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R J. FRANCIS'S celebrated Eye Wnter i* adapted Uml
iiUltmatorf diMMn mf the ere. It hm? beta tried, MM M
mi cceedod in cases where hope had fled, and wheuthc faculty #1
medicine had declared the sufferer to he incurable.
This celebrated eye water m adapted to all iuflinmlw^
di?asus of the eye*, eiw when la their most tedious aad chreme
stages. It is audited to all a iadt of nervous affections, ina
bility te aie the eya lids, weakness of sight, opthalmias, fcc ?
It will remove those nebulous, scaly, dead, cloudy appearance*,
frequently known by the iaa> ef Cataracta. Finally. all those
inflammatory and nervous diseases with which the organs of
vision are attacked, should invariably be healed by this mes
torn able remedy.
From the Rev. Mr. D avis, pastor of the Church at Budgtville,
N. York.
This is to certify that a poor man, whom I have been ac
quainted with for some time, and after funding nine months in
an eye infirmary was discharged by the Physicians of the '.istitu
toon, with what they termed an incurable Cataract, so that h?
was uearly blind ; a trial of Dr. J. Francis's remedy, three bot
ties only being used, removed it to the surprise of all who knew
him. and now he can see with that eye a* well a* ever he did, I
feH it my duty to give this information for the benefit of th?
A Gentleman by the rame of Brady, having a Cataract 01
?nek eye, after spending eighteen months with some ot the firs'
Oculists in the city, was given upas incurable. After using
Br Fraucis s Bye Water only ten days, his eyes were perfect!*
restored, to the astonishment of all his acquaintances.
Another case was that of a poor man, after ?]ieiidi>ig twele?
months in an eye infirmary, was discharged as incurable with s
nebula on each eye. tie that he wan almost blind ? mid aftei
aeing Dr. Francis's Eye Water bu few days, has rtcoverec
hrs sight perfectly.
The Rev. J. Harrison .44 Thompson Street having procure*
a bottle of the above for Mrs. Harrieoa's eyes ? says to his as
tonishment, it has removed the dimness and pain, which hac
been excessive for years ? she had used man) different eye wa
ters, but they all failed, therefore, I hope the public will soos
appreciate its value.
The Rev. D. Dunbar says, from the testimony ef those who
hnve used the Eye Water prepared by Dr. J. Francis, 1 have n*
hesitation in recommending it to tic special notice of the pub
lie, a* an inestimable remedy. DUNCAN DUNBAR,
Pastor of the McDeugal Street Church.
This is to eertify that my eyes were in a high state of in
flammation, for several months, several remedies had been tried
without any good effect, and after using one bottle ef the above
eyewater, it perfectly restored my sight, aad I believe save*
me from tetal blindness.
Mrs. ANDERSON, No.3 Ocsrck street.
Mrs. McCaffrey 10 Cherry street. ? This is to certify, thai
I was afflicted with a continual weeping of scalding waterfr.>?
my eye* for several months; many remedies were applied with
out affording me the smallest relief, and I thought 1 should have
been blind; I applied Dr. Fraucis' remedy. and after using one
bottle, 1 can truly say. it saved me from absolute blindness.
This is to certify that my son had been afflicted with sort
eyes for five years, during Which time several remedies had
been used without any good effect being derived, and in consc
ience ef the gre?t weakness of his sight, was obliged to keep
him entirely from the benefit of education, akd after the us<
nf two or three small bottles ef Dr. Francis' invaluable eye
water, it has so far recovered his sight, that he is now able to
go to school and pursue his stud ws.
Carlton House, Broadway, New York.
Feb. 3d, 18S9.
Many certificates ean be seen at the office.
ft?- N. B. ? This eye water is not prepared or sold by an}
person in the United States, but by Dr. Francis, No. 10 Bar
clay street, New York.
To prevent Counterfeits, all that are genuine have the Doc
tor^ ere* t and seal on each bottle from this date.
May 2d, lP9f
Artificial Eyes inserted by Dr. J. Francis, that eannoi
be distinguished from the natural, and will perform every mo
tion nf that organ without giving the slightest pain, and for hi>
great improvement in this art, he has received a diploma,
10 Barclm street New York. jelO 3mkW
Or C?p?niid E*n?-atial Oil of Almonds
FOR destroying dandruff, aud preventing the hair from com
inf out or turning grey, prepared by ANTONIO PASTOR
Hair ( .utter, 166 Greenwich street, New York.
This inimitable Oil has been the product of twenty four
Kof experience, and for the last sixteen years in the city of
York, where I have been practising the Hair Cutting bu
siness. and the public may rely un it, that A. PASTOR'S COM>
POUND OIL is the wholesomest and best Oil frr the hair
makes it grow thick and long, prevents its falling off or turnip
grey, and even if hair has beguu to turn grey, is such anourisher
to the hair, that by use it will restore it to its natural color;
also prevents hair from becoming shaded, and if hair isolready
shaded, which is a gveat disfigurement to young ladies, aad li
used forashort time, it will restoie it to its wttural color, clear
the scurf, and keep the head and I air clean; promotes eyebrows
and whiskers. A liberal discount made to wholesale purcha
ers. A. PASTOR,
M Greenwich street, N. Y
Price, tO ^er.U |xr bottle, hignly perfumed. jejl-lm*
Tn? celebrity whieh the above preparation has enjoyed,
for some time past, among the proprietor's immediate
friends, has induced mm to make it more public. He would
therefore respectfully inform tSe community, and particularly
the ladies, who uat? so warmly patronized it, that the) csl
always obtain it genuine of the following respectable druggists
and apothecaries :
N. B. Be particular to examine closely the envelopes, the
labels are printed in gold thns. Orris Tooth Paste. Tlx
wmiyeis iu pea green paper, with the initials of the proprie
tor D. A- 8. san*xed, and sealed with his private stamp. For
sale at? Dr. Meely's 7 (?re< swich lane .Chas. Ring. 944 Broad
way, Schiefflm's 114 Caual st, Church's dispensary, corner
Bowery and Spring st. Dr. Bryton, 100 Division st, Quaekm
hash, 45 Carmine St., Chelsea infirmary, 14o 8th aveuue, T. R
Hillard. 230 Bowery, J. Weir 43$ Grand st., J. Arnold 284
Grand st, Dr Allen t48 Grand st, Dr. Murphy, Division cor
ner Suffolk. Kirby, Division corner Clinton st, Drake and
Stearns 40 Delsncyst. Di. Wilson, 406 Hudson st, W. M. Scm
mecwlle, 276 4th st., C. Smith. ST 1 (ireenwich si., R. Hiehard
44 Division st, Gwbaudoa, 61 6th avenue, T. Elder. P0| Canal
st, J. Miller, 29 Malberry st, K H Golder, Greenwich.
H. Bush, corner Varick and Hamersley. General depot, 0.
Royal It Co. Frtnch importer. 27 Cedar st. aud?t>9 Creenwicb
st I a-j'J-ood-flm*
Fall Rum, M^??. May H, 1838.
Messrs A. B k D. Sand* ? 1 had been afflicted with the Halt
RIkqdi ib itt severest form for several year*, and at times it
wa? to Wad oa my nand ?and mi different part* of my body, at
almost to preteo < m 'attending te business. I had made u?e of
a great number ofdiAerent preparation* without obtaining but
little if any benefit, and 1 bei<me ?u nw:k discouraged that I re
eolved to u*e no more unlets I could procure one warranted to
cure. Hearing of your valuable Remedy, i went to Providence
and purchased one doxen of it, coniidrnt that if it cured me I
could dispote of hundreds of boa**. 1 u*ed it immedietely? -
perceived that it heoefittedm* ? and after u*mg it a few week*.
I waa cured entirely, mid my tkiti was a? fair a* if I never had
had it It it now about two )ear? nuice I waa cured, and aince
that time 1 have been entirely free from it 1 have ?ince ?old
hundred* of htites to my friend* and customer*, and it ha* been
used with almost nuivrrtal tncceti in every intlan<-e. One I idy,
who railed o? me for it had the complaint so bod on her fare,
that I could hardly bear to look at her. She bought one hot,
and ? leu* than oot week, the wat comparatively cared
ahe ivd osily two bote*, which entirely cured her. In
dwrt, such has been its *ncce*s in curing disea es of the tkin.
that I think I should do tboae injustice who are similarly af
flicted did I not let them know the peculiar benefit which I
have received, and whiah I hare known hundreds of other* to
receive from the u?e ?l your valonbie remedy. Truly your*,
kc EDWIW PORTHR, Merchant. Kail River.
It m wiih much ?ati?factiou that tlw proprietor* are able to
lay the above Certificate U< fore the public, that all may ?? e and
know the great benefit which one individual i* able to certify
to having rtceired, and ku> wo other* to receive Irons the u?e
ef thu valuable me licine. Not only for Halt Rheum, hut for
all other diseases of the tkin, *n?*h a? ring worm, Tetter, Scald
H ? ad . Barber's or Jack*oti Itch, K/tima. kc.. thi* medi'ine i*
al*o a certain cure. The Hyrap of Sarsaparilla i* recommend
ed to be ueed with the Remedy, a* it tend* to nurify and throw
oat from t? r blood and ?j?tem all the unhealthy homer con
nected with the il?ea?e, and the application of the Ren "dy at
?aae time, entirely eradicates it Trom the sysU in. Numritui
instance* have occurred where thi? eour*e ha* effected cure* la
"?* <*e?k*s time. Evtry per*< n afflicted with thete complaint*
?n any form, i* incited to make immediate use of thi* valuable
medicine, and get cured without delay. It is warrant* J to
eore. i>r th* mouey will be refunded.
Pre|Mr? d and *ol i by a B k D. ffand*. 7? Fallon, N. E
0?M .treet, and 100 Fulton. corner of William it.;
and seld ateo I t m w| ?f the respectable druggist* in the U.
Mate*. Price *1 r
UK. 44 l.tlVKH'N
THE atteatioa of those afflicted wrth Hernia, i* called to a
new I m*s, lately patented in the city of New fork. Its
superiority over every other instrument will he evident on a
mere inspection, for unlike every other Truss, the rupture pad
it pre*?ed upon hy a double taring, which it so fiied a* to con
vey the necessary pre?*ur* to the lower part of the rapture pad,
that keeping the pad cloaely applied in ever* attitude of the
bodt, and adjusting an, adapting itself under all circumstance*
te the person and ?o the part to which it m te be aralied. Pos
sessing a double spring, aad consequently a ikuhl. d egret of
elasticity, it is rendered easv and convenient to the wearer
The above Trus* ha* taken the place of all other* for the p?r.
manent retention and cure of hernia or raptvre It it aln ?*?
the only Trees new in use ia the city ef New York, and
adjacent country. The above Trust it adjusted and applied h\
a Burgeon, who hat devoted particular attention te the subject
of hernia, and the construction and applieatn a of Tru?*es, at
hi* office, No 9 Ann ?treet, near Broadway, two doort from the
American Mneenm, where they may be had wholesale ami re.
. t?t
tHKIt 41
nr. Jescph fltvnsse. Setir., has the pleasure
te annnmre hi* arrival frrm Tetas. He has perma
nently estsblished him*elf at hit celef-rited Old Ualen's
Head Dispensary, Nr. 19 Pecktlip, where be nil) he happy to
receive the rslh "f o'd patrons and friends, who stand in need
of his professional services.
A* mnial, secrecy may he relied no.
N B Ne < omnction with any other v>#ie*. Be partirwlar.
Wo. IS Peek Blip. jrfcMm*
THE Subscribers, Bole Proprietors and MiouIkMrcn,
?e prepared to execute, with despatch, all order* for Uieir Ua
rivalled Pateat Swelled Beam Wiadlvu* Bedstead*, which are
aow almost universally used, a* being the best article a* yet ia
veoted? combiaing ease, convenience aad durability.
The sacluM, acted upon by the wiadla** aad (welled beam is
made perfectly light and free from all liability to sagg, still lea*
aaa elasticity in the same, which render* it particularly easy,
staple in coastructiou ; tike matter of putting up aad takiag
d?w> wdl be feuad of but little trouble in coutparitaa with those
*f Uf Ather coMtractioB, whllit Ike precision with whieh the
oompoaeat paats are fitted, acts as a safeguard agaiast the intro
duction of aayjaind of vermin.
Fro? the care taken to render each Bedstead perfcct, their
qualities for durability will reeoiamead then to purchasers?
who arc invited tc call and examine a large assortment, aow on
Also, a large assortment of elegant Furniture, Mattraases
Feather Bed*, See. constantly on hand.
J. \V. It C SOUTHACK, No. 19? Broadway,
jelty Franklin House
J. Mtcur'* W'atrr FHlrr*.
OtJ- It being the wish of many persons who hiive hud the
above Filter* in use, that the subscriber should recommence
tl?C manufacture of them, he hereby acquaints his friends and
the public, that he intends to keep them constantly ou hand,
and flatters himself, from the long e*peneuce he lias had in
London, and New- Vork, he cannot be excelled in the above ar
ticle J STONE,
jl7 lm* Plumber and Engineer, 390 Broadway
Female loveliness? superfluous hair.
Nature doi.6tless originally intended the appearance of
ladie* to be ia accordance wuti their sex ; but #ow frequently
and with what unpleasant sensations do we see ladies, otherwise
beautiful, completely unsexed by that unseemly disfigurement,
a superfluous growth of hair upon the face or neck ?
ATKINSON'S DEPILATORY has proved itself in thou
sands of instances that have come under tiie proprietor's obser
ration to be a positive and easy remedy for tnis unfortunate af
No cosmetic ha* ever been hailed with the untvt Ml satii
faction that has accompanied the introductionof i invalua
ble preparation, one single application of which will in a few
moments entirely remove trie hair, leaving the *kiu softer,
finer, whiter, and much improved iu iU appearance.
It is so mild and harmless in its nature, that it can be used
upon an infant, without the least deleterious effect.
In consequence of the increased deinahd for the articles, the
proprietor nas appoiut^d Messrs. GUIONS, 1S9 Broadway,
New York, General Agents for the Unite J State* of America,
for the Depilatory and Mahomed's T urkish Dye.
Country dealers will be supplied by them on the most reason
able terms. Price two dollars per bottle. ai2-.it fy
Forty Years Experience tn various climates? Txo*n
ty-foar years established tn this city ? Neither
Quackery nor Imposition.
No. 12, Peck Slin, New York.
DR J. EVANS ci miliars to be consulted confidentially
in all v*-****l cases, mercurial and chronic disorder*,
where tbe m st improved practice, the rr.ott expeditious ami
mild treatment m*y be depended on. To prevent mistake*,
be particular to find ,\o. 12 Pi ca Slip.
Minerva'* Roi, containing a complete plan of medicine for
every form ?t' the ?i*rase,can l>? procurerl as above, and usecJ
with! ut exposing the patient. They will be tent to order U?
hhj pa-t of the Unher Stat* s.
Also, a preventive remedy against that may be
fnllv relied on.
All letters, post paid, and describiag the case, and enclosing a
reasonable fee, will have the remedy and directlous seut to or
der. Atteadanee daily, until 9 o'clock ia the evening.
The Offices and Entrance* arc well arranged and secrecy
may be depended on.
No connection with any other office nrou of the city.
n!4-y No. 12 Peek Slip, N. Y.
certain delicate disease. ? MORGAN'S celebrated COM
POUND BALSMAIC PILLS have enjoyed the patronage
of 8ir Astley, Cooper. Brausby Cooper, Dr. EMIotson, of Lon
doa, Dr. Allison, Liston, Lixars, of Edinburgh, and also of the
most scientific physicians of this country for the last fifteen
years, and are looked upon as the great desideratum so often at
tempted, but prior to the above time, never discovered. They
are the only safe and efficacious remedy in present use, in all
staves of those disorders, and entirely obviates the making use of
those disgusting, uauseoas. and in some cases highly injurious
medicines, Cubeb* and Copavia, the dangerous consequences
and uncertainty of the latter are too well kuowu to require
Sir Astley Cooper's remarks at Guy's Hospital, published ia
"The Lancet," of Sept. 17, 1831, ia a clinical lecture to his
pupils, is a sufficient guarantee of the high character of Mo'
gau's Pills: w Gentlemen, I dare say you have observed t?e
wonderful success of Surgeon Morgan's Compound Balsmaic
Pills, which are used here, (Guy's Hospital,} ? selusive for ure
thai discharges, and the many complicated affections of the
urinary organs-, indeed, M.'s researches (which 1 recommend to
I your notice) on genits uriimry disease*, are the most complete ]
| ever perused, and his mode of reasoning is so plaiu that Uic
j merest tyro amongst you can comprehend them."
For sale by a|>|a4ntm?nt by A. H i i D. Hands, 79 and 190
| Fulton si; Byrne, AS Bowery cor Walker, aud 830 Bowery cor
Bond; Ring, S44 Broadway ; 35 Sixth Avenue. Price AO cents
| aad $1 per box.
{gj- Observe the proprietors seal en each box, without which
1 none can tie genuine. aW-Sm
Medical card? dr carpentkr, no. 4 p?ck
Slip, N?w York, deems it nrojier occasionally to rcraii
the public that he continues to admj uuter to the kiOicted athir
old established Dispensary
To a vast number of tne citwrai of this mttropolii he needr
no heralds to announce his victory over disease, in its not! com
plicated and destructive forms nor ooes ne deem it mateiial I
be very specific in eniimerstiag the names of the various mala
dies to which mankind and womankind are subject.
To strsage r? he begs leave Met respectfully to remark, tiiat
he confines himself to office practice, and devotes himself per
tonally to the welfare of his patients, keeps do assistants ot
shop hoys, and has separate offices for the privacy of patient*
who can never come-in sontant.
Dr. Carpenter would add that he is regularly educated to ths
profession of medicine and surgery, and received his Hiplonu
in the year 18l>, of the New York State Medical Society
signed by the highly respected and much lamented John R. &
Rodger*. M. D.. as President, and that he has far a lone serins of
fears devoted himself to the treatment and cm of all delicate
slul private diseases.
If nearly thirty years assiduous aad arduous application te
the duties'of the medical profession, and constant familiarity
with every stige and variety of a |>arti> ulsr^lass of diseases,
sided by a collegiate and regular medical education, entitle ths
practitioner to any preference over the ntere tvru in the profes
sion, Doctor Carpenter deems it consistent and proper to direct
the attention of a discerning public to the inference of the com
parison, and an investigation of his claims.
fc/- Charges reasonable, and effectual cures, in all cases
{uaranteed. Separate and private offices ? Patients can never
:ome in contact.
Be narticnlar in the namber- 4 Peck Slip, near Tearl street
Ct'Uh. for Croup, Bronchitis, Asthma, Whooping Cough,
and utlirr diseases of the wind pipe and c!iesl. The med
icine litre offered as a cure far those formidable diseases, with
out blood-letting or blistering, is Dr. Bow's Liuiimnt. Dr.
B<>w, the inventor, is a native and graduate of >he University
of Kdtnburgh, and an eminent practising physician at Alwick
in Northumberland. The Liniment h*s obtained great cileb
rity in Britaiu as au unfailing speedy, almost iu-t snla'ieous,
remedy in the dangernus diseases abo-e enumerated, and has
nut in one instauca failed. In New York, al?o, and the sur
rounding states, as far as the Carolinas snd Florida, its certain
am successful dficary has been e*|< rieno-d by infaats and
adults, hankers, pUnUrs, clergwaen and others, who have used
it themselves or in their families. A lady of the city ? f New
York, who formerly I- >st two children by croup, having two
others seised with the same alarming malady, f> und the disease
eff? rtnallr checked in both, by the use of three or four phials
of the liniment: and she emphatically declares she would rather
be without a silk gown than without a phial of this invaluable
medicine in her house.
To be had, with printed directions for use, of Wm.Chambers,
403 Broadway, sole a?ent for selling it in N?w York, at $1
per phial, and who a* ill give ample teferencesin New York as
to Dr. Boss's professional emin< nee. jy0>l4t*
D- f BIASES from Imprudence, and Secret Destructive Prac*
tiers.? Education obtained in the first MedicaBff'olleges i*
Europe? practice rendered perfect l>y twenty -ft* e years' evpe
riencr in the British Army, in the Military and Naval Ilr.sni.
tals and Arsenals, and iu the West Indies are the tests by
which tnsakind ?hnuld tie jpiided when the aio of a Practitioner
is required. These are the qualifications of Dr Jom* Bare*
lawii, and euccess perfectly uncvampled it the city of New
York, the proof of the great certainty which attends his treat
menl of th< most obstiuate cases. He has never had one failure !
The gteal increase of hi* professional business has compelled
him to take another office, in addition to his old establishment
jU4{ Fulton st. He may he consulted daily, privately, secretly,
sad confidentially at No 904} Fulton street , or No. IS Beekman
street, one door below Nas?a'i.
At these offices may he had, just publuhcd by Dr. J. B. Irwin,
"A Treatise on the Male Orgsns of Generation, aad on tbe
various diseases connected therewith."
No connecfion with an* other nffiee. jel.VIm*
lice 4 Ves y street, Aslor House? A Surgeon of IS years
practice, in oonstant attendance, Guarantees of radical cures
,re given in all casea of reducible rupture, (lie strength and con
stilHtional health of the patient beimj otherwise unimpaired. ?
With proper adaptation Dr. Hull's Tisiss Is perfectly sure t? re.
'ain the rupture without patn or the least danger to the pstient,
?r the slightest interruption to eserr.ise or business.
Attendance pi vea in private houses, where required, at and
aft? r ft o'clock l?y the office Surgeon
N, B.? Patients are ai.nttoned against trusting to aparioa* in
ventions of Trusses advertised as improvements upon I lull's.?
None are genuine unless they hear the signature of AMOS O.
IIL'LL? and the only office in New York is the original one,
formerly in Fallon street, but now at No. 4 Veaey street. Astor
Hese. all) end y
OP" TO THE PUBLIC- We call fhe special allMftonof
the public fa ne Inducement* field out by Sti.vmteb k < ?
Ifti Rroadway for investing in real estate, situated in New Or
leans. Notwit ?sfsnding fhe attempts made hy theaisw Dasid
Male of the Journal of Commerce, vie hare picw re a>otis for
knowing that the affair in question possesses I lie entire confl
(lenceof the community ? and we recommend those persons who
have any doul ts, tu call oa fylveeter It t o. who are desirona
of giving the most fall aad perfett satisfaction in reply to any
inquiries made. j? i7*
Room No. 24, Wp Stair*.
00- J Q. has had an extensive experience in a general country bwtiarn, a* well as ia this city, and fatten himself He h fully
?onpeteit to give satisfaction. The utmost despatch, and an undine King adherence to instructions, will be ?trictly ofcerved.
Rtftrencei tn Nnt York.? Robert J affray kCo? J. D. Die os way k Brothers? Parmelee,18ilburnk Rodgers; Hoy *?, Wade fc. j
Edward* -Vaa Arsdale k Co.? Foster fc Easton? Fearing, Dawson k Swan? Wm. P. Dixen k Co.
New York, May 6th, 1830. djMb
Q MRS. McGAY has now on hand aa aoeortmeut of the most superb Shirred Hats aver offered to the Ladies of Now
York. Her European experience qualifies Kerto assume the very highest position with reivrenc* to this drpartmsnt of Milh
nery,aud that position has been sustained by premiums from the last fairs of both the Amerioan aud Mechanics' Iiwtitutes.
N. B.? Constantly on hand, a splendid assortment of POCKET BOOKS, NEEDLE BOOKS, CARD CASES, MKR
CHANTS' BILL BOOKS, and PORT FOLIOS, of every description.
june J ? y 48 NASSAU STREET.
Constantly on hand an assortment of the inimitable Short Nap Beavers and Plain Castors, at the reduced price of $4 50.
{}??" IT is not oflen that we permit ourselves to speak in terms of eulogy of discoveries on subjects which do not
come within our province. We have nut sufficient knowledge to do it in the first place, unless indeed the object be t isi
ble or tangible, and this i< the case ia the present instance. Mr. M. LEVETT, Surgeon Dentist, No. 360 Broadway,
who arrived surae tiuie since from London, has brought with him a new method, which ne has put in successful practice
here, of supplying the loss of real teeth by artificial ones, without the use of any accessories, such as ligatures, springs or
pegs, now in use, nor is the operation, when completed, followed by any inflammation or pain. He can best describe hn
method himself. We will, however, add, that one lady who he has proi ided with a set of these very necessary rmbel
lishments, is so delighted with them, that she has permitted him to refer enquirers to her who do not apply from mere
idle curiosity, but with a view of profiting by the conviction an actual examination will produce. But for the Utter cir
cumstance, we should not have alluded to the subject. jy4-2meod*
ATWILL is constantly recti vine from the nanufaetorv, superior Piano Fortes, mamifuctured expressly for his establish
ment, of various patterns of Rose Wood and Mahogany, with the Grand Action, Harp Stop, Metallic Plates, &c., embracing the
latest fashion of turniture; with tablet aud hollow cornered fronts, veneered legs, and Grecian scrolls j all of which are warranted
to be made of such material, and so well seasoned, as to stand the test of every climate, and can be returned if any defect is
found in the instrument*. Price from $150 to (650.
PIANO STOOLS of various patterns, to correspond with Pianos, of rose wood, mahogany. Ice.
PIANO COVERS of every variety of colors and quality.
Piano Forte Tuning Forks, Hammers, lie. Instruinen of every description tuned, repaired, or packed, at short notice.
?? Purchasers will find it to their advantage to call and examine the above.
Also, constantly publishing by the Subscriber, all the NEW AND FASHIONABLE MUSIC, which, in addition to his large
and increasing Catalogue of Standard Music, Instruction Books, Gamut Scales, lie., constitutes the most valuable assortment
of Musie in the country.
Purchasers will find the counter covered with the newest and most favorite Songs and Pieces. Also books 'of (he same
bound, for the convenience of persons leaving the city
In addition to the assortment of Music, all thevarioui works on the science and composition of Music, by Burrows, Gatel,
Galcutt, Mason, lie.
The price of Music, sold at th is establishment is as low, if not cheaper than at the other shops about town.
f 91-eod6m MUSIC SALOON, sign of the Golden Lyre, 201 Broadwayu ? ar St. Paul',
To be had of all reiptctablt Stationer* and Fancy Goods Dealtrt tit the Unittd Statu,
109 ReeUman street.
T\e above Pens arc all manufactured under the personal su- liaui Jessop k Son's best cast steel, (which cannot be surpassed
pcrintendence of MR. JOSEPH GILLOTT, who for twenty hi its excellent quality,) and as the studiest and most able work
years has devoted his time in close application and study to men are alone employed, the public may with confidence rely
their perfection. upon a maintenance ot those qualities which have obtained for
A practical mechanic himself, no effort is spared that will Joseph Gillott's Patent Steel Pens so great a reputation,
the least tend to their improvement; they are made from Wil
"Joseph CPlIott's patent elongated metallic |iens are the best steel altogether, and no longer acknowledge the 'grey goose
article of the kind that we have used. We went back to the quill' as the badge of our profession. r? AT. Y. Com. AHv.
quill, some time ago after trying almost every variety of me- " With one ol these pens we are now endeavoring to do jus
tallic pen in the market .satisfied that no pens were equal to lice to Mr. Gillott's usefulness and can scarcely roccgnize our
those produced b y Goose k Co.s'but having come accross Mr. own handiwork, the pen seems to move by some influence in
Gillott's. we have *ram enlisted, as every good democrat should . dependent of our own volitiou.and the characters traced by it
under tne ? metallic' banner." ? Ronton morning P?t I. *rt altogether superior to any wt have hitherto attempted. We
" The ens* itself is worthy its rich contents, and tne whole have pleasure tn bearing this public testimony to Mr. Gillott's
reflects credit upon the estabJwimeut that has saved to penmen pens, as we fee I a personal obligation for the facilities bis inven
such a world or trouble in cutting goose quills, and nibbing tion affords a* w ? New Ytk Fin mid.
points a little used. " GillotteStrel Pern."? * We are not in the habit of using
"We may safely speak of these pens as excellent; asdeserv. metallic pens, but we fiuJ those of Mr. Joseph Gillott the best
ing high commendation n?Phil. V. S. Gas. we have ever tried, and we heartily recommend them as eecel
"A good steel pen lasts longer than a quill, and when it is lent. They are the handsomest too, that we ever saw, as far as
past service, you have only to throw it away and fit in another that goes, and the mode of fastening them to the stem Is su
to the holder, and there you are. armed aud equipped for scrib- perior to any that we have noticed, holding them much firmer
biiuf. If made of the best steel, and properly tempered, as is and ia better position. The cast iu whith the) came, at least
the raso with Gillotrt, they are quite as elastic as the best Hol> to us, is a 'casket worthy of its jewels.' Ou the whole, Gillott's
I and or Rnmia quills, and have the advantage of not losing ei titer metal pens seem to us likely to supersede all others JVeie
heir point or their elasticity by use. In short, wc go for the York Gaaett* olS-y
REMOVED DR. H. VILLERS has removed from No
8ft Liberty street to No. 49 Litpenard street.
SURGERY.? The subscriber perform* every operation on the
teeth and fiims on the moat modern and approved priuciplcs of
(tie Deotal art, aad with professional skill. Irregularities of
the teeth ia children aad adults remedied; carious teeth filled
with cold; loose teeth rendered Arm; teeth extracted; teeth
filed, troia oae tooth to a complete set en ma??e. Fees reduced
N. B. Toothache removed instantaneously. Price M rent*.
m%l*-3m DR. H. VILLERM.
NENT BROWN ORBLAtK.? Red or grey hair may
be permanently colored a rich and rloeay brown or black, bv a
?inr'e application of Mahommed's Turkish Dye; and instead of
injuring the hair, at most preparations do, it improves its ap
pearance aad cmn it to jcruw i rry luxuriantly. So just is the
eepatat ion of this article that orders have been received for H
from American gentlemen residing in Canton, who hare satis
factorily tested its efficacy while at home. Pnce ft per bottle,
ud sold wholesale aad retail at
?UIONS,lW Broadway,
i]g.y Areata for tha United States of America.
Hh olttalt and Retail at iVo. 1<>6 Nattau itreet, one
door above Ann. .
Worms, HVmi, are infallibly destroyed t?y asir.i; Shermaat
Worm Loaeug?-?, Tliey are the greatest discovery ever made,
and the only medicine that never tails, aad are so pleasant that
childten may eat them a* freely as a common peppermint.
' aught, Cold*. Jlitkma, tightae ?s of the ch>-st. consumption,
kc. csrtil in an almost incredible short time by using Sherman's
celebrated Cotigh Lose ages. They cure eosamoa eases in one
day. Tbey have cured more cases within the last sii months
than all the Balsam's of Liverwort, Horeliound, kc. put to
gether. They have cured a great many cases, where no hopes
were entertained af recovery.
Hilioui Complaint i ? Sherman's CaO irtic Loaeages are par
ticularly adapted to bilious o.?ses, or where an active Cathartic
Is r'nnired. They are the best medicine in use and so pleaiant
as to lie eaten as readilir at ordinary confectionary.
Hrarthurn and acidity of the stomach, dyspepsia, lie. cured
by Sherman'* Soda Lotengct. Thi y cure heartburn ia a few
minutes, and afford astonishing relict to dyspeptics.
A'erroas or Hick HraitacK immediately cured by Shermaa't
Headache Locenget. They enre famtingt. oppression of the
chest, drowsiness, lie. They ire highly refreshing to those at
leading large p?rtiet, kee|ring up the spirits ami clieerfullness.
lAitativt for persom of costive habits, so commoa
to the sedantary. They keep the bowils open aud after aahile
entirely obviate thit troublesome complaint.
Chmrrottl humtn ff>r COfltCting the stemach and bawelt.
Sartapai ill* for purif) ing the Mood, Icc.
HSmmitum, l.timUngo, nalns and ?eakne?? ia the bach
loins, sides, neck breait.limhs. joints. Itc. cured by Sherman')
Poor Man's Plaster, I, "00.000 of which are ) early told, war
ranted superior to all other plasters, and for only 12A cents.
tktrmon't Trrthint Plotter affords astonishing relief when
worn on the back of the neck of children cutting their teeth.
IJvtr Complaint, jaundice, female obstruction*, lie. cured
by Sherman' r?'?brated Rojal Hepatin ', which has cured more
rases within the Isst s< ason than all other remedies pat toge
ther. It is with difficulty 'he praprii tor can supply the increas
ing d< mand for this popular Medicine.
N. B. -All kindt of medicine ? in be had made into Lozenges
md rendered aleaeaat at 106 Nnasau street. Alto, Peppermint,
Rose, and all other pleatant eating L tenges, the greatest
variety la the world.
Ask for Sherman't Loteages. jelt-y
NEMOVAL.? MRS BLANC ha* removed from #1 Aaa
street to 'Kit William street, and <*nnlinues to teach Em
broidery, Rai?ed Work ia Silk and Wonted, makiag Wat,
Worsted and Hhell Flowers and Wat Fruits, ke, kr. on the
mo?t reasonable term?.
Drawing* for embroidery on silk furnished for tale, Wat
Sheets, Colors, and Wai Fruit*. jell lra*
IT IS A MELANCHOLY TRUTH. that In thi* city >?
well a* other plate*, there ?*r c uumeruii* ndivid.ial* going
on row month to month, and even year to year, suffering under
a certain disorder which th? j feci to he destructive U.th to bod*
and mind Deceived, and almost broken hearted, by the t an
on* boasting people, whose pretention* filleue paper*, they know
Dot how to act or in whom to confide. It is scarcely pmablr to
imagine the amount of bodily and mental miwry arising from
the peopl* here alluded to; Dor wni I aware m)*elf of it* full
ectrnt, until the publication of my " Private Treatise" ? a little
volume designed for thoae who wish for a private, u well as an
immediate and perfect cure of these complaint*, but whirl-, how
ever, ha* given me a mini abundant op|<ortuaity of witnessing
these fact*. Many, for instance, have ???tir?>d me, with the bit
trre*t feeling* of regret, that they had been led on to take from
10 to |A bottle* of drop*; other* u many bote* of pslls; and
other* again have fallen into the bands of advertising people,
(some of the moil boa* ting of the kind) who, it afterward* a|?
peared, have been entirely ignorant of the different v arte ties
and i liaise* which these cemplaint* assume and undergo. It
must, therefore, be sirikmgly apparent to every thinking per
ion, that nothing i* of greater consequence than to nao rtatn,
beforehand, (omething of the skill and reputation of the ph>*i
?ian to be roaiulted ia these peculiar disease*; awl it ia on thi*
aecouut I deem it proper here to give the following statement
of myself;
Beside the nuik I hold of graduate of the University of K?!in
bargh, and member of the College of Stirgeona, London, fcc.
Sic., a* well a* being the author of a volume -ipressly on these
ttibject*, (the re*ull of nearly thirty year* etpemnce,) I have
al*o testimonial etters from the most eminent of the profession,
as Hir Astley Cooper, London, to the mo*l eminent physician*
of America, a* fir. Mott, of New Yoek. and Dr. Physick, of
Philadelphia, and which f am fiermitted to show to any one
who wi slie* it. These authorities and qualifications, then fore,
allow me, with peculiar satisfaction, to state, that I devote a
portion of my time expressly to these diseases, and may be con
sulted in my private *tndy at my resid-nce, MCourtlaadt street,
New York, at anv hour.
Those who are afflicted with any defect or complicated com
plaiat of the generative orjp?n?, however long staffing, will ob
tain every pownhle relief ; while those who apply in the early
itages of the disorder, will W agreeably surprised at the imme
diate and eonveniewt mode of cure pursued
Female* who wish to state their ra*e by post, or are in any
kind of doubt or fear, will meet with the mort faithful and del
mate attention. On this I would lay the greater *tress. because
there are various affection* incident to the sexual organs, which,
though resembling certain complaints, are nevertheless perfect
ly iunor< nt, and W which all are MNyMt It i? I Iran IwM
tiling, when such cases fall into the ha?<U of nuskilful or tin
principled men
For th?*e who wi*h it, or are obli^d to travel, a littJe chett,
with lock and key, i* fitted up, containing rrrry thing ?ece*?ary
for the cure, having the little treatise;! tied in the lid. It is
sent to any distance ? price ^14 Thi* >;'i e volume also un
fold* the nature of certain facts which are often deeply inter
? ?ting to married people who have no children.
Wit.'i regard to stricture, or gleet depending en a ?trictnre,
tenerally the consequence of badly treated gonorrhiKa.it cannat
e too well known, that all the medicine in the world, alone,
will neier cure it. Those, however, who are resident* of this
city, or caw remain about a week under m) care, may obtain a
perfect, *afe, and ea*y care. Letters ta he addressed to
? 13-tf DH. RALPH. Setir.. 88 Court I. milt *t.. N. Y.
DOCTOR OLOV KK i* consulted during the day and
evening at his office, where hit attention is confined e*clusivel?
to a seleet branch of his profession and to the cure of such
diseases as have halted the skill of iueiperu need practitioners,
ignorant pr< tendl i <, and nnstrnm vemh r? II. I.as introduced
into hi* practice *evrral new chemical compound* which are
quick in Ihiir operation, and decidedly effiraciou* in perfectinf
the cure.
Mi* ofce iit Ann *treet. The private eatrance is the fonrth
>lnor from the Mnseuia. Lamp at the inner office door in tie
N. a.? Dr. O. keep* a gt<?ral assortment of Trn**e*, which
he adjusts and applie* in difficult case* of Hernial al?o, Huspen
?ori Bandage*. jelMm*
JFNNIBONft LATFMT? Improved Premium Hctrigera
ator Factory and Ware Hooma, 300 Broadway. For *ale
wholesale and retail. j?ll-t?*
?. A. In
WVtrt ? OcutteiMB May procure rvery artfafc for a complete
Oetftt of the Wit au&lity,
Here the public ma} always procure
Fine good# in the Outfitting line.
And what i? important, l>e ture,
That untiring seal will combina,
With skil9 ia preparing each mm
Aj good aselsewhere eaa be bought.
Here the steamboat and packet ship may
Their reedy made line* procure,
And prices moet moderate pay
For articles well made mm! seeiuse.
Mere they wiH constantly keep
Every article belong'uK to that class.
From the counterpane, blaaketued sheet
To the towel and cloth for your glass
Gentlemen also will tied
Their ready mail# lineu complete,
From fabrics the best ?f their kind,
And made up exceedingly neat.
Shirts, Under Shirts, Draw'rs, Belts and Hose,
Handkerchief*. Bosoms and Stocks,
Whilv the skill that each article show.*
Brians customers crowding in flocks
But he need ant each item rehearse ,
The Suspender, the Collar, the (More
The Pantaloon, Strap and the Purse,
Each fin ? ;m those meutioaed above.
Linens, likewise, to order are made
By those who are known to excel
And the very fair price that is paid
Yields work that is always doue well
'Tis extremely convenient to know
Where an ample assortment is found,
And at once there be able te go
Without searching the city all round.
Also. Vesting and Stock Satins, in lengths, to suit purchasers
for the cure of Gonorrhoea, Gleets, Strictures, and
anolagous complaints of the organs of generation.
Of all remedies yet discovered for the above complaints, this
is the most certain.
It makes a speedy and permanent cure, without the least r^
gard to diet, driuk, exposure, ?r change in application to busi
We give no long i^uackUh recommendations to deceive the
public. If the medicine does not speak fur itself, no one shall
speak for it. Our object is to notify where it can he had, and
that the proprietor challenge* a single case of recent Goacrrhcee
to be brought, in which the mixture will not effect a rapid cur*
uudcr forfeiture of $600.
This is a disease that unfortuuately pervades all ranks of so
ciety ? high, low, rich and poor, inatrimouial and single. They
are now presented with a remedy by which they can euro
themselves without the least exposure, m the shvrtist time pos
Further, the disease cannot be contracted if a dose of the
Mixture is taken at night on going to bid wl.en exposed.
It is put up in bolilei, with full directions accompanying it
at $1 a bottle. One bottle lasts a week, which generally cur**.
Many are cured in two d^ys.
For sale only Ht DR WM. H. MILNOR'S Drug Store, N?.'
193 Broadway, corner Dey street, (Franklin House,) New York
? and at Jones & Hutchinson's, corner of Chesiiut aud Seventh
streets, Philadelphia. jel8-3m*
For puryifyinqthe blood and creating
an appetite. ? These Pills, which are so emiueutly usefu
for pains in the head, stomach and bowels, have been before lh?
public for twenty years, and are so well known that the pro
prietor deems it unnecessary to publish any of the thousand
certificates, which can be procured, of their efflcacy from emi
nent physicians and others.
Dr. Davenport's Celebrated Eye Water, which hat been
thoroughly prosed for thirty years, to be a mild, safe, and speedy
cure for ?(? diseases of the eyes.
I ik?v."i?? th'.t valuihle Itch Ointment, prepared by J. Whea
ton. and so lon~ knoaii t. a sneedy cure lor that loathsome
disease, and for all kiuds of pimp ** on the skin
The ab?ve valuable medieines are for sale iu this city by
Lawrence Keese ii Co., Duryee k Cockuraf, H. H. SchieiL>lin
U Co., and others.
All orders directed to GEO. DIXON, Dedham, Mass.. will
be promptly attended to. jelO-Am*
In priinordia rfiitfi ri'furunt.
THF.SF. important medical application* enjoyed, for soma
time before they were bnniglit to general notice, a high
reputation with a limited number of the medical profetiion in
the English metropolis, by whom their valuable pro<>ertie? were
well understood and fully appreciated. It wan ou the itioag re
presentation of those gentlemen that the proprietor* fr?t r<v
solrcd to enlarge the ?|diere of usefulness of bodien calculated,
a* thete unqae.tionably are, to effect a more extruded amount
of relief, in disease* or accident* affecting the exterior of the
human frame, than any subtt laecs previously known, and they
are offered to the entire population of the United State* witu
the full conviction that they will be found the most uteful aa
valuable preparation* ever *abmitlcd lo public notice.
The Cerate ? which it of a |ieculiarlv delicate nature to tlia
light and twuch, and, in it* original or plain *taie, equally mode
rous and divested of all unctuous ciiaracter ? is pr< pared indif
fereut combination*, especially adapted to the relief oftlievarfl
ou* cutaneu* and muscular disease* which hare been proved
to yield to the influence of it* extraordinary power.
The leading general pro|iertic* of these combination* are the
?tlmulant, ahtorbei t and eouutir-irntant .ad<!ed tu power f
healing qualities, which ne<e?*arHy exi*t in differca 'degree* . ia
the various modifications to which they have been *iibjected, for
adaptation lo their teveral iutemled u*e*. The Liiinienl and
Cerate*, thu* prepared, constitute, res|>ectively, rapid and rffec
tual remedies for Gout? in torn* ?tate*. Kheumat.c Aff< c lions.
Lumbago, Glandular (writing*, many instances of Scrofulous
Sore* snd 8w< King*, Yaw*, Tum< r*, Helaxid So-e Throat* j
Hooping Cough, t roup, Swelled Face or Unm*. N'Ti oa? Head
ache, wme ca*e* of Deafne**. external liiflainmnt on in all ita
?hape*. Boil*. Ulcerated a r>d other wound*, Spriins. Cramp,
Brui*e?, Burn*. Scald*, F.ry*ipela*, Muxjuito Brio, Vcncm< ua
Sting*. Itch, Craw craw* King-worm. Scaldln ?d/C-r.>ccr?' Itc^
t'hilhlaliu. Bullion*, Corn*, Tender F*et, Chigui, Crab Vaw*,
Paralysis of a lAcal chsractcr, Sciatica, and Tic-douloureau* .
A* no clat* of satiety i* exeii.pt from the liability tu twine ?r
other of the*e attack*, to lo every rank mu<l acces* to *uch a
powerful *erie*of *imple, but effectual, re medic* be highly de
The Proprietor* give their (olema atsuiance, that there ia
not a fadt ?tated with respect to the power* ol tbe?e suhataacea
or to be inferred from the term* either of the forecoiug re
mark*, or of the following direction*, which ia not fully estab
li*hed in every cla** of caae*. in the private prnctke of medical
men of great re-pectahility in the metrnpolf. ai d that each of
the preparation*, although mo*l effectual ia It* remedial char
acter, i* in the highest degree innocent in It* entire composi
tion, and may, eonv quently, be u?ed with prrfrct safety.
Amicus to avoid exaggerated or needle*? rrprrscala'Mtlu^ tha
Proprn tor* abstain from all further remark, beyond th< aece*
*ary,aud rather full, detail of instruction* for the u*? of tha
*everal remedie*, in the particular ca*e* ta which they are a|
plicable; fully assured that the h?*t recommendation for ti a
general adoption of the Cerate* and Liniment, will derived fro?
the char evidence* ef their efficacy, wherever recourse may b*
had to them, for relief ia any of lii? disorder* or injuries abova
Vhe Hoywl Britith Cerate* are made ap, in all Cirir raodifi
cation*, in borne* of four tiir*, at :)7| cent*. H7.J cent*, fl JOct*.
and $3 M> ct*. each; and the Liniment in bottle* of thire tire*,
with ground gla?* *topper*, at 874 cent*, $l.ftO ct*. and ^3,fl0cta.
each; the Fngli*h *tamp? in all ca*es included. Fly permit
no* ?>f the Honorable Com tniwioner* of Stamp* in London,
and a* a seenrity to purcha*er* in every part of the world, I#*
rn*ure their obtaining, at all times, the genuine article*, each
?tamp ha* engraved upon it the name and sddie** of the pro
prietor*, " Sharp k Company, I&S, Fleet ?treetj'* to cuuater
frit which is felony.
The proprietors, *ali?fir<! of the uabonndi d utility of the*a
preparation* to all cla**e* of the population, have prepared
tor aea*ral use ? and especially fur familfe* resident in tha
country, removed from immediate medical advice, as well aa
for ncheol* and other large e?t*hli<hmeats ? a ureal number of
different assortment*, embracing every variety ef hind and
site, which are kept in a state of readines* at all limev They
al*o draw the attention of parties resident in *ea-|a>rt town* to
the fact, that they have made similaf arrange men I* upon a
? nit able erale, and in boxe* adapted to the want* of the raw*
cautiTe shipping; where the various and excellent pr> jwrtie* eC
these application* mu*t prove of Inestimable value, in the ctira
of the several dl*ea*es and injuries to which sailor* are, ia a
peculiar degri e, r xpo*rd. Assorted che*ts are also expr es*ly
pn-pared for plantation store* in all foreign countrica. It ia
important to observe, that the Cerate* and Liniment will keep
or any length of lime, and in all climate*.
Prepared only by Bharp, West k Co., 153 Fleet Sireet.Lol*
don, the sole propri-lorsj and ?olfl hi them and l.y all the Pa
tent Mediiine vmders u and round ih* metropolis by on#
or more Cheaiist*, Druggi*t*. Stationer*j or other licensed
Venders, in every town in the Britivh Dominion*; and by e*lab
li.hed Agent* in aM part, of the Called State*.
II rf. 'ike a hove medicine to be had at IM Broadway, Ne*r
"hiihid mai i t sr
1*0 21 amrrr.
T1RM? OF ADVFRTISINO.? The extensive eircolatla?
of the both in town and country, make* it a 1
channel for advertisers.
roa rwKi.tr linis on lr*.
4 ilnys ?' ? I 7 day*, >1 B7 I !<? day*, pi
I day, #0 SO
9 7 i 0 :?
? . . 1 00
? .* . 1 ao I <1 .' ; Ta ?i 11 . ? m
? . . I 74 I P . . 9 l'J I I* .IN
rot eiomt Ltnas ea i ts*.
3 ireefcs, . 91 M) I A nsontha, f8
I month. , S MO I ft nsoalh*, ? !? 0#
WH All advi rlisement* to be p-n I bsfore their inserts ,
vertisements inserted in the WruLV H* asi.it al $1 90
per *quare every in*erti<m.
Maaaitro llllULD? i**?ed tvery morning, except SundtfJ
price tw rmh per eopy. CotAitry ??b*cnb?r* furhishad a
the *ame rate, for any * peri Ac period, on a remittance ia ndl
vance. No papier sent, unless paid in Htanre. ? .aj
Wrrai.v Haast.n -iaMsed Saturday moensng [at 9 afl
eloek, price tic cett/t per eopy. Farnidied lo (wnatry tnKsee?
hers al 9^ per annum, in advance.
Coaar.aroenanr* are requested to address their let ten !?
.fames fVet drm WetineM, Prewristor and Fdilor, aod'all .lettam
?m business ntstst be poet pes*]

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