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X announce to hi* friend* aud ike pabhc, mat U? BKN KF1T
Uk?s place uu Friday neat, Fe b M, IMS, JfJSV^S
/?_ i*?e<! the \;elel.rated Opera of FRA OIAVOI/>--Fr? Dta
?ot?. (fi'tt lime,) Mr. Brough? Zerlina, (fir* tlo.e.1 Mia.
Hughe* ? (who has kindly vol Bale*- red her ?w?aW? tervlcet) ?
with oiber entertainment* at will be expressed here after. ^
Box sheet now open. ,)30-3i
TH K Kirn' Company of Montgomery Guard* Ball will take
place on Monday evening, Fi-b. I2ib, at Matonic Hall. A
foil ?ud effective Orchestra is engaged.
Military gentlemen will please appear in uniform
Tickets being limited, a ose who intend lo honor the Ball
will please make early application.
Tickets one dollar each, which, accampaaied with Ladies'
tick ts, will admit a gentleman and two Ladies.
Tickets to be obtained of the following Committee, or of any
of the member*.
Capt. Wm. A. Wisdom, Sgt Matthew Conlan,
Ens Richard Powers, Corpl. Patrick Mkrrick,
Sgt. William Green, Mr Patrick McQuadk.
j31-eod4i" Timothy Carrick, HecieUry.
ttUH F'S Till AL-For sale t this office, a number of
copies of the tral of Frost ? examination of witnesses, Da
vid Paul Urown't speech, J -dm A. Morrfli's speech, Thos. Phe
nix, district attorney, charge of Recorder Hiker, Itc. Itc. ?
Fr ice tf ceuts. j2 1
|\()GS ? U OGS? DOGS? 25 Newfoundland Whelps
mJ lor sale, at K. HANINGTO.VS Dog Repository, No. 3O0J-I
Broadway, near Dunne hi.
Also, a fine Mouut St. Bernard Dog Puppy, 5 months old.
V I n IIKWAUD-Lim, Monday night, in Broadway,
'JJ? L\J between the Battery and Pine si. a smalt Canu-o .
breast Pin, of oval fjrni. with a Roman female figured h^ad, i
ol white on tdtick grouud. Apply at 55 Water st. j31-3t"
A CHASCK TO StXIi OUT- A person wishes to
ii.*. puroh<iNe on or b'.ore the 1st of May, furniture lo furnish a
larg> house. Con niuaicatioris to J. P. No. 18 Bowery, will be
attended to. .1 1 8-2 w"
Highly isitbk kiting to tuk i.ov
ITADOK, German Classical Bookseller, 471 P< arl st. New
York ? Hat j?Nt appeared, the 18th number r,f the popular
work. "Mu.M-um der Deuucben Classiker, (Museum of Ger
man CUs>ics,) comprising Mlecti'ini of the best pie;'?s of
Koeraer, Zj'.-liokk*, Weisdog, and the (ar celebrated t'Sgedv
of"F?u<t,' Uy Goeihe, in two p,ir;s, complete. Tuis so much
looked lor i>eriodica! appears a* follows:
24 nurob-rs per vear, or one nmuber every fortnight, each
number containing 144 pages inflvo.
Subscription price $5 per annum? single numbers at 26
HOT A complete assortment of standard German books on all
subjects const mtly on hand. ,j30-5i*
D~oa lo* r? a small sized Pointer Slut, about I yi ar
old (hiving had one liiter of pu,??.) She is white, with i
red *pots. ratli-rslim arid light made, with long tail. A lib- j
eral rt ward will l>e given for her return to 8(5 Broad si, jSO-St*
German litekatoku- goethe's faust
?The first and second volumes ot this highly celebrated
Tragedy, containing 432 pa?es, aru now completely pub ish
< d. The second volume lias never l>een printed before. ? !
Price for both volumes, $1.50. At
WM. IIAIIDK, German Bookseller,
jS0-5t* No. 471 Pearl street. New York.
NEW YOaK CITY MILLS? The proprteior ba
ving received a full supply, is now enabled to oiler I* gro
cers and families, the follow. ng articles, fresh dressed and ma
nufactured daily?
1st. Head Rice. This article is the best that can be dressed
by any inill in the world.
Jd. Prime Rice, which is the next quality to Head.
3,1. Broken Rice, and Small Rice, which are a very cheap
and wholesome food, being only about half the price of whole
Also, Ground R ce,or R'ce Flour. This article is one of the
grentest luxuries ih? country produces? directions for cook
ing are pir up in each parcel.
South C irolina Grttts or II <miny, manufactured from
the best Flint Corn ? dlso, Corn Flour and Meal of the diffei ?
eat kinds.
Also, superfine and Graham Flour, aad Wheat Middlings,
from the h?st Western W heat. The al>ove articles will be sold
in any quantities to suit purchasers.
Orders from anv part of the city o> country will be prompt
ly attended to if directed to THOM AH BKILBY, Agent, New
York Riee Mill corner Jefferson and Mouth sts. or lell with
jSO lm corner Wall and Front sts.
The old kktabi ishkd wholesale
Maiden Lane, a tew duort Lelow u e corner of Brondway.on
your left going down.
For sale, a large assortment of all kinds of Cloaks, atasto
nithing low prices. jfr-Sw*
IOAn n<U) PICKLES, larg* su*, in barrel*, se
jorfvJOjv/l/l/ Ire led f.?r grocers? small sixe for the toutl*
ern market, in bright kegs ol 3. 5 and a0 gallons, pot up in su
perior style, for sale by G. it J. B, WELLS. 194 Water sl
|85-3m* next door lo Holt's Hotel.
THM KOSk. II A L.JL.? The Filth Annual Ball. lor tne
Benefit ot the English Widows' and Orphins' Society,
will take place at NIBLO*9, on Tuetdmy Kilning, Febru
ary 6th
Price of tickets |3, to admit a gentleman and two ladies.
Ticket* can be hart at the following places : Messes. Hewitt's
Music Store, ?W Broad way. At will's 2*1 Broadway; Jollie'sSt5
Broadway; Geib it Wa ker's Mtiden Lane; Franklin Coffee
House, Maiden Lane; and at Niblo's Saloon. Members can
receive their tickets by calling at the office of the Secretary,
No. 2 i. City 11*11 Place. jW-dtfB*
HALF PRICK MIMIC.? New ami tasliionabte
Music (or the piano forte and flu* at 3 cents per page.?
Also, childrens' colored toy iKtoks of every kind for sale very
cheap at MRS KING'S Book store, 141 FaHon street.
MORRISON'S HYGEIAN PI LLS? Packets from 25 cenn
to (3. Also, Powell's Balsam of Aaaiteed for eouglis, sliort
ness of breath, asthma, kc. Also, Iwtmet arvl Wlster's lozenges.
Also, indelible ink for marking on linen without preparation,
for sale as atore. nl-Sti'
. 1\I K W ( \ I? I COKS, ?H A WL?, itc -P. it G.
p IV BROWN, 4? Canal st. 4th store from Broadway, respect
fully inform the Ladies of New Ynrk.that ihey have just re
ceived by the late packet from Liverpool, several eases of Bri*
tish Calicoes, containing above one hundred elegant patterns 5
among which Is one lately selected and worn by the Queen of
Also, several eases Bmehe Phawls, from $1 and upwards; a
superior article at flM to $5; a case of Cheniile Shawls only
9<>5Aeach; Bruisu and French Mennos, laiubs wool hosiery;
Flannels, lie. at reduc-d prices. j29eodl w*
Soo aeresof first rate land, aHout 5 miles from Batavia,
Gene>aee conn y, New York? 280 clear, with a good farm
hituse, two barns, ami other necessary uui buildings? is consid
ered inferior to none in the ssate. For further particulars call
on J. D. P. M Nassau su
N, B. The above will be in icparate parceb, say If* or 150
acres, if desired. JlMw*
36 W all *t. Nv w York.? The Cmnpinf having likm lb* bank
in* hoaae uf Mea?r* n. It M. Allen v Co offer ibeir aervicea i c
buyin? selling, diacounllrt g ami collecting ????*?? aad drafUl r
the *tate*, ?n favorable i?rm?, aad in buying and ?el
Unit gold and tllver and uncurrent bank note* generally. The
plan which thin UtatitiMion have taken In Riving ample icrurity
(?to Ike hand* of dlMntere*ted gentlemen of reputation ami
worth, have rained Tor it the tnoat undoubted confidence? co
roach ao that their check* or draft*, oa the different hank* are
taken by the principal Wrokera, and past an readily, aad al Uie
same rule* a* Uie bill* of tbe liank* an which tb?y are drawn.
?II S?w*
a~.d other Machine*, a No. ft fit relay *<rer t, will *l>ortly elate; j
ami to accommodate many who have heard tmf Milliman lee
turv on tbia*abiert. ll.e ticket* will he put at tS tent* each ?
Alto a aplendtd ?-t ot ra?nioramt? viewn, wbirh, with the gla*a
ea, w ll he wld a bargain.
I pie led our arrangement* wiih the mvnul'artuter?, (and
wiahms to redu-e our ?tock.) we mw offer for aale, either hy
the package or from the *hvl ve*. ( for catlt or approved paper,)
?ne af the choice* *eleellon?o< Table anil MmaH Cutlery in the
raited Hialea ? among*! whicb ate *llver, pearl, and i?ory
handle table and de*ei t Knivea and Fork*; *elf lip, Mag, white
Bone and Sham* liy the package.
Roger*', Crook*', Marahe'a, and Biitrhrr'* Itaror* and **iall
Cutlery, in aim tat end I'M vaiiety: ladiea' and gentlemen'*
Dreaamg Caaea, Bagatelle Table*, and Travelling Caaea ;
belt, holater aad duelling PiMola ; Nut Cracker*, Cliee*e
Bcoep*, aad Cbampairn Opener* ; Ktirm?htng Mtorea. Bta
tianem and reiaderaaupplieil aa aaoal.
N. B .Hole agent* tor the *alenf M-chi'* Btropa, Ratnra, kc.
lie. oravelky <i wkr ak?.
jVIm* V Aatnr Honae. |
SHIONB.-MorNT k WILSON, corner of Broad and Bra
? e*ratreet?. up atair*.? We r. ?|>eci i nil ? infnrm ?nr r??oia
er* and Ihe public, that oor well known (Niga Painting) ealah
liahiaent la now al No. Hi Rmad *treet. corner of Braver*!,,
Over Meaar*. Warner fc Kterated'* paint More, where we are
prepared to attend in all o-dera for fill or painted "dg'i*. Lei
leria/ oa (Jranite, *.??., for the approaching bu?ine*a.?
AH w<<rk eotrn*t?d In u* *hall he flni*hed with the utmo*t de
?patch, and in the nmat cnrr?c mi l elce?nl Myle. I
tT Ornamental *ign*, Banner*, Flag* and Engine Back*
painted by a* in the moat ta*t?Tul manner
ja 8 lot* M->r NT' Wl ??\
pleasure lo in'orm lit* It lend* and ihe puhlii In g< neral,
j thai n* ha* opened an ApoHiec >ry'a "More at No. ftf Cnamlieft
? t, two door* troni Chatham, where he will he happv to toll
day and night npnn tbr??e who aiav honor him with th- ir pa
tronage. lie ha* *tudied in Europe, >nd for tbe I i*t ulilrif
month* be ?a? employed in .he well known e*mlil1?hnieat o!
Mr. J. Mdbaa, where be tru*t* be ha* (fi?rn entire *atia
Medicine* of tbe he*t analliv will lie u?e I by him. and pbrai
rfaa'? are*oript?on? will be put up wiliicate and de*pnich.ami
ai ihe lowe*t ?ernia poaaiiile. nff-.lm*
BnoTfiRonTN, Aiwn *iioci,-a
(IR <Nt) i I H losl I' Y,? Th"*e who wi*b la ?ee a real |
curi"?iiy a?d evperien' t a benefit at the ?ame time.ha<l better
call ?? thoa" iinme u*e Knc* ami Bhar R*tabli?bment<, No*.
tn * 2 ami 9*4 Canal *1. kepi hv Rlt'llAROM k tt Al K KM. !
Their a??or!iaenl un<i-l? af fall il> non pair* of M
time* thai cjaantilv ol ^boea, mo?? eleraa'lv ma te, and of the I
very he*t material*. Ei?e miamea eaam'natina (alter Ihe pi W
re* are mentioned) will *ati*fy anv one that hi* lime ami lro?- 1
Ma have mil been mi rop-rly b? atoaed.
<Jentl? men'? d. table c* f ?ktn wat. r prtwif Root* only |4 * I
tbe pair; eh-gant dre*? and wet weatlter B? i? for the winter,
only tXM* %iT> to and aome ffl.fta; *iont Boot* made j
fa?hionah'e. to $i ike pain fd. eanl ladh-?* ffllpper*. I
cent* to % I tlie pair; r re nnt Oar.et B ?ot?, f I "<? to $2 the ptir; j
toifelher web lh >a?aml* of other ^rt rle* tao mimerigi to I
peatlo a, anch aa lifteal kaiad a>'d fn e ? B n?k I n?, |? r nnd '
farred India Rahlter*; patent water rroof %1ocra*ln*. ke. kr ? I
B Mia** aad Chil iren'* B->oia and JMtoea of all kimi*. In
abort, every thing in Ihe liae thai t* i?anird for amilv na^, may
ha had at pi icea ?.o ow aa ta Induce rverv on<' tobnv, wkt'r
air ailirlea wlH He Innad Ihe Imp** that Ihe cliy affori. , and
iaaMoaahte aanke. Apply at i
No*, t.a, aad 7.4 Caaal *treel,
(iW-lm* LarftM manufacturer* and relailert In ikt clfy, j
l iy mo. it.
THE Second Aaaual BALL of the North River Fire Ceas
pany will take plaaa M Tuuunv Hail, am MMdijf eve
ning, Febraaiy 10U, 1888.
la ana?Dn?ing tltu their second Anaual Ball, the committee
wiiii in inform their friensis and the public in general, that the
tame exertion* used at llieir previous Ball wilfbe fully sustain
ed by this. The Hall will be decorated with banoers, torches,
and other emblems ?f the Fire Department, and neither paus
nor expease will be (pared to add to the gratification 01 those
who may favor the company with their preface en the above
I evening. Brown'* celebrated Band i* engaged? the floor be
ing under the management ?f Mr. Parker, assisted by a com
Tickets, (with ladies' tickets accompanying them,) price $1,
10 be Iih< I at the Bar of Tammany Hail ; Moran i fc Brown's,
I No. J2<) Water street; Hobokeu House. corner ol Hohoaenand
Washington sireet ; J. B. Miller's, 345 Hudson, wear Morton
street, ui ol either of the members comprising the committee.
By Order?
j29 3i* WM. M. BOGERT. Sec'y.
QOil REWAHOt-thT Pressroom of the Christian
(]9?U Intelligencer, ia therearef 29 Ann street, was broken
open, anil ab'>ut 11 quires of paper stolen. The above reward
will be giveu ou conviction of the thief, or thieves. The paper
had been wet down lor use. j27-3'.w
dfcK it 10 W A K Dd? LOST ? A Setter Do?; color whit.-,
with brown spots, answers to the n>me ?f D ?sb : had oh
a collar with the owner's name and residence. Whoever will
re'-urn said Dog to No. 303 Fulton street, shall receive the above
reward j27-3i*
TO 8POHTSM KN? For salt-, a pMent lr Uan, or
Air Cane, one of (lie He<st t lint has evet lieen brought to
this country .made by Parker, ol London, ai.<l cost 20 pou ? <K
sterling. li is an elegant article for any gentleman travelli g
south ?r wt *t. Can tie used as n walk n f cam- ar d will throw
a ball from 100 to 1.50 > ar<l?. To l?e seen nt 'he store ol
BLUNT it SYMS, 'Jun Makers,
Mb, to Cbsiksa at,
The Brooklyn Light G ards will give 'heir first Mi liary
and Civic Kail, at III. DSOVg CITY HOTtL, on Tuesday
Evening, 30th January, 1 838.
Tickets $1, t? admit a ^entl^mnn and two or more ladies,
can be had at Wm. H. Williams' Store, 1H9 Fulton street, oppo
site Cranberry street. By order of the Company,
j27 3i* D. L. lloLPEN. Secretary.
WAN VKii IM.HEDIATELV.-A journeyman
Bather who unilers anus shaving, bair cutting ami curl
i njjf , and wig making;. Owe who perfectly understands the
above branches will hear of a pood situation by applying at
No. 17 Park ttow. None neea apply unless perfectlv <|ua i
fied. _ ,i*i-3f
W< D. <i.
DUFF UOttDUN Ai Ct?. No. 70 Broad ?t ofl'er for
sale a choice assortment of the Sherry Wiues ol their own
brand, in hogsheads and quarter casks, entitled to debeuture.
j <W-]ni *
a tal.or, who 1 li his house No. 8i>J Oliver street, N"w
York, ou Friday evening the llth instant, with a man of the
name of Bernard Murphy, since which there has been no ac
count of him.
Descrip ion at follows:? About 26 yearsof age, slim make,
five f'e. t sis inche- high, fair lia'r and light complexion. Dress
as follows? moleskin roundrfl'oui dark pantaloons, Canton
flannel drawers, white flannel shirt, linen bosom and collar,
prten vest, boots both split in the instep, ihey being rstlier
tight Any information ol linn will be thankfully received hy
Ins distressed wife a'ul family, now residing at James Brady's,
No. % High street, Brooklyn. i27-3?*
C^UAL ? Washington Coal V arrl , corner t?l narrow .ml
J Washington sis. ? A stock of superior Schuylkill Peach ( r
chard Coal is at present on hand in this yard, which will be so d
lor cash at very reduced prices. Families will find it to the r
advantage to rail before purchasing. A card with the prices is
efl at Mr. Atkinson's, 1? Beaver st. and orders left thereoral
i he vard will be duly attended to. jS-3m*
| KNICKERBOCKER HALL, near the Park Theatre, on
Mondav.the 29th of January 18S8, at 3 P. M. Tickets f 1.25
'I'he Ball will be held at TAMMANY HALL, en the Friday
i following, February 2nd. Tickets fl.W; or Ball and Dinner
tickets t''U>ther, to one person, $2.
I N. .B. Gentlemen having purchased lb* tr tickets of any
t per. on, will please to apply through the same channel for a
return of th? di tie re nee ia price, or for other tickets to the
I same aaiount.
The committee will meet at half past 7, P. M. on Friday
nest, January 8Btli, at St. John's Hall, Frankfort street, for a
1 final arrangement of the Dinner, and to promote the progress
of the Bali.
tr Tickets to h* had at the bars of the above Halls; ol
Messrs. Matsell,479 Pearl; of Mr. Dilchett, 254 Walker; ol Mr.
Vale, editor of the Beasoa, 84 Roosevelt street; and of the
! committee.
Rick, flour and Carolina hominy
?The following Grocers may be depended oh as selling
I the genuine Rice Flour, Carolina Hominy, and superior Head
Rice, manufactured at the New York Rice Mill. Others deal
ing at the M il, wfco will agree not to sell any other articles
than those obtained there, as mill articles, can have their names
added to ibis list, by Waving their address with the Agent of
the Mill, corner af Jefferson and South sis.
P. L Bornrt, 17t> East Broadway, cor. Rutgersst.
Chester Driggs, 681 Broadway, cor. Amity st
Sturges b Archer. 83 Canal, cor. Ctyprchst.
i Staples, Chase U Ford, 132 Bowerv.
S. t W. Buniirg, 398 Pearl, and 2BG Grand st
George A. Jar vis, 142 Grand st
R. Knapp. fiM Houston, cor. Lawrence st.
Jacob Perkins. 141 Bowery.
i E. Rich k Brother, 96 Bowery.
Win. Simpson. 119 East Broadway, cor. Pike st.
I A. Cnrtiss k Co. 389 Bowery. jS8-lm
O I /T KKVVA Kl> ? Loat, on Tue*day evening, the 23d
l*J intL in the lecture K'Wm of the Lyceum, n Broad
way, or In p is*ing Irom thence llimn^b Hroailwav. Prince,
Bowery, orRivinf ton to Sullolk at. a gold delaehed Anebor
McapimfM Watch, brass cap*, la holes jewelled, No. 1778.?
Whoever return* aaid Watch to Ueorze t:. Ilowsjewel'er. cor
ner of Mulberry and Chatham, or Ww. W. White, jeweller
77J Ban ery, 'ball have the above reward. j25 St*
COMPANY A?IN< Y-No. 44 W.JI ?t. up Mairs, di
rectly opposite the Men hams' Exchange. and lormerlv ac. u
Bied by the Trader*' I ?u ranee Compaay.? This Company
aving e*talili*hed an Acrnry at the above place, afl'er to in
jure Ui#ir fellow rin ifii* ihronglicut the Catted Hiatrs, on
building*. merchand re. and personal property generally ,on
a* favorable term* as any similar inMitat'oa in the city. The
capital Mock having been paid la. and well secured oa bond and
mortgage, the public may rely that all bwaea *u*iala? d by thl*
Company, will be adjusted witb fairness and liberality and
promptly paid.
Edmund Frost, Preaident, Jeremiah J ah neon.
John Morrell, Htephen B Master*.
I<emuel Ricliardeoa, Wm. P. Power*,
Wm Sincla r, Charle* O. Handy ,
Oeorge D Strong, Stephen Storm,
Hearv P. Rol>ert?on, John Skiliman,
William WyckofT.
Viae Pre*ideat and Agent,
w \sniN(JTON POST. Secretary. JtB
An?UHThDPI( KhK? - I
IMM) cases, I dnton each, fallen jar?
looa do do do hall da
mm do do do quart do. pal ap la
?uperior Myle, and fer *ale by
9. k J. B. WPfrLLS, 194 Water ft.
jlVHrn* rie it doer to Holt'* Motel
TmHK LiADIK?>re re*pectiullT Invited to call ami ei
mine the sahacnlter's Mock of l.vni, Oenet and Sqnirre
cape*, peleriifa, muff*, boat, neeli tie* and iwam down trim
ming. Al*o a complete a*aortment of ladie*' and mlvwi1 bea
ver twianet* of e ierv vat ietv nl *h?j>e and color, made on Une
far Kodie*, warranted impervious tp water. Mi? lion a? t* have '
taken 'ha premium at both the Pair* lor two *a?ae**tve yean.
Genll'iaen are informed that they will Had always an hand
medium and Or?rt nap heaverand >ilk hatsnfth rUtest fashtoaa.
Also latter. Seal, and ether for capa of every \ a. tetv. Youth's
and ctMldren*' bat*, far and ctoth <mps. All the above (food*
will he aold oa the moat raaaoaahle terms, wboleaale and ra
Na. SW Chatham Snuare. near the Bowery. n4-1m*
Pref saor TRATB B AH having a few hnurs at hit di(po*al
on the evening* of T oe*day, Tbonwlav and Saturday, would
wtlliagly de?ote them to the i an met ton ni a limited numlx r
ofyognr gentlemen dealrons of learning the above laaguages,
wh cl he ha* been leashing with rreat sucreaa la this city for
aboii 15 vea a.
Hoar* of metro-lion from sl? to nine. equally divided to
both branch**, the stndent of the ns?e enjoying the privilege of
belay pre*e it at the lecture on the other.
* ?ei?i*ter is open at Profeaaor T.'a residence, No. 87 C anal
street, where gentlemen may en'er their aame* and residence
he. As ?o <a a* *it, w ich is the tl.-vi Ife I number of eaeh class,
are iascrihed, the instruction will be rin.
C7 Terma, |I2 per i|u irirr imSI IfMOTk jSBSt*
CILI'IIATK OK <A I I > I \ IC? warrantee peneriij
?7 pure
Snlphatr ard Acetate Morphia*? warraated pare? ia 1
o?. vial*.
.lajube Pa*te? Prencli- irst ^oallty? la Aaud."i0lh. bote*.
White Wp* ? .Wlbs. suitable fur retail.
Swjim'* Panicea ? at manufacturer's prices, with Bpanish ot
Kngliafc dlreetionR
Medicine Che*t* ? for Oitpa r amilies.
W bile ><liin?? Preach? lor planters, he. ? a larpe ss*?rtmenl
Tunic Mature? warraated cure twr the Hrverand anur.
s?,la ami Heidliit rowder*? bv the pro** or ib?ren : together
? nh a arre ent of Hrap*. Chemical* and Panry artl
clr- far sale wboleaale and retail, hv
oSI-Sm* < WBWmw Mreet.
||(0\ <H \ KB*.? Thepttbltc are Invited locafl at A. M
M'<en?. N'? T2< P> arl?'reet, up ?taim. an?l etiinine Kentf* fn
I,, I . hfi'm H -nvfH /ran Saf".?,to "'Imr ? iili il,e tnanv ?ati?
factory a*?denca* in hi* n i**< ??ion, of th<- perfect security ot
Mio'e jo?lly oelehrated f<afe? airaln?t ftre and rohbar* i aad alai
i i b? n lihe''n?, (una (oaml ta abundance
i ten Maml. in Ibe *ombe ??<?"?' of Pei>a*vlvania, ao.
In other *ection? of the I'nlted States, and with which eacf
Sale I* thoroughly lined.) toresi*t efl'actnaMr the moat i?ten-?
lie^t. Anvmtr t tie numerou- farts we adduce in pr-of of the
entire effcary of tbe?r Malt ? in p oti n-r th? Ir content* from
lijnry by fre we merely select the following.
J"hn '?cot' (tlie sole patentee for the application af the
era/ ,f<fcrrfi??in the const rttclioa of ^ irtm *?le*^ etpn^l In tin
City ..I Phil4,lelphia. on the fftk (W? I R*?. In ih* preaeace o'
anmerons cititea*. a wnnih >h?t. i ovi re?l 4 aainchfhinl
with A*heaU??, t? the huri< tcoloae ?ord of *ea*oae?l wood
the h<n r> as Ailed with ke?r-Aia/#er? paper and when
Opened Ha conteats aer<- tr>?ad ur.init'r? d, although the Ira*
grate npon which it rested ? a* l? a t*4w? A**'. Woe nl
,4*hr?t ji VKett', (the only oa*. we l?elieve, in thia ctty at
that lime) was la the ronntmg l?on*e i?l Mesar* Hubbard k
In Pv liaii|-e P|?re 4t the i ai<' in fhe great lire tn thn
?by, * hi*h saved all its materia naininred.
Their eartirtcate, with a namher ot otheranf tk* higbe?t ra
*pe tahllity, together with tffe vai itm* pattarn* nf the above
?afes. aiay be ?een at fb" ?tore of A. H. M?m, ff?. J tt Ptmrr<
ir** f. agent to the manufhcrnrea, o| whom ihey aaa ba obtain
ml at onr regular wholesale price*.
al-fcn* JOHN SCOTT k C<?.
i - 1
-A CARD.? P. WAiXIS. ^saa, rmiHwl ifr ??
nnfWMila irrnKry 10 the opening of a fashionable Hat Es
tatJubioeat, would ji<bf Mi friends and tbe eenaninnity at
large, thai Le ii now prepartd to offer fur the inspection ol
those whe may honor ton wkk a visit. aa article which he
fondly hope* will be too ad raited to their detfres.
la appearing before the Fashionable World, to wannfacttire
and provide thu must essasHlal article of dreas, and to ?br it
to the various wants aad p?*cnliarilies 01 a anaa ol vaue, the
proprietor h> uotina* nsibleofllie magnitude ol the underlet lu,
but rests. with perfect confidence, in the experience he hal
derived during niaay yearn' constant, close and practical ap
plication 10 this most particalar branch of the business.
For die infarmatiet of those wbo mar choiie to favor him.
llie proprietor would state bia decided determination to deal
strictly on the Caik Prtneipmt. The iacilttws ol purchasing
the material for luanulaataring , eatirelyi ore a*_,tte w?>uld
le:*e to the judgement ef a decerning public, p.ei.gtngi 1 m
?elt that no pains orVxpenee shall be wanting on hit a art te
secure the approbation of bia customers. and engaging u ??
ever watcMal, to anticipate tneir aesires He would solicit
candid, unbiased, inspection 01 the good* ol bis production
An assortment of Cane*, Umbrellas, Stocks, Glove*, Brusnei.
he, constantly on hand. sl-Sm* WAl<LIH. IW Broadway
"Keep the feet dry, the head cool, and bid defiance to the pliy.
?icia 11."? Botrhaaxt.
THE fair and lovely of the land are cut down in the l-loom
of life, owing to the diseases arising from wet feel. Do
we then woauer at the roughing and barling, Had pains rheu
nuie, lliHltnable the doctors to rdc in tueir ciaclies And
when such diseases have taken p'.are, 1 1??- house Uon lire, and
danger in nuil wnflf. Wv would then c iuii<?n our readers, do
matter how healthy, to guard against wet feet. An Ounce of
prevention it. woilli a pound of catf.?PKitadtli'hia Journal of
What is t^e destroyer of blw.im an. I happiness.' Cold and
wet fe? 1.? U. S. Uasrtte.
P G NAGLE, of Philadelphia, respc-clfuilv informs the
pi^silic thai he 1? now located nt the Boot mid ?lio ? Eestablisb
MentefMi*. Ryder, No. 5 Bneknian st. Clinton Hall. The pre
?"nt opportunity isembrnced to in orm ine reader, that alter
several > 1 ar> i xperienoe mid tr al the subscriber lias discover
ed a composition which readers leather of every description
completely impervious, even t snow water. 'I he Araericiui
Institute lias twice home testimony to iu great utility Uy
awarding 1 he first diploma in 1836 ind 13r>U and has met with
lhe most decided approbation of the Franklin Institute of
Phi'adelphii-? luthoritiesol the highest respectability.
Notwithstanding the revision aad severi'y of the patentlnw,
Congress granted the exclusive right and liberty to this disco
very lor the term of fourteen years lrom the 10th day ?t Febru
ary, I *37.
This Composition imparts to the leather a soft and pliable
tex<u;e which give* to all articles made from it an elastic quali
ty, and will consequently wear much loager. The necessity
lor wearing overshoes is thus superseded.
In answer to numerous questions, ttie subscriber would res
pectfully inform the reader that the Patented Composition
1. oes not contain a particle of that offensive and clumsy article
? India Rubber.
Gentlemen who value health and love dry feet are respect
fully Informed that the Patentee will be in attendance at the
atiove establishment. The Government papers, Diplomas,
Certificates, Letters, Ac. are open for inspection. Tl?e Com
position is put up at 50 cents per box. Sea Captains and
sportsmen would ilo well to procure the article.
P. G. NAGLE, Patentee.
All communications postpaid. P-tent Rights iiUhis and the
adjoining districts for sale, except the county of Kings, which
isswld to Mr. Edward Gallagher, 75 Fulton st Brookl>u.
N. R. Reference to the most respectable gentlemen in this
city can be given. jl7dtMl*
1. Effected with use alone of BK AN DR ETH'S Vegetable
Universal Pills, are published for public perusal. It is to be
hoped they will be read witlmut prejudice >
Case VII. Inflammatory Rheumatism.? Mrs. Thomas, in
consequence ot premature exposure, took a heavy cold, which
terminated in a severe attack of inflammatory rheumatism,
atteailed witb distressing nervous weakness, which caaiinued
with great severity a lopg time, notwitlistrnding the best me
dic*! advice was had in tbe case. It is well to observe that at
the time of commencing with the Pills, she was scarcely able
to move, but having heard of great cures being effected by
their use, she was indueed to make a trial of them 'I he first
few doses afforded great relief. Being thus encouraged, she
persevered in the use of them according to direction, and the
result was, that after usiag the above medicine about six
weeks, -he found herself not onhr cured of rheumatism, but of
every other disease with wh eh she had been afflicted, vanish
ed like darkness before the morning sun. Signed.
David Thomas,
Vine street, between 9th and lOtb streets, Philadelphia.
Case VIII. Dyspepsia, pain in the side, bead, Ac. Mrs.
Welch, living in Market st. near 13th, Philadelphia, bad been
afflicted several years with Dyspepsia, attended with severe
Bain in the left side, dizziness and pain in the stomach; had
ten under Uvatmcat of some of Uie most eminent physicians,
but without receiving any essential benefit) was induced
through the recommendation of her f riends to make a trial of
tbe Brandreth Pills, allboughfiom having tried so many medi
cines without effect, she fell almost oiscuuraeed, Kut to her as
tonishment, the medicine accomplished what all others had
failed to do. The relief afforded by the doses first exceeded
her mast sanguine hopes. The symptom* yielded one after
another, ano now she is happy to state that she enjoys better
health tlsa n for years before, and feels indebted solely to your
Vegetable Universal fills for ber recovery. Hassince recom
mended the Pil.s to a frisnd of hers, who has l?een afflicted a
longtime with a complaint in ber nose, which thx li pleased 10
say is doing well, and hasevery appearace ot being completely
cured by in* ?inyular medicine.
Case IX. Consumption, caused by Worms ? This medicine
has been found singularly effective In expelling Worms. Mrs.
Ital?h bvinc in South street, near llth, Philadelphia, had
beeu afflicted several years with paias in her side and breast,
attended with a gnawing sensation in the stomach. Her phy
sician had never heen able to afford her any relief, declaring
at one time she had the consumption, at another time the liver
complaint Her husband procured from me a 2r> cent box of
your Vegetable pills, which she thinks brought from her in
llie short space of three days, over 1000 wormiof various sires.
SM?e continued to persevere with them until she attained a de
gree of health asunlooked for by herself asit was astonishing
to her friends.
Caae X. Tape Worm ?David Andrrw*, an apprentice to
Mr. Myera, pump makar, Queen Mreet, between Front and
Second rtrects, had beva complaining a long time with paina
in the side and l> ????!, at time* a farMBM aji|><tu*-, at other
lime* none; had become reduced to a mere akeleton, wa? ad
vi*ed by liia Irienda to make trial of the Brandreth Pill*, a few
doae* of which brought from Mm a tape worm over 9 leet in
length. ll ia i.eedlea* to add, that alter thi* he mended apace,
and wi< noon in the enjoyment of found health
Said w>rm can at any time be teen at the Philadelphia of
fice, 169 Race at reek
Cane XI. Worma.? Another lady, wltote name I am not
permitted to make pablic, although Mie baa kindly permitted
me torefer any pemoa to her, wu afflicted much lathe name
manner aa David Andr? wa, and by u*ing the Pill* a abort lime
alao, parted with a tape-worm.
Numl>erle** other instance* have occurred triisilar to the
al?ove, which neither time nor apace will permit me to give in
The following letter waa received a few daya aince, which
in only another link in the atrong chaia of evidence in proof of j
the virtue* of your excellent Pilla.
Caae XII. Khenmatiam.? Brandy wine, April 7. 1W7.? Mr.
William Wrlpht: Dear Sir,? In the winter of 1835, a<y wife
waa very much afflicted with inflammatory rbaumatiam, ao
had that I waa obliged toaaaiat her in and out of bed forwetfc*
together, dur ing which lime ?lta had tried almoat all kinda of
meoiclne* withuut receiving any eateatial benefit | hearing of
Dr. Brnndreth'* Vegetable Unlveraal Pill*. 1 wa* Induced to
give her them. BefVire ?he had uaed 8 hoie* aperfct care
wa* effected, aince that time I have never iteen without aaid
Pill* In my hea^a. Your* very reapectfully,
Edward Patcc.
Ci?e XIII. Ncrofula, I3y?ar?tandmg.? A highly reapacta
hie R'ntleiuaii, living in Philadelphia, who for reaaoti* of
private nature, request. iha'liu name may not appear in the
i public print*; yet. nevertbeleaa, Invite* n?' who are aimilarly
ai!li<-aled to r ? 1 1 nail ?^e l,,r tbeiu?el ? ? ? IIm wonderful cure per
formed upon him. Hehad been afflicted with acrofala *lnce
the veur i R^4. -? u r |m whi<li time l.e had been under Um tree !?
1 rwent of *ome of the moat eminent of the lac ult v ol Philadelphia.
without receiving oth?r than partial relief | think* he had uied
| a* much a* fifty dollar* worth of Nwaim'* Pauacra. hot to no
I effect. He had tried the Thompson tan medicieea effe-taally.
bnt rereive.t no henafit, and waa finally injured to make a
trialof yoor V?ireuble |Taivrr?al Pdi?, although he confetaed
that no per*o*i could have been more prejudiced against the
medicine than hunaelf : it apoeared to him tmpoaafbfe lor a
a medicine ao timpie in it* operation to perform ao mach ; hut
afier u?ing a few ootaa hi* tloolita all vaaiabed? hia face, which
before he liegan to a*e lite Pill* waa one entire ulcer, ia now,
though dreadfally *c an ed, completely healed, and ha* become
ao healthy ?* m> enable Mm to *baveoverlt with comparative
comfort : and one of hia anna, which waa fearfally ulcerated,
i* now, bethink*, perfectly aoand.
N. B. Hi* addreaa ia left at the Phila<ielphia office, 169
Race Mreet.
In Eptiepay or lolling *ickneaa, t he *ame aMoniahing revult*
have followed the one of the Pilla. They have invariably,
when persevere, I with according lo dir?cti*n, nhta in ed com
plete u tumph over thi* moat diatrearing di*e??e
We have aeveral certtfieatea of care* of th'? dreadfal com
plaint, not only ia Philadelphia l>atal**> in lie- Mtrronodhtg
country, and in many caae* whore they have been afflicted tor
year*. ______
Ca?e XIV. Rpile pay.? A gentleman llelnr'" tbenpperpart
of Philadelphia had been troulded with the anove romplaint
14 year?, the fit Hetotnn g m ?re and more foquent and with
inerca*lng violence, nntll he bad become almrwi incapol'le of
attending to haaltwa : at length, aa a la?t reaort. he maite trial
el your Vegetable Universal Pill*, which had a nv>?t happy
effect upon hitw j the ha immediately began lo tuhaide, and
no ? he think << WftMalf perfectly free Rnni the alaive complaint,
not having' had any reiorn fbr ffee month* ?> ral instance*
?itnllar to the nhove have come under my own immediate nf>
aervatioa, all proving th- ettranrdinarv po'vernt the llrand
reth PA* in removing d i?e a *ea of apparently the m ?t oltati*
rate rbnrat ier. In fart, making vour word* true, that* there
ia no necessity lor any o'her medicine."
Tltere are two thing* Im^onnwt ? to procure the Uennine,
an>' ne?er pttrch??e of Drag Store*.
I?H HBAN DKK.THM* im, in New York are
rrlncipid -187 Hud*on *tre?t.
rentral - I *prju e aireet.
Bowery? 7W Bowery.
?ninit ?f Ctnnlrrfnit, j I.V I m*
tP Thi* p' e|iaration ha*, In all caae* *here It ha* been
n?"d. mid ha? t?een i laced in contact with the nerve of the di*
ea*e.! tooth, thu* far prnved
an inp mxibIjR spr.cirin
for that mo*t teeere am I tot men' i- g an' ?vaace. the T of l?
Actio. Unlike ???! other article* t'?r th?* pur[>"*0. it can he
applied niththr utmoat aafety, a* II ll not ia the le^M degree
hurtful lo the N-eth. and therefor* produce* no irjjurioa* ef
fect* >f placed in contact with tho?e that ate aound. Ai a
ron thk TnoTii Anir.
It* *neer?* ia wiiho*it a rarallel It thorenghly removea
all *oret>i *?, ami leave* the Teeth in a ft' condition for
hetng filled; ami, a* It effectually ?reeatl the progrea*
o< tlee^y, and e*en<ually ream'M tho*e portion* that
have alr?-a<ly become cartoo*j it entirely tleatroya that
dlaagreeahle ameli whieh ia aloay* Impaited to the breath
by decayed teeth. Pree fl# cent* Por?al'* only hr W ?|.
mewon, It Fulton *treel i Jam** " llart, M D., corner
H road way and Cbitmlwrat'ree' s P. W. Union, corner Bowery
and Otto a ?trent, e?rn*r P ke and )!? n y ?treei, ?n<l >? hole
??le and retail. 441 Orand *treet. i?Hween Ka*t Braadway and
Divialon *treeu jU Smood*
A? weiM'l.
ET NIGHT, will b? perionaMd, firu lime in New
PATRICIAN AND FARVENT': or, Confbslon wow Con
loanderi ? sir OstonhiUton de Mowbray. Mr. Uichln**? Sir
Tun nby Stilton, Mr. Placid*? Ellen Riven, Mim Cu?h?un
? Mary Stiiuia, Mr*. Rtchard.on? Mia* Sally ?au?d?ra, Mr*.
> rrnon.
Aft*r which. a PAS DE D EUX-by Maste r and Miss Well*.
A HAILOK'S HORN PIPE? by Mr. Checkeni.
To couclude with
ABON IIASSAN-Aboa Hassan, Mr. Ricbings-Zabonc, Mr.
PJacnle? KuUima, Mis* Cushinau.
11 1 Doorsopen at 6? ? pertoriuanses commence at 7 o'clock
Voxei 1 1? Pit 6<i cents ? Gallery 25eenU.
National, thkithe ? Lmi* /<?!??* om*rm
will be performed
THE LOVK CHASE ? Sir William Kordlove, Mr. H. Wal
U? k? Wiidi ake, Mr. Browne? True worth, M.-. Matthews ?
Constanee, Miss Turpin.
To conclude with
An entirely new Grand Mythological Drama, in three
acts, entitlea TEL KM ACHUS ; or the Enchanted Isle?
Telemachus, Miss Nelson? ca y pso, Mis* Turpin ? Mentor,
Mr. Matthew* ? Alexis Pj Ion, Mi. W. II. WillUm*.
Doors open at t) -KettoriHance begin at 7. Boxes $1. Pit 50
cents. Gallery 25 cents.
APOLLO-4 10 lirundway, ntar C'uiuil utrctt. ? The pub
lic iare<-p?cifullv iiilocme.i last ihu eatabli-huiect will he
epenedon Wednesday evening next when will b? produced,
with entire news enery, dresses, music, properties, kc.,
Tb* grand spectnce id'LURLINE or, llie Hevolt of the
NrtiuJe ? S r Kupert? Bapiine? l*ilgr>m? Knights ? Serfs ?
it"*--? Invhibeo, Lurline?Idex?K,u via? Bridget ? Naiades
Daecers itc.
During tii'* evening the ce'ebrated Sicilinn Orchestra, under
the dir* Ction of Sig. Put', l^in, will perforin lite following
Grand Overtures : ? 1st, Overture o( La bayadere, arranged
for th>* Orchestra y 81*. Lo Bianco : 2nd, Overtu e of II Pi
rat? ; 3rd, Overture of Lo Sposo di Provmcin ; Itli, Overture
of Norn. a.
To conclude with the murii at'mired Ballet of LA SYLPH
Price* of admission throughout the house, 50 cents? children
2) cent*.
boors open at 6J ? leitormance tocorninr nc* at 7 o'clock.
Season and otlie r Ticket* to be had from 1" A. M.to5 P. M.,
at the office of the Apollo, where teats may be secured I
? Thr Public are respectully informed that the Institute is
now open for the season. The collection of animals is the most
reektrcke and extensive that has ever been offered fur public in
spection in tbi< country. Mr. Van Anihurgli wHj enter the capes
at 4 o'olock P. M., anu ^ t 8 in the evening. The hours of
exhibition will be from Id to 12 i n thetotenoon; from 2 to J past
4 P. M., and from 0 10 4 past 9 in the ? veiling. Admittance 25
cents ? Children half pi ice. Every attention will be paid to
the ventilation, and careful officers 111 attendance, to secure the
visiters from the intrusion of improper persons.
Signed C. S. ANGEVINK St CO.
d4-3m* Proprietors.
CMIHSH.? ' The subscriber has just opened in the bu tiding
rear of Sunday Mornioa Newsofice, an apartment hand
somely fitted up lor Chess Playing.
Gentlemen who play or wish to learn the game, are respect
fully invited to call anil see the arrangement*.
The members of the Club are requested to attend the meet
ings every Saturday evening at 74 o'clock
Entrance through Crocker's Exchange Office, No. )} Ann
street, and from Broadway through the lonp hall adjoining the
American Museum. ABM. HASSFORD.
ill 8-3*1*
THIS extraordinary auinial will be exhibited a few days for
the gratification of the curious, at New York Tatter
salls, between tbe hours of 9 A. M. and li P M., Sunday ex
This HORSE is the first ever known in the world to which
Nature has denied a covering of hnir, at once the ornament
and protection of hi* species. In addition to which he also pos
sefses many other peculiarities of appearance, but with great
symmetry tf form, and his substantial points have, by good
judges, been pronounced unexceptionable, and in most parts,
"deemed a model. His color is a beautifnl bronze, with some
whit* mark* ? p?fectly docile, and accustomed to being han
dled, he may be minutely examined by strangers without the
slightest apprehension ?l danger.
The spectacle this animal presents is magnificent and pleas
ing, and the feeling of admiration excited in the beholder, is
unaccompanied bv those disagreeable sensation* usually at
tending a " Lusu* Naturie."
Admittance. V> c*nts. J29-lm*
O" These Pill* are an assistant or natvre, and afford per
'ect r*lief whenevi r any orcansofthe body are unhealthy, re
storing stren-th and health bv removing accumulated impuri
ties ? otherwise, in simple language, vilutrii kumort. Tots is
following nature ? this is taking disease oi/toI the body ? and
no other way ean cur* disease but taking it out. It must be
rarri*d iw?v from the bo*y, not mtrtly 'hanged, as I* the case
when Blue Pill or Calomel is given, or any of the numerous
mineral medicines. It is ia ronserjuercv of the per?piralion
that ariaes from tbe Tliomsonian practice that has brought it
into notice? but sweating is nothing, compared lo purging
with Brandreth's Pills, in the g?od effect* i n th* body. One
dose of 10 pills will remove moie bad humors, by the stomach
and bowels, than a dot*n vapor baths, on Tbomsonianor other
principles, could remove. Purging and sweating i? all that is
required to core disea?e, no matier what kind? ^ ?t caw be ct*
to no oTHta way. BRANDRETH'S PILLS are both sudo
rifie and cathartic ? that is, produces both sweating and purg
ing, In someea^es, they produce vomiting ; this is oalv when
the stomach is in such a state of loulnrss that it cannot cleanse
itself bv any other means. Tliey always produce health, be
caase they invartablv excite every organ to healthy action?
in other words THEY ASSIST nature tw bring about such a
slate of things as necessarily eaus< s this d?siral>Te result
No method is an sensible as tbe following Nature. Mankind
has been long enough out of her path, an-t untortunately arter
?anything but common sense, and guided by any whim hut rea
son. Let us abandon, then, false notions and false purine* ?
let us endeavor to resume the path of nature, and be guided by
the llfht of reason? let us reaae to ruin our eyes by ga* or
caadle light, and we shall need no opticians ? let as cease do
ing those things which are contrary to the nature of oar bo
dies, and we shall need nw physicians? let us endeavor to Ami
oat what is natare, what are the laws that govern her. In this
work experience most be oar teacher, and prejudice most be
?rever discarded a* our companion.
MAKING MONEY.? Vide Dr B.'i adv^rti?f?f?L
What do rtruggitu prove by making and vending eour terfelt
PiiU, purporting lobe
Ut. That they are eaiirelv without
S*l. That no other inetiielne it required by thepahlle-or
why do NOT ihe*e DRUGGISTS counterfeit other PII.LS,
in tneaamewny tliey do l?R RKANDRETH'S f Mi ni ply for
thi? rea?on? No other PILI.W *a*e
ever effected the extraordinary rur? that tlieae Pill* are
to have effected.
Neveetbeleaa llie*e counterfeiting Druggiat* have done, and
are rloiar, the fhararier of the Geauine a f rent deal of ityury
?hot it ia hoped that iadividaaU will not allow themaelvet to
be deceit d by ^e*igni*g paiaema, whoaeonly object i*lo make
money, and who are periectly careleaa ot roaaeqaence*. It la
a matierrif no iaipartaace to U em whether lite poor child ia
reacued from a bed o4 ?lrknea* ami reatored to the yearning
arm? of ita parent, or whether him oa whom a large family rely
aolety opon for ?ut>Port. i? prevented fiom ffllmg an early and
untimely grave The time may come when the great reaa of
their rollt ?hall become clear to their now benighted uader
?landing*, and then It i* hoped they will endeavor to make
?owe amend* by the af<er pa- ity of tlieir live *.
Rver? author i*ed Areat ha* a copper? late certificate ?<
agency, aad ba* It exhibited ut In* *tore. Never purchase an
leaa thia ia ?een? aod have aonie regard a tax to the character
the agtai Iteani among hi* lellow rititena He muat be a him
erable vilain who woold place the life of a feHow creature in
danger for the parpnee ?( making more v.
Central, I Spraae *t.
Bowery , Tit Bowery.
Grand ?t. "fRce, D II. Hunt, Ml Grand M.
Weal?t. office, A. barren, Jr.. 13 Weat ?t.
M ? A. B. Warren, Si -
.H Mou*ton M. eor. Lewi* at. O 0. Wright.
!W Catharine U naar the market N. C Nofr*.
1*1 Opinion M. near Pike ?L E II Tupp.
80 Veaev ?t. between Greenwich aail Waalvngloa ita. B. B.
Taylor. . _
?* Greenwich at. eor. of Warren, J. O Fialer.
ITt Browne >t. near Clinton *t Jibe Novea.
C or. Hm.Mtn k llaaimond ?!?. Th?a. Kyle.
tiM Water ?i. ?lr*. Btandlord.
*M Broadwat ami .1M B >werv, J. k W Plarkett.
Wi F?Rnn, oppwaite tl>e market, Michael 0*Doaol.or.
7? Chatham at Ilneek Ban *, hooktellera.
72 Hlaotoa. ror Gtrn *t Peter Cunningham.
21? Blerrk- r ?t. Mr* B rnard
1R<4 Hoda- nat. J T. Burnton.
MoUikan N. J. C<m*ider Lufbcr.
Htrlem. J J Kenvon
Willt.tm?bnrg h. I. I . W na Thonaa, North 2d *t
Brooklyn I. I Mr*. Rook.to Fulton ?t.
Jamaica L I Jaa. HerHman.
Ovate r Bay, L I. Stephen Bart.
S.ath Hampton. L I , J. ?. II San*maa.
Mar Harbor, L. I. Alfred Edward*.
Rorkaway, L I. Samael Pear*all..
Grecnport, I* I. XWSBter Haven*.
The above Agent* have each their rertlfieale of Agency, and
no perann ha* Oenaine Brandretli PIIU for ?ale who ba? not
one jl Im*
W A IB I KD? A married practical farmer, with a lew
growa rhlhlran.aiiber tmennti, EnglUh or Scotch, na
deratanillnr hi* bumnevi in all it* branch**, to take charge foe
?ne third ahare of a farm ot ?cre*. in one of tl?e maat pro.
^active ^art* of ihe ?tate of New Yora, on a canal in juneiinn
with the North River Apply, with cood reference*, ti? letter
oB 4% i lower po?t affice. iflendlm*
'WTTTTl . Thirieea neat three alorv hrirk hoa*e?, aow
I ftn'ahbtp, between Eleventh and Twelfth *?reet*, (eaHe?l
Union Coart )oa Jachaon ^venie, or Woo?ier *treet ; *aitahle
t?-nemen|a for re*per|ab|# merlian'ra ; al*o a vpacioa* three ,
?toer h< aa^ IVoMiag on the Avenue, intended for a grocery
More and de eillar.
The ahov ? III l>e lei at a low ren? to re?pectable tenant*, by
appleing to Th'?m** Macfaclaoe, Twditli *treet near TMrd .
\y iui? Ipp'v 1 ~i|i li ? ?irv ..| J and P. M l| 1
r~FilM It *? l?~LOl?WIW<? ?IMUI?
I'eniH moderate. Apply at 19" N??*?" e?re* t Ji-lni
NIC W Yuam TAfTimiA!iLI-Th? r ?filar
salea M Horvi, CirriMN, he. at (bis well kn*|tee?eb
Uibant conttone in take place every Mi^jr at NMrtoafc,
mad tbe proprietor ha* ilit adopted the ?lloa^u :
"?enlewen having horses for wW A| ^-rharg^l any
thing for entrance nil u? 1st May mmu Tke nanal *om?tt?
?ion. fca. will be charged on acNMl sales only."
The next sale will commence ?n Motda j, Feb. 5, 1KB. at
12 o'clock, and all b?r?es, kc. Intenofd for fM? salemuaibe
shewn aa<i entered on or before baturday, Feb. 3d, at 5 P ML,
a? no bone can br offered at aeetki i anlrai rtg iatered m tine
for tbe catalogue.
JOHN W. WAT80If, 44fl Broadway.
N. B. Horses regis lered for sale must br left at New York
Tattersalls before 12 o'clock on the day of sale, or they will
not he offered. jll8ai*_
and tbc fall valor riven in ca*h, by
No. 220 Bleecker street, nrar Carmine street,
mew vo?k.
IT Knowing there are person* who make a great puff in
their adverfoement* fo<" Cast Off Clothing;, and who id itiany
cases ? o not (five the full value for the Mine, H. L. will a*,
sure those Oeuilemen who may have ?urh articles by (Item,
and who may send tor hint, of tlteii receiving the veiy ut
most value hi cash for every article.
N. It. A line through the post ntfiee nr otherwise, to the
above address, will meet wilh due attention. jfi-3m*
C A It I)S.
VISITING CARDS, in plain writing, the Italian and fancy
band*, prin>d on the polished German Tore lain Canl, may
be procured ;it the corner of Maiden la ne anil Broadway, at
^TOUT'S K i graving E.tablUhuiew, where specimen hooka
may be seen.
Also, silver plate Door and Number plates, tb* p!aiintrof
which in uncommonly thM'k, tbe silver being exprrptly roiled
for ilie adveiliser.
Merchant' Commission Cards, eieruted with distinctness
and ta.te.
Letter Stamps, Consular and Notorial Seals engraved to or
Brass Door Plates, Knockers, L c.
ST OU T, corner of Maiden lane
dS0-3m* and Broadway.
Brown A Co.'? One Prices! Hat Store.
t3" Til E suhsci (hers, since the year 1834. Imve aimed at
furnishing the public with an elegant and substantial
Wat of ibe most graceful form at the accommodating
pri. e of $3. Tiiey ran uow >.ay that their eltorts have
aeen crowneo with triumphant success. The Hats uiaaulac
lured by them during the last threat months surpass in beauty
and finish any heretofore offend, and stand pre-eminent
among those oi higher prices worn by the fashionable part of
the community.
They have just completed their arrangements t<s sell a plain
Caster Hat for $3.50, which in point t?| style end finish, ele
gance nt form and general appearance, wdl compare with those
oi the highest price*. All sales for ca'h, aad no deviation in
a16-3m* 178 Chatham Square, cor. Molt sL
CO. have constantly for sale
Oil Vitriol, Alum,
Bleaching Salts, Copperas,
Aqua Amonia, Maris lie Acid,
Aaua Fortia, Nitric Acid,
Blue Vitriol Manganese,
And many"other articles in the line of their business.
Orders will he received at their Banking-houxe. No. 214
Broadway, or at the office oi their agent, No. 51 W**t street.
ngt-lv* QUO. B. GILBERT. Ag en i.
Second AY mil lintel.
(ET E. JONES (formerly of Prnvidenre, R. I., and late of
Harlem, N. Y.) respeettully beg* leave to inform hi* friend*
aud tbc public in general that he has taken the above well
know n lintel, which lie intend* fitting up in a style not to be
?urpaaaed. His W ine> and Liquors are of tbe best quality, and
no paintor expense * ill be spared to render every thing com
ft rtable to all who may tavor him with a call.
He would also inform the public that the lioate being very
commodious, he will l>e prepared at all limes to accommodate
Societies Arbitrations, Court Martial*, and meetings nt all de
scriptions with spacious and aity rooms, and good servant* to
N. B. Supper and Dinner Parties will be attended to in real
epicurean style at tbe shortest notice, aud lefreshmem* con
stantly on baud. jl7-lm"
KxoliaNge Reading: Itawm aud Foreign
Letter Office.
IET Till Proprietor of the above establishment take* great
plearare in announcing to hi* friends and the merchants gene
rally, that be ha* removed luto tlie large and splendm fire
prool room in the new Exchange, on the William street side.?
Neither pains nor expense hnve been spared in the arrange
mentsof ilie News hoom. and the establishment i* now be
lieved to be the be.t of of it* kind in the United State*. In
addition to the numerous fifos of American ami foreign papers
and prices current, are kept record* of arrivaUand clearances,
sales of stock at tbe Board ol Brokers, Telegraphic Reports,
and a daily list of the arrivals of stranger* nt nil tbe princi
pal hotel*.
The Foreign Letter OiHce ha? been fitted np ?o as to K?ve
the greatest j>o??ible ?atety to ill letters within it. Tha per
fect security against fire and all other accidents, to We obtain
ed by depositing letters in this ofSce, (wiihaut taking into view
the other privilege* enjoyed by sofocrtbers,) is worth more
than the pri e hi submcriptinn to all persons having important
correspondence with foreign countries.
?'X S. 8. GILPIN,
Oiwt is * ou i II I'ASl k ? A mw and elegant arti
cle for tbe TfMh. ? The Orrit Tomb rmt, w bile H kfia>
tifi*?thr tenth, rrmnviag aod preventing every appearance of
tartar, and giving 10 them a clear and pearly whitencta. alto
heighten* (be color of tbe lip* tn? gum*. and give* additional
beauty to the l?ut nurmblc of ll?e mouth? by tta d (infecting
propertic* It greatly lend* lo preserve tbe teeth from decay,
and to purify the breath ? and it alto addt that peculiar a ad fra
grant ?weeine** to the hrrath fur which tl?e < ?rrt# Hoot m t*
iu*Uy celebrated, a? that article enter* larreiy into tbe compo
tiiion of tbe Orria Tooth Pa?de,"giving to nit* ntnie and e**en
tiallv contributing to that agreeable taate aiwt Iragrance, which
thl* Paate ?o pre-eminently po*we??e?. To tboa#- who bate a
partiality for a tooth waih, the Orri* Tootb Paate wlH be par
ticularly acceptable, as it ran readily be converted into a
pieaaaat and nx *t e*?ellent tooth waah by dimmlvlag a piece of
aU>ul ;be ?iic of a pea in a tmall quantity of water, which can
be done ?n tbe ln?tant. The Orrit Tooth Pa?te thn* poaaeaaet
all the advaatage*of a tootb waah witboattbe objection* that
can be brought against the manner in which an article of the
latter description nitw of nere**ity l>w pat up? and it it equally
free from the many ohjectmna that are applicable to tooth pow
Her* from their want or neatnex a* an appenege lo the totet.?
The great number of article* that have been ?uhmitted lo th?
Eobbc lor improving the appearance of the teeth, and which
ave to generally proved uiMatlatactory, induce* tbe proprie
tor of the that* Towth Paate, *o confident it he "fit* vopenor
excellence and virtae, to observe, that *hould It ia aay caae
prove Ineffective the money will be returned.
It caa be hail uf II. C. Hart, 173 Broadway; Mr*. A. C.
Cannon'*, No. 3 Actor Home, Broadway; Jame* M. Tlart,
27* Broadway; George C. Howe h. Co. 14? Chatham M| Joba
M.llowe, Denu*t. 104 Grand *treet, corner of Mercer ; R. M.
Gglon, co ner Bowery and Grand *t, corner Heary and Pthe
*ta, and whole?ala ana re'ail at 441 Grand *t. between Raat
Broadway an* D viaioa *t. Price M cenU. Be carefol t*
?di'ai* the paate. d4 9m*
Do. J, KmAACIH, UhNTIHT'-Hu removed to
I 1M Chamber* *treet. opposite to Hndion ttreet, where be
continue* to practice in all the varion* tranche* of Dentittry,
nn the mo. t recent and improved principle* Hi, premium
Incorruptible Teeth are of tbe be*t quality ? fall tet* are war.
ranted to remain permanent to the gum* without the aae of
?prlag* or ligature*. Tooth ache drop* ibat will care the
mn*i violent toothache in alew moment*, and at the ?a?c
tune pre?crve the tooth, and remove ah pa n liom the gum*.
UMlKli I' K.VKS married by Dr . Frenri.. which can
not he di*tingai*hed from tbe natural, and w ill perform every
motion of that organ wnhoat giv-rvg the ?li*hte?l paia. For
an improvement ia thi* art he ha* received a diploma
Al.o. BYE WATRR. Dr. F. reapectfolly ?olictt*the attea
tioii of tbe public to his moat eaimordmary and vthcacioa*
Rye Water. It haa folly proved itMrlf a moat valuable appli
cation in inflammation and weahne** of the ej ea. Thote thai
have been dia<*a*e<i far year*, it ba? f>er?eelly cared la a faw
day*, and i?e?gagerl Kidnf.
Tl e Rev. J Harrison, 44 Thompaon *treet , procured a bottle
of tbv above for M *. llarri*on'* r)e?, and to hit a*ion tab meat
it ba? removed die dimne** aad paia, which ha* l>eea ricea
?ivef. r raaav ? car*. J* be had a*ed manv eye water*, bat they
ail I'aiird f 1 here tore hope tbe public will ?ooo appreciate
it* value. JOftRPH HARRIBGN
Thi* I* to certiy that I , Mm. JI'CalTrey, No. 2 .lame* tweet,
wi.ln* ef the late Dr M'CaflVey, ha? uted Dr. Fiancit' ere
water, which I am happy U>*tate had the je tired effect, and I
mav aay aaved me from absolute bliadne**. I therefore raa
?af# ly recomm> nd ii a? a most ?a e and valuable eye water?
and only r* quire* 10 he linowr t? make it tapei*e??e all elbera.
from the te<tin?<*ny of tbme who l.ave 1 *ed the Rye Water
prepared by Dr Prancia, I have r>o he*Hationln recommend
ing it to tbe special notic*?( tbe pntilf.
llC-lme P**?>,rof the M'RouRnld-*). ( barcb.
It itvht (.AMPS, W AHK AWT Kl? ? Improved
M- rh<n<.-?l aed <>Miame>n<?l Lampa, receat!) lavemrdhy
Me?- r?. Decan k Co. Pari*, anperior tw aay foimer taveauna
or their MW v an* Iteaoiy.
Tltt nkMrmr, ?? ?ole nr?nt ?o^ import# ? ? 'lie I
^tate* f.ir Mt-aart. Decan h t;o . heg* leavo re*fveriiiilllr to in
form the ladie* and p?'nti# men i<l th? < iiy tliat be l>a*jn?t oper
rd a ttore No. W Joi.rtion uf MaiJr-o Lane ami I ih< 1 'y nirNb,
up tlair*, with a co?ipl*te a**ortm#^tt of tl.r a><o?e ?ta:ed *mpf
xwt la?hton?' le l<ampa, w hich he Intend* to fc?*cp foiHtanlly
on hand, ami invite* all thove ? bo mav he laternti n the "**'
thereof, to f*vor I mi with a call. l?eing cimfM' T,l that tbi* arti
cle, entirely new- from the yre*t popularity it b i? ahi-ady
qalreil am><ng the l<?hionable circle* in Pari* and from lb* et
tenaive ordrr* wh cb are con?tanllv received, 'rat 0* merit*
cannot fail Ui b? -* .lulv appreciated by tblalnlrlhrert roo mu
nir, a tew *ectm>'< being be*bl?^i ?afflc!? ni !?? evaoime it a art
recngnlte all t? I t" ' ' ??ingper
focrl* plaio In it* c?*n*trnctlon and uperatlon, and h'-iiig tithe
name tbae in otiic et of rurio*itt bv tt?elf ^
Tbce Ump* ran be adapted to any pUtyf m W* way of
illumlnallon, and it can be averted wilb?'Ut ke*itatk>a or eiag
gera'inn ? thai one al.ine pro?l?ce? a I flit equal to 15 .(?eroi
cnadle*. One ot lbe?e lamr? ? ? dtafTetk* wtibout
the let.t al lerat on on the martle piece or tb.. table, or by a
verv ?imp'e roitih'naiifn adapted aa a MMMelmr,
fine of tbe pci u tar pr?-perne* ot thia mgeaioo* Inveati^ la
that it K the r>*** I"'" no, *' W,r" 1 *' the
lirht a* the lallrr i? n"t 'b< lea*t Increased b\ tbe racing MW
diniiniahed brihclowr nrof the wick, wept, however, whea
tntal etttinctinn tarr^utied- ...... .
Another peenMtrty l*o of n ia, that tl- ? ne?t ??mmon lamp
llr-ahe n*e<i. it Iwcomlng clarified by tbe function* of the
me, ha* "in . which InMer la wonod on one* in the evening, and
ihe Itfbl -int ?hi v rrrnlote-i. ao anufftng or nofortber attealioo
I* required r the ? hole night.
The ?oM'trlbrf has alao o? Uaml a fhU aaa?*rtmeat of pM<*
an?t fbnev Cnndle B-reena, an article al*o entirely new. rbeap,
eaai'y adapted to cardie*, which givea them the deceptive ?p
aearance >1 fancy lamp*, and a* ih?v r*i'? an ?'
gentle I 'gld, are very recmimendat'le t" ladnvirton* readera
and writer* There are al*n ?ecb fancy *? re# n? nf a Ivrjer de
wIptlott.BMt fancy glth#'* ?ttachedto the
jl2-9m* _* AfO'W DIACtfW

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