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R Wiimlafnoabalee eouoa M Br^*"1k24
A Brldgei!*. bams 72 lS
: " b.bUisj 'g J* ^Sffpa? ??
.. - k.g." m - " bMesaotton 6#
R Jeffrey k Co bales cotton IS
Mobibc? Per rt . c# bo_i j
N ? Caabiing titles cotton !? ? JHln^k Hon boi 1
Nathan It Brother bU eetton 7 Variek balecoltoa 2
CAKi/?co'!?n 5 tXXcSS^'* %
B?H ?ifir " ? 17 W M Hartman k Co boxes 2
??"SSL* , .4 94 J r Bntterwo th bates SO
? ?SkoT- " ? LCullingW*1 *
AraLscmcoLA?Per Magnolia.
HWkS Hill. bale, c.ttoa 79 T J' Fanrnm bid.. 2*3
k-SSK-W* - 5 ? ? nick, cedi, .?
I'o Order bale* cotton 80
St. Joseph?Per Cyrus.
Brown k Brother b? cotton 34 To Order b? cotton
J Bayley " 23
Mobile?Per Levant.
Mr. M Runells Mr. M Couch Mr. Miller
Jon Mr C Wat.cn W SbRlley
8 C T Pierce O B De.uiof
W C rug* Mr* Beaark
Port of New York, May 1?10 P. M.
High Water,
0 54
Liverpool.?South America, Barstow, - - April 1
United Slates, lioldredge, ? ? April R
Oarrick, Palin.r, * ? April in
Mtvri. Sdvie de Grasse, Wiederliolt, ? ? April l
Formosa, Orne, ? ? ? April 8
Lonien. Quebec, hebard, ? ? * April l
PACKETS to sail.
Ltverpool?North America, Koxie. ? ? - May 1
Sidrlons, Britton, ? - May i
Rnscoc, ? * *jay 8
Europe. Marshall, - ? ? May 16
Sbeffiel.i, Allen, ? ? ? May 44
Utica, Fell, - ? ? - May 1
Rhone, Skid.ly, - ? ? May 8
Charlemagne, Ricbar?l?o?, ? * ?'* i?
Vtile de Lyon, Stoddard, ? ? May 44
London. Si. James, Srb?r. * * * JJay J
Sarius, (steamer) Roberts, ? May i
Montreal, Grilling, ? ? May It
Gladiato.-, Briiltm, ? ? - May J>
8>p Louisiana, Stanhope, R>? ?le ^a"e]ro?
B'g K. Plnribus I'num, Billings 2'*"
" Washitigion, Westo-, j
.1 Dimon, Sherwood, CIli?r estoa,
4f piMooor Sutio (I, Mobile,
'? Franklin, Htldn-nk, NC|
ST Celeste, Terrell. Boston"
" Compliance, Sparrow, Boston,
- ftEBUa.
S'p Huron, Boardmnn,
? Kmma1' "ann * Newcastle Eng. 44 ?
B'g Frances Asbby, Ashby, ApaTacbicola'' 16 '?
?'Magnolia, May.., Atmlwhicola, lb ^
.? Planet. Duncan, Windsor, ta t
ST Robert Centre, Surppatd, Bmtou' 3 "
?? President, Knot, Boston, j> ?
44 ((elect Johnson, J?*. , f ??
" ssa?A Kee,er> wt? asast 1;
?? Elizabeth, "?>'?*? w'ew^ndon 2"
Sip Hope. Pitman, New Los.lorn
SAILED?S'p Sidrfons, LwirKl
? ?? North America, Liverpool,
?? St. Juuics, London;
?? " Utica. Havre;
?? " Nestor New Grleans;
.< Louisiana, Rio de Janeiro;
.? " Siriu*. (.learner) ^
?< B'tr E. Pluribus Uuum. New Orleans,
?? ?? Splendid, Savannah;
? Hercules, Bermuda.
OTHER united states pouts.
May. Patterson. fm M.York, at Boston. Ap. 29
Friend, Baker, M ,4 og
Renown, Lovell, fr u ? ? ?
Cambridge, Wakeman, 4 ? ?
P quot. Baker, M ? ? ,?
Marietta, Matson,
Rosnlba, Jarvis. fm N. York, at Philada. May 1
Boxer, M??on, fr "
Joeepi, Porter, Porter, fm St. Andrews, at Charleston, Ap 26
Cordelia, Sherwood ftn N. York,
Caledonia Braader, NicholMin. fm Liverp'l, at N. Grl'ns, Ap. 22
David Cannon, Broaafaot,*' " '#'( ? ?
Charles Henry, Smith, fr ?
Grampus, Seaward, " M ?
Pnwhstlan, McCetran," '' ?
Telfair, Pratt, ? N. Yark, ^
Roaie, Hermn, ** Havre,
Ellsworth, fr N. York, at Trinidad de Cuba Ap. 12
Angel ine, , " " "
Barah k Eli*aheth, , fr C.of Africa, at St Helena, Mar. 16
Visiting Carda, Carda at Home. Store Cards,
AiP. dtc.
50 JoAa i( , e?rner ?/ If riham it.
XJ" Viaitinp Card*. Card* at Nome for Wedding Parties.
Mercantile sail Mm re Cards, engraved in superior ?tyle, aad
printed with the utmost nralueM, in the latest and most appro
red faaliion.
Ju?t received, a lot of Porcelain Carda whisb for whiteness
and brillianct of polish, sannot lie eirelled. Peraona furnish
ing their own Card Platea. can bare ihrm printed at om hour's
.Mercantile and Store Cards; either copper plate or letter
press, executed in a neat manner, and on farm a"le terns.
All orders personally and promptlv attended to.
Silver Plated and Hrass Door and Numb, r Plates of the mn?t
approved Patterns, with btonse n.lgn, silvsr plated concave
?ell Pulls, enfinved to older, In a superior style. Letter
Stamps, Seals, lie. he. iyHb'
NEW ytIKK.?The Steamboat New York,
ftaptala S ft. Ntomc, will areoranany the
Steam Skip droit ffrilern to band* H*ok, on her pmsage out
on Mondnt,7ih instant: leaving tbe Stenmboal place, font of
Beekmaa street, at 2n'clock. P M., aad return altoui A. P. M.
Dod worth's celebraten Brass Sand is enraged for tbe occa
sion Tickets. AO ?em* ench?(or sale at Holt's Hotel, at Jims.
Sexton's, I14 South street, ami on board. mvf-At *
II tMI'h !.? i.? ariive, industrinu* l?>v imm i? to Id
v v vears ni air*. |.t g.> in tbe country to live with a rentle
man's lannlv, to da liirnt Itouve work, he. An engagement for
i wo or three years coulu be made, If anil?facPon is yivm, anl
tcbeoliar allowed part of the t me. ItiquneofK. R. LAK
NITA, A0? Broadway. betweeu ? A. M. a-.d 2 P. M
Aiso wanted, a light carriage with tnp, aad one pair of
horses, with harnesa, kc. cosipl-le, or a buggy. lor which a
good price would he given in steamboat siock. Inquire as
above. navf-lw*
PATe-NT TlillK 44ir.hR?In presenting then* 4)una
to tbe public, ih- paten re ronode-s it annecessary to ra
ter is to an eUleiralr .leselpton at tt eii merits, <w to a?a?rt
that they are the neplii, ultra ?f human invention. He Will
merely stale tkut a r mtnon rilte on this pnnsiple was uffi-red
for rum petition at the tenth sneeal Kair ol ihe American ln
s'.itair, aad 'hat a silver medal was awarded 10 him inr the in
Culty ami niilitv of the invention, and tbalcomp tent jndgea
'? pinaonnced the ptineip'e superior to any other now
known, as applicable to guns for sporting.
Sportsmen aad others are inv ted to eaanaine some of these
Anns, now lor sale, at the (tore of
mySSl* MOtMlE k BAKER. Broadway.
||N, Jd*' I'll ?LD A Is It If I sl
extensive practice, rreu.ar medical ncquireotents In Europe
and America, and lorty ycBrs profusion I eapcrience, no hie
hint to adi.pt most speed. , *af and agreeable practise, or tbe
perfhct rento?al ul al* disea-es of a denrale nature, new t.rnld.
Imparity of the hh-ad, scrofulous romtrtsitile, kc fur w Inch be
Is particularly celeoraied. Iho e who have b?en unaueres ?
folly treated by 'eu< expatriencd practitieber-, are respectful
It invited in make application at his olBce. Strangers arc pnr
t'cnlarly cautioned against pnding adeemaem nts of ? ?eiy
tleserlnilon. I have no ulher office than ih.s?12 Peek Shp
my??t* DR. JOSEPH hVANR.
MINIM HEL. in. Mtthinai on with II tNNINO TON'S nIO
RAMAS.?MR. CoLEMAN respectfully begs leave U? in
form the inhabitant* ef New Y..rh ami vicinity, that the pen
fortnaneeoi Ma Automatos Ltty Minstrel on mu ical ir*:ru
inents.kc . will take place on Mnnd-y evening at the Cvy Sa
nson. and < op Inue through the week All ihnne who wish to
hern tte acquainted wjthli-r ladyship rutistrnib ace lb pre
snni opportunity, as it L the intention nf the proprietor In take
her in England ?* Pltern w|!| he n variety of Ant-matons
tairraloce t, al ? Mr Cote.nan'a Conception snd manufacture.
Era full description the pn die .r re/erred to the small Itilla
CUT SALOON- Vpartto At PW, ? These
f ipolar and I tecrsii .g Es-ning Exhibitions r- ..pen This
vetting, and will- on, .tie dur og the season Ti e cmw led
and delighted audiences who vlsttetl thea Dl-ran as for live
seasons: wltn Ihe effort* ami ctwt the proprletn a ho, n?
a wl n render the.n stll more brilliant than formerly, pr ml
sea a cani.nnanoe of Ondr -isnai success Erie ,t> hoaes' tHnv at
all limes be >,*ca cd <t the Saloon Ttck-u (or boxes. Abets
enck-Parf|ueiie tAcnn a Chiidr. n, accentp>nle.( with If elr
parents, half nr'tc. D mrs open at 7, p- rforntsnce begin at
Mlf paat 7- mv' y
RlfOSIR W N I h If.-Owe lie iwn rmmi
are wanted by a yonng linmlemnn whnae relative revel,
ut Kenturky. and whose'trrapntipn is exclusively a lit. rary
nan He wirtfurtddt the rm.ma II mmesnnry, m a hin.iv,
asassr He would prefer lit ng in a >i?me*Hr sirrtr. where
beconh etyoy the am sees of f?. tale awdety, Rreah'hst
would h, require vr> it rnlng sa l ten necaahtnitliv ft,
family with whom t f >des w,.?d h'te the privlteu. sf
K library an t ft he newpspet. of thr rwnntrs A.l.iress
??." a the oBh-e nf this naeer _ alii
Sy||i IIA A- * Verv .oprriwr kmd-need intsi whtca
they were rais d , st M iW onshcl -now septng hy thr
bag at leas than Bl A Ut IM Dnnne at. SB img
AlAA REWAHD-LM,|iai 7? la foinf from Ml
? IUU Or*ad ?l. to UwtimoinoM, foot of Marry iMfi
fflM bills on the Butchers mid Dwvrn Bull, and the ramadm
uor in Massachusettssod hltode Maud bill .
The finder will receive tbe above reward by leaving it witb
M. F. Kvtcham, 242 Grand street.
nayl-3t? JAMES BMi
rWPOKTANT A liberal price will be paid lor cast e#
Clothing, Linen, Plaie.Watcbe*, Jewelry, Guas, Household
Furniture, kr. by H. LEVETT, 42? Bruauway, New York.
Knowing there are per?<>i.s who make a great paw in tbelr
advertisements lor ca?t off Clothing, kc. ke. and who in nanny
cases do not give the full value lor tbe same. H L. will as
sure those gen. lemen who may have sucli article* by litem,
and who may aeon for bim, of their receiving the very utmost
value iu CASH lor every article . .
N. B.?A Itae through the post office or otherwise '?the
shove adores*, will meet with due attention. my 1-Sni
NOTICE-A Teacher wanted at Bergen Neck, Bergen
county, New Jersey, to teach an English Mchool. None
need apply unless of correct habits, and well qualified to leach
the different branches commonly tau*ht in a < ou try school.
N.?..d.PPly ^r.V'u;5."c*'v;^"LA'ND,
my l-3t* JAHPBlt COOMU8. Jr.
nOAHDIHG.-A small faieily, occupying a gent*el
house in Hammond s'reel, would he glad to engage two
gentlemen with heir ladies,a* periuaaeni boarders. The lo
cation is desirable, with convenient apartments and at mode
rate terms. References given and required. Apply on the
premises, 66 Hammond street. a30-3t'
?OBA WATF". M.?The advertiser can devote a por.
tion of his tune to superintend the manufacture of Moda
w-.ter, magnesia, and lime waters, mead, and all the syrupt
on the very beat principle. Retailers will nod it very profita
ble to take instructions and make for themselves. Please ad
dress D. BRYSON, care of iMr. Urquhart, lib Bowery,
?f long experience in alt >he branches, can spar* two or
three days a week, in either a hotel or store Address " Con
fectioner," at Mr. Urqubart'a, 110 Bowery. a30-lw"
CUTLERY, CUTLERY?The sub-enhers have
received, and offWrfor sale at reduce t prices, a splendid
assortment of Cutlery?Ivory balance handle table anddea-rt
knives, with *r without lorks, in complete se s of 57 pieces
and upwards, with tine warranted carvers and sheers to
match; also, extra fine table cutlery fitted in rosewood and
mahogany cases ??inpiete; cheeae scoops, champagne open
ers; "ork-crews; British pate table and desert lorks and
spoons; butter and fi-h knives soup ladles, kc all well worth
the attention of person* commencing housekeeping.
Pocket Cutlery?Rodger's and Cooke's celebrated Den
and pocket knives in great variety; also sportsmen and Con
gress knives, mounted in gold and silver.
Razors?The celebrated mathematical raxors, Rodger's,
Elliott, and Snmlt Razors, warranted good or exchanged; Me
ehis's magic strop aud patent por.able travelling and shaving
Scissors?Plain and fancy ladies'cutting cut and lace scis
Pistols?Of duelling, bait, and porket pistols, a splendid
assort me at
N.B. Retailers and Stationers supplied as usudr, at a small
a30 1m* 9 A,tor House.
| KlVO.t STlMtR PO 11 MAL.K.-The stock and
Li fixtures, together with four years unexpired lease of a
first rate retail store, now doing an excellent business, situated
on tbe corner of Orand street and Broadway. Kor sale cheap
by applying at 462 Broadway. a3fl 3t*
O. 4 PECIC SLIP.?Come unto me all ye that are
weary, akd dixguxteit with the various drops, pills, and
mixtures, the innumerable incongruous quack nostrum* of ig
norant and Drvsuniptu jus pretender*, whs are napping the vt
tals as well as the purs-* of the credulous eonie unto tue all
ye that are sorely afflicted, aud I wili make ye whole.
Au extensive practice of nearly tbirtv years (ia this city) en
ables Dr. Carpenter to ofTer to the unfortunate the most protnni
and effectual remedies for all delicate diseases, in a form and
manner uniting vertainty with secrecy. All cases guaranteed,
and wo patient dismissed until pet feci!y cured.
Separate entrances and private offices are arranged. Pa
tients can never come in contact. Charges reasonable, and
adapted to the ability of the patient.
DU. CARPENTER, 4 Peck Slip.
ET Dr. Carpenter is a licentiate of the New York State
Medical Soc.etv, and desires not to brrankel with the nu
merous sell made and seli-stv led Docters, puffers, and nostrum
venders of the day?with whom beholds ao communion.
JUST KECEIV KD and for sale at the standard prices
?an invoice of Shaker hoods from New Lebanon, by the
case or dozen, warrant, d genuine or no sale. Also, a fresh
supply ol selected palm leaf hats, ow crowns, round and flat
tops, Nos 2, 3. and 4 ; likewise afresh supply of ladies'floe
split straw bonnets, all Iresb Irnm the inanulacturers, and will
he sold at maauiaclurers' prices, at 217 Pearl st.
a3n-lw H. DAVId, Agent*
portant discovery for the tremmeai of lite Hair, a preserva
tive against baldness,and an ininlhhle cure in all affections of
the sk.n on the kead, as dandriff, ke. kc.
Multitude* of eh mists, apothecaries and perfumers have
successively attempted to treat that part of the human body,
without having srwncientlv studied the subject. By spreading
the oweiitatiou- reimrtsof an exaggerate,, fame, they have fa
tigued the public with ttie words?Wonder! Prodigy!
Kvidcmcic! Evidence!!?To prevent the destruction ol ao
hue an ornament, and to renew that gif\of nature, requires ma
ny yeard esperietue with the identical part (lor what kind of
Composition c >uld that be, invented l>y person* not familiar
with the s*udy of the skin on the bead .')
Tbe true e> sense of the kair, as it is called bv some eelebra
led doctors, who have used and recommended it as a specific,
might, lor It* effect*, be compared to the regulative activity
which lakes place in each plant.
The numerous experiments M. Gramyean has made, leave
no doubt in his mind relative to the course f llowrd by the sap,
ami of the causes which slop its circulation In the initretUulmr
space*, which all enmmunu-alr togetber,*o as to form the capil
lary luhe so infinitely divided. The sap does not circulate in
all hair with the same taeility. In moist hair, of which tbe ves
srl* are but little developed, it operates slowly, because tbe
lube itself being continually Alien with il, annihilates the per
spiration | then the a-crndtng effect cannot take place hut hy
the application nf Oraiwlje*n'? Composition, which, In a few
dty? only, will penetrate through the hair to ibe root*.
The ascending powee vnr tea then not only according u? the
auality of the tube, hut aleo fo the way of using this Composi
tion, which ought to he rmpioyrd every nighl be lore retiring;
it Is easy then to conceive that during the .ley, the surlare ol
die skin on the nerd produces nn evaporation.often very abun
dant; tbe sap, which, in some degree, is in Marion with ibnt
pt.-noniewm,awenos rapidly. Tbe resell is very easy to state
?Toe fnetion that has been made before sleep, refreshes ami
repairs the skin on the head, then the growth continue* as nam
rally as ever; while, hy employing this Com posit ion la the
morning only, the rrnuli* can only he uncertain, since ihe pore*
?f the skin are door, and rnn-e.|uenthr In a disposition quite
unfavorable tor retvlvtng from ihla Cnmpositlon all Its saiata
ry effect*.
It mast ami does receive the pre-eminence, and surpaseee all
that has vet been emplo ?d for the >rentment of the liatr. Dne
bottle of It riagkl to lie counted among the neceseary article*
which shouldl,e rarchased by all p irents, for ft preserves the
roots, preveots falling, strr-ngti ra* by Its rich and gesieron*
si mulants the weakest hair, give* to all sort* of hair admirable
soilness, histre and fineness, and keep, it in a great measure
from becoming gray t it I* ao extraordinary specific to erase
from the sain > n the head that powdery sedimem which so
many persons complain of. It may be daily applied on the
brad of the aged, as well as the voangeet child's.
The eonsioernhle sa'e thereof, ibe repair ami extension It
daily receive*, is a certain guarantee, ami 'Ugbt l* banish all
tin- fears that one create* in his own mind concerning Its effi
cacy. Each will receive with the bottle a treatise on tbe pro
per treatment of the hair.
V. Grandjean's Composition, which has Hubert? been sold
without aay order, wdl liearefnrth partake of the moat nc?l
hrai perfumes. R/ ae, Jasmine. Berraioot, Vermllu. Arobrouia,
fie. fir.
No I Barelac *L two door* from Broadway,(Astnr If/ use t
Assists?Mr Gilbert, in Boston ; Mr. Latove. Philadelphiai
Bevtlle Baltimore ; Miss Ttlhy, Patterson t Miss Henry, New
ark t Mr Era, rnis, Cincianatl.
Fatter Paper Hstia,
BLANC A. BODBN mat ulactnre and keep conetaatly
on hand, a largeaasortntenl ofeo ored papers, seah as plain
fancy colored pap rs, marbfe. emhoseed, spotted and moiUed
papers. Merchants and manufacturers will find il to th-ir ad
vantage tovtll si Mesws Blanch Roden'tfactory,No UCiiM
she t. before purchasing elsewhere.
Pancy paper hairs made vnoriler la any shape, and trimmed
I. kl have bad sevral premium* an.I diplomas awsrded
in them tur their specimen* of roieced papers, as well as for
Ihetf Fmiey Botes
VsMu'sctory, No. 31 Gobi, corner of Faltaustreet.
Duff uoroon inrhrv wuikb-ti.*
undersigned offer for sole a choice assortment ot tbe Rfcer
ry Wmesaf their own bran**, In hogsheads, qa trier casks and
Indi <a harrett, entitled <o dehe tare.
Ab?. a few ra-kt of e?qal<we Amontillado Paaado and
Gold Br' wn *be?jy, vintags I7W, kmporied esp> eealy Ihr pri
vate use Connoisseur* can taete these Wines ia the wrnnl by
applying to DUFF GORDON a Co.
a)e tw* Mo W? Bmad et,
llfALB' IIAIH K kHTO" ATI VI ?This vnln
l? aid* dieuueety I* now iutrodored to the publte with ibe
lalleat eiMifldenee ami a--nr*oce that It will effect the object of
appfteaitna. ? s THE comi'I.RTR rratmratioN
MP THE HAfR upon the heads of tho-e who have lost Ibe
same, and have thereby bereme bald nr partially so
Numerous cert fir sirs might be given in show how sneer*,
'ailv ihl? composed ha- hrea applied, (never having failed to a
single Instance I hat a* n Is not bmaght before tbe pahlit to
sell, hnt in he applied upon the principle of?no charge with
oat saece-s, it Is defined annereeaary to aw, fl an advertise
meat with particalar*.
It* virtue# nave been fbfly and -at sfactority Mated. The
hemic of those thai were entirely h Id. have been, hy the ap
(>|?e<M'oa el this Restorative. covered with a Insurious growth
M kraRlifni hair,
All hambag end qasckery la this metier Is utterly die
Bee e*' Hair Rw?tcrati?e will he applied hy the discoverer
? r Inyewio . Leal I Bests ?* tlmee ?h.. may desire to avaH
themselves of to IwneflcinI effeet*. *l the efRae ot O. M Mac
daniel, Nn ? Plait street. New York
None aeed despair, whvAbee "Id er young, nf having the*
hair ally restored.
No payment ? II h- rec Ived IW aov appbcntlnn of the Re
sprrnttvr ami the Mil I id?I who tries it in satiated by the
restnmtma m ihe hair.
N R Atr.ngeis who may *t?y a month In the etly, ran have
thetr hair started ?nlfteteut'T I" ensarr Its complete re.tors
ion. inlhsAm*
IIR. QkOliO Tfi !.<? * nf the British Colleg,
1 F nf Mrslih.ha* removed Irnm IB Chambers to Bj Wall <1
Present entrance ? New etrveh afB-fw*
flril m-lui ?'?* Hrt
^ Non. M5* Broadway i It aad 2? Divlalon ^r?^cyork
B, e. Brinhley,
ATTORNEY at law,
JACKSON, TIN*., . . .
CT Will strictly attend la the collection and sentiment01
claim* in any partot BaWMtfia District.
Foster k Fegg, Nashville, Moore fc Jackson. New York,
James Elrou, Jackson, Hobl.Jefffeyik Co .*?? .
Armour, Lake k Co., do. Gill, Campbell k Co., Phi ad.
Ricbard MeRee, d? Lake fc Co . Balluuore,
wliitiiig k Slark, New Orleans.
i iisioinlluiisv dastne??.
fty THK Subscribe beg* leave to oiler bu service* to lbe
Mercantile Community in any i.usmes* tbey
avcted with the Custom House, or ilia Revenue Departinert
ol the Government relating thereto, believing that * "u" '?'er'
rnpted exiieris ore ol torty years as an otbcer in the New lorn
Custom House, wHI be found to base entitled linn to the confi
deuce of the public in ^ & ^ ^
TO WAS1I with sponge and water
These elegant mid graceful creations of uncy-so much pa
tronised by the fashionables of Paris and Londou?must lie seen
are equally suited for tbr drawing room, parlor, boudotr or
bedrwnun and are as universally admired lor'their novelty,
variety and beauty, as for tbeir pleasing and ebeerlul appear
[ '7., men wipes then tkadee clean and reetoree tfcrsr original
freshness ttndbcmUy. Wi;h ordinary carr they w%U Imsifsr years,
nnj cousfoiifutlv. at ih^ir present low pritfj,
Md oftLY th! most'ornamental
Sold wholesale and retail, by ?DOYLE,
8 Baekman street, Clinton llalL
Aadbv A. LENT, 577 Broadway.
Opposite NiblaN Gardens.
irr Just received VKXi ynrda "f Scotch Ingrain Curpets, all
wool, at the low price of 75 to 37* cent* per yard.
Also, Ingrain Carpets, fast aolors, at 50 cents per yard.
Also'a splendid assortment of
Brussels Ctrpeting, Tufted and Brussels Rugs,
Three ply do Plain ami Printed Baizes,
Superfine do Stair Carpeting,
Russia and Orleans Carpets, Table and Puno Covers,
Plain, plaid and figured Mattings.
N. B ?Floor Oil Cloths from 2Ui 18 leet wide.
Those about purchasing carpets will hnd it greatly to Uieir
advantage to call and examine our assortment previous to pur
''ai'ltu*bewbe^re. pMrl street, opposite Wilivam.
146 Broadway, corner of L.berty sl
ITT Ladies' and Gentlemen'* Visiting Cards and Cards at
Home engraved imhe most tasty and fashionable styla, and
pi luted ?a the most beautiful Enamelled Cards.
R L. has just receivi d trom Pari* a most tie uttful and tas
ty ENVELOPE, to enclose Cards at Home, fcc. a great sav
ing oftime, and decidedly the most fashionable brush that
can possibly be Invented, skl-lru
VISITING CARDS, in plain writing, the Italian and fancy
hands, printed on the polished German Porcelain Card, may
be procured at the corner nf Maiden Lane and Broadway, at
STOUT'S Engraving Establishment, where specimen books
""aIk* sdve'r plated Door and Number plates, the plal.nr of
which la uncommonly thick, the silver being eapreaaiy rolled
for the advertiser _ .
Merchants' Coinmlaston Cards executed wt* dtatkaciaaaa and
'"Letter Stamps, Consular und Notorial Seals engraved te
Brass Door Plates, Knockers, ke.
STOUT, corner of Maiden Lane
al^Sn, and Broadway.
siding in or visiting the States of New York, New Jersey and
Pennsylvania ? R ON YOUR GUARD.
The extensive sale, the u> preredented popularity, and con
stantly increasing demand, for that most beneficial aad univer
Mlty approved medicine, known _
has induced many individuals, wlio arc entirely deatitula of
caoiroon bo-?*tJr't!">UNXKRrg|T T||Em.
These dishonest scoundrel* w ho live by eaunterfeitinga me
dicine whose transcendent viriues they can no more imitate
than they can eclipse the splendor of Uie sun, take good care
.... .to. ""S^RHCT.Vlt COMPOUNO
knowing full wellibatunless tbnlr hmthsome, poisonous mix.
tl*v cannot sell it. Having this in view, they make their life
destroying c?mpo.idon mio pill* >f the am# site, put them in
.? t,?xe? ?d the same site and shape, ami label them in the self
.m.ie stvle as ibe genuine beneficial ardele; und would thus
palm upon an unsuspecting public their vile trash, Instead of
one of the most innocent yet efficacious
rTvr yet invented by mortal man. That this last sentence is no
Idle boast, the thousands of testimonials received infivorof
tiir genu .oe medicine, added to the invariable
lDr" recommendations or all
who ase them, la proof positive! aad with, ut this overwhelm
ing testimony tails favor, toe very clreamstance ol persons be
Wir constantly engsged In counterfeiting thvm, (the pills,)
? "Is confirmation strong
As proof* ot hoiv Writ"
""-"?fSKsiSif.%E?l'S.*5TN N.W YORK.
"""?"?f""* JAMKA LANCE,
who keeps an olHee in the Bowery Inr the sp-eial sale of Bran
dreth rtfta. This man was once a clerk in one ol Dr B.'s offi
ces, from which be was some time * nee ois barged, in cooae
aucnee of his misconduct James Lance, Esq. ia pleased to
style bis wonhlns stuff the original imported Brand reiki Rills.
Imported, indeed! from his hack -Imp into his front office, from
thence trans (erred into Uie stomachs of bis unsuspecting and
cheated victims, who doiHdlail inexperience sad effects there
Burn _ _ ... _
Rrcsheet Dr. Brandrrth'sown ..trices are
Miner Offices,
187 Hudson street,
I Spruce street,
27(1 Bowery,
(between Houston ami Prince streets.)
These ure Dr. Brandrcth'. own otfises htr the eicluslve sale
would do well to be . autinus where and of whom they pur
chase pills, purporting to be Brandreth's. as there are many
sparwai pills hi that city wsich will I- palmed apoa the pab
All pitta told far Brandrslh by one
r W WRIOHT, lW Ra*e Mreet,
And 47 I hesnut street, ?*hiln<lelp?.ia.
Pills ma.le hy Dr. B arsndreth, nf New York, who is the only
prm>Bln mhohabthe mrioinalrecipe
which was given htm hy his gramKmher, Dr. Wnt. Braadratk
tl e original inventor, con eqaemly ail pMIs prrpnred by tha
Wright, aa I all enprinciple?iseoundreh. arenoi the genalne
Brandreth's hills. This m . e W. w^gh?. of l?R>ae at. and
4S ('besaat st Phila.l. .->hia. was. anttl lately, an agent far Dr
Braudreth.bat not malting money gatta last enoagh '^an ha
nest way.tn antisfr hw avarice, h? t as 'shen advantage of the
ahvrnse nf Dr B. (- h- -? m>w in the ??>utb) to
thinking that bis having he- n an agent tor Di. B 1
people to believe ihst th? Dn?t->' had '??*'?****' ** make
hi* pi I ls? and so lost w he in all h..n"f 'hst^rr
the papers, that he has !?? original recipe. fr?m which this far
famed medicine a made.
for neither he?.?r a?? nne else us Amerun ha.
rept Dr. B Braaslreth. nf New To k; r""
dreth's fills,'' mode and ''I * fa'pu iMpTp aVOf
r,CB to No. 241 BROADWAY. . .....
where all agvnM are desired to direct the r amataaascauaaa.
Tnk Mt?tb or Mhiimiph,
Circuit racar, Toe??iay, lath fictnber, U9T
Ouui Tvckii, J
n. 5 Attaeb't.
Biati ot* A finosR. '
Thl? day came the p'aintlB, by hi atnmee. aad it appear
lap to the ?ai'?fa ttoi ?( III- Coarl that ibe defendant la a n->n
re?id#at of <he State of Mimtaalppl, oa motion of the lalalif?
attorney, h t< nrdar'd hy ihe C -art that pubitrafon ha made
tor ?'* *> eki la the N?t? Yoflt Hera d. ? pap- r pohll h?<l la
the city ??f kra Tor*. nnflVbit the defendant >?< the penden
cy ot ihn ?an. that aol-w they appear oanrhentce the rtrw day
of theaeat termnt ih? loort.f *e?pe?l?l bail and plead, jodjf
want wilt be entered apainat thent. and ibe pmpertr tit ached
? ill ha anM to aatrafv the pla-niilTi etttamla, and this now
contianed ant?l the neat i?rm n| iha court at 21 San
i iKRIN TOOTH P\?T?-An Bi.eqaillnd Orail
* ' (rice ?Tbr ttrrli Ti' tta *??r h*% I- *"r* Imtiarr,
more than reahaed the ht*he?t van ft itlm ? of thaur who bare
oaed it. *a hamtredi of la t?Mn Urheertall? atte-t While't
heautile* the Mrtk, ftrh.p lo thent a Han and nearly al-lte
ne*n, and reoa-rinp an- p>ee- at n? e ery appearance of tar
tar, it aim iinpra>e* the rnh?? ot the Npa and ffnnt* prevent*
aad heat* all aire** of the moatb- rr?*t* the prof ?? of da
cay In the leeih?a dhttp*'?? that peculiar andfnie'i iwee?.
?mi to the hrc* h for wh ch 'heOrr* Moot i? ao ia?n? anil e?
teadrelv celeb at'd?ami It i? al?o, pre-eminently notincai-h
ed for it* afre?ble taate ami frayrawe
Tlia OMRH TIM> I' M ft?Tf ?an, "a lb- tn-ta , b ehan
rd in in an af eeahle and mil ei-e len Tooth W**b. white
I* frae from ?-?* ohi- rfnn? iImI ?pp'y 10 -ti?h an artleln,
aad a tan from l boar thai ?r? app tc*?'e I Tooth ''owder* a*
?a ?p o-adapr tn ihe o-ilat It >? r aat - I eon ala no ta
(T e.lteat In the le d -fee ta|ar a* to the teeth and it I*
nlehly rernnnie?led Ity fie at- *i eminent l>e- tl I- It* eatep.
?Ire oh and the r?*? ii .atiilbe io hat h ? m-are*, are how
e?ar, th- heat eri.i m e* of t ? p- r 'n-hr B?-d a?erll Tria?. M
rent* with fa't'tic rtlo ?.
Wt i- <at- 'ty H f Ha-I ID Hr'M v tr . Mr*. A. C Cannon
A?',.r t'r-a*' t I M 'a?? * I) JBH <>nd ? . . and f> Mo ion
m. n. r Mow-it Co iaa c< * ho >?' r, m o , i/t *?we
ry.e>e?,?, of Tie a->4 I tear . ?j *n ? >nb al *n- retail at
HI ft rand M ill nOia*
PAxwu. ?'HiAU -THIS EVENING, ?>(?
formed, for tbe ???olit of Mr. WHEATLBY,
THE JEALOUS WIFE-Ma *r Oakley, Mr Ha?ld?-Lord
Trinket, Mr Macide?Charlna. Mr Wheatley?Mra Oakley,
Mitt E. WuetUey.
Altsr which,
A Pat De Duel?by Matter and Mitt Well*.
After wbi<*fa,
CLAitl | Or. Maid of Milan-Duke Viral i, Mr Wheatley?
Relume, Mr Chipnindale?Jocoto, MrRichlngt?Clari,Mltt
E. Wheatley.
To cwnciude with _ ..
THE BENGAL TIGER?Sir Paul Pagoda, Mr. Placide
Kilward llendvrsoti, Mr. Sicliingt? Charlotte Headertoa,
Mrt Richardson.
L/UiHiri'ipm at 6|?performaaeet commence atT'ciack
BniesSl ?Pit Sitrfnit?Gallery 2'- cents.
I\jATlOfkAi* THKtTHk- Late lulian Opera
Third night of the New Graad Rowauuc Musical Drama of
3d night of the engagement of Mrs. HENRY WALLACE
(tale Mi-t Turpin.)
WEDNESDAY EVENING, AprliiWtfa, will We produced a
New Graud Musical Drama, with entirely new and magnifi
cent scei.ery, appropriate costume, properties, banners, ke.,
kc., loundrd ap< 11 ft nlwrr's celebrated novel, called
LEILA; or, The Siege of Grmada.
The Scenery, hy Bengough and Assistants.
The Dress-s t?y Mr. Cauter and Assistants.
Tbe Banner*, Properties kc. by Mr. Dejouie.
The Machinery, hy Mr. Hatch and Ataittanti.
A (Jrund Overture, composed hy Lehbe.
The Mumc of the Drama, selected from Rottinl, Herold,
Domicile, Horn, Harnvtl, autl Puccini, adapted and arranged
by Mr. llornca-.ile.
Ferdinand, King ot Spain, ? . Mr Rogert.
Torquentada, Grand Inquisitor, ? Mathews.
Prince Juan, Mr liornctMle | Don Alento, Mr RustelL
Don Estevau, Mr llaulonvilie | Perez, - Mr Everard.
Kaigi,is, Priests, Nun*, tdfiriai* of the Inquisition soldier*,fee.
Boabdil, King of Grenada, . . Mis. Mel tan.
Muzu, Kiutui m of the K ng. * Mr J Wallack, jr.
Useph, ? Mr Mitchell | /.imen, ? MrStewaiL
Muiey, ? Mr Baldoclt I
Amine, .... Mrt Rogers.
Leila, J Mr* 11 Wallack.
Moor t.U Noble*, Ciliient, Soldier*, Slave*, Danrmg giils, kc.
AlmanitB, the Cahalitt ? Mr M Wallack.
Act 1?Scene 1?A splendid apartment in the Alhtoihra,
wub sunset view of the i iver Darro and surrounding coun
try. Dancing girls. Kal.et andrhoius.
" Sunbeams are lading, twilight invading,
Hstllly it shading niouniain and vale."
Boabdil repining amid ni* pleasures. The council of the War
rior, and ihe unwelcome appearance of the ' evil Gesius of
the Kii.g." The influence oi the Cahalist too powerfull U> lie
ovetrhrowu. "The ln.uri.nl yet come!" The disappoint
ment of the Warrior and hit lineal. " Lenk is thytell, Al
inamen ; this arm has cloven mauy a lueman't cat(|ue,and will
not fail it* master on a traitor's head." The boasted power of
Almameu. Tue demand and the appointment.
Scene 2d?The garden cud house of the Cnbalist. Song?
" Gli come to me, ctmr to me, Mora dear,
While spreacl it the mantle of mgliL
The moon it still slur ping, and no one it here,
To (tuition our dreami i delight."
Mystery attached to die maiden ; tier fears and her presenti
ments. Thetloint it gtihering to hurst with feurful violence.
The arm ol ibe otssstm it uprated!
" It was my father's voice! Fly! uh, Muza. fly!"
The hurris 1 parting of the lovers. When nod where do they
meet again i The agouy of Leila; the sternness ot her fa
ther and bit love. There it a redeeming trail In the charac
ter of Almamen.
Seme 3d?A street in Grenada. The urow d, the aewt, the
purpose of tbe enuiny.and the resolve of the Warriur. Nut g
" HI sing you the sights I have tean."
Scene I? I'he Cemetery of the Alhambra. The summoat
to the dead ! The response!
" We hear ard we obey."
The Dreamer seeks Iroui the powers of enchantment a know
ledge of the destinies of Grenada; " Wing of Grenada, hat
thy soul snenglh to gate on sight* not oil revealed te mortal
eyes.'" The incantation. The lather of Bothdil ascending
from his iemh. The inscription i "Beware! Fear not;
Arm! Hear, Boahdil! nor hear in vain Brheld! All warn
thee. Lo! ihv mouldering ancestors." The snimatienof the
skeletons. The horror of the Monarch, and exaltation of Al
mamen t
"It is accomplished."
Act 2?Seene 1?Tie tent of Kia. Fenlitand in tbe camp
beie. e Grenade. The politic Monarch seeking by intrigue
to ebtaln possession of the city, whose conquest was yet to
cost bun the live* of hit noblest warrior*. Torquemada, first
grand Inquisitor ef Spain. The arrival and the hostage. Leila
parted from her father. The voice of nature stifled : hitter
here* iter is ihe rrp< ulance of him who would not listen to its
Clead'eg. A lurttn-f insight into the chsracter ol Almamen.
[is nolilnos. " Break iliy salecounuct, King, and the Moors
will bold Grenada till the Darro is im cur pled with berpeo
pie's bluod." Tbe terms accepted Tbe duplicity ol Ferdi
nand, ami the demand el the Inquisitor.
Scene 2d?The nnibush of ihe Moors. The Cshalist falls
into the powerof the Warr.or. The strife. Almamen treated
?* an enemy hy those he periled all in serve.
Scene 3?Apartment ia the Alhambra. The exhortation of
Amine. "Awake! arise I Grenada's champion ! Iftkou must
trust to magic and to spells, 'grave them upon Uiy breastplate,
write ihem on thy sword, and live no mere the dreamer of
the Alhambra."
The return of the conqueror and his reception. Tbe Ethi
opian Guard. The nnjust accusation and the magnanimity
ol the hero, The rcMncll'BlWm, aed r? solve Bo.ltdil?
" Tomorrow's sun shall light u< ?n to victory or death."
Bcene V? Lerta In the power ol her lather's enemies. The
perset uiioos of luwl. ss love. Duett?l.etia an I Juan?
" llasle with n,e, love, to scenes more fair,
Where tbe purest bliss awaits thee."
It is no friendly baud thai protects her. hong?Joan?
'? Love thy mnndate, I obey "
Scene 5? lmeriorof the Grand Inquisitor's tent. Prepara
tions for Ima.olating Almamen. Officer* of the Inquisition.
Knights, Men at Arms, kc. kc. Ihe heart le??nea? of ihe In
quisitor The Cabaliat at Ihe stake! His invocation?
" Spirits of Athdedol, I sontinc n ye lo aid me."
The power oi the spell. The disappearance or Almamen.?
Tbe terror and uantusioa of the a**emMud multitude.
" The Fiend?the Fiend i*nm< ng on."
ActS?Scene l? A chamber In tbe AUiambra. The aatural
It resolution of Boabdil'* character aeain appears. Tbe in
trusion of the warrDr, and hi* nnnauneemeot lhni| the as
semhled ?rmy await tlieir King. Determination ol lite Dream
er alone, to seek the Cemetery?
" If tbe dead iadeed watch over ns, perchance tfaey will
vouchsafe ss>nie sign."
Scene 2?The l ein-tery. B rabdi! again holds consultation
with Ihe dead. An unexpected witness! Tlt. V istort I
Scene 3? Interior of a Convent. Seng?Leila?
"Joy no more its lirkt revealing,
Leave to grief my heart a prey *
Love ever fruitful in disguise Leila still persecuted, bat an an
holy passion has he come a deeper awl purer fl?me Tbe en
treaties of the Prioce. Would Muta have pleaded so In vaiaf
" (Ni fly with me, my own G*telle.
To realm* beyond tnese gloomy shrines."
Leila's coniesslon. The geaerosliy of a noble on tore break
ing ibmagli lbs selflsbnt** engendered by ronlinual self in
dulgence DuH, Juaa and Leila?
" l)h, love and pity btea<i>ag."
Scene 4?A view of Grenada, with river Darrnw w inding
through n pietar'Sque country. The Moorish Army with ban
ners, he. he. Chorus,
" Hark with our Country's name,
Kindling a sacred flame,
Lounly the trump ot fame
cm s us to ibe field.*'
Tbe reception of the King and kia people. Evolution* and
march si the Army. Grand Battle Choru*.
" To the cm fliet, the .mra pel* are sounding "
The Dreamer, the Warr or and Uie Catsalist at last united in
I common came bcene Nb? The meeting of Mats and Al
momen n ler Ibe eettle.
' The day L >u*< and the mailed warriors oft he
Cross resistless >we- p the fle.d "
Th denauclstl >es nf the Cabalbts an I mnderatioa of the
" Thy etail la raete with tor Bpsniard't blood,
I casaot smite the slayer nf the Christian "
Scene 6ib? The interior of a Cathedral brilliaatly dlnmtaa
ted! rroreaamu of the oiEereat r-hgious erdrrs, with their
has tiers censor* kc. Hymn,
" Lo! before the altar bead log "
Moah*. Rreparations f r the ceremony of taki"g Ihe Ted.
Leiia pis ? in the hand* of her persecutors. Tie father
cl*imsh>* daughter.
' Avauni Ab*dd?n! here thy sorceries avail thee aot"
Tbe tgwny of A>m*men, and resolve to present ibe coo
tanmiaiion ot the set that ink'** Iwlls from the wavla.
* A* pars nad nnd- filed a* I received thee.
Will i here restore thee to the earth.'
Tbe He n of Grenada, from l<elng n spectator, become* aa
actor an II e *c?ne. Cannot Lt ee re?eue the victim t
To which . Ill be nnded the favorite fnree ot
THE BENGAL TIGER-Hir Paul Psgoda, Mr Blakely
Ciiartotte Hen< erson, Mr* Roger*.
D or* open at "J -Performance begin* at t Bote*. |L
Pit. A# ceeu. Gallery. 25 cents.
No I ii ? I (Ml. IRLAND RAII. HOAI).
tr AN Extra train nf fir ?? class Car* will leave the Ualna
Court - for Brooklyn dming ihe Eace*, exprrssly for the ac
c?n m riaiion of genilcmen, at h?lt |i#-t* P. M. Price ff|,?
Time h l wee# t be C< urae awl the Bomb Ferry, 25 minutea.
iff IW ..
C/ CONSTANTLY on hnnit, ni the msnafnciarec'* ware
hsu-e. I I BeeSnisn ?t ieet. a large stork nf all hi* well know#
PEN*, warrantee of tieai qaai tv.
The?e tVn* s?e man alarm ed ond> r the perwmal ?u penis*
tendeece ei Mr O'lioti! The public m*v ilierefhre coeB
denilv depend air<n ibe mnint itnanre of hose gaaiities which
hive obtained for them s? g ea< a reputstioa '
N H Rewniaoi Counterfeits, which can easily be detected
hy their unfinished appearance, and lha Inferior manner in
which ih< y are pat ap mffa-ani
Remits- '? ??l I'tlll'sr.
'?'HP KlTBHt HlHS Rs Woald rvmiml their friends and
I ihe public ?fiat >hev continue iii mannfaciare ihelr Pmte
and f,<aU'd Nlach*lig wh'Chha? heen?o am*er*a'l admired,
and in .webgeneral u e Bu nearly hall a rentur, : million- can
tesi l< to ii? ?ap- riociiy ov?t oihor Riarking. for ita fine Jet
black Insire, ami its peenl'ar not itloo* qualities to leather ?
Imparting to It thai mflness *o essential to It* dnrahillty Bat
whv enlarge? its excellent qnal'lie* art too well known to need
fu: ther comment
Then ni ft* merit* we w H say no more.
? nil "quest that yon iihont delay.
WHI 'all <t L e k Tit ?maan'* ?ia? king sSorr,
'Ti at two hnia<l-?-d-in five Brood*ay
I N ? ag, n's fhr ihe * tie ol P G. N ag e's Patent Coos
posh'on ->.r rets lerlag boots and dtoes ro upteiely watetpeneC
?m Ins* ?
C I I ' ' ' I ?Tb- so cvWwv Ms fpet reeatvee a tsr of
' ni r r ? ock aw Vest ng BATTIN, whigh he oF- tv i"
leng ii* i nil pa rhsaer*. Abe a large ?*.nr,meet sfRjJJ*
C ?'? s "own ?, Okiv, g, ll"?l, ry 0?.ps nd?r*, Rm- ee Belt-,
Milk *1 bd* ? ,i firs Went, who|> aa e a?d rt<?- _
ft g pr*bbr<k?E,
at*Im* Ek< Pe 'rt Street
IS ?'clack, wbra will be offered U amorUaent of horses, Ma
nages, harness, U?, lo rait all tastea. It it neeeaaary, however.
t? register berses far tilt* Mir early, as mo borse will be o#ared
al auction unless rrgisternd in uw Tor the catalogue, wlM
m now open for the reentry of horses, and will remain sa imS
Saturday, 5th ln?u at 4 P. M.
jl?-3n?* JOHN W. WATBOlf, 446 Broadway.
' A11, r, a i,?la i urn Collegia Pliirna copolu* "-Ha\
I war net with Physicians, bat with Qu?-*>
? -?R WILLIAM EVANS, Member of the Royal CoMego
of Burgeons in London, and for many year* a racceseftal praa
litioHer in this cite, ben leave lo urge on the eoneideraiioa of
the public, that he continues to treat with unerring preawiaa
the various modification* of dhrn?e that "Beth ia heir to.' MM
auceeM in lite treatment?(by pbilla and <3* ?MMa, In tbalr prb
mary form*, and m their appalling secondary visitations, (litrt
on hy the abominable miniiiiisiraiion of specific mmitriiias,
and panacea., containing the moat murderous preparation*
of mercury anil otber noiioaa ingredients,) baa been
ntlomied by thousands. What can be more nwfal than
the ravage* made m the constitution by the imudieioM
blander* of mechanic*, who jump Iroui the inaigatft
cance of tl eir benches into the dignity o| Doctors ! The*a are
ulcere and eruption* of the skin, p.nnlul swelling* and
anchylosis or stiffness of the joint*, enlargement ol the hone*
which coiae away like the bark of * tire, called exfoliation,
phagedenic destruction* ol the none, mouth and palate, produ
cing hideouschasms, which destroy ibe "human face divine^
gleet*, cincture* a! the urcllira, producing fistulous openings
In the perineum, rupiute of the bladdei and death. Rack
tiling* have never occurred under itie judicious ami benign
treatment ?f Dr. Evans.
Dr. Rvan* gives hi* minute attention to general rem
plaint*, mere particularly to those of female*, rach ac dropsy,
hysteria, or lownes* of spirts, descent el the uterus,
suppression and retention of the menses, flatulence in the aged,
and aiiuther complaint* depending ou disrate of the female
health. *
The utmost delicacy and secrecy are observed, and the mact
effectual remedies adminiaterrd for all the above disease*, by
DM EVANS, I* Chatham M.
KTOfficeopen from I o'clock, A. M. until 10 t. M. a4-ta*
'and splendid steam ship WHEAT WEST
? ERN, Lieutenant James Moskan, K. N. com
mander, was intended to sail from Bristol lor New York abual
the middle of U I* month, and will return irom New York la
Bristol within fourteen day* after her arrieal here, probably
about the 13th ol May next, hut the precise day will be aa
uonnced in a future advertisement.
This new and magnificent ship has been built by ibe Great
Western Seam Ship Company, us the first of a line nf packets
expressly designed to accomplish the object ol a regular
steam communication between America asd Europe, and ev
ery thing that scteace ami praetiral knowledge can Israisli
has hern provided to rentier brr a safe, and in every respect
eligible conveyance for passenger* anil good*.
Her length over nil is 334 fret, beam 314 fret, depth 264 feel,
admeasurement 1340 tons, her engines of 4 -0 horse power ?
Her accommodations for passenger* are of the most ? u per tor
description. Kite Its* state rooms, he for 128 lirat eIns* pas
sengers, beside* 20 good secondary berths, sad, if required, 10#
more sleeping berth* can be conveniently arranged.
For freight or passage,or further in'ormsiion,apply lo
RICHARD IRV1N, !t Fr nt it.
New York, 17th April, 18S8 alO- lm*
M" P9K * AL K OltTKX"( H A SUE-EurlaT
proved property in me city of New Tor*, a farm con
taining 263 acres of Choice lead. situated in the valley
of the Chemung river, within 3 miles of the flourishing vfllaga
of Elmira, on the route of the Williantsport and Khnira, and
within a short distance rig the contemplnted route of the Hud
son ami Kri- Kail Roqri*. On the premises are two good
houses, with the requisite outnu'thiinga, all in good order. The
farm is watered hy a fine creak and uever failing springs of
good water thinughout. The fenre* are montly new and all
ta good ortler, having been thoroughly repaired within a
year. There is an o ch.rd attached to each housa, and tha
farm having a lane running through the contra, ran without
expense he divided into two good farms, one hundred and six
ty acres under improvement, the rest in timber. The whole
premises nre in good order, and can at once be made produc
tive. For further information, apply to
aUb-lw* ANTHONY LAMB. 14 Jay *L
THE COUNTRY.?A large comiuooiou- bouse, with
-garden, stal ling, ice home, kr. beau ifudy situated on
the bank of the North ft ver, lfH* miles above New York. It Ik
well calculates! tor a pi ivnte hoarding house, and would ba
well patrnnixed as such?the situation heh g very beanby, aad
much resorted te.
Also, two smaller houses, witb gardens aad barns. For fur
ther particulars, inquire at 16 Spruce *t. up onirs.
a23 2w WAi^JI RADFORD AgenL
Jb^A TO IsKT?Several smaH threestory brick dwelling
giora bouses, just finished, stlonted on Jackson avenue, be
??Atwfiii lltliand 12th streets, known as "I'niaa Court,"
suitable resiliences for respectable mechanics. Real $204 per
annum. Apply to J. k J COX, 15 Maiden lane, or Thomas
Macfarlaae, i2 h street, near Ibe Third avenue
I I) LET-No. 29 Ann si a first ra a store. Tba
first and second floor- are handsomely shelved?will be
del separately, if required.
Also, la the rear, a large hallding, well adapted for jewel
lers, or any mechanical purpo*e* requiring rood lirht?willbe
l-t low to good tenants. Inquire af W. FVLLKR,
aUI 2w" in Use upper story, finnt building.
VO LKT-A Tavern stand, and also a 1 w* lling
house and alorr ia a plea*ant manufacturing village in
* ? the country a few mam from the Ninth River. Inquire
it tfai* office. at-I at*
SALE?Sitnaicii ia the mwti of Renters, Westchester
?ss"" county, N. T. about 10 mile* Irom Hing Mng Landtag,
containing 16 acres ot good land, hnuar, barn, Ac. Haul far.
lory is 2t by 37 tret, lurnisbed with machinery for inannfac
luring wool lean of different kinds. On the premise* it a beau
tiful and i- ig'hle die for factories, or I usine.s requiring water
Ktwer, w hich will be sold together Willi or se paratr iioru mid
aciory. Maid property will be told low, or *irhanged for
property ia the vicinity ol New York ?>r Brnoklya, ami if not
told soon will be la let
For further p>rtirulnrs inquire of Richard Miller, on the pre
mises, Daniel Miller, Yorkuiwx or
DA.VL C. MILLER, Lumber Merrbaat,
myl ? tm* Rrooklyn, Moeth Ferry, L. I.
W9m of afl tfr most e*i<o*rwvd *pecie?and varieties, Oreen
boaw Plants, Doable Dairi es, Ae Ac. for sale by T.
RkH)GE MAN, corner of Eighteenth street and Broadway,
immediately aorth of Union Place. and weat"l the New Y*rk
and Harlem Railrnad. Also, the following Books, r?ataiaieg
the results of his eightetm yean practice In lire vicinity of
New York.
The seventh editioe ?f the YOUNG G ARDENER'S AS
SISTANT on every department of Gardening, *? octave
pages, neatly bound, price ft.
The FLORIrtTfl GUIDE, oa the euluvatioa af Flowers,
J* l-ages, Iftun. 374 rents.
pares, 13mo. 911 seats.
fr Gardener's sapplied wrth choice Beeds.aad Bookseller*
with Oardenlar Boohs, en lli>eral o-ris#. ml Im*
me? -v TMK large ami splendid H earner DIA
MONfJ, Cspt. F. M Johnson, will leaee
.aesc^fli_n ??! ibe pier foot ef Chatalrers street, every
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday afternoon, at lee
Noeiertions shall be wanting to seenre the coasfart of pns
sene ers.
The metien of theeegine ia srarreiy perceptibl-, and will
insure a p*??sg- with I be qaiel and rvpose of a Hotel
ffhe willgn through without stopping?net eeen an the Over
slaugh F?#r freight or paaaare.appl v ns i.nard. or to
The property of all paseeagersat tueirown risk.
New York, inn! 71, l?9?. a? lsr*__
m KO ft MAItTFOK D.-Tbe steeai.
beet CLEOPATRA, famim Deatan, will
leaee from P-ck Slip. Best River, every
Tuesday, Thersda v sail "Saturday s flee norm, at I Wciosk.
Tne so ouhoat BUNKER HILL. Cspt. Mnotwrd, will leave
frns? Peck dip. E. A every Mmsday. WeOi-eaday and Frldny af
ternoon, at A o'clock.
FOR NEW LONDON? eiagv? will beta readtaem at Lyete
te convey passengers to New London.
TP Freight takenentii 4 tPcleeh
F?r fbrtbvr ietermeOea ientrnon board, or of
D. B. ALLEN, IISBeeth ?L
N. B. All person* are forbid frasSmg any oee oa scroaat of
the ??*>? boot rrrowners. maMua*
r k'bs and rnnveaieiit medie ae for children, causing wormn
to be discharged in greet a embers ami even whew there ? .?
appearance of worn s tbev do mteli gwod ia carrying off the
?e-mtwo of n near from the itnawrh and bowels which gene
ral* them, ar ri Is ae tnjnnopsle children aa worms alive. Far
sale by the proprietor'* agent,
Mflf Me 90 Naseaa at earner ot Fulton.
Warr.nted?Premium Tuscan, etrnw s?d Chredle Hats,
Millinery, he-MR0 M D. HuBO E. fmn, L ado .. gatrfW
fwr the aoerml patronage she has received fr~m her frtepda and
the public, return* her stneepe thank*, and re.p. t ifa'fr soMrite
n wNHlnuanee of the same?in insure which, M s M. D H ne?r
nfler. for .ale bee ?pb-n<Md Rnvel Vtcwwia Gil *e\ Hats, ami
Cottage Bonnets which are acknowledged hy ih. he*t judges
le be ?ep- rtnr te shape ta any in ibis ctiy, at he (oweM powi
ble prices, for cash by the cane, doaen ?r single na?. a* her
Ware SB# Grand street, between Esses ami Neetnfb streeta
N. B Mats cleaned altered and pr*?aed m ? *eperior style,
cheaper than at any other evtabhahsnent ta the do
Hew Tori tprll^MR mm? _
TURlfd he. FOR BALE.?A rare rh.nee Mr aey per
?on disputed to erg**e ia the nhoee an* it esa, hvi> g>a com
flete lonrtmra el Conferttoaarv. w?th ever- risev?n ie nee of
flltaree, serh e? eounter, drtwers. glesu ca*e*. jm a he kg.,
together with tbe privd- geef the so re as it en J**- far
ther descnptioa is .teemed aeelees,as persons .pw-rd tn par
Chase Will please In e. II and jedge fnt lbem*el*ee. Appiy ms
the pr-mtsea. No BB) Bi and nay. *H-le*
? nop t i Hi- WALKER tbe hue per aer of
I i RirHtRb*. he*opened ? large, >ple<>dtd end fa-htonable
new BftOT AND 1MOE BTMH E with all fresh ? ?ei af the
latent t ah on at fW Canal street, the -eennd shm usee wad of
Had* n street where all nor lew priced B".t*. ? d different
kinds of 1% shdltog and gl Boots, made p. im. at Ke highest
priced boots In ?' a ?]V' of Mm * ?wt maa
?hip Alai. Idtdte*', Bmi, and Children's I te* ?t !*iinpert
ia .'rent .hai daac*. Fleaae aall end judge f.. v .osetf sad
don't aitstas* th-n-me sad Ne. nf 8 A J W,Aigr.B'"< YMor
IS* (the old standi Canal street, when the *?ih> si, peace
peer* let the ?lnw shilling. si* Im*
Tir TI I -TV" TLR-TrR * I. ?? reeefv
?-d from the Island af Nsamn, a line b t ?tf titserani Tar.
tl>s, she- wi>| e served ThL Day I* h e's-t hoehuMf
.oap -ed dain y p aks? By AI.FX w?|?si,
'Verapip Leneh eor Br ?>)?* t'ffst.
NBA WR HH. havirnr r?-cviveo a v- - t-i ? * t'ply Of
Tenir*, is p p>rrd losapply Hntela ?e<t i i t *?ad
tng thvlr orders tRBC

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