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8.?N#,I think Mt I believe tktt will do.
C.?Vou'll want seme coffee for breakfket, eir ; we
have aene very fine ceffee. , , .
S.?Well, I nay ae well take a few pound* of that.
C.?Thank yea, air j where ebail I have the pleaa
ure ef sending them 7 ....... ? ?
S.?To my house, Mr. Pfichel a, 172 Bast Broad
way. Send then home eooa, as we want then for
BU??!^Directly Mr. Fuller cones in, air, I'll bring
them.?Bait. I
(Bntar Mr. Fuller.)
C. Oh! here is Mr. Fuller. Sir, I'll take them
heme to your house with you.
And offset the aoi diaant Mr. Nichols followed by j
the clerk. They reached No. 172 East Broadway,
and Mr. N. stepped up the steps and rapped at the
door. Then turning round quickly to the clerk, he
exclaimed?" Bless me, how stupid. By- the-bye, I
forgot we want twenty pounds of cheese; give me
th ise things?I'll take lhem in doors; go back and
get me twenty pounds of your very beet cheese, and
run all the way, or you'll not bring it in time for sup
per. The clerk, thrown off his guard, gave up the
goods, ran ready to break his neck to the store?get
the requisite quantity of cheese, and he nnd Mr. Ful
ler brought it to 172 East Broadway. They knocked
at the door, ai Mr. Nichols had done before them. A
well dressed respectable lady answered the knock.
Clerk?I've brought the cheese for Mr. Nichols,
ma'am, and the bill?it comes to $7.25. It is re
Lady?-Who's Mr. Nichols?
C.?The gentieman that lives here ; he brought you
home the tea, coffee and bHtter, and smoked salmon,
and sent me back for this cheese.
Lady.?Well, you can take it back again, for no
Mr. Nichols lives here, and we don't eat cheese nor
emoked salmon ; and if we did we shouldn't buy it
by the pound at a time.
C.?Who does live here then 7
L.?Mrs. Durell.
C.?And hain't no man brought you none of our
tea, nor coffee, nor butter, nor smoked salmon for sup
per, tonight.
L.?No, indeed.
C.?Why, he said he lived here, and knocked at
this door, a qaarter of an hour ago.
L.?Yes, there was a runaway knockabout that
time. I answered it and found the knocker had ran
C.?Then he's run of! with our smoked salmon.
It's a good job he aint got the cheese though.
Mr. Fuller and the clerk then went about describ
ing the snid Mr. Nichols, and found that he had played
a similarly successful trick at five other stores in rbe
neighborhood. They were told, also, that a man an
swering his description lived at 174 East Broadway.
They watched that house next morning, and saw a
man leave it, whom the clerk, Reeves, swears is the
same man who said his name was Nichols. He was
arrested and taken to the police office, where he gave 1
his name as Chase. He was committed, and has i
since procured bail. It is also said that Reeves is !
mistaken in supposing that Chase is the character j
that smuggled off the smoked salmon for supper.
Sunday) April 8??, P. M.
Wall street wn on the qui vive yesterday for the Letter of
Mr. Biddle en the Currency, which will be found in another
column. In the early part of the day, it war expected by the
initiated. Its effects will he indicated tumerrow or next day.
Money affairs have now reached their crisis, and great events
are ia embryo.
Foreign exchange closed at 104 to 105?and very flat at these
prices. From Albany the account* stale that the General
Ilanlt Law will past.
We have a* room for further remarks today.
Haturday, April 7?12 M.
At the Stock Exchange this day, a fair business has been
done, and stocks have again advanced, owing, doubtless, to
the improved prospects of the Phenix Bank. As this institution
emerges from the clouds that hang over her, more security
and confidence is felt in all other stocks. Sales of Phenix have
been made at an advance of 3 per cent on the sales of yester
day. U. N. Bank bas alto improved a skade; large sales of
Del. k Hudson closed at an advance of 1 per cent on yester
day's prices. Treasury notes remain firm. There is an ad
vance generally of 1 a 1J percent on all the sales today.
Sales at the Stock Exchangs.
235 U S Bank 1131 a 113 20 N Am Ins Co 92
50 Phenix 100 Mohawk 34
780 Del k Hud 100 Narlaetn 41
1? Plan Baak, Term *7 10 B<*t k Prov 941
83 Farmers T 93 a Ml 150 N J R R 92 a 91
123 Am LIT 93 a 924 40 Btooingtnn 31 a 31
150 Ohio *?5i 110 Long Island 33 a 33
30 Vkcktburg ?54 Treas notes f*8ofi, 5 per c
100 N O Gas 83 " 11700 ) a {
State of Trade.
Saturday Evening, April 7.
This has been a very dull day; it U the last of tba week, and
the time of ike charter election is now to near, and the tub
treasury bill in congress, and the general banking law ami
Pneaix Baak charier in the legislature are so near being de
cided that the suspense and excitement induced bv the pending
fate of these important lulls, nsty well afferd a sufficient reason
for the dullness of trade; add to this the high and confused
state ef inland exchange, which almost amounts to an embargo
on trade. These questions will. In all probability, be finally
settled. Next week the canal wid also be opened, the naviga
tion of Lake Erie having already commenced; we may then
expect a good spring business, although a late one.
Cotton bus been as usual today; sales for shipment, without
change In prices.
The market, at Charleston, en the 3rd, bad fallen off i i de
mand?Use prices, hewevrr, were the same. New Orleans,
March 28, the sales were very small, at a decline of | cent.
Transartitmi (Aw day.
Cotton, 880 hales, 7| a 111
At Jamaica, L. 1., on Thnraday nfteraoon, flth iaatanl, by the
Rev. Dr. Nchoonmaker, Samuel A 1'iKdy, M D. of thin city, to
Mia* Anna Maria,daughterof William Palmer, K*q of the for
mar place.
Ob Thnraday eveuing, the "kh im?L hy the lie*. Dr. Brown
lee, Mr. William H. Backlcy, to Ml** Jane A. Tapping, all of
ihU city.
On Sunday evenipg, the Stb iaaunt, of coasumpdna, Mr.
Jamea M. O'Brien, aon of Mr. Coanor O'Brien, of Ana Arbor,
Michigan, a?rd 27 year*.
Hi* friend* and thnae of hi* brother* Matthew and Cornelia*,
are re. pert fully Invito*! to bl* funeral tomorrow afternoon, at 3
o'clock, tnun 307 Pearl *tre?t.
tin ilt* 7th inMant, Antoinette, only dangbur of Jonathan and
Jane Pnrdy, aged 3 year* and 7 month*.
On the 4th taatant, Mr. J?ha Leery, in the 31*t year of kla
On the Alii hutant, Mr*. Elitabetb, contort of John J. Oall,
aged 32 year*
On the 6th initant, Mr*. Same Plan, In the 77lk year of hit
On the 5th ln?taat, Walter Scott, aged 5 yeart; andoa the Sta
iaitaat, Jotephine, oaly children of ttarnaon Bocco.
Ahoatlbe 27th of Jaanary laat, I wat compelled, in rnaae
quence of the timet, to go *eulh, ia hopet that I ?h?uld be aide
tn dupaae of the produce of my labor, being a Coach Lice ma
ker, and having a large Mock on hand at that time which 1
ceuld not Mil here. Being la want af a ttnall mm of money
to defray ray eipeate*, and alto leave k tmall *um to my wile
aod child, I eat they thooM he ditireiaed during my a banner. |
waa directed by a friend to a Polith Jew, a tlopaeller ia Fulton
tt, under Bolt'* Hotel, by the name af Wolf Jacob), who lett
out money oa aecarity, at a certain Intereal At necemity ha*
n<> law, there I went, taking with me IM yardt of the heM
Coach Lace, worth ia the wkoleiale market $70, oa which I j
wanted to advance ma ?*. After pleading vary hard, I I
roold only obtain $20 on theae eomlltlnn*, m:?I waa obliged ,
to take a ve?t from him tor |5, which ranld be bought in any
hoaae la tha elty tor Bl 26?that I ihoaM rive him $t for the |
u?e of the Ml when I emiae home-and that the time of the I
loan nhoald not eteeed three month*. la ?a?e I ?hoold not be
able tn pay him $9$ In the three month*, the Live ahotlld be I
forfeited. I gave him a rveelpt far $33 far the $26 I receiv
ed?-tad fearing that I .hoitld not he ahio to pay him the mo
ney ia the lime atipaaltad. I took the precamion to eali oa a
friend of mine to de*ire him to lake the Lace onl In raae I
?bonld out ratara by the tiaaoi or to call oa tha mid JaeoH,
and aothorlae him tn aell It at tha market price. My friend
railed on Urn, bat Jac.abi raid ha wnuld not tell it, a* it wa*
not hi* property tn *eti. What wa* my *arpri?e whea I rame
home, after twa month* atwn ce, and went down with a
frtead to pay the money! Wbaa wa eaate to the More we
found two gentlemen there wbn wtll teatMy ta what then pam
ed. When I a*ked Jacabi to glee me the good*, the reply wa*
? 'yon vaatf?dld Loot puy dat Lahh vram you '?
and did I not glee dirty dree dollar* foe dagoottf" ! wa*?ur
prited beyond uieu*re at the audacity af the man-hat he
called my friend behind the cnanter. and aetaally (bowed him
a bill of ?ale, on which they pretended my name waa tigned?
hoi bo would not let too look at tha Paper, and the original
paper* lie would oat, or coald not, pmdaoe. | hereby declare
that I never dgned my name to any paper In whteh the Lore
wa* *old. The reaaoa I puMlah tb<* 'internet I* ta chow the
way by which ?mall manufacturer* are rninod by men deeold
of common principle* ofbonewty and jaatlee.
41* Dreaawleh Mreet
N. B. A* Mr. Jarobl ha* Mated thai hi* friend Mr Pbeait will
arreet me a* *ooo a* I tboald pahliah the above fact*. On that
account oaly have I given my addrea* and name, an a* to aara
him aom* trnable. _ ^*_3t*
HKCOND NOTICR-The creditor* of ChrlMoph?r
I Key*., are requested to *end their areonatt to the Aa
*lgneee, No 4 City Hall Plare, verided ia tbencnal imnnrr of
verifying account* agataM inte.tate ettatee, on or hefnro the
Tint April Inat. _ aUn
TO L.KT?A Tarern *tand. and alao a dwelling
Hboaoe and (tore la a pleaaant manofactnriag village in
the country a few mile* from the North River. Inquire
At thi* office. ?9-lm*
Antwerp?Dauitb Galliot WiUede BarxeUe* IwtaVJ
lea* arm a Rolk?m-2M do bar rye Ore a that k Co-li
*?? aadao W Gebfaard A Co?1 do L. P. DthNW-'**
rye BO casks ttarcb M bl oli P. Wiumao-IM ban ryo
PERNAMauco?Por brig Ahby M Hutchinson with ?o*ar and
k ides io order MM hide* Mauey A Maehay-M bbl sugar
Howe* Godfrey k Rebmson-IM do Ooodboa k Co-13 do
nailer?tiM do order.
Glasgow.?150 ion* iron Boormaa k Jobation?1912 bar* do
A Boormao k C??5 panch??in whiskey Leorence Murray it
9 bales midz fatten k iltewari?6 puackeoas wbiskey
?0 bale* mdze W. od A Johnston? 1 do W B Bead?? ek* U?
Stevenson A Co?51 ton* 1500 weight iron 20 ca?h? 30o n?aU of
bottle* J Donaldson-1006 Brick* 20<1 ca*k* 3i0 ami* bottles
Baldwin A Co?850 bale* aidxe J Donaldson?1 do D C Bradia
domestic importations.
St. Marks-Brie Lnciada G. P. Harkneso?59 bale* eotton
Braader Murray A Gallagher?50 do Maitland Kennedy A Co
?46 do Smith Mills A Co?160 do Hamilton A iCo?M do
Dewaer A Co?13 do Robt. Maitland A Son?56 do Molbrot k
Nelson A Co?13 do E C Bowton?18 do F Byrdsall?24 do
12 do Order?1 trnuk to Dakford A Whilcow?2 bxs to Spear
Pattern?2 chain cab e* Goodhue A Co.
Per brig Carthage, from Glascow?R. Montgomery, W. Nor
val P. Gibson, W. S. Lamper, W. Marshall.
Per bark Douglass, Irem Rio Janeiro?William FouUte, of
New York : Joseph Bento, of New York; C. B. Fessenden,
of Boston; J. H. Brewer, of Bnston.
High Water, ...... 833
Liverptol?Sheffield, Allen, . March 8
Columbus, Depeyster, March IS
Roor*.??Rhone, Skiddy, ? March 1
Charlemagne, Riohardson, . March 8
LonUn. Montreal, Griffing, - March 1
Gladiator, Briuoa, - March 16
Ltverpoal?Independence, Nye, ? April 8
Oxford. Raihlmne. ? April 16
North America, Hoxie, ? May 1
Havre.' Louis Phiilippe, CasioF, ? April t
Sully, Lines, ? April 16
Burgundy, R ickett, - April 24
Londan. Toronto, Griswold, ? April lft
Ontario, Huttleson, ? April 3
Westminster, Moore, ? May 26
bark Union, Whitmore, Antwnrp, D. H. Robertson- briir*PwII
? n^'? a",ler\.Norlh of *"~P?.Hecluht?cit?,fcflftfljE
^**1 ewart' charle?on: Despatch, Duilding Wil
iTnt SF"?.0' Bu}^ley> Charleston; Wm. Fenn, El
Ittjrwlj ifg *i S* Mo.*" r<,y'?n Magdalen, Breiner, New
Bedford, Meyer ii llupeden; Steer, Wheeler, St. Jagn de Cu
smr'TwV7ay ?5 ???,ard* Klwe'l. Wilmington, NCYDeners
r? ii n : David B. Crane, Brown Darien Geo- {T ni
la'paiton"Mnbri. i*!?' Liv*rP?wl> P?tnam it Slocum; WaknU
YeunrPhiuS- Jl' JobJ,ion * Lowdea; schrs Adelaide Dansy,
do, Columbian, Norlmry, Baltimore; Postmaster Howe Pitch
Landing, NC; Essex, Hkeiton, lUppihan^k; Tremont'Ken
Boston, Virginian, Woglam, Petersburg; Nile, Baxter' Haiti'
^?|5J^i'?Wnitl?f. cfcn,2f<l5 Gr?c'*n. Lone, N. Orleans
It ElWfJl; Blount, VVasUirtfton, NC; ?airle Kll#?rv'
7bnllk%< Mafy A,lR.ms; Pln,khanf i.c&
!r ?? Leeds; Two Nisters, Ren nick Aitakanns ir?
galliot, Betty, Wenke, Bremen, Mey.r k Hupeden P '
iJXN,w *?><?"?>?x >? s.'
10 jIUS?"' P'"- Say, from B.r.lMu,, wlib win.
, Br"F ?fdraia, Clark, 24 days from Porto Cabello witli 2?on
S"i2?s."r- L v"- un
-S&jSS S^r'Ute"^1lh-,t
sS!UstSR.vss ??SiSmS.ds^rjf-^sSf
gr^M,M.nl.., for BmIoo o.? d.jf, ?hTXL ftl, .J?^
fosan, Gay, New Orleans 19days, with inear br ??
Ori.I'dX^^ThO^'nh,'"''' " "" N''~
B?;*i;r;r-:w wyra Vo^-^Tin wz,;i
brig Robert Bruce for N. tfork in 3 days , brig Somerset fo?
N Orleans ; schr Bunker Hill, jast arrived at Key West- Two
"hips been on the reef, and one brig still on the *Loo??
SuCmSl Tl,e Lucinda brought the United
3 l?Z?ZiCk' P'yt?"> S'- KiU' ? days, salt, to J. Irving?
BrigDurant, McKee, Middletown, Conn. 3 days.
Z~r*d??", M days
k Paxommel'*'M*rll"'R'Cbn>OU<17 d,y*? W'Ut coal to Allen
t??!^lwt/r*l,1M R' Rap*lye? Walr?- *Wk River S days, wood
^Schr Niagara, Young, York River, S days, wood to mas
0^din?ard' J?nr"' Richmond' 3 days, with coal to C. G.
ter^ eni*"rk'10 d"y* fr?m HunUn*l?" with lime to mas
^Schr Mafnet, Baker, Hartford, 4 days, with oil to the mas
rAbc!K?i!' PaUe^ao,,? Boston, 8 days, with mdae to Slur
CoHhrSr^" D,ri*"' 'days, 303 bale* cotton, to D.
master x'nA,0"> Crowell, Boston, 5 days, with molassea to
Hwi'k'1''1 Bassett, Boston, 6 days, with molasses, to R. J.
Reeside, Sherwood, Bostoa, 6 days, with mdze to Star
yw ? Clf jrniD,
Bfpire, McMaun, Norfolk, 3 days, with mdte to Slur
ges k Clearnaan.
master Middl*,ex' TaJr,or? Saybrook, 3 days, with corn, to the
mister R"la WilBan,a? Fa*. New London 6 days, with oil, to
Schr Constitution, Bray, Calais 15 daya, lamlier, to Smith k
Boy*" too**' Bray* Ca,"? 14 day'> lumber to S^ailhfc
B?yiDr,on' Camden,? days, with lime, to A.
De^ni,^a'k5^eUe, Peo^u>,,' c"ra<1?-">. 20 days, with Ume, to A.
mister Brown? Marhlai, 9 days, with lumber, to
Schr Kilward B Peters, Barton, Michiaa, 9 days, with lum
*#r, io matter.
^SrhrLowrenco, Adams, from Boston, bound to Albany, 5
U Lnwrelsee?" P"CkH' Tro,,,? Bo,,on' 6 day''with ">die, to
jo '"'>orT,d,',',t Thomnston, I days, with limo,
Sehr Broody wine, Oram. Wilmington, N. C. 10 daya. with
naval store*, to master. 11/1
to^Mt*,il*krth H',nki,,?? Jomrt' 8u,rolh. ? days, with staves,
Sehr Albion, Bldrigde, Camden, 8 days, with lime, to
Decker, Virginia. S day., with ayaten.
Schr Director, Post, Virginia, 8 days, with oyaters
msitir W-Bloom, Crowell, Dennis, ? days, with finh, to
Hen-teh*11*"' H*wea- Bostno, 6 days, with mdte, to 1. J.
tr?Chf r*,C?"' B""fh'r> Boaton, 4 days, with fish, to sff
Perigor, Brooks, form Boston 4 daya, with mdse, to
J?* k,Im ,nd Chdley k Day. B >?oo, with fish, to
WJehr Rliaahoth, Clarb, Poruwonth. 7 daya, with molasses, to
OM d* ?
Schr I^miao, Parker, Dennis, 7 days, with Ash, to master
^ Schr Trader, Bennett, from Dennis, 7 days, with Aab, to maa
ie?C'>r '*o,,"0, BWri-lge, Soiem, 6 days, with fish, to moa
Bchr Lygonla, iloakios, Colli*, 15 days, with lumber, to
Sehr Bonner, Wallace, Cherry field, 7 days, with mdzo to
,^br Fame, Wane, Mac lust 11 day*, with lumber, to moa
Sc.hr New Yorh, Irelm d, Machios, 11 day*, wih Intnber, to
S?hr Pahoa, Fraeitoorn, r?JC.brm, N C. 7 day*, with cotton
and naval store*, to J. Bee.
Hchr A Id ridge, . Port an Piatt II daya,
Bchr Viiacber, Hard, Boaton, 5 daya, with morchnndne to
master. ?
Sehr Ooeldo, , Richmond o daya, with coal, to the
?loop Portomouth, Hallen, Warren, 7 days, with oil. bound
to Albany.
Sloop Providence, Pmitb, Warren, 8 day*, with oil, hound to
Sloop Providence, Howard, New London t daya, oil, to the
hloop Hope, Pitman, from Bristol t days, with oH, to the
?loop Tecomseh, Gould, New London S days, with oil. to
Sloop Wash lag too, Hard, New London 3 day*, with oil, to
Sloop Kmpemr, Rllery, Saybrook, 3 day#, with mdte to the
Sloop Agent, Nathan, Now London 3 days, with oil, to tho
?loop llga*. Jones, New London, 7 daya, with oil, hound to
Sloop llellcn, Morgan, Deuel*, 7 days, with fish, to mat
Sloop Georgian, Wed rick, New flavea, 9 day*, with oil, to
?loop President, Morris, New London, 9 day*, with oil, to
Bark Bouglaa, from Rio, reports, brig Amerlee, of N. Bed
ford, AS days from Boston, hound to Valparaiso, pat In on the
*4th, having had her docks swept, balwarks stove, hct brigs
Philln Hone, for Vnlporalso; Trafalgar, for Montevideo! and
Attilfa, for Philadelphia, sailed In rempaay. Passed, on the
harbor, whale shlo Johe h Rdward.of New Lnndnn, bound lo.
Ship Susan, lar Boston: harks Avon, forNesr York; Neptune,
;?r Beta via; aud brig Wm Price, for Baltimore, sailed on the
18th; hark Richard, 17th) aodthlp raleon, N. Bedford, Md.
Preach (hip *r ike liae Mercales, with the Prince de Joinville
o? (ward, udikwpol wsr Pavorite, tailed for New York, via
Caycane, an the J9d. March A, taw a l>ark, rappoaed the
Avea. 9th, off Pemamhaco, a ship, sop paced the Susan.
March 14?15 mi let north af the equator, spoke the Was.
The pilot boat Jeaeph LeffCtl reports, 6tb insu, 5 A. M., Bar
Begat, hearing W. 40 miles, spoke Schr Wallace, 34 hours from
Capes to Hertford ; 4th Inst , Cape May, bearing HW by W. 35
miles, spoke barqut Klla Hand. 20 days from New Orleans for
The brie Sun, Mood, tailed from Mataszas for Botloa, on the
34th ulu
At Apalachieola, on the 30th ult, ship Cassandar for Liver
pool; brigs Rhine, and Martha, for New York; brig Harriet
from Boston
The schr Albert M. Male, at Philadelphia, for Teneriff*, re
ports?March 34th, lat33N, Ion 67 W, spoke ship Indtaa Chief,
Smith, of New London, off" a whaling voyagt, 33 inouths, with
3760 bbls oil, 35 days from St. Helena?tent a boat and waated
fruit or vegetables, bad the scurvy on board.
[Per Dougluu.]
Rio Janeiro, Feb. 35.?BbipsMogul, discharging; Pocahon
tas; India, New Bedford, sooa; Arabella; Barks Seine; Mys
tic, seized by government; Isaac Kl.'is, New York 2 days;
llenry, New York 7 days; Brigs Nevs, New York 7 days;
Brilliant, New York todays ; Falconer, Philadelphia 15days;
Fair American, Baltimore 5 days; Delight, uncertain; Con
gress, discharging; Canning, do; Cornelia, de; Count Juan,
lor sale.
TENERirr E, Feb. 4?Brig Independence, Graham, from New
York, for Klo Janeiro, to sail on the Kith.
Matamzas, March 28?Sl'J brigliohon, and schr Madocka
wando, for New Yerk.
Porto Rico, March 33?Brig Mary, for Philadelphia; New
Hanover, do; Oswego, for New Haven; Spy, from Busion.
At x Caves, March 8?Brig Arcot, Sherman, New Yark.
Mayacusz, March 17?Brigs Oswego. Gay, New York, 10
days; Adeline, Ward, wl'g cargo; Win. Davis, Cornish, de. 5;
sthr Ambassador, Dodge, de. 10.
Ar. at Salem, April 5, hark Emedald, Dexter, Indian Ocean
via Holmes' Hale, with 1800hrlseil.
Pelt. 30, in the BritUh Channel, ship Ville de Paris, Trolt, Sa
vannah Tor Havre.
1st iast 30 leaf net east of Charleston, brig Rapid, from Ha
vana for Baltimore.
Lat 39, lung 7l|, brig brig Larwlck, from St. Kitts for New
Off Cape May, bark Eliza Ann, from New Orleans, Imuad to
Philadelphia?by pilot boat New Jersey.
April 1?2 br gs, names not known, 21 days from New Or
leans, bound to Liverpool?had experienced heavy weather on
the passage.
20th March, 1st. 75, long. 72?Brig Walter, 10 days from New
York to Apalacbicola.
March 31, lat. 30 20 long. 71 30?Schr Trenton, of Plymouth,
from Boston, bound to Tampa Bay.
Portland, Aprils?CI'dbrigs Dunlap, Gordon, Guadaloupe;
Franklin, Sturdevant, Mobile.
Boston, April 5?Ar. scbrs Trio, Nickerson; Benj. Bigelow,
Wells; Oscar, Lovell; Boston, Foster; Reayer, Howes; Mail,
" ~ r; Wn ~ ? .
Loring; Victor, Hatleit; Potomac, Spear; Wm. Koscoe, Meek
er; Cottage, Nabb, and Olynilius, Norton, New York; sloop*
Pioneer, Crowell, do; China, Wheeler, do. Ci'd.Pequot, Ra
ker, do.
Holmrs' Holr, April 4?Ar. and sailed, Lexington, Crowell,
for New Tor; also sr. schr Frederick, Riker, New York, for
Salem, MarchSl?Ci'd sloop Warsaw, Godfrey, New York.
Si'd brigs Hope, for Africa; Ckaoiplaia, for Portiaud; schr
Khtabeui, Billings, Baltimore.
Providence, April 6?Ar. sloop Albert, Falkenburg, 7 days
from Cedar Landing, N C. via New York.
Fall River, April 4?Sl'd, iloop Marshall. Chase New
York. Stb, ar. sloop Meridian, Dunning, New York.
Bristol, April 5?Ar. schr Willard, Willard, Warren, for
New York. Si'd, slaop Hope, New York. 6ih, sl'd, sloop
Kxecl, Gladding, New York.
Philadelphia, April 8-Ar brig Falcon, Jone?, Savannah 7
days; schrs Richard, Baker, do 6 days; Caleb Wright, Wood,
Troy 4 days; Joseph Rusling, Batrman. New Haven 3 days;
Wash- ~ ... -?
George Washington, Nickerson, Deep Creek 3 days; Wm D.
Waples, Johnso' , Suffolk 3 day s; Elizabeth k. Rebecca, Allen,
Albany 4 days; Joseph Hand, itollinger, Baltimore 3 days. Be
low, ship Nathaniel Hooper, Bogardes, of Marblehead. from
Liverpool; brig Falcon, Bennett, do. CI'd brig Chipola, Da
vis, St Thomas: schr Robert Bruce, Cooke, Halilax. 6?ar brig
Cumberland, Smack, St Jago de Cuka 18 days; schrs Orator,
Crowell. Richmond 4 days; Amazon, Bennett, Nassau, NP. 15
days; Eliza, Claridge, Baltimore Sdays; Calypso, Applrgarlh,
Baltimore; Retrieve. Burnliam, Boston 5 days; Fountain, Nor
wood, Gloucester? days; Alice, My rick, Portland 10 days; Fo
rest, Luat, Newbaryport 7 days; Cladia L Mary, Reuben, Wa
shington, NC; Charles Ednaondson, Kelly. Savannah 6 days;
William, Kelly, Providence 4 days 7??ckra Albert M. Hale,
Sage, Tenerffe 4tb, and Lnnzarotte 10th Feb; Mercy, Kelly,
New Bedford 5 days; Purdy, Irons, Norfolk 3 days; Cornelia,
Curtis, Troy 3 days; sloops John R Thompson, Gillas, New
York 2 days; Mediator, Baltimore 2 days: Sarah Hay, Colniay,
do 2 days. CI'd slip Globe, York, Mobile and New Orleans;
brigPolydora, Huekfeldt, Hamburg; sthrs Pocastet, Caldwell,
Salem; Caroline, Crowetl, New York; Mary, McLaugham,
do; Waterloo, Alexander, do; Pedestrian, King, do; Indiana,
Corlles, do; Fair Play. Thompson, Baltimore; Attempt, Wa
ters, do; ship Sabiua, Johnston, Rio de Janeiro.
Baltimore, April 5?Ar brig Gen. Marion, Delano, Tampa
Bay 1? days; schr Octavia, Dormaa, Pnnre, PR 19th ult. CI'd
brigs Fortuna, (Dan) Beck, Charleston; Georges, Snow, Ga
rey's Ferry, Fa; schr Mary Eliza, Applegarth, lor Philadel
phia. 6?ar brig* North. MrDonalo, River Gambia. West
Coast of Africa; Hannah k Abigail. Thomas, Ponce, PR. 20
days; Coral, Brardsley.Guayama, PR. 14 days; Pavilion, Kel
ly, New York 6 days; schrs Tarquin, Spar**, St Johns, PR;
Potomac, Gordon, Xsgua, (Cuba) 2Udays; James Barber, Ba
I VPIMSC; U<HUV"| zxaiun, (vena) *vub;b, i??i UD.
ker, Charleston 9 days, Howard, Htubbs, Bucksport 21 days;
Union. Smith, Proridenc; 6 day*; Palla*, Nickerson, Buck*
Kiri 14 days; Amethyst, Tilcomb, New Yotk 6 days; Janet
itber, Mister, Richmond; R J Rdmoadson, Rdiaondson, do;
Atlantic, Brewster, Bucksport 12 days; Hoogly, Variaa, New
koryport Sdays; Napoleon, Sargent, Portland 11 days; Cona
Br, Lopex, Luhec 2k days; ftseola, Coggins, da 15 days; At
;lc, Burt, Taunton 4 days; Augustus, Allen, Boston 10 flays;
Maria, New Bedford fi days; Franklin, Crowell, B< sten 12 d?;
Columbia, Franklin, New YorkSdavs; Gea. A. Crook, Sad
dler, do 5days; A. A. Pendergast, Hollingsbrad, Richmond;
Tripoli, Skinner, Norfolk.
Richmond, April 1?Ar schrs Courtney, Hollinsthead, Balti
more 3 days Merchant, Morgan, doj Pamalaon, Saunders, Bal
timore. Sl'd scbrs Wm D Keeler, Ulmore, New York; Almira,
ra, Harrington, Baltimore; Kxli, Wyatt, do.
Charleston, April 2?Ar skip Benjamin Morgan, Tubb?,
Liverpool 16th Feb; brigs Lancet Young, Havana 6 days; Di
mon, Sherwood, New York 6 days; Howell, Krose, Mstantat
6 days George, Hull, New York 6 days: Gen. Snraier, Ben
nett, Baltimore 7 days; Mary Bilsby, Howard, Apalacbicola J3
day.; Sabra, Wiusiow. do 8 days; scbr Packet. Hodgden, New
York 13 dass. CI'd bark Chief, Jackson, Boston; brig Em
press, Liub tield, Apalacbicola; schr Msrv, Pope. 8t Josephs,
Ft. 1?ar brig Washington's Barge, Wiilmms, New Orleans;
scbr Columbus, Burdges, Pi) mouth. Mass. 3?ar brig Arkan
sas. Kdmonds, Porto Rico 11 days; scbrs Waldo. Cane. Mataa
zasfidays; Compeer, Bhachford, Baltimore 5 days, Cohasset,
Hears,do8days. Below, ship Kouohassett, Davis. Liverpool.
CI'd brigs Russell, Mathews, Havre; Harriet Brainerd. Sully,
Bordeaux; Oen Pinekney, Fa * ~ "* "
'ord, Baltimore; Albert, Mallows,
Sav?nn*h, April 1- Ar schrs Thomas Hall, Gladding, Hava
na I days; "ratalm, Smith. St John* CI'd askrs North Star,
Nicheraon, Plymouth, NH; Herolae, Fraaer.fer Baltimore.
Morilb. March 31? CI'd shlpt Samuel, (Br) Jamesop, for Li
verpool; Margaret, Chalmers, do; Cahawha, Smith, Havre;
Rlkha Dennlson, West, Boston; b rk* Fasia, renticost, Liver
pool; Navarlno, Cobb, Marseilles: Pioneer; Sutton, New York;
scbr Margaret Ann. Pierce, Providence.
New Orlban*, March 29?Ar schrs Elizabeth, Forsyth, Peo
an cola; James W Nye, Dogan, Springfield. CI'd briri Mail,
Howell, Cape de Verd Islands and Coastof Africa; Melissa.
Farrow, PblladelpbiB; Neplone Dalmsnn, Itsmhorr; Samuel
Houston, Ckoate, Boston; schr* Mount Moriab. Slackpole,
Tsmpa Bay; Atlantic, Clift. Baltimore; Bmellne, Gates, Apa
lacbicola; stoops Mar* eat, Peterson, Mobile; Vela, Nye, Prori
deace, RI.
tT FOURTEENTH WtMD-Al ihrp indn
thutiaelic Marline of the Wbiy Elector* of lb* Fourteenth
Ward. bald al Broadway Unute, on Thurulay avemay, 5th of
April, luae P. Whitehead, Ftq. wit appointed Ctia roan, and
Peter Anderson and Chtrla* C. Hatch. .eeratariac, A nana bar
?f appiopriate and tpiriled rrtolulwiit war* offered aad unan
imoutly adapted by lb* meetiny, opprortny of lh? candidal*,
la nomination for cbariar officer*. and evinctay a Arm, aniiad
d* crminatinn to elact them. Tba meeliay wat elrqoaalty ad
dr eased by Nathaniel Blont and Mattbaw C. Patterson, Btq. ,
whose indtyaanl denunciation* of a wicked. enrrupl aad profit
Rata administration, which hat b roup hi dial ran and rotn upon
onr onca happy ami pro?parou? country?and thair ttirrlny
appaa i to the Wbiyt ot the Pouriaamh Ward to do their daty
at lha commy election, wara warmly and enthusiastically res
pondad to, and proclaim* d hi lanyaaye plain and intelliyihle,
that I ha Whit* of lha Fourteenth Ward wlR do tholr daly to
lhair Ward, to lb* eiiy, aad to ihalr rouniry.
Petar Aadarana, 1
Chartaa C Rank, ) y aft-If
A t'CTIOM N OTIC K?Sal* of gaaiaal HouseholdFor
f* aliora. la rood order, al 10 o'tlork. on Tooaday, at M
North Moor* at
Aad al I] o'clock preeitaly, the handsome Farnitara of a
?mall family doing to Earapa. j
aft2t THOB BELL, Aft
A VCTIOIf NOTIC It?Block *1 Bard wara at A or lion.
A ?Oa Wadaoaday. at 10 o'clock, al 70 Maidaa Laaa, cor
nor of Liberty al will b* aold by twine of a mortyaye. a tala
abla wall aaaartad (lock of hardware In *11 lu rtrlaties, In lou
to sail parabasal*. THOS, BELL, A act.
A t'CTION IfOTICE-Ettaaaira Mia of Clotbiat.bc.
A to tba trade, oa Thursday, at Mo'e'ocb, at *? Chatham *|.
a bit ' THOA BELL. A act
AIVCTIQH Ifoticb?eleoant fcrniture.
?This day, at lOo'elnch, at IIP East R oadway, a lory*
and eleyaal assortment of Farnitara of a gentleman l*a? Ing
the city, comprlslny aaary article necessary far hooae-keaplaf,
and hot a abort time In a?a.
Alan, IM ?????*r tea aad labia spoons, aad all data a illrar
koiaaa and fork*. ...
A large aaauHinant of bed* aad hair maltreat**, be, be.
rt.fi* Town sniffbn, a act i
lYJOTIC*?All narsao* iadabtad to tha nndandraodoa tbo
I* booba kept by their lata Ayaet, Richard Harrold, are hare
by en lifted that tba difference* lately riistlny bat wean tbam
having bean adjusted. tha mM Harrold h nww aatbnrlaad to
ao.lect and aattla tba ?aid accoanu in oar behalf.
Naw York , April ?. !<?- aft-If
HTak* a H a Ncio.-W!LLIAMIftl71ffVr >iBPfcT.
IV TT For ml* afceap, If applied for Immadtataly, ft lota oa
Hraod and Sonth Tint streeta, between Tihand l b street* ad
jaiainf tha pmpartT of Mr. Smith, and varying hat a fr w in*hat
from tba grade of either street. A'to, thase two beautiful Iota
on the aaat tide of Stub ?raat. by IJSfeat. midway between
booth Second aad Snath Third atraaw Tbia la tba right klad
of property to parrhite tod boild oa to yield a large income.
an?l to locreaee ia value, a* both nelchhorhooda are constantly
improving. Apply to Mr. HOPKINS.? Nassaa H. aft lw?
poo Ms WANTED l Parlor aad Bedroom, in the
IV central part of the city, wanted hy a single yaatleman,
laraithed or nnfurai?h*d alto breahfttt amitea Appliea
Itnna addra<?ad to R , left at ill ? office, 31 Aan ureal, w ill ha
atttadtd to. nftftf
THE TWO QUEENS?George Roller, Mr Fiaher-Chris.
tine. Mis* Cushman?Mary, Mr* Ricbard?on.
After which, _ .
rl, Mad. Caradori Allan.
To conclude with ? ,
Waltoa?Lady Elisabeth, Mrs Ckippindaie.
O'Dooriop-n titty?perforiaaaees commeaee al7o clock
BoieiBl?Pit 5# cents? GaBenr 26cent*.
National, thiathk?lm* "<??*?. ?f!ZZS
will be periormeid, . _
KINO HENRY VIII.?Cardinal Woolsey. Mr Vandeahoff?
Kin* Henry VIII, Mr H Wallatk?Oardider, W II Williams
Queen kaihrrine, MissE Whratley.
To conclude with
BOMBASTKS FURIOSI)? General Bombastes, Mr Browne
Kin* Artaiainenes. Williams?Distafhna, Mrs Helton.
Doortopcn at6J?Performance begin at 7. Boxes, fl. Pit
5o cents. Gallery 25 cents.
igO/Uj liKW A HD !?Between the boors of 9 and 10
?P0Uvf o'clock this morning. rnom No. 43 at the United
States Hotel, was entered by false keys, and a trunk there
deposited broken open and rifled of the various valualde
Watches and Jewerelly here below enumerated. The above
reward will be paid by the Proprietor of the United S'ates
Hotel, for the recovery of the whole, or a due proportion for
any pari thereof.
Twenty Gold Anchor Escapement Waiches.allfuil jewelled,
eold dials and gold caps, with the name of Chs. Granger or
Allaraand Brothers, enrraved on the cap, and the following
numbers in ine inside uf the case No., 5621, 5747, 6749, 5697,
6055, 5751,5950, 5944,5943.6143,595!,6104, 5946, 6043,5923,51126,
6066,6072, 6063, one number nnt recollected.
Fourteen Gold Lepine Watches, four or six holes jewelled,
of which 8 or 4 with gold caps, all the others with brass caps,
gold dials with seconds, chased gold cases, numbers tanging
Irons 5950 to 6100 in the inside ol tke cases, the narue Lepine
engiaved an the caps.
16or 18 do do, different sices, all with gold dials and seconds
?the greatest part with chased cases?all with brass caps and
the name Lepine an it. Numbers ranging from 59,000 te 63,000;
on these the numbers are engraved on the caps, and are pro
bably also marked iusise the case on most of them.
3 or 4 Ladies Geld Watches, vertical movement, double gold
bottom, gold seal, chased cases?numbers on the inside of the
case, ranging from 5000 to 7000.
1 Diamond Breastpin with ? large triangular Chrysolite in
the centre, of a very brirhi green color.
1 Came# Breastpin?the Cameo represents a red lion on a
dark ground.
30 to 40 real Mosaic gold mounted breastpins?all black
ground, mostly with flowers and plain selling; some with num
ersscratched on the hack, and some with the name of Mirbe
I gold and enamelled locket, a quantity, say 20 or 24 gold
finrer rings?some seal rings with m'sttos engraved on the
stones ; 2 with a '.lack enamelled ground and a small diamond
flower, tops opeu to put bair iu?1 set with Ave ?r sic rose dia
Also, a quantity of black enamelled gold breastpins?do,
set Willi iaiitation stones, sav with wllte and green.
The Philadelphia Morniag Papers?New York Courier and
Enquirer, Journal of Commerce, Morniag Herald, Evening
Star, and Commercial Advertiser?Baltimore American and
Chronicle?Washington Globe nnd National Intelligencer?
and Boston P.ist, will pleaseeopy the above fortwo weeks,and
send in their accounts to the Proprietor of the United .States
Hotel, Philadelphia.
Philadelphia, April 6, 1833. a9 2w
O* Mr. J. PARKER wishes to announce to his friends and
the public, that in consequence of the numerous applicatinns
made to him to repeat bis Exhibition Hall, he intends doing so
on Friday Evening, 20th April, when the same dances wtlf be
brought ferwnrd a? before. In consequence of the election,
the re will be no Publio < u Wednesday evening, nor any school
during that week. a7-2t*
It-T Just received 5000 yards of Mcetch Ingrain Carpet*, a'.l
wool, at the low price of 75 to 87$ cent* per yard.
Also, Ingrain Carpets, fast colors, at 50 cenUper yard.
Also a ipteadid assortment of
Brussels Csrpeting, Tufted and Brussels But*,
Three ply do Plain ana Printed Baizes,
Super line do Stair Carpeting,
Kussia and Orleans Carpets, Table and Piano Covers,
Plain,plaid and figured Mattings.
N. B.?Floor Oil Cloths frosa 2 to 18 leet wide.
Those about purchasing carpets will find it greatly to their
advantage to call and examine our assortment previous to pur
chasing elsewhere. R. SMITH, jr.
a2 iin* 418 Petri street, opposite WilUaw.
17 1MB. F. C. SCHAFFER respectfully Informs his
friends and the public that his last Vaacing Assembly will
be on Monday evening, April 9tb, at the Shakspeare.
a6 5t*
Lr NOTICE TO SAILORS.?If the person whocalled nt
No. 11 Commerce st. on tfae 3d Inst. lo inquire of the friends of
Henry Acherwan, will call again at the same place, he will
coaler a great favor. s5-lw*
Custom House fiualuess.
XT THE Subscribe begs leave to offer his services telle
Mercantile Community in any business they navy have con
aectedwith the Custom House, or the Revenue Departmei t
otlhe Government relating thereto, believing that an uninter
rupted experts nee oi forty years as aa officer in the New York
Custom House, will be feunsi to have entitled him lo the confi
dence of the public in such matters.
m30 tf DAVID S LYON. No. A Broad st.
periment is the best test of quality, therefore let all
those who feel disposed Us make the experiment of buy
ing one of Row is k COS short napped or ptniu tiea
vsrs, and the result will he to any person not blinded by pre
judice. that he can obtain a Hat possessed ef all the essential
requisites ef the most costl v at the reduced price nf #4 25, and
warranted equal to any ibid in the city at |5, and if any pur
chaser should net be satisfied after comparing them with those
sold at$5, the money will be refunded and the Hat received
These Hais are warranted 'fur bodies, and beaver and na
trid naps. ROWE k CO. S Hanover st.
between Wall and Beaver sts opposite the Exchange.
JT COt'NTDKFt.lTSJl.'-Tu man who putri (o his
neighbor a counterfeit bill, an <4 lakaa hit goods In re torn there
for, knowing tiie aaoie to be a counterfeit. ia a thief, a robber,
a a windier, and la amenable to the law* ef his country ; but the
wretch who would put Into the hand* of hia fellow creature a
counterfeit PILL, not only roba him of hia money, hat destroys
his constitution and endangers hia life.
beware, then, fellow men, beware op
COUNTERFEITS, and reinamoer, whan yoa wish u> obtain
the GENUINE BRANOKKTH'M PILLS, go to my regular
appointed agents, who have each oftbem a certificate of agen
cy sealed and signed hy me, B. BRANDRBTH, M. D. or to
my own offices at
No. 241 Broadway,
No. in Hudson street,
No. 1 Spruce street, and
Nu. 376 Bowery.
KINM ANA sties, IN EViaV ITTtl, AND roe ANT
131 Pullen Street,
Three doer* from Nassau at,
new roan.
EX City and cooau v aaorabanu wMi find eomtaaUy a eery
largestnca on ha ad. They can be aci-emmodated at short uo
Uca to aay site or aay quint uy they please?aim, hy shipping
tbera is* to urofiubie a packing as may be desired to any put
ef America.
Real geaaine Cologne Water, Imported from Germany, of
a mast superior quality?will satisfy eenry purchaser.
0,LL0rr?LWeHApT,i?. PATENT
EX CONSTANTLY oa bend, at the manufacturer's ware
he a se. lsB Eeekman sueet. a large stock of all bis well known
PENS, warranted of best quality.
These Peos are manufactured under the personal superin
tendence af Mr. Giliott! The public may therefore confi
dently depend upon the mototainonre of tbone qsalltiet which
hare obtained for ibrm so great a reputation !
N B. Bewara of Counterfeits, which can raaity be detected
by tlieir anfiaiahed appearance, ami the inferior manner in
which they nre put up ish-.Vi
CP NOTICE.?The wbolessla bust neks of Dr. Braadreth's
priacipsl office ia now removed to bis oew and spacioaa estab
iisbment No,241 Broadway, where his ce'ehruit d "VEGE
TABLE UNIT ERBAL PILLS" may at all time* he obtained
la large or small qoanutles.and where all agaats are desirad to
direct their communlsatinas. Remember?
241 Broedway, opposite the Park.
The Minor Offices are?
IF! Hadann street,
1 ffpruse street, neat to Baa omee.aad
276 Bowrry.
N. B. For authorised sgtnts, see Dr. Brandreth salvertlne
m?at, aad observe thai all whossH the genuine medialrw have
acertifiaateefageocy ssmledand slgjeS. ^
iu31-tf B. BRANDRETH, M. D.
. . ? ?m 1 ruiiussnsis , ?
the leather, ho. impervious to water, it witl also prevent the
the leather from cracking, aadadda durability to all the above
article*. ___ . ml7-*n*
EX A GOOD HOUSEWIFE should never ho wtthout ?
UNIVERSAL PILLS. They hove hoea proved hy thouaowda
of indivMaalsiobe the boat aaaiotont of nature ever dtaeoeered,
and may ha token at all times, under any cirromsRanoos. hy
paying strict atteatsao to the direct loon which accompany
each ho* To he had geaahse of all the agents advertised by
omoo, Ml Broadway,
Br. Brandreth, aad like wise at hia owa
toaite the Path
opt mis lbe roru.
N.I Beware of counterfeits All sgvwta who satl there*
aloe medic ine have a rertifieate seated and signed B. Brsa
dretb, M. D. Part baser, ash u? soe It before yoa spend eour
of his lastly celebrated and far famed "VEGETABLE UNI
VERSAL PILLS " The higk r? patatloa of this eiceDeal me
dicine la now so generally known, fmm the tasUnsooy of many
thousand* ol individuals who have aiperlenctd its salutary e*
facts, that it is aaaeeeaaary to revert to it io this notice ; hot it
shesId be the particular care of aU who wish to obtain the
not to perebaee of
ney individuals ia this cite who have not a certificate of agen
cy sealed s??d..g.?nd R BRANDRETH. M B. mfit-tf
l>oiSD-fe? Aiagte geatlemsn ran he scccmoNxiatcd
D with a pleasant furnished room, with breakfast ?nd tee,
in a prlvatn family ia Broome ?t near Rrnodwsv, from ihe
first of May. Address L . ho* 77U lower past a Bee
?tale* of Horsrs, Carnage*, 4* at this wed k u??
IMimm coat ma* hi take p&ce every Monday at fi o'tlnta
aad fee proprietor baa aba md*ptad Ike milo wiag rale, aw *
"Geatiemea bavtag horse* for sale *U aocbe aharfM any
thing foreatrnace iirl tha In Ma; Mil. Tha asoal caffaafes
moii. k*. will he charged on aataal aalea only."
The next sale will conimeae* aa Monday, April 9th, IMi, ag
12 o'rlack, and all horse*, kc. intended for this sale must ha
tbawn and entered on or We lor a Nalnrday, April 7,at AF. H4
a* no horse can be offered at auction anient registered in limn
for the catalogue.
M ? J<>HW W. WATiOlf, 4? Hroadway.
N. B. Horse* registered for tale muet be left at New York
Tatter&alU hetore 12 o'clock on the day of aalo, or they efl
not be offered. jltSm*
<9fl*K(iR London.?To sail from New York on the
^?^?lst of May.?The uew and powerful steam stiff
WHIP'S, 700 tons and 3'JO horse power, Lieutenant Rickard
Roberts, R. N. commander, is intended to sail from Loodoo Off
the 28th March, touching at Cork, and from thence on tha 3d
April for this poil. Returning from New Yark for Leaden off
the 1st Mar.
This vessel has superior accommodations, and is fitted with
separata cabina lor the accommodation of families, to whom
every passible attention will be given.
Ware?Cubin, JJ40, including provisions, wines, kc. .Second
Cabin, 980, including provisions.
This superior steam ship having been chartered by the Di
rectors of the British and American Steam Navigation Compa
ny of London, to meet the pressing demands of the public, la
anticipation of the steam ship "Royal Victoria," now building,
is a new vessel, uboul six months old. and lias provrd herself
superior in speed and seaworthy qualities to any Meant vessel
on the British waters.
Passengers will he landed at Portsmouth, and thus be ena
bled to take conveyances direct to the Continent.
Further information afforded an application, and for freight
or passage, apply to
WADSWORTU k SMITH, 4 Jones' Lane,
(rear of 1M Front at?)
m24-t MI Agents British k American Steam Nnv. Co.
FOR BUMNESM?The large Mouse and Store,
with a Relectory, No. 17 Orange street, aad is well cal
culated for an extensive liquor and grocery store and hoarding
bouse. Also, several houses and More* in Cherry, Watar,
Madison, Monroe, Rosevelt.Scammel. Orange, Ridge, Riving
ton. Walker, John, Mercer, Molt and Greenwich sts , which
will be let low to good tenants.
For further particulars, apply at 91 John st, fram 7 to 19 Iff
the morning, andfrum3to7 in the evening. mlo-lrn*
TO LKT-A twn storvlrainehoii.se, (brick
m'-nt.) ami 4 lots, each lobby 26 (eet, situated at Bergen
Five Corners, completely finished last spring, in hand
same style, about half a nnle ironi the rail road, and on the
Newat k Turnpike, where stages pass daily to and from Jersey
City and Newark. For terms, apply to WM. WF.IK, on the
premises, or to Mr. JORDAN, at the Jersey City Kerry.
a3 lw*
of all the most esteemed species and varieties, Green
housr Plants, Double Dahlias, kc kc.,for sale I
by T.
HRIDGKMAN, comer of Righleentb street and Broadway,
immediately north of Union Place, and westof the New York
and Harlem Railroad. Also, the following Bonks, containing
the results of bis eighteen years practice In tha vicinity <h
New York.
The seventh edition af tha YO(JN<? GARDENER'S AS
SISTANT. o? every department of Gardening, 360 octavo
pages, neatly boti-td, price 91.
Tha FLGRlST's GUIDE, on the eoltivatioa af Flowert,
130 pages, l2mo. 37* cents.
pages, 12mo. 37* cents.
T7* Gardener's supplied with cholca Seeds, aad Bookseller!
with Gardening Books, on liberal terms. a7 If*
k FOR HARTFORD.?The steam*
L boat CLROPATRA, Captain Dustan, will
leave from East River Steamboat Place,font
of Beekman st. every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday after
noon, at 4 o'cloek.
Toe steamboat BUNKER HILL, CapL Sanford, wtU leave
fram East River steamboat place, fool of Barkman st. every
Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon, at 4 (/clock.
FOR NEW LONDON.?Stages will be in readiness at Lyme
to convey passengers to New London.
ET Freight taken until 3 o'clock.
For further inlorraatian inquire on board, or of
R. B. ALLEN, 169 Beutfa St.
N. B. All persons are forbid trusting any one on account of
the above boat or owners.
W'ANTED?Three smart, active servants, colored, log#
into the country. One first rate cook, one ta da cham
ber work, and one ta take charge of children. Nnnr but those
whoesa come well recommended need apply. The situations
will be permanent, and good wages given. Apply at IM East
Rioadway. ni.Jtf
eOOK WANTED,?A colored man wbn ran bring
good recommendations, may apply at the office of tbe
Navv Storekeeper. Navy Yard, Brookly n, between tbc bourn
of 10 and 11, A. M. a7-2t*
Thr State or MmiMirri,
Lowndes County.
Circuit Court, Timliy, I alb October, 1837.
Ueorck Tuokrr, )
v*. > Attache
Bir.Ri.DW It Clouch. )
Thi* day Cimf iIip plaintiff, by hiR attorney, ant it appear
ing to the aatiafbrtioa of tb<? Court that the defendant U a non
resident of the Slate of Mississippi, on motion of the plaintiff's
attorney, it Is ordered by the Court liiat publication be made
for its week! in the New York Herald, a paper published la
the city of New York, notifying the defendant* ofthe penden
cy of this unit, that uide** they appear on or before the nrat day
of the ueat ternanl ibia Court, rive special hall and plead, Judg
in- nt will he entered against llieia, and the property attached
will ha sold to aauafy the plaintiff'* demands, and thin raise* ui
continued until the nest term of this court m2> Aw
BOA H 1)1 NU.-Furnished rooms, with breakfast and tea
and dinner on Sunday, at per week, aisy be bad
in a private family, where there ere no children. Every atten
tion will be rendered in order to give ?aie>faction Apply at 91
Greenwich,cor. of Reetor st. a3 3teod*fli
DKFKCTtlHY FOR HALM?A first rite Uofot
XV tory (with a laaae lor l?n year* front 1st May neit.) do
ing an esrellent bovine**, together w ith the Bar and oilier Fu
ture*, nearly new ?? ill he aUpnaed of to a gord tenant at a
moderate price. Entry immediately.
The present occupant is parting with it ?a account of bM
leaving the city.
Apply at No. 3 Park Bow. ?7 Jf
Boston cukTm cak*..?a pkvkrklly,
Pastry Cook and Confectioner, beg* leave to inform his
friend* an<l the public that he bas taken the old stand, Ne. 164
William street, formerly kejrt by Mr* Mora no. where he will
he happy to tee any of hie friend*, and the public la general,
ami will guarantee that they will find every thing In the con
fectionary llae of the very heat quality lee Crrant of the rich
eat quality. ends weter.cordiala. Ac., the very be*!. Pastry of
every detcription, fre*h every day. Pyramid*.ieea. jellies, or
naments, he. of every kiad, manufactured at the abierteat no
tice. Caadiet of *up< rior quality renvtantly on bend, and for
tale on the lowest term*. The suharrilter was formerly en
gaged in an extensive haaine** in Boaton, and pM*c*aet advan
tages which few others do, ami he bono* by a strict attention
to his bastness, to merit a snare of publie patronage.
R7-S1' _ A rF.VKREL.LY.
?alted to the city retail trade?
14 Piece* ft-4 Jaconet j
4? " " Tamttoer Book, striped i
24 " " d? do do;
IM " " Tap# checks:
73 " " B -hop's Lawn ;
43 dot. Yerona lldkrst together or in separate lots, far
cash-for sale by W. It. WfLKINHON,
?7-at? No. n, <Md injh_
1 flail and Kreoaote, an effectual remed- Ache.
Prepared only by *a Brown, Che.ewt, No. 4- a-etartoo
st Boston. Asa aeearlty art mat coanterfr observe bis *tg
nature oa die direction*. Why wiU you at r with the tooth
ache when there is a remedy r
The above extract has rerentl h een dlscovared to bek ea ie
nod anre remedy fbr the tooth ache. It removes from the easi
ly alt the decayed aatniance, and leave* It wMte ea the outaldo
of the teetb? al*q, removes the sorenem. and t?he? away aB
that unpleasant mnrll arising from defective teeth. It does not
injure the teeth Itke many articlea that are aaed.
Bold wholeaale and retail by R M Galon, ITT Bowery, cor
ner Grand M. corner Henry and Pike ?ts; and 441 Grand at;?
aad retaH by J. II. Hart, corner Broadway and Chamber* at;
W. II Mtlnnr. correr Dey at. and Broadway; Wm. B Hoff
man 6.97 Broadway, aod A. B. and D. Sanda, ooraer William
and P alto a street*. mJ7 Im
" Airibehaiarnm Collegla Pbat ma copolm Waroas.
I war not with PbytHlaas, but with Qaacka.
-DR. WILLIAM EVANB, Member ofthe Royal Cortege
of Burgeons in London, and for many year* a raecessfal pr no
lit ioaor in lb la city. hog* leave to urge on the cwnatderation of
the pablic, that he roatinueato treat with unernag precision
the earioa* modification* *f disease that "flesh is heir to.' His
surceaatnthe treatment nf BypMlis and O* ?????*, tn their pri
mary forma, and to their sops King aactmdnry visitation*. (bfVt
on by lha abominable administration ?f specific medicine*,
and janeceas, containing the moat murderous preparation*
of mercury and other ooitous ingredient*,) be* been
admitted by thousand* What cun be more awful thon
the ravugaa made an the conalNution by the latedirinao
hiuaders af mechanics, who jump from the inaignifh
eunce of their bene be* into the dignity of Doctors 1 Them are
Ulcort and eruptions of the *hln, painful swelling* and
aarhytostaor atiffneav of the Jwtuta, enlargement of the hooea.
which cosne away Hh* the hark of u liee, rolled eaRdietieo.
phagedenic destruction* ol the neee, month and paHte, PJ"*
ring hide oat chasm*, which destroy the 'Haitian face d'sln*;
gleet*, stricture* of the urethra, producing Astuloa* "P""**
In th# perineum, rupture of the Madder aad death
thiaga nave never occurred under the jedictoo* end oenign
treatment ef Dr. Evana. . .
Dr. Ivans give# hi? miaate atteation to
plaint*, more particularly to those of female*, socki at dropsy,
hysteria or Inwnees of rpfrta. deacent. of ?*. MMM.
suppression and retention of the maaee*. gaiah arr m l' aged,
aad all other complaint* depending on di*eo#e of tne lemaw
t, ?t mmt deiirarv aod serfecy are observed, and the stsd
e AWm?! rented lea administered fhf all lb* shove dtaeaaea tjf
en ret as I rrmedtea adm n gvAN*. IM Cbathom at.
KTOfBceopea from ? o'clock, A. M. uafit IB f. M. a4-lm
ieni'enirwTTe^tt. Dtrecwr. of the Company Mr (torn
""t &IM Mr Beers,
Jaaoh Borvey, mewart Brown,
John W. Bcbmbrt. Robert Rermil.
George T. T> rtnble, Adorn Tred well.
Cornel mi* w Lawreaac, Robert R. Mmtero.
t C Hammerv'ey, Joatnb Mary.
MatShr? Maury, Bsc be MrEvera,
Edward R- Jonea, Casper Malar,
Joseph Send*. Ouban C. Verpk
Theodora Meyer, Wdhaai Ranks.
Theodore B. Rattarthwalie. _
Aa I at * meeting of the Board on the fth loot. FhoHea Me
Ever B*q ami Adam Tredwell, R?q bsviog dealt and Ifo
election. Baebe Mr Even, Esq. wa* unanlmoody eleawal
Preedent, and Theodore B Rattenhwaite. *?q. Vie* rtruaB.
?ni >9

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