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Oaa Iitra-Thi FeaaioM Niwi. ? Ths Britiah
Qieai ku now bcei out from London 17 day*?
we therefore nay and do expect bar every hour; and
?kali continua to expect her hourly aatil ihe arrives.
A* soon as possible after she roachea the dock, we
?kali publish an " Extra Herald," with a fuller and
hettar digested account of the foreign nawa than any
other paper in the city, as we uuifaraly do. The
aewa brought hy her will he of the highest import
ance in every point of view. By it we ahall leara
whether the Bank of England has advanced the rate
of interest to 6 per ccnt; whether there is to be
?a issue of small notes, to meet preaent exigencies,
or a suspension, and general blow ap. The fate of
the Canada Bill may be learned also by this arrival;
and probably the line of policy to be adopted by the
Britiah Government in relation to the Boundary and
Jamaica Questions; the use mada of the death of
Lady Flora Hastiaga by the Tories; the condition of
the cotton spinners; the fashion of Victoria's silk
petticoat- all will be sought after with avidity by
half a million of people, aad we ahall gratify them.
The Criaia ? Aaather laapaaaiaa of Specie
PayuNBU-Jlerals ud Keaer.
From the developments made during the last three
or foar weeks, we have every reaaoa to believe that
another suspension of specie payments, partially if
aot generally, will be forced upon the banks by the
?peculators, broken, politicians, whigs, locofoco*,
and every other species of rogue who move at large
aroand the coaatry, not yet within the precincta of
the state prison and penitentiary.
About three weeks ago, or more, the leading or
gan of the government at Washington, called the
M Globe," which is conducted with great propriety
and virtae by the very talented Mrs. Blair, set itself
to prophesying like Isaiah, or Jeremiah, or Daniel,
or one of ihe twelve prophets, aad promised us,
that, ia les* than six weeka, the baaka throughout
the coantry would suspend specif payments, and an
irredeemable age would again be forced upon us. ?
Mr. V an Burea, his patriotic Republican Majesty,
very cordially endeavored to manufacture this pre
diction into fact, pronouncing a sub-treasury
speech iu Castle Garden, ami thns tried to increase
the panic among his lovely locofoco politicians, and
shake their confidence in the banks. This has been
followed up by a run on the bank of Oswego, by way
of a pattern example, to be imitated by all the faith
ful. Throughout the country the locofoco part} have
aided those movements, by every kind of rabid at
tack upon hanks and bank currency. Mr. Benton,
Mr. Buchannan, all the leaders and|thinkera of the
" party" have joined in the same cry, and hoisted
the same standard.
Thii baa been tbe conduct of the locofocoa ? hare
the whigi behaved better 1 Not a bit ? not one bit.
Mr. Clay, and all hi* partisans, have joined iasue
with the locelocos? and swear, from morning to
aigbt, that Mr. Van Buren means to reduce the cur
rency to a solid specie ba?'s ? that they want to break
all the banks ? and discredit all convertible paper
moaey. The very position which both parties thus
assume in relation to banks and currency, only hasten
that erent which tliey ?ffcct to deplore, but which
the politicians absolutely want to see realised? see
Mean a suspension of tpteie paymmti.
That this is tbe result which is contemplated by
the speculator! *uu brokers af both parties, receives
confirmation from the course and conduct of the
Wall street press and the Wall street speculaters.
For several days past the "Courier and Enquirer,"
that bankrupt agent of every nefarious project, has
been recommending an export af specie, far the pur
poee of setting the Iknk of England on her legs; and
the leading capitalists and broker*, well known ta be
connected with, and regulating tbe Whig party,
have been draining the banks of their upecie, at first
covertly and clandestinely, now openly and impu
dently. Already about $1,900,900 in specie have
been secretly exported to England, aad preparation*
and arrangements are made ta aend by the Great
Western next Thursday about $1,000,000, aad pro
bably by the British Queen to tbe extent of $1,000,
#00 more. How much is contemplated by those wha
have tbe power of draining the baaks, we know not ;
bat we should not be surprised to see them only stop
at ?5,000,000 before all their views are completed.
These are remarkable and astounding facta. In
order to make it available as political capital, during
the approaching flection in this state, which will
decide the presidential election in 1&I0, we see the
leaders and understrappers of both the political par
ties embarking in every trick and roguery in their
power to bring about a suspension of specie pay
meats, and to make the banks the shuttlecock of
their vulgar and disreputable brawls for cffice and
emolument. The bullion brokers in Wall street, and
the speculators " from Dan to Bershebe" in cotton,
earn, and earrency, aid and assist this houltvme
ment, merely because one set expect to mahe a per
centage by the operation, and the other to get out of
a scrape by an issue of irredeemable paper.
In this state of things, we call upon the honest,
economical, ready- moaey men, of moderate means
and seund principles, to unite against the damnable
villainy and speculatioa of the present day? to com
bine their iaterests, opinions, and feelings ? to join
the honest and weH conducted bank* that will con
tinue to pay their bills ia specie? ta aid every move
meat that will lower prices and dimiaish roguery ?
and ta preserve those seeds of virtue nnd morality
that will heap tbe ?"??try from bring planged iato
a ?ee aad disgraceful suspension. Let some pnblic
meeting be called ? and let the speculators? the
trading politicians? aad all roguery be deaounced
forever and forever.
Htoct's Stattju. ? We have spoken of the unfer
tunate accident that befel this beautiful work of art.
We aught now te raise a subscription to enable
Htnnt te procure materiule to make another statue,
which will doubtless, if possible, be superior to the
aae destreyed. There is a great fuss made in the
papers itxiit Powers, and his attempt to make his
first statue; whilst we have in Pfew York unherald
ed a yonag artist who has produced a statue, that
for beamy and finish, boldness of conception, and
eriginality of design, far exceeds the efforts of any
oae in modern times Htout's talent* must be fos
tered, and we must have a subscription for him.
Lo- ororo Onaai IS* a. -The ' Despatch' has culled
eul the following pnOWHree frem W ebb's letter fr?m
!<and<n, showing tha* in point ef grammar he is at
least equal to Ilis Rep ?Mn ,n Msjettv
? Tb? pares of ' ti< n? ? lrn?, ?*.) e, .
? .? btgb J spcem
A ?' C nt*n|>liMr f r. e, in Which. ??<* M.mrt -< ? Ut
Ui' r< Htm If. A'it lo? ' smmvi ih puUnly.
'?i im Jireetun sf Qcil Vf?-urn,M?e Galonet **it* 1 ,,
a their part is ipirsf te rssh> hi tanf?rlib|r
Webb, like Van, it a native of Columbia County,
and must have ence ringed cabbagt-s.
$>? The Orients K -public continues in about the
sam? state as we la?l r? ported Oribe i* in favor one
day, and Rivera anmlirr, and *o they go.
The ?* Baltimore Ar?i rimn," like the ?' Commer
cial" here, Mlflgise* Webb'* letters on finance, as
the perfection of science Probably a greater mass
?f absnrriitie* were aeter put together They am
* laugh of ail Wail street
' TiiAi.-Tb eoaditiou u4 proepecta of tkia moat
pr*aiiii| eoutrj, art improving hourly. Her in
ternal reaot rone are increaaiag; ker eiliceaa ara
increasing ; ker reputation ia improving daily; ker
cam and aatloa are incmnaing; her good eaaaa and
knowledge ara increasing; her araiy ia iaereaaiag;
her navy ia increaaing, and her eoemiea ara decreaa
ing. Lieut. Moore, of the V. S Navy, about tea
daya aince aeat hia reaignation on to Waahington,
and thaa leaves oar navy to take command of the
nary of Texaa, which will conaiat of aix or eight
briga aud achoonera of war. Nor ia thia the only
reaignatiou that will take place; a great many valua
ble office ra are preparing to leave our nary, in dia
guat at tke mismanagement of affairs by the old lady
Secretary of the Navy at Wahisngton.
A very curious and remarkable correspondence
took place between Mra. Paulding and Lieut. Moore,
on the aubject of the latter' s resignation, which the
old lady secretary ia endeavoring to suppress; be
cause, if publiahed, it will expose him to the laugh
ter and contempt of the whole community. But the
correspondence must be published, nevertheless ,
and we hereby offer a reward of $50 to any locofoce '
clerk in the Navy Department at Waahington, who j
will send us on a copy of this remarkable correa- I
pondence. And there is, therefore, no doubt that j
we shall abtain a copy of the correspondenee under
the eircumstancea, because few locofoces can resist
a bribe of $50, and many wonld sell their brother,
besides throwing in a couple of conaina gratia, for
leaa than that amount.
The Navy of Texas will be a very efficient one,
and the tnare so as it will be officered by gallant
Americans. They want but aix vessels to a weep
their foea from the Mexican gulf, and they will do it.
In the mean time the Mexicans hare also their agents
amongst ua, who are purchasing, or trying to purchase,
several small schooners and brigs for Mexican men
of war. But we advise all ahip-maatera to aell the as
no veasels nnlesa they get the money down; if they
can get the cash, aell them aa many aa peaaible, be
cause the Texians will take them all and strengthen
their fleet, and enrich themselves; and, not only by
aea do the Mexican* mean to make a demonstration
against Texas, but, from the movements of their
agents here and elsewhere, there ia no doubt that
Santa Ana intends to send a large expedition against
Texas by land. So much the better. His emmissa
ries are running hither and thither to get the meana
to make an invasion, and the sooner they consum
mate their plans the better fer Texas. This will be
the signal for a general effort on the part of the Texi
ans, and the result of their rising will be the inva
sion of Mexico, the overthrow of the Mexican go
vernment, soldiers and autheritiea, and the proudly
planting of the solitary stardag of Texas on the walla
of the city of Moctezuma, where it will float in tri
umph ever after. This will be aa it ought to be. We
Anglo-Saxons ought to have that country, and all
southern America down to tke Brazila. Tke Gotha,
whence aprang the Spaniarda, have had it long
enough, end now it is our turn. The Spaniarda
have bad every chance; they have had nndiaputed
possession, for centuries, of the finest tracta of
country in the werld, and they have been a pest and
a scourge thereto. The Anglo-Saxon raee will su
persede them, and render the whole of the fine south
ern and central regions of America, what God in
tended they should be, the most delightful parts
of tkia great and glorious globe. The Mexieana have
too much dark blood in their veins, aud too much
wool on their hair. It is time for white men to enter
and rule the land.
Yesterday's mail brought intelligence from Houa
ton and Galveston to the 11th and 12th inst. The
4th ?f July was celebrated there with a goad daal af
pomp and some street fighting.
The Indiana continued a little troubleaonae, bat
will aoou be quieted.
Col. Barnard E. Bee writes from New Orleans
under date of the 1th inst-, that General Hamilton
expected to effect a loan of Tax as oaly
waats $5(10,000 mere.
Hon. Alcee Lab ran c he. Minister to Texaa, arrived
at New Orleana on the 15tk mat., in the Columbia
from Galveston.
New Yoke Directory ? It ia now nearly three
months siace the ft rat day of May, in which a City
Directory ia naore wanted thaa in the remaining nine
month* of the year. If Mr. Longwarth cannot ac
commodate the public with a Directory aooncr, it ia
roach to he hoped that next spring aorae other en
terprising peraon or persons will nndrrtake the wark
in opposition. It ia believed that the work might he
published in 40 day a, more correct and much bet*
ter bo and for the mm of $2, than any he haa pre
sented to the public for tome time pant. To be com
pelled to pay $3 for * Directory coming oat too late,
neither correct or well hound, ia paying more than J
it* value. There muat be an opposition to Mr. L It
wout do.
iloaoEt Where aan we go today or tomorrow
to be so cool and comfortable a* to ileboken7 The
air ia refrrahing, the distance *hort, the traea ahady,
the tout tntfmhlr delightful. Put on yoar bonnets,
my girls, and let us all go over to Hoboken to eat
ice ereaiua, breathe pure air, sit on the grasa, and?
and ? keep cool and feel comfortable.
Bath* akd Rathiro. ? No one who values hia
health, happineas, comfort, and desires to prolong
hia life, will neglect to bathe daily. And there are
no baths in thia city ao convenient for all classes, ao
admirably arranged and managed, ao cool and com
fortable, as those of the Arrade, kept by Mr. Charles 1
HtoppMiii. Therefore let every '?e who is sick bsthe
at the Areade, that they may get well; and let all
who ars well bathe at the Arcade, to save themsel vea
from being aick.
Another Compi.im istaiy Htxirir. ? It ia Bear- |
)y time that these humbugs eeasrd. Whenever an
actor or art res s fails to draw a bouse by their own
merits and talent, some ^s proposes to swindle the
public cut of a complimentary benefit for them.
I Major Noah now propoaes to get ap one for Madame
Augusta, and thus make the wife of a count a sort of
i pauper on the pablie. Well, if he does not succeed
he can give her a few lots upon (irstnd Idand, and
that will enrich her, of course.
Jesnmow's Rsraiur rators are most admirable
i for familiea. He ha? a complete factory for their
eonstruction at 5#M> Broadway
[fry- About 2, persons are now at the springs.
A man named Bernard, *aid to he of New
York, attempted to kill himself in Wheeling, Va.,
on Wednesday last, lie had previously made three
attempt* to " shuffle off this mortal cell."
frf. We learn from the "Charleston Mercury ' of
the flat instant, that the plantation of Mr. Kingsley,
near l.ake tieorge, was abandoned by his negroes on
the Kith instant, they hiving been compelled to fly
from the Indians? the Indians told the negroes to
leave the plantation, for they ?ould gather the crop.
frj- James <1 Brooks, formerly one of the editors
of the " Courier and Kn(|uirer," and well known ?>
" Florin," is now the editor of the " New l".ra.
Richard I, ocke does all the talking, boasting,
blnMeriag and laziness, and Brooks all the labor.
(Vj- It is naid that there are one thousand brick
houses now hmlding in Cincinnati We do not lie
lievethere are five hundred.
Ow?? Vlauctol twHwradra m4m?1 Uw
t?m liMW, %m Hie P?w?wrt?
Mmrtim Tmm Barra
Among the amy splendid /eifi givea to hit Ma
jaaty during bis recoct royal progress through this
eity, was a cabinet diiner, prepared and perpetrated
by His Ex-Honor C. W. Lawrence, formerly Mayor
af this city, and now President of the State Bank.
The company, the occasion, the toasts, the conversa
tion, tha guests, the purposes, the dishes, the viands,
were all of the highest flavor and deepest importance.
Out of nearly two dozen guests of tha first water ?
we had almost said brandy and water ? anly six of
them were original, unadulterated, unchangeable,
dyed in-the wool locofocos. It was a cabinet dinuer,
iatended to seal and sign a compact on certain prin
ciples of finance, between his Majesty aud the lead
1 ing financiers of Wall street ? and it is merely a
I pattern dinner, which will be imitated at a humble
distance, by every bank circle in every village and
town of the state. At half past four o'clock the
guests began to assemble in the splendid quaker
brown drawing room of his Honor the Ex-Mayor.
About 10 minutes before five, his Majesty was an
nounced, and was ushered into the room by his
H?nor. His Majesty wataccoinpanied by the young
Princes of the blood. At five o'clock precisely, din
ner was announced. His Majesty led into the grand
diuiag room the accomplished sister of his host, and
spoke many hne words during the process. " How I
is your healthl" "You look well to-day." "1 am very !
happy to see you." 44 Your father was a man of most
excellent sense," and other phrases of similar pur- 1
port, of which he always has aa abundant stock on ;
hand, ready cut and dried, to suit the various events, ;
scenes and circumstances by which he may be sur- i
The most extraordinary and remarkable feature
about this extraordinary and remarkable dinner, is
to be fonnd in the fact that it was a sort of a double
dinner; not exactly a two faced, but a two bellied
transaction? that is to say, there was a set of tables
laid out up stairs in the grand Conservative diniug
room for His Bemocratic Majesty, the Princes of
the blood, and the nobles, and illustrious Dukes,
Earls and Baron*, who eternally buzz around the at
mosphere of royalty; aud a second set of tables was
laid out down stairs in the great locofoco kitchen
diniag room, for Sergeant Slaiu, Brevet Brigadier
Bang, Major Ming and the great, though dirty tail
of the kitchen cabinet ? the eaters of cheese parings,
doers of dirty work, washers of dishes, hewers of
wood and drawers of water, and blackers of boots to
the party. This beautiful illustration of the simplici
ty, sincerity, and purity of the principles and exam- I
pies carried out by the party, gave a delightful va
riety to the entertainments that could hate been ob
tained in no other manner.
Araoagst the nobles and grandees who were allow- 1
ed to eat, drink, and be merry in the immediate pre
scace of His Democratic Majesty, were the follow
ing Locofocos.
Lord Chamberlain Jesse Hoyt, Collector in chief
of His Majesty's revenue, and grand gatherer to- j
gethei of the faithful. Behind his chair was a little
boy with a banner representing the Collector and
Attorney General in the act of struggling for a ease J
of pistols, and underneath this motto:? "To the
victors belong the spoil. " In the back-ground
Swartwout and Price were seen in tbe act of set- '
tling their Brutus and Cassius quarrels, by a pistol
fight; aanexed was this motto ; 1 The ways of the
wicked are harder than bullets."
Next was His Ili-rh Mightiness Isaac L Vaiuak,
Lord High Constable, and Gi and Marshal ?f His Ma
jesty's Metropolis. Behind his chair was a banner
representing an Alderman looking up one street and
down another, shaking an empty purse, aad exclaim- 1
?ng, " Muster President : ? Prehaps this here open
ing streets mought be a good thing, aud praps agin
it mougbtn't. I'm willing la wotethe mosey to open
em, if we had an\ money to wote away; oar paise
is empty; but still, if you can show me any money
we got to wote with, praps I mought wote it, and
then agin praps I mon^htn't."
His E*cellkncy Ex-Mayor, Walter Howkk, the
revered cuief of the locoifoco currency regulators
president of the 7th Ward Bank, ic. On the banner
behind his chair was a beautiful emblematic device
of a scene in^ Turkey: the Grand Yisier was kaeel
ing, aad the Grand Sultan was placing his foot on tha
Yisier's head whilst in the act of mounting his horse.
Mott? ? " So be it, O revered chief "
I ha Bight Reverend and Pioas Bishop Benjamin
F. Butler, expounder general af the law and the
gospel to His Democratic Majesty. On his banner
was a representation of a pious lawyer in the act of i
prayiar a Prince's soul out of purgatory. Motto: ?
"1 look young, but I am old; yet never saw I the 1
faithful la politics forsaken, nor his seed berrinr? 1
their bread/' " 6 i
Lord High Custus Rotolorum of Cotton, Babob 1
I haddeos Phelps, the greatgrandfather of all the
faithful. ( oat of arms, an enormous cot'on bag pro
per. Motto;? M No man or woman ought to wear silk !
stockings whilst there is cotton enough in the country '
to cover tbe legs of every lovely lady in the land " ?
His Excellency, the Host, Ex mayor CaaaEnus
" La wrewce, purveyor of choice wines and choice 1
conservative company for His Majesty. A very
splendid banner was placed behind the gentleman s '
chair, represeating a New York locofoco mob in tha
act of robbing and destroying a dozen flour stores.
Like Harlow s gr at painting of the trial of 4u*ea
Catheriae, every face was a portrait. Motto:? "One I
example is worth a huadred precepts. Equal rights I
equal bappinesa."
Judok Straroe, U. S. Senator fro? North Caro
lina.? Banner? A laige turnip aide by side with a
large cabbage. Motto: ?? May tha cabbages of Kin
dcrhook and the turnips of North Carolina be ever
found side by side at the same table "
Semi- Con terr alive i.
Prince PaassavrD Fish.? Banner? A loafer p ra
Eer running a racc round the Seventh Ward without
is breeches, followed by a legion of shirtless and
breeebesless locofocos. Motto: " Devil take the
hind most."
D*ni?l Jjtcnoi. ? Banner ? A negro ami a white
man di?cu?*ing the moat acientific ayatem for ahat
tering the right arm Motto; M Bird* of a feather."
Baron I?mh DiPRiaTE* OenE*. Director in
the Bank of the State of New York.? Banner? A lo
eofoco mob attacking a bank in Wall atreet. Motto:
" Down with all banka "
Ilia Mono', Jvdoe Cam tiell, a worthy old-faah
loned republican, and one of the aignera of the Con
servative Manifeato ?Banaer? Elijah carried np to
Heaven in a ehariot of (Ire. Motto: " Mark the per
fect nan, and behold the upright; for the end of that
man la peace."
The Right Hoaorable Ru in V\ iTiicaa, Caahier
of the State Bank. Banner ? Jeatia dining with the
choaen twelve. Mrtto: "And Judaa carried the
Baron At.mcRT (itli atij?, El-Secretary of the
Treaaury, and Chief ??f the Regulators ef the Cur
rency. ?Banner ? A mob of poor, pennylcaa, ahirtleaa
locniocot rha?mg a hank director throagh Wall
atreet. Motto ? " No rag Bnmna."
The moat learned and noble Da. Duia, President
of Columbia College.? Banner ? A niob of the V*n
Buri n Slain Bang body guild making a large bonfire
of book*. .Motto: " We'll have no reading or writ
ing; our mouth ahall be the Parliament and law of
the land."
'i he Bight Honorable Jom rn Lawkirci and the
Right Honorable Ricmahh !.awh? *i e, brother* of
the ho?t. Banner ? Joseidiand hia brethren. Motto: |
" xV>'re not allJoarphs.
The above, with the two amiable aiatera of the
hoat, formed the aelect circle at the grand dinner ta
ble up ntaira. Baron (?allatin aat on the right 1
of His Majraty, and a Mr aat on the left. The
" chivalrous" friend, Dan Jackson, waa abated next
to Judge Strane for the purp??e of inoculating him
with conservative sentiment*, and of landing *' my
particular fritud ' William E. Rives in In* public
and nri ate career. The no' le and learned Dr. Duer,
H ' * Majriljf'i old bosmn federal Triend, sat very near j
him, and opposite to Prince Preserved Pi ah ; the lat
ter wit particularly facetious throughout, and took
every opportunity of contradicting evert body, and
particularly Hit Majestv, to abow hi? sovereign con
tempt for locofoco royalty. Some idea of the *plen
dor and magnificence of the banquet ti p ntaira may
be formed from the follewing, which was the
Atpique 4at Hoitres,
Kiutrci ea C squill* crm
Pot age iu Tortus,
Potage aui Poi?.
B?ti pique b U Chamborc,
Shad grille sauce M.vitr* d'Hotel.
Diudeu au Perelleur,
Filet tie Bceuf au Vin de Champagne,
Jdmbou glacee an Gelee,
Pa(? Ckaud a la Toulouae,
Cailte Pique eu Crou*iad?,
Supreme de Volatile HUtorie en Cr?u*tade.
Pedri* *n Bordnre de* Legume*,
Petit Poalet a la Ruyal au* Champignon*,
Vol-au-Veut <le Filet de Poiitou a la Becheael,
Cui?*e de Volaille farcie eu Papillotte,
Hi* de Teau Pique aux petit Poi?,
Cotelette de Pigeon aax Trufle* en Crou*tade,
Fi?ie Gra* it la Gelee aux Truffei,
Filet de Pijjcou niiou eu Pauier,
Salade d'Hoinard mouie.
? Oie 8aurage.
* Canard Saurage Tete reuge Brandt, ^
? Pottlet de Guiaoe piquee, *
* Becai.e. *
" Pieoe Monte, *
* Omelette Sourtlee aax Oranges, ?
0 Gelee de Vermicelli aux Oeul* de Blanc Manga, 0
* Blanc Mange Ornee,
? Chariot t? Kut*a, '
* Gelee a>i Hum, *
" Petit Douches garaie de Gelee de Oroseille, 0
? Merangut- aax Prune*. *
* Fruit* et dace. 0
o o
Down staira the guestr were " a different breed of
dogs, ' and the company included the following: ?
Brevet Brigadier Ba.no, His Majesty'* boot-black.
? He had a banner behind h's chair, representing a
barrel of flour with the head knocked in, and two
loafers fighting for the contents. Metto: " No Mo
Sergeant Slam, His Majesty's Orderly, aad regu
lator oi the duorderlies.? Banner ? A pair of breeches
wore threadbare, with holes in the seat. Motto:
" Why iheuld we quarrel for riche*,
Or an) such glittering tot* ;
A li^'ht heart and a thin pair of breecke*
W ill go through the world, my brave boy*."
M ajor Ming, of hi* Majesty's Custom House
Guards Banner. A lame dog leading a blind one.
Metto. ? " Aa old smuggler makes a good Custom
House officer."
Harry Nekes,captainof his Majesty's 1st company
of loafers. Banner. An old hat^vith the crown out.
Motto. ? "Free entrance and exit, every where."
Tom Stiles, lieutenant of loafers. Banner. An old
pair of boots with the toes out. Mott*. " Freedom
of the understanding."
Tag, Hag and Bobtail Banner. Tkrec thieves
hand cuffed together; state prison ia the background.
Motto. ? "Vere Liberty dwells, vere seldom seen."
The dinner for these worthies, although not so
celebrated fer its quality a* that for the people up
stairs, made ample amends bj its quantity, as will b
seen by the following:
o O ? O ? O C OO 00000000*00 cc o #
O sour. ROAST. ?
a Pet Soup. Beef, o
? niH. Ve?l, o
o Boiled Bmi. Pig, o
o boilkiv. Chicken. ?
o Ham, Lamb, mint sauce. o
o Carned Beef, past a v. ?
o Tongue, CurrAut Pie, ?
o Leg of Mutton, Blueberry Pie, o
o Turkey and Oysters, O,>oseberrj Pie, o
o Jole and Cabbage, Bread Padding. ?
? Chicken and Pork, dessebt. o
o Salt Kisk. Oranges, Blackberries, o
?oooooooooooocoooo*o*oea? |
Such were the individual* of the company, both ,
up stairs and down ctaira? in the drawing-room and
the kitchen. But it wu not until they were all
aeated that the ludicroua nature oi the arrangements
was eU arly diacernahle. The grandees above were
rather indifferent to the presence of llis Democratic
Majesty, whilst the loafers below were excessively
clamorous 10 have him at the head of their table. ?
However, His Majesty's personal preference* were
eoasulted, and tie dined up stairs ; a compromise
was made with the locofocoa below that His Majes |
ty should remain above until eight o'clock, and then ?
be should be given into the charge of Slatu, Hang 8l
Co. until midnight, which was done. Ob another
Eoint the arrangements were also rather curious. ?
p stairs, the nobility were served with the most
saperb wines of the most expens.ve description,
whilst down stairs the poor locofo?o? were supplied i
with poor swill stuff, such as root betr, mead, sarsa
parilla beer to purify the blood, ginger pop, and
other plain republican beverages.
The conversation up stairs was of a general nature
? politics, finance, the state of the weather, and the
beauty of our women, were discussed at intervals be
tween the toasts. Prince Pr?served Fish drank
wine with His Majesty, agreed with him about its
merits, and opposed him in his political views. ?
Prince Smith V an Hureu drank wine with the sis
ters of the host, and agreed with them that New
York contained more lovely women than any other
city in the Union. The " revered chiefs" particu
lar friend, the ex- Mayor, took particular pains to
amuse Judge Strange with a learned and piquant dis
quisition on the virtues of turuios turned into cider
in the Rin Van Winkle state, llis Majesty made it
a particular point to drink wine with his serai-con
servative Iriends, and also with the ladies, in honor
of whom he proposed this toast : ?
Thi Ladibs ? Without whom the two eatremities of human
lite would be helpless, and the middle j?y less.
This was drank with great enthusiasm and rattling
of glasses. The loafers down stairs heard the aoise,
aad sent up ataira to kaow what was the row. On
being informed of the cause, they proposed the fol
lowing : ?
The Lsavkbs ? Without whom Mania Van Bursa would
be reduted to the last eitremity, And the middle of bis Presi
deutial tour joyless and nois?ltss.
This was drank with an enormous noise, and then
ensued the following enthusiastic song : ?
Hurrah for the Democrat^ King ! i
Hurrah far the Democrat's King !
The Loeos are boys as neesr fears aoisa,
But whs frolic who Aght, and who siag.
Hurrah fur lk? Democrat's King, tutu
May th? Devil ly off with the Feds,
Con*er*ati**a, B*nkiie< and all,
And make all the Locos ibe heads
Of affairs, and we'd opea the ball.
With hurrah for ihe Democrat's King!
Hurrah for the Democrat's King !
Tli* Loco* are boys as never fears uoise,
But who frolic, w Ka fight, and who atng !
After this song was over, the locofncos got fight
ing, and sent up their compliments to His Democra
tic Majesty, and insisted upon hia coming down to
regulate the affairs of the kitcnen. Upon his demur
ring to this, they all made preparatmus for march
ing up stairs to attack the party in the drawing
room. A compromise took place, oy his Majesty an.
nouncing hia intension of accepting nf the escort of
Brigadier Hang, Major Ming, Sergeant Slam, &c.
Jte. as a body guard to the Bowery ? w lither be
went in sueh state and style as he never saw before,
and hopes never to see again.
The Hritish Queen. ? We would advise all our
citizens not to desire to get on board this beautiful 1
vessel when she arrives, and then they will not be |
disappointed. Nbe has so short a time to remain
here, that it will be impossible to gratify even a part J
of the public curiosity, and therefore it is best to ex
elude all persons. The next visit she pays us, all
will be gratified by a sight of her. A wharf has
h.-en prepared for her at the foot of Clinton street,
where gates are placed to keep out all who have no
business en board of her; this is a very proper ar
rangement, and we hope none will he found so foolish
as to wish to break through it.
Most Bwautwoutiwo. ? A custom house, officer
of this city, after searching through nil the public
vaults and stores, and finding that Price and .Uwart
wont had left nothing behind, pirked up a beautiful
little girl nt Brooklyn, with a hunch of fine notes,
(the daughter of a rich cotton broker) and Hivart
wouted her. Iler father intends to make sad dis
cord ef their concert of action, if he comes upon
either the flat or the ?harp.
Beware of street beggars ; and particularly
look after those who walk down areas to beg if they
see any on?, and to steel if they see so ene.
Launch or Mi. Stetki??' new Yacht ? Wil
LiAMtavM? Its Pkomiu and its lnviiNim.
? Tfcia will be i great dtyi> Williamsburg. Crowds
will floek over there this morning at ten o'clock to
witneaa the launch of Mr. Stevoaa' new yacht Stag ?
the aioat aingular vessel ever constructed Since oar
article respecting her, the ahip yard of Mr Capea
haa been thronged with people from this city to get
a gliaapae of a yacht that ia to coat over $50,000, and ?
which ia to outsail the tleeteat of the Krigliah yacht
squadron. Her cabins are nearly finished, and are
as auperblv decorated aa the most costly drawing
room or parlor, either in this country or in Europe.
They extend fore and aft, and her deck is what ia
ealled flush, or one continuous level from stem to
atern. This queer looking craft ia to dip into the
Eaat River today precisely at tea, A. M.? and there
fore those who wiah to see the operation had better
croaa the river early.
There are other aighta besides the launch to be
seen in Williamaburg. The acenery, the beautiful
I cottagea, &c.,are unsurpassed. A very general aad
rapid improvement has taken plaoe in the towu
Williamsburg within the past year or two. Splenj
did streets, wide aid neatly laid out ? beautiful gar
dens and cottages to match, have been and are going
up? and the progress of the place ia great
The proximity of Williamsburg to this city, and
the close connection by the line ol ferry boats, hava
induced many to purchase building lots and liva
there. Many of our wealthiest merchants and lead
ing mechanics are now having constructed and
tastefully laid out, beautiful summer residencea and
Erdeus. On one of the principal avenues, elegantly
id out, ia the cottage of John L. Graham, Esq., of
thia city, now occupied by Mr. Haigbt. His garden
is one of the largest and best arranged in this vicini
ty. Mr. Haight, the younger, ia engaged in the
pleasing study of horticulture, for the purpose of
making it a profession; and what nobler and healthier
ftrofession can mortal man chooael There are very
ew in thia country who are in the slightest degree
conversant with horticulture, in all its branches;
and, therefore, Mr. Haight, by strict attention, will
stand prominent in the art, and it is an art worthy of
acquisition by man.
All along thia Main street are innumerable gar
dens, and in the midst of each stands a pretty cot
tage, fit for a Prince ? even Prince John, to live
in. Among others is a very heat one belonging to
George W. Strong, Esq., President of the Commer
cial Bank, who unites the pursuits of finance, litera
ture, and improvementa together. The inhabitants
seem to vie with each other in the laying out and in
the arrangements of their grounds.
Wrben the Ferry Corporation is reorganized, as it
is soon to be, every thing will be ready to make Wil<
liarasburg a desirable place of residence
Williamsburg is not without its pleasures and
amusements In the winter, balls and ?oirr?s are
given and in the summer Mount Vernon Garden
and Hotel is always open. A complimentary benefit
is to be given next Monday evening to the proprietor
of Mount Vernon, when iherc will be a display of
Fire Works, and a flow of vrifcal and instrumental
music. The steamers leave Peck Slip every half
(0- The Natchez sloop of war came up to the eity
yesterday afternoon, and fired a salute. The dis
charge of her cannon created quite a atir in the city,
and thousands rushed down to the Battery and on
the piers to see, as they thought, the British Queea
steam ahip plough her way up the Bay and East Ri
ver. They were disappointed.
A Correct Conclusion. ? A correspondent, re
ferring to oar advocacy of General Scott, says, ?
" Either you are in a delusion in auppoting General
Scott available, or elae 1 am an aaa " Our corres
pondent has concluded wisely ? be is an n?s!
Ship Launch todat.? Thebarqas "Manhattan,"
of 450 tons burthen, built for Messrs. Pfeifer &. Wiaa
man, and to be commanded by Capt. John Budd, will
be launched from the ship yard of Messrs. Bergh k
Co., foot of Sea mm el street, thia morning, at tea
The attention of the inapecter of the 2d ward
ia called to Dutch atreet. It ia a filthy street, and
filthy people live there. It must be cleansed every
day. There is abundance of soap there, and yet it is
the dirtiest street in the city.
Harlvm ? The drive to Harlem is adiwghtfal
one. Nowlan'a place contains all that caa render
life desirable; and the gardeas of Aid. Hall should ba
visited by every body.
Two desperate fellows named Cook and Car
ter, recently escaped from the jail of Scott ooaaty,
Miss. Cook has probably committed more murders
than any other man? having, during his life, killed
over twelve human beings.
[Taints Oorr*s;.o?dence.]
Rochbstxu, July 22d, Monday.
Mr. CUy remained here over Saaday, and attend
ed church like a good christiaa. He did not keep
the congregation wailing for hie appearance, but
went early, aa not to disturb the aervire lie ex
pressed hia delight at the sermon, the inuaic and the
ladies Thia morning he received the cull* of the
citizena at the Eugle Tavern; and, although the raia
fell in torrenta great nntnbera of all political parties
crowded to shake handa with the orator of the weat.
At eleven o'clock he proceeded to the Court llouae,
where aeveral hundred peraoaa had assembled to
bear him make a apeech The apeech was a mere
j repetition of the traah with which the whigaewspa
| pera have been filled for the pa>t two years, viz: the
currency, the veto, government expend. turea, Jtc.,
Slc. Mr Clay aeemed to dietrast the anti masoaa
that aiirrou nded huo, waa embarrassed, ar d disap
B tinted the expectations of aoit who h?ard Inns ?
e ajK>ke about half an heur, and then adjourned la
I the Eagle Tavern to dinner. In the afternoon he de
parted for Caaandaigua, on a viait to lion. Fraacie
Granger, and waa eacorted ?ut of the city by a aa
| meroua cavalcade of frienda
It is generally understoad that the object of Mr.
Clay's tourney is to ascertaia the views of hia poll
tical frienda aa to hia following the example of Mr.
Webster, and declining to be a candidate for the
Preaidency. The wbigs in thia part at the state are
generally of the opinion that if Mr. Clay is nomina
ted, ho can never get the vote of this state, much
leas be elected. The leading whigt are anxious that
he should decline, aad leave the field clear for Har
rison or Scott All the hoaors showered upon kim
are intended to smooth his path inta retimry, Will
he ao understand theml or will he fancy himself M
popular as to insist on being nominated 1
The weather for the last few dajs has been nnfa*
vorable for the wheat crop. The great quantity of
rain and very warm weather have rusted many fields
so as seriously to injure the grain. Still, there will
be an abundant crop. The harvesting nil) commence
next week. The pressure in the money market c on
tinues severe. Conlractsare making (or new wheat
at ?1 per bushel. At that price, flour can be afforded
in yo?r city at ?5 M to 7fl per barrel.
Al (jbamkfr*,
Hcfore the Recorder.
JtM.v 2lith.? In the matter of the People vs. Eliza
Weston, alias Christine???, on a writ of ha
beas corpua.
Thia girl, whose caae was mentioned yesterday
in tke Police reports, wa? brought before His Honor,
attended hy her counsel, Janu s T. Hrady and 1 hos.
Warner, E??|rs. The learned gentlemen Mated that
their client could not come within the meaning of
the statute against disordely persons, she having
visible means of support. At thia part of the pro
ceedings ? which were held in a room of the Halls
of Jastice. known as the keeper's apartment'? the
reporter for the lleiald knocked at the door anil in
stantly opened it, when something like the following
dialogue ensued : ?
Hyde, keeper of the Prison. ? This is a private
room; yon cannot mine in.
Reporter- Sir, you know me, snd know my busi
ness. I attend here to?
Hloodgood, Special Justice ? This is a private pro?
ceeding; you cannot come in
Reporter? Mr. Recorder Morris, am I to be re
fused sdmiltance to your Coartt
Rloodgood. ? Your honor, this ought not to be pab
Recorder. ? Sir, my court is an open one.
Hyde, admit that gentleman.
Mr. Warner at this time was exhibiting a hank
book wl'ich he averred was the property af his cli
ent, aad eatitled her to nearly $1M0, which she ba4

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