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The aubecriter oilers for sal* at the Corn*!- of
Broadway kud Chamber* street, a choice collection ol w iue*,
he. wlitird for city talc*, *>y C(Wp?l??t ?nd rip?iirK?l
wdgee, from the heat viotwti of Europe ; MWM which are
aparkiiu.; Champsgie Wu.es, of" Lambert k Co. rand varioua
other eh'ice bruii.
Old Madeira. London Me, Brown, and Gold Sherry, and
Fort Wines. of cUict nutates, in wood and glass, some of
which have MM bettied lor vears. expressly for private use.
Choice Brandy, '? Otard, Dajiuv t*. Co."and other brands ;
Hollirl Gin, superior floor; Out Jamaica Rum; Irish and
8c >trh Whiskey, '* Real Mountain Dew.*'
Loudon Porter and Brown Stout, Burton and Scotch Alee,
k* the ca^k or doaeu.
Commission Wine Merchant, Granite Building*, corner
?f Broadway aud Chamber* atreet, entrance in Chamber*
street d2-l m*
RESTELu'S KEMALE PiLLfe.?In confluence of the
crest demand for these invaluable pill*, Mrs RESTBLL,
Female Physician, finds hettclf called upon to appoint agent*
lor their ?a'e. They can be obtaiifed at 116 Gherrysireet,
?car Catharine ; 254 Grand street, corner of Allen ; 2w8 Bow
ery, corner of Houston ; and at her Principal office, 180 Green
*fch *tree!. All communications must be addressed to the
yrincipil office,and post paid.
Mrs. Rcstell particularly urqes the necessity of the direc
tions being strictlv followed. a? also to uuprcss upon the mar
ried that tn< se pilis mint not be nsed in some cireumstMtces,
as, though mild nnd sale iti their ope rati in. they are eOmpeeed
of ingredients aoti 15 upon particular function* ; t^at they
will prndu <ihe?!t*c?s mentioaed i:i the directions, which are
enclose I ii?/i?fe of each hox,a* to vslmu tf.?v ou;'il uot to be
used. Tric^ $1. Mr*. Restell's propersignature is written on
the cover W each bos. Mr. Jjhn C.niv, i._-ut fvir Prov <l:-tce,
R.I. d4 lm*
SEALS?K. LoVET r. feal Engraver,?B sTeue or 1
184 Broadway,respectfully infouns the ?.hlic that Keen
tiuuesto <?ccule,iu I is usual stjle, work ? f every dtscnptii n
in las line
Coats of am>?. crest*. initials, fancy devi es. kc. on stone.
Consular, Notarial, aud oft.ee seal*, tujiaved on steel, silver
o ibra*?.
Book.? of Heraldry for the inspection of custom* r?, containing
over IOO.OCO names.
Doors | tales, numbers. 8tc. 'ngrared to order, in a superior
*t\le. Ci.atn of arm* paiuted.
better an.I iiOte psper stamped with crwts, initial*, or de j
Tier* of anjr d'sciptiBB . U7-lm* ]
"J kUTCH KLOWIiiK fiC'Llts -Nu? i> the tin.a to buy
U Hyacinths, .\arci'sii)i<-s. Tulip*. Crocu-?es, Sic if von !
want to li ive tine Irasraet flower* during Christmas and New |
Year,uiril M^rch an A^iril. The above-mentioned Kloutr I
I'.ulhs ni y be obtained, as well a* a grrat variety of other !
kinds, at the low- st r itt* in thi* citv.at ih? seed ?t? re of
dT-lrn* WILLI \M*WAUBUBG, 4 ru?? tt
m* n A b.a > IK IT KAILS.-Li-KOi'S KHKXCH j
SPECIFIC.?The rrext S,?eciflo of Doet?r
J'.roate Leiov.of Paris, the most effectuai and rapid cuie ever t
known for a teitctn tlittase.
Those who wish t* avoid quark r??rfr?n/?f, ?n-J C'ire their- I
Belvts with little trowbte or withuut liability of ?*p>>? ,re. will i
find this tnedicuN we!l tmted to their e.a?e. a* it :e'.j'i'res no j
change of Diet, and docs not affec' tlie Cktaih. which pre- I
rents the possibility of discovery while using it.
Besides this important a<ii autages. it never leave* the parts
euhject to the troublesome weakuess that occurs so often after |
the use of otV>er medicine, and if taken iu the first str.gr of trie
disease, it wilt arrest tiie tlss-har^e, atd rern- ve a!l anpleasar-t
fvelinci in a few days. In long, pro'rarted or chronic stages
oftheliistase, >h ohstmale gleets, feinalc compl tints, or a weak i
nes* of th< se orgsiiis, it is without deubt the most tffectual re- '
medy ever discovered, and has cured many obstinate cases after
every other medicine had failed. A case of this k>sd. of in >re j
than ajear's standing, was recently cured in two week? by ttii* ,
?peciric. after upward* of a hundred dollar* had been spent for |
Medical advice and Mtdiciaea, svithnut offset. In fact, it 1 as
been usrd with such success iuall ?tage* of ' te disease, that we 1
Chulletige anv case to be produced that it wiii not cure, under a j
forfrit ?.f
Etch bott.t has a fulldeeeripti<>n of the ''i??>?c*. and all the ]
necess; ?) directions for both seiee, iu the English aud French I
iauguag'^.?Pkicc fl a Bottlr, (largt Bottle* of double site, 1
K?" For svle orilv at the aeeut's oSce, N*. S6 Ni'i^
STBECT.CMr doors (rem t-'oHi u si reel, (up *tairs,) office open
until 8 o cloi-fc in the evenimr. pl8-3m*
DR. CORB1TT maybe con*?lte<i iu the m '*t j
nnvwr at In- othce, "3S City flail PUce? near Chatham
?trejf, Ne? V?.k:?hete persons a(!}ict?d with delicate .!is
?a-es, old ijI'simate ulcrrs di?p?psia, wcrira, disea*r? of the
khllwr,irethtB,aud kidney*. v<nd al! dixa-*s arising from
cbe atjses of meicnry or iHi;iurity of blood, are invited to
Th? b tteful efftcts arising frn?? tf e ahuse < f mercury needs
00 d. scrip'ioi reisous''oul.h.: with t Certaia disMM m*y
apply to Dr. Corhiit, with t ie perfect assurance of Imm* it
raiiealiy cured without a particle of mercary or any Other
?at gerous medicine. Hi* c'larces are rtas^naule, aud propor
tion") to the means of the applicant.
Atteii'! ???'*e dniU fro ?? <? K M. t>? '0 P M. n'J7 Si;*
American laboa saving soAr, fur **?!??,c
c1i)(I<n invert er hard water. aod warranted not to jajure
tbt ir or impair tiitir olnr. Tlie manufacturer vt .hi*
article bef're off-ring it 'o the pub ic. has fully let <:<! it*
utility, sk?d rwi**4 tti* impartial tniiMtf of wany
iiyilililci hou??-ke'jer* in prr>'>f that it it fur preferable It
tny ntlier ioi}> ti >? in ucfur clean?inc cloth**; it it now of
ferrd for talc upon its own merit*, u ?d -r th? c.ioe iction that it
will in'et tiir eu' >r? >|^<tabitioa of .ill who will give it a trial,
la it* M* Will l?? lour-. m jff**t taring of! <hor in n a*kii r. ? * i
ohri?*c* t'ie !!? Ce?tilJ wf n.n!?i.ir ttj??n the * itlibtwrd, *t re
4)uir?<l iu tli* *** of bar and *o*p* ; be?.dc? wltifh it ia
much cheaper, a# one pound <>f the I'uj, ia its effort*. i> m >re
thai equal to III* ?* ?< <[* ??i. ty of of <t? time*
the (j'ui.lit* >>f a>(t ?'>p. aai in*tr*4 '?( injuring *he c*.
Jort it ?*i< tbesa mwr* (>?')', luid gilt* Uitm ? eli-r appear- !
The Am-eieaa Labor ''Aeing Soap it put up f?r ftuii'y u>?
in n< t bote*, mt tbt following pr.ect, tu :
Bstrt containing ?5 i-**. ... $1.35 per hoi.
? . jiim ... ia4w
45 reuta flowed f?r eae'i bo* retu-ited in c n?d order. ^Aal
ia oedtr to r';>.blr all w'>o in ?> da*tra In trite it i tri ?I, th# ????
\if*ctu-*r will for a ?bort tnot nil tit* article u quaatitict
from 1 to 10 lb* at fir:t per lb
Priced direttiout for me (which are eery p'aiti) w.ll <-r.
company each box, o* way be hal at the int ,u.racU>iy M3
Pearl ?trett, near Fraiiklia Squire, of petite tie Wa'.tM
New \ ork
N. C. Order* for one *r m t>.?te* of t'ie uhvrt erticlt
wi!'. !.c del it - red in an> part of the ci y free of ckjrgu
dlO 1m*
VjtW SKKU S roitli?Ths tuhwri.er re-pecllullj in
It formt Hmateora of horticulture and il>e politic hi general
that he k <? jutt r< c< ited * tt.leutlid avu>rimehi of Il?<rt. Ct
Bielhat, Koii'ifi-eadroo, K'inn-*, aua * rariety of rare. |
(rcuiui jjrtwhtnMir P null. M<?t' of them are quit* new, and
lave never bt nr? l>>ea tatf duc*d to thit country. He keept
o<> hi dh larg- ttoch of ?*cellent vegetable and fltwer Set-it,
oflaat year*t Lrowth hi.J wi!l nil at ire I ?w*?t ratet .
U'JLI 1AM WAKBUBQ. No. 4P.n*tt
superior pure Ale, hieaeo io ?heGsinmn ttyl. . ii tht abutl
?ttkhlitl.nient of J. R. Warhura. it rua?tA?tly oa hi,-ul. sud fur
?ale ia larrtla ai<J half dp f?r lamiljr u*f. at alto ia ?ki->plu(
order,at >'o 4 Tine itieit. I*' floor. dll Smt*
eth's Cr> am of Lilie* beautiAc* a .d giret a urailu'.il dark
glet* to tb* hair p>omite it* growth, prevent? it* fjltiiif cut.
and effectual') ratnorae dai <)riff "I'd <ral?lt? Ci irpar* it Willi
si.y other articU aud yw? will fin ! it pn*M*si^t a h>?dy capal-le
of pot.e'ratii (? th? ?M<t* of ?he hair au?J i:nme<iiaUly removing
daiidrilf or "'her (?'itta l?? to the jmeih o:i ball ? '*re*. For j
aale by A. 1?. k D. .saiHi?,73 *uI lt^> Kulti.a j J IVjtth, 111 ,
Bowery ; J Synte, 6J and Ul B >w?rj ; Dr. IUrt,c iroar of '
l haa*Hr*Hil Broadw?? j J. Lir wa-, corutr of Chamb-r? aud
Chuieh ttt ; Union. Is# Rrovlw?y ; Mila r, ctraar l>ey at.
ard Broadway j P.-.lmer. 1 '5 Broad war; Dickie. 411 Br.a.I
way t Clarke, corner llout'ou and B* >atlw <y ; niiin, f> it
Broads?\ ; Cola a-it 0(<l?n, tiflt Br?i way : L".d*.y, 3)
??h A?en?ie ; Craifhtoa, corner t^a mine Mid Bedford : Dr.
B*trntt,H? Caaat *4re?t, St-. It .. Trice 40 emit. See < lae
txnilie < i" J WjllV'f n < ?e .
Alto for?*le e?a:i..?e, Wvktn'i Milk or Ro?*?.tli? oaly
rtaaatsr of fietklat, t>iutj?le?.a?d nil -r iptioi.a ?f the face,
ckia.or ut.-a, frwra attariof, e?lda,or o1 >er ??auie?. olO-'lm
BO*TON chackf.RDAKF iU -'-'i hkialU^dft 6rcb"
ard ttreet t^sr Oraad. wotrfd inform the i ihiie tkat It
mixiftcttrti tbt !l?tio?. t ft and hard crackert ?o a tuperi^r
mjle. I ?St oaly pt^re they are mad* in the city ) likewrite B'lt
tee ?a<l *ngar erMitn, Vdaaad Milk Biaeuit. aad Pilot br*a
P4tFNT WinnLASRt ~
?- THE Wfcscnhert. Is ?l? Pr ?(. '(tore ai d Maoufactt-ren,
are t<eemr*u to etrc,i'e. w^h dc<(- all o'ders fer their U?
vrvak"! I atent ftw.| -d Re?ra Wiod'^ Bedfteadt, which are
H* sliiaat tMutma.ly uttV at bring the be *t hi tie'e a* yet iB>
vetitc 1?w*-.tttiitK' ?"? <" i enititca u<*\ 4?r*lility
Tt?e tack.f;, Hc-.d t;te t'ic wiodiatt and iw*!leJ heaia it
atad# p'f1"t<t ) ill! I I,,4f-eef-<?r> *11liability U ?a?f,ttiil tear i
a a* *l**tieitj m the larnt, whic'i r^d?r? it particularly eaty. ,
tinifte.n MMtre.i ii'tas the nta'ter of patting up and ^akiof '
*??? wll !>? ftaod o: VutUt'Ii tftiiHa in c?.mf*ri?f .i wit- fhrtt |
Waay otiiar cMttruc* on. whiHt tht are< tion with which tbt j
??**f >*e t parn are H.ii-I.ti.jt at a ta'e^k- d a^*iu?t tbt tur*
4tsrtma of nay hied nfreraain.
From th* care taUu t* rt 'er e*ch B*d*te?# perfect. fStl'
n'ltiet for daratiiil) wi!lr< itk:?i^| tiier* lo pircl?sef??
who *re lufit'd t *ai! and c?*i ? - larre n ,? i tmetii, r "?
A! n,al?r{ Mto.'tmtal of c!? |?nl V ?<r;?|tti*#. *Ha!'r4?**t
Faa: er Red*, be. ton.t.i.tl* ha^ ..
J K v C sOIJTHAC/ ? . .I^SroadtHf,
ie|?| * .en . | mu
Sill i i, f UH>i ilI t a-u. .i u. r- e iTradi
a' '' v" raior f. it* tt> eere a rrcen. c?-a e n?ni ,j?|.
icaie diaeeat ia)e*t tV!??i M hour*. Krr *a'e, wt. !?**!* at.#
ratai 1. by apj liainent l?y A. B. k D. RANDP, "9a*?d l?*?FtJ. j
tow ftraet. k<?<i tb* ff.|1?.wu g Drt'ft Viortt: liWf -f Uuubei
street a* ? Brr udwa*,coru>' of Cmttar and Ch?reh itr*rta I
?44 Broad way, AS ?tit ?:jtl Bower), Bunett b lltwiR, || '
Bowery,nrat*tfCtnsiw and R^toc1 ttreet*, Blli Aveuut, ,
aad Bura'tCt I'a'eat Med i r i a* it ore, C7 Canal street
PrtM ft
nr. RRcotio kswZLTau of~Tiie eaoTk !
Flf'.K KM(MNR Ct>. No u w 'I(aba pl*c? *t Nib.?*1
Bs'aob.mo .M nAiy e*eit.''| t4? ltth Jaawart, 1810.
BRaNDmETH'S PILLS?A Vtgeuoie aud
M<4icim, pr?*?4 by the experience of thousands t? be,
when properly preserved wiih, a ckktaih cur* iu every form
?f the Only Ore i)?uu, all having tSM tame origin, and
invariably aria* from Um UNIVERSAL R >OT of all 4is
?a.*, namely, IMPURITY or lMPLRFECTauxulatienefthe
In a period oflitUa more thai three year* is the Uuited
State*, they have restored to a it ite of hc.ai.th and eujoy meni
over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND perseui, whe were
given over aa incurable by physician* .of the first rank and
?Undue, and in many case* whsu every ether remedy bad been
retried to in rain.
In all case* of Pain or Weakness. whether it be ehrnuie er
receut, whether it he deafness ?r |>ain in the tide, whether it
artae form constitutional or from tome immediate cause, wiuth
er it be from internal er external injury, it will be cured by
perseveriug is the u?e of these Pill*. '
Thi? great principle of "PUROlNQ" ?? sickness u begin
ning to be appreciated. It is found much more convenient to
take an occasional dote of half a doxeu Pill*. and be always
well, than to tend for a Doctor, and Ue bled, Mistered an J sali
vated?with the certainty that if you are not killed, you will
be lure to have month* r<f inferable wtakne**, and the only oue
who i* benefitted i* your Doctor. Look at tha difference be
tween the appearance of Ihote two |>er?on*?one ha* been treit*
cd by your regular practitioner; tee how pale and debilitated he
is, *ee hon the shadow of death throw* hi* tolitary glance
from hi* emaciated countenance, see how he trembles in trtrj
limb?hi* eye* sunk?nis tseth destroyed?hi* constitution
perhaps irrevocable cone?jret, just hew how the Doctor ar
rogaUs to hi rate 1( credit. He *?>*,"most inveterate ca?e of
liver complaint"?'nothing tat the mint energetic remedies
svved him." Energetic Meah'Be*! i.e. Mercury ana
Bleeding, ruiaed hi* constitution, be'.Urmy. So to save life
yoti mu*t half poisou with that conifirrtr of the tetih aid
gam*?MERCURY- and positive!* make* man miserable the
??d remainder o hi*eutteuce, thi* is called curing.-?Shockibg
foil* !
Let <1* no w look at your "purged" m?n?the man who h i*
t\ken Brandreth's Pill* for Liver Complaint -he hits the tirin,
elastic tread of conscious strength, hi* coutitennuc* i* < >ear
aud terene, h * eye i* fu'l and sparkling with the letting of new
life and an matioa; he has been coafiiitd t few d.ivt to hit bed,
but he n?ed nothing but the true Bkandreth Film and ? on
ro?e without any injury beiuf sustained by his constitution,
lbs'.ead of b?ing month* in a wesk state he will oe stronger,
| after lie has entirely recovered ti.e attack, because hi* blood
audii'iid* have become purified, and having purged away tha
old vnd impure fiuids, the solid* are thereby renov ated. and he
i? nut borne down by useless particles, lint has reuewed hislife
and body both.
The principle of purging with BraiiJreth's Tills, remove*
no hiu; hut the u?eless and decayed particle* Irotn the hedy ?
the morbid and corrupt humors . f the h!o'>d: those humor*
w .icn cause disease?they impede the I unction* of the liver
they settle upon ihc.t or(>ii. aad which, when liiey
?? t le upon the mu-cle*, produce rh<timati*m; or, upon the
nerve*, pr"X acc gout; or, upon the luu;?, produce con*.Rip
tioa; or. upon the intestine*, cottirene**; or, upon the lining
of the blood re??el* apoplexy anil paraly* s, and al! the traiu
of disorder* so mtlaucholy to the * offerer aud all who behjid
the in.
Ves, purging tnese humor* from the body is the true cure
for all tuesecomplaints, aud every other form of disease; tin*
is on mere a??tr! on, it i* a demonstrable truth and e.<ch day
it ueitendiug itself; far andv.tdeit is becoming fc.iown, snd
luO"e eud cio e appreciated.
The cure by purging may more depci d upon the laws which
P'oduce swectue** or purity tiiau may he generally imagined.
Whatever teuds to stagnate will pr duce sickness, because it
'.ends to piitrriaction; therefore the neces.itj of couttaat t xer
cise is teen.
When con?tant ex?rci*e cannot b? u-ed FROM ANY
CAUSel the occ*?i ?ial Ute of openiug medicine i* AilSO
LUTELY requirtd Thus the conbl its of the bloou. the
rot ktaii* or life are kept free from these imjiurities whicn
would prevent its steady current miniiteriug health.?Thus,
morbid humors are pit vented from becoming nnxed with it.
It is nature which is thus assisted through the SLi?> aud out
lets which the has provided f r t itr.<elf.
Dr. Braudreth's Offices in New York arc No. '241 Bro?d
way. 1=5 Hudson St., and 276 Bswery, betwetu Prince and
Houston stieets.
I soppose s hundred volumes might be filled with certified
cases of cure solely by Braudreth'* Vegetable Uni.erss! Pills,
on all the above mention* d s-ppearanr.es of the Oklt One Lis
fa?e,all really proceed.i:g tr-. m lnr; rt Eloob. Thefollow
ing ca t of ulcer deserves attention.
>!rs. (.lark, of Tilihuiy street,hrookha,for fo-trteen year*
hid an ulcer on her right wrist, which entire!) prevented her
from usiu^; tlx t hand Cintir<nts of all sorts auu many purify
ing ine> icin s were made u?e of.tul wtre of no avail until te
Kratidreth t'i'ls were uted?whicn, in *ix m hi the, made a per
f c tnn. It is nnw ntaily four vears sine, this tuie was
' fT-cteu. ai:<i lrss never been advertised t-eluie altliuugn i have
had liberty to do to.
My agent iu K ook'yn, Mr? T i>l!?.ofS4 Fu!ton strMt. knows
Mrs CImik. aud can spea* fn n' er w*li knoaic d?c cf mail)
similar cases, cured sole!) by the pjiifjing powers ?,f these
tridy celebrated Pills
PILES CL'RF.D.?Cap am Eratlus Kiih, of New London,
Conn., has b? en laboring under the above complaints upward*
of six year*, and ha* beeu so b?d a* to reduce him t? skin au<i
bone; he ha* often not been able to attend tohisduty. a* matter
<>f tue *!np J. an, duriuj a v.liai'iug v ?yage, froa wlMCuhe hsi
ju?t leturued,being obi ged to'etve titrjt iu; to his matej
sometimes for day* together. Having teen nuoitrous person,
vrlio h id received benefit from Branurelh'* Pill*, hecumnitcce't
siiih them si< uion hsb?ck; for sanre time previous he ml*
weighed 13'i lb* aud now, lue lOtU of March, hi* weight I* 167
lb>, nd to n.uch altered in outer tr?|?cts for the brtter, that
hi-friends harvlly kuow Uisn. Although perftcfy cured, be
oec tsi.mally tak?s li e Fi is, acd is dettnniueu on n? consider
atiou t<> le ?ithot ihe-n for hf fat ire. He strongly recom
mrnd* them le all. aud especially to xafaiiitg met, md all
tho** who go ?u Ioiik voyages, ai the best luedicia* thaf Cu
use. Hi. general d?>e wat from two to tw?lve Til!* at a tune,
he having always runenbir?d that it was the purging vshtcli
ws> to cure.
Th? ahnse is the jxwitire triih.
il'a eodVm KRA^a US FISH, of New London.
WOtttfS, ViLt,* AND LIVfcK lOAltXAIM tttt?
ED.?Rttd aid rt9< :l.
Dr t. Srudrtili; Sir? Abo*t tw?' ?kJ i half yttii liict I
at< idtutly came acro<? he WlrriHiamt concerning your
YtgrUt le Pill*. At ?-tt 1 imttil mem witn routruipt on ac
ciuiitef Ueu ?o oltu impond upon b) n- wtptper
? Piiff.." I howerer read t'i? Mtioa to mj mf??the i>*d for
?"?? Id rear* bten in a Mkita ?t?sc of bcalih a?J had viefl
>l?Ml et?ry popular iccdicuje. a~?l i ad the bett medical ad
ti^ witiiou't any t fftci. At her rtqnttt I pureha*
edi K * of your a; rnt, au-1 fi t U?uk t' em attwrditig to tour \
: printed d.rect ou? ?another b-.??*-a another, till ?lic'hu)
; rakeo 4 or Ibsira, (the tottiiMil to fe-S t'nr j x>J >ff,ctt after
? ?\e had t,then tlie teconl ho*-.?until the fiftii had nearly
J when I ndriaed lirr to take 7 or 8 pill*, *? the had
| I ecu going uj. from *J to 3, 4, 6. nod on thai day bid up
' with a rery ui<tr< i*ing t,ertout UjulIi', (a common occur
i 'iK?|) ?h? took. I beli< vt, t? till pillt?the nnt morning they
op-rated f.-tely, Out wlut ?n our turpri<e tobek> Id *tie patted
* large knot of hard flt?Wy tubttturr, aid a* laugh a* hide,
i nt 3j inche* iu circutnfereace; and laid the felt tomethmg
j part or* cparate on i * di*ch?r >e. and fr m t .at time *hr mined
tier health rapidly, and continued to uke the Pillt?trteral
large tape worm* were alto ei[*l!e<' fiom htr. and ir\ u.f*nt
! e-nld. I) i ??r< ol.l. to r horn wr r ?ve jour | ill*, and akuN
j health waa ??y ertthal, pa-t<d ten mi' Urte ?or*t, from C to
| |(i mehttm ItugUi; the child i? aow in eteel eut hialth. and
my wife ha* aot eujnyed ao good nealthfaa arte taja) for the
Uit 13 )ear* a* eh# am* enj >yt from taking y?ur pt!'.'j the wa*
far Hmil]Mti in*b!e to oo any pf her lHiea?rii,ni no*
haa the ole ev<: an I <tt ndai'e of H or 7 perion* w im * tte. I
? mu?t beliere it wat th? tole rau-e nf her rtatnration to health
i by takiug yt ur in< dicine?and the coatiimet to i ?? it a* <-cca
tion retire*. It* eBe*t? hate he? ? turprning on nywlf for
the etirr of tv e r.ln haringirvtral lim'? hat tke? ia th?-ir
wor*t ?ta}e?, whe't one or two (oftwn or three pill* at
| *do>e)kate entirclv removed thit horrid dit<>rd?r from me
I ettecm yotiem??i me abof ai.y other that I hate eter u?d
?a the la.t tO year*, and I.ate witatmd on a Lir* it* moit ben
(drill and permanent curet No other pillt are rtir uted in
my family but yn?r? out). [ hate aKo tl.c terriile effect*
of the coiinterfrit pill* told by an ap'itlecary in tiiia vtlleae;
ooe of my neighbora ho ight and n??d them. th? e niMqjearr
w?? of* ich a nature ?< ?hooU hate tent I- .th tlie mak'-r and
teller to 1W? treadmill for life.
Lockpcrt, S. T , Oct. IA h. Isiv.
'&? KRViipr.r.A-^ cJacD or beven vkabs'
Urook y.i. whtl,for reitn lougyear* knew no co-nfort; whoae
face tod nerk were one m?te?nii) l'<jtch; wlio wat tne ob'ere
eJ cf all, and ?lvnr m tery to lirrac f \'ii ttica at nine but
tho?e efteuaitite ir.iade, timi'arly nfftcted, e*n im^r ne ?
This pa.a and miaery reaulteu from a dreadful KK V'ttll ELAS
in her fare, which oftrntime* 'iltided <* r htr n?ck and
b??om. Eiery phyician of tkill waa applita to, and rtm?.dy
UMtM '? ne<ly uted witliout affnriling int ? tl.^n 0<-ca*iMial re
li- f. Far ?even yeara aha waa Ihua tormented, 4<i I often pray.
td for f'eath to fi-4i?h h-r mnery. At tklt arruol. a .ady who
had deriend murh twntAt from Brandreth'a Ptilt in a t in lar
ee?e,detired that a trial mi<ht In made of their ?llica#y. Whtn
tkoy had been uril about three inont^t a pertert cure ?et
prr'ducrd?>thu? peoviag again, fiat piiritymg the body with
tt*ee celebrated Pillt, producet without doubt a perfectly
healthy ttate of the iaidt, and coaae^uertly mutt cur* Krwi
pela*. f>r thnt uafortunite omoUiat altogether depend*
upon tins Acriin'nion? of the Ui?>xi. aad therefore p-.rify*
iugtiie Blood cure* th?ditea*e.
Thit Lady iaaince m?rrWd.
Rpfrrinc i? gieen to Met. B"oth, Dr. Brindreth'? tgent ia
Brooilyn, M Kultan *t, who will r>?er to a J -a ily retpertaule
ladv in Johaton ttreet, who will g>ee all further particuUri.
Dr. Brandreth^a oirei in New fork are Priieipnl 341 Broad
way, near the City Hill; alto !?? Bowery.
ti> cireful f u are >t4 de?ened by the Algerine Prnc Store,
orner of Hf'tat an it. and t'ie B ?ft, tid< of the Ro*?
ery. WifW fef^it tint drnggi?i* "ti1*ttinllf tt?l in ?. iai<r
frit article*, and itiore etjeiial'y in Cu?Mirftll Br,ndr? li
Pilhi. They e ton it ft ?? ti ?'?|u <re, ther Witt b'??ih''an ln?? j
pnre a'WKHphtrtstl?y amid in ? pure one They are like
ia m-. thty il rite b<?t in m re. l'hife wearmc lew I,r w
orab'e ?*r?pii it,, to t?it? tnle. But Biteitheleat i?*r> p?r
'-lute ' fa d-uc. i*t wti?n yon ten* Brendre-i't Pill*. Do ihit
(? rjel th?t. The reniia- I ill* will ne> ?r I til to -ottain their
high eh^raeter, ?nd tk* counterfeit w 'II n-?*- fail to do miary.
Kr?l i i i.no'ker part of thit paper I OUN TKIIKJ IT Brau
drelli Pill*.
S4I Broadway; 970 Bowery; *ad IBS HmWeatt*. Iieing Wf
?we oTicet, the miticine c->n-'i>' fvl tn ?>* geemoe there.
? 19 eo ij<e C. lW'.A VDBF.TH. V-o ,311 Bro#.lwar._
IMfOBTANT TO FKMALM - Ht V n- ? k r Mt
TORATIVE it now tdmitltd to he n remedy mpertor to
?ny ^th?r at pr?ar?* hi n?e, for the Itnii1 pecul.ar to the
Constantly ob band aa assortment W tha inimitable Short Nap Beaver* and Plain Carton. at tha reduced prica of $4 60.
. ATWILL is constantly receiving from (he manufactory, superior Piano Fort*, manufactured eipretaly for hi* establishment,
of various pattern* of Rote Wood and Mahogany, with the .Grand Action, Harp Stop, Metalic Plate*, kc., embracing tha lateit
fashion of furniture, with tablet and hollow cornered front*, veneered leg*, and Oreecian scrolls; all of which are warranted ta
be made of *uch material, and *o well seasoned, as to stand tlie test of every climate,aad can be returned if an} defect is found
iu the instruments. Price from f 160 to $660.
PIANO STOOLS of various patterns, to corespond with Pianos, of rota wood, mahogany, be.
PIANO COVERS of every variety of colors and quality.
PIANO FORTE TUNING FORK8, HAMMERS, kc. Instruments ofevery description tuned, repaired, or packed, at
short notice.
{^Purchasers will find it to their advantage to call and examine the above.
Alto, constantly publishing by the Subscriber all the NEW AND FASHIONABLE Mil* |C, which, io addition to hislarge
and increasing Catalogue of Standard Music, Instruction Books, Gamut Scales, lie., constitute* the most valaable assortment of
Music in the couutry.
Purchaser* will find the counter covered with the newest and most favorite Songs and Pieces. Also, books of the same, bound
for the convenience of person* (taring the city.
7.u addition to the assoitmeut of Music, all the various works on the science anJ composition of Music, by Burrows, Gatel,
Calcutt, Mason, kc.
The uric* of Music, sold at this establishment is as law, if not cheaper than at the other shops about town.
*26 eo-J6m Music Saloon, sign of the Golden Lyre, 301 Broadway,near St. Paul's.
AV . k I PINE. 193 Greenwich street. opposite Mr. Joiiu C. Morrison k San*' store, have just received the following desira
b'.e GOODS :?Due case of splendid blue black wool-dyed Cloth*, very cheap ; fifty pieces low priced Clotks, 13*, 14s. 1 ti?; an
elegant assortment new style Pantaloon Htutt>, Cassimeres, and Votings ; Pilot and Btaver Cloths , do from oue to six dollars*
p*-r)ard; an elegant assortment of black and blue-black Bombazines; black, blue black and colortd Silks; black and blue,
tdack double width Sillis ; black and blue-black Mantilla Velvets, all widths. Also, coin ed Silk Velvets, at different prices ;
French, English, and German Mennoes: Shavrls of every description ; Satinets. Flannel*, Sheetings, Linens, Diaper*, M< us
srl in ?!e Laiues, French aid English Chintzes, aud American Calicoes. Irotnfnur cent, the yard up; bleaebeil aud unbleached
Muslins, at all prices, and every other article in the dry food* line, purchased daring the pressure, and selliug, at present, far
b*low their actual value. Call and see dO-lm*
?'v/U?p'er the cure of Gonorrhoea. Gleet*, strictures and
aiialege'i# complaint* of the or^au* of geueration.
-CM ail remedies jet discovered for the above cotnplsiuu
i? if t> ? most certain
U makes a sp*edy and permanent cure, without the least r?
i"oto iliet, driuk, exposure, or change in application to bu
*V'e give no Ion-: quackisli recommendations 'o deceive t>?
public <f the mediciae dues not ?|>eak tor it?elf. no one shx!
sncak f?r it. Our objcct is te> notify w ere it can be h <d. attr
trie proprietor challei-ije* a sickle case of re:eut Gonorrhoea
to be bmugh , innhich the Mixture will u?t effect a rapid
cure; under a forfeiture of S5(ifl.
') hit is a disease that unfortunately pervade* all rack* of to*
ciety?high, low, rich, and (>oor, matrimi uial and single. They
ate ?!? presented with a remedy by which they can cure them
selves without the least exposure, iu the shortest time possible.
Further, the disease cannot be contracted if a dose of the
Mixture ts takeu at ni;ht on gain;' to bed when exposed.
It is put up in bottles, with full directions accompanying it,
st$la\>o ttle. Oae bottle la*t* a week, which generally cure*
Msuy are cured in two days.
For sale only it Dr. Win. H. Mslnor's drug store, No. 193
Eroadway; errner of Dey street, (Franklin House,) New
York; an I at Jones k Hutchinson'*, ccruer of Chisuut and 7th
streets. Philadelphia. ol8-3in*
TORATIVE i? now admitted to be a remedy superior to any
other at present in u??. for the dueases peculiar to the FE
It iuiariably remove, obstructions, regulate*, in most case*,
painful, to* frequent or profuse menstruation, and ha* cured
the ino*t obstinate cases of Fluor Albu*
Doctor J. Morruon. who lias practised medicine some twene
ty year* iu Oneida. N.Y.. says or it," That it is the best m?di
ciuoaow iu u?e. la case of leten'.iou cr suppression ol th
tnenar*. I tlrink it ?i!I tustaiu the ajiiiellatiou of Specific. 1
tiara tried it in the must case* with admirable tucceis; and 1
wish for the sake of sefTeriug Female*, that all Physician*
would introduce it into their practice, a* I have found the
Fill* fully to answer tluir rccommeMlitioa."
Pnysicians universally (who have given it a fair trial) tell a
similar story.
For testimonial* of the highest character from Physicians
slid ether respoctaoio individual*. tee pamphlet, which may be
had train of all who *ell the MeJiriua See alto advertise
incuts iu the New York Tattler and Sii$n -L
REYNOLDS It PA it MELT, Proprietor*,
Pitt-ford, .VunrocCo. N. Y.
FOR RALE ia this eitv at 79 Fulton street, corner of Gold;
1(0 Fulton, corner #f WillUai st,644. 643 auit 771 Broadway}
lo3 Silth Aveuue; 206 Grreuwith at, 114 Canal, corcer ?f Lau
Mice it*: 606 Grand it, corner of Lewi*; 247 Hudson ?t, corner o
Spring; le4 Cherry st.
pt?' Foa a* aaovr., Rev. J. COVERT'S Balm ?f
LifeT which is ?o fighly recommended by the pnvtician* and
uiher* ?4 h remeJv f.-r COUGHS. COLDS, COSBUMP
TION. BRON'CHfTIB and all di*ea*es ?.f t ie Lungs and Wind
pipe.?*?e circular* containing testimonial* of the hifhoat
respectalslity. wtiich can be had crtti* as shore. nl&-Bw*
CHEAP.*'* ASTRINGENT FILLS! Celebrated for
the ridical curecf a certain obstinate rwm|>Uiut, aftertbe
f?iliirt?rCtpi?i Cube (*., injections ?t.d < tpcrian uir. 'Ihefol
iu?iuk' certificate will prc?e lb?ir ctlehritv.
" New Virfc. May Vth ls3S. Hotel, Broadway.?The
writer, when inthis city from Charleston, last spring, bought
fvtlf a iicr?o hoses < f L?r. Cherry1* I'ills, is wrder that s*>ae Who
t *?e b?eu tone desponding lik* hinseif. he Irulv state* thai
before he 'tart fiui?he<i the tiiird boa. Iiis coiiiplaml had vanished
after hiving for i>e yr*M previously, \amly tried all hind* of
ir.edtc.nes, injection, bougies, change of air, ke It it now
more tt.an ten months since hi* cure, and he now wei|ha 174
pound*. while la?t rpring he only weighed 130 |>o ind*."
For sale wholesale and retaM, by A. B. it 0. Sand*. 70 and
100 Fulton ?t aud the following Drug stores?cor.of < hamser*
?ud Broadway ; corner cf Church ?nd Chamber* ; 63 ami 330
Bow?ry ; Burrett and How ill II Bow?r* ; 644 Broadway,
cor. Carmine and Bedford ; 16 Sirlh A> *z\,*. aud Burnett's
Patent Medicine store, 07 Ca&al street. Tnce ft.
p>oc i on nAVKxrour*
an appetite ?Tlie*c Pirts, which are #o eminently iM?fu
for f?<i"* '? III* head, stomach aud bowel*, hare been before the
pu>!ic f <r twenty years, aud are so well known that the pro
priety deem* it unnecessary to publi*h any oft he thousand
?ertilkates. which can be procured, ?f their efficacy from emi
aect physicians and others.
Dr. Davenport's Celebrated Eye Water, which ha* beer
thor u.'hly proved for thirty yean, to be a miid safe, and speedy
earr for <1 'liscas's of the eyeo. (
th^t v*1 j*0 e Itch Oiatment, prepared by J. Whea
UK', aud svlon^ kno va to h? a (needy care for that loatSeom*
f'.l*..se, and for a!l kinds of ninpl-s oa (he skin
The above valuable vaicine* are for tale in (his titv b*
Lawrence Keese k Co., L?ur> ?e k Cocker%L, H. H. Bcnitntlic
k Co., and (tlier?.
All "rders dire-t*d to GEO. DIXON, Dedhim, Mas*., wil'
be promptly at levied to. jeU>-6ra*
N'OTICF..-NetailliilsWii( our manufactory, together
_ with all lis valuab'e mscl inery, stocks, tool*, and clock*
nnfin>the?l, are wholly *ud totally destroyed by the late Are at
the e?r.ier of Grand and F.!i*aheth streets, and no iu?uraace,
<*e are not wholly destitute and ?hall he pleased lo see the
faces of our fu?towers. l>oth thore at heme and auroad, at our
ware room at th? eornee of the C?wery and Division .treat
where we sl.-all brst?w our aest efforts and andetvers to sup.
ply tW? m with the best of clock*, as we have a large assort menl
nl finished docks, I ime pi?ce?, and regulators on hand, and are
renewing our manufacturing apparatus with all possible
patch, and if p<i<stfelr, in a more elflci*nt aad effectual manner.
Koa.e of our Turret clock customer* mast necessarily fce do
laved a short time, but we trust thry * ill h**r with us under
etlatiof eirwtwtmM. Clotkl of every description carefully
and thorong ily repaired and Warranted.
t y <?<klie* 71 Bowery.
MKS. GOOD'S M HOME" for gentlemen and rmsll (ami
lie*. No. 74 Ore?nwich street. New York.?The Pro
prietor ?sf this Fstabli*hmeat flatter* herself that no pain* he.
inj .pared to renter the lioatestie arrangements of her housa
perfeetly unite*plionable, her frieadt will And a " Oood Home*
(in lb* bast and nost agreeable sense) at her domuil.
a 1ft-1 m*
/YoPAliiKfltllf ? KLufc-rt, KLL l'0> il?la f..rs
U man to J R Waller) and J A MkS THURSTON, hav*
this dav formed a cop?rtaer*hip ui dee the firm of Ft'Lion ft
Thi RsTov.for the purpo*e ef conducting the Plumbi?| Bust
ncss. at 4AA Broadw**.
New York, Sept. 1A, IMS.
CARD.?The nndersifued having had cndtidertlbl* etperi
ence in the Plumbing Busineai,and heiugac<|uainied wil
every impeovemeni now in use la their liae, and a* practica
m?-n'c?i*?>i|er them*el*e* inferior to none, come before. n?
?Hihlic with cooAdcace of giviag *at;?fnctiaA.
N?*v York. Oet. 7. 1P3S. oN lm'
TON hec* to annonne- that he has b*en induced, hi the
t ,d eneour^g"ment r ceived fiom *overa' litirary gcntlemao
in ih * r jry, lo c'mm-nee riving instruction* in tn* tew sy.
f m?.f S*e-io(?r**hj. I hi* systrm is essentially different from
ant a*, present in use, and is now for the first time mad* known
in (hi* country. Il is di*tin? uohed hy it* simplicity ?tho ea?e
with wh'ch it may he acrpiired and the facility with whMh
the character n *y he ?'?e-phered. Bv mean* ? f it Mr. H. ta
tnsl'led ti report the m-??t rapid public speaker, rrrtmtim,
iW which lie will he happy lo satit 'y any (eatlen.Mi who may
favor him with a eall.
TraM'.fcr may b* kniwn.and leslimona'* seen nn appliea
(i*n to Mr. Hoisa'Ori. h?i wee? the hour* of IV and 4 and 4 and
A, at hi* residence, II While street, where clssse* are at pre*
ent freiaing
Ladie* and Gsn'lewen atlerdcd at thtircwa reiidevo* ashen
r*q? red. 'I' ***
H. NEWELL give* notice. that he ii constantly receiv
ing from hi* Factory, r full 'upply of seasonable Boot* and
Shoe*, all of kit own manufacture, the material* selected, the
work supervised by hitn, nod every pair warranted; he will sell
subtretiury or no lubtreasury, ten per cent less (qualities con
sidered) than can be purchased elsewhsre, which he will prove
to the lati^factiou of the most incredulous. if they will out) ia
tor him with a call at No. 04 Canal st. or 144 Chatham *t.
N. B.?A Urge assortment of French guat skin boots on
hand. ??3ra*
Dh. J. GRANGER has removed to Ins permanent residence,
No. 54 Amity street, where offers to the public his
Homopathic pectoral Restorative at the manufacturing price.
The su 'Cess whivh ha? attended the previous sa'e of tli? va
luable remedy enables Sim unw to place it within the reach of
all who are tutTering from consumption, or ui) affection of the
luugs er liver.
UR. GRANGER c&n be cousulted daily, at his office froRi
13 to S. and from 7 to 9. P. M. olft 3m*
Philadklfhia?This Imtitution is open from the first of
September till the last of June?during July and August there
is a vacation. All desirous of instruction, either lor the cure
of Stammering, Lisping, or improvement in Elocution. m?v
learn the conditions of ANDREW COM8TOCK, M. D.100
Mulberry i Arch) street, Philadelphia.
Dr. Comstock's Remarks on Stammering, and the n*mer?us
recommendations which he has obtained of hi* System of Vo
cal Gymnastic*; are appended to his Circular, which (hall be
*ent to aav one who roai wish to learn more upon the subject
of his loiitutiou. Satisfactory references caa b* given in the
principle cities of the United State*. n 18 3m*
ranted to burn at one half the expense of any other lamp,
to give a clear and brilliiant light, withnHt any shadow. The
proprietor colicits hi* numerous friei.d# to call and examine
for themselves, feeling confident that it will surpas* all others
in brilliancy .ch*apne>*. and management. Lamps $1 and up
ward*, suitable for grocers, dry good store*, porter house*, and
1 establishments where a good licht is wanted at a small ex
nse.caa be obtained at C. MITCHELL'S,8 Catharine st.,
n.TO-lin* and 47J Greenwich (treet.corner of Can*l.
Bought, and the full talae giveo in cash, by
H. LEVETT, 197 William .treet,
Knowing there are persons who make a great puff in
their advertisement* fur Cast-off Clothing, kc he., and who
in many case* do not give the value for the *ame. H. L. will
asture thoie gentlemen who may hsve inch article* by them,
aud who may send for him, of receiving the very utmost value
in CASH for every article.
A llaa through the Post Office, or olherwiie, to the above
adt'ress, will meet with due attention. dft Sin*
Hard FimesTa nd drV goods to slit them
Tue subscriber weuld latite the atten ion of his friends
ami the public to his well selec ed stock of Dry Goods, which
he is selling at ruinous sacrifices, in wider to fulfil hi* engage
ments. The go^ds are purchased, almost invariably, for cash,
at the lowest market prices, and will be told for the same.
The stock cotsiUsof Beater. Pilo*, au4 other Cloth*, Satinets
mid Vet tint", Si'ks and Meriuoes, Flannels, Muslin*, Linens
Calicoes and Laces; in short, ? hesutiful assortment, with
pricc-to sat purcnasers. JOHN H BEn.NET,
d*J Im* 63 Houston str??t.
DR. RALPH, author of Th* Private Treatita continue* to
be consulted, u her*iof*re. ai hit reaideice, 38 CuurllanJt
?trrel, and may b? teen it anv hour.
T. ?. A*ir? or the general vpiaion eutertain?d of thatclaae
of prrtoat who obtrude tin ir ?kill ard remedies ujon the pub
lic lu the** liteaar*. (multiiudct of whom are kcb in almost
erery paper), I rounder it a July lo give th* followiug tin'*
ment n* the grouud on which I m'ght etpect especial coufi
den<-a.~Be?ide* the rank I hold u Graduate of K<tiuburgh. and
Member of the Royal Collet*. Loudon, ke.t a? well at being
the author of a work eiprerly on the ditra?e? here alludtd to,
IhiTt ?Imi teitirn >tiul letters from the m?tt 'etnmeut phvti
ciai't in Kurope, to the m?tt eminent 111 Amerira,- at t>r
Molt of New York, and Dr. Pnytic of I lnladel|>hia,?and
which Utters may be tern by any on* who withe* it
I And it has he?n a mttter of aurprm? to lomi, that any one
of i auk aud eminence in hi* profession should devote hi* talent*
to ? disease which person* of *?ery deterption pretend locure
?o easily. If, however, l ut one thousandth part of the miseries
these people bring upon society were known, a very different
opinion would be formed. And, (till, it i* not only the pio*
*ent mitery and defection, preying on the mind a* well a* body,
that i* deplored, f?r many ol them are of inch a nature at to
effect posterity, if not. indeed, to diatriy the generative fuac
tion* altogether. It ii a fact, that both Venereal and Gonor>
rfMti.'when not properly tr atcd.may remain to dormant in the
contlilutioa. at to thow themteliai in uj other w*y than in
tl.t r ?ff*ct? upon pt-t-r ty.
With rrgaru (o th# in-re immediate train ?f evilt, |ierh*pe
nothing prove* a more fruitful sourcc of theie, than the prae
t.ce ol advertising a bottle of drr.pt or a boa of pill* for I he
ind scrim mate cur* of these compltiuit. Now; mppotnig iTea
fine r'-medir* wrre ?u. h are the *ari<?< t tympanal
which continually ante in any c;?te, and to ette itially do these
diteatet differ onr fr?m ?:i tt rr, that coin-n<>u eerit* n nt tell
that what it good in one may be destructive m another. It it
atlonithing the opportunist 1 have of wiinettint tlie*e factt
in thota who a|?ply to me. For initanca, tome, afflicted with
gonorrhaa, liavt been taking n?dicine* proper only in venereal,
and other*, in veoereal, rrrntdiet proper oi.ly iu gonorrhoea }
while not 4 few h?d been dertived entirely, fur thrte rnmplaints
wee icither one nor tl;? other, but were totally different and
iun< cent ditorders
Bui of all the cases which more painfully harrt** the mind,
and afford the finest fi?td for bmvery, i* that of Htbictl-bk.
Hera the p"or patient it obliged tf?p*y f"r pill*or drop* month
after m<.nth. Sometimes the gleet attending thit ditorder
may tubtide or ditappear awhile, perhapt to return again on
?light occasion j but wheiher the discharge return or not, he
it noi.e the better off. Not* every real turgeon or phytician
knowt that all tli? phytic in the world, alone, would never
cure a *triclure ; and yat, if properly underatn<vd, it may most
eatil) and tpeedily he renMived. I do not trruple to affirm thai
many tlricturet may b? cured in at many dayt, a* they had et<
isted years before.
To any one of common rntdene#, therefore, I would tay, if
theto remark* are jnt?,(*nd 1 ran a|>peal lo the ttntl eminent,
phpltint of our ejtv for their tfiith,! how important that
every patient tkould know something of the character and
talent of Ik* person whom he i* about to trust with *?ch ?
caae. ?
For the convenience of those at a distance, a* well a* l hone
who with to treat their own rate* in the most convenient and
private manner. I hivt contrived a veey little chest, with th*
TntaTttr fitted in the lid. and which contain* every theory
n?cr*,ary for the cure of lhe*e complaint*. That for ironor
rlat, briide IN* medicine, contain* alto my Patent Pocket
Syringe, with ingredienlt for -naking lie injections, the prica
of which i* $10. That for Venereal, containing mora than
enough for the core of any ordinary caae, la % 10, and tha *he*t,
a little larger, containing every thing n I a* wary for th* cure of
ielA complaints, is t &
With respect to the little patent Syringe*, which I cannot
here describe. no oue who hat koI teea it, can propeily ac
credit itt convenience and niility. And. indeed, with r<gard
to the inlrhitic value of the rheet, to uniformly doet it meat
the moat tanguine etperiation* that I e.<ag*. if In anv cat*
it fail to do to. Mid it returned immediately, tha price tkali be
inttanlly refunded.
Addrtt# JOd. ItALPH, Senr., M D., M Courtland ttreet.
N*w Yorfc- if
DRV OOODS. DMV bOOUH?The ladiet are rtap??
fully aolirited to ca land eitaine the ?plendid attortmanl
of Dry t*oodt at tha rtore of A. PHILIPS. thalk*
Hlitre -co?*i?tmg of *?|>er Cathanlre and Brocha Shawl*,
ain and figured ?omt'aaine*; Thrbet (.'loih*: Silk*, Poplin*
5. lit .,al| of which are rntiwly new nnd of ehoica aalrctionn,
which will be diipti*o4 of at very reduced price., corretpond .
ng wit* I' * timr*. '**
CIOAL! COAL!! COAL ! ! 1-Thn ehenpeat ?ad b**t arli
' tie in Ihe thane of t ool for atom mm la now affoat, at tk*
foot of Beach ttroel. and it aellinf at the very low nrlcn of M
rer loo, delivered free (Vi-vn enrtage to any port of tHo city
I ontuir.er* are respectfully ?*it?< to ?U ih e***ainr tor then*
B O 0 K K E K P T v G.
bl -"l1- ??.?The aeeouuU woica torm the bam ol the icitMt
are ciMMd under Five Division*. with definite explanation*
after the form* of grammar aud arithmetic. It Contains a T>
cabalary or mercantile term* and phrase*. Alto, a key *l
plaining the nature and manner ?f Journalising each of the Day
Book entries, a* a practical accountant would explain the tame
to his pupil: this to aimpliftee ike science that any young man
of common English education may acquire a knowledge without
the assistance of a teacher. To which i* added. Direction* to
the Learner, Commercial Calculation* and Pratical Form* Tor
keeping book* in every extent aud variety ?f commercial
house*; Public Addretee*. the Arst ever delivered upon the luh
iect, lie., ke ?this day published by William Jack*en, 10?
?roadway, and for ?ale at the principal Booktioret in the Unit
ed State*. nd-6m*
DOM1NAL SUPPORTER i* offered to tho*c afflictad
with Prolaptut, or Falling of th* Womb, and other disease*
depending upon a relaxation or the abdominal muscle*, a* an ia|
atrument in every way calculated for relief and permanent re
storation to health. When thi* Instrument i* carefully aa4
properly fitted to the form of the patient, it invariably affords
the most immediate immunity from the distressing " dragging
and bearing down," teusatiout which accompany nearly all
cases of Vitceral displacements of the abdomen, aud it* skilful
application is alway* follswsd by an early confe**inn of radical
relief from the patient herself. The lupporter is of simple eon
itruction, and can be applied by the patient without further aid
Office, 4 Ve*ey street, Astor H?use, New York.
Pamphlet* describing it* u*es aud application will be present
ed at the office. aul4
Vl^O MARRIED WOMEN?Ii it nut but too well knows
JL that the families of the married often increase beyond
the happiness of those who give them birth would dictate 7
lu how many instance* dor* the hard-working father,and more
especially the mother, of a poor family, remain slave* through
out their lives, tugging at the oar of incessant labor, toiling to
live, and liviug but to toil ; when they mijtht have enjoyed
comfort aud comparative afflneuci-; and if care aud toil have
weighed down the spirit, aud at last broken the health of the
father, how often i? the widow left, unal>!e, with the most vtr
tuout intention*, to tave her fatherless effspring from.becom
ing degraded object* uf charity, or profligate votarie* of vice T'
Is it desirable, then,?is it moral for parent* to increate thtir
amiliet, regard lest of consequences to tltemsehrei, or the well
being of their offspring, when a simple, eaty. healthy, and eti
tain remedy it withiu our'control 1 The advertiter, feeling
the iui|>ortaute of thi* *ubject, and otimating the vatt benefit*
resulting to thousand* by the adopttcu of mean* prescribed by
her, (introduced by the celebrated midwife and temale physi
cian, Mrs. Restell, the graudmcthrr of the advertiser,) and
who ha* made this subject her particular aud especial ttudy.
1* it nut wise and virtuous to preveut evils to which we are
subject by simple aud healthy means within oar control 7?
Every dispassionate, virtuous, and enlightened mind, will un
hesitatingly answer in the affirmative. This, thtu is idl that
Mrs. R. recommends or ever recommended. Price Rive Do
lars a package, accompanied with full and particular direction
For the convenience of those unable to call personally, u Cir
cular*," more fully explanatory, will he sent,free ol expense
(pottage excepted) to auy part of the c ty or United State*.
All letters must be pott paid, aod addressed to MADAME
RESTELL, Female Physician. Pririipal office. 100 Green
wich street, New York. Office hour* from 9 A. M. to 7 P. M.
for tail by
Successors to L. Page k Son, Ho Maiden laue. up stairt,
tl'i-lm* bear William street.
New York.?Ladies' India Rubber Shots wiih leather
tolet; Gentlemen1* Over Shoes, with do ; long !iuuting Boot*;
Life Prrtervert ; India Rubber Cloth, for carriage tops, &c.
Terms very liberal, aud uucurrent uioucy taken in tiade.
ludia Rubber bhoet repaired ; old Rubi er purchased.
n23.|m* Manufacturers. N.Brunswick, N.J.'*
TEN PIN ALLEYS, 67} Reade street, containing four
first ratr iron tablet?one polished white marble, and one Maho
gany Alley, with bar* and other fir ure* c< mplete, and three
tma I rooms suitable for parti-*. The above w.II be told reason
able, and only onr thousand dollars of the purchase inouey
to be paid down ; the balance may retiixis.
For particular* apply to A. BASSFORD, 1} Ann street.
If not told toou, they will be let.
The above Alley t are the very bett ever laid. <!l2-tf
"I.MiA.nKLIN BLl.'ES.? the lirsT \nuual Ball of the
J Franklia Bluet will take place on r. '? evtbing, Dec.
90th, at Uie Shaktpeare Hotel, corner cf Duane and William
street. Dodsworths celebrated Cotillian Laid it engaged for
the occation.
N B. T n-ket* can Ve procured cf Smith, corner of
Front and Dover ttreelt, Lieut. Lynn, ft .luhn itrert. Eutign
Dak in, 400 Tearl ttreet, Secretary Alt- u Roberts, 177 Riving
ton itreet,and at the Bar of the Sliak?|>e?re. Ticket* $1.
N. B. Military gentlemen are particularly requested to ap
pear ih uniform. dl'J-fk*
J The extentive and daily increasing demand f r Dr. MA*
SON'S " Concentrated Vegetable Balsam," is trely a ceacon.
of hope to the afflicted, from the thousand limes ackno wledged
fact of its haviug performed more astonishing, lasting, and per*
feet cure* than any other medicine ever known. T he instant
action of this Balsam in subduing Inflation of the throat,
windpipe, larynx, cronchim lung*?tonthing and healing by
it* balsamic |>owers, all ulcerations, irrita ions of those part*,
that checking the pulmonary diteases, aud affording ea*e of
cough.hreathiug. pain in the throat, dies'.side or back, arrest
ing (pitting of h'uod, or corruption, mitigating night *wett*,
preventiug apoplexy, aud *n invigoratiug the frame as to re
store the afflicted to robust health. Dr. Mason'* Balaam ban
not get into notice by puffing qusekery, but bv fact* like the
following, from the New York Traasrript of Feb. 20, IBM?
" Dr. Mason's Balaam h*s been abundantly proved to be a roost
excellent remedy for co?th?, cold*, tpii ting of blood, consump
tion, kr. A gentleman in* is our office, had been loaf aud
painfully afflicted with all the above ill*, ha* been entirely cur
ed by two or three bottle* of Dr. Matoa'* very valuable medi
For talc by A. B. k D. Sand*, 79 and 100 Fulton ttreet; Mil
nor, 193 Brcadway; Dr. Hart, corner Chambers and Broadwayi
I. Dewer, earner Chambers and Church; Syme, 63 and US'
Bowery ) I. Wjeth, IIS Bowery; King. 644 Broadway:
Lindtay, SA Sixth Avenue; I. Creichton, comer C .renin* and
Bedford streets, and Burnett\ Perfumery ttore, 87 Caaal st.?
I'm. r (I. o.W.tm
C^OAL! OAL!! COAL ! ! l-IV.cn Orchard, F.acli
J Mnnutaia, (ir?y A>li Brhyylkil', Lehiglf, kc., from tha
yard, 504 Waahiiir'on lL, mar Sprint. Broken and Screened
in the yard and delivered fraa of carta;* to iny jrart of lh*
city, at the foliowing price*:
Peach Orchard, Red Aih, Broken and Ktjj ? (9,00
do Mbuutaia, do do do ? 8,00
do do do Nat. ?*o ? 7.00
ftohuylkill, Urejr Aih, Broken and F.gj ? 7 00
L'hijh, do do 6,74
Lackiwana and Bearer Meade w. Broken and Kg* 6.S0
do Nut C.00
N. B Liverpool and Mit? ai low a* the l<?w??t.
_nJ3lm _ P. B OUKRNSKY It Co.
Forty Yeart Experience in variant climate*? 'Aom
ty-Joar yeart ttlablitktd in tf.it city?Neither
Quackery nor Impotiixon.
No. 12, Pe?k Slip, New York.
DR. J. KVANM er.aUoaea U> tir c >a?all*t. fnnAfleotlally
In all V******l caaea, m-rruria', and cbronM- dtaordera.
where the m"*t Iraprr-reft practice,'he mini ripediitnaaana
mtld treatment uay he iHpernlt* on. To preeeni mUtu?%
b* particalnr to And No. II Peek Slip.
UIr*? *?'? Ho*, containing a complete p an o 1 medicine for
every "Tin of the rfteea*e.re<i he procured eiatxtee, and Mod
with.'BteiP(i?lnf the patkeet. Tbry will he teat to order to
a?t pa'tol I tie Wnitec Stitil,
Aleo. a preventive r*.*e<iy afcair-n V"" *1 that may bo
fall* relied on.
All letter*, poet waid, and describing Iheraaa, and eneieatag I
reasonable fee, will hare the remedy and direct ion* >?at to or
der Attendance daily, until 9 o'clocV in the otentaf.
The Office* ear1 trance* are well arricfed ajid ?a?raty
may he dependedl j
No connection wtla any otnee ofice in or out of tha eity.
?14 y No. Id Poak lltp.N. Y.
u Btudf economy, ye, who ne'er atudied it befcre,
And ye who have nudiod it, mn?t itudy it the more.*
GENTLHMKN in w*nt of ClotUof, will hod it their in
tered to caM at 10* Beekmmi near Pearl, whero
(nod* are manufactured iu the very beit ityla, at tha following
low price* :
*?ip t)re?*Coat*, from $14 to'J0,mad? and trimmed, $7 to f.
Do. Frock*, do. " IJ" Jl do. do. W " l|
Be*t Cat*. Pant*, M 0 do. do. li " 9
Ve*t*. all kind*, M M* ? do. do if " #
fine Pilot Coat*, M li" 18,e*tra fine heaver eonU.U" ??
ol9 3meod* J. MOFFAT.
t*o 21 A*N IT*r*T.
TERMS OF ADVKRT'BIXJ.-T - e*ua*ira cir?Uatk?
of the KtktLD. both in town and count ry. makM it a np?mt
channel for advert nerv
1 day, ?0 M I 4 day*, ?> it, V da>.. f I *7 I 10 d**, * *
t . o 7d ft . . i m ? , . tiim II i ? I#
a . . I oo J t? . . i 7a o . . a i? 11? . ? ??
rin kmht Dim ?* umi
3 week*, . tJ Vt | A month*, P* 4B
1 month, . I 00 | tl i. r-Kh*. ? Id *9
ttf- All advectieoaw*t*.to be paid before their laaartioaa
Adee/iiaowent* loarrtad ia the W*a?i.t HanAi.net tl
par Muara every ineortio*. _
Moan !*o Ilaaai.r? laetted eeery moruiaf, eteapt Ban day,
price two mni* per ??py. Cowenry wWnkara furhUhed at
the nim rata, Ibr any tpeciftc period, or. a remit taMo ia ad|
eaaco. No papar ?ent, titdee* paid in a.'raroa.
WctaLt M?aai.n?i*eu-a aeery Mm- ?ay aimi^ d|fl
clock, pri<w hi trait net aopy- Farunr ?d to (t witey nM|
bar* at M per .Mmm in advance.
('oaaiirtteDtiiTi art reqieitod to ? Idea** their I at tan It
Jmmtt flbrdm IbwMtf, Pr aad Cdltar, aad all Iattar*

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