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Pstl Uti. u .rl)A. U*. ANUULI*, I*
Mat) t practitioner iTll?<Rciw h IW public hospitals
member of tWs nrHfiil ^*"'*j of the city of New
York, whir* he has b*?i prtctiiiut pk,sic rfatr lk? J??r !"??
?mUmm io be consulted it bis o?ce, No. IN Fulton itresrt,
aoarly opposite Church itnH. . .
The motl obstinate u4 iaveUrate diseases, r*9?'rml> ?*
soundest judgment in treatment, and particular!) all esse* ori
ginating in impurity of tke blood, and chronic affection*, rtieu*
mat isms, "bat ruction*, ulcers iu tke throat, eruptuas <?i t e
?kin, debility, he. will ke sp< edily and radically cared by mean*
the least expensive and thr most convenient to P?,,?,l *? '
nudiw to be used are prepared by himself, snd l,ie,r l??* e "
facte re ad and infallible. . . .
Doctor Be Aagetts ka* effected a cure in many c*#e* which
hod baffled all the resource* of the rnedicnl art; j"."'?
only o?e. Copy of a letter from Dr*. Os borne and Ireland,
phymcinn* of tii. city, to Dr. f^X'.'.'^reet, Dec. ?, 18lf.
Sir? We hare no hesitation in replying to your note, in *ay
?e von deseree inuct. credit for ? our succnssfu I treatment of
Mr.'john Thorn, af.er it had baffled physicist.* both here and
iRrarat&T* nT1 I
Patient* may inquire of Mr. Thorn hlinself, who I* to be
found at No. i Jone*' Lane below Coffee House Slip, and also i
of his broth' r, it Iderman Thorn, Drookly n. jy'6 lm'
riTawinp ir thk lorn famh.t and thk nobility.
In pritnordia ridigi l'^tl??al.
THK8E important medical application* enjoyed, for *ont
time before they were br?night to general notice, a hi|h
reputation with a limited number of the medical profession iu
the English metropolis, by whom their valuable |>ro|iertick were
well understood and fully appreciated. It wa*on the strong re
presentation of those gentlemen that the proprietors first re
solved to enlarge the sphere of usefulness of bodies calculated,
as these unquestionably are, to effect a more extended amount
of relief, in diseases or accident* affecting the exterior of the
human frame, than any substance* previously known, and thev
are offered to tVie entire population of tae tinitrd States with
tke full conviction that tney will be found the most useful an
valuable preparations ever submitted 10 public notice.
The Cerate ? which is of a peculiarly delicate nature to the
?ight and Uuch, and, in its original or plain itate, equally inods
rou* and divested of all unctuous clinracter ? is prepared in dif
ferent combination*, especially adapted to the relict of the van
ous cutaueu* and muscular disease* which have been prove*
to yield 10 the influence ol' its extraordinary power.
Tlie leading general properties of these combination* are the
stimulant, absorbei t and counter-irritant .added tu powerf
healing qualities, which necessarily exist in differen i degrees, in
the various modifications to which they have been subjected, lot
adaptation to th* ir several intended uses. The Liniment and
Cerate*, thus prepared, constitute, respectively, rapid and ?ffcc
tual remedio for Gout ? in some states. Rheumatic Affections.
Lumbago, Ulaudular swellings, many inslaucrs of Scrofulous
Sores < ltd Sw< lliugs, Yaws, Tumors, Relaxed Sore Thrusts;
Hooping Cough, < roup, Swelled Pace or Oums, Nervous Head
aclie. some cases of Deafue**, external Inflammation iu all its
?bajies, Bors, Ulcemted and other wounds, Sprains, Cramp
Bruises, B irns. Scalds, Erysipelas, Musquito Bites, Vein moui
Simps, itcb, ? raw-craws Riug-worm, Scaldhead, Urocers' Itch,
Chilblains. Bunions, Corn*, Tender Feet, Chigua, Crab Vaws,
Paralysi* of a local character, Sciatica, and Tic-douloureaui
As no {las* of society is exempt from the liability to same or
other of these attack*. ?o to every rank mu?t access to such a
powerful series of simple, but effectual, remedies be highly de
The Proprietor* give their solemn assurance, that there is
not a faot stated with respect to the |>ower* of these substances
or to be inferred from the terms either of the foregoing re
marks, or of the following directions, which is not fully estab
lished in ever) class of cases, in the private practice of medical
men of great res|M'ctability in the metropolis; and that each of |
the preparations, although most effectual in its remedial char
acter, is in the highest degree innocent in its entire composi
tioa, and may, consequently, be used with perfect safety.
Anxious to avoid exaggerated ur needless representations. ti c
Proprietors abstain from all further remar^, beyond the neces
sary, and rather full, detail of instructions for the use of the
several remedies, in the particular cases to which they are ap
plicable; fully assured that the h<st recommendation lor th
general adoption of tlir Cerates and Linimen^ will derived from
uie dear evidence* of their efficacy, wherever recourse may be
had to them, for relief in any of the disorders or injuries above
The Royal British Cerate* are made ?p, ia all their modifi
cations, in boxes of four sizes, at 37J cents, 87 i cents, $1.50 cts.
and $3.60 cts. each; and the Linimrnt in bottle* of three sice*,
with ground glass stoppers, at 87} cents, $1.30 cts. and $3.30 cts.
each; the English stamps in all case* included. By permis
sion ?f the Honorable Com misstoners of Stamp* in London,
and as a securil) to purchasers in every part of the world, tr
ensure their obtaining, at all times, the genuine articles, eacb
stamp has engraved u|M>n it the name and addles* of thepro
Clors, " Sharp fc Company, 133, Fleet street;" to counter
which is felony.
The proprietors, satisfied of the unbounded utility of these
preparation* to all classes of the population, have prepared
for ceasral use ? and especial iy for faaiilie* resident iu the
country, removed from tinme<.ialr medical aJvice, as well a>
for school* and other large establishments? a great number of
different assortments, embracing every variety of kind and
rice, which are kept in a state of readiness at all times. The)
also draw the attention of parties resident in sea-port towns t<
the fact, that they Wave made similar arrangement* upon *
suitable scale, an t in boxes adapted to the wants of the mer*
cant its shiptnng; where thr various and excellent properties <t\
their applications mint prove of inestimable value, in the cure
of the several diseases and injuries to which sailors are, ia a
peculiar d* gr*-e, ?x|>osrd. Assorted chests are also expressly
prrpar. d tor plantation stores iu all foreiflp countries. It u
important to observe, that the Cerates and Liniment will kerf
or ant length of lime, and in all climates.
Prepared only by Sharp, West It Co.. I M Fleet Street, Lon
don, the sole proprietors; and sold by thsm and by all the Pt
tent Medicine senders n and round the metropolis by on?
or more Chemist-, Dru?gi*W, Stationers, or other licenses'
Vendtrs, in ev ry town in the British Dominions; aad by edtah
li-hed Atents in all parts of the United States.
0(> The sbose medicine to be bad at IM Broadway, New
York. ?-tf
ITUtfct KLfcs KKIXKLKM ! ! FRK? KLRB!!!? The
l>rrt>lti?cr of Kri ckl<* on the Umiii fare and neck. h*?,
from time tn rvmi-ial, bein wil only annoying, tut a drciden
^uiiki'in mrii. ih- hu-nan inidy, nnd it it m p-aiilTing ditcove
r) that an r i. ctu I iliiMrier ha* at leugth fee it found in
" Wjeth't Celebrated Milk of Ro?e*. which hat Hood unri
railed .nil unequalled in Knglaud, Kr *uce, and America for
nearly fifty year*.
Hfhrfi, N?* Jer*ey, M?y 14th, I8W.
To Mr. J. Wyth:?
Mm ? At lie r*-<|ur?t <>f my brother WiMiam, I have great
plr<<urf in ttaliit? In jr>xa that I h < re been lunch freckled on
the tw* and link for upward* ?f wven year*. I waa ItCM
Bonded to uf (our Miik of R<?-e*. 1 hare dove Mi, and feel
truly pleated in >i\inf, tint a'trr the utt of i( for a month, I
am ww tree fr?m every hleiuub on my *ktn, and iny complet
ion changed f ?r the l-etler.
Wyeih't Milk of llo?ra tpeedil) r*miNyim|ilr<, blotche*.
?on<?*, ronghnen, tuuhurn. tan. eh -Aug, cb?ppi*|t. m>J for re
moving the unp'ra? nit ien>aliiia< .ftor ahaviag, it m a p'tferl
1'itiuy Olwrve the damp >>f J. Wyeth. Perfumer, London,
on th*- cork of <- ac > 1 I o'.tle F *? tale, wholeaa'e and re'ail. U
the pri'prn'tiir'i price* ly A. B it D. Sand*, 7# and 100 Kultou
itriH, Raundera, 1(13 Bro.idway; O lion, INO Br>uil??ji Mil
nor. IM llrurf* .j; H rt, cor. Chamber* r.nd Broadway;
Uifiie, 413 Broadway; ? la-ke, tor. Monti on an I Broadway;
H.ut, 544 Hroad?i?y; Cole li Ojd* n, Ml Br ??il?4) ; Bym r? ' *
and IM Bowery; lli-ww, ror. Church and Chamber*; (odiliuf
Ian. roe Hud* m and 4priu?, Wyeth, M8) Hudson; Crrijh'on.
uor Carmine and Bed'oH; C- tt<>?, Bl?ecker atroel; Liiohay,
MWhA'nu'j L'ire. I0H lib Avenue; Neely, eor. Chri-topHef
and Ori ihwitH Lrnif, iml mo t drug and fanct *tor? * in Ame
rica, Kigland and Krurce. ? |s-1m
*lip, New York. derm? it tiroper nccaatona'Jv to r^mmd
ibe pi.i 'n that he Nulin'in to nd'inniiter to the afltetrd <1 hit
idd etliKtahed !l|?|??>4ri
l'o a raat number of the citicrna of thi* bcItj^oIii he nerd
no herald* to KkOttnc* in* ttctory over diteaae. in it* mo*? com
Ci< nled and (Instructive form? nor a oe? ne deem it matenal I
eery *t?ectfte m enumerating the name* of the vartotif mala
di?-? to wwrh mauktnd ami womaukmd are auhjert.
To Mr**r?n he !>?** leave mott reaper I full) to rtmark, '.)*
he emttiue* )<imiell oftt.c practice, and dei tei himtelf pei
xHwdly to the welfar* of hi* piltenla, keep* no a><nl*at< o
?hoy Vijr*, ami ha* tepoale otfcm for the ynmrr of patirili
who can ?i**er come m eonl?et.
Dr Carpenter would ad-l that he ia refpilarly educated to tb>
iimff**?oti of medicine a?t I wi rfrry . and receiv?tl hit diplom.
in th? ye*r IMS, of tlo New York Bute Mr.l.ca! Bneiel \
ii|ied by l be bifhli rni*ciw ami much 'atnenled John H ft
Ylodcrra, M. !>..?? rre?i?.' nl, mid that he ha* for a long aeeia* n> 1
eaar* dervlnd hHntelf to rHe Irrilceat and core of kll deliea*'
and pri?nt' di?en?*>?.
If nearly thirty y?-?r* laatduou* and arduom app)?cati.>* i>
the d> "i?*'of Ihe nc-JIcil |a->?f? ??'??, nod nntMtaat famo ?rit\
with trtry and variety of a pnrtienlnr^laa* of di*< a>#>
?nl-?l >?5r a co!!? Ri??? and rtfwlor nwdicnl eJiwation. ??title lb#
pewMi t ant pit fer?-ftce over the mere tvro rn thr profe*
non. Dortnr l ,q?-> (rr deem* it FoaNrint auJ primer lo direr'
the att Mtma of a ?,i?rer.,inf pi.nlie It Ihe inferr^c. of toe com
pnei^M. *nd an invea.ipition of hn rliiM.
'ha-i-r* rttwiaihle, and rlfrciunl ri.itt, in all r**?.
pia-anl?e4 fc?j.?rai? 4nd pnvnte o#ce?? Valienlt can neve>
t ?me in NHiltri
Ee particn ?r u iv.? anmher- 4 Pec* Slif, near l>ar! i?met
?l f l?*. CAKfKNTCII
A'A.TO*. HAIll i ITTKH, l?i tAreeowich *treei._ I
? .A '?? i-iily lr. mferr: Ihr pu' lie 1
.Iter lonq '*perieiie. i. bi% . ... f.T-.i-l a com
Hon, ^.riled 1
Or ? ?? (Fn.tH.I f.nn* Niial o? .5 Alm?*.rf..
(fij- hor Je.iro...Mr4audruff and pre, r, !klt
cm ing ? ut ..r turning jrey, an inf^lltblr remedy aeiio*t h .IJ.
?v ?, and tlie pu li" m4) r<-lj on il,that A. fABTfjR'* M
POUND OIL i# the wholetnmnt a*>d be.i Mil f?, u.e hair
mak- 1 it w thick an?' lonf. pn renlt It* fal.mt off ?r ?
grrr, and etra il 'iair hat begun to Inrn gr? y, i*
to Ihe l air lt. it I ) I'-eitwill rtMlor* it to ill mia, .| Vidor I
*l?0 prtr a'? lir Irom btCnining thad'd, and *t ! ir ,, ,,ir 41?, |
?bad-d, whic li i? a groat di*li?*r?meiH o younu la. , i
?i?e . fi't a limr I tnn?. il ?? i!l reototo it t?. it* nalurxl r 1|nf| ri, ^ , !
the *?urf. ^nd ke* ,? 'he li- ad andhi^i Clean; promote* '
a'id whidi'ri A li til litrelill made In who|e?ati ir?,?
erv A. PASTCit,
|4< tl-eenwii li tlre^t,^:. >
Pri<>e. M '-eni* pr r t|?l> perfuweJ jyt&lm'
tub S?W*~t. Mr
r? f?f?w4 to ww?Hu wH> ini ii*, aH MmOr iMrV*
Nttlti PM?t Swelled Wmm Wall i ladatoad*. which are
?O* alataal aaad, m heiag the beat article u yet ia
realed? ommMmk ??*, aa4 durability
The mUm, acted ufi? by the windlam aad tweHed beam u
made perfaaltfy light and fret from *11 liability to H4, still lewr
aM elaaltotty in the mm, wkitli reader? il particularly auty,
Maple m oeaat rue turn; Ike matter of milling uj< and taking
dew* will be f?w4 ofkat little troable m aowi part ton with thoee
rfa agater ctwlrtckioi, wliiltt At MMititi with which the
eompaaeat pa*a are fitted, acta at a tab-guard agaiutt the intro
duettos nf aay kind of vermia.
From the tare taken to render each Bedtlead perfect, their
qualitiet for durability will recommead tbem to purchaaera?
who are invited to call aad tuaitt a large aaaortment, now o?
Alao, a large aaaertmeat of elegaat Kurniture, MaUraaaet
feather Bedt, Ike ? cout taatly on haad.
J.W.kC SOUTHACK, Na. \9 6 Broadway,
iel*y Fraakliu Houa#
forty Years Experience in various climates ? Twe ?
hf'joar years established in this city? Neither
Quackery nor Imposition.
No. 12, Peek Slip, New York.
Dll J. KV ANS c? Htinae* Ii> be oon-u.leu coutideutial y
in all V* 4 I rat ?, taT -arial d-d cbroinc di*or?iera.
w ii* re the m"st Improved pr*eiicr( 'he moat eipeditioas ami
miM treatment may be depended i>n. To prevrut miMakes
oe particular 10 R ><i \o It Pre* Hip
M.nervVt Bo* contaiim jf ? e< lapleia p an ( t ro -dlclne fur
every form oj llir ?-t>-ra-e, c. n l>" procured <t atwv-, nnf! n> -d
Willi u>. t ipohint li e palieaL 1 tiey ?ill b<* seni 10 ortltf t?<
pa'l of t tie Unite
AKo. a prevemiee rrr*?eoy pfaintt V"*'* *1 that way lit
lot It r-lt??l on
All lettert, po>t paid, and detcribiiig tiie caie, and enclosing a
reasonable fee, will have the remedy and directions tent to or
der. Attendance daily, until 9 o'clock 111 the evea?ug
The Officet and Kulraacea are well arrauj-ed aud tecrtcy
may be depended oa.
No conncction with any otliwr office or ou of the eity.
nl4 y No. 12 Peek Slip. N. Y.
P HOUSTON, M. D., DtKTtsT, has returned from Char
? Icttnii, 9. C . and resumed lite practice of hit Pr?f? ssion
at his residence No. 20 Park Place, where he will be perma
nently !<te<led. jel3-2nirt?d*
Nature dnufttless originally intended the appearance of
ladies to be in .ttcordance with their set; but how frequently
ami with what unpleasant sensations do wesee ladies, otherwise
beautiful, completely untried by that unseemly disfigurement,
a superfluous growth of hair upon the face or neck ?
ATKINSON'S DEPILATORY has proved itself in thou
sands of instances that Wave come under the proprietor's oWser
ration to be a positive and easy remedy for tnis unfortunate af
No cosmetic bas ever been hailed with the unltrc sal satis
faction that has accompanied the iniroductionof i tuvalua
ble preparation, one single application of which will in a few
moments entirely remove the hair, leaving the skin softer
liner, whiter, and much improved in its appearance.
It is so mild and harmless in its nature, that it can be nscd
upon a* infant, without the least deleterious effect.
In consequence of tl.e increased demand for the articles, tht
proprietor lias appointed .Messrs. (iUIONS, 1M Broadway.
New York, General Agents for the United States of America
for the Depilatory and Mahomed's Turkish Dye.
Country dealers will br supplied by them on the most reason
able terms. Prite two dollars per bottle. m'-M-tfy
For the reason at< astle (iar.leu aud at the foot of Detbrosse*
street, 3d Pier south of Canal street. North River.
{flj- U. O. II AHltlWOIX, Dentist, formerly 94 Bar
clay street, lias removed to No. 60^ Warren street, 2nd do
from We?t Broadway. mrlfl l?i
certain delicate discMt. ? MORGAN'S celebrated COM
POUND BALSMAK.' PILLS have eujojed the patronage
of Sir Astley, Cooper, Brnusby Cooper, Dr. Flliotson. of Lou
don. Dr. Allison, Listen, Lii.tr s, of Edinburgh, and also of th<
most scientific physicians of this cnuntry for the last fifteen
years, and are looked upon a* the ?reat destueratum so often at
tempted. but prior to the abave lime, never discovered. They
are the only safe and efficacious remedy in present use, in all
stage* of those disorders, and entirely obviates the making n-se of
those disgusting, nauseo-a. and in some onset highly injurious
medicines, Cubebs and Co|?avia, the dangerous conscqueuctt
and uncertainty of the Uttar are too well known to require
Sir Artie) C-ooper't remarks at Guy's Hospital, published in
"The Lmcet." of 9ept. 17. Itftil, in a clinical lecture to hi*
pupil*, u a sufficient guarantee of the high character of Mo
tan's Pills: *? Gentlemen, I dare say you have observi d t.,e
wonderful success of Surieon Mortau's Com|>ound Balsmaii.
Pills, which are used here, (Guy's Hospital,) exclusive for ure
thai discharges, and the many complicated affection* of the
urinary organs; indeed, M.'s researches (which I recommend to
your notice) on genits uriusry disease*, arc Hie mo?t complete I
ever perused, and his mode of reasouing is so plain that the
merest tyro among. t you can comprehend them."
For sale by a|>|*iatm< nt by A. B. It D. Sands, 70 and ISO
Fulton si ; Syme, A3 Bowery cor Walker, and WO Bowery coi
Bond; Ring, 644 Broadway; 3d Sixth Avenue. Price tUioub
and $1 per i?ox
(5jh- Observe the proprietors seal ?n eaeh box, without which
none can be genuine. aM-3ni
HSHBZirZ ND TRi Ss oTFkJK, No. l" Ann stre. t,
under the American Museum. New York.
0 l)i B.C. F.vr rett ;<npriies the purlin, that he continu'. s
his successful treatment of diseases by safe and efficacioc* r -
medics. He relies ma nly upon vegetable preparations lor the
cure sf tho?e diseases to which he attends
Dr. Ev> rett's N w and valuable TltUSS for Hernia, or liuo
ture, combines the j.?iot operation <>f two springs upon the
rupture pad and thereof give* an cuu <ble fine, and retains the
intestine under all possible infletious or aitiiudes ol the huily
a?d is thus superior to all other Instrnineiils of the kind; as it
fires n ore *eeurity when a| plied He also k-cj* oilier ap
tteoved P. tent Trusses which are skilfully appln d India rubb r,
silk, cot ti'ii and linen suspen-o?y uandage*. ptolapeus am Danda
g-s. Ru?sia Belts lor weakness in lite lulus and back, the liulv
ce lehrated Abdominal l*opp Tiers, as improved h) Dr. J.
Knight, f.r the cure of Fal i g of the W<.mb, reeoinmesJeJ bj
all the f?r*t Surgeons in (he I titled f" tales ana Kurojie. Nu
merons persons have been enlir-ly cured hy them after li^tinf
been confined to their ro?m fs ?r)e ?rs.
There are two entrances to hU office ?one frum 21*'
Broadway, next door to the entry >ce to the Vmemai Muk
um. and from No. I Ann street, hist door tr in Broadway.
N. B. Letters from perons at a distance, b-ii.g po i paid, mil
receive immediate attention. jyitt-lin'
LY, as usual, at hit office. Strangers are
nip ised th.it Dr. O. has been reg<il<r/
eduta'ed as a In i in and Su' g?on, and that he de'oUso
attention exclusive!) to au office practice Those debilitating
mercurial nourafs still pursued by the elder numbers of the
peofe sion, are di-c "ded in his practice. 1 he recent im
provements in me.lwiiie aud chemistry, have cnahlei: the e> |m
rienced pr^etieal Surg' on to adn|it a more ?li. sp- ed and ? II.
me tons m?-lUed of trealn>enl. Il I- presumed tuat a d Kerning
inlilir wilt be enabled to di<linc>'i h 1 ?.??<?? * no-trtim vimhrs
and medical pretend* rs, ana the etStraU-u f'i ysician, whose
claim* are founded upoi scientifh acquirements.
Dr IJ '? "Ike is iu. J Ann *!re I ? s paral< eate^nres and
separate offices. 1'nt ate entrance fourth dooi from the Ma
seuis. Lamp at the office ilaor. ,yl8-|rn*
A LUXURIANT HEAD < ?> il Mil ! WyetHS Cream
nf Lille* i* Wow enu'ii rred su|iertor t? every article f^t
ttic em^elhshmi ni. growth and pi cservalion if the bar, and
entirely ire* it<2 ?' from dandruff; a> d also for c'iaii">,inf t'.e co
lor of reH, light brow n or au'iui u lisii, or whiskers, to a m;ileh
' es* jet black ?the l> tli r qoalit) dijiend:ngcn a < |? table j <??
due ton. F?r bal.lne s the Cieain or Lilies I* justly entecmed
for its ecleri'y of repro?lucii<sn.
From the I'roprieior the " N Y. Age '?
Ma. Jo mi Wvr.r?? Sir: AfU ? ?n weel %' use ? f )<>urCream
of Lilies my hair is rutnnlett ly rest red, after a li --.rtlrss tria>
of tome doaens of a> tides. I told Sou, while Irsvellin.- in Vis
souri l?s| y?. r I had the billious fes ? iad had been neai i) a
year nlnsmt liald I also ap|i'n d it to n j whiskers, and, ttrange
to sa?. they attorned a jet Mac>. |>ermanebt color, having been
red from m\ T?nth.
With respect an 1 gratitude, I km. sir, yours.
New York. May 1Mb. 1?M
For sale, wholesale and retell, at the Propr-e' >r's |?rice?, by
A. B li D. HANI)"*, 79 and IU0 F. >l*n *t , Oi on, 18? Hroid
wai ; Milnor, Brondway; Hart. eor. Ghamber and Broad
way; Saunders, 163 Broadway; Dickie. 4 13 Broao way i C'Ur' c.
ror Mow- oust, and Rrnailsai; King. #44 0rnt.lait, Cole k
Og'lett. (Mil Bena Iway ; kjitif 43 auJ 331) Biwer) , ?4ewar. cor
f 'borrh and Chamber sis., I 'oddmgton. c<?r. I "ls? i. ami 'prmy
sts.; Wie'V.Wj Hi >Imi si 1 Cotton, Bltck - st . , Creignloi,,
cor Peiiford and G irminc ? ; L- 4 .-?? 3w Aun ie; l.ove,
lORCth As^tioe; Neely, c r ' h?Mt< r st. and Greenwich
Ian*? am' b; mo t Drug and Farcy St ires i i A .eric* lie.
Price Ml c> nt?.
Beware f ecitnte, ."eits and w.>ethles? imit ti? i*. at !
see a far tinile of* J. M'ye'b''on eaeh. jyl?-3m
I V \ HI'F Psl A ma) he . .? r? #1 ?s iit.owl having rr. our-e to ,.-d,
\J cine using it a driul-, FtLT.aK* H?m Wsvita.
| A n ? a n r 1 1 1 v .
J TAIiKKB. ?f^ a Wall st . Tf. Y. Ma.mf c!u. roi !.e
F'uglish Filterer, i late Foreman to fH? , .-I, bested (it
lloTiins, of Londoi, ? gs |o inf>srm the puhlrr that be has as?<
?|?t*d hit self in btiMO' s* wi'.h Mr. George Wade, the Pa
le .tee of Ihe double Fillerer, and fhnt tbe> have note on hand.
M tchinet of either kind- warranted li ptlfniOl tatisfai torily.
Puce from and upw ards. No cnuect m et'h any ,lh 'r
person or |>crs?iis, who sre seMing what term filtering ma
chin* s.
Hills of particular* uia* be had as above
Fo.i r?r? r. paired, anif foods packed an I sent fo any jmrl sf
the v-trh'. jf4-lm
1" FA LI. 1 0 . , I'. tJ'PK FoTTTJ Morgan's i
p>nn' Balsa tc P'I't, certifel ns lie^ng the saftst. ?pPC1- .1(
I lost e res able cure b Sir Astir sr t'ooper, Rra'wbf '^o< per,
1). KHi'itum, Sue~sons I i?renc< Keate. Urn lie. Sir ' har|i ?
' ?ll. hi For sa. bv >fi onlmei I by A B. Is D. ?ainlt, 7lk
I 'HI Fulton st.niii) 'It* following Drninrt H: corner f'hamher
Itroadw i*. e? ruer t Kurrh U I hamler,f54l Broadisai , S3 t
?# 4*1 r\, fornff I and B' 'orrt street, %t> k. I(?S 9th
A v one pr'ee fl per bottle
N I -ObWfsr tec seal ?* /. M." on each jy19-.im
raw ?a*?lTB lllkOIH, MUM
Room No. S4, Uf Stairs.
* lln ktitiMW, ?i*< , . ,
unflinching adherenae U instructions, will be strictly observed.
Rtferenset in Srw Yor k . ? Robert Jaffray It Co.? J. D. Disos way A Brother* ? Pmn?lti,BHnnfc Rodger*; Hoyts, Wide I
Edward* -Vim Arsdale fc. #*? ? Fo*ter A K-utn ? Fearing, Diwmd A Bmn ? Wb. P. Dit?? li Co.
New Ysrk, May fith, 1838.
??. ai,
i o. kw bed u eiteMTe experience m a general eotatry business, a* well a* ia thia aitv, and flatten himself ha to fWty
competent la give ?ari?fa?lion. The utsmt despatch, and an unflf " " '
N. R. ? Constantly on hand, a splendid assortment of POCKET BOOKS, NEEDLE BOOKS, CARD CASES, MEB|
CHANTS' BILL BOOKS, and PORT FOLIOS, of ever> description.
juneS? y 49 NASSAU STREET.
Constantly oa hand an nsortmeut of the inimitable Short Nap Bearer* and Plain Castor*, at the reduced price of $4 60.
Oh e of l He Bmi Stwki af DRV GOOD* in (he City af New York.
THIS BUSINESS i? conducted entirely oa a new principle ? fkrcbctlt cquiTABUR. The stranger. the visiter, the
Country Merchant. the Country Milliner, are particularly invited. They may tra-'* here with the greatest security. The
Good* are charged the lowest possible price. No st-eond price is ever made. Cash Exclusively.
{KJ- EVIDENCE OF SUCCESS. ? In May, 1838, this Establishment commenced with the principal aud two Clerks. In
May, 1839, we required twenty five Clerks, beniuei Porters and Boys. jy 16- lm*
IT i* aot often that we permit ourselves ta s*eak ii term* of eulogy of discovciiet oa subjects which do not
come within oar province. We have i >t sufficient knowledge to do it iu the first place, unless indeed the object be ? isi
ble or taugihle, and thi* is the case i-c the present instance. Mr M. LEVETT, Surgeon Dentist, No. 560 Broadway,
who arrived sumc time since fn>?i Lo.doi:, has brought with him a new imthod, which he ha* put in successful practice
here, of supplying the !? s? of r at -eth >-y artificial oi>es. without the use of any accessaries , such as ligature*, spring* or
p*gs now iu use, nor i? h- operation, when completed, followed by any inflammation or pain. He can best describe hi i
method himself. We will, however, add, that one lady who he has provided with a set of Ihise very necessary embel
lithmenti. is so delighted with them, that she ha* permitted him to refer enquirer* to her whn do not apply from mere
idle ruriosity, but with a view of profiting by the aonviction an actual examination will produce. But for the latter cir
cumstance, we should not have alluded tr. the subject. jy4-imeod*
ATWILL is constantly rce< rg fr tr ic xianufaetorv. superior Piano Forte*, manufuctured expressly for his establish
ment, of various patterns of Rose Wood and *?alu>gany, sa i if the Grand Artion, Harp Stop, Metallic Plates, Ac., embracing the
latest fashion of turaitnre, with tablet and hollow cornered fronts, veneered legs, and Grecian scrolls; all of which are warranted
to he made of such material, and -o well seasoned, as to stand the test of every climate, and cau be retnrned if any defect is
fonud in the i sstramcnts. Price fron $150 to
PIANO STOOLS ef various patterns, to correspond with Pianos, of rose wsod, mahogany, Ac.
PIANO COVERS of every variety o> colors anil quality.
Piano Forte Tnning Forks. Hammrrs, kc. Instrun en of every description tuned, r .-paired, or packed, at short notice.
Purchasers nil! find it to tk ir advantage to call and examine the above.
PICA LO Eg, FIFES, &c. &c.
Also, constantly publishing by the Suh?criber. ill the NF.W AND FASHIONABLE MUSIC, which, in addition to ki* large
and increasing Catalogue of Standard Music, Instruction Rooks, Gamut Scales, Ac., constitute* the mo*t valuable assortment
of Music in the country.
Purchasers will find tl. cow.ter covered with the new est aud most favorite Songs and Ps?ces. Also books oi the same
bound, for the convenience of persons leaving the city
fn addition to the assortment of Music, all the various works on the science and composition of Music, by Burrow*, Gatel,
Calcutt, Max i, See.
The price of Mutic, sold at this establishment is as low, if not cheaper than at the other shops about town.
fSl-eodflm MUSIC SALOON, sign of the Golden Lyre. 201 Broadway near St. Paul'.
To be had of all respectable Stationers and Fancy Goods Dealers in the United States ,
N?. MM lleeknian street.
The above Pens are all iw*r ?adored nnder tne personal su- fiaiu Jessop A Son's best cast steel, (which cannot be surpassed
periuteudence of MR. JO.-. tiPH G1LLOTT, who for twenty in its excellent quality,) and as the stud>cst ard most able work
year* ha* devoted hi* time in c!o?e application and study ta meu are alone employ rd, the , ublic may with confidence rely
? heir |>erfection. upon a maintenance ol those qu Jilies which have obtained for
A iractical mechanic nimself, no effort is spared that will is Joseph Gillotl** t'atcut Steel Pens so great a reputation
t.ie least tend ui their wnprovenu it; tnej are made frein Wil
" Jo*epf . CTUott's patent el r?*ted metal rte pe** are the b?*t steel altogether, and no longer acknowledge 'he 'grey goost
article r>! the kind that we have used. We vent hack to the quill' as the badge of our profession.*' ? N. Y. Cam.
qui I. some time ago after trying almost every variety of me- " With one of these pen* ve are now '-hdeavoring to do jus
i i< i in tie market satisfied that unpens -ere equal to tiee to Mr. Gillutt'a usefulness and can scarcely rocogntxe our
those produces! b x'Goom ta Co.;'but hnviu^; tome acrros* Mr. owa handiwork, the pta kcitj to move by ?ume mrtiteure it:
GillottV we nave aratn enlisted, wj every po.^i democrat should . dependent of our owu volji,ou,and the diaracter* traced b\ it
under tne ? inet illic banner.''? Bosl*n Monting ?sst. are altogether *uj<cru to >-iy we ha?e hitherto atlvinpted. Wi
44 The case itself is worthy its rich contents, and tne whole have pleasure in hearing thi< public testimony to Mr. GilJotm
reflects credit upon the establishment that ha* saved to penmen pens, as we fee la |Krsoual oMifation for the facilities his unen
snch a world of tra-jMe in cutting goose quills, and nibbing tion aflords iu '' ? A'rie l?? k Jlrrald.
points a lit ie used. " GillelltSieel Pen a We ?re not in the habit of using
" We may *alelv sjMak of then - |iens as excellent; as de*?rv. metallic pens, but we find thos: Mr. Joseph Oillott the bast
mg high c *w< enoaiion " ? PKU. L. S. Gat. wr have ever tr! ',an<j wr hcartil recommend them as exrel
" A gaod steel uen lasts longer th?.n a qaill, and when it is lent. Th?y are tne handsomest loo, that <r?. ever saw, as fai as
past *< rvice, von l ive only to throw it s way and fit in another ''iat goet, aud thr mode of fastening them to the stem is su
t > the holder, and there you a-e, ariied aitd equip|>ed foi scrib- perior te any that we have noticed, Ttoiding them much firmer
UiMg. If m?-te of the best steel, and opcrly tempered, as is aud in better position The ease iu which they came, at least
the ease with Gillo?t-\they are quite a.? elastic as the best Hoi- to us, i* a 'casket worthy of its jewels.' Ou ihe whole, Uillott's
las. or R'^sia quill*, am! have the advantage ol not losiut eiti.er metal pen* sees to us likely ? supersede all other* r?New
heir point or Uicir elasticity by use. U *hort, we go tar the Y*rl n1*.y
For coloring red ?ro ;ay haih a pk.kma
NF.M BRO'VN ORDI.Ai K.~ Red or grey hair may
be permanently e< lored a rich ai.d .?'?>* y brown or hl*ek,by *
?in^le upplirnlion of Mali unn i H'i Turknh Dye; and intteaif ol
iujuriri{ the hair, n? mot preparation* dn, il improve# iU ap
pear nine and i an*c * it to rr"v? very Iniuriantly. Be j??t i* the
refutation of thi? rtiele that or r? have been received for it
from American gentlemen re?id?ii<: in Canton, who haveiatia
factnrily t?*ti J it* eff \ry while at ho*n? Price $'i per b itllc,
tad toia vheh tale ai.J retail at
<>nPN8,lt*? Broad wt;,
al8-y A jeiit? for ti e United Stale* of Anenca.
It'ho'rsule end fir tail at Xu 11)6 Aonau ttreet , one
dour above A wn.
HWmi, IVmrnt. <r? in.'lhbly destroy I by eei.?g Wuwir''
Worm Loxenge*. Th< y are the gre*l??f diteneer* e*er mad*., |
?ml the e.ily medi< in<> that never tail*, aad ari ao p!ea*ant that
? itiMr' n mr ent thru ? freely ?< a. .nitron peppermint. I
f'*ugk* t?e?? of tke chett. consumption, |
Ir. carnl in an alervott incredible ?l.ort time by laid) diermnn'i i
celebrated Onigt- Lmetijje*. T) *J cure c minou ?a?e? in one |
?lay. They bavi m< ?? * within the last ?it n. nth* 1
than *11 lh* B?'sr.n>'? >>t ..<? rwort, 1 1 "rebound, fcc put to- |
jether. Th y h.ite cur? a great many caaea, where nc. hopes ,
vote itrrtaii' ' .?f rec? ~re.
BtU'~ t ' itr -In th ? ? I II Mil S Cathartir Loven(e* are per* |
ttcvlai ; ???*(?' d to hili case*. or where an active 4'a.hartir ]
it rv(ini""d. TVtJ are i> b? t midiniie in esc and so pl?a<aut I
*? to be e-?:< n a? r. .. 'ilj ??' nary routed , unary. j
1 1 far I bu i n and *c '?!) ?' 'hi- ?trmneh, dyspepeia, Ac. e ired
by ' ermin'l Bod? Lor. ^e*. TUeyewe heartburn in a !<??* j
min.ites, <!i<l a^ord astoni*binf relief io ,\\ ?peptic*.
Ntrvou i?v Si rk fte*A* ch immediately cured by Bherman'* I
Mendeche LoM??*e. 'I o*y cure faint- e*. oppreaaion of t!'e
c' ? drowsmet*. *<c. They are highly refn ahing lo the e tt
t? <ifg lar^r pa"tir?, beeping up the ap'rtl* nd eh*erftillnr?a.
I.nrml ive tMtrrfr* for pee?o?? of coattve habiU. ?o common
?o Hi' ?eda.itary. The* beep the bowel- ?i(?e:i and after avchi.e
entire's oUviate li^* trouble nm? eompl:.int.
CKci ?ml Lnttntn for onec'ing the ^toniarh and bow l*.
Sot . ipnrillm I-otmi't f ?r pvrify.ng 'he Mood, Ac.
H'i> nn-iliim, /.wnhago, main* and wiabnea* in the hack 1
loin*, idea, neck l?r?,a?t, 'iffilii. j tint*, lie. cured hv t ermiuiN
I'ooe Man1* Plaater, 1 ,0??" i.flOtl of whieb are yearly wild, w ar
ranted toperior to all other plaati ra, and f <r only III] cent*.
."Hrvw-ri'i Tr'thint i'/?*/e i . -r.|. i<t< Mi?hiii|c rel el when I
worn en tlte haek of t'>e m<"h 'fchildrrn cuiting their teeth.
L*rrr Cnmplainl, jaundice, fi.mnle obttructiMM, fcc. cured
by Sherman Tolebratad Hoy al Hep tin-, who-hha* i-nrrdm -e
caa* * within the U*t *>??? n tnan all e ther remediea pwt toge
ther It i* wl'h diflli ulty tb proprietor can ?i>|iply t e incrcaa
ine demand for tin* p >polar medicine.
N. B All kind* of medirii * c in he had * iad? into Lo/.encei
ard rendered ide^ iat at 10? N*??an ?tr> ?u Alao, Tepp? rmint,
Ho*e, and all other pleatini e?, nu I. 'r"i?({e*, the gr<at<*l
varii ty in the w< rid.
A?k for siiemt >*'? Lov.enge*. je 19- J
t* HMIRV'S ASTI'lNiiKNT ' II. I." f elebr. t. .! for
/ t r radi nl rnr' oi a errt.iin oV?hnat ? complaint, aflrr the
fnilnr- >f f iiii* i Cul- li?, inj< clioiu and i aper mienta. 1'he lo|>
Inwmr i trtini ate will pr> ve their celtl.ri?*
? New York. MaylHh l<?.-- Motel. Broadway.-Tlie
writei, when in tliii city fioin Char'ealon, last *pring, tioagM
h*'f a do/, n ho*e? of llr. (Cherry '* Till* in order that mnr
wIk? have b< n Iohr d ?|K>..dink like hiintelf. He truly *iate? that
'-efi-ie he h il Kniehed the tlui-? but, hi* complaint had vanished,
Be ? having for Rv? pun preiiou?ij, vainly tried all kiinla of !
medicine*, injection . lougi *. rhanje of air, Ac It i* now
more than ten month* *ince hi* cure, and h? now wight 171
jioonda, while la*t ?pn ie he only ?*ei,hed I Jfl (Wtund* "
Kor *ale wh-ih *ale retail, by A U H 0. Hamt*,?!l and I0??
Mtonit., a id the f'il|i"v'm Dr'u *t'ie?? eor. of Chamber* and
Broadway ; corner iifUnet1 and I h?mi? r* ; ftSand SStl Bow I
er*; IM4 Broadway eor. ( jrmme 1 1? Kedfoed; M and 1*'
811U1 Avtnue. friee fl. jjlH Sm |
IT I* A MKLANCHOLY THUTIi. Uimi iuti.it city li
well as other plaee?, th. t ?jt ni.mewus ndi> iihials going
on mm mouth to month, mid even year to year. suffering under
acrrtaiti disorder which t: y fed to be destructive both tobo.h
and mind DwCeiretl, and almost broken hearted, by the vari
out boasting people, whose jiretr miou III I *ur |W|i(n, ihejr know
not how lo act or in w'.iom o mfide. It it scarcely ^ossibleto
imagine the amount of bodily and mental miter) aridug fn>ui
Uit people her* alluded to; nor n?> I awari myself of its full
extent, until the publication of my Private Trf.ati.ert? a little
volame designed Tor thos. Tor a private, a* well a* au
immediate and jicrfect rure >1 com pi at >ts,teu! who I how
ever, has jitui inf ? ' abundant oiiportunity of witue*?itig
the*e facta. Many, foi uuUnee, have a*?ured me, with the bit
terest feeliUK* of regr. t, that they had l>e?n led on to tak from
iO to l& bottle* of dropsj other* a* many boves of pills; and
other* ar'.<ia have fallen loto (he imnd* of advertising peoplr,
(tome of i ie moat buast.ng of .ne kin*) who, it ftftorinrd* aj ?
peared, hare Icrii tnlm l) ipotanl of the different varieties
and rhaupes which these cemptaiuts assume and n.'defgn. It
must, therefore, be strikiugf) apparent to every I nkir.g per
inn. that nothing u of in ter eonseipicncr than to aict rlain. |
hef?rehanu, *<>m> thing of the ??kill ami reflation of the pit* si.
?i an to be consulted iu these ptculiar diteasit; mid it i* on tin* '
aemin' I deem i? proper here to fire the following ttatrmenl
of myself :
R? side th' rank I hold of graduate of Ihe University of Kdin- I
tends and member of the C-ollete of ??ons, London, Itc. j
kf? a< well as oeit.f Ihe author ?l s volume etprcssly on these I
mlijMtl, ( lite result of urtrly thirty year* r?p*rienir,) I have
also teatimoniai ettrrtfrom Ihe moot eminent of the prof ' .ion,
as Sir Aslley t <?>i>*r, I oudon. to Ihe nro?t emimnt physicians
of A rifa, as nj-. Molt, of New >o?k, and Or. n.ysick, ol
Phi'.anelidiia, and whieh I am permitted to show lo any one
who wienes il. The -e aull.orit les and qualification*, tHer- for*,
allow me. with peculiar ? nf.eljon, to state, that I devote a
portion of fay lime ' tprcssly to the*e diiewe*, and may be con
sulted in my privat. s.'mli at my residence, iW < ourtlamlt street,
Nvw York, at am hone
Those who aie afflicted wi'h any defect ?r complicated com
plaint of the generative orgntis, howeier long standing, will ob
tain every possible ?-c1i- 1 ; while those who apply in the early
stages of *Se disocdt r, will I* agreeably surprised at th? imme.
diate and coin enient mode of cure punned I
females who wish lo stile lh?ir r <?? by post, or are n an> |
k.nd of doubt ir fear, will meet with Ihe most faithful an-' del* ?
icale alt>nti<>n. On tins I would lay the greater stress, He. ause j
there arr <riou? affcctioiis incident to the sesual organs, which,
though rt embling certain complaints, ar? nevertheless perfect
I * innocent, and to wbich all are subject. It is a truly an fill
thing, n her such cases fall into the hands of unskilful or uu
principled men
Kor those who n.?h it, ?r are ol>lt|j?d to travel, a little chest,
with lock and key, is filti .1 up, eonl nning eterj thing neressary
for the cure, having th. little treatise i tted in the lid. It it
sent to any distance ? prke ^12. This .M e volume also isa
folds the nature of c-rtain f?cl? which are often deeplv later
(sliuc to married |ieople who hate no children.
Witit regard to stricture, or gleet d"|ienditig en a strirlure,
jenerally tSe conse.pirnci ol badly treated ?;oaorrhina,it cnunnt
l>e too well known, that all the medicine in the world, aloiie,
wtll nerer cure it. Those, hownver, who are residents of this
city, or can remain aboir. a week uiid- r iny care, inay obtain a
perfect, * if? and easy cure. Letters I- be ad (rested lo
sl.t-tf DIL It ALP1I. Senr.. SR Cnurtlandt at.. N. V.
ItlTAIVNl A WARii-The sMi.-rMt.r k? this rtay re
e. ivedt caskt oTDiton's Riiianuia Ware, in setts, with
i offer Pot? to match. D. K. DRLAVAM.
jjr 15 No. II Mtiiden I.ane, near Itroailway.
(py Tt> ''III. F'l ?' I li u i' t pec in I .ttenlionof
Ihe public ?? ;re indncemnnts held rmt by Hvlvksib* >
|M Beoadway fori nveslinf in r?al etl^le, situated in New Or
leans. Notwithstanding the attempts m .de by the ptnni David
Male of the Journal of Commrm. ?? have good ( n?ous foi
kuowinc that Ihe aftair in qnestion jwisseases the entire confc
'enrenl II. e eommunily? Had w? rernmniend thoae pertons who
have any dotil-ls. lo call on Sylvester li t o. who are desirous
of giving the most f?rt M,d p. rteet ^tisfaclion in r*p1y to any
mnnt?:e? made j?IT *
DR. J. FRAN*ia?S celebrated Eye Wator it to aM
iitaMUry disease* ?f the eye. It Ins baen triad, aad ha
?urceeded in cmm where hope had lad, aad when the faouitj a
medicine Had declared the sufferer la be incurable.
This celebrated eye wale* i> adapted ta all miammalatj
diseases of the eve*, even when la thair moil tediout aud chronic
stages. It is adapted to all k iadi of lie rv out affections, ina
bility ta ate the eye lida, weak. <.-te of "shl, nptbalmiat, fco- ? ,
It will remove thoee nebuloas, tcalv, dead, cloudy appearances,
frequently kaowa by the nam*/>f Cataract*. K?ually. all tboaa
inflammatory and aervout ditnaMi tith which the organ* af
vision are attacked, thwuid invariably be healed by this ines
timable remedy.
From the Rev. Mr. Davit, pastor of the Umrch ad Budge ville,
N. York.
Thit it to certify that a poor maa, w-hotu I have beau aa
j (minted with for tome time, aud after tnnudftug uiat months ia
Ail eye infirmary wan discharged by the Ptytieiant of the Liititw
tioa, with what they termed an iucueable Cataract, to that be
wat nearly bliud ; a trial of Dr. J. Francis's remedy, three bot
tlet only being uted, removed it to the surprise of all who knew
tiim, and now he can tee with that eye at well at ever he did, 1
feel it my duty to give thit information for the benefit af the
A Gentleman by the came of Brady, having a Cataract oa
aach eye. after ?|iendiag eighteen mouth* with some of the firtt
Oculists ia the city, wat given a|> at laeuraUe. After using
!)r Fraucit t Bye Water ouly tea dayt, htt eye* were perfectly
restored, to the attouiahuient of all hit acquaintances
Another ca*e wat that of a poor man, after spending twelve
months in au eye infirmary. wis* discharged a* incurable with a
nebula on each eye. So that he wat almost blind ? aud after
using Dr. Francis's Eye Water bu few dayt, ha* recovered
hit tight perfectly.
The Rev. J. Harritoii .44 Thompson Street having procured
a bottle of the above for Mr*. Harrison's eyes ? says to hi* as
'ouislimeiit, it hat removed the dimness aud puiu, which had
been escettive for yean ? sl.e had used mau) different eye wa
ters, bat they all failed, therefore, 1 bope the public will soon
appreciate its value.
The Kev. D. Dunbar tayt, from the testimony of those who
have used the Eye Water prepared by Dr. J. Francis, 1 have na
hesitation iu recommending it to the social notice of tbe put*
lie, a* aaiaestimable remedy. DUNCAN DUNBAR^
Pastor ol'the McDwugal Street Church.
This it to certify that my eyes were in a high ttate of in
Aammation, lor teveral months, several remedies had been tried
without any good effect, and after utiugune bottle ?f the abova
eye water, it |>erfectly restored my sight, and I believe saved
uie frotn tela! blindness
Mrs. ANDKRSON, No. 8 Q< vrck street
Mrs. McCaffrey 16 Cherry street. This is to ter'ify, that
I was afflicted with a continual weeping ot scalding water from
my e ye* forteviral months, many remedies were applied with*
out affording me the smallest relief, and 1 thought I should have
been bliud; I applied Dr. Frabcis' remedy, and after a*iug one
bottle, I cau truly say, it laved int- froin abolute bliudnet*.
This it to certify that my ton had been afflicted with tor*
eyes for five years, during which time teveral remedies had
beea u ed without auy good effect bviutr derived, and in couse
quence of the great weaiuiess of his sight, was obliged to kt-ep
him entirely froin the bem lit of education, lad aiter t'ie use
of two or three small bot'les of Dr. Francis' invaluable eye
water, it has so far recovered his sight, that he is now able to
go to school and pursue his studies.
Carlton House, Broad may, New York.
Feb. 2d, 1859.
Many certificates san be seek at the oflWe.
<w- N- ??n* his eye Mater is not prepared or sold by any
person in the United States, but by Dr Francis, No. 10 Bar
olay street, New York.
To prevent Counterfeit*, all that are genuine hare the Doc
tor's cr?t and seal on each bottle from ttvis date.
May 3d, 1830.
(fly- Artificial Eyes inserted hy Dr. J. Francis, that cannot
be distinguished from the natural. and will perform every mo
tion of that organ without giving the slightest pain, and for hie
;reat improvement i a thit art, hi hat received a diploma,
ID Barclav street New York. ir 19 HmkW
DR. ? I, O V K It'M
THE attention of those a'lirted with Hernia, i* called to a
new Truss, Intel) patented in ilie cit) of New York. Iu
tupertoriij over every other instrument will be evident oa a
mere inspection, for unlike ei cry other Truss lite rupture pad
ii pressed upon by a double sprint;, which is so fined as to coa
vey Ikt MttMnrj pressure to the lower part of Uie rupture pad,
thus keeping tlie pad clostly applied in every attitude of th?
body, and adjusting ami adapting lUelf under all circumstances
to the | etkou and to the part to wl.icli it h to be antlied. Pos
sessing a double spring, and conx -tjuently a drutile degree of
elasticity, it it remleri d easv ami convenient to the wearer.
The above Truss ha? taken lite place of all others for the per
manent retention and cure of hernia or rupture It it ?lmo?t
the only Truss now in h*c iu the city of New York, and th?
adjacent couul ry. 'J'he .'bote Truss i? adjusted and -pplird by
a Mnrgiou, who hai devoted particular aiteutiou to the subject
of lierwia, and the construction aud appliealfc n of Trwiei, at
hit i thee, No. 'J Am ?treet, near Broadway, two d,.?rs from lit*
American Muaeum, where they may be had wholesale atul rw?
. ... _ - _ .._ ._ W-y
JB IRWIN k CO., Msmliers of the Royal College of Su*.
? g< ,>??, London, continue to be consulted on tU iirate dia
eascs in ail their various singes, at their office, 264J Fulton
street, w here, fr^m the commodious i rraucemeu! of their roow
persons laboring nadir delic. - complaints can be treated, with
secrecy an. I safety.
J. B. Irwin It Co. pledge then*'!**-* that iu all cases of I bo
niwt violent venereal, which h?ve hi t1.< rto fsllen uader their
notice, their treatment witltout mercurj has l*i amest success
ful and speedy. They need not, l>y certificates, <L>S?t the public
atteuiiouto their ?uporior pr.u 'i?.r in those diseases, at their re
putation in tiiiv city i? well known aud r??*MClcd by those who
had ocaasint to confide in their honor. I is strongly re?t"in
nwy'eil to females who are in the '? .bit of miiK their Deubstru*
rut I i S Is, that no mou th.Mi two w?uM I aken on any occa*
sion, as more rnicht produce nl'e< .s srhic't those wLo would be
mothers are desirous to evo'il. A ("-even ive can be bad ? tereut
owes cured in two days. Tho? ?1h> javc injweV themselvaa
a secret and destructive Inl it. cr.r> obtain relief. Solvent
security is all that will be requ'rtti ut^??, a curi- shall be etfeet
ed. Letters. post paid, detwi' o? the tor* of Ihe cot* plaint.
Hid covering a suitable fee, ? Il be ii ur-diattls >t tended to, mm
m dicioss, with full directio is. tore arded to tfie parties.
,)fln ? . m Fulton street ? I >?!?.?
tfs RkWARU.-t Iti.x' ? J .I M M1XT11E
iJltA/U for the cuee jf Oono'i.iM, Oleet , "trictu.ej, and
aiiolsgoi.t r mpl 'i Is of the ore us ol generatiwu.
Of all remt'Jt's yet discovert J i- r the aboie coinpl ints, this
it the most cevtaiu.
It makes a speedy and |?ctm >uent cure, without the I ast re.
gard to d;et, drink, rtposur , vr di.utgr 111 application to bust*
We give no long quar^i > rv-roamendations to deceive the
public. If II e Piaslicme <? '* S not .peak f.?r Itsell', no ouc shall
speak for i. Our object ii to until) wl'ire il can he hail, sn?l
that the peonri' lor chalten^' S a siuglc rase of reccul (ronorrlnea
lo be hr.'Hgt i, hi whirh tin misture w il ' not tlfcol a rapid cur*
under Corfi iture of f-iOO.
Tit is is a ii, ease that unfnrtcua ?ly pervades all i anks of sr.
eiety ? high, low, rich and poor, matrimonial and ?ingle. They
are ii"w presented a ith a ren -dy by wi.ich fiey can eui?
Ihemselv es witliont the leas. ttjx>sure, lu the thai test time )m>s
Further, the disease e?-? .t l?e contracted if a doee of tl?
Mivtvre is taken at ni^h' on ^oijif t.> b< d wl.ru f.poaed.
It is put U|' ill liolllei. with lull dirtrti.nis ar< otnpaayini; it
at $1 a bot'le. One bottle lasts a week, wtnch generally cur .a.
Many are cured in two d 'yv
For sale only at Dit WM II. MILNOR'H Drug Stere, No|
IPt Rroadway, corner I) y street. ( (.'rank ln< Houes,) New York
? and at !ones k Hutchinson's, corner of Chesuut and fievrnth
streets, Plii'ads lplua. jelH-Sfld*
RKMOVKD H I! > : '.KRS ha. removed from N'i
(M I ib rty street to Nis. 4!? Lispentrd street.
Sl'POKIIY.? T1 ? siiVscri1'. r performs every operation on Iha
teeth and flirts on the ino?t inoileru and api^ovrd principle, of
the Dental vt, and with professional skill. IrregularilisrS of
the teeth in rliiMren and n lull* remedied; cat ijus teeth filled
with t.ili<; loese leetli rendered firm; te. tli extracted; teeth
Rie.l, one t-foth t * i 'mpletc s*t en masse. Fee. reduced
it e -third.
N. B. Toothai-he rem > ed iiistaiit meoua! . Price M rents.
DH. If. YOslsBMl
an appetite. ? These Pills, tahir.il ars ,-o emiurntly usefu
for nam in the head, stomaeh at.d bowels, havi been before the
public for twenty years, and are so well known that the |?ro.
prietor <leems it Mnece?s?ry to p?il.|ish an) of the thousand
? tifiratps, whirh can l?e jrocueed, of theit efficacy frv>? emi*
aent pl.ys'eiins s.>d ???' e.
Dr. Davenport's Celebrated Kye Wst.t, which has been
thont'ivliK pr.>?ed for thirl) yrtsrs.to be a nihl, safe , s^d speedy
cure for if. due of the eves
I ifcev.is" ih't villi tble Itrh Ointment prewnrtd by J. Whea
ion, and so lo.i ; kio vii t ??.? a ai^rdy cure roe that loatlisoin*
diseaae, aid for all kinds of i?i it"i '?? ''*e sUin
Tlie a' ve valuable me l?eine* at r for s ile In thn eity by
Lawrence Reese fc Co., l>?r)ee * Coofceraf, H. fi. hclnc/lleliu
k Co., and < > Iters.
All ordei i directed lo tiF.O. DIXON, I)i 'ham, Mass.. will
be prompt. j attended to j'10 flan*
jAnB?uo|lD,,n R?riNiTTt
TERMS OK ADV'ERTIi'NO.? TIis s?Utisiv? eirwi'ation
of the I'vaai.n, both iu town and country, makes M % si ysrior
ehannel for advertisers.
ro* twri.se liwiis ?a Lass.
I dav t'? 1 4 ** 7 ^ 1 10 days, fi 14
I y'. o 7? I ft . . i <?? (i . ? oo it . t * n
a . . t on ( tt . . i 7ft ;? . . i u| il . a no
roa Mi hit Liters on fast.
J weeks. . ? ? J It month*, P*
I mouth, . ? 00 I ft m Hitbs, ?? t>0
Hk. AY adv? rtisements to be paid before tUeir inserU.-a.
vei lisement" in*ertrd in th? Wi kilt llraALP H Stl 00
,?r square every insertion
' Me an iff* Hc.ealb ? issned every morring, ev>sijit 1ut.!ayt
j. nee *?"? eeislv ^>ef copy. Coiftttry subscribers furbished at
f f ( ? - iimnmio at
rata, lor any sperifie period, oa a re.mst^ai. M ia ad>
vansa. No |aiper ?eat, unless paid in advance.
Wes.m.v Hr.aal.lv-? is- uert sveip Sa' irihiy t .irnsng at II o*
rkvek, prire sir emit per copy, furnished ta twanlry subsarl)
bsrs at per truum, in advance.
Coaai seom? nt? are reijarsteU to address their Utters to
Jamtt Oevdan Rrnneff, Proprietor and Editor, uf aU .letters
oo bu.iaest must Ss post paid

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