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OMrt mf Cwubm Pleas.
Before Judge lngliss.
Dec. 7.?A Clbuical Defence.?Ann Boyle, vi.
the Reverend Hiram Doane, and Margaret, hu wife.
?The plaintiff iu tbis case, win a very prettly little
dark-eyed brunette, belonging to that numerous,
overworked and badly paid tribe, termed bonnet
builders. The defendant waa a holy inau, favorably
known to the ultra pioua for bin atraight lacedncaa.
and for hia atrict obaer vance of all the outward, forms
and ceremonioui noneutitiea, which go to make up a
distinguished profeaaor in modern times. The other
defendant waa a lady paaaed the grand climacteric,
and who had arrived at that period of life, when aa
Hamlet says?
" The heyday in the blood it tamed, it'* humble
And well upon the judgment."
In one word, ahe waa a widow of 56, with a goodly
array of grown up aona and daughters. This lady in
the early part of her career had carried on an exten
sive busineaa in the tnillinary line, in which occupa
tion ahe had got aomewhat over head and ears in the
?lough of insolvency. About ?eveu years since, she
took to frequenting the chapel where the Hevereud
Mr. Doane held forth, and partly by her great atten
tion to hia aermons, and partly by her fine eyes, soon
captivated him, when ahe gave up bonnet building, to
become the minister'a lady, lint, ulas ! for the mu
tability of human affairs! no sooner waa the honey
moon over, but the creditors of the ex-bonnet build
er became clamorous, and their months could onlj be
stopped by the payment of their hilla. Tliia was hard
on the young minister, but as he had introdaccd the
lady to hia friends as hia wife, some one told him he
ha dno alternative, but to fork out the possables. In
proceas of time all waa paid except a demaud of $250,
which Miaa Boyle claimed for services rendered Mm.
Doine, aa forewoman in her bonnet building establish
Thia last demand was more than enough to dissi
fate the patience of Job himself, and the Reverend
'aatorawore?no vowed, that rather than pay Miaa
Boyle, he, like Mantilini, would go to demnition, or
descend to the lowest drudgery. The fair claimant,
kowever, happened to have become acquainted with
a daahlng young lawyer, here in the city, and to his
willing ear did she her tale unfold. The legal gent
waa briefleas, and the caae was a god send, for the
trial would give bim eclat, and bring his name at once
before the public?so he made every effort to find nut
where tke silken kuot was tied, which bound toge
ther the loves, and the pecuniary liabilities of the
fair widow and the blooming young parson. In thia
search, however, the man of law was unsuccessful.
He hunted up the reeorda of all the churches and
chapels, dived into the archivea of the mayor's office,
and gave hia days and nights to the looking over
moaty fusty old files of papers. All waa labor in vain,
bo trace could be found of the minister'a marriage, yet
?till he determined to proceed?and got the case set
down for trial.
After a flaming opening from the incipient Black
stone, the aervicea of the pretty boanet builder were
proved incontestibly, and the defendant's counsel
called on for hia aide of the case.
He rose, bowed to the court, ahook hia head three
timea at the jury, aud then said?"Gentlemen, my
defence is, that my client never was married in the
whole course of his life, and that any arrangement
which may have been entered into, concluded, or
carried on between him and the fair widow, never
amounted to matrimony, aud consequently my client
cannot be held liable either in law or equity, for any
debts eke may have contracted "
The learned gentleman, then called two ladylike
daaghtera of the fair widow, each of marriageable
age, and they both a wore that they could not tell,?
because they never knew of any marriage ceremo
nies having been gone through by their mamma and
Mister Doane.
Under th?.*e circumstances the conrt aitid it waa a
queatien for the jury to aay on which side tke proba
bilities ratted. If the defendants were man and wife,
thea the plaintiff ought to recover.
The jury retired for a short time, and found a ver
dict for the plaintiff. Damages $250 and coats.
tUU.?Thii Mport would Iwvt appeared ia the Herald lest
Friday or Saturday, but fiom the prvssore occasioned by Ihe
foreign aews, and the iatereat excued by (ha proceedings iu
C?a(rtN, and ih ail ling of the Harrii burg Convention. This
eiplaaatioa n aiecMr) in eonstquroce or a sneaking, pitiful
lie, which appeared ia an obscure U?Aug paper of last Salardey.
V. Ik i ircalf i'Mrt.
Before Judge Thompson.
In the matttr of Edwardt, a negro, indicted for
murder?Mr Philip Hamilton applied to the court
fnr a farther postpon ment in this ca-^e in conse
quence of the cont nued thsence from town of his
associate counsel, Mr. John W. Edmond*.
His Honor said, these continual awd frivolous ex
cuses, on the part of counsel, were very vexati us
to the j.iry, a .d extr-n.eiy nnpleasa .t to iheConrt.
Had the Court kaown that Mr E iu.on's would have
been absent, other counsel should have bean assign
ed to that prisoner. ,
The Disttiet Attorney sad that he did not
like to pros on i capi al rase under such very
peculiarci cu nsUnccs, and he was unprepared with
any othei crimnd business except the c i se of Wood I
for perjury, wh ? i he knew from experience W.-.U 4
take more thau one i'ay, and tker fore had purposely
delay* d it for Monday morning.
His Ho or said tn.<t was, perhaps, a discreet and
proper course?bti as t*,e ime o the Court could
not be further trifled wiih, he should commence the
civil calendar on Mondny without delaying business
for coan??l employed in criminal charges which (
mn*t not now be held ns any imp din.ect to pro
ceeding with the bukintss of ttie Court.? Un
less the court pursues this course it will be im
possible to get through the calender by the time that
the judge is compelled to heat Washington. Under
these circumstances'* said his honor, ? I shall make
a day calender, and consider every canse put there
on liabla to be ealled?and if nnt tried that day from
absence of counsel, it must and shall go down The
first eight causes I shall put on the calender for Mon
day next, and expect that the eonnsel engaged there
in will be here with the necessary witnesses, so as
to proceed to trial if the criminal cases should not
come no.**
Ta'ssdsr for Monday? Ec w.rd? indicted for murder; Wood
indicted for perjerv.
Civil cases?One to euhl, inclusive.
The trill of John Smith, John Keefe and John Al
chorn, for robbing the ship Aaserica, was then pro
needed with.
After an able samming np of the ense by Mr. Burr,
for the prisoners, > nd by the District Attorney for
the prosecution, his h nor briefly, but lucidly
?harg.d he jury, and they we (a all lound guilty.
And the rsan adjourned
Boaght, and the full valoe ttveo in cash, by
H LBVETT, 197 William street,
Op- Knowine there are |?r?w who msks a great puff ia
their advertisements for fa*'-off Clothini, he he., and whe
in maey case* do a?t give lite vulae for Ihe same. H L. will
assure those gentlemen who may hsvesach articles by them,
and who may send <?r kim, of receiving the very utmost valer
ia CASH for every article.
A Mm thr< agh Ihe ft>st Office, or other wit e, to the abovt
nJdreee, wW mast with dee atlenlioa. d# tm*
J1 IRWIN It Co., Members of the Royal College of
? Aergeotis, London, centime to he rm?ollrd oa delieatv
disease* in all their vartoes stages, at their office. 904} Fallot
street, where, from 'he eommod ous arrangement of their raoir
persons laboring under de|.?alr complaints caa be treated wilt
secrsey snd solely
J. ?. lrwia k Co. pledge themselves that ia all eases of th?
moot violent Tr no real, which hitherto fsllea under tl.?i.
notice, their treetmoat wiih>.?? Mercury has been anvil sec
aassfuI end speedy. T'?ey nerd not ky certificates, direel th?
CM is attention to Shew superior practice iu thos ? disesses, a
rir remststioa (a this city is well known ^ respected I.
all who had occasion to c .nAde in their henor It is strong
rocommeaded to females w(w, .re ..the habit of using then
DeoWlrueat Pills, thet no more thsn two ?hould be taken ot
any oecasioa as seers might produse effect. which these wh.
weald be mothers are desirous tp avoid. A prevsatstise cat
be bed-resent eaess eared in tr o days. Those who have it.
>red themselves by a sseret nad destructive habit, eaa eMail
esHaf. Solvent seeoeity Is all tnat wsH ha rewaired antil s
eaea shall be effected. Letters, post paid, detaslloo the ne
torn of the eemplaial, aad covering a suitable tea, will be im
medtaMf Mlnhd Se, and msdmass, with fnH4sN?tioaa, Ihe
WW*d ke Ihe par Us* d*7m*
w Landing at the usual landing*.?The new and
?^KOAiHa elegant ?team boat UT1CA, Capt Truesdell,
trill leave the steamboat pier, foot of Liberty street, ou Fri
day aftenrn >on, December 6, at t o'clock.
Forfreight or passage,apply ? CROOK & FOWKE8, c<r
?er of Wert anrl Liberty streets; PETER C. 8CHULTZ, at
the office. or the Captain on board.
N.B.?All goods, ireigbt, baggage, bank bills, specie, or ?ny
>thei bifid of property, taken only at the risk ef the owners
thereof. mv27-7n*
FOR NKtV ORLEANS?Louisiana and New York
Liue?Tht Regular Packet for Mouday. 16 h instant?
i'lie fast *ailing packtt ship SARATOGA, Capt. Hath
away, will sail as above. H or freight or passage, having hand
some furnisheJ accommodations, apply ou board at Orleans
wharf, foot of Wall street, or to
?>3 E. K COLLINS & CO M South street
Norfolk Charleston, S. C., Petersburg and
Richmond.?The steamboat) ALABAMA.
CENTUC'KY and JEWESS, all boats of speed and actommc*
nation, will commence running daily on the first April, between
*a)'imore Norfolk, arc! Portsmouth, leaving the lower eud o
> icar'j wharf every afternoon at 3 o'clock, or immediately af
?r Ibe arrival of the cars Irum Philadelphia, end will arrive
.eat morning at Portsmouth in time for Uie cars for Wilmiit^
-a, aud thence hteamboate to Charleston. Returning will leave
'?rtSKouth every day after tlie ears arrive from the South, and
-each Baltimore u? \t morniuc in time for the cars for Phila
1 hese boats run in connection with the well known steau
?akefs Georgia and Suvth Carolina which Wave Norfolk
rery Saturday fer Charleston, giving travellers a choice. They
>ico ruu is* connection with the James Ri?er boat* to PeK-rs
- irg tnd Richmond. Strangers are informed (old travellers
? now) that this is the cheapest at d most comfm-table routr for
otiUiern travellers . as there are no changes from cars, steam
oats, ?r.<! stages ir. the dead of nigUt, as ou t'ae Washington
Mite. The company therefore hope ?he travelling piirt of the
tomnmuity will patronise them in giving eqMal far.i.'ities and
?I'erior comfort.
Passage and fare to Norfolk, $8 JOHN W BROWN,
nritf-tf Ageut.
THE steambioai Washington
Imvmg discontinued runmntr between New
York and Albany, will resume her regular
.rips between New York and Newbt^rg on Monday the 1 jth
astaut, leaving New York every Monday ai-.d Thursday after
ioou, at 6 o'clock, and Newburg every Tuesday and Friday
.IWnoon at six o'clock, touching at the intermediate landing*
o receive litrht freight and passengers
N. B.?All freight baccaue. bank bills, or ecie must he at
he riu ef tne owners, unless a nut oil aaiugis; lved tnereli?r
>r the oods be entered on th* hooka >/*- he > ???
auP CRAW F OR u. *1 ART IN k CO
'irieucing Mondu), Dec. 21)?For'Paw Pitts,
'Horseneck, Stamford, Norw.ilk and Brilge
Kirt every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Returning,
ouday's, Wednesday 'sand Friday's. The steamer MMRGD
will leave F.ast side Catherine market pier, at 8 o'clock ou
Tuesday's, Thursday's and Saturday's for ihe above places.?
Returning leave Bridgeport at 8 o'clock, Norwalk 10, Morse
neck II, unl Saw Pitls'lialf past II A. M. Stage: leave from
Horseneck for Bedfor- and Stamford from Noiwalk for Dan
bury; Newtown and Woodbury, Redftell. New Canaan. Fair
field, West Port, South Port, and from Bridgeport to Strat
ford, Milford and New Haven, and Derby.
N.B. In consequence of the coudition of the wharf at Stam
ford passengers will find stages <n readiness at Horseneck to
convey them to Stamford and Darien. n30 Iw*
and constantly manufacturing, an ele;?nt assortment of
hu much admired Hats of the latest Fall Fashion.
Also a very large assortment of Fur Muffs, front the lowest
price to the most co.'tly together with an intensive assortment
of gentlemen's cloth and fur caps. Youths* nd children's cloth
and velvet caps, all of which are offered on the most reasonable
termL BKOWN, lj6 Chatham street,
sl4-3m* Opposite Rosevelt, st
m| NEW FASHION - BROWN k CO'S.. new style of
flats are now ready for sale at the low fued price of (3.
They surpass in beauty any ever offered foe the musc
f riee, eombinin; the requisite qualities of the rr ore cosliy ;
ightnes?, durability and lustre. The great number of hals
which they e.'-11 , and for casli only, enables them to lurnisii r.u
article superior to those usually sold at '.he same price. The
Sablic are invited to examine and judge their merits at Brown
. Co's., wholesale and retail warehouse, l~8 Chatham, corner
of Motl>street. New York sl8-3m*
CLARK, corner of Chitliun and Pearl st* after mi
ny jrernt tipcrie:ici is bu>ii?H, ud after repeated and
uutiriug effort* to attain the object, confidently be
ta *ea that ha ha* at length sncoedad in maaufeeutetae aa arti
cle which cannot fail to win the approbation of all who will
take the trouble to examine it.
Thi? article, to which the attention of the public ii now
?specially invited, i? a Satin Beaver Hat,price only THKEK
HOLLARS, and he fee-Is assured, that for beauty, cheapness,
durability, and comfort, it cannot be snrpeseed in the city of
New York. In Addition to the usaal voriety of HaU and Cap*,
he alto keep* on hand constantly, a Fur Hat of very superior
quality, which he can afford at FOUR DOLLARS; and this
Hat for year* pa*t, hat firm to numrr?ui customer* the
most unqualified satisfaction. Justice to hi* friend* a* well as
to himself make* it proper tor him to s%y, that he tells for
cash; the los*e* sustaiued from bad customer* will not have to
be paid by go?>d ones. Wholesa'c dealer* supplied promptly at
the old established stand, where the asking price is always the
selling price. *epJT-lm'
Ma* amotiD hi*
to wo 27S
lU?to jau I*ltlt*wy
for sa'e by
Successors lo L. Pag?* Son, 0U Maiden lane, up stairs,
dj lii' near William street.
" Who steals my purse steals trash?
But he who filehes from me my good name.
Robs me most villanously."
(KJ-1"KINK'S OKKIS TOOTH PASTE for cleansing,
preserving. and beautifying the teeth, received the Ar*t pre
mium at the recmtFair of the American Ins'itute.
This unequalled dentifrice giv*s to the Teeth a clean and
pearl) whitne**, and r< move* and prevent* every appearance of
larfar; it alto improves the color cf tna lips aud gums, pre
ven's and heait all ulcer* of the mouth, arrests the progress of
decay in the teeth, and imparts a peculiar and grateful tweet
ties* lo the brea'h
The best article that He know efforclean?i*g, preserv
ing and beautifsing the teeth, i* Peine'* Orn* Tooth Patle.
It give* to them a clear and pearly whitenett, and imiiart* a
peculiar aud most grateful sweetness to th* breath. We cor
dially eommeud it to the attentien of our reader*, especially
to the female portion of Ueaa. No toilet can be complete with
? ?at it"? Larfief' .Wag.
The unprecedented celenrily which this most cicellent arti
cle for the teeth *o speedily obtained wider it* original nam* of
Orris Tooth Paste. ha? induced several nnprincipied individual*
to make baae counterfeit preparations, timer various names
of which beware, for they may probably prove highly inju
rious to the leeth. and art no more to be compared with the |*
nuine than Hyperion to a Satyr. The original article has new
the fac simile of the investor and proprietor, O. W. Peine,
upon the label, without which it is not geaaine.
For sale only at the Bataar. 179 Broadway; b* Onioa, 188
Broadwny; J. H. Hart, M. D. 178 Broadway and M Hudson sl?
How* and (iuion.l'JB Chatham*(.; E. M. Onion, IIT Bowery
<ad M Henry *t. corner of Pike.
Again?Beware of Counterfeits ! nM-eodkm*
DRY OOODB, DRY GOODS?The ladies are respect
fully solicited lo ca I and esamiuc the splendid a**urtmei t
of Dry Oond* at the (tore of A PHILIPS, 168 Chatham
?quare coaststmg of taper Cashmire and Beocha Sh*wl?;
(?lain and figured Bombasines; Thibet Cloths; Silks. Poplia*
lie lie , all of which are entirely new and of choice selections,
which will he disposed af at ?ety reduced prices, cot respond .
ng with tie tinirs. nM Im*
?R. CORBITT may be eon alled ia the most confidential
manner at hi* oms,SI Cily I'i'l Place, near Chatham
?treat, New Yarb;whete person* afflicted with delicate dit
e**e*. old obstiaate ulcer* ditpeptia, worms, disease* of the
Madder, urethra, and kidney*, and all diaitu arising from
? he abuse* of mercary or laspurity of blood, are invited to
Th* baneful effect* arieing from Ike ahuse rf mercury needs
no d *c ript ion Pei*oas troubled with a eertain disease may
ipply to Dr. Corbitt, with the p*r(Vct a*au ance of having it
radically cured without a particle of mercary or any other
lai gerou* medicine. Hi* cnarge* arc reasonable, and propor
tioned ta the mean* of the applicant.
Attendanec daily fmtn 9 A. M. to 10 P. M. n97 9m*
(1ACM HYATE.M-Cttri'HlNO ?Clothing whol tale and
J ratail.told lo accommodate the time* Pilot cloth Over
< oat* ; lion thin Over Cnat* i heaver cloth ('oat*. Ore**
oat*, Pant*, and Yecta, of varrana kind* ; Shirts, Drawers,
ollnr*, Mock*. Handkerchiefs, fcc. He. The bore article
?ill ha sold very low far cash, at No. til Orcenwich street
?orner of Barclay street -? ith east Comer
LiltCHm LKRCHESt Sweodish i.eecnea, firet
rate, jo*t lawlnd and fer sale rtry l*n, by
47.lt* O COLBY, 9*1 Pearl *^ franklia Qi
The Steam fhip BRITISH
QUEEN, rf016(om, fl(K' horse
power, Lieut Richard Roberta.
R. N., commander, will sail
ai follow-:
From New York. Fi om f.oudon.
1st December, lit January,
1840 lit February, lit M rch,
lit April, lit May,
lit June, Ut July,
lit August, lit September
lit October.
600 tout of caigi will bf taken, for freight of which or pai
tage, apply to
4 Jo Dei' Lane,rear 10S Front street.
No second claim passengers taken.
No goods will be received ou board without *u order from
>e Agent*.
Xjf- Au eaperienced Surgeon is attached to the ihip. n7y.
^ The i team imp LIVER
?t -?{ - POOL, 1130 ton* burthen
i * v ?T 'v\i
lud 4ti8
hur-c power, R. J.
Kavrkb, R. N., commander,
W > is appelated to vail as fallow* :
Frem New Yirrk. \ Prom Liverpool.
14th December, 1839 | 10th November, 1080.
20th Februaiy, 1840 | 20th January, 1840.
Thereafter ou the 20th of each alternate month.
Tare t? Liverpool, thirty live guiueas (H> 1 !i3 33) in the afl,
??d thirty guineas ($140) in the fore saloon, including wints
tLd ?!l jtures. Nu ward's feel $5. No second class passen
(eri taken. Children mder 13, and lervanti, half price.
100 tons freight will be taken?application firit to be made
U the oflice.
An expcrieccrd surgeon accompanies this ship.
For passage or freight, apply personally or by letter to
JNO. FOLLOuK, Liverpeol;or to
ABM. BF.LL St CO. ACenti. 117 Fulton St., N.Y.
N. B.?The company's new ship the " NEW If ORK," of
1400 tois burthen, will commence plyiog early in the 1840 ?
thus affording a departure ou the 'iOth of each month, to and
from New York ?nd Liverpool. n7
?To sail ou the 1st, 10th, and 20th of every month.
?This line of packets will hereafter be composed of the
following ihipi, which will succeed each other in the order io
which they are named, tailing punctually from New York and
Portsmouth on the 1st, 10th, 20th.and from London on the7lh,
17th, and 27th of every month throughout the year, vis :
from mew vork. loudo*. po*t*ii*tii
(Jan 1 ( Feb. 17 ( Feb. 'JO
ST. JAMES, Seoor < May I < June 17 < June 10
I Sept. I I Oct. 17 ( Oct. 20
i Jan. 10 (Feb. 27 (Mar. I
MONTREAL, Griffin ? May 10 { June 27 ] July I
I Sept. 10 I Oct. 27 ( Nov. 1
( Jan. 20 ( Mar. 7 ( Mar. 10
GLADIATOR, Brilton ?> May 20 \ July 7 ? July 10
( Sept. 20 ( Nov. 7 ( Nov. 10
( Feb. 1 ( Mar. 17 ( Mar. 20
MEDIATOR, Ckamphn < June 1 ' Julv 17 < July 20
( Oct. 1 ( Nov. 17 ( Nov. 20
( Feb. 10 ( Mar. 97 ( April I
WELLINGTON, Chadwick { June 10? July 27 1 Aug. 1
( Oct. 10 ( Nov. 27 f Dec. 1
( Feb. 20 ( April 7 ( April 10
QUEBEC, Hebard 1 June 20 ] Aug. 7 { Aug. 10
( Oct. 20 f Dec 7 ( Dec. 10
Mar. I ( April 17 { April 20
' ' *' ' 20
( Mar. 10 ( April 27 ( May 1
9AMSON, 8t urges < Julv 10 < Aug. 27 < Sept. 1
( NoV. 10 ( Dec 27 ( Jan. I
( Mar. 20 ( May 7 ( May 10
PRESIDENT, Chadwick 1 July 20 ] Sept 7 1 Sept. 10
( Nov. 20 ( Jan. 7 f Jan- 10
( April 1 ( May 17 ( May 20
ONTARIO, Huttleson < Aug. 1 { Sept. 17 < Sept. 20
f Dec. 1 I Jan. 17 ( Jan- 20
( April 10 ( May 27 ( June 1
TORONTO, Oris wold ] Aug. 10 ] Sept. 27 \ Oct. 1
( Dec. 10 ( Jan. 27 f Feb. I
( April 20 ( June 7 ( June 10
WESTMINSTER, Moor* ] Aug. 20? Oct. 7 \ Oct. 10
f Dec. 20 I Feb. 7 ( Feb. 10
These ship* are all of the first class, about 700 tons barth'n
and are commanded by able and experienced navigators. (W?i
care has Ween made use of in the selection of furniture, beds,
kt., and the price of cabin passagr is new Axed at $100 oat
ward, for each adult, aad children half price, without wines or
liquors of any description. Neither the captains imr owners of
the above packets will be responsible for any letters, parcels or
packages sent bj them, unless regular bills of lading are signed
( Mar. 1 ( April 17 ( Aj>ri
PHILADELPHIA, Morgan ] July I ] Aug. 17 [ Aug.
( Nov. 1 ( Dec. 17 ( Dec.
therefor. Apply to
GRINNELL, MINTURN k CO. 134 Front it; or to
JOHN GRISWOLD, 70 South .trect, New York.
>for Ha vannah?Regular Line?To Mil punctual!)
'rrrry Saturday.
Brig AUGUSTA, A. M. SI erwood, mailer, 4M ton*
EXCEL, E- Sherwood, do 400 do.
SAVANNAH, k. Hubbard, do 440 do.
MADISON.W. Bulkley, do 400 do.
WM TAYLOR, H*ey, do 400 do.
CLINTON. I. Lto?, do 4M do.
The above are fint clae* coppered and topper faatrned vee
*el*?they have very rocmv ami auperior accommodation* far
pae*enger?, who will be taken ot the very lowet term*, and
they can depend upon thoec ve**e'? ?ailing on their regular
day. For paaaage, either i? c*?ia o riUvtgt, apply on board,
foot of Maiden lane, or to
*epl4-tf to aer of Pine and Mouth ?t*.
The thlpe of thi* line will continue their departure from
New York on the 1ft. and will fail from Havre on the 'Mth
of each month, during the year, thua:?
From New York. From Harre.
lat January ) Ship UTICA, ( 24th February
let May > Capt. J. B. Pell, ?] 24th Jane
Ut September ) ( 24th October
1st February ) Ship CHAS. CARROLL, t 04th March
lit June J Capt W. Lee, < 24th July
lat October J ('?14th Noremb'r
lat Mareh ) Ship ERIE, 34th April
latJuly > *apl. K. Funk, 24th Auguit
lat November ) 24th December
Ut April l Ship BALTIMORE, 24th May
Ut Auguet > Capt J a*. Funck, 241 h September
lat December ) 24th January
The accommodation* of theae Sliipa are not lurpaited, com
bining all that may be required for comfort. The price of
cabin nooage h 9100. P****nger? will be *upplied with every
rnouiaite with the exception of winea and liquor*.
y Good* intended for three veeaeli will be ferwarded by the
Makecriber, free from any other than the eipenaca nctuaHy
incurred on them. For might or M*?we. apply lo
? 17 t No. 9 Tonhae Buil<liiMf
FOR HAVRE.?The well known *hip HAVRE.
Captain M'Kown. Ha* the major part of her
i cargo engaged, and will be promptly di.paiehed. For
freiekt or pa***ge apply to
b/>YD II HINCKEN, No 9 Tontine Building, j*0
OF PACKETS.?To .ail punctually every Mon
day throughout the aeaaon in the following order :
Skip w'-libur|. cSrtober 14th ; Ship Mi<?iaeip[?i, Oct. 9lat ;
Ship OrUana, Oct JSth; Shin Lomanlle. November 4th ; Ship
Panthea Nov. Ilth ; Ship 9ha**pc?re, Nov. I9ih ; Ship Ar
kanaaa, Nov. ttlh i Ship Huatevillo. December id ; Ship
Na>hville, Dee.9th : Ship Saratoga, Dec. 19th , Ship Alaba
ma. D?c 39d , Ship Yaaoo,Dec. 90th.
Th?*e (hipe are all of the IJret rla*?, eoipereJ and copper
faatened, commanded by etperienced navigator*, constantly in
the trade, will positively Mil aa above, and take *team at the
Prrr*" 'Vnt to amkark for the above port wrfl find th<
accommodation* of theee veeaela for Cabin, Second Cabia, and
Steerage Peace ngera un*urpoe*?d by any othera, and cannot
fail to raaure ever* comfort
Ft? apply on bo art', at Orlean* Wkarf, foot of Wall
?treet, or to W. J. T. TAPBCOTT, 49 Peck Slip, neat door
to 191 South ctreet. ?I7-Im*
FOR LON DON?Pach*< of the ~10th December?
? The Aratclaaf, foat Miling, eonpered and roaper fa*
ened packet *kip TORONTO,Capt. R. Griawold,
will *ail a* ahovr, her regular day.
Her accommodation* tor cabin, tecond cabin, and ? tee rage
pneeengera, are very ?tipertoc. Peraone intending to embark,
?hould make immediate application on board, foot of Maiden
lane, or to
.19 PLOVER ? McMURRAY, S9 South ?tr?et
HAVANA Mr*. WEST ha* rr.uo.ed bueinee* at No. ?
C*IU Inquitidor. where die will bo pr*pared to receive
? ?roera aa iotiinlv:
Rrfrronee to John Ritchie, 9.eq vo 91 Brood ?tre? t, wk<
will furniah information to applicable relative to UM
tie* to be oberrved by itranger*, to avoid deteotie* m ImAi
at Havana. ?Hurt*1
FOR NEW ORLEANS? Star Line?Kir?t Pack
ra9^Vet?The firtt class ship BANOOR, Captain Eustiee,
be despatched fur the above port <>n Saturday,
the ?th inst. Light freight will be taken at the lowest rates.
Skipper* will please to tend in their hill* of lading.
The fine ?bip RICHARD ANDERSON will suceeed the
Bangor, and ?ail on Saturday, the 14th intt. The Richard An
derson it nearly new, built in Baltimore of the bett materials,
ami is equal to packet in the trade. Kor freight or passage,
apply on hoard, pier No. 0 ?. R . or to
dti GLOVER k McMURRAY,69 South st.
FOR CHa BLEST U.N?The first clnit packet
ship F.LIZA WARWICK, C?pt Davit, will be del
?patched for the above port iu a few d.iyt. Having very
superior accommodation! for cabin, i?coad cabin, and ate* rage
patseugert, |*ertoat intending to tmbark should secure their
berths without delay. For freight or passage, on the most
reasonable term*, apply on board, font of i liuiun streel, East
River, or to
d6 OLOVER k McMURRAY, 69 South street.
brig HARTLEPOOL, Habbard, master, 'i6U tons, 3
y ears old. Apply to
10 K COLLINS It CO. .'6 Sput^ ?t.
?ship UTI A. John B Pell, master, will tail on th?
?1st January. BOVD k H1NCKEN, Agenti,
d7 9 Tontine Buildings.
FOR HAVRE?The very superior rui p? red and
? c |>|>or fastened new Fr?nch 'rig THERESA, Capt.
?Noel. For freight or passage apply to
d7 BOYD k HI VtKEN, ? Tontine Roildint*
fc- FOR LI YEKPOOL?Packet of the I3ih Decem
her?The first class packet ship SHEFFIELD. Capt.
?Allen, will sail at above, her regular day. Having
very superior arcominodat ions for cabiu and meeruge passen
ger., person intending to embaxk should make immediate ap
plication on board, foot of Maiden lane.or to
d7 OLOVER & >I?MURRAV, 69 South sU
HOI' AIR CuuK'NG b'l'OVE.?This new and unri
valled Stove is novv manufactured and kept for sale by
the Subscriber, at 168 Greenwich street, bet v. ?ea Courtland
and Dye streets. The public arc assured this Stave surpassei
all othcri now iu use for cooking purpose* and economy of
fuel. The Oven, w hich is twice as large as that of any other
stove of the same sice, it to constructed that the baking it
done entirely by Hot Air, conducted in flue* iu such a manner
as to give it a perfectly even heat in every part, which may be
increased or diminished at pleasure, by meant of a single
damper, without regard to tlie <ju<uiity of fire. The small
sices are suitable for private families, the larger for Boarding
houses,* Hotels, Refectories, ke. The largeat size it war
ranted to possess capacity to do the hiking, boiling cooking,
and vrathing for sit huudn-d ptriont. The public is respect
fully invited to call and eiauuue frr themselves. 'I he stoves
are warranted. E. M. KLAPP.
NEW REFFCTORY?J. SWEENEf interne hi* trie*
and the public that he has opened a new H< factory, in ?l t
large and elegant building, No. 144 F niton ttreet. Fith, Hen
and Fowl are always to be found on hit tablet, and e\ery delics
ey of the reason provided at toon at it appears in the market*
Ns> care or attention will be wanting on nis pari, to give gevtra,
satisfaction, and he hop*.s to find that generout encour^etoent
which he it determined to ''eserve.
LAND.?The subscriber continues to make eugagcinenti
in this city for the passages of thote retiring in England, ire
land, Scotland and Wales.
T?? sliipt einpl yeil by this company are of the first class
American built, commanded by men of experience, and tail
frum Liverpool every week throughout the sexton.
Drafts payable on demand, on II e National Bank of Irehnd,
the National Bank of ScoMa?id and llie?r variou- brandies;
also, ou R C. (ilyu Co., London, and Fitzhugh l( C. Orim
?haw, Liverpool, at the lowest rates. Application t > be made
by letter, poet paid, lo f-AM'JEL THOMPSON,
b'Jl lui? J73 Pearl street.
IC LKUANT ROOM TO LET.?Two gentlemen, or a gen
J tleman and hit wife, at have *n elegant room, with board
a'd the uh of a library of 1000 volumes, a piano, ke. iu * gen
teel private lamily at 47 John street, 'i'he family eirele consists of
ft. ur persons. Terms forth- room, board, kc.Jkc $10 for the two
pi rsoi.s I'he best of references will be required. A note ad
dressed A. B at tliit office, will be atttnded to, and n<* other
mode of application. n9tf
J man to J. R. Walter) and JAMES THURSTON, have
thit day formed a copartnership ui der the firm of Fulton It
Thuksto*, for the purpose of conducting lite 1'lumbtng Busi
ness. at ft-V> Broad v. ay.
New York, Sept. 16, 1849.
C AHn - ?onttil*pny? evptri
enee in the Plumbing Bu>inett,a.id beiugacqudated wit
every improvement now in use in their line, and ?t practice
men consider themselves inferior to uone, come before lie
public with conAdence of giving satisfaction.
New York. Oct. 7,IMP- o?)-ta?
f'YMNASTIC EXERCISE*.- W. (? LLLEIl b??. mm.
J form th* gratUmen of Nc* 7*T* a do iu vicinity, thai
hi*t>woa?i>iir? *)?> >rcen? arm 'if Ann are now id full
opperalion. W. K Kan certificate* from the mitt eminent
pkyiiciaua wf New York and Philadelphia, on the great ?di <u
tages to be derived from the eiercises of the g)auHun.
The*? eiercitet are adapted to alt age*, aud ua tie taken at
any time, without interruption 'rom wexther. Mr Mourqum,
who has riven the greatest *ati*faction for the last twojeart
?t thi* eatabliahmrut, will continue to give Immdi in the noble
vlence of Kencing, at aueh hour* aa will auit the convenience
ofkispapilt. A -.a?? o'boy* under 14 years of aye, frond
to 6 o'clock, aa W. F will be always ,#*???nt during iheir ei
crcita*. An evening claas >? about being formea lor tno win
ter. For card of term* apply aa above nlrt 1 m*
(jQh AT thja inclement <es??*ii ol the )e*r,( Wnt?sae<irr*?
rondent,) whoannnsumplion, Aithma, Coughs, Colds, fcc- art
moit pravelent, i moat safe, efficacious, and at the same tim?
?peedy remedy may be found in Dr. Manou'i Concentrated Vt
getable Balaam, r or tale by A B. It D. Sand*. 7# and 100 Kul
ton it . Syne, 63 and 330 Bowery ; Burnett** Perfumery
(tore 87 Cooal atreet, he. For further particulars ?ee Dr. Ma'
ton'a advertisement in another part of the Herald. o"i'J3m
Eh+ < <)M> WARD IIOTKL.?Neat to th* conwr
street, in Naaeau ttreot. This well known e*tabli*hm?*
ka*m( undertone a thorough reftting, is now in complete orJe
for the accommodation ot those who msy honor it with thei
There are in this house, betides the lower story,which is throwi
entirely open as a public bar room, a lam room upon the m
?ond story, 74 feet by M, well suited for the accommodation o
public meetinga, t>>g*thcr with several smaller ouea adapted b
the use of clubs reierees, or for the tnosnctioa of other pnvau
Club* and private parties accommodated with roe as, an*
may be fu run had with dinners or sappers, composed of ever}
ipecies of game or deltenay which th? market* afford at sho/
notice. r>H-y] EDMUND JONEH. Prefrietor.
MRS. OOOD'B ?? HOME" for gentlenMu and 'mail fami
lies, No. 74 Oreenwich *treel New York.?The Pro
prietor of this Establishment flutters heratlf that no pains be
ing spared to render the domestic arrangements of her house
perfectly aneici ptionable, her friends will And a " Mood Homo"
(in the best and most agreeable sease) at her do mini.
mo MARRIED WOMEN?Is it not M too well known
E Uiat the families of the married often increase beyond
the happiness of tlmae who give them birth would diruto f
In how maey instance* doe* the hard working father,and more
e.pecrllj the mother, of a poor family, remain ?la?f? through
out their live*, tuggiug at the oar of ince*eant labor, toiling to
live, and living tost to toil : when the* might have eajoyed
comfort and comparative affiuence , and if care and toil have
weighed down the tpirit. and at last broken the health of the
fhth?r, how often i* the widow led, unable, with the moot vir
toon* intention*, to save her father!*te rffipring from beeom
jug degraded object* of charity, or profligate tuiarie* of rice t
I* it deairablo. then, -is It moral for parent* to increa** their
amiliea, regard!*** of conee^nencea to themselves, or the well
being of thair offspring, a hen a *imple, *a?y, healthy, and en
Tail* remedy ia within our ~ control 1 The advertiser. feeling
the important* of thi* subject, and estimating the fast benefit!
resulting to thousand* by the adoption of means prescribed br
her, tintrwdoced li* the celebrated midwife and temale physi
cian, M?* Restell, the grandmother of the advertiser,) and
who has made thi* anbject her particular and especial ituoy.
I* it not wtso and ?irtuou? to prevent evil* to which we are
tubjoet by siaaple and healthy means within oar control V
Every dianaaaionate, virtuous, and enlightened mind, will an
hesitatingly antwer ia Iho affirmative. Thi*, th*n. i* all that
Mrs. R. recommend* or *?er recommended Pri?* Five Dol
lar* a package, accompanied with full and particular directions
For the convenience of those nnable t? call personally, M Cir
cular*," more fully eiplaantory, will be *ent,free of etponee
(postage evcopted) to any part of the city or United Hiales
All letter* mn*t be post paid, and addressed to MADAME
RESTELL, Female Physician. Principal ..dice, 140 Oreen
wish slroet. New York. Oflct hours from 9 A. M. to 7 P. M.
44-1 m*
Hard timesTand dry goods to ho it fit em.
The ?uhecriber would invite the alien ion of his friend*
?nd the public to hi* well teleo *4 *toek of Dry Ooo4?, whieh
he ts (ailing at rmoona sacriSce*. in order lo fulHI his engage
ments. The good* are purchased, ahnoet invariably, for cash,
at the lowest market nrioe*. and will ho sold for tha iaa*.
The *tock coexists of Beavor, Pilot, and other Cloths, Satinets
?nd Vesting*, SHb* and Merino**, Flannels. Muelins, Linena
Caheoe* and Lace* | I* short t b**utifol aeaertmont. with
prie*. tnen.t purehmev* JOHN H. BENNET,
it In* W Honeton Mrat
_ . mrut 10 the treatment of Delicate Recent
caut cuied in a ftw days. Gicals ami Stricture* ?*??*
ilitiouily by au tut method ; ilio, UlMfltol xiro*t?, 014
Ulcer*, Diituai of the Bladdsr and KidliM, diman of tke
Liver, lie. ai Or. K vans' Dispensary and Principal OH?, No.
l'J Peck 4lip. L)r. Kv*a? hat ad thirty year*' eiperienee,aad
areolar m-dical education?.don't mistake the uumtor
N. B.?Medicines and Direction* sent to any part of Um Uni
ted Statej
OR. K VANS' Vegetable Apirieat and Cathartic PHI* al
ways for ?ale at hi* office. m$0 Imw*
4 PAW TOR. HAIR CUT FlGR, lMOreawwlofe ?tw*t
.1 ? A. Pastor take* this opportunity to iuform the public,
<f>er long etpcric nee in his busincee, he has formed a composi
<oi.. calked
Or C?mp?MBd RimhII?I Oil of Alnnd*.
?r for drilroyiui; dandruff, and preventing the hair from
souitug wutor turning grey, an infallible remedy against tald
leas, i ml fhenublic may rely oo it, that A.PASTOR'S COM*
PtUND OrL is the wNolesomest and best Oi! for the hair
makes it grmw thiek and long, prevents its falling off or ioraiag
frey, and even if h#ir hai begun to turn grey, it such anoarisher
'o the hair, that by use it vrill restore it to its natural eslsrj
? Iso prevent* hait Irom becoming shaded, and if hair isolreadv
thai! <t, which is a great disfigurement to young ladies, aad of
ised for si shdrtxhne, it Mill restore it to its natural color, ill
he scurf, and keep the head and hair clean; promotes eyebrow*
tud wIC^.... A liberal discount made to wholesale psirthi
sirs. A. PASTOR,
iM tireeuwi?-ti street, N. T
Price. M) ceuts per bottle, hignly perfumed. d3 la'
-|yR KIj,jIOT? ~
Broadway, entrance in Ditaae street,
Confines his practice to
From Dr. Klliott's extensive practice, and tlie uumber of i>e
tients who cannot be attended dnriag hie office honrs, ha lias
obtained th? services of Dr. Wcstmacott, a practitioner fa
vorably known for some years in this city, a member ai the
New York Medical Society, and of the Royal College of Sw
geons, Ediuourgn. Dr. W. paid much attention to UNM ?
the fcye in Pari*, and, more recently to Dr KUiott's peculiar
mode of operation and treatment
Office hours Irom 10 tei o'clock.duilv. iayM |M
STOVE FACTORY.?The subscribers would call the at
tention of their fri'nds and the PuMic generally, to tbeir
Tin-ware aad Stove Factory, a?J I'm ana Copper Roofing
fcUtabliiliment. Constantly on hand a general assortment of
Tin ware and Stove* of the latest and most improved pattern*.
N. B.?The universally approved Parsselee Cooking Stove
for coal or wood to be seen in operation at the Store.
They are also prepared to esecute all orders for Tin and
Copper Roofing at the *herte*t notice, and on the most reason
able terms. S. R. It J. W. THKMBLEY,
lllla'll No. ISA Bowery.
TH R Subscribers, Sole Proprietors and Manufacturer*,
re prepared to execute, with despatoh, all orders for their Ua
?lvaVled Patent SwtUed Beam Windlass Bedsteads, which aro
tow almost universally used, as being the best article a*yet la
?uted?combining ease, convenience and durability.
The sacking, acted upon by the windlass and swelled heeia ia
..adc perfectly light and fice from all liability to sagg.still leav
ug an elasticity in the same, which renders it particularly easy,
? ?id simple in construction; tke matter of putting up and tekiag
'?own will be found of but little trouble in comparison with tkoee
f any other construction, whilst the precision with which the
:? mponent parts am fitted, acts as a safeguard against the intra*
Miction of any hind of vermin.
Worn the care taken to render each Bedstead perfect, their
Isalities for durability will recommend them to purcha
? no are invited to call and eiamine a large assortment, a
Also, a Urge aeeortmeat of elegant Furniture, Matt
feather B?.ds, Vc. constantly oa hand.
J. W. fc C S0UTHACE, No-196 Broadway,
iel6v Franklin House
PasPAKKo ?? Dr. Paaacis, Otcuuit.
I | R.j. ? HANC1M 8 celebraieo Eye Water is a perfect cure
j./ for all inflammatory diseaeea of the ij?, weakness d ikkl,
ophthalmii, cataract nebula and all othi r lnkrmitict nithaaiih
lhat mo?t delinte and beautiful-or^an ?fmtoa My ki Waak
?4. Dr. Krancit refer* lo the followin* clergyman and iOmh
who have mjiM me emcary ?( hu preparation, ia case where
Hop* had fled, and where evea the medical faculty had pea*
aouueed the uereoas to be lacurablc.
From the Re?. Mr. Daris, pastor of the CharcS at La ttorn
Town, N. York.
Thia ia t? certify that a yowaj dub, whom I naif >i?i m
juaiated with for torn time, aad after spending dim aaoaths im
?n eye iaftrmary was due harmed by the PSyaanans of UwlaiUta
uob, with what they termed as iacanMe Cataract, ao thai ha
?rat nearly blind ; a trial of Dr. J. Franc ia'? remedy, three bat
Jet only Peiu? used, re mo red it ta the surprise of all who kaew
im, and aow he eaa tee with that eye aa well aa ever ha did. I
eel it my duty to give thia informftiaa for th* >wett af Mm
The Rev. J. Harrtaoit 44 Thempeea Street haviag pnamad
i bottle of the above for Mrs. Harrieon'i eyee. My*?ta mj ?
Knial.ment, it lias remared the dimness and iwua which had
oeea eaceeaivc for year*??he bad need May different cya wa
ter*, but they all foiled, therefore, 1 hope Ike paabkc wiM aooa
appreciate it* ralue.
Thia ia ta certify that my ryes were ia a ht|h date af ta
flam mat 100, for several moutha, several re mediae had baca tried
without any good effect, and after Being aae bottle af the ahaea
tje water, it perfectly reatorcd my sight, aad I beliere i
ae frem total Blindness.
Mr*. ANDERSON, No.aOeereki
Mr*. McCaffrey, 10 Cherry atreet. Thia aa ta ter*ity, thai
I wai afllieted with a contiaual weeping of tealdiag wttarftaa
?y aye* for aereral mo a the; many remedies were afaitcS with
jut affordiag ma the emallctt relief, and I thought 1 iMaU have
baca blind; i applied Dr. Fraacis' rrnaedy, and aAer osiag oae
bottle, I caa truly *ay. It Mted me from absolute klaadaeaa.
This ia to certify that my too had bcca afllicted srath aeea
ayea for Are yesra, daring which time several remedies bad
been used without any good effect being derived, sad ta eaaao
qucace of the ereat weakacas of hi* tight, was oblwed ta keep
him entirely Irom the bvnettt of eduratioa, aad sifter the an
of two or three small bottle* of Dr. Francis' in rateable ay
water he has been completely eur?d. aad ia ta be seca at m?
rcsidcuce, 58 Franhfurd street, New York.
This is to mahe known that I have for some year* beaa
flicled witk what Phyaictaaa call Chroaie laflssamstisa. oaa
liating ia weakaess and redn-as ia my eyes, and that by the tf
plieatioa of one bottle of Dr f riari*'? Eye Water, my iaflM
matioo ceased; I therefor* feel it my daty to camaaead this
liquid as a safe and aaparalleled remedy to all pereaac aSM?ls0
with optic diseases. In rase of any verbal information being re
Brd on this atntement, inquire for me, at 80 Liberty atreet,
A boy. whoee e? et had been covered witk thick tatBraeln,
and who had spent eight months ia aa taSrMry aad tkca Slat
charged aa incurable, ta now completely restored to sight, sad
can be seca at the residence of a respectable Qaaksisaa, Ms. IS
Fint street.
The Rct. D. Deakarsaya, frem Ike testimony af theao wtm
hare need the Eye Water prepared by Dr. Franc ia, I hagMy ??
recommend It ta the notice af the ?>?'? la*, aa a Mat ithalls
I*totor of the McDeagal Street Chat Ml
Many certlflcetos eaa be scea at the office.
fry- N. B.?Thia eye water ie not pcaaarsd er aaM by aaf
,-r?-m ia the United state*, bet by Dr Fraacae, No 10 Bar
day atreet, New York.
To preveat Conatorfeits, all that arejaanma ha we Mm Dae*
tor'a cre> t and seal ea sack bottle from (hie data.
May 3d, IKW
?f- Art.alt Eyes iaeertod by Dr. J. Praaaie, flat cmm0
atinguished from the aatnral. aad will pesdkraa ctcn ma>
Job of that organ without giriag the alifkteet patia, aad foe Ml
(real improvemcatia this art, kc kae received a iiylame,
10 Berelav street New Yark. aid foaftW
NOTICE.-.Netwithataadiiag e?r
with all it* valoab'e mackiaery, stocks, toels,aadcfoi
nnflaished, are wholly and totally deetroyed by the late Ira
the corner ef Qraad aad EHaaketk atreets, aad ae kwW
we are sot wholly dcctitato aad akall be pleased te ace the
fscea of our customer*, both these at Nee* sad alroed, at ear
ware room at the corner af the Btwery aad Divtsioa (tract,
where we shall bee tow ear beat efforts aad eadeavera la cap.
ply them with the beat af clacks, ee are have a I are* sassrtmaat
of Atitahed clocks, t ime places, and regulalera ta hand, aad are
renewing oar manufacturing apparatea with all pssetbls 01*.
Clrh, and if poastbla, ia a more s0lei?at aad effectaalmaMar.
me of one Turret clock rustenaera mast neceeearily be 0a
layed a short time, bat we trust they will bear witk ae aadcr
eiistiag circaaMtaare*. Clocks ef every deeoriptiaa carefnBy
and thoroughly reMireJ aad warraalrd.
n.!O-0wdhltw* n Bawery.
CHOAL1 (WAL ! I COAL!!!?The bast at Peseta Orckent.
Red Ash.broaea aad egg siaa. |S Maar tea, dsliear.d
free af cartage. Net %1 *>. Yard M4 Waakaagtea street.
QTt- I/mted State* Baak aad fbiialilakls netee taken al par.
ALMONDS?00 kkl*. skellad Aim ends t lO0|kalee kard
skd led da, for sale by

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