ^Jal?
f'lcl. I ( Now.17 ( Noa.
No?. 20
t Feb. la < Mar .37 ( April 1
Ship QUEBEC, J. H. Ifebard, ' JunrlO ' July 77 1 Aug. 1
C <h-i. 10 < Nor 77 \ Ore. t
, i Erk SO ( April 7 i April la
Ship WKLLINGTON.Chadwirk. ? Janr* | Aug. 7 } Aur !?
( Ort 30 ( 0r?. 7 ( ?rr I*
i Mar. | t Apr. 17 ( April 90
Skip PHILADELPHIA, Morfoa J July 1 ? Aw.lVJAaf. ?
f^lor. I ( Drc. 1 7 f lire 30
_ t Mar. IH ( Apr. 37 ( May 1
Ship SAMSO.V, R. Sinrgaa, ] JB|, )a ) Auf r ) *rpt. 1
?hip PRESIDENT, Chatlwleli,
Ship ONTARIO, H. Hatllraoa,
? rait/ ?w ? iu| ?i \ rwuv I
f Now. 10 ( Der 27 ( Jan. 1
( Mar. 30 ( May 7 < May '0
. July ??? . Srpt.7 Bept IB
f Nor. 3? r Jan. 7 (Jan. It
( April 1 1 May 17 f Mar 90
] A?r l \ "*rp.i7 , Sept an
f Drr. I ( Jan. 17 f Jart. 3?
?np TORONTO, R. Oritwald, Aug . 10 / ? ik>?. I
< D?^. lo ( Jan 37 < Prh.
( Apr. 30 ( Junr 7 { Jaa t IB
Ship WESTMINSTER, Mcorr. { A i*.90 v Ori. 7<Ort 10
C Drr. 30 I F^b. 7 ( Frb. 10
Thrar ahira arr all of thr flrat rlaaa, about GOO tnna harlhrn,
ami arr e?ma?aad?d by able an J rtprrlrnrrd narlfatora.?
Oreat cure will be taken that the brda, ?lore?, he. are of thr
Iwrat draeriptkin Thenrirr of r <hln p?aaagr la now fl*ed at
tl4 f(?r rach ai'ult, whirh iariudaa wlnra and llnunra, Nrt
llier Ihecapta n? n??r ownrra of thane packrta will br reapon
alble far any Irttrra. narrate or packagea aent by them, ualra*
n f alar bllla of lading are ?ltf ned tbrrrP^re Apply ta
JttH? ORISWOLD, 70 <i tmh at. or
j99l ORINNRL, MIMTITRN h CO,. 134 Froat at.
"jiV *p A? ACHfroi.\ pkkktv %
ajiMj WASHINGTON IhYINO.P W l.atham. maaier
-HMMt fth.p INDI ANA, J S. D .ane, maairr. 1
fhip ORtlROIA, R. TaHwat, maatrr.
Thrae rra??laare of light draft al water, built etpreaaly Par
the trarfr, f the beat tnatrrlaia ropper ?a?tea*?1 an<l capprre^,
wiih hand-ome armmmndatlona. aad will *aW aunetaally aa
a '?er iarii, wh?-n thr day ?f aaMing falhi ?a Samfar, thr wp
will aad an ibr Monday followli g. The pria? ? of paw?f "
% 4 with at rouor*. A I g"od* forwarded to thr aabaerlhrra
will br ahippaa frrr of en i.ania?l' n.
jfl R D. HURLBIJT h CO. M Botrth*.
Leave* the W*at Chester Home, corner ol Broail and Rao*
streets, daily ai 6 o'clock.
Tb?* Boats and (Jars useo upnn this Line, are of the very best
description, having been built expressly lar the nconni)o> laiton
nl passenger*, and are not surpas??-d l?y any in ihe country.
l'h * is 'he only Packet Line th?t runsou the ft.nl Road to
Harrisburii'h, thereby saving SO utiles of nnal travel, and
reaching Pittsburgh in three day* and a half, inMead ol
l?>ur ai d a half, as was formerly Ihe case, when they went by
OluiHhia, end there look th< canal.
For -peed anil comiurt, mis Line is not excalled by any otbar
if. the l nited St ite*.
Passengers to Cincinnati, Louuvitle, Natchez, Nashville, St.
Lou i, iic. will ? I wuys be certain of being taken on without de
lay, a< this line c?unecU with the boats at Pittsburgh, carrying
the tnati.
Kor >eai ? apply at the nor. beast corner of 4 h and Chestnut
st, and at No. 20tt Market St. corner Ud nml W How *ts
A. B. CI 'AIM IN U, A (rent.
?' Philadelphia, May 8. j24
~ **<>r t,"l^ tfr,'81*'r despatch and conve
nienc ot tr v? Hers going not lb or south, llie
"Atlantic an'l Savannah and Charle-tnn Steam Packet Cow
panics" hav?- formed a tin of Steam PacseU to run twic? *
wewkto and ironi Norfolk and Charleston, comprising the fol?
lowiag Packet'
<? K' 'KOI A, Captain Roll n*.
S. CAROLINA, Captain Coffey.
IT Las K I, Cap; <in .
The Pula<ki will run through to Savannah on and afler 8a
tnii day, 2UI instant. They w ill li-uve Norfolk Iteniatelv eve
ry Tuesday and Saiurua , and Charleston eve y Monday and
Fi l-tiiy.
I'BfSt iiL'ers leaving Ph ladelpbia on Mondays and Friday*,
will rearli Nnr:o k in time fortb-se Parkets, winch are all ibr
nisbed w ith first rale copper boiler*, arm the Comin snder* and
Engineers are men of skul and long experience. By thM line
tlier ?re Mr.e night less than by any o her.
Passage lro:u Philaoelnhia through, |30
*' Baltmittre " 2*
" Nnrlolk, " 25
Tlcke:? to be had at the Baltimore Steamboat ?ftice in rlnla
delnhia, or on board the boats, and nt the N rfolfc Ssieam Boat
Ortiee, in Baltimore. or on board the boat* afterthey leave the
The steamboat WM. SEABROOK leave* Charleston for Sa
annah every Friday Morning.
All baggage bt the risk of the owner*.
Baltimore, I4'h Oct. 1837. it4
? s? i i? K?r one or more >ears,the four story
Brick Ituilding, 73 Centre st. near WalkeT. S*id build
ing wii calculated fur a Carriage Repo?iu>ry. Tbe
grwund tloor is 22 feet by 80 feet deep, calculated for three for
ges, if required, Second story, two rooms, 22 by ?<? feel deeps
Third story, two rooms, same a* above, 22 by 80. Fourth sto.
ry, one room, 22 bv 40, calculated far a paint or varnish roam .
Appl ? on the premises, serond story, up stair*, back room.?
There is a well bole, 12 by If, from the ground floor to the 4th
story, with a patent hoisting wheel complete, capable of hoiat
mg "the largest st'ge or coach. j31-2w*
?New Cap ul $3f>o,nno.? Office N?. 54 Wall *t ? This Ca.
continues to make insurance against loss and damage toy Fire,
and Inland Navigation.
R. Haven*. President, David Lee,
Mieah Baldwia, Cornelius W. Lawrence.
Caleb O. Halslead, Joseph Otia,
Nfjah Taylor, Wm, W. Todd,
Fanning C Tucker, Wm, Cvuch,
Jehial Jagger, Meig* D Benjamin,
J. Phillip* rbwaix, Mn?fl Allen,
John D. Wolfe, John Morrison,
B. L. Wosdley, John Rankin,
J. B. Yarautn.
iC.? LEWIS PHILLIPS, Secretary.
hhi FOn i> flHK nSIRASltK COM
PANY, Harilord, Cot necticut.? This Company insure*
against damage or lot* by fire, dwelling bwuse*. stores, mer
chandize. nnli*, manufactories, and most de~ci ipllon* of pro
perty, nn terais a* favorable a* other office*. The following
geatlemea comprint the Board of Director*.
Eliphalet T erry, Allien Day.
Job Ally*. Samuel H. Huntington,
Samuel Williams, George Putnam,
H. Huntington, E. D. Morgan,
Junius S. Morgan,
JAMES Q. BOLLES, Secretary.
All applications lor insurance, for the renewal of policiea, and
all busines* connected with the office, mav be made la tbe iub
scriber, who is duly appointed Agent lor lb* ciiy of Near Yorfc,
with full fawer to receive proposals and it ne poil;i?, ren*w
als.fcc. on tbe bi n satisfactory terms.
E. D. MORGAN. Agent,
Jt? Office No. M Frontjk.
an election held at this office on the Bib inaL the tollowmg
grntlemen were elected Directors of the Company fwr tbe ea
suinr year
Cliarles McEvers, Henry W. Ilickf,
Jvi'k Harvey, Stewart Brown,
John W. Schmidt. Robert Kermit,
Georre T Trimble, Adam Tredwei,
Cornelius W. Lawrence, Robert R Minturn.
L. C. Hamment'ey, Jo*iab Macv,
Matthew Maury, Bache McKvers,
Edwar<! R Joaes, Casper Meier,
Joseph Saad*. Oulian C. >>rplaaci,
Th odor* Meyer, William Banks,
Tbe?.lore B Sattertbwaile.
And at a meet ng of tbe Board on tbe 9tb last. Cbarlet Me
Evers, E*q. aad Adam Tredaell, Esq. bavmg declined a r?.
elect ioa, II ache MnF.ver*. Esq. wa* unaabnoudy e1e?te4
President, aad Theodore B. Sauenfawaite, Esq. Vice Prece
dent. 2f>
OIHce Na. 47 W all ?L earner ol Hanover it? Thi? Compa
ny cantiaae* ta in?ura againtt low or dtnujr by lire or baibl
inft, ro?da, ware* rtf merchandiie generally; Rlaoon ?e*?ela
and carfor* ng aia?t loaaor damage by inland aavlgaikoa.oa u
favorable ta' imi at Ray other office
Th?nia* W, Tharne, John 14. Lee,
Jwhn R. Dutimn, Mnaea Tocher,
Tboa. T. Wo?.dm(T, Tboa. K Davis,
Edward D. HnweU, Dr. Dan* Ro*et?,
Thornton Price, J. H Rintnm,
John Moras, Dr. B. II. R'>b?ou,
Ar<?n Baker, Joaeoh Drake,
Julio C. Merrttt. Stephen Lyon.
Alet. Ma?tertnn, Caleb C. Tani?
Praarn P. Sng?, Sam! Underbill.
T. w. THORN*, Preadanc
OW.fi. ?. HOPH, Secretary. j*5
l(H IJIftlKAlrk COMPAHfl
\I ? IRce No. ISH5 Mtidaon at.? laiurancr against losa or d?>
mage l.v flr? on boilclfiffs, al every deacripti-n, merchandise.
boa*eh?ld lurmture. and all kinds of pertonal propetty, takea
on aa reaaomble !? rro? a* any ulier office lo this city.
Timothy Wbittemare, Ororge Boekley.
Jacob Bra?b, Jo?epb W. Beadle,
Awrr Martin, M? nrr J. Seaman,
llorawo Mott. Jobn R S <tterlee.
J a me* N Well*. Nathaniel Jarvia,
Clinton ttilbert, Ed ward D. Wed,
laaac L. Varna. Abraham Coaraett,
Abraham % an Nest. Win. L Morri*.
Wm t II avemeyer. * in. C. Rbnelander,
Join DeUtusier, Robert llalhday.
J(l"> Til TORRKV, Vrrtti^. jj
1400,000. all paid In and invested? agtborited to inaure 'gain*
Are inscraoce rtaks. Prop?Mhl? fori naarance again** hra oa
buibi met ard merchaadlte, and for the renewal ot policies la
ihenty ot New York, lett at the coaming moat af A. BIOB
LOW, Jr. 4* Pine at near Wllliam.will be attended to
JiiSP.PII RAI.CII, Preai'leac.
Boalnn, Dec. <? 1B37.
Fj PANY ?No. 44 W iiliam ?t aett do r ? iuih ot Wall "treat,
and opposite tie new eichange, continoea to inaara araiaat
lo*a or damage by Are, apon all hau*e? ami other buikliaga,
and apan gaoilv ware* ami m?rrhaadite
Jtmei Mr Br'd *, Joseph KemooHoa,
John Moor head, JaaievRowen,
Jobn R Peters, John Broawer,
R. I,. Will una, John Wilana.
TkaMl So (Torn, Robert Dyson,
Henry W. Htlsa, Cbarle* Oakley.
W?i Maodevjlie, R. H. Osfnod,
Campbell P White, Aboer Weyraaa.
Robert J. DUlo , Ueerge f'WahaR,
Hamilton Murray, Tham?? N. *niiih,
John O Hlcka.
WM. MANDKVIIXE. Preaidaat.
f*. S.SIl.LI MAN Secretary. i*
Orric p. or thk WA?mi*otofi mnrinr
INSURANCE COMPANV, ol the city of New York, BT
Wall at.? At an elaation for Dir'rter*. heln at the uffiae ?f the
Company, on Toei*1av the Sd January. the Inllowiag gentle
men were dqly elected Director* far i ihe prevent year.
OilKert A Ilea, Riebardaon.
Ji?hn Thornf , J T
Jed Pyre, f ?? Jhumtoa,
Jamea N. Cobb, t*aae Newton,
O. H. Jene?. Jaaiea Freeland,
Jame* doKert, Jr , J. N Pevmwur.
Oenrro A.O Stoot,
Albert taooilhall, A R MorreM,
.1 D DiaH?Rf? We* Brown.
H. u. Wiaalaw, John V. <*re -offehl,
O w Hi??. William B Bend,
R. t?. L Hrpeynter, S H Herrirk,
jame* Lawar>n.
And at ? meeting of tf>e Baard, OHhert Allen, waa
onammoady re -elect ad Pre* deal, and Jamea lawann. Ra?^
Vice PreaWeat 4 Meat* d,
|?ft J K NOW ICS. Secretary.
lIKDimK < MICBT* new and elegant p.tte??a
|Y1 for tmtiiliea, *hip? or plan at owa, ace ratel) fi led wnK
the beat of ned nee, ana neear?ly packed lor traaellbtf or
?hiapina, f r tale wboUaa e and r< iai> hy
j JS- 1 w* N Wi Ham ?L 11# Broadway, Rod M \M9r Hoaaato.

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