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U. ?. dressit rwri.
Ma* A.?More Frauds on the Revenue.?A. Duteh
merchant of high standing in the city, aad of reputed
wealth, waa taken inte custody by the U. 8. Marshal,
charged with forging the name #f the deputy eollue
tor to aane permit*, in order to obtain certain pack*
apt from the Cuatom Honae without paying the du
tiea. At the request of the U. S; officers, we refrain
from pabliahing the name of thia person until after
he ha* been brought up for examination, which moat
likely will kc on Wednesday.
Ma* 5.?A Runaway Equestrian.?A few days
nince a warrant wa* obtainea from thia office against
J.J. Cole, proprietor of the Mount Pit Circus, for ob
taining money from Mr. Isaiah Davis.under falseJ>ro
toners. It appeared from the examination of Cole,
and the complaint of Mr. Davis, that Cole applied
to him for a loan on the stud, equipments, harness,
etcetera, of the establishment; he was in the course of
aurcessful experimentalizing. Mr. D. believing his
representations, advanced $49t,and received a trans
fer or assignment of the stud, and so forth. One of
the stipulations of this bargain was, the assignee wm
to receive #20 per week, (pretty good interest,) and
that the Maaager was to have the use of the Circus.
The $20 was paid over, and then Mr. Davis begin
ingto suspect that he had been bitten, proceeded
to make inquiries and to his great chagrin and dis
apointmrnt, found that the horses, furniture, and
equipments were not the nroperty of hit victimize r.
The latter was committea.
Another Mutiny.?A foreign sailor named John
Christian waa brought in the custody of a Mr. Sher
wood charged with assaulting the mate of the Bel
gian barque Clotinda, as she was lying in the stream
on Saturday afternoon. It appeared that the prisoner
and the mate had a few words about the former's nc
81ect of duty, when he took up a haudspikf and gave
fie mate a blow whieh brought him to the level of the
deck 44 in less than no tiuis." The Magistrate or
dered him to be remanded until the mate could at
" Hotr come you so?"?Saturday night, just as the
last boat had left the toot of Grand street, for Wil
liamsburg. the dock keeper heard a splash in the wa
ter and in)mediately heard some one cry out, w ith a
beautiful touch of the brogue, "Shure, and its my
self that will be drowned, and the divil a shoul shall
help me." The dock keeper, in spite of this, pro
ceeded to hook out the man in, which task he suc
ceeded, after considerable difficulty. Having got
him safely on terra Jirma, he was of course desirous
of knowing by what unfortunate combination of events
the poor man had got into such an unfortunate predic
ament; but to all the questions he put, uothing could
be got from Pat, bnt " faith, man, and how should I
know at all at all about the matter, didn't I lave him
and the boys to get another glass and recollect
ssothing how I came here any more than you do your
?elf." '
Corowkr'. Orrica, Mar 5.?Remarkable Sui
cide of tiro Piraiet.? On Saturday morning the tarn
key. and officer, in attendance at the city prison
were thrown into a great atate of excitement, by the
discovery of one ofthe convicted pirate, .u.pended
in hi. ceil by atrip, of hi. blanket. A jury having
been empauuelJed, the following testimony w as ad
J nine. Cngg.well .worn?Is the principal keeper
of the city pri.on. Deceased ha. been in the
prison some time, he ha. been a. quiet a. he could be
under the circumstance., as he wa. a bad disposition
person, bat have had no difficulty with him?have
seen him since hi. couviction?he complained ?f the
witnesses; said some of thera had sworn false ; said
be was a Catholic, but did not want to see any nriest.
On several oceasions, whan I conversed with him
?ince his conviction, 1 told him it was oyer with
kim, and that he must prepare himself to die; he ex
pressed an indifference about it, but seemed quite
stubborn and morose?gave general orders to tha
keaper to cut any person down when they find them
bang. This morning, about 6 o'clock, siw him in
the situation he now is; his name was Joseph Var
Dragger?was one of the prisoners committed by
Judge Hetts, of the United States Court, on n charge
of murder and piracy, and who had been tried and
found guilty of murder, but not sentenced; he said ha
ke was a Belgian, born in Antwerp, was thirty-five
years of age.
Samuel Baldwin sworn?Is one of the keepers of
the prison. About a quarter past (j o'clock this morn
ing, the engineer told ma there was an obstruction in
the pipe, which prevented him from washing off a.
? sua!. 1 opaned cell No. 59, four cell, from the
Irivoner; thera wa. no ona in it. I then gave him n
unch of hey., ?? that he might examine him.elt.?
In a few minute, afterward, he came, and .aid de
ceaaed had hung himse'f?went immediately to the
cell?went in and found him n. related by Inst wit
?ess?put my hand on his breast and found him n
little warm, but his limbs wereuuite stiff. 1 cut tha
rope as it now is here; lowered him down, and left
him in the situation the jury anw him.
Errs White sworn?Is n prisoner in the next call.
About 10 o'cloak last evening heard n noise in tha
cell; I snpposed he was making a banah fiom the
boards of tha bunk, which is frequently done ; was
talking to him through the walls, and told him ahout
his comrade Hans' trial, and that he had been found
Bot guilty : Dseeased said he was as guilty as any of
them, and the hoy was the worst of any of them ;
?aid he had saved the boy's life, as the Captain was
ahout to throw him overheard and he prevented him.
Be never said ar hinted that he would destrov him
George Bishop sworn?la the Engineer of the pri
?on?says he was washing of the pipes, and found a
stoppage; on examination found it was near deceas
ed's cell; unlocked the door and looked in, and saw
b in hanging by hia blanket, twisted into a rope,
cle.ed the door and called Mr. Baldwin, ona of the
keeper. He came, and went in; deceased appeared
Suite stiff ; ha naked ma if it wa. not best to cut him
own; told him, if 1 waa him, I would wait till Mr.
Co^g.well came; he replied, it was Mr. Cogg.wcll'.
orders whenever thev found a man in that state to
rat hiiu down; took fmld of him, and lifted him up,
mad Mr. Baldwin cat kiia down. The pipe waa stop
pad in his cell by a mass of blankets and oue thing
or other.
Samael Warner sworn?I. one of the keepers of
the prison?went inta his call last evening about 7
o'clock: gave biia some tobacco, Ao>; sat down on
the bunk alongside at him, he asked me how the old
inaa waa. if he was much affected; told him he was,
and I had left Him crying. He said damn that boy,
which was a witness against him; .aid he was aa had
aad had done as much as any of them; asked if he
wanted any thing?he said no; everything in his call
Was in perfect order.
John Miller sworn?la one of the keepers of the
pri.on; wa. at the cell; 1 gave him soma pipe, and
before .?"'cloak;
tohaoao last evening about a Quarter I
?aid nothing particular at teat time, but had pre
viously exprea.ed himself a. dissatisfied with tha
promptness m lib which the jury had decided his
case, hut .aid be aeppe.ed they bad gene according
to the book (meaning the law). Toe situation of
the cell there wa. in good order.
The jcry, after a short consultation, found that the
dee-aird committed suicide by hanging himself.
Th coroner ioamcdiatelv made a report of the f.ct.
to Mr. Butler, the chief law officer of the district,
aad asked his ad viae a. to the disposition of the
Mr Butler said ho rcgrettod exceedingly that tha
Judges had both |,ft town, bat that he had ao hesita
tion in saving that the bodv of Ver Bruggen was for
feited to the state of York, and was ike proper
ty of the coroner.
Acting under this view of the matter, the coroner
Intended to have given it up for dissection, hut so
snauy disciple* of Galen aid Hippocrates put in tkefr
claim to it, that the coroner determined to bury the
body in Poller's Field, from whence, as we learn, it
Was stolen the same ni gkt
Scarcely ha I the bustle consequent on this ereat
been allayed in the ariaoe, aad its inmates restored
to their wonted quiet and repose, when another
aeene in the Hraganra tragedy was enacted within
the walls This was nothing less than thesuiride of
Jam<-? Davys, who waa detained here as a witness
?gainst the' other three of the crew of that ill rat< d
For some months past Davys has been in a sort of
?emi-smprisonment, in the debtors' department of the
city prison. In that portion of the building he <>??.?
Bird part of a cell with a debtor named Samuel
Butler. About 7 o'clock at aight, Butler was going
into his cell, when he found soaae obstruction in the
lock Having burst it open, he wa. horrified at the
eight nf Davys lying, apparently exhausted, in ona
md the floor delu.
corner of the cell, and ike floor deluaed with blood
Medical assistance wa. immediately summoned,
and see applied to tho wounds, but all tho effort, of
tha surgeons were unavailing, for he died ia a very
abort time. The coroner haviag been again sent
Dr. Bedford dapoaud that a few minute* Were 7
o'uloek, Cept. Dayton came to hit office and naked
kim to viait a pritener wko bad nttaaaptod kia life.?
On arriving, and being skown the patient, be fonnd
tare wound* in tke tkroat, neither of which would
hare proved mortal, nor eon id they together hare
caused tke aiHux of aneh a quantity of mood aa waa
about tke door. One of the wounds extended from
the wind-pipe about four inehaa toward* tke nape of
the neck. The other waa near the jaw. The atten
tion of the witneaa waa next called te the atata of
the man's anna, both of which he found eut through
the flesh, tendons, and arteriea, a little below the
bend of the elbow Finding the patient waa com
pletely enaanguinatad, the witneaa directed some
brandy and water te be administered te him, which
eroduced a reaction in 25 aeconds, when he began to
reathe and show signs of returning animation. The
witness then proceeded to sew up tke wounds, aa a
professional duty, but without the least hope* of hia
permanent recovery. Finding that he rallied so far
as to be able to apeak ; witness then told him that
he would do all he could for him but there was tot
much hope of his getting over it ; to this Davys re
plied, 44 Oh! for God's sake, Doctor, don't acw up the
wounds, 1 don't want to live any longer " As he
appeared perfectly conscious, witness desired Capt.
Dayton to ask kim if he had told the truth in relation
to Kaudson, to which ha replied in the affirmative ,
a similar question being propounded respecting the
other two convicts, he endeavored to reply but ex
pired in the attempt.
After hearing the testimony of the prison keepers,
and Butler,the jury found that the deceased commit
ted suicide by cutting his throat and arms.
Drowning;.?Two inquests were also hsld at the
corner of South and Catharine streets, on the bodies
of two men fonnd floating in the East River. They
both had the appearance of seamen. Oa the body
of one was found a protection, signed Jesse Hoyt,
Collector of the port of New York, granted in 1SS$,
to Jonah Hardy. The man's arras were also marked
J. 11.,and an anchor. There being no evidence to
show how either of the deceased came into the wa
ter, the jury returned a verdict of found drowned.
? ?
A Lissxwrinnt 11 end of Hair*
WYETH'9 "CREAM OF LILIES." highly esteemed
for promoting tks growth of tlie Rsir, preserving it
(j-otn falling oat, and freeing it from dandruff. Whiskers rtuck
ly raised by its asc, as also are red hair or whiskers gradua ly
turned to a jet black, without injury to the whisker* or hair.
It has h delicate, extremely pleasant perfume, and possesses the
power of penetrating the roots aud causing them to spread out,
strong, black and healthy a quality iKMst-sssed by no other
preparation. Curls, natural or artiticial, by its asc, retain their
shape and are unaffected by daucing, warm weather, or ether
Price. 30 cents. For sole wholesale and retail, by A. B. k
D. SARDS, 100 Fulton, corner of William; J. Syme. 63 and
S30 Bowery ; C. H. King, 644 Broadway; G. Lindsay, 36 Sixth
Avenue, and by most respectable druggists in the stty, Perfu
mery aud Fancy stores.
Be careful to ask for 44 Wyeth's Cream of Lilies. m30-3m
GUERLAIN'S Ambrosial Cream for shaving; Coggershalfs
Connoisseurs Shaving Soap for sale by
a*-lm* C. H. RIKG. 644 Broadway.
F Nature double.. originally intended the
i:S X?' i, *??????"*.
* 7f?,r^%'?'LAToBT ,[rr"r/.Ko..
for the Depilatory awl Mahomed's Turkish Dye.
Country dealer? will he .uppliad by them on the
.Us term*. Price two dollar, per bottle. mm uy
iTirilLUi^rWjHOBrt W###l"
/?r?- This Bnanithproierb applies most eaeellsntly to toote
JS: New York HAIR OIL manufacturer, who are making
i Ainir by tbtir KrftBti compontiom, nhcu the J
ll^.T^m^lr.. But PASTORS OIL ..not only good for
1 v't hair to de.troy d-mdrnff and prerent hair from
ESgJtK but.. also a7e.cell.nt Oil to keep hi. own hair
turning pr^y. boasting it not intsisfod for
the'cJtr" Ne w York, whera, for the last .T.teen year., IIaaue
^ Jthe haircuitiag tauten, but as 1 am tMhng
ii ,r nil f?r the eoanlry, I waat to put tkans oa
bftn tlK un?du?t of 24 yetrt MI v, A pasTOK
*^~?rS2+?iS-Z~L *"S?
vnii i FRANCIS'S celebrated Eye Water it adapted tea*
succeeded in K??5 ti be incurable. U it ad
Zt'Z ^'ToiS and will remove Uk*. nebuloim,
??. ?*.*?* appearances <Wq~.ll, known b, thejm-o
' CntaracU. fcjet that have hern disumwd (or yenrt, Ihu E>n
Wuter bus made a perfuet cure us a few days.
Frwm the Rev Mr. Davit,pattor of U- Chnr.h at Budgenlla.
to eertifr that a poor man, whom I hare bee. ^
iiutinted with few tome time, and after .pending
an t)e infirmary was discharged by the rf.y??a~ of dni fo.g
r;^.? ".re. bo,
U? .mly k,n? used, rrmo.ed it to the surprise of aU who knew
?J m w h. can tee with that eye a. well m ever I,e did
iT\'hmj duty to gi?e thi. mf.rnmt.oa for th. brnafil of the
rA Oemtleman by tht rame of Bradr, having a Oat.ratt on
Sr K?ni? ? EJ' vV?ur "ol* *" hU 'V!. Wr" l>e,fee,,3r
wis"Sr.7iore'; ;;.wr.ptj tw.o.
1 Hoc Dr. V ranora't ty. W.hr bnt a few dayt, has recovered
^I^Re^^uIrris... 44 Th-mpton Street, having proanred
? bottle of the above for Mrs. Harrison t tyes? tayt
* T-?I lt h? removed the dimnet. and paan which had
r.n eTee?.vi for ye.rt-.he had used m.i.y XfforMt eye ww
tsrt, but th?y all failed, therefore, I hope lb# publie will tooa
M^-Ke Rtv!D "nunbarsart, from the te.tjmonr ?f thote who
bevr uwd the Rye Water prepared by Ur J.
r:rjds^.ttu mmst
'?s ?? pastor of the McDuuckI Streut (hareb.
m, Art.ftosnl Kytt inserted by Dr. J. I- ran. it. that uannot
baStsna"iahwl from the natural, aud will perform every ino
t*.,u of that organ witirout giving the allgfoesl pasa, tud for kit
^".timprovr,,, ,n tbw art. he hu r.oe.v.d a
lit Barclay streut Ww
I t?M l'"l ?> ?> OBIil* TOO I ?' ' EW
rn Hi cehbntt which the above prvpaialum has enjoyed.
T il.?.?' p-n ??? ??s-r'S
friend, has indued him to make it more public. He would
therefore respectfully inform the community, and pwtieularly
stke. vXr b.v/.?w??i7 ^0.^ imh-t he,....
Hw.rThUin i, geuuine cd the following respectable dmpgi.ts
"nN'b h'Be'parlitular l? evaminjrloselr the lllelnjwa. ?h.
labels are printed in gold thee. Orris Tooth PniU. Th?
?rl .. ntatreet paper, with th. imtinl. of the propne
toi f) A? H. atmeeed, anf sealed with hi. private sttmp For
sale ?t? Dr Met It's 7 < Jreenvnch lane, ( hae^ Ring. 814 Broad
war WwdBn'. 114 ('ml it, Chnrrh'e d.^ren^ry eomer
Bower, awl Spring et Dr. Bry'"- l?8 j*;1"?"*' g"^!^
bush 4.*> Carmine Chelsea inirsnary, I4fi
it ti * i nfMi liowrrr .1 Wtir 4H| iL J. Am?4d
I'rand st^Dr A!leT?4? ffr.nd M. Dr. MurPh, Dirt.io. ear
u w ik tfirhe Diei.ian corner tint"* Drake and
fcSrtcn?-: au *
it. ? ? ?
lirmmine ?rrln Tooth I*itn4*.
OTC A. rr?J-' ^Rr.,T^T,f(K?T"e"SS
it Nfaohhu* ? a-pearrn.e of tartar. It aWn .mprorea
STlSl^lK U7rw r-ee.nl. and heal, all alrer. of
the oolorof thehpe ^g,.?f j. 1M treth. sad .no
the mouth, sr .we# leant to the brrsth. It it alto
?? ?.?? ? -
agreeable and mot ,u#b an artielt, and tleo from
?e many obr**? .. ^Vooth Powders as an appendage
lkTT fiT "it m wmraatml Ur rontain no it.grertienr in the least
th? toilet- !? * ^ 4 i, u hl,h|j recommended
4.gree inp^out tnlb^teeth^ . J, ,h. frn,rui
?,e net telentiM d n howetef, the Irett eridenee ol its
satssfaationthst H ensur , ff , t Oht ois the paste, aad oh
p?5??isrity a ad merit. Be rtrrful^ 1 (J ^ ^ yfon tW<
53.1 rjffXi oJt.7ST- ww *??-? *"
<t"# . as ? Broadway; fhiiona'. I? Broad
-oy, i *V!+ V* Broadway, and
Onion. 1* CWbom st , and by t M (Moa. l?7 Ffo?er. ?or
?rr of Oread, *? II.ma. nortwr of FA0. and rnnser of Mm.
and Front itreett, Brooniyn ; alto, by b, Both
OHetmt. - ..dim*
Bewwo of touttrhib.
?sr-7 W ??Mw LmMi N?w-Y?rk.
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York. Her European erperienne qualifies her to assume the rer* highest position with reference to this department of Willi
uerv, and thnt position has been sustained kjr prensiamn from the Inst bars ef both the American and Mechanics' Institute*
a'ld Im*
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N*. 109 Heekman ntrcet.
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periuteadence oi MR. JOSEPH GILLOT T, who for twenty in it* excellent quality,) and a* the sludiest and most able work'
year* has devoted his time in close application and study to men are alone employed, the public near with confidence rely
their perfection. npon a maintenance of those qualities which have obtained for
A practical mechanic himself, no effort is spared that will in Joseph Gillott's Patent Steel Pen* so (real a reputation.
the least tend to their iiujwoveuient; they are made from Wil
Joseph GMlott's patent elongated metallic pens are the best steel altogether, and no lon|er acknowledge the 'grey goose
quill' as the badge of our profession.'"?AT. J . C
article of the kind ikat we have used. W# went back to the quill' as the badge of our profession.'"?AT. J . Com. .idr.
quill, some time ago after trying almost every variety nf me- u With one ot these pens we nrc now endeavoring to do jus
taHic pen in the market .satisfied that no pens were equal to tice to Mr. Gillott's usefulness, and can scarcely rocognize our
those produced by ' Goose tk Co.;' but having come accross Mr. own handiwork, the pea seems to move by some influence in
Gilloti'n we have
uuder trie
e have again enlisted, as every good democrat should, dependent of our own volitieu, and the characters traced b\ it
metallic' banner."?Hoslun Morning Post. are altogether superior to any we have hitherto attempted. \Vc
'llie case itself i* worthy its rich contents, and tne whole have pleasure in bearing this public testimony to Mr. Gillott's
reflects credit upon the establishment that has saved to penmen peus.as we feel a pe rsonal obligation for the facilities hi* inven
such a world of trouble in cutting goose quills, and nibbiug tiou atl'ords a*"?AVis Fork tin aid.
points a little used. ? uGtlloUs Sttel l'ent."?u We are uat in the habit of using
u We may safclv speak of these pens as eieelient; as descrv- metallic pens, but we find those of Mr. Joseph Oillott the best
commenJation "?Phil. tf.S.C
ing high commendation "?Phil. tf. S. Gas. we have ever tried, and we heartily recommend litem as excel.
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ws? vnm nun va IIIWII m J cm. j as v i^hiic earn wsanrusv warn suiw ?*??" uw woy ? vmsnvi W VI sen j u? in JC w wa a ? V aa liic w mmJ ivy vun'is n
land or Russia (fu ills, and have the advantage of not losingeither metal pens seem to nt likely lo supersede ail others"?AVv
tbevr point or their elasticity by nae. In short, we go for the York GusttU. olh-y
Astringent pills-astrinoent pills?Dr.
Chcri y's celebrated Astringent Pilli, for the effectual and
radical car* of gleet, seminal weeknes*, whites, gravsl. and all
affection! of the kidney*, Ac., no matter sf however long stand
iag, after the future of cubebs, copaiba, injection*. Ac. Ovvr
200,000 boxet have been told, without aay complaint Is any
agf-at. Can ?<> muck bt taid for any known medicinef To Fe
male*. " Washington tlrset, July 10th: Mr*. TV inform* Dr
Cherry that the three hoiv* of pill* purchased from kim, entirely
enred Iter daughter of the green sickness, after ike had bssn un
der Ike cart, tor Id month*, of icvsral of the mntt respectable
physicians of thu city." " Luadon, June W, IMS?I have meek
pl-xsure ta subsciiwtng t* ?w* ismny ml Dr. en?n j*? A?rU
gent Pill*, in caring obitinate gleet*, a* I have ecperimeatally
tried them oa upward* of *00 eases, and always with the *aa?r
remit, via."perfect cure." "C. A. fiakingkaa. senior phyiioiaa
to the Lock Hospital, Grotveaor Place, London."
For ?ale wholesale and retail, by A D.AD. Sand*, 100 Fallen
it., Syme, cor. Bowery and Walker, and tor Band and Bowery,
C. H. King, 644 Broadway ; 34 Sixth Avenue. Price $1.
Country merchant* buying by the doxen *r gross (applied by
A. B. A l). Sends at a liberal -Mseouut, and the pill* warranted
o them mSO Sm
OvU for the cure of Uon rrheaa. Gleet*. Strictures, and
analagou* complaint* of the organ* of generatiau.
Of all remedies yet discovered ter the above complaints, this
ia the most certain.
It make* a speedy and permanent cure, without the least re
gard to diet, drink, exposure, or cbauge m application to buei
We give an long quackish recommendations to deeaive th*
public. If the medicine doe* not speak far itself, no one shall
speak for it. Oar object i* to notify wher* it can be had, and
that th* proprietor challenges a siugfr easeef resent Gonorrhea*
to be brought, ia which the mixture will not effect a rapid cur*,
under forfeiture of $*00.
This u a disease that unfortunately pervades aH rank* of *a
aiety?high, low, nich and poor, matrimonial aad single. They
are now prrsaated with a remedy by whteh they eaa can
themselves witkeat th* least eipo*ar*,ia the shortest Um* pos
Further, the di?ea*e eewaot be eaatrarted if a doe* of IS*
Mixture if takra at night on peine to bed when exposed.
It i* put up in bottle*, with full direction* accompanying it,
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Many are cured in two day*.
For .ale only at DR. WM H. MILNOR'S Drag Store, No
1ST Broadway,corner Day street, (Franklin House,) N. Fork?
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Philadelphia. m't-lar*
RAOT. in I Jmo , with numerous illustrative Cases, fourth
edition, price 3*. in cloth board*.?Contents : Plain description
of th* nature, seat, and symptom* of Cataract, curable only
by surgical expedients?Fallacy and danger of trusting it* treat
ment to ignoraaH preteuders, or painfully irritating nostrum*
?'touching end eitracticn? Th* old, aad however terrible nod
unlraetable, far many centuries the sol* operation* for its re
moval, limited to adults, or to kardeani or ri|ie eaUracts,
neither of which operation* can be performed until after pro
longed blindaees and tedimi* preparation, nor without iartiriuf
irreparable and m<>r* or leas structural mischief, with corre*
ponding ri*k of subsequent inflammation, acute, tometime* last
ing suffering, disfigurement, destruction, or permanent imper
fection of the affected organ. These sad consequence* con
trasted with a mode of cure, rendered applicable to Cataracts
in their versing form* of dimn*s?. greater ohacarity, or total
lose of sight, and at any period of life, wh>eh by avoiding at far
as possible sensitive textures, and acting skilfully on the nerva
ls** disease, produces iillte or no pain, while it enablo* uaturs to
rettore tight in the most s-iti?fa?tory manner, leaving no mark
or deformity of th* eye. Foar pr*? win aad more eeientiflc edi
tions of thi* vork were f<>rni< rly published, elucidative of the
practice inculcated, which received the concurrent and unqaal
ified rerommendations of numerous distinguished writer* and
practitioner* in this and other countries, and lias keen adopted
ia hi* public and private practice to the greatest extent, with
the m...i .ignal sneer**. fey JOHN STEVENSON, Esq..
(' oaduit street, Ilaaover squire,) M RU.S., burgeonOculist
aud Aunst In hi* late Majesty, Ac., and to th* King of th* Bei
(iaa?, aud Lecturer on (he Anatomy, Physiology, aad Patho
logy of th* Eye and Ear
London : S. Ilirhley. 33 Fleet street.
Of whom may be had the following works of Ih* Author, <m
Ophthalmic and Aural Diseases, rig.?
On Weaaivrse or Siomt. 4th edition, Ss. 6d. ia hoard*.
Ob Gutta Biers*, or Nervou* Blindaees, 7*. fed. in boards
Oa l)e?r**s*. its t eusee, Preventioa, aad Cure, fourth edi
tion, I*, in hoard*. al7-lm
TONtVMPTtOIV CURED ? Having been sabjeet to sever*
culde, they finally acted upon my lung*,producing a teverv
coegh, great stoppage upon the lung* to that I could scarcely
breathe, violent pain iu my chest, fever snd sweets, aud every
alarming symptom of consumption in the last singe. Just as I
was about dying, however, my father got me same of Dr. Tay
ler's Balsam of Liverwort, and a* toon a* I used this medicine |
got rapidly better. It seemed to heal and restore my longs, end
soon rar-d me wholly. J. CALLAHAN, 146 Esses *t.
Of/- Onsvavg?Thi# medicine is sold only ?t 173 Bowery,
Asrsti tut ortti* I'ttr? Mrs lloyt, IN Fulton st Brook
lvi?, 377 Broadway, Newark; J. D. Phillips, Newhurgh; P.
Ilighter, Puughkeep-ie; N. Lovely. Burlington; S. Nichols,
II linbridge, T. Benton, Guilford; Luke Lyman. Middletown;
R. Hi??ens--a, Saagerlies; A. Tfinjer, Kinderhusk; J. S. ProtitJ
A Uo, Geneva; Silas Reid, Smithfield Flats; J. Usdy.OO W-*i.
minster st. Providence, A*. mv4-3tdkllw*
INFORMATION TFANTEfe -Of n man by th* name of
1 THOMAS NIOKKLfe, formerly of TViecasset. Slate of
Mesne, merchant, nnd if now living it about sixty veer* of
ago; height sit feet, of a light Complexion, and light blue eye*)
be lisped m geaeral conversation and stammered some when agi
tated. The said Kiekelt receiv-sl a good common education ;
in esrly life possessed considerable property, when st the agt
ofabout thirty-five became unfortunate ie busine**, ami left
Wiscesset some twenty year* since for lb* ss-sitb, ia seareh of
business Sine* which be was often seen in the oily of New
Tnrfe aetil wiibta tbeleei seven years, and appoarsd, when las!
seen and heard of, in a destitute situation. Something of late
ha- Irsaapired that will prove mack to hi* advantage if known
where to rnmmanirai* to him. Any information relative to
the said Nickel* will be thank fully received at thi* < Rev, or by
Mr. GARDNER, at Ike Broad ?lreet Hotel. alfl-lmkVV
61 t'tlAR F.iphty hid* prime New Orlean* Sugar, ter snl
7 in lot* te tail purchasers, hy
*1*7 E * COLLINS * Co, M South st
A CERTAIN DISEASE eradicated by the celebrated
Dr. Poetl's Genorrhea Eradicator. It binders not from
business, w pleasant (? the taste, doe* not taint the breath aod
preserves its virtues say length of time, and therefore an im
portant medictne for voyagers, and those riding in the Cona
kry. It nevnr fails in a recent ease in less than 34 hours,
those of longer standing in proportion. Hundreds have by a
few doioe of the Eradicator been cared of the Pilos. For sale
wholesale and retail by A. B. Sl D. Sands, comer Fulton and
William; and the following Drug Stores, 03 Bowery corner of
Walker; 330 Bowery corner Bond, 044 Broadway , 33 Sratk
Avenue Price ?1. ?*>
JU IRWIN te. CO., Members of tlie Royal College of Sur
# geons, London, continue to be consulted on delirMs -dis
eases in all their various stages, at their office 204J Fulton
Street, where, from the commodious arrangement of their room,
parsons laboring nnder deliante complaints can be treated with
secrecy aud safety.
J. B. Irwin jt Co. pledge themselves that in all canes of ths
most violent viuieieat, which have hitherto fallen under their
notice, their treat meut without mercury has been most snccese
fnl and speedy. They need not, by certificates, direct the publit
attention to their ?u|>erier practice in those diseases, as their m
Lutetian in this city is well known and respected by those who
ad otcasioa te confide in thmr honor. It is strongly recom
mended to females who are in the balm of unit; tl.sir Deobstrn
mt Pills, that net more than two skould be taken on any occa
sion, as more might produce effect, which those whe would he
mothers are deoiroas to avoid. A preventive nan be kail?recent
eases cured in two days. Those who have injured themselves by
a secret and destructive habit can obtain relief. Bolvent si
curity is all that will be required until a care shaH lie sffeelec
Letters, post paid, detailing the nature of the complaint, am
covering a sellable fee, will be immediately attended to, an>
medicines, with full directions, forwarded to the parlies.
Office. No. 304J Fulton street. m 11-fen*
ties 4 Ves<-y street, Aslor House?A Surgeon of Id years
practice, im constant attendance. On a ran tees of radical cures
are given in all eases of reducible rapture, (lie strength and con
stitntienal health of the patient being otherwise unimpaired.?
With proper adaptation Dr. Hull's Tram is perfectly sure to re
tain ike rupture without pain or the least danger t-ftbe patient,
or the slightest interruption So eterrite or business.
Attendance given in private houses, where required, at aud
afh r A o'clock, by the office Surgeon
N, B.? Patients arc ciutiom-d ugainit trusting in spurious in
ventions of Trusses advyrtised as improvements upon Hull's.
None are genuine unless they bear the signature of AklOS ti.
HULL?and the only office in New York is the original out,
formerly in Fnlton street, bnt now at No. 4 Veeey street, Astor
House. a30 rod y
For colorino red er gray hair a perma
nent brown OR BLACK?Red or grey hair may
he permanently colored a rick and glossy brown or black, by a
?ingle application of MakomWed'i Turkish Dye; anil instead of
injuring the hair, as most preparations do, it improves its ap
pearance and causes it to grow very Insuriantly. Be just is the
rcpatalion of this article that orsfsrt have beta rrrrived for it
from American gentlrmen residing in Canton, who have satis
factorily tested its efficacy while at home. Price M per bottle,
and sold wholesale and retail at
GUIONB, 199 Broadway,
alS-y Agents for the United States of America.
MEDICAL OFFICE, No I Aan Street,(Underthe Amen
can Museum J Dr. EVERETT contines himself to an
Office Practice for the treatment and cure of the following Die
eases, Sen fula. Rheumatism, Gout, Uleeroua Sore Throat.
Dysprpeia. Dropsy, Piles, Cutaneous Eruptions, Nervous Com
plaints, Mercurial Affection-, he Itr. Everett's Anti-Merra
rial Svrap.which will he found ? far taperior article to ttwaimh
Panacea or Sartaparilla Syrup, for sale at No. I Ann street.
An assortment of the most approved Pitent Trusses, and Sua
peneory B iudages, constantly oa Land for sale, and skilfully ap
plied. Striellv confidential.
afflicted are retnretfully informed that tliey ran he supplied
with those invaluable instruments for ths falling of the wotnb.
and at a rsJuced pries, ami warranted ts be superior to those
in common nee, as reference will be given to the first
Snrgeune in the city. For tale at No. 1 Ann street, (under Ike
American Museum.)
N D Private Entrance, 910 Broadway. a12-1m*
Slip, New York, deems it proper ?eranionally te remind
ths puhlir that he rentinuss la administer ts the lllllcltd at his
aid established Dispensary
Ta a vast number af the aitinans nf this metropolis he needs
na heralds to annnnnes his victory aver disease, in its most com
Crated and destruelies form* nor does he dentil it mateiicl t
very specific in enumerating the names at the various is stu
dies to which mankind ami womankind are subject.
To strangers he hega leave most respect Tally to remark, that
he confines himself to office practise, and devotes himself per
mnully to the welfare nf his patients, keeps no assistants or
?bop boy*, and has separata offices fnr the privacy of patients,
whs taa never eommin contact.
Dr. t arprnter would add that ke is regularly eduealed te the
profession of medu-ine and surgery, and received his diploma
in the year 1018, of the New York State Mnliesl Society,
signed by the litghW respected and maeh lamented Jnhn R. ft.
Rodgsrs, M. P., as f ranident. and that he has far a lone series of
years derated himself to the treatment and mare of all deiieals
and private diseases.
If nearly thirty years nesidnons and arduous application io
Bi? duties nf the medienl profession, and constant familiarity
with every stage and variety of a particular class of disraMe,
tided hy a snHeginte and regnlar medical education, entitle Ike
practitioner te any preference over the mere tiro in the pmfee
lion, Doctor Carpenter deems it consistent snJ proper to direct
the attention of a disctnsing public te the inference of tho oom
parieon, and an inveeligalioa of his churns.
(W- Charges reasonable, and effeetnal rates, in aH enaee
guaranteed. Separate and private efficee? fallouts can a ever
tome io cob 1*41
Be partiooior io the number - 4 Peck Slip, near Pewel struct,
BILT,W of the Wmdeor and WoH borough Banks wanted on
favorable lerme, at
my4 130 Dnmdway and 11 Wall ??
Collections on aTT parts of the United Mom, cm
dm, *ad Europe made oa the promptest terms, at
my4 13* Broadwag and 23 Wall lE
IT IS A MMLANCKOLT TRUTH, that la dug efty, M
weM u oiin piaeea, tw? arc niiasiriuiii lidiridaah m|m
?m row m<m* to an**, andeeeei rear to year,sufferingonder
aeartafcs disorder which they Ihe) to ha destructive bothto bo*
and mimi Deoeivsd, mi almost broken hearted, hy the raem
o?* beastfcg people, whose pretensions fill ear papers, they knew
pat Saw to act er in whom to confide. It ie tcucelj possible la
J"H?a the a mown t of bodily and mental canary arising Irons
ine peoplt hrrt illudtd lo; nor wmt I a wire uyitk of Ht Ml
extent, autil the publication of aiv u Private Troatiae"?a little
volume designed Tor thoae wlvo wiah for a private, aa well ? an
immediate and perfect core of Uieee complaints, but which,how
fvw, baa given me a must abundant opportunity of wit teaman
!?.***. y**- for iaetanee, have aaaared me, with diebiW
U)T! ,*!!*? ?f r!f!et? ft,at ^ h?d ^ led oa to take from
?#u SolUea ?f d?!*; others as many boxes of pills: and
iers again have fallen iato tiie bauds of advertisiag people,
lIT-j k " of the kind) who, it -ftervvarda a^
peareu, nave been entirely ignorant of the different variolic*
L theM """pHInG assume and undergo, h
? ' ?trikmgly apparent to every thinking per
J?.' v. j f.1,' greater consequence than in ascertain
beforehand, something of Use skill and reputation of the phw*
...u to be ooaaulted ,n the~ peculiar diseases; and it is on thk
"Cm7silffe proper here to give Lk* following statement
Beside the rank I hold of graduate of the Univeraity ofEdm
bargh, and member of the ttolleje of Surge.us, Loidon, kc,
SM^Sh" ,! rC ? ?c,ume "Presalyoa ihew
.object. (the result of nearly thirty year, experience,) I have
also testimonial alters from the moat eminent of the profession,
as 8ir Aatley Cooper London, to the mo.t eminent phvaiciana
of America, aa fir. Mott, of New York, and Dr. liyiiok, of
Philadelphia, and which I am penmtted to show to anv one
who wishes it. These authorities and qualifications, therefore
allow me, with peculiar satisfaction, to state, that I devote a
portion of my time expressly to these diseases, aud mav be con
sulted in my private study at my residence, 38 Courtlandt street.
New York, at aiiy hour.
Those who are afflicted with anv defect or complicated com
plaiat of the generative orjptus, however long ttaading, will ob
tain every possible relitl ; while those who apply in the early
stages of the disorder, will be agreeably surprised at the imme
diate and convenient mode of curt |>ursu*d.
Females wlwi wish to state their case by post, or are in any
luud of doubt or fear, will meet with the most faithful and del
icate attention. On this I would lay the greater stress, became
tliere are various affections incident to the sexual organs, which
though resembling certain complaints, art nevertheless perfect
ly innocent, and to which all are subject. It is a truly awful
thing, when such cases fall into the hands of unskilful or un
principled meu
For those who with it, or are obliged to travel, a little chest,
with lock and key, is fitted up, containing every thing necessary
for the cure, having the little treatise fitted in the lid It u
scut to any distance-price $12. This l.t'le volume also an
folds the nature of certain facts which are often deeply inter
esting to married people who have no children.
With regard to stricture, or cleet depending en a strieture
genernlly the consoipience of badly treated gonorrhrna.it cannot
be too well known, that all the medicine in tlie world, alone,
WMI never cure it. Those, however, who are residents of this
city, or can remain about a week under my care, may obtaiu a
perlect, sale, and easy cure. Letters tu be addressed to
? 13-tf DR. RALPH, Seur.. 38 Courtlandt st.. N. Y
rtTiomiiD HT TH( sunt famh.t isn tub nobility
Tl meets . Tn primordia redifi u/queunf.
HF.SE import ant medical applications enjoyed, for some
tune hefors they were brought to general notice, a hich
I rri>uJ.nt,r" W1 tW number of the medical professions
the English metropolis, by wliom their valuable properties were
| well understood aud fully appreciated. It was on tlie strong re
j presentation of those gentlemen that the proprietors first re
sol veil to enlarge the sphere of usefulness of bodies calculated,
| a'lh"f.u"S>""'">iiably are, to effect a more extended amount
, of relief, m diseases or accidents affecting the exterior of the
| he man frame, than any substance* previously know u, and tliey
are offersd to the entire population of the Failed States, with
[ the full conviction that they will be found the most useful and
valuable preparation* ever submitted to publis notice.
The Cerate?which is of a peculiarly delicate nature to the
sight and touch, and, in its original or plain stale, equally inodo
rous and divested of all uuctaous character?is prepared in dif
ferent combinations, especially adapted to the relief of tkc van
ous cutaneous and mascular diseases which have been proved
?o yield to the influence of its extraordinary power.
The leadiug general properties of these combination* are their
stimulant, absorber!, and counter-irritant, added t* powerful
healing qualities, which necessarily exist in different degrees in
the various modificstsons to which'tliry have been subjected 'for
adaptation lo th-ir several intended use*. The Liniment and
C erates, thus prepared,constitute, respectively, rapid and effec
tual remedies forG>ut-in some states, Rheumatic Affections
Lumbago, Glandular Swellings, many insUuc*. of Scrofulous
Sores and Hwellmgs, Yaws Tumors, Relaxed 8<>r? Tbroata.
Hooping Cough, Croup, Swelled Face or Gums, Nervous Head
ache, some eases of Deafness, external Infl umnatinn in all its
shape*. Boils, Ulcerated and other wounds, Sprain*, Crime
?!!!"<ti.1).uf*!' 8*alds, Erysipelas. Mosquito Bites, VeaomoM
I , t,<-/r.a*",rawt*R'iBsworm, Scaldhead, Grocers'iteh
-hilnUins Bunions,Corns, Tee ler Feet, Cliigua, Crab Yaws''
I Paralysis of a focal character, Sciatica, and '1 icXaloureux ?
A. no class ef society is exempt from the liability t* some *r
other of these attacks, so lo every rank must access to turk a
rlllir *" ofwmple, but effectual, remedies be highly desi
The Proprietors give their solrma assurance, that there is
or to to*ilrJ*rth r,,^,'e, lo ,he !*>*"? of these substances
or to be inferred from the terms either of the foreg,,i?c r*.
marks, or of Ike following directioas, which is not fufly^tab
li.ked in every class of cases, in ths private practice of medical
men of grr at respect ability in the metropolis; and that each of
the preparation, although most efferteal in ft* remedial char
actor, is in the highest degree innocent),, it, fntire compos*.
"? m*T' c??*vqa?-ntly, be used with perfoct .afetv
A OX ions to avoid exaggerated or needlss. representations the
Proprietors abstain from all further remark, hevond the neces
sary, aad rather full, detail of instructions for'the us. of the
IjiTm particular cases te which they are ap
pllcable; fully assured i&ai the beat reeommendatkin for th^
reaeral adoption of the Cerates and Liaimeut, will derived from
the clear svid.ne.w ol their e/Wy. wherever recourse w ?
wl^iTcd.' I"'1' "n, ?f U" * '"juries above
Bri'ieh C*r*'M ,r' mmde "P- ?? "II their moditt
'LV'i1"-,*1 oeB"' ^ ?nt?. f> wcu.
snd $3.40 ctr each, and the Liniment in bottle* of three sites,
withgrmmd glass stopper,, at 87j cents, $1.40 ct.. and $3.10 ets.
each; the English staoi|w in all eases included. By permis
sion ?f the Honorable Commissioner, of Sump* in L udon
and a* a sesurity to purchasers in every part of the world, to
ssi.urs their obtaining, at all times, the genuine articles, sach
stamp ha. enrrniednpoa it ihe name and sddrm. ,,| the Prx>
ri K V r ,rp * 1 0"Pa?.". ,63- Flret street,"" to counter
frit which it felony. ' w
The proprietors, satisfied of ths aaboundesl utilite of these
preparations to all .lasses of the population, have prepared
for geasral use-ami especially for families resident in the
country, removed from immediate rvu-dic.il a.lT.ce, as well a.
for schools and other large establishmeals?a great number of
different nssortments. embracing every variety of kind and
size, which are kept ma state of readiness at all timet. Thev
dr*w .*? ?'"?"?? ?f P?tw. resident in sea-port towns tl
lb* fact, that they have made similar arrangement, upoa a
..liable scale, and in boxes adapt, d to the ???!. of the^a
eaatiU shipping; where ths varfo,,, ,?d c.oellewt pr.u.rli?T|
these applwat,on. mnst prove of,nest,m.bl. v.l J,,n7he ^
of the several disease, and injuries to which sailor, are fo ,
peculiar degree, exposed. A.sevted cheets are also exwessl!
prepar-d for plantation stores ia all b.r.ixn conntrie. hfc
important bofom, that the Cerate, . n^Lin, ment7,il
or any length of time, and in all climates *
rreparedI only hy Sharp, Wmt k Co.. 143 Fleet Street Lorn
don the sole pmpriviors; ,?d sold by them and bs all U.e ^
tent Medicine venders in nnd round the metraJdi* bv all
?wmore Chemists, IVuggsst., Suh.ners. er ?dher l.cen^
iithed Agents in all parls of the U mted Stales. '
(ttf- The above medicine to be bud at 103 Broadway, New
41 ifNT
No. 19 Pfrli Slip, near Water street.
{ST" DH. J EVANS' improved and successful prarHee Ibr
the rare of all daliratr ihsranes, merenrial nffrrtlnns, kr. kr. Ikcl
i* rnnUnaed m u?ual, confidentially at hi? Dispensarj. Mo. 19
Peck 8hp?which ha* l?c?n established upward* of 'Jtl yr'ar*.?
Persons laboring under disease* of a priest* natara, or thoaa
produced by the abuse of mercury, will he tare to he relieved
and restored to health by a coarse of treatment at once agree*
able, etpe.litiou* aad eftraciout. by applying at hi* Disprasary,
Mo. 19 retli Slip.
N. B - Dr. E.S office, are ?? arranged that patient* are at
eepoeed U> each olh"r*"s observation In all raee*, a*net Hossec
able and in? iloablr tccreey it observed.
(JT Peru'** at a distance can hare nedifiiiWj with full dh>
rectsnnt, fomented to them to at<y part of the Unn*. Let leva
(postpaid) containing a respectable fee will he attended to.
No 19 Peek Slip, N T
aid 9w*r on the right hand side gnint down to the nd?
EdeS pure Verbena Eitraet; do. do. Prrfnae
" Heydoemta', do. Boqaet D'Arahie
" Ki Wart Sprina Floweri; Ho. Aromatic Vinegar
" Persian 9c**t Bags: do. Marhiag Ink?for sain
aVIm* hy C. H RINti, (Ut Broadway.
TEEt'HK.S?SwerJlaH Leeches. For salt of applied hy
pom.isntn lilLf ??
TRRMII OF ADVF.RTI9I NO.?The eitenviv* eieeali
of the HsuiaI'O, h?th in town and coantry, makes it a
ehannei for adrertiser*.
roa Ten.li Lines em Less.
I day, 50 4 days, *1 9* | 7 day*, f I <*7 I 10 days, M U
? . - 0 7* * . . I AO 8 . . 9 99 I II . .90
? . . 1 00 0 . . 1 74 I 0 . . 9 191 It . . 9 M
roa hunt i.mas on Lass.
9 weak*, . hi AO J 8 month*, ft (i
1 month, I MI A month*, . ? I 19 99
Be- All adnrUsrments to he paid brfoee their Insertion,
rertisenseata inserted ia ilia WstsLt HasuLD at 91 99
per square eeery insertion.
Meaninc Hnssi.n? waned eeery moraine, evcept Sunday,
price kmc rents pur ropy. I one try iiihwnlwn furbished a
the same rate, for any specific period, on a remittance ia a9,
eenre. No paper sent, unless paid in sdranee.
Wneai.r llsnai.n? iesne* teen Saturday morning at 9 *'?
rloek. prie* eta cents per copy. Famished to reactry ??henrt
hers at 9* P*' annum, in adenace.
t ^Assitmsns* re In sddrees their letter* kn
James OesAwi Revwiett, Proprietor ad Editor, and.aU ,1*41*1
on hue mess nusi he pant paid,

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