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mm* If opposite Church Mmt
The asost uktUitl* mU mtiintt towwi, r*f"1 "T*|
soundest judgment in treatment, and particalarly ??' c****1*rl |
. ginatiag in Hnpuny of lh? blood, u4 chronic affectooM, rfceu-|
?sat isms, obstructions, ulcer* in the throat, erupti oi ?>?
?km, debility, Ac. will to spsedily and radically cured by ? ,
the least expensive and the Boat to psti? U. ^ |
?sdlee to be used are prepared by himself, thsir
?sets rendered ??fallible. ...
Doctor ??. Aarelis baa effected a cure ia many caw* ?h?ch
a I baffled all tie resources of '.^1 i^li" j |
y one. Copy of a letter fro* Drs. Osborne and IrolaM, -
phys, class *( Jut city, to Dr. ^A-jeU.:-^ ^ ^ ^ j
Mir? We bar. no herniation .a replying to your note, in ??y
fag von deeer.e ?.*>. c.ed.t for y our succes.ful treatment of
Mr John Thorn, after it had balled physician* both here and I
tea more favorable ehinaU. Wt are your obedient ?r rants,
more iavor SAMUEL OJ?BORNE. M. D.
Patient* inay inquire of Mr. Thorn himself, who i* to be
? found at No. f> Joan' Lane, below Coffee House Slip, and alio
of hit broth, r, Alderman Thorn, Brooklyn. jy? tin*
In primordi* rtdifi itr^uetnt.
THESF. important medical applications enjoyed, for tome
time before tliry were brinight to general notice, a high
reputation with a limited number of the medical profession in
the English metropolis, by whom their valuable pro|iertie? were
?well understood and fully appreciated. It was on tlw strong re
presentation of those geut emen that the proprietors first re
solved to enlarge the sphere of n?r fulness of bodies calculated,
ns these unquestionably are, to effect a more extended amount
of relief, in diseases or accidents affecting the exterior of the
human frame, than any substances previously known, and they
nre offered to the entire population of t.ie Vnitcd State* with
the fall conviction that they will be found the most useful au
valuable preparations ever submitted 10 public notice.
The Cerate ? which is of a peculiarly delicate nature to the
sight and Uuch. and, in its original or plain state, equally inodo
rous and divested of all unctuous character ? is prepared in di'
ferent co-ni'inations, especially adapted to the relict of the van
on* cutatieus and muscular diseases which have been proves
to yield .o (he influence of its extraordinary power.
The leading general properties of these combination* are the
stimulant, absorbett and counter-irritant .added to powerf
healing qualities, which necessarily exist in differen i degrees. ia
the rariou* modification* to which they have been subjected, tor
adaptation to their several intended uses. The Lininu-tit and
Cerates, thus prepared, constitute, respectively, rapid and effec.
tual remedies for Gout ? in some states. Rhtumatic Affections.
Lumbago. Glandular swellings, many instances of Scrofulous
Soros and Swelliug*, Yaws, Tumors, Relaxed Sore Throats;
Hooping Cough, Croup, Swelled Face or Gums, Nervous Head
ncbe, *ome case* of Deafness, external Inflammation iu all it*
shapes, Boils, Ulcerated and other wounds. Sprains. Cramp,
Bruises, Burns, Scalds, Erysipelas, Musquito Bites, Veuemou*
Stings. Itch, I r-*w craw* King-worm. Scaldhead. Groccrs' Itch,
Chilblains. Bunions, Corns. Teud< r Feet, Cliiena, Crab Yaw>,
Paralysis of a local characier, Sciatica, and Tic-d^uloureaux
A* no da** of **cir'y is exempt from the liability to some ?>r 1
other of these attacks, so to every rank must access to such a
powerful series of simple, but effectual, reir.edie* be highly de
The Proprietors give their solemn asssiance, that there is
?ot s ft <* stated with respect to the powers of these substance* I
or to be iuf< rred from tne terms either of the foregoing re
narks, or of the following directions, which is not fully estab- I
lished in ever) class of cases, in the private practice of incdicul
men of great respectability in the metropolis; and that each o!
the preparations, although most effectual in its remedial char
acter, is in the highest degree innocent in its entire compost
tios, and may, consequently, be used with perfect safety.
Anxious to avoid exaggerated or needless representations, the
Proprietor* abstain from all further remark, beyond th? neces
sary, and rath-r full, detail of instructions for the use of ilie
several remedies, iu the particular cases t? which they are ap?
plicable; filly assured that the b?*t recommendation for th
ceacral adoption of the Cerates and LiuimeMt, will deri^d from
the clsar evidences of their efficacy, wherever recourse may b<
had tn them, for relief iu any of the disorders or iujuries above
rn timer -ted.
The Royal British Cerates are made np, in all their inodii*
rations, in boxes of four sir.rs, st 37 j cents, 87 i cents, $1.j0cIs.
snd $3 50 cts. each; and the l.iniment in bottle* of liiree site*,
with ground ?la*><i stoppers, at 87$ cents, el*. and J13.A0 cts.
each; the English stumps iu all cases included. By |iermis>
sieu vf the Honorable Com miwioiser* of Stamp* in Loudou,
ud a* a security to purchasers iu every part of the world, ir
ensure th' ir obtaining, at all times, the eeuuii.e articles, each
stamp has engraved upon it he name and sddiess of the pro
prietor*, "Sharp k Company, 163, Fleet street;'" to counter
feit wh'ch is felony.
Th? |iroprietnrs, satisfied of the unbounded utility of these
preparations to all classes of the populati"ii, have prepared
lor general use ? aad especial I J for families resident in the
country, r> moved from immediate medical advice, a* well a*
for schools and other large t!>t'ibll?hmeau ? a great umnber of
ditTerenl Msortments, embraciu^ every variety of kind anit
sice, which are kept ina stale of readiness at all times. Thrj
also draw the atteation of parties resident in sen-jMrt towns It.
the fact, that they have made similar arr angements upon
suitable scale, au'l in boxes adapted to th- ? autn of the nie?*
cant ile si ipping; where the various and excellent properties ol
these applications inust prove of inestimable value^ti the curt
of the se?cral diseases and iujuries to wliic'i sailors are, in a
peculiar Uejrree, evposeJ. A#s<>ri< d chesl? are also expr e?s!j
prepared for plantation stores in all foreign countries. It n
im|iortant to observe, that the Cerates aud Liniment will keep
or any length of time, and in all climates.
Prepared only by Shirp, West Ik Co., 163 Fleet Slreet.Loii
4oa, the ?nle proprietors; and sold be thnsn and by all the Pa
tent Medicine veuders n and round the metropolis by one
or more Chemists, Druggists, Stationer*, or oilier license*.
Venders, iu every towu in the British Dominions; aud by e>tabj
lished Ajreuts in all parts of the United States.
The above medicine to be had at I ui Broadway, Nes?
York. mi/
FHRrKLKS- KKfcCKLK* ! ! KHfc< KLHM ! ! !? The
prrr Use of t'rrcklr* on the hun<au lace ami neck, ha*,
from time immemorial, liem nul otl\ annoying. hot * dec lied
diaticurrmmi in the i.uuma body. aad it i> a ?T4Utj inj tl recove
ry (kill *n cfl.ctual Ui?|x r?rr I. a* at Irimth b< rn found in
? W?etH'? Celebrated Milk of Knaea, wi.ich ha* ?loo?l unri
valled and unequalled iu Kug'.aud, Kranc\ and America for
?early lift) year*.
Baacrn, New Jer?ry. May 14th, M10.
To Mr. J. *?V*ytth: ?
Sib ? \l tl.e icipiot ?f my brother I hare great
plea*ur< ir ? tati;,- to you thai i hare h?eii loach freckled on
iiic face and ue< k for upward- *f *c?en ye <r?. i wai rrcom
wirodrd to uae tviur Milk of R'??e*. I haer dni.e ao, and feel
truly plr**ed iu ?a> i?c. that m ter the n?e <?? it for ainoaih, I
aan now fr"- from e?rry bleiaith on my *kiu, and my complei
iou changed for the tetter.
Wyelh'i Milk of Ko?e* *perdtH r?m'i.e? pimpiel, hloUn ???,
aealr>, ruui;l>itr?4, sunburn, tan, chafing, rh ippi?.g, ami fur >???
moriug the unpleasant *eu<*'ioa- after (having, it k* a p. ll<-rt
Injury OWr?? tlie Camp of J. Wyt i. Pertumer, London,
?n the eork of each bottle F>>r?*|e, whoe*?le ai.d re oil, at
?he prr^riei or** price* by A. B. k I). !*??<!?, 79 and 10(1 Knlton
?trtel; Ba'ttidera, Iff) Broadway; Guion, I -1' Br.M.lway: Mil
?nr, 193 B>oadway; Hart, cor. Cliamlwrv vnd lirad?*ay;
Di'kie. 413 Broadnav; Clarke, cor. Hoo-luti ind Broadway;
Riag, 644 Br'adwaj; Cole h Ogd>n, Ml Brn*Jwa\; Hyn^,||
and 4Jvi Bf'wf) i be war, cor. < liurch ami Chamber*) loddiag
toa, cor. HuJ* >a an I Spring; Wye tii, nCsjA llnd-on; Cr*igii'o:i,
eor. Carmine aa-l Bedford: C tt >n. Bl'-ecaer ?treei; Lindtay,
S6 6th A*eime; Lo e, IfS Sth Avenue; V l)r, toe. Omatopli. r
and Gre? m ich I . me. and irn* t drug and i'mih -y *t?>re? i> *me.
fire. "vv' f,"r*Pce. i- !??.*?
MH.ICAL ? AHU.? bit ( AHI'b.N 1>.K, SU. 4 IMk
f?l ip, New York, deem* it nroper NNIIUm!I? to nwn-1
tfce ^wbiir that he enntiune* to a<lmim>ter ta the afi.rted <t ,,ii
?id eelabiished bnpeaMiry
Tm a ea?l n?nl?'f of the eitiaen* of thl> a-clropoii* h* ne-d
bo heeakJ* to a?H?iMj??ee hi? iinoryottf ili"- it- kiihI corn
Crated and deatruetiee forin? nor o'"i na deem it m*>nal I
*ery epectfie in r numerating the Uiik- >f the ramu* ivair
4i>< Ui wlnrh r. .akind and r. ni-j km l At ?.i!i;a<"t.
To?tra??c f* Iw- h#p*'.ea?? m'?*l tfully to cmii. y?*
We ernline* hfm?*lf to i.JRte practice, ami d? i ote? imnwli per
aaeially to the te^lfar* of hia patient*, keep* ao x*M*tasta o
ahop h?>y?, at?d ha* *ejw?rafe oHtca* for the privwrv of paUebt*
Wko can Beeer e?fn*?in a*mta?t.
Dr. t'*r|>enler would add that he i? ?t ^ularte educate*! t? IS.
?rof'-Miuu ' f medicine tad ??rfen . a-td received hi* dipt mi.
id the ye tr lfcl3, of the Ne*? Viifk s??te Mediml ietj
april lie tlie i.g+il ? rrapectrd and mu<:h IkiWCtited Jwhn R. tl
Roderra, M. I)., *? f'reaident, and that l.e ! ?? fmr a lonf ? rt?n ol
ye.r? deeuled himaelf t? the treatmei" and c?re of all dehr???
an<l pritat? iil*?a*M.
If nearly thirty yeara aa*idwoua a?d ardoou* apjdicafMa t<
the dutie. i>f (tie medical profeemon, and <y>n?taat famdiarit)
aeiih nu) ?s^e wil ?iuiet) of a |wrtii.ahr clan nf dhfnw>
a*Wd t.y a ?a.'etmte and regulat m'dical edw at inn, wtitle lh?
yrartitiu**' in an* preit-renrr over Ihc mere tyro i'i Hk |?r.>(e?
?on, llefi'ir < arpeattrderm* it con*i<t< nt alii pro??er lo direc
lb' atteatir a adi*erri>>ng p.iMic ?? tin iaieteure of llie caw
pari <"ii. and n iaaeeti|piUoa of hi* claim*
fty- ttfcfn waxiHihit, Rtii) tm! ciiitD, in f m?f?
gvaranteed. '' par^te *?,.< private nfli, <?? PitienU caa neeat
Boaae ia contact.
Be Mrticnlar in the aambar- 4 p,rk H| jp, near Twiri aireat
. 1.^ HAIK CU ITtK, !?> tie. euwich Merer. -
, A Pa. or take* Ihi* r.p;, r t ,1U1, ? -a .alarm ih- p.jt lie,
after lonf e?per?enae in hi* butiae*., i,? ha* luriae.) a c unpo.i.
tioa. eallt d
?r ( em lannd I *?rnlinl Oil ?l AlmaiMt,
(K/- For .1 ? mjiar daudnifT. and prevetitinc tke l,air from
?n? in| aut <>f turiiHic |rey, an iafallilde er m-?ty afwhnt b,'d.
w*a, and the pnMte may rely on II, that A. PA STfllt'Js COM
POUND (Ml. i* the wlmlrmnieil Bnd heal Oil f?r the hair
?takr* it (row thick and l?nf . |>re*eaU i t a falling off ?r ta>mn.
f^ey, aad e*ra il hair ha? begun lo liirn grey, i? ?uch a nourulw
n I he hair. :hat b* u?c it will re*t?re it lo H* nataral cnl?u
ala^ preeept* ' air I com baenmi'g *had'd, and if hair iiolrrad'
at ,d- d. wior h i* a great dikf^ureirtt nt lo yontiti ladie*, add ?i
?aed for a *h<irl trine, it will retime il lo it* aatnral color, ele*>
tb< aearf. aad ke< p the hea?t aa 1 1 *ir clean . prnatotrt eyeheow
and whi>ker* A liberal diaconni niade lo wholeaale purahi
?aa. A. PASTOR,
!?* Urnenwieb *lreel. W. t
ftie? ?> real* pee hot tie, hifnty paKumed, jytAla*
?e mmmiI I* ?mMl ?il *? Willi far Mrlt
"eed, NMf the kittfSlUW^ ta
f ud wty>? mm, Mwiami m*4 fcrtMUl).
TW msMmk, ended mm hy 1m wMIim mU sweHed '
Mode pMfesfly M|^t u4 free fr?a all KtMlity to segg, ?ti11 It
im an sins Mefcy to Mm nac, wfcieh readers it pertieularly m
I Majtlt to oe^etruetsoo ; toe aalter af potMg up mid ktkiaf
tows wfN to toto af bet little IraaMa ia aowymm with thosr
W aaf atoar eeuotrwctiea, white! toe eretoeioe with which the
soapaawrf paMs are fitted, acts as a safeguard against tb? tolro
dnctiee ai' nay autd af Tarawa.
Frees the wr? lake* to reader mk Bedstead perfeot, their
qualities tor durability will rceommead toeia to purLhaasrs
who are invited ta oan and examine a large assortment, aow ca
AIm, a large assortment of elegaat Furniture, Mattresses
F esdher Beds, kc . constantly on hand.
J. W. fc C SOUTHACK, No. 1M Broadway,
iel*y Franklin House
Forty Years Experience in various climatet ? Tie**
ty'foar years established in this city? Neither
Quackery nor Imposition.
No. 12, Peck Slip, New York.
DR J. h VANS c< (tuner* to bp ctin^niu-u confidentially
in all V*'**"'! cases, mercurial aud curoetc disorders
i?n?-rr the iw<'Kt improved prueiier, 'he most expeditious and
lutUl treatment a>xy he ilepenttcrf on To pre* ml mistake*,
it* particular to ft. id ,\o It Pre a Slip.
Minerva's Bo*, containing a complete p!en of rn?dleine for
every form of the ?i?ea*e,can b? procured as above. an-t os-d
with utfznoiint: tlie pntimt. lUeywill be sent to order to
<*i> v pa't of the Uniter Stat. a,
Al'o, n preventive reiueay against V* * '* ' ? 1 that way be
full* relied on
All letter*, po-t paid, and describing thr case, and enclosing a
reasonable fee, will have the remedy and directions sent to or
der. Attendance daily, until 9 o'clock in the evening.
The Offices and Entrance* are well arranged aud secrecy
may be dependad oa.
No connection with any oi'tto office ?rou of thr city.
nldy No. IS Peek Slip, N. Y.
P HOUSTON, M. D., Dimur, has returned from Char
? leston, S. C'.. and resumed the practice of hi* Profession
at hi* residence No. 20 Park Place, where he will be perma
nently htcatrd. jc l3-2me?d*
Nature doubtless origuiallv iu tended the appearance of
ladic* to be in accordance with their sex ; but how frequeatly
and with what tinpleatant sensations do we ice ladies, otherwise
beautiful, completely unseied by that unseemly disfigurement,
a superfluous growth of hair upon the face or arck T
ATKINSON'S DEPILATORY ha* nroved itself in ?hou
sand* of instances that hme come under tne proprietor'* obser
vatien to be u positive and easy remedy for tnis unfortunate af
No cosmetic ha* ever been hailed with the uutv* sal satis
factiaa that has accompanied the introductionof i mvalua
ble preparation, oae single application of which will iu a few
moniet.li entirely remove tne Uair, leaving thr ikia softer,
finer, whiter, nud much improved in its appearand.
It i* so mill! and harmlei* in it* nature, that it can be ased
upon an infant, without the least deleterious effect.
la cousttjuence of the increased demand for the articles, th<
proprietor has appointed Messrs. GUIONS, 180 Broadway.
New York, General Agents lor tlu- United States of America,
for the Depilatory and Mahomed's Turkish Dye.
Country dealers will be supplied by them on the most reason
able terms. Price two dollar* per bottle. m22-tfy
For the season at Castle Garden aud at the foot of Desbrosses
street, 3d Pier south of Canal street, North River.
K?? O. O. II .% ft IS I M ON, DftttM, formerly 84 Bar
clay street, lias removed to No. 00$ Warren street, 2nd do
from Wet BriiH'lway. myliiln
eertain delicate disease. ? MORGAN'S celebrated COM
POUND BALSMAIC PILLS have enjo}ed the patronage
of Sir Astir v, Cooper. Bransby Cootwr, I)r. Elliotsou, of Lon
don, Dr. Allison. Lisinn. Lisais. of Edinburgh, and also of the
most scientific physicians of this country foi the last fifteen
years, and are looked u|>on as the great desideratum so often st*
tempted, I. ui prior to the above time, never discovered. They
are the only ?afr and efficacious remedy in present use, in all
sta!;?? of those disorders, and entirely obviates the Making tae of
those di>"u?iin?. nauseoas, and ia some oases highly injurious
medicines, Cubebs and Copavia, the danc rou* conseqneuces
and uncertainty of the latter are too well known to require
Sir Airtley Cooper's remarks at Guy's Hospital, published in
'?Tin Liucet," of Sept. 17, lb2l, in a clinical lecture to hi
pupiN. it a saffirtent guarantee of the high character of Mo
tan's filW: u Gentlemen, I dare ,ay ymi have observed t .e
woudrrful succe*s of Surteon Morgan's Couipouiid Balsmaic
Pill?, which are used here, (Guy's Hospital.) txclu*ive for are
thai discharges, and the many complicated affectum* of Ute
uriuary oigtn>; indeed, M.'s researches (which I recommend ts
your notice) on aeuits urinary diseases, are the most complete I
ever perusi d, and his m<>.]e of reasoning is so plain that the
merest tyro amongst you cau comprvhentt th< m."
For tale by ip|.oiatm<ut b\ A. L k D. Sands, *11 aud 1#0
Full oat si | Syttie. #3 B"wery tor Walker, aud 331) Bowery cor
Bond; Rme,6-tt Broadway; 36 Sixth Avenue. Price oO cents
and f I per hot.
!?f Observe the proprietors seal an each boi, without which
none can be genuioe. a22-3M
Medical and tr< s-? OfFtcE, No. i auu itm tt
under tl<e Amaricaa Museum. New York.
(jy- Di B. C. Everett apprises the public, that he continues
hit sueecnt'ul treatment ol diseases by safe and elticariucs re
ixeifies. He rtii't ma aly upon vegetable preparation* for the
cure of t ho.e diseases to wl-ioh he attends.
Dr. Evi reti's New and valuable TRUSS for H' rnia,or Rup
ture, rom'iiues the j >int operative of too springs upon the
rupture pad n<>d thereof i.ives an et^uahl# force, and retains the
intestine under all possible infleiinns ora*ti'ude? nl the body?
and is thus *u|>erior to all other Instruments of the kind; as it
give* n ore security when ?) plied He also k'e[i* other ap
proved Pateut Trussee which aee skilfully applied. India rubber,
silk, rotloti a id liuen sus|ten*ot y Bandage- ; piolapaus ani Banda
ge-, R?,tii Baits forweaknesH in the loins aed hack, the trulv
ct lelirated Al'd<>minal Supporters. a? improved hv Dr. J.
K ijlit. fir Hie aure ol Faliiugof the Womb, recommended by
all toe Best Surgeon* in the I uited States and Europe. Nu
in en xit persona have beea ei.tirely cared by them after li.ving
bcei. confuted to their ro?m farye-r?.
There are twu rutraecea to his office ?one from 218
Brt adway . next door to the eiitrai.ee to the Am< riean Muse
um, and |liom No. 1 Ann street, first door Ir m Broadway.
N. B. Letters lions perons at adistiwiee, being pott paid, will
receive immediate atteutmu. WlM-lia*
?KnsPWm '< V, -?? uau*l. at hi* ol&ce. Btraagera ire
a ,., j.fd th 4 Dr. O. ha* bc?n regal H1
nine a' ail a* m in *ici u ? uii Hur^.-on. -<u I tnjthe detrotaa lii*
tUMliuii nelwifrfji to uulc? practice Thaae detnlii i'ing
aiercuri ?1 court' *. ?till pur*ui-d by th? elder af the
profc ?i?n, ?r di*c trdnj in hi* praitiee. The recent im
pmvearaU in aie?!ic tic and cli'nii?try. have enabled the n|?
riearad p'*Ctl< il Surifiiu to adopt a more *?fr, *p. edt ai<l ? (S
Winut nfiM of irttlmeal. Il i? prrtumed thai * d. accruing
pu'.'ic will be <n-bl?d to di?lincui*ti betweel nostrum tru<lm
and medical p?clend? r*. and the educated Pnyticim, whoae
claim* art fuuii led ujRin acientifit: acquirement*.
Dr O '? "Hi c m No. 9 Aim ?lre I ? eparate entrance* and
*i parate ofliee*. Prirale entrance fourth door from the Mt<
*eu?. Lamp at the office iteor. lylS-lm*
2\. ef Liliea k t*.w aaa?ic?rrd ?ap?rior to e?rry article foi
the ?mh? lliahmetit growth wti' prMereattaa ?.f the hair, and
entirely frc inr it frnm dandruff. aad ai?o fur changing the co
lor i f red, light brown of aiihura hair, or whi?ker* to a mai< b
? ?* jet bl.irk ? Ih# l?tl? r quality d- | < inlil'c c.n a testable pro.
durti-ii. FurM4mtlk*Creui niLMin it ju?tly esteemed
for il* c?l"ii? of
Kront the Propr.rtor of Nmm W. IT. Age."
Ma. Jam * Wfint? Mrl After ?n iwb*' nte of jonrT ream
i.f I.ilie*. r?y hair i* rniuild'l* f**l >f- I, . Tier a h'*rt|i?? trial
of ?m' rinjein r.f ?? tlcle*. I i.ld\nit,?li l? tra'tttin; ta Mi*
laun I t?l y ?r. I ln<l tic hi'iu M feter, tad had been nearly a '
year aliro -t buM I *!??> Miplii d it tij n j uliiiln r*, and. *traage
to mr, they atanroed a jet MM>, | ermanei?t color, hating beea
red from at > nth.
With rttpect aad gratitude, I am, ?ir,Totir?.
New York, M 'j IIHh. I8:ii.
Fur ?ale. wh( l?*ale and r> tail, at tba Proprietor'* price*. by
A. R k l>. MAN D**. 79 ami 1 00 Fulton *U* < iuia a. |k? hnmi
wa ; Milaor. Br>i<l?*ay; Hart, cur. i 1iamb?r *t. and Hroad
way. Satm let*, lf>$ Vtmd* ay ; Dickie, 413 Broadway , C Urke.
car Hoo? and, a?>? Brnadwaii Hinr. ilromlwat; Cole k
fhr'e i. Ml fir a I ??ray: Hjrw?c, til and 3So B<> *e?j; Bee ar. cor. |
(bun li and Cltawh- r ?t?.; t odHiogton, r?t. Mad* ti and ^prin^
?t?.; \V*etb, M#' H' d?"ll at.; Tolt >t?, Bl" ker *t ; ("reijti ton,
cor Be?<litrd and < ttttine ?i*.; Lli'd-^y. 94 6th An nur ; Love, (
I OH 6ih Aeruue; Netly, c t ? liti?n.p?i?r *t. and Ore?a?ich
I m if ? and by mo*t L)iug and Fai.iy More* in Ami rtca, he.
Price '>0 c? lit*.
I X}~ Be ? arc of e"iinterfeii? and ?*rllileu imltatwm*, and
l *ee a f*r *imile of '? J. Wye'h''oii each. j?l*-3m
UVMPKP'MA inaj be cured without having recourse to m* It
nine, by urng <* a driak, KiLTKar.it Kane W?tM.
J PA HK KB, of No. lW?!l*t., N. V. Manafictarertf :he
Fn?!i*'i ? liter* r, and late Fori man lo tli- relebralnl (ienrf*
llobia* ofLomlna. h*j? 1^ laf *eia Iht mhlic lh?t hebaaa?o
Ciited Itinaelfin biiMii'-*? *ith ^r. fJeoft* WhiIh, t1 r Pa j
lentee of the Imiale FiHerer, and that thi hatr aa* ?a hand,
%la< httic* of -itlter kin'* warranted to petf ?rm *^li*farlori y.
Price from fH a ltd upward*, ffa cnaaeciioa ?ilh ?nyoil,,,
pmna or pervnia, who are m Ming what H?y lerm Altering aia
Rillt of pnrlirtilart ma* be hail a? ibore.
Kilterer* repaired, anil j.ood* packed aad (eat to aay pnrl af
Ibc world. jy d"la?*
INK A t<l.tBLtu ? UKfc M)K O . Morgan ?* torn
p'aiid Bal*a 10 P "U, certified a* heme th<- *al ?i *ft-e*(i?*t
1 *nd fi?i,t cr. ableeatak Nir A Ml'T Caapee, Brtmlry Co?per,
Ur. K.lli it?on. Harg"?>n* Lawrence, Keate. Bro-*ie, Mir' M'l'i
?'?II. lie Kor tale ? y appomimert lit A W. h 0. Band*, 7U k
l"0 K til i on *t .and the fullowinf DfUffl ??: corticr 1 h?whrr
* ft? <dw.<y, corner t'hurch k < hamUcr, A44 Broadwa*. W k
?1B B?t?ary,eornae Canatot and Bedford itreet, M k 108 Bth
A?M.tie r*rie> fll wrhil Me.
N. B.-Ohaer??tV **1 J . M.? oa eaak. jylMai
M? fl?l Ml ?D t0MMI8ff?N
imm*, aon ?? or iininai run in mmtm itun,
Heem Jfe. It, *w Stair*.
i.ahHM m act oadan Ifi '??? ?? ? feaeral country Wiixu, u well m i? tM* city, end latter* huacclfko fa fully
? fefttegivc MillMlM. The ?tBMl dsspateh, Hi ib ttkflncHing adherence to instructions, will be strictly observed.
K0r?MiiM AYw Ywrk. ? Robert Jilry k Co. ? J. D. DImmu k Brother* ? Parroelee, Kilburu k Rodferij Ho yts, Wads k
Eiwvii -Vm Anitli k ?a.? Foster k lulw Ftimg, Dmmi I Imd-Wb. f. Dixoa k Go.
N?w Yark, May Cth, 1890. bj9-8b
If. B.? ComUbMt on bud, a splendid luortmtBt of POCKET BOOK8, NEEDLE BOOKS, CARD CA8B8, MEXfl
CHANTS' BILL BOOKS, and PORTFOLIOS, of every description.
jane 9 ? y 48 NASSAU STREET.
Constantly on band aa assortment of tbe inimitable Short Nap Beaver* and Plain Castors, at the reduced price of $4 60
One ?f the Beat Slocks of OR V OOBD1 in Ike City of New York.
{J^- THIS BUSINESS i* conducted entirely on a n<-w principle? rcarccTLr bquitablk. The stranger, the visiter, the
Country Merchant, the Country Milliner, arc particularly invited. Tho^ may truJ.i here with the greatest security. The
Goodt Hre chargvd tbe lowest ponsib'e price. No second price is erer made, Cash Exclusively.
(fij- EVIDENCE GF SUCCESS. ? In May, 1838, this Establishment cemraeuced wiUi the principal and two Clerks. In
May, I8W, we required twenty five Clerks, besides Porters and Beyt. j> IR-lm*
QfJ- IT is not often that we permit ourselves to qpeak in terms of aulofy of di?eoveri?* on subjects whicb do not
came within oar province. We have not sufficient knowledge to do it in the first place, unlets indeed the object be \ isi
ble or taugible, and this is the ca>e in the present instance. Mr. M. LEVETT, Surgeon Dentist, No. 260 Broadway,
who arrived s?me time since from London, has brought with htm a new method, which he has put in successful practice
here, of suppl)ing the lass of real teeth by artificial ones, without tbe use of any accessories, such as ligatures, springs or
pegs, now in use, nor is the operation, when completed, followed by auy inflammation or pain. He can best describe hit
method himself. We will, however, add, that one lady who he has provided with a set of these very necessary embel
liihments, is so delighted with them, that she bas permitted him to refer enquirer* to her who do not apply from mere
idle curiosity, but with a view of profiting by tbe conviction au actual examination will produce. But for the latter cir
cumstance, we slioald not have alluded to the subject. jyt-2meod*
ATWILL is constantly recemnr from the Tianufaetorr, superior Piano Fortes, manufucturrd expressly for his e*4ablisli
ment, of various patterns of Rose Wood and Mahogany, with the Grand Action, Harp Stop, Metallic Plates, kc., embracing the
latest fashion of taraiturc, with tablet and hollow cornered fronts, veneered legs, and Grecian scrolls; all of which are warranted
to be made of such material, and so well seasoned, as to stand the tact of every climate, aad can be rctarued if any defect is
found in the instruments. Price from $160 to $6A0.
PIANO STOOLS ef various patterns, to correspond with Piano*, of rose wood, mahogany, kc.
PIANO COVERS of every variety of colors and quality.
Piano Forte Tuning Forks, Hammers, kc. Iustrumen of every description tuned, repaired, or packed, at short notice.
{^?Purchasers will find it to their advautagr to call'aud examine the above.
Also, constantly publishing by the Suhicriber. all the NEW AND FASHIONABLE VIC 810, which, ia addition to kis large
aud increasing Catalogue of Standard Music, Instruction Book*, (>amut Scales, ke., constitute* the moat valuable a**ortmeut
of Music iu the countrv.
Purchasers will find the counter covered with the newest and most favorite Song* and Piece*. Alto beokt of the tame
bound, for tke convenience of pertont leaving the city
In addition to the assortment of Music, all thevariou* work* on the science and composition of Muiic, by Burrow*, Gatel,
Calculi, Mason, fcc.
The price of Music, *old at thi* establishment i* a* low, if not cheaper than at the other shop* about town.
f9i-eod0ni MUSIC SALOON, *ign of the Golden Lyre. 301 Broadway near St. Paul'.
To be had of all retpedable Stationm and Fancy Goodt lltalert in the Untied Statea,
A09 Bee I* man street.
The above Pens are all manufactured under the personal *u- U*w Jrttos fc Horn's b*it caat steel, (which eaanot be surpassed
perintendmre of MR. JOSEPH G1LLOTT, who for twenty ?? lU excellent quality,) and a* the ttudiett ami mo*t able work
year* has devoted hi* time in close application and study to meu are aloue employed, the public n*y with cunMrnce rely
their perfection. . BP?n * maintenance of those qualities which have obuiacd for
A (>ractical mechanic himself, no etlbrt i* spared that will ia Joseph Gillott's Patent Steel Pens so great a reputation,
the least tend to their improvement; they are made from Wil
* Joseph ffllAtt'i patent elongated metallic pens are the best
article of the kind that we have used. We went back ta the
?tcel altogether, and no longer acknowledge the 'grey goo*e
quill' as the badge of our profession.'*? ff. Y. Cem. .Idv.
quill, some time ago after try ing almost every variety of me- " With one of these peut we are now endeavaring to do ju*
tallic pen ia the market satisfied that do pen* were eqnal to tice to Vr. Gillott's usefulness .aud can scarcely rocormse our
those produced b j'Goose k Co.j'but having come accross Mr. own handiwork, the pen teems to move by tome tuflnence in
GillottV we have aram enlieted, a* even rood democrat should , dependent of our own volition .and the characters traced bv it
under Ine ? metallic' banner." ? Bntten Marsmf P?ti. are altogether superior to an) we have hitherto attempted. We
" The cate itself is worthy itt rich content*, and tne whole have pleaiur* ta bearing Ihu public te*timoa\ to Mr. Gillott's
reflect* credit upon the establishment that ha? caved to penmea peat,** we fee la personal obligation for the facilitie* hi* ineen.
such a world of trouble in cutting goof quills, and nibbiug tion affords a* " ? JVete Vmrk Herald.
points a little used. " Gillette Sletl Pent." ? - Wc are not in the habit of using
M We ma) safely speak of these pens a* excellent; as dcccrv. metallic pens, but ws find those of Mr. Joseph Gillott the best
ing high commendation " ? Phil. U. A. Got. we have rver tried, and we heartily recommeud Uirm at excel
" A V*od tleei pen la?t? longer than a qnill, and when it ic lent. They are the handsomest too, that we ever saw, at far as
past service, you have only to thraw it away aad fit iu another that goca and the mode of fastening them to the stem is su
to the holder, and there you are, armed aud equipped for tcrib- perior ta any that we havr un tired, holding them much firmer
bling If made of the best tteei, and properly tempered, as i* and in better position The ease in which they came, at least
Lhe case with Gillott's, they are quite as elastic as the best Hoi- tout, is a 'casket worthy of it* jewel*.' On the whole, Gillott'*
1 aad or Russia quit tv a*. J Have the advaatqpof art losiitf rith< r metal peos seem to ut likely to tuperaedc all othert New
heir point or uieir elasticity by u*c. la short, we go lor the Ynrk Gmt'ttt ntH-v
For coloring rkd ?r oray hair a pfrma
NKNT BROWN OR BLACK. ? Red or grey Uir may
be |>erm*n*ntly colored a rich ?ml clotty brown or black, bt a
?tngl? application of Mahomir cd'? Turkiih Dye; and intle.id of
injuring the hair, at mott preparation* do, it improtn its ap
peal mee and cantes it lo grow v?-ry luiuriaatly. (?jmliilM
icpatationof tfti* nrticU that order* have beea reccivid for it
from American gentlemen retidtngin Canton, who have **ti*
factorily letted it* efficacy while at home. Price $S per bottle,
tad told wholesale aad retail at
UUION9. IW Broadway,
?lH-y Agwnt* for the United Stain of America.
HI lolrialt and Hrtail at *Xo W6 JVattau ttrtet, one
door above Ann.
It'mmi, H'mnii, are infallibly destroyed by uti.g Shermant
Worm Lur.engrt. They are the greatest discovery ever made,
and the only medicine (hat never laii*, aad are *o pleasant that
children mar eat them ai freely at a common peppermint.
CVt(i<, Cold*, Aithmt. tigbtni ?? of the ch> it, coiamiption,
lie. enrrd in alt almott incredible thort time by using Sherman's
celebrat< d < ougi Loteitgc*. They cure fomu nn ?atr* in one
day. They hate cured more catet within the laat mi montht
lliu all the of Liverwort, llerehound. Ac. pot l?
filler. They ha?e cured a great many eaa**, where no hopet
were entertained of recovery,
Httwm f'omplmtntt ? SliermanV Cathartic Lmenge* are par
tkularl) adapted to htliout (Me*, or where an active Cathtrtic
it required. They aie the lift I medicine m Hte and to pleasant I
a* to be eaten at readily at or<hnary confectionary.
Hrmlhmrn and acidity of the tlmnach, dyp?|.sia, Itr. cured
by Sherman'* Sod < Loteng' t. Thrycure heartburn in a few
minute*, and afford astonishing Juliet to dyspeptic*.
/VetfniM or S?rk lira-iach immediately cured by Hherimn1*
Headache Lotenge*. They cure faintiogt. i>p|.re*tio? of the
chett. dro**iness. Sic. They are hlgldy refreshing to thote at
tending lar^e partn t, keeping up tlie t^iiritt and cheerfullnee*.
fjut'nt /,oien*r? for pertok* of r.o*tive Intuit. *o common
to the seOaiitary. 1 he* keep the kowelr o^cn and after awhile
eutirely nbtiate (hit troubletome complaint.
Cknrctit f<tr correcting the tt'unach and bowels.
Surivpat ilia />t?enjf<? for purifying I he blood. Ac.
HKrumirlum l.um/mgo. iwint and weakness in the hack
loint, tide*, neck breast. limht Joint*. kc. cured he Pkermau't I
Poor Man'* I'latter, I.OOO.MHI of which are yearly told, war
rant> d tup rior U> all other plath rt. and Cur only 1 2 A cent*.
U'lnim i '/VefAmr f Isiltr affordt attorn. ling relief when
wrn on the back of the neck of children cutting their teeth.
I.ivrr Cnmplaint, jaundice, female obstruction*, fcc. cured
by ?therman't celebrated Roial Hepatin*. which bit cured more
ca*et within l he la?t *>aton than all other remedie* |t*l lege
ther It it with difficulty the proprietor can *upply the increas
ing d' mind for thi* popular median*.
N. B. ? All kind* of medicine can be had made into Lotenge*
and rend> r?d pleasant at 10? Na*tau street. Alto, Pi ppermint,
Rote. and all other pt? a*ant eating L>ceng'*, the greatrvt
variety in the wi rid.
A'k'for Sherman'* L?tenge*. jtld-y
C1HKRRVS AllTRINCIRNT f ILLS ! !? Celebrated for
/ the ramcal cure of a certain nVttiaate complaint, after the
failure oft apitl ( ubeb*. injrclmnt and ripariment*. The fn|.
lowing terliAcate "ill |?ro*e their celebrity.
New Yoik. Vtay **th IW. Hotel. Broadway.? The
writer, when in thi* city from Charleston, la*t ?|>ring, bought
ha'f a dot>n l?o*et of L>r. Cherrj't Pill*, in order ili-t tome
eho have been long dctpniuling like himtelt he truly iiate* tt,*t
b fire he hxdfini*be?l the thiril bot.hi* com|daint had vanitl?d.
?ft ? bating for five year* previously, vainly tried all kiwis of I
medicine* injeciou-, kougiet, change of air, he It it now
m >ri than ten month* *incc hi* cure, ami he now weigh* 174
pound*, while I a* I *priug he only weigheil I'Jt) pound* "
i Cor ?*ie whole**l' ami retail, by A I kll. Han<t>. 7? and 100
l*ltm<<t.. and the following Orug *t?e* ?cor. of Chamber* and 1
Broad wa) ; comer of CktMk and Chamber* ; S3 and SHO How
j ert ; 044 Broadwae; eor. litrnne it<Bedfo*d; Mtml !?*
j Hulk Avenuo. Price f I. jyl&fcn I
IT IS A MULANLHOLY i'KUTH. that iu this ally II
writ as olhtr plates, th?rt arc numerous ndividuals going
hi. row month to month, anil even year to yoar, suffering under
a certain disorder which tliry frrl to be destructive both te body
aui! mind Deceived, anil almost broken hearted, by the vari
ous boasting people, whose pr?trasiun? fil I eur papers, thry know
not how to act or in whom to confide. It it scarcely possible to
imagine the amount ?f bodily and mental misery an-lng from
the peoplt here alluded to; nor wai I aware my?elf of ita full
eitoiit, until the publication of my " Private T ruliie" ? a little
volame drsigned Tor thoae who with Tar a private, aa w II at an
immediate and perfect care of these complaints, but whirl , Itow
erer, liaa givta m< a moat abundant opportunity of witueMin|
the?e fart*. M my, for insUoee, have assured me, with the bit
terest feeliups of regret, that they had been led en lo take frum
lOto l? bottle* ot drop?; ?there as many k'leiof p?M?; and
others tfaia have fallen into the Hand* of advertising f?- pie,
(sonn of the moat boasting of the kind) who, it aAerwards ap
peared, have been entirely ignorant of the iUff<-r* ni iimliei
tfid < h'<at'* which the* a complaints assume and undergo. It
matt, therefore, be strikingly apparent to terry thinking |>?r
?on, that Both rag is of rreaUr consequence than to ae< i rtain.
beforehand, something ot the *h ill and reputation of the phtti
?rin la lie consulted in these peculiar di??as#s, and it ia on th?a
a?i ouat I deem it proper hare to flee tke follow nig statement
of myself i
Beside the rank I hold of graduate of the Uaivrrsity of Kdin
knrgh, iuvI ?'mt?r ot the 1'ollege of Hurgeoua, Lob, ion, lie.
Itc^ aa well u being the author of a volume expressly on Iheaa
luhieets, (the result of aearly thirty year* et|>erienre,) I ha?e
also testimonial alters from the mmi eminent of the profession,
aa Kir Aslley Cooper. London, to the moat emiuent physicians
of America, as Br. Mott.nl New Yoak, and Dr. Pliytick, of
Philadelphia, and which I hip permitted to show to aa) oae
trho wishes it. Thcae authorities and qualifx ationa, therefor*,
allow me, with peculiar sal i. Action, to atate, that I derote a
portioa of my time etpreasly to theae diseases, and may b? coa
sulted in my private itudy at my residence, SHIourtlandt street,
New York, at any hour.
Those who are afflicted with any defect or complicated com- i
plaint of the generative ..rrans, however long standing, will ob? |
IxiB every possible relief , wln!? tli.io - aj>t I y in tic rsrh 1
I (he dtsordrr. will U t(Tfral>ly surprised at th? imme
diate and ronveni" itt mode of cur* pursued
Females who wish to sl*t> II. nr .| |?.?l, or are in ant
kind ?>< 4 .??!>? or f? at, will meet Willi tlir moat faithful and del- I
irate attention. Oa tin* I would lay the greater (treat, hecanse |
I lie re are various affections incident to the sf-tual organs, which. j
though resembling certain complaints, are nevertheless perfect
It innocent, and to which all are subject. It ia a truly awful i
thing, when suck cases fall into the hands of unskilful or un- !
principled men
For those who wish it, or are obliged to travel, a little chest,
with lock and key, is fitted up. emitaning every thing necessary
for tbe cure, having tlie little treatise! tted ia the lid. It is
sent lo any distance ? price )lli This M e volume also un
folds the nature of eertaia facta which are often deeply inter
filing to married people wha have no children.
WlU'i regard lo slrictnre, or g'**l de|>eiiding an a stricture,
generally I We consequence ol badly treated jonnrrbma.it cannot
be too wall kaowa, that all the medicine in the world, alone,
will never cure it. Thote. however, who are residents of this
?ity, or can remaia about a week undar my care, ma? obtain s
iierfeet, safe, aad easy cure. Letters ta lie addressed lo
sia-if DK. RAI.rH. Henr ..W t oiirtlandt st? N. Y.
HKITANNIA WAKK - i he sill., ml, er l,^s tl.ia day re.
ceivesl 1 casks of Duoa'i Bnianma Ware, insetls, with
Coffee Pots to match. D K. DKLA VAX,
jy It ^lo- " Maiden i. ine, near BlllgiiHIIiy.
(X}- T') TIIK PU BLIC. ? We aall tht tanUI alien Uon if
the public t# .or induce ineuts Held obi by HrLtcsTta ? las
I Ml Broadway fori avtsling in real eslalt, silnalad in New Or
Itnna. Notwithstanding the allempts ma-le by Ihe sitai David
II ilt erf tha Journal of C t ?wane, wt hare go??d r?a-ons for
hnowinc thai lh? affsir in qw> stian p..>?sses the entire canl
denceof the aommunitf ? <ad w. recommend thoae peraoa* wh i
hawt any donbta, lo call on Sylvester It C*. who are desirtms
of giving I he most full awl perfect sMwfactiee in reply to any
1 m ^ j jsl?
D*. J. FRANCIS'S celebrated Eye Water i* mMM HMt
hluMtorr diseases ef Ox ?je. It haa boan trie4, m4 la
?uceeeded is eases where hope had led, and wkanthe Msculty ?
medicine had declared the sufferer to he incurable.
Tkie celebrated eye water ia adapted to all iifiamlM*
iUmmci of the ere*, ere a whta in Ihcsr Mtt tedious and chrow
?lags*. It ia adapted to all kinds of nervous affections, ia*
bihty U we the rye lids, weak a cm of eight, optlialmias, fc??
It will remove theee nebulous, Maly, dead, cloudy ai>pe?rauee%
Creq neatly knewu by the m< af Cataracts. Finally, all tkeao
iafiammatory and nervous diteun with wi.ieb the orpaas at
visieu are attacked, should invariably be keoh d by this iaee
Unable reaaedy.
Faoas the Rev. Mr. Savia, pastor of lite Chnreh at Budge viOct
N. York.
This ia to certify that a poor man, whom 1 have been a*.
({Minted with for tome time, and after ip?nlh| nine month* is
an eye infirmary was discharged by the Physic) am of the futili
tion, with what they termed an inctsrahU Cataract, so that he
was nearly blind ; a trial of Dr. J. FraacisS remedy , three hot
ties only beiug used, removed it to the surprise of all who kora
him, aud now he can see with that eye a* well aa ever he did, I
Teel it my duty to give this information for the benefit of the
A Gentleman by the same of Brady, having a Cataract OB
each eye, alter spending eighteen mouths with some of the first
Oculists in the city, was given up as incurable. After uau^
Or Francis s Bye Water only ten days, bis eyes were perfectly
restored, to the astonishment of all hi? acquaintances.
Another rase was thit of a poor m.m, .-ffcer spending twain
months in an eye infirmary, was discharged as incurable with*
nebula on eacb eye. 80 that he was almost blind ? xud after
asing Dr. Francis's Eye Water bu few days, has recovered
his sight perfectly.
Tke Rev. J. Harrison 44 Thompson Street having procured
a bottle of the above for Mrs. Harrison's eyes ? says to his as
tonishment, it has removed the dimness and paiu. which ha4
been maueseive for years ? she had used man) oifferent eye wa
ters, bat they all failed, therefore, 1 kope the public win soon
appreciate its value.
The Rev. D. Dunbar says, from the testimony of these who
have used the Eye Water prepared by Dr. J. Francis, 1 haven*
hesitation iu recommending it to the special notice of the pub*
lie, aa an inestimable remedy. DUNCAN DUNBAR,
Pastor of the McDeugal Street Church.
This ia to certify that iny ryes were iu a high state of ia
Aammation, for several months, several remedies had been trieff
without any good effect, and niter uai/it: oae buttle of the above
eye water, it perfectly restored my ?ight, aud I believe saved
me from tetal bliiidnos.
Mrs. ANDERSON, No.l Q, srek street
Mrs. McCaffrey 16 Cherry street. Tliis is to certify, that
I was afflicted with a continual weeping of scalding water from
my eyes for several months; many remedies were apidied with
out affording me the smallest relief, and I thought I should have
been blind; I applied Dr. Frahcis' remedy, and after using on*
bottle, I can truly say. it saved me from ab-olute blindness.
Tkia is to certify that my sou had been afflicted with son
eye* for five years, during which time several remedies h*4
been used without any good effect beiutj derived, and in conse
quence of the great weakness of bis ?ight, was obliged to hoop
him entirely trom the benefit of education, aad alter the nao
of two or three small bottles of Dr. Francis' in valuable ?ye
water, it has so far recovered his si^ht, that he is uow able to
go to school and pursue kis studies.
Carlton House, Broadway, New York.
Feb. H, 1*89.
Maay certificates eaa be seen at the office.
N. B. ? This eye water is not prepared or sold by lay
person in the United States, but by Dr. Francis, No. 10 Bar
day street, New York.
To prevent Counterfeits, all that are genuine have the Do^
tor's orert and seal on each bottle from this date.
May 3d, 1890.
(Kf Artificial Eyes inserted by Dr. J. Francis, that cannot
!>e distinguished from the natural, aud will perform every mo
tion of that organ without giving the slightest pain, aud for kit
crest improvement in this art, he has received a diplnma,
10 Barclav street New York jel9 MmfcW
riMIK attention of thote afflicted wit'i Hernia, it called to ?
X ir? Trutt, lately patruted iu lit# city of New York, lto
tu|?riority over every other inftruweut will be evident <>? a
mere inspection, for unlike every (?tier Truu. the rupture pWi
it pr? ???? U u)M>n by a double tpriuv, which it to filed at to eoa
vey the uccettary presture to the lower part of the rupture pod,
thus keeping the pad cloatly applied in every attitude ol the
body, and ailjuttini; and adaption itaelf under all circumttnoeaa
10 the person and lo the part to which it is lo be applied. Fw>
?citing a double tpring, and cuiisnjerntly a double degree at
elasticity. it it rendered east and convenient to the wcaros.
The above Trutt hat taken the plaoe of all other* for the pa^
manent retention and cure of heruia or rupture It it almett
the otily Trutt low in >ite iu the city of New York, and tho
adjacent country. The above Trutt it adjutted ami applied by
a Surgeon, who hat devoted particular attention to the tubjaot
of hermia, and the conttrucilou and appliratii n of Truttet, at
hit office, No. 9 Ann ttreet, near Broaitway, two doors from Mm
American Mutcum, where they nay be had wholetaie and ra?
? >7-7
JB. IRWIN It CO.. Member* of the Royal t olleee af Sua.
? gcoat, London, cominue to be consulted on delicate dia?
eatet iu ail their various (laget, at their olfcce, 904$ Kaltoa
street, where, from the commodi>>ut nr'aofcinetl of lh*irre?M
pertona laboriim uader delicate complamtt can be treated, with
secrecy and tafety
J. B. frwin k Co. pledge themaelect that ia all catet of the
moti violent venereal, winch have hitherto fallen under their
notice, their treatment without nierrury hat bat im.it succe*o
ful and tpecdy. They nerd not. by ctrtificatct,^ 1 *ct the public
attention to theirtuperior practice in tliote diteaiea, at their ro
nutation inthii city i* well known and reflected by thoee who
had ocoatioa b> confide in their honor. It it ttroiiglv reeoat>
mi *<icd to female* who are in the habit of utinf l heir Deobttro*
rut Pill*, that no more than two thauM be taken on any oeo*
tioa, a* more might produce effcclt whirH those wko would to
mothers are detirousto avaid. A preventive can be had ? ? rcewt
rate* cured in two day*. Tliote who bave iujuie^ themtelvea
by a tecret and destructive habit, can obtain relief. Solvent
security it all that will be required until a cure ahall be effect
ed. Letter*, pott paid, detailing the uature of the eomplaiaC
and eoveriin a suitable fee, w ill be immediately attrnded to, aM
medicines, with lull dirrctioua, forwarded to theparlirt.
Mre, 9044 Kultou street. jvlA-lm*
for the cure of (ioiiorrhera. tileeta, Stricture*, aid
anolagou* romplaMita of Ihe organ* ol generation.
Of all remedi.t yet dltcuvervd for the above complaint*, this
' it the mntt eertain.
It make* a t|?edy and permanent cure, witbaut Ihe leaat r*
, gard to diet, drink, eiposure, ?r change in application to buM?
We give no long <^uar kith recommendation* lo deceive the
public. If the medicine dot* not *pe.,k for il?elf, no one thaH
speak for it. Our object i* to uol.fy where it ran be had, and
that the proprietor challenge* < tingle rase of recent OfiiorrtMM
to be brought, in which the mixture will not .fleet a r?pid care
under forfeiture of $.*>00.
Tins it a di.e ite that unfortunately pervade* all rank* of *??
eirty ? high, low, rich auil poor, matrimonial and *iuclr. They
are now presented with a remedy b? which they ran car*
themselves without the least e*|>o*ure, io the thaileil time ptt
further, the diteite cannot be contracted if a dote *f Iha
Miilure it taken at night on coing to h d wlen aspoaed.
ft it pul up in bottles, with lull direction* accoiri|>anyiog II
at $1 a I 'utile. One bottle laita ? we. It, whtch gener illjr tare*.
Many are cured in two d^yt.
Kor tale only at DK WM. H. MILNOR'ft Drug Store. No|
IM Broadway, corner D?y tireel,(Kranklm Houa?,) New York
? and at Jon** k II itchinsou't, corner of Chetnut and Aeeenlk
tlreelt, Philadelphia. lelH-Sn*
Rr.MOV V.n DR. if VILLERB has removr l from No
U Liberty ttreet to No. 40 Liapenard tlreet.
St'ROERY ?The . ub.rrih-r porferNM every operation on I ha
teeth and gsimt o? Ihe mosl modem and approved pnnr pica of
Hie Denial trl, and with [irolessional skill. Irregwlaritiea at
the teeth ia children and axilla remedied; rariou. teeth filled
with jp>M; loose teeth rendered Arm; teelh extracted; leelh
Used, from one tooth to a complete set eu matte. Keet reduce*
a? third.
N. B Toothache removed indantaoeeualy. Price <0 eewta.
mtr.TOR MAViM 'in r?
an appetite.? Tl?*te Pillt, which are ? eminenlly ??efa
for pons in the head, sinmnch ami bowel*, hare been before Um
public for twenty ye art, and are to well known lhat Ihe prt?
prieior ihems it unnereat.ry lo puhlith any of the Ihuutaod
r ertifirt let, which ctn he procurt d, of their efficacy fron eaU*
nent physician* and other*.
Dr. l>?ernport,? I H hraled Eye Water, which Sat btti
ihon.'iihly proied for thirty year*, in be a mild, *afe, and .peedy
cure fcir >1 ilis-atea of lite eye*.
I ilrciiri*" th I vilinble Itch Ointment, prepared by J Wheo
trm.aml to Ion; krvi v?i i. ' ?? a* ee.lf care for thai ImlliiMit
.li*es*e, and for all kind* of wn-'l <. < II lat ?kin
The ahave valuable laediemet ?rr I?k t tie in th to eity by
Lawrence Keese X Co., Duryee li Coektraf, 11. IL ft. hieitleUa
11 ( o., and others
All order* directed to flEO. DIXON, Deri ham. Mat*., will
be promptly altea.led to |etO-lli*H
PVIIJIHtn tllkf IT
HO 21 A Hit ?TI>t r.T.
TRRM* OF AOVERTIBI.Vtl.? The etteaaiv* eirrol.t**
of the riitatt P.botb in town and roiiuiry, make* K * Miprrior
channel for advertisers.
roa Twri.e? LiNa* on ?,**?.
I day, |0 Ml I 4 days *. IA 7 dayt, HI *7 I 10 .)*?., *
4 . ? 0 7?|l . . 1 *? i . . I t? II . . * XT
? . . I no i * ? ? I7*!i.. 9 ia | it . in
rn? RlflMT I.INM n a LRH.
I week*, . ? . H f*? J S niontha, f% M
| month, 1 MO ! (I immttw, . Ifl W
??- All adv. rtisements lo he ?mf.^ iherr interim,
vertisemenls marled in Ihe WtiaaLr Hcati.n *1 |l M
per tqtiarc every inser'ioa.
Maaaiau Hnati.o issuaH every moratm, aseepl ?*ur day,
Cce /??? rml? per copy, faaattri tuka?an?r< furbished ?t
i ume rate, for *ny sj?eofic ih?io4, na a rwiillanee ia ad
vance. No p*|-er sent, miles. (,m,I )n ?|< anee
Warai.v Htattp i*am a tvt . > Saturday morninc at 9
rloek. price tie cen/t per eopy. Vuewtthad to awuntr* tabaMtl
hart at 18 per animm, m advaoea. "
t oaarsenvneart are re.,uesW4 to addre*a their let fm |?
,/awtet Retwierr, IVopeiator aad KdMor. and all let wan
o* buatnaa* ntuat be poet |?id

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