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Tmmimy, 9m ty il-? P. M.
?f Ik* Eagliak ?"? ap? Ikt ?<?fk Mrtit
Mif, mm aa*y iffiml n ifca pwl fail of pricea at Ike ilaek
mfi r A ?a?j* ?? ??< h*4*> MactTiM coll ia billa
kan Wh niant J kf tlw itfuitr, aa? In? it reported lo
k?w 4 Mtfly ?ujm ?a return bllt*. The uln
wer* wdl, aad l?k af CtawfM rtrtM 1 per ?ul,
rbui Itii U P*r '*"t l*?J Dock B*uh ^ per cent,
North AanrtrH Traat iW Banking Company 4) per cent,
Delaware and H?l aaa 1| per east, U. Bank | per caul,
TkktW| I per real, Im4 of K-aiurk? I par cent, laatoa J
pae tea I, llMMftoa I prr Mil, Harlem 1 per cent. At the
cl?aa. koefwr, m?r? Himaia* w?. displayed, and offer* al the
Mae price* km teller*
? Tarawa ? i ?? nil viikkki'im ra?u??i' a.
/-???? 5p-ria. CirraJefiM. IHfOtiU*.
July. I?H, I.TM <71 14. Hi ill.TH# 4 *17
I J !?*!? USM? m#M B7.7W
laeer .ae, J I Ml IbaTT
Dr<rea~. *41.145 **2,BB6
The Mtfriljf ..f stiver aad f<wei|iwtl price* wkiek it Com
mak' i in Wall ilreet, Imm kii the . ffect mf 4r*?inf it fram
llM veal IWt.lM )? ?tl<er bit Ciaonaali n? Ike I3lh mat.,
lor Ihia r It) . The Jem and (kr wlver kaa, kaarfrr, in llir laal
fewrfa,.,. uai-'ed Hilf Ml*n are aa? quoted ?|| per cent
The powtMta of ika Uaak of Lmgitmd, and Ike Monetary *(?
fkin of KattlaaJ were rapidly apprw arhtag a cmii. The pre*,
?are ta Ike mn j ruarkel ? ?? aaiaeraally aarriked Wy tk" Lag
liak paper* l? Ike radical daCect ta tk* cwaalilulioa of in* hank,
wkiak all* w? tl.al iMUIaiwa lo he. a4 ike aaiue Uae, balk re
ceirer of iIi|kmiI?i and iwaer of note*, aad al*o to ike aiitma*
nagameal 'if Ike diirctaK*, la caa*tderiag ike livpoaita* of Ike
?ack *a p*rt nf Ike ctraaialiaa -4k*r*by counteracting ike pro
feaaeil principle of th* ba k. la making Ike atrcalatioa vary
with tke bullim It ?m tlie avowal of Ike director* In pur?u*
tliia polity, wkick te4 a* to look for*a?d lo tke preteiit cri*i*
a* almoat Mrtlia The drain af ?peeie ha* been coatiaunu*
? ince Kellrunry I ?at, wliile tke artier emulation kaa aat varied
IB aay great d<nrei . l rnea, tk rafora, of (aai?Hliliu gene ?
rally, hare ma stained tkair price* ami cauae J adraia <>f apecia
to lh? coaliiH ul, in addition to thai teal for Ik* purckaae of gram.
Since tke drai i of *prci? titnnrtittd, I he Bank of Knglaud kaa
endeavored, by eeery mean* ba! Ike right <>ae ? a reduction of
tke circulation, to tura eichangra ta fat or af Kr eland. She
haagrmduaJIt rain. I the rat* af mlere*t fr >m per cent Af
per cent, wit'iout effect. Kki then arbitrarily rcfuaed to aiia
COunl cerla ii bill* counect'd ?ilh Ike American Cotton lata
rttU, in tlie hope that hy tucce** in mluriag tke prica of cot
ton to a certaiu r ite, the could induce upnrli of tk* maaufae
tared art>cle to <m etUnl which would turn tke etckangaa ta
faror of Ku^laud without Ike bankV being obliged to redtn*
lUcircul iti'in. Tlie dlatraa* ocrnaiotKd by thi* court*, in Laa
caahtre, w?* ap|Mrrat in Uie fall of cotton lo an *tl*nt which
makea a diffrrrnce oa tkta *ide, af ^*,400,004 ketween |<re*eut
price* and tko*e current before the departure of Ike Liverpool.
Jt i*. therefor' , apparent, that not only are tke laeble effort* af
tlie (pinner* directed agaiaat tlia Amirican kulder*, but tkrir
interrct* ire to ke mad* *iib*ervi*at ta cttricaliag ih? hank
director* from their financial blunder*. Thi* mavrnaent ha*
l>e*u partially undertlood by B. V. Wilder, Nolt* aad otker*;
but then (Haiti at holding were far t?o feeble lo *tem the tor
rent which tvt* running agailHt them. The movement* aire,
however, apparent to ut ia their iacipteat (lag**, and it wa* na
dir the inipr?*-it>n of their fulfilment, that w* gave puhlicily
to the following article, wlucb appeared in tin u Herald" ander
tlie date af April 90, IW3 ? ?
The community, both financial and mercantile, irm to be
bu>y making prparatiarw for I'uturr buitue**, oa plan* enlarged
beyond thn*? of any former *eu*oa. We mentioned a few day*
?itice the branch of Well* It Co. about to be e*tabli*iied m tin*
city , aud alio the connection of our uew iu?tiluliou*. uoder lit*
general law. with London e?tabli*hm? at*. Another in*li(nlion
u about to be formed on ?*c?le infinitely greater than eit'ier of
the*e. It i* no le?* than the etlabliihment in On* my and Lon
don of a common agency for the *oulhern and eouihwe*Uru
bank-, tor the purpo* of protecting the whole plant iii* iau-ie*t*
againat the uioteiiiel.t* of the Bank of Ktiglao* and the Man
cheater tpiutera in London, aa well aa of their connection* of
tii? aide.
The Cotton limine** of the South, at it haa heretofore been
conducted, haa pla~ed the iutereata of the operator* ib a great
meaaurr at the meicr of the agent*, who, being under adtance*,
will protect thernaelvra in a time of preaturr even at the e?
penae ??f the cottou owner*, who are al?o eipoted to the in
trigue* of the ?pinner* and the money power ia their ialere*t*.
The plan ot ? combined agency, now propoted, bat In view the
tiniou of the whole coll 'U inierrat* in oae power ol aiiffirient
atrength and tact to ?u<taiu it in all fluctuation* incident upon
it, and to re uniformity and *teadiue?* to price* a* well aa to
? (Change drawn again?t cotton *alr?. Thi* wa? partly ef
fected by the operation* of tlie (Jutted ttlaiea Bank, which .*? re
followed up l.y the movement* of other bauk* ; but the want of
nnif rmiiy *?? action inci lent apon the trantactioa* of a bum
ber of large operator* laid them ope* to lo*?e* and eipenee*
whir i a tnor combined actioa would pre* tut.
There ire, ; rolubly, about 100 toullwrn i.d ?oatliweitern n
ttilu'ion*, ? he operation* of which are more or le?* conn-Hed
directly wiUi t'i . London market. If each of tti'*c mttituiirn*
contribute a mm of $100,000 for the protection of iU intere*t*
in London, a c init <1 of f 10.000,000 will thn* bt firmed, which,
a* it i* propo*el, plafed under the management of Mr. Melville
Wilion. formerly a partner of the ho<i*? of T. Wil*on It ton
of Loud- n. a g ntlemun eminently qanliAed for the pad, from
hi* Ion; an l Intimate acquaintance with the American trade,
will form a power amply tufliciiiit lo effect the dealred object.
Tha cape n set oi the agency will ba i?id by the intere*! on the
capital .-mployed. The immense ba*eit* to be detteed from
*u.h an ia?titution are ohviou*. Not only will tlie*outhern in
stitution* receive the advantage* to be derived from it, but tha
whole mercantile community will be protected from tSo*e ?ud
den iWtuitio^ in the price* of cotton aud etchangr which are
*o detrimental to it* iuierett, and the couutiy al large be bene
fitted by the increased proceed* of the crop, which mu*t he uni
formly obtained by a skilful combination of the trad* la the
?ame manner was the hold and prompt tiiaveimnt of Mr. biddl.
allnwed to i.ave aaved $10,000, #00 to tie couatry in an emer
gency whirl, cannot occur agai>' under the operation of the *y?
tern propound. ?
The time ha* now arrived when the position of American )
commerce require* the perfection of thi* plan. It i* accord
inglv, about going into operation. Ilad *uch a *y*tem hern now '?
in operelioii, the leheme* of the Bank of Knglaml would have
fallen pown|e?* on the American intereiU, au-l lite *u?pen*teo
of IBM would hefe added to the disgrace of that miaminage
mrnt whicU pro luced Uie di*a*ter* of 1797, 191$, II J"'. an<l IM7.
That management, had a* it wa*, ha?, however, for a number
of year*, hern (he immediate aource* of tho*e va*t flurtua
tion* in th price* of oar great *taple, which Have can*cd the 1
trade to l> . . ti ,r!> allied to gambling tran?aation*, a* ao |
mercantile *ciei*ce or *kill could foreaee or coaaUraet tnoea
arbitrary move meiit* which could can?e aa etteneive ri ae or
ruinoui full ia any partkular article. The great object achiev- !
ed by the pre*, at a*?ociatioa, will be to |ite regularity aad ,
aniformitr to the price* through all the fluctuation* of ll>e
Engliih and continental currency. Itlstrue, by *u*tainieg the
price at a comparative high rate, our awn otaaufaclurer* may I
differ in a *mall degree; but the mterett* of the ryintry. aa a
great who'e, will be advanced. Let uf amlyte the retull of a
crop of I ..MKi.MHI bale*, al a uniform price, a* compared with
the average rate* when lelt at the mercy of the haglith ?p?a
ner* and capitalists:?
A whole crop of l,M?,?K) bit. at MO per bale, 76.0" 0 "00
?' " 1, 600.000 bl*. at *40 - at.mm o.ig
Of till* crop our own spinner* will probably tal e one-euth al
the hirh ptn:e*i the account would then (land a* follow*:?
1,960 000 bale* etp ?rtad at f-M), fM.MW (*?
i^sao^D " " 40, ?o i lo.ono
* U. son noo
0*0 000 tal 'It for home tt*e at $?*>, |4,MW.000
'iMOOii H u ?* *??*?, 10. QUI), 000
Net c*?<? to the eonatry. * ' ' tlO.OOO 000
By thi* we perceive that although o tr own apinaera may loae
a *mall am oi. l.the country in the agfr-g**' * gainer by
th^ movement, let only by the mere amount of dollar* wM? K
we mav rei ? ive for the cotton, but for the uaiformity of th*
ptirej the continued credit ia I?ondon will prevent the ra
laou? fluct'ialiosi ia eichaaga, hotli for? ign and dome*Me, f?
wlikh we are now ?uhjerl. and aleo place onr merciiaata in a
poeit on in>'op< udeat of Ihe movement* of the Bank of K*f
land. By tM? plan the great law of demand ami *npply will
regular tae mrket fipeely without tie forced actioa of an op
p .in; moiiied power, operating for it* own profit or cr>nve
r ewce atllie eipenaa af regular dealer*. t
fnle? ?il ?h?* Mark Kirhmtgr.
ft (knee* <?f fomtnerce I0<i; JO Itienii lik 07' 60 Dry
Dork ? ?. ? N Am T IHg Co 77, M ??o 7?J, i.> do 74. 10 do
76,90 do 7ft', > Aug; UNO t'anel Ik Bkg f*o to, M? Del k
Hud W l i-? ?'*? ? do M|. loo do W.JO, |?0 do
fcti.'iO. Ml do 66Je, 60 do 60 do 94) <60; 96 l et nier*' T
107: io IT H U > ik 1111, 16 d , ||?}, 1 6 do 11.1}* * .In llllnw,
*0 Tirkaaurs 34|*|0, 96 do Mbio 100 Bk of Kentuck T ihlW,
9Ado77lc, 60 do 77t?d". 'i.? do nlej rto M itnal Fire la> Co
106; M \VitlMm?hurg 67; .10 t anion 66, 10 de> It), 10 >lo 14}.
30 doife; 96 Mohawk AOalOj 10 Mtonington 94). 96 da 96 6o
do 96. 16th Aug, 100 Harlem I?bl6, 60 do 4fit.|0, 96 do 461 ?*
76 do 47t>60 VI do 46'?aw . I? do 46. 60 do 4db7, 60 44l}e, 960 >lo
46*.H>, 96 do 16 jc , 60 Utiea 116. 90 do 116).
Aintr ?< Tmde.
T e Otfon Market i* of the mo*t abaorhin^ intere*t at thi*
mam eat fc'ot a bale of < el ton hm been K>ld ?mre the arrnaf
of Um Great Wee tern. Tin advice* kjr H
mn 4wir??t Ihu *? MMnll; frt^M. Il ww aewtw
thai the advance noticed It the ? Liverpool" nf ? to id onlhe
ISth of June, would be lost: but ??? ??w learn thai .the radiM
toon submitted to between the ISth of i?i?o and the 4th of Jul*,
wm Jd, mid that for two day* previous to the Milmg of the
Western, two large importing hnuses had been unsuccessfully
endeavoring to force a sale at 1J. decline. 1 he deliveries for
consumption, were If, 700 bale, per week, against 14,2*0 '"ft
{ear I earing the itock nn the 6lh inat. of American Cotton in
?iveroiol, 10?.,000 bales larger than at the umt period last
year; and the quantify o-i hand suftcieot 10 mpply a coiuump
tion of 17 000 hale? p. r week for the remaining 'J8 week* of the
year, exclusive of further import*. At what rate price* will
break there, cannot yet be ascertained. Buyer* claim a con
ce??ion <>f 3 cent*, au<i sellers would probably yield 3; but a*
yet no approach ha* been made to busines*.
[Correspondence of the Herald.]
Livkri-ool 4th July, 1839.
We regret that our anticipation* of a favorable change in the
Cot to u iu.il ket have not been realized. A week alter the
" Liverpool" *ailed, the Director* of the Bank of Kngland
raited their rate yf ditcount to 6.j pr. cent and rest ricttdthat
accommodation to Bill* of Exclunge; they even wentsofkr at
to revoke a notice of 30th May to advance mouey on certain *e
curities until the 33d July at 6 pr. cent and to substitute 6A pr.
cent, in iU place. The former vf these resolutions being the
first advance of intere?t beyond A pr. cent, lince I lie reign of
Queen Ante caused icuch consternation; but the *ec?nd, b)
breaking faith with the community, showed that *ome moit ur
gent and untoward event alone could have led to it. and has pro
dared a perfect panic. The very belt bill* accepted by the first
London Banker* were discounted last week at 6? nr. cent, aad
I pr. rent commisiiou, and paper below that character but
I hitherto uuetceptionable, was rejected by every hill Broker in
Londonon Saturday last.
Of course the price* of all produce are affected- Done more
*o than Cotlon, (or beside* the prominent position which it oe
rupie* in this country, it has from some cause or other, be
come the favorite *ubject of attack by the public press : most
of theee article* betray the grossest iguorance, but there !? one
published in the Manchester Guardian of the 3d init., which
ait hough di"ect< d against the commodity, contain* *o many well
grounded observation*, that we euclose it in tliie letter.*
A falling off in the foreign demand, ha* been %lledged a* the
grand cau?e of the present dflficulties; the supposed diminution
in the want* of the United State*, China, India, Italy, Oer
u*nn),Ju ,Sa* been alledged by turn*, until it ha* been discover
ed III it t^ic demand-fur either country w?? as great a* in any tor
moryetr. The fact i* that to the falling off in the internal
trade or home (temand in cousequencc of the bad harvest, i* to
be traci^j all the wi-cHef
The w ant of Dread *tuff* ha* caused the great drain of gold,
and ha* euhancid the price nf food to the operative classes *o
ninth, lift in in my cases their pittance ha* barely sufficed for
daily bread;? tin* has occurred amongst the agricultural
classes ? what thru, must bee w me of the manufacturing class
when reduced In three or lour day*' wages per week? Of course
clothing is out ot the question.
Th? relore, until the coming harvest, which promise* abun
dance, shall furnish the means of depressing the prices of food,
we cannot foresee any change for the better iu the present uncom
promising stair of trade. Tins effect can hardly ta|fe place until
Heptember <>r October, when we shall be luuudatec with the
usual train of circulars upou the coming crop of CotUn, w hich
emanate from those whose sole object is to magnify your crop
and depress >o?r prices, in order that they may obtain order*
ftom their Manchester constituent*.
Therefore, low as our price* are compared with the extent of
your crop, we deem iteipedient to sell a part, at least, nf every
l micro! let t at our discretion.
The l'n|...rt di. riiis' last month amounted to 316,000 bale*
agninst I76 00<tin June IttW, of these quantities 312, MtO this
i )car, and 1A7 uOO last year were from the U. States.
The quantities taken for home consumption this year, have
been 31V ,000. including >74,000 bales of United Stales growth
??gainst 610, 409 and 40U,U00 respectively to this lime last year,
and there has beeu a falling off in the import from the United
Mates oi 340 9(10 bsles; the stork in the port uow, is 613,000,
including 400,000 from the United Htates, agaiust 466,000 and
M3.Q<4 res|>ec'ivel),at the cerres|M>ndiag pern d of 1838.
This report of imports lie., was made ou 30th June, when
prices were qmitrd for Upland 7 a 91, Orleans 7| a 10), Ala
bama anil Mol<ile 7) a 94 , and were at the same time in 1838,
At a Hi ?| a W.4J al|.
Now. however, they are fully |d if not Id per lb. under what
the* were ive da)* ago ? and the orutuary purchase* of the
trade are effected ? uliout any ditfeculty on their part at
7d a 7(4.
CiBai*. ? The market* are pretty well *upported. Flour con
tinues tn be worth 34*4d a 36>6d. Your* Respectfully,
* We will publish the Circular tomorrow ? Ko. Hi.kai.p.
At Manhatt wtiIIi, on the V*M inataat, by the Rev. Mr. Hart,
Mm K.mily L. daughter of the late Jacob Lurrillard, K?q. of I
thia city, Is Lewi- Morria, aaio ol Kwbcrt Morria, Ewj. of W'cit
rlieatcr. *
At Leytor, England, no the 51.1 of Ma*, Ky the He* Charlea
Lapriai uirfayc, John I Oabora, of New York, to Kmina, daugli
tcr of the late Johu Trot man of Uunley, Olnuc atirahirc.
On MaaJay, 92 I mat. Pctrr Op I tie, in the 79th year of hia
On M?n4ay, Ih* iitl instant, Fate I la C'ercaa, infaat child of
John J. I).
At Mouat Molly, N r -> Jeraey. oa I lie 8th in?t. Friniia V?r>
p-a, Km) MKhaat, ?f tl?a houw ?.f Metara. V? ipet It Cardoce,
OuayxHia, I' H.
At Mobile oa lite lOih ia?t. Alcian-ler Tremaiu' . recaatly
from New V ? > > k .
Oa boarai k >r. Mtrthul, va Iter paaaagr fruia Mobile, IVth
mat. Wm. Or: fin, aearnca.
At Ili'tM.ua tin 3d iu?t Jainta Cunninjlia*. cijittin of the
aclar Margaret.
Werltly 1>>wl ?( latcrwirau
la rtae City and I'otlec'a Field, from the 13th day of July to
the 10th day ot July, l?#.
14 men, IV w.-mea, A3 woya) Aj giHa? Total ITO.
Diacatca ? Al?ce?a, 0, Aafhyna, W, Ap. |?!rit, 0. Uurned or
?c aided, S; Caaaaltiet, I. Cholera mlaatuaa, $At Cltolera raor
bav I. i ?ua ii melton, I#, t -arulai.-na, 9; Crouj. or hirer, 0,
i dafr-tma .?f the Ural a, 0; t ancer, 9; Delirium trr.neui, 4,
Dn-pat, S, Dropay la the head. It; do in the chaat, 9; Drowned
1, Dyeenlery. 4; Cpilrpty. 1} Freer, I; Fae?r acarli I, J; Fr
?er ttphnad, I) W,i -pn-t e..iag h, 1, ot bitlncyv 0,
I. .Da mmati-n ?.l l?r*n?. tt. lulUmm ttf>n ol I .wla, 7, Inflam
mation of cheat 1; laiaMMnatitia of lunga, 9| Inflammation of I
? toine-li.? I itlon ? f II. r- >!, :t. Inflammation litrr. J,
Jaundice, J, Malformation, I, Marwmua, 4, Meaalca, I; Mor
tification. I ; Old age, I; R r-fula, l| Aiaall Fm. 9; Aprue, I;
Aaielde, 1 1 Teething, J, Ulceratiaa of the int'tliara, 1} Un
bo own, 4.
Anr ? Of nm tear and under 44, between I and 9, 99. 9 and A,
14: 4 aad III 4; 10 and 90. 4; J? and 90, 8. Ml .u.d tfl, 94; tt
and *0.4. Mi and 40, a. #0 and 70, $, 70 and 10,1; Wand
90, 1 1 Oil anu t00. 0; lanha iwn, 0.
Fi.arta ar Narintr- tailed Rtalra. 113, Ireland, 9?\ Fat
land, 9; Ar<ul?.ad. O. Denmark. 0, France I; Hritiah Foaara
M tii< N A. #*, Walra, 4; trrraMaay, J, w eat Indiea, I, wu
known. 4.
Faov? Alma liouae Melleene, 9. Il.-apital, d". 9; New
Jeraey, 9; Long laland, It H<-apatal, 4; Blacbwell'a lalaad. 9,
Small I'ji Hospital, 0, City ItoapiUl, || Penitentiary, 0?
Colored aeraoaa. 7.
Wll.l.l 4 M A. WALTr.lia, City lnap.rt.-r,
ftty Inapr el- r'a ORai . Jaly 49, I MR
Faaacagrra Arrived.
*OKtl\? HKN4I.4 ?Mil* >RWH.
I'art al New 9*. i. Jaly '44.
NsfeMIMAl*9V*i rarketa ta llepnri.
u???a k#*M>a,
?t lamea late. Jane M ' ? i|a>*a, ( 4) Roberta, Ang I
H <v? *) R<^arta, Jaly 19 | OMam, Hiiil?a, A a* I
Moatrenl O- Mac i<l; I I Taeaaia. t w ? ?atd, Aug 14
fi adiatnr, Bnttna Jaly 14 < Wntaiaii'i. Ang 94
uiianat Hairiaa, t ellfa. J*,U
Baraft, MaraKalL, Jmm V4 | Orataaaa Raitee, Aagaat I
Roaaae l>e*aaa. Jane 9e lili^nl-rfe Nya, Aagaat ?
MkeAeld, Allan. Jaly I \ iifla a. Harm. Aidant 19
Mara* i IU*aa. W-ttea, My 94
Franrcia l*t ThMi|ao' Ia*?l4 4.H iaao , F?-eb Aagwat I
I riwa. Fell. Jmm 94 l? dtteleaaa Hi. I..r4a- n.Aag 4
Kmera'd. Onte, Jaly I VwledeLy -a 4? i4dard, if 14
Allele 4* t traaae, Ja'y 4 I aaiarat .
I G W-aaeea.i *) IkAea, Aag I
Joaepk Ham. Km Mi .kaei Waa4?r M R F?w4. iaatt.
Rueaoa A)"? ; '? F.*tam>?a4k, N - M. . Saaal
Mart. Fnat r, New Oeleana, J<w?p.i IMiaa M?i?l ?w, Ftatla
del phi*. Imperial. 9?m.n. Saul... bat, Maarfalaaa < Waaaiaan.
(Mar) Wellaemaon, R?. 1'baa, ? eeea, *ridl?f, Beatam. Mar.
nara Mveta, Jaane* Ri<ae,Va . Aai.ile|l a(a, at Aadr wa ,
I'hartwt. Aimth Raekmmnn , Ijatlar, aa? Hi. -caller, Ajaa,
Ja#rey, Jaeh?i>*etlla| Nkh-?, H -ii a. H**ee
U. 9,akpafwif Nalckea, Cam rar. f'? ? Weat ladhe. and
ttalf h Meataa.
Rif ta*a<?fee. J?Im. i4 day fr>?aa Ha?a#a. w>m angae,
haand in 9- r?t?- *i arg. Fat aa l -c a>ed?ea
*hip MiNa-tgeOlle, Farter 4 dafa I m Iteaastk. ratt?n. A
(o Joaaaaa A l.- wd a.
Frrneh hrig of war L'<V?at#a, 9 lay* ffm SmrMk
Brig Adamaat. O ?-dr?cl. 99 daya (r-m Ran^a Martha, faatae
Ac t?. A OA \ y
9chr Mail, Lining. ? daya Rata B< alan. With mdre la laha
Ate raw.
TAa Mxar- ^ "ttaaa, fee Hat re aauta t day. and IW Haai iaa,
1'nllir.a, fnf Lh i rpoat iMnarn-w, fMr letter lap ate at
OilpinS F*c?ian?e Reading R?< m
The ( (riilaa, af l-at-a, frnn New fMeaaa wrath aerieed.
Iitadal with ?otlawi and mot Mart, t,.t | , ycaierdav al tA*
wharf in Bro-Alyn where aha waa daeaAargtag, aad ai I be *|
m "t a lolal loaa
TVr T-nprr. hann^a, fr m Nrw Tr?ra f r Barbtillr A I ,,
touched at Oe.-rgetowa, A ? tAlh mat. aad t.>t aa4er weaf?>
on the llth, hut rame in anrl- r in c<aa?aa^?ae?. ei-fa ea>d -4
guat of wimi, and waa ra|Mite4, allh.-ngh her a*ala Aad be?a
tabrn in. Atic remained a#nat, aad it waa I tin awkt aeaU A*
righted aaoa.
tm Wartf nw.
m n|Mli< by Mr. Jamm L. fcnMfc
pilots of tkse p*rt, to cor r act a malarial ?m itlmn *? lb*
bearing of I?w4iuhk Ledge from liktrS Mm4 Lt^k, m
lately published. Tke Itdp Wtn #!*W IVwi th? hgkte, in
stead of NNW as slated.? Salem yf ii.
The Columbiana, 4 Boston from New Orleans. ? ?? b?*rd?d
?n the 4th iuat. first day out from I he !'*??<??, by ibr C ?. ?*?!?? I
Vaadalia, from Rio del Norte, all well.
Liverpool, (Si Ferrer, bauae for I.iterpaol, Jaiy 10, la
43.57, loa 36,10.
Monmouth, from New Orlcioi for New Turk, June tl, tf
FoiwilH Pmriw.
OoTTBWBURfi, June I ? 8 I'd Vr?per, Huat. New York.
PoWT PcTBa, Guai. July 1 ? Topic, Smith, from New York,
7 day ?.
Si . J ago, Jaae 23 ? Tacon, Own, fr Philade1|>hit,f . Oti'ida.
Hutchinson, Salem, ?; Cockeco, Crosby. di?i;, 'Troll, Siaip
sou. (in; Seatlower, Tyler, do; tiambia, He yman, u.,.
Maracaiho, June 26? Bar Wt iuat. Al the city ? Merchant,
Lander, New York; Hop* Retrieve, from New fork, psss?d
erer the bar. CSth. Pulaski, Smith, fui I'orto Cabello, pass* d
over 27th, bound up.
OUAraNtLLA, July 7? Charles, Sylvester, for New York, 1
(Jaili'd M Ultra Pmrin.
Calaii, July 10? bid Canary, New York; Gov. Robbius, do;
Scioto, do;
Thomastom, July 10 ? Arr Edwin, WiWeB, New York; 18?
Shakespeare, do.
Soco, July 13 ? Arr Lucy and Margaret, New York.
Oloucestbb, July 17? Arr Agawain, Bnrnbam, NYork.
Bostob, July 30? Arr Rreside, Davis. New York; Oscar.
Lovell, do; cl'd Two Marys, Lorell, do; Victor, Hailet,d?;
21 ? arr Oliver. Fuller, Albany; Pequol, Baker, New York;
Page, Banett, do; Martha and Sus.iu, for New York via
Sai.em, July 20? Arr Grecian, Chase, New York; Brilliant,
Hawkins, do; Trader, Nkkersou, do.
Frovidebck, July 21 ? Bid Amity, Manroe, New York.
SaTanbah, July 1 ? ? Cld State Rights, Atwood, NYork.
Kit West, July 1 ? Cld Charles, Bright, St. Marks, U. S,
Mail; 0 ? Lela, Morrell, NYork.
FURNISHED APARTMENTS? To let in a pleasant
part of Broome street, to one or two single gentlemen. ?
Possession given immediately. Far pai ticulars apply to the
address of ?' A. R.," at this oflSce. j 1 24 3l*
LBANY LOCK HOSPITAL. Established "1830.
? word It the IViti.'' ? Professor Cooke, M. D.
D. D-, L. L. D , Chancellor of the University and President of
the Medical Department of the College of Ripley, Fellow of
the Royal College of Surgeons aud Physicians, and Corres
ponding Vaccinator of the National Vacciue Ksiablishment in
Loudon, General Consulting Physician and Surge, n Accou
cheur, may always be confidentially consulted by the uufortu
nate, personally, or by letter, in each department of Physic and
Surgery at his office, No. 3 Norton, or at his resideuce, No. 33
Green -treet, Albany, N. Y. Confidential consultations daily
from 9 in the morning until 9 iu the evening. j)24 3m*
TREATISE ON GEMS? By Lewii Feuchtwnngtr? a
useful gu ile to the jeweller, artist, mineralogist and eke
mist, accompanied wtih a description af the most interesting
American Gems, and ornamental and architectural materials.
For sale by the Author, at No. 7 Gold st. ;y24-y
PORCELAIN TEETH ? A large assortment of superior
Porcelain, Incorruptible Teeth, for sale by
jy?4 y LEWIS FEUC HT WANGER. 7 Gold ?t
wholesale and retail, by
jy34-v LEWIS FEUCHTWANGER, 7 Gold street.
REFINED NICKEL ? warranted of first quality, con
stantly on hand, and for sale in lots to suit purchasers, by
j)24 y LEWIS FEUCHTWANGER, 7 Gold streei.
tlOl.MAft SUCCORY ? lor flavoring Coffee, far sale,
I* w holesale and retail, by
jy24 y LEWIS FEUCHTWANGER, 7 Goldrtjeet.
WANTED? A sui*rt active lad, ab<<ui la or 10 > ears of
age. Apply to S. J. SYLVE8TER, 130 Broadway.
GERMAN SILVER ? in sheets, ingots and round and square
wire of all liies, warran'ed equal to any iu the market
for sale, wholesale aud retail, by
jy24 y LEWIS FEUCHTWANGER, 7 Gold street.
ply of pure Ni'ric and Muriatic Acid, always on hand and
for sale by LEWIS FRUCHTWANUER, 7 Gold st.
HUNTER'S RED DROP ? Different fivm all other nme*
die* for a certain di*cav.. Unlike other medicine* that
art continually ipringing up, the invaluable Re<l Drop main
tain* it* emiable vtipreinacy ax an unfailing remedy for the
?? ? ? 1 di?ea?r, without regard to diet. Price $1 p?-r bottle.
Office ? Division tt. jy.14 It
Brooklyn salt water warm and co?_
BATHS, near the South Kerry. mxrgiu of the Knit Htaev
? MR. ORAY would inform the inhabitant* of Brooklyn ar.
New York, that hi* Uatlu are now open every day from 6 A. V
till 10 P. M. for Lailie* and Gi ntlemem. They are fitted ?p i>
the moil approved *t)le. Ladie* and gentlemen ran take warn,
bath* every day. The Swimmini, Bath i* exclusively for ladie*
on Tueaday* and Friday* until fi P.M. One warm bath, in et*
$ ticket*, $1.00. Cold bath*, I 'J] cent* jell-'Jm*
THIS eiiahllvhmeut will h<- opened for the reception of
company on Monday, the 17th of June.
The proprietor haa enlaced Mr. WM. H. RUSSELL, for
merly of Rotton, a* ?teward, Mr. JAMES M SEYMOUR, in
tUe office, md Mr. J. B. DOB NY, a.? coaJ'olor of the Bullr
and Concert*. JAMES M. SANDERSON,
j?S twi*t|?tA Pr ; rietor
LOST, at tLe do k. on the arrival of the Great We*lern, a
?Mil parcel, containing paper* of no value but to the
owner. The tinder will tie liberally rewarded by leaving it at
tlie I'oat Office, or at 47 Exchange Haw. jyiU-'Jt*
WANTED to j>urcha?e, a number of LIVE DEER. Ap
ply to 8. BUCK HALTER, corner of Church and Ful
ton atreeta. jittlt*
MR. MATURING NEW WORK ? On" Weiineaday neit,
SEJANUS, and other Roman Tale* by Edward Matu
rin. Published by F. SAUNDERS, M7 Broadway, and to be
had of all Book*ell*r* and at the Libraries
NEW AMF.'kM'AN NOVEL.? Now ready, in *ol
Tale of the Grant Panic. F. SAUNDERS. #A7 Broadway, and
to In had of nil Boobtyller*. jv S3- y
BOARD.? A fatbaian and hi* wife, or two or three tingle
fentlemen. can have hand*omrly furnished room*, with
board, by applying at No. 10 Park Place,
English anil Fr*n< h vpoken. jylfl-lw*
J~ F.NNIHON'S LATEST.- Improved ? reminm Rrfngera
ator Factory and Ware Rooms, 300 Broadway. For anle
wkt'!*?ale and l*tliL MWN*
N~ IW AMERICAN MAGAZINE- >?? iami), N?. 1 of
The MONTHLY ( IIRONICLF. of Original Litem
ture.ta be continued on the 1Mb of every mouth. The enu*i'.g
?Mtnihar* will contain nrlirlea by Profe**or In*' aham, Mr*. Si
t M*rn< y , Profeaaor Da fVatr, Jatre* O. Hr.mh*. tne author of
Harry Franco, Oeorge Catlin, E??j.. Prof'??or Barber, fcc. Ac.
F. SAUNDERS, \i' Broadway, and to he had of all Bo<>b>
taller*. jy'W-y
U" NCURRKNT ~MONET wd Bulliin of all iwMtpttMi
bought nt the very lowe?t rntea, at
;y?y J * SYLVESTER'S. IM and 5.' Wall *t_
No. M Wall (treet.
Naw York, Not. ?, IW8.
AT m Election lor Diwctiir* of thia Institution, held thelf
day, the (allowing gentleman wrre unnnimotivly choaea
eta :?
Robert L. Pvtteraon, Henry Otden,
AUtandrr Patterson, Robert C. Wat more,
Ct rn* t 'h?nery, Lawrence Hill,
Samuel D Dak in, Henry Haviland,
John W ilaon, Philip V, Hoffman,
Arthnr W. Benaon, D. H. Rohertaon,
John f. Aoatin, Jonna Condtlin,
Wn A Call, Joseph Wood,
Emeat Fiedler, Charles L. Voae,
BcadAtrd Lincoln, Onm T. Fo*, Jr.,
John T. Howard. Joseph E. Blaamfield,
Mm f. Dalaplaiae, Joaeph B. None*.
And at a tuheeijnrnt meeting of the Board of Director*, the
Mlnwing peraon* were uaanimonsly elected offi^era, via
JOSEPH B. NONES, Vice Pre-ident
A at*. THoairsoa, Jr. Secretary.
C'apt Htcrna Corn*, Impector.
Witir* Halt . E?q Aitomey.
TVe above Company? capital flW.fl*!, all paid in and *e
rnrnd aaeurdtng to law? will inaure > lanne. inland transports
liaa and navigation riak*, intlu loig that of Are luring tranail
na liberal term< . tnySy
WRITING, Printing sanTw rawing Paper, for anJe by
jy l-y fn^rr Warehouse, til Liberty *lreet.
1 iImm sianhel* and Emu'ioC* cowtantly on ha ml and for
? ale bv PF.RSSE k BROOKS,
jyl * 41 Liberty *t.
U K *LTR? ? FFE A MF> E Blue SmalU tf *apa.
?? rut ,<t?liiy i . |. i \ I I " ^ * BROOKS.
> I f P?p?r Waeeho-ne, >| Liberty ?treet
/ W p?tar dentifn e <-?n be bad. wirranM genuine, at the
Me4w-?ted Loving. W.rel. -'ive, l<* Vav* .? ?trrct, one door
at^>?? Awn. wher* Sherman'* ?-?lel?rated Longh Loteuge* are
w>M. )*n-1
aalebt PERSSE A BRtH^KS,
j)|t i 41 Liberty *tre?t
^ROCWMTigril nvta af tin (ttM Slatea, Canada
V and E urope, ma le o( the beat term*, by
Jr??y ? J ?Vt.VF.BTFR ISP S roadway .ad ? Wall ?t.
ILI S OF Cii lllM'i ? ill |iri* "f Kngland and Ire
4 and ?*?<! ?ad, in ivaa of ?'\ ?10. A'lAand ?jfl, to
maat, fceaato at S. J. SYLVKBTE ICS.
I l#0 Srovdw vv . -ltd -Jf Walltt.
?L LA MT1* ?A a-a artiale of tie 0<'ihic ?Nape. all
aev Jwt ree* itad a groat rarNIT. aad for vale at tbe
ag w?rew?aae of D. K DKL4VAN.
I II M< ?n l.tne, ? ear Brotdw-ty.
A VL?|I ?? l%L??l
?/ fW?M *4tmI Mr?aMomy.
?mm Hi Cn * tu, (arm.
????? ^ ?? UwKm Pot Pie,
H ?* s?u* ?
l**- *4 Mattes Saup, ?i
IwW M??, ?i Cb?che? ,lo , 61
. ?* Veai Pi?, ' ?*
D* N*. ?? Bailed Fish,
Pork aa?t iesas <M Do. Turkey, IHJ
K< wl Cl*??he?, l<H Ito. ? .!??. k? n, IN
m. Omw, t<H Fre?h Mini, ?
D? Turkey, IWrl ?lr.a, l'J4
l>e. I'uck, I'M Veal Cttllil, 12^
Da Pig, Mutton Chops, 12|
Oya?er ,a* APPU S?WM. ?
Blackberry Pudding, ?? Whortleberry PuJdiag 0}
rta.i. Pudding, Apple Dumpling*, ft*
Injisa d? . ?? Custard. Apple, )
ftuet do? P??ri?. Hum Mud S
Hr.ad 4a, *k Mm.-' Pie*, a?d
Mice Puddia*. ?i Cup Custard,
Beef link, Qi Boiled Egg*, 61
Veal Cutlets, #i f ried do., 61
MnltM Clrapt, *| Broiled MackereJ 6i
Ham an* F.gg*. I<H BuekwheatCake*, 61
Fried liiiiiafM, I) Hot Roll*, tf|
Do. Fish , ?* Hot Toast, 61
Do. Clam*. ftj Hot MiIiii, At
Do. Liver, 6J T?* u< Co lie*, each 3
Boiled lloui. 6} Eilra Bread, 3
CedAth Cakes, 0)
?Mtl 4H? LIQUOR*.
Madeira, per bottle, 7ft Phil. Porter, quart*, 19}
Do. pi ut*, 37- D*. Ma'<, ?
Port Wine, 7ft Lo*. Brown Stout, 37$
Do. piota, 37 1 Do. pint*, Wj
Sherry Wiae, 7ft Scotch Ale, qoai ta, 37J
Do. piati, J7| Do. pint*, I8J
Champagne, SIM Claret, quart*, 50
Do. piiita, 1.00 Do. pint*. 2ft
Very old Madeira, ISO Beer and Cider, each, 3
Liquor* par (Jla??,8J.
QXJ~ Oent'emen are reque*led to name at the Bar each arti
cle had; alio to report any inattention of the waiter*.
jyW St*
IU8T PUBLISHED by J. COLEMAN. 8 A*ior Horn*,
A Treatise ou tke Eye, coataiaiug Disaoverie* of I he
Caate* of Near and Faraiglitedae-t, and of Affection* of the
Retina, with Remarks on ilie u?e ?!' Metliriues, a* substitute*
for Spectacle* . b? W. C. Wall ice. tkruiiat? ircoud editiou.
From Sir Julia F. W. Herscliel.
" Highly curiou* and interesting, a* well a* in many respect*
From Prnfeawir Knight, of Yale College.
" He ha* made iateresting discoveries, which throw tnue?
light on hitherto obscure poitrs in the physiology of vision."
From the Report in the London Athfirnm, of the eighth meet-?
iiig af the Briti.h A?*ociation for the Advancement of Sci
" Sir David Brewster laid before the section, a series of bean,
tiful preparations of the Eye. made by Mr. Wallace, an able
oculist in New York, calculated to establish *?> tie important
points in the theory of vision. He stated, ' that one of the
ino?t important result* of Mr. Wallace's directions, wts the
discovery of fibre* in the retina. Sir John Herschel lia.l *up
po*ed such fibres to be requisite in the eiplanatiou of the theo
ry of vision, and it is. therefore, doubly interesting to find that
they have been actaally disco veied."
From Profeaaor Sillimaa.
u 1 have been very favorably impressed by bis various com
muuieations on the eye, and topic* relating to that organ "
From the Lon-'on British and Foreign Medical Review.
" Thi* i* an ingenious arid well written paper." jyl7-lw*
WILL BE FORFEITED, if D. I'oeit'* Eradi
?jP IWUv cator fail* to care a recent ca*a sf acertaiu del
icate di'ease in lex thaa 24 koilrs. For sale, wholesale and
retail, by appointment, by A. B. k D. SANDS, 79 and lOUFul
ton ttreet, and the following Drag Store*: corner ofCbaml>?r
*tr*et anJ Broadway, corner of Chamber and Churek *treet?,
644 Broadway, 63 and 330 Bower* , corner of Carmiae and Bed
ford street*, 3ft and 196 6th Avenue.
Price $1. jylS-3m
NOTICE. ? The andrniga?d hereby give* notice, lhat in
coasequence of retaat a?U of Christian Klag, formerly
ia the employ of F. Schv^kna k Co., he has baaa compelled oa !
bahalf of himsrlf aad his partuer, Jonathan Akroyd, to apply a
second time to the Chancellor of the atata of New Yora for
relief. An Injunction hue accordingly keen graated by the '
Chancellor, by which the said Christian King, aad hi* Agents,
Counsellors, Attorney* and Holiciturs. ara ordered " Abaolata
ly to desist and refrain from intermeddling with or di?p<>*4?g
of any of the property aad effect* of the late firm of F. Schwann
k Co , or any debts due ta the late firm, or any gooda of other
person*, which had been consigned to the *aid firm prerieu* to
the date of the agreement of tlie 12th June, IMM, in the taul
Bill mentioned, ar with the Rt?>k* of the said firm.oraay of
the pniiera thereof, and from receiving, or collecting, or dispo
sing ot any monies or other proceed* of goods, or effect*, or
uiouir* of the ?aid firm or of good* so consigned, and from in
terfering with the po*seasiou of the *aid good* by the com
plainant or either of them, or their ageut*,?r servant*, or from
preventing tbem, or auy of them from entering Uie store No.
42 Exchange Place, fur the purpote of tnkn.g p?s?-s*inn af lite
?Hid good* aud effect*, and removing them from the *aid store "
The undersigned gi?> iiu? notice for the purpose af appris
ing all peraons lias inc bu?ine?s transact! >n* with the firm of F.
Sell wiaiu k Co., tJu: said t'hristian King has no authority to
trauiaet aa? business, receive any moniea, ar do any thin; for
?r oa hebalf of the said Dim of Schwsua k Co.; %h<I aJn?. rhat
the said Christian Klug has no authority ta receive or coll'd
auy monie* fur good* belonging to or couiigncd to said firm, and ,
?old by him in hi* iudividual name.
N. B ?The Office for the liquidation of the affairs of F.
Schwann k Co is ranioved to 63 Pine *1 js>>-2 <* *
?#B#HT. THI rt LI. T A 1(7 C GIVBK IK ?? IH, II
H. LEVITT 14 D?*ne ?>., I dour* from William.
e KNOWING Iktrr irf pertoa* who a (rwi puff
r advrrt.nB*. .. for ( ?<t Off Moth i Of, Ac. fcc., and ?k?
% ?uf cwn im c?. . fire the Tall value for tiir ?*um-H L ,
?will aaanre Iboat ge;.tca;en whe may have auch articlea by
.li' m. and who may *end for low, af ri retting the vary atmoat
'alae in CASH for eveiy article.
)i, B ?A line through the j?e?t office, or other wiae, I* the
above addrr**, will meet with one atteation. jrM 3m*
r l >bKK t h k~SuTk iti nte Nb ?n c e of the ho
KNOW. EDGE ? M APS originally deiifiKd for like porpoa*
?l illuetrating Uie Hiatorical end Geographic-*! Work* of ilie
Society, farrniac a v*rf complete Modern *u<1 Ancient AtUa,
which for ita eilent aa<J li uaty will be the tin aver pre
Mated to the miblic. Siity-uinr- number*, coalMiuing e-'-h two
m ?p?. beautifully colored, we already before the ,nl?lir and
?bout fifiren m >rc will complete the plaa Thru- will be ,
b -might forward a? ?penlily aa ih* rigi I altentioa l? atowed oa
thair arruracy will allow. The pri>gre?* of puMit *ti?a h??
beea aotmwhat impeded of laic, by the nece**ity of waiting for I
material*, to be olitaimd only fro*, aetu ?l *arvtya; but it U
hoped that all impedimeota of thia tort will be ?oon aur
A MAP OF IRELAND in two theetc, it a^arly ready, .
winch will complete the whola of Europe
Theae map* are compiled from the very beet authoritica, bath .
official and private. T> a x*l? vane* arc. Hing to the ackuow- ?
ledg.d imjportance of the reapective rountriea and di?tricte.? 1
The Aaeieat Map* ? a very uaefal and iatereftmg feature of
wlnah i*, that they are precisely oa the *ame teal* a* the cor
reapoading Modrra? are compiled with the greateat rare, *nd
andrr thr mo*t rigovou* acratmy.
Tlie Society ba?eal*o puHliahed, of the tamr ?ite aa the < ?eo
graphical M*p*, with the Coa*tellatioa* calore I?
Sit Map* o? the Star*, laid down oa the Gaomoaic Proiee
tioa.iacladiag all tha War* to the Siitli Magnitude, or Mich a<
can Ik *een with the aaked eya. Th??e M?p*, nlaeed o?i a 10
ioah rube, will "iptily th' place af a Ccteetial Globe, and will
he fouad eiceediiigly a*efal in achonl*.
AI*o the acme <<a a verv enlarged plaa, of li InrSea a?|uare,
edited by John William f.ahhork, Knj., A. M , F. R. S. Ik.,
the Con*trllationa colored.
af the SPHERE, aad of *veh poiat* of Attronomy a* are moat
nerriaary in the uae of Agronomical Map*. ByAaguetue d<
Morgan. F. R. 8. , Ac Ovo. etitehed.
Sit Map* of the world, in mt>- 10 inche* by 10. Copir* of
theaa Map* of the Terreatnal Olob? are prlaled without the
Name* ami Place*, for the F.ierci*e of Stwlrata in Ailing op the
?a me.
Imported by WILLIAM JACKSON, 103 Broadway.
jyW-eoit ^
88 0?a: i treet, nrar Broadway.
C. c. MARHII, Accouataal, continue* to give Practi
cal Leatoa* ia tin* moat nece*?ary breach of a mercantile edu
ration. Altc. to <>pea, cloac or a<lju*t account*. and to write
tf hook*.
The r> ar*e of in?trncti<m through which the pupil pa??r* it
thoroiii:' ly practical; and the per* ii of good capacity . wl A tie
vote* alxiut three week* to the ?tudy, will he qualifinl to keep
correctly huJ cle^aatly (lie aecmint* < f any ba*ine*?.
The <tuilent pr ictically open*, comliict*. clr>*< * and rrop?n?
* *et of partarrtliip account*; ha* brought before lum more
than alnindred different buaine** tran*a< Moae, earit of whi< Ii ia
a *ubject of rrani, conrer>ation ?nd *tudy . he become* faint',
jar with the variou* account hook* ft>>m actual tt*e or ftftieatC,
with trial balance*, baUace *heet*. rarioua aw> mtile calcola
tioua in Equatioa of Paymeate, Diacouat. aad Interest, F.i
diaa(> , Ititurtuice. Ac Ac.
Pn>*pact?i*e* with trim*, to be had at the room*.
Introduced in N. Y. T. Schauta.
? Hie Sciracf af Double i'.atrv Bm>kkrr|iing Simpltfied**
A *tan lard work, eighth edition, WO page*, Sro. ? fl.iV
" The Art of Hingle K.ntry Bookkeeping I morn Ted by the
latrodnrtion of the Proof Balance '' 1 M*|?w. ffvo.? 7te
"A Lectare oa thi itudy of Bookk- <p>?g, with Ralaace
Sheet. A neat p'amphlet, 4a, m. I'lao- price 10 cent*,
jf If-lmeod*
T KnflilT DETEt'TOR i?. n tt tothe Herald, the vety bee
?nd meat u*efn| pablirati<m Mt ' it-\nt, to the man nf h'i*inee*. !
it i< an eicelleat adrrrirsiag m< - ium, and tlie charge* arc rea
?oaaSle. It i* p'ihli*hed every Tue*?iay ?tornn'C. by S Yl. V KS .
TER A CO., IM Broadway. jelT* '
JpAWf TRMATWl-^ THI^ RTKNI^>u wiH be pee
Th? farce ef the REVIEW? Loonty M? T*. Itsr, Mr Ch*p
pindale; Grace Gaylove, Miss Cnshmau,
APasde Deai, kr Mies and Matter Walls.
To conclude with
CAPTAIN K VD ? Robert Letter, Mr Richiags- Meredith,
Mr Whiatley? Kate Bellamout, Mn Richardson? Elpsy,
Mi*? Cutbman.
Uoori open at 7? per far am nss ?? commence at half past
7 o'clock.
Boi Tickets, $1? Pit.08r.ents? Gallery. 26 cents.
AUK It AND DIRECTOR ? Tin* eruiif, will be
IL MALEDETTO? Doge of Vraict, Mr Barry? Oonncgo,
Mr* Procter ? Leeuardo, Mr B lakelej? -Flera, Dachetc of
Venice, Mr* Shaw.
To cunclidf with
MAZEPPA ? .Maiemm. Mr Woolford? Olinska, Mr*. Ro
ger!) ? Agatha, Mrt Stickney? Zeinila, Mre Praetor ? Onci
i- 1, Mrt William*.
Dour* open at 7 o'clock -tke performance to commence
ter before 8 precisely
Prire?? Bi.*e?,76 cent*? Pit , 3T$ ceute? Gallery, 'it seats.
LIAM NIBLO respectfully announces (hat this Estate
llshment is u?w open for the SEASON
The higlilv talented company, anHen the direction of G? {
BRIEL HAVEL, contists of Gabriel llavel, A r tome Ravflv
Jerome Ravel. Frauroise Ravel, Leon Juvelll ltavel, Joeeft
Ravel. Fenelon ltavel, Monsieur Carle, Monsieur ' hekeni, ft i ;
dame Jerome, Vadame Antoiue Kaael, Madame Chekeni, Mix-,
emoiselle Elite Ravel.
Leader of the Orchestra for the Ravel Family ? Signor f'atlC
TH18 EVENING, Jaly 94,
The entertainments will commence with LE DANCE LE
After which the cemic tcene of Mon* E?cot vid Madame
Anuat, by Lc Petit Amour and M'lle Louisa Ravel.
lobe followed by the
REVOLVING STATUES? In the course of which maay
feats of strength and agility.
During the evenings entertainment, two Overtures, by the
In the iatermieeion of half an hoar betweeu the entertain
ments, the Military Baiul will perform favorite selections of
To conclude wtlh THE WOOBCUTTER ? Charles, Antoine
Ravel? Louise, M'ine. ChecUini.
Civil and efficient Officers will be in attendance to preserve
good order, and prevent the admi?sieu of improper pertont.
No postponement at any time, as visitors to the Oarden can
pass from tiie street, through tht Grand Promenade to the Pro
menade Saloon, free from damp or wet at all Umaa.
Tickets 60 can't.
D?ora epen at 7 ? the entertaiments to eommenae at 0
Omuibusses will rnu to and from the City Hotel to the Gar
den, daring the er?? inc. jy29-y
C'ity Mn loon.
(Xf- THE INFERNAL REGIONS! ?? well known b y
reputation throughout the Union, and which has been in suc
cessful operation for the last ten years, is now loeated at the
City Saloon, (formerly Hanuington's Dioramas) and nest doer
to the American Museum, where the whole may be teen Every
Evening at half-past 8 o'clock, precisely.
It may add te to the interest of this Eshibition, by stating
that all the Skeletons therein ceotained are those ol m?l< factors
eircuted in Ohio, within the last twenty years, for their crimi
nal offences.
Previous to whiah may be saen the following NIGHT ILLU
SIONS, produced hy the New Philosophical Apparatus, lately
from Loaaen, called the NOCTURNAL POLYMORPHOUS
I ? Harleuain diteacled 14? Ghost of Calvin Edsaa
9 ? The Monster 14 ? Kemble in Rvaseo
8 ? Forrest as Metamaan 16? Napoleon
4? The Bengal Lion 17? Chembim
4? Griataldi 1H ? Skull Tap
??Death on a Fro lie 19? The three danasnc cats
7 ? Gabriel Ravel as Panehi* 30 ? Mrs. Middoas at Lady M.
nello. 21? The living tkuM
8 ? The Haunted Qaaek 98? Swinish tyori
0 ? Barbarossa 99? The shrouded Skeleton
19 ? Macbeth ted the witohee 24 ? The drummer of Pompeii
II? The Miser and Ike Devil 96? William 4th
12? Falstaff 26? Washington
13 ? The Devil in kis element 27? Nine Chinese waltaerc
K. B The Might lllnsious will be vnried every era
Admission 94 cents. Dears open at 0 e'cloak. jel0-0w*
proprietor* of Uu* (inrdu rNfMlfull; lufonat the public
that it is tutu tor Ike toaton. Yari'ia? improvement* hare be?*
i aada n addition ta ?f t"?tam of water, wkioh they aannot bat
Mtt'i, ate will W ?! their pttruH^(, *itd of itrufM
, wbo f nit the city
The Kqurth ian R arkmnge ia in fall operstioa. TV* mla* om
I Tuet<lay? and Thunder* of each week. tientlemra ?aa pw
! eh*-* with perfect cuniidenae Mortet, either far aarria^ee or
i wacou* upon equitable term* and without the f-ar of deception.
All Horace. < nrriage*, Harnett, Saildlne, Bridlet, kc. entered
gratia. A limited uuinbcr of bo* ttall* are pmrided fur lioreee
je7-3in* Froprietol*.
DR. J. J. LLOTT) WH'TTKMORK. retpectfully tafora
hi* friradt aa<l the puolte that he hat reaaoeed la No. 1'
Park ''laca, where ae will tnt rr*u? luaiimJ t? >k? ??ll 'f >Imv
who may honor him with th< ir coaAtlance. Haviagetadied thro
fmrr in (if li-jnU of Pitrit, aad ear tnr im the Lyiag-u,
l?l iui of H' J> i l>?r^\ under tae wlrbrtm ProlVeeor Niajfili
1 he I uittbe i? cwMirirat to treat tattuttfirally any diee*?' tb?
i aiay eowe ua<ier Lit obterralion. myll-itiia*
(flf* A CARD.? In order ta remote the reil of myitery,
which Frederick Hchwunn hat thrown arouad hit today'* M
tice. it will only be necettary to Hate that the "recent acta," to
which allution it wade, coatitt ia Christian Klii* h??ing, ??
coiiveqaence of the impropriety of the condor! of ?*id Schwana,
beea ohligrd to turn the itid Miwui oace more forcibly oat
of bt (lore. Thete "recent actt " are, therefore, easily ei>
plainr-l. The "act*" of Frederick Mnhwaun himtelf, take
a wider range, ocrupyieg a tpace of torn*- m or aeeen
yeart ; they will, however, (ton have to appear in their proper
place, to the edification of the taid Sckwiaa ; and tiiey will
alto enable the public to judge whether or aot an* reliance can
be placed uj?oo the mytlrriou* naticet and rtrbd itatementa of
the mil Sebwaau.
In the meantime the puhlic ia rwqaratod to tutpead it* opi ?
uiou on the merit* of thit new roatroeertv.
N?w York, July Iflth, I MO.
of a letter reerirad by Cliriatiaa Kl'tg from Frederick
Mr 1 1 nan ii
Nkw Yo?k, June 98, 1830.
Mi. ( HaiiTim Ki ui
Detrlitr ? la co aplnun * witb ;*ur rei|imt, I takf plraaare
ia dating ib?t the a|>pr< heatu n* rieated by jonr lit* i orrea
pondrnr- lo Rutland. ? <1 by Iba imoreMion* receired on my
arriral tiara, Ufi at or* beta completely remoted fro* my
If aay tiling derogatory to or reflecting m rear aimt or
rbararter, >boald bate r*tult*d from nit piibl.caltan of the .VI
mataat, I hjm: it eiceedingly. tai abaJI conai.ler it aiy fchr,
not only lo rtaoti aay trna*<>u> impreaaivn* from lb<- public
miail, I'ui lo give yoa proof* of ai) aiecere reconciliation, and
my desire to promote yeur faturc lateraot.
V oar altar* in tbe proAt* of the Arm of F, Mi*mn k Co.,
of thi* city. equal to Mr. Akrayd'* ?nd mt own i boaide* y?ur
aspeacea; it tcrnred to yoa, according *o aid h\ our written
agreement dated I Ith in?iant. and I may her* old tbat the ro
lutt af the haaineaa ia aatialWetory and creditable to yoorarlf.
If daring our eontroeeray ibe eieiled atata <4 "or feeling* haa
lad to ??>?? ui?| iraiiulnoi, I. lor oy port, bare buritd ia obli
Vtoa all rtnembrM' a af it lad traat tfce hnrm?ny ra-ettabli?k
ed ia oar relation*. mar prore laatinc *nd o*nebctnl to botk.
Yuan, tf aiy,
jyl9 U'i?* rHM>ERI?K SCHWANN.
CHAHFAt > N K ? Oroeer*. Froprteloea of Hotol* awl othara,
are tattled by I be aoberriboc to auaif a Urge and tupe
rior lot of < h*mp?goe, offered io lota to awt purcbaaara, at pari
cet far below tbe Mat of IMi>rtati.>%
Vary Soperinc Wma, of tale importati >n, at $4 per baaket.
warraaied ia print* order. Among lb? Stack will bo fowad
toaie of that t? ? II known and faeortla Wine,
Tbe Anchor brand, at $A par baaket,
AI*o. tbi Crown, at 9* *
And Ka(le ii M ?
Also, tbe Fine Apple. (Jold*a k*agle, Ship. Stag. and awm*r
ou< ether brand*, in <|oarta and ptola. at equally low rata*. The
entire lot ia w, It worthy attention, if Wa price and good qaife
t? ew b* wa.i? an MmnmM
TTIRODORE WAI.8M, lUFroot at eorwaraf Wall.
(rt- A (JOO0. larfaitnona ynang Ant" van or F.aglith
1KL - waot-il to wmt on a g> a Ike man ant bw wtfe (no
cnihlrea.) at 47 John s're?t. Oar betweon 14 and 10 renr* >f
age would be preferred. The at t ant ton ia on *nay and pocma
nent ana, the tiring ia gowl, tbe wngoc are good aod tbe par ia
tare wbea tl?a naontu rtnwarmmd ?
C A fc VUNMAL WATC?*-rbefb*rr*efehn*
? i"H P 'mpletnl iheir arrant* mem ? ' " *"'? <*' u tier*, are
prepared t.< t.ip.,|? Soda Waiin at their tlor** t> -?rn It. witb
e?rr> variety of Syrup* ? M) t*ek*ta aold f. r a dollar a* bar*,
tot- 're.
Tliey bire, alto, the Soda Water ia l?otlle?. f<>r tbiaai aa ee
family ute. Rt'StlTttN k t?riNWAI.L.
8<l Wlliiam at., IIORriodwaa.and 10 A aloe H<><t*e
Saraloyn W*ter fr< i?? tbe l>iiimot. w*lton. and t -nft?at
Spring*. Al*o. the White Snipttnr Spring, and A?on W.ieea
ion*tantly kept on hand jy|0 Int
DR > i I to t
kll Bron<lway. entranee m [)xan< *treal
l eal nera.ia pr ? lie* to
niHEAMi:* ok i ii i: eye.
a art
Mm Dr. Klliolfaetlentire praelire, and lb' an at be r M p a
Ileal* who rann it be aH'nde4 doring lot a^re t >ar?. be !?*#
obtained tbe *errirea of Dr. W?*r Wacntr, a prartitioner la
rorabl? known ( if tome tear* in ibit ?ity. a awtaber of tbe
New t rk Medical Sh- m*. attd of lk? K ?? ' "'?? ?f ??";
geon*. K^imhargh. Df. W. paie ataeh aMruiio" ?? aiu *t?a < t
the Kte in Taria, anJ. mure rei-ealiy. to Dr. Kilt tt'? pee "liar
m?x*e of urenlin* aod treatment
* ? ? ? oVloefc.'ailt ni?tt?
(tifce hour* Ir*'^ I" ?'
y* Una It .trao*

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