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Uaited Ntulm District C?art<
Before Judge Betta.
f Nev. 7.?The United Statea va. Four cm?re of
Mtrinoa.?Hervey Sl Seide claimantt.?The Dis
trict Attorney opened the ease on the part of the
government. It appeared that the cases of merinos
were imported last spring fiom Liverpool, and were
entered at the custom house as the property of the
claimants. In the entry the good* in question were
described as worsted goods, which are not chargea
ble with duty. On examination by the appraisers at
the public store, it turned out that the consignment
did not entirely comprise worsted goods, but was
partly composed of cotton It was also set up that
the goods were not the property of the claimants,
but merely consigned to them for sale by a firm in
This was the false entry complained of, and the
misdescription was deemed sufficient to bring the
goods within the meaning of the act, and they, the
custom house officers, accordingly seized the pack
age as misdescribed with the intent to defraud the
Mr. Lord, for the defendants, said that he should
?how that the present was a mere constructive seiz
ure on the part of the custom house, and that bis
clients had no intention to act in any way fraudu
lently towards the government. The goods now in
deposite were inspected as Orleans cloth, and known
by that name to persons engaged in the trade.
Robert Thackeray examined.?I have been clerk
to the claimants nearly one year They had just
commenced business at that time. I made the entry
note produced from this invoice
The District Attorney objected to this testimony.
He said it was in proof that the goods were not the
.frorteityof (he claimant, and whether they had act d
inadvertantly or not was not the questiou before the
Mr. Lord contended that the law had in view
fraudulent acts, purposes, or inten s; but the act
itself must be such as to give the conduct ef the im
porters a fraudulent aspect. On his cross examina
tion, Thackeray said that he did not know the goods
as Orleans cloth until last May.
A Vlr. Trith was also examined for the defence,
but he would not swear that the term Orleans cloth
applied exclusively to worsted or woollen goods.
The counsel having sunaoned up the case on the
part of their respective clients, the jury retired under
the charge of the court and found a verdict for the
The court then adjourned
Superior Court.
A Full, Bench Present.
Hit honor the chief justice delivered the following
decision!: ?
The mayor of New York vt. James B. Clark.
Judgment for plaintiff
Da kiel, Austin et c/s vs. John Lloyd and H. Collins.
Judgment for defendant on the demurrer, with liber
ty t<> the plaintiff to amend on payment of emits.
Davil Evans rs. Henry H. Leeds. Motion for
new trial denied.
H enry H. Brown ??. Freemen Kawden etaln. Judg
ment for defendant.
Nathan Cobb vs. Ancell Si. John. Judgment for
the defendant on the demurrer to the 3d plea, and for
plaintiff to the 4th and.lih pleas, with liberty to both
parties to amend on payment of costs
Jotliua D Waterman versus Moult on Bullock ?
Ordered that the motion to set aside the report of
refereerbe denied.
B.t ik of State of New York ad*. James Denniston
and others ?Motion for new trial denied.
John Dinien versus James Thornton ?Judgment
for the plaintiff.
The Court then rose and adjourned.
? eui-i ml t'aiuHsa IMrns.
Before Judges Inglis, at Chambers.
Tht People ex rel Tkomau S. Mercein.?Mr. Gi
rard appeared on the part of the defendant, and read
the alfttiavita filed on behalf of tin client, together
with that of Mrs. Barry. Not a single novelleutue
was exhibited but which has been repeatedly before
tht public.
It will be some days before any decision will be
(?mrral isssiaas.
Nov. 7?The court was opened for the November
term hy the Recorder, with the usual formalities.
The following gentlemen were sworn of the grand
inquest-?Jacob P. Bunting, foreman; David R.
Bum*, Martin Luff, D. H. Tompkins, J. R. Marsh,
Amos R Eno, VV. H. Brown, Stephen Valentine,
Philip Pietch, S. Waterbury, J. Addison, A. II. Pal>
terson, C. U. Kctchnin, J. Abrahams, John Loiter,
Anson Baker, Baldwin Gardner, 8 T. Caswell, Da
vid \V. Wetmore, and *\S illiain Smith .
Th ? R. c<?rder charged the frand jury on the usual
topics, and they retired to their chamber.
I'h - calendar comprises the fallowing heavy cata
logue of offenders:?Killing, 1; arson f; attempt tn
kill, 1; robbery, four; forgery, 1; burglary, 6;
fraud larceny, 1ft; petit larceny, 14; and a?sault and
attery, 0; total 52; rewaini ig over from last term,
87; grand total, 80
1'lie re were no cases tried of the least interest
Adjourned to Friday.
Psllce OMce.
? Nov. 7 ? Wort Auction Frauds.?A country fent
from the town of llolly, Orleans county, caose up to
the city at ths coram-NCeuient of the week, to sec
tb< !su oofs of the New York election, get lionized,
tin'I p irchase some presents to carry home tn his
cousins. Having spent the first two days at the
Coll., he thoujht he would diversify the third day,
y taking a peep at the hulls and liears of \\ ail street,
inspecting the banks, exchange, and other architec
tural ornaments ol thai part ol the city. Whilst |
staring about him. perplexed at the mimeroas strange
sights which every wfcere met his be wildered gaze,
be was aroused by a sou iJ of ?? going," ?? going,"
eacti expression being accompanied with a threat to
knock something down. As a number of verv re
spi'Ciatde looking men wen* going in and out, the
eoii'stry gent went la and asked one of the
Eersons he saw there, what description of store he
ad got tn The other politely informed him ' that
it was an auetioa store, *hir? minulacturers and
merchants short of cash, trade.men going to break,
or private individual* tuc.i panned for money, ware
in th< Iwabst of smiting *i?o<ia to. Inr the pnrposc of
rai?in.; the neecffnl; and that ems. qamtly men with
casn 4in thnr pockets, coulil buy gieat bargains at
hi" i e nporiu'iis " '? For instance," said the com
municative loafer, "von see ih.?t handsome gold
repeater, jewelled in four hole*, patent lever, eice
tern; it is the property ol a mrn planter, who
musk- return home tomorrow Now he baa not
enough money letl tn pay hi? tavern bill, and there
fore ins watcH must be sold. It wi I be pnt up
presrntly, and probably knorked down f>r owe tithe
ol us value II money was >..t so doughty tight I
Could buy it, and make at tin- li .ol Jtil by selling it
to a Incnd wh>>ui I expect do.\ n the river, but I iaiI
ed in procuring a discount yesterday, and so my
frend must look nut for a watch for himself."
I'ne country ?>oit thought it <v >n I !>?? a capital
thin; if be C<>nld buy this * itrh. and accoidingiy
a?k? l hn new acquaint am-. it he could procure him
? m lit of the ttaoble. "tU'roiime nothing %n easy,*'
ft i l thn iv itch w*s im '>*1 ucrd, ><s heauin- ? dilates! on,
it? n-Tita lauded to the skies, md it was pronounced
to be vortii M o<mi| luiMilfsd, Im d d cheap at eighty .
Atleith h<* Hss Hb. ru p|?nt r a gol. wat It Wa? put
up ; m ? hinder. I he auctioi r thnu ,lit it imposai
bli< t i ?t ?ach ss articls should thu? saenflced, ?nd
by ol?avin? or doing - onethtng the ci.untry
gent bid t-ti dollars Home om. rl.s bid el< ven, and
th-! lir t bidder omde it up to t iclve Instantly the
hammer M'a-on the table and the country gi nt de
Clared to b? the loilunate owner of the Southern
plotter a watch.
The b.ryam having been car,fully wrapped up,
the purchaser departed con ratulatin& hi m.elf on Ins
lurks hit. and de crooned to buy a l aud.omi guard
cH.nn to .how oil his go ' ? *'i I" ull id thi< idva,
lie went into a n-.pe. ial> . j a slier* in Broadway
ft? I priced several chain*, it I n th ha wss ab<on
Mi i" ? a bargain w'>e>. i st ? c Inn. a. a g oti time
f., . rt unth acna' W'lth .d ih- Hmthem pl?m
er"' svatth He theref re di-ol ?yed it tn the a.t.<n
?,he I eyes ? f jew. Il r. -nd was in hi* turn elee
trifled With the information that the bcub.e was
irorthi#^ |
The country gent was in a rage, and went to the
police. He told his sad tale, and oificer Bowyer
was sent with a warrant ts arrest the auctioneer.
The country gent pointed out the store of A. T.
Burns, No. 354 Pearl, near the corner of Wall street,
at the scene of his victimization. The officer asked
for the auctioneer, and was introduced to a fair com
plexioned loafer who called himself Aaron Vouvon
kurling, and Bowyer took hiiu into custody to an
swer for the fraud. When before the magistrate, he
told the old story?" all a mistake; ' offered to take
back the watch, return the money, remunerate th<.
officer, pay all the expenses, and any thing else in
the world; if the matter was not suffered to get into
the newspapers. The magistrate permitted the pri
soner to return the money, but took the watch into
his possession and bound the country gent over to
prosecute. He then directed Aaron Vonvonkur
lingto find hail or go to the cells. He found sureties
and was libcraU'd.
The Steam ship BRITISH
QUEEN, JOldtom, 600 horse
power, Lieut Richard Roberts,
R. N., commander, will sail
as follows:
From iVrio Yui k. I From London.
Isl December, I IstJtnuary,
1840 lit February, | 1st M rcb,
lit April, l?t May,
1st June, I la July,
1st August, | 1st September
1st October.
600 tons of cargi will be taken, f >r freight of which or pas
????, apply to
4 Jones' Laue,rear 10S Front street.
No secoad class passengers taken
No goods will be received on board with?at an order from
is Ageuts.
.ill experienced Surgeon is attached to the ship. n7y.
The steam snip LIVER
POOL, 1160 tons burthen
and 460 horie power, R. J.
44" ' '
Fatrbb, R. N., coinmandtr,
is appointed to sail as follows :
New York. | From Liverpool.
14th December, 1839 | 10th November, 1639.
30th Februaiy, 1840 \ 80th January, 1840.
Thereafter on the -JOtli of each alternate month.
fare is Liverpool, thirty nte guineas ($163 33) in the aft,
od thirty guineas ($140) in the fore saleen, including wines
>u<l all stores Steward's fees $V No second class passen
.ers taken, Children wider 13, and servants, half price.
100 tons freight will be taken?application first to be made
t the office.
An experienced surgeon accompanies this ship.
For passage or freight, apply personally or by letter to
JNO. POLLOCK, Liverpool;or to
ABM. BELL Jt CO. Aleuts, 117 Fulton st., PC. Y.
N* B?The cotnpiny'i new ship the " NEVV YORK," of
1400 toas burthen, will commence alyii g early in the 1810 ?
thus affording a departure on the aOlh of each mwut^, to and
from New York and Liverpool. n7
James Ho?keu,Commander.
a Sails from New York for
?- Bristol, on SaturJay, 16ih No
vember neat.
? A Fares to Bristol in main Sa
*-<>3 ,A\ IiVbRvX loo:. and Deck State Rooms,
thirt -fiive guinea*, ($16 ) 33,Jin
Fore Saloon Slate Rooms,
thl'tv guineas. ($140) fluid*
eu uudce 13 au'i servants half priee. Steward's fees ?1 10.,
t? 66.) Xo second class or steerag* passengers taken.
An esperieured surgeon is 'ttachen to the ship, and every
,>rovi*iou made lor tlie romfoit aud security of passengers.
Site e?D take about *200 toua freight.
For freight or passage applv personally ?r by letter, to
- VIN.r*"
o16-1in RICH \1<D IRVIN, 98 Front -treet.
Pa. Through from New York In K.-utoo iu H hour*. ?
Fnr Mill uply ?( No.X'ourrtnidl few Awn fronj
Rrwadwty. JAMEi W 1IOPR, f roprieior.
oh In*
'Landing at the uiual Wndtnr*.?The new and
' elegant iteambnal UTIf A, Cap- Truecdell,
? ill ItMt the ilrimMal pi**, fool of LiWrtj ilrtK, Balur
day aftrorn >on, November 9th, >1 6 o'clock.
cor Ireighl or panage.apply 10 t^ROOK h FOWKKB. e? r
-r nl" W?l ami Liberty atreeU; PKTKH C. BCIIULTZ, >1
ihe ollc* or the Captain uo board.
N.B.? VII (nuJ*.'r*ift)t, baggnge, bank bill*, tpecie, or ?ny
? rhei kind ol p.-operty, taken only ai the ri?k of the ownrr*
thereof. mr*7T..
??dirrct, without landing at the intermediate
landing*.? The new andrlecant Bleambi.tt^
ROCHESTER, Capt. St. John, will leave Ihr ateainhoat ni?r,'
r.K?t of Libeity tlreot, on F iday afternoon, Nov. Nib, at
% 1'clock
Far |H<N(ior freight Hr?pljr to the Captain on board, or to
ROORC * FOWKB, corner of Wtil and Libert) alree!*,
,r U P. C. B< HULTid. at the office or the Captain < n board
All good*, freight, bank bills, *pccic, or ether property Ukon
r (hipped ou board of tl.ia boat, mu<t be at the ri*k of the own
en thereof ll
r-, I 'rM^ir TON. Daily, (Buudaje oiceptetl,) at ? P. M,
fron BatUry Place Pier Na. I, North Hi
?er. via Hioi.ington, N? wpnrt and Prr.viifrnc*
" MaHiihtiHili,C^iL r.iiimt<i(k
" Rho?le I-laud, Capt Thayer.
" Narragainetr.CaplChiid
PrueidMice, Capt Wool*ey, \
" Lenagton Capt. Vanderbilt
of the ah .tr BoaU will lea?e New V ?rk daily, cicept
??ii n lay.
I'ai?en?n the arrital of the Steamer* at Btoniagtoa
nay take the R?,< (toad Can and proceed with the mail imme
tiaiely to Pro>i^nce or 3w*loa.or way continue in the eteam
tr, ria Newport, and lake the rail road car* at Providence for
I oat in.
The Rtaamar Lemgtoa, Captain Vaadcrhilt, will leare thia
aft rwoon, Friday, Bth November. at 4 o'clock, from Pier
M< 11 >r Btoaiagios, and the Rude Lllad aid Proiidene<, to
ut i?t row.
Pa??ugen. oc the arrival of the "?leaner at fltooingtoa nay
ake the Rail Road I in ?'d pr^eed with the Mail immedi
itelj to l*m?iiliKt and ?o?ton i'lt
GRIUTDaILY 8 pram bo at line,
(Yia Naarvu ?ai> Po*T?a?i'tHJ
U. B. MAfl..?The *aperior iwift Steam
ALABAMA, Captain Bctton,
OF.ORUfA, * Kolliw*,
Will laaee Bal'iewr* trot* the Uwee end of *peer'? wharf, al
irritate y EYERY AFTERNO ?N at time o'clock, nr kkii
at* er the arriva of the Can aud Steamboat* from Philadel
The Man>lat,d aad Virginia Company having lake* the
B eambo<t IImrjli into ?hnr Line, ran aa?are pn?aenfer? to
arrive ia tiaC Sif the P- rtanwHilh and R.niiwke Rati Hoad for
? haetnion and the Jima Kmr Boat* going to I'eier.bairg aad
On thia rout* there arc no chance* from can, *teamboal*
an I *tage< in the dea<l of ni|tit a- ?a l?a Wa?hington mule.
N. B ?The Bo.it a?ver leive* Baltmwre until after the ar?
rival of the Car* from ftnlaile'ph.a.
J W. BROWN, Ag?-vt
r "i iff mt I: " ' T v ..7 I f> I *
ANt) NEW V-tRK The f *1 *ailing
Btean ar P.% lt\IC. I'.pliin Martin, o* aad
a^lar November B'h, tWB ail! eo??g? her hour* of running aad
|ra?e a? follow*:
Onto Whatf, Newark I Fool of Rirrlay *t New York.
8 o'clock, A. M. 101 o'clock. A M
i ? r- m. i m ?? i m.
On Bnndait the P?-m? will leara
Bo'elock, A M. I lOo'cloek, A. M
I - P. M. J a) ? p. M.
Far# 1^ fftla. auW
TfiliLondon racketofti*iBikn?v.-tN
ela*?. ro(.|iered ml aop.rr fa?lenrd packet ?>up !*AM
1 BON, Capt. Siarg-a. will a?il *a a >ovo. her rrgnlar
dat. Havi g very ?up?rii>r ?re..nn >rfa*iofi* f?r aabin and *leer
gr p*n?ng n r?- i?* inienn??>g inemt^rk -hw?|,i make aarly
i|H*liralion ON board #ir? I of M?.4en I,awe ?*? In
corner nt Piae aad M.?aih Mracta,
*1 y "* a? IB7 *o?H? HracL
SUTaW WBAPFINO PAPKH.????? raanaaf Cmf aad
flNM Bar aala by
*M PFRBBE k BROOKB, Bl LibeHy at
FOR SAVANNAH.?The elegant first claw fast
tailing regular Packet Brig MADISON, W. Bulkley,
mailer, having the greater pari of her cargo engaged
and going ou boar J, will positively clear for the above port on
Saturday, thr 9th instaut.
Hiving very r?oim and comfortable accomodations for cabin
and steerage passengers, tho?e intending I?? embark shoult. make
immediate application ou board, foot of Maiden Laue,or to
corner of Piue and South streets,
u5 or 167 South ?trtet.
t FOR HAVRE.?Thtwell kaoMl ?>'!' HAVRE,
Captain M'Kowu. Has the major part of her
cargo engaged, and will be promptly diepatched. F
freight or passnge ap'ily to
BOYD k H1NCKEN, No 9 Tontine Building. o30
OF PA< KETS.?To sail punctually every Mou
?s day throughout the season in the following order :
Ship Vicksburg October 14th ; Ship Mississippi, Oct. 21*t ;
Ship Orleans, Oct. 28th; Ship Louisville, November 4th ; Ship
Panlhea Nov 11 th ; Ship Shaas|>e?re, Nov. tBill ; Ship Ar
kansas, Nov. 33th , Ship Huatsville, December '20 ; Ship
Na*hville, Dec.flth ; Ship Saratoga, Dec. 10th ; Ship Alaba
ma, Dee 23d ; Ship Yazoa,D?c. 30th.
Thtse ships are all of the first class, coi |>ered and copper
fastened, commanded by experienced navigators, constantly in
the trade, will positively sail as above, and take steam at the
Persons about to embark for the above port wiH find the
accommodations of these vessels for Cabin, Second Cabin, ami
Steei age PASsengers unsurpassed by any others, and cauuot
fail to ensure every con.fort.
For passage apply on board, at Orleans Wharf, foot of V'al
.treet, or to W.J. T. TAl'SCOTT, 43 Peck Slip, next Hoor
to 161 South street. ol7-lin*
sail 10th instant ?The finefast sail" gcopper f-stened
'and toupwrd bri*^ PATJsEY B. BLOUNT. Pcu'-r* u,
master, can t ike 3 or 4 passengers for cither place, and the
hulk of 160 bol* for Bt) w.
For freight or passage apply to the Captain on board, at Pier
29. E R. nr to B. BLANCO. 87 Fr ut >treet. i.7 3i?
^flVofthe lower wards, an:' of New York generally, may now
l"lr ha>e fur and silk Hats at a fair mite, as the times
demand,viz: Muleikio Hats ll<e best quality $3, Beaver at'd Nu
tria $4 Prices fixed, caps in the sime ratio.
DAVID HOWELL. Fashionable Hatter,
n7-)in* 05 Nassau street N Y.
fPt NEW FASHION? BROWN Ja CO'S., new style of
H its are now ready for sale at thr low fised price of $3.
I'hry iurp <ss in beauty any ever offered fo the same
price. ?tomliihiu: the requisite qualities of the n ore cosily ;
lightlies-, durability aud lustre. The great number of hats
which they ?e!l, ami for cash only, enables them to furnish an
article superior to thosa usually s<>ld at the isv price. The
public are invited to examine and judge their mr rits at Baowts
U Co's., wholesale aud retail warehouse, 176 Chatham, corner
of \lott??treet. New York sl3*3m*
Ah PRE V1IUM HATS.?The mlMcriber having had me
Av d?ls awarded him at 'he la'e Fair of the American In
stitute for the hest Beaver and Nutria Hat*, exhibited
remiiids his customers and the pub'ic that hi? standard
prices ar? lived at the following unprecedented low ratrs,viz?
Premium Beav< rs $4 SO. Nutria $'i 50, Mol- $3 00, Silk
$2 AO wholesale a id retail at his Hit aud Kur ? >t Udis'iment
164 Chatham street, New York. C. WATSON.
P S.?Also on hand aul couitautly manufacturing, ever]
description of Ladies dressed Furs, Muff's, Trimmings for dr-?s
es, lie , lie. For sale fifteen per cent cheaper than can be
bought eUewl eie in the city. o26-lm'
tt?- and constantly manufactui mg, an elegant assortment of
his mneh admired Hats of the latest Fall Fa hion.
Also a very large assortment of Fur Muffs, from the !*west
price to the tnost co lly together with an extensive assortment
of rei.tkmen's cloth aud fur caps. Youth* ?ud ch Idreu's cloth
and velvet caps, all of which are offered on the most reasonable
teruit BltOWN, Iwf Chatham street,
sl4-3m* OpposteRnsevelt.st.
M* CLAIIK, coruer of Chatham and Prarl *t* after tn*?
^<2 n\ yrar? ??*|>crie ic? iu bu?itie*t, ami after repeated ami
ui'tiriag eff irt< to attaiu tlie objcct, confidently be
ie 'ft ?><at lie hat at length succeeded in maoufic turin;,' an arti
rle whi< h caunot tail to win th? *i>j>robatiou of all who will
take the trouble to < tainitie it.
Thi* article, to which the attention of the public i? now
rtpreiilly invited, it a Matin B? <ver Hat .price only THREE
COLL ARS, and he fc?ta assured, that for bea"ty, <heapnets.
durability, and comfort, it cannot be *urpa**ed hi the city of
New York. In addition to the u?n*l vorieiy of Hats and t ap*,
he alto ?eeps< u hand constantly. a Kur Mat of very superior
quality, winch he can afford at rOl'R DOLLARS; and tbi*
Hat for year* past, ha* (irm to uum' r?ue cu*t? mrr* the
inoti uii^ii?IiIIi4 iiinhrtino. J ml ice to hi* trirnd* at well aa
to himself make* it proper tor him ta * y, that he tell* for
ca*h; ihr losae* suataiued from bad cudonier* w ill not hate tu
be paid by good oat*. Wholesale dealer* tupplied promptly at
the old eslabliehed stand, where the aaking price isalwst* the
?elIing price. MSffsMB*
KOI 1\LK OH TO LET.?The th-*e *t?ry Brirk
Houee No. Ml Ninth atrret, attic ttory and counter; cel
lar, fiuithed complete; German lilrer grate*; mahogany
iloora; plat d furniture; kitchen raa^e, *ton? cittern*. of great
can icily, furnace and flue I throughout the house; speaking
tubes; lor a pump; hot water ciatera and bathing ro mi, Iu.
The house wa* built atiout two years tiwr, and has been eery
little c? cuj.ied, i* mow newly painted, and in complete order.
Apply to GERARDl'S ' LARK. E*q.
n? 5lw* IM V\ ater street.
CH \ MPAGNIC.? The aubacriber haa now in store, ati.l of
f? r? on the mo't reasonable term*, in lo's to ?uit p'trehii
sera, from one to a hundred or more baskets at prices in ae
cordance with the timea. The genuine and well known Anchor
brand, it a wine of the rtrat quality, auil la with the utinoat con
fidence recommended. Alto. PraioufcCo'* Star and >?hell, the
Golden Kagle,Crown, Ship, Staq, and numerous other brand*
in pint* and quart*, II warranted in m?st beaitiful order.?
The slock embrace* wine* of various grade*, i-jit-d for city
and country tnde, at price* ranging from $A to f* per basket
The attealr-n of country n erehants i* pirti ul irlj irvited, a*
also proprirter* of hotels grocer*. lie. kc
ol7 IV near comer of Wall street.
(lOAL ! COAL: ! fo \l ? Tie heapest and te*l arti
cl? in tbe thape of Coal foe stove use is now ?flo?t at the
foot of Bearh *treet, and ia selling at the eery low price of
per ton, delivered free fr> m cartage to an* part of the city
Consumer* are ^epectfully invited to call and eiamine for litem
selves. ?4-1m
/ mm to J K Walter) and J A MRS THURSTON, base
thia day lormed a cnp?rloer*h>p ui de' the firm of FirLTOW V
TmuBsToh. foe the purpote of conducting the Plumbing Busi
ness, at 4W1 Broadway.
New York, Kept IS, IHJ?
CARD.?Tlie undtratgned hating had considerable tiperi
en.-e in the Plumbing Bu*ine**, and being acquainted w-ih
?sery improvement now iu use in their line, and s* practical
men consider themeelre* inferior to none, come before the
public with confidence of firing satisfaction
New York. Oct. 7. IMS oM-iw*
F BERRIES Iv-WM. PRlN? E fcSON, at Elu-hing,
will eell Mulberry Treee of all the fines* bind*, on the most
liberal term*, fcr ??ti*factor? noire, or mortgage*. Their
tree* are eery superior, and they will be parked to as to e?.
rare their *afe traaap >rtation tn any distant place. A'?o, frnit
and orneaaen'al trees, greenhouse plan<*, bulb*** iowa * lie
on which a liberal discount will be made where laiye qu-ali
Ilea are wanted. Aleo, BSbuslnls prime Rohan Potatoe*.
Orders sent by mail will rereie* prompt attention. ** the pre
sent month it suitable for forwardiag the trees, fcr nll-dw*
H. LEVET T, 197 William atraeL
()[? Knowing there are pereont who make a great puff i?
?heir advertieeenent* for Cm* Off Clothing, fcr. sr., and wbo
i* many raee* do not giee 'he full value for the ?<ina-H. L
ifiII assure thoee gemremeti who may hare such articlea by
'hem, and who may aend for Ivan, of receiving the vrry utmost
?alue in f'.AHH for every article.
A line through the Post (Hike*, or otherwise, to the hb ire art
Ireea.wil nteet with due attention olS <lw*
PHIL APELPHIA or Peunaylvanin Baltimore. Provtdeoce or
Lh'Mle Islaad, New *ork ? ifrty Fund, Reil (>og or Red
Bark Note?, taken |5sr the following good* at leas price than
any other e*labile*men! in Al*erira:?
Orocet'* Articles, Winter Strained,
Teaa. atsortid chops, Spermaeitti Lamp Oil,
Ktiach B'andiet, bleacn<d and tint ieachcd,
Spanlth *? gar*, Linseed Oil, Untch and
Spice*, Eoillsh,
Die Wo?sda and Dyer's Olive Oil, in ''**k?
Anic<ea, * ?* Beitya,
Bengal and Spnniah In- m w Baahe *,
dlgoea White Lead, Dry,
Alcohol, * ?? Oro^nd ia Oil.
Halter1* Artielea, Paint* and Painter'* Articlea,
Furrier* " Drug* and Medicine*.
For tale In M* l?*nM ?tw?b*eeea, hp
J. C. MOHHISON IgMON ItS fc IWt Ireenwieh .treet,
hetwooa Faltoa fcVaaey * tree la, ea the North River *Me,
?4-lw New York
X love IN MANY SHAPES?Just put
?L lished a very int'rMtiug little work entitle*
The ART OK L(.)V'E, (or Ltitviu foi
Lovers,) from the celebrated writings o1
Ovid, Chaucer, aud Dryden, translated from the French, witl
engravings. Content*.?The Art of Love?Court of 1 ore
Remedy for Love, Sic. kc Itc- The first purl contains th?
rules which the author lays down for young mm to follow it
their courtships, and the second teaches the ladies how to maki
themselves beloved.
The opinion of tkl Prut.?The art of love.?We hav<
zla>iced over this little bonk, and think it the neatest editiov
wr have 5 et seen. It i* free from the coarse expressions am'
superfluous matter of the original, though we must Admit it
to contain son.e strange language, but the st hject must be th<
excuse. it will uo doubt lie highly interesting lo all fthoreai
it Price fifty cents a copy.?For saL- at the book store Ni
3, Park Row, four doors fr >m Ann street, opposite ihe Ailoi
House. *0 l'?'
OTICE.?Chelsea Bank Bills will tie taueual the folio*,
ing undermentioned stores, at par, for Groceries, namely :
At the corner of Avenue C. an<! Third street,
Uo do Rivington am' Goerck street,
Do do Stanto;i and Sheriff street.
Do do Avenue D au<l Third stre?t. oU lm'
LEECHES ! LEECHES !?? Constantly on hand, a larj;e
supply of Sweedish anJ German Leeches. For sale by
the thousand, hundred, or doten.
Letchescarefully pac'ied in city, so as to be sent to any
|>art of the countn ?itli p*r'ccl safety
til lm* JOHN ALL AY< LA & CO.. 106 Bowery.
COAL! COAL!!?As cheap as tbe cheapest, and good as tks
best. Yard 604 Washington street, near Spring. Prieer
of coal for a few d*)s longer. Delivered free of cartage?
?oat. Yard doubly screened
P?acU Orchard, red ash, $7 50 H 81
-chuvlkill, grey ash, 7 Otr 7 <0
Lehigh, 6 50 7 tf)
Liverpool, IS 00 14 00
{fij~ United States Bank and Rhodu Island bills taken at
par ri?Or.
QTCVE8! STOVES! STOVES! The Subscribe?
w? would call the attoiiion of the publie to their large and
elegant assortment of Stoves, which are as follows :
The People's Improved Cuokiug Stove for wood or coal .
the Improved Union Cook Stove for wood or coal; Parlor
Frankliu's, splendid patterns; small Franklin's for cooking with
coal; Canal Stoves, James's Improved cook stoves nine plate,sii
plate cylinders; cannon aud box stoves,whioh they offer wholes.il*
an 1 retail on the m?st reasonable terms, for cash, at their store
i<') Water street, one door east of Peck slip, ?nd 106 Cherry st
four doors west of Catharine Market jjalso, the Fane) Base Stovt
suitable for offices, stores, barrooms, steamboats, lie ; together
with a lar?e assortment of copper, till, aud sheet inn ware;
constantly on hand stove pi|?e.
olO lm. A ?t M. SOMF.RVILLE.
I'l< KI.KS and CATSUI'Js.?The Subtcriber MM
fully infouns the public, tliat he hit* no hand, at Ilia Ware
house fl''. Vftfj iitreet, an extensive tupply of Picklet, ol
every tize, which he offers fur sale in siaa'l or large quantities,
put up In Keg?, Jar?. or any other tlyle, la suit cuttoBiert.
upon libera! terms for cash.
Grocer* wanting AttirUU Tickle* in OIha* Jar*, put up in ?
urat aucJ haudtome *!yle. or person* ? tnliiig large qtiaiiMtiet
for e*pori ation are requetted to call.
Catti p?, Pepper Sauce. C aytunc Pepper, kc constantly 01.
hand. W. D. SMITH
tan'?The fashion ol th* (Jay. Whoever drsirci o im
prove th?ir health ant. appearrnce in ay apply at alinutt any ol
the Fancy Store* or other*, but out a. th" apothccarie*. they
ue nt wre upt tocounterfoil it Ask f >r Dr. FONTAINE'S
CUTANEOUS BALSOM, which i* very flstiniug, and
sure by its u-e lo get al'O a liusbmd or a wife, a lover, a
friend, or an admirer. We know this to be a positive tran*
lation of it* virtue*, aud the call for it it a* great as its welt
brty. The manufactory cannot ?up|ly a tnfiir <-iit quantity
to meet the demand. Oid*rs comefrom all the States around.
ud ready ? ash i* paid hy those who retail it. It is an inrsti
?liable ami established useful article fjr the purposes for which
it was designed, at is biead for food ind iiouri?hm> nt. Every
body warrantt it lo effect a radical cure. Dr. Koiilaiue't
C'U t'ANKOUS BALSOM i> ,1 :?luable With for errry kud
ol Piiupltt or Eruption* of the face and neck to which youth
are generally subject, and will restore beauty to the tkin and
, unserve its bloum aud health. It is also a matt fashioi able
and popular article with both sen*, who freely use it to clear
I and ei'iand their skin, and thus prestrve a juvenile appear
id't by preventing wrinkle* on Ike forehead and f<ce It
Change*. with time aud parteveraoae in it* ute, th* brownith,
rough, or dusky coiaplei: >n,int? a fair, soft aud delicate one.
Hold id inaas places all through the Utimu ; but look out
for counterfeiters at d r?guea. It may be had alto wholesale
and retail, ai DR. PONTAIME1 dlli. r. <ipi ol the Good
Samaritan. Murray ttraet, two doors from Broadway, nl-lm*
ranted to burn at one .alf (he e?p?nse of any oth r lamp,
lo five a clear and brilliant light, without any thadow. The
proprietor solirltt hit numerout fneudt lt> call and etainina
tor tkemielve*. feeling confident t ai it will surpass all other*
in britlkincy. >.heapae** and mana|,em>-nt. Lamps $1 and ap
?sardi, suitable for grocer*, dry good ttoret, purler house*.
? ud all etUblithuieols where a goix! light it waaLed at a small
euietue, tab be obtained at
C. MICIIF.LL'S, 8 Catharine ttreet,
o98.lm* and 47 J Greenwich si., corner off-anal,
DURING tint change ible weather those liable to suffer from
cough* and rnldt, cannot find a better remedy than Shtr
?nan't Cougli Loteuget. MO.IHIU boiet have bean told during latl
)ear. They are the greatest medicine ever discovered for
e> ught, colds, itthmat,wh?n;nng cough, tightnetsof Ihe chest,
difficult breathing onsuiuptioi . lie. They have performed
? -me in >st aetonisliing cure*?ISSSeUM were cured duriau the
last inontk. Sometimes three or four lotenfaa will entirely
eradicate the most troublesome and di tressuig 'oughs. Sold
wholersleand retail *t |n# Nasstu street. New York, and 149
Fulton ttreet, Brooklyn. o!6
LET those in want of good and cheap foots and Sheet call
at WALKKR It Co.'* floret. No* Canal, corner of
lluilton, ]%, MO and JM Cansl itivst, nest to Greenwich.
There you will find Ikem selling their unrivalled plated Bo itt
double a d single sole* for 'JA lo M "0 p*r pair; fine call
waler boots from $1 to S*. Heavy winter Lmii* from ft to
$i AO and list* and children** boot* fram $1 to f 1 75
per pair. Men'a srsie* ol all km Is al very low price*. Th-y
are n >w manufscturihg ladies' ?hoet of all ti< d?, tuch at Gaiter
hoots Buskint, Tiea, Slipper* and Walking sh.wtof all kind,
with Misset and Children's boots and thoet m great abundanee;
don 1 f rget W dker fc Cand the nimble ti?pen<'C. all Im*
the I ommiitee Heing now completed, ihe stockholder* and
all persons ditpnaed to tnb*crihe lor the Slock of the new
Tfceatre, to t>e created at I He corner o( B oedway aud Cham
nar ttreet, aee reo?e*let to attend a nteelijg to k held at the
\tloc Ho.ite on Monday evm ng neat, the eleventh iaatant, at
seven o'clock, for the purpose ol choosing trusters tad bearing
the report of the Committee of areanteatents.
By order of the Commit lee.
New York. no*. 4th IS!?.
. 09- tlentlem- n haeinf tuhtcrip' ion lists are rr^ueated lo
hand Ihem in It ihe Committee, on Saturday ee nmg teat, at
teven o'clock, at the Commit.ee room. No. ? Attor I louse
CI KLTUR HOU^K, M I M Broadway, Nam York -
JAMES Bk, NisON?well kmen for the laal fiflee? year*
a* Captain *f different ste.imboaU on the North River?and
PRESTO> H. HOI GF.S.Iateof Ihe I Iwlon H-tel. N Y.,
have the pleasure of informing their friends >nd the public thai
the CARLTON HnU>F.. haeing been put in rowipleta order
and refurni hed throughout, will ke opeued, for ihe reeep'son
of company on Mo da?, the fourth of November otllm*
c n i t's
LV N K W.? Tk? areounts which lorwi the bases of ihe science
aee class.d undsr Five Oisisioi s with defioite etplanatio a
af ee lite foem* of geammtr and ?rit imetie. Il contain* a vi>
c ihulary of niercs tile terms and phrsse* Al.n, l biy ai
plaming Ihe natnre an? mnnaer of J.-umalicnt *?rh of the Day
Book entile*, as a practical accountaut would eipiaiatlte time
to hit |uipit; lh?* to *im>lifi * Ik* sciena^< that any young n>an
offnmmoi Eugli-h education ma) acquiea skno vled^e withval
the *t*ia<aitre of a leas ker. To which it ?d''ed. Directions lo
the Learn r.Comni rcial Calcul itma* and Pratical '? oemsfor
keepi. g h'okt in asery eaten' and variety of como>aeeial
h??ies tj Public A Idie *r? the 1*st ever dellv* r? I unoa the sub
ject, Ik' . fcr ? ihit day |io'-'l?h?d by William J<ch>on. Mil
Hro.dw sy. aiid for tale at the principal fto<>k<tore* in the Unit*
*d Stales at Am*
AC A ItD ? I h? tub-b-erih-r taket II i* m- nl rs lurmug
ttianks to hi* p>tron*, fhr ihe enc* ttrag. meut he has re
ceivsd from them for lhepa?t three feae.; he l as th ough Ihe to
cilati n of hi* f. iendt, enlarged hi< esta' li hmeol, and is op- n
iigaR^Ti tofy u(-on a principle he trn*t w ill, upon trial, h.
I' md second to noi.e in lh|. Cily; ?P^? >??? <abl* will h# f.o.ed
the k-si the m-rfcet afford*, tnd **rry I1 ing in eaaon Ha
p etige* liimtelf that even *"c tton will ke giaen. His nimt
?i?d li,nwet, as heretofore, will Ik of the heti q *akty, an i hi*
N'l i mm of much etperience Brealfstt fr^m 7 te tOo clock
Dinner fram li to d, and S,i pert till 19 at night.
M t?* Cor iter ?f Rrotdwi* an4 Cedar tta.
1' O Le. ( ? -<\ I ar .ir .im tW# Ko?.nis turui.hsd, lo let .
Apply at Nt. IS, Barclay street ?|S tf
DU *. i? ha,>ft .18 H ceiebrai-u K,)e \Vater it -i ^xsrfect cure
for all . nil n minatory diseaees of the eye, weakness of *ifht?
iphtlialmi >, cataract nebula and all other infirmities with which
?hit most delicate and beautiful #r^ in Gf vision nay be attach
?d. Dr. Francis refer* to die following clergyman and othan
who have tested the efficacy of hi* preparation, in cate where
hope had lied, and where even the medical faculty had pro
jouuchI the per&oas to be incurable.
From the Kev Mr. Davit, pastor of the Charch at Lattia*
Town, S York.
This ia to certify that a young man, wheat 1 hare beau ac
.?tainted with for tome time, ami after spending nine m>aths la
m eye infirmary was dischargei! by the Physicians of thela*titi?>
.ion, with what they termed an incurable Cataract.ao thai be
lit nearly blind ; a trial of Dr. J. Francis's remedy, three bet
let only being used, removed it to the surprise of all who hoew
um, and now he caa aee with l)iat eye a* well ae ever ha did. I
'eel it my duty ta give this information for the benefit af tte
The Rev. J. Harrison 44 Thompson Street hating procured
? bottle of the above for Mrs. Harrmou't eyes, says?to my ai
nnishmeut, it has removed the dimness and pain which W
>eea esr.essive for years?she had used many different eye wa?
era. but they all failed, therefore, I hope the public ww soot
?pprcciate its value.
This is tu certify that my eyes were in a high state of in
rlammatiou, for several months, several remedies had becatrisC
without any food effect, and after using one bottle af the above
eye water, it |>erfeotly restored my tight, and I behave taveV
?e frani total blindness.
Mrs. ANDERSON, NoSUcerch street.
Mrs. McCaffrey, 16 Ch? rry street. This is to certify, that
I wai afflicted with a continual weeping of toaUling water fron
my eyes for several months; many remedies w*re applied with
out affording me the smallest relief, and I thought I should havt
>eeu blind; I applied L)r. Fraacit' remedy, and after usiug oo?
?tottle, I can truly say. it saved me from absolute blindness.
This is to ccrtify that in) son had beeu afflicted with sort
*yet for five years, during which time several remedies h?<
?>een u'-rd without auy good effect bcius; derited, and in coat*
'{Uence of the great weaknei* of hit ngnt, w:\s obliged to keif
him entirely from the benefit of education, ai?d after the ass
of two or three small bottles of Dr. Francis' invaluable eye
water he has been completely curd, and is to be seea at my
residence, 69 Frankford street, New York
This is to make known that I have for > >me years been af
flicted with what Physicians call Chronic lull imeuitioa, coa
listing in weakness and redn*ss iu my ?yrs, and that by Ihe ap
plication of one bottle of Dr Francis's E)e Water, iny inAam
ination ceased; 1 therefore I'eel it my dutj to commend this
liquid as a safe and unparalleled renudi to all persons afflicted
with optic diseases. In case of any verbal inform thou beiuf re
quired on this statement, inquire for >ie, at Liberty street,
Saw York.
Feb. 18,1839. DAVID M- KNIOHT.
A boy, whose eie* had beeu covered with thick cataracts,
sod who had ipent eight months in an infirmary and theo die
ct arged as incurable, is now rouip'etel) restored to eight, aad
ran he seen at the residence of a respectable Quakeress, No. M
First street.
The Kev. D. Dunbar says, from the testimony of those whs
lave used the Eye Water prepared by Dr. Francis, I highly re
recommend It to the notice of the i-" In-, as a most valuable
Pastor of the McDougal Street Church.
Many certificates san be seen at the nffiie.
(so- N. B.?This ey% water is not prepared or sold b) au
,.ermu in the United States, knit by Dr Francis. No. 10 la*
?lay street, New York.
Tc prevent CouHterfeits, all that are genaine have the Do*
'or's ere-1 and seal on each bottle from this date
May Jd. 1839.
(fif- Artificial* Eyes inserted by Dr. J. Franc.i, that canoo
>e distinguished from the natural, and will perform every mo
tion of that organ without giving the slighttst pain, and tor hie
(reat improvement iu this art, he has received * diploma,
10 Barclay street New York. uUtalrW
SlUCCl.89 TO J. A Si L, Vl.RNOLS, Draper* and TU
5 Ion, who have adoptrd the ca*h ?)?tem. and can Ml
clothing on the lowest terms The public are invited to eal
and examine 'heir aswirtm nt, and the* will be natntied that
great taiii.k, will be realised in the cnh systrm at M Chatham
N. B.?A great variety of -loth*, rmiin m and resting!
kept on hand, and trade to order in tWe mo?t lathiouabkB *tyto
A so,the largrst assortment of ready made clothing in Out
city, constantly kept on h*ad, and will b- sold at reduced
price*. olO-ltn*
It. J. <SI<AN<1V.K ha* removed to hit permanent residence,
Ne. M \mity street, where offer* to <he public Its
f lomcpathic pectoral Restorative at the manufacturing price.
The *u ce?? which ha? at'ended the previous ?a'e of tan va
luable remedy enable* him now to plao- it wthin the reach of
all who are suffering from consumption, or an/ affection of the
!un?? or liver.
UK GRAVOER can be consulted daily, at hit office front
12 to I. aidfrom 7 to 9. P. M. olA )?'
O Broadway, would reapectfutly call the attention of tbo
Lidict to their large and w.-ll selected stock of Sea*?.nahl*,
Fancy and Maple Dry Goods, which they now offer nt great
bargain*, being muc'i lower lhau the eostol import at ion
Their stock comprieeta Urge assortment of the newest and
bos' fashionable style* ?f PI .in and Figured, Black and Color
ed Silks and Satin?. Mou-aeline* de Lame and CkaUiea^
Merino ani Thibet flath*; Jet anil Blue-black Bombeaina*
Mid Crapes; Pari* Embroideries and Laces; Tape bordered,
Hrm-tiiteht d. and Embroidered Lin-a Cambric Haadker
chtefs; Dark and Black O-ound Krench Prints; Bilk Velvet*.
Hosiery, Scarfs, Handkerchief*! Ueutlemen't Ladies' ana
Misses Kid Glovet, Iults.hr Also a large and splendid vari
ety of Pari* and L)?n* Broche, Thibet, and Casha**n
Shawls; Scotch and Fiench Plaid and Figured Blanket
Shawls. he. he.
N. B. The Ladii* ar- reapsctfully requested (aad they will .
And it much to their advantage) to call and eiamine f?e stoak
before purchasing el*e where oiM-Ssr*
JOHN F. OANNON'8 Liquor Store. No #00 corner of
Croas and Pearl street*. He assures his old frieads and
<11 who will honor him with a call, that he will give them
Lk(U' rs of the Ve*t quality, fa* Nt Maa MrasToroac noise)
N. B. ? Whiskey Punch made of the Ocauine Irish Malt
Whiskey ts* no mistsbi.
A Large Room to be had far Committees, Aomtie?. he. at
the shortest notice. u9-lw*
EAUTIiUL PROPERTY in williamsburgh
Tho?e four-plendtd lets opposite the new Brick Church,
Huu h Second ttrert. They itin through the Mock from South
Second la South Third street?are 1A hy 110 feet each, and
100 feet east of Fifth street, r tendered one of the finest dwel
ling si'es >u the village, and will bt aold low and oti accomaso.
datingjlermi. App'vtoMr T Bu-til??, No IS Oold street,
fourth stuy, or to Hiram Rosa, Villige l>Hect<?r, cof*sr of
South S??enth and First streets, Wil lamabocgfc all*'
CHKAr CLOKS.?The subscriber has ao? on b?nd, an ?.
tensive assortment of Ladies' cloth, silk and eisrino
Cloaks, all of which he offers at red red prices?Also a large
stuck of t'heap Dry t Sood?. THUS PATTIBON,
a? I in* No. I Bowery corner of Division street.
1 O * N.?It has been said that the i**t great discovery would
be made by a fool Let its *e*. A nam?(e*a Oernsan quack ad
venturer ha* proclaimed a aew discovery, and with a flourish
ing cou d? grace cksllengei the memo y of aS our departed
ph>siciani aad the ability of ?ur living ones His Harleouia
Etched and shredded BdverHeemsal. original hy stealth, ?*, Ilka
l discon ry, a piece of irnpu leat hoohyi m, aad when hi< me
dicine i* known for it* ruri g effect, no one will di-pute hi*
boast th this efforts have been crowned with complete *nc
eets. Whoever b??r< of a disorder ettalmg wuhosii it* dseeet
agency 1 Vet this bedlamiU says that I i rtun disease arseea
mere from quack aoatrums than fiom the real disease Tnd*
this i* a discovery; hut a" mstter.tbis is the are of improve MM.
If Dr. Maa'aeciai of Pari* eeu'd rei?e the dead, Dr. namilaea of
New Vork ran raise the devil, and MtM the people are wel
gulled, the impositiea will be continued and the patient will
have to do what In should haie dooe b*hf-t?conceit a regu
lar physician.
Tho e who prefer realny of ptactioe to romance of profit sesoa
will do well to call at the ofiee of B?tor Oeeardan, and to I7B
William street, where a perfect cure i* warraateu of delicate
disea-e* in their verioue stag?e. o94 Im*
(W- AT this inclement season of the year,(writes a corree
oifcet.) when *a?*umption, A?thma, foughe. < olds. Ac., sre
most pratelent, a most ?afe, eBcicimis, aui at the ssire time
<p?edy remedy may be found in Or. Mason's Conceatr^ted Va ?
ret able Relsam For sale by A S. h I) Beads TO and 100 Fnl
i?a ?l ; Sjase. OS aad )M Bowery ; Burnetts Pcrfuasery
si ore ?7 <*o?al street, he For further parties lart see Dr. Ma.
a>'v? i s?nseni in another rart of the Herald. ? ""m
u ? !??.!* .?* ? MPHOVKti COKK mOi.F. dO<*T8 ?Ihave
? a diac '?ered a new plan in making Cork Sole Boot*,
ahteh lender* them more duraMe thaa a-.y ether yat brought
n tie. The mease treat of .he cork being sol* leather iastond
nt t*|qier leather, they cannot break off Thr old ha* never,
sor never will antseer. I <wmg to the dryuea* of U?e cork it
<hitrert? >11 the nourishment from 'bat article, and must break
?ff, whlrh rannot he the ea?r with <be e. They aVe more *r4
u?d lighter, and auit have ihe oreferenee over all oth' rs.
iM.i ?s I'dlttt R VDP.R. No * Beekmaa street.
a iita liMALE U^AUTT-AOia
I .-nS Depilatory, the eoly artKle that haa eve. heea
"ind tst itermsnenily remove seperSm <i* hair IWsm tlie lace
ark and arm* f Female., lea* the skin aafter, finer and
?hiter thaa before ita application. It la so mild and barmjea*
a ita nature that it may be a^ed upon aa infant
?afeiy For sale -priee 1 dnllart per hntllo-at OI/IO*?,
140 Broadway, Ageat for the United States of America. *10

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