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?.t THURSDAY MORNING, JUNE 13, 1839. -...
V. M. Cimit Court.
Before Judge Betts.
The United States v. Samuel R. IVeed. In this
case the jury brought in a verdict for the plaintiffs.
Damages $12,275 76 and costs.
The United States v. Joel Stone. His Honor in
formed the jury that the counsel on both sides had
?greed to submit this case under the charge of the
Court, aud that as there was now no fact for them
to pass on, the whole question would resolve itself
into the opinion of the Court on the law for the regu
lation of steamboats.
Congress had assumed to have the right to regulate
all steamboats navigating the rivers and lakes, and
also those intended to go to sea. Amongst other regu
lations which Congress had enacted, was one provi
ding that iron rods or chains should be used for steer
ing such vessels instead of ropes.
The construction to be put upon this act was all
important to the community* and the questions which
were now under consideration where equally as im
portant. One point in this controversy was whether
the Legislature had the power to adopt such a law,
and the other whether it was possible to carry out its
provisions.yrhe Court believed that both these ques
tions must be answered in the atlirmative, and it also
believed that by this act Congress had expressly for
bid the use of ropes in the steering of steamboats,
and that it applied to all steamboats that are required
to take out licences, and moreover in the opinion of
the Court, it applied to all steamboats plying on the
high seas. The Court also believed that if there was
any reason why this regulation should be applicable
jlied wit"
to the latter class of vessels, that reason applied with
increased force to those vessels employed solely in
the navigation of rivers, for on the high seas, if a
iteaisib >at took fire, it would inevitably be destroy
ed, but on a river, if such an accident occurred, the
preservation of the tiller and the possession of the
power of steering the vessel, might prove the only
safeguard ofthe lives and property of all on board the
vessel, which might be easily run ashore and the
people get safe to land.
In the present case, there mi?ht be a question as
to the tiller ropes; but there could be no question as
to the boat having ropes round the wheel. As the
question stood, there must be a verdict for the plain
tiff, reserving the question of law, subject to the opin
ion of the Supreme Court of the U. States, to which
tribunal the question would betaken for final adjudi
cation. There is no doubt but in the present case
the infliction of the penalty would be a great hard
ship on Capt. Stone, because he doubtless meant to
conduct his boat according to the law, as he under
stood it, but no man must be permitted to take upon
himself to give his own construction to the law, or
to comply with its provisions just so far as it com
ported with his own convenience. If Congress had
the power to pass the law, it nmst be carried out;
and it is of no use to say that evil may ensue if we
carry out these enactments. In the case of Lake
boats, Congress directed fire engines to be placed on
board, and we know that the owners and masters re
plied, that fire engines would be of no use. So in
the case of these tiller ropes and the substitution
of chains, it is of no use to say that the compass will
not traverse, or that the boats cannot be got through
a particular place; the law must be carried out, and
if found inconvenient to individuals and the public,
the law must be altered.
After some further general observations from his
honor, the Jury found a verdict for the United States
for the full amount claimed, viz: $300 and costs, sub
ject to the opinions of the Count of Chancery.
The United States vs. Woolsey.?This was an ac
tion to recover a penalty for using steering ropes on
board the steamboat Providence. Mr. Hull, on the
part of the defendant, submitted the following propo
sition in writing to the Court:?
4> The defendant offers lo prove, llml it would not be practi
cable n ilh a due regard to the safety of Ihe boat I'rovidrure
an J the lives of the passengers, to uivigste through liellgate
and the Sound by a tiller *l.>ae, or exclusively by chain rods, or
by cbsins ciolu?ivelj,or rodi ait.l ?lions uuilrd exclusively.'1
The District Attorney said he did not intend to
nff?r nay objeem is, but he should prefer the word
" possible," because the word practicable might
merely mean inconvenient to the parties.
Captain Bunker was then sworn, and Mr. Hall's
proposition read over to him. lie said in reply, that
be should not like to say that it would be impracti
cable, but that it would certainly be unsafe, unless
the speed of the vessel was to be reduced from 14 or
13 mile* an hour to some (> or 7. He hud taken a boat
to Providence with a tiller ouly, but that was after
breaking the rope The great difficulty in chains
was, that if the chain was strong enough to hold the
rudder, it was too large to permit o| steering the
? hip. Another steamboat captain confirmed this tes
timony, and the Court then adjourned the further
bearing <>t the case until Thursday morning.
V. M. MnnknlV OWcr.
Before Judge Ingrahaiu.
Joseph Allen wai brought up charged with assault
ing Morgan S. Gordon, the master of the American
barque Ellen, in the port of Matanzas, on the 3d of
May last. 1 he assault was clrarly proved and the
prisoner fully committed in default of getting hail.
Curtis Morse, the 2d mate of the American ship
llarkaway was charged with creating a revolt and
assaulting Capt. Nicholson the master of that vessel.
Capt. N detailed a long series of insubordinate con
duct and neglect of duty on the part of the accused,
which induced him todegrade Morse from his station
?n hoard the ship. After tais, Capt. N. determined to
put Morse in irons, and it was in wresting a knife
from his hand, which he had refused to deliver up,
thai the o.fence was committed. Judge ingraharn
thought that the offence did not come within the
meaning of the act, and discharged the accused.
Conosr.a s Orncs, June 13th.?The Coroner held
an antr mortrm examination at the house of John
Odeil, corner of Rivmgton street and the Bowery,
on view of the body of Bhroeder who resided
at 173 Christie street. It appeared from the testi
mony of several witnesses, that the wounded wtynan
was the wife of a tier man mechanic, then absent in
Michigan. That on '1 u?-sday, in consequence of some
suspicions, the neighbors broke into the room and
found Mrs. Shroedcr in a most pitiable condition,
from wounds in her head, inflicted by a small iron
bar wli irh lay in the room.
The following is her examination by the Cor
Question? A hat is your name!
Answer?Mv name is Schro?der.
Question?llow did you get these wounds !
Answer?I dont know.
(Question?Remember yon have taken a solemn
oath, and the doctor says prol>ahlv you will die. You
have sworn to tell the truth. Wow you can tell if
any person injured yon.
Answer?1 dont ksow. I was sick, and vomited
Terv much, and might have hit my head agair.st the
Question?When did yon see your son f
Answer?I did not see him nor hear from him last
Sight as I know of.
Question?Where is ynnr husband !
Answer?My husband is not at home.
Question?Was your son here last night !
Answer?Me came towards morning?said he heard
1 was sick, and came to see me.
The jury, after a long exaunnaf ion, fennd the fol
lowing verdict?"That the said Srhroeder
was Wounded by some person unknown ; but, from
the testimony produced, they have good reason to
suspect it was done by her son, Henry Schroedcr."
The Coroner immediately issued his warraht, and
had Henry Hchroeder arrested on the charge of mal
treating (lis mother. If the woman dies, her son
stands in an awkward predicament.
SJ BVl.VFSTKH'S Reporter snil Counterfeit Detector,
? published for the last Ik y<-a?s, for ode
8. J. 8YLVF.8TFR8,
J|R 188 >nists?j anil ft Wall it.
BATH8, Manufactured hy J. STONF,
my 11 I Ptnmtw-r s??l Riifin?*r, 3'KI Brn tdwny
Acipb and wmitf Vitriol constantly *n h*nd
All kind* of Afids. ssn h a-< it of Vitriol, muriatic, nl
ttic, nitrous sn>l dipping A?i-I?, iqnaforti ; likewise, while
Vitriol, fc*. lie. For -ale wholesale slid relai hy
jelO-y 7 Uold it
Forty Yeare Experience in various climates?Twtn
ty-foar yeare established in this city?Neither
Quackery nor Imposition.
No. 12, Peck Slip, New York.
DR. J. CV.iNd continues u? be uouvuileo coubUeiilinlly
hi all V* *??*! ca?-a, merenrial and chronic disorders
where the nvsl Improved prentice,'.he most expeditious ami
mild treatment ni iy ba depended on. To prevent mistakes,
be particular to A.id so. 12 i'-cs Slip.
Minerva'* Boa, contain!' ?? a complete plan of medicine for
every formot'Mie else.tse. can b? procured as above, and used
with 'Uleapn in* ibe pattest. "1 hey will be scut to order la
any pa-tof the Unite'- Stat'*,
Al-ai. a pr'eveuiive remeny against V'**"'*l that may be
fullv ??li?d on
All letters, po*t paid, and describing the case, and enclosing a
reasonable fee, will have the remedy aud directions sent to or
der. Attendance daily, until 9 o'clock in the eveaiug.
The Offices and Eutrances are well arrauged, aud secrecy
may be depended on.
Nn connection with any other office, in or out of the city.
n!4 y No. 19 Pe-k Slip.N Y.
THE attention of those afflicted with Hernia, is called to a
new Truss, lately patented in the city of New York. Its
superiority over every other instrument will be evident on a
mere inspection, for unlike every other Truss, the rupture pad
is pressed upon by a double spring, which is so fixed a* to con
vey the necessary pressure to the lower part of the rupture pad,
thus keeping the pad closely applied in every attftude of the
body, and adjusting and adapting itself under all circumstances
to trie person and to the part to which it is to be applied. Pos
sessing a double spring, and consequently a double degree of
elasticity, it is rendered easy aud convenient to the wearer
The above Truss has taken the place of all others for the per
manent retention and cure of hernia or rupture it is almost
the only Truss aow iu use in the city of New York, and the
adjacent country. The above Truss is adjusted and applied by
a burgeon, who lias devoted particular attention to the subject
of hernia, and the construction and application of Trusses, at
his office, No. 9 Ann street, near Broadway, two doors from the
American Museum, where they may be had wholesale and re
tail. j,-7-y
No. M Wall street.
New York, Nov. 8, 1338.
AT an Election for Directors of this Institution, held their
day, the following gentlemen were unanimously chosen
Robert L. Patterson, Henry Ogden,
Alexander Patterson, Robert C. Wetmore,
Cyrus Cheuerv, Lawrence Hill,
Samuel D. Dakin, Henry Haviland,
John Wilson, Philip V, Hoffman,
Arthur W. Benson, D. H. Robertson,
John P. Austin, Jonas Concklin,
Wm. A. Coit, J iseph Wood,
Ernest Fiedler, Charles L. Yose,
Bradford Liucoln, Oeerge T. Fox, Jr.,
John T. Howard, Joseph E. Bleemfield,
John F. Delaplaine, Joseph B. None*.
And at a subsequent meeting of the Board of Directors, the
Iblle wing persons were unanimously elected officers, via :?
JOSEPH B. NONES, Vice President
Ales. Thomfsou, Jr. Secretary.
Capt Hectok Corriis, Inspector.
Willis Hall, Esq. Attorney.
The above Company?capital $340,098, all paid in and se
cured according to law?will insure marine, inland transports
tion and navigation risks, iutluding that of fire during transit
on liberal terms. my3-v
sive sale of R*al Estate iu New Orleans is indeed an extrordi
nary and out of the way occurrence. It is worthy the alien,
lion of the community iu general. The agents, Messrs.
SYLVESTER ft CO., of 168 Broadway, are prepared with
full particulars which they will have great pleasure in commu
nicating. jelO*
CHESS, 21a Broadway, and 1) Ana street, entrance joiui
the Museum in both streets, for the sale of Milliard Tables
Cloths Balls, kc. Vc.,aud exercises for health. Purchasers an<
players are invited Therv nre 13 Billiard Table* ready foi
trial, seven in one room, with spring, steel, India rubber and cloth
cushions, and eagle , iron, and wand frames, the best assortment
ever offered the public. mvll-v
JL/ lice 4 Ves y street, Astor House?A Surgeon of 1ft year*
practice, in constant attendance. Guarantees of radical cures
are given iu all cases of reducible rupture, fhs strength and con
slilutional health of the fsalient being otherwise unimpaired.?
With proper adaptation Dr. Hull's Truss is perfectly sure to re
tain lh? rupture without pain or the least danger to the patient,
or the slightest interruption to exercise or business.
Attendance given in private houses, where required, at and
afli r A o'clock, by the office Surgeon
K, B.?Patients are eiutionrd against trusting to spurious in
ventions of Trusses advertised a* improvements upoa Hull's.?
None are genuine unless they hear the signature of AMOS O.
HULL?and the oaly office ia New York is the original oue,
formerly in Kullen street, but now at No. 4 Vescy street, Astor
Huse. tO eod y
SHKHMAN'S < OLD CREAM i. the beat article in the
Wiry lor aol'tening lilt -kin, rendering 't amooth and
clear, and freeing it Trow eruption*. Sold at 106 Nastau it. jel |y
Ni.KtOllH OK SlCK HKAI?A( Ht immediately turri
by Sherman'* Headache LOZENGES, told at the Me
dicalrd Loiengr Warehouar, 108 Naaaati it. jell j
HVlGHT. ha* removed the bnlanra of hi* *tock of Sad
dirt, Bridlrt, Trav? lling Trunk-, lie. from hit old -laud to N
34 Fu'ton ?trret, nppo-ita the U. S. Hotel, where the tame will
be told at very reduce* price t. jefll meed*
^UVtHKIliNH, Bank "I England Nntr?, bought and *?ld
onthe bett term*. Alto, the highe?t *>remium lor gold and
?liver ley SYLVESTER It CO.
jelO* I Ml Broadway.
13EETH?No. S7 Murray ttreeC?Artitrial iacorrnpHMy
, Teeth ia?rrled in the aeatett tlyle, by J. BUSKEY. Den
ti?l. Teeth cleanted, filled, eitraded, kr. Full *et* made ia
the bett manner for m-attention. Charge* moderate?term*
ca?h my'XI-eodlm*
Sylvester s nk w hi porter and t oi nter
FEIT DETECTOR, it publi-hed e?er? Tueeday morning
and for tale by SYLVESTER k CO.,
JeIIP 106 Broadway.
JEN N isON'S I t i ~ 1 >? > I ?? ? ? I . < <
ator Faetory audfWare Room*, 300 Broadway. For *nle
whnleaale and retail. jall-3m*
REPAIRS AND JOBS of ()erm?u Silver, or Sijrer, nr
any other order* for nrtirle* not kept on hand, are rtecu
te?l with despatch by LEWIS FEUCIITWA N< iKR.
jelO y 7 tie and *t.
CM LEt PIO.NS made on all part* ottoe 1. at led Stale*.
Canada*, and Europe, oa the lowe?t (emit, at
nai "A 136 Rrwadwav ?i<d 1'1 W
BOYD'S R1 \ 11 NO R to. *.k. ju?t reeJvad
per tlitp Viatula, from Be lfn*t. ?od fur aale hy
myW y N< *. 110 It 119 Naa-an ttreeC
HE \DI NO LAMPS.?Tha *ut>a ril,.-r ha* ju?t receded a
great rariety of Reading Lamp-, tome of which are on an
improved plan. D. E. DKLAVAN,
I'M y II Maiden Lane, a few doort below Broadway.
COLLECTIONS oa all pari*of th* United State* made oa
the low eat aad proinptett term* at
Jul ISS kadnr aad ? Wall *C
|3 RES II SWK MilMII LEE< TIES A frv ah -opply ..flerrc
F Sweedi*h Leecbe* jii?t receieed, and for (ale whohtale
aad retail, by LEWIS KKUCHTWANOER.
je|0-y 7 Gold ttreel.
Spanish and meyh an dollars, Napoie.m*,
Douhlootit, Guilder* and Thaler*, and all ktiidt of Gold
and Sitter purchaaed at S. J. SYLVES I EH S,
jelO 130 Broadway and 11 Wall *trret,
SUCCORY COFFEE?A aupcrior arliclr for flavoring cof.
fee. iu*t receited, and for -ale wholrtalr and retail, be
jelO-y 7 Gold *1 reel.
UNt II It RE NT MONEY S TO' KS ?*? ??.l - Id
on the heat lerm*, at S. J. SYLVESTER'S
jeS 130 Broadway and S9 Wall *C
Sherman s t-atiiartic lozenges.aren?eplea
aanteat ami moat efflcarioun Cathartic Medicine known.?
Sold at 106 NaMan alrret J*" f
a T wire and ahreta, of attperior 'pialilt, for ?alehy
Lewis fkUciitw anger,
jelO y 7 G>ld -ir <1
raoll SALE?Scotch, Engli-h and American Pig lr..'i AUo
' old r ot -rr ip and wrought Iron, old copper, bra??, le?d, fcc.
will be wild cheap for rath or appro ted paper
Iron wf dl kind* and ather article* taken on atnmge at the
tery lowett lerma,by DANIEL PKTTE,
413 Water atreet.
N B. Slnrhri'lge Fire Brick for *ale, j'6-lm*
ACH, cured in a ft w minute*, by Shermnn'a So la l-o
renge*. Sold at No. 106 Na??au aireat. jelly
SALT?100 ?aek? AahtonN Factory filled Salt, for aalc by
jefi y E. K. COLLINS A CO., fi6 South *t.
Th? (team (kip LIVER
POOL, 1130 tou kurthen
and 4M hor(e power, R. J.
Fatkcr, R. N., 'commander,
M appointed to tail as follows :
Frtnn New York. From Liverpool.
18th May. 20th April.
6th July. ISth Juue.
241h August. l(t August.
119th October. ^ 21st September.
14th December.* 16th November.
Fare to Liverpool, thirty fire guineas ($163 33) ia the aft,
(ad thirty guineas ($140) in the fore aaloon, including wines
and all stores. No second class passengers taken. Children
wider 13 and servants half price.
An experiented surgeon accompanies this ship.
For passage or freight, apply personally or by letter to
al8 ABM. BELL St CO. Ageuta, 117 Fulton at., N. Y.
The Steam ship BRITISH
QUEEN, Lieut. Richard Rob
erts, R. N., commander.?This
splendid Steam-ship, burthen
2016 ton?, and 600 horse power,
will sail from London on the
29th of June, and Portsmouth
on 1st of Jnlv.
The days appointed for her departure from this port for
London, are 1st August, 1st October, and 1st December.
The rate of passage is fixed as follows:?
Saloon, ? . 3d guineas, or $163 33
Lower state-rooms, ? 30 guineas, or $140 00
Fore saloon, ? . 20 guineas, or $88 00
Children, uuder 14 years, half price.
For freight, (of which this ship will take 600 tons.) or pas
sage, apply to WADSWORTH He SMITH,
4 Jones' Lane, rear 103 Front street,
Agents of the Br. & Am. Steam Nay. Co.
An experienced Surgeon will be attacked to the ship. Plaus
of the cabins may be seen at the office of the consigutct.
j??y _
?*^^J(>ras?y Point, Caldwell's, Cold Spriug, Fish
^^?*""kill, Hamburgh, and .Milton.
The new and splcudid steamboat OSEOLA, Capt. A. De
groot, will leave New York from tl e foot of Chambers street
erery afternoon (Sunday excepted) at 4 o'clock. Returning,
leave Pouglikeepsie, from near the foot of Main street, every
morning (Sund ty excepted) at 7 o'clock. Landing at the old
stale's prison, foot Amos street, each way. For passage, apply
on hoard, or of CROOK fc FOWKES,
my 23-7 m Corner West and Liberty sts.
'trips per day from each place.?The new and
"splendid steamboat PASSAIC, Capt. P. W.
Martin, oa aad after Thursday, May 9th, will ruu between
Newark and New York, making three trips a day from each
place, aad leave as follows:
From foot of Barclay st. N. Y
8} o'clock A. M.
19} P. M.
Centre wharf, Newark,]
6^ o'clock A. M.
? . ( SJ
On Sundayisthe Passaic will run and leave
! Centre wharf, Newark, I Foot of Barclay st., N. York,
7} o'clock A. M. 10 o'clock A. M.
3 u P. M. | A ? P. M.
The Passaic will land at Bergen Point on her 6] and 3 o'clock
trips down, and I) aud At o'clock trips up. On Suudays she
will land on her passage down and up each trip.
Fare to Newark, 18} cts. Bergen Point, LJjcts.
The steamer Passaic is remarkaule for speed; performing
the distance in from 1} to 1} h nrs each trip. Ladies will ftml
this route very pleasant and particularly advantageous, as the
Inconvenience of changing from car to ferry boat with baggage
ia avoided. Goods and freight taken on reasonable terms, but
only at the risk of the owners. mv"23 y
Norfolk, Charleston, ft C., Petersburg, and
Richmond.?The strainhoats ALABAMA,
KENTUCKY,and JEWESS, all boala of speed and accommo
dation, will commence running daily on the tlrsl April, between
Baltimore, Norfolk, and Portsmouth, leaviug the lower end of
Spear's wharf every afternoon at 3 o'clock, or immediately af
ter the arrival of the cars from Philadelphia, and will arrive
?eat mnraiug at Portsmouth in lime for the cars for Wilming
ton, aud them e steamboats to Charleston. Returning will leeve
Portsmouth every day after the cars arrive I'rom th* South, aad
reach Baltimore neat moruiug in lime for the cars for Ph?la?
These boats run in connection with Hie well known steam
pockets Georgia and South Carolina which leave Norfolk
every Saturday for Charleston, giving travellers a choice. They
also run in connection with the James Ri*er boats to Peters,
burg and Richmond. Strangers are informed (old travellers
know) that this is the cheaprsl aud most comfortable route for
southern travellers, as there are no changes from cars, steam
boats, and stage* ir th* dead #f night, as on the Washington
route. The company therefore hope the travelling part of the
community will patronise them, in giving eijual facilities aad
superior comfort.
Passage and fare to Norfolk. >6. JOHN W. BROWN,
mM-tf Agent.
FOR ALBANY, and intermediate places?
'Fare Jit.?Fare to Caldwell's. 13t cents.
The new and splendid steamboat KOSCIUSKO, I apt. I).
Haywood, will leave the foot of Rohiiiscn street. n**t above
Barclay, on Thursdsy morning June 13th. at 7 o'clock, landing
at the Old State Prison wkarfT
Far freight or passage, apply on hoard,or to
No. 97 West street.
This boat has no cotmeiion with any nth' r line on the River,
and appeals ' o a gene-ous public to sustain hri in th* pusilioi
she has taken agamst a combined monopoly.
Regular days?Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from
New York, and Mondays, Wednesday# and Friday# from
Albany. j?7-y
Regular days of leaving New York this month, Wednesdays
and haiurdayt.
f ww Th* new, elegant, and fast sailing steamer
Wh JOHN u lilt MMOND, ( .plain Wm. II.
?Towns, ml, will leave for the above places, on
Wednesday neit. at A o'clock, from Pier No. A North ltiver.
For further information, apple to
at the office ?o the wharf.
Traerllers may he as?ur*d that this boat trill tut! race with
any boat that may bv put against her, but will proceed on her
rotate as if no other boat was in rompany. je3-6m
K P'-o ? f \liK K..IM I M N.I llyMi
POLY.? People's Nrw Line /sr Hntton, cm
' - -tfa? XrTBym I aud Prnviimrr ?I abin nas.ng* one
dollar?Derh fifty cents.?Thesteamer LEXINGTON. Capt.
Vanderbilt, will leave New York for Newiusrt and Provi
i*iire. aa Saturday, the 'Lftth mat., at A o'cl-ck, P. M, fr?m
Pier No. 4 North River. Freight taken at 4 c< at# per foul. Foe
further information apply on hoard.
The engine, boilers and hull ot the above boat have beea put
IU Complete order, and <Kr yntf lir m?ry rut itmr-dtiaf Hue
will ht si# veevwg /stin ficed. It being entirely ssss.emry to *ns
tain her well established reputation for speed. The regular
day for th* l#e*inglnn to leave New York will be Wednesdays
and Saturdavs until further notiee ad 3m
,10 011 \K M Ml. LINE FOR llus roN
Daily, (eteept Sunday) ?t 8 P. M? from
Battery Place. Pier So. I, North River,
via. Stoningson, Newport, and Providence. Steamers Massa.
cliusetts, Capt. Cotuatock ; Pmvislencc, Capt. Woolsey j N*Y
ragansett, Capt. Child.
The NARRAGANSF.TT, Capt Child* will leave this afl
ternoon Thursday, June IS.ai 8 o'clock, ami the MAURA
CHURETTS, Capt. CoNMtork, tomorrow.
Passengers, on the arrival of the steamers at Rt-iningtnn, may
lake the Railroad cars ami proceed with the mails imm> diately
to Bo'ton, or nay continue in llie steamers, via. Newport, and
take the car* at Providence for Boston. rnyW-Bm
Landing at th* usual landings ? f lie new aud
commodious steamboat ROCHES! EK. Cap
tain A.P St. John, will leave th* sleambont pier, foot of liar*
elny street, on|Thur*day morning, June |3lh, at 7 o'clock.
For the heller accommodation of the up-town passengers,
this boat will land at the old State Prison Wharf, foot of Ham
mond street.
For freight or passage, apply to CROOK k FOWKER, cor
ner of West and Liberty streets; PETER C. St HULTZ, at
the office, or the Captain on board.
All good*, freight, hauh bills, specie, or any other kind of
propertv. taken or shipped on hoard of this boat mutt b? nt the
risk of the owners thereof.
N. B. For the better accommodation of the up town pas
sengers, this boat will land at the Old Prison Whirl, fust of
Hammond street. mySS*7m
i Company with the GREAT AVERT ERN?
-The .pie ml id steamer LEXINGTON, Capt
Vanderbilt, will arrompiny the Ocv?l Western down the Bay,
weather permitting, on THURSDAY', Jnne I UK, receiving
passengers at Battery Place, Pier No. I N. R., until half-past
II, A. M | then proceed round into th* Kwt rirer, and receive
pass-ager? from a wharf near the Great Western.
Far.- for the etruraihn, SI.
A cold rollstion on hoard?Price .10 cent*
Tickets obtained on board, or et R Broadway j?IJ tt
'landing at the intermediate landings.- The
"new and elegant steamboat U T 1 C A,
Captain N. H. Truesdell, will leave the Steamboat Pier, foot of
Courtlandl street, on Thursday afternoon, June 13th, at 5
o'clock. For passage or freight, apply to
Corner of Wot and Liberty sis,
of P. C. SHULTZ, at the oflfiee,
or the Captain on board.
N. B.?All goods, freight, baggage, bank bills, specie, or any
other kind of property) taken only at the risk of the owners
thereof. my29-7m
sey, iirar.Middletown l'oiut, ccuiilv of Mou
outh.?The Dew and elegant Steamboat
WAVE, Captain Oliver Vanderbilt, will commence making
Excursions to Kcynort every Sunday, by leaving the foot of
Rivington street, East River, at 8 o'clock, A. M.; the foot of
Spring street, North River, at 8J, and the foot of Vesey street,
North River, at 9 o'clock, A. M: Stopping at Fort Hamilton,
Long Island, and Segoin's Dock, Siaten Island, near Princes
Bay Lighthouse; and ou returning, will leave Kryport at 3
o'clock, Segoin's Dock 3^, and Fori Hamilton Dock at 3 o'clock,
P. M. Fare, 35 cents each way. i6-3m*
'LEVI STAGE.?The proprietor re
spectfully informs the pbulic that the
1 Youkers and Harlem Stage will leave
the Mansiou House at 7 o'clock, A. M., and at I o'clock, P. M
for Harlem,
Returning, will leavs Rainor't Hotel, Harlem, ou the arriva
of the 8 o'clock A.M. train fiom New York, and on the arrival
of the 5 o'clock P. M. train from New York, for Yonkrrs.
N. B.?All persons that start to go to Slew York city, and
should be so unfortunate as to miss the regular trip of the Stage
or Steamboats, can be furnished with extra Stages on the most
reawnable terms.
The proprietor would advise the public generally to take pa?
sage ou board the boat wheuever they can obtain it, hut when
they cann?t, he would most feelingly and affectionately solicit
them to take the Stage in preference to the Foot Line.
The public cannot iio otherwise than appreciate this very be
nevolent and charitalde effort.
Parties from 13 to 30 in number can be furnished with Stages
to fetch them from Harlem to Yonkers, and carry them back,
at the regular stage fare, 37^ ceuts each way, by giviug the pro
prietor one or two days notice.
Letters will come direct by stage or mail.
Persons writing U> the proprietor re alive to stage matters,
ill oblige him particularly by paying the postage, as it is ex
ceedingly difficult to obtain small change in the country.
Yonkers, May 15, 1839. my 15 Im*
FOR NEW ORLEANS.?Warranted First Regu
lar Packet?To sail positively Saturday I6tli ln?t.
The fast sailing packet ship MISSISSIPPI, Captain
Jno. Berhe. will positively sail as above. For freight or passage,
hs*ing superior accommodations, apply ou board, at Orleans
wharf, foot of Wall street, or to
58 South street.
N. B. Shippers will please send in their bills of lading early.
j?ia-y_ ,
5S" FOR LIVERPOOL.?New Line?Regular Packet
of the 2*th June?The elegant Packet Ship GAR
' RICK, Capl. A. P. Palmer, of 1000 tons, will sail as
For freight or passage, having accommodations unequalled
for splendor and comfort, apply on board at Orleans Wharf,
foot ?f Wall sL, or to E. K. COLLINS & CO.,
56 South st.
The Packet Ship ROSCIUS, 1100 tons, Capt. Collins, will
succeed the Oarriek, aud sail on the 25th July. my 27-y
FOR LIVER TOOL.?The eery fine coppered and
copper fastened ship HIBKR.NIA, Edward B. Cobb,
master, will sail for Liverpool iu a few days. The
accommodations for passengers is superior to any ship in the
Liverpool trade, and terms moderate; those proceeding can
have letters of credit, and drafts payable at sight, iu any coun
ty town in Ireland. England, Scotland and Wales, on the fol
lowing banking houses, vis;?
On London?Messrs Piescott. Orote, Ames h Co., Bankers.
* Liverpool?the Bank of Liverpool.
" Scotland?-the Cnmmercial Bank.
" Ireland?the Rnyal Bank of Irehmd, Dublin.
Applv to ROC1IE, BROTHERS k CO.,
je5 Iw'kltW 67 Sou h street, N. York.
? < apt Hetiry, has ii'arly all her carg" engaged and w ill
?be promptly dispatched. For freight, auplv to
jr7-y 9 Tontine Building*.
FOR HAVRE?The vrri mp< rior copio r l.utiu
iMWnseJ and coppered French bark f'ANUKGE, Captain
"?nWlffini.Miiiihy. to be dispatched at promptly as may be prac
ticable. For freight or passage, applv to
or tn BOYD fc HINCKEN, |
je4-y 9 Tontine Building.
scriber will dispose of 50 acres of Land, in the village
of Jamaica, Long Island. It is most conveniently loca
ted. It will be sold entire or in lots to suit purchasers. If not
privately disposed of by the 17th of June, it will he sold at auc
tion, in five acre lots, on that day. The dwelling house and out
buildings with ten acres attached, will be lor rent or sain. It
pos-esses every Comfort and convenience that a gentleman can
desire. The title is uuquesi innable, anu it i* very rare that pro
perty of this ch >racter is in the market.
?y27-tf Jamaica. L. I.
BROWN ft CO S 11AT8,
For cheapura* and durability, are not *urpa?*ed by any
heretofore offered. They combine all the rrquitil*
_ qualitir* of th* more curtly fur color, lightne**, dura
bility ami luttre, at the reduced price of S'- Their tale*
are lor ca?h, which prrclnri' t the MCroily of charging the (nod
cuatoaier for lott incurred by the had. The public are invited
to riaminr their Halt at BROWN k CO.'A wholetvlr and re
tail warrhoute, Nu 178 Chatham Square, corner of Molt *t.,
New York. in).11-3m*
paid fi-1 in Brunlaiy for a MolevUin Hat, and thoae
_ who have pud S I for a h>ng nap >11k, thould I-?-?!* ?t
H()V?KLL'B Midrvkin Data, void at Itie low fttrd pi ice of S-1
.No man vhonld pay fA for a hat, or even S3, for a heavy hum
nap vilk hat. while the prevent quality of Howell'* i* told for
Jdt. The price i* Aied, ihere i? therefore no ditagreeable par
ley between the buyer and teller. D. HOWELL,
110 Chatham Square, up ataira,
jell lm* Late of the Arm nf Brown k Co.
GOOD NEWS! Old Rot* Richard* k Cm,of .'40
? * Canal tt, have oiiened their fathionahle mamm--th
Boot and Shoe Store through to Greeawich at, with a good en
trance in Greenwich *i. one door from Canal, well calculated f< r
ladiet, miwev and children. Their attnrimrntt and fatlnont
are net equalled, and pricet low. 140 Canal ttreet, una of the
large*! Bool in the world. j?l-lm*
boots; iobfiTiBbom-AHrlUxf.r
k CO.'S, IDA Cnnal at, cor. of iiudton at.?Juvl re
ceived Wat pairv of gentt'iiimmer drew beotv, tl.? hami*omett
article that ha* been offered to the public, with tlrel and lira**
plain oa Ibr heel*, prim S1.2A, S- 30 and S3 per pair. Oenta'
gnitert and high cut walking thoe*,froia f'i to $1 Jfl per |i?ir a
Uvhionahl* article initaele f?r hot weather. I.adie*', mittrt'
aud rhildrra't loot i, too lun thoet. nf all colnr*, toil* titet and
fa-hion?, pricet Mh-., 7 V. and St per pair. Oentt' French and
native call thin hvatt, from S4 to Sb Ml per pair. Beyt'and
children'* hoot*. Dnnt mitlake. Walker'., JtHI I anal ttreet,
corner Iiudton, and tli, the new etoi < Greenwich ttreet, or th*
old vkand*. ?}'!>? wiyrlt lm*
THE STATUE or VH roiLMsX Vnrich Stout -
It now othihiting at the Stayvraaat Institute, IUU Broad
way, froi# 10 A. M. to 10 T. M. Adimttancr It cent*.
After a abort cnavrraation with Iht* arti*t, we left him un
der the imprrwMon that hit mind w** completety imbued and
taturated with elatttral image*, feeling* and a*aociation-, and
that he ha* the tame feeling for hit art that may be tuppo?ed to
have belonged to a Roman iculptor, of the time of Anguntan.
[The Etpotitor.]
Th* atatne of Stout more apnroachet the charamrr of a divi
nity a**umiag the toft form of a beautiful woman, than even
the rhef d'muvrn which haa enchanted the world for nearly
JOOOyenr*. [Herald.]
N. B. The Statu* will thortly be removed from tlai* city
THE tu'-trnher ba* ref'd, per ahip bliah*pr*re, a grmt varie
ty of Lamp*, Hailed Ware. Table Cutlery; Clock*.
Tea Tiaya, fcc. kc, all if which ha* beea telecled with the
greatest care, and warranted of the heat Kng'ith maaufaclurej
tor ale at reatcnable price* D.E. DELATAN,
11 VI aid, n l.aae
je ff a few door* Ma* Broadway
O Compound Spiriliion* F.ftrart of 8ara*|mrilln, i* prepared
entirely without mercury in any form whatever, for rhroiiie
diteatet or complaint* of long tlandiag. Add two tpooa* Inll of
the tpiriluout F.vteact to a pint of ?impl??yrup, and yon have
a pint of Compound Syrup of Saraaparlda.
Fer tale hv J O Fay, Ageat, at Milnor'*, Sraaklin Honte
Druj Store. No 1S3 Broadway, New York j 114 Cm.nl nreet ;
147 Bowery, kr. _ . ., .
faf- New la the time to take Sartnparilla and purify the
Wood WfWllm*
/ tWLLKt TIONS made on all part* of the Umt.d State*
\ ? and F.urop* on favorable term*. AI?o, ?!ratio on Bo*ton
Alhaiiv, Philadelphia, Baltimore and New (.Meant ma he ob
jt|f IM Broadway,
AmiIm Seise.
r. (pilar tales by auction,at til it wall known es
tablishment. of Horses, CarriafN, Ac., conti
nue to take place on ermrj Monday, at 11
' o'clock, throughout the year.
The tint regular tale will take plaee oa Monday, June 178a
at 11 o'clock, commenting with Carriage*, Harness, Ac., and *4
12 e'clock the .ale of Horses will commence.
UentUmea having Hone* to dispose of, are requested ts
make early application, to a* to tecnre a gnod Bomber ea the
catalogue, at no horse can be offered at auction ualess register
ril time for a number on the catalogue, far which purpose the
reiiiter will he kept open tiR Saturday, 16th June, at 4 T Mi
Successor to J. W. Walton, 444 Broadway.
P. S. At private Sale.?One pair of very fine black kone*, S
do Jo bay horse*; 6 rrr7 h"f siogle hone*.
Also?< arriages and harnesses, among then a verjr handsome
imported Cabriolet, beloujjieg to Hi* Kicelletiry the Minute*
of Franco, sold only as he's leaving the United Slates.
*24-y O. W. M.
{K7- LARGE SALE or REAL ESTATE.?The"at tec
tion of the public is called to the eitraordiuary sale of Real Es
tate, (consisting of the Arcade, the City Hotel, aad many large,
substantial and valuable private granite built dwelling houses,)
in tk* city of New Orleans. SYLVESTER It CO., of 164
Broadway, are appoints) the agents for the transaction of the
business. Those gentlemen will hare great pleasure in con
imuiira' iag every required information on the subjecL
my 24 I in*
Peremptory sale of property on har
ON THURSDAY, JUNE 13th, 1839?Those three entire
Blocks of Land brtwecn 6th and 6th avenues and ll'Jtii and
1 Willi streets.
To afforil an opportunity for investment, the offerings will
he in plots embracing the entire front on each street,or 37 lots.
Ami each plot put up will lie peremptorily sold, without uuder
bidding by the owner or on his behalf.
The land is about level and near the city grade. The 6ib
avenue is iqicued, and the 6th avenue is now before the Cowrt
to lie opened.
The 6th avenue is nearest the city grade of all the avenue*,
anil when opened will, in improvement, speedily overtake either
of the others.
The terms will he S per cent to the auctioneers at time of
sale; 20 per cent 1st July, when the deeds will be ready for de
livery; 7* per cent may rrmain, payable any time in ten year*,
interest being paid semi-annually at sii per cent.
Maps will be ready by Friday, the 7th instanL Apply to the
Auctioneers, ARCHIBALD WATT, Harlem, or
je7-lw* MARTIN A CO., 36 New street.
The subscriber has taken the new Home No. 4 Roose
velt street, near Pearl and Chatham, which ho ha* fitted up aad
furnished with an eye to neatness and convenience. The fur
niture aad fixtures entirely new, and Use bar and larder w*R
To club* and parties, to a limited number of hoarders, and
to travellers, the New England House offers acrommodati in*
which the advertiser trusts w?H ensure him a share of the pub
lic patronage. M. HUflHES;
NEW LODGING HOUSE.?The large 4 story House,
Nes. 69 and 70 Duane street, a few doors east of Broad
way, (south ?ide,) has been taken and refitted for the above
purpose, in genteel and modern style, with eutir* new furni
ture. The situation is very desirable, being very retired, and
still in the immediate vicinity of public business. The rooms
are very large and airy, being 13 to 16 parlors, with bedrnomo
attached sufficiently large for two beds, with a large number of
siugle bedrooms. *
To permanent lodgers, aud gentlemen of retired habits, this
situation has peculiar inducements, as the rooms will be rented
very low nnd kepi in sujierior order.
No Bar kepi on the premise*.
In a few weeks, n limited number of Boarders will be ac
commodated with breakfast and ten.
N. B.?The rooms can be rented without furniture, as best
suits the applicant*^
Apply en the premi?e*. my30-1 m*
C" tO NO REM HALL. 143~BROADWAY, N. Y?The *ub
J scrim rs beg leave to inform their frieudt and the public
g-aerally that they li.ve taken lb* above extensive Hotel.
Strangers visiting the eitv, either ou pleasure or business,will
find it au agreeable place of residence, it being in the immediate
vicinity of the mo-t prominent avenues leading to she commer
cial community, a* also contiguous to the various place* of
The subscriber* bope, by assiduous attention to the accom
modation auJ comfort of their guests, at also to their table, to
merit a share o puulic patronage.
ASA HOLT, (Late of Holt's Hotel.)
my30 lm* FREEMAN C. EWERS.
BOWKKV COTTAGE, -m Bower)?The ?uh?criber
would reapectfully inform hi* IrirnJ* ud the public that,
having taken the above edahliahment (formerly kept kj Bra
True), and having improved. refitted and *upplied hi* bar wilb
th? choicest of liquor* and cigar*, hop**, by aiiiduout attention
to the comfort of bi* gue*t, to merit a liberal chare of patron
New York, Mav 14th, 1839. mylfi-lm*
T II K Y K hTn iTaH .
Eighth Amine, between 3hth and Xth Streets.
EKROLLPFF.IKKER inform* hi* friend* and the public
? thai he ha* taken the hoove and ground*, formerly the
country teat of the late J. B. Murray, E*q.. in that improving
vicinity, the Eighth Avenue, where he truvt*, by iverconal aU
tantion ami the ttrictr-t care in the selection of nit refretb
ment*. tn give general *ali*faction,
N. B. Private Room* for email or large partie*. A limited
number of boarder* can he comfortably accommndated. jeA-ldt*
W- SECOND WARD IIOTRL.?Neat to Uie comer I
Fulton *treet, in Na*?au atrect. Tlii* well known e*lahli?hmeat
having undergone a thorough refitting, i* now incomplete order
for the aecommadation of tlioan who may I to nor it with their
Th*r* are in thin hou?e, b**ide? the lower ctory,which i* throws
entirely open a* a public bar room, a large room npoa the *e
eond ?t'ory, 7A feet by fifi, well auiled for the aocommodation ef
public meeting*, together with veveral cmaller one* adapted In
the U?e of cluli* referee*, or fur the tramacUon of other private
Club* and private partie* accommodated with roe at, and
may be furnished with dinner* or tuppera, rompoved ?f every
?pe< ic* of gwme or delicacy which the maiket* afford at short
notion. [jell-y] CDMt'ND (ONER, Proprietor.
K?t* Kf.HHtM KEH HALL. No IV Park How The *ub|
arriber* having opened tlie above hnu*e on the EURO
PEAN PLAN, would respectfully iuform their friend* and the
public, that they are aow ready to accommodate them in a*tvln
cot lu he *urp***ed by any cimilar kon*e in thi* city. Tan
bou*e will alway* be furnished with every convenience, and aH
the lavarie* af an unrivalled market. There are oae hundred
lodging room*, whirh are airy, newly furnished, and in perfert
order. The Ordinary, being on the first to?r, I* sparioas, ueat,
eoorenient, and well furui*Tied; and the takle* shall alway* bn
?upplied with all the rariety the market afford*, irrved up by
eiprrienred cook*.
Ill* mirkeil tucce** which ha* attended e*tabti*hmenti tf
thi* kind, i* *utfirient eridenca of tbeir adaption te both business
men and traveller*.
Gentleineu riaiting the city, will find thi* a movt ite?irable and
central situation. being nearly on Broadway, fronting tha Park;
and. in *ho?t, concentrate* the beauty and elegance *f local awn
transitorv nbiects of attraction and tpleador with wbich New
York abound*. ED9ALL fit JONES.
N. B.?For the accommodation of Traveller*, thi* bouae will
be *p*n at all hour* ef the night. 'l-F
TH E *nb*criber re*pectfnlly inform* hi* friend* and the pub
lic in general, that he ha* lakea, for a I ? < of years, Ibw
"Mouat Vernoa Hotel aad Gardes." coraerofN rth Beroadand
Water street*, Williantaburgh. The Hou?# ha* been fitted up,
aud repaired throughout, w ilk * a additional Piaata in the ri a*
of the *tn?e, overlooking thk Garden, which ha* aiao been put
in complete order for the reeepfon of ladies and geatlemew,
who will (lad that their comfort and convenience will be Uw
?tpecial object of the proprietor.
A grand display of flilli WORII will take place eeery
Thurtdvy rveumg, duriag the tummer. accompanied with Ma
ll,, refre*hmeat? *hall be of the be*t kind, in tkrir proper
season. Liquor* of the fint quality.
The iin-l'rurned would remark, that if a ?irkt attention In
hi* dull- *. *t all time*, will command a *t are of public patron
age, n -thing oa hi* part *hall be wanting le emare the tucraas
o? hi* ??e*p*nmeat.'
jel-1 m* F. F. FOSTER.
lb' u HEFEf. I't)H V -J. Kif hh.Ni i latorma hi* iriend
i.Y and the puhlir that he ha* opened a new Refectory, in Ibag
larv and elegant hail ding, Ne. 144 Fallon street Fi*h, Flesh
aad Fowl are alway* to be found on hi* table*, and every drttwa
cy of the ?*a*on jwovided a* toon a* it appear* in the market. -
No ra -t or attention w ill be wauling on hi* part, to giee general
?at nfhctiva, and he hope* to find that generous eueourngemant
whirh he i* drtrrmiaed t# deserve.
DA.MV.t, ?Whhkh\, II Ana *tre* his mbcM*
thanks to hi* numerous friend* for the liberal supporttbey
have uhiior-aly rendered him *ine* he first opened hi* Kvfreterj
*n>l nature* them that it will be bit constant endeavor to mervba
lonltniiaitre of ibnr *pprol>atiou. Hi* table is alway* fin aiihsa
with the beat the market afiord* 1 ami those who may howor hm
table with their prraeau *, may depend upoa beiag *ev??4 w*tb
eleanHwea*. rivilft* and |irnmi-titwle ,19 tf
a ? ..-nil*.* kCNU? WaNT. D > -a
SlJ current mi-nev b"Uel t and *??ld on the brat te>n?*. Wolf
bornugh, F.#*r?, Belle?llle, Kilfiy, F? ton, t omm*?nwen#th?
Middle*** and Norfolk, at IlLTISTlH k 4 O'!^
pip 1M Broadway.

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