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C*urt ?f Oyer and Terminer.
Trial of Exra White, for Vie Murder of Peter Fitx -
Fifth Day.
The excitement which has pervaded the commu
nity since the commencement of this trial, seamed
to De at its height this morning, for every arenue of
the City Hall was accupied with a dense crowd of
persons, anxious to gc t a seat within the court. ?
The public authorities, in order to gratify as raaay
as possible, obtained the use of the large room usu
ally occupied by the Superior Court. But even this
additional accommodation was insufficient, and thou
sands were compelled to leave without getting even
a glimpse of the proceedings.
About half past ten, the Jury were called over and
the prisoner placed at the bar. There did not seem
the least additional anxiety in his countenance at the
near termination of his suspense.
The Distric Attorney then rose to stat* to the
Court the law which he intended to rely upon for a
conviction against the prisoner.
The learned gentleman said that he should refer
their Honors to the 2d vol. " Russell on Crimes," p.
5S8, O P.; also to the same book page 666. To
East's Pleas of the Crown. To the Massachusetts
Rports, in the case of the Commonwealth versus
Also to the 13th VVendle, page 159; the People vs.
Eunock, known as the Suffolk County Case i'o the
4th vol. of Blackstone, page 199, on the distinction
between positive proof and circumstantial testimo
ny; and to the 2d Starkie on Evidence, page 947.
k> The learned gentleman then said that in the course
of his summing up, he might have nccasioo to refer
to a book not often used in courts of law, and he
therefore wished to give his learned friends notice
of his intention. That work was the bible, and the
Eortions he meant to cite were the 19th chap, of
?euter<in?mv, from the 8th to the 13th verse; to the
8th verse af the 13th chap, and to the 12th verse of
the 2l.st chap, of Exodus.
Mr. Graham, Jr., then addressed the jury on the
part of the prisoner. The learned gentleman's sum
ming up occupied nearly four haurs.
The Court then took a recess.
On the assembling of the jury, Mr. Graham, Sen ,
made an able and eloquent appeal to them, in favor
of VVliite- At the close of his address, the audience
testified their feeling by a load shout of applause,
which the officers were unable to suppress.
The District Attorney commenced his reply at 8
o'clock. The learned gentleman concluded about 12
o'clock, and then the Court adjourned.
IU|MTior Court,
A full Bench present.
Jclv 15.? His Honor, the Chief Justice, delivered
the lullo mg decisions: ?
Jacob Beeson ads. Thowas Lord, leave to
amend granted on payment of costs.
And tew Stevens cult. James Fellows et alt. ?
Judgment of Non-suit.
Johr. Anderson v?. Marj A. Bonnel ? Judgment
William N. AnJross vs. Thomas L. Cole ? Judg
ment alfinne.
Francisco dc Lizardi et alt. o$. Samuel R. Brooks
and Alpiiea Br >oks? Judgment for Plaintiffs.
John S Smith and Charles H. Town vs. Williass
B. Bowes a id Edward W. Dunham, receivers, Jtc.
Judgment for Plaintiffs.
James L. Curtis and Hsnry F. Tslmage vs Phile
mon R. Starr. ? Judgment for the plaintiff's, with lib
erty to defendant to amend on payment of costs with
in ten days afier notice of this rule.
Ann Fradgley, vs. Heury Stakes et alt.? Judg
ment for defendants, to amend, etcetera.
Thomas J. Shepherd and Isaac W. Farquhar adt
James M. Good. ?New trial granted, costs to abide
the event, with liberty to plaintiffs to eater a non
T us Mayor, &,c. of N York vs. Jacob Wester
veil? J ud<ment for plaintiffs, with liberty to defend
ant to plead de novo on payment of costs withiu ten
days, etcetera.
John Lloyd et alt , adt Robert B. Atterbury. ?
Judgment of non-suit.
Axaii t* Williams vs. Robirt aT. Hows and Ckas.
D- Hoomson ? Judgment for the plaiutifT
The People, etcetera, tx rel Robert Cochrane vs.
Jacob Acker, Sheriff, 4tc Jlc. ? Ordered that the de
fendant be fined one hundred and one dollars and
eight cents, with mterest, and that he do pay the
costs, &.c
And the Court adjourned to Saturday neat.
More Free Banking. - A plain looking agricultu
rist, who gave his name as George W. Wilton, of
Wnterbury, Conn , applied to the magistrate for his
advice and assistance in disposing of a package of
bank notes, purporting to be issued by the " Mecha
nics' Exchange Companv," New York, payaole at
the b uik of St. Albans, Vermont l'henote*, which
are v<-rv h noisome, were dnted Dec. 13, Is;?, and
siviifd J. Heedart, Cashier, and W. K. James, Pre
Mr. Wilton stated that he received the bills along
with the following letter, a lew weeks since. This
specimen of free banking literature, we copy ver
New To* k, 20. 1839.
Sir? I refused youn thi< dsjr ajid listr cot )?u wot yua
s*al for in (he New Haven stssoi boat in closed You wish to
a >w i he Lowrsl pri?' for $800 iucl??r me $1 7 ami i will send
ymi ih ti am 'UMt jruii hail l>? Mrr s- inl soon as ih v will be all
gou< for I he) like hot cakes au<l then I lor. will hs no more
of them. Yonrs resp M. H. B.,
The parcel accompanying this letter, contained
$300 worth of this trash, and it would appear that
it wa, directed tosomr other Mr. Wilton, and missed
its destination, by which accident some of the sharp
sighted Yankees have been soared the intended vic
timisation The police took the letter into their
possession, and arc actively engaged in ferreting out
the conooctnrs nf this precious piece of villainy,
which must have had its origin in that In.int of the
papert an racy, termed Wall street. Probably the
great Dc Merritt, or some of his associates, could
give some account of the origin of these notes.
Th e dirking nysUm getting among the Negro Arit
tncracy. ? John Isaacs, a coal black negro, was
brought up before the sitting maiii?trate, charged
with stabbing Richard Johnson? not a connexion of
the Vice President ? with s Bowie knife. I h? two
hencs had a row at the Five Points, respecting ihe
purit ) , beauty, and accomplishments of a brown dam
sel iv ho k.?d just arrived in this city from the South;
and as they could not kettle the matter bv fair argu
iwent, they came to blows, and that argument proving
futile the knife was resorted to a? a settler, which it
proved, for Dick Johnson, technic illy termed the
Colonel anions his pals, got his antagonist's blade
bstweim his ril?s; and then Du k hit the dust and beg
ged his friends to carry him to the hnB|,rMl I bis
was done, and his rival taken hetors the justice, who
committed him to the Euvptinn Tombs.
IT. M. iH>ir?hiil*i Offlrf.
Jwtv IB ? T\? Coinrrt ? William Mnnrf, one of
the notnri?n* coinera recently committed far trial
wa? up to be admitted to ha I (laving en
tor. m I into ciretiea to the amount <?f Moore
waa once more net at liberty.
Jh/Im// at S*a. ? Franci* Bennett, mate of the
brii< PUot?r, wa* brought ?p on a warrant charged
with iiM?.<iiltin|t with a dangrr?u? w upon, one Ste J
phen Foley, a hand on board that vi"*el Kvidince
?4 the it <anlt having been adduced, hi* Honor di
rected Ite'inett to find hail in the anm of
CoHnir.M'a Orricic, July IB ? An inqucit wa*
held on l''rtnenf t'o*, aged 22 I: ap, '?are*! that the
deceased wa* a band on board the ?|o. p t!?raline,U(l
t'lAt la*t I'hur.day he wa* knocked overboard by a
flaw of win I nhile furling the main ?ail. The jury
returned a verdict of accidentia! death.
On William Palmer, an infant eight montha old,
ifh? w.i? w irtally acalded in attempting to drink out
?f a te i|?ot during the absence of it* mamma The
jur? fou d a verdict accord ? "ft" the circ nmatancea
Another wa* held on Michael Kane, an infant 14
monih* old. It appeared that the decea*ed h id the
aam'oer e^mplaint, and that ita P?l?a and mamma
were mifh given to ine riety, and therefore no at
tention wa? paid to the little innocent, which died in
?on*eqiience. Verdict ? that the child died from di?
ea<e and neglect.
Cmmmmm CaunciL
Board of Aldikmik ? Among other petition*
presented and referred was *ne praying to have lome
measures adapted to suppress the nuisance arising
out ol the grossly immoral aad highly indecent eon
duct of the negro men and women who have located
themselves in Anthony street. Referred to Commit*
tee oa Police.
Reports adopted ? In faror of making an additional
building on the west side of the present Post Office,
at an expense of $400.
In favor of granting #000 to the New York Dispen
sary, and the sum of $400 to the Eastern Dispensary;
referred baak to Committee to make further in
From the Street Committee in favor of shutting
up a portion of Cross street between Reade and
Centre streets.
In favor of refunding a portion of the amount re
ceived for the re-par ement of Centre street; adopted.
In favor of hiring an extra residence for the Su
fierintendent of the Alms House at Bellevue, apart
rom the house which is at present occupied by the
resident physician; lost by a majority of one.
Alderman Tieman introduced an amendment mak
ing it imperative on the present Commissioners of
the Alms House to divide the present residence by
a party wall, at un expense not exceeding $800.
Another motion was made to lay the whole matter
on the table, which was lost.
The new fire law, together with the report of the
committee thereon, was brought up, and read from
the chair.
Alderman Woodhull moved that it be laid on the
table, and made the special order for the next meet
ing, which motion was lost without a division.
A memorial was then read from a committee of
foremen and deputy foremen, which set forth that
the memorialists had been appointed a committee to
ascertain the feeling of the Fire Department in re
ference to the new law. After a careful and impar
tial canvas, they ascertained that 553 members were
opposed to the law, and 299 in favor of it, leaving an
ad verse majority of 266. They therefore prayed that
it might not pass.
?Alderman Willis pressed for an immediate pas
sage of the law, and said that as there were lSOO
members belonging to the Fire Department, and if
only 563 were opposed to the project, it was but fair
to presume, that all the rest were in favor of it.
Mr. Woodhull addressed the board, and urged the
impolicy and wickedness of a hasty action on such
an important project. The learned gentleman moved
to lay both the ordinance and the memerial on the
table. This motion was lost by 10 to 5.
The memorial was referred to the Fire and Water
The new ordinance was then taken np by sections,
and, when our reporter left, the Board were discus
sing the 11th section.
Board of Assistants. ? Resolutions to print
4,000 copies of the law regulating elections ? Adop'd.
To appoint a Special Committee to enquire into
the neglect of orders of the Common Council for the
removal of the rails on the Harlem Rai.-road, be
tween Broadway and Walker s reet.
To refer the recent accident on the Harlem Rail
read to the same Committee ? Adopted? and Messrs.
Lee, and Anderson appointed such Committee.
Directing the Fire Commissioners to furnish the
Common Council with a copy of their semi-annual
The Board adjourned 8 o'clock, P. M.
lor 1*1 nin and Fancy Paper Hoxva ?si al
141 Full*i ilrtrl,
Three door* from Nassau ^
Qfr- City and country merchants will ftnd constantly a vee
arge stock eu hand. They lau be accominndattd at short u<
dee to auy site or any quantity tfcey ; also, by sSippin,
them in so profitable ? (welting at may be desired to auy part n
lUil genuine Cologne Water, imported front Or.rmany, of
most superior quality ? will satisfy every purchaser.
Alio, just received by late arrivals, a line lot of
?f the in st beautiful patterns. tnyll-j
LIT t H A R V NOVELTIK S? Now ready, iu
1 volumes?
I. The Adventure* of Harry Franco? a Tale of the r*oic. ?
'Harry Franco is decidedly an interesting tale ? some ofu hu
morous scenes put us in mind of Pettr Sample's *dventures." ?
li Aejanas, and other Roman Tales ? by F.dward Maturin.
III. The Dwarf, a Dramatic Poem? by J?mes ftens, editor of
the Beauties of Webster, fcc.
IV The Author's Print ing and Publishing Assistant.
V. The Monthly ChrouicU of Original Literature ? No. I.
VI. Cowpef^i Letters and Pi?ems ? edited by Orimshawe?
the ir?t and only complete edition ? ?plendiJly illustrated by
tiie Fmilens ? ia 8 voU.
VII. The Poetical Woeks of Milton ? iu S vols, ? with splen
did illustrations, by Martin.
VIII The L<*nduu Kncyclopredia? complete in 'ill vols, lan e
8 vo. with nearly 300 illustrative plate, ? half bound Russia gilt.
Piblithed and for sale by
jyt y F. BAUNDKRB, ?67 Broadway
(ST- TO TMF. PI.'BLIC. ? We aall t!ie special attention of 1
the public '? .ne inducements held out by Svlvestkb fc C?
IM Bro.idtv.iy for itivc?ting in real estate, sitaaird in New Or
leans. Notwithstanding tlie attempts msde by the yisui Da v id
H?l? of the Journal >>f C? mures, ?e lists good rtswia for
knowing that the alTair in question possesses the entire confi
dence ol the cnmiaunit) ? and w- recomm< ud those persons who
have any doubts. In call on Sylvester It Co. who arc desirous
of giving the most full and perfect satiafactiou in reply to auy
mi|tiirie? ma<le. jelT "
fice 4 Vr? y ilpwl, A*tor Home ? A Hurw*eu of IA year*
practice, iu couitant attendance, Guarantee* of radical cure*
are fitrn in all rnwi of raducihl e rupture, fha tlreagth aad cob
?titutional health of the patient heme olhtrwiae unimpaired.?
Willi proper adapt it ion Dr. Hull'* Truaa it perfectly *?irr to ra?
? ?in the rupture without pain or the leatt danger U the patient,
or thr ?li|r>iip?i interruption lo (trrcii* or bminfta.
Attendance givca inornate hou*e?, where required, at and
*!)? r A o'clock, by the omct Surgeon
N, B.? I'-tienl* are c. utHiiiedagHinvt t rutting to *pnriou* in
reu tinn* of T rne?e? a?i*erti*ed a* :mpr?>veiacnti upon Hull'*.?
None are genuine unlet* the) bear the denature of AMOS ().
HULL ? and the only office in Near York if tht original out,
formerly in Kalton ttreet, but now at No. 4 Vaaay tlreet, Attoi
H iiar ?S0 nxl f
roKi'oon omhin room pamik
THfc celebrity which the abore preparation ha* enjo* ed.
for aome tune p?*t, nmcwi; the proprietor'* immrdi il?
friend*, haa induce'* nim to make it more ptihlie. He would
then-fore respectfully inform the community. ami particular!*
the lalie*. who bate to war ml* patroaiaed it, that they can
alwny* ebtaiu i> grauine of the following reaprctable druggicb
and i|> >thecarie? :
N R. Be particular to rtamiuc cloaelv the envelope*, the
label* are printed ill gold tha?, Orris f'nolk Parte. Th?
wrapper* ?a pea (rrta paper, with tb? initial* of the proprie
tor 0. A. H. aaiietnl, aad *ealed with hi* private *tamp. Foi
?aU at? Dr. Vleely'* 7 Greenwich lane .( haa Ring. *44 Broad
way, VshiefflinN 114 Canal it, Church'* di*p. n?ar> , coin*?
Bowery and tpriny at. Or. Brytou, 100 DiftMoti *t. Qntekia
l<aah, 44 Carmine It., Chei*ea infirmary, 144 ftth a*?nue, T. H
Ifillard, OTS B ?wery, J. Weir 4Sf Grand *t_ J. Arnold 884
Grand ?t. Dr. Allen *4* Grand *t. Dr. Marpby, Dm*ioa rwr
nar Suffolk, Kirby, l)m?i?o corner Cliatoa *t, Drake and
^trarn* AO I )e I anc y *t, Di. Wilton, 400 Hudson *t. W. M. S??
iMVVilla, 478 4th *?., i\ Smith, S7 1 Hreenwich it. R. Richard.
14 Hiti*i<tn at, Oahaudoa, Al 0th a?eui?e, T. RIJrr.Mi < aa*l
<t, J. Millet. J9 Mulberry at, R H OoMer. 7M < ?reenwicl>
H. Bu?li, earner Varick and llamrr*ley. General depot, CI
Rwyal V Co. Pn neb importer.87 Cedar d. and "M Urrtiair^
?t*J-*ad- ?wi"
P HOUSTON, M. I)., l)*t?Ti*t, baa roUrn?d In m ? liar
? le*ton, S. C . and Mumul the practice of hi* Pmf?*-i< n
at hi* re?i?|rnee No. 90 Park Place, where he will be prru<a
neatl) located. jelt-Jmewd*
OXK PKIIK II % T ntokk.
KROWN S. 00.1 HA I S,
For ? h< ipttea* and durability, are aot *urpa**ed by anj
Mm h*ra|'>fore offered. They combine all the requiem
i qiielitir ? ?f the murecooly for color, lightneM, dur
hility and ln?tre, at the redured price of 8* Their rahi
ire (or Ca*h. whirb preclude, the nere**itv nt cbarftnf the g.a ?
rintoaier for lo?* iararred by th. bad. TV public art in?it 4
to ??aminr their Hat. at BRt>WN k CO.'S wholea-le aad re
tail warehoaae. No 178 (^hatbaa* St)ti?r?. coraer of Mot I at.
NewVr.rk. my'l-Sm'
? HOli AT THIS. ? W ho keep* the mo?l ?plrn
did Ro> t rvtabliahment in the citt t Anawer ?
i)I.D Bt)* S Kit HA HI)* 8 CO., at 'J40 Canal ilreet, ru n'W
thr*'<tli to 401 Urernwirh ?treet. On tl<ere 'or tip t"p faah
i>>aatde and d iratil* Boota aad *bo*?, and tan fram 8ft to Sfl
per ceal. 34?? Canal (tract, aiga af tka large*! boot in the
world. jeSft lm*
The iiram ship LIVER
POOL, 11U t?u burthen
ud 408 horse power, R. J.
Fatre*, R. N., commander,
is appointed to tail u follows :
Prom Nrw York. From Livervotl.
18th May. 20th April.
6th July. Hth June.
24th August. 1st August.
19th October. 21st September.
14th December. 10th November.
Fare to Liverpool, thirty five guineas ($163 33) in the aft,
tad thirty guineas ($140) in the Tore saloon, including wines
tnd all stores. No second class passengers taken. Children
<nder 13 and servants half price.
An experienced surgeon accompanies this ship.
For passage or freight, apply personally or by letter to
*18 ABM. BELL k CO. Agents. 117 Fulton st., N. Y.
The Steam ship BRITISH
QUERN, Lieut. Richard Rob
erts, R. N., commander. ? This
splendid Steam-ship, burthen
9016 tons, and 600 horse power,
will ?ail from Lond?in on the
39th of June, and Portsmouth
on 1st of July.
The days appointed for her departure from this port for
London, are 1st Augucl, 1st October, and 1st December.
The rate of pas?age is fixed as follows:?
Saloon, . 3.V'umeas, or $163 33
Lower state- rooms, ? 30 guineas, or $140 00
Fore saloon, 30 guineas, or $93 33
Children, under 14 years, half price.
For freight, (?if which this ship will take 600 tons.) or pas
sage, apply to WADSWORTH fc SMITH,
4 Jones' Lane, rear 103 Front street,
Agents of the Br. & Ain. Steam Nay Co.
An experienced Surgeon will be attached to the ship. Plans
>f the cabins may be seen at the oAce of the consignees.
The steam ship UREAT
v- WESTERN, 1340 tons, James
Hosken, R. N., commander, is
appointed to sail during the
r year as follows : ?
From Bristol. 22d April,
13th May, 16ih June,
6tli July, 1st August,
24th August, 12st Sept.
19th Octeber. 16th Nov.
.7ares to Bristol, including wines, lie., in main saloon and
C'iddy state rooms, thirty-five guineas, ($163 33) ? iu fore and
?ower salnous, thirty guiueas, ($140) ? Steward's feet, XI 10?,
($6 6A.) Children under 13 and servants, half price. No sec
ond class or steerage passengers taken.
An experienced surgeon is attached to th- ship.
For freight or passage apply personally or by letter t*
je22-eolm RICHARD IRVIN.98 Front .treet,
trips per day from each plare. ? The n?w and
'splendid steamboat PASSAIC, Capt. P. W.
Martin, on and after Thursday, May 9th, will run between
Vewark and New York, making three trips a day from each
dace, and leave as follows;. ?
Centre wharf, Newark, I From foot of Barclay ?t. N. Y
3 o'clock A. M. I H* o'clock A. M.
M I 12| P.M.
8 ?? | 6| "
On Suudays the Passaic will run and leave
Centre wharf, Newark, I Foot of Barclay st., N. York,
7J o'clock A. M. 10 o'clock A. M.
3 " P. M. | 6 " P. M.
The Passaic will land at Beruen Point on her 61 and 3 o'clock
?rips down, and 1) and o'clock trips up. On Suudays the
?ill land on her passage down and up each trip.
Fare to Newark, 18} ct?. Bergen Point, 12Acta.
The steamer Passaic is remarkanle for speed; performing
the distance iu from 1| to I] boars each trin. Ladies will find
this route very pleasant and particularly advantageous, as the
inconvenience of chaugiug from car to ferry boat with bagg-ige
is avoidad. Goods and freight taken on reasonable terms, bul
nly at the risk uf the >>w?v?r?. mv23 y
Norfolk, Charleston, 8. C., Petersburg, ami
Richmond. ? The steamboats ALABAMA,
KENTUCKY and JEWES9, all boati of ed >mI accommo
dation, will commence running daily on the Arat April, between
Baltimore Norfolk, and Portsmouth, leaving the lower end o 1 1
Spear's wharf every afternoon at 3 o'clock, or immediately af
?r the arrival of the ear* from Philadelphia, aud will arrive
aeit morning at Portsmouth in lime for the can for Wilming
mm, and tkMM steamboats to Charleston. Returning will leave
"orismouth every day aAer the can arrive from th? South, and
reach Baltimore n*?t morning is lime for the car* for Phila
ir Iphia.
These boaU ran in connectioa with the well known steam
Mtckets Georgia and South Carolina which leave Norfolk
<very Saturday for Charleston, giving traveller! a choice. They
slso ran in connection with the James Ri?er boats to Petera
surg and Richmond. Strangers are informed (old travellers
<H"W) that this is the cheapest and most comfortable route for
?ouUtern traveller* . a* there are no chang. ? from can, stc-?ni
?>o*ts, and stages ir the dead ef night, as on the WasUiutloii
-oute. The company therefore hope the Iratelliug part of the
?ommuuily will patronise them, in giving ea^ual facilities and
?nnerior comfort.
Passage and fare to Norfolk, M- JOHN W. BROWN,
mM-ff Agent.
Regular days of leaving New York this south, Wednesdays
and Saturdays.
*v The new, elegant, and fast sailing steamer
' JOHN W. RICHMOND, Captain Wa. H
' Townsend, * ill le.ive for the a^xM e place*, on
Saturday, July 6ih, at A o'clock, from Pier No. A North River.
Ker farther information, apply to
at the office on the wharf.
Travellers may be assured that this boat will not rmce with
say boat that may be put against htr, hut will proceed on her
route at if an other hoal wa? in company. je3-#m
PARTY, For Thursday Evening. Jaly 18th.
The elegant tieararr NOVELTY, having
uneousilleit accommodations for Cottill u
p,rtie?, will make an eicur*ion on Thur-dm
Evening July ifth, leaving the foot of Chamhen street at 8
o'clock ; foot of Delancy si. East River, at b?lf pa?t Ho'cl-ck;
Old Stale Prison dock at 9 o'clock, and jiroceed up the North
River. Returning will land at the fool of Chamben ?i, I ]
o'elo< k, lo accommodate those who wi?h In r- tire at aa earl]
hour, and will tlien proceed down the Bay aad return awl Isnd
at half past I o'cl Ji preelsels
The cabins awfCiloon will be thrown open so aa to form a
splendid promenade of ISO feet ia length.
The Vist Willi be sp?adi<Hy lighted mid refreshments provided
on hoard.
Fo?ir eottillon bands are engaged for the evening.
A limited aumber of tickets will be issued and can he eh
tauied on board the boat foot of Ch?mbe n street. Twhe's
? l.A*>, to admit a gentleman sod lady j eatra tickets for lady
90 rents.
N. B. The boat will be lightrd on Wednesday evening, aud
ladies and gentlemen are respectfully invited to call on hoard al
the foot of Chambm street, and view h*r accommodations.
JylA 4f
landing st the intrrme li ite landings. The
?new and slegant steaiet?al RO< HKSI Ml.
ap'am A. P. St. J,.hn, wil leave the Sleamboet Pier, foot of
C??rtUmlt st, on Wedn>gday afternoon, July It, at 6 o'clock.
For passage or fnight, ai?ly to
Corner of West and Liberty sts,
?f P. C. PHlH.Ti, al the o(Rce,
or the Captain on board
N. B ? All gossds, freight, hafg-?ire. haak bills, specie, or ant
?I her kind of property, taken only al the risk of the owner*
>iere..f mytt ?m
NOTICE.? The splendid steam packet
f NEPTUNE, ? ttpl ' " r " )?r, wil
CO ? wenve her regnl .r trip, lo Newport and
Pruviilem e on Tuesd <f altemooa, iHth io?t .at A o'tlock, from
Pier No A, N R. H*r accommodation* are rommodimis, and
uri.ish J in the most gplendid style, and offer a decided ad
vantage lo paesenrers Mo consult their '?*n safely and com
fo I.
Fare fi. Apply to (he Captain, on board. jvHJt
rdk POUUHKM PKIK. Landing al
L Ur.??y P "int. Cal'?eir* Cold spring. Fish
*"ki I, Hambnrgh. a id Milion
The new( and splrn<lid steamboat OSEOI.A, Capt. MIc hell,
vill leave New Tori fhus tie font of Chambers siren
?very afternoon ( "imday eecepted) al 4 o'clock Reli?sm|,
le?ve Poiighh> ?i ?ie every esoeninr (^nods? everpted) al 7
o'clock I..' ni|>ni, at the old state s prisou, feot Ais?i street,
each way.
All Ifoodt, FreicHt, Bank Bill-, II n*ie, or say nfh?r fr?.
p- 'ty ixk a >r shi|<|<ed ea hoard of tins M)at, awt be t the
risk of the owners thereof.
WgUgi Daily, (Sundays excepted) at ft P M , from
Battery Place, Pier No. I, North River,
ria. Stouiugton, Newport, and Providence. Steamers Massa
chuMtU. Capt. Comstoek ; Rhode Island, Capt. Thayer ; Nar
ragaiuiett, Capt. Child ; Providence, Capt. Woolsei; Lex ag.
toa, Capt. Vanderbilt. One ofthe abort boat* will leave New
Yora daily, exccpt Sunday.
Passenger*, on the arrival of the (teamen at Stoning
ton, may take the Railroad car* and proceed with the mail
immediately toBo?ton,or may continue in the *team*r, via
Newport, and take the Railroad cari at Providence Tor Bo*t?n
The steamer MASSACHUSETTS, Cant. Childs, will
leave this after noou Tue-4a?, 1 6th July, at ft o'clock, dir-cl
for Providence, and lh* LKAIVGTON, Captain Vanderbilt,
at theiaine tunc from Pier No 4 touching at 8ton)ng(ou from
thence to|Newport and Providence. my2-flm
Landing at the usual landing*. ? The uew aud
commodious iteamboat UTICA. (.aptait
Troesdell, will leave the steamboat pier, foot of Liberty *t
on Wedne?diy afternoon, July 10. at 5 >'clock
For freight or passage, apply to CROOK k FOWKES, cor
uer cfWut and Liberty street*; PETER C. 8CHULTZ, at
the office, or the Capiaiu on board.
All good*. freight, bank bill*, specie, or any other kind of
property, taken vr shipped on board of tki* beat nuit be at the
n*k of the owner* thereof.
N. B. For the better accommodation of the up town pa*
teuger*, this boat will land at the Old Prison Wharf, foot of
Hammond street. w?v?? -
* FOR PEEKcKit*t<, Vc... ? .? ?
TINGS AND YONKER8.? The new and splendi.t aleamboHl
KOSCIUSKO, Capt. D. Haywood, will leave the foot of rob
in^on street, (ext above Barclay.) every morning, { Fridays ex
cepted,) at 7 o'clo< k, stopping at the Old State Prison wharf
each way. Returning, will leave Peekskill at 1 o'clock.
Breakfast and Dinner on board.
P. S. In order to afTord passenger* more tinre to ?pend in the
different places, the Kosciuiko will leave Peektkill at ^o'clock,
(for this trip only.)
For the aacconimodation of paticxger*, she will make a trip
on Friday, leaving as above.
For further information, inquite of HAWKINS fc WIL
LIAMSON, No. 97 West street, where package*, freight fcc.
will be received for the boat. jj S-y
I* L*" ? ^ HOBOl(F.N WALKS?Thi* beaut ifu|
J place of summer retreat i* now in perfect
erdtr for the reception of company, and i*
one of the most pleatant retreat* in the world. To escape from
the heat aud dust of the city, and enjoy the cool rhades and re
freshing breeze* of this place, is a luxury which all can appre
ciate. Boats ply constantly from Barclay street, and two boats
leave Canal and Christopher ?treets every thirty minute*. One
boat run* until 10 o'clock in the evening, leaving Barclay ?tr?et
at 8, 9, 10 o'clock.
Fare#} cents. jvlO-lm*
NONK. ? The *teainhoat SARATOGA.
Cant. w'" leave tl?e foot of Liberty
street, on Tuesdays, Thursdavs, and Saturday*, at two o'clock,
P. M. This boat i* well calculsted tocarr) all kin<l*of freight,
and has superior accoimnod <tion for passeiigrs, only drawing
30 iuches water, aud is 20? ton* burtlieu, aud well calculated
for the Passaic River.
For freight or passage, apply to the Capt ?in on board, or to
corner of West and Liberty street.
N. B. ? All kinds of freight taken on board of this Boat at
reasonable rates, is delivered at two o'clock on the day ?f sail
ing. jel9--2m
To the foot of Canal street. New York.
1^ The steamboat OR\NGE, Capt. Isaac
Scot', will leave Fort Lee and New York,
touching at Bull's Ftrry, daily, until farther
Leave Fort Lee one hour before *unri*e, 8 A. M., 13 M., ft
Leave New Y?rk, 7 A. M., 10* A. M.. ti P. M . 6J P. M.
On Sundays, if fair weather ? Leave Foit Lee, 6 A. M., 8J
A. M , 13 M.. ftj P. M.
Leave New York, 7^ A. M., I0J A. M.,3 P. M.
On Fridays, leave Fort Lee, 9 A. M., and New York, 3}
P. M.
Stages will be in roadines* at Fort Lee to convey passengers
to Haekensai k All park age* to be left at Benjamiu Mott's,
Sll Spring -treet Freight taken only at the risk of the re
spective owners. Fare to Bull's Ferry, I'iJ ceuts ? to Fort
Lee, 18} ceuts? Commencing n Saturday, Jtiue 1st, 1W9.
jy? 1m*
* A* KOH LONttON ? K>?;ular|)?'krl ut 10th July ?
KffjV A firtt cla*? coppered and reaper fastened packet ttitp
?J***?"*!!! tail a* above, (her regular day,) having very *u
perior accommodation* for cabin and tt eerage passenger*. ?
Those intending to embark thould make early application to
the subscribers, RAW80N k McMUkRA Y,
J?13 -y corn- r of Pin* end *nutb *1*.
POR LI V tit POOL ? I'acket of the l?th Jaly.
The Splendid New Packet Ship Memphis. Samuel Ni
? chols, in utrr, burthen *!>0 toii?, mill sail a? above, her
regular day. The accommodation* for cabin ami iteeragr pa
te tigers, for conifer ! and splrudor are not turpatted, by an* ic?
tel in port,aud trrmt moderate. Such an opp<>rl unity r^'cly of
fert to p< r?.u? intending to crnt? th? Atlantic. A few berth*
r?maiu disengage. I, which may be secured if immediately aj>
pliad for, on board, foot of Pine at., 01 to
corner of Piue and South *t.
n'r&r PACKKTS Ft?R hAVKK, ? (ucmd liuk.)
Jw^Thc ship BALTIMORF., James Kunrk, master,
^???^?aili on lit Augu?t. BOYD It HICKKN, Agents.
No 9 I'ontiue Buildings.
The p:nii;r inmey in the cabin, bv this line, it now fin d at
one hundred dollar.) hut Wine* and Liquor*, of any claa*, Will
not be furnished. jylfl
?'OH HAVKK. ? The ??perio r French Brig Courier
du Bresil, Captaia Hnturi* r. For freight or passsge
apply to BOYD k HlNCKLN,
jyll* 9 Toutiue Buildings.
yijjfV PA'' K fcT? The superior fast tailing p.cket ship
OCONRE, C. Knight, matter, having mo* of her
cargo engaged and going on board, will be ilitpatchad in a few
day*. Her nccommodat'nn* for caSm and iteerage pa?tengt rt
are very ni|ieriiir. aud term* mod- rate Tho?e intending going
south would require to make immed ate applicai ion i n board,
foot ofPine.treet,or to KAWSON It McMURRAY,
jylO-l'it Cor. Pine ami Houth ?i?.
?ident* de*ir?ii* of tending far their familie* or
frieudt, to come direct from the above port, have
now a very favorable oiiportuiiity, by the well known, fast vail
ing packet thip JOHkPIIINF., Capt Prindle A few t/erth*
onl? ??main di?ng>ged. which m?y be teeured if immediate
application be mane to the tubsr iber*.
? corner of Pire and *?wtth at*.
?OR LIVERPOOL.' ? .New Line? Regular I'ackei
ot the 3*lh Jul* ?The elegant Packet Itiip ROS
*???*,CfU8 (.'apt. John Col' ins, of 1100 ton* will ?ail ??
For freight or paeaage. having aerom modal loat unequa le<
for spletnlor and comfort, apply on board at Orlean* Wharf.
I Kit of Wallet., or to K. K COLLINS It CO.,
M South *1.
The packet *hip 8IDDONS, f ajit.A. S. Paln.er, will tuccved
the Ro*ciu%, and mil the Itlh of August. j- 'If
a/ a FOR MAlUltll.LKS ? I'he very eiiperior new
Ri'fian ?hip MINETTK, Capt Seth having the
*?*4?"?priiicipal |?art of her cargo eng?ged and new going on
board, ahe will prompt!) be ^eapatched
For halauce of freight, which will be taken at low rate*, ap
ple to BOYD li HINi KF.N
jj*-y 9 Tontine Building*.
ORCHARD, IW ? Thit veil known and fashionable
rvaort I* now nndtrg tint considerable repair, ami will be
open foe the reception of visitor* Jo?e Jftth. The road* leading
!? thit establishment have alto umleruoae a thorough repair, e*
peciallv that portion nf it on the mountain hat barn reudered
perfectly tnfn ami amooth.
The ?tagee will rnn re?>ilarly during the teaton between the
I.andiiic aitd the M unt?in llonae, ami will he found in readi
nets at all time* on 'h? arrivalnf the boat* at the I atakill Land
ing. Fairs earrtag#* fnmiehe# either at the Landing nr Moun
tain llnuee on the thortetl notice
rlHitf 0 L BUI II
MriC S'lMtDTSo H:M dU H OAI>W \V in
BFiW Le.T ? fh? hone a. N t. 'tlH and 1 10 Bromlway. known
tt.e Trvm-iul lkl'i*e, e. . mpH^inn upwir- aof 4?t room*,
large atid >ma'l, oilli a la g' ki'ch>n li'leii np with furnaces
and rooking -pp .mine, ?nii '.l I (nr n large eat aMnhment. One
of thfl houv a heiug on tlie cornc of P ne -tree I, preaeutt many
rooni* light' d ilireetljr from the (tree!.
Three hoii-ei ?d|"in each otl.i e, and are manee'ed hv mean*
ivfd..i ra rut through th" partition wa la. the rto' rant b?<th being
on % lev. I The ditiii g imm u ab'UI o.1 feet long -the with
drawn g room la abont i7 f el hy I he other room* range
f om 10 feet bv (8 to 14 f< I by 8 A dumb waiter ia erected
for the pu po? of i .rryogth' article* up and down from the
kitchen to tne i i*iog ro. ni. The above peemi*e* p*>*e?? every
co'veiii nee f. r it 1 rg and revpectatye ? ataMi?Kin>nt, and i*
local* d in one of the moat pi ???' a* well aa the moat hu-im ?*
p irl in ll< oaitw <v
F?rteim- fcc. aj-p'y <t l'"' H ,f,? -torr. If* Broi wav,eorn?r
fPine<t c '? t> "Hwerwl*
V,Ot?lll I l.i All l tl hi LI aIIIN Wyio* ,,||,
of ICite- w.ll remove Irxkle*. acwly trnpto.na, tan, eni
burn. he. fee. For ?ale i y
jril tm i M KINU, Druijitt M4
regular sales by auctiea, at Ail wall kim o*?
tabhahmant, of Hone*, IwriMN, lie., coafe
l\ aw to p!?co ?wy ?*?*!?*? ?* I'
? o'clock, throughoat the year.
The next regular tale will take plaae M Monday, Jaly 144h
at 11 o'clock, commeneing with Carriages, Uarness, k?-, aad
I'J o'clock the tale of Hone* will comaMaea.
Oentlemm having Horte* to dispose af, are rsyssstad M
make early application, to aato secure a good amber aa Mm
catalogue, as ao hone can be offered at auctioa unlet* register
ed time for a number on the catalogue, for whieh purpose 4te
register will be kept opea till Saturday, 18th July, HIP N
jy9-y Successor to J. W. Watsoa, 446 Broadway.
teriber moat retpectfully informs hi* frienda and the puhtae
that he hat fitted up and furnished the building No. 94 and M
Nassau street three door* east of Maidea Laue,iu the mo*t ele
gant style a? a Refectory. Gentlemen doing business ia tha
lower part i>f the city will fiud it a convenient and pleasant
place to dine.
The Subscriber flatten himself. from ike experieace ke haa
had in i hi* butt neat, that he i* able to com|>et<i with aay other
in In* line.
N B. ? The Subscriber it prepared to furnish dinners aad
collation* at the ihorteat notice. All order* left at hia old aa>
taiiliahmeat, Fulton market corner of Fiont street, *r at the
above numbers Nassau street, will be attended to.
Hot Breakfatt from 0 to 10 A. M.
44 Dinner " 19 M. to 4 P. M.
" Supper " A to 9 P. M.
je89- 1 m* D. PEARSALL.
NEW REFECTORY? J. SWEENEi intern- hu Inend
and the public that he hat opentd a aaw Refectory, m tka;
large and elegant building, No. 144 Fallon street Fish, Flask
aau Fowl are always to be fouud on his tablao, and every faltw
oy of the season provided a* *oou u it appears ia the market?
No care or attention will h? wautiag oa nit part, to giro general
?atis&tctiau, aad he hap#* to find that ganerous euaoaragomaai
which he is determined to Reserve.
i Itt-tf J. SWEENEY
I | A .N I E t iWEBSiETj If Ana street, returns tils siacet*
J J thanks to his numerous friends far tke liberal supporttlM)
have uniformly remlered him tiuce he fint opened bit Refeeiory
aad assure* them that it will be M* coastal tudiavur to merit >
aontinuaace of their approbation. His table it aiwayt lurnithoa
with the be*t the markot affords : and thote who amy honor hi*
table with their preteacc, may depend upoa being served with
clean lines*, civility and promptitude. jlO tf
tiaues the Biscuit Baking at 376 Washington street, eee
aer of Warrea tlreet, and has constantly for tale,
PILOT BREAD. AH of the ir*t quality.
E. T.'t imali Pilot Bread i* the tixe for the South Aamriaaa
and Wetl India markets.
Auy of the above articlet can be delivered ia good order fitr
exportation, at *hort notice. j*19-0m*
ESTABLISHMENTS, No. 4 Beekman ttreet, New York,
and No. 18 Natoher *treet. New Orlean*.? Southern gentlemea
v in ling the city of New York, are respectfully informed that
Ihey will find a full assortment of Opera and Dross Boots, Uae
ion Shoes, Fancy aud Dre** Pumps, and Gaiter* of tke same
stylo and qaaftty a? were furnished tliem at No. 18 Natcho* tt,
New Orleaut, and vrfiich obiaiued the ftnt premium at the late
Fair in that city.
Gentlemen purchasing or giving orden for fine Boots for the
Charleston, Mobile, New Orleans, Natehea, Vicnsourgh, or
any of the southern or south western cities, are invited to call
and examiue a spUadid article of light Dress Boots, mad* of
French imported stoek in the latest Parisian faahioa, at No. I
B ekman street, Clinton Hall, New York, opposite the Pfcrk.
N. B. First Premium at the American Institute, Now Y*rk
?? u *t Mechanics Institute, "
iay4-tf ?? " " late fair at New Ort*aao.
I case Rod(ers h Son* Penkuives,
10 casks Dixon k Hons Britannia Ware,
S do assorted Table and I'ocket Cutlery,
1 do Wade It Butcher's Haaon,
* 4 do Oreave* It Sons Files.
80 do general a*aorted Hardware,
By last arrival*, n*w op?uiag, aad for sale from the shelves
>a accommodating terms, by A. W. SPIES k CO.
?i.374t** I OB Pearl street.
OAKD.? A gentleman and hi* wile, or > wo or three tiagl*
(t*tl<!fflrn, emu k?ad?>>.>cly fuemslied rooms with
board, bv applying at No. 10. Park Place.
(py- Kngli*h and Frcach spoken. jy I0?|W*
I! BATHS, near the South Ferry, margin of the East River
?MR. GKAV woald iaform the luhabiiauts of Brooklyaand
N'ew York, that his Uath* are now opea trerv day from 4 AM.
till 10 P. M. for Ladies and Gentlemen. They are fitted up ia
the moot a|iprore<( st; le. Ladi*? and gentlemen can take warn
bath* every day. The Swimming Hath i* etclatively for ladies
on Tuesday* and Fridavt until 0 P.M. One warm bath, 34*tO{
9 ticket*, $1.00. Cold baths, I'i) cents jo 1 1 -9m*
- / w \ CARBOYS OIL VITRIOL at lij cents per pouad
OUU for sale by the single carboy or ia larger qua
lities, at the Drug, Dye Wood, Paint, and Oil Establuhmeat a 4
jyll-lw No*. IMaad ttM Gieei wich *t
Fall Rtvaa, Mm*. May 8, 1838.
Mc**n. A. B. k D. Sandt ? Ihad been afflicted with the Salt
Rheum ia it* severest form for teveral year*, aad at tiaMo it
was so bad oa m J naad fand ?n dilfer- ut part* of my body, m
almoet to preven im jattendiag to hu*inee*. I ha<i made uae of
a great number ofdi^ereut preparatioo* without obtaining b?t
little if any l,<ea?lkt, aad I became so much discouraged that I r*.
solved to use ao more unless I could procure one warranted t?
cure, tlearing of your valuable Remedy. I weat to Providence
?ml purchased one dozen of it, cotil.deut tliat if it eurod me I
Could dispose of hundred* of bote*. I aaed it immediately?
rrreived that it benefitted me ? aad nfler irisg it a law weekk
wa? cured entirely, aud my skin was as (Vir as it I never had
had it. It is now about two ) ear* *ince I waa cured, aad mo*
that time I have been entirely 'rre from it 1 have tiaee told
huaorr-i* ofb<ixea to my frieadt aad customer*, aad it haa baea
iited with alii*o*t universal success ia every iualaaca. One lady,
who called on me for it, had the complaint so bad an her fbee,
that I cvtik' hardly bear to look at her. She bought ooa bo*,
and in let* ti>aa one week, *he at< compar?tivrly cured
?she n*ed only two bote*, which eatirel) cured ker. la
short, such haa been it* "access in caring diaea e? af the thm,
that 1 think I should do those injustice who are similarly ai
dirt d did I not let ihem know the peculiar benefit which I
have received, and wht*h I have known bundled* of others !?
receive from the uae m jour valuable remedy. Truly ynn,
fee. EDWIN PORTHR, Merchant. Fall River.
It is with much satisfaction that the proprteton are able t*
lay the above Certificate before the public, that all may *ee aad
k now th^ |rpi( kctcit niHich om+ iidivtdual ? certify
to mod kuewn olhert la rtftifi ln?w
of lhi? vkIhhIiIc n? iiciof. Nut oo?jf f*ir Ri'l IU?#um, bit fw
?tl rtlhrr of thr ?kia^turk >? ring wutm, Ttli?r, BClli
Head, B rhr r't or Jmcknom Itcb, Ecwma, ke IH? m*4k im *
dl?o a certnin f wc. Tbl Syrup of ??n?|Willi i* rrceaiiaaes
ed to b* used with tka Remedy, a a it tend* t* purify and throw
out from In* blood ? nil system all the imhealihy hasaar aM>
teeltd with the disease, and the application of the Remedy at
tl e ?ame time, entirely era?tisales it ft om th-- system. Nusaaroaa
inalsnce* hate or?.nrred where this cour?e h <s efierted earaa m
?na wa< k*? time. Every perwa afflicted with these caaplaiata
ia any form, ia intited to make imineditle u** *f this valuable
mc'itcine. ami get cured wilhout delay. It h warranted te
cure, or the money will be refunded.
Prepirtd and sold by A. B, k D. ^amt*, 79 Fulton, N. E.
corner of G. ld street ?nd :M F*IU.n. eori.er of William at,
aud told also by mo*t of the reepeetable drug^isu in tha U.
?V mosl ol uw> r>'Soeciaoie arii^uu in ?na
it jeW-l.
No. MO Broad way.
Manufacture" Lift, Machine, Korre, and other Nmiii.M
?ihI Portable W?l(r Clntfli, Hot, t old Shxwer M Va par
B?th?. Oirden I?gi?w and Hyrii ge?. Water Kilter*. fcc
N. B ? laionnaiioa |i?n relative to Hydraulic*. and L?nk
?afcen for the conveyance of water. jel7-la?* J
e*tabli?hrd Co?l Yard, No 67t? Oteenwirb corner ml
Kinij itrr-et.? The *tib*rriher, ? urvivor ol ?he late 4r? ?f Say.
>?? ?r It Mwl.on.heg* leave to luform hi. fri. nd? aad the public,
il?at he i- now receiving a lull topplf of ??per tor Peach Or
rhar i ai?<l Orey Aah Coal*, which will be delivered from Uw
f ard or fro* vm*lI* at the prtaeat low price*, free of cart
age, *i?:
For t'hilad. broken Peach Orchard Coal frem tMaela,
?7 *9 per to*.
" Broli' b Peach Orchard fro?i yard, 8 *0 ?* "
" V-n ? ?#?"?
Nut, ? ..???
Also, for *ale, Liverpool, Sidney -ad Virji 'ia Oali
jy 10 i m WIL 1AM ?i:TMOUR.
mMKSTH DMt OOODS^-Ciwaf? at W*. PANWJ.
"?! Grand? 10 *a?e. Shirting ai.d I-. n# t !? to Ma?liaa, H>
it ree>ifed from t'ie fc'a*fen*
lerrimi. - iJiU't r*'!T*
? I f mm oi orm a Vpnsn,
Mourwiag M?u**eltiae de Lain', beautiful g-v>d?, jwmt
Clerk* wasted. j^IMP

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