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1 H to. HlktaAt<i>-11kW
From oar Kveiiing EdKtoa.
ev J. H KUHM.
? For Slander lives npon succession;
Forever honied where it get? pnoieition.
As when the a*p in dtadly coils lie* wall
With de?-p eaveaon f i anil malicious sting,
8e blander charged wiUi malice and with hate
, In gall an! bitterness, lie* festerit.g.
Anon hit forked tongue the viper pliea.
And repulatton tall* beneath his art ;
The laire-t lame, drenched with hit vrtiom, diet?
His sun* lelt rank liii|? in the victim * heart
Bi?PT4ce to manlw.ul! Can tliv turbid too]
No holder wiakedness than tin* devise.
Th? page of blackened falsehood to unrol
And i)Un thy fellow with a seise oi lies!
Away, ignoble! bide thy guilty face
Where reptiles, fripliiea- d by ibe sua and air,
Crawl cowerii g to sent ? da> a juid noisome place
To knnt and spit tb'ir venom tbere.
Herd not with man in God's own image made,
Come not wh.re Beauty holds her peaceful reign ;
But seek aionr the ivy's p?isonou* ?hade
Or ra? ge with wolves the di sen's savage plain.
Lashrd fistm thy race, the butt of haman scorn,
Fpnrned and de erted ever Uy thy kind,
Ob ! m.iyst thon corse thf haur that thoa wast born
And vainly seek the death thou canst not find.
Maryland.? It is admitted on all bands that Gray
??on, V. B. is elected Governor by a small majority.?
The Philadelphia U. S. Gazette says :
The Whigs have twelve Senators, the Loco Focos
In the lower House the Whigs have forty Represent
?lives, the Loco Focos thirty Jive. There are two va
cancies from ties, and two Wkigt elected on an inde
pendent ticket.
This we believe is the exact result of the contest ?
which considering the proximity of the Slate to the
seat of Government, may he considered a good escape.
In making out the 10 Whig Senators we see a Whig
Senator from Caroline is included. Burchenal, the
regular Whig candidate for the Senate in that County
received 560 votes ; Boon hit opponent, 584. Of oourse
Boon is elected. If he is whig at all, he was elected
chiefly by Van Bur?n votes. The votes for Governor
in said county stood ? Steele, Whig, 583 ; Grayson, V,
P.. 577.
The Fennsylvanian states the Whig majority in
Worcester county at 279, Somerset, 129, St. Mary's
381, and makes the majority of Grayson, V. B., in the
whole slat*. 409.
Csorgia Congressional Election.? Returns have
fceen received from 26 counties, and the fallowing is the
agregate for each candidate.
Dawson 11825 Iverfon 8514
Habershaw 11493 Campbell 8503
Alferd 113S7 Pooler 8448
Colquett 11378 Nelson 8443
King 113ft Patterson #419
Neslnt 11313 Hillyer 9417
Cooper 11232 Burney 8397
Warren 112?2 Gravet 8348
'Mack 11185 McWhorter 8340
In the same counties at the last election, Gilmer's
majority over Schley was 8010 votes. Hib majority in
tbe whole State was 762.
Rxslmptio* of Specie Pav?ihti.? The Banks in
(His city yesterdsy (says the Savannah Georgian, of the
2d inst.) resumed specie pavmenu. Everything ha*
passed off quietly. S? far from tuns being made on the
Banks, deposites of specie have been made ? a fact
illustrative of the abundance of the precious article, and
the confidence of the people in the Banks.
The Commercial Bank at Perth Amboy was
broken into on Saturday night or Sunday morning.
The ranking house is a frame building, through one
aide of which the thieves effected an entrance, but as
far as we have been able to learn, they obtained but an
inconsiderable booty.
From the Frontier. ? The St. Louis Republican
?tales that the small pox is ssid to be raging to a dread
ful extent among the Choctaw and Chickasaw Indians.
A great many have already fallen victims tv it.
D- Atwill, of 201 Broadway, hasjuat received some
very beautiful piano* from Boston, by the best makers
there. One of tulip wood probably surpasses any ever
seen before in this city. We do not believe that any
one store in the country contains *o splendid a collection
of musical instruments and music as Atwill's.
Or Snow, 204 Broadwsy, sells tonight a most superb
kit of prints, line and mezzotint engravings.
K 7 Clirehugh, of the Victoria Rooms, corner of
Fulton and Broadway, is one of the best hair cutters in
the city. It is a treat to go into his rooms. He has also
aa infallible specific to remedy baldness, and to prevent
the loss of a food head of hair.
KlNNE'* Bi,a< kitokb. ? This is ? small octavo vo
lume, just issued from the press, containing questions
and answers upon "the most important parts of Black
stone's Commentaries." The student and preceptor of
law will find in this work a usetal addition to the faeili
ties of a legal course. In the Anslysis of Anth?
essence of the text is simply noted ? the question* and
answers of Mr. Kinne msy properly accompany
Analysis after the original has been systems' ica lly
stadied. We commend it to the notice of the profes
Park Theatre. ? Mm Trees engagement closes
this week. The entertainments tonight are The Love
Chase. The Humer of the Alpa.and Our Mary Anne.
Mr. Abbott performs in the play and afterpiece, and
Miss Tree in the Love Chase.
Natiokai Theatre. ? Celeste's benefit produced s
hamper las evening The performances were in eve
ry respect successful, and the Indian Girl never appear
ed to so much advantage as in the new drees which
ths anther has bestowed upon her. The new petit co
?aedy of "Susanne" has opened a wider field for the
dkplav of Celeste's versstile talents, which are slike
effective in every department of the drama. The en
tire performances of last night are to be repested this
o- Our friends wi',1 d? well to inspect the fall fash
urns for hat* bow ?t Leary's, under the Actor House
The OlRtltlM KKErsAKt auk Mimiokirt Ah
niai run 1*39, will be published on the 10th instant,
and be on sale by Messrs Sherman A Trevitt, No 1 43
Fulton street. This annua) will roatair, no less than ten
beautiful engraving*, and among the*, a portrait of
Bishop Oiiswold, by Ininsn, the " Missionary snd the
Indisn King," " Sunday Morning," " Going to Bsttle,"
L AT 1ST rRost Texas ?The steam packet Coluni).ia.
Caatain Wad*, arrived at New Orleans from Galveston,
IW ult. which port she left on the 26th alt? bringing
between ?0 snd 70 psssengers
AH the election teturns show overwhelming msjari
ties for Lamer for the {'residency, and for Burnet far
the Vice Presidency Their election is placed beyond
all doubt.
Our papers, which are enly to the 2Sd inst represent
that the Indians en the Western and North Western
frontier are disj>os^?l to be troublesome
Capt L??e, who went among the Cs mane lies te trade
with them apo i the strength ?f the treaty with them,
has fallen a prey to their treachery.
We lesrn fr.?m Ksetera Te?a? that the difficulties
w*h the Spaniards at Nareg laches have nut .et
tied Travellers who left thst pls<-e on the lltb ult
nay that some Cher ikstand K>ckap >e chiefs have joined
the Spaniard*. sad that Tetss will, in all probability,
become the scene ef mother Indian wsr more fatal than
that of Florida, and |liat the Indian* hao already com
mtt'ed several murder*
AbawrstUtea mf Human IJft.
Not to go to bad when you are sleepy, because it is
rot a certain houT.
Te stand in water to your knees, tiahing for trout w hen
you can buy them in a clean dry market.
Curates, younger brothers, Jcc., marrying out of hand;
and when they find themselves with a numerous pro
geny, lamenting the seveiity *f their lot, and abusing
bishops, elder brothers, and patrons of all denominations,
for not providing for them.
People of exquisite sensibility, who cannot bear to
see an animal put to death, showing the utmost atten
tion to the variety and abundance of their tables.
The heir of an avaricious uncle p*>ing him the com
pliment of the deepest mourning.
The loveiy widow of a cross old man wearing weeds;
and the gay survivor of a rich old shrew being particu
lat in the choice and display of his weepers.
To buy a horse from a near relation, and believe
every word lie says in praise of the animal he is de
sirous to dispose of.
A tnan shall curse and swear at his groom or his
tailor; but in polite company nothing so vulvar as an
oath shall escape his hps.
To suppose that every one likes to hear your child
cry, and you talk nonsense to it.
You have a dozen children with different disposi
tions and capacities, and you give them all the same
To send your son to travel into foreign countries,
ignorant of the history, constitution, manners, and lan
guage of Ins own.
To tell a person from whom you solicit a loan of
money that yon are in want nf it.
1/ 1. <k a ineta neholy troth, that in tins city, as wed as oibei
placet, there are nu.neious individuals going no from ni'inll
to month, and even year to year, suffering uuder a certain dis
order which they feci to he destructive both to body and uuud
Ueceived and almost broken hearted, t>y the variwu* boasunf
penple, Whose pretensions till our papers, they know muling
to net or in whom they can confide. It is scaicely possible U
uragaiethe amount 01 bodily and mental misery arising Iron
the |>eople here ailuded to; nor was I at all aw*re myself of it
lull extent, uunl the publication of my Prxvtdt Trtait$e? a lit
, tie volume designed lor those who wish for a private, as well
t as an iuiaiediate and |>erfect cure of these complaints, i at
I which however, has giveu me a most abundant wpportn
! nity af witnessing these facts. Many, f?r instance, have
I assured me, with the bitterest feelings of regret, that they
had been led ou to take from IP to 15 bottles of drops;
oiher? as lu tny be?e? ef nil's; and others again hvve fallen
into the Lands of nrfvertlsiHg people, (some of the must
boasting of the kind) who, it Ua< afterwards appeared, have
been entirely Ignorant of '.lie different varieties and changes
which these complaints assume and undergo. It tuusi there
tore b ?tr, kingly appar* nt to every thinking person, that no
thing is nf greater consequence than to as ertain, beforehand,
sonieilucg of the skill and reputation ol the physician to b*
consulted in these peculiar diseases; and It is on this account
1 deem it proper here to give the following statement ol aiy.
Beside the rank I hoid ol graduate of the University of Ed
inburgh, and mem'.ter of the College ol Surpei us, London, lie.
kc , as well as be i>g the author of a volume expressly on these
subjects (th? result < f pearly thirty years experience.) I have
a sn testimonial letiers from the most eminent of the profession,
as Kir Astley Cooper, Lon<lon, to ihe most eminent phyticisn*
of Araenouias Dr Molt ol New York, and Dr.Pbysti-kot Phil
adelphia, and which I am permitted In show to anyone who
wishes iu These authorities ai d qualifications therefore,
allow me with peculiar satisfaction to state, that I devote a
purl; a of my time expressly la these diseases, and may l>e
consulted in my private study at my residence 38 Courtlandt
street. New York, at any b<?ur.
Tbttte wIm> ?re ?llS --J- ??-* - ? . Ml U pi H" It led
complaint of the generative organs, however long "tanking,
will olaata every po?sible relief; while those who apply in the
early stages uf ili<order will tw agreeably surprised ai. the im
mediate and convenient mode of cure persued.
Females who wish to state their case by post, or are in any j
kind of doubt or lear.-will meet with the most faithful and de
licate attention. On this I would lav the grea er etresv because
there arc various affectum* incident to the sexual organs 1
wi ich, thoogh resembling cerla n omplamts, are nevertheless
periecilv innocent, aad t- which all are sabiect. It is s truly !
awful thing, when such cas? s fall Into the bauds of unskilful
or u.iprineiplec men.
For those who wi>h It.oraren lig ed to travel, a little chest,
wilb lock jnd kvy.lsfi'ied up, containing every thing neces
sary for the cure having the little treatise fitted in the lid. It
is sent to . ny distance ? price $12. This little volume also un
folds ih ? i.aiure o< certain fasts which ate often deeply inter
estiog to married people who have no children.
With regard to sirrture, or gleet depending on a stricture
generally the c.irs??;uenc- of badly treati >i gauorrlnea, I.
cannot tie too well known, that all the medicine in the w-uld
alone, w ill never ccre it. Those, however who are resident j
of this cty or c?n remai ao ut a iseeh under my eare, ma) j
obtain a perfect, ?afe and ea?y < ure. letters t? be addressed u
sl3-tf DR. RALPrt.8e?r., 34 Courtlaiu't st , N. V.
Mosiii'iMIKV , Alabama .-sept, lkih, ]
t ito. W. Dfnt E>?.,
Agent of t>.e P. opie's Line of Stages at Augu?ta, Georgia? |
8ia? Wf deem it due to your llee and rur leHow cititen- who
luay be traveling ?a ti e route, to inform touand th? m, st>ould
you deem it an object wo'th ?iviag pnt-lxiiy to it, of our en
tireati41 perfect satisfaction >.( the manner i? which w? have
been transported from Warrenton to this pla--e in the u ipre
"etlen'eil short time nffif yhs.urs.xad although the Telegraph
Line had ryid*ri<f' upon tkrir tumy htU fa fcea' your stage at lemtt (
t>gktliour$ neither the Telegraph or Uie mail stage b?ve arri- !
) veil, ailbougli w have b?e.? here several hours, anW when tliey '
do arrive, we s. ntnre to predict, it witl he eight hours behind '
f m?tead of eight hi'ur? ahead.
I t?ur journey was acct/flip ished w ubootany thleg like racing, !
and the ei|?ediiion is solely to be ascril>ed to the superiority :
of your teams the excellence asd stre gthof vour 'lages, and !
ihe esperieeced, sol>er and respvetfol deportment of y<>ur
driver*, who, we have much pleasure In bearing testimony,
we 'ound equal, it not superior, to any others we have met
in our travelv
We are respectfully yoors.
ALK KR r O. MRRKU, of M-bile,
JNO A. RURKN.of New Orieae*.
D. 8 MURR \Y, flreensboro. Alabama.
JoriNO. MICHAILOFK^KY, of Mobile,
ol-ljt L. PALM KR. New Orleans. _
AMKKK AM MIL. % KM (tPUOMR-A awry pe
rnor article of Albican 0? r n?n silver lea ami table
spout, lair *t pat tarn, lor tale in any tiuantity l>y
| sU 2 Coartland llimul
: L'OK u UNO 1 II V. II A I ? , iron (?r?T7.r KH?a
1 r ?.f^ninul Blark ar Krown.? M UIOMMKb'S 1 I'RKIHH
DYR i* uatvcraally admitted lo i* the heal arLic e ht tent
he'ore the public. It U dmil v tupei*eding nrri^ other prr pa
ri t'?o for the puri>n*e, ?|| rh it mostly compos* d ol deleter!*
j no* material*, and matt eventually jfive way entl. ely to the
I lorkuhD'*. lit operation it aininat magical, l?e m( tppDml
P? ttie head at filjflit belacr go ng la III riwt WtM tf?
i ing tbv iranaiarw nlion ti complete. The thin. meantime. ?o(
fert nn change eitker from dtta lorroent, eruption, roughness,
or other cao?e, it* one tjriig atten d with no inconvenience
or ill eonwqo' ??? ? whatever. Solo ?rhol#-?V and retail, )>y
a ? M. C. HART, 17.1 Brwad war.
a21-y Corner of Coanla
PM(K%C? A AO el *A MNfjf L4.X>I UiKf.
Par?FES?OK TKATRBAB, to whom a? many prrsoat
.a thU city are tnd? bted for ibeir know ledge m the Preach aad
Hpanitb Larguaget, tad who are * on enabled lo anderttan t
and apt alt by way of biaa>ost approved fy?tem of nniUaf Ibeo*
ry with practice, informs the public an I Ids friend*. that be
continue* to attend the lastroctian of said language*, which
are e.nly acquired wben laoght by ? probnur acquainted
with the native tonrua of the ?tod*ata, and *o conversant with
it, a* la keep tbeii fro as ib<?e idiomatic blunder*, unavoidable
by those who learn tbeoret'cally only.
Term*? Private letson* ( ?5 per quarter, or propotrUal rertoc
lion mad* * he a ibere la an accetaion of pupiis In tbe une
Mchoola ud scad' mica attended on the most rea?anabl*
French and Bnaaitb aenttenaen dettroa* of learning Kng*
l'?h, will bad I lo tbeir advantage to apply to Processor
K. venn:g Clatses are forming at hit room*, No. 123 Churah
HpB|fc ^ ni-4teod*
r TRI'MPRTB. Are conttaatlv roada to ?uder, of lieiutt
ful pa tern and taper or wnrkmantbip aad at moderate
price* hy LKWta FirCHT*ANOICR.
-27 I Coartlaadt *u
? "Thr vanilla ??tji pound, or pkrmian
BOA ,* matiauesbi e^)r>y Ita blTti repntatlea a* the only cos.
? metlc that will remove rmptum ? mf the fmtn ami f trltU* tmm
aid -unburn The sniootb,(<ra?Sf areat appearance It five* to
the conipiexioa mutt b?spesk f.rlta great popularity among
the la, lie* Aaatoapfar having It eaanot lie iur passer prr,.
MUClag in a few seconds a fftie rich lather, lite patrrtnar*- It
{ receive* from tha aob Itty aadrearyof France and Rnflaad
' ha* nude it rite**'vely a*ed In Rarnpe.
It may l?e had of II. (; Hari. c>r. *f Broadway and Cortlanni
street: J. M. H?n cocaer of Clumber at and Broadwayj
i Win B llnff ran, S.W Broadway; and R M. Molon, 1 27 B?w?.
ry. rorn^r of Urand ?t : corner ef Henry aii*l P ke ?ir?et? aad
: 411 Wtand ?' ; A B b D. Bands, IC? Far on, corner ?f Witiiam
j at Prl*e Moenta, *3( eojr
OI>ti>la I VuTH PAkltl-As aneqaalled Uentt
? frfe f?r aleaming . preaervlng, and beaatiiylnp the teeth.
| Tbe OB M* TOOIH PABTR ka*. la eveiy imiiiy, more
I than ealiterl the hirhest eipaciatiori af tbove whii^ft'>' ua?d
| H, iu hundred" of maividaalt cbeerfaHy atteau Wli^^ beaa
nftf* M>e te^th, giving to Ihem a clear and p? arly whiteness,
i and rennotinp and preventing every appenranre of tartar, H
f alan imrrnv. ? tbe gbf of the I ip? aad gums? prevents and
ben I* all alcers of tbe aioaib ? arretta the progre?*ol decay In
e teeth ? and imparts thai p?ru| ar aad graiefal s aeeineaa to
.f breatb for wbicl 11 e Lirts Root 1s ?n iu?tlv ami *steaalvely
r i i?braied? an I il Is, a'so, pre amiaenilf distiuguMbed (<>r in
agrees We taste a < d fragrance.
Tbe Orris Tooili Pa?tecaa.*??ihetn*1ant, be changed imo aa
agreeable and iwial cicellent Tooth Wnk while It M free
1 fr<<ni ibe many nbjvt <>na that ?pp<y to sarh aa article, aal
a'vi from ibose that are applicable to Tooth Powders a* aa ap
pendage la tbe toiteL Ji^bt warrant ad to cimuin no Inyredi
eat in the least degree ir3jar1a>aa |n tbe teeth, and It Is high
ly r"-om?nended by tba moat eminent dentiet* Its eileniive
sale, and tb* geaersd >ailsfactio? tbat il ewva'en, are. however,
the be?t evidences of lis popularity and merit Price, flb cents
with fall direr tiona.
For sale by n C. Han. 173 Broadway; J. H Hart. M D
87B Braadway. and M Hadaon at; Hewe b Oab<n. 1 it CWat
ham l; B. M Oaioa, lf? Bowery corner r?f Pike and H?nrr
ats; sad at 441 Orand M between Bast Broadway aad Bivislon
?ireet. aad wbota?aleby Hayxnck, Cnrlles b Co , No 41 Li
iK-rt v *L |vW ?nil w*ni?
SHIM Aurii* ? ? OOPKR'N I.OTiON r?H
PIMPLBD FACR4 - I he great " Blr Asiley- a**ared
tbe proprietor al lb' lim* be p^earnied thta recipe, tbat he ne
ver kn- w an instance id is f.t tag lo pradare a nre The
ssle a It in Fn'op* hsa bean tmmen*a
Hold by R M Hui >a, IJ7 B??wary comer of Orand stree^
Hrnry, c?>ra*r of Pl?e *tre?t. 441 rirand street, II r llsrt,
r irnerof Rroadnay an>t Cnnctlandl atieeti B Muff nan.
8^7 at ? In a> . an i A BAD f'anda, lOll Fallon, eornar of
Wtlltam strcr t. Priee SO trail. tW-^.y
D" ' *11 teel warranted in saying that the best article thai we know of, for preservin?, cleansing, and beautifying the
Teeth, and giving a fragrant *weeli>es? to the bieaih,ts (he OrriaTootii Paste." ? Ladut Mag*z\n?.
For Agents, ?c., see advertisement* in Sua and Herald < eery other day. Price 50 cents ilS-eodlm'
Suitable for Church, Drawing Room, Library, Cabinet, Study, Bath, Basement, Staircase, Cupalo, Fan Light, Side
Light, and every description of Window*, executed in the first style of the art, from Grecian, Gothic, and F?ucy Orna
mental Design*.
Also, Coats of Arms, Cresu, and Arihorial Bearing, llall and Sireet Lamp*, with designs, for S.iips' Cahlnt, Store
Door* and Windows, and adapted to every branch oi business.
W. G. has now ?n hand, and will continue to niHuuiactur* Sqaar?i, Border*, and Uraetlis, from two inches and up
ward*, together with plain stain of every shade, Ground Glass, kc., whi h he offers tw Glaziers, Sa^i Makers, and the
public, beirg in site and design adapted t<? their present work.
Windows of lead and metal manufactured of ihe same kiad of Sash as osed by the Ancients. Architect* and Gen
tlemen of travel about to build, will at once appreciate the valae of this chaste and d rabte sty^e ol Window*, particu
larly in country residence*? the Gothic being in no instance complete without it, while the Grecian is enriched by the
appropriate beauty of it* ornament.
Attention it also requested to a delicate yetlow Glass, manufactured fur the purpose of glaiing Window*. It can be
afforded at a moderate priee, and its effect in all Windows lighted Ironi the north cannot fail 10 be phasing, it having
lust color enough to change the cold northern rays of light into perpetnal sunshine.
W. 6. still contiaue* to execute bis Bauble Obscuie Frett Work, in imitation of Ground Glass and Lace Curtain*,
now so universally in use, anil introduced in this city by him four jeers ago.
576^ Bowery, Sd door above Fourth street, New York, Si-ptomher, 1838. ?4-eod2ru*
? D W A R D B A T U K,
FOR SHIPPING OR retailing, the following vinegars warranted fvre.
al^ioih imf
N. B. Couuttijr or. hud,! tpitntlul MMFtncm of POCKET BOOKS, NKIiLB BOOKS, CARD CA91S, MIR'
CHANTS' BILL BOOKS, awe PORT FOLIOS, ofwrj description.
J one 2? y
T O H 0 T E L KEEPERS. P K I vt T B F * u 1 1. r ?? ? .? .v d a f HE B S. :
IT" BRGS respectfully to offer her servreo* to housekeepers in gereral to not op Pickle* of every kit* f?r the? In aay !
quantities, anH on soeh terras a* cannot fail being satisfactory? wheraby the tronble.a* alto the low, generally sustained by
(ami lie* in having tbeir Pirkle* put Bp by Matkilfol haiuta, wtii b? avoided.
Hutel Keepers and Private Families ?uhinc to avail themselves of the advantage* offered in this advertisement, win do well
by calling on MRS. GOOLD. at ber store. No. 112 Broadway.
N. B. Southern famiiits and person* wishing to ship to their friead* Sooth, can he supplied on application as above.
? Dr. Cherry's ce ehrated A?irir.gfni PilU. lor the r-flec
tual am. raKicai cive ol a certain iiiirwf, ?ft?rr ihe failure of
cubebs, copaiba, injectioi s.kc Over 200, 000 l>oie? have lieea
sold, without any complni it m any agent. Can m. nmch be
oaicl for aay known medicine To F- males? " Washington
street Juiy lbtli, 18T7, Mr* Vf inl?rnis Dr. Cherry thai
th<* thre?- lioi'lM pillf purcb*S"d from him, entirely cured her
d<ui?hirr of the green sickness, alter she had beet onder the
rare, for 1 5 months, (rf several ol the most respectable physi
cians of ihii city.'' "London Jane i2<l, 1833?1 have morn
plea?ur>- in subsrribicg to the ? ffic.ncy of Dr. Cherry';. Astrin
gent Pills, la curing obstinate ^Ireis, as I have experimentally J
tried ih' in on upt* ards of fM>0 case*, ?n-l al way* wlih the same "
re>ult, vi*. prrlect cure." " C. A. Bithingion, senior physician
to the L?ca Hospital, Grosvcnor Place, London."
For sale wholesale ar.d retail, by A. B k D. Sands, 100 Pal*
ton street ; 8ynw, cor. Bowery and Walker, aud car. Bond
a Bowery, and SSNtxih Avenua Price fl.
N. B. Country nierclisats purchas'-ig by the doten or groce,
will He supplied at a liberal discouul, and ihe jalia will he war
ranieil tu them. kI 3 as
Til E HA IRI-TH H HAIR!!? It should InvaeioW,
Urli.itrie m riiiarl lhai l<> a good act ol Teeth the next
imk desirable property i> the p ss.sskih of a fine bead of
HAIR, and which ran only he obtained b> a constant and
Iree u>e of the VEUE I'AHLK HAIR OIL, a richly perfumed
and desirable substitute lor ihir many lnjurlo*a preparation*
that are rally palmed upoa the public.
The advertiser pledges htn??? If that the VEGETABLE
HaIR OIL will he found t* nour sh and sfengthen the bair,
aad restore it in bald plaeea? and a o rder to meat the exten
sile demand for It, has fUl it at the low mire cf 50 lents per
battle. Forsaleby H. C. HAKT. 178 Broadway,
a!i-y Comer ol Courtlanat su
174 Broadway, near Maiden Lane, up stairs.
|1 R. HM*!CKH, Physician and Oculist. Member of the
I ' Medical Society of the ?>iy and couaty of Nt w York, aad
pup I olthe distinguished oculist, Pro'es-or MiErizie. Oculist
to aer Maj-stv Queen Victoria at Kuglanr ? respectfully in
lorms iko?e aflVmed wiib Disease* ol toe Eye and imperfec
tions of vision, thai they ran avail themselves of his profeston
al skill and tipti ience by applying at his t.ffire, 174 Broad
Dr. S., frcmhts knowledge of optics connected with defec
tive vt.ioa, weak, soreano ie flamed eyes, present* to the pub
lie improved leases far spectacles, whin not only adapt W ev
ery detf ri, but convey to the eyes a sensation a' coolness quit*
free fiam ihe irritation of conintoa glasses. Office 174 Broad
way? open froai ? a. m in f P M oS-Ibi*
OH U IS TOOTH PASTE. -Aa elegant aad highly
approved Denlrifice ?
To five a pearly whiteness to the teeth,
To enhance the charms and beauty of tlie mouth,
Ard add a fragrai t sweetness to the hreatfa,
Is an attainment long devoaily wished,
Though ne'er till now effertiiely achieved.
The Orris Tooth Paate happily tasares
This much desired result, as will Its use,
With pro Aptness and high satisfaction prove.
THE ORRIM TOO I II PASTE, while it beau-lfies tb?
teeth, removing and preventing every appearance or tartar,
and giving to there a clear an*! pearly whiteneaa, improves the
rol< r of the liptand (urns, ar.d gives additional beauty to the
taut nurmhit of the mouth? by il? dlsintecting properties it
greatly tends ta pres? rve the teeth from decay, and It also im
parts that peculiar and fragrant sweetness to the breath, lor
which the Orris Root is so .justly and eiteastvely celebrated.
For sale wholesale and retail bv
H. C. HART No 173 Broadway,
a21-y Corner of Couriiandt st
WATER.? It H adapted to a I aflanimatory diseases of
tbe Rye. It ha* been tried and has soccaerted in caaes where
hope had fltd. and whe e the faculty of medieioe bad declared
the sufferer in be incurable. It Isadapted to weakness of Slf bt,
and it w'll remove tho?e aebuious, scaly, dead, cloudy appear
aaces. fr? <jo ail* know n by ihe name of c ?tararn
A gentlen.an of the name of Bradv, having a cataract oa
each eve, after soerding eighteen mohtha with some of 'be
first oculists ib the ctty. was given up ss lacorab'v. After using
Dr. t 's Eye Wa;er only ten days, bl* eyes were perfectly re
stored, to ihe sstont*hmeat of all hi* acquaintance*.
Another rase is that ol a p er man, after .pending twelve
months in an ? ye Infirmary, was discharged as iaceraole. with
a nebula oa each eye, so that be was almost Wind? aad after
?sing Dr ft Eye Water but a few days, has recovered his
I from ?><* Rn Mr. Davit, Pastor ?M ibr chnrch at Bridge.
ville, N. I.s
This i> U> certify, thai ? gentleman with whom I an ac
qaainled, ?d>o ba?! fceea nearly hliM (or elf hi yeara, a'ler ei
' pen?tiiif ??????! bandr> Ml of dollar* on varloo* remeeiea, hut
diey all failed ; after procuring a buttle of Dr. Francis' rriar
dy.ao I he astoniahmeni a *?> gratUlaatlon ul hta friend*, though
a aianjrr lo- many year* to this distressing malady, he reco
rered hM ry??ifht, perfectly to lb* tatoaMfcmuat uf all who
knew h iri.
Another caa* waatkatnfa poor man, who, aflar spending nine
atoulhs in an Rye Infirmary, wai dt??liarged hy the physleiani
I of tba institution, with what they termed an Incurable
cataract so that he wai nearly Mind. A trial of Or. Francis's
| remedy, however, (three bottles only being a?e<< .) riflllJ It,
i to the surprise of all who knew hiai, ami now be can aee with
? thai eye aa well a* ever he did. I feel It my dsty U? five this
information for the benefit of the pol.lic
The He*, j. Harrison. 44 Thompwin ?t. having pros ? reel a
nettle ?f the above (or Mrs. Harrisons ?? ea, say*-"^ bis a.
loa>sbment It haa removed the otmnesa and paia which bac
he?5 eirevaive for years; ahe had u?ed many dWT. rent eye wa
ters, I. at ihey all fai-ad. Therefore I hope the public will
?r*o appreciate It* value.
The H(f Mr. Dunhar nyi-'Trnm the lestirwooy of thoar
who have used the eye water prepared hy Dr J. Francis, I
have no he>.itaO?a la revamaaending It to the speaial no i ice of
ike public." ItlNCANVUIIBAR,
Pastor mi Mc Done al at. Charrh.
Dr. laaar Franc t?. ram >o? be dtati*r ubbed from the natural
anc will perform every motion o! thai organ wHhnat t(1?l?f
?hr > lightest pain.
If) BsreMy street, Wew Tork. ?S-Safcw
\Vkoit?uU and Hetail LOXKNOK Wfekmtt,
100 H\<*AV HTRRRT.
" (I DIFFFHF.NT VARlRTIF.*n( medicated and ca mm. .a
?r" I' "te..|?.- s.evjosl 10 the Kn/IStb, a. d warrant dfreefram
a.oilt- ritme tmoK(ih>m are f" ng<? Ixtenges.Hiat will ear*
r><n*hs and nnnnmpt on* when ii>ey are cnraWe W?,rm do ,
1 hnt ?erer fall in ?lipe| the worn hind of warm* Apollo do ,
that imprnv* ihe vicc ? Wsrsjpsr il'a do , *?>?* po'lfy tti?
hi -oil Osmrhor do , for hiw ?pirn*, fainunga, *c llliaharrf
?lo f?r c#?l.vcre?? ? Orrl- H>at do , for ?we--tenln? the breath
I ? Peppermint, Sassafras, Wlisterpreen, Ro?e, h s he.
? 18 Imeod*
TURK? For ibe cureoi Oonorrl cea, meets. Stric
tart s, and analafcou* complaint* of the organs ot gear-ration
Of all remedies y el di*c?vered for the above complaints ibis
M the most certain.
Il make* a spe? dy and permanent care, without the least re.
gard to diet, drink, exposure, <* change in application in tin
We give no long qoac-kisb recommendations to deceive the
public, IfUtt .nedieine does no. speak Iwr useif, no one shall
speak far it. Our object II notily where it can be bad, and
that the proprietor challenge* a single ci?- *>f recent Oonor
rlura to he brought, ia wbicu the Mixture will >.ot effect a ra
pid cure, aeder a forfeiture of$5<?0.
I This ?- a disease that uuforiuaately pervades all ranks of kv
] elety? high, low, ricb and poor matrimonial and single. Tliey
, are now presented with a reiuedy by which they cab care
themselves without ibe least exposure, in Ike shortest lime
Further, the disease cannot he contracted If a doae of the
Mixture ts lake* at night on going to bed when exposed.
It is put up in bottles wilb fuil directions acci mpauying it,
at 91 ? bottle. One bottle lasts n week, wbicb generally curea.
Many trt ?uf?d i
For sale only at Dr. ?m H Milror*s drujr ?tore. N'>. 194
Broadway, corner of Dey si. (Franklin Hou?e) New York ?
and as Jones and Huicbinsoa'a, eorner of Chestiul aad 7th su.
Fhlladelpbia luMm'
W^HlN I > .Mill. K?K HA I. K? The Prante and niarhin
ery of the Mill at Jersey City, contaivag two pairs of
superior French burr stone; frame and machinery of beat ma
tennis an. I workmanship, and in perfect order, aad sheet iron
satiaon the patent prepare srlfaaiing plan. It will be sold
tow. and can be seen in operation until next December, when
it will be laaen down, il t?eing oa the line of Ike New Jersey
Rail Road.
Aay person ia want of power far grinding grala or any
other purpose. this is a rare chance. It being the best construct
ed Wind Mill ia the country, aad is favorably salted for sbip
ping to ibe West liwues or any part of ibis country, being en
l be side o I Ibe Hadsen River .opposite New York. Apply to
sl?lm* Jersey City. New Jersey.
1*1 U consulted as usual in the treatment ot a certain class ai
diseases He apprises the public that he has received a regulai
professional edncatwta in this country, and is not to be classes
with the self-named doctors, medical puffer*, and pretenders ai
the day. Office No. 2 Aur sl, near the American Museora.
Pnvat* ?nt ranee third door from the Museum. Lamp at ths
inner office <V?or n the evenln*. 'efT-tf
?lip. New York, deems It proper occasionally to remind
ik* p?wile that he continues (o administer to the afllicted at his
old established Dispensary
To a vast numb' r of the ci if n? af Ibis metropolis be needs
no heralds toannoaacc bis victory o*er disease, In its most com
plicated aad destructive form*? nor doe* he <ie*m it malarial 10
lie very specific ia enumerating the names of lb* various mala
diestn which mankiad and womankind ar> subject.
l"o stringers be begs leave a>oat respectfully to remark. that
be ewtiAnes himself ta office practice, and devotes himself per
sonally U> the welfare of his patients, keeps no assistants or
?hap boys, and has separate offices for the privacy of pal tee is,
who caa never come in contact
Dr. Carpenter woald add that be is regularly educated to
the professMsn of meiKine end turgety, and ree'lved his Di
ploma lathe year 1113. of tbe New York Htaie Medical Norte
ty, signed by ibe highly respected and macb lamented John
R. B. Rodger*, M. D., an President, an* that be has for a long
series of years devoted himself u> the ireatmeat and cere 01 all
detV-ate and private diseases.
Be particular u> Ibe number? 4 Peck Blip, aear Pearl sc.
I ? I AHUM OK Til lit Hfc.lhl A p B
WBAKNBMtflN I HK I.UN<J* - Kor weral m**iH? I.
Iia*^ been m> dkirr-aaed with palpitation of ih?- heart (hut I
roald not undergo lb# walk ng acroaa the
room woald make my heart flutter ?? that it neemed a* if I
mail fall oa the floor Ntgku I could lay and hear my heart
heat with great violeace. ami I weuld ktep a--- ahe in aaiiety
for hour*. Tonllof ihla, aij lane* were very delicate, and
what with a roach. ?h< rtn? M of breath, ke. It aoemed a? It I
mutt anon die of ronaumpltwn. A? i?o mrotclne would rur? me.
a friend of mm* in tfeo flan newapaper o?ce r? commended me
tone Dr. Taylor** Balaam of Liverwort, ?"ld at 575 Bowery.
I fot a hot lie, and I can only add, it haartred me.
itl SlBtw' corner ol Pitt and fltanion aneeia.
OT la the o?|y rffertual r> nae- y ever diarovcred to pre
vent Raldaeaa a ad Orey Hair? to ret lore the llair where It
haa fallen off? and to rrar icate Mcarf and Oanririff Prepared
Sf CL> 111 Kit I' <4 II. Hait Cattrr I GO Pulion atreet.Na w
Although la naniher %nd variety thera mar be no waat of
aperifira for the pretervainr of vhe Human Hair, yet the ar
ticle now preMraten to the public, llma(h entirely new in Ita
compoaiOnn. haa rlalma tupenor to> any thing of the kind iver
? Bered for the aaroe purpose, lit prrdoct'on kein? the retull
ol ?ilrMirr mediral retearak ano riperieare.
The proprietor la favorably known In thia city, and celebro
led aa a Hair ruler and Wijf M ?k?r ; and lor a? nae year* pri
or to fcla arrival In ihla country , attended ihr Leeturra of toe
naoal dialing >i?hed Pbyaiologiata la London and R iaborgh,
forth* aarpoaeuf attaining a correct knowledge of the Ana
t*any of tltalhii, ikrOr|ia.iitloa an I Structure of the ft a
m?a Hair, a ad tt trace the cauaaa wblrb prodace haMaeaa
and (try Hair
The opporionliiet afforded by hit prof. a*' .nil ("atiet have
a?ai?ird hia ?to<lte>. ar>d he hat b< omie ?V < ?t in the varl*aa
Diteaara of the Hkift. ??? connected with ife growth of th'
hair | ard after a ??nra of ?*? f*.-ri da?e .. a, i'>ii t.ompr**'1 ????
I wen produced, with a ro'fldetwr that it will r??tnre ihebair
? hereverlt haa fallen off m gvl thin ,v wtii a? preaerve It from
f?r changing ralar. . _
The ehlei virtuot of the Trlaopberoua nr Rledtroted Com
pound ar?s?
1? liabtacinj, atrerf tkeniag, end clarifying pf?p*tti#? ;
t- Ita g*Mlv atlmolatlng ??e action of the wl* |
8? lit e^uaiVof the clrrulatlo" of ihe floida i
4? Ita prodaciag ami encourae Ing a reactIO" In Ihe bulb or
ror>t, and particularly la the pulp, whi?h ?ivea ike veaarla
and n?ree?. giving life and vigour in the twir j
A? lia freeing tie akin from IM e*cta nf perapiration, acurf
?ad dandrlB. and dlapoatng ' ke hair to turl j
? ~ And, ita frequent uao will Ike hale in bcasty and
hoaltfc to ih* lateat period' fl"*
Prtoclpol Wholeaale and Betad 0?ce, IM P.lto* atreet
firmi d?Mr belon Broadway. Weal aide, where all ordera matt
la* a/4,1 M4| fl
t r Warraoltd to keep In am climate, h*lag free from all
aialmolg ea?e. ?*?!**
1K?<;ili'll.-Np"l,<' 'irf I eerhet 'or ?ale liy
/ LEwi.i PB(rt:llTW
l?7 3 Ctinrtlandi at.
<?n ana alter this due, ibe Cars wiB be despatch!*! m follow^
Leave Hicksvilke. I Leave Jamaica I Leave Brooklyn.
? o'clock, A. M. 8? o'clock. A. M. 10 o'clock. A M.
it ??" ' p. m. [ ai r. m. | 4" p.
Sunday irams will leav? as foHows:
Leave Hi?k?viU? I Leave Jamaica, I Leave Brooklyn*
o'clock, A. M. 81 o'clock, A. M ?* o'clock, A. W
? " P. M. | A " P- M. J X " P. M
ti roo klyn, Sept. 10, 1838. sl'Mf
The new and elegant law pressure steam
boat WAVK, Capt Oliver Yandeibill. will
on and alter Kanday the 6th instant. leave pier No. 1, foot ?t
Whitehallstreet, lor Van Duzci't Dock,Staten lslnod.i.ear iL?
Quarantine Groun .
Leaves mew voait t.Exvrs statin i>hmi.
A t 0 n'?ln-l. ' " - -----
At 8 o'clock, A. M.
10 " ??
11 " M.
2* " P. M.
5 "
6i ? '?
Pare, 12J cents.
At7 o'clock, A. M.
9 H U
11 " "
li - P. M.
N. B. ? All persons ate forbid trusting any person on account
of the steamboat Wav?r, o? owner., wiih?utan order from the
Captain. au4
2 5 YE AliS
STUD V, to find 001 the rtiuedy which will arrest Ibe laUinir
off of t e Uair? cause it to prow again on the head of the buldr
and to lieal radically all iu di .ease*, Wave resulted in Ktit*
! ?0E TUB
D* An important discovery for ihe treatment ol ti ? Hair, a
p'eservative against hairiness, and an infallible cnre in all af
trctioiu of the skin on tbe head, such as
D A N D R I F F .
Multitudes of chemists, apothecaries and perfumers have
successively attempted to treat that part of tee human hody,
without having sufticieatly stadied the subjeaL By spreading
the estentatious reports of an exaggerated fame, tlx-.v have
fatigued the public with ilia words? Wonder! Prouigv'l
Bviomca! Evidence!? To prevent tbe destruction of so
tine an eruamen , and torenew that gilt ol nature, tequirea
many years' experienc- * ilh tbe identical part, lui what kind
of composition could that be, invented hy persons not U miliar
with tbe stut'y of the skin on the head !
The true essence ol tUe hai' , as it is called by some celebr?.
ted doctors, who have used and recommended it as a specific,
might tnr iu effects l>e cwmpared to the n;u!.r > activity
which Takes place in each plant:
Tbe numerous expcrmieats M- Orandjean has mnd#, leave
do d< nbt in his mind relative to tbe ci.urst- folio wen by tbe sap,
ard tbe causta which stop iu cirr ulatiwu in the inter tellutnr
spaces, which all communicate together, a? as t* loriu the ca
pilary tube so infinitely divided. The sap d< es not circulate
in all hair with the mine fac hty. Inmost hair, of which the
ves?pls i:re nut little developed, it operates slowly, because
the lube bselfbetrg contiaual'y filled with it, annihilates the
perspiration; then the amending ? fleet cabiioi lake place bat
by the applicat'on of Graudjran'* Composition, whicfc ia a
lew days 'inly will penetrate through ihaliair te tbe r??ots
Tb ascending pawn: varies, then, not only accordir g to tbe
quality of ti:e tube, but also to the way ol a?ing this Composi
tion, which ought to tie eeipl.ived every nit hi before retiring;
it is easy, then. to couceive that during sleep 11. e surface ol tbe
skin on tbe head !?r"dnc?s an t vaporjtion. often very abno
daiiti the sap, whirb in same decree is in relation wiih that
fiirnonnmm, usremi* rapidly. The retinitis vry easy to st tie.
The friction that hat been made b-fore sleep, retrrslies and
repairs the skin on ihebead, then the growth cwntirues as na
turally asevei ; while by employing this Composition in the
n oraingnnly, the result ran only be uncertain, slace the pore*
of ibe skin arc cl< se<1. and consequently ia a disposition quite
unfavorable for receiv ing from this CoaipoNlion all its salutary
It ma*t sad does receive the pre eminence, and surpasses all
that ha* vet been employed for the treatment of the hair. One
bottle ?r it outrhi to he roamed anion? the Decenary article*
which sh?uld b? purchased lij all p-irentt, for it preserves the
rtx?i?, prevents failing, strengthens by it* rich and geaema#
Miniolauu the weakest hair, gives 10 all Mil of hair admirable
finest lustre nod fineness, and keep* it in a great mcssare
frjai becoming gra> ; it if an extraordinary specific to crate
from the skin on the head that powdery sentiment which so
man) person* complain of. It may be dally applied on the head
ofth' a^ed. as well asihe youneest child.
Tho consh.erslile oale thereof, tlie repute and extensioa it
dally receives, is * certain guarantee, and ought to banish all
the fears that ari? create* in hn own mind concerning its ?S.
ensy. Krfch wHI recuve wi h tl>e bottle, a treatise on the pro
per treatment of the hair.
M Grand}ean's Com position, which bet hitherto been sok*
withnai any od?ur, will henceforth partake of tlie most ex
cellent periumes,? Rose, Jessamine, Bergamol, Vauilhi, Am
brosia, fcc. V c
Friurtpal Otfire,No,l Barclay st. two doors fiom Branlwiy
( Aster House ) ol-ltti'
XT TO THK PUBLIC.? In taMimouy of tbe extraordina
(a purely vegetable preparation and quite agreeable to tbe
I palate) asa remedy for a'l diseases ot the bowels, Dyspepsia.
? biarrhtaa. l)?*ent'-ry, Cholera Mnrbas, Spasmodic Cholera
; an<l the suoMuer complaints ot children, lie loll" wiug kiifbly
' resper tatilr gentlemen, in addition to hundreds of Others, have
voluntarily written leiters to the proprietor, ?*xprc v.ive ut their
highest apiatoni of its merits, aud of tbe decided surceaa
which Las attended it* use by iheoMtlvea, am', u U.tir (ajru
lies: ? ?
K. A. De Peyster, Esq.. captain of the New York parked
ship Culumbu- ; Count D'Ortraute; Charles H. WeW>, late of
Congress Hall. New York; Cal Charles Mape*; Davnl K>m
herly Ksq., 121 Front street ; Mr. David Haig, 4.V3 Broon.r
street ; Mr. Augusta* 8. Chapia,40 Greet wicb meet; Mr. Pe
ter D Colli**. 249 Front street* Mr. Cbarles R Smith, }i4
Grand street; Mi. John lumen, 12t? Mt anion street , Mr. Wn.
Nedl.tS Mercer stree. ; Mr. Robert Breeie, 261 Hudson streeK
Cyras Bill, Ksq., Broaklya; Mr. Kdward Cruikshank, 4t
Greenwich *treet; Mr Aim Leeds, K Hammeraley street, lie.
ka. he.
Hi net tbe publication ia tbe KvenHig Htar, New Kr*,
Sundsv Morning News, and other paper*, of the above letter*,
the proprietor has received among other*, tbe fellow Ing addi
tional gratifying evidence* of hi* preparation.
New York, \stor Hon**. Aug 9. IMS.
Dear Sir? During my stay here, two of my children, o< 5 and
5 year* of ag*. were attacked with a vlol?nl dtarrbma. and
from the hign recommendation I had from M R Brook*. Ksq.
of yonr BaUam of Moscatello, 1 did net hesitate to admlmter
it, and I an happy to say it proved immediate relist'. The
children are ?>s both well. Yob are at liberty U? use this la
any way yon think proper.
Voar obedient servsat, J. T. Conwss,
Governor of Arkai las.
Mr. J. Wheeler, Oculist, kc. No. 33 Greenwich *t
New YorkBoatbern Hotel, >
1*7 Broadway, 9th Aag. IBM. J
Dear Blr? Having had two ?fmy children, sne four moaihe
old and tbe othtr two year* Md, both severely afflicted w'tb the
summer mms'amt, several gentle men who frequent my house.
lnft>rmed me of the salutary properties of v our Balssm H
Moscatello, and advised me to procure some forthwith. I did
so and in le?* than two hoars after adaiiataerlag to each a
?mall doae. the) were re.tored to their asaal health. In jas
tlae to yoa I would ramarh. that as I am generally well known
to the p bli? In this chy, I cheerfully five this testimony ia
yonr favor, and aaihorise yoo to refer any person to me on the
saltlectof the Balsam of Mnacatello.as a MbMbB which I think
of the gri ate*t iniponance to families.
Your*, very reapectfallv, Joan Niaua.
|y The genuine Balsam haa ? Wheelef*! Balsam o? Moaca*
tello" stamped on tbe Iwttles. and each bolt I* Is accompanied
? th d.rectVm* for ase, and a fac simile of tbe prnpiietor'* *i(
natare. Frlce nrcordlng to tlie *it- of the bottle, oae, two, ar
three dollar*. To be bad in New York, at tlie reaWeace af
the proprietor. No. S3 Greenwich ureet, Oealtst. kcj at ike
drag store of J. Milbaa, No. 1*3 Broadway : ai Mr Dlehle's.
No 413 Broadway; at Mr J B. Dodd's, No* ?4 3 and 771
Broadway ; at Mr. Bchieffelin'*, No. 114 Canal street; at Mr.
Israel Pom's, No. It Bowery ; Mr. J. O. ?llfsnf*, No. 416
Grand Ureet; and Mr. McClear**. No. tft Oreeawlch sueet.
? Persona wishing to obtain areaetes, most address <po*
paid) to Mr. Wheeler, No. 3B Green wiah street, where SB
wbote*ale orders for the ?apply of veaaels, boieis.kc are ^ta be
?eat. J _
HKNT.No 112 Bioadway. soraer af Maiden i*ne?
This establishment Is oae of the oHeat In Jhec"JM??oJ '?"S
been considered as second to none Is the V a 'led Mtatest It#
repatailon has been earned aad sastateed hy lhe >/eat r***
evioeed to give ia every lastaaee eomp+ete ?stMsciioa. The
?periaien lionks athibit exsma'e* of 1
tJa^l Kngrav ng.la ever* ?iv'e. from lh* delicate Italian. (?r
Lad.es hand , " the old KagH-h
execatloa of which aarrh* with It ka [r>^" "*] 1 " 1
The r? rds are coated a nh the sparest hsviy the nrstr
highly p?dlsked, and rendai ed sasceptihle of Ike Bnant laiprra
"?iT,'iv?r PlatAd Door and Nnmker Mates, the plating of
which Is i*ea<aally .hlck-the silver beie? eipready railed for
thesahscriker. _ , . w . , .
Letter Stamps. Consular and Notarial Beala.
a' t?o?r Plates and Kaoekera _
Coat? of Acme. Cre*t?, kc. on !**ver Spooos, Knives, Porta,
be Inscripthm oa Kings loefceu, he.
Curt ra * ? Jast Imported a m??st splendid asaartaient al
ft.sors Inlaid Pearl and Ivory. They are In case*, ebolee ar.
"Ver.^ .re warranted 7 OBO. H. HTJHIT.
,4 3m' earner of Maidea laaa and Broadway
nm. 21 ASK ?TIBBT.
TKRMB or ADVKRTIB1NO ? The aitenslve clrralattaa
af the llaasLa both la lowa aad caaatrjr, make M a saperia*
channel for advertiaers
rc<a twelve Lints, oa i.tsa
I day, ? ? I 4 nays, ?l 3A I 7 days, fl ?7 j M daya, ft ?
t . . ITS U . , IM I . , I a* II . .
S . . IMII . . 1 IA ft . . > Itllt . . J ??
,roa aioaT t ines oa li
S weeks, ? $2 Ml I S month*, , ft M
I oifMMh, . 8 Oft I 6 months. . . 16 m
CT AU advertisements to he paid before tbetr maertloa.
Advertisements Inserted la the Wbiilt Haast.o, at fl ??
per sqoare every iasertlon.
Moastss Hssacd ? is?aed every morning, i i*?pt Haadaa?
price, two ont* aer capy. Country iab*rrlb*r> furnished ak
the same rate, ktr any speefle period, oa a rviMitaaea la ak?
? a ace Nopapersent, anless pal?Bln advance
Bvaaina Hsast.a- issued every afternooo at ?kae o'clock
Frlee, twneeats per eofiv Coaatry saaarrit>ei . fbratsked a
the same rate?ead? la advance.
Waaat.tr Ifssst a? Isaund every Ba tarda? i*o*?lMf at ft ?
?loch? Friee ft| sents per copy. Famished to or vntry sahaar
hersai 93 per annum, In advance.
Coa a aseonna nrs? are mqaested to adder m i|<ehr letters to
fnmn (Jordan Hmnftt, Fro^rielor and Bd?a>' ?nd sll letter*
oa business mast he po*t paid.

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