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03- The key .ton. of tk? .tupendona arch of th*
noble tqaedwt bridge at Sing S??I? wkiek eanrisa
the Gw+m ftirercerorrtfcattamt Plnmt Hirer at
Sing Sing, was settled uitoW* Friday last. It
rivals any work ef the kind in tke world
Tm Hosmbt? The annexed we fiad in the " Gal
restoniaa" and .eta at re.tthe fate of thia vessel.?
It was picked up off Point Boliver, corked up in a
bottle. All that has been aaid respecting her ante
rior te this ia trash and nonsense:
Ou Board U. 8. 8l<Wp Hornet,
81?t August, 1829.
k vVe are all loit? a tremeudeu* gale has fouudered t tie ves
sel, off Oalvcuton Island, about sixty ar >e*tuty miles du
tance "
gtJ-The ship Fairmount, of 900 tons for the New
Orleans, and the Brig William Fuller, of 250 tons for
the Savavannh trade, were launched on Saturday.
(^?The Supreme Court of Vermont has decided
that Holmes the murderer, must be given up te the
Canadian authorities. His counsel hewever, will
carry the case before the Supreme Court of the
United Statea.
OCJ-General Scott has reached the Camp Wash
ington, Trenton. He will not remain there long, for
our Indian troubles will soon reqnire his presence.
(>C5-The Texians and Southern Cherokees have
had another Tight. Fifteen of the latter were killed.
Texas and Mexico. ? It is theught by the friends
?f 'J IVxas at New Orleans, that an intervention will
be proffered by England to Mexico for the purpose
of bringing about a pease between that country and
the new republic. '1 hey found this opinion onthe in
terest which England has always manifested for the |
Mexicans, and on the fact of the vast indebtedness I
which exists between Mexico and England. The '
Texians are augmenting their naval force, and as
the Mexieans are not in a very good condition for
continning the >var, it is thought that a peace will he
brought aboiii either through the persuasion of the I
English or the fears of the Mexicans.
From a paper called the Texas Emigrant, we per
ceive that a new city, at a place called Austen, is fast
progressing. The population of this place is at pre
aeat only three or lour hundred; but it is fast filling
up by emigrants from the States. Another Texas
paper states that " lots" for building at the new city
of Austen, sold as high as $2,700 each, for the best
situations, and #1,500 for the inferior ones. These
facts were deemed to be the best evidence of the fit
ness of the location as the seat of goverment.
It is generally believed that the troubles with the
Indians are pretty near over. A battle was recently
fought between the Shawuees and a detachment of
the Texian forces, in which the red men were de
feated. The next day a large party surrendered and
gave up their guns and ammunition.
A rail road is contemplated along the skirts of the
Gulf of Mexico, between Velasco and Galveston
Canada. ? Our latest date* from Montreal are the
21?t, at which time the news of the arrival of the
Liverpool had not reached that city. The approach
ing departure of Sir John Colborne appears to be
the subject of much regret among the editorial fra
ternity. Sir James McDonnell was to be in Tested
with the order of the Bath, at the Government House
on the 28rd. It was not, however, expected that th?
ceremonial would be very fully attended, as most of
the military officers were absent on leave, travelling
in the Uniteu Slates. Saratoga and the other resorts
of the American fahionables have been quite de
lighted with the brilliancy of Queen Victoria's house
hold troops.
Fi.om South Amebic*. ? Letters from Montevi
deo >tate that the negotiations between France and
England, are again suspended It is said that the
French intend to send 8,000 troops to the La Plata in
the Spring.
OCf" There wa? a great row at Richmond, Va., a few
night since owing to an attempt on the part of a mob
to break up some gambling houses.
0C>*The yellow favor continues in New Orleans
Charleston and Mobile.
Pellee OlBvr.
Auwitst 25tW. ? Reekle?*net$ of life ? \Te have
often heard it said, "that human life is held at a less
value in this city than in any other on the face of the
Globe. We do not know why it should be so, yet
tthe uumeroui Coroner's inquests, and the few hang
ings that follow, speak for themselves, but if they
did not, the following complaint may afford an apt i
illustration. A boy came to the Magistrate, aud said j
that a companion of his, by the name of Gallagher had
been drowued t>v a loafer named Hunter.
Gallagher and some others, he said, all small
boj* were bathing on Saturday at the foot of Wash
ington market, when Hunter came up, and by way
of snort, threw them, one by one, out in deep water,
Gallagher bv^ced to bo let alona, saying "ho could
not ?wim." The loufdr however disregarded this,
but threw the boy in, to see, if he told the truth,
when sad to relate, the poor fellow was drowned. I
Hunter then lucked off*, and as the magistrate was
not informed of the occurrence for twelve hours, of
course nothing could be done in the premises.
ITsaer's OMcv
An. 25. ? An inquest was held at the City Hospi- |
tal on the body < f John Center, who mat his death
under the following circumstances. Center was a
clock builder, and worked for a man of the name of '
Meach. On Friday morning Meach and Center had !
an altercation, when the former strnck him with an j
iron square which fractured the left temple and re* ,
duced him to a state of insensibility. Meach then
brought Center to the hospital, and went himself to
the poliee oHiceaod related the circumstances. The
magistrate tol i him to see the Coioner and take care
that the na.i was attended to. In the evening the
Coroner held an ante mortem examination, at which
Meach attended and was taken into eustodv by the
Coroner On 3'inday morning, the wounded man
died. The pirv found that John Center came to his
-death in consequence of injuries inflicted by Amos
T- Meach.
N'slo'i ? To night the patroas of thia establish
ment, will be presented with the Havel* new pan to
ns i?e of the Green M inster, which has been in pre
Ei ration sines the commencement of the season
very scene will be new painted |hy Hillyard, ex
?ressly for the occasion ? the dresses, properties h. c.
ave all been made purposely for this piece, and the
machinery by Hitrhinfa, is said to be vary ingenious
and will render the enmerons tricks and changes
exceedingly diverting. K will certainly attract a
crowded saloon. ?
FntngLt* Tncirac.? John Stiekney, the enter*
prising manarei of this favorite establishment of the
a p ' " w n folks takes a benefit thu evening, and among
other attractions has ?eeared the services of Mr.
Winchell, a paragon ia his line, as may be seea by
reference to the bills. 9tickney deserves, and no
doubt will have a tall house. *
On Hatsrhf *0' m?on, Nicholas ' arnal Rijrwf, sen o<
Jam** mil EIi'is Raynee. Fullered will t?lf pmi Uii afUr
terionn.at thr*r o't'oeb, Wil'i??i*hurgh.
ACARD.-L A. I'RATT tabes lbs liberty of ofeetng a
further Re w ai d of HEVER CENTS far awy informs
tlon* left at Uii* i-flus, <?e st ibe af tbe City Hotel, ia
retard to tbe whereabouts of Me. P Pays?m, formerly of No.
8, W?'l-?ire?t.
N B ? L. A. Trait hu l.esrd nothing of the wuU-hr mm*
M. P. Paysea, Mi.te he leal bi? ten dollar* sis monies tines.
MP. PATHOS, Esq., formerly of No. ? Wall street, will
? oblige A. L Peei, by calling and paying the ten dot
Isrs which h* bo crowd on ihe flr*t day ef atsetlOO la?t. Tbe
pi see of payment tan h* made st ibi* ante. anlS-twts*
WDOLLAHI Rk. W ARD.? Lost oa Tbnr*day,t>e 16th
of August, <>a h.?ed the Albany Steawhoat ERIE
oa* Carpet bag oHh red and blue stripe*. reataiaiag tin*
sloth*. French Ik ofcs, * sat of rasors engrse*d oa tbe btaas with
the proprietor's name, ami other ?mall articles.
auM rodjw * na Beaver street, upstairs
WA Nf ED f-^TO lit ib??se who liaee caught < nlds.Toath*,
fcc., during the rainy sod rhangeaHle weather. bnew
that SHERMAN'- COUGH LOZENGES will rare thrm
la one or two dav. Vp'J 11 "* Nassau St., ane door shove
Ann. su-OT
"117" ANTED.- ?, -ins American or Ea^litb (irl of from If
V e to 18 ?? ' * ? e. to do the wiirk of a *mall family c*n -
sitting only mf i e?i ?Imian am! Ms wife. A|*f >ty at 4? John *t.,
between the bonss ?t 1 1 and * o "clash. aw?R
11 BENNETT ' William st. oppo*ite Piatt's o#er* foe *al?
White tascs'W, Kaali*h fit'al d?a*tabl?* and Rutland
straw bonnets, very AaeVloee* ee tn?c*? bat* in tbe a# w*t
and br?t shapes. Iei(l >ra flower* and nhhons nf the he?t quali
ties. Any MMehwsi n will And it worth their notise to call at
the above pi ??e. autt lm*
?aatey, Aigul '? **
The Stock Mihiwn myytitywtrtiy pitlwhiiatto1"
in price very small. Delaware & Hadson im pvead*p? e?t,
8 toning ton declined I percent ; Harlem R.lLffW cent ; Utiea
and Schenectady 1 par caut The genertl ?ondUiou of Uia
money market remain* nearly the lame in IMi city, there it how
ever an increasing difficulty in negotiating seeuritiea? At Phila
delphia, the banks have become still mare restrictive in their
measures, and the rate ofuioney ha* ?omewhat increaaad. United
Slates llank po*t note* were celling at Ij to 1} per ct per month
aad were difficult to negotiate,? at Baltimore the market i*
also exctcdiiigly tight aud becoming still wore so; United State*
Bank pott notes are nominal at li percent. The arrival* of
specie at that port, amounted during the last week to $339,469,
310,000 of which whs from the South for Philadelphia account
and the balance from the West Indies.
Notice bat been given by the Secretary of the Treasury that
the sixth instalment* of the Ncpolitan Indemnity, amounting
to $4*20,4 1 6, 47ct., will be paid to the applianta on application
to the bank of America at New York on or after the Mb day
?f September next.
The following tales of land*, are to take place at the office*
named, and times advertised ? Chicago, III., 3d of September;
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 7th of Oct'r.; Uenuessee, Michigan,
10th of Sept.; Mouroe. 'id Sept.; Barhngton, Iowa., 31st of
Oct.; Genuestee, Michigan, id of Sept.
At St. Louis, specie is at a premium of 2 ? 8J per cent
The money market throughout the United State* is in a very
restricted condition at the present moment. From all sides
the cry of scarcity of money and the high rate of interest is
echoed. With whom is money scarce ? With those only
whose speculation and overtrading have disturbed the natural
balance of trade, thrown the exchanges into disorder, and are
new, at an unseasonable period of the year, in want of money
to carry 0 roagli those spec ul.ttions.
At this season of the year, the circulation and loans of the
bauiis of the whole country are, in the regular course of trade,
at tiieir lowest p 'Hits, and, in the uatural process, the itocks of
produce ar? all sold, the proceeds applied to the payment of the
debts of the traders ; the diicounted.uotet of the merchant! are
taken up, and the year't business being settled, no demanu fo
money sheuld exist, every dealer should be easy iu his circum
cuinstances, and the banks preparing to renew their loans upon
the crop* in the country.
The Western and Northern States are usually the first to
expand; because the grain crops are harvested before the cotton'
tobacco and rice are ready for market. At this season there
for the B^uks of the agricultural districts commence discount
ing the notes of the millers, drovers, and trader*, who purchase
of the fanners their produce, making their notes payable in the
Eastern cities; principally in New York. The bills of the
Bank they pay away to the fanners in the purchases that they
make. The farmer pays to the mei chant the account which
has accumulated agaiust him. The merchants return the
bills upon the Bank for exchange on the east drawn against the
oote ol the miller or take* the bill* with him ta New York and
pay* them to the merchant, of whom he gets bis tupplis*, who
therewith take* up the note of hi* customer, discounted for him
by the Citv Bauks six or nine mouths previously. The country
trader then purchases a new bill of goods, and the note he gives
for the same will be endorsed by the merchant and discounted
by the City Banks? which in their turn begin ta expand.
This is the direct trade with the Eastern cities but much of
the produce of the Western State* goes down the Ohia, the
lllineis, and the Misiissippi, seeking the Soathtru ports for a
market. By the time it retches the Sauthirn States, the
cotton crap* the horses, bale ropes, tobacco and other article*
of | roduce begin lo come in, and the southern bank* begin
to expand. A* the produce it sHpped North or direct to
Cnrope, sterling exchange or Northern funds are placed at the
command af the Banks, where withjto meet the bill* returned
npou them by the Northern traders. At most of the mer
chandise consumed in the Western State* I* purchased in
New York, the bills of the Stuthern banks drawn on New
York, against cotton, are as available to the park and flour
dealers of Ohio as specie itself. So long, therefore, a* the cir
cle of trade keep* m regular actian, aad the farmers and plant
ar* consume no inare foreign goods than their produce will
pay for, aud they send the idke/e amount of their surplus for
ward, the busiurse of the whole year would go on smoothly,
without the necessity of transportation of a single dollar, from
one point to another.
The aggregate circulation of the union iscontrouled by the
quautity of the crops prsduced- That being the basis of our
whole business, aud as the average lime of payment of the
various credits obtained by the dealer* i* three month*, the
correct amount af circultlion will be about one-fourth of the
value of the crop :
C rep of 400,###,000 will require a circulation of 3 10#, #00, 000
? '? 500,001,000 ? " ?' " ? 135 ,00#, #00
?* ? 000 ,#00, 000 tt it t St <1 I iO, #00.000
* M 70#,000,0u0 * " 44 " 44 176 00#, 000
and *o on in proportion.
Condensed itmttmeni of the condition, of different mterpmlt, if
mil Uc bamkt in the United Stmtos :
Iimttl. Lomnt. Specie. Circulation
Jan'y, 1830, io0.45l.il4 33,114,917 61,333,898
Do. 1834, 334,1 19 4!?9 94 839,67#
Do. 1836, 36#, 163.834 4J 937.#4# 103,091,496
Do. IS30, 467 ,606. OHO 60,019,694 140.301.03#
Do. 1937, .Vi6, 116,701 37,915,34# 149,1*0,890
Do. 1834, 4*i,631t?-t7 36.134,113 116.138.910
Do. 1839, 496 J 99,031 4* 986,437 130 363,737
June, 1839, 440,000,000 100,000,00#
The return for June is eitimsted from the return* af such of
the States as have made laturns whithin that period. It is avi
dent however that the prices of the articles must in a great
measure effect the aggregate circulation.
Prices are with us in a great measure governed by the price of
oar leading project, cotton, as in that canaist three fourth* of
our exports or means of paying of oar foreign supplies The price*
of that article depends upon the situation of affairs ia klureps
aud their ability la consume? thereby creatiag a greater orient
demand. At this present moment they are not in a situation to
consume much, prices must therefore be low, while at the same
time the quantity of oar produce is 3# percent greater than laat
year;eons?quratly at thr present low pneoe an expaaamu of 40 to
?OjOOO.ftO# on the part of the bank* will ha aeres*ary far the
transact i oa of the business growing oat of it.
The greatest diflcnllias which our fluaacial system evpenea
ees it from the unskilful action ol the banks, which expand toe
freely ia some section*. ?? well as from the intervention t( ape
eulaton who disturb the natural movement* of the market by
" holding back" produce which should go forward; thereby
creatiag aa artiicial deficiency at the same moment that the
producer ha* aot decreased his consumpiiea of foreign goods, be
cause, he has received beak paper for his produce, and is in
poeeemioa of aa artiflcal means of payment, artiicial becauaa
the basis is stopped on it* way to pay Ibr the goodi he baa eon
turned, and in therefore a* ueeless a* if it had not bean prndac
ad. The result is that the bunk make* a double issue upon the
tame basis, and will therefore have a demand for twice the
amount of northern exchauga, which she can supply. This
causes a depreciation in her bills, aud a demand far specie,
whieh demand she eeadee by an iseae af post notes; these are
said at a depr*eatioa of from 10 to 3# par cent in the market ;
who lose* the di<c?nutT The trader pay* it ia the irst ia
?lance, aad ia the next hscreaao* proportionately the price of the
goods which he noils to the plaater. la the mean time the
holding speculator in laolated cases may make money, but at the
eame time the foreign balance is arcumalatiag against us, aad
the produce still held back entirely, or at sisch prices an to
ahtok consumption. The fneceseary etehauge'drawn agaiast, it
is nut forth coming, and specie begins to go to Europe, the
banks become alarmed, and hsiag convinced that they hare, for
the accomodation of the holder, exteadet their issues oat of
tuns an, immediately eoalract them ta the pr<>pe? point. The
cry of pressure raised by the speculator is thea heard from all
qsirUn. The regalar merchaot fealt it aot, his business has
been elosed with the regular season.
It it ia proportion m tha raatrictita or aipaatiaa tyitria it
partvd bj the bank* of tha diffrraat tMlMW th*t the n?cl?
l?al?nrr? aammaUta aad rnjuirr tha lra?tport?iion of jolJ
tram >?r poial la atiothar. if tha bank* ripamlrd mi l ron
traded ia jwrfrpt harmony, aad uo mora gaodt were eonauiaed
in aay oar tacliaa lima thair produce paid for, it it clear thai
at ?tattling paint, aa New York for iattaace. the etehaaije
drawn agaiaat it woald htlaace tit* notet given far merehan
dita, tnd not a tllaar dollar waald require to ha displaced.?
Preritaljr tha MMa dart it ttand ia our forriga relatival. If we
promptly tent forward our praduce to meet our hillt for mer
eiiaadite at they f-tl I du?, tpacia waald aaldom crott thr Allan
tic. nor would ilt moaemealt aieita intrrett.
Thr currant af trada for thr romiac year drprndt. in a great
mraaurr, upon the natl newt fiotn Kit rope, but; whaleter the
liawt from Rnglaml thnuld ba with regard lo lha rrap. tha rrtalt
|o ihi? eminiry w II be aetrly tha taiaa. If tha erop it thart wr raa
tupply ??? ??'<ii*l at" ram rijual to $15,000,000, and tha talr of
rolion will not ba ?*> materially ?(freted, baraatr if tha con
anmptiot thould dai-raatr ia Knglaad. tha proreedt of oar
Urga crop accruing to thr fartnart, will auabla them to in
tr?M the CMMO>|iti?u ur irl) at much *? it will ha decreased
in England. Ob the other hatfd, ?koul4 >K? Eighth crop. turn
omt large, the fulT e.teut of our cotton crop* will be consumed.
The project before us, therefore, it, ?*??t the abundance or
our crop* has placed us independent of the state of affairs in
EagUod. aud whs a those crops are to tor advanced a* to
foody tor shipment and prevent the eiportatioa of specie,
about the first ?f October, the bank# *iH begin gradually to
espaad,aad money flawing in from the cauntry, will put aew
life into trade. Although price* will wsdoobtedy continae low,
a most profitable busiatst will ha done in the fall. The specu
lator* mutt in the meantime depend aponthe araili of the cot
ton they have withdrawn from regular trade to extricate tliern
from the difficulties in which the operation ha? involved them.
NuIm at I he Mtock KjchatifC'
00 ?hai*s Mechanic*' Bank, 96J-20 do Bank of State of N.
York, 106? 45 do North Auiericxii Trust Co. Ml, SO do 69?
160 do Bank of Commsrce. 97* c.? 25 do Delaware k Hudson
Canal C?. M,e. 60 do?S?. 15. 60 do 68* c. 16 da 68* c. 60 do
084 c. 26 dn 08| c.? <7 do Ohio Life aud Trust Co. 87, *0 do
084 00, 60 do 96} ? 100 do Mecha?ica' Banking Association, 81
Sept I? 100 do Viaksburg Bauk, 36 c. J6do36n. w. 129 do 35fr
c.? 100 do Bank of Kentucky, 77 J s. 4 m. W do 78* ?. *0. 50 do
7?* c. 60 dtf 79J 00. 10 do 78| b. 30,-16 do Morris Caual and
Banking Co. 29c. ? 7 d? Mohawk Kail Road, 67$, 13 do 57 J
10 do Stoniagton Rail Road, 24 c. 60 d.> 23* c. 10 do 23*, c. 10
do 2JJ c. 6 do 23| c. 60 do 23* w.? 250 do Harlem Railroad,
48* c. 226 do 48* c. 60 do 48* s. 3#, 100 do 48j ?. w. ISO do 48*
s 3, 60 do 48} c.? 10 do Utica St Schenectady Rail Road, 116*.
26 do 116 s t. 21 do 115* e. 60 do 115* c.? 60 do Long IsUnd
Rail Road, 61?? 30 do Canton Ca. Baltimore, 841
9YMe ?f Trade.
The arrivals of strangers in th? city continue to increase.
The past week has, however, shown no increased activity in tht
leading markets. In dry good* there has been lets animation ; at
auction, sales to torn*; extent, have been made at fair price*. ?
Tlie supplies of drv goods, both foreign and doiarstw, are large
ami increasing. The stock of the loriner description particu
larly, lias been much increased by the late arrivals, and the ex
Cctad packets will probabl. still further enhance it. Tne
al hy- trade of last spring and the high prices which were
maintained under the confidence created By the then prospects
of cotton, have leinp'ed the manufacturer to ship largely toaur
commission houses. Prices, however, already teel in ?? change ,
and are so# something less than the rates of last spring with a ?
downward tendency. Domestic goods are in nearly tne same !
Edition. The tasters manufacturers partook of the buoyant
fling prevalent last spring, and being less cramped for money
than their Southern neighbors, operated largely. The stocks
thus accumulated are now pressing upon the market, and will ,
sink prices mnch lower thai: their present points.
Cottoh. ? There has been a moderate business doing iu this j
article ? ordinary and middling qualities at last week's prices. ? I
The better qualities are selling only in small parcels to spinners !
and are held more firmly. Tne advanee which was reported in
in the fore part of the week has not appeared in the sales and
is not now demanded by holders. Tke quotations are as fol
low ;
Liverpool Inf. t? Ord. Mid. to Fair. G*?d J. It prim'. '
Orleans 10 a 10} 11} a 13.fr 14 a 16 !
Mobile 10 a 10} 11} a 13f 14 a 13
Florida 10 a 10* 11 a 13 13} a 14
Upland 9} a 10} 11 a 12} 13 J a 14 j
The Southern markets are in almost a calm ? rothing is doing
iu the way of sales ; a few bales #1 the new crop are straggling
in here and thvre, all of which promise well fur the quality of
the new crop. The purchases made of it are mete fancy ope
rations, and afford ne criterion for tlie market. The first bale
received at Mobile was on the 14th, very clean and fully equal
to Liverpool good fair. Five bales were received at Augusta,
Geo., on the 17th ? quality good, and 11} cts. per lb. was refus
ed for it. Two bales were received at Hamburg en the same
day, and sold for 13^ cts. per lb. The following is a table of
stock. Sales, prices and remarks for the week previous to the
date liffixed :
S.'ocki Salts
37,004 3300
ft, 313 300
4,348 18
Rick. ? There is bat a moderate quantity of this article on
haad,whirhi< held iu few hands at so high prices that extorters
are indisposed to operate. Miles reach about 1 tcs. at ex
tremes $460 a 463 J. Al Savannah on the 17th. there had been
a limited d<maud at 4j a 4}. Al Charleston on the 17th the
sales for the week reached 433 tcs ? taken chiefly for the West
Indies at 4 a 4}.
New Orlzans Cotton Market, Aug. 13.? Sales to day
have been 13J bales Mississippi at 10} cents, 96 do Louisiana
9j cents, and 36 do Mississippi 8} cents. These prices show a
decline of IJ cent per lb on those asked previoas to the arrival
uf Kaglish advices by the British Queen. Tobacco is selliug at
8 a lftj cts. with a firm market but no demand.
Havana, August 10. ? " Onr Produce market is very dull.
It seems to us that both Sugar and Coffee must fall ; ? in the
latter it can be ef little consequence froin the poor stock, both
in quantity and quality ? but of sugar there is euough remain
ing to command attention.
Exchange on London 14 per cent prem., New York par.' *
New York. Aug. 34,
Mobile " 16,
N.Orleans ? 13,
Savannah " 17,
Charleston " u
Prictt Rtmarki
10 a 14 dee. } a J
9} a 13} falling
Part af New York, An gnat 'J.I.
ids risks
PackeH la Arriva,
Mediator. Champlin, July 30
Wellington, Chadwick, Aug. 1
Columbus, Cropper, July 19 | Rosroe, (Hover,
0 36
O Washing 'u, Holdradge, Jy96
United Slates, Fisher, Aug. I
has as.
Poland, Anthony, July 16
Cits. Carroll. Lee, July 34
O. Western (S) Ho-ken Au
[ (list 94
Pnrkei* la l>r|?nn.
St. James, Sebor, Sept. 1
Montreal, GriffinR, Sept. 10
Sept. 7
Sept. I*
Aug. 36
Sept. I
Sheffield, Allen,
Sidiions. Palmer.
Europe, Marshall,
Francois IstThompson, Sept.l
| Kmerald, Orne, Sept. 9
Silvia de Grasse, Wider hold,
[qept 16
Howard, Flor, Hamburg, Siddons, Palmer, Liverpool; Henry
Clay, Dinning, Halifax; Emma Louisa, Haaslop, Kio Janeiro,
Bournd Brikett, Phila; Advocate. Folgrr, Wilmington, Joy, I
Merchant, Phila; Nassau, Allen, Richmond; AnUretie, Tut
tie, Norfnlk| Grecian, Culver, Louis; Abbot Lawrence, Hall,
Boston; Spy, Homers, Richinoud; Baltimore, Woglam, Pe.
tersbnrg; Baltimore, Medeui, Baltimore; H Clay, Mstin,
Georgetown, D C, Fri*?l, Baker, Boston; Oscar, Lovell, do; i
Banner, Hammond, ( ity Point, Va; J VV Ktnapson, UnJdle, I
Norfolk; Washington, I'enfield, Baltimore; Manhattan, (new) I
Budd, AmsterJaui
Ship Manco, Nichols. 63 ds fm Liverpool, mdi to S Thom
son, 198 passengers.
Ship An^elique, Furber, fm Calloa, and 79 ds fm Coquinbo, |
with 984 hides, 9.44M bars copper. 13 bars of silver, about
099,100, I box Plata piua, I do Specie. '1M0 Lede Skins, 1 box
Chinrilla, 400 bbls old copper. J W Alsop, jr.
Ship Congress, Bissell,76ds fm Matatlaad4?pecie, to Hour
land k Aapinwall.
Ship Kob,Koy, Arnold, 14 ds fm Tnrks Island, salt, Center
k Co.
Baik Mary Kimball, Churchill, 14 ds fm Sydaey Cove, to
Kimball It Sheldon.
Bark Caroline, Balehen, 46 d? fm Hamburg, mdt to D
H Si niidt k Son, 91 pas.
Br Mogteaedio, Riddel I. 13 ds fm St. Croix,* sugar, J Faulk
It Hon.
Br Ada Elita, Scull, 14 ds fm St. Martins, sugar, J Faulk fc
Son .
Br Wellinislev, Sylvester, 34 ds fm Loguma, logwood, lie to
Hossland Ik A.itinwall.
Br Franeas, Roberts, 99 ds fm San Juan, (Central America)
hides, fcc. to H k H Colheal.
Br brig A/rieanus, Pilaben, 34 ds fm Riier Osnhier, (Africa)
hides, k? |is Faher k Merle.
Br brig Mars Ann, Hampton, 30 ds fm Bulito lf< uudonr,
specie, Itc. Tucker It Lausies.
Danish brig Active, Hiorth, 33 ds fm St. Croix, sugar, lie I
Aymar k Co.
Sicilian brig Palldo, Moranthe, 7o ds fm Palermo, rags, lie to
Chamberlain k Lnwrenee.
Br Mary Ann, Dackeadorff, I* ds f* Basaaroa, fruit, ha,
Br F.mery. Fiah. "0 ds fm Palermo, Fruit, Fitch k Co
Br Lawrence. Cobb, |9dafm Charleston, cotton, G Bulhly.
Br John L Duran I. Russell, 9 ds An Newborn, N C. naval
stares, to Mitchell ft Co.
Br Cordelia, Matthews, Adsfm ? harlestan. rice, lie, F Din
Br Veto, Fisber, 9 ds fm ('bar lesion, rice, lie, S 9 Clark.
Fr bri6 Two F.milys, Billard; 9 ds fm Phila mdi to A Seig
Br N'eptane fm Missina, 61 ds radx to order.
He hi
Sehr F.viueent, Judsoa, 6 ds Baltimore, mdt Btnrges k
Schr Teaser. Greenlough, 10 ds fm F.astport, plaster, fee
P Nieras k Bon.
Br aabr Hercules, Crow, 93 ds fmSasaans, La Man. lag,
wood. ke. to|Maitlsnd. Kennedy It I 'o.
Bchr Cynthia, Petel, 9ds from Virginia, com, H P Hssens.
Sehr Belt, Britlingham, 9 ds fm Berlin, corn, lie.
Bchr Gloucester. Rase. fi ds fm Virgioia, wood.
Sehr Swan, Wheeler, 6 ds fm Newburn, N C, naval stores,
Mitchell It Co.
Sehr Mar* F.lir.abeth, Buckhee, 3 ds fm Virginia, wood.
Bchr II ('hace, Williams, 13 ds Richmond, eoal.j
Hebr I bingarora, Terry, 3 ds of Virginia, wood.
Sehr Cornell*. Rogers. 6 ds fm Baltimore, wheat, kr.
Sch# Harriet Chandler, Lotien. dsfm Virginia, wood.
Sehr Trimmer, Bojor, 4 ds fm Virginia, wood.
Sehr L<>ney Harrison, Nock, 6 ds fm Virginia, wheat, H P
Sehr Example, Van Name, 4 ds fm Suffolk, shingles.
Sehr Riihian. F.dwards, 4 ds fm Virginia, *<>od.
Sehr Isst, Robins, 9 ds fm Norfolk, wheat kt.
S?hr A B Fdwards, F.dwards, 4 ?s I'm Virginia, wood
Sehr Silas Crane, Crane. 4 ds fm Virginia, wo<>d.
Brig Dirnon. Brown, S ds fm Charleston, cotton, kr, F Dir
Sehr (lold Huatreas, Thornton, 13 ds fm Virgmtt. corn, H
P M?sers
^ Bchr Sarnh and Ahignil, Hudson, ft ds fm Baltimore, lour
Sehr. T Spicer. Wapela, 4 ds fm Virginia, wood.
Sehr Swallow, Terry, 9 ds fm Virginia, wood.
W*W P Ti''1 dafw JCiagaiMf (Jia) punmlo, kc,
J?fcrA*iU. ??0w. J8 4. fm Martinique, Callomk k Jokn.
'??"? ?"?
??' *o'?b.ia,gd. fm Norfolk Co??, H F Hoatena
H W?rin kV^r1'U'>' l fm Nawbnfg, N C ttnl tlorea
?cl?r vfiilu Gallop, pair,dge 12 da fm Waskington, N C,
naval stores, to Mitchell k Co?
* Chufchill Chamberling, Pharoah, 10 dt fm Waahtagton,
N C, navel ?tore*, Mitchell It Co.
War!" k^D?*1'' D?U*My' 9 dt fm Waahinftoo, N C, H
Sclir Milleacent, Chatter 5ds fm Richmond, flour, ke Cant.
8chr Olive, Franklia, 7 d? fm Wilmington, N C, aaval storet
Cap?. ,
Schr k.udeavourer. Caaey, B di fin Newburae, N C, naval I
store*, Bryaat k Maitland.
Geluo, Marylaad, Ladd; Emit, Murphy; Elijah P Morton,
Burbauk, K Sands; J Potter; Coaster, Richar 't; Two Friends,
Davit; Martin Van Bnren, Hall; Climax, Budd; Victoria,
Siitieii, all from Virgiuia, with wood
Schr Convoy, ? ? ? ? ? 23 ds fm Kingston, jam, piwruto,
A) mar k Co.
Ship Tuskina Post, 44dt fin Liverpool, mdz to E D llarle
butt & Co. 23 passengers.
Schr Swan, Crupper, 3 ds fm Brrliu, corn, kc.
Schr Llopc, George, 3 ds fin York Htver, wood.
Schr AUhama. Nason, 10 dt S"ausl>orough, N B, wheat,
kc, VVoodkull k Minium.
Schr 1' Underbill, Thompson, 7 ds fm Be iufort, N B, naval
stores, Woudhull k Mluturu.
Schr South Carolina, Davis, 12 ds fm Beaufort, N C, stoves
Woodhull k Minium.
Schr Zilpha Ana, llombaud, lo ds fm Beaufort, N C, navel
stores, M Piatt.
Schr Lidia Ann, Sopox, 3 ds fm Virginia, fruit.
Schr Win Thompson, Price, 3 ds fm York River, wood.
Schr Mary Cornelia, 12 ds fm Swantborough, naval stores,
Depassttr k Whitmarsh.
Schr Mttador, fm Bremen, 40 ds mdt to order.
Skip Robert Isaac, fm Fajal, 21 ds mdx to order.
2 ships and 3 bags.
Steam ship Lmerpool, Fayrer, Lirerpodl, and packet skip
Utica, I'ell Havre.
The letter bags of the Siddons, Capt Palmer, fr Liverpool,
will elote at Gilpin's Exchange News Rooms, this morning, at
the usual hour.
There are now on the stocks or just liuished iu Baltimore, 2
ships, 9 brig, 13 schooners, 1 steamboat ? in all 27 vestls. Of
these, twelve are ou foreign account, one by contract fur Philad
elphia. and tkree for New York ; two United States Govejn
meut for surveying vessels, seven, including the iceboat, art
owned in Baltimore, and ten are for sale
The Meridian, William, Irani City Point with a cargo of
tobacco bound to Bremen it ashore on Goosehill flatt, near
Norfolk, where she remained on the 21st iustant, and would
have to lighten btlare she can get off.
There were no American vessels at Belci, Hondurut. 26th
Mariou of Port.mouth, N H, fm Oreenock, for N Y, Ju y
?27 ? lat 47, long 30, 3->. Aus;. 1, off Abaso.
1 4! mile.
I V ill e d? Lr??- gS hence for Liver
fr0"^"^, Wwlwinlur, l.fuce for London, do do j vlide,
I pool) ^0 ?Oj VV fun#* MftV
hence tor K.uS.too, Jam, off ^7- ff c Hne.
I Convoy from Cmnptfiichy, lor in i,
lo^U' Jinfal'
?f -^&*beX- - ?*
1 - ,N?, Norfolk.
ll?t., tc the anchorage off Navy Ho.pi al.
Forrij*- ???????.
I ,. A,tn I ?> ?Dante Stanwood, uncertain; Ca?eo, Ma I,
Havana, Aug. 1-. . ' wa:?;u. cargo; Emblem Ruwell,
1 tasssst^s^ ?-?>
i n- v.,w,
i loading. _ . n rm y dt.'g; June 2?,
1 o1.\L"V??.JrJ; ?.-fc ??*. fu. U?mll?.. for
; *'* V"k ' ' 1 United **???? .???!?.
! S5X"rsBj
' ^"pio^kT^A^bAXA^^J^d'N V\il.. I'd Ocean,
wXr?;Vi. ^^l.varviW.W.S ?:
?-Ar r^J. Hutch,,, on, N V;
AttrT^SIii:^.ic?.; *?uu. n v
N-w O-.a^AuI. IJ-Ar. ? A?^??y '??
Apalachivola, Aug. 13? Ar ???i "J ?
Landiag ?t the usual la?Ji,i??- ? The new and
' commotio, i. .teawbont ROCHESTER, < apt
A r. St John, will leavfthe .tenmbont f+T, foot
1 ?lreet. on lo?orr<>? af\*rnoo?, 'Tueedai) Augutl ? '?
| * r?W'?r?M' W'J"?OTK A rOWKJ.-;
?.r of We.t and L,t?er?y .trerU; PETER t? .BLUVL 1
I the offiee u? the wharf, or to the ( aptain on board.
AH good., freight, bank bill., tpecie, or any other kind of
I or ? hipped on board of tki. beat -?** ? *?
ri.h oftheow.er. thereof. lm_
THOMAS BELL, Auctioneer.
Store 11 A.n. and tl? F"?*?o ?>".'? 1
I W?D?t.?AT,at ioj o'clock, ??!'? l?rrroo^MAM??d
US Fult -a itreelt, "ill be .old ai. ?u...? .???* o, .uper.or ' ,
! ahinet Kuruiture, i?f the very be?t manufacture by order of ,
I iX'rompri...., the f \\U ... n ^ -10 deren fancy
and maple chair.; ll do f .iVrtU French and ? ,er .tyle., ma.
hoiianv do; 7 ?pring ?e*t rot. king oair., piaiu and polithnd I
I Pembroke airl pillar table.; elegant scroll do; dining, card atj.1
i work do; marble Up centre and p,er do; plat,, column and po
1 Tuhed bureau,; drying do; to, let table,;
,.|r|:ii?t French t?e?lite?d?, "ar.ir^be., hook c*e?, ?e
cXir'j b.Tk tnei; .,deh..rc.; ? .plendid .nfted nnd . pnn,
,.^t ?ofa? iilain anal hg'd clotk, with pMlow*. kr ; bede, m ilret
?et ?n?l er-e, 800 wa?h itandi, Inilet table*; S00 mab<* >ny
p|* ia bed rooM 'ooking gL..e,. rarpeU, p,an? fort.; eurta...
Tuetday. Everr facility for packing autt
"1 PASTOII, HAIR CliTTER, Or?enmci< ?lr?et.?
A, A. Pa?lor take. ?hi? opportunity t. inform the put he,
ifttr long nperience in kU bu.,nem, he ha. formed a compos
P?'?* Ih* h~r^7
eoMtug ?nt ?r Wmia* grey an mfallible remed] T "KJ-*1 1 .Jj "
?e?. and the public may rely on .t.that ^ASTO* ? OM
POUND OIL i? the >?hole.o?..l and ke.t Oil f " ' ' '
Make, it gr?w thick and long.prevcnL it. falling
_r, in,| rtfa ,f hair hn. begun to turn grey, ?? ?uck anoumhee
to the hair, that by u.o it will re.tj.re ,t to llj
aIm. ore.ent. ha,r from b.coming .had.d, and if hair 11 lolrra ty
^t'd.wkich .. a great u,.Af ureunt to yo--f J
ui*d for a .hort trm?, it will rmtonit to ,t. natnrn V* '
the Mttrf and keep the head and hrtr elean. P??,',,'YJ'k^V"',
m4 * hi?ker?. A libernl d.^ount made to
**" (Jreeawieh ?treet,N. T
Prlee, ?0 eent. per bottle, hig.ly j^rfuwed. au?? l?'
ADOI.ni t?ERNHEI*ERS large and ?'!! e
tail dry T' d? 'took will b. removed on the irjl ?f the
?ett m -nth from "Jj*3 to J71 tinuid -treet, comer of Eldridge^
Hit eu.tomer. and the 'adie. in general are retneeifull) mv ite
to call a* in hi? .tore they will find eon.tantly l-rench, Eng
Si Uerman and Sw,? roo4. of the late.t amr.U ; ?!?> ?
general a?.ortment of .taple goo.1 althe lowe.t ,
Milliner, and conntry merchant, will rw .upplted at whole
?????? .
AN OPPORTUNITY now pre^nt. u^lf fornny per...n j
to become chief owner of one of the .n. ,..t p lea.n?.t ? r,l
laget within 3 4 of a day', rid. trom AN city, and at a T
M nte The I. m>W a to re -not, to th, ,
eity i on account of family affair.) and will .ell it
rhan.e ?r cut property, merchandilte or a good ye..el ol
600 ton* burthen [here i. over thirty building, in the plaee j
it i* only twenty .even mile, from the end of * i rail roa 1
take, p i??enger. to and from the city in M hour.. A canal
apon which n large bu%m??. il doing run. througl, b
Tlio ehief improvement, are one of the mo?t e ** .
in the State Jfe.t .q? are and which Mrlktr W?th the oof
huildtng< mt *9,000. It i. the only poblk hoom in tbe^pl _
and do., an eicellent hu.ine* being Hie 'ta^e
line, of .tage.. A large .t.ne warehon^ *>
diately np?<n .aid cnnal and i. eveey wny ca cu ,mo?nt of
bn.ine..; the adv. rti.er ha. .old g.??4. here to the
?10*00 per annum. A very 70? acre, of
yard, tilled with choice tree. and. hrubhery. W fW
land *? of which i. one of the
count? the re., due wood laml. on the '*'"* * \
mi h. ? "rrur'jsszi ??<>* t
wMtr runt thr? '??n ???? "n#; "" w f tlitw#r .. ur\
?? SOT,
near ami gram in any ?^,wh"7|S' ? '|,.v,nt and krniMW
^ 'Sm Kr;
.111 w b, h"l k!
;s?3k!r:sr-".t:s.rc i>???
Mr rn >H. W fonwotf. the Fare* of the ^ *' ' '
MISER'S DAUOHTER-Isaac Ivy, Mr Cbipp,?dalo-Attua
Iry, Mr*. Richardson.
After which the grand ballet of UNDINE, OH LAN
AYADE. ? Uii?Ji?e4 Madame Taglioni ; Mi, Hielderbraud,
Moot. Taglioni.
To conclude with the Farceoftho HONEST THIEVES.
Tesgue, Mr. Shaw.
U oor? >pea at 7 ? perl* rmtrn.i to #o?nem at half p??
Be i 'I ichets.gl ? Pit.AOcente ? Gallery, Mcaats
AT ION A L TH E A THE- Gnrner ofChurcA aad Leoo^d
streets, tea doors fro as Broadway.? Mr. WALLACE,
L*?s?e.? THIS EVENING, will be performed, lit time this
huiiii. the celebrated play of MET AMORA.? Metamora,
Mr. Forrest.
To conclude with MIDDY ASUORE ?Tom Cringle, Mr.
Henri, $1 ? Pit. 50 cent* ? Gallery, '25 ceat*. Door* open at
a quarter before 7 o'clock. Curtain rice at half past 7 o'clock
A limited number of umoii tickets tfor tale, on early applica
tion at the. bo* office, Box book open from 10 till 4. aui3
AG EH AND DIUECTOH? This evening, will b?
G1AKAU AL BARMEKI; Or, the Fire Worshippers? for
th? 7th time on any stage, ? ritten expressly for this Thea
tre, hy tlit: late Mrs. Louisa Medina Hamblln. authoress of
l> II Mal?il?tto,n anil other popular play*. ? Haroun al Ra
s> hid, Mr Proctor ? Giafar al Barmcki, Mr Barry? Kha
toun, Mr? Shaw.
To ceuclude with the celebrated original comic drains en
Sam Patch, Mr. Marble.
Door* open at 7 o'clock -the performance to commence at quar
ter before 8 precisely
Price* ? G^ixe?,7A cents ? Pit, 37 1 cents? Gallery, 'ili cents
LIAM NIBLO respectfully aiiuouifci s that this E*tab
li'Umeat is now open (or the. SEASON.
THIS EVENING, August 'ili,
The eveaiHgs entertainments will commence with a vaude.
villc in the F reach Language entitled UNE PASSION.
T 0 conclude with (last time) the comic ballet pttutomias*
TURKS ? In which the celebrated Oabi iel Havel will exhibit
his extiaordinary performance, introducing La Barre Cirque
crossing th* stai;e en 4 pole 15 feet high, the most difficult and
daring act t \ea altt mj>lt d. '
Civil and efficient Officers will be in attend'Miee to preien e
good older, and prevent the adnsissioa of improper persons.
No postponement at any time, as visitors to the Gardeu can
pass from the street, through the Grand Promenade to the Pro
menade Saloon, free from damp or wet at all time*.
Ticket* 50 cents.
Doors opea at 7 ? the entertaiments to commence at 8
Omuihusset will run to and from the City Hotel to the Gar
den, during the eveninc. jy'i*i-)
APOLLO, 410 Bnrfwi* ?First appearance III America of
Messr* Rosen, Kaln, Leinen?tein. and Keich, whose perform
aBcce throughout the principal cities and towns of Europe have
elicited the greatest approbation, respectfully auuouae their
arrival in the United State*, and their intention of presenting
themselves, for the first time, to an American audience, at the
above elegant place of amusement, THIS EVENING, August
26 1839. They have also the honor of making know n, that in
addition to the patronage with which their peculiar style of
singing has generally been greeted, they have had the satisfac
tion of performing before several ol'the crowned heads of Eu
rope, including their late majesties, aad the present (^tieen of
England, at the nobilites' Concerts, the Hanover squire Concert
Rooms, Ike . he.
N. B ? The Hungarians will appear in their National <'o*
tume. au30-3t *.
CASTLE GARDEN.? Propricto'r Benefit.? Grand Gala
and splendid Fire Works.
H. Marsh's Benefit will take place on Monday evening, on
which occasion he will be enabled to preseat one of the most
brilliant and extensive exhibitions of Fire Works ever witness
ed in this city.
rhe etching's entertainments will bet in at half pa*t seven
o'clock, with signal Rockets at iultrvrls, at half-past eight,
the exhibition of Fire Works will commence in the following
order, the Bouuet, I'alma Cliristi.
The Star ol Poland ! the Kaleidoscope, the cranes of Ealta,
the scroll and Passiuu Flower. The Bower of Armida. Ro
srs and Diameuds or, Memt nto of TO.
Tickets 50 cents, Children tiuder 13 years half price.
GR \ND ATTRAC riON.? Public Exhibition of the Pain
ting <>f Boissy D'Anglos; a icene of the French Revolu
tion. ? This magnificent I'aiuting, by the celebrated Vinchon,
represents a sceae of the most dramatical and vivid interest
There are expressed, in the most animated style, anger, fury, thn
thirst of bhsod i? opposition to coolneMof mind, to p***ive cour
age and to dignity.
There are no less than two hundred persons of life sice in th*
Paintiag, and among them James Mourt>e, Minister Plenipn
tentiary from the United States in the year 1798.
This master piece, which has attained general success through
out the cities ?>t Europe, thruujh France, and lately at New Or
leans, is exhibiUd at the Clinton Hall, Beekman street, opposite
the brick meeting house.
Doors open from 9 in the morning till 7 in the evening.
Admittance, J5 cent*. Se son ticket*, M eent*. jyiW-Jm*
OF BUNKER HILL. Vc.? 1 he public is respectfully
I informed that LEWIS, BARTHOLOMEW h CO. will open
. their splendid National MOVING DIORAMA of thi* cele
j brated Battle on Monday ovt mihc, August 19th, and continue
every eveniug until further notice, (Sunday* excepted.) Tho
' large roam of the above houaa ha* been titled up in a style
for neatnes* and convenience to the auditor hitherto unsur
The proprietors wish it diatin*lly understood that thia exhi
bition is not a mere |?aiiiting, bat a combination "f meehaniias
?nd scenery, representing all animate objects instinct with
life, bemliug as they d > every joint, and the soldiers marching
in perfect time with the musie accompanying their respective
Ticket 00 t?*l*? Children under 10 rears of age 90 cent*.-*
Doors open at 7f? commencing at 8 o'clock precisely.
Particu'ars in small bill*. aul0-3m*
tute, Broadway ? Note.? Thi* immense Collection of
Indian Painting* and ladiau Curiosities, will remain open fo*
J5 centt mdmimon, during each day aad eveaing of this month
after which,, and forever, the price of admiuion will be (a* it
formerly was,) AO cent*, and Season Ticket* $1. aul ln?i?*
/ IRANI) REtiATTA A <ir*ad He^aita at Brown'* Ro
' J gatta Pavilion. ? This iiiteieiting Rri-atta will come ofl
on Wrilarsday the Mfh August, al 4 o'clock, fur a parse ol
$100, made up he six two.nnir seull boats, distance three miles,
s ar* from the ravilion pier around a stake boat ststioned iu
Kip's Bay The follewu g boats will start for the purse :
auM-St* BEE.
J &&
Passenger* by this Ship are revested to be on )>oard
the Ntesm Boat. Hercules, al Whitehsll, thi* day, at
II o'clock. 1 he Letter Bsg* will close at the Merchants
Exchange and Hale's News- Room, al half past Eleven o'clock.
Thmilriral NMftcr.
Ladiet and gentlein.- who intend to make* tlarrinf
tour through lh? ?*oiith and Wnl, and who with lo lake Buffalo
in their mat*, are infarmed that I tkall be id New York by the
J3 mtt ? Application' directed to mr at the Attor Hutw will
m?rt with prompt attention.
ai.J i tf EDWIN DKAN
Let* re and manager of the Pugfe itreet Tl eatre Buffalo
fidence aaturee the public, that there it warrrlt att di?
ea*e In which that tender and beautiful organ, THE K V E, in
?object, that djet not yield to hit humane and tnccenful mod*
of treatment. Reference* given to the ftrtl familtet, and atte*>
dance at hit office, 1.1 Unenwich t treat, near the Battery, frota
HA. M. until I P. M., after which he devntet hit time IodiI
do<-r patienti. au4-3?nit
X MALL MANSION? Thi? grand and interetllng RE
UATTA will (MM ? ? ft . ?n M?n> ?v ne?t, the Mth mat. in tha
following unvel .ne'er Tlie firtl liace will lie for 6 oared baeta
t? Id ]) mile heat*, for ? Silver I'ltcher lo the winning t?>at.
and a tet nf Rlagv to tha tecrind boat in the latt heat. Tha
boatt entered for thil race are No. I, the tk>ndola, drew blue
and white i No. 'J, the Kagle. drett klae and white, and red
eapt t No. 3, tke Love ('hate, drw . The t*cond Race
i? 'H mile heatt, for 4 oared l?oalt, for a Silver Piliktr lo the
winning boat, and a tel at Flag* lo the tecond boat in the latt
heat l"he Imati entered for thu race are ? No, I. the Water
Witch, drett while, white i Na 3, I he Oil at drett red, white
and b'ack tlripet j No. 3. the Unknown, drett white, white ,
No. 4, the Alxaham Hatfield, dreat red, white and Woe. and
red capt ; No. ft. the Ked Povvr. drett green and white ; No. 6
the Unexpected, drew white, white, and red cape.
The above race will be 1 i mile* above the Mansion Haute,
and fo round three tlnke boalt< Ittjnrdt ?p<art, in the form of a
horte ?hoe, and return to the place of ttarling
The book* foe the tcnll or tail hwat race, at may he, will he
left opt a until the day preeinut lo the race, and which ever
rlnu enten tha moat boat*, will he entitled te an F.i^le. ef
tolid jold. and a Silver Uup, to be eonteaded for among them
tel vet Ik ut ranee money $10. The erewt of Hie different
boat* will he detiga ?te?l by iheir different drettet, and the
boa It bj anmbera, and will take thei tlatiwn in the line atcotd
in, I) The pritet will he awarded to the virtort the day after
the Regsallt. The rnert will commence at i oVIock, P. M.
and continne until dark. IThe jndget fer thi? Rrgatta it ro?
prteed of ftve.retpeclable and intelligent gentlemen, Well kaown
in thu city.
frrni the manner and order in which IMt regatta will be
c<nducted, n more interetlin? tcene of a, pane tporta hat tel
ilom been witnetted in thi? city- The model of the boat* ca
tered for I hit occasion, together with ihn neat and variegated
colort of the drettet appertaining to each, and the retpe? (abili
ty of th ? mem Vert comp'Ming tne above clubt, with their na*
matched tnperorily in the art ofrowtof , eanuot but eender thia
regatta the mint pleaaing thai hat yet taken place en the noWe
H ml ton
, * Mr. Warren, M Hoffman^ celebrated bratt band it engaged
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