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I.'. N. C i-cii t fotirl.
Present, .fudges Thompson and Betts.
The United Sin tea vt. Samuel R. Wood.?Nr.
Hugh Maxwell commenced the ?uuiming ?*)> this
Wtt on the part of the <le endant, hikI occupied the
entire ?of the day with hi* argument. The case
will be most likely go to the jury on Thursday niter
General Hemmimnm.
Dec. IS.?The following convicts were brought
?p to receire the sentence of the court.
To tub Static Pmison?John Bishop, for an as
sault with intent to commit a rape?four years and
ten months
Napoleon Ratuzewitz, for an assault to kill?two
James M. Reed, forgery?five years.
The same convict lor a burglary?two years.
Henry Kutte, arson third degree?seven years.
Seymour Lewis perjury at election?.wo years.
Charlotte Hiltou, for a grand larceny?two years
and ten months.
Sarah Johnson, lor a graud larceny?two years and
tea months.
Henry Byrne, Dennis Wire, James Leslie and Al
exander M Mollelt.ull convicted of graud larceny?
to two years each.
The case of the people against Meriam, was then
resumed, with a long worded, dry, unintelligible
speech from Mr G. Wilson, which continued until
4 o'clock, when the jury weut U> dinner?When the
conrt resumed tiie examination of one witness on the
part of the defence, which occupied the court until
the hour of adjournment.
I'olire OHce.
Runaway rettortd to the Tomb*.?On Tuesday
night, as A. M. C. Smith and Bmyyer were search*
ing some of the rnokeriet, rum holes, flash houses,
and brothels, that swarm around the Dry Dock, for
Hall and his companions, who got away from the
Tombs on Sunday morning, they somewhat unex
pect dly lighted on an old acquaintance, whom they
immediately secured The fellow was no less a
pers mage than Bill Wilson, a convict, who was
brought up for sentence at the la?t term of the Court
of Sessions; but who, having no particular fancy for
that ceremonial, thought proper to walk out of the
hall before his Honor the Recorder ha J got to his
name. He was f course restored to liis quarters,
where " Governor llydi" may possibly be able to
aid him.
Rowdyism and its Prof extort.?This science is
just now very fashionable, and several distinguish d
professors are engaged ingivh.g instruction to the
graduates of the soap lock and round rims school of
porip itetic philosophers. Two of these hopeful pu~
Mils went, on Friday night, to the porter house of
Thomas M. Spe len," 113 Bowery, and kicked up,
what they were pleaded to term, "a li?1 of a shindy.'
They first knocked down the barkeeper, then pitch*
ed the small good* it the mirrors, and ended their
amusements by throwing the decanters up at the gas
lights, until they extinguished these nocturnal lu
minaries. At length the watchmen came, and put
an end to the sport, by lodging the rowdies is the
watch house. In thi morning, they gave their names
Wo. McClive. of 130 Broome street, and Valentine
Austin, No. 15 Cliuton street. Both were committed
for trisl.
.Stretching t'l? Truth.?An Irish woman,named Jesa
bel Fitzgerald, was brought up charged with obtain
ing a lot of groceries from the store of Alanson
Udell, at No. 30 Walker street, by pretending to be
in the employ of Mrs. Hannah Twibble, of 107 Ca
nal street. The c*se freing rerv clear against the
accused, the magistrate asked her if she had any
thing to say. " SUure," 'eplied the woman, "I was
only stretching it, for did'nt I work for her si?ter,
and is not that next door to working for herself."? |
This not being quite within the law, she was of
Course commuted.
At rhumber*.
Before the Recorder.
Dcc. IS.?Jane Sarah Dnprait, and her sister Ma
ria, a counle of under-sized, in and in, half breed
Canadian demoiselles, who hare been some day* in
enstody on a charge of vagrancy, were brought up
on a habeus corpus, sued out by Marshall Bacon,
their counsel. Mr. Bacon said that, as there had
been so many persons, of ? similar description to his
clients, committed and sentenced by thi. magistrates
without the formality of a tral, it was desirable to
Stt a decision of tnat question from the Supreme
ourt. With that view, he was prepared with bail
on the part of the two lYmalesnnw before his Honor,
and intended to carry their case on a writ of certio>
rari The necessary formalities were then gone
through, and the two fitt'e girlt set at liberty. j
It was understood that a number of the frail sister
hood had raised a subscription for the purpose of j
testing this constitutional point, by an appeal to the
Supreme Court.
r I
O raster's ?Hire.
Dcc. 16?Two inquests were held at this office.
One on the body of * Dutchman, dressed in blue, 1
who wa? found, on Tuesday night, in the area of the
house, No. 144 Berrew street, ky a cartmau named
G. 8- Royce. This man was attempting to lift the
deceased out of the area, when a medical gentle
man came by and pronounced " the poor fellow to
be drunk." On this the humane cartmsn pot the
body on hit cart, and drove to the upper police, and
there Justice Palmer " pronounced him dead."
Th? man was then brought to the dead house, in the
Park, to await the jud?iu.nl of the Coroner. Ver
dict, death from some causa unknown.
Another on the body of a woman, name unknown,
who had been a passenger on board the British ship
Arethnsa, wrecked, a few days since, off Long Is
land. It appeared that the deceased had been a pas
senger on board the vessel, and that she wat for
warded to this city, with part of the cargo, by a
lighter, on Tuesday afternoon. On the arrival of the
craft at its moorings, the captain found h s passen
ger still and cold in her berth. Verdict, death from
anxiety, disease, and expo?ure to the elements.
Dlt. Rl.MOT,
Broadway, entrance in Dunn* (treat,
CanHiift Hit practira to
f ram Dr. KIlMU'iiiltmin practice, iwl the imirher of 11
tient? who earnnt he attended 'luring hi* affica hoar*, ha h?
(MiiaMl tlw aarncea of Di. WlimifOTT, a practitioner I
lanblj kiowa for *?m? vian in thi* city, I member of tk*
Naw York MaWical Society, aiid of the Rojal Collar* af Sur
Cna, Uu??rtn. Dr. W. pai* much attrnlian to di*ea?aa ?
K>a iu Paraa, ami, mora rwaatly to Dr Klliott'i peculia>
mode of operation .-?< tnatmeat
Office honr* Irona lit to I oVIock.dailT. aytt-yu
FBI >**f"i w*"* j
for ea*h. at I'liid C Ree'a feed atore, lleater *treet, on*
door eaat of tKa Bowery. TVraon* wiahiag to purrhaaa tuck
artiel** would 4<> wall to rail, aa lie wtahe* to eloae hi? atnek.
Ktrlmirely derotcd to the cora of Henna, and Prolapaua
*f the Utarnv An aiperirnaed Surgeon. a |nrfiutl of III*
Umrcratty of thu Mt*ic, in r< n*tnnt attendance.
TWa aaUSItahment, f.m.raMy known in tl>i? city for a?or
than *> yaar*, i, ?:t'.r >ai*eii ky the medical family, to wh.at
C opiaiam il* highly ?ucre??f'il career ia aolel* attrihaatakla
phlet*, r ijiUiinrtv the BUPPOTtTKR to ha had on railing
a* ah<>?*. 4 fr.KRY BTRF.KT, ABTO* IIOUBC.
CUTLERY.?'Tl? Suhacriher ha* reeeurd par lata
packet*, and opening thi* da> i *ery large and complete Maori*
me- t of rich pl*t*?t wara, eo?*iating of *iln amounted C'a*teraj
Caka BnakrU.aiter.motialed Tea and Coffee Urn*: Candle
*tir?*,fcc . Be. Alao, a vary anlendd aaaortment of fine T?
mctllert. ean*i*tin? of *et? ofII. M. and 100 place* of Irory,
Pearl aml?llf?r han.'la Kaira*, with French forma. Fork*, ???
traCarrara, aad ettra fine Ktnve* for Bitrar Fork*. AM Ibr
aale at vary low price*, aa n*ual, hw
nifty DANIRL F.. DRI.F.VAN. I] Maiden l.an*.
TOOTITACHK? TOOTH ACIIK {?To Lorer* .,f t.omi
fortan l Ra*e.-What U thia world1* Mod* for, hut to
hare (hint* comfcit Me and relieve pain. If you Br, |r0til?l*d
wt*h <he ?bo*a pain, r with an unpleaaant kr*ath o< rationed
ky defer tiva Math, go pireln.-e a bottle of BrowaS k*tract of
d*all and Kraoaola. h or eaideara of iU eAcacy aee raferenco*
on I Ha direction* Manuf?etare4 hy WM. BROWN, 4H|
Wa*hiniton a'eael, B.i*lon.? t 'Werehi* ?ignatnre foe ganuine.
Dealer* ?iirpli*4 *y A. B k 0 "and*, No*. TP and 100 Fultn*
atreet Bold a tret ail l?y C II King. 114 Brnad-*a?; Burnet.
67 ( anal *tra?t, Ka'tatk Rrothera, I# Ka*t Broadwa*, Itm!
hr?e, 77 F.aat Broadway, Hart, anrner of Broatdway and t haw.
her? atrrf t, CKwaaa, It7 Bawery. frir* M fill. dIS Im
To tail on the 1(1, 10th, and 20tli of every mouth.
This line of packet* will hereafter be com|H>sed of the
bllowitig ships, which will lucfctd each other iu tiie urdff iu
which they are namrd, sailing punctually from New York and
fort,mouth on the 1st, 10th, 40th. and from London on the7l.li,
I7tli, and 27 th of every month throughout the year, vii:
i Jan 1 ( Feb. 17 t Feb. 'JO
ST. JAMES, Seoor < May 1 \ J??e 17 { June
I Sept. I ( Oct. 17 I Oct. 20
i Jan. 10 ( I' eb. 27 ( Mar. 1
MONTREAL, Griffin -J May 102 June 27 {July 1
( Sept 10 ( Oct. 27 I Nov. 1
( Jan. 20 t Mar. 7 I Mar. 10
GLADIATOR, Bntton , May SO < July 7? July 10
( Sept. 30 ( Nov. 7 ( Nov. 10
i Feb. I ( Mar. 17 t Mar. 20
MEDIATOR, Chawphu -'jime 1 ? July 17July 20
i Oct. 1 ( Nov. 17 ( Nov. 20
I Keb. 10 ( Mar. 27 i April 1
WELLINGTON, Chadwick 2. June 10 J July 27 2 Aug. 1
(Oct. 10 (Nov. 27 ( Dec. 1
l Feb. 20 { April 7 1 April 10
QUEBEC, Hebard 1 June 20 2 Aug*. 7 2 Aug. 10
I Oct. 20 (Dec 7 ( Dec 10
t Mar. 1 { April 17 I April 20
PHILADELPHIA,Morgan 1 July 1 2 Aug. i7?Aug. 80
( Nov. 1 I Dec. 17 ( Dec. 20
i Mar. 10 C April 27 I May 1
SAMSON, Sturges ? July 10< Aug. S7 < Sept. 1
( Nov. 10 ( Dec 27 ( Jan. 1
( Mar. 20 { May 7 ( May 10
PRESIDENT, Chadwiek 1 July 202 Sept 7 2 Sept 10
(Nov. 20(Jhu. 7 ( Jan. 10
( April 1 t May 17 i May 20
ONTARIO, Huttlesou ] Aug. 12 Sept. 17 2 Sept. 20
f Dec. 1 ( Jan. 17 ( Jan. 20
( April 10 C May 27 ( Juue 1
TORONTO, Griswold 2 Aug. 10 2 Sept. 27 2 Oct 1
<Dec. 10 (Jan. 27 ( Feb. 1
( April 20t June 7 f Jutie 10
WESTMINSTER, Moor* 2 Aug. 20 J Oct. 7 2 Oct 10
I*c. 20 (Feb. 7 (Feb. 10
it class
The?e ships are all of the first cum*, about 700 tons burthen*
tnd are commanded by able and experienced navigator*. Great
care has been made use of in the selection of furniture, beds,
Sic., and the price of chMii passage is now fixed at $100 out*
ward, for eaeh adult, and clii Idreu half price, without wines or
liquors of any description. Neither the capt&ius nor owuers of
the above packets will be responsible for any tetters, parcel* or
packat^** sento them, unless regular bills of lading are signed
therefor. Apple to
G1UNNELL, M1NTURN k CO. 134 Front st; or to
JOHN GRISWOLD, 70 South street. New Vork.
The ship# of this lino will continue their depa/lurs frcra
New York on the 1st. <tid will sail from Havre on (he 'jMth
of each month, during the year, thus;?
From New York. From Hat re.
1st January ) Ship UTK.'A, ( 24th February
1st May J Capt. J. B. Pell, ?? 24th June
1st September ) ( 24th October
1st FiWuiry i Ship CHAS. CARROLL, I 24th March
I at fun* . (\nt. W Jill V
1st June [? Capt W. Lee, < 24th July
1st October ) I "-Mill Novemb'r
1st March 1 Ship ERIE, 24th April
lit July > * apt. E. Funk, 24th August
1st November ) 34th December
1st April 1 Ship BALTIMORE, 2ltt> May
1st August > Capt Jas. Funck, 24th September
1st December ) 24th January
The accommodations of these S!iip? are not suniassetl, com
bining all that may he required for comfort. The price of
cabin p-assace is flOO Passengers will be supplied with every
requisite with the exception of wines aud liv^uors.
Goods intended for these vessels will be ferwarded by the
subscrioer, free from <iny other than the expenses actually
incurred on then. For freiebt or j?*.?n?j?e, apj>ly In
BOYD k HINT KEN, Agents,
si'2-y No. 9 Tontiae
for Savannah?Regular Line?To sail punctually
'rvery SaturdHV.
Brig AUtiUSTA, A. M. Si erwood, master, 4A0 tons
EXCEL, E. Sherwood, do 4(i0 do.
SAVANNAH, A. Hubbard, do 460 do.
M ADISON. W. Bu'klry, ilo 4i>0 do.
WM TAYLOR, Heejr, do 400 do.
CLINTON. I. Lv?*, 4s 460 de.
The above are first el?*s coppered and (.opper fastened ves
sel*?they have very rocmv and superior accommoJutious fur
pM*enger< ?So will be taken on the very lusre-t left**, and
they can depend xpen those Teste's sailing on their regular
day. Fer passage, either ia cau.j a riltr*t?*. apply on b<>ani,
foot of Maidenlane, or to R1WSON fc McSIUHRAY,
sep24-tr ?j -i*r of Pine and South ?ts.
KOK LONDON Packet of the 20th Dec ?The
Ant class paeket ship WESTMINSTER, Capt. G
Moore, will sail a* above, her regular day. Having
very tuperior accommodations for cabin, second cabin and
ste< rage i>*?>ru?ers. persons mtrn ling to embark should make
immediate epptica !<?? on board, f i?t i>f Pins street,or to
d 12 GL9YEX k McMURRAY.W South st.
FOR HAVRE.?The we 11 known ship HAVKE,
Captain M Kown. Has the major part of her
1 car^o engaged, aad will be promptly dispatched. For
freight or pa??t' ?i>^It to
BOYD h HlNt-KluN, No ? Tootiae Bnildint- ol
FOR CHARLESTON?The first class p^cliTi
ship F.LIZA W ARWICK, Crpt Davis, will he trt
'patched for the above pirt in a ?e?v days. Having very
superior aceomino la'ians fur cabin, srct>nd cabin, and steerage
passengers, penoas iutrnding to < mbark shnuld secare their
berths without delay. For freight or passage, on lh<? most
reasonable terms, apply on board, foot of Clinton street, East
River, or to
iW GLOVER k McMUIlRAY, 09 South street.
Yai KK r Foil H AYHE-tsecm l Liue? The
ship UTICA. John D Pell, master, will sail on th?
1st January. BOYD It HIN( KEN,Agent.,
9 Tontine Buildings.
KOH liAVKE? The ?ery tuptriar coppered tod
trpp?r ImIukI te* Fr?nch nrig THIHLtA,Ci|>l.
Noel. For freight or p*<*>ge apply to
BOVP % HINt KEN, 9 Tooiioe Bdldtoga.
IIA IH !!!?NoHetter evidence it wauling
lo *h?w (h? mp?rioi ily of th? OtnuiiH
Buffalo Oil, ?m ixhfr preparation*,
theu a number of Drurgi<tt ;<re eadeeror*
in) i.i ikimu it an<l foetertng their mrterable imitation* on
the public far |tnnn?.
(a/-<Jenuiu? Buffalo Oil i*f**t Ukins'the place of all otScr
trticii* to promote ihe growth, wftfU anil !>? autity the Hiirj
itt itegtee* !t a niflntti that ??> other article <ioa*, andcaute*
it to curt heantifullj?by free ??e it will dark n an I gi*e the
hair a tali* glutt. it i* i ?g*?Ip perfumed auU <irea perfect aat
i*faeti-n to all who bare gireu i? a trial. Ion will obeer<?
the *tgalure of the proprietor, "William Brown," a!*o **lli.ffa
I* Oil," imprinted <>? the Bottle. In r tnaequenre of a co?a
terf-i which hat recently appeared aad it now for aale, I have
h?en n?r-nadr d to obtain air* label (Derived uu cop??er, lor
which I hart aeeureil a c-?py righ?, entered according to an
Act of Con(re*t in the Clerk Office of the Dittrict Court of
Ma aarlioaotti. Any i fri gement will he dealt with arcord
mg IiiUw. Dealer* iuppli<-d by A. R k I) Hand*, No 79k IIH1
Kultoa at. Bald at reUil by Ring. 844 Broadway, Burnet K7
C'aaal at| F.m ?ree, 77 Kaat Broadway; Onion, 1*17 Bowery;
Hart eorn?r of Itoadway and Cham ??rt at.
Price centa. dlS-lm
CLARK, coraer of Chatham aad Pearl ata after aia
my yaara experience in bu*ineae, and after repeated aad
untiring effort* to attain the object, confidently be
liocet that h? baa at leogth tucceeded in mamifaeturiag an arti
cle wlikh cannot flail to wia the approbation of all who will
take tha trouble to evaaaiae it
Thia article,to which the attention of the public it now
earerinlly iariled, ita Satin Bearer Hat,price only THHEF.
BOLL ARB, and ha feela Unwed, that for beauty, rhoapnrtt,
durability, an I comfort, it cannot be turpaaaed >n the cite at
New York. In addition to the waul erriety of Hala and Cap*,
he alto keep*?n hand rontUntlv. a Fnr Hit of rrff (uperier
quality, which he can afford ait FOUR DOLLAR?; and thit
Hat (or year* patt, haa girea to numerou* ru*t-m?r* the
moat unqualified aatiafaetioo. Ju*' ice to hie friend* at writ a?
tn himtelf make* it prop* r tor him te t*y, that he *-?!!? for
ea?b; the loeeee tuttaiacl Cromba.l ou?t inter* will not hire tw
be paid by good ooet. Wholesale dealert tupplied promptly at
t'*e old eniabliehed ttaod, where the aakittg price it alwayt the
telling price. tepsflMw*
fLRNDID NEW ST ORt.Chri*tmat "retent*, Philip
penw.k t-J.W. POWELL rr?peetf,illy .olidta the
public to call and eiamine the elegant and rich a>tortn ent of
Chiaa, which he ha* |H?t opened at 1(7 Broadway, comptiting
Ihe mo*t tplendid collection of Faacr Article*. ever import d
Tht ihticw are ra-e. elegaot, twltl and ornamental, the land
?rape aad flower paiatiog* aurpaaa all preriont effort! of tfiit
kind on porcelain The atock cotitira in pari of vaeet flowef
tube* card and frwit baeket*, Cologne bottle* and tprinkler*.
ring iray* and jewel eland*. candleattcl-*,po*ti1e burner*, ink
atai.dtand pen Iraya, irofeaque fljpiret of men and anim?l??
Caatlea, cottagee and rhurcbca. Alto, a *uperli vevieta of tea
dinner and deter* eervicea, together with a keantiftif ?**ert
went of rich cut glaaa, he. he, he dll'fw*
(1Al*H ' !.?' I HIM. 1 1 -'Hint - -aleaai
J retail, told lo accommodate the time* Pilot rloth Orer
Coat* | lioB akin Orer Coatti hearer cloth Coat*. Drew
iMli, Paate, and Veate, of ?an?*** kind*. Shirt*, Drawer*,
Collar*, Mocka, Handkerchief*, lie. he The bore article
will bo told very low for caah, at No. 919 Greenwich ?treet>
aomer of Barclay ttreel -a- rth Mat corner
.vtvitario^i COMPAN*.
fhe Steam-ship BRITISH
QUEEN. 2010 tons, &(H? horse
rower, Lieut Richard Roberts,
H. N., commauder, will 'jail
its follows:
From Nrw York. From London.
1st December, 1st January,
1840 1?( February, l?t M. rcli,
1st April, l?t May,
1st June, 1st July,
I at August, l?t September
1st October.
COW toui of cargo will be taken, for freight of which or pas
lage, apply to
4 Jones' Lane,rear 103 Front street.
No second claw passengers taken.
No goods will be received on board without an order from
??he Agents.
QQ- au experienced Surgeon is attached to the ship. n7y.
The steam snip LIVPR
POOL, 11 AO tons burthen
and 408 horse P wer, R. J.
Fatjie*, R. N., commander,
W if appointed to sail as follows :
Prom New York. \ Fritm Liverpool.
14th December, 103!' | 10th November, 1039.
20th February, 1840 | 80th Jesuary, 1S40.
There after ou the TOth of each alternate month.
Fare to Liverpool, thirty live guiueas ($163 33) in Che aft,
ad thirty guineas ($140) in the lore saloon, including wines
?ud all stores. Steward's fees $8. No second class passon
;er* taken. Children ><jder 13, and servants, half price.
100 tons freight will be taken?application first to be made
?t the office.
An experienced surgeon accompanies this ship.
For passage or freight. apply personally or by letter to
JNO. BOLLOCK, Liverpool; or to
ABM. BELL Si CO. A?fut*, 117 Fulton st., N. Y.
N. B ?The company1* ntw ship the " NEW YORK." of
1400 tons burthen, will commence plying early in 'he 1840?
thus afTo.-dini; a departure on the uOtli of each month, to and
from New York and Liverpool. n?
Hw2T# OB Landing at the usual landings.?The now and
elegant steamboat UTIGA, Capt True^de'l,
ivi'l leave thr stomboat pier, foot of Liberty street, on Fri
day afte;irn on, December 0. at ft oVIock.
furfteitbtsriw* i?c,apply t? CROOK 8c FOWKF.8, c? r
,/r of West ssi.; streets; PETER C. SCI1ULTZ, at
he o-flfi'.a or the Oaptai* on boar '.
V.B.? VI! foods,Irei^ltt, b ij;i;.Ve,bank Mils, specie, or my
)*'ici Mud of property, taken only at the risK of the owners
'noreof. m\17-7in
Norfolk Charleston, 8. C., Petersburg, ai.d
Richrnoud.?The steainbor.ts ALABAMA
KENTUCKY ami JEWESS, all boats ofs^eed and accormno
<atk>n, will commence ruiiniii; daily on the twsl April, between
Baltimore Norfolk, and Portsmouth, leaving the lower end o
??pear's wharf every afternoon at 3 o'clock, or immediately af
tr the arrival of the cars from Philadelphia, and wol arrive
icit morninp at Portsmouth in time for the cars for Wilmiis*
?on, and theu' e steamboats to (Charleston. Returning will leave
'ertsraoMth every day alter the cars arrive from the South, and
each Baltimore r.?*t moraine in time for the can for PHila
These boat' ran in connection with the well known steam
?acke'* 'Georgia and South Carolina which leave Norfolk
ivery Sa'urday for Charleston, giving traveller* a choice. They
?Ito run in cr.nueetiou with the James Ri*er boats to Peters
wrgand Richmo'id. Straneers are informed (old travellers
enow) that this is the cheapest aad most comiortable route for
outheru travellers . a* there sre no changes from cars, ?team
>oats, and stages i?. the dead of night, as on the Washington
?oute. The company ther> fore hope the travelling part of the
tomtnunity v. ill iatronise them iu giving equal facilities and
?!??rinr comfort.
Passage and fare to Norfolk, $8 JOHN W BROWN,
?96-tf Acct.
A having dikCOii..nued running betweeu New
York and Albany, will rvsuuie her regular
ripe between New York aud Newburg ou Monday the Wuh
nstaut, leaving New York every Monday and Thur-'iay after*
toon, at ft o'clock, and Nswburg every Tuesday and Friday
ifternooa at sis o'clock, touching at the intermediate landings
o receive light freight and passeugers
N. B.?All freight, baggage. hank bills, or ecie me?t be at
he rue of Ute owners, unless a out of i aomgisf iveu tnerefor
?r the oods be entcead oa the twuliaiA kei s??
_ae# nRAwronu. ^lARTIN fc CO
NEW irOR< 1ATTERALLA?Peremptory
Sal".?By order ?.f Assignees?On Tuesday nest,
*J4'h insi at Id oMork, will be sold at this well
unow establishment, the lollowing Articles, vis:
One pdr large Orey C iacti Horsrs, near 17 hinds bigh.
t ne pair Pays, very stvlish and fine drivers.
One pair Orej s. well known on the road as fast trotters.
Tne well known trolling horse Screwrrner.
The w?ll known trottii g mare Fannt Pullan. lie. lie.
Also, one Chariot, one Baronehe, on* HgM Waggon, (beilt ?
short time since by Fi>r<l)one R>ckawajr Waggon, lie. kc.?
Al?<?. several sets of roach and light Harness, baddies, Bridles,
Whip*, Blankets Dr>?sr s, fee. k> .
Further particulars will be published in bills.
OEO. W. MILLK.R, successor to J. W. Wsts n.
ill} At 4(0 Hroaiiway.
Jktik PK.KEMrl'iJilV rt\LK?liChKMery?Ofi bum
iil"M Country Residi uce ?Will be sold Ml public euc
^^^^1100. at Stewarts Hotel, in the city vf Newark. on the
Mill d>jr ?f UeMinlMr, mil atU*'cleck, P M. p'eci?rly? all
that certain Dwellmc House, with the groun<l< thereunto be
I >o?ing. now in the occu|>ancy of Col. John I. i'lume, situate,
lying and he nc in the north w?rd of tlic city of Newark, coun
ty of Eases and tUi' of Ni* Jersey.
The hoase was built by day's work, under the ?iip?rintend
aace -f the owner, and has beru occupied one trw. It is 4H
fret front t?jr 40 f?et deep, wiih a h*ll through the centre 10
feet in wi Ith. It r?atiiM 18 rooms, It) pautriee, ha?eineal
room*, kitchen and subeellsr. It is $ storie* in heikht, with
colernu* in front, aud nlneria'nry en the lop, pi?x?4S f ont and
rear, with area* uuder eath 10 teet in ?i Ith, which are fl%g
t*d with blue ?tuna. The foundation of the building i? 49 by
011 f. el; inrludinr t ? p1*** >?? The parloi? are 18 by 4'J feet,
and connected with ?li< hi j d xirt
The pla^e in beautifully situated on the baaksol the Passaic,
but a snort d siaace north of the bridge. The II"um stands
on derated croon.!, and there i* n grapnel rlope down to the
river, upon whirn it i* b mud- d lor 178 feet
There are about i| aeies ol land attached, which h beauti
fully tftid out nan car en, aad the whole is enclosed by a new
and euhttantial board lence.
There ia a large carriage house* stable, snl wood houte, on
ths premises, i well sf first rate s A water, aud a large briak
The land, with the building* thereon, co?t the proprietor
mere than $-JO 000, and ia to be sold to satisfy a Mortgage
thereon,amounting with interest to about fftlOO. dl4Wt*
LAND.?-The subscriber continues to make engagements
ia thif city lor the passages of those residing iu England, Ire
land, Scotland and Wale*.
Toe ships empl-yed by this company are of the first rlass.
American built, commanded by mea of experience, and sail
Iberr, Liverpool every week throughout the season.
Drafts payable oa demand, on u e National B js?k of Ireland,
the National Bsak of Scoilaad and their rarioe- branches [
also, on R C. <"?lyn k. Ca^ London, aad Fitthugh It C. Grim
?haw, Liverpool, at the lowest rates. A oplicatinn t> be made
by letter, post paid, to ftAM'JEL THOMPSON,
nil I m 973 Pearl street.
i ,eneral passage office, 4ia pecc slipZ
II For Cabin, second r?bin and Steerage passengers, to and
mm England, Ireland, Scoileni and Wales, by the way of Loo
ton, Liverpool, Hull and Bristol. The Sutisriher* beg to in
form their friend" and the public that they continue lo make
arrangements fnr hiittgtng out pmetigers from all parts of
Great Britain and Irelawl on tha mo-t reasoaable terms in first
clans American packet ships, one of which will leave Liver
pool every week throughout the spring of IMA
Tbet beg to ?tata thai the) have packet* lailiag regularly
from London. Hall and Britiol, affording to those persons re
tiding in the Uattrd Mat'* and tha Canada*, who wish ta send
for their friends fiom any part of the Old Caaatry, sn opnor
tnnitv of ilaing ?<?, such ai can only h> met with at this nlflce,
and their agent In Ltverp ol. who has *"en long and favorably
known a* connected with the New York Packets, will see
ilMt the saase regularity he observed in tha punctual eailmcaf
the ?btp* belonging to Irsie line, which has secured ta them the
preference heretofore, and f at no deteation shall ocs.or to per
sons in Liverpool whose passage has beea settled for with the
subscribe re.
la all cases where those sent far a decline coming, the pass ace
money is returned ta the patties from whom it was rssslviw.
Further particular* made boowa on application (if by letter
post baid, which will receive p'nmwt attention) ta
W J. T. TAPSCOTT.4* Peck Slin,
n*0 lm* nest d >..r tolAI South street New York.
n7uhnai.i. f. ?i.ociTw~
Nat nessovcp mis
ts wot7>
a90?to jaa 1'klfwy
DISCOVERY? Kor tie cure ?f ehrouic diseases,
4,1 such ailniig standing scrofula, secondary sypmlli'. ulc-rs,
piles, li-tula wneeroiJi lunmrs, ami ilto all mercurial dis
eases. No pay is iu|u rul, mi| i?ti fur mtdiciM*, I ? II the
cure i? perfected, whicli v>i I takt from three to?i* weeks. and
he without hindrance to business. Medicine and advice gratis,
if a p< rfect t'.ure is not performed. Dr. HKINK. witliit>g to
prevent a*iv embarrassment to p>'rti.ns w).u might lie misdi
rected wiifull) or by accident, i. form* tlo-ni thai ne ha? no
agent, and receive* patient* only at hi* residruce, So. I"J Hud
ton mreet, b> I ween Canal and L)esbro??r? streets. Any person
wlitt '? poor but honest. recommended hy an aldenn'tn ai de
serving. can receive hoth medicine and advice g alts, between
J and 4 P. M. every Saturday. Dr. HEINE, hei.ig :m eldi rly
person, and a native of Germany, hi* English language is with
much difficulty understood. d3-lm*
fice 4 Ve*cy *treet, Astor House?A Surgeon of IS ye-^rs
practice, iu comtant attendance. Guarantees of radical cures
ire given iu ail case* of reducible rupture, thettrencth and con
ititiHional health of the patient heiug otherwise an ;ir paired.?
With proper adaptation Dr. Hull's T ram is perfectly so re to re
tain the rupture without |>ain or the least daagertothe patient,
or the slightest interruption to exercise or business.
Attendance given in private houses, where required at and
after A o'clock, by Use office Burgeon
N, D.?Patients are cautioned against trusting to spurious in
rrntions of Trusses advertised as improvements upon Hull's.?
None are genuine unles? they bear the signature of AMOB G.
HULL?and the only office in New York i sthe original one,
formerly iu Fulton street, but now at No. 4 Veaey street, Astor
MM. aSO-eod v
DU. BELL'S MEDICAL OFFICE, No 4 Oourtlandt st.
second door from Broadway. Dr. Bell continues, ns usual,
to he consulted in all caaes of a delicate nature. Syphilitic
and mercurial affection*, disorders of the uriuary organs, &c.
lie., which have baffled iutxperiencrd medical men and qui ek?,
are sure to be benefitted and relieved on applicatiou to Dr.
Bell. Professional skil', coup cd with twenty years eiptricnce
in the treatment ef the ah ve diseases enables the doctor to
.uture ret.ef ana s cure iu all cases to toe patten..
Rcwa e of pretenders, smpiric*, and medieal puffers, and re
member No. 4 Courtlamlt street, two do?rs from Broadway.
d7 lm*
JB. IRWIN k Co., Members of the Royal Cohere of
? Surgeons, Louden, continue to he consulted on dclicate
diseases iu all their various stages, at their office. 3044 Fulton
street, where, from ?he enmtnod oils arrangement of their room
persons laboring under dclicate complaints can be treated with
secrecy and snf?ty
J. B. Irwin St Co. pledge themselves that in all cases of the
most violent vi nereal, w hich hare hitherto falJej under their
notice. their treatment without mercury has beeu most sue
ceasful and speedy. T'?ey need not by certificates, direct the
puhliu attention to their superior practice in those diseases, as
tneir reputation iu this city is well known and respected l>)
<11 who had occH'ion to coufiile in their honor. It is slroi'gl)
recommended ?o ic males vt ho aro in the habit of usilu; tlieir
Deobstruent Pills, tl dt uo more tl> iu two should be taken on
say occasion, as more mi^ht produce effects which these who
Mould be mother* are desirous to avoid. A preventative can
*>?? had?recent cases curcd in t*so days. Thn?e who have in
jured theaise-lvM by a secret aud destruc'lve habit, can ett.uo
relief. Solvent security is all that will he required until a
tare >h?)I he etT. ctrd. Letters, po*t paid, detailing the na
ture o' the complaint, and covering a suitable fee, will be im
?oediately attended to, and medicines, with full directions, for
warded to the parties. d4-in>*
o tAMi.NAbUK ~?KV uouixs:!:?JUsi' Of EN ED
AT VANN 8, 'J91 Grand strett,
Several bales red Flannel, I ,8d, 'i?, 2,6d, 3s, and 3,3d
white do, 'i,tf to 4s
yellow aud green do, all qualities
10 hales Canton Flannel, 8d to Is
20 bale* Via kiuaw and Whitney Blankets, commenciug at
$1 each a firstrate pair for $5,60
Cloaks !!?English Meruso. well-made, $3/0; French do,
$6 AO; fashionable Silk do, $ li; Tagliout do, $?,&0
Lot* of new Coinfortshl *, from 10> toSOs
Marine* English ami French, every color, very cheap; also
an immense quantity of Sasuny Cloths, de Laiues, Velrets,
Satins, lie. ate.
About $4,000 worth of splendid changeable, figured, and
rrpt Silks, purchase 1 for cash, to clear the stock of an impor
ter. Thee goods at ? decided bar pan *. beautiful colors, and
will not disaj point anj one who may call to mspec them.
Domestics cheaper than ever.?Good 4 4 Sheetings, 7d
per yard, heavy do lOd; Long Cloth* 0d; and Calicoes for
merly sold (or Is, can now be purchased fur W.
One price, aud no deduction?the u'mosl attention paid to
cttsl? tttef*. Fl*'?e tv vbsept iHe number, r?l Oraart si reel
between Allen ftlid Ore oar j siri ell.
VV SAFES-?Made espressly to stand the te*t of the
greatest fire or thief. Theae safes have been proved in a fur
nace, with Scott's,Asterto'i.nrd Gaylor's double Safes, and will
he warranted u> stand more (ire th.n *ii of either of Delano's
Scot*'a or G.ylor'*, in auceessson; for sale at the ordinary
??rices, by tSe patentee and manufacturer. 114 Water st. N. Y.
f. \os wilder.
T. S. Prompt attention to order* by mail.
Price from $111* $000 each 411 la*
BOAllD? Two or three geuileinen can nave nratly furnish
ed rooms with, hoard, by a;ipl)ing a* No. lb Park place. A
lower freal parlor with .-of* bedstead, ran be had, if desired.
N.B. Dinner at 5 o'clock'. dIOlm*
CHEAP CASH ORATE 8TOKE-To Ma trr Ba:ld-ri.
Grate "eit*r*, and all othrrs interested.? Kitchen grates
ma J* to order at the grate and fender manufactory. 71 Gold
street, corner ef Spruce *t. at 11 cent* a lb.
N. B. Pant and blower* for al' description of grates made t*
order in the brst manner.
Alto, old stoves bought and stove* repaired, and put up ia
the l est manner.
Also, grate setting and j ibbing masoa work done with des
patch, by T. GILHOOLYfc CO..
d14 lm* 7A Geld street.
fl^KN 1 II WARD t)AM(.? Tl>* note* of thia Bunk art
JL redeemed at their eouuisr. No. 173 Bowery, at pur, or
for the coovenieitc* of the bill holdar* in fhc lower p-jrt of lite
City at | ofoue |>-r ceat at iha offict of Carpenter k Vermyle,
No. 49 Wall (tract. T. HOOK,Cashier.
<114 Im*
HOT AIR COOK'NO STOVfc.?Thi* new and udm
valled Kt< ve ??now aiauufactured and kept for *ale by
tha Subscriber, at 188 Oreenwich *treet, b?tw?j U?rtlu>l
and Dye streets. The public are M<iirtd this ll?rt surpasses
all other* now in u?e fur cooking purpose* anil economy of
fl> < I. The Oven, which it twice ?< l*r*? at tti?t ?.f tn) other
?tare of the <ame *i*e, i? ao constructed that tha baaing is
done entirely hy Hot Air, conducted in flues in auch a manner
?? to (ivf it a perfect!* even heat in every part, which may be
increased or eimititth'd at pleasure, by means <f a tiu|l.
damper, wi'hout regard tithe ipkntity of fire Th. ki.Mll
suet are amiable for private famtliev the larger for Boardtut
krxitet, II.Mrli, Refectorica. fcr. The larg-tl *ite ia war
ranted to pimrH capacity to do the baking. boiling conking
and washing forait hundred persons. The public ia re?pect
fully invited to call and esamioc fi?r them*clve*. '1 h? atov*?
are warranted. K. M. KLAPP.
n?-lm? ?
RU9HTON * A8PINVVALL, M William street, afar
for tale
4000 very anperior Sweediah Leeehea. in package* of 100 and
300 eac'i for country trade.
3 caakt Alexandria Senna, extra flee, suitable far retailing.
Rustta sheet Isinglass, 1st and Jud quality.
Dutch refined camphor.
MtOlba true Socotrioe Ato*s.
Rofflba Be mad a Arrowroot.
10 caaaa Low't white and brown Windsor Soap.
140 m. pure Oil Roees. dl4-lar"
A PASTOR, HAIR CUTTK.R, IM Oreenwlch street.
? A. Paitor take* thi* opportunity te inform the puMic.
after long experience ia his business, he has formed a compoei
ion. tailed
Or r**eap?nta?1 KmckiInI <111 ?f Alm*?d*.
07" Kor destroyingdandwff, ind preventing the hair from
aoming ?ut or turntug grey, an infallible rented* at a mat - aid
sees, and tlie public may rely on it, that A. PASTOR'S COM
POUND OIL I* the wbele*?meet and he*t Oil for the hair?
nakea it rr*x? thick and long, prevent* its falling off or mming
jrey, and eren if hair hat begun to turn grey, i* auch anouriahrr
fe the hair, that by ute it will re*tor* it te It* natural <?lor.
alto prevent* hair Imm bicnmini ahaded, and if hair is already
ihaded, whieh is a greet di?figursm? ut to young ladies, and if
ised for a ahort time, it wil! re*tore it to it* natural color, alear
-fie scarf. and keep the hesid and hair cleans promotes syebrosw
md wk'.ew.... A liberal discount made to whuleaale eureka
sars. 4. PASTOR,
It>A Oreenwirti street. N. T
Price, *0 cents per Kettle, highly perfumed. d* Im*
HA VAN A*?Mr*. WEST has recta mo J baaini ss at No. W
Calle Inquisidor, where she will be prepared to receive
E->aroers as .o?tnerlv.
Reference te John Ritchae. Mq ""o 41 Bread street, whe
will famish information te applicants relative to trie formali
irs te be observed by stranger*, to avoid detention in laading
(Havana. ol lawSm'
To filn. i'CTSlTC.?We nil It.? .uecial attention of
'he public tome Inducement* held out by SvLvrsrr* fc Co
IM Broadway fort nvesting in real e*tate, situated in New Or
Iowa*. Notarith*tending the attempt* made by th* bsmss David
Hale of the Jooraal of Com me re*, we hare good r*a*Mi* fe?
knowing that the affair in q>ie*tion possesses the entire root
lenreot the community?and we recommend tkoee perwtxae whe
Hare any 4nM*, to sail on Sylvester It Co. who are dMirom
of git mo (lie moat fWII and perfec* satU/Wtioo m reply to an
'fiMHdi. a!7 ?
DR. J. FRANClfi, vculi.tt, It) Barclay atrcet.
'I 'illn i* I" ttrlilt that my ciiild wa*altnn*t bin..I f,?r three
I ye irt wii>i u u*-Uula mid large ulcer (hit covered the *igH.
Wc look her i? 'in Kj?- lufirm.i y t'.r ouc inf, I ut resetted do
Ueui-fit: Home of the fir^t p!i\? ci-?u? ami oenlittr wer* then
contulted. and ray nnwliti wm tried, without any good
effect 1 ll.it iiik liearil ol many aitoniahiiig cure* performed
l y Dr. J. Krancit' celebrate) Eye Water, I procured a lew
bottle*. 41111 to our iil>wi?liineitl and all who knew Iter, it
mnde iperftcl cure in tire week*, i conndrr this Rye-Water
the greatest l)leiiiii|; thai ha* ever been offered <0 the public.
My c i>U can he teen at No. II Avenue between Houtton
?111H H?coiid ctraet. WILLIAM ANSEL.
From Hie tnliuiAn) of thoje who have u*ed Dr. J. Franeit'
Celebrated l< je Water, we utihenitatingly reco-i ineml it to tho
notice of ilia public, mh a mott valuab n .nd tafe remedy.
Hev. Duncan Duubar, Pa?tor of lb" McUougal ?t. Church.
Uer. Mr. Harruoo, 44 Tln'mpton it.
R*v. Mr . I)avi?. Pa*?or of tha Church at Lattingtowu, N Y
Mr. fcinitH, 6K Fru'tfort ?treet.
Dr. i lieuny, Member of the .Royal College of Surgeon*,
Loud* a.
Mr. Stephen Ko*ter, Saint John'*, New Oruniwiek.
Mr.Jotliaa Allen, harlland, Vermont.
iK?~ ?? A mott wonderful cure performed by Dr. J.
Franci*, flMkt, No. 10 Barclay ttreet.
My grindion wa-j afflicted fjr nearly m years with, what
medical men terra, icroftilott* opthalmia, and a nebula on each
eye; and *0 threat wat the inflammation, that the white at hi*
eye* were like- "carle t,*tid for tbe mott part of the time he could
uoi hear the light hi* hi'adwat broken out and in onectutt.
I bad him iu the Eye Infirmary for eight month*; ha ws?*di?
chargrd a* incurable. Pliyticia a were coutulted, and many
remedie* uwi/. without an; good effec'.
I wv* at Iragih induced i? make a tri <1 of Dr. J. Franeb' I?y?
Water; and to ihe aitonithment of a'l who kne*v my ?rand
?on, lie m now re-tored to perfect tight?and the icrofula ia
entirely removed?and hid it net been for thi> eye watar, I be
lieve the child would have been totally blind, for which the
Doctor i* entitled to my lading en teem and gratitude.
New York, 11th month, 28,1339
We, the underaigaed, cheerfully certify to the truth of thn
above (talement, in all it* particular*, having beeu eye wit*
u> n*e? of the fact* therein contained.
Ulirlf* Sandford, Sarah M. Sand fun*, Sarah 8. Vail, Ann
CaroUu, Uaa Walton. 149 Riviugton *tre> t, Prudeuce Wal
ton Sarah Jane Walton, Hannah Vail. Hachel Luidy, 111
Orchard * tree 1. Will fat n? W abater. Jane Weh*tcr, a<J4 Hout
ton ttreet, Willi tm J Webtter, Mtrgarct W*b*ter, 33 Fmt
? treet.David Webaier, Mary A. Webtter, 39 Second Avenue.
Tim Five vVater * nor prepared or ?old by any pcr*on is
the United State*, but by Dr. J. Franei*, No. 10, Barclay
Artificial F.y* in?ert?d by Dr. J Fraactt, .without
giving tha?light**t paia, wtiieh conuot be ?li*tingbi?hed from
the natural.
<118 10 Barclay itreet. N. Y.
1~ MJlAi* BaLT K LIV'kHwiiKi.-a <Ol'OH
IS ALWAYS DAVQKROUB?la our cbaureable and
?etere clj'aate. it 1* all l*?t>oi taut toatletd to COLDS, with
which we arc all more orlco* itflicled. Jfneglrc'ed too long
it i? diflicul to re wove them rometune* impoivble. and con
firmed coniumplion i* tbe retult. Iu all Iuiik coniplaiut*, Mr*
N.M. (iarduer's Indian llal-ain of Liverwort i* justly otiem
ed ol? infinite value It h?* been u*ed for eight or teu year*
with unparallelled ?ucre??, and many individual* laig^t be
named wl>o but for it* healing virtue* and renovating t>owen,
would uot be pre*eut now to t< ?tify toil* efficacy.?It may be
lafely a sierteil that no eougli r?ra<dy haa ever ice with I ha
Mine degree ? f favor an.I.palranaue at thi? HuudteiUof groee
of 'hit valuable pr?parati> 11 have been K>ld within a fe? >ear*,
and the dema d ?.ill on the incrrate. It it t ow prepared hy
au eitenaive eheoml ftom a pretcriptlon which Cuntmu* a dub
ber of ingredient* formerly u?ed by tbe Indian*. The eiten
?ive tale of thi* remed^*ha* caucd ?ome in-ivi'iaal* to get up
and advertMc preparation* they call Ba'tam and 8) rup of Liver
wort. which it an entire (iifferCnt article. For the origii al,
F.KW(>RT. Sold at wholetale at"l retail by A. B 81 D.
SANDS, N?. 70 It 1P0 Fulton it. bold at retail by Ring 044
Broadwa* 1 btiruet,K7 Canal *t.; Kmbree, 77 klaat Broadwayi
Ouion, 137Bowery; Hart,cora-r of Broadway and Chamber
ttreet. Price AO cent*. dlS-Int
\ SUITABLE HOlJuAV PKklSKNT.-'Wedding and
rV. Vititing Carrli engraved in a new and approved ttyln,
and nriatcd w ith the utmett neatne**. Jutt received a tapc
rioelol of Pot*el?!n Card*. ei|>ret?ly for Wedding and Vitit
m t' iroi for whiter est a id brilliancy of P'?li*n they cannot
bt eicellel
Lfcdie* and gentlemen are t?tpeetl?illy invited to call and
ei-mire ilie tperiineti book* of ihe advertiter. Pertont fttr
nithing their own card plate* can hare tbem printed at thort
aotice. Store Cardt, either coffer plat* or iet'er prett, Ball
Tickett.kc. txccMted ou favorable term*, by applyiagat
Fashionable Card Engraving and Printing E*tabli*hmcat,
d2-ln?eod* M) John *lr*et, rornee William.
" Who tleal* my puree itealt track?
But k? who filci t*from mm my good nnnt,
H*?b? n?e uml vilUrwutlt."
0t7-r SINK'S OH1US TOOTH PASTE for rlrhMla^
pr?wr?ln|. and iKHutiftiiii (he twlh, mtirtd lK? Ant pre
mium at the recent Kair of Ihr American liia'iWtc.
Thit J teutifricc (i?ti to the Teeth I rku u4
pearlt whilom*, ?nd r? move* an4 prerf nti every ineariMe of
tartar; it alio improve* the color ef tee lip* and pen, pee
red* and heals all ulcere of the moulh, irmti the prtrmtof
decay in the teeth, and impart* a pectflinr end fratefUi tweet
ne?* to the brea'h
The bet' article that we know offorcltnning. piiawi
iug and beautiftiug the treth.it Print1* Omt Tooth Paoto
It girt* lo them a clear and pearly whitenett, and impart* ?
pecuHcr and moti grateful aweetoc** to Mm breath. We cor
dially coiuin* n>l it to tl>e attention of our reader*, **pecial)y
lo the female portion of uem. No toilet can be complete with
out itS?Lailtet' Mat.
The unprecedented celebrity which thi* moil evaelleat arti
cle for the leeth *o ipredlly obtained under it* original name of
Orri* Tooth Paite. ha* ioduceH*eiernl unprincipled individealb
to nuke bate counterfeit preparation*, u titer virion* name*,
of which beware, for they iray probably prove hirhly iaje>
rt?u* to the leelh. and are no more to be compared with the ge
nome than Hyperion to a Satyr. The original article ha* now
the far. aimile of the inventor and proprietor, O. W. Peine,
upon the label, wilhro' which H i* not geautoe.
Knr rile only at lite B*r*?r, I7> Broadway; by Guioa, IN
Broadway; J. H. Hart. VI. D. 278 Broad w.y and M Hudtoa tt.,
How* and Guion IM Chatham at) K. M Oiuu*, 1J7 B< wery,
an<l 83 Henry *t. e^tner of Pike.
A|ain ? Beware of ( minterteit* ! *lt io<lla'
CUn .Vi Hi- r.l i InAMXttYH*! PILL*, are ?Id by
/ orrr'i?0 Driif Store* inihecity of NKW TOk'K. O!
the mieerabte i'iugai*lt ! wti o ?h.|l prevent the tcora of I bo
woell Irom m iking y.u dcapited aad rejected of )our follow
III* deeply (o be lamented, for the take r,f pub'ic moral*,
that i notice an'l mi re) lot1 o?e who might be dgeelved compela
me t? I ublwh the follow ire
Piratic W? *m*i? ? The Druagit' who be?t>t a Store at
BOWERY, weot *ideaf the Bowery aad north *tde oI HDwe
ll*" *treet,*e'l* a counterfeit of my Pill*.
Iti* endeavored by u*iog Show Bill* eery timilar (?> mine to
deceive the nuwaiy piriinu of tne public iato the belief (hat
it i* my tore, ana I hue take the hard earning* of the aoor for
that which i* more l.kely te injure lhae benefit, for if ike
Counterfeit that i* teld at tke above *lore i* inOeed ajtmd
medicine, wl y *hoald It require my name to make it *?lit?
The concliMi 'B it that it i* mad* to injure. Why made to
iajare? *ome on* nth*. To deatroy the high character of Ilka
Einline medieiae. Tht* Drnggitt la vary rartful that hi* ia
my thonld be well oboerred, for he eihi >it* no leee them
three ngm thet he he* BraaereihS Pillt for tale?all whidk
are only tnree itatemea t that he oaatidert honor aad honoeCy
perfectly naele** But I can tell kim that Ute moral guilt of*
teller of Counterfeit Medicine it greater Mian that *f a poeeer
of counterfeit Money. Tke latter ie decidedly Ike MMvre hon
orable oflhe t?o. He tt?mJt a thave of keiag teat to the
Stale Pri*OM for lea yenr*, but your teller of t oontcrfeN Medi
ci no a now* yon cea only hrleg yonr action far dMMge>, **t aa
the teller* of e.innterlrit medicine* hare teidom any ininc to
lo*c, they canaat potaihly be marfe to pay. They ttelrn ike
aid 'ii e.that out ef nothing nothing can beekt?i??d
My eflfcie in the Bowery M ? few daora tain h <>#4Km i nnlotk
ing*eller of t 'oniiterfeit Braadrelh'* Pilla. Purcka*e them at
m> elllce, which i* *75 Bowery, betwedn Priace and H?u*tee
tlreet*. A ltd a* yoa value your health, never go to a drufgiM'*
ttore wnen yen wast Brwidteth** Pill*.
I bar* never known any who hare n?rd Ihe OenaiM rill*,
but thai wa< *ati?<le*l they were the beat medicine they had
ever uted If it were ual fer counterfeiting h?av*a, there la
but little deuht bu' lone before Ibi* lime th?y would here t*>
ken the place of ;?ll other purgali'C meiliriee*. A* it la, they
are ia a lair way to become ?o, aod it rfepead* with the JuAt
ciou* Public whether I *hwll be ?ecurrd ia my jtat right*
The Public'* obedient trrraet
B. BRANORETTI, M D.,941 Broadway.
Ml Broadway, *i?? Bowery, l?6 li?id*oa *1., being my eel
INIAftrLlDLK t IOR ?*? e.-Morgan *Cw
poim I B .?*- -tc r.llt, certiied at keiag tke *afr?t, yediaat
??d mott acrerah.e e ire bv Sir Aetley ( coper, Svaoeky leoMV
Or. BIHotao*, i? .rgron. Lawrencr. lUato,
iJell kr Por *al* by armointmeat by A. B ft l> 7*
Ilk) inline tt, and the WtowlBt Dr*igii*t?: corner hiniklf
I tmnii***, eorarr ' hurch It Chmnker, #44 BmaJway, M ft
on Bewrrv. loraclt It M or will. it Powery, coraor ( armtoe
and Bedford rtreet, W Sth Arraee. aae Boraett * f*tmt
Mtdkine Hnre, *T ( anal ??root. Price 91 per >?otne.
y. i^_Obeer*ctW*eal'*J.>l.',aeeeeft.

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