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? 8
FOR HAVRE?The superior French Brig 08
8IAN will be despatched in about tea days. For
i freight or passage apply to
E. 9TBYEN8 k SONS, or U
nl-y No. 9 Tontine Building*.
FOR MARSULLMTtJ Sail on the 4th initant,
the superior French Brie TKOIS FKERES, Cap
i tain Biaie. For freight of a few packages light goods,
Mpfy to A. LOUBAT.orto
ml y No. 9 Tontine Buildlug*.
FORL1V E It POO L.? N r w Liue.?Hcg*lar Packet
for the 25th May.?Tlie elegant packet ship SHER
'IDAN, Capt. Depeyster, of IN# ton* burthen, will
?ail a* above. For freight or passage, having accommodations
tan equalled for splendor or comfort, apply on board, at Orleans
Wharf, foot of Wall street, or to
E. K. COLLINS k CO., 56 Wall ?t.
The packet ship Oarrick, Capt. A. 8. Palmer, will succeed
he Sheridan, and sail on the 2>th June. a27y
The steam ship LIVER,
POOL, 1150 ton* burthen
and 468 horse power, R. J.
Father, R. N-, commander,
is appointed to sail as follow* :
From Xrw York. /Vent Liverjtoel.
18th May. 20th April.
6th July. ( 13th Juue.
24th August. 1st August.
19th October. 21st Scptembrr.
14th December. 16th November.
Fare to Liverpool, thirty five guineas ($163 33) in the aft,
and thirty guineas ($140) in the Tore saloon, including wines
and all stores N# second class passengers taken. Children
?tnlcr 13 aud servants iialf price.
An experienced surgeon accompanies this ship.
For passage or freight, apply personally or by letter to
aid ABM. BELL k CO. Agents, 117 Fulton st., N.
The new and low-pressure Steamboat
WAVE, Captain Joseph Stoiwy, will commence her trips on
^MONDAY, tlsa 29th inst., and run until further notice?
leaving Key port, near Brown's Point, Middletown, in the
etouuty of M i imouth, every day, Sundays excepted, at 9 o'cUck,
A. M.j anJ Washington Market Slip, New York, at 2 o'clock,
F M.; landing at Segoiu's Dock every trip. Stage* will be in
attendance to convey passengers to the dirterent section* of the
oounty. For lurtlier particulars apply to the Captain on
board. Fare to Freehold 37} cents. a6-3ni*
^ Norfolk, Charleston, 8. C., Petersburg, and
Richmond.?The steamboats ALABAMA,
KENTUCKY, and JEWESS, all boats of speed and accommo
dation, will commence running daily on the first April, between
Baltimore, Norfolk, and Portsmouth, leaving th* lower end of I
Spear's wharf every afternoon at 3 o'clock, or immediately af
ter the arrival of the ear* from Philadelphia, and will arrive
Mat morning at Portsmouth in time fer the cars for Wilming
ton, and thence steamboats to Charleston. Returning will leave
Portsmouth every day after the care arrive from th* South, and
reach Baltimore nci morning in time for the cars fur Phila
These boats run in connection with the well known steam
packet* Georgia and Soatli Carolina whieh leaves Norfolk
?very Saturday for Charleston, giving traveller* achoicn. They
also run iu connection with the James River boats to Pelers
hmrgand Richmond. Strangers arc informed (old travellers
know) that this is the cheapest and most comfortable route for
?onthrrn travellers, as there are no changes from cars, steam
boats, and stage* in the dead of night, as on Ins Washington
Monte. The company therefor? hope the travelling part of the
community will patrouise them, iu giving equal facilities end
Mp*rior comfort.
rastage aud fare to Norfolk, $8 JOHN W. BROWN,
?126-If Agent.
'POLY. Ptople'? New Line for Bolton, via
'.Vetvpart end Proridenee.?t 'abin passage one
doHar?D?ck lifty cents.?The steamer LEXINGTON. Capt. |
Vhoderbilt. will leave New Yoek for Newport and Provi
deticf. Wrdaetday, the 8Ui inst., at 6 o'clock, P. $1, from
Pier No. 4 North River. Freight taken at 4 cents per fooL Fot
Atrbier information apply on board.
The rngine, baiters aud hull <>t the above boat have bean pat
?M complete order, find Me public may rut arrwdiLU there
oooll he no racing practiced. It b? lug entirrly nana.? i-ary to su*
?nsn h?v well eatabttvhed reputation for speed. The regular
dtfs for the Lexington to leava New York will b? Wednesdays
?M Saturdays, until furthor notice. a4 3m
OROSS INDELIBLE INK BOXB8, cheap, for sale
No. 121 Kultou st. m28-1m g
SAR3APARILLA rOHTKR?A new and healthy h?v.
rage.?Thi* porter i? manufac tured by tbr tubaeribcr* from
iBgrrdirnt. p<-rfrelly iooffrnMVe, Iherr being no naraatir a. a. I
m Ike competition. ll combine* an agreeable ton**, with an
?Iterative, admirably calculated to invigorate and produce
healthy action throughout the ayatem.
* The aaoet delicate can uva it without the possibility of ere
alist an undue eecitemeul, at the *ame tone dcrire all the ad
vantage* from it* tonic properlie* that can be obtained from
the ba?l London jiorter.
The StraaparilU (introduced into the porter) ha* lang hean
celebrated a* a renovator of the *y*teui, perifying tbe blood,
?radicating cutaneou* diaeaw. he.
For a lummtr beverage for health it i* believed that due
rrteri* utnurputaed by uny article ever offered to the pablie
bring lifcUy carbonated and very grateful to the palate,
for lale by the grower doaen, by
WIUTINO h DABCOCK.tl Liberty at.
N. B. Delivered in an) |?*rt of the eity. aM-lm"
WOOD TOOK STOVES?Which are I*hiag the place of
all other* in l)u.< city for their eonveiuence and econo
my, being -naliled tu do ive different hindi of Coohing at one
and th- aama time, via; Hauling, Baking, Boiling, Frying and
Broiling) all of which are done moat perfectly with the lead
fu 'I and labor, of any culniary apparatus now la ear.
Those having tracking atnmney* will finu them an effeetaa!
?arc. riaaae call and eiainine them.
lU In' 349 Water afreet
Since the puhlication of A. ORllfUJlAN'8 COM
FUnHON more than thirty imitation* or counterfeit,
hare auccemivrly appe-\r*d. Now the Pilou* tytteta b eiplo
red by all tb- Barber* ef New York.
Bai no one, doubtle??. will diepite that the author of
fRAMMkANT ( OM POSITION it the oaly person who
hat especially ap|died him-elf with aoal aad assiduity to there
carious mieroecopie researches. The -neno-ag-meni he hat re
nsrfved b a ?ure teetnaoay of the general aautfactioa given.?
TV- tale of this article sterols his aaost sanguine -spoctalion.
From thi* dale, Mr. A. ORANDJKAX proa*itei, according
hr> hit aoaijetion, to (wrform estrnordianry cure* apoa all p-r
aoa. who tMl give hihl liirir roaldrnce, and who *.111 nvrmH
him to eierrise ft. A. according to the raaae and the different
affection* of the Piloo* ?yetem. He appreciate* ami combine*
mith cireumspeetson, all the prescriptions given id the heal an
ffboia, giving no prrfarenre to hta own remedies eaeept where
fhe iu<i rvipurea it, ami where, moreter, eapcrieace for ao
nanny y-ar* eioiArm* it* effi. aey. 1
Ti* principal ramedtet arc: 1st. Fade, the aaa of which
Umarmalee* the infallible cure of XFROTKISIA, and the tem
porary or permanent fall of the If br?all Cutaneou* Eruption*
of th* aealp of a Teller nature, that which ia moat generally
Met with oa the head* of voting children.
M. (Mrri/'riwi /irsba, the employment af whsah, in aahort
?Mbe, cure* fa YDROTRIHIA.
M. Jt Mculi'ar Flatter, am) a Diaphoretic Cap for the treat
ment of Biliktcss ?mad anally, preteriptleaa aaaordtng ta the
different ca?e* etn! oomtiiiitiona.
Approved and regnm mended by the Jf. Y. Medina! faculty
?Are, Barclay *t., No 1, Avlor House. off Km*
ETfTB MILK Of ROBES?<'elshruted for the lam 40
in Europe and America for aoflemng and beautifying the
anm. aad reudrring it imooih and delicate. It i? a moat per
dhrt lavury after abating or waahing, he. It b a positive curv
fbr piainlev, sunburn, taa, eruption*, freckle*, It# Indeeil it
A to valuable that no tuilet or ureaalng ea*e baompl-te without
iL For *ale. wWnteaale end retail, hy A. B. h I). Sands, 100
Fulton, earner Willi*,* J. Syme. M aad *40 Bowery; C
M King, 1)44 Broadway) (1 Lindtay. 04 tilth Avenee,and
Host druggists, Inncy stares An., in Laadnu and America.
Aak for Wyeths Mtlk of Row, decidedly anperior ?o any
ffl the mm Id. nlMn
lYNEW ?The accounts which farm the baaet ot. ne sesenoe
nun elaaaed under Fire Dlibioat. with deffnbe etplanatlanaaAer
Oh* form* of rnmmar and aritoiweiie. t contain* a vocabulary
nf mercantile term* aad phrases Al?a, a key riplajning the an
Raia and iwiwu-r af Journalising each af th* Day-Book entries,
M a practical aewiuaUat would etplata the aame in hi* pupil, thb
tampliAe* th* teiessre (Hut any voaag man of common HwgliA
?duration may acquire 11 In ?ledge without the assietanee of a
Oaaaha* To which i* nnd.d, Directions M the Learner, am1
Practical Kerm* far heeiTig ho. ha In avvry evtent aad varmt*
?feommera.nl hanavaj rnUir Vddresses, the Arat ever delivarw
1 subject be. Ac hi? dav pohliahed and for ml* ky
nlaAW* 900 Broadwm
Chemicals,leeches* German silver.?The
subscriber would remind hi* extensive oily and country
friend*, that he hue constantly on band the rarest Chemical*
Drugs, superior large sited Swedish Leeches, and German Sil,
rer in ingots, sheets and wire of all guaee nnmbere; bras* wire
3'2, for brush and siere Makers; Dutch metal and Brouae, Ike,
German Silver Sheets, Solutions of Tin,
t. Teaspoons, Iron and Red Liquors,
" Tablespoons, Soda Ash,
" Buiterknives, Morphine,
* Ladles, Strychnine,
? Fishknives, Yeratrine,
" Castings, Spirits of IVtse,
Aqua Fortis, Ether,
Nitric Aeid, Aqua Amonia,
i'arlkng Acid, Diamond Cement
Muriatic Acid,
All the goods are warranted and aold at wholesale and retail
on very reasonable terms, bv
a9t-y No. 3 Cortland street
Far Plain and Fancy Paper Rexes of all
Lien or nusnvtss wnitkhk,
1'J 1 Pnltoa sired,
Three doors from Nassau
(tfjh Ctty and eountrjr merchants will find constantly a very
urge stock en hand. They can be accommodated at short no
tice to any siae or any quautity they please; also, by shipping
them in so profitable a packing as may be desired to any part ol
Real genuine Cologne Water, imported from Germany, of ?
most superior quality?will satisfy every purchaser.
Also, just received by late arrivals, a fine lot of
of the bi st beautiful patterns. mvll-y
THE Subscribers, Sole Proprietor* and Manufacture!*,
are prepared to execute, with despatch, all order* for their Vh
rivalled Patent Swelled Beam Windlass Bedsteads, which arc
bow almost universally used, as being the best arliole as yet in
vented?combining ease, convenience and durability.
The sacking, acted upon by the windlass and ewrlled beam is
made perfectly light and free from all liability to sagg, still leav
iug an elasticity in the tame, which renders it particularly easy,
and simple in constructing; th< matter of putting up aud taking
down will lie found of but little trouble in comparison with those
of any other construction, whilst the precision with which Use
component pants are fitted, acts as a salt-guard against the intro
duet ion of any aiud of vermin.
From the care taken to render each Bedstead perfect, their
qualities lor durability will rruommeud Uirm to purchasers?
who are invited to call and examine a large assortment, now on
Also, a large assortment of elegant Furnitiare, Mxttruesc*
Feather Beds, Ac. constantly on hand.
J. W. It C SOUTHACK, Nu. 1*? Broadway,
jelSy FrankRu House.
FANCY^AND'COLORED PAPER ?Juut arrived, a most
splendid assortment of plain, coloured and marble paper,
for printer*, stationers, bookbinders, apothecaries, sugar-bakers,
and esprnallv motto paper, fur the latter, beautifully cut, and
to b* sold by the ream extremely cheap for (ash, at No. 131
Fulton street, three doors from Nassau. Best arrangement*
are to he found likewise to accommodate cons.try merchants
and wholesale dealer*. f 10 3m
THE sabscriber respectfully begs to inform the public, thnt
he has constantly oa hand a large and elegant assortment
of every description of the painted transparent washable win
dew shades, consisting of Italian and other landse*|>et, Diaphi
uous, Chinese, Architectural and Fancy Blinds, which he o?*
confidently recommend for their beauty, strength and great du
rability, as they have been known, with common car* to last
from ten totourlm jrart. tu. of it* skaiiss, mduiliss
cords, tassels, rack, pullies, and fiuiugs for w iudows, complete,
vary from $7 aud upwards, per pair. Blind* painted and fitted
to order, by applying to
GEORGE PLATT, 1* Spruee st
N. B. Country dealers supplied with blinds and bitnd fitting,
so 10 lw*v
SALAMANDER WOAKI. No. to I'h??i street?'fin
O proprietor of tki* establishment invite* the particular at
tentioa of proprietor* offnrnaee* of different kind*. iron Costa
der*, engineer*, mooni, builders, chemist*, manufacturer*, and
other* who require ? great heat, to the article* mad* by him,
consisting principally of Fire Brick* of all description*and
shape*, warranted raaal to the celebrated Stourbridge briok*,
Tile* nf various kinas far baker*' oreac aud gre>n houses, fli
tare* for grate*, luting* for stoves. fire cement, Portable Fttrna
ce*. superior to any other*; Flint Stone Ware forcbeaiiit*, war
rantrdto rc<i*t tne action of fire. acid*. Ac. Ae A large as
sortment of the** article* are kept constantly on hand, aad
likewise made to order at the *horte?t notice- all of which arc
offered for *alcoa the moet rcacoaablc term*.
mlft-ftm' 1L LB FOULON, Proprietor.
DAN'IRL BOLL, formerly of No* A Bell, offer* for ?ale
hi* whole itock of Plant*, consisting of a choite eolleet wi
of (Jrcca-Noo** and Hot llouo Plant*, with hw Shrub* and
Rote* whieh is the be?t in the Untied State*. They Will be
told together with hi* grem-hntMc* or ia lot* to tail purchaser*.
Ladu* and gentlemen wishing to rathe atrlactioa will do well
by calling ?oon. If not dttpoeed of by the 4th of June, they wfll
the* be mid atpablic auction on the prcmi*e*. He likewiee
offer* a large quantity of Mulberry Tree* of different kind*,
the Multicaeli*, Moretto, Alpine, Ac. the whole will be dis
puted *f on rrr* reasonable terra*. aitt-lm*
(t7- The Mihteribcr ha* taken the new lloete No. 6 Roe**
relt itreel, near IVarl and Chatham, which he ha* fitted ap aad
fnrnithed with an eye to neatness aad convenience. Tin fur
niture and Asture* entirely new, and the bar and larder wall
To club* and partiea, to a limited aamher of hoarder*, aad
to traveller*, the New England House offer* accommodstiaa*
which the advertiser tra*U wail ensure him a there of the pah
lie patronage. M HUOHEB.
EH RC O VI) W A~RiTho r EL.?Ne a t to the eora*r oT
?trret, in Na??aa ?trr*t. Tin* well knowa e?tahli*hm**l
having aadergoae a thtwoogh rrltting, i? now in complete order
for the aocoieiwedatioo of those who may honor it with their
There are ia thia house,beside* the lower Wory,whieh it thrown
entirely open a* a public bar room, a large room apoo the *c
coud story, 74 feet ny 9A, well *uited for the accommodation of
public mnetingt, together with srverol entailer eae* adapted la
Hie a** of cluh* releree*. ?w for the transact*** of other privai*
Club* and private partiea accommodated with roe m, aad
may be famished with dinner* *r * upper*, eompoted ?f eraey
specie* of game or daltoary whieh the marhet* afford at short
notica. EDMUND JONRR, Prop wtnr.
KNIt K f.R BOt K It R HALL. No. 19 Park low?The mN
?crihers having opened the abova house on the EURO
PEAN PLAN, woald revpectfally inform Hieir friend* aad the
public, that thay are now ready to accommodate than* ia atlyle
not to be *arp?**ed by any timilar boa** in thi* city. Tat*
bouse will alway* he l'urai*h?d with evert caaveaienct. aad all
the Insane* of an unrivalled market, 'fhrre are an* huadred
lodging room*, which are airy, newlv furnished, aad ia porfbot
order. The Ordinary, being on the nrst Boor, is iparioa*. neat,
conveuieat, and well furnished, and the laile* thall alway* be
supplied with *11 the variety tb* market affords, eerved ap by
? tperienced cook*.
The marked *uceea* which ha* attended e?tahli*hm*al* of
thia lint, ia eaiicioat evideao* ef their adaption to both bail am
men aad travrller*.
Oeatlemra visiting the rite, will And thia a and desirable aad
?antral situation, being nearly oa Broadway, fronting the Park:
?ad, ia short, eeac untrale* the beauty and elegaare *f local aad
transitory object* of attract!** and ipleador with whieh New
T?rh abound*. ED8ALL k JONRH.
N. B.?Ftw the areoaiaiodatioa of Traeellera, thai house will
be opea at all hour* of the night. al-tf
DANIEL SWEENEY, ll Ann *tr-et, retnrn* hie *??????
Hiank* to hit numerous friend* for the liberal vuwpoelthey
have uniformly rendered him aiacehe first opeaed hit Hefaotory
and amuroe them that it wiR be hi* constant endeavor to merit*
?Oiiluiuaae* nf their anprobatioa. Hi* table ie alway* furmehee
with the he*t the maraet afford* . and those whe may hoaor hi*
Hi Me with their prrwwer, may depend npon being served with
elhanli****, aivility and pramptitade. jl# 11
NEW REFECTORY J. SWEENEY intorme hie friend
and the public that he hat opeaed a new Rrfeeliwr, Iai thai
large and elegant baitdiag. No. 144 Fulton street. Finn, He?h
and Fowl are alwag ? to h* found oa hi* table*, aad every delta*
ft Of tho .eaooa grovided ae too* a* it appear* ia the market.
Ne aare or atlenlion will he wootiag oa III* pwl, to give general
?atHfaetioa, and he horww to find that gene rone eaooiwagemoat
which ha ie determined to deeerve.
i hi tf ? J SWEENEY
'pilR FLUSHING PAVILToN I* now ready U aecoiamo
1 date transient and permanent hoarder*. A few more
families will be taken cheep if wpUcaboa* a/e made eoon.
Flushing, April It, 19M. alt-lmeod*
| rate Rodger* A Bon* Peak aire*,
|0 cask* Diaoa A No* Brttanai* Ware,
I do aa*orted Taki* and Pocket Lallerv,
I do Wade A Bei< horv Raaara,
4 do Grease* A Bo* ??,
BO do general aeeorled Hardware,
By last arrival*, now opening, aad foe eale from the ehehme
on accommodating tiram,by A. W. SPIES A CO.
mf7-4m IBB Pawrl stroek.
A J. STONE, Plumber A Engineer, 100 Broadway *0-lml
?5. A. Bradbrooit'?
Where a Geutlemxa may procare every article for a complete
Outfit of the heat quality,
Here the public m?) always procure
Fhk good* in the Outfitting line,
And what iaimpoitant, be aure,
Tliat untiring teal will combine,
Willi skill in preparing each sort
Aa good u elsewhere can he bought.
Here the steamboat and packet ahip may
Their ready made linen procure,
And pricea moat moderate pay
For artielea well made am! secure.
Mere they wilt constantly keep
Every article belong'ne to that elass,
From the counterpane, blanket and sheet
To the towel aud clotb for yonr gle*s.
Gentlemen alao will lied
Their ready made linen complete,
From fabrics the be.st of their kind.
And made up exceedingly neat.
Shirta,Under Shirts, Draw'rs, BeiU and Hose,
HandkcUtliicfs, Bosoms and Stocks,
While the <>l<ill that ?ach article ahowa,
Brings customers crowding in flocks.
But he need not each item rehearse,
The Suspender, the Collar, the Glove,
The Pantaloon, Strap and the Purse,
Each tine as those mentioned ahore.
Linens, like wise, to order are made
By those who are knowa to excel,
And the very fair prise that is paid
Yields work that is always aoue well.
'Tis extremely coaveaient to know
Where au ample assort meat is found,
Ami at once there be able to go
Without searching the city all round.
Alse, Vesting and Slock Satins, iu lengths, to suit purchase
The IQniue d^neniion!? Preparation for W'nr!!
Off- At this moment, when we are perhaps on the ere of a
War with England, it become* the duty of every one to enquire
how far this may personally concern himself. It is a sell-evi
dent fact, that an enormous advance on English manufactured
goods will be one of the consequence* of such an event. And
in no article will it be more heavily felt than on Rngllsh
cloths. It is therefore hardly ltcessary to point out the policy
of all and sundry providing themselves with a sufficient supply
of clothing. PHILIPS1 well known Cash Tailoring Establish
ment, 10fi William,corner of John street, present* an opportu
nity of obtaiuing a first rate garment, equal to any, and sur
passed by none, in the city, f*r materials, make, and price?
l'he astonishing patronage which this establishment lots expe
rienced, it a sufficient indication of public judguieut. And tlit
proprietor, having made such arrangements for the ensuing
season as will, he hopes, insure and merit a continuance of such
The system adopted is alone peculiar to this establishment
Purchases arc made direct fruin manufacturers in England,
thereby avoiding the accumulated profits of importers and job
bers, consequently reducing the price of the article to such aa
extent as to euabfe him to employ near but final rate workmen;
whereas those differently situated are cora|ielled to employ in
ferior workmen, in oonsequeaoc of buying at second or third
hande. And those establishments which give long credits, as a
result, incur many unavoidable losses, and are obliged to make
their cash customers suffer sufficient profits for running such
The advertiser deems it unnecessary on his part to give a list
? f prices so much practised, as it it too often deeeplire. He
confidently relies on one trial, being sufficient to merit a con
tinuance of the favors of those who may give him a call
O Smith, at No. 0 Wall street, New York. All orders in the
above line will be thankfully received aud punctually attended
to. Repairing done, collars cuffs, buttons, lining*. straps, uM
? aOo to appear equal to new. *11-1 in"
At No. 20 Maiden Lane,
WHERE may be fouud, by She piece or yard, a supe
rior assortment of fine and low priced Broadcloth*, Habit
Cloth*,C astiraeres, Summor Stuffs, Velvets, Vestingi, Trim
mings, Ac. Ac. The subscriber will offer the ahore at very
low prices for cash, in order to diqxvsr of his entire slock ore
vtou* to Augsnt next, as lie will then he obliged t o remove from
hie present stand. nrJS-lm MAAL T. THAYER.
REMOVAL?J.ITbaNCKEH, Merehaat Tmior. inform*
hit fnenils aud the publis generally, that he has removed
from No. W Fulton street, **U. S. Hotel," to No 90 Nassau at,
near Fulton, where he is prepared te receive and execnte q|1
orders on trusted to hi* eare, with neatness and punctuality,
a 8 lm
HOYT A CO., Ne. 14 Bowery, have on band aa extensive
assortment of fashionably made Children's Clothing, (samples
of which obtained the premium at the recent fair,) which tbry
arc disposed to sell very cheap for Cash, cither at wholesale or
retail. a*-3m*
JAMt.lt A TAVLOU,(forme rty F. A. jantes) CASH TAB
The subscriber! respectfully inform the patrons of the above es
tablishment, that they are daily reeeiviag a supply of splen
did Goods, suitable for th weseu l season. wldra they make ap
to order, sell by the piece or otherwise, at their nssisl low prima
for oneh only. Wiutna Paarae.
Over eoaU of doe Beaver elotho. fooen M to $99
? Pilot 14 to 98
" ? colored broad " " 14 fid to 98
Ores " file, " 19 to 10
? " wool dyed black * to M
Paatal- *a* of black, blue or fancy eolorod,
tr- a $3.40 to $10.
>eat* of cloth, camimere, figured and plein
eilke, from $4.40 to $0.
Dreae aoats made and trimmed, from $7.90 to $8JM
Overcoats ? * ? 7.00 to IIM
Pantaloon* and vest*. $1.90 enrh.
The subscribers wish to be ditlincffy understood that gar
ments made at this establishment are warranted to fit, and to
be made by the best workmen, in the latest stvle ru t fashion,
jd-tf-jr J AM EM A TAYLOR.
aOVOHT. ?*n THI FCI.a vault OIIM I* e ISM, BT
H. LEVETT, 14 Dunne sL, 3 doors from William.
(Kp- KNOWING there are pnosi who wake a greet puff
?a their advertisement* for Ca*t Off Clothing, Ac. Ac. and who
ia many **?*? do not gtVe lite full value for the tame,?H. L.
wiTl assure I'.mm* gentlemen who may have such artielea by
than*. aad who may send Cur him, of receiving the very utmeel
value ia CASH for every article.
M. V? A line through the p>xt ofltrr or otherwise, to the
above addrees. will meet with du? iU?ati>*>. f I-9m*
OOT?! BOOT* AT WALJKftR k tO.'l 900 Canal,
corner of Hudson street?Boot* for gentlemen's summer
dress. Just retelred, 1,008 pair of due seal, calf aad morocco
part with steel aad brass plateena the hoelt; for style aad com
fort these boots goabead of any rrer offered te the public?
prices from J. J4, i 74 to $3.00 per pair.
Ladies, Mittes, and children's shoes of all ralara, sorts and
sine*?the cheapest in the United Stales. We have just fee ess
ed a few doitn pairs of first rate French and native calf skia
boot* af the latest fashion?price* $4 to ?.*> p*r peer.
Men's, Boys', aad Children's Bo?Ib aad Shoes, of all shapes,
snrwaad sixes that can he thoaght sf, the eiie-apest in the werld.
Walkerh n?w shoe store, 980 Canal nor. Hudson street, aad
and 990, the new storv nor. Greenwich street
af the Wtverly Hence, New York, aad Reckaway Pavi
lion,) hat iff* pleasure to announce to hi* friend* and the neb
lie, that he has leased this splendid eslsbltebmeat at New
Brighton, Stalea laiaad, six miles from the eity of New Yark?
The hoaee it bow open for the summer, for the aeeomiaoda
lion of his boarders and visiter*
The proprietor flutter* himtrlf that having h*ea long known
to tii* public, aad havmg opened a koase toai ouanot he eer
pae ed far every advantage u a watering |daee, (he thiake he
way eav, in the world,) aad confidently iiopmg that he shall
have ia filay each improvemeals made, hy adding a Library,
Reading aad Billiard R? >me, Bath tioasee. together with a
variety of amueemaate daring the eeaeoa. *? will make st very
There are the heel of eehooA ia the viriaity, ssy walking din
taare. Families arriving with their carnages, well fiaff th*
beat af stableag aad atleajsnce of grooms. At.
Th* Steamboats Water Wileb and t mder'lla leave New
York at 7, 10) A. M , and 9|, 9t? i?i, 8 P- M.j sad leave the
New Brighton Doak for the eily at 01,9, !?! A M.,and $.$,7
T. M ayldtfkW
FJITABL18HMF-NTS, Nr. $ Be-kwn atreet, New York,
and N?. 18 Nalohrt atreel, New Orlejtta - -8>alhern grntleman
eititiag ihr city of New York, are reapectfulltr informed that
they will (InH a Ml aaaortmenl of Opera and Dreaa B.w>ta U#.
iob Shoea, Fancy no,) Dreaa Paeipa, and Oaitera of lh? ?im>
tlyle and quality m ware funnkrJ ikem at No. 18 Natcher at.
Haw OrlfiM, a ad wlnah okiaiaed Iht drii prcmiaaa at tkr late
Fair in that city.
Oeatlemm parch raina or g.riaf ordert far fiae Boat a for Ike
( karUaton, M.<kilr, New Orleana, Nalthra, Vicaakiirgh, or
any of tba aouthera or aoalk wealern citiea, are in a i tad ?o aall
and etaaiiae a apteadid arlirle af light Drear Boot*, made of
Ereaek iaaparf-d aloak in the lateat Paneiaa faehion, al N# $
Reekaaa ?ir*et, Clialon Hall, New York, opp?eata tha Park.
If. B. Firal Praam u* at Ike American InMiiute, New Yark.
" * Meekanira Ihatitnta, *
? ? ? late fair at Naw Orlemu.
Leeches, leeches.?10.000 Lsvant and Swedish,
juit im|>orted, iu fine condition, and a very superior lot, 1
far sale low, or applied, u usual, by
O. COLBY, Ehemist, he. 1
a98-lm* 361 Pearl, corner of Frankfort.
STOMACH PUMPS, Suspensaiy Bandag" ?, ami tuema Isy
riages, manufactured by 8. Maw, surgical instrument ma
ker, Loudon, for sale by ?? COLBY,
a2S lm* 861 Pearl, corner of Frankfort.
STRAW WRAPPING PAPER. 6000 reeraa Gap and
Crown for tale by
ab y 110 and 112 Nassau st.
UMPS, WAT?RCLO?ETS anl'B A T H9^ m an of?e?ured
by J. STONE, Plumber and Engineer, 390 Brondway.
aO lm*
PORTABLE SHOWER BATHS?manufactured by J.
STONE, Plumber & Engineer, 390 Broadway. a9 lm*
TO PAPER MAKE H 8?Foordriner Machine Wire Cloth*
and Felts, for sale by J. CAMPBELL Si PERSSE,
aSO-y 110 and 112 Nassau street
Paper makers felting.?a bales 3?, 40,43, 04, 00,
and 72 inch, of superior quality, for sale by
a0 y 110 and lit Nassau
NEW 0IILEANS^U gTaTl^OO h hdsTprime^imTitv, for
sale by E. K. COLLINS k CO.
a!4-y 66 Soutb street.
single bottle or box. For sate by
C. H RING. 044 Broadway.
N. B. A very delicately perfamcd Cologne prepared by C.
H. Ring. a6-lm*
OEIDLITE POWDERS?Prepared from Sarory and
Moore's reaeipl?a very superior article, fori ale by
ab-lia* C H. RINfi. 0U Broadway.
J. STONE, Plumber k Engineer, 390 Broadway, at-lm*
BANK OK MlCllOAN.?TImmBikttfcit WRbil
at Si p*r cent, by
sl*-y No. 42 Wall street.
($lj~ CAU TlOJi.?The ignorance, humbug, and quackery
on this subject bas of late become so iutolerably impudnat, that
the public should really be on tbeir guard against ihe many pre
tended nostrums for the restoration and preservation of the hair
which are now dividing their attention and opinions. What
the specific virtue of any of tbem may be, I do Hot pretend to
determine, for no one has ever beard of or seen their effects,
hut this 1 know, that not one of the many who pretend to the
discovery of a specific for the growth of the human hair, has
ever studied, or in f ict possesses nuy knowledge either of its or
ganization or structure.
Clirehugh's Treatise on the Anatomy and Physiology of the
Skin and lltir, has proved of the utmost importance to these
pseudo professors, as it has given them an taught into the sub
ject, which before they did not possess, and of course were most
gravely silent upon; but since the appearance of Clirchugh's
Treatise they discourse most eloquently on the pretended vir
tues of their nostrums, and prate most philosophically of bulhs,
roots, kc., as if they had derived tbeir information from study
and rractire, when forsooth the whole depth of their wisdom
has baen gleaned from the labors of another.
Under nil these circumstances, it may be reasonably inferred
that little or uo faith is to b? placed us the use of any of those
Oil*. Balms, Composiliuna, kc., which are daily foisted on the
pubiia by ignorant impirics, who, in their advertisements, put
all rules of composition, grammar, and orthography at defi
Hi-ad C.'s Treatise, which may be had gratis at hit raoms;
every thing like quackery is there utterly discarded; nothing
set down hut what is founded on philoiopliic principles and
practical esjierieiice, and beyond the power of refutation; the
public will, therefore, discriminate between the impiricisin of
i^Msms u>4 Its* pais, HismislRil ctaima of Irslti.
Professor of Hair Cutting and Wig Making, corner ofKalton
and Broadway, up stairs. my3-lw*
ft/- CLIREHUGH, Wig Maker and Hair Cuttrr, comer
of Fuilou tlrcel ami Broadway, having just complrted a large
and elegant meortmrut of hit celebrated Wig* and Toaperv, he
invitee all wearer* to aa iwnertion of them. They are the
mo?t untgn* article of the hind ever invented, and are to be had
at ao other establishment in thi* country.
Far elegance. Iichtnov and durability, they aow rank among
the ftr*t production* of modern ingenuity.
In their mauutacture, they differ from all other* hitherto
made, llie hair bring singly inserted, and *o equally divided a*
to appear ju?t issuing from the ikin. They cover no more of
the brow thaa the nataral hair doe*, and being without any me
tallic spring, all disagreeable pressure i* entirely abviated.
They mutt be *eau to be understood or appreciated.
Ia addition to the former nipple, the tubteriher will reteive
in Ilia eour?e of the prevent week ahoat Stiff pair* highly finish
ed Italian Trantparent Window Shades, of every variety of
landscape and scenery; among them will be found aaany en
tirely new. The subscriber having purrhaied them leu than
half lha original eoet, be will be enabled to tell them from
from (IN to #4 a pair. For vaJe by
i'17-lin* ffff 4 taberint street.
\o. 7?i Ctilmr itrift, naur Broadway.
IT must b* apparent to aM that there o no effectual way at
teaubiag a practical knowledge of Book-keeping but by
conducting the pupil through a variety of buvine** trananrtiona,
by hte making the rnkriei of each a* it occur*, and becoming
familiar with the areeaat books from aclaal nee. It must not
be imagined that baying ami telling merchandize are ail the
trainer lions that lake [dace in business. The c< ar*e of in
struction which present* to the pnnil more than a hundred dtf
iermit he-iues* transartioa*. each or which become* the vuh.eet
of remark, cnavereabwu and study, if decidedly a enuru of
Cat I ice which mail remit in a good knowledge of Book
Room* open day and erruing. Prospectus, with lev me, kt,
to he had at the room*, where the advertiser'* works may be
teen or parehaecd.
" The Science of Double Entry Bonk-keeping Simplified.
A vtaickvrd work, ia it# vfveath edition. 'JOO page* octavo, HO of
mvtrueliona; $1.26. Tbie book is introduced into the New
York Public School* in preference to any other on the (object
The trustee* of till* institution, it i* well knnwa. compote voni
of the first talent in the country.
" The Art of Single Entry Book-keeping, improved by the
Introduction of the proof or balance." third edition, I JO page*
octavo, 4ff page# of loslrutlvoo, 7ff real*.
"A Lecture on the Study of B ok keeping, with Balaneu j
She. l ' A neat pamphlet, peg '. ISm ? . price It) cviile per
siugle copy.
MtreanHU M'ritinf ?A oouree of lemon* iv prepare t which
will not fail in effecting a valuable improvement, mff-eeffauv*
L'FAl TL'KKRB, kr.
C.fRDA of every description, either Copperplate or
Letter I'reve, CBerutvd in a tnperi'vr style on favorable terma.
Javt rreeiveJ an assortment ef Plain and Ornamental Type,
e*pre**ly for Card and Circular printing. Specimen* enn he
etamined, end all order* promptly attended to. Wedding, Vis
iting and Cnmmereial I nrd* engraved in a superior style, and
printrd with the utmost neatneaa. Person* farnivhing their
own Card Slate* ran have tbem printed on the latest and most
approved fashionable stria of Card*, at abort notice. Just re
ceived a superior lot uf /Vfiieia Card*, e*prc*aly for Vieiling
and Wedding Cards, which fur whiten*** and brUriaoi y of pol
ish cannot Ik vvtrlle l.
SILVER PLATED DOOR PLATES, the sitvee plate #f
which i* un?om*nonly thick, with tha improved Bronte Edge*.
Brae* Door and Number Plate*, Seal*, he he
Fashionable Card, Engraving, and Prtnting l.atnidishaaent,
affW-lm* M Jolia street, corner of William.
Q(t uALl 1L) WAS the quantity of Steel P?ma ma
Ot),OUO,4?)4 nafaoturod by JOSEPH GILLOTT
from Oevvher, 1*37, to Ortobnr ISffff ?The above statement
will show She estimation ia whie thane pen* are held, and it i*
presumed will be an mlecmeel to those wbo deuire n really
good article, at leant to make a trval of them To he had of
all stationer*, and wholesale only at fee manufacturer'* war#
houae, Iffff Seek man vlrret mff-lf
t.N S, YOl rtl'S /M) I HILUMKN'B < LOTHINt.
I Tha ?uh*eribcr* aeep constantly oa hand, a very large
irtmentnf Heady Mad# Clothing, veiled to ever* age and
, wbveh will be add at low prior* lor Cask
?>n*,wh*eh will be odd at low prior* i
lA lm' GEO. A. HOYT k CO- J* Bo?J_
RBifOVAL. P. MELLYTJR H CO.. Importer* of
Walehe*, have rumored from No. Iff tu Ne. M Maiden
Lane, up stairs. _
I~NINE FAN) Y GOOD*. Part ornery, Cailery. Portabi*
' Deuba, Dressing Caeet, Week Bus#*, he. I* "<*7
wholesale and retail,at SolOlfB,
m 7 |fat ?roed ww*. oppnmfa Jobn *k
from No IW Water street, a email dark yellow lerrmr.lut,
about threr year* old, leng tail ?"d mr*. Whoever will return
ber to M Water (tree! shall receive the above reward. She
aa*wer* to the name of "Com." myA-fft*
BHERmT/DA arrow ROOT.?A wyfai artfaia the
new rreu.jeet received sad for sale by
i| ha* C. H. UNO, M4 Broadway.
Kim removed ta 46 Wall (tract, nearly opposite Hanover
the CVy ..f New York continue to insure Marine and Iulaad
Navigation Risks on terine as favorable as any other Company
in thi, city.
Jacob Harvey, John Thome,
W hi. BraucUii, Albert Wnodhull,
Edward Richardson, Simeon Drsiier, Jr.,
T. T. Kiasam. Richmond WhiUaarsh,
A. B. Morrcll, R. H. Winslow,
Jl'd ^ John V. Greenfield,
8. II. llerrick, j?#c pj. Seymour.
John Bishop, y o Thurston,
Jonathan Ogden, I |>. Disosway,
i ? If I 1 rs.. .. - ' '
George Knceland, Oliver H. Joiies,
John Pardy, George Ehniiigcr,
Miuot C. Morgan, George Lelami,
James Lswson.
JACOB HARVEY, President.
WM. H. BIRD, Secretary. ml-lwm
to No. 7 Gold street, second door from Maiden Lane,
where lie will lie able to sell all the Goods which he is in the
habit of keening?such as Acids and Chemicals of every de
scription, German Silver in all shapes, Superior Swedish
Leeches, Diamond Centrist, Brass Wire for Brush making,
?at wholesale and retail on the most accommodating and
reasonable prices. mly
CIOALS.?60 toue Orrell CoaJs, for sale by*
J a'iO-y E. K. COLLINS k CO. 66 Souths!
CHESS, 218 Broadway,and If Ann street, entrance join*
the Museum in both streets, for the sale of Billiard Table#,
Cloths, Balls, See. Sir., and exercises for health. Purchasers ana
plnyers are invited. There are 13 Billiard Tables ready tor
itial, sereu in one room, with spring, steel, India rubber and clotB
cushions, anil eagle, iron, and wood I'ruinns, the best assertnieak
ever offered the public. mtSI-y
UNITED STATES ARMY.-Wanted for the 4th Regt
mmt U. S. Artillery, stationod at Governor's Island, 100
or 300 able bodied men, bet ween the age of 18 and 36 years, be
ing above 6 feet 6 inches high, of sober and industrious habits,
of good character, and respectable standing among their fellow
citizens. None need npply but those who are determined to*
serve honestly and faithfully the period of their enlistment,
which is five years.
Besides lire monthly pay of the soldier, he is allowed one ra
tion per dny, and a large supply of comfortable and genteel
clothti g. Good ijuarters and fuel are at all times furnished,
ami the best nodical atU ndance provid< d for the sick soldier,
for which there is no deduction of pay. The laws provide a
pension lor those oho VccMM disabled iu the discbarge of their
duty. Apply at No. 4 Frankfort street. Alio?Want'd three
Boys to learn Music. rny3-lni*
$.j^- All kinds of uucurrenl Bank Notes bought and sold up
on the most favorable terms.
WANTED?6,000 cross and hend Pistareens immediately,
for which tin high"?t price will be given. al6-lm*
Grat, (Maine.)
Ktrnns to?Hon. John Anderson, Collector oCthe Port 9
Portland; and Messrs. Codmuii k Fox, Counsellors at Law.
He w ill practice in the counties of Cumberlsnd and Ox
ford, and attend to the collection ?fTdemands hi nil parts of tli#
Skate. *6-1 m
FURNISHED or unfurnished Apartments to Let at
S3 St. Mark's Plane, earner of 3d Avenue. Terms moderat*.
A CO., 200 Broadway, have t>?iw day published the third
edition of the very popular work of Minsrd Lafevrr, Ths B-au
ties of Modern Architecture, illustrated by. forty-eight original
plates,designed expressly for this work.
D. A k Co. have *U? receutly published s new work, by the
same author, entitled The Practice of Stair Case and Handrail
Construct!' u, practically explained iu s series of fifteen plates
royal octavo.
The above works form the most valuable aad cbsap putdles
Iions, for the ( irpeuter and Builder, extant. m\3-3t*
1 LKRY.?The subscriber lias just rsceived a few sets of
bsry Bnllsace Hnadled Kuives and Forks, ia sett of 61, OS
66 pieces; also sets elegantly tiitod on mahogany eases, aad.
some with Pearl Handles aad Silver Ferrels
my.Vy No. II Maiden Lane, a few doors from Broadway.
some new patterns of Plated Tea Urns of diiTvreat si ceo,
and warranted silver edges.
D. E. DELAY AN. No. 11 Maiden Lane,
myt-v A few doors below Bruodsray.
("1 LOBE HOTEL.?F. BLANCARD respectfully informs
X hit friends sad the public that the above establishment ia
now open for tlie reception of company. A continuation of
the liberal patronage he has received is respectfully solicited.
He would also notify the public that the Table d'Hote, at A
P. M. will commence oa Monday, lite 6th insL
Tbe baths,attached to the Hotel, wiil be in readiness for tbo
accommodation of bis patrons, on Saturday, the 4th last,
my 3-1 w
I TAILORS, m they bav* adopted Lhe cash *)*trm, tad **?
able la tell i lolhiiig oa lb* moat -r.i*onuhle term*. The put
IU are invited in . ..II and evnmine Ihtir a**orlm????(, aad they
will b? axlialiod Ural a great rating will be realiaed ia a cask
?yttem, a? contluclod at 91 Chatham *L
N. B -A groat variety of Clwtba and Ca??hu*re VratlaH,
kept oa band,and made ta order ui ibe moat faahionabJe rtyha.
Aleo, a larg* Mturlarat of Coats aad Cloak*. ist?.'Jm*ia
L |>rrior < oeiiM;tic Cor pretervtag the *kia from leromig
chopped, and for prerontiag that reervisa and rough new gaaeral
IJT MSMgM ' " rapoanre to cold, for removing I'rerkl**, fcr.,
aad lor healing pimple* ami other eruption*. It i* aUo far *?
[toner to tbr ordinary Pearl Powder for improving the *n*n>
[do ainn. to which it impart* additional *ofiner* and beautv.
for tale by (.uion* . 199 Broadway; J. H. Hart, V7tt Broad
way and 94 lludn.n itnytj ami by II. M. tduion, l'/7 S??w*ry,
corner of f St and. 0 Henry, corner of Pike, and corner of Maim
aad V runt atreeta, Brooklyn. Price. M eanlt. mOeedJae*
I (late Lyu< likt larhe't; Bo la Water on draft, or in Bob
I le? at C. II. RlN'iJ'B Drug and Chemical *t >re, Stt Broadway,
(eagre** Water in pint* and quart* roaataully oa band, freak
from Ibe Spring* at dowa town price*. * Imia*
NMBOIl< t, UK \ J. KNUEL, (formerly A. A. M.UJ
rraperlfully iafurmi brr *u*tomerf, aad tbe Ladir* of
tbi* city aad ririnity, that the More Na. 411 Broadway, incou
?equeti.r of repair*, will awt be open until the lith of May. Im
Uie mraa iimr the ibviu* Ladier willing topurchaae,to call at
her old establishment. No. I36j Bowery, where the bat ju?t re
ceived leghorn and Tuscan of a *wprrtnr quality, a general an
nulment ul Kilk Hat*, Neede Work, together with a rarielf
of Fancy (4ood*. my1-lw* MRS. A. J. ENOF.L.
1 KEEPERS.?J. w. STENT. Oeneml Builder and Job
bing Carpenter, No. 14 Pellatreet, labra thi* method of return
ing hi* liaeere thank* to hi* humerou* patron* ia tbeabore linn
of hatinr**, and to inform them and the public generally, that
he has now oa band 40,000 feet of wrll **a*oned prepared (hal
ving and foanler ttulf?aad from hi* Ion* rtperieure aud ap
proved latle la ill rag ap bar*. ?torev, he. h? ie at all timen
ready to recnive ordnr* ia tbi* particular hraie b, and to enn*
eute tbe *am* witb punctuality aad 4i*patcb, on the mat ruu
??maSle term*. aS7?tm
iu returning hi* *ekn?wl*.lg'mei?u to h?? aamcrou* cum
tomari for tlieir prelbraace given to hi* ImaCNeedle*. beg* to
aware them that he will continue to supply tbe beat Need Ian
the world can produce. Rodger*' Sctaaor*, Pen and Poeknl
Knivaa, Hosiery, Thread*. Tape*, la.
Importer of, and Dealer in Needle#, ke.
aM Im* IBS Diviaionitraut.
X SURtfERV.?Tha *uh*erih*r perform* every operation
on the teeth and gum* on the matt modern tnd approved prin
ciple* of the Dental art. and with profa*?inaal ah ill. Irregulnr
itie* of the teeth in children and adalta remedied, eariouiieelk
tilled with gold; loom teeth rendered firm; teeth eitraeted;
teeth died, from one tooth to a complete *et. en raa?*?. Eos*
reduced une third.
N B. Toetk aehe renuived in?tantane>m*ly. PriOS W*.
cent*. DK. H. VILLERB, at No. SA Liberty .1
Will remove on the Wt of May to No. 49 Lavpenard *4.
11 WN SELF t oehiag and revolving ? km* Pwtol*
Kvlv fno Rifle*. ae*orted. hoe aad common
400 tingle barrel gun*. da do
100 doable do do do
1000 pair* pocket and belt pittole
1,000.000 Pere>i*eton Cap*
Oun Loch*. Rifle Barrel*, and a fall *ad completa *toeh of ma
terial*. Tool*. *nd erery article required in the flan ?m
Putnl trade, for *ale ky A. W. SPIES
nybtm '? r>?H ??_
JOURNEYMEN mouse painters wanted ?
Eight nv ten good Hv.ua* Painter* wanted, and eosd wagan
will be^ivrn. by ? WMITNST, ll^CkwienK
a^lUHIiw fofttr Wii< Irtilwif.

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