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Mo. M Wall stroet.
New York, Nov. 8, IMS.
A T M Flection for Director* of this Institution, held their
X\. fcj, the following gentlemen were unanimously chooon
vit : ?
Robert L. Patterson, Henry 0H'?,
Alexander Patterson, Robert C. Wetmore,
Cyrus Chenrry, Lawrence Hill,
Samuel D. Dak in, Henry Haviland,
John Wilson, rt?ilip V, Hoffman,
Arthur W. Benson, D. H. Robertson,
John P. Austin, J???? Uonckhn,
Wm A Coit, J Wood,
Ernest Fiedler, Charles L. V ose,
Bradford Lincoln, George T . Foi, Jr.,
John T. Howard, Joseph E. Bloo infield,
John F Delaplauie, , Joseph B. Nones.
Ami at a subsequent meeting of the Board of Directors, ths
following pc rv i n? were unanimously elected officer*, via
JOSEPH B. NONES, Vice I'rosident.
Alex. Thompson. Jr Secretary.
Capt. IIi:cto* Corn*, Inspector.
Willis Hall, Esq. Attorney.
The shore Comnauy? capital $1.0, 00i, all paid in and se
cured according to law ? will insure I marine, inland trans porta
tiun slid navigation ri.ks, intludiug that of tire during transit
on liberal terms. myti-y
en months I hare been ill of this awful disease, suffering
every distress, cpeci-tllv * serere cougli and severe nervous irri
< a i ? 1 1 1 1 v . binding Dr. Ta)lor's BaUam ol Liverwort curing
several of my acquaintances, I also tried a bottle, and wonder
fnl to s.<y. it restored rue iminediatt ly. It al?o restored a fiiend
of mine who was very low. Persous are at liberty to cull and
see me if desirous Mrs. J. GREEN, 9 Crosby st.
Go only to 37 i Bowery for the genuine, for there are ma
ny counterfeits.
Aeeiit. out of he citj ? Mis. llajs, 139 Fulton st., Brooklyn,
Dr. Lowerre. 377 Broad st.. Newark; J. D. Phillips, Newburgh;
P. Kicliter, Pouglikoopsic; H. Love y, Burliugtou; T. Benton,
Guildford; S. Nichols. Baiubridge; J. Prout) It Co., Geneva;
Abraham Trimper, Kindcrhook; Luke Lyman, Middletowu;
M. Sehotills, Waterhury. je'J9.3td8iUw*
OC^" THK Subscribers, Sole Proprietors and Manufacturers,
are nreaared to execute, w ith despatoh, all orders for their I'll
rivalled Patent Swelled Beam Windlass Bedsteads, which ar<
now almost universally used, as being tn? best article as yet in
Tented ? combining ease, conveaienc* and durability.
The sacking, acted upou by the windlass anil swelled beam it
made perfectly light and free from all liability to sagg, still leav
ing an elasticity in the s.ime, which reuders it particularly easy,
and simple in construction ; the matter of putting up and l>alwn|t
down will be found of but little trouble m comparison w illi those
of any other construction, whilst the precision with which th<
?ompon'iit paqts aru fitted, acts as a safeguard against the iutro
duction of ut> kind of vermin.
From the care taken to render each Bedstead perfect, their
qualities for durability will recommend them to purchasers
who are invited to call aud examine a large assortment, now oi
Also, a large assortment of elegant Furniture, Maltra?se?
Feather Beds, Sic. constantly on hand.
J. W. & C SOUTH At K, No. 19?> Broadwa},
jeliy Franklin Hi. use (
JOHN DOYLE, BOOKSELLER resp< ctlull\tinlorms the
public that he has removed his wholesale and retail cheap
Book Establishment from No. 294 Pearl street to No. 3(Hi Broad
way, second house above Du iae street. He has on baud a very
extrusive and valuable stork, embracing some of the best work
in every department of literature aud science, which he sells
for cash, at prices much lower than auy other bookseller. He
has many rare aud autique books, which he will be constantly
ndding to by the pnrcbase of all kiuds of old, curious, aud scarct
Gentlemen having books to dispose of, either in large collec
tions. small parcels, or even a single volume, will find a ready
purchaser, for cash, by applying to him. jeft lm*w4t*
THE HUMAN HAIR ? lo prevent the bau, in all
cases, from falliog off, or turning grey ? to rp.tore
the hair that has fallen ? to remove effectually all Scurl
End Pandriff trom the head? to keep the hair in the
most healthy. soft, and jjl .s?_v state, yet tree from all greasy
app'trauee ? Laities and (>eutl? inen are advised to use
Its virtues are testified by thoutauds who use it daily. a? well as
from the fact that it has superceded every other preparation at
the tailets of tli thrau mondr.
To be had of the proprietor, at his Hair Cutting Rooms.
Corner if Full on nnd Broadway,
je29-lw Aud of his appointed agents all over the stale*.
CLIRERUOH, corncr ol Fulton street and Broadway, (up '
stairs,) has now on hand aneh.ant assortment of his newly
invented ventilating and petpetual fining Wigs ami Scalps, par- ,
ticularly ad ipted to thoso residing in a warm climat<, being
onlj one ounce weight In tiieir manufacture, th? y differ fr?>iii
all other* ever made. The) cover no more of the brow than
the natural hair does, aud b.-itu; almost singly inserted and so 1
equa'Iy distributed, appears just issuing from the skin. All I
metallic spring, is entirely d< uc away, Consequently all disa
gree able pressure is obv i sled.
For t! is invention, and the advsntagis connected with it, the I
American Institute aw rd< d the bi s( premium, and crop, tent '
judges have pronounced them the very acme of t>< rfection.
Private Rooms for Hair Cutting aud fitting VV hjs. jeiO-lw
A TAL E 6 F~ T H E G R K A T PA N I C.? Now" ready , in
two vols., Tkt ,fdi'rttiu>n nf Harry Franco, a isle of
the Panic. ''Equal to the best psrts of Peti r Simple." ? Times
"For nuaiot hnmor, worthy of itie inimitable Sam Weller him
?elC? Cortatr. F. SAUWDERS, Publisher,
3.11 Broadw.iy, I
jeW And t? be had of all Bookselltrs.
Ij^OR SALE ? Scotch, English and American Pig Iron. Also
old east scrap *:nl wrought iron, old copper, brass, lead, V.C
will be sold cheap for cash or approved paper
Iron of all kinds aud other articles takeu on storage at the
?er) lowest terms, by DANIEL I'ETTE,
413 Water street.
N B. Sturbridge Fire Brick for sale. j?6 lin*
BRE A D. ? In consideration ? f the numerout complaint* ?f
tha high price* of Bread, the ?ubM*rib- r? ha?e thought il
ad* italic to acquaint the puMir that ihey cnntiuue to bake it ta
COrmpOwl w ilh the price* of fl'uir. Thr y now ?ell four pound*
of Domestic Bread, made of the twit I rami* of Veuice and Ak- i
rou mill* ft iw, for U.
Tho?e whot^mk it an inducement to nlrad thrir patronage
to ut, are r?-?pectfully it tiled to tend to either of th? ir Store*. i
at the following plarct : ? Nt>. II Litpenard ?tn 79 Canal, 4'JB
Pearl, comer of Rote. and 6-< Barrlay ?L
J. J. HALEY ?. CO, Variety Baker*.
N. B ? Domestic Fltl, f -tket lb Pattty at either of thr I
above e?taliliihmrnti,ai utual. je'27-lw* J
Dealer*, No. 2M) Brntdwiy, directly op|>o?ite the City
Hall, offer for the intpcetion of pur?-ha*er?, a very dmce telec- |
tion of new, rich, tuieful and Appropriate fancy article* for ,
Bridal. Birthday, Philopcrna, or other pre wn'i. Portable arti
cle* fur traveller*, fine f.,tu y Stationery, Perfumery, including
every article in r* q*e*t, of the ftactt quality, elegan' tpermitn* ,
of < hineae manufacture*; < urio?itie? froa* the American In
dian*; fancy article* and curottiwet generally; all of which ar?
?elected wt'lt much care, procured ou the mott advantaaeou*
term*, and will be di*poaed of at *uch reasonable and unif na
price* a* they hope will *ectire to them the confidence and ftvor
of inch an may honor th?m with a call. je||-|m*
SODA WATER' 8O0A WATER '.?Superior H .da W?. ,
ter with a variety of ice H)ru|?, at thr v?ry low price
of I tidi a (lata, or 7& ticket* for Jil, can be Lad at QUA< K
INBl'SICS I'rug Stun, ii I armine ttreet, (North tide,) one
coorftom Btdfotd *tr<et.
" Let thoae now drink who never draak heforr.
And thoae who alwayt drank now drmk the more."
"Verbena Cream" ??ake? a rich, permanent, creamy lather
and leave* no reditu or ?mo tint after tha* int. Prepared and
for aale by CHARLES H. Rl NO. 644 Broadway.
For aale at m"tt of the Drug and kancy Mare* in tlie city
je'JO- 1 ?*
?1 EMOVAL? MRS. BLANC ha* removed from 61 Ana
JV itreet to Wf? William ttreet, atid enntinu** to teach Km
broidery, Rai-ed Work ia Silk and Wonted, making Wat,
W or?tc| and Shell Flnwer* and W*i Fruit*, kc. kc on the
nut reaaonable term*.
Drawing* for embroidi ry oa (ilk furuiahed for aale, Wa*
Bheeu. Color*, and Wat Eruit*. jell-lm*
HOYT k OO., N?. 14 Bower*, hive n* haiid an e*ten*i??
???? rtment of faahionahly made < hildren1* Clathmg, (*amptr*
of which obtained the premium at the recent fair,) whieh the)
are 4>tp.?*J to lr|| very cheap for C**M, cither at wholesale or
retail aA-Sm*
tia iea the Kim- nit Rkuig at 27ft Washington *treet, cor
ner of Warren t'r.et, and ha* con*t tntly for ?al?,
PILOT BREAD. All of the ftrat quality.
E 7 .'* tmall Pilot Drenl n the ti/e for the South American
and Weal India martri*.
Any of the ?!??' article* cm be delivered in good order for
ri|>ortati?a, at tliort notice. jet'i-Aw*
HOSOKEN HOVit, tHiiHii, H. j,>?A fct more
boarder* . aa ba M comnx dated at the Holiokeii Howe, if
appltcinan it m-ide immediately. Boarder* have the privilege
?? the Ferry. CHARLK.S T. PEItRY.
ietS- 1 wia*
LKOHOKN HAT?. -TAVI.mR, un Bro?l?a*. *mm
of l.ihrty off^r* In tll? public ttw r otr?,t ?.|#r.
tiun of mIImmA SmiRIII Hlliitakh and trim whiu
ami rr4nr>d, that run t>? found id thit nij, wfceirwl* ?ni)
retail j'H-lm*
THK N0ffc? of tlx Bank of W^itrrt. N.~? 'l\.rtTit
RorHratr r f' *rmrr*' Hank of Orl?-aa?. at (jgiirH
Btato B??ik, ?l H'lffnlo *rr r?t??med ?t In* Ai;?nev of thr
B?nk ofW??(*rn N r? Y'>rk, No. 4 Wall itre?t, at | p.f r?nt
dtir >mL |W> tm*
SAfmLF.KV AT HUM"! Kit Nt|l KB.? JOltN U.
H4IOHT. hM rawnvad th? *>nl*nr? of M* Mnrlt i.f
dirt, Br*tl?. Tra??Hi?n Tmakv Br. from hi* old???iid to N ,
M KtltM IV U. B M<>trl, whut thr ?*m? will
k* told at rtry redact*' prk# ?. j^liaaod*
For the growth, embellisiimet, and pre
servation OK THE HAIR. Oldridge1* Balm or
Colvmbia, which, for nutritive prep?rtiee. ???logout to IkoM
which Mtire furnishe* u the %ea t of nutrition lor the knM
hair, it unrivalled by any former production. The prooeee
by which aatare produces the human hair is m minute, that it
would be aiiiaterestiue to the great Majority af mankind *?
eater iato a lengthened description thereof; medical men alouc
would be patient enough to attend to the abstruse inqairy. Suf
ficient, therefore, will i be iu thic place to observe, that it i*
by experience only that an adaptatioa can be obtained to the
| ead required ; and that only by a reference to the primary ala
j meutsof eur own com|H>jiliou, by which a compound can be
produced, re-animating (and itimulaut, to assist in promoting
] the benevolent intentions of nature This wai the view which,
many year* ago, the proprietor of the Balm af Colambia en
tc rtanied, iu order to remedy the sluggishness which nature often
exhibit* in the growth of hair; when about ten yiars ?ince he
i had occasion to travel through oriental countries, and, devoting
j considerable attention to this matter, he soon perceived that, ia
all the arts relative to the growth and preservation of the hu
man hair, Europeans are left at an immeasurable distance by
! nearly every country of Asia, In those couutriei it is consider
ed a matter of the highest importance, and iu all the refined
1 portions of society a person w fio ha* not a Hoe head of hair, ia
not very graciously rec ived into the fashionable circle*.
Old ridge'* Balm of Columbia is distinguished trom all othtr
article* '"or the Hair, as nut oulr being merely an invention for
accomplishing the purposes usual It set forth, but truly a vegeta
blr production, iu its native state of nurit) and fragrance, un
alloyed by any admixtures, especially those of coloring substan
ces ; and therefore particular!) valuable to ladies whose Hair if
of the lighter -hades. Asa Restorative, its efficiency becomes
spetdily visible iu a renewed growth, where the Hair had been
previously considered as irretrievably lost.
As nourishing and strengthening the Hair it produces and
sustains a growth, luxuriant and of surpassing la tre, without
the gradual deterioration of natural shade caused by colored
oil*. The rigor imparted to the Hair by this Balm prevent*
premature grey ness, induce- the disposition to curl, so much ile
sired, and under its application, the graceful ringlet retains it*
elastic ht auty, unaffected by perspiratiou, damp air, or the ac
, ti?e exerci-e*.
{ h A large supply of the original and genuine London Balm
of ( olumbia, just imported, and for sale by the dozen or single
bottle, at the Proprietor's prices, by K. V. A8HTON,
117 Washington street, Boston,
aud by COMSTO'K Hi Co.
2 Fletcher street. New York.
Beware ? None can be genuine witliout a splendid engraved
wrappt r, aud the name of L. S. COM8TOCK on it
THE. celebrity which the above preparation has enjo* ed.
for some tiaie past, among the proprietor'* immediate
friends, ha* induced hi in to make it more public. He would
therefore respectfully inform the community, aud particularly
the ladies, who have so warmly patronized it, that they eaa
alwayi obtain i> genuine of the follow ing respectable druggists
ami apothecaries :
| N- B. Be particular to examine closely the envelopes, the
I labels are printed in gold thus, Orrit Tooth Pastt. The
j wrapper* iu pea green paper, with the initials of the proprie
tor D. A- S. aanexed, aad sealed with his private stamp. For
sale at ? Dr. Mealy'* 7 Greenwich lane, ("has. Ring. 644 Broad
way, ^cfcie Sin's 114 Canal st, Church's dispensary, cointr
Bowery and Spring *t. Dr. Brytou, 100 l)i\ision *t, Quarkiu
basli, 46 Caimnie st., Chelsea infirmary, 145 8th avenue, T. R.
liillard, 229 Bowery, J. Weir 4S^ Grand *t., J. Arnold 984
Grand st. Dr. Allen 348 Grand st, Dr. Murphy, Division c?r
uer Suffolk, Kirby, Division corner Cliatoa st, Drake and
Stearns 60 Delancy *t, Di . Wilson, 4tit> Hudson *t, W. M. Soiu
mervillc,376 4th ,*t., C. Smith, 371 Greenwich st., R. Richard,
44 Division *t, Gabaudon, 51 6th aveuae, T. Klder, 90^ Canal
st. J. Miller, 88 Mulberry St. R H Briiw. 763 tireenwich.
1 H. Bush, comer Variek and Hamer?ley. General depot, G.
Royal & Co. Frtnch importer, 27 Ceuar st. and 709 Greenwich
st aJJ-eod-S?ii*
Forty Yearn Experience in various climates ? l\o?.n
ty-foar yrnrt established in this city ? Neither
Quackery nor Imposition.
No. 12, Peck Slip. New York.
DR J. EVANr* c miudfK i>> i?e- ?onsii,ieu coutxtrntially
ii r. ii V* ????! i h,. ?, ih- r.-urial nuil ekrMitc iliwrilen
wirretot ni ?t iinpr.sru pr<ticf, 'he nost < x;>< diiions an*!
raild treatment m-y be ?iepenslet' on To prevent mistake*
r pari ii'O III r to fi: :>t So. 12 H*c< ? 'ip
*' nerv/i't K j > * imd'hiiij,' a roinpl-le p -.n of TO''fiicin?* for
Hvpr^ loiinoi i he i wa-e cm It. prooureri DiafeoTf, ami used
with ur ihe pitirn. Ihrjrwiil be >mi 10 order U'
I l'ldflhr Unlir Stall a.
AI?o. a P'rvea ive rf?;euy a? ainst V'*" *1 that may be
fali? re|i. o < n
All It I irr>. |?o- 1 paid, ami describing the cast, and enclosing a
reasonable f?-c, will have the remedy and direction* seut Co or
'Vr. Attendance daily, until 9 o'clock in the evrmay
The (lActi and Entrance, are welt arranged and secrecy
may lie drpi ndtd on.
N? couiuctiou with any other ofKre inrou of the city.
nl4-y No. U Peek Slip V Y.
certain drlicatn ?1 i?e . ? MORGAN'S celebraUd COM
POUND BALSNiAlC PILLS ba\e e a joyed the patronage
<if Sir Astlcy, I 'coper, Brantby C ooper, Dr. K Motion. of Lou
dou,Dr. Allison. Llston, Lilar >, of Edinburgh, anil alto of the
mo-l scientific pkyikiui of this country for the last fifteen
year*, mid are looked upon a* the great desideratum to often at
tempted, bui prior to the abo\e time, never discovered. They
are the only safe and effirarioui r?im dy in pieseiit u?e, in all
(late* of those disorders, and entirely obviate* the making i?c of
lko?e disgusting, nauseoa*. aud in ?ome caaet highly injunou*
medicims, Cubebs and Copavia, the dangerous conie<|WMM
and uncertainty of the latter are ton well known to require
Sir Artley Cooper's remark* at (Juy's Hospital, published in
*' The Lancet," of Sept. 17, 18'JI, in a clinical lecture to hi*
pupiN, it a safTicient guarantee of the high character of Mor
gan's fill*! " Gentlemen, I dare nay you have observed the
wonderful success of Surgeon Morgan's Compound Balsmaic
Pills, which are used here, (Guy's Ho?pital,l t xclusive for u re
thai discharges. and the mauy complicated affection* of the
urinary organs; iudeed, M.'t researches ( which I recommend te
your notice) ougenit* urinary diseases, are the aimt complete 1
ever p< ruted, and hi* made of reaaouing it *o plain that the
m<-re?t tyro amongst you can comprehend them."
For tale by ap|>ointm< nt by A. B. U D. Sands, 79 and IM
Fulon it; 8yme, A3 Bowery cor Walker, aud 330 Bowery cor
Bead; Ring, #44 Broadway; 34 Sixth Avenue. Price 60 eruU
and $1 pi r box.
fcj- Observe the proprietor* teal en each box, without which
?one can be genuine. ai2-3m
DISEASES from Imprudence, and Secret Destructive I'rac
tice*.? Education obtained iu the fir*t Medical College* iu
Europe? practice rendered perfect hy twenty-Ate years' expe
rienre in the Bnti*h Army, in the Military and Naval Hospi
tals and Arsenals, and iu Ilia Weil Indie*, ara the tetlt by
which mankind should he guided when the ai?l of a Praciitian*r
i* required. Thete are the qualification* of Dr John Baki r
Ihwii, and success perfectly uin sampled in the city ol New
York, the proof of the gr? at certainty which attends hit treat
ment of the mint obstinate eatet, He hat ueverhad one failure !
The great increa >e of hi* professional buonets hat compelled
him to take Mother office, in addition to hi* old establishment !
304} Fulton at. He ma) be consulted daily ,peivati |y. secretly,
ltd conlidi ntiatlv at No 'JOlj Fulton street, or No. 13 Beekman
street, one door bel^w Nassau.
At tlie?e office* may lie had, ju*t published by Dr. J. B. Irwin,
"A Treatise on the Male Orgsns of Gcneratim, aud on the
various disease* connected therewith. ",4
No connect i< n with any other office. jel&-lm*
Medical, t aku.-uh i.ahpkmkh, .>?. 4 ret? |
Slip, New York, deems it Broper occaaiouallv to remind
?he |itihln that he continue* to administer te the addicted at hit
?ild eetablivbed Diapentary
To a va?l nnmber of the citizens nf thit metropolis he need i
no heralds to amiousice his victory over disrate, in its most com
al'i-ated and destructive forms nor does be deem it material t
'? very tnenfic in enumeratntg the names of the various mala
dot to which mankind and womankind are tiihiart.
To stranger* he begs l? ave most respectfully to remark. *J?m
he confines himself to offi'e pmrtire.and devote* himself per
tonally to the welfare nf hi* patients, keep* no a*si*tant* or
?hop hoys, and has separate offices for the privacy of patients
tvho eta never eom?"in enntaet.
Dr. Carpenter would add that he is regularly educated to the
profession nf medicine and Mirgery, and received Ins diplonts
tn the year 1*13, of the New Vork Stale Medirttl Soriet]
?igned by the highly respected and much lamented Jelin R b.
R dgers, M. D.,as f'rrsident, and that he ha* f?i a long sens* of
ysars devnted hiinaelf to the treatment and ctrre of all delicate
tnd private diseaaes.
II nearly thirty years asiudiiou* and arduous applu atioa v
:he duties ol the medical profession, and oonatanl familiarity
aitli every stage and Variety of a particular ^lass of diteates,
sidesl hy a collegiate and regular medical education, entitle the
practitioner to any preference ovee the mere tyro in tlie jieofes
?ion, Docter Carpenter deems it consistent ami proper to direc
ihe attention of a discerning public to the inferente of the com
,ian*on. and an invealigation of his rlaiats.
Charges reasonable, and effectual cures, ia all > aset
piMrauteed. Separate and prisate oflicee? -Patients can neeev
?ome m conlact.
Be partienlar in the ausnber- 4 Perh Slip, near Pearl street
DR.~PERRV'8 ELIXIR OF COPAIVA. a new chemical
preparation off optiva, containing all it* valuable proprie
ties Wlthont its nausson* effects ujMtn the stomach seoft<n<tb>
jected to by persens wh" hate been it, the habit of using it. In
a ttide raii^e of di*ea*e* C'ipaiva in torn* form, is highly neces t
tary. Thit preptr*tn>n it of.ered lo ihe public Withuat any j
qiMck promises of it* tui m: etery diseaae to whiah frail j
humanity it snlyect, but it claim a Ihe diuretic and oilier
beneficial eHetts of Copaiv^, w ihout h< iug folmwedby ihe do
agreeable consequence* nf headaches, nausea, vomitinK and other
unhappy symptoms, nor it this all iheadvatraui of tlie Elmr
of f c paiva; its applicability in all disease* of the Idad Ur, kid
i eye, aud other organs, wlr re often Copal va is c ontra indicated,
in .my form heretofore offered lo the public. One trial of thit
inedinne will convince any perton of its merits. Prepared ami
sold only at Nn. I| Ann street, at the sign of the Old Head,
where Dr. Perty may be eonsulted as usual till ten in the even
ing jelMs*
STRAW UOOPS ? The tnbscriber begt leave to inUrm
his 1 1 iends and the public generally that he bat ua? on
hand and for sale a splendid assortment of Ladie* and M.**e.
l<eghorn, Tuscan. Braid, and Straw Bonnet*, in all Iheir vari^
I ties, and at as low prices a? ean be obtained at any other stun
' ia the rity.
' Alto lientlemen'l and Yonth't deuhle and tingle brimmed
I Leghorn., white, colored ami variegated, of the iie<se*t pat
terns and fine tlqnality. * K BROWN,
eft-lm* 111 Williui street, cer. John tt.
Room No. 24, Vp Statra.
(W- J O. ha* had anexten*ive experience hi a general country b*?ines?, at well ** >? thi*eity, and flatter* himself he It folly
competent to give satisfaction. The utmost despatch, and an uaflinchiug aiflierenee to instruction*, will be itrictly observed.
Iltfermcet in Nrw Fur*.? Robert Jatfray It Co J. D. Ditotway It Brothert ? Parmelee, Kilburn It Rodgert; Hoytt, Wade li
Edward* -Van Arsdale k Co.? foster k Ka*l?n ? Fearing, Dawten k Swan ? Win. P. Dixon It Co.
New Y?rk, May 6th, 1880. tajO-Mm
( B ^ MRS. McGAY has now ou hand an aiiortment of the noit *uperb Shirred Hat* ever offered to the Ladiet ef New
York. Her European experience qualifies her to assume the very highest position with reference to thi* department of Milli
nery,and that pontion ha* been *u*tained by premium* from the last fair* of both the American aud Mechanic*' Institute*.
N. B ? Constant!? on hand, a iplendid assortment of POCKET BOOKS, NEEDLE BOOKS, CARD CASES, MER
CHANTS' BILL BOOKS, ana PORT FOLIOS, of every description.
june 2 ? y 48 NASSAU STREET.
Constantly on h%nd in assortment of the inimitable Short Nap Beavers aud Plain Ca*tora, at the reduced price of $4 60.
an appetite. ? These Pills, which are so eminently useful
for pains in the head, stomach and bowels, have been before the
public for twenty years, and are so well known that the pro
prietor deem* it unnecessary to publish any of the thousand
certificates, which can he procured, of their efficacy from emi
nent physicians and other*.
Dr. Davenport's Celebrated Eye Water, which hat been
thonn;hly proved for thirty years, to be a mild, safe, and speedy
cure for il. div iscs of the eyes.
I ifceviv? th 'I vil'iibte Itch Ointment, prepared by J.Whea
ton, aud so long knn vn t >?? a speedy cure tor that loathsome
disc.tse, and for all kinds of j>? v<i-a ? n t ie skin
The above valuable medicines are for snle in this eity by
Lawrence Keese 8c Co., Durjee & (Jockeraf, H- H. Schietlieltu
it Co., and other*.
All orders directed to GEO. DIXON, Dedliam, Mass.. will
be promptly attended to. jelO-thn*
Nature douOtless originally intended the appearance of
ladies to be in accordance wit+i their six; but how frequently
and with what unpleasant sensations do wesee ladies, otherwise
beautiful, complt tely unsexed by that unseemly disfigurement,
a superfluous grow th of hnir upon the face or neck ?
ATKINSON'S DEPI LATORV has proved itself in thou
tandt of instancA that have come ander the proprietor's oVsrr
ration to be a positive and easy remedy for this uufortuuatc af
No cosmetic has ever been hailed with the unira sal talis
faction that has accompanied tlie inlroductionof ? uivalua
ble preparation, one ?in?,le application of which will iu a few
moments eutirely remove the hair, leaving the skin softer,
liner, whiter, and inuch improved in its appearance.
It is to mild aud harmless in its nature, that it can be used
upon an infant, without the least deleterious effect.
Iu consequence of the inert ased demand for the articles, the
proprietor has appointed Messrs. (JUIONS, 189 Broadway.
New York, General Agents for the Uaited Mates of America,
for the Depilatory and Slahorned's Turkish Dye.
Country dealers will be supplied by them >iu the most reasi li
able terms. Price two dollars per bottle. m'.M- tfy
DR. ?3 ti O V BK'N
HE attention of those afflicted with Hernia, it called to a
new 1 rust, lately patented in the city of New York. It!
tuperiority over ever) other instrument will be evident on a
mere inspection, for unlike every other Truss, the rupture pad
is pressed upon bv a double spring, which it so fixed a* to cen- '
vey the uec?ss..ry pres-ure to the lower p.-rt of the rupture pad,
thus keeping the pad closely applied in every attitude of the
body, an>i a> justing and adapting itself under all circumstances
to the jiersoii and to the part to which it is to be applied. Pos
sessing a double spring, and consequently a d< utile degree of
elasticity, it is rendered easy and convenient to the wearer.
The above Truss ha? taken the place of all others for the per
manent retention aud cure of hernia or rupture It is almost
the only Truss now iu use in the city of New York, and the
adjacent country. The alnive Truss it adjusted and applied by
a Surg> on. who ha* devoted particular attention to the subject
of hernia, and the construction and applicati n of Trusses, at
hit isffice, No *J Ann ?lreet, near Broadway, two doors from the
Amerirau Museum, where they may be had wholesale and re
tail. je7-y
TO THE LADIES!? DR HULL'S Supporter effectually
cures falliug of the womb, in every case. There it not
the least difficulty in the patient adjusting the Sup|Mirler to suit
her form and case accurately, herself, on reading the accouw
paining pamphlet of directious, kc.
The high character attained by this important invention, has
induced many unprincipled adventurer* to make and vend spuri
ous imita' ions, whereby the patieul is cheated and deceived and
Dr.Hull it defrauded. Ladies will therefore be careful to send to
the Office of the Inventwr aud Patentee.
a30-eod No. 4 Vetey tl, Astor House.
DOCTOR OLOVER is consulted during the day and
evening at hit office, where his attention itc iiAurd exclusively
to a select branch of his profession and tis the cure of such
diseases a* hare hailed the skill of iuexperien<-i-d practiiioneis,
ignorant pretenders, aud nostrum venders. He ha* urroduced
into hi* practice several new chemical compounds wiich are
Suck in th? ir operation, and decn edly efficacious m perfecting
e cure.
Hit offiee it 3 Ann itreet. The private entrance it the fourth
door from the Museum. Lamp at the inner office door iu tie
N. B.? Dr. G. ke?ps a general assortment of Trusses, which
he adjusts and applies in difficult cases of Hernia; also, Smpen
tor Bandage*. jel8-lm"
(gj- Dr. J?M*ph Kvnns, Sen*., has the pleasure
to anno >nce his arrival from Texas. He has peroa*
irautly established himself at his celebrated Old Galen's
Head Dtspen?ary. No. 13 Petktlip. where he will l>e hippjr to
rereive the calls of old patrons and friends, who stand in need
uf his professional services. j
As usual, secrecy may be relied oa. jrl'l-lm'
EMOVED DR. II. VILLER8 has removed from No
U Liberty street to No. 49 Lispeuard street.
BURGER Y ?The subscriber perf-rms every operation on the
teeth and gums on the most modern and approve*! principles of
the Dental art, and with professional skill. Irregularities of
the teeth in children and adults remedied; carious teeth filled
with cold; loose teeth rendered Arm; teeth eat etc ted; teeth
Ased, from one tooth to a complete set en masse. Feet reduced
N B Toothache removed instantaneously. Price 60 cents,
mvlb-lm DR. F V1LI.ERS.
J/ NENT BROWN OR BLACK. ?Red or grey hair may
be permanently colored a rick and glossy brown or black, by a
single application of Mahomn edS Turkish Dye; and instead of
injuring the hair, as most preparations do, it improve* its ap
pearance aud cause* it to grow very luturiantly . So ju?i is the
repotat ion of this article that orders have been received for it
from American gentlemen residing in Canton, who have satis
factorily tested its efficacy while at home. Price $'} per buttle,
and sold wholesale and retail at
GUIOMM, 10* Broadway,
alH-y Agents for the United Wales of America.
Or at m?I hssenllnl till ml Alnasssasln,
F'OR d>st roving 4?ndruff, and preventing the hair from com
nig *ut or turning grey, prepared hy AN TONIO PASTOR
llor l ntler, lft.'> Greenwich street. New York.
This inimitable Oil has been Ihe product of twenty fout
yenrs of etperience. and for tlie la* I sixteen years in the city ?d
New York, where I have been practising the Hair I titling hu
? mi ss, and ihe public m > y r?ly ??n it, that A. PASTOR'S COM
POI ND OIL is the wholesome*! and best Oil f< r the hair?
makes il grow thick and long, prevents its falling off or turtont
grey, aud even if hair has begun to turn grey, is such a nourish* i
lo the hair, that by use it will restore it to its natural odor
al?? prevent* hair from becoming shaded, and if hair isolrradv
Shaih d. Which |* a grew! ilisAeorement In young I* list, and it
used tors si, rt trme. il will eesiore it to its natural color, slew
the sauri. and keep ihe h< a and hair clean. penmtea eyebrows
and whi*kers A liberal diseouat made to wholesale puirh
sers. A. PASTOH,
?A Greenwii h street, N I
Price. H) rents per liotlle, hlg'ty peifumed jeil- lin'
MEDll INt I II EST**, ol new and elegant patterns cari
. fully Ailed with the b< St of Medtcini s ml svfnrtlj pack
ed, fur families, travi lli rs, -hip- and plantations. Cor ?*)? by
'"I William-st., 1 10 Broadway, an II) Astwi House
jelA Im*
O itreet. between M.lden l. on md Jo'in sti.ei t on-'oitt)
manufarturini B'lts, Panlahutn SIi ijis. Isifts* rs -sir* eniis
Elastic Mirap>, and also a lar*' a**ortMent of St <as. f> *dy
mada I. men, Hosiery and Gt?*?s. all of whu ii inn he hi
twenty Ave |h r rent cheaper than at any other e?lnMf?btnetil
in the city, fnrcarh only. I #00 dot. Bristle and II uf *i"ck
frames for sale cheap. jel-ln'
Fall Ri?f.k, Mui. May 8, 183S.
Messrs. A. B. & D. Sands, ? I had been afflicted With the Salt
Rheum in it* severest form for several year*, and at times it
w; ii so bad on my hands ami on different parts of my body, as
almost to prevent my attending to business. 1 had mate use of
a great number of difft rent preparations without obtaining but
little ifauy lencfil, and 1 became so much discouraged that I re
solved to use no more unless I could procure one warranted to
cure. Hearing of your valuable Remedy, I went to Providence
and purchased one do/en of it, confident that if it cured me 1
could dispose ofhundreds of boxes. I used it immedietel) ?
perceived that it benefitted mr ? and after using it a few weeks,
I was cured entirely, and my skin was as fair as if 1 never had
had it. It is now about two )ears since I was cured, and cilice
that time 1 have been entirely tree from it. I have since sold
hundreds of boxes to my Irieuds and customers, and it has been
used with almost universal success in every instance. One lady,
who called on me for it, had the complaint so bad ou her face,
that I could hardly bear to look at her. She bought one box,
and in less than one week, she was comparatively cured
? she used only two boxes, which entirely cured her. In
short, such has been its su. cess in curiMgdisea es of the skin,
that I think I should do those injustice who are similarly af
tlicted did I not let them know the peculiar ben#flt which I
have received, and whioh I have known hundreds of others to
receive from the use o > our valuable remedy. Truly yours,
&c. EDWIN PORTRR, Merchant, Fall Hirer.
It is wiili much satisfaction that tW proprietors are able to
lay the above Certificate before the public, that all may see and
know the great beuelit which oae individual is able to certify
to having r'Ceivej, and known Others to receive from the u?e
of this valuable me licine. Not only for Salt Rheum, but for
all other diieases of the skin, such as ring worm, Tetter, Scald
Head, Barber's or Jackson Itch, Eczema, Itc., this medicine is
also a certain cure. The Syrup of Sarssparilla is recommend*
ed to he used with the Remedy, as it tends to purity and throw
out from the blood anil sjstem all the unhealthy humor con
nected with the di?e.i?c, ami the application of the Ren edy at
the same time, entirely eradicates it from the system. Nunn rous
instances have occurred "here this course has effected cures in
one \ve> k's time. Every person afflicted v\ ith these complaints
in any form, is invited to make immediate use of this valuable
medicine, and get cured without delay. It is warranted to
cure, or the money will be ri funded.
Prepared and sold by A. B. 6c D. Sands, 79 Fulton. N. E
corner of Oold street, and 100 Fulton, comer of William st.;
and sold also by most of the respectable druggists in the U.
Stilts. Price $1. je'2fl-lm
IVholfMale and lietail nt No. 10H Nantau xtrrel, one
door above Ann.
H'ormi, I are infallibly destroyed by usiog Sherman's
Worm Lozenges. They are the greatest discovery ever made,
and the only medicine that never tails, aad are so pleasant that
children may rat them as freely as a common peppermint.
Cough*, Coliit. Asthma, tightness of the chest, cot sumption,
he. curt d iu an almost incredible short time by using Sherman's
celebrated Cough Lozenges. They cure common eases in one
day. They have cured more cases within the last -ix months
than all the Balsam's of Liverwort, Horehound, fcc. put to
gether. They have cured a great many eases, where uo hopes
were entertained of recovery.
Milium Cnmplwnh ? Sherman's Cathartic Lozenges are par
ticularly adapted to bilious cases, or where an active Cathartic
is reoaired. They are the best medicine in use and so pleasant
as tube eaten as readily as ordiuary confectionary.
Heartburn and acidity of the stomach, dyspepsia, lie. cured
by Sherman's Soda Lozenges. They cure heartburn in a few
minutes, and afford astonishing relief lo dvspeptics.
Nettoui or Sick Iltatlach immediate!) cured by Sherman's
Headache Lozenges. They cure faintings, oppression of the
chest, drowsiness, fee. They ire highly refreshing to those at
tending large parties, keeping up the spirits and cheerfullnrss.
Iui.r<itivr Istxengrt for (tenons of costive habits, so common
to the sedantary. Thev keep the bowels open and after awhile
entirely obviate this troublesome complaint.
Charcoal l^umgti for correcting the stomach and bowels.
Smrmpai ilia /alienors for purifying the hlood. Ike.
Rkeumalttm. Lumbago, pains and weakness iu the back
loins, sides, neck breast, limbs, joints, lie. cured by Sherman's
IV ? ? r Man's Plaster, 1,000.000 of which are ) early sold, war
ranted superior to all other plasters, and for onl) I'JJ cents.
SAmwitH*! TrHhtnt PUuttr affords astonishing relief when
worn on the bark of the neck of children cutting their teeth.
liver Complaint, jaundice, female obstructions, lie. cured
by Sherman's celebrated Rojal llepalin *, which has cured more
cases within the lastsa*<>n than all other remedies pat toge
ther. It is with difficulty the proprietor can supply the increas
ing d '?maml for this |?>pular medicine.
N. B. ? All kinds of medicine can he had made luto Lozenges
and rendered plrisaot at 106 Nassau street. Also, Peppermint,
Rose, and all other pleasant eating Lozenges, the greatest
variety in the world.
Ask for Sherman's Lotenges. jflK-y
IT IS A MELANCHOLY TRUTH, that In this city as
well as oth?r plaees, there are numerous ndmdual* going
OB rum month to month, and even ) ear to )e?r, suffering under
a certain disorder which they feel to be ?festructive both to bod)
and mind Deceived, aud almost broken hearted, by the varl
oas boasting people, whose pretensions fil I one papers, they know i
not how to act or in whom to conlide. It is scarcely possible to |
imagine the amount of bodily and mental misery arising ftnm
the |ie'>ple here alluded to; nor was I aware myself of its full
extent, until the publication of my " Private Troatise"? a little
volume designed for those wlu> wish for a private, as well ae an
immediate and |>erfect cure of these complaints, but whirl, how
ever, has given me a most ab'.indant opportunity of witnessing
these facts Many, for instance, have assured me, with the bit
trrest feelings of regret, that they had boen led on to lake from
10 to IA bottles of drops; others as many boxes of pslls; and
others again have fallen into the hands of advertising people,
(some of the moat boasting of the kind) who, it afterwards ap
peared, have lieen entirely ignorant of the different varieties
and chanres which these complaint* assume and undergo. It
must, therefore, he strikingly apparent to every thinking per
son. that nothing is of greater consequence than to aarert am,
beforehand, something of the skill and reputation of the pbvsi
sian lo be consulted in these peculiar disease*: and it i* on thi*
account I deem it proper here to give the following statemeat
of myself i
Beside the rank I hold of graduate of the University of Edin
burgh, aud member of the College of Surgeon*. London, lie.
hi ., as well a* being live author of a volume expressly on these
subjects, (the result of nearly thirty year* experrence,) I have
al*o testimonial alters from the most eminent of the profession,
as Sir Aslley Cornier. London, lo the most eminent physicians
of America, as nr. Molt, of New Yosk, and Dr. Hiysiek, of
Philadelphia, and which I am permitted to show to any one
who wishes it. These authorities and qualification*. therefore,
allow me, with peculiar satisfaction, lo state, thai I devote a
portion of my time expressly to the*e diseases, and may be con
sulted in my private study at my resident e, 3H Court landt street,
New York, at an* hour
Those who at a afflicted with any defect or complicated com
plaint of the generative organs, however long slatiifiiig, will ob?
lam every possible relief ; while those who apply iu the earl)
Stages of the disorder, will U agreeably surprised at the imme.
diate and convenient mode of cure pursued
Fematrs who wish lo stale their case by post, or are in any
kind of doubt or fear, wsll meet with the most faithful and del
mate attention. On this I would lay the greater stress, because
there are various affection* incident to the sexual organs, which,
though resembling certain complaints, are neeerthelrss perfect
Ij innocent, and to which all ire subject. It j* a truly awful
tiling, when such cases fall into Ihe hands of unskilful or un
principled men
For lho*e who wi?h it, or are obliged to travel, a litljr chest,
with lock and key. i* fitted up, containing every thing necessarv
for the cure, having Ihe little treatise Hied in the lid. His
sent lo an) distance? price f I'l. This e volume also un
folds the nature of certain fsc.ta which are often deeply inter
| -stinc to married people who have no children.
Willi regard to stricture, or gleet depending on s strictnre,
generally Ihe consequence of badly treated gonorrhma.il cannot
He loo well known, thai all Ihe medicine in the world, alone,
will never cure it. Those, however, wlio are resident* of this
r.ily, or eon remain show, a week under my care, may obtain a
perfect, *afe, and easy cure Letters to he addressed lo
slit-It DR. fl A I. PH. Senr.. JW t'.oiirllandl st- N. Y.
IKNNIHON'B LATRRT Improved Premium Reirigeea
a lor Factory and Wire Rooms, M0 Broadway. Fot sale
wholesale and retail. jell-im*
DR. J. FRANCIS'S celebrated Ey e Water it to ii|
luflamatory ilunuci ?f the eye. It ha* beta tried, and ka
succeeded in cate* where hope had fled, and when the faculty al
medicine had declared the sufferer Us be incurable.
This celebrated eye water it adapted* to all inflammatory
diseases of the eye*, even when in their moat tedious and chrome
stages. It it adapted to all kiudsof nervous affections, ina
bility tome the eye lids, weakness of light, opthalmiat, kc ?
It will remove those nebulous, truly, dead, cloudy appearance*,
frequently known by the nam* of Cataracts. Kiually . all thoae
inflammatory and uervous diseases vs ilti which the crgaut at
vision are attacked, should invariably be healed by this iuee
timable remedy.
From the Rev. Mr. Davit, pattor of the Church at Badgevill*,
N. York.
This is to certify that a poor man, whom I have been ac
quainted with for some time, and after spending nine meatht ia
an eye infirmary was discharged by the l'liysiciani of the !aititfr>
tion, with what they termed an iucurable Cataract, to that kn
was nearly blind ; a trial of Dr. J. Francis1* remedy, three bot
tic* only being used, removed it to the surprise of all who knew
him, and now lie can Mre with that eye as well at ever he did, I
feel it my duty to give this information for the benefit of the
A (Jeutleman by the lame of Brady, having a Cataract ??
l>ach eye, after spending eighteen months with some of thefirat
Oculists in the city, wat given up us incurable. After using
t)r Francis s F.ye Water only ten d.ijs, his eyes were perfectly
restored, to the astonishment of all his* acquaintances.
Another case was that of a poor man, alter spending twelve
mouths in an eye infirmary, was discharged as incurable with ?
nebula on each eye. So that he was almost blind ? and after
using Dr. Francis's Eye Water bu few days, has recovered
hi* sight perfectly.
The Rev. J. Harrison 44 Thempson Street having procured
a bottle of the above for Mrs. Harrison's eyes ? say* to his at
touishment, it has removed the dimness and paiu which had
been excessive for years ? she had used main differeut eye wa
ters, bat they all failed, therefore, 1 hope the public will toos
appreciate its value.
I'he Kev. D. Dunbar say*, from the testimony of those wh?
have u*ed the Eye Water prepared by Dr J. Francis, 1 have m
hesitation in recommending it to the special notice of the pub
lic, a* an inestimable remedy. DL'Nt AN DUNBAR,
Pastor of the Mr.Dcugal Street Church.
This is to certify that my ryes were in a high state of in
flam ina' ion, for several mouths, several remedies had be eu tried
without any good effect, anil after using one bottle ef the above
eye water, it perfectly restored mj sight, and I believe saved
me from telal bliuduess.
Mrs. ANDERSON, No.3G<trck street.
Mrs. McCaffrey 16 Cherry street. ? This is to certify, that
I was alllicted with a continual weeping of scalding waterfront
my eyes for several months; many reinedie- were applied with
out avoiding me the smallest relief, aud I thought 1 should have
been blind; I applied Dr. Francis' remedy, and after using one
bottle, I can truly sa). it saved me from ib-olute blinduess.
This is to certify that my sou bad been alllicted with sore
eyes for five years, during which time several remedies had
been used without an) good effect being derived, and in conte
queiice of the great weakness of hi* tight, was obliged to keep
him entirely from the benefit of education, aad after the use
of two or three small bottles ef Dr. Francis' invaluable eye
water. it has so far recovered his sight, that he is now able to
go to school and pursue his studies.
Carlton House, Broadway, New York.
Feb. id, 1889.
Many rertificateasan be seek at the office.
{fc/~ N. B. ? This eye water is not prepared or sold by any
person in the United States, but by Dr- Francis, No. 10 Bar
clay street, New York.
To prevent Counterfeits, all that are gennine have the Doc<
tor's ere- 1 an 4 seal ou each bottle from this date.
May 2d, 1839.
{ ftp - Artificial Eyes inserted by Dr. J. Francit, that cannot
be distinguished from the natural, and will perform every mo
tion vf that organ without giving the slightut pain, and for kit
great improvement in tin* art, he ha* received a diplema,
10 Barclaj Street New York. jel9 3mitW
O, A. Rrnitbrooli'n
Where a Gentleman may procure every article for a complete
Onitit of the best quality,
Here the public ma) alwayt procure
Fine good* iu the Outfitting line,
And what is impoi tant, be sure,
That untiring real will combine,
With skill in preparing each sort
As good as elsewhere can lie bought.
Here the steamboat and packet ship may
Their ready made linen procure,
And prices most moderate pay
For articles well made and secure.
Here they will constantly keep
Every article belong'ng to that class.
From the counterpane, blanket and sheet
To the towel ami cloth for your glass.
Geutlemen also will fiad
Their ready mad% linen complete,
From fabrics the best of their kind.
And made np exceedingly neat.
Shirts, Under Shirt*, Draw'rt, Belts and Hose
Handkerchiefs, Bosoms and Stocks,
While the skill that eaeh article showa,
Brings customer* crowding in flockt.
But he need not each item rehearse,
The Suspender, the Collar, the Glove
The Tanlaleon, Strap aud the Turte,
Each finv ae thoie mentioned above.
Linen*, likewi*e,to order are made
By thoie who are known te excel,
Ami the very fair |?rice that is iiai4
Yield* work that it alwayt Jone well.
'Tis extremely convenient to know
Where an ample assortment it found,
Ami at once therr lie able to go
Without searching the city all round.
Alto. Vetting and Stock Satin*, in length*, to tuit pure hate re
for the curr of m>uorrha?i. tilret*, Strictures, and
nnolagoua complaint* of the organ* of generation.
Of .?ll remedi** jet ditcovemd for the above complaint*, thin
it the most certain.
It make* a tpecdy and prrtnanent cure, without the lea*t re
gard to diet, drink, eipoture, or change in application to hu*i>
We give no long ({uackith recommendation* to deceive th*
public. If the medicine dort not *peak for itaelf, no our ihall
?peak for it. Our ofejMt i? 1" notify where it ran he had. md
that the proprietor challenge* a tingle ca?e of recent Oonorrlimn
to he brought, in which the mixture will not tffect a rapid cure
under forfeiture ef $i>00.
Tin* i* a di-eate that unfortunately pervade* all rank* of *?
ciety ? high, low, rich and poor, matrimonial and tingle. They
arc una prevented with a remedy ly which they can cure
themtelvei without the leait eipoture, iu the ihertett time poe
Further, the diteate cannot ke contracted if ? dote of the
Mixture i* taken at night on coing to b<d when eipoaed.
It it put up in b*ttle?, with lull direction! accompanying it
at fkl a bottle. One bottl* lattt a week, which generally cure*.
Many are cured in two d?y*.
For .ale only at I)R W'M. H. MILNOK'S Drug Stare, Na.
I?3 Broadway, corner Dey ttreel, (Franklin Houm,) New York
? and at Jone* It llulcliin?>ii'?, corner of Chetnut and Seventh
?trr<t?. Philndelphia. jel8-3m*
K Since the publication of A. <*|{ ^ N1>J KAN'S COM]
'ION more than thirty imitationi or counterfeit*
have Miccce?ively appeared. Now the 1'ilout ty*tem i* ciploj
red by all the Barlx r* of N< w York.
But no one, douhllrtt, will dispute that the author ot
tiRA NDJEAN'S COMPOSITION it the only peno? wh*
kat etpetially applied himw-lf wiJ h zeal and a?*iduity to the**
euriaut microtcopic retearcbee. The euci>ur4|ement he ha* re
ceived it a ttire testimony of the general ?ati<faclion given. ?
The tale of thie art wle eiceedt hit mut| ?a't(Uioe eipertation.
From thit date, Mr. A. OKANDJKAN promiaea, according
to hit conviction, to perforin extraordinary cure* upon all per
?on? who will give him thrir confidence, and who *?ill permit
him to ei?rcite S. A. according to the raute and the different
?lf? rtion* of the Pilout tyttem. fie appreciate* and combine*
with cirriHmpectioti, all the pretrnpliont given in the ketl au
ihoit, giving no preference to hit own rnn'iliet eicept where
the rate rei|nire* it, and where, morei er, eiperienee (or a*
roan* year* confirmt in efficacy. ?
The principal remediet arc : l*t. Pe*/e, the nee *f which
(uarantee* the infallible cure of XKROTHISIA, and the tea*
porary or i? IMMl M of thr II < i r all I nlaneont Eruption*
(if the tcalp of a Tetter nature, that which i* ?*o?t generally
met with <m the hradt of toting children.
Id. Oder i f ft tut Ijmuia, the employment ef which, in idMT
time, cure* HYDROTRIHIA.
3d. trralitr Piii'it, and a fJieyiAcrefic Cap for the treat
ment of Bldnett ? and Siwlly, pre.cripllont according to th*
different cate* and conttitution*.
A|>proved and reoninmeml'd 1^ 'he Pf. T- Medical Facility)
??WRce. Barclay *t.. No I, Attor Motive. *2 In*
no 21 Aftie eTRr.KT.
TERMS OK ADVERTISING ? The etlentHre ctrevilettMi
of Ike H i a ?m?. both in town and country, make* it a lupwiet
channel for adverser*.
roa Twtt.vn i.ivr* on i.rte.
I day, ft" M
I , . 0 7ft
I . . I W
4 daya, % I 9ft I 7 day*, *1 H7
ft . . I Ml N , , ] on
? . . i 7ft I 0 , , 9 19
rnn ckiht Limn* na Lite.
10 day*, fft >?
11 . . 9 *7
M . 9 ft?
9 week*, . 99 AO I .1 month*, fj??
| month, . S MO | fl mowtha, 1ft ft?
flj>- All adv?rti<?mentt to be paid before their ineertw i.
Advertiiement* in*erled in the WrnaLV llcnaLD nt 111*
per ?<|iiar? every in*?rti?n.
Maaniaa every morninjr, eicept Sunday
peine two rrnli per copy. Cotftilry mlwertriert furhwhed ?
the tame rite, for any ?ptrilW period, an a remittance is aft
vance. No paper tent, unlet* paid in advance.
Wtr.ni.v Hanaf ? itenal everv Saturday mornim 'nt ?
rloek, price eti cetift pec copy. Faraithed to renntry iiibinHl
hart at fll per annum, in advance.
< oaartrowt>B??Ti are rerjiietted to tddrae* their letter* te
j*ia*i Rmiht Henitet/. Pmeritinf tod Kditor, and' nil letter*
? bntinett mint he poet paid] %?

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