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bo r see bin after h? left Ike .tore. I saw bin ia the
hack room. .. ^
Joaeph Stark examined by the Distrio* Attoraej.
__I an 2b years oldj mi a ektp iarp?rt?r by trade.
I know the prisoner at the bar, and have been ac
quainted with hint years. I never asked him hia
?re. I believe ha ii? chair painter. I waa not with
him the?night of thia affray, bat I waa at the house
of GafTney the morning it happened; it was abaut
half past 1 o'clock ia the morning when J. W. Hayes, ]
Wm. Timpsoa, Andrew Pierce, and John went
in. We were there until I heard a bit of a scuffle,
when 1 said, come, we had better get out of this, and
we went out at the Willett street uoor, where I saw
Ezra White. 1 had seen him previously at a Mr.
Twait's in Grand street. It was about 20 minutes
before I went to Gaffney's house* lie left Twart's
before we did, and 1 did not know where he went
to. land say party weat to Gaffney's, but did not
drink any thing there. As I went out to Willett
street I saw the watchmen; and as the others ruahed
out, White was standing ou the corner. The men
had no weapons, and cauie out like a parcel of niad
dogs. Thev appeared to be foreigners from their
action*, and as if they were corned. Myself and
friend* went into the back room together, except one
whom we left on the sidewalk. I did not know who
left tlt? back room first, but J think 1 was out first
myself. When 1 got out of the house 1 saw White
and the watchmen? then it was that 1 saw the three
or four men run oat, and Galfney came and hauled
them in again.
District Attorney ? Did be haul them all in!
Witness? Well, all or the biggest part Then I
saw the outside door pulled open by White, who
shoved his hand in so, and then Gaii'ney pulled it to
District Attorney ? Where did his hand go to!
Witness ? Kight insida the house.
Di>tnct Attorney ? Well, what then!
Witness ? The door was palled to again, and then
he took his hand out of his pocket, and shoved his
hand in again.
District Attorney ? Did he change any thing from
one hand tithe other!
Objected to by Mr. Graham, but the witness re
plied :n the negative without waiting far the Court
to decide.
Witness ? I saw no mail fall, but I saw the watch
man walk away.
Here Mr. Graham objected to the witness testify
ing to what the watchman did.
District Attorney ? What else waa done on that
Witness ? I did not see any thing, because I went
away with two of my company.
D. Attor. ? Did you know of your knowledge if
anyone was stabbed before you went away!
Witness ? No. About 5 or 10 minutes from the
time the door was pushed the third time, 1 heard
the watchman rap for assistance.
District Attorney ? Where was White during that
b or 10 miuutes!
Witness ? lie stood on the stoop.
District Attorney ? Did you know of any one hav
ing iieen atabbed during the time that elapsed!
Witness ? No.
District Attorney ? Did you see any scuffle between
White and GafTney 1
Witness ? White never touched that man
District Attorney ? Have you been examined be
fore respecting this matter!*
Witness ? les. I gave my statement to the Assis
tant Alderman.
District Attorney. ? And do you believe you have
made the same statement now as then!
Witneas ? Yes.
District Attorney ? Were yau a witness before the
District Attorney ? Was your recollection better
then than now!
Witness ? I dont know that it was.
Here the District Attorney proposed to ask the
witness some questions respecting his testimony
before the Coroner. It was, however, objected to
by Mr Graham, and finally withdrawn.
By the Jurv ? I dont know what the watchman
rapped for. There was no cry of murder.
1 rass-examined by Mr. Graham ? I and my com
rades were invited into the bark room by the land
lord. The persons who were making the noiae in
the room appeared to be Gaffney s company.
Counsel ? Had White a hat or cap.
Witness ? 1 am sure he had a hat, and I think a
crape on it. I said to myself, "there'aamusa,' 'or some
thing like it, and as i am no hand at a muss, 1 said
?'let's go." The first thing I saw was White and the
watchman. The other men rushed out as if ruahiag
at White. He had given no olFence aa I saw. The
landlord came out and shut the door, and White pul
led it open again. I did uot see if any one cried out,
or was hurt, or appeared ta b? hurt. I did not see
White strike any one. 1 think 1 should have seen it
if he had struck anv one. I cannot say if a persoa
had fallen bat I think 1 should have heard it.
Juror? What were the persons doing who stood in
side the door?
Witness? Why it appeared a* if they waated to
come out.
Juror ? Could the thrusts have hit any one but the
landlord !
Witness? I ahould say not.
Court? Are you aure about White's hat!
Witaeaa? Yes, because I took such particular
note of its crape, and handsome bell crowu.
It y (he District Attorney ? White was dressed in
dark clothes, aud no one except myaelf, as I saw,
wore a cap. Every tine the door was pushed shut
Gaffiiey was next to the door, but I cannot say if he
was next to it at the time W hite pushed it open.
Gaffney would make a step every time the Uoor
opened, and reach it, and pull it close again. Then
it was that I saw the other men.
At If o'clock, P. M , the Court rose, and took a re
cess for twelve hours.
Palirf Ontc,
Julv 10. ? Curious rate of fraud. ? A simple look
ing countryman, who called himself Jercmi.ih Dobbs, 1
late of Hudson city, made his appearancc'before the
magistrate to a?k hi* ad vice under the following cir- '
cumsUncc* The complainant said ha came to ,
char-. Jacob I*. White, wlw> lived at the corner of I
Washington and Anms street*, of obtaining <*."**? of I
him. under false pretence*. The complainant itated
that he came to thi* city, from Ilud?on, intending to
keep a public hoo?e,and met Jacob P. White, who
offered to *c II him the lea?e of hi* premises, corner
of Washington and Amos streets, f<>r a ve.ir,
?ad Jsl.'iO premium lie stated that White told him |
that Pi ter P. Stephens, Ksq , of Rockland county,
was tin- owner of the premises in nuestion, that he,
"White, hired of him, and that Stephen* had afreedf
to ?in; White a five year*' base from the ]*t o
May I .-? ? t , at Jt4<)0 a year, which lea*e he had
agreed to give to Dobbs whenever he should ask
hnn to ao so. To be certain that there wa* no
mistake, on the ilHh of Jiiae, Dobbs stated that
he a*krd White again if Stephens hau ^reed to,
and was bound to, give him a live years' lease,
when U'hite stated that Stevens hail hired it to hun I
for tivi year* from the first of last May In conse
quent n( this, Dobbs handed White for the
premium oa the lea*e, and <jiI30 for the fixtures, and
agreeing to pay the $409 a year rent lor the premi
ses, from the 1st July next. mo?rd in and took.
pos??s?i >n. lie further stated that shortly after he |
?aw Stevens and White together, when he asked
the former about the lease, stating what had been
eaid and done? when Stevens expressed hi* turpri*e
that White should have done and said *o, and told ,
him th;if he knew he had refused to give a fi*<- ,
years' lease, to which White a**ent*d, but refuse. I ,
to give Oobh* the lease, or to pay him hack hi*
A witnea* named John A Onderdowk, alto testified
to a portion of the farts sworn to hy Dobbs In eon
?ennenrr of these statements a warrant was issued,
and oflir. f [ I oman arr. ste I White, and brought him
before Justiae Wyman, who held him to bail in
to appear and answer.
Nibi.oV? Homebody, ive dont remember who,
My?, tlint " the man who laugh* heartily, must be
jjnod." \Vhat excellent people must visit Mlblo'g
on Morton's night*! All laugli heartilv then. Sin
ners' go to Niblo's toni ght- llu rton appears in two
rery fanny characters. You will " laugh heartily,"
and 10 become good. *
>t) I ICR,
W r*ws ^THK RTF.AMBOAT KOarniHlCO.t sPt.
D. Haywood, will l?s*e llie foot of R.'t>i??on
; " lire rt on Fri.lny morning, July I2th. st 7
n'elork, I 'iching st the old *tate Prison <lo<k, for Peek?kill,
asi.' in term ' .liste pia.es, and return to the eity the nam* af
P. S The Koseiusko sill, on llif above day, ronvey Ihe Pres
ident >f the United States from *ing Sing t?> Prek.Vi'l tb??e
wh?. ?i?1* to wf the President will have a flue opportunity of
so <1. i?K Ity t<kin|; p'?**R* in the boat. jy|| (t.
H KMR "AVRR.? Tlie superior French Prig Courier
W. iV Bredl, f'sptsia RotufW. For freight or nssssse
*?? tr ,rPiy?e torn kiiiNrn rpi
jyll" * Tontine Building*.
Wed*eed*y, Jmiy 1?-# W.
The rate of Foreign exchange it 0^ a 10 per c?t or $ 4.86 a
$4 88 Ihe pouMl sterling. This high rat* csuses apecie to move
a little. The Samson to-day took out $J2,##0 is specie.
At the stock exchange today talet hare exhibited the line
feature* at have been apparent for tome time, indicating a tcar
city of money and a continued want of confidence. In almost
every description a further decline ha* been evident. Phenix
Bank receded ? per cent; Delaware and Hudson ? per cent,
Farmer*' Trutt i per cent} Ohio Life and Trutt f per cent;
Bank of Kentucky 1 per ceat; Canton 1} jttr cent. Same fan
cy stocks rose, a* Stouiuglon J per cent. Tt>e following divi
dead* hare been declared: ? The Utica and Schenectady Rail
road five dollar* ou each share of dock, pa) able on the ]*t
proximo) the Bank of Kentucky four per cent, payable at tke
Flic nix Bank on the 14th initant.
The following are thereturns-of tha Bank of Waterrille, and
the Mechanic* Bank of Buffalo :
Capital, $100,000
Block held absolutely ? Arkanta* 0 per cent. 30,000
Due from N. Y. Bank and other*, 94,474
Bonds and Mortgages, 38.350
Discounts, 11,466
Special loans, 4.030
Circulation, 23,092
Capital paid in, $42,600
" received, 17,350
Due from Bank*, 4.625
Bond* ?nd Mortgages, 17,650
Discounts, 7,156
Arkansas A per cent bonds, -26 OOt
Deposites, 8.217
Circulation, 11,300
Average circulation for year, 7,000
It is stated in the western paprrs that the receivers at the
la:id offices will no longer receive the note* of the Illinois
banks^pecie or St. Louis bank notes are the only means of pay
ing f >r land in that section. This lias caused the banks of that
section rapidly to curtail their business in order to avoid the
growing demand for specie; so scarce ha* New York funds be
come throughout the south an1' west, '-that great difficulty is ex
perienced cu the part of the different institutions in providing
for the dividends which have been declared, payable in New
The specie circular which we mentioned yesterday as having
occasioned some stir ia Wall street, was from the State Bank
on other of the city banks, with which accounts are kept by |
the country bank*. The State Bank, a* general agent for the
redemption of the country bills, occasionally has a balance
against certain of the bank* on turning over to them the kill* of
the respective banks whose accoauts are kept with them. This
balance they draw iu specie. The bills are sent back to the
issuing batik, and the city account made goed by reissue ? the
operation being repeated by the payment of the stipulated dis
count J perceut. This will continue uatil the 27th, wbea the
city banks cease to redeem, at which time a final settlemeat
must l>e had; the result of which will be at least to knock ano
ther prop from under the speculators, and restore a healthy
equalization of prices. The country banks may live through
the storm, but the event is doubtful.
In all parts of the couutry the same tymptomt are manifesting
themselves, and are all converging to one point, a reduction in
prices, which must soon fall to a ra'e which will render the
exports of our produce to Europe profitable. If such a point is
reached before the demand for foreign manufactures forces ex
change above the specie point, an outward demand for specie
may be avoided, notwithstanding the continued dullness of the
! foreign stock market. England and the Uaited Stale* teem
both commercial!) to be iu the same critical pesitioa, each with
i a mismanaged currency and falling markets. In tuch a position,
I that couutry which firat readies the crisis will recover the aiost
rapidly, and at the expeuse of the other. Should prices iu this
country first reach a point which will admit of export, our
abnudant harvest* may assist us to preserve our specie, aad
trade revive on a regular and healthy basis ? wliile our new pur
chases of good* ia the English markets being made at the low
est points of depression there, a greater snpply will be had, and
a less balance created against this country, than if the purchases
were made in rising market*.
From the aature of their recent transactions, however, the
recovery of oar banking institutions must necessarily b* slow,
as many of them have involved themselves in stock transactions.
Tempted by the supposed activity of the English itock market,
they have put themselves under heavy advances to state govern
ments far long periods, at a certain rate of iaterest, hoping to
make the sale in foreign markets, and realise 3 to 3 per cent
by the operation. The state of the English market prevented
Ike consummation of the movement, and the banks now remain
with their active capital beyond their control, aad that, n*t in
the regular business channels, hut, devoted ta object* which de
press and derange business rather than promote it. The Bank
of Commerce is an instance of this. That institution started
with high promises and a paid up capital of five millions.
Among the very first of its acta was, to take a $1,000,000 New
York State Canal loan. Wa this an appropriate act of a Bank
of Ctmmtrctf or did it a?sist trade t Let the cramped mer
chant* answer. But thii mstitatioa doe* aot stand alone aa a
: ttock broker} many others are placed ia the same situation,
' that can neither advance fund* to the jobber, or famish ei*
I chaage to the importer; and the United Slatea Baak is now tke
?>nH check by which specie ia kept ia the vaultaof oar banks.
| The agricultural interest may suffer in a measure by a fall in
I prices of produce, but as yet they hare uot felt in any great de
gree the revulsion which took place ia 1894 and '87. That
1 event involved only the commercial commaaity. By the cpe
i ration of speculators and speculative banks, price* of commodi
ties hare unn itnrally been sustained; this has gone into the
pocket* of the farmers, who have, then fere, been disposed to
treat lightly the coaiplaints of the merchants; and experiencing
themselves no lost, have been inclined to laok favorably on the
^nt. -commercial acts tf the administration. The forced aotion
| of the banks on price imust now give way, ami produce find its
level, bs which operation the revulsion first finds its way to the
agricultural Interests, its effect, politically, may be th* same
among that class as sa the raae in the cities. Iu New York
the administration lost the city, and finally the state, as the
financial difficulties extend amoig the agricultural districts; a
like result may follww, and the crisis be marked by a political
change in the Union.
Mnlra n? ?hr Mark Rxchan(r.
M) Baak <>f Commerce WBJ ? M Jo IQB|? 6Bank of Amrrin
]|?tc-M Ph-tm Bank M-17 Dry Dork ?U-7 Btate BmB
I i>0 ? M North American Trint and Banking Company 76J ? >96
do 74;?4m? ? 7* Ho T!W*- 40 do 7*? 96 do 76*30- JA Delaware
?II<1 II i.l?.>n?0*a- 96 do mm- -60 do ?B+*?? 76*>BB}?9B-60
do **4 -i oo d.< 6?i*an? aodo7oi..'w-i*7 do 0Bih.i-6?doB?t?
AO fr arimr*' Trint l(?H-?0 Okio Life ?nd Tru.l BB*?0- 70 da
'"ir- ,W i; H Bank III - ftO.lo IN lll.V.g T.'i d |W?Uh
?96 Bank ?f Keatw kr *law? 100 do BlhtO? (B do snfc ? |M
do S0163-9A do 804*30- 90 W B Fire 101 ? 10 New York Fire
In* 109? 10 Kifhth Ward 7* ? 40 Berenteeath Ward Wc -JO
Merchant*' 60 ? li ( auion Ml ? 10 do S6|aw ? 90 do ;
di. S6c ? 10 do Wim-M Mnliiwk ?IMrni-M l.il and Prar
I06f? -if do 1064? A Bt.nnOto* 9A( -00 do 96?7* da 96*1- .16
do *JAJI,30 ? ? 10 do 9^4 ? 90 do 96Jr ? 90 da 96|-96 Harlem 4?< -
95 do 4MJr ? A# da 4?)c-l00 do 40f-l00do 4?}?!? *0 do 4Dtw
?96 do 4X1 r,
BWIf af Tradr
Tlurr * fcarrelt any change to notice in any of the market*.
All article* of produce rrmaia ararly the ?anie, fcwt aiainlaia
their rate* with difficulty.
Cotto*.? la Ihii market the rate* are now the iimr a* tho*e
Carre nt previou* ta ih? arrival of th* Liverpool iitimrr. Bini-e
our la*t notice there ha* keen a little mare doing. Baiea reach
near I9i'i bale*, at 1 1 4 ? Ik far Molule aad New Orl'an*, ll|
? 14 for LTpl?nd; and 19 a 14 for Florida. At A?gu?ta, on the
4th, the receipt* aire becoming ?ery *ranty, an* further de.
cline la rate* atteuded the increasing quiet oi the market.
Riat.? There i? very little doing Ihi* Market, and with
out change from our 1 ?.l notice. At Bo?t<>n there wai alio a
ligkt bu?iae** d ing, la J* *a there war* mm ?ale*, bat aouth
I July Bth, by the Wet. Mr. C. Dow. F.dwa*d Heilboth, F.w|,
a native of llumburg, (irrmany, to Mi** Mary, daughter of
late Mr. J. J. Hmith. of thh city.
On Thur*<bv erening, 9th in?t., Mr. Ben*oa Lame rent, of
?hi* eity, 3B.
On the Btli in*t , George Warren, 16 month', *on of Ran*om
aad LonU* Crothjr.
At Newark, N. J , on the Bth in?t^ Mr*. Martha I>ari?,in the
aath year of her age.
On the 0th in?t., after a ?hort illne**, math lamented, aged
17 year*, Mr. J Orant, of Plymouth, F.ng , ma*ter of H. B. M.
brig Brrtard. now in thi* harbor.
Death* in Philadelphia. Ia*t week, 13S.
Pnaaragrr* Arrltid.
Per packet .hip Virginia, from Liverpool. Mr* F.lirabeth
Barrow L Barrow, and two children, and 40 *teerige pa*
?*ngf r?.
I'aaaenurra ffnilr*!.
hi the Bam*"H, for London.? t Morri*on. New York, J
Met'at'y do; Mr I h?? aad lady, t*nper Canada; kito*
Hannah l<i*erman. New York; Captain Orattan and lad?,
Kngland; J B Lcacock, F.*q . Madeira: MrMirtin, New Vork;
Mr Crop, do; Mf thenelion and wifk, Baltimore; Mr John
Mancini, Italy
Pwt af New Yark, Jal jr 11.
tVH 11(11 4 38 I HIQH WATER aft 9 34
Hackcta 10 Arriv*. I Packeto M Depart.
Toronto, Gris wold, June 1 I Presideu', Chadwick, July 20
WHluiioiltr, Moore, Juue 10 | Ontario, Huttleson, Aug. 1
St. James, Sebor, Juue JO
B. Queen,(8) Roberts, July 1
Vi-giuian, Harris, June 1
X. America, lloxie, Juue 7
Sitldous, Palmer, June 13
D.d'Orlaans, Rich'dson, June 1
ViHe d' Ljf*B,9t?(Uirt, June 8 |
Toronto, Griswold, Aug. lb
Westchester, Ferris, July 13
Cambridge, Barsley, July 19
Roscius, Collin*, July 96
Burgundy, Lines, July 10
Rhone, Wotten, July 94
Cbssander, Robuiion, Newark; Junes, Fisher, Charleston,
Desdeuiou*. N)e, New Bedford; Caspian, Swasty, Newport;
Win H Tallman, Hunt, Kingston, la; Odessa, Moore, Madei
ra, Leonora, Miller, StMarv; Julia, Pettingill, Wilmington.
Triw, Nickersoa, Button; Victor, Hallet, Boston; Pamplico,
Ireland, Washington, NC; Jaseph Houce, (Br) Youag, Fal
Ship Vi lie de Paris, from Bristol, England, 33 days, to or
Ship H Allru, Wilson, 7 ds fui Charleston, eotton, lie, to O
Ship Nashville, Wood, 10 day* from Turks Island, salt, lie,
to W m Xelson
Ship Madison, Wood, from Liverpool 16th May, mdse, aud
179 pa*seugers, to Branden & Murray. The M. is bound to
Virginia, put in to land passengers.
Packet snip Virginia, Harris, from Liverpool, 1st June, mdse,
R Kermit.
Bark Iris, Minor, of New London, 46 da fin Hamburg, mdse,
Braudeu k Murray.
Brig Ceres, Scudder, of Boston, 34 ds fin Teneriffe, with
barilla and wine to Hicks & Co, and Hows, Oodfiey and Ro
Brig Sraithfjeld, Jones, 10 ds fm Charleston, cotton, lie, to
BrigGrand Turk, Chambers, 10 ds fm Guayama, PR, sugar,
to B Deforest k Co.
Brig Gazelle, Gloneu, 19 ds fm Pictou, coal, McKenzie k Lit'
Brig General Maison, Harvey, 19 ds fm St Johns, PR, sugar,
Ike, to ikiasoa it Thompson.
Brig Casco, Merrill, la ds fin Guayanilla, PR, with sugar,
to Maitland, Kennedy k Co.
Brig Gauza, 10 days from Piclou, to John Peters.
Schr Joseph Gorham, Lockwood, 13 ds froin St Croix, sugar
kc, B Deforest k Co.
Schr Willis Gallop, Pat ridge, 1# ds fm Colerains, NC, with
naval stores kc. to H Waring k Son.
Schr Mary Auu, Harding, lOdsfm Porto Rico, sugar kc, ta
And raise k Co.
Schr Mogul. Jones, 18 dt fm Point Peter, Guadaloa|>e, mo
lasses kc, Mitchell k Co.
Schr Henry A Wise, Jones, 3 days fm Virginia, fruit kc, to
Schr Cedarville, Nelson, 2 day* fm Virginia, with corn, to
Schr Energy, Frost, 3 day* from Cape Charles, with wood,
to order.
Schr John M Dennis, Parker, 6 days from Virgiaia, with
Schr Select. Powers, 5 days from Richmond, with coal, to
1 ship, 1 bark and 3 brigs.
On the 8th inst. off Baruegat, ky the pilot boat ?*>ei, *chr
John S Brvaot, hence for Texas, same day, Brig Pearl, fioin
Philadelphia for Bostou.
On the 8th inst off Montagnc Point, by the pilot boat James
Avery, Br brig Tool, from Newport, Wales, for Phil ad.
A vessel was passed, bottom up, apparently about 160 tons
bartlien, in lat 3J1 20, Ion 76.
The General Scott, of New York, whieh has been taking in
coal on Uie Schuylkill, in coming round, had her bow-sprit anJ
cut-water broken short off, by coming in contact with a pier of ,
the Gray's Ferry Bridge.
Lieut. Horatio M. Houston, of the U. S. Naty, died on the
34 iust. ia Peqaea, Lancaster co., Pa.
There are four veseels now lying at the Charlestowa, M.iss.
Navy Yard, nearly ready far sea, via : the United States, '' o
lumhus, Concord aud Marion. The United States is a frigate
of the Irst class, and rates 44 Runs. Site is entirely fitted for
service. The Columbus is still employed as a receiving skip,
aud has a large number of recruits attached to her, and a school
on board tor boys apprsnticed to the navy, containing about 40
pupil*. These apprentiaes receive a (food English education,
and are instructed in seameus' duty. It is expected that this
skip will be hiuled out into the stream, at the foot of Long
wharf, ia a short time. Capt. George W. Storer i? the eom
mander. The Concord is a slonp-of-war of the 3d class, and
rates 10 guns. She is now ready for *ea, and is ouly waitiug
far officers and mea. The Man in is a new and beautiful sloop
of-war, of the 3d class, 10 gun, and is also ready for service. ?
She was hullt at this yard, and was launched about three mouths
since.' The old frigate Cou*l? Nation t? ia tke Dry Dock, un
dergoing thorough aepair*. The new Rope walk at the Navy
Yard work* admirably. The machinery is driven by steam, and
i* capable af manufacturing upward* of 800 tons of rope and
cordage per nnanm. Thi* is the ouly establishment, of the kind
connected with the Navy. It is a line stone building, with a
slate roof, 1330 feet in length, including the head, where the
machinery is placed. The rope manufactured is of a very su
perior quality. All th? public buildings are very spacious, and
the discipline of the Yard, under Commodore Dowues, the
Commandant, is admirable.
Farrlga l"?rta.
St. Jaoo de Cvaa, Juue 39 ? Sea Flower, Tyler, from New
York, di*g.
Manssnilla, Juue 16 ? Clarion, McFarland, for New Vork,
|J?- a
Pic I op, June 98? Cotton Planter, Dcane, for N York, Idg;
Hogarth, Crocker, do do; Cfi4rlem<gne* Jackson, do; arr 94th
wtg cargo, America, Fos, do; St Clair, Putnam, do; Detroit,
Baker, do, arr 39d; -Id Justice, Sleeper, do, 32tl arr Wm Da
via, Cornish, do; 21st eld Win Blanc j , do; Lima, Gilpatrick
do; 23d, Oxford, Mitchell, do.
Gcatama, P R, 17 days since? Sid Wave, Blanchard, New
York, la pnrt,Coudar, ofdo,fm St Thomas; Adamsjit, Pear
soil, lor do soon; Amathyst, Tatty, do, 4 ds.
There were no American vessels at Guayanilla, P R, 16 da)*
Point Pe irk, Cuad, IB days since ? James Willey, for New
York, ia 7 ds.
St. Choii, 14 days since ? Eli/.*, for NY ark, 3 ds.
Bahia, May 3#? Arr Louisa, New York; sld Dido, Coast of
Called Ml* tea Porto.
Boston, JuIt 8? Arv Mail, Lorin*. NVork; K H Herriek,
Hall. tt, do; Elian Warn-s, I. 'Wis. do; Fancy, Chase, do; 9th
Agawnn, Butuham, do; eld Waakinco, Nickersoa, do; Convoy,
Crowell, do.
New Baoroeo, July 8? Aft Mea tor lief, Crowell, N York;
Cornelia, Ricketenn, do; Corinthian, Shepperd. do.
Pao videhce, July 8? Arr Kiel, Pitmsn, NVork.
NoaroLa, July rtth -Arr HaomWil, Skiuner, KYork; Ka.
tnsoff, Taylor, do, bound up James river; 7th arr S Rockbill,
Walpole do; Georgia (S) Rollins, do.
Cm saLaaToN, July 6? Arr Sua, Brown. NYork; eld Elixa,
k ftusau, Dyer, lonlnsi.
PmLAOELr hia, July 9 -Arr Rochester, Bnggs, N York.
?MM Mf b? wtmh4 by tkt craw will sol U* paid by thr
Captain nor < onMgixf. jy || at
RKAT FXONOMY? N~f?itH.^-jrR. W a K F.FI KLD,
M. D., Denti?t. office llrMd**;, re?pectfu \j inform*
dM pabltt tHn? h ? Him d? tertnitw-l to rehire lu? price* orien
tal operation* In Im than our third hi* u*ual term*, and will
therefore In fnttire iM?rl Btochton'* !????? mineral Silociou*
Tnrth at only two ilnllar* rach. The uaual charge* for thnar
IrMk, (?Mn il? niiffitiallrd in thi* country or F.umpr ) are
from fiX to $10 eneh. Teeth handao^elc inserted (from one In
an entire *et) upnn fold plat**, pcoportionably low. and ernry
other operation n(wm tho troth eaocuted in a ? uperior manner
and at ??milar reduced price*, all of whmh will >?r warranttd.<
Dr. Wakeirld Kaa brrn carat rd in hi* nrofeoion fr>r Ira year*,
the Inat lire of which h.?* l?.-?n principally in 1'iiiladelpln*, and
ha* hitherto rlmr|? I the mim pnm ai nlhf r nimbm
piotrtaioti, hut hna arter nwh refle lion r**<d*ed to adopt the
cbcap rwli tjniwm. -ml ihu* place it in the power of all i-latoi
to pre*er*e ami impr ??? tlicwr nfr?*ar y organ*, ihe teeth.
Ilrmriuher iffl. ' H> ol*?i ' "" -I ? M- Wa-I .
in^ton fetel. jyll ?'
CHBOUNf RF BOARD WANTKl7-A jomm 9rntlemt.1t
ami (.it wife are MfflH of obtainiag iinmr !i itrly a resi
dence of three or four m?nlhi in a e mfortahlr farm or other
home in an* part of the conn try , to which there iieaay accew
ft hi Nr? \ nrh. Pill Mrlh Ian a* to term*. tittMl n
wiImmh and title of living, m.>\ ? a to i M r ,t
Office, New York. jylllt*
UITI CARBOYS OIL Vl I HIOL lor (alo fcy the - '
rar<>oy or in larfer ?|u.tntiiir?. at the Drug, Dye Wood.
Paint, and Oil F.*l*bli*hment of
jyll Iw N?i? |H4anil I **? I ? > w|r| it
RHr.ADr.jji, think ron YoriisKLri- m ntkk *
RKD DROP. ? Tht? medicine i* tfir remit of ?n ag' ofrlo** 1
application, *tudy , rtperienrc and etperimenta of the nml cele.
braird medical g-ntlemm In thi* dt*ea*- eoer known, whoa* I
writing* on thin cla*? of de> ??e> ?erre M a teat hook for rrery 1
medical writer alnce treating on the *ubjecl, and which *rr '
nearly ont of print, one eon* af which i? a I ? II taken care ef in j
Ihe library of Pmn?vl*ania llo?pital; the receipt wa? obtained 1
in F.urorw- 4Ate^re i?fo,by the preacnt m^niifiaturcr of it, who ?
h*? uaen it in hit practice erer tince, until ha retired fr<'m'pub- 1
lie practice, and it w-ta through r ire motiref of philanthropy
that it w?* made pul'lic, the pri< e aiwiyit-? remain at one dollar
per bottle to he wthin the r^ach > f ftioat unfortunate.
of the moat intelligent ,tinhi%<<ei1 ;.b??iiia"? haring ^I'^nitre.
pealed trial*, hara adopted 1 1. ? itf of it in Ilk tit practice, and
without feor of it* erer bring HtCo?lpli?he?l. The * >r1d i* clial
Imife^ to furnith a medi?ln? a? certain, ?.?fe, and eipeditiou* il
t'ie e*tirpatio? of .li??a?. in ? ? rr h??'it, roii? titiition, ?e* and
?ituation. without diet or auy r eft ric lion* whatettr, aa ti\e in
ralunble Hunter'* Red Drop r.rery nhial renuine will hare
thr written fignatnre of Dr. If. t.KViSO^ of whom it ran
h?- obtained privately at t DlfWM ?tre?t, tbe only place m N'W
frrk f I prr phW. jyll-lt
madaml caradori allan'8 benefit.
THE BARBER OF SEVILLE? Count Almaviva, Mr.
Horncastle ? R?iid?, Madame Caradori Allan
After which the RiT AL FAUES ? Mar<iuis de Pre ri lie, Mr
Wheatley Victoire, Mrs RichardMin.
To conclude with a part of the W Act of CINDERELLA, ?
Pnuee, Mr. Horncastle? I inderella, Madame Caradori
Door* jpen at 6? performance te commence at quarter put
7 o'clock. 1 r
Bo* Ticket*, f 1? Pi t, M ?eitM 'all err, 34 cent*.
AGER AND DIRECTOR? Tint evening, will b*
porf >rmed,
MAZEPPA? Mazeppa, Mr Woolford? Oliutka, Mr*. Ro
To conclude with
THE LION KINO; Or The Bandit's Dnom? Afgha, tlie Li
on King, Mr. Carter ? Zenora, Mr? Proctor? ZitU, Mrs
Door* open at 7 o'clock ?the performance to commence at hall
pad 7 precisely.
Prices ? Boxes. 7fi cent* ? Pit, SfJ ceut* ? Gallery, 2ft cents.
LLAM N1BLO respectfully aunounces that this Estab
lishment is now open for the SEASON.
at the earnest request ol' numerous patrons, the proprietor
ha* engaged
The entertainments will commence with
MY FRIEND THE GOVERNOR, Pechillo, Mr. Burton?
Fillippi, Mr*. Conway.
T? conclude with the LOTTERY TICKET ? Wormwood
Mr. Barton.
Civil a?d elBcieut Officer* will be in attendance to preserve
good order, and prevent tha admission of improper persons.
No postponement at any time, as visitor* to the Garden can
pass from the street, through the Grand Promenade to the Pro
menade Saloon, free from aainp or wet at all tiuie*k
Ticket* &0 cents.
Deor* open at 7 ? the entertaiment* to aommence at 8
Oauiibasse* will run to and from the City Hotel to the Gar
den, during the eve. in*. jylO-y
BENEFIT, it respectfully anuouueed to take place ut the
Park Theatre on Tnursday, July 11, (being positively Her last
appearance on the stage previous to her departure for Eu
rin- performance will consist of The B ihhvr or ?kvillb,
the part of Rosin.i, by Madame Caradori Allau ? and the third
act of Cenerentola, iu which Madame Caradori Allau will sing
the celebrated Rondo and variations, " Non piu mesta."
VANXII ALL GARDEN. ? The proprietor* of the above
Establishment will give a free Exhibition of Fire Works,
on Thursday evening, July lltli, as an accident occurred to the
Fire Works prepared for the 4th of July, preventing thtir giv
ing the full display they advertised.
The Garden will be brilliantly illuminated, and a full Band
of Music will commence playing at 7 o'clock, and contiuue the
The door* will he opened free day aud night.
The display will take place at ten o'clock precisely, at whick
time the signal will be given by the tound of the trumpet.
Entrance in Bowery aud Lafayette place. jylO-'it*
tween Dutchman and Awful, three mile heats, in harness,
will come off THIS DAY, the 1 1th of the month. Dutch
man bets Awfwl foAOO against $3500, to commcnce at half past
4 o'clock.
Club Ticket* $1. jylflt*
t'iiy naiooM.
0(7- THE IN* ERNAL REGIONS! so well known by
reputation throughout the Union, and which has been iu suc
cessful operation for the last tea years, is now located at the
City Saloou, (formerly llauniiigton's Dioramas) and uext dewr
to the American Museum, where the whole may be seen Every
Evening at half-past 8 o'clock, precisely.
It may a'dd to to the interest of this Exhibition, by stating
that all the Skeleton* therein contained are those of malefactors
executed in Ohio, within the last tweuty years, for their crimi
nal offences.
Previou* to which may be seen the following NIGHT ILLU
SIONS, prodin" d l>v the NeW IMoMfUnl Apparatus. 1 ><?-))
from London, called the NOCTURNAL POLYMORPHOUS
I ? Harleiiuiu directed 14? Ghost i?f Calvin Edsoa
'2 ? The Monster 16 ? Kemble in Romeo
??Forrest a* M'tamora 16? Napoleon
4 ? The Bengal Lion 17? Cherubim
ft? Grimaldi 18? Skull Cap
ti? Death on a Frolic 19 ? The three dancing cat*
7? Gabrii I Ravel a* Tunc hi- JO ? Mrs. liddoas a* Lad) M.
nello. 31 ? The living skull
8? The Haunted Quark 32 ? Swinish sport
9? Barbarossa 33 ? The slfrouded Skeleton
19 ? Marbeth and the witehe* 34 ? The drummer of Tompei
II ? The Miser and the Devil 24 ? William 4th
12 ? FalslafF 3fl ? Washington
13 ? The Devil in his element 27 ? Nine Chinese waltxer*
(HJ- N. B. ? The Night Illusions will be varied every eve
Admission 2* rents. Doer* open at 8 e'rlock. jeltMJw*
THE CECIL! AN SOCIETY will, by particular lie ??ire,
rtpe4l the CONCERT OF SACRED MUSIC given b j
1 1 ir in ou tkc #th ultimo, in tlir Baptist Church, Macdoucal it
neur Spring *1., with tome addition*, in the tame Church, ou
Thuraaay Eremitic neat, the 11th intt. The performance to
commence at 8 o'clock.
Conductor'? Mr J. B. Price.
Ticket*, cent* each, may be obtaiued at the Music Store*
of Firtfc lc Hall, 1 Franklin Square, J. B. Price, 303 flud-ou
?trret; L. Nrely, iil Bleecker streei; and W. K .Millet. 149
Broadway. Alto, of Mr. Edward Deacon, the President of
the Society, 15* Spring-st.; and at the door of the Church on
the ?veniug of performance. jy?-3t*
proprietor* of Ihi* Garden rrcpectfully inform* the public
that it i* open for the season. Various improvement* hare been
made. In addition to a fountain of water, which Ihey cannot but
anticipate will h? worthy of their patronage, and of ?l rather*
who ri*it tlie city
The E(fur\trinn Rirhrmgf i* in full operation. The tale* on
Tuesday* *nd Thursdays of each week. Gentlemen can piir
cl?a?e wilh perftct confidence Horse*, either for carriage* or
?w?n< upon equitable term* and without the fear of deception
All Horses, l arriages, Harnett, Saddle*, Bridle*, lie. entered
gratis. A limited number of boi stallt are prorided for horsat
je7-Sm* Proprietor*.
U- TT.i* itntiw sm Ce'lectinn oflNDIAN PORTRAITS?
1 1 at of In 'iao V >lla|?*- -Indian Dance*? Ball Play* ? Buffalo
Hunt*? Religion* f . rVmonie* ? Indian < 'uriotitie* ? ( ostume*
?Weapon*? Pipe* ? Scalp*, lie., kc ., are now *pread upon the
wall* ol th? large Saloon, in the Stuyvesant Institute, where it
will remain, and rail be ri*ite4, but for a eery *hort tiaae.
Open from ft o'clock A. M. until 10 at nig'iL
Almiteiott SA cent*. Season tickets ?A cents. jell-lm*
ft?- FIFTH ANM \ FA It OK rHK M EC HA Nit S*
INS riTUTE ? The Board of Manager* give notice that the
Fifth Animal Fair of the Mechauic*' Institute will be held al
Cattle Garden from the id to the 14th of September nest, la
The Garden will he opened for the reaction of article* of
Etbi hi ion or coiiipclition on Monday and Tuetday the 'Jd and
M *f September.
A Steam EigtM ?ot less than ten horse power will he in
operation on the fott day of Ethibition, with proper shafting
(V?r the propelling of machinery.
Person* w i*hitg information in reference o the Fair an
requested to call at the room* of the Institute n the C'it'
A* frequent enquiries are made at the room* of the Instituti
eonreruyit; machine* ? ihibileJ at former Fairs, it is request*
that w nen< > er it it practicable, contributors will prepare mo
dels to be deposited in the room* of the Institute for rtlcrtMi
liy order of the Board of Manactr*.
. W-E- i ilortf' {?*?', I) to the encouragement of the manufar
facturst of our wosat/l, are retpectfully requested to copy ?h?
above. je01-lm*
tur rrtt vsi.ee niven in eat*. er
H. LEVETT. 14 Dnane tt., 3 doort from William.
0(7" KNOWING there are persons who make a great puff
in their adverli?emenl* f?r fast Off Clothing, kr kr.. and who
in many rases do not giee the full ralne for the tame ? II. L.
will assure those gentli v.en who may hare such articles by
tin m, and who may send for him. of receiving the rery utmost
?alee m CASH for every article.
N. R ? A line through the post offi'e, or otherwue, to the
?bov* address, will meet with due attention. jeM Jti'
Pari*, iafonns the public, that he ha* arrived la thia city
and tenders hi* services to those families that msk to use his
celebrated prevent ise. the oaly food article now in -see in
thia ci?y. at it has lieen in use in Europe for the last W years,
with the creates! success; ami to those that wish to hare,he can
g'laran'ee to them tlie mesns to obtain them, as he ha* over
'10,000 rec ipts to that effect. Auv person wishing his advice
or pre?enti?e, will address a note to l)r. J. V.Valleaii Park |
Post Ortice. when they will be treated in the most < HiAdenlial
maim- r
N. B. Dr. V. warrmts to curethe/ eoerrtl disease in the
most skilfal manner, as he has hadeoarg) >f toe Venereal Hot
pital in Parlt for the last fire year*. Jyft m*
\> E W AMTI' l.E FOR I UK. 1) H E s?S I N <1 CAlf.^
. "Verbena t renin" makes a rich, permanent, ereainy lather,
and leavea no redness or smarting after sharing. Pr< iwired ami
for sale i?? CHARLES II RINU. *44 Br !*lwa}
For sale at most of the Drug and Fancy Storti in the city
Store# i*J Aun aad I la Kulton drMU.
Thursday, Ju'y 1 1 it 104 t'ciaci, it tt>? wetiui ro? ??
Sofa*, Mahogany Chair*, fce.? Will be told without reserve,
tb? aatire duck of a manufacturer, caiapntiug 47 tufu, of all
descriptions, the MMt appraveo "tyles, Ituth t afted ami spring
(?at; 91 dotea Freach and half French cluirs, ottoman*, dP
vaas, couches, so/W-beds, lie ? can be seen the day previous to
the ikIi at the roonn, 39 Ana and 116 Fulton street*, up stairs,
m the new rooai, arranged according to catalogue.
Piano Forte*. ? At lialf>p**t il o clock pre cue I jr, will be told
to the highest bidder, 10 valuable new and second hand piano
forte*, by celebrated waiter*, and in fine order.
Alto, a variety of eicelleat *ecoud hand Furniture, with
which the tale will commence. jyl0-4t
ilL Vll M ILDBBlldlll, AwdoMer.
Store No. 35 Ann *tre?t
WEDNEiDAY, July 1?. at # f 'elock.at the Carlton house,
corner of Braadway and Leonard (I, the balance of Fur
niture remaining untold, and some aot called for, consisting o(
carpeting, bed*, bedding, aad bedsteada, mattr(**ei, looking
glat*ei, wathstaud*, toilette*, chain, chiua, cut glaas, crockery,
oil cloth, cot*, breakfast, dianer, and tea table*, window cur
toiut and paiutud shade*, llat bras* band*, sheets, pillow case*,
blanket*, counterpane*, umbrella *taud*, plated cactor*,fcc. ?
also he kitchen furniture.
THURSDAY, July 11.
At 10 o'clock, in the dining room, the eatire collection of
splra<iid Paintiug* and Engravin;*, belonging to the Carlton
limit*, among which are totne of great value. They will be
arranged and can be examined on Monday. jyl^lt*
VT (>Tl? K ? The subscriber offer* lor sal i >a very favor*
XI ble terms ?
600 pair srry beat made and warranted l?*roae4e tpnnca
600 ?* u mm (tens
600 sett ? mm bow*
20,000 lb*, malleable coach cadingt
260 ?ett barouche and coach axle*, war rotated
6,000 pair Vermont wood harne**
10.000 |*air plated and brat* tie
30 *ett very line brats military bit* and st
100 do do taddle cloths
'20,000 yd* caach lace, assoited; together with a All uaort
meut of saddlery and coach hardware, anil Newark Malleable
casting*. J NO. J. HUMMEltS,
iy6-eo<l3ni* 130 Water st
New mercantile dining establishment
SANS 90UCI, 61 Broadway.? -The ?ieiaity of this ee
tablithment to the chief mart of bushiest, induces the subscn
ber to believe it can be make a place of acceptable resort for
gentlemen who are in the habit of dining in the lower part
the city.
Tin Dining Hall i* cool and spacious, and will accommodate
60 or 00 person* at a time. The appointment* of the table, and
the attendance, are of the first order; ami tke charges will ba
<|uite as moderate as at other respectable House* in the neigh,
borliood of business. The Wines also will be found of superior
quality, aad at prices more than usually reasonable.
Gentlemen are requested to eianune the new tariff of price*
and the quality of the wiues
Choice Soups will he in readiness every day at 12 o'clock.
Dinner will be terved from 'J to 6 o'clock.
Co/fee, Chocolate. Ice Cream. Pattry, Confectionary, Roman
and Arrack Punch, he. at all hour*.
The Coffee and Reading Saloon front* on Broadway, aadi
the mo?t agreeable apartment of (he kind in the city.
EDW ARD MlLFORD, Agtut.late of Carlton House
jyfllw* and formerly Proprietor of Americrn Hotel.
W hite" Tuscan hats? For Mia at
This article is entirely new, an?1 its properties *arpa**iag
good. It i* a kind of pearl white, and very light. It i* said by
laJie* of ?reat taste to be the most beautiful shape that haa
baen seeu tor many J9 ar*.
English Dunstakla Leghorn, and Tuscan Hats, of the fineat
qaalities, altsaytk c^ an hand? a new and elegant assortment
of rich Lutestring kik*<>n* telling at thi* Establishment, at un
common reducrd price*
The, *ub*eriber, T. BENNETT, beg* the favor of a call
from hi* <? ustoraers j 1 8- 1 m*
NOTICE.? The < aty Trust and Hanking Company, will be
opened for the transaction of businesa on Wednesday, 10th
of July inst. at their Banking House 192 Fulton ?C
JOHN B. MUN80N. Pre.ident
jj9-3ti?* ABIJAH ABBOT, Gaahier.
Hardware, cutlery * Britannia ware.?
1 case Rodger* fc Sons Penknives,
10 casks Dixon fc Soas Britannia Wara,
3 do assorted Table aad Pocket C uttcry.
1 do Wade It Butcher's llaaors,
4 do Oreaves It Sous Files,
90 do general assorted Hardware,
By last arrivals, aow openiag, aad for sale fro ns the shels>?s
?>a acciMnmodatiiig terms, by A. W. SPIES It CO.
n\27-flia* _____ I W Pearl street.
BOARDING ? A gentleman and hi* wife, or two gentlemen,
cau have very pleasant accommodation*, with full or par
tial Board, in a respectable private family? a very desirable re
sideuce and ueiguborhood, ou a *tage route. Apply at 348 Bow
ary. jfi**
Brooklyn salt water warm and cold
BATHS, near the 9outh Ferry, margin of the East River.
? MR. GRAY wanld iaform the inhabitant* of Brooklyn and
New York, that his Baths are now apea every day from ? A. M.
till 10 P. M. for Ladies and Oentleinen. They are itted up la
the most approved ttyle. Ladi** aod gentlemen can take warm
balht every day. The Swimming Bath is eiclasively for ladiaa
on Tuesdays and Frida)S until 6 P. M. One warm bath, 16 e taj
6 tickets, $1.00. Cold baths, 124 cent* jell-2m*
A (mail Stock of Groceriet in a good tlund for retai. bun
nett up town, will be told ou favorable term*. Any young ntii
acquainted with the ba*ine*t in the citjr, who can give tatitfac
I tory reference*, can have the opportunity of conduc tlug it at
1 half profit*. Addrc** M. P. at the offce the Morning Her
I jyS-atu* _
FOR SALE? Sundry *mall demand* agamet the following
individual* ri|; Mr. John Allen, ( arnao ; H. H^rdie,
Painter, liviug in the neighborhood of Bleecker ?traet{ Mr. Onl
lier, late of 03 Jan'?* ttreet; Mr. Montgomery, Cabinet anker
in the upper part of the city; Dr. Dorr, late of Walker *t.,
but now rrtiding in Bo*toa. For particular*, enquire at No
08 Maiden Lane. jtS-ittfy
FOR SALE ? A h! >oiled coltj toar month* old, the m war
ranted of good blood and will be told reasonable. Alto, a
Florida Indian poaey of kind ditpotition, hat never been backed,
her trait it that of a uatural pacer. Enquire at thia office
BOA K D ? A gentleman and hi* wite, or two or three tingle
gentlemen, can have handsomely fijraithed mom with
board, bf applying at No. 10, Park Place.
Q^EofliaA and F ranch afolm. jylO-lw*
61 IDNEV I'OAL.-MO chaldron* Ant <yiality .Sidney Coal,
5 un board *lup Saratoga, at foot of Pike ttreet, tor tale by
jy 10 00 Son I h it.
LOST ? Vetterday iu Broadway, or in one of the >t*gee
(Brnwer or Cliutoa line) a (/old Bracelet with Cameo
ela*|i. The fiuder will be hand*otaely rewarded lij leaving it at
III (inentifh ttreet.
July 9. IS3E jy??f
LOST? At the in Eliaabeth ttreet, on the lot matant, a
Hair Trunk, containing female apparel, and a bank book
on the Saving* Bank in Chamber* ttreet, marked No Will.
Any information of the above leA at the Bank. 43 Chamber*
ttreet, will he thankfully received. jjl9 SI'
LEGHORN HATS.? TAYLOR, l*? Broadway, comer
of Liberty ttreet, ofer* to the public the turncoat aelec
lion of gentlemen'* Summer 1 1 at*, double and tingle brim, whito
and colon d. that can bo found 10 thi* city, wkoloaalo and
retail. jnlS-lw*
UK NOTES of the "Sank of Wettem New York, at
RoebeMer? Farmer* ' Bank of Orleaat. at (iainet? United
Stalet Bank, at Bnlfalo, are redeemed at toe Agency of the
Rank of Wetiem New York, No. 4 Wall ttreet, at | per cent
X china Blanket* and Lapping* constantly on hand and for
Ml? by PERSHE k BRO< >KS,
jyl-y 01 1 >erty tt
OLLECTIONS on all dart* of the Unite* State*, otado
on the mo*t reaaonahle term* at
jyS-y ISO Broadway, and ? Wall *t.
J \ l,V> STEH'S REPORT k. P. AN.> ( <>l VI ERFF.IT
DETEt TOR, containing accounts of *?reral new coun
terfeiU, baok reporU, Ac., for *nle at
. ? y IS() Broadway, and it Wall > t
TJILLS OF EECHAVOF. n <11 par' ? of England an4 Ire
li laud, in trnntof ?4. A*I0, ?l?anl ?**, payable to Order
at .jgt.t, for .ale at S. J. SYLVESTER'S,
ISO ttrotdway ?imI ? Wall tt
BRUSH MAKERS w R1 i the ftrtt nwality, ( r enle bv
? Gold *t
"GERMAN SILVER, in thee'*, ingot*, and roand and t^uarv
("1 IRMAn UIL * bit, in men, ingoit, ana ronn t aa<i tquare
T Wire of xMiior quality, constant y <>? hand, and for Nb
wh letale and r^il by LEWIS F EUCHTW A NOF.R,
7 l Wd ttreet.
ML UE SM \LTH.? FFFE fc FFFFE Bine ?malf* ofNpa.
nor qmlity, for sale by TERSSE A BROOKS.
_ If ' ~f Payor Warahmne, <1 Liberty itiwt.
V/ popular dentifrice can be had. warranted geantne, at tho
M< tllcatrd Lotrnge Warehoute, IPO Nat?au ttreet, one door
a' >?? Ann, where Sherman'* celebrated Cougk Loreaget are
WRITING, Printing and Wrapping Paper, lor tale by
ivl-f Paper Warehouae. 01 Liberty ttrort.
'IHl RENT? A comfortable Bedroom, well furnnbed, to a
1 tingle gentleman, in * retpeetable ?itnatio*. Apply at IM
t lumber* ti. jyS-Jf
fTSo LF.T --Steam I' ^er *ml Roomt. Apply at the nfM
J of Hrtt Avenne and Third *t. JjrS- 1 w*
HALL LAHPS.? Anew article ot ti a Gothic 'hapo, alt
glata. Juet received a great variety and for -ale at Uto
ftirni'1 ing warehoute of D K DF.LAVAN.
;rj(y v II Maiden Lane, aear Broadway.
of tet will remove freckle*, tcaly erupt i na, tan, taa
burn, Ac. At. For talc by
e JU In' C II RINO. Dt irgitt, 044 BroaJway

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