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NAVManox iionriNv.
The Steam-ship BRITISH
QUEEN, Lieut. Richard Rob
ert*, R. N., commander. ? Thi?
splendid Steam-ship, burthen
3016 tors, 500 horse power,
> will tail for the remainder of
the yeas;. from thi? port ?n
and iioov I.4>ndon and Pertsaaouth,
For freii'kt, (?f which this skip will -take <500 ton*,) er pas
sage, apply to WA9SWORTH Si SMITH,
4 Jones' Lane, rear *63 Front street,
N? will be received oa board without an order from
the Agents.
Letters'fri.m any part of the Unrited States and the Canadas,
can he forwarded through the Ptssi Office, as -postmaster* are
authorised to collect the ship postqge.
An experienced Surgeon it attached to the ship.
Plans oi Ike cabins may be seen art fche office of the Agents.
aul4 y
The (team snip LIVER
POOL, 1160 tons burthen
and 468 horse power, R. J.
Fayrkr. R. N., conun*ader,
m appointee' to sail as follows :
From Mew York. From Li?ir???J.
18th M*;. 20th April.
6th July. 13th June.
24th August. 1st August.
19th Oetobor. 2lst September.
14th December. 16th November.
Fare (? Liverpool, thirty five guinea* ($163 33) in the aft,
and thirty gnineas ($140) in the Tore saloon, including wines
and all stores. No ??cord class passenger* taken. Children
under 13 and servants h<tlfjsrice.
Au experienced surgeon accompanies this ship.
For passage or freight, aw>ty personally or by letter to
*18 ABM. BELL St CO. Agents, 117 Firfton st.. N. Y.
having discontinued ruuning between New
? ? York and Albany, will resume her regular
trips between New York and Newburg on Monday the 12th
instant, leaving New York every M'-utlay and Thursday after
noon, at 8 o'clock, and Newburg every Tuesday and Friday
afternoon at six o 'cluck, touching at the intermediate landings
to receive light freight and patsei^crs.
N. B. ? All freight, baggage, bank bills, or specie must be at
the rUk ?f the owners, unless a bill of lading is given therefor
or the goids b? entered on the books of the boat.
TINGS AND YONKERS.? Theuew and splendid steamboat
KOSCIUSKO, Capt. D. Haywood, will leave the foot of Kob
inson ?treet, (ext above Barclay.) every morning, (Fridays ex
cepted,) at 7 o'cinck, stopping at the OUi State Prison wharf
eaehway. Returning, will leave Pektkjli at 1 o'clock.
Breakfast and biuner on board.
P. S. In order is afford passengers more tinre to spend in the
different places, the Kosciusko will leave Peekskill at 3 o'clock,
(for this trip only.)
For the aaccominodatiou of passengers, she will make a trip
on Friday, leaving as Above.
For further inforusation, inquire of HAWKINS It WIL
LIAMSON, No. 97 West street, where packages, freight, lee.
will he received for the boat. i\2-y
Regular days of leaving New York this month, Weducs<lays
and Saturdays.
It r T? The new, elegant, auJ fast sailing steamer
.f JOHN W. RJ< IIMOND. Captain Nathan
Child, will leave for the abo\? places, on
this day, Aug. 23J, at ft o'eloeb, from foot of Whitehall street,
irst Whtrf east of the Battery.
For further inform at ion, apply to
jMb ?. RICHMOND, Agent,
at the office on the wharf.
Travellers may be assured that this boat will not rnct with
a?y boat that may be put against her, but will proceed on her
?wuts* ? if no other boat was in company. je3-6m
Ocean Hou*e, Rutn*on Landing. Hi d Bank,
? **"" and Kalontonn Dork. The *teamboat
OSIRIS, Captain Alhrie, will run a? follow*, daily, from Tout
of Market street, E. R.
For Std Bank. From Red Bank.
Aug. 7, Red Bank, 6 A.M. Aug, 7, R>d Bank, 3 A.M.
0, do t) 8, do 4
0, Eatontown 6 9, Eaiontown 4
10. Red Bauk. 6J 10, Red Bank, ft
11, do 7 11, do 5
13, do H 13, do 6
13, Eaiontown SJ 13, Eatout'n 10 A.M.
14, Red Bank, 6 14, Red tfauk 10$
1ft, d? 7 1A, do 11
16, Eaiontown 7 10, Eatonfn 11
Ded Bank, 7J 17, KedBaukllJ
do A 18, do 13JPM
19, do 9 19, do IJTM
90, Kat'Hit'ti 1 1 90, Eaiontown 3
31, Red Bank 13 n ion 31, Red Bank 4
33, do 1 r M. 33, do ft
33, Eaiontown 6 A.M. 33, Eaiontown 3
34. Red Bank, ftj 34, R- <1 Bunk 3
3ft, do 6} 3ft, do 4
30, do 7 30, do 4
37, Eaiontown 7 37, F.atonlnwn 4
48. Red Bank, ft| 38., RnlD ink ?.jAM
39. do 0 39, do 10
M. Eaiontown 6| 30 Eatonfn 10*
31. Re<l Bank, 7j 31, Red Bank II*
All freight aud baggage at the ritk of the owuer* thereof.
Daily, (Sunday* e*ce>nted) at ft P. M.. from
Battery Place. Pier N<*. 1, North Rner,
via. Stoning) on, Newport. aud Providence. Steamer* Ma**a
chu**tt*, ( apt. Com*tock ; Narr*g?naett, Cant. Child ; Leg
tngton, Capt. Vanderbilt, an'l the Mat?acuu?ett*. One of
the ah?ve boat* will leave New 1 ?.rk daily, evcept Sunday.
Pa*?eug>r?, on the arrival of the steamer* at Sinning
ton. may take the Railroad car* and proceed will) the mail
mmediatel) to B<?inn, or may continue in the *teamer, via
Newport, and take the regulmr Railroad car* at Providence for
Bo* t*n.
The ?teamer I.uisstoh, Captain Vaaderhilt, will leave Uii*
afternoon. Saturday, 30!h, at ft o'clock, from pier No. I, for
Pr vidence, via Slonkigton and Newport, and the Mini
chlsrtt*, Captain <on.?l?trk, to morrow.
Norfolk Charleston, S. C., Petersburg, and
Rh lim utl Thr *leatnb< ii> ALABAMA
KENTUCKY and JEWESS, all boat* of*p? ed and accommo
? 'ion, will commence running daily on the Oral April, between
tfaltimore Norfolk, and Portsmouth, leaving the lower end o
Spear'* wharf every afternoon at .1 o'clock, or immediately af
ter the arrival of the ear* from Philadelphia, and will arrive
aeit mnrntng at Pi>rt?mouth in time for the c?r? for Wilraing
?oa. and thence *teamboata to Charleston. Returning will laave
Portsmouth every day afler the cam arrive from the Snath, and
r*ach Baltimore u?*t morning in time for the can for Phila
The*e boat* ran in connection with the w# II known (team
packet* Georgia and Soath Carolina which leave Norfolk
even- Saturday for Charleston, giving traveller* a choice. The)
?leo run in connection with the Jamr* Ri*er boat* to Pelera
korg aud Richmond. Stranger* are informed (old traveller*
feaow) that thi* ie the cheapest and laoet comfortable route for
?outhern traveller* . a* there are no change* from car*, Heaaa
koat*. and *tage* ie ? dead af night, a* on the Wn*hingtou
#oute. The company therefore hope the travelling pari of the
?ommanity will patroni*e them, in giviug equal facilities and
?aperior comfort.
Pa**age and fare ?o Narfolk, *8 JOHN W. BROWN,
m3e tf Aceal.
^ NEWARK AN if NEW VoRK- Three
trip* per day from each place. ? The new and
"splendid *te:<mhoat PASSAIC, Capt. P. W.
Martin, on and after Thursday, May 9th, will ran between
Newark and New York, making three trip* a day from each
place, and leave a* follow*:
Centre wharf, Newark,
91 o'clock A. M.
10| ?
From fool of Barclay *t. N. Y
8J o'clock A. M.
i3| r. m.
i~ ?? I H.
Oa Sunday* the Pa**aie will run and leave
Centre wharf, Newark , I Foot of Barclay *t., N. York,
J o cloek A. M. ' A ? ? P M
i ? P. M
? " r. ,
Tke Pa**aic will land at Bergen Point on her 0} and 3 o'clock
trip* down, aud l| and At o'clock trip* up. On Sunday* she
will land on her passage down and up each trip.
Fare la Newark, 18$ el*. Berg?n Point, 13 jet*.
The *teamer PaiMatc i* remark aftle for ?pe?d: performing
the di?tance wi from I $ to I) hoar* each trip. Ladies will And
thi* route very pleasant aud particalarlv advantageou*, a* the
inconvenience of changing from car to frrry Hoat with baggage
i? avoided. Oood* and freight taken on reasonable term*, hut
?ntv at the risk of the owner*. mv33-y
Billiard tables Three .picndid BiitiaH Table,
with all the Aiture* complete, for tale cheap. Apply at
the Broadway Hou*e. Aug 31? lm*
t EXOUBSIOK to Shrewsbury , Longbrauch
'and Ocean House, ou Sunday August 4th.
? ? The Steamboat Saratoga, Capt. Wilco*
will leave the foot of Canal ttieei at 8 o'clock, foot of Liberty
street at half past 8 aud Batterv at 9 b'clock. Returning will
leave Ret' B:mk at 3 o'clock P. M.
This Kxcnrsiun will give f isnus an opportunity to driTe
and bathe at the Ocean House and return early in the evemug.
Passage each way. 4ft cents. jel9 2m
Netice to Merchauts and all Business Meu.
WILLIAM F.HARNDEN, having made ar
rangements with the New York and Boston
Transportation, and Stoning ton and Providence
Rail Road Companies, will run a car through
from Boston to N. York, and vice versa,via Ston
ington Rp.il Road, with the Mail Traui, Dally, for the trans
portation of Specie, small packages of Goods, and bcudies of
all kinds. Packages sent by thi? Line will be delivered early
ou the folio wing morning, at any part of the city, fitie of
charge. A responsible agent will accompany the car, for the
purpece of purchasing goods, aud collctiwg drafts, notes aud
bills, and will transact any other business, that may be en
trusted to his charce.
Packages for Salem. LoweH, Andover, and Worcester. Ms.;
Portsmouth and Concord, N. H.; Gardiner, Augusta, Portlaud,
and Bangor, Me., will be forwarded immediately on their arri
val in Boston.
All Packages must be sent to Office, No. 2 Wall ?treet, New
George Bond k Sons, 1
Bryant, Bturgis k Co., |
John E. Thaver Si Broth. ! B?._ _
Nathan Hale', Esq. f Bo,T*,?
J. W. Clark it Co.
B. B. Mussey. J
John T. Smith k Co. )
R. H. Winslow, > Nr.w York.
James W. Hale, )
N. B. All package^ and bundles must be marked to his care.
Wm. F. Harnden is alone responsible for the loss or injury
of any article* or property committed to his care; nor is any
risk assumed by, or can any be attached to the Boston and New
York Transportation Company in whose steamer* his crate is
to be transported, in rvspect to it, or its contents, at any time,
jy 16-3m
"PACKET FOR HAVRE? secowd link? The
ship UTICA, J. B. Pell, master, will sail on the 1st
September. BOYD k HINCKEN, Agents.
No. 9 Tontine Buildings.
The passage money in the cabiu, by this line, is now fixed at
one hundred dollar.-; but Wines and Liquors, of an) kind, will
not be furnished. an7-y
sideuti desirous of sending ?r their families or
friends, to come direct from the above port, have
uow a very favorable opportunity, by the weM known, fast sail
ing packet ship JOSEPHINE. Capt. Prindle A few berths
only remain disengaged, which may be securcd if immediate
application he made to the mbsctibers.
je29-y eorner of Tine and South sts.
For NEWORLE AN S-Tl.e splendid Inst
sailing coppered and capper fastened packet ship
EQUATOR, Captain Bisson, master i; now loading
and will sail for the abov port in a 'e w days.
Having very superior accommodation for cabiu and steerage
passengers, and terms moderate, persons intending going south
should make early application on board, foot of Wall street, or
to the subscribers. RAWSON V McMURRAY,
an8-y cor. of Pine and South streets.
FOR NEW ORLEANS. ? Louisiana 4ml New
York Line ? Rigttlar Packet. ? The very fast sailing
coppered and copper fastened ship HL'NTSVILLE,
Capt. John Eldridge. having a large part oi her cargo engaged
and going on baard, w ill have despatch.
For freight or passage, haviui; liaadsome furnished accom
modations, apj ly ou board , at Orleans wharf, fool of Wall st.,
or to E. K. COLLINS k CO ,
aul2 y 66 South street.
Shippers w ill please send in their Bills Laden early.
FOR LONDON -Packet of the 1st. S*pt. The ftr-t
class coppered and copi>er fastened Packet Ship St.
Jaines, W S. Sebor will sail as above (her regular
day) having very superior accommodation for cabiu and steer
age passengers, those who iutend to embark should embrace this
very favorable opportunity by making early application on
board, foot of Pine Street or to Uie ?ub?crib?rii.
au21 corner of Pine aud South tU.
YORK LINE,? First regular packet.? The very
fast sailing coppered and copper fasteued ship Hunts
ville, Capt. Jol.ii Eldridge, having a large part of her cargo
engaged and going ou board will have despatch.
For freight or passage having handsome furnished accommo
dations. apply on board at Orleans wharf or to
au'JI y K. K. COLLINS k Co, 66 South st?.
FOR NEW ORLEANS ? ihe iplcndid ?<rw Copper
and Copper f<?te nej Packet Ship SKA Captain Fisher,
living a Urge part ofher cargo engaged .md going on
K>ard, will have ijaiok despatch; for cabin, 9ud cabin, and liter
ige passage, having splendid accommodation*, apply on board,
'oot of Pine street , or to the subscribers
Corner of Pine and South ttrret. aug 9*2,
FOR SAVANNAH. ? 9?<ip Line regular day ? The
?yjrV' very superior f<st tailing Packet Ship C E LI A,
iBMMfc Capt Hue km in, having I he greater part of hrr
argo engaged and going on hoard, will inert with early
lispatch. Ilating splendid accommodation* for Cabin ami
St. erge pataeairar*. Early application should be inad< ou
loard, foot of I'iue St*it, or to the nibicriber*.
Corner of Pint and South ?lreet*.
The premises known as Military Garden, Brooklyn, are
offered for rent for one or more yean, w ith all the build
ngs thereon, consisting of the building now occupied a* a hotel,
md the large double three atory home adjoining, suitable for
in iltfnilfe hoarding house; also a small two sloey home, sta
ples, outhouses, kc.,the whole being in complete repair. The
[>ariien, coveriug about two ?cre?. is tastefully laid out, the lo
ration unsurpassed, and to a |>er*on in need ?( aurh an e?ta
Ihuhaient. it offer* advantages rs.-ely to be met with. The
furniture* of tiirestablis?Bi' ut, which are complete inetery * ?
?pert, w ill lie sold at a fill r valuation K. r ter ns, apply on the
premise* aulI-eo47t*
O .N I . HMH K 11% I MI OKfr.
For cheapness and durability, are not mrpasaed by any
hereto; .re offered. They coNiSine all the requisiU
qualities of the more costly for color, liK-itae?s, dura
bilit* ami lu*lre, at the reduced prire of 91- Their saler
are lor cash, which preclude* the necessity of rV?rging Ihegooi
customer for lc?s in< nrr< .1 by the I, ad. Tl ?? p Mir art umt>?
lo examine their flats at BROWN k CO.'S wholesale and re
tail warehouae, No. 178 Chatham Ktpiare, comer of Mott ?t..
New York. my:tl-3?*
Having the mo?t eiten*ive and *plendid stock of Cloth*, Ca?*i
meres, Vesting* and Sumener 0?M*d* in lint city, whirh will he
made up in thejninst elegant style at thr shortest notice, at the
following prict*. rash on delivery, at the well known
9. Jt tlFN,
fi.atr iaMr* k r*vt?a.J
No. 88 Maiden L ane and No. II Liberty it
LitT or rutctt.
Superfine hlack, blut e.r fancy colored Dre**
Cm'I, 914 U 91
Gentlemen*' Summer Coat*, from 93
''aasimere Pantaloons, variety of patter-is aud
color*, 94 (10 to 9* AO
Vaat* of silks, tatiai. velvet*. cassimeres, Mar
seilles. Val? 1. 1 1 as or Thibet Cloth, 9^ 24 t? fft
The public will plraae oh*erve the above prire* are 7ft per
cent below the ordinary price* of Merchant Tailor*. j?28-y
FOR SALE- A superior iron pr???, Boston patent ? 800
bote* Sardines, in oil, jn*t received. 9*. perbot.
30 rate* chsrries in brandy, 19 bottles rack. fA ftO.
9ft ca*e* White Wine ? 9ft do Red Wine, IW7, 9*
14 casks Bordeati* Wine*,
9000 It al hers for billiard cue*, at 5*. pet dor.en.
Apply at >0T Broad way . of A. ROf'HE,
au90 Im* - - - ~ ? ?
Caffe de Mille Colonnea.
WEES i lF"EXl HA NliE on all parts ..f Mija- 'l, Ireland
JD and Scotland, in mm* of ?ft, ?10, ,CI.Y ^'W. to any
amount for *ale at M. J. SY LVEH l'ER'S.
aul7-y IM Broadway and 19 W all st.
II T E RARY N O V E L T I K S-Now ready, in
Jl volume* ?
I. The Adventure* of Harry Franco? a Tale of the Panic.?
'Harry Franco is decidedly an intrreatiug tale? some oftfr? h'l
morons *cene? put u* in mind of Peter S'mple"* Adventure*."?
II. Sejanus, and other Roman Tale* ? by Edward Maturin.
mtam.T *ritf.
III. The Dwarf, a Dramatic Poem ? by J <me* Rees. editor of
the Beautie* of Webster, kc.
IV- The Author"* Prin'ing ami Puhlishinv Assistant
V. The Monthly Chronirle of Original Literature? No. I.
VI. Cowper'* Letters and Poem*? edited hy Orimthawe?
the first and only complete edition? splendidly illmtrated by
the Fimlen* ? m 8 *ol*
VII. The Poetical Work* of Milton? in 8 vol*,? with ?plen
did iHu?tration*. hy Martin.
VIII The Londoa Encyclopedia? complete in 99 vol*. large
8 vo. with nearly MW illustrative plate* ? half bonnd Ku**ia gift
Published and for *ale by
jy? J r SAUNDERS, M7 Broadway
{5^- CLIRF.HWUH, invite* all wearers and connoissem* to
inspect his newly invented ventilating and perpetual titling
Wigs, which, fur elegance, lightness and durability, may be
placed among the first productions of modern art. In their ma
nufacture they differ from all others ever made here. The hair
being singly inserted, ami so equally distributed, as tit appear
just issuing from the skin. In thnr form they cover no more
of the brow thai the natural hair does ; and having no metal
lie spring, all disagreeable pressure is obviated. They are
particularly recommended to those residing iu a warm animate,
as they can be made ?aly one ouace weight and thin as gossa
For this inveutioa, and the advantages connected with it, the
-takwican Institute warded the first premium, aud eompctent
professional judge* kit* pronouuced them the very acme of j
Hair Cutting Rooms, 207 Broadway, corner of Fultou street,
If a>deut a teation should meet with success,
Be it far more to practice and I -ss to profess:
Division, Peck slip, Duane, Ann street forego
For we lead to m isdom, while they lead t? wo!
If nature will have her wild way, let us think
Who better can lead fro in the ireacheroua brink,
We thiak and know well what art caa restore
Health, any may find it at Centre it.? -4.
Those quackeries have been delusive too long,
They give to th? shroud both the weak and the strong;
Their charges are great, whi le th< knowledge is small,
Then Uirardin will cure you or pay not at ali.
One bottle will cure you, those sages will say,
Bnt others will follow it day afl? r day,
Till you fail to eiist while they fail to restore,
And their pockets exult at the *'ene bottle more."
aul2- 1 in*
A R. L. SMITH <{? CO. have now open aud offer for sale a
large and desirable stock of French, German, aud Italian Silk
Goods, together with a full assortment of Merino Shawls,
Laces, Hosiery, &c. at 176 Pearl st. au7-3m*
THF. subscriber respectfully begs to inform the public, that
he has constantl) on hand a large and elegant assortment
of every description of the painted transparent washable win
dow shades, consisting of Italian aud other landscapes, Diaphi
uous, Chinese, Architectural aud Fancy Blinds, which he car.
confidently recoinmeud for their heauty,streugth and great du
rability, as they have been knowij, with common care t* last
from ten to fourteen years. The prices of the shades, including
cords, tassels, rack, pullies, and fittings for windows, complete
vary froui $7 and upwards, per pair. Blinds painted aad fitted
to order, by a|>pl) ihg to GEOUGF. PLATT, 12 Spruce st.
N. B. Country dealers supplied wi<k blinds aud blind fittings.
For Plnin and Fniiry Pap?-r Rotei mf al>
I'fl Pulton street)
Three door* from Nawan t
new tore t
City and country merchants will find comt;uitl? a ven
arge stock on hand. They can be accommodated at siiort no
lice to any site or any quantity thry please ; also, by skippir.i
them in sn profitable a packing as may be desired to any part of
Real genuine Cologne Water, imported from Germany, of >
most superior quality ? will satisfy every purchaser.
Also, just received by late arrivals, a fine lot of
s f the in st beautiful patterns. myll-y
Stock, Bank-note, Goi.n and Sii.tir
No. 61 Wall street, fourth door below the New Exchange,
New York.
Uncurrent money discounted at the lowest rates.
BOUGH T AND SOLD, Eastern money, Southern money,
Western money. Northern money ? Soverigns. Doubloons,
Napoleons, Ten Thaler Pieces, American Gold, Guineas. Du?
eaU. Spaliith Dollars, Mexican Dollars, Half Dollars, Bauk of
Envland Notes, also Gold aii'J Silver ou the following State*
and Dominion*: ?
United States Hamburg
Austrian Dominions Genoa
Bavaria Hanover
Berne Holland
Braiil Malta
Brunswick Mexico
Cologne N apli ?
Columbia Milan
Denmark Netherland
East India P?rma
England Piedmont
Franc* Poland
Frankfort oo the Main Potugal
Qeneva Prussia
Rome Rusaia
Sardinia Bast ny
Sicily Spain
Sweden Switserland *
Tresre* T urkey
Tuscany Venice
Wirtambergk Zurich. anSIlm*
Doctor sears? .office, 4j ann street, new
YORK ? Devotes his attentiou to the treatment of Chronic
ir lingering diseases. For three years pail hi* practice has
?cen extensive in this city and throughout the country. Rel'er
pnees can h? given to numerous individuals who have been re
lieved in the most obstinate cases of Dyspepsia, l.iver Com
plaints, Dropsies. Consumption, Angina Pectoris, and Ftmale
complaints. In rejard to hi* moral and religious character, he
i* permitted to refer t?s the Ri'ht Rev. Bishop Oaderdoak, D .
D., and R> v G. Spring, D D.
Prc4orii.? It* *taspt<>rnn are an unpleasant sensation
st the breast bwne, ?r pit of the stomach, attended wit^ pains
about the breast, especially about the left side aril r< gi. n of the
heart, extending often to the shoulder-blade* and between the
.hotilders. Thos<- subject to it are snmetimes awakened with
a sense of suffocation or difficulty of breathing, and experi
ence shortness ol breath and palpitation of the heart on walk
ing fast or ascending a flight of stair*.
From Rrr J. Lane.
I have for many year* been subject to a painful affection of
the liver and luiii;s. indigestion, head <rhe and obstinate consti
pation of the bsswtls, and have tried manv kiudsuf medicin*
which have proved m ire or less useful, but 1 have reened more
benefit from Dr. Sears's treatment than from an* medicine that
I have u?ed. I am happy also to ad I I know Doctor Sears to
be an accepted and respectable Christian gentleman in whom
entire confidence inay W placed.
J. Lane, Member of the Presbytery of Buffalo, N. Y.
{j(f- Numerous rsw* in thi* city ami Brooklyn can be refer
red to at his effire, 4^ Ann-tt Per*oi * at a distance, b? for
wanting a statement ol their sjmptoms. can lie snpplied with
medicine and directions. An. il 1m'
A. A. Hrndbrook'*
Where a Gentleman may proeur* every artiole for a eomplet*
Outfit of the best iiuaJity,
Vb pearl street, corner of franklin
Here the public ma) always prooore
Fme goods in the Om fit ting kae.
Aod what i*impovtaat, be sure.
That nn'irmgaeal vsiN combine,
With skill in preparing e*rh *ort
An good aselsewlierr ran be bossfht.
Here the steamboat aad packet sbif may
Their ready made linen proeare,
And priees most moderate pay
For article* welt made and se?fi
Mere tkev wiH constantly keep
Every article belong 'of to (bat class.
Fron the counterpane, blanket and sheet
Til the towel and cloth (or your glass,
Gentlemen also wiM ti?U
Their ready made linon cotnpMe,
From fabrics the best of their kind.
And made up exceedingly neat.
Shirt*, Ua<l?r Shirt*, Draw'r*, Belt* and Ho**,
Handkeivhief*, Rntnna and Stocks,
Whit# the skill that encb article shows
Briags customer* crowding in flock*.
But he need not each item rehcane .
The Suspender, the Collar, the Gtove
The Pantaloon, Strap and the Pnr*e,
K.i oh fine aa these mentioned above.
Linens, likewise, to order are made
By thnee who are known to exeet
Ami the very fair price that is paid
Yields work tfcat to alway* done well.
'TIs extremely eoaveaieat to know
Where aa arable assortment i* found,
Aad at once tbera be able to go
Without searching the city all roand.
Also, Yeetingaad Stock Satia*,ia lengtho, to fait pnreha*ers
K.njlish family having two handsomely furnished bed
room* unoccupied, are desivou* of receiving two *ingle geatle
men a* boarder* (breakfa*!, tea and dinner on Sunday*.) Any
gentleman of retired habit* who i* de*irou* of the above ac
commodation* will And Ihem to po**es* all the advantage* and
comfort* af a private home. Please to apply at 4W Greenwich
?troet between Caaal aad Spring street* ?Reference* of the
Aral respectability givea aad required. tf
CHALLENGE!!!? LEU ? ? ? MFIQl.'E i
FRANC AlSE, (or Fr> >r ? t for (he
Oonorrhcea, Gl'tls, female complaint , luchargss of
the secret organs.
Tlie American agents of this celebrated ine?lie ?ne would
apprize Ihe public that this is the groat specific of Doctor
Jerome Leroy, of Paris, to celebrated for the cure of this
class of diseases.
1h the early stages of the disease it will positively effect a
cure Ih a few days without restriction of diet, or fear of ex
posure, and what is much more important, it never leaves ti e
parts subject to the tioublesome gleets or weakness that
occur so often after the use of other medicines.
In long protracted stages of the Gonorrbcea, in obstinate
Gleets, or a weakness of those organs it is without doubt the
most effectual remedy ever discovered.
It will also be found a certain preventative against the dis
ease if exposed, aud in any case where there is cause to fear
a few doses will arrest i's progress and save any further
It is uot our intention to resort to that deceptive system of
puffing so common in this city, as abetter proof of its efficacy
we challenge any ca-ie to be |>*>duced that it wi!l not cure un
der a forfeit of $fWH)
{H^-Observi . ? One large bottln is sufficient to cure any re
cent case of the complaint.
Each bottle is accompanied witL a full description of the dis*
ease and all the uecessary directions in the English and French
F?r sale only at the agent's cffice, No. 85 Nassau street, four
doors from Fulton street, (upstairs) Price $1.60 per bottle.
Small bottles $1 aul7 3m*
Political economists have frequently differed as to what wa.
a fair, and at the same time, the surest measure of value ; but
we never yet eame across any one who had gravely recorded it
to be his opinion that the nominal price any article sold for, war
any measure of its actual value. Such a uotios would b?
deemed so great a fallacy, that its statement ou paper as a logi
cal deduction, would prove its own absurdity, aud yet, those iu
dividHals w ho run about from oue store to another for the pur
pose of ascertaining the minimum number of dollars and ceuti
at which they can be furnished with articles of food and rai
ment, of course commit a still greater, because a mors
practical absurdity, ihau any speculative philosopher would
do, who sat down in his closet to argue from such falss
premises. The one would merely he laughed at as a visionary
schemer; but the otheris deemed lit only to graduate among the
philosophers of Laputa, who contemplated making deal board*
out of Sawdust, anil extracting sunbeams frorr. cucumbers. Ta
king that most important ofal I articles tn men iu this dressing age.
a coat, whether fiock,i.ress, riding, or the kind called " top," ii
matters uot, and see hsw many different elements, all of which
affect the interest of the wearer, go to make up its cost.
1st, There is the raw material, and secondly, the quality of
the dye used aud the degree ofskill possessed by the manufacture!
of the cloth. These primordialiugreduiitstowards aeoat, iti
self evident, must vary a? much as the wind, weather, or evea
woman's caprice; aud Sdlv, when it come? into the hand* of" th?
Snyder,'' there is the skill of the cutter, the quality of the trim
mings, and last, though not least, the scientific qiialificati jci
which the artist, may possess, who is to send it "iuto thii
breathing world," not '>a thing of slireds aud patches," but an
article of beauty, utility an! luxnry fated either to adorn, or
desecrate the human forms. Other reason* could he adduced
to show that in cats, at least, many tilings, which the world ai
large thinks not of, should be taken into consideration btfori
its actual value can be ascertained. If these principles art
based on truth, what folly is it then, for inen to waste then
skoe leather iu running after stores, or ill finding out tailon
who charge a low nominal price, when it is evident that is no>
the test of cheapness. They should not entirely disregard
piice, but at the same time, they should examine the material
ascertain the standing of ihe manufacturer of it ; not neglect th<
skill of the cutter, and above all, pay especial attention to thi
qualifications of the workman, who is to give the tinishiug touch
to that whMi iu its native simplicity protected the sheep, bui
when a proper and scientific amount of labor has been given t<
it, is capable ol' addisg dignity aud beaut) to the ?
" vobietl work of God."
If this train of ret?<s?iug. should happen to convince any ot
the bargain buyers, tliat estimate articles by dollars and Cent?
alone, they are advised forthwith to visit the c*sn stork ol
S. PHILLIPS, No. IOC, Wll.l.i AM STRK.KT. all 1 ascertain I J tin
evidence of iheir own eyes, if the articles of dress made up bj
him, are not equal iu quality, durability, cut aud workmanship
to any produced by the most fashionable heuses in Broadwa}
Hating satisfactorily solved this problem, they inay compart
their several nominal price*, and be couvimed, that although
price is uot the lest of cheapness, PHILLIP'S SYSTEM is?
for although he imports the best article and employs uone but
the b?st workmen, lie nevertheless sells for ready money, at St
per cent less than is charged bj those who do business irn th*
old and exploded credit system. my'Jb-Sm
H. LEVITT 14 Du;,nc it., 3 door* from Willi tin.
(K^Thc artictc of Apparel forminr a large item in the vipen
ililirr oft-?r) G?utleman, it i* highly important lo obtain a
ready Cath Salt for the time when rendered uu**rviceable by
wear. An iinmen*e saving ma) be made annually by attrition
to thit hither) i considered uuiir>]Hir'ant subject. The subsm
ber having effected arrangements with hit corresp" aJ<nts of the
Western Country for the Transportation of Call ojf Clothing
\r , npon the mot! liberal term? j is thus enabled to gi?e tho
ontside value ? Au inducement to persons has nig the ?ame to
favour him with their command*.
A line through the P'Mit Off e, or otherwise lo the above
ad?lre?*. will meet with strict attention. je 28. 3 m*
uOVE ! love:: love:::-Ju*i rub
lished a very interesting little work entitled
The ART OF LOVE, (or Lessons for
Lover*.) from the celebrated writing* of
Ovid, Chaucer, ami Dryden, translated from ihe French with
engraving*. Content*. ? The Art of Love? Court of Love,
Heineily for Love, kc he. lie. The fir*t part contain* the
rule* which the author lay* ('own for young ki'h to follow iu
their court*hip*, and the tecuud teaches the ladies how to
make themlelvct beloved.
The opinion ?f Ihe Prrit ? The a.t of love? We hare glan
ced over this little honk, and think at the aeateat edition we
have yet *eea. It is free from the coarte cipressions and tu
perfltiom matter of the original, though we mutt admit it co?.
taint.aome *trange language, but the tubiect nsu*t be the ei
cute, a* it will ao doubt be highly interesting to all who read
it. Price Fifty cent* a copy. ? For *a!e at the b?>ok *tore No
S, Park Row, four door* from Ann Strest, oppo*ite the
Astor- House. au, 22 I at*
_ Mibscrihcr ha* an atietpired lea'e of tit ji ar? upon a well
ettablithed ttard for the business of a Pastr) Cook an i Cot fee
lioatr, situated on Genesee itreet. in the city of I tica The
hutine** connected with Ihe establishment it firtt rate, aud i*
l:y far the best location iu the city He would wi?h to t? II hi?
lease. ttock in trade, future*, lie. For furthsr particular*, at1
dress, po?t paid,
J. A. BURNETT, lftl Genetee *treet. L't
Utica, A'ig. 8. lK.lt? atil?
RL. M.MITH k (JO., ITS Pearl atreei, ia|Mtrtert, uianu
? facturer* and wholesale dealer* in Leghorn, French, Ene
litb and American Straw Bonnett. French and Italian Hiln
Ooodt, Merino Shawls, Merino Cloth*, Lace*, Ho*ier). kr^
have now ispea for the fall businett a splendid assortment of the
above kind* of good*, to which the attention of dealers it re
spntfnllv invited. auT-3m*
TERFEIT DETEt'TORit, nett to the Herald, the very beti
and mw*t uteful publication now eitant, to the man of bu*inett,
it it an eicelleut adverlititig medium, and the charget are rea
tollable. It i* published every Tuetday morning, by MYLVES
TF.IT k CO.. IM Bri Midway jelT ?
* | j i ASEB FLORENCE BONNCTI, variott* <pialitiee|
wlf AO do. plain Straw do.; 300 do various ttsJet of tanc) do
for tale at IT6 rearl street. R. L. SMITH k CO.
have jutt receiftd lOcaaet, and oSer for tale on liberal
termt, at IT# Paarl ttreet. auT Sm*
(#7" NOTICE ? Southerners returning home from Ike Nnrth
are re*i?er ifully inform*)! that the most eileatire a'tortment of
Plated Ware. Cutlery. Lampt, Girandole*, Chanc elier*. Bronred
and Jappaned, Britannia and Silver War**, and many othtr
useful fancy article*, can he hail at the Had realisable pricet,
at the New York General Furnithiug Ware House, Sc. II
Mauten lane, near Broadway,
au9l-y D E. DF.I. A VAN.
C5 volti'vie*, beautifully illii*trated by Finden.? The Life, Let
ter* and Poetical Work* of I owper, now Irtt completed t'? the
introduction of about iOO letter* never befere in<or| ortted mta
any previous ?dit ian: Edited by th- Rev. Mr. Grtm?haw. Im
|K>rted ?ud for sale hy F. SAl'NDERS,
aulA SAT Broadway.
WAVENLY NOVELS? A beaut itul copy of Parker'*
edition of 'he Waverly Novel*, complete in J volumes,
ko?a^. Also, the saias work complete in sevea volumes. P vo,
vittaif % rmted in des kU columns, handtomely bound ? and
Life aflii Walter Scott, seven volumes, cloth, let
t?i*?. Be. for tal? k F. S.41 ND f. R 8,
ault-y 3AT Broadway.
? ? " uni . A - .a \v ? f a lantitv of s., . i I'. . , , ,
OUO,4?)* fact ii red by JOSEPH GILLOTT,
fr<t? October, \?t1. I* Ott>l?er, !8W.
T\? above ttaUBHM ?UGh??? the estimation in which thete
ace held. aa4 H t* \- 1 tawed will be an inducement to
thoae who detire a . ttnf good article, at least to make a trial
of them.
To he had of all Stationers, and wholesale only at the Mann
facturer'* Warehouse, 109 Beekman *t. au0-y
RIOINA L SKETCH of the VJueen Victoria, beaut. fully
painted in water color* by O- Hill, Etq. of London. Jutt
received and for ?ale by
*u3 y F. SAUNDERS, SIT R road way,
regular **le* by anation.at Ihis weM kr.ovrnpa
Ubtsahmcnt. of Horses, Carriages, lie.,
u ue to take place on every .\I niday, at 11
' o'clock, I hreughoat Mte year.
The aed regular tale wiU take place Monday, Aug. 7$,
at 1 1 o'clock, cemmeneing with Carriage*, Uanieu, ke., and ?
Id o'clock the tale of Horse* will enmmeaee.
(icntlemea (taring Honet to dispose of, are requested M
make early applicatien, to a* to secare a good number oa tin
catalogue, at ao hone can be offered at auction unlett regider
ed tune for a number *n the catalogue, for which oaapn** Bm
regi*ter will ke kept open till Saturday, Aug. 34, at C T M
(il,0. W. MILLER,
jy?-y Successor to J . W . Walton , 446 Broadwa*.
EMlCOSD WARD HOT EL>T? Neat to U.e cornarl
?treet, in Nassau stren*. Tbit well known eitabliska
having undergone a thorough reletting, it uow in ewmpleto <
fur tiir accommodation of those who may honor It with
There are ia this house, besides the lower ttory, which it throws
entirely open at a public bar room, a large room upon the M
couil story. "f> feet by In, well tailed for the accommodation at
public meeting*, together with several smaller one* adapted to
the ute of club*, relereet, or for the transaction of other prirti*
Clubs aa<! private partie* accommodated with roo as, mi
may be furnished with dinuert or (upper*, composed ?f eva^
tpeciet of game or delicacy which tha market* afford at short
notice. [jell-y] EDMUND JONE8, Proprietor.
KNICKERBOCKER HALL. No. 10 Park How.? The tub
scribers having opened the above konte oa Ike EURO
PEAN PLAN, would respectfully inform their friend* and the
public, that they are aow ready to accommodate them ia a style
not to be surpassed by any similar house in thit eity. 1%tt
boute will always be furnished with every convenience, aad all
the laxarie* of an unrivalled market. There are oae hundratf
lodging rooms, which are airv newly furnished , and in pefftet
order. The Ordinary, being on the first floor, i* spacious, Mat,
convenient, and weH furnished, and the taitlet shall hI way* bt
supplied with all Hie variety the market affords, served apbj
experienced cook*.
The marked success which has attended establishmeaUo.
this kind, is sufficient evidence of their adaption to both buaiam..
men and traveller*.
Gentlenun visiting the city, will find this a most desirable mi
central situation, being nearly on Broadway, fronting the Park;
and, in shost, concentrates the beauty and elegance of local im
transitory object* of attraction and tplendor with which New
York abounds. EDSALL k JONES.
N. E. ? For the accommedatiaa of Travellers, this house will
be open at all hoars of the night. al-tf
LAND ? Several of the visiters of this desirable wateriag
place haviug left f*r Saratoga, inc.. the subscriber begs leave to
inform his lriends and (lie public that (here are a few vacan
The rooms are to much superior to any thing in the country
he thiaks they cannot fail to suit.
The upper roams are reserved for singl' gentlemen.
The Steamboats stop within a few minutes walk of the Pa
vilion every few hours ? from 7 A. M. to 7 P. M.; and on every
Friday (Ball evening) leaving the cit) at 8, and returning for
the Island at 1UJ o'clock.
The Kendall Band ik engaged for the teaton.
Excellent Salt Water Batht.
The new Saloon it open adjoining the premises, where *rc
to be found the Newspapers, Periodical!, Ike., over which it a
splendid Billiapl room, tor the accommodation of the boarder*
and their friends.
Every Ball eveniug the boa will leave the city punctually a*
above. au8
DB. MILNE has the pleasure of announcing to his frieadt
? and the pnhtic genet ally, that he ha* taken the above beau*
tiful establishment at the corner of Wfith street and 8th Avenue,
where he is prepared to give dinner parties, lie . in the best style,
by due notice. Mis wines and liquors are of the choicest kind,
and every attentiou bestowid for the comfort of hi* visiters.
au7 Im*
NEW REFECTORY? J.fcWEENFY informs Ms triad
and the public that he has opened a new Kefecu>ry, in that
large and elegant building. No. 144 Fulton street. Fish, Fle*b
and Fowl are always U> be fvuud <>?> hi* tables, and every deitaa
cy of the season provided as soou as it appears in the markeC?
Ne c;,re isr attentiMii will be wanting on nis part, to give general
(atisfactmn, and he hop's to fiud that generous eneoumgeawnl
which he i* determined to Reserve.
1 10-tf J. SWEENEY
DANIEL HWEEKEY, ll Ann street, returns hi* *iaeef*
thanks to hi* nuinernu* friend* for the liberal stM-porttha)
have uniformly rendered him since he first opened hi* HcftMorj
aad aeeures them that it wiM be his <-oa*tar' eodiavor to merits
continuance of their approbation. Hi* table i* aiway* luruiehaa
with the best the market affords ; and those who may hoaor hi*
table with their presence, may depend upoa being served wrtfc
el ran line**, civility and promptitnae. jl# 1 1
Wo care rot what Hull plodder* *ay ?
A UOGD SEOAR drive* t?re iw?j
Old Sm|
WE hare cho*?ii the above couplet of the old *<>ag a* Um
beudiag "f adverti*en?ent, from a firm roifictioi
of ill truUi. Having now on band an aaaortment of the ftneet
Segar* ever imported in ?be United IMate and *rlected er
p redly for tin* e*tab!i*hmen tbj our agent al Havana, we fee
great confidence in recommending them to nur friendi and tba
public. The at?ort mrni rompriae* the ch ?ic??t and moat popu
lar brand* ? including Hie Eitra Noriega, La Norma*, Imperial,
Trab'ico, Imprest a, Cai?ioBO*, Pirmina Hrtnha. the Art* ft
ever (rat to thin country, and imported e*pre?*ly for nrivata
u?e; and variou* other* which all who can appreciate the lul
wry of a t nod *? g*r are invited to call and eiainiue.
Remember that Sena*, 85 Cedar *treet, receive* bi* Sep-ira
direct fr"m Havana; they are telected eiclutively for him witb
the greateat care by a competeut judge, and tltere it no other
place in the city where ttranger* and other* can obtain, with
equ-il certainty, the genaine and pur* Hat ana'*, M I adar ?treet.
0(7- TO THE PUBLIC. ? W* call Um mmI*I ittntwitf
the public t?;M inducement* held out by Stlvb*tku h Ca
|.M> Broadway fori uvettiug iu real eitate, (itaated in New Or
lean*. Notwithstanding the attempt* made by the p-<mj David
Hale of the Journal of Commerce, we bave good reaaon* far
knowing that the affair iu cpirttion po*ae?*e* ibe entire canl
denceof the commtintH ?and we recommend tho*e pertan* who
have any doubt*, to call on Syleetter h Co. who are de?ir?a*
of giving the mo* t full and perfect *ati*fa< tion in repl) to any
loqainet made el7 *
RL. SMITH h CO. N?. 171 Pamrl itratt. bfortm,
? Manufacturer*, and Wholesale Dealer* in Leghorn and
Straw (4ood?, are now in receipt of 900 rate* Honnet*. roaipnt
ing all the different title* detirvbla for the fall kuunti waieh
thay offer for *?le to Jealer* on liberal term*. Aliu, 100 caaea
Straw Trimming*, and 'JO caae* printed and plain Batin Straw.
M" ILI1AUY Xn d pih e m K N S CAPS- M I L I T A R1
HORSE EQUIPMENTS, Leather (in a 4 a?e*. (Jw*
and Sbol Bar?. Cartridge Bote*. Belt*. Scabbard* and Kaap
tark*. All the above article*. Wholesale aad Helail at liberid
price*, ? al?e, Traak*. Valicai, t'arpet bag*. Hal Boie* aad
every thing in hi* line af hinin?*
3M Broadway, between White and Walker ttreeta.
N. B. fompanie* abautformiag, both Military and Fireman,
eaa be furmihed with l'af>* at the tborleti t. <? ' ire ay 14-BbI*
tiane* the Bitcuit Baking at 176 Washington *treet, ear
ner of Warren *treet, and ha* constantly ft?r *aTe,
fILOT BREAD. All of the lr*t ipiality
E. T.'t *maU Pilot Bread i* the *i*e for th? South Americas
and We?t India market*.
Any of the above article* can ba delivered in good order fee
exportation, at *h"rt notice. iel'J ?wi*
No. *4 Wall (treat.
Naw York. No*. B, IBM.
AT an Election for Diractora of this Inat Hot ion, held tbetr
day, the following gentlemen were uaammoo*ly choeaa
*i? : ?
Robert L. Pattereon, Henrv Ogdan,
Aleiaader Patteraoa, Robert C. Wetmore.
Cyra* Cheaerr, Lawrence Hill.
Samuel D. Dalit, Henry Haviland,
John Wil*on, Philip V. Hoffman
Arthur W Beneoa, D. H. Robert*?a,
John P. Audio, Joaa* I oncklia.
Wm. A. Coit, Joseph Wood,
Krne*t Eiedlar, ( barlea L. Vo*e,
Bradford Lincoln, George T. Foi, Jr..
John T. Howard, Jaaaph E. BlaamBeld,
John F. Delaplaine, Jo*epb B. None*.
Aad at a tub*aqnent meetiag of the Board of Directora, tba
ollawing per*?n> were uaammou*ly eleeted oMcer*, vra >?
JOSEPH B. NONES. Vice President
Am. Tf*o*tr*oa. Jr. Secretary
Capt. H?cto* Corria, la?pertnr.
Willi* H*ll. E*?|. Attorney.
The above Company? caaital *3*0, MB, all pa?d ia and *a
?aired according to law? will in*ura marine, inland ir?i>?f>ort?
?ian Mid navigation n*k*. mtludiag tbat of fire during tran?il
m liberal term*. *f*"T ^
RdYD'B BLEAt HiNOfPOWDKRS. Ibe ..b.cnber*.
II ?n|e agent* in the U State* for the *ale of B'<yd k San*'
Bleaching Pawder*, ran ?M|H>ly man vfac Hirer* and dealer* at
the loweat market price*. For purity ami atrength they will
be found fall* equal to aay ?anuf<ctared in thi* conalry or
Ureal Brita.i. PERSSE k BRt?OKS,
ial-y " Liberty *t.

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