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deposited ia the 8af?|*i Beak is the wi of Chria
tlM , .
The Recorder demanded smf of her identity, and
farther proceedings were adjourned for ? abort time,
to ^t the attendance of one of the clerka of the
After a lapeo of two hours, the matter was again
taken ap, aed the fact of Iter possessing the money
clearly made out
It then appeared from the statement of Mr. Brady,
and waa indeed admitted by the keeper of the prison,
that after the adjournment a new commitment waa
Made out, not alleging that ahe waa a disorderly per*
son, but that ahe bad committed a certain offence at
the bouse of a Mr. jn Chambers streot. ?
Another irregularity was that the warrant for her
arreat was issued by Justice Hopsoa, and the com
mitment signed by Justice Bloodgood, whilst in one
document she was called Susan Diekerson and in
the other Cliza Weston, and that no alias waa used,
which fact alone was sutlicient to reuder all the par
ties liable in an action for trespass.
After considerable argument, tbe Recorder decid
ed that ahe must be Uncharged from custody on the
first commitment, lie then said that the proper
mode of dealing with such cases, was to order the
disorderly women to find bail, and in default, to
commit them to the city prison until tbe General
Sessions meet, when their case could be deeided on,
and if too high an amount of bail had been demanded, it
would be reduced. In the present case $1000 surety
had been asked and if there were no irregularity in
the proceedings, he should permit the girl to remain
for the decision of that tribunal. He should, how
ever, postpone his own decision until Saturday, at 10
How to rid of a Wife.? Robert Topping, aged
IB, was brought ui> to show cause why he should not
?upport his wife Eleanor, aged 28.
Eleanor said ahe married the complainant in Feb
ruary last, and that she asked him to have her to
hide shame from the world.
Here the husband of Eleanor intimated that he was
forced into the match, under a promise of her never
asking him for any support.
An elderly lady asked to be sworn, who deposed
that she was present at the wedding, and that tbe
hridgeroom told her that he would as soon marry
Eleanor as the daughter of General Jackson.
On the part of the appelant a witness was ad
duced to shovr that the husband had no means of
support himself, he living altogether on the labor of
his mother.
The Recorder ordered him to be discharged, say
ing that, if he could not support himself, it was evi
dent he could not support a wife.
Mpt cial Mc?JtionK.
July 26. ? Eleanor Gibbon, a withered old crone,
blind ?f one eye, was found guilty of abducting the
sum of jj$5 from the pocket of her bed fellow. Ad
judged 10 the penitentiary for three months.
Phebe Ann Green, a nigger lady, with a white
patch on her nasal organ, wax accused of whippiag
Another negro damsel. 1 he court, thinking that
Phebe had got the worst of it, let her off with a cau
J. Smith, a lean aud ragged journeyman tailor, waa
ftccuaed of beating hi* wile, getting drunk, and half
a dozen other bad criuiea, for which Jamie had to go
and get out atone for the. six months.
Will Honeycomb, (not Addiaon'a,) but a regular
dock walloper, was convicted of a fit of absence of
Mind, to wit, the dressing of himself up in another
gentleman's aait of clothes. As an aggravation of the
?fence, it was said that the clothes borrowed were
?ew, and those left had grown very seedy. Will
Honeycomb was sent lor the six months.
William Daraa and John (>aria,alias Spence, were
convicted of filching the sura of *$20 from the till of
a grocery store. Adjudged each to the aix months.
William Morris and his wife were accused of
kicking up atremedoua row with their landlady, for
which they were suitably admonished and dis
Andrew Dean was found guilty of robbing the
?teaaer Providence of a copper pipe; for which dar
ing alienee he was adjudged to the six months, with
the assurance that if ever he was found breaking the
eighth commandment again, the dose should be
Sundry black, brown, vellow, and white loafers
?< loaferesses were set at liberty.
And the Coart adjourned.
Fs'iff OMce.
July 26th. ? An Artful Dodger. ? A Jew named
Ljou Levi waa b. ought up, charged with obtaining
from Mr Oakley, of Front street, a number of pro.
miisory note* to the nominal value of between three
and four thousand dollars. It appeared that the Jew
had been coaxing Mr. Oakley to operate largely iu
furs, assuring him that thr crt-dit system might be
resorted to, and payment mad- in hlr. O.'s notes at
long dates. Aflci' much negouati* n it was conclud
ed to buy theae fura, and on Levi exhibiting a bill of
?ale from the vendera, he waa entruated with one
moiety of the notea. At the next interview the
?crafty Israelite exhibited a certificate which com
pletely hoodwinked Mr. Oakley, and the remainder
of the notes were then handed over. Some days
elapsed, but no fura were forthceming.and thedrawer
?f the notea began to think of taking precautionary
measures to get back " his paper, ' when it was dis
covered that the Jew had laid out the first moiety
?f the notes in 'he purchase ef n lot of wfttchea, for
which he had agreed to give the aum of $1MJ3 50,
aad had proposed to ouy another lot of trinkets, with
the balance. Oakley on thia gave notice that the
?otea had been obtained from him by fraud, and that
ao person wai to take them, and then aome lawyer
?f the name of Bryan waited on him to comproiuiae
the matter by returning hall the notea to their right
ful owner, and to permit Levy to keep the watcnes,
and for aome reason or other, Oakley waa to provide
for the othera when at maturity. Thi* proposal did
net procure the lawyer a kicking, but it did gat hia
client arrested for the fraud, ana after a brief exami
nation before the Police, he was committed to close
?ustody until the next sessions.
Jurenilt Thievet ? John Rymand caught in the
act of filching two handkerchiefs front a store it
Hudson street, was fully committed. John Jacob t
and Francis Dunning, were caught in the act *f pur
loining cotton from the ctrgo of the ship Southerner.
This crime has become very prevalent, aad it will
be necessery to make a severe example, in order to
put ftstopto it. Peter Killing, ft ragged little loafer,
was brought up charged with getting into the shop
?f a watchmaker and carrying off two of his wateliea.
This was a pretty bold theft and therefore Petere
Wfta committed.
Coroscr'i Or net, July 2ti ? An innueat waa
held at the City Hospital on the body of Klias Blun
dell, who was hurt so badly by falling from some
atep ladder, that lie died on Thursday night. Ver
dict accordingly.
NirloV ? The Revolving Statues, by the Ravels,
the production of which has eieated quite a furor
among artistes, amateurs, conaniseur*, aad, in fact,
throughout the whole class of visiters to the garden,
will be repeated this evening, with other lavorite
entertainments, in which this popular family will
appear. If that la not enough to till the garden, we
will " make aa?urance dculdy sure," by reminding
the puhlic that Gabr*el plays Harlequin and Antoine
the Clown, in the pantomime of the Invisible Har
lequin, which concludes performances. *
Ma. Kditob.? Having iu?t returned from a jaunt
to that delightful spot, Belmont llall, Schoolcy'a
Mountain, it gives me great pleasure to inform each
?f your readers as leave the city at this season, for
the pnre mountain air, that I know of no place where
their time can be more agreeably spent. The host,
Mr. John Hinchmao.is very polite and obliging, and
is alwaya read* to heat up tor a sporting expedition,
either to the shooting or fi*hing ground. His larder
ia always stocked with the best, and his cellars with
therhoirest. Mrs. II attend* also, with great kind
ness to the Imlies and children.
The house is situated 2INNI feet above the level of
the sea, and cannot be surpassed for freshness or
healthfnlness in a y part of the country. Of the
properties of the water it i* needless to speak, as they
are already so universally known.
The route to the mountain is hr Hail Road to Mor
riatown, through the mo?t delightful part of New
Jersey, and thence by stage, aUo through a beautiful
and romantic part ol the same State. Yours, H.
Da Tavi on'a Rai.sam or Livrrwort.-?
Thi* is the only sovereign remedy that has ever
hffn diicorfrfd for th* cure of conmmptinn and
liver complaint* . ? It is allowed by everv per?on ac
quainted with it, to Itetiieniost certain, *ale, and ex
peditions mode of enrr ever known. Indeed, such
has been ita effects, that most of our physiaiana re
commend it a* superior to all other*, and w e are glad
to hear that several hospital* are trying thia medi
cine in such cases of ili?e)i?il lung* and liver as hid
defiance to the orilinarv medical practice, and it has
alwaya proved successful | Kd Sun
Counterfeits ! look out for them (So only to 37*>
Bowery for the geuuiae.
??IV V MiBKIf ?
VrMar. J?iy !??-? *? *?
The arrival of the Britisk Queen will bo an era in Wall
treet. Business ha* been almost a M?k ^ lu'r'T*1 *{
the Great Western. The depression ennsed in the price, ef
?tack* by that event, ha* beea parti; rseovered. Today there
waa evidently mere kaoyucjr, au<l prices have generally in
proved. Bank of Commerce rose J per c??'j N. American
Tru?t and Bank 1 per ceat; Delaware and Hndaon 1 per cent;
Bank of Kentucky i per cent; N. J. K. R- * per oeut j gtoaiug
ton I per cent; Harlem I per cent. There if a practice of bol
stering at the stock board which i? 1 igkly reprehensible, and
which tend* lo iulale the price* of certain stock, the broker*
through whom the operation* are made being at the *ame time
entirely iguorant of Lite trne nature *1 the operation. We will
uaplain. A we will *uppo*e the holder of a certaiu stock*, the
price of which he wishes to rai*e. He will then give an order
to a Broker, M, to purchase, *ay, 300 share* of taid *lock. On
the tame day he will give another broker, C, order* to sell 260
?hare*, being previously pretty certain there is very little if aay
of the stock in the mark? t. At the board, B will call for the ?tock
and C will sell to the extent of his order. B, net having filled
hi* ordsr, offer* a certain rate higher, and find* no teller*. ?
After the board, A delivers Ln C (he SAO share* he has told,
who makes them over to B, and receive* in payment a eheek
previously furuisheil to B by A. Tke whole operation is appa
reutly " bona fide," but is really ouly a transfer frui A to O,
from C to B, and from B back to A. The breker* receive their
commiaaiona, and report the itock very atiff and in demand(
which lead* to an improved price next day, when the actual
?ale will be made at a profit. Thi* is a miniature of the ?ystem
of bolstering wkich ha* latterly pervaded every branch of busi
Won. Sanal b\ McCracken tailed yetterday in the ?hip Rosciua
for Liverpool. This gentleman is charged with the negociation
of a $4, HO, 000 Ohio loan for public improvement. He ha*
been here *ome time, and on the receipt of the late disnstrous
news, nearly concluded to defer hi* visit for the present, but
fianlly weut in order to watch the current ef events.
On the 30th of June, 1330, as compared with the return ei Sist
December, 1839.
Rusoukces. June, 1039. Dec. 1838. Incrtate. D'i'r.
Discount, $4,:248,464 4,667,110 219, #40
Exchange, 1,374,586 ? 1,7*6,108 411,904
Suspendec debt, 78 4W5 61,745 14,761 ? ??
Real estate, 66 783 66.311 474
Bonds, 1,496,000 1,676,000 180,000
Due other hanks, 664,444 741,765 ? ? 169,341
Bank checks, 60,331 13,144 37,109
Other resources, 69,414 34,674 86,744 ? ?
Specie, 894,706 980,464 87.767
18,813,806 9,874,388 1,069,684
Capital, 4,698 305 4.679,484 188,901
Circulation, 2,341,498 8,7*1,81* 463, *13
Drpesites, 668 466 69.. 458 37,194
Treat. U. 8. 47,493 47,463 SO
Bank of U.S. 376,800 976,008 200, 000
Due other banks, 469 068 618,136 169,0:7
Other liabilities, 184,740 664 678 381,938
Profit aud lots, 188.H44 430,614 41,778
8,813,806 9,874,360 1,059,864
Thit return shows a reduced business, and a proportionate
reduction in profits during the last six motths. Since the date
of the return, the institution has made a dividend of 4 per ceut,
which, at compared with the reported profit, stands thus: ?
Profit and loss, 188 844
Dividend 4 per cent on capital of 4,698,305, 187,982
Leaving tlis nominal balance of 913
and this, taking it for granted that the real estate and assets
are all good at their valuation. Tke speeie and specie funds
have decreased $67,767. The decrease ef circulation has oat
run the decrease ia discounts ? an indication of the balance
against tbat section. The decrease in specie, as above shown
by comparison with the statement made to the department on
the 1st January, i* $67,000; whereas, the reported reduction in
the recent circular is only $6,946. This is a singular discre
pancy under the circumstances.
We mentioned ytttrrday the manoeuvre to effect the ship,
meutofan amount of gold, in order to set straight the affairs
of England, and s ive the Bank from insolvency. The true
operation is this.? last year, Mr. James O King andothers^
imported on speculation as bullion brokers, $6,088,000. On
its arrival they got up a clamor for resumption, in order to
foree a demand for it. The operatiou failed, however. It ap
pears that the ipinsnt was obta*?ed from the Bank of Engl an i
on the lodgement of <ert*in securities. She being now sire I y
pressed by her own inisuiantg'toeut, requires of M??srs. Prime,
Ward It King, the repayment of the gold, and $1,680,000 ha*
already been privately shipped in the last few packets. It is
necessary for them to raise $1,000,000 more for shipmen. by
the l*t of August next. To do thit, they have gone pompoi sly
round to the Wall ttreet press, and. under cloak of great wis
dom, got up a proposition to ship specie, and then went to the
banks U propeee mea ures to carry the silly plan into effect,
thereby to enable them to carry out their speculation. The
banks are, however, too shrewd and too well managed, we trust,
to aid or abet any such wild movements of the bullion broken.
Our banks nre net in a situation to part with any of their
speeie at the present moment; neither do cireumstancee re
quire it. Our importations of merchn-idise have been limited,
even in comparison with our exports; and notwithstaadiag the
quantity of produce held, there is no very great demand for e?
change; at least not greater than can be supplied readily ?
Messrs. Hoi ford, Braocker k Co. offer to draw at the current
rates to any amount; tha U. S. Bank it also drawiug extensive
ly. At the tame moment there it held hero am! In England,
produce to the amount of nearly $30,000,088, an amount which <
if told at the market pricet, would rapidly depredate eithanyt
by throwing a large balance in our favor. The reduction of tho
raw maleiial would reduce Ike pricea of English goods, and tho
gold of Europe would soon fill the bank coffera for their pur
chase. Oold should ever be tubtervient to trade; it it the
mere tool or instrument with which it it perfected, and when
ever trade it made tubtervient to g^ld, the wheelt are dogged,
and stagna'ion it the result.
Independently of ou iferrign relation*, our banka are in an
embarrassed condition. We nre in the midst of a change from
one financial system to another; the currency it not only forcing
new rhannela, but its very nature ia changing. The part which
apecie is to act in the new order nf things is problematical, and
our city banks, as the great fiuanr i aI centre, cunno t be too chary
of their specie.
The conflict between the uew and old banks seems to be
progressing at the Supreme Court silting at Utka; the cosssti*
tutionality of the law bas been questioned, under eircum
stances which will lend to a further discussion. There al?o
seems to he some difficulty in the way of the fulfilment of tho
arrangement for redeeming their bills in the city. The express
condition is that a suitable depoeite shall at all times be kept
with the redeeming bank. It is now stated in I Buffalo paper
that it is doubtful if the banks in that vicinity will accede to
the proposition. There are.no doubt, many of the institutions
started in such a manner at to render them untble to make the
required deposite. Where so many warring elements are in
motion, the only course for our city bancs it to remain firmly
quiet, and let every thing take itt natural conrtc.
Nnl?w nt Hif 4l?rh RitliH|p.
100 Hank of IrtOJt- 90 Ho lOOja? A Bute ?auk
I0SJ- -iAO \or (K America Trmt and Bunking Ca NliM-41
do <71- A do 77 J ? A do 77| ? tA Delaware aa.l Hudon A7i<nw
-fa io ?;?.?- M)do 0T|,AA *? (to 09-IA- 17a do08nw M
do 0?c? .V) .l.i M|c? ?A da04fb*O -AO do A0Jaw -3Od? Wjnw
? 9A do 0*|t>aw ? 17A do ???<?? 1*0 do 08^0?07 U H Dink
111* Mi Rk af Reatucky 79*16 M do 70 |* I. V-70 do 0.1 S0m,
? 100 da 79f. - 70 Or. an Marine la? 90 -I* A mar In* 70? 10
F..,uitabl* Fire la* 103 M N Tork 100 ? 10 Ea?t Hirer 00 -
IS Caatnn 90- I1A Mohawk 00 10 \ J H .ilroad 97?10 tto
n.afton 1A|- >0 d.. 5A|A0 Harlrai 47^-50 do 47|t- SlOdo
47 J- WO do 47^l>30 ? AO do 47 Jr.
ntmte of Tfiidf.
W r ranant report any rrtital of animation in any of tha
roarkeia. Tk? tendency of price* of mini description* of nr#.
dure i* at ill downward* Flour ia eitrrmaly dall at f?7A*
A.071, Qtmmh brand*, at which ralemaie few **le* hare been
made. North, r n corn 0A a H7?\ Cotton prwul* n.? maleei*|
change tinea our la?t report Price* will not bre*k until the
Britiah (jiiern ?h?ll hare reached a* ? ail rraat which I* iro<
met tartly npectrd.
Minnun, p. R. J?|y 18 ? Tha markrt i* d ill for all kia I*
af I ait?il Hiatr* prodnr.", The prewnt crop of *u<pr k*? ter
minated, and the prinurrt for th# M?t i?, ?a far, etcffdintfly
1 ring a long time with r?n?omption and lirrr com
plaint. I wa? r?c >?e'ed by Dr. Taylor'* llnlnm of Lirerwort.
My phiaii ian *?ia I m incurable) an | wn* with hi* ?e?li< in?,
but *'<1 with Ur I *)lar'a. I a*i now in etrellent he?lti.,aid
itp h- en a h>n< I inie. I wnuhi ?incerrly adrUe <11 p* r* "i*
-uffrring Ir.'in ll.e?< <l.??*?e? lo u*? |hi* nv 'irin* for they w.ll
Ind il a wanleiful remedy, ai>d?|niak in if* effert*.
J. RAVAN \H. M0 Water *t.
Thi* medicine i* *old only *t S7A Rawer*.
An'-nl* Mr*. Hay*, IM Knltow ithft, Broolln; S77 Rm?d 1
*tr*rt Newark; Dr I ady, Pin?ideuce, Jam** R*a, Paterton;
J. f) n>ili|?a, Ne.?hiirghj N Loraly k I'll Burlington; J. P,
Jone*. Janm.-a. , l?. (V?*ka, William. burgh; Pl.ilip k'.it.ng, New
Palta, A. k D Sluw, Alba y; |)??id Hunt, Utira. jyl7 It* i
Mount! NO M?iAI> ? V NBW?.
N? ef NmrTwk, Jaif M.
4 90 I una Wi?M aaca ? n
Packeta U Arrirt.
St. Jim, Sabor, Jim 39
B. Que?n-(S) Raherts, July 10
Montreal Or. lag, July I
Gladiator, Brittoa, July 10
ftarope, Marshall, June 19
Rosaee, Delano, Jane 9*
MuAilil, Allen, Jaly 1
Praacais litThoapMBjaaill
Utica, Pell, Jaae 34
Emerald, Orne, July 1
Silvie de Gratia, July 8
Packeta M ?? eyart.
B. Queen, (8) Huberts, A eg 1
Oataria, Hultlaaoa, Aag. 1
Turoata, Griewoid, Aug. II"
Weetnsiuster, Moora, Aag 99
Orpheus, Bailey, August 1
Independence, Nye, August 9
Virginia, Hurrii, August IS
Baltimore, Fuaek, August 1
D.d'Orleans.Riehardson.Aag 9
Villa de Lyon 3UxidardrAg 10
O. Weetarn,(8) Hueken, Aug 1
Brigi Emerald, Beekwith, Halifax, Maitlaad, Kennedy k Co;
Denmark, Delano, Philadelphia, Riehardson k Co; sells Two
Sisters, Penneck, Philad; Merchant, Burtoa, Belfast, Me.; ???
ckuiig* , Freeborn, Ut. Vomiago; Courier, Duggun, Malaga;
Amelia, Pictou,
Bark Potemac, Gorham, 84 dayi frem Vera Cruz, specie, See.
D H Rebertsoa.
Brig Robert Adaaii, Marrckalk, 47 days from Berdeaax,
brandy, to A. Loubat.
Brig Timoleau, Clark from Rio Jaaeiro, coffee, to Richards
& Richardson.
Br>g Angora, Coggias, 13 days fram St Croia, sugar, to Mau
raii 4i Bullis.
Schr Hudsan, Page, 3 days from Bostoa with aierchandiie lo
J. Stevens.
Schr Agawans, Burnkam, Salem, 4 days, to Campbell, Wade
k Co.
Three ships one barks, and seven brigs.
The Washington Irving ten, Knowlei, from Pensacola, boand
ta Apalachicola, went ailiore tke lttli iait. on Sand liland,
about two mile* west oftke bar, and aa the 13th bilg d. Hails
und spar* ?ave?l. Hall total lost ? no cargo. She was ovtned
in thu city by Messrs. ED Hurlbnrt k Co., and was insured. ?
She was a regular packet.
The Piato, Brazilian, (late American brig O'Collo) bound for
N York, with a cargo of coffee, lie. was blown ashore ? uo date
given? 40or SO >> iUs to the northward of Ria Janeiro, and a
great pari of tke cargo landed in a damaged condition A re
port was in circulation at Ria Jaueiro tkat the Flamiaease,
Brazilian, (late Americas brig Athenian) was alsa lost about
the same place, but the rumor is coatradicted. The latter ves
sel kas since put into Martinique, 33d ult., aad was to sail for
NYork ia a few days alter.
Captain Persons of the Mary Jane of NYork, committed sui
cide at Rio Janeiro on tke 33d May, by blowing his braias out
witk a pistol.
The United States schooner Shark, Lt. Com. Bigelow
bound to the Pacific, went to sea from Hampton Roads ou Mon]
Madisoa, from New Yark, for Savanna. Jaly 20, aff Charles
ton bar
Algonquin, of Warren, Me., from New Tork far Maraeaibai
June 16, I at. 33, 31, long. 09? Had been supplied with provi
Kbro, from New York for Sjdaey, July 19, lat 44, loug 61 J.
foreiga Pert*.
Maesbilles June 17. ? Cl'd Paul Jeae<>, White, NYork.
Mayami.h, P R- 14 days since, Pinta, Purriugtoa, far New
Yark; Elisabeth, Staples, do Idg.
Galveston, Texas, July 0. ? Cld Maria, Peck, New York;
A. Waskington, Dearborn do.
Halted N tales Parte*
Sa?o, July 39. ? Cld Lucy k Margaret, Morrill NYork.
New Bedford, July 34 ? Arr Rmulous, Small, NYork.
NcwauRvroa r, July 33. ? Arr Willow, Low, NYork.
Boston, Jaly 35. ? Arr Grecian, Cole, NYork; Intrepid,
Brownell, Havana; cld Jasper, Nickerson, NYork.
Providence, July 34. ? Arr Jaaes Lamphia, Kinaey, New
Yoik; sld Ornament, do.
Iwdia Kav, July 30 ? Lrla, Morrell. for NYork.
Philadelphia, July 39 ? Cld Leo, MeCaraery, NYork.
Ai.eiahdeia, V. C., July 33. ? Cld Alexandria, Brittoa, N.
Norfole, July 33. ? Arr President, Knack, New York; sl'd
Tkadeas, Hawkins, do.
Charleston, July 33. ? Arr Catharine, Beshce, New York;
sld Wil liarn, Revins, do; Moses Brawn, da; iu the offiiig, Jotes,
fsom N York
New Oei.eans, July 19. -Cl'd Orleans, Bears, NYork; arr
Lawrence Cope land, Hears, Mobile.
Kr.v West, Jaly 11 ? Cld Meraosa, Ckelton, NYork; 10th,
Foe, Barrows, do.
RAIL BOA? CONVENTION.? A Convention of i>le
g?te* from the uorthern and eastern count let of ihe Stair,
inte retted in the construction of an unintitrMptrd lint ?/ roil
way (Vom the city of New Turk to Albany, Troy, and Lake
I liamnlaii, and fiom the latUr lake to the St. Larreoci; River
at Ogdeu*hurg, having betn notified to be held at the village of
Saratoga Spring*, on Thur*d.?y the 6r*t d*y of Augu*t next,
thu?e clliwa of New Yotk who feel an inttre?t in promotiug
the object* of the C ouve.;li<>n, ar- requested to meet at tne
oiBce of the Americaa Institute, in the rear of tbeCi'y Hall, on
Monday the 29tH of July, at 1:2 o'clock, M., to appoint delegatee
to rer?re*eat the city at ilid Convention.
Nathaniil Webb, J. ClilL
Am. Bell Ik Co. Hait k MrniTi,
Jamk* Talmaoe, D. C. k W. Pell,
T. >. W airman, L. M. Hoafma* k Co.
JoH* DtLtritl.D, KoBT. L. PaTT KR*ON,
P M. Wcimiii, David H addon,
ALfHEO* Shbkmam, J B Laiala,
C?a*. McVeak, B. Oiaham,
David Bam*, A. V. William*
W. P. Hallbi, Natm. Jaivh,
?ami.. S. Howland, C has. H. Hall. jyI7 St
5(7" Mr. Mauh having geuerouily proffered a free Benefit
for the Orphaa A*)lum in Priice ttreel, the pablic it re?pect
fully informed that a Concert of Focal utid Initrameatal Mo
*ic will take place at Cattle Utfdn on MltnSm y Evening, '19ih
The vocal and instrumental Performer*, profemor* and ama
teur*, have all, without a tingle eiceptwn, volunteered their
valuable terrlce* without charge.
The etcellent band of the Garden, under the direction of
Mr. Biowa, having in the no?t liberal manner agreed te give
th'ii ?ervice? gratuitously, will, in the courte of the evening,
perform a variety of favorite air*
CONCF.H T, under the direotioa of Mr. Brittow, wlm will
pre*ide at the Piano Forte.
Olee? Here in cool grot? Mr* Sweeny, Menr*
Palmer, Williams and Laagley, ? ? Mormngton
Song ? Paddy'* Dream ? Mr Todd,
Song ? Away to Ik* Mountain1* Brow ? Mr* Swee
Concerto ? Piano Forte? Matter O F Brietow, ? Duieek
Song ? The Son of the Wave? Mr Kanena*h, ? Lee
Olee? When wind* whietle cold? Mrnn Palmer,
William* and Knnenagh. ... Bitkop
r a a t M.
Olee ? Hark the Cnrfew ? Mr* Sweeny, Palmer
and Langley, ....
Song? The Harp that once through Tar*'* Hall ?
Mr Cnrtwright. ? ?
Solo? < Unooelte ? Mr Christian, ? ?
Song? Barney Brallaghaa ? Mr Todd,
S tog? The kraee old oak ? Mr Laaeley, ? ?
Duett? Oay being ? Mr* 9weeiy and Laaglry, ? Lale
Olee ? The Chough aod Crow ? Mr* Sweeny, Pal
mer, William*. Langlry and Kanenagh,
Immedutely after the Concert, will commence a tplendid ei*
hibitlon of FiHF. WOltKS !
Prepared by H. J. B. Hell, Pyrotechnic artut to the Oardea j
particular* of which will be given in imall bill*, which may be
ebtained at the Onrdei on the evenirc of the eihitnlmn.
Holder* of ticket* will h.ve lr?e acres# to the Oarden
throug' out i he afteraoon of Monday, from .1 o'clock. Perform*
ance will comment e at | before 9 o'clock, notice ol which will
he given by ? discharge of rocketa.
Ticket* AO eent* each, may be obtained at the aaylum in
Piince *troei, corner of Molt, of ihe Mansger* ef the institu
tion. and at the Mu*ic Store of Frith It Hail. Franklin Sqtiar*.
,y^_On Tue*
Sid Balloon
that hi* 3-Jd
rill take place
?t Holioken. Tnreday, July 3flih. IIS#,
with hi* beautiful and ?ale .Krial fflar
of the Ka*t.
\ V i ? 1 | I ; ,,W At 'J o'clock, P. M., the Inflation
V\\ 1 I ji j with Hydr"gen On*, of a grand and
'( I ) I; tj (uperb Balloon, iftlw capacity of IS,
wwi\i 1 I It a 0"U ( uliic feet, will commence, a!?l
the ga*ometer* and a( iiaratM will be
*o *iluat-d as to afford all the tpecta
tor* in ihe area, an opportunity of
*aii*f?ii'g their rurio-ity to observe
the nature of tlii* chemical proce**.
At 4 oVI< rh, a Pioneer will he let
off to a*c?rtain the direction of the
At half pa*t 5 o'clock mrrisely, the
Balloon will he abandoned to it*
a<cea*ional power, and tlie .Km* I tra
veller will ri*e majeetically into the etlienal region* at the
the ?n?ml ef military *<n*ic, and amtd*t tl e roar of irtillery.
Ticket* .M) renta ? Children half pice.
A *|>1>-ndid Band of Mu*?c i* eagaged, who will perform dur
ing llie procr** of infleiion
Should the wealher permit, Mr. L. will endeavor to make
lhi?, hi* 3 id ea< urtion, one of the mo*i interesting ever given in
!hi? country. A large, convenient and *hi.dy ampSithea re t*
e -ct d to acrommoda e with *af#-tv and coiakirt 'he anih<we.
An ? ffective police will he in atteedance. jjl- "*
\\T ANTKI) ? A tmall BOY to *ltMidto*n editonal room.
V v Oae of re?pectal>le conaectione, who i* *mart, aclivr.and
intelligent, may apply at thi* office. I j) 'J7 tf
IKiiiNMMt MOVKLTt wiili
??eur.u?e to U>? Lower Bay ud vicinity rf I
, Hook, on IvudaT) Jul* Mik ii"
peeling to fall ,? mtk lh, sitmm-tlur Brititk Qmmw, *<>4 nc ,
company her te the ciljr. The Novelty will leave the foot of
Chamber* street, at 10 o'eUok ??d pier No. I nortk .id. Bat. 1
t?ry,atlOi o'cUck. l\r, Fifty CsnU. Refresh*. ate provided
on board.
N. B. The Novelty will craite throu^k the Lower Bay ??*?? 1
ral konr* during the day, affording to the party on koard the
luxury ol' adeligktful lea breeie. j y"27 - 1 1*
ISLAND AND BATH ? The uew and
splendid Steamboat SARATOGA, Capt. !!.
Wilco?, will make an Excursion to the above placet on Sun
day July !l9th; leaving the loot of Amoi street at lOn'clock,
loot of Canal street, quarter pa?l 10; faot of Liberty street',
half pait If. and th? Battery at quarter before 1 1 o'clock.
Afternoon Excursion ? Leave the loot of Amot street at 3
o'clock, and Canal street at quarter past 2, foot of Liberty
street at half past Si, and the Battery at quarter before 3 o'clock.
Fare for the Excursion, only ii cents. jy?7
FOR NEWBUROH? XauduiK at Cald
well', West Point, a"<l Cold Spriug. Fare
to Caldwell's, West Point, and Cold (print;,
, cent*. ? The Steamboat SUPERIOR, Captain James
?a. Leeds, will leave the foot of Warren street on Saturday af
ternoon, July 27ih, at 3 o'clock.
For freight or passage apply on board.
This Boat leaves on Wednesdays, at A ?'clock, P. M. j?'J7-lt*
AT a large and highly respectable meeting, held at the
house of Mr. Foster, oa the evening of Thursdsy, July 11, ItWi,
c'rajosed of the friends of the above named gentleman, Mr.
Henry Capes was called to the chair, and Mr Cliarles Ellis ap
pointed Secretary.
The followiug resolution was unanimously adopted : ?
Reiolvtd, That we tender to F. F. FOSTER a Compliment
tary Benefit, to take place ou
MONDAY EVENING, July 29, 1_K?,
as a suitable testimonial for the manner iu which he hat con
ducted the entertainment* of the past season, and a* a proof *f
the est inution in which he is held hy us, f .r the attention so as
siduously bestowed to the visiter* of the Mount Vernon Oar
A Committee ol Arrangements was then appointed, and the
following order of performances agreed upon
The evening'* entertainments will comment with a grand
display of FIRE WORKS; after winch,
A Concei t of Vocal aud Instrumental Music, by several dis
tinguished performers.
The price of tickets, for this occasion, it fixed at 26 cenlt,
which rniy be had ef either of the following geutlemeu, compu
ting the Committee, or at the Garden : ?
Henry Capes, Charles Ellis,
James Osborn, Anthony Van Cott,
Francis Ainslie, Thos. McMahon.
Hiram Ross, Henry Mei^gs,
RichSrd Lake, Edward Neville,
Martin /arish, James Raynor,
jy37-lt* Alex. Cunningham.
<jlj ^ A WANTED, hy a respcc'alile person for three
mouths, upMi satitfa<:t< ry security, who has aaop
portonity of entering n;iou a lucrative huniuess, which requires
the akovr turn to comnlete the purchaso of. Ph ase to address
R. L., Upper Pott Olnce. j)27-lt?
composed of vegetuble sahstanres. which exert a speciio
aelioa upoa the heart, xive *? impulse or strength to the arte
rial ?y tern ? the blood is quickened aad equalized in its circula
tion through all the vessels, whether of the tkin, the parla litua
tod interaally, or the extremities; and a? all the secretions of
the body are drawn from the hl?od, there is a consequent in
crease of every secretion, and a quickened actiou of the absorb
ent and exhaleui, or discharging Te?sel?. Any morbid action
which may hare taken place is corrccteiL and obatruatious are
removed, the blood is purified, aad the bony resumes a healthful
These medicines after much anxious toil and research, hav
ing kee? brnaght hv the priiprietor to the present state of per
fection, superrede the use affile innumerable other medic iues,
am.' are so well adapted to the frame, that the use of them, by
maintaiaing the body ia the due performance of its faiietions,
and preserving the vital stream in a pure and healthy stale,
causes it to last many years longer than it otherwise would,
and the miad fa b. come so composed and tranquil, that old age,
when it arrivea, will a appear a blessing, aad not (as to m-iny
who hare neglected their constitutions. or had Iheui injured by
medicines administered by igoorancc) a source of misery anJ
Tkey are so compounded, that by strengthening and equalis
ing the action of the heart, liver, and other viscera, they expel
the bad, acrid, ar inarbid matter, which reuders the blood ink
pare, out of the circulation, through the ?icretorv ducts into the
passage of the bowel*, so that by the brisk or slight evacuations,
which ma; he rrgnlated by the dotes, alwa s remeinliering that
while the evacuations from the bowelj are k<pt up. the excre
tions from all the olhrr vessels of the body will also he g"ing
on in the same proportion, by which means the bl< ??><! invaria
bly becomes paritied.
Steady perseverance in the use of the medinines will uo
donktedly effect a cure, even ill the moat acute or obstinate dis
ease*; bat in such cases the dose may l>e augmented, according
to the inveteracy of the disease; th? medicine* being so admi
rably txiapiMi t>> ili* n.nitiiatiop, that they may be taken at all
In all cases of hyporondriacitm, low spirits, palpitations of
the heart, aervous irritability, nervous weakness, flour albus,
leminal weakness, indigestion, loss of appetite, flatulency, heart
burn, general debility, bodily wrakness, chlorosis, or green
?iakues*, flatuleut, or hysterical faiutings hysterias, aeaJache,
biacup, seasickness, nightmare, gout, rheumatism, asthma, tic
douloureux, cramp, spasmodic atf> ctivas, tad those who an
victims to that most eeeruriating disord-r. gout, will find re
lief from their sufferings by a course of Dr. William Evans'
Nausea, vomiting, nains in the aide, limbo, head, stomach or
back, dimuess or coafasion of sight, noises in the inside, alter
nate flushings af keat and chilliness, tremor*, watchiugs. agita
tion, anxiety, bad dreams, spasms, will in every case be relieved
by an occasional dose of Dr. Cvui' medicines.
One of the most dangerous epochs to females i' at the chang*
of life; and it is then they require a medicine which will so in
vigorate tkeir circulations, and thus strengthen their constitu
tion* as may enable them to wilhatand the shock.
Those who have the care aad education of female*, whether
the studious or the aedentarv part of the community, should
?ever bo without a supply of Dr. Evans' Pills, which remove
disorder* in the bead, invigorate the mind, strengthen the body,
improve tho memory, and enliven the imagination.
When the uervau* system ha* been too largely drawn upon
or overstrained, nothing I* better to correct and invigorate the
drooping constitution than the*e medicine*.
/>r. Keant' Med\cal CJJitt, ISO Chatham
New York, whrrt thr Doctor may he conuulted.
(W~ DR. OOODK'rt Celebrated > einale Pills, for disease*
peculiar to their Sex.? These Pill* are strongly recommended
to the notice of the ladies a* a sife and efficient remedy iu re- j
moving tkose couj taints prculiar to their ses, from want of i
Exercise, or 'JaaoU Debility of t?e System, Oh-tructions, I
Suppressions l u4 h?~?' larity of the Mens* *? a1 the same lime
strengthening, uwansing, and giving lone to the stomach atid
bowels, and producing a uew and healthy a lion thruuuhout the
system generally. Tney create appetite, correct inilige^tion,
remove giddiness, and nervoua hraaache, an I are eminently
useful in those flatulent complaints which distress females so
much at Hie "Turn of Life." They obviate costiveueaa. and
counteract all hysterical and nervous affections? likewise afford
soothing aad permanent relief in floor albu*, or whites, and in
the most "bstinate case* of chl<>rn?i>, or green sickness, they
invariably restore the paiid and delicate female to health and
T*e above insaluable Medicines, forsake at 100 Chatham aU
N. T.
DOCTOR EVANS, of 100 Chatham street, N. Y? The
attention bestowed by Dr Evans, on the treatment of Dys|?ep
sia. Billions and Nervous diseases, worms, female complaint*
arising from organic weakness or structural derangement of the
functions, and all delicate and mercurial diseases, continues to
merit, a* well a* receive the favor aad ewitiilenre of ih- public. I
Dr. Evans apprix?s those afflicted with the above eonsplaiut*, ,
da (lie cure ?.f which he i* not unjustly celebrated * that he
continues hi* peruli ?r ?> de i I treatment a* usual, at his office.
No. |00 Chatham ?treet. New York. |> JO SliW y
Notice to invalids. h?ii m imipr wt?tm iwo
opinio*!, nor li*ten to thee* tinsel i f interested adviten:
di*mi?? your dounta; yoa can be re*tored to |>erfeet Health anil
MindnrM, by calling at 6 DifUion ?t., where a Wire and *aie
rtMilt for all ?? leompl iint? ean be obtained. aad the strict
eat eccreay nl...rred HUNTKR'B HKD DROP, the mighty
conqueror of thia diaeaae wbirh ha* ile?tro\p?l iU thousand*, if
?htiiiir4.Mli at this ode*. Dint forget the number, A Diei
tire of Tallaeht County. Deblin, Ireland, and morr recent
1y residing with Mr. Path McDermot. Writ I roy, N. Y. By
apply ing by letter to lame* Mr Dunn* II, I liar'icr'i Creek, near
Pit'*b<irgh, Pa., he will hear of toMelhing tahia advantage
jyB6 tt*
BOAHL). ? A gentleman and hi* wife, or two or three *iaijle
eenllemen, can hare hand?<>m> ly furmthed room*, with
board, t>y applying at No. 10 Path Plare.
Kiifliab MMlFreiirh spoke* jtUMw*
We ear* i.ot what dull aMlm say?
A GOOD dEiiAR drift c*>e aw?y
OH %ing.
\\r K have thu'ii the above couplet of the old tone a* the
?T be tiling of this adveriiseno n\ fr m i firm <-..nvieti.fi
of it? truth. II ning now oa hand an assortment of the Hne?t
Recurs ever imported in the Unitid Btates, end srlected r? ?
pre??ly for this establishment bj our agent at li . vane, we fe?l
great c?nAdeiice in recommending them to our friend* aod the
public. The a?? .rt ment romprise* the c'i Mcst and mo*t pope
I -<r brauila? including the Bttra Noriejn, l.a Vi rr>n-. f?op? ml,
Trab-ico, lmpres*a, Camonei, Pimirrn the fin ?t
erer ?ent t > this country, and imported flpreMlt for nrtviie
usej mid various other* which all who can appreciate the mi
ury of a good ? gar are lavited to < ill and esamiue.
Hew mher that Bene*, *? t edar .treel, rec.irei hi* Began
direct from HUe?na; thej are eelei ted rarl??i'ely for htm ?*i h
the greatest care hv a competent jnd|je. and ther* i* no oilier
place in ihe city where stranger* and other* c m otit on, with
equal certainty, the genuine and pure Havana ?, M ' edar ?tr> ? I
BATH*. ne*r the South Ferry m?ri(ia of the Chat R|e?
?MR. URAV won'd inform the inhahi t a 'ita of Brooklyn ?.
New York, that his Hath* are now opea eeery dai from A A. k ,
till 18 P. M. for Ladi * an.1 f?'o?lem?n. Th?y are filled ?p |?
Ihe mo*t approve'! M> le. Lndios ai d geitiwm can take wart
b??h* every day The Bwimmint Ha'h ia ??cl?sively for Iodic
?? Tue.d ?e* *nil Krutai* entiH P. M One warm hath. 4* eta
I ticket*. $100. t ?M tiatfce, eenta J|||4a?
jp Atf TMiA Til ? THIS EVENING will kc per ?
CAPTAIN K YD? Robert Letter, Mr Riehiags? Meredith,
?r Wheatley? Kate Bellamout, Mrs Rt?har<ittn -Llpec*
Mim C uck man.
A Pa* de Dni. by Miseand MytirWiili.
To wimIuiIi with
THE DUMB BELLE? Vivian, Mr. Bitching*; Elite, Mat
Door* jpca at 7 -|wi*Wiaac? M commence at half pat
7 ?'clock .
Bat Ticket*. $1 ? Pit. 80 cents ? Gallery , 36eaa U.
Bowery theatre? t. b. hamblin bole mai*
AGER ANb DIRECTOR? Thi* evening, will l?
Ml #11 Mid,
ROOK WOOD- or. Turpia tke Higkwaymea? Dick Turyte,
Mr Woolford? Peter Bradley, Mr Barry ? Sybil, M*a
To conclude with, the LAWTER Mil the Flawr Bin, or, Lot*
ia all Grade* ? Fieri Facia*, (the Lawyer,) Mr. Addia; An
toinette, Mi** Turnbull.
Doors open at 7 o'clock -the performance to commence at
ter before 3 precisely*
Prii-r*? b.i,r, 75 (;VBu ? Pit, 8? J cents ? Oallerv, 'JA cents.
LIAM N1BLO respectfully announces that this Estate
llshmeat it new upea (or the SEASON.
The highly talented rompauy, aadeu the direction of QA|
BRIEL KAvF.L, consist* of Gabriel Ravel, Ac tome Rtiaii
Jerome Itsvel, Francoise Rarel, Leon Javelli Ravel, Joeefll
Ravel. Fcnelon Ravel, Monsieur Carle, Monsieur Chekeui, Yjk
dame Jerome, Madame Autoine Race), Madame Cbekeai, Ml?J
efnoiielle Elite Ravel.
Leader of the Orchestra for the Ravel Family? Signor Cai'S
THIS EVKNINO, Jaly 37, <
The Evening's entertainment! will commencc at 8 o'clock,
with the astonishing performances of the Ravel Familr on Han
After which the comic scene of Mou< Eicot and Mad ana*
Ascot, by Le Pt tit Amour and M'llc Louisa Ravel.
REVOLVING STATUES? la tke course of which maty
featc of ttrcugth aad agility.
During (he evening* entertainment, two Overtures, by tha
in the intermi?*ioa of half an koar between Uie entertain*
ment*, the Military Band will perform favorite selection* at
To conclude with the comic pantomime, called the 1NVI81
BLE HARLEQUIN, or the Eucliantcd Trumpet? Character
by the Ravels.
Civil and efficient Officer* will he in attendance to prenm
good order, aa<! prevent the sdmissien of improper persoos.
No poctjionement at any time, as visitors to the Oardea eaa
pass from the street, through the Grand Promenade to Use ft#
tnenade Saloon, free frcm damp or wet at ail time*.
Tickets 40 seals.
Dsors open at 7? tke entertaimcnts to commtnaa at A
Omuibussc* will ruu to and from the City Hotel to the Qa?
den. daring tke eve:. iug. iyM-y
City Mn loo a,
(tr?- THE INFERNAL REGIONS! so well known by
| reputation throaghnut the bnion, and which has beeu m suo
[ cessfnl operation for tke hut ten y?rs, is now located at tha
City Saloea, (formerly Haanir.gton's Dior;tmns) aad next door
to the American Museum, where the wkolc may be seen Every
Evening at half-past 0 o'clock, precisely.
It may add le to i lie interest of this Exhibition, by stating
that all the Skeletons therein contained are those ol icalefactom
executed ia Ohio, within the last twenty years, for their eria?
nal offences.
Previous to which may be seen the following NIOHT ILLU
SIONS. produced hy the New Philosophical Apparatus, lately
from Londoa. called tke NOCTURNAL POLYMORPHOUS
I ? Harleaeia dissected 14 ? Ghost of Edsaa
3? The Moaster 14 ? Kemble m Rumeo
> ? Forrest as Metamoca 10? Napoleon
4 ? The Bengal Lion 17 ? Cherubim
6? Grimaldi 18? Skull Cap
? ? Death on a Frolic 19 ? The three dancing sate
7 ? Gahri. I Ravel as rimehi. 30 ? Mrs. Siddoi.s a* Lady H
aello. 91 ? Tke livlag skull
8 ? The Haualrd Qaack 38? Swinish sport
9 ? Hxrbarossa 38 ? The shrouded Skeletoa
18 ? Macbeth and Ike witches 34 ? The drummer of PompeC
II ? 'I he Miser aad the Devil 34 ? William 4th
13 ? Falstaff 38? Washington
IS ? Tke Devil in his clement 37? Nine Chinese waltaera
QQ- N. B ? Tke Night Illusions will kc varied every eva
""*? .a,:
Admission 34 cents. Doers open at 8 e'olock. jel8-8w*
proprirtort of this Uarden respect fally inform* the p?Utl
that it it open for the itvot. Tarioat improT*meaU hare baca
aide u ad'lilioa to if ?'?tain of water, which they eaaaot !
aati?i,Ate Will to WH'kj of their patronage, aad of ft
who viait tlie citj
Th? EyuttiriL. n Kicking* it ia full operatioa. The tale* oa
Tueeday* awJ Thunday* of each week. (totitlemea eaa pur
cha?e with perfect eonndenae Her***, either for rarriage* or
wagou* upon equitable lermi and without the fear of deception
All Hwr*ce, ? arrtage*. Harneee, Saddle*. Bridle*, be. entered
griui*. A limited number of boi alalia are provided for hoaM
at livery. ROt Kfc.NBURU k 4 A Nl'KKR,
? ? .? . - .? Pi jri?iow
D~ R. J. J. LLOYD WHTTUMH ?MpBlMh inform,
hi* friead* anil the puulic that he ha* rvmored to No. iff
r*rk Place, * lie r> he will be ready lo attend lo the c ill of tho*l)
wlio may honor him with th- ir coalieeace. Harn>g*tudied thran
year* in the llo-p.taUof Pari*, aad one year i a the Lvingka*
rloapital of llridrlbe rg, under the celebrated t'rirfe??or NaeeeiO
he iru?l* he i? comfwleat to treat tcienlilcaJly any diteaae Ih* t
auy come aadre bi* observation. myll-iata*
CI HA M I* A(> NL? Urotiri. Proprietor* of Hotel* and other*,
/ are iaviled b) the *ab*< riber to etamiae a Ur*e aud*up*>
rior tot of Champagae, offered in lata to *>ut purchaters, at prt>
ce* far below the co?t of importatioa.
Very Superior Wiac, of'late importatioa, at M per btiba
warranted ia prime order. Among the Stock will be to as
*ome of that well kaowa aad favorite Wine,
The Anchor brand, at %i per basket,
AUo, the Crowa, at ft "
And Kagle at f4 *
Alto, the Piae A pple, Golden Kagle, Ship, bug. aad namer
out other brainl*, in qa art* and piata, at equally low ratet. Tto
entiie lot i? w- II worthy attention, if low price and |Oud ijatlb
ty caa be made an inducement.
TIlKODORfc WALSH, 114 Front at corner of Wa*.
A GOOD, ladiittriuu* young American or F.ugli*
GIRL is wanted to wait ou a qantlemaa and hit wife, (a*
children,) at 4? John street. Ou? between 14 and 18 tear* of
agenvoald *?e prelerreil. The ?Ihiatioa i* au ea?y aii'f perma
nent one, the living it good, tkr wiiget are good, and tike pay to
aure wken the month com- 1 round. if
SODA k VINKKAL WATKRS? The tnb.cnber* hat
ing eomplet' >1 their arraag* n.eut* for Mintral Water*, ara
prepared lo >upulv Soda Wairr? at their ?U?ret, on draft, witk
ever) variety of Syrup* ? 00 ticket* told for a dollar a* he?
Tliey have, aleo, the Soda Water in nottlea, for tbtpriaa ar
fan.. ) u?. Rl StlTON k ASPIN WALL,
H* Wllnam ?t, 110 Broad *av.and 10 Aator Huiaa
Saratoga Water fr> m the Palnam, Walton, and ( Ongreaa
Spring*. Al*o, the White WVpl.uj- Spring, *n-l IkvaS Waleta
constantly kept oa haad jylO-lai
" DM. M I IOT. ""
So# Broaewtrr, mtffthJ# tn fluane street.
C*tfiaei4ii* practice to
Fran. Dr. Kllioit'*e?ten*iv* practice, and the number of pa?
tieata who ranaot he a> tended rluring hie oflkce hour*, be ha*
obtained Ike services of Dr. WicsiwacoTT, a practiti.mer fW
vnrablv known P?r ?<>me )ear? in t ha* city, a m? mber of tba
New York Medical Socielv, and of the Royal College of Hae
geout, Kdwbnrgh. Dr., W. paid mach attention to uisease* a
tba Kye in Pari*, in l, more recently, to Dr. Lllioit's peculiar
nnxle of operation and treatment
OSm how* fr?m 10 ta * o'elock.i'aily. avUfa
lia-iea the BikihI Baking at Tit W?.|n',|iow jtreet,
?rr of Wwr'i (treat, aixl Iui aornt mtly for ??l',
TILOT BRKAD. All oi lh? ?rat M..ality,
K. T.'* Pilot Bread it the die foe lb* JSuth
i ltd Wni India murtri*
Any of the ?!??>?? article* can bt ta good order Bt
ii|K)rU(iM, U (hurt wiIim. jtll4a'
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<44 Broadway, 68 mil MB Bower , corner of Car an- and Bed
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N. B ? A line through tha p??t nfPee. or otherwise, fit
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