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iwficial effects already pulwii bv thesa inimitable remediea,
tlwt hi utbltuMIt iumIi an wtiute curt.
It i? perhaps proper to iUU, that Dr. William* gave my bro
ther no aosurance of a tan, but aspres*ed a hope thai b? might
aiiord him to UK relief.
I had the latisfsslir- of visiting P*ov donee Home mm few
?oath* Mace, aad of witnessing Um Doctor '? manner of treating
hi* patienia.? There were, I should think, from forty to fifty in
attendance, many of whom I heard relate their own extraor
dinary cases. I might mitaace a number were it neceseary. I
will however just state that many had be?u blind for year*, were
restored to sifhtgand that too after having sought relief in vain,
from other eoarcef.
I wae particularly struck with the unwavorlng confidence
with which they (poke of the skill of Dr. William*, and indeed
1 was not surprtsM at it, when the evidence of it wan so over
Now if any of tout readers ar? skeptical with regard to ti e
skill of tkie gentleman as an Oculi?t, they have oulv to call at
(he corner 01 Canal street, and Broadway, N. Y., Providence
House, between tht hour* sf 9 and 3 P. >1., to be convinced that
it is unparalleled
Member of the New Jersey Anuual Conference of the Me
thodist E. Church.
New Provide uce, Sept. ith, 163?. ?26-?l-vs*
Nib lo'j. ? We remind our readers that this is the
kit night but one that this favorite resort will be
?pen, and can assure them that the entertainment* in
which the Ravels appear on this occasion are of a
character to ensure the utmost pleasure to all by
whom they may be witnessed. *
[To the Editor of the Morning Herald.]
Sir,? I request you will permit me, through the
Medium of the Heaald, to acquaint the authorities of
the city, the directors of its mercantile institutions,
and other parties who may have received duplicates
of the appended notification, that the experiment
therein announced for tomorrow, will not take place;
the lessee of Castle Garden objecting to the terms
?f my invitation to the Public; and being willing to
pay any reasonable demand for the use of his pre mi
?es, I cannot consent for me restrictions on admission,
which, at too late an hour to be, the proprietor re
quires. Sir, your obedient serv't ,
John Levingstuw.
September 27 1839. 55 Franklin street.*
{0? The public are respectfully informed tliat I
purpose to demonstrate, at Castle Garden, in this
?ity, on Saturday the 28th instant, that buildings
may be secured from destruction, by lire, by means
inexpensive , ready and simple in it* application, and
effectual for the purpose.
That an invention, so necessary to this great coun
try and so long a " desiderutuni" with the world,
will obtain the attention of scientific and professional
gentlemen, and other parties interested by so impor
tant an object, will, I trust, be evidenced by sue/*
persons favoring me with their presence, at four
?'clock, P. M. on the day named herein, at which
time, to the moment, I shall subject, to the test of
fire, a model house of timber, defended by the " fire
preventive plaster.''
Free adra ission to gentlemen leaving their own
card of address at the entrance, and no person who
shall not have complied with that condition will be
admitted to the garden, on the occasion.
J?hn Livingston, 55 Franklin st. *
lO- Dr. Taylor's Balsam ?r Liverwort. ?
We never call attention to an advertised medicine, but
from strong conviction of its utility. To this medi
cine we have before adverted from conviction obtain
ed by our experience, and from seeing it successful
in many cases, and we now speak of it to call the at
tention of the poor, who are se much exposed to the
Weather, and to whom this remedy will prove a real
blessing. No medicine ever offered to the public has
been so generally successful in consumptive com
plaints, as this; and it should always be in use where
there is coughs, colds, or pains in the breast. It will
be well to procure the genuine at 375 Bowery.
s28 3f
FHiaf, iefl. 97-6, P. M.
A fair amoutit of bunow? h*? been doue at t he flock ei
ci.ange today, at prieea which *how a little improvement oa
yesterday '* rate*. V. S. Bank improved i per cent ; Del. aad
Hudaou 1 per cent ; N. Am. T. and Bk. J i Caaton J per ct
Harlem } per at ; An. ??. Bk. } per cast.
The City Bask of Montreal ia about eatablUhiag a branch
at Quebec ; Cnarlee Getting, ,E?|. to have the management.
There it but little doing in ?terliag exchange. Until Ibe de
parture of the B'itieb Quae*, but a avail amount of traaaao
tioa* will take place. The *upply of legitimate billi i* now
eery ?hart. Bome of the hank*, among which are the Ma?
hattan Co. and the Bank of America are drawing on London
at *0 day* for 10 par cent pram, or M 88 the ? sterling. Thi*
will be a profitable operatic* far the bank*. Wall atreet ia
qaiet. Money i* ?ull much ia demand. U. 8. Bank poet aoiet
are freely offered at It per ct tVe recent emiaeion of corpora
tlon baud* are alao prewiag upon the market. Thar* waaaa
arrival yaaterday at FhUadelphia, from New Or lean*, oa ac
count of the U. 8. Baak . of $J0Q 000 ia *pecie, which atkn
aear 8400,000 received from that eity witbia a few day*. The
V. 8. Baak aeem* to be tlrcagthemag ita re*ource* ia 14 apite of
tbe lamentation* bare aad el ae where" ; from all quarter* spec re
it Bowing in apoa bar. Tbe vpecie ia I ha proceed* of poet
note* which bare beea aelliag in New Urie ana? $400,000 of
Uiaee aotee were received oa the 18th ia*t. by the Merchant*'
Baak of Now Orleaaa.
Tbe poatlioa of Uh* country, at the preeent momeut, ia nn
galar. There are many conflicting elemeau in motion, which
have con?p?r*d to prolong tbe rn*i? ia which we now And our
aelvea, aad which waaeauaed immediately by tbe cloaeaeea td
oar Aaaacial couaectioa with the meaey circle* of ?arope.?
Tbe (tagaattoa of the atocb marmot, atteadod by a groat fall
ia tbe price* of itocka, tuppoeed fully worth their par val le,
haa beea the chief enu*e of Ibe tcarcity of money, tempting ca
pitaliat* to parehiae tbo*e offered for tale at groat diacoaata,
aad to lead moaey at high raloe of intereit to tt oae who wiahed
lo hold. Tbe bank* alto, alarmed at the failare of their chief
dependence for foreign credita, have fortified themaelvee by ro
duciag their immediate liabilitioa within their control. The
iliitre** thaa occaaioaed hatkerei. heightened by the conflicting
moveneul* of tbe baak* aad the general goverameat. wnich,
ia regard to bad *alo*, itaad* ia tbe poeitioa of a inoaopolniag
dealer. Tbe power eiarcieed by it iathe we*teru country ,ie pre
etaely aimilar to that of tbo UA 8 baak while oeHiag eichaage
I a thia city. The whole proooede of thoae tale* were takea to
Philadelphia ra apeoie. la like maaaer the government ia eon
eeatratiac epecie la the baak of Mievoari A* the la?<l *ale?,
during the eaewiag month, become more ettea*ire, thi* in/liv
eaee will be felt ia a greater dagree. The aiovement* of both
the U ailed Btatoa baak aad the governmeat have thaa far pro
duced that deaire to concentrate epecie. which haa deranged
the circle* of eacbaage throughout tbe Unioa. The conflict
betweea the old and aew *ya<tma of banking ia thi* State ha*
beea aanther powerful cmm of tbe eontiuuaiw e of the nriaie,
and ia one which ta e*ery day a?nmiag a more grave caet?
Tot another powerful caaae m the attempt* at tbe aowth to
force the mport trade of (he country lato new channel*, and
deetrvy thai hara*?ay of actioa which ha* hitherto operated
oith mirtaal benefit betweea tbe aorthera and aoulhera Btatea
While all three art i be i J rauaea have beea develepiag them
aelvoa. the rapid progrea* of internal improreakeat ha* . been
altrrinc the relative position of point* of production aad
point* of eoaeaa ptioa or *ale. Theee have now reached a ?t age
at which the vaat commerce that formerly flowed dv?a the
Ohmaiid Mi?aiaai|<pi river* to tbe New Orlean* market*, ia
brought to a ataad Caaal*. ?teamboata, aad lake aangntina offer
ar w a ?afcr, quicker, anH cheaper outlet to New York. by way
of Buffalo, thaa Ihe old roule by wapof N.Orlean*. Thia ia effect
ed by meaa* of the Nlinoi* <nd Michigan Caaal, which connect*
the navigation of the Ohio and MiieitMppi Kirer* with Lake
Mirliigan, at Chicago, from whence a regular line of Heamboata
rna* to Baffala. By iht* route, 100 Ibe. of merebandtee may hr
tranaported, without the inauraner, from New York to Oalena
for fl Ml , by the old route, the eapenar of 100 lb* from New
Yarhto 8t. Lout* wa? ft M>. via New Orleaa*, aa<l from 8t.
Loui* to Oalena 81 M, aiakiug 83 00, or double the etpenie of
transportation, beaide* the delay ao<l riek incident upon a l<rw
? late ef the rtvrr*. Theee fact* are equally true with all tl.a
point* of weetern trade. The commerce of Indiana, lllinoi*,
Northern Mieeouri, a* well a* Wiaromia, Iowa. Michigan,
Jfort!"-r* IMtie. and < 'anada, will concentrate upon the lak<a,
and *e? k the New York market*. L*at year, the amount of
prod'ier v.bi.-h wa* received at New OHeaa* (Von tho*e arc
tioa* w-,\a V.OOO.OOO and upward*, and formed the ha?l* of a
large proportion of the eichaage drawn on the northern citha
from that poinl. Tlie value of the produce ha* thia yrar beta
mereaeetl ftfty per real in all the wealera itate* Thin **at
amount, turned into other channel*, mu*t neceaaarlly derange
the whole ?y*trm of aoutbera commerce, and i* oae of the rea
**n?, cntmeetrd with the ?carcity of money, which deter* coa
tractora from making their iwaai engagement*, and therefore
retard* ibe crop* The greaf moeemeatof the eouthera direct
trade advoootee waa, lo arreet thia diveraioa of weatrra trade ia
favor of the north, by aeim of Ibe ffooth Carolina, Loaiarille,
and CtiKinnali Railroad, A coarentica of thnee icereated In
thi* a irk *aa* held at AMwttte Noelb Carol in* on Ihe 1Mb
inst., wheu it was resolved to svspvod *11 works beyond Colum- |
bta for I 1m present
The great change in the operation* of the wart, which ha* i
thus been wrought by the construction of canal* and rulroWi.
wiH naturally check the activity of bu*ine**. The bank* at
the west which hare been iu the habit of purehaaing bills <m
New Orleans or 8t. Louis drawn against paoduca, now M the
direction of trade altered, the bill* offered are drawn on Niw
Tork. At tbe tame time, the object coatairplated by the Ma
eon convention to ship *11 cotton direct from the South ii stead
??f ria New York, will tend still farther to embarrass the trade of
the *oulh weit. The supplies purchased by the river dealer*
of the we*'? rn farmer*, hare heretofore been paid in eattern e?
change, drawn against cotton The*e were availaMe by the
western merchant in the purchase of hi* goods in New York,
but by the sthrme of direct shipments th?re will always be a
specie balance in favor of the western states.
It wauls but tbe settlement of all these jarring element*
which have convulsed the internal rommtrne of the ceuutry,
to enable trade once more to start healthily The crap* are
abundant. The bank* are in good condition, although inclined
latterly to vicious courses. Th?y have, however, been tempted
into speculation by the necessities of (hose who were too san
guine in their dependence upon borrowing mnney in London ?
This will soon cure itself: and the banksjio longer able to ?pec
ulate, will be obliged to expand, in order to make a living,
ialet it* the Mitch Kichaugr
60 share* Ut-ited State* bank 103. 163 do 204i ? 6 do Bank of
Commerce 94 'uU, 60 do 93 J scrip s4in, 60 do 79 s6m ? 63 do
Union Bank 103 ? it) do Phrnix B-?nk 01, 'JO do 911 ? 6V do Dry
Dock 78J, 30 do 79? '26 do Mer. Ec. Bk 103? 15 do Stale Bk
New York 94, 20 do 94? 60 do Del. k Hud. 59J, 50 do 69$ tm,
1:29 do 69}, 100 do 691 tm, ?. 6 do 691 uw . 60 do 691. 1^6 do 69J
nw, 60 do 69 ?IOd, 160 Jo 69 i3d, 60 do 69, 100 da 69 snw, 60 do
?91 snw. 160 do 69 snw, 100 do 69. 160 do 69 nw. 60 do 69 tm,
100 do 691 nw ? 20 Mechanic'* Bk. As. 76 ? 19 do American Ex
Bk 80. 26 do 79J ?30d, 72 do 80| ? 60 North An. Trast 44 T ues
day, 40 do 63 Tuesday, 140 d ? ?3j. 26 do 6?j s30d, 16 do 634,
72 do 63J nw, 68 do 63J, 90 do 64?20 do Ohio Trust 89? 26 do
N. O. City Bk 79{? 60 do Vicksburg 331. 100 do 331 blO.I, 30do
33J ? 10 do Kentucky Bank 74| -Monday, 10 do 74 J, 60 dO 74 j
20i t, 60 do 76 b30d. 26 do 741 slOd, 29 do 74J M?nJay? 86 do
Utica and Syr tense 108?10 ao Cautou 29, 30 do 29 bnw 10 do
29, 5 do 29i, 30 do 29. 10 do 29 slOd. 60 do 29^?50 do Mohawk
It. R. *2J, 20 d') ii ? 26 do Boston and Providence 97 ?60J
alter I Od, 1 6 do New Jersey 841 ? 10 do Stoningtnn 21, 60 do
2 1 J? 16 do Harlem 424, *0 do 42 j,.' \0 do 43bl0ii, 60 do 42), 26 do
42f-~ 44 do Utica ((Schenectady 116, ? 6# do Loug Island 61,
60 do 61*. 100 do 51^.
Stnie at Trade.
The week has clooed dull in almost all departments of busi
ness. The state of the foreign markets is such that the ship
per* da not feal inclined to operate to any great extant. At
; the South sickne** prevails to au extent, in all the sea ports,
which amount* to an embargo oa trade. At the West the
couutry is overflowing with produce, but financial difficulties
are such that the contractors far produce, the drovers aad the
miller* see no prospect for entering into engagements, success
fully. Every thing is at a stand. At the ?aine moment ele
ments are in motion which will break up all the old channels of
business. When the accumulating craps find a vent they will
revolutionize the current of trade, aad more distinctly mark
the Northern from the Southern interests. It is tha worViue
of these cause* which, in a measure, cheek the movements ?r
trade. The effect of the news by the British Queen ou the
Rochester market was to redace the offer* ol? the millers! for
wheat; they decline givmu more than 04 cents a bushel. Flour
sold at $6,26. The coal trade of Pennsylvania is becoming
more brisk as the season advance*.
The shipments af Scbuylkill Coal for the weekenditg on
Thursday evening last were.
246 boats, carrying 13,161 tons.
6388 per la*t report 289,121
6433 301,282
Si'GAB.? There is still a degree of inactivity evinced in this
market. The sales of all deicriptions reach about 600 hh?, and
600 bx* only at O^atti for Porto Rica, 81 a9^ for St. Croix, 6] for
New Orleans, Havana Brown at 74**4. White do llall^ At
New Orleans, on the 16th inst., there was hut little doing;
prices remained the same, for i. frrior to common 4a6?, prime
6*61, extra prime 7 At Bo?too, price* have undergone a de
cline except for strictly prime. About 600 bis Havana and
Trinidad round buyers at 81a81, low qualities 7)a7|, 100 hhs
Porto Rico 7^a8 ; at auction, a lot brought 71*7}.
On the Mth iu*t., by the Rev. J. H. Price, of St. Stephen's,
Mr W. B. R,?dda to Mim Ana Barker, eldest daughter of M.
Barker, Esq., Professor of Music.
On Thinda;,}(tb met. John Mason, in the Mth rear of hi*
Fori mi New York, Neplembrr '27.
tvn Slur* 6 46 I high wtTll 5 4ft
PickcM M Arriv*.
Philadelphia, Morgan, Aug. M
Samson, Sturges, Sept 1
England, Wane, Aug. 19
Shaktpeare, Britton, Aug. J6
We*tche*ter. Ferris. Sept 1
Liverpool^S) Fayrer, Sept '21
Erie, Funk, Aug M ,
Burgundy, Line*. Sept I |
PickcW ?? Depart.
Mediator, Champlin, Oel.l
B. Queen, yS) Roberta, Oct 1
Wellington, Chadwick,,Oct 10
Columbus, Cropper, Oct 1
G Washington, Burrow*, Oct?
Charle* Carroll, Lee, Oct. 1
Albany, John* ton, Oct S
Harriet Louise, Paine, Franklin) Pleiades, Lowell, Charles
ton; Veaus. (Bremea) Winahoe?t, Rio Janeiro; Dibden, (Br)
Kruyer, St Andrew*. Franeude Pan, Forbes, N Or I as; Brom
le?, (Br) Knot, London. Southeraor, tonklin, St Mart*, (Jeo;
Emery, Merrymaa. Bath, Cha* M Smith, Totten, Baltimore;
Aiula, Howe*. Montego Bay. Jam; < iardnrr H Wright. Bur
ton, Swansbom, NC.
Ship Paragon, Curtis. 13 days fram Tnrks Island, salt, to J
Peters It Co.
Ship Hilah, Holme*, todays from N Orleans, in ballast, to A
Shin Solon, Wood, 49 days fm Liverpool, mda. Roche, Bro
thers k Co? I AO paagra.
Haytieu bark Unioa, Hyatl, 31 ds fm Au? t ay**, aoffae, ko.
W W Deforest k Ca. \
Schr A B Edwards, Edward*. 1 days from Virginia, with
Sekt W Bn# >?, Was^ day* frem Norfolk, shingles, to
Schr J Henry, kerieksan.3 daysf'rom Norfolk, shingles, to
Schr Richmond. Tilby, j days from Richaaad, flour to Alien
k Paien.
Sehr dasrl, Terry. 6 days frea Petersburg*. . with tear, to J
ftehr Oeeaa, Wilkiu*. 3 days from Salem, with mda, to P J
Farnum k Co.
Schr McDonough. Berry.3 days from Oloncester. fi?h. to E
Oue ship, three brig*.
The Ocmulgee. htncsfa^ New Orleans, eiperiencad eery bad
weather oa the 29th nit., lost *tem boat, had balwaras stove
and sail* split.
U S mail *chr Hope, of and from Charleston, SC, was totally
wrecked on Wnsherwoman's Key. 7th Sept? cargo lost? craw
The Alpha, from Sydney, NS tor New York, mistaking Say
brook Light tor New Leads* Light, itrurk > ? the bar at the
mouth of Connecticut river, on Sunday eight, nnthipped her
rudder and *tove a hale ia her cabin censing ner to leak. Ske
w a* abandoned by the captain and crew, lakiag with them two
bote* of far*, some copper, and the best of her sails, ke. Ske
has a cargo of coal Since that the ha* beea token possession
of by the goveraaeat officers, and with the aid of a small
steamboat has aaen taken into Saybrook harbor, for the heaaflt
of all concerned.
Wtiriii Poats ? From a table of the registered, enrolled,
and licensed tonnage of the ' ait* d State*, the following state
?sent of the to**?|i o f the several prinaipal wort* an the west
era rivers, racluMee of New Orle*aa, which ia rather a *ea
than a river port, ha* beea compiled.
Piitsktirg 11.064 71 Loaisvtlle, 7,734 00
t incinnat., 10,376 34 Nashville, 4,401 IB
St Loai?. 0.373 00 Wheeling, 306 34
TUe U. S. steamer Poinsett, Com Mayo, new on the coast of
Florida, wa? once u*ed ?< a ferry boat from New Tork to New
Brighton. States Island, aad called the New Brigaton. She
was purchased by the War Department at a coat of $14,000.?
khi i* now run at a eost of to 000 per month, sad draws so
much water tliat she raa oaly enter the t arbor of Key We*t,
Key Bisesyne, aad Tawipa. Such vessels are of no use on that
co?stj they draw too much water, and being full of the r own
men, cannot transport troops or nro*i?ion?. Com worn strong
steamboats that will do this, are all that is wanted.
We understand that Command' r Wm. J. Belt has been ap
poihted to take comiaaad of the new sloop of war Maiioa, now
at the Tharlestown Navy Yark
On Ha'ar?ay. the 14th met. the Macedonian and French fri
gate La Olorie,at Peusneola, flred minute gu:H in honor of Ike
memory of ('?nmoilnrs Patterson,
Cam-nodore Edw W Moore, nt the Tetiati nsvy, lately a
Lieutenant in the service of (he United Stales, left N Orleans
on the 10th mst. for Oalveston.
Leila, from Convey for .NYork, wi?h emigrant*, dwmasteO?
about 4th inst,, I at 41 43, loa 47 46
()angr*,of aad for NewYork.from l-ondonderry, with passen
gers, -i? days oat? had evperieneed a heavy gait, which caased
her to spriuc a leak, aad the < rew were then throwing a part of
the rargo (?Istes) overboard? - Aug 1, lat 61 7, loo 10 W
ValM ?ttates Porta,
P-a t i.iso Sept 3* -nrr Areot, Sherman, NVsrk, America,
tit nrnvsTra, Sep* 11 -are Hodson, Tarr, NYork
Fan. Rivra, iept 04? arr ladepen.teor* , St, .art, WYork via
Pros idetwr .
Paeviacnra *ept 16 -err t am.il*, Champtia, NToek; *W
Effort, t>*b?ene, do; Prasidenee, Reewn do; arr Angerstts,
Crowell, do, B inner. Tare, <h?; M.rtha k Hasan, Pa* is, do,
Munkiaro Ceti we4l, Ho, Friend Paker, do; 10th, Anar.md%
SvliiT5 Falcon, Bricc, Eaalport for
NYork, eld Convoy. Carroll. do; Benj Billow, W.Mir, 4m.
v It t??1, '?P Owiw Wut, (Sw) Nocwold, N
K; do ? **' *'* R w *?i Ta,t Bo*'
N?ork' JM
No?fol?, H?,,t 84-.it AinohitriU, Hickmwi, NYork; Al
do; Philip Dtptjfilir. Finir, 4o, hml been ukoic.
ere ?re upward* of -JO sail wf vessel* put iu mid anchored
under scawell'; Poiut, on account of NE winds.
NVork 8<"pl c?,h?riu? Wilcox, Smith, for
? urs,
Charleston, Sept 33? *ld Veto, Brown, NVork.
St Mary*, Fla, Sept 15? arr Lucinda, Robinson, from New
New Orlf.a**, Sept 18 ? arr Ocmulgee, Knowltt, NYork;
17th, HunUville, Si>umville, do.
F?rei|n Porta. , ,
St Pierre, Mart, Aug 31? riatilla, Hine*, of Plymouth, for
NYork, 14 day* ? the only American.
Rta Grande. Aug 18? Himilah, from NYork, ldg.
There were uo American vessel* at Aui Caye*, 20 da)t
OO-MR. BRISTOW? L?t all bad writers look at
hi* advertisement. "20 lin
BILL OF FARE, of JOHN LEVI'S H?u*e of Refreshment,
New|Buildings, corner of Fulton and Nainu *treet*.
Corned Beef Sd
? Perk 6
Boiled Mutton <
" Ham 6
Motton Soap 6
Beef Sonp *
Mush and Milk ?
Bice and Milk 9
Beer 8
Reast Turkey l*.6d
" (iuom 1 0
" Chickt-o 1 6
* Duck 1 ?
" Beef ?
- Pork 6
M Veal 6
u Lamb 6
Fr?e<* Fi?a 0
Veal P* b j Cider ?
Rice Pudding b | Apple Dumpling ltd
Suet Pudding C | Mince Pie 6
Plumb Puddiug 6 Peach Pie 0
Indian Pudding 0 i Pumpkin Pie 0
HbrilltlT aitd tea.
Fish Cakes lid
Broiled Mackerel 6
Poached Eggs 1 0
Hat Muffin* 6
Buckwheat Cake* 6
Toast ?
Beef Steak M
Pork Steak 6
Fried Litw S
'? Kill) 6
Haul and Egg* 1 6
Boiled Eggs 6
Sausages ti j Tea or Coffee 0
OvsTras will fee served at his establishment in every styltt
at all hour* during the day, and aatil 13 o'clock, P. M. He i*
alto prepared to supply families at their re*iden:e*, either
opened or in the shell, on the most rtasoaahla tern**. *38 3t*
FOR SALE, the two be*t State Room* in the Saloon
of the Brilith Queen, Net. 15.816 and 19,830. Thece
berth* wert expresily engaged for Madame Cclette, who is
prevented by circumstance* from crowing the Atlantic the
present voyage.
Apply at the Herald Office, or the agents,
*38-3t M? 4 Jones' Lane.
Atla*|w ill be publithed tomorrow, double it* usual size, at
the old price ? three cents ouly. It will contain a full and in
teresting account of the burning of tlie National Theatre ?
French. Butch and African Church, fee fee.? with splendid
Wood Cuts? also a full expose af Ihe Police *y tem ? ibe con*
elusion af Julius Jackson? Theatricals ? Latest Intelligence.
Advertisement* mast be hauded in at an early hour to secure
iniertion in the double *heet. *38 It*
Secret art'* Orrtcc. Albany, Aug. 16, 1839.
TY OF NEW YORK ? Sir: ? Notice is hereny given you'
that the term of *er-ice of Henry Floyed Jones, a Senator for
the First District of this State, will expire on the last day of
December neat, and that a Senator i* to be chosen in that di*?
tricl, to which the county of which yon are Sheriff belong*, at
the gei eral election to be held on the fourth, lifth and sixth
day* of November next.
Vou will al*o take notice, tkat a propose, amendment to the
Constitution it to be submitted to the people, at the taid elec
tion, at which the electors are to vote " for the election of |
Mayor* by the people.r or " Agaiott the election of Mayor* by
the people."
At the tame election the following officer* are al*o to be cho
ten, vie: thirteen member* of Aitembly for the said city and
county, and a Register in the place of James Gulick, whose
term expires on the last day af December next.
Respectfully yours.
J. C. SPENCER, Secretary of State.
The above i* a true copy of a notification received from the
Secretary of Sta e. JACOB ACKER,
Sheriff of the City and County of New York,
Sheriff1* Office, New York, Aug. 30, 1839.
All the public newipapert in the county will publish the
above ance iu each week until the election.
See Revised Statutes, vol. l*t. chapter Itli, title Sd, article
3d, part l>t, page 330. ?JtvlawtE
BVCKWHEAT CAKES, at PattiL*oa<* Coffee Saloon, cor
ner Nassau aad Ana (tract*, every morning and even
ing. *3??f |
CIRICKET ? A match of Cricket, the mod admired of Eo
' gli*h Game*, will come off on Monday, the 30th inatant, at
tha g round corner of Smith aad Bergen ctreeta, Brooklyn. It
will be contested by the most celebrated player* of New York
and Brooklyn, and will no doubt afford a rich treat to all lover*
?t that noble exercise.
The Wickets will be pitched at half past nine A. M.
Sir : Ikin cbtiiiMl from oar preacher, the Rev. L. Pow
er*. one bottle of Tour Bal*am of Liverwort, which ha* had
the Mrtd effect. I Imt* fit beea clear of pail ta the cheat
and nd?, a ad weakaeM in the back, for mae year*, uaUl I
teoa your vegetable medicine. More than a year ago I waa
pronoaacrd hopele**, bath by medical and btliait al phyti*
ciaa*. My caae ia well kaawa through thu village, aad I take
the liba-ty to yaa oat of pore gratitude. I hare ihdaced May
female* ia delicate health, with iaward wttknm, lu. to u*e
your inert iciae, aad they bad it acta charawneiy.
i. LBE, (lr_
this fSMtZkltw*
MRS. J. LBE. Oraeaport. L. I.
Tht* atedictae it told geaaiac at I7t to wary. Mi ad
?treet, corner of Maditou, (uader I he Church.) II. B.
URAY would inform hit friend aud theiadie* of thi* city ami
Brooklyn, that he ha* now aa hand, and l? oonitaallv manufac
turiag the largest and ino*t elegant ateortment of Ladiet and
Miaaet Cloth, Silk, and Merino Cloake, that can be f<>uud ia
Uw city, which he offer* at price* lower than caa be found in
an* other eMablithmenl.
N. B.? Cloak* made ta order al the *horte?t notice.
H. B. uRAY,
iW-lm'n 60 fiatharioe ttreet, corner of Maditon itreet.
SPICL'LATKD BRICK, competed of iron aad cement,
de*ig?edeipre*?ly for the Laiag of Nott'a Coal Store*, which,
when uaed intheae 'tare*, make* them superior to all other* in
u*e for darability, utility, aad eeoaomy, (every oaa beiag able
to keep hi* owe Store ia order.) Thote deal rout of having
them itted ia their Store*. muat make early applieation to
STRATTEN k BETMOUR, Succeaeor* to H. Nott k Co.
*38- 2w' 244 Water itreet.
VISITING AND WKOolNO t AHI)? -Cngra??d ma |
aew aad improved *tyle. and priated w th the atato?t
eeatneev Ju*t received, a tuperior lot of Porcelain Card*, ei
pre*aly for Tiaitiag aad Weddiag Card*, which lor whiteaeee
and brilliancy ofaoliih caaaot be needed. Peraoat furauhiug .
their owa Card Plate* caa have them priated ia the late?t *tyle, ,
at *hort aoUce.
Stare Carda of every det< riptiua. either Copperplate tr Let
ter Pre**, eieeuted oa favorable term*, by applying at
Faat.ioaable Card. Eagiatiagaad Printing E*tabli*hmeat,
*48 Iw* 68 J?ha tt-, corner of William.
< 4 TRACTS are <tiibb?ra thing*."? Mntt't ?e!f-feediag coal
r STOVES were awarded the tret premium, a (ilvrr
medal, at the late Fair of the MechaaicN ln?Utnte. They hat e
been awarded a*fir?t premium*.
One Mirer medal ia IH38,
Onetilver medal ia IM7,
Twotilver aiedal* ia IW, aad
t>ae ?ilrer medal ia ISM.
They have iho brea awarded aiace ISM, the tir*t ) ear that
they wtre introduced, nine Diploma*. There are sow more
thaa tON ta u?e in thi* city, prariag their coatiaued *upe
The aew Combiaatioa Stove ?* *o eon-truclrd that all the
?team and *me!l i* cowd acted to the chimney witliout eoming
into the room.
A Stove i* in operation daily, which the pul<lic are reqneet
ed to etamine pveriou* to p?i renaming elae where.
?JH- lmi?* 1M Water *treet. ea*t Peck Slip
DA Nt IN a* AND WALTZI,X?-Mr SMtAFfrhM beg*
leava to acquaint hit patroa*. and the ladle* aad gentle
men {,f thi* city, that hi* Cla*ae? for Dancing aad Wattling,
Hop Waltaiag. fce , will com me ace on Thuitday, September
?JO. at the A|>ollo Aaeemhly Room, 418 Broadway, which ha?
been refitted ap with addittoaal Saloon f?r the Laaie*, in a far
tupenar manner to any ia thi* city
Sc'-ool day* ?? Tharvdaj* aad Sahu4*y? fo* Mi**e* (and
Ma*ter? Wider I? year* of age.) Clae*e* will be formed at I
o'clock. P. M.; tiratlemea'* f'laatet will be formed at 7 o'clock
P M.
For trrma atid particalar* pleaae to call al the Apollo, where
the Book* for tubectibert are bow open.
Mr. B. will attend Semiaartee, aire Pi irate Le*eat ia Claae
e? or Single, ia familie*, or at hit re?idenre, 4J9 Broadway
For further particular* pleaae call a* aborr mentioned.
I'lrit public Ball will be oa Monday. September 30. Ticket*
?I. to be hid at the Apollc
No gentleman will be permitted to dance or w?!ti mi b*ot?
"r f oefc <-?at* e98 It*
%N1EL tlRNAkrENfi-JaM received, a treat va
IVI nety of Maatel Ornamente, eonewtiag of Brnnred aad
Oilt Oieaadoiea, with rich prwmi ; alto Freach (Wt ' ande
lebraa, togetker with i greas variety of ffroaaed and Berlia
I rim Ornament*. ?e*h aa Card Rack*, Vaaea. Thermometer*
Ink AtaaA* SfMfltapa. tM^wae Mauda, Rc R<
*18 } II, Matdta Lane.
FREE TRADE? No Combiaatiwn? Okia
?ad Illinois Lilt* traaofiort
from Nsw York to the Western BUUi at
prtona stated below.
Chaelk* E. Little k Co. on the Erie Cml.
t DfTi !i Park )
A. McCullv, ' I Commercial Line o? the Ohio c*u*l.
Babees, Oat mar fc Co, Agent* on the Lakes.
T. M. Houthwick, 17 Coeuties Blp, Agent.
Leave* from No. 17 Coeaties Slip daily, by White k iak?rt
? ? Troy, and by Canal Boats of the fir?t via**, from Troy
to Buffalo.
Iu*uranee ok the Western Lake* (if required) SOB, 000
Price */ allotted (Vend* J'rom New York
To Buffalo, 80e
Rochester, ? 60
Cleveland, O. IM
Akron, do $1 30
Massilloa,do 1 86
Dover, do I 60
Drjden, do I 63
Newark, O. M
Waterloo to Port*
mouth, do 1 80
Huron to Detroit, do 1
Btyond Detroit to
Miclugau City, 1 &0
'hiladelphia anil Pittaburg. by
Iron Boat* without stop or trauifer, from Philadelphia to ritts
bur<. $l430c heavy goods; $1 76c light, from Philadelphia to
Pittsburgh. T. M. 80UTHWH K, Agent,
?38-8t* 17 Coenteis Slip.
NTI HUMBUO STOVEslAtNo. 363 Water street?
A new article In the Stare line just made its debut in
Water street ? and so simple in it* eonairurfon, that it ran be
managed by the latest imorted domestic fro at the * Emerald
lile," without first acquiring a practical knowledge <>f engi
neerinf. Call and see them. E. P. LOW kCo.
s38eodlm* No. 03 Water street.
ELlORATIwN CHURCH, in lenlrTTlall, corner of
Ceutre Market and Oraud street. ? Tomorrow a meet*
iug will be held, for the pur|K>se of tradicating error* and es
tablishing the principles of I ruth.
In the morning a Rev. Episcopalian aud a Rev. Univer alist
will illustrate the Test of the Rich man and Laza-us. In the
afternoon li e Mormnuite will show the beauties of their Bible,
the honesty of Juo. Smith It Co., and the wisdom of King of the
beRKar?; aud in the evening the Test Matt. 32 33d the 8th,
wo uuto you. Scribes and Pharisees, ye blind guides.
Rev. learned Divines are requested to attend and illustrate
the text for the benefit of the prople.
N. B. ? To comnruee at half past tea, half pwit throe and half
pasi seven in the evening. Females ad in ii ted free. Vocal mu
sic practiced iu the Hall oue hour prior to the general meeting*
for the benefit of le, truer*. *18 It*
C1 HOWDKR ? Will be served up this day at II o'clock, A.
J M., at the Custom House Enhance, 36 Pine street, on the
first toor, by H I LL Y ER & LO W. s38-U*
er call attention to an advertised medicine but from strong
conviction of its utility. For this medicine we hava before
adverted from couvictimi obtained by our esperience. and from
seeing it successful in many case*, and we uow speak of it
to call the att. ntion of the pcor, who are so much exposed to
the w?aiher, and to whom this remedy will prove a real ble?t
iug. N* medicine ever offered to the public has been sogen
erally successful in consumptive complaints, as this; and it
should always be in use where there is coughfs, colds or pains
in the breast It will be well ta procure the genuiue at 376
Bowery. aSB-St*
CAPITAL WANTED ? A person who has >eeu ten years
in basme**, in thi* city, and can command a ccaiinissiun
butine** of u to $700,000 a year, on merchandize, alwayt
saleable ? a large portion of the sales are made for ca?h ?
willies a silent or active partuer, who can command $16,000
| on short notice. None others need apply.
Address H. A. D., box 1046, Lower Post Office. sN 3t*
A. A. MOTT, N<>. I i6| Bowery aud* 463 Broadway,
respectfully invites the Ladies of this city and vicinity, to call
at the above places on Monday, the 30th instant, and look at
her fashior.able millinery, adapted to the present season.
Also, at her establishment in droadway, will be kept con
stantly on hand, Mouseline de Lame, Challys of the richest
quality, together wilh Embroidery, French Ribbon. Flowers,
Bilk Haudkerchiefi, and Scarf Blond Lace, Paris Glove*. fcc.
s2S Isr*
JOHN PLUNKETT respectfully informs his fiiendi and the
public in geueral. that he has opened the Store No. 97 i
Nassau street, secoud door alu c Puitou street, wlieie he will
continue to furnish his patrons with the choicest Havana Se
gars, at wholesale and retail , in addition to which he has
made arrangements to furuish them also with a genuine and
pure article of French and German Wines, French Braudies,
Liquors, Absynthe, (Juimbu Water, Syrup and Preserves,
lie. fcc.
Gentlemen from Europe, the South, and the West, who are
partial to good Havana Segari, and the pure juice of the grape,
are respectfully invited to call and judge lor themselves.
N.B ? The subscriber flatters himself, from the experience
he has had in his line of business, that be is able to compete
wilh any other in the same line. s38-lw ins *
J. PARKER has the houor to announce to his frieids and
the public, that his School for the Winter seasou, will o|.?n on
Thursday the 3d of October. ? Days of tuition Thursdays and
Saturdays. Young Ladies' elass frota three to five o'clock ? Boy*
from five to seven ? Gentleman's class from eight to ten. >lr.
r. pud*.. If l? Ikav fiHiiliv, who mujr I or him with
their patronage, that the strictest attention will be paid to the
pupils by himself and daughters, to forward them in thenolita
art of danciug and waltcu g. For the accommodation of I ami
lies residing tn the upper part of the city, Mr. P. intends open
ing a Bel out at the Military Hall, Bowery. Mr. P. will al*o
give private lesson* at the residence of I he pupils, Public Se
minaries and Select Aaadsmies. ? Terms made known by apply
ing at the residence of Mr. Parker, No. 307 Bowery. ?38?6t
A CARD ? Mr. WALLA) K hegs very respectfully to in
form the public, that the hope Tie hud < utertaiued tkat Ike
management of the Chetnut street Theatre, Philadelphia,
would hava been able to paetpone Mr. Keaat engagement for a
week, thereby giving that geutlemui an opMitanity of re-ap
Karing in New York on his recovery from his lata illness, and
r. Vandenhaff having kindly consented to postpone his en I
ragement for a week, In order to meet this an augemeat, Mr.
WiawM>nnced Mr. C- Kean to appear on Tueaday nest, at the |
National Theatre, adjoining Nibln's, in Broadway, from a ,
letter just received, it is found (though with every kind wish
ud desire to nrooHimodate,) that the isaperativa nature of the j
engagements of the Philadelphia Theatre renders it impracti
cable. Mr Kean cannot, therefore, act in New York until
what should have been his second engagement, which will com
mence on Monday, Oct. 38th? in consequence of which, Mr.
Vaadenkoff has kiadly consented to resame his origanl time,
and will make his first appearance here for twelve moalhs. on
Tuesday. I*t October. *38
PASTOR, HAiK CUT *<>, ItSA tireoowieh atreet.?
A. Paator tikn (kit Offwrtinit; It iibrn the put lie,
after lou|Mprri?M? in hi* kutitra, h? hat formed a compoii
lion, called
Or Cmh?? iMMtialOll ?? Aim ???!>,
For dcatroyiug dandruff. and prtTttling the hair from
com lag out or turning g rey, an infallible rente dy iiainl kild
mm, and the jxiWic may rely on it, that A PASTOK'S COM
POUND OH- ia the wlieleewmeat and be*t Oil for the hair?
nakn it grew thick aad loB|,pmmtiiti failing off or turning
n, and area if hair hat begun to tnra grey, ia wh a noariihtf
?e hair, that by uae it will reatore it ta ita aataral eel or
aleo prevent* hair Irtim becoming ai.aded, aad if hair ii olrendy
?hadrd, which ia a great diafigurement to young ladiea, and ii
aaed forathort time, it will reatore it to ill natural color, tleai
the teurf, and keep the head and hair clean, promote* eyebrow*
aad akhkm. A liberal dieeount made to wholesale pa re ha
ara. A. PASTOR,
1M Ore* a trie h street, N. T
Plia?, K> cent* per battle, highly perfumed. ttf I in'
ARTIFICIAL TEETH ? Inserted en the priaciple of
Atmoephcric Preaaure from * aingle toeth to a complete
?et, by W . Thorn, Aurgical ana Mthuiral Bentiat teem
London, 434 Broadway, entrance ia Howard et ? oAre hour*
from eight until *ii au3l lm*i?
oou a lOUL. MURK T J WOOD, Importer of
Meclianice' Tool*, ha* continuity on hand a very ei
tea*i*e and valuable attoctment. for tale at hi* ilorr, V' . I
Chamber*. .rner of Chathim ttrtei.
Plane* of every variete, taw* of eaery detcnptiou. tqnare*
and bevelt, apirit levelt, anger* and auger bitlt, bitt* for
brace* of every ihape; file*, a large *?eortmeat} ma hema
tic ?l iaatmmenta. variety of turning Ulhea, tcrew toola, mill
ing do, taraing do, gat band* aad hooka for lathe*, boiea
and tape for cutting wood -crew*, turning taw*, a ftrtt rate
article; gen<lemniS tool rhettt. Ml< d with bett <(ualilyofj
tool*; wrench, aad eeery other devription of hammer*; glove,
bnith, *he?p and hor*e a hear* ; a large a*ter ment ol' bent
anal ? i tie1' rirter file* and rntpa, tape meaturea, carving
toola, taw tpindlea, all tiiea, cabinet maker*' rlitmpt,b?ncl)
?crewt , haJd acre wa. chiael* and gonge*. plane iron*, oil
?tuaea, vice*, plien, rutting k nipper*, calliper*, draw platea,
do Uinfi, tcrew platet, ilm at anil diar*, aiet, adt?* and framing
chiaela, ( American ) warrant' d, linear ahoerN draw knivtt, a
m per tor article; butcher anal a hoc do, croeti*. glue, emery and
?aad paper, drill tl.tkt, guaget, bohblet for level*, graven,
penkniaea, raaor* and tcita.tr*, with a general aa*ortment. Mut
able for almoaf any kind of hutineet. Imu*
J OHM C. BKNNEHT, Or' .ary and Relert.rry, Mo. Or
Wooater, coraer of Hpnug ?treet, New Ywrk. Oyttert
?erred up in every *tyle.
N . B ? Private room*, where rompani can be accommodated
with Breakfaat, Dintcr and *upp?-r, the bett the market af
orilt Alao, Wia' t of the choice*! .jaalitiet. anl3-l?Hi
DIHIf.A*k H (?? f Ml EYE I'K WHEK.LKR with con
Menc- aaaure* the |mblir, that there ia acarcel? any die
eaae to which that tend r ta-l h~aulifal erg an, TIlE Kl E, it
aabjeet,thatdoea not yield 'o hi* humane and tuccetWul mod*
of treatment. Reference* |iven tai the llnl famili't; and atten
?lance at hia oflkce, M ' Jrccpa with atreei,near the Batte-y. froir
4 A. M. until IP. M., arter wh?ch he derotet hia time to on'
floor patient*. auA-Jmit
AN K W 1)I<H UVKK\ r ? nlmlwr h*a <tia???.-red an
infallible remedy for all fv'ixlary and pnmary catet ?t
a eertein dti?<ur. which n M known tc any other Phytician
in the Unite* Ht ,te*. lit pledge* b.oiaclf to cure th? rrima
ry' in'from A to 10 dayt. *ad tt>* acaaoadnry, auch a* Ulcer*,
tad limba, aore tbr mtt, Sc., ia from M to 40 day*; no charge
will be made, not e?#n for Medicine onleaa a complete cure
ia effected. Tlwa? deairotie I* toat the Irn'h of theae facta,
may do to by tailing *t the I4M Muaiaoa-*tre*t.
? IB Iwta*
U.*n, nu a uitt.M ? n^? ettra Hue r lovence tl ratal Bonneta
1*do pimn Knglnh Bi-aw dc, )uet meived and for tale
oa lihoral term* hy R la. SMITH It ('*
tai 9m* IR fear! R
will be perf'otmed the opera of ? ?(,
CINLERLLLA-^CliMltnMlii Mn. MkftjQ ? Prince Fein Mr
la the first act of Cinderella, a PAS 8EUL, by MAD A MP
ARRALI.lE. 1 * -,B*
In the second act, a PAS DE DEUX, by MADAM ts UH BI
To conclude with the farce of THE AOREEABLE ML' R
PR'SE? Dom Felix, Mr. Fiaher ? Cowalin. Mia* P<m,U.
Id which character ih* will sing WHATCAN IT MEAN"
PerlarinauLc in future will flonaMiie* at qu wur kih
? 'clock .
Eos Tiekeip. $1? Pit. AO cent* ? Gallery, 3* rent*.
Bowery theatre? t. s. hamblin sole man
TII18 EVENING, September 46, will be pcrfsi nild tha
Grand Romantic Drama of NICK OF THE WOODS? Telia
Doe, Mr*. Shaw.
Previous to which, (lint time in lire rear*) the laughable farea
ol NOTHING SUPERFLUOUS, ar Set a Beggar on
Horseback ? Sadi, Mr Ga es.
Boor* open at 7 o'clock -the performance to coauaeoee at (pat
ter before S precisely
Price* ? Boxes. 79 cents ? Pit, 97} cents? Gallery, 96 eeata.
1* Sept. 38 1839, will be ptrfermed
Trie Petit Comedy of OLD AND YOUNG? Tha Four Mow
brays, Mm Randolph.
Alter which H?rr Cliuc will appearand go through some ?/
his most wonderful feats.
After which a variety of perfonnaucea on the Elastic Corde,
by Matter BASIL IO.
After which Don Francisco Sanchez Le Caraquena's |?f>
fornunce on the Tight Rope.
To conclude with a ne ? piece called the DESTRUCTION
OF JERUSALEM? Emanuel, Mr. Bannitter? Amantha,
Mrs. Flynn.
Prices? Boies 75 cents? Pit 37J cts.,? Gallery M eta. Children
under 13 yeats, half price to Boies
Doors open at 7 o'clock, and the curtaia will rite at half poet
seven pieciselv. si 1 tin*
A. v L1AM N1BLO respectfully announces that tkii Eitak*
lithmmt is now open (or the SEASON.
THIS EVENING, September 38, the entertainment* will
commence witb the
Extraordinary Performances oa THE TIGHT ROPE by tha
Ravel Family.
After which the Comic Ballet of the HUNGARIAN MILLI
NERS? The Principal Characters will be acted by tha
Ravel Family.
Full half an hour for Rrfreihments.
To conclude with the New Pantomime called the GREEN
MONSTER? The Principal Character* by the Ravel
Civil and efficient Officers will be in attendance to preserva
good order, aad prevent the adcsissien of improper penoa*
No postponement at any time, aa visitors to the Garden caa
pass from the street, through the Grand Promenade to the Pro
menade Saloon, free from damp or wet at all tinea.
Tickets 40 cents.
Doors opea at 7 ? the eatertaimeaU to commence at half
past seven o'clock.
Omnihnsses will rua to and from the City Hotel to the Gaa>
den. daring the evening. jy"J4-y
RAND ATTRACTION.? Paklic Exhibit ioa of the Pain
tine of Boissy D' Anglos; a icene of the French Revolu
tion.? This magnificent Painting, by the celebrated Vinchoa,
represents a sctti of the moat dramatical and vivid interest.
There are expressed, in the most animated style, anger, fury, tha
thirst of blond ia opposition to coolneas of mind, to passive cour
age aud to dignity.
There are no less than two hundred person* of life site in tha
Painting, and among them James Monroe, Minister Pleaipo
tentiary from the United States in the year 1796.
This master niece which ha* attained general success through
out the cities ef Europe, through France, and lately at New Or
leans, is eihibit>d at the Clinton Uall, Beekinan street, oppeesta
the brick meeting house.
Doors open from 9 A. M. to 10 at night.
Admittance, 3&ceuts. Season tickets, M cenU. zr-w-sw I
11 tion and isle of all kinds of Domestic aad foreign Br j
Goods, at tbe lowest possible price ?
\ol kirn '?*? H i" th? United S tales !
This evtahlishmcnt ( Wm. Vann's, 391 Grand street, ia tha
city of New York) possesses facilities, evteat, beauty, and gea
eral arrangement*, not equalled by any thing of the kind in Ihia
country ? Conducted upon principles perlectly equitable, tha
easterner, after trading once here feela perfect confidence, per
fectly at home, as no jockying ia allowed, aad no second price
ia ever made under any circumstance ? any kind of goads caa ba
purchased with the greatest security ? even if the purchaser ia
unacquainted with the value of the article required.
The fall trade will he opened on a scale, and eaten*, unequalled!
by any retail establishment la the history of dry goods:?
Lots, quantities, load*, stacks, mountaias ef food a, of every
kind, domestic and foreign, rare and beautiful silks and satins,
b roc he and caahmere shawls, Lupia's superb French merinoea.
mousse ho* de laines, Saxony de laines, British merino* s ao4
eUiaoee, embroideries, laees (Esgluk Uuw*i),iai U*e g??Js
Woollen clothes, cassimeres, lattioets and vestings, flannels,
blankets, counterpains, quilts and comforters, table linens, fur
nitures, dimities, fringes, he.
CLOAKS. -The ?essen will commence with MO novel, una
ful and elegant cloak*. WM. VANN'S, 391 Grand Street,
*33 lw* ms between Allen aad Orchard.
39 Mudi* Lamb*
THE vabeCMber respectfully informs his friends aad the put
lie, that he has just received a complete assortment ad
Fall and Winter Goods, which he will make up at Ma usual
low prices, for cash, vis. :
Over Cents of Pilot Cloth fl9 00teJ0 09
Beaver . 3? 99 la MSB
Dress Ceats ? Bread 19 M to 99 SB
Frack IS M to 91 99
Pantaloons ? or Cassimsra, Be. 9 SB to 19 9B
Vests ef Satins, Woollen, Velvet*, aad Valencia 4 SS to 9 SB
Persons furnishing their own goods, ena have then mats np
at the following low prices, via. :
Over Goats made aad trimmed 911 9S to M 99
Dress 9 M to 11 99
Frock 9M to IS SB
Pantaloons 9 SB
Vesta S9B
N.S.? All garments made at thia establishment art made by
the best workmen, and warranted to St.
s9 3 mis* URIAH P. HARRIS
MADAM K AUOUBTlNl.from r?r.., inform the Wnr
of New York (hat ?he liu arrived in thia city, wktr*
?h? intend* to follow her trofiriMHl Fiuli fuTtKIM,
aud in that capacity offer* her *ervic?*, with tha full eat eoa
idaaace of being ab?a to gia* entira anUafaction, having
nnder aoveral of tha moat AttingiiaM profaaaora of hrk
MtduM A.'? addrea* ia 4M Broadway, two doora fraa Canal
atraet. Attendaure from 9 dcUck t II 7 IB.
N B ? The poor can receiva ad trie* gratia between Man h*w
of IB and If each day. (9 laa* Ih.
ro? tub
GREAT n ??**?? and a greit reputation are peoofc that Uaaa
article i? the only one of th? kind which prndna** ga*d
(Seen, and i* uaafaal to th? human hair. Tha article cairiaa
with it it* own recommendation, and i* not to W eianaed witk
that h oat of imitation* with which thim city abound*
It* BVALiTir.a.? On the fint day of ita ?pp licatioa it kagina
to act in preveotaog the hair from turning rray
By ita n*e dry and wank hair will be rendered utrang, pliaklt,
brilliant and curly.
By it* rmplayoaent, lieada entirely bald wilt bo nfMM
with hair.
It ia a valuable (peaiAc foral haaaaaa of the *kia aad hair.
Tito** perwiw who are in want of fata* kair Junna Ike trant
nient ran be aapnlled at the relahlithment of A. O. I , No. I
Barclay ?tre*t. where will be found an rate oat re anonwnt of
Wig*, Toupeea. kt . Ik c. of a manufacture which cannot bt
?urpaoaed ui the II. State*. The mat *ala of thee* artiilan
ha* enabled Mr. Urandjean to it the price at $4 to flfa
No. I Barelay atrwat . corner Broadway *fcla*ia
RTIFICIAL ITEETH? without Claapa, Ligatoano, he.
from a aingle tooth to a full and aoaaplate *et. on tha p*to
ciple of atmoaphartc pceaaure, by M. LkVCTT, Daatiat, No.
Jtn Broadway, cor. o( Warren <treet .
[Fr?m t a N. Y. Commercial Advertiaer J
friend nt our elbow raqaawt* u* to notion aOM
teeth h? had inaeited by Dr. Levatt.of No MO Brondhvay . aat
to *tate hia entire kalaafaction, not only with rana>4 Hrti*
teeth themaelve*, but lh* manner in which laaa Mkat*
operation an performed
" Dr. Level! hai beam too long b> far* the pnblic a* the m
troducar of tha 'Atano-ptaerac I'reaaaara principle,' to wydH i
ayllahle from u*. optt li
TtHr.N.CI'M HC?TF.I.^-Tho'*iibacriknr U
IX. receive application* from faanilioa, and gent!
lug board during the winter teaaon.
I^O LET.? A tmall aAce neatly fitted up far u Rirhanga
O'flrr, for which it hat htm occupied aaid for which, to
a man who haa tlie nece*?ary facilitiea, it ?* an eligible ait no
tion? bring m a great thor??ghfare in the nnaiiy of two
frrri??, the depot ofth*Ci aa?ttic?t aad Boat<a .teamboala.
far. kt. Apply at N<< I Peck *lip. ? J* if
O Manufacturer of Bteam F.ngiaea, llydro*tn#c a*4 Rcrew
Pre-aeea, Turning and tcrt w t nitine Ultiet, W i ?*? aai
highly in. proved principle, flaming. Prilling ainl Borv.ig Ma
-hlnery, a!t hiatal* of r.n;inea, Tnola, Tohncco and < ntting
Enrioe, Screw* for Cotton Pr?*?e*, fa fa
Bleerker atr?*t, corner of Mrfaser, N. Y.
M B.? A four h ira* Btea-n R*ine for ?ale low. anlB-lma*
want of th? verv he?t o- ?',l? ?f ?*? ? low peioea.
will C'-n?alt their own mtereat by enlling on tha .nkwriber
(hreviona to rnjrrhvim* el*awhem) and will nlway* Gad a gnod
Waoetmeot. J<?H* A NEWBOULD.
$17 Stan** Wo. t flat* .t
PLATlNta CAHI'i*.? KaaWa, Many th? Eig^t >. >??/? A*"
Heew. \a?d lt*H'udn<w >f l eek^eS mannfa In*' f'?r *alo
a. FfBllsr ft BRW'iB.
#1 L?kert|*??ofa

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