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* 1. f
k The : 'his line will continue their Hejurture from
New YW)facfliry5 >il- "?d w'",ail from Harre on ^ Uth
irtZW-h r'BB U,e >W' lhU':"
UtJanJ'j" 'ifup UTICA, ( Mth February
Ut MaA-* ' i Capt. J. B. Pell, ] *4tl. June
let SeDtT * f ^thOctuber
lit FeWLi. , Ship CHA!S. tAimuLU, v ?ih i'?oi?n
lit June?., j ut/ e?pt W. Lee, 2 24th July
1st Octof" . 19 ( J4th Novemb'r
1st Marcf ' i Ship ElllE, 24 th April
lit July |r 10? > -apt- E- Funk, 24th August
1st Nov??_ > 24th December
lit Apri Vburefc Ship BALTIMORE, 44th May
lit Au^ll..,^. > Capt. Jai. Fuuck, 24th September
lit Dectihatr ) 24th January
The accommodation! of these Ships are not surpassed, comtuning
all that any be required for comfort. The price of
cabin parage is $100. Pa^'iigers will be supplied with ever)
requisite with the exception of wines aud lii|Bor?.
Goods inteuded for Uiese vessels will he fvrvvarded by the
*ob?criDer, free from any other than the expenses actually
ioevred od the in. For freight or pa?sa~e, apply to
?1 2-v N?. fl Tontiae IliiiUImp
sail ob the 1st, 10th, and 20th of every month.
" " "" 'Iliii line of packets will hereafter b? composed of the
following ihip*, which will succeed cach other in the order id
which they are named, sailing punctually from New York aud
Portsmouth on the 1st, 10th, 'JOth. an.I from Loudouon the 7th,
17th, ai?d 27th of every month thronghout the year, via :
( Jan 1 ( Feb. 17 C Feb. 20
ST. JAMES, Seoor , Mav 1 < June 17 < June 20
( Sept. t ( Oct. 17 f Oct 20
i Jan. 10 I Feb. 27 1 Mar. 1
MONTREAL, Griftn * M ?y 10 {June 27 < July 1
( Sept. 10 ( Oct. 27 I Nov. 1
| ( Jan. 20 L M;ir. 7 t Mar. 10
GLADIATOR, Britton ; May 30 { July 7 \ July 10
( Sept. 20 ( Nov. 7 ( Nov. 10
{ Feb. 1 i Mar. 17 I Mar. 20
MEDIATOR, Chunphn ' Juue 1 ? July 17 1 July 20
( Oct. 1 f Not. 17 ( Nov. 20
( Feb. 10 J Mar. 27 j April I
WELLINGTON. Ch?<lwicti < June wwuij .?..s.
( Oct. 10 (Nor. 37 ( Dec. J
I Feb. 20 i April 7 L April 10
' QUEBEC, lie bard -J June 20 ] Aug. 7 ] Aug. 10
( Oct. 20 ( Dec 7 ( Dec. 10
I Mar. 1 I April 17 1 April 20
PHILADELPHIA, Morgan ] Jtrfy 1 <; Aug. l7 } Aug. 20
( Nor. 1 I Dec. 17 ( Dec. 20
i Mar. 10 { April 27 t May 1
SAMSON, Sturges ] July 10) Aug. 27 ? Sept. 1
(Nor. 10 (Dec 27 ( Jan. 1
SMar. 20 f May 7 i May 10
July 20 ] Sept 7 { Sept 10
Nor. 20 ( Jau. 7 ( Jan. 10
t April 1 < May 17 { May 20
ONTARIO, Huttlesoa ] Aug. 1 { Sept. 17 { Sept. 20
f Dec. 1 f Jau. 17 ( Jan. 20
( April 10 < May 27 t Juim 1
TORONTO, Qn.wold ? Aug. 10 { Sept. 27 J Oct. 1
( Doc. 10 ( Jau. 27 ( Feb. 1
( April 20 t Juue 7 ( Juue 19
WESTMINSTER, Moore { Aug. 20 M)ct. 7 < Oct. 10
( Dec. 20 ( Feb. 7 ( Feb. 10
Tbese ships are all of the first clait, about 700 tou? burthen
nd are omm.'.uded by able and etperieticed navigator*. Great
care has been r-ade u?r of in the (election of furniture, beds,
kit., and the price of calwn passage is now lixcd at $100 outward,
for eaeh adult, ana otoilin u half price, without wines or
itfuorr ofauy description. Neither the cifiliiiu D?r owners of
tlx abnrepackjls will be responsible for aiiv letti n, parcels or
Cckspes wnl u. thain, >tuie-? regular bill* of lading ai e ligaed
ersfor. AriiJv to
ORINNELL, MINTUHN U CO. 134 Front at.; or to
JOHN ORIS WOLD. 70 South street. N< ?e York.
At&ii ~h fiVV~VOKK_A NI) U vT.TU'uUo 7'ACKfc l'H.
OT3F?y Sailing from New York ou tbe 13th, aud from
MIMfc Lirerp ? I eu the !?t of errry m uth.
- . .. t-l . ?i.l-i>,,L'M IVMITVk.V lirw\ Cant. W.
JtU y IJ-int dji.i ....... , _ _r
C. Thowpaon.
Feb'y 11?TVe UNITED ST\TF.S, Capt.J. G Fiaher.
jfitreh 13?The VIROINIAN, Capt. Lawia Hiatal.
April l?? Hie SMkFk MOtD, t -pt. F. I" Allan.
g J?r'y 1?Th* VI lid IN I IN, ?20 tuna.
Feb'y 1-The SHEFFIELD, tK*J ton.
March I ?The H rtPHKN Will r.NEY?1000 toua.
Aj.nl I?The UNITKU STATES?tiriO lout.
ThtaMlitin xid iiconmi^'ioiii of the ab??e Phipa, and
the reputation of th?ir commauJera, are well known K??ry
aierti n will be to prim ?te the e >inrort of pa??en<ers
imI the intereata of importer*. The |irice of paa?age to Lie'rpuol
la tki Mbiv, m ii tli? olhcr Iimi,m Iwi ?t >1*0, with
wiuta andatorea of atrery detcriplioa The owners will uo; ne
responsible for aoy teller, parcel or ptck ijj? aeut by the i.bo?e
ahipa f*r winch a bill of lading l? u t u??n Forfreigit or
paa*ai,:ct apply to hrKI'lit^ W HI r.V.Y.
dlfl-y ROBKRT KF.RUIT. 74 Houth .treet,
?3rfV ?T'l tail I'.hh in't in Th? fine. fa?t aailr g. < <> '}x *
JHHb<.uileii'd and co|.|>?r- d ^rfg 1'A 1 SK if U. ULOU.i 11
Pederaoo. in later, w.ll tail aa
For p>>.a;e ooly.for cith?r Jwt, having c?od accomtnoda
t?on?, apply to the capiaiu "a Word, .t pi*r 28 K. It , or to
jalftOt* D. BLAVi O, 37 Front at.
KOK BRIi* ToL. tog ? The Bntuh brig H-\.?jffya^TLKI
OOL, H'i>?hirdt uiaater. hiring the greater
BMMM^arl of h?r cargo aogagad, v.i I hat* immediate da patch.
Kor ficigbt apr If on bo<rd, at Jonas' wharf, or to
j.ll i; K.COLLINS * ?0. VI South it.
Mill -The Brit lit, Urn Ha. lep..ol,
*JkTI apt. Hubbard, bae.ug iha greater part ol liar ean<o
engaged, will have immediate d' pitah Fur reaaia*
dar ol fra.ght, a-p'y ou hoard, at Joaea' wharf, or to
jK LCOLLilW k CO. M, r<ro?h ft
FOR LONDON ?racket of the ^Oth J-u uary.?
The fir at c 4ii. fiat tailing packet ship OLAD1A
?""TOH,Cipt. Thoa. Brittja. buitheu 7a0 toaa will
ail aa aboee, her regular d*y.
Having very a<?p?riar acc.mwio iatiana for (akin and a'eer
a^e panaa;?ra per?ina intendiag to einbaik ?li uld n akt la
i?ei!nta application, ?n board, foot of .VI inlea la nr. or to
j?l<? ULOV'H * McMUitRl V, 09M mn , .t
Ajftf F >R L1V> HPO I. The Mfttiar, ii?w, laat
WT^V aiilmg Packet S'ii*> Roth??ter, P W< ?dho?re,
M f?ter, will be rt*4r to ree?i?? freijht thia week,
I <od hara iwimediat* deanatch. Far paaaag* in ttiw cabtn. katiog
aeromtwodatiAiia aurp<aaad by ao Pacaet au' of t'?? poet, api ly
t , l'.e < .p a. j na board,art* WOOD HULL v MI N TL'll.NS,
H 17 *Mih ra-t.
a&j: Ft?r. LIVKKPOuL -\ew Li?- ?He;?lar TacWTfVket
. f i.Vh Janwary T' e packat ah p MUfcRIOAN
-ipt. Dapeyaler. of 1.0 0 tooa. will ?ail aa ahova.
( w freight or P'-xge. Mar.eg fee. m-n itationa u?-<|u?llad
*r S fl'j os tK-ard at Orltiai wharf, foot
at Wall airaat, ar to
K. K. COLLINS ll CO. 86 South it.
The packet >hip OAUK i K, i.aa.t. A. H Palmer of 1.000
tc?aa. will au'rred 'he Shrrnlao iiul tai' on tse ittS
No elteratinn in prire of pa??age or fare by ihn line. Nnm
bar of pa?e*nger? linvied
FOR HAVHlL?The well kM?i ship HAVU)
Captain M'Kawn. IU< the reajor part af her
? cargo engaged. ud will be promptly diepalthad. Kor
freight or p??? age ?}'?'? to
BOYD tHlNCly.N, S? Tt Tontine BmWiof. i>>
iAJ FUK THIF.*l"t -The I'lp-rior copprr faaleued,
tfjIV and ??pp?red a'lip Florida. W. Mur?n. Maater. hat
Mtmmm tht priuepal pert of her cargo ?nc??'?l. and will oe
diapatcbej ? prowp'ly a*practicable. For fre <bt or uaaaagr
apply lo BOY0 I* HI *f KKN. ? Toaliit BuJiiinfa. ja8
Bought, and the fill talac ji??n in catli.h*
H. LEVKTT. 167 William .treet,
flfy- Ranwmg there are pera?n? who make a great puff ia
their adeef liti-mrnli for Caat-off Clothing, Ice kt., anil who
tn many ?a?e? <lo not gire tht nine f>* the fun. H L. will
???'ir? th^e ge?llem? n who may hi?e rach articlM by them,
M ' who m >y ini<l fir hllB, of nceir ?| the arry utsn ? value
in CASH for f.rrry #rtkle.
A Hm thr m?h lh? P?at Office, or otherwi.e, to the ah*?.
a?l4rea>. will meet with due attention. <i?
f TJ ALL TICKK (* : 0 ALU l > hi- I S il\l-L I <1T
XI ft Tfl 2! I?URO W. IV.UBNKII. Rngraeer.W V*.??u
*tr?et, l>?low J l,n, reipertlVly info m Mioee p#'?on? who intend
fit in* h.lht txta ? oter, that he ia pftnatfl to eae.'ate
Tirh'lt lor military, fi-t cottpwiiM, aod but cluli wnieMtino?,
with a d'<ree rf nilant itij brauty u neieeilei. Df
una drawn, engrtrad, aud pr'nted ?ti eatr* titia enamelled
e*rda etpr*?aly prepi r?,d fot the p?r(*><?, at tli* ahorteet no
ti"r O W. r payi particular attention hi the eiecutioa
af \ tailing. Weddieg, ami PraftMiKiaJ Cardi, a? regtidi the
loraiHlteu ot the letter* !? .
UtO. W. TEUBNKR r.?gra?er,
ja4 tar gS Taaaau vl
OFF i?;K OF rue w\?iti<mroN MAIONF. INSUK
AN'-F. Cr>VANT of the eil? cf New Verb, Jama'jr
7, IHIO Tli' U.?ard of Director* h??e thi* day declared
Dimlend of fire p<?r cent, for the llat ill monthv puyahl*
oti and af rr the l>U? inat.
Tranafer JJijolt cloaed fri>?r to l3tli iarluriee.
ja^lw* WT*! IL BfHD, *e*wtary
The Old Line of Packet) for Liferpool, will hereafter be
despatched in the following order, esceptmg that when the
ailiu^ cay falls ou Sunday, the ship will sail on the succeeding
day, viz.
From New York. From Liverpool.
The NEW YORK, iiiew) July 19 January 7
0<llnu. November 19 May 7
Win. C. Baritsw, March 19 September 7
The CAMBRIDGE, August 1 September 19
HaOlons, December 1 January J*?
Ira Bursty, April 1 May 19
The NORTH AMERICA, A?m?t 19 October 7
610 tons, December 19 February 7
W. E Haxie, April 19 June 7
The EUROPE, September 1 October 19
618 torn, January 1 February 19
K.. O Ma-?li?H, May 1 Juue 19
The OXFORD. September 19 November 7
8)0 tons, January 19 March 7
J. Rathh '?c, May 19 July 7
The CCLUM BUS, October 1 Novtinber 19
700 tons, February 1 Ma-ch 19
T. B. Cropper, Jute 1 July 19
The SOUTH AMERICA, October 19 Be ember 7
616 tout, February 19 April 7
P. G. Bailey, June 19 Au^uit 7
Tl?e ENGLAND, November 1 Deceuber 19
750 tens, M?reh 1 April 19
B. L. Waite, July 1 August 19
These ship* are not surpassed lu poiut of elegance or corn'
fort, in their cabin accommodations, or iu their fast sailing
q lalitiea, by any ie?selt in the traile.
The commanders are well known as men of character ami
experience,-tad the strictest atteution will always b? piid to
promote the eonforst and ouvenieuce of passeut;crs. Punctuality,
as regards the day uf iailiug, will be observed as heretofore.
The price of passage on'ward is now iixed at (100, fi r which
arnp!? s'.ores. i>( every description, will be provided, with the
eiceptiouol wines and liquors, which will be furnished by the
siewardv, if required.
Neil her the capitins Hor owners of these ships will be reipr>nsible
lor letters parcels, or package* ;eut bv them, uulets regular
bills of Lading are siguetl therefor. For freight er passage
apply to
GOODHUE St CO .or \ fi. S l. . v
C. H. MARSH ', LL, ^64-Soulh !t N- *.
j?7y and to BARING. BROTHER* * f
To tail fioin New York ou the 35th, and Liverpool ou the
13th of each mouth.
Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Depeyster, 15th Jauuary.
G ARKICK Captain A. S. Pa'iner, :25th F bruary.
RO?CIUS, Captain John Collins, 2#lh March.
SIDDONS, C?; 'ain N B. Palmer, &>lh April.
Ship SIDDONS, Capiaiu N. B. Palmer, 13th February.
SHK.RIDAN, Captain F. A. Depeyster, 13th March.
I.mmmik A < re >, A.T.I
KOSC1U3,Captain John Cclliui, 13tli M<y.
These ships arc ill of the lirit cl.ss, upwards of 1000 l?u?.
bui't in the city of New York, with iucH imp.ovements as
combise great speed with unusual comfort f .r pas engerj?
Every care has been taken in the arrangement of their accommodations.
T!ie price of passengers hence is f HO, for which
it*,pie stores, including wines, lie , will be provided. These
ships are eominaude<l by eij?eri< need master*, who v ill make
every eiertiwn to give general satisfaction.
Neither the captains or owuers of these ships will be reipogsihle
for any letters parcelior p^ ka;ei sent by them, uultss
regular bills of lading are Mailed therefor.
The shi|?s of this line will h reaper go armed, snd their peculiar
construction eives them security not poiset'ed by any
other but vessels of war. Kor fre15htorpass.ee, apply 'o
K K COLLI.sH it Co , M South street, N. Vo;k,or to
WM. It J AS. BROWN it CO., Liverpool.
Letters by the packets will be clurged 1 is cents per single
iheet, 60 ce. ts per ounce, and utw?p<per one rent ea h. jlO
PAWA'.b t-HU-i M?.\L?O.N Artti LlvTriv
!*OOL-?The st:*scri'o? rs have made arrangements t?
' bring passenger* from the above porta, by the regular
packets, t illing from
Loudon, 1st, lOti, ml 30t'> or each month.
Liverpool, 1st, 7th. 13th. 19th, and 'J-ith ?.fe*rh month.
This pretests a favorabl< opportunity to people ih t ie
countiy slis aiK d^s ro'is of sending for their relations or
fii'Mdi to v.xiir fr-'M i.ii(lsud, Ireland, or Scotland. In ever*
Cas where j- i ?. ugers do u I eiubark, the pitsige ui iiify will
be promptly returned.
Those desirous ef remitting money can have drafts payable
II i1fhi4|ii] in any part of th>?* kingdom*. on applying Id Hie
abtcribera. tJUJVr.K * MrMLIU AV,
jalO 8} S.uli ('*?', corner of Piu*.
BKITI?ttl tMi A TI | [(H l \ NT K A .11
FV>im Srw York. Frrnn Luiulan.
Ill December, l?t Jmmr),
1840 1*1 February, I*t M rth,
l>t April, 1st May,
l?t June, lit July,
l?l Augi.nt, I lil St|il?nl?r
! ( October.
601 tout of eaiga wil! b? ttktu, fur freight of which or pa??i
p'y >?
4 Jone?' L*uc,rear 103 Front ttiact.
No?efondeU?ip??oeii|>?T? takeo.
Ho goodi will b* received uu board without an order from
he Ageuti.
CCJ~ A* ezperfaBced Surgeon ia attaehedto the ohip. n7y.
_ The iuui amp LIVh.lt
'' POOL, 11M toot burtheu
V i6h bor*? v w,r' n' J'
2?'** F*ra?n, H. N., commander,
* ?ii appointed to tail aifsllowt :
Prm Nrw Y*rk. | f\?m tAvrrp??i.
14th Deeeroher, 1X9 | 10th November, IB*
JOth Fehruaiy. 1840 1 SOth Janaary, 1840.
TWraArr on the 'Nth of ridi alternate month.
Vara Ii Liverpool, thirty five glfturat ($163 33) in the aft,
au thirty gumeu (fl 4t) in the Tore ??Jeoa. including -vinci
lad all Ilarrt. HWward'i ree? $A. No oecond clan pattea;iri
taken. Children 'infer 13, and > rvanti.hilf price.
1G0 tona freight will be takeu? application firtt to he made
<t (lie office.
Vn eipcrieoctd iirgeon aee oi?panf*i thU ?hip.
Ii'jr iHuiua or (reigM.a.ipljr pertoaatiy or ky letter *?
JNO. FOLLOt II, Liverpool; or to
ARM BF.LL k CO Agent., 117 Fulton .u. N Y.
ti. B?The cmiifait'* i-ew *hip the " NEW VOUK." of
I4.H) toa? burthen, will commence wlytrg early il ih? HMO ?
h, (ffordfit? a de^ari'ira on tha jOth of aa?h m-iuth, to a ad
from New V >rk and UMIM "7
STAt.K* TO \ 1.11AN V The
'"'y chea;>e*tt *nd mnat
frfr expedition* in* of Ilit'i (rum New
Vorh to Albany, i< the Uaiiad HUla*
hBHOMZ": *v~? M?il an>1 A?aoeim??l?tion Liw,
which mart* frnin tar W<ti<rn Hot I, No. 9 (.'nartlandt
(trcct, a?aiy morning, lit () ocloi k A M , oa both aiJai of iha
North Kirrr. Tho*e pMi?*[rn nlo wuh to il?ep nijhla
will take tli* we?t (i<l*. and lodge at Newbury1* fir? night;
econd aig'it at I'aUkill, arri ing at Albany n??l d?y, at II
o'clock, aoon. For cam fort and eate.lha Waat Hide Lma cau't
b? b-at.
Wt haaa rilra ag*att employed ta travel " thia roata to *ea
thai the driver* do than rfaty. Th-public may rati a*?ared
(hat there nerrr am battar liu* o* at ga* than tha pre?eot
lia<-? We challenge tha world to b-at ua. Hemember tha
No ' ourtlandt atreet.
J?|f tf E. HEATH and other*.
/ri TO LET?The new fire proof huiljn* corner N??J'-liM
Mu *"<' Cidir at< till It i* ?rr mged for a ntnra on the
grounl fl >or> ha* a up-rior l>??eine?t, ? d aa n ellent
rtnga of vault* rinming uad'r th? eatire building, 'ni'*' le
lor a rnpectahie wine dealer. Tlia ?j |*?r atone* ara in *uite*
ol well fimaheil rooms in'en a?l far lawyer*' and ol'ne, ofli.cn.
each liavmg a privilege #f mult umlar ih? paveinan-.
haililim will b* let rat a or in part*, aa may be r*.
quire 1. Ko. further i firn?at!..n, apply to
jy*?** lasrox ives k ro a* ri?e
tt'uiJ1"1 "LOVr.H tofwwltad aa mml at hi? ()flt.:?.
ilia own p-actK al etprritMl, ami hia rcceat chemical
vprrimcnt* ? >vc enabled him 11 introduce into hu praclic*
*a*er*l new arliilet which are prompt io curing tl.oaa dimhh*
to which he devote* hia attention.
Dr. 0 appriae* *trai?g?r? ta?t hthaa rcaairrd articular medi
cal aiiuf.at on, and haa .levoterl hia attention foe the laat tat
rear* to a acl'ct l.rauch of hi* prr.fe.aioo Hia r?lce i* No. J
\nn *trcat. r-tfUc entrance tbinl door Ooin tha .Vuaai.m
Ihrouzh an eatrjr with lamp at the ?Kfice dowr.
N. B. The t?oet*rhe?p4 a feteral **a?rtmrnt of Tru*>?.
at'd H^?<iaorv Baa<l \?aa, wkich arc ?4ji?t,d and applied a<
P. B. Hi? c*labr*l?i! Eliiir inay ba ha4 at bit itora. Prica
onatiollar j?7 f
? gtudy economy , ye, who ne'er studied it btfert,
Ami y? who h*v? studied it, mutt study it the mora."
GENTLKMlfiN iu want of Clothing, will Cud it their in
terest to call at 10b Beekman street, near Pearl, where
good) are manufactured in the T?ry best style, at the follow iug
low price! :
Sup Dres Coats, from % 14 to 30, made aad trimmed, $7 to 9.
Do. Crock*.'lo, " IS" 31 do. do. 7| " 8j
Be?t Cans. I\int , " 6" 9 do. do. " 3
Vests, all k< <id* " 3? ' ? do. do " 3
pine Pilwt Coats, 44 13" 10, extra fine beaver coats,14" 30
ol?3ueod* J. MOFFAT.
SUlt'ABLK HOLIDAY P K K, S hiN1'. ? Wnidir,k-~~aiTd
Visiting Cards engraved in a new and approved style,
aud printed with the utmost neatness. Just received a ?upe.
riorlotof Porcelain Cards, expressly f?r Wadding aud Visitul'
Cards : for whiteness and brilliaiuv of iiulish thev c^tuot
be excelled.
Lidiet aud gentlemen are respectfully iliviled to e;ill and
examine the specimen book* ef the advertiser. Persons furuislitxug
the r own card plates can have them printed at short
notice. Store Card*, either copper p!a'e <>r iet er press, Ball
Tickets, Ike. executed on favorable terms, by applying at
Fashionable Card Engraving and i'riuting Establishment,
ili-liiu-od* 40 John street, corner William.
.T CUTLERY.?The Subscriber has received per l.its
p ickets, and opening this day.i very large and complete assortme
t of rich plated warn, consisting ef silvr-iriounied Casters;
Cake Baskets; ssiver-mouated Tea aud Coffee L'nii; Caudlestieiis,
4ic , he. Also, a very splendid assortment of fine Table
Cutlery, consisting of sets ofol. ?3. and 10J pieces ol Irory,
Pearl and Silver handle ksives, with French forms, Forks, ettra
Carvers, aud extra fiue Knives for Silver Forks. All for
sale at very low prices, as usual, by
olli-y DANIEL E. DEf.F.VAN. 11 Maiden Lane.
" Who steals my purse steals ti*a>h?
But he who filches from me my good name,
llobs me most villunauslv."
preserving, aud beautifying the teeth, received the firsi premium
at the recent Fair of the American lus'lt jte.
This unequalled dentifrice gives to the Teeth a (lean and
pearly whitnes', aud removes and prevents every appearauce of
tartar; it also improves the color cf tnc lips and guins, prevents
and heals all ulcers of the inouth, arrests the progress of
decay in the teeth, and imparts a peculiar aud grateful sweetness
t? the breath.
QtJ- The best article that ?t know offorcle*iri?g, preserving
and beautifying the teeth, is Peitie's Orris Tootii Paste.
It gives to them a clear aud pearly whiteness, and imparts s
peculiar and most grateful sweetness to the breath. Vve cordially
commend it to the atteutiau of our readers, especially
to the female portion of taein. No toilet can he co uplete with
oat 11."? I.adtsy iVfog.
Ti e unprecedented celeority which this most excellent artiele
for the teeth so s|>e?di1y obtained under its original name o!
Orris Tooth Paste, ha? induced several unprincipled individuals
to make base counterfeit preparations, uurer various names,
of which beware, for they may probably prove highly injurious
to the teeth, aud arc no more to be compared with the genuine
than Hyperiou to a Satyr. The criminal article has now
the fac simile of the inventor aud proprietor, (J. W. Peine,
upou the label, without whirls it is not genuine.
For saleoulv at the Bazaar. I7J Broadway; by Onion, 186
Broadway; J. fl. Hurt. M. D. '.178 Bruadw,.y ;tuil 9"> Hudton it.,
Hiiwe and Ouion Chatham ?!.; K M. <?uion, IJ7 Bowery,
J. L. SchirflVn, 114. Caaal it. aud 83 Henry at. earner of Pike.
Aeaiu?Beware of Counterfeit* ! n'ifl-t-odSm*
k'ORM.?Containing ? full *nd areura'e list of ?ll the
Bankit,; ln?litutioje i" tie United Stairs, with i lie prire* id
the itv of all Counterfeit and Altered Noli * Price* Current
rati* of Ei'-h ingr price* of Gold and Silver, if..
Ti.e terui* art $> per anuum. ill adiance; nLgle r.npiet six
cents eirli rertuus |>urcha*iae over 12 cu|>i?* will te allowed
SYLVESTER & CO, Ifl? Broadway, respectfully acquaint
the [lublie that uich arrangement* are ?fleet* a< to euable
th in l > ei*e Dralt* and letter* ef C redit. payable in any
i art of Engl .nd, Ireland. and Scotland, lu any tun required,
fiom j?b and upward*.
Tliev will purrha?* bill* ou Europe and aay p?rt of the
United State*, or collect the tame at low rate* They will
?l o cive tue highest pric? for Bank of Eni(l<iid Note* and
Korean Gold fcxd Silver Perso'* rt inittiuc cau draw at sight
I... <1.. fl-l. Oil A .... 7 ...? n,.r atinnm
wnl lie >1 owed. Ui.cui rent money of all kiudt ditroiintcd at
llw lowtil rate*.
flock and Coin.aittion btitinett of every kibd attended to
with punctuality.
Frmuni residing in any pirt of Ihe United -<tatei or the
f.'aua.lat, will have lli-ir coiuniauilt ti-culed Willi pimcfulity
and dirpalch, aid ttr ugrrt arriving in the city will find it
erectly ! > their ailtanl'Ke to rail at I 'tti R roadway, where
much i tl u a bit* information may be obtained free of charge.
ttYLVfcSTKK It CO, Brr adway.
below Maiden lane.
Nil emmet ton with any other oflire, in Oiit city or eU?.
wlier*. jail) Im*
SPECIFIC.?The great Specific of Doctor
J torn- Lei ij, of Parit. the mo?t effectual aud rapid core ever
known fir a certmn titrate.
Thorc who with tt avoid quark tiat/rvtn*, m l ewre them<el\ea
with little trouble or without liability of atpoaurt, wiil
tittd thu medicine well tailed to their ea-e. aa it rerpiiret iu>
rliant' of Lit. T. an.I dmt not affect tlic Ukkatm. which prevenltthe
po,<ibil;ly of ilitcovery while uaiug it.
Betidet thil iwj. riant advantages. it oetcr leavei the parti
tuhjeel to ilia troublesome weakuett that occur* to aften after
the ute <>f nlker medicine, and it' taken in the firtt ttagr of the
diteate, i! will arret! the dittharge, and rrmnie all nupleaa.int
"ee'int;i inafewdiyt. In lonj, protracted or chronic tta^et
of (he dneate, in > itinate gleeta, female coiu;<lainta,or a weak
n"i of Ihete organs, it it without deubt the inoit < ffectuil remedy
errr ditcovered. aud haa cured mauy ob'tiuate caaet aAtr
rvrry other mtdtcine had failed. A cane of (hia kiad, ot more
llxin ayear't ttandikK, **? recently ciired lu two weeki hy thu
specific, aO'T upwarls of a hundred dollar* had been .pent for
Medii ?l advice and Medicinet. without effvet. In fact, it i at
been ui'd with tij 'h toecett In all tlaret of the diteate, th?t we
challenge any rate to b* produced that it will not cure, under a
forfeit ef V?<HI
Kach bottle ha* a full deaription of the diseaice, and all the
'lerenary direclioua for both aeiet, in tlie Ku^iitli and French
'iDCiii(ei?i'aiL i. fl a Eottlb, (laigc Batuei of double ute,
I *0 )
W- For tile only at the agent'* o^ee, Ne. 8ft Nataan
TnirT, fonr door* from Fallon itreet, (up *tair*,) elflre open
ant I | o cluck in the evening. a II 3a*
DEAR MIR,?.| tlinald almoal routiner myaelf devoid of
gratitude if I did not thank )ou for the good that your
K?l Drop ha* doa? me. Having been led away by the I I! ea
of youth, I ?K unfortunate ( to contract that dit uf
whi li >our preparation profc.aea to cure. and after trying al
moaterery medicine that the quarktof this citT endearor to
palm ut?>n the community, I fount miaetf waatug away, and
the diaraac faat undermining my coaalif ution. T had aimoat
abandoned lh? hop* of h* Hf re?t?r?d to my f?.-ra?r good
health, alien I p*ocured b'llle of your Writ Drop and am
no* entirely recovered, without any Did etlecta of the Ji?e^u
rimniing. My dear, air. all ibe r< lain I camternaiii )iki,
will be lo recommend it to tboae * ho hate been ai unfortunate
aa my elf, aaaurittg them, wi'li the utmo?l confidence, that it
will not fail in producing a apeedj and !a?tiug enr*.
Ymara, trulv, H Y'****.
You ?r? at liberty 1? p*bliah (tie le'ter, b it | iieg the fa?or
that you w II not pabtiah the name, 3 Dieieiuii alreet. 91
per vial. jail
BOARD.?Two or three gentleinei can ba?e n< alia forniah* '
ed room* with, board,by applying al No. 10 Park place. A I
lower front parlar with -ofa l?d*tead, can be had. if deaired.
N. I I1 i?r at A o'clock*. <11 Im" I
ArACTOH. HAIR CUTTRR, l?t Ireaawtgh iMm
A. Paator takea thia opportunity M inform the puttie. I
after long experience in hia buaioeaa, ha h?a formed a compoei
ion, called
Or (' inpoMttal Faarnlinl Oil of Almnwalo.
Kor deal raying dandruff, and preventing the hair from
erring out or turning grey, aa infallible remedy at^nwt aid:e?*.
and the puhiic may rely ?u it,that A. PASTOH4 COM
tlUND OIL i? the w^*!e*oine*t jpd be?l Oil for the ha r?
aakea it grew thick and Inng.preaent* Ita falling of 'r inrnn t
^rey. aad eeea if hair ba? began lo turn gray, ia aurh anuria)* r
o the hair, that by u?c it will rettore it to lit natural rotor
t'ao prerenla hair trom haeoming altvled. and if l-alr la olr-adt
i ia> ?il, which it a greei diartfurenient to young Iradiea, and i'l
iaed foraaliort time, it will reatore it U< ita natural -?olor, eleu
"he acurf. and keep the head andhair clea:., primoleaeyehrowi
olwblA-i.. A 'ihertl diacoiin* made to whrleaa1' aurrha I
gar*. A. PAHT'lR,
I0A llreeuwit siatreal.N. Y |
Pnr'A?ceat" per bMt'e, highly pcffumef*. jafi In*
1'A' HAIJ'.I PAVKNT?Tbei, designed takea hereby He
plraaure lo inform the publ c, that he liaa eatabltahed a
factory of hia Sp?ciar!e til ,?aea, e illnl l-cl ?n*. P.l?u' *pee.
tarlea. T ie factory for the con??aience of the public, hae
hebn oeated at No 9 Chatham alreet, far nig thf Park, where
l>e will be happy 'o receive ordera. wSirh he v*ilI eiecule al
the hoetejt not ce and al rea*oa?;>le price*, aa well whole**le
or retail.
Thnae w ia are in wint of thi? vliele would do wall '
fall and he enneiaed of their auperiority.
Medical eerlifi. ?tea aa lo their eicllency wilt he aVswr (o
thnae who may daraire it.
tjold, aileer, and atari frame# eontiaually on hand.
jaU Sm* f Chatham a treat, up Main.
Kit A I.
JANUARY 15. 1840.
8PKING9.?The iub?cri!>er lutendt to leate the above
ettablithmeut for a term of year*. It rmbraeet an eolire
block of grouud with every aecommodatiou of out building'
feud garaeitt, tituated iu one of the pleateutett locatii hi
iu the village. The well known KUt Kock Spr ing it ii> the
immediate viciuity, an l in potiliou it ceutral be'.weeu Hie
other celebrated Mineral K-uatunt. Tlie (itabllihmeut will
accommodate 360 pertont, at hat been d?monttrat? d by I he
overflowing patr.>uitge af the pait icaton. The houte i? alto
?el! tupplnd wiIh furniture whieh will be told to the teuau v
at a bargain. The nut will be moderate, 'Hording to a perioii
withiug to engage iu the butinett the mod certain pr?tpect
of realising a iuin|>e'.eucv. At it i? prc?um?4 jiertout
will mini etha premise* hitntrn lutinf th> nri>i ntlkw
description is uanecessar;.
Applicstioii m.?) he made to ALKX. L. McDON'ALD,
No. l.it'ert) street, (3J story ) j*6 Im*
g >0\. U. VI1 111.,, .in'l li >1.1 . MflAililtt Ul <...
VV Th? ei'eaMvr and d*il\ increasing demand f r Dr. VIA
' ON'5" " Concentrated Vegetable Balsam," ii truly "a neacou
of hope to the atlliclid, from tne thousand limes acknowledged
f.iet of ill h mug performed more astonishing, lasting, and perfect
cures thau any other imdiciue ever known. The instant
ction of this Balsam in sabduing Inflninntiou of the tl.rusit.
windpipe, larynx, crouching lung*?soothiug and healing by
ill balsamia powers, all ulcerations, irrita'ious of those parts,
thus checkiiif; the pulmouary diseases, and affording ease of
cough, breathing, pain iu the throat, chest,side or biK U, arresting
spitting of blood, or corruption, mitigating night sweats,
preventingapopleiy, and so invigorating the frame as to restore
the aiflicted to rcUust health. Dr. Mutuu'i Balsam has
not gut into notice by puffing ipi.r.kery, but by facts lilte the
following, from the New fork Transcript of Feb. 26, lb'38?
" L>r. Mason's Balsam h?s been r.butidantly proved to be a most
exeelhnt reined) for coughs, colds, spitting <?f blood, consuup
tion, be. A gentleir m now iu our olfice, had been long and
paiul ally aiflictt d wiUi alt the above ills, ha? hern entirely cur
ed b> two or thres bottles of Dr. Mason s very valuable medicine."
Kor sale by A. B. Jt D. Sands, 79 and 100 Kill ton street; Mil
nor, 1S>3 Broadway ; Dr. Hart, corner Chambers and Broadway ;
I. Dew r, corner Chambers and Church ; Symc, Ii3 and 320
Bowery; I. Wyrth, 113 Bowery; C. King, 644 Broadway.
Lindsay. Sft Sixth Av. nne ; I. Ceeightou, coiner Carmine and
Bedford streets, and Burnett's I ?rfumery store, 87 Ciw.nl st.?
Price $1. u'29Sin
kJ has now arrived to te?' the merits of the rash system, lor
however Haltering tlie crtuii system may appear on p.<pei;it*
effect* upon iuilmduala often prow ruiuout in the extreme.
[11 Loudon in id Pari*, the cou^umcn nave set their face against
it.and eou*e?jueutly, a nnmlx r of establishments have -prubg up
of late years that do a e ash business only. Tliis hat been termed
by tome the European system, anil has but receutly bteu iutrouueed
into New York.
I'HILLITS, of 106 \Villiaui street, does net claim for himself
the honor of its introduction, but he dees believe that he carnet
it eut to a i renter extent than any of hit rirais. K?r instance,
they content themselves with purchasing for cash of the jobbers,
tow he remits funds to Europe, to buy irf the manufacturers
direct, thereby avoiding all those accumulated profit* whmh
enhance the value of articles befxre they reach the customer
The cxteuiive patronage he hat been honored w iih, must be a
sufficient voucher of public ?p>,.<on, as to the way he carries
out his assertion of nroduci' klir?t rate garment, cut iu a superior
style aud iu*<le by ho but the moil finished workmen.
He efftcts a saving ?fW per cent on the prices charg'-d by
houses wni profess to lur'iish the beit goods, and he does thu
notwithstanding the tuteriority of his style and elegance of his
;amieuts. Phillips will also warrant hit coats to be equal to
my mode in Broadway, and he considers them the uiie?t
standard by which acompariiion can he instituted.
N B. ?Ail goods paid for on delivery, and no gentleman tut
verted to take any garments when any re;i?t.u*b!c objection ei
ists. A call solicited at 100 Wihiam corner of John street.
TO THE LADIES-?Mr*. iiiRi) vary r?-?.p-?It"nIly inform*
the ladim of New Y-oU aud fe naN* generally tint
?hr (tnliwti to i[i*e advice aud pre part her po ular and i-ffi.
eacicu* iiwdiriuii fur the varmu* dlMliet peculiar to female*.
Mr*. U. i? Ir-ppy to a :i?o;itice th it her trealineut h*? (rive1, the
fulle?t lai infect inn to tlie very aiiin-r >u* patient* who hare
relied oc her profeoional abililie* Mr?. B. h:i* felt h'Melf
warranted in undertaking the \ t rj rcipontible office of h Kemale
rh\*ician, ftom loot cvperieiMc and practice id ih" mo*t
eel tinted hospital* of I Europe, from tlie instruction an I a<l
vice of emin nt medical gentlemen, and from a *c>eutific
ul the bc>u'iful *tiuc'ureof the human frame, an
igi orane of wild rou't render the uuhluilont; preii ution*
mid Jrcu) ii g panie?a? of mereenarv adventurer! totally imeI
? ??. if not tiic I inju*i<?u*. Single and trtlni luli'i inijf
ri Ij with confidence i n her kill *nd maternal tollcitu !e a* a
Female Pliym jar:. However di*lrt-?*iug m <y he their complaint*,
her nv d'cal acquirement* will be fouu.i ailei, i?;e to
ihr etije^cj nflhe ca*e. hi ?h?rt, the groani** I hi* i otice to
the La<iie* o i the u'ceilful result* of a lhnroi,|[li in ilical
education, and a ,iuit nliiiace on *' tlie appointed mean*" of
impartine health, vigor, an.I Consequently kappiMM, to all
tho*? v. ho may honor ler with t ' eir c? ifi l?.nce.
H'title ce of Mn. BI Tt 0. IS Oliver Creel, where ahe i*
prepared to accommcd 1 die* on the point of o iiitinemeni,
and to admiaiater medicinei fur -ill d araie* to Inch h?r tax
ii liable. Seer?ey ixvioiable. ja'i :lm*
rvR. SOLOMON HEINE, >L"u.," 10 THE UttU7
"T hirt?en year* ?? I 'ITitttd with nie- ra all aver my boJy,
n* fiet wm to destroyed by them Hi <t several phyncian* rai
ram'uJtJ them to he amputated? my throat <> destroy* ) by
the d>*ea*e at to be unab - to tpeak. uit or awa'low fo >d, inj
tnucue I lie i?i?, and myh-al.h otherwu* to tletlrojed ** to
m.kr life a burti-eu. lu lite weekt after my application to l>r
Sdomuu Heine, V. D., No. 17-5 Hu<1*--?m *trcet,my *nre* were
healed, my health reftored, ami bein<; unihleta reeoctpeuae
ttich *erviae*, I feel it a duly to piibloh thi? it itemeEt, not
only in jratitule, b it for lli? beneut ol other*, tr iO maybe
affecUd in a imiiarmanner
(S,?,ted. AB.'O ML II ALL, 870 Water tt.
Sworn to before me, this 34th d iv if December, |1W.
(?i)?utd.) SAMUEL J. WILLIS.
Alderman ol S-veuth Ward
N.B Hiving inadr application to the aid* rman of I he
ward in behalf of III'- abovementioned talTeree, to obtain the
gntuttom *?rtiee* of Mr. Hninmnn Heine, according to oue
of hi* advertisement*, 1 lake treat pi *?>iie in tating lint the
hove itateinent i< tubtl?n(ial|y correct, and feol it duty I
owe to him and the tomiMlily to reeotDinsud all tulferiug
nnilar ma' tdiet to apply to bun.
(Signed,) A. B. HOITOV,
Mirtionary Seventh Ward.
Dr. S. ||KINK offer* hi* Mrvice* a* before.'withing anly
for th"*e ca<e*. wl atfveethe disease i*. though pronounced in- I
rur.ble hy all otS? r pHy*ici*n*, and a*?ure* them hat h<; will I
cure then, though ineir c?*e i* hpele.t; MeJlciLr* and ad.
vier Aff hi inrouv^iii in** or e*n?n,r. II* rterivn no r Atn
pena alio* I. r hit Nr'tMl or mtdieiuci uutil perfect ami
riilwil cur* i* ?(Teeteih
No. 17A tludauu atrert, batlwetn I anal and
j-6 1111" Daabroaaea afreet*.
>10\L! t'lALI! CHALJfl?Peaoh Orchard. Pear
M??nt*i*. itrty Aah fkhuOkill, l.e'tigh, fcr., from tli?
yard, ?04 W.nhinf.n at., n??r Mpranc. Broktn ? im! Scrr -n?d
n ih* ) ?nl ?nd rfaliaerod free of cartage tu an) |?rt uf (hi
fill,a* lite following linear.
Peach Oi chard. lit J Aah, Broken a??? Fgs - V)
do Mwoutaia, >'o do di H.'.W)
do do do Nut. do 7 00
S??tui Iktll, Grey A*h, Urnicn ai.d F.fg 7.U0
Labich, do dri ii.7*
Lack twatia and B?*rar Meadow. Broknu ami f ug M)
io Nut ?.U0
N. kl Li>erp< <?1 and SiJu?? aa'ow <i the lovteat.
1Mb f. B. oUKKNgET fc fo.
I' PORl'AN I' TO FK M \i I v-^lla S NoLU* h PAR
HTOKATIVK ia now itdrnilloi Id In a reniaaly tujwrior t?
hit "liter at pr<*riil in u?e, lor llic diaeaae* per .'liar to the
It invariably ramorta ob-lruc li >n*. rtrulatei. in mo*l caaea.
p.infill, too fr'quent or frrfu?e meiiatruatioa. and ha* citrnl
the mnit oh?tinal? c?*?? ?f Fli*>r Albait.
Dr. J Mnrmm. who ha* pratli*ed modieiBt i?mi twenty
yeara in Oneida, N. Y., aay? of it, " That it ia the baat roadi
i"in* now in *?. In rate of rat'Dtioa or >uppreaai?n >f liia
aentea. I think it will *u*taia the appellation of flpeiMf. I
kaw tri>d it ia the ni ?t ea-ea ailh admirable au-C'<*j aid I
wiali for the i<ike of altering Female*, that all Tbyaiciana
would in'ftdnre ji into their prariice, * I hate fcund the
Wh fully to an*w?r their raci inme-adatioB."
rhyaic-an* unirera illy (who hart gianu it a fair trial) lot' a
imilar atory.
For teaiimwiial* of the hi?k??t rhar?i tar from Phynrlan
and aihar re*pecf*l?le Miatdaaia, aee pamphlet, which may be
had gta'ti of all who tell Ilia Me^iciae. fee alto adaertiac
men!* iu I lie New V' rk Tattler nd Si?nal
HI VNOLDtt k P \BMk.LV, froj.ietnre.
rittaford. Murrot Co., N. F.
FOR SALF in thia <ity at "9 Fulton ?ir??t. corner of
OaM: ICO PnM 'ti. tor er of Wi|lj?m?t. d44, Ill.l d 771
Broadway; 10^ Hiath Aienne: 'J(W tlreenwirh a' ; lldCaai',
mrneror Laurena ill,; I 1 Urand ?t. ?,>rner a?f Lania: JI7
ill ilt 'n ?t, a-omer of spring; 104 Cherry at.
r??* Foe aa'e ? a'tore, Ra?. J. i OVURT"1 B \ LM
LIKK. w!rich ia ao highly rn ,,mme?d?d by the |m) ?i*i ,!"o
thera aa a rein' iy far COUli 'COLD". 1 ONftlJ.MPTION
BRON< IIITIS, *>4 all dlteaiea f ihe I urna and
Windpipe. Wee rire'ilaea eotttairiin- Itatimonlala of the huh
eat re?peet*Mlily, whieh "||I? Kiad t ati? aa a??*?e alft 'Jm*
BU?i t>^? ItAi KI-.H HAKT.Hr--V?i-<an?1"jS~'*^Or?h
nr<] ilrfct w?' id inf^fw I M h#
a?niifaottirea ihe Bnatoo. aoft and hard rraaker? ia a a'iperiot
ilrlt. f the only plat* thet are m ?d* *li' eity ) tikewiao But
tarund Hu^ar eraekert, ?oaia aail Milk Bi?tu?i,aad I 'llothraa
\yR UKTR FOR SALF. ?Two Oeer, male and female,
perferti* dotile li he diapoaed of Apply attIS I
Vilnt'tfi, ?i?iiiiw / !' W
IV*. 9?
JU. IRWIN fc Co., Member. of the Hoyal Collet* of
Surgeons, Londou, continue to be coaeutled on delicate
diseases iu ?11 their vari?ua stages, at their t flice. J04J Kultoa
Hraet, where, from the commodious arrangement of their room
pervins laboring under delicate complaints can be treated wilk
secrecy and safety.
J. B. Irwin k Co. pledge themielve? that in all cases of I he
most violent venereal, which have hitherto fatten under their
uotice. their treatineut without mercury haa been mo?t successful
and s|>eedv. T'?ey uerd not by certiorate*, direct the
public attention to their superior practice iu those diseases, a*
tneir refutation in thil oily ii Well kli"wu anJ respected by
ill who had occauoii to confide in their h?nor. It it strongly
recommended to females who are in the habit of using their
Drobstruent Pills, that uo more thuu two should be taken on
?uy occasion, as more might produce effects which those who
Mould be mothers are de?ir?u? <jt avoid. A preventative can
je had - recent carrt cured in two <!av*. Thee who have wjuted
thvfi.nclvr^ by a secrtt and destructive habit, can obtain
relief. Solvent security is all that will be required until a
cure ?h?ll b? effected. Letter*, pint p*'1'* detailing the nature
of the complaint, autl covering a suitable fee, will be immediately
attended to, aud medicines, nitit full direction*, forwarded
to I he par tie i. j <f> 1 m*
I ivUUtttH STOKK, ttl) < I nttiam ?tre?t, New York
X Hotchh?i)N Si Okkkhuunk have opened the aliove establishment
vvitli a splendid assortment of India Hubber (Joods,
viz: Ladies India Hulber Shoe* with leather soles; Gentlemen's
Over S1 ne* with do , L fe Preserver!, Lepgins. Lone
!)oot?, India Kubtier cloth fcr carriage tup*, and a variety of
wilier article*. These shoe* are imjiervious to water, and
much superior to the old kind of rubber*, being equally a* neat
iu their appearance a* mercco or kid. Terms very libera1,
both to w holcsale dealer* and retail purchaser*. Orders receiv
td at the store, oral the factory iu New Brunswick.
QQ~ All kind* of uticurrem monev tiken in trade.
jit ! >* New Brunswick, N.J.
Fortu Years Expei trnce tuvtu xous climates?Ttnen*
ty-four years established in this city?Ntithtr
Quackery nor Imposition.
No. 12, Peck Slip, New York.
DK. J. "VA\:i continue* to be oon.alte.. cwnfdentlnJIy
In nil V*'4 r.uei, mercbriti and chronic disorder?,
where the in*>?t improvr d practice,'.lie iu???t expeditions Mil
wild treatment may be deprnded ?n. To prevent mistaaea,
oe p.rticaliir 10 find No. li Pec* Klip.
M r"*\'s Box, containing a complete plan of medicine for
every torinofihe e Is ease, can h? pro?are<! ?* above, arid o?^1
w ith, ill etp< snip the patient. TUey will he kent t* order In
nti? pa'tM the Pnii?*e Statu,
\l?o. a preventive r* <.edy apatnst that may be
fuilv relied tin.
All letter*, pout paid, and deacrihibg the caie, and enclosing a
reatouable fee, will have the remedy and direction* seat to order.
Attendance duly, until 0 o clock in the eveum^.
The Otfic?? aaJ trance* are well arranged a&d Herat]
may be dependtdl ,
No connection wiu> any otner office in or out of the city.
nl4 r No. 14 Peek Slip. N. T.
ovrr i(M) Drug Store* in the city of NEW YOUK. Ol
the miirnble ilrii^cijtn ! who *hall prevent the scorn of th*
world Iroui making you de?pi*ed and rejected of yaur fellow
It i* deeply to be lamented, for the lake of pub'ie moral*,
that justice aud merry to tho*e wko might be deceived compel*
me ta publish the following:
Public W.-knimi ? The Drti |cl*t who keej h Htore at
BOWERY, weat side of the Bewery i?d north *tde of Houstor
street,sell* a counterfeit ol' my Cilia.
It i* endeavored by UM113 dhow Bill* very tiiniUr to mine to
deceive the uuwary pornou of lue public into the belief that
itisnn tore, airt tMi* tali* tlf hard eamiutt* of the poor for
(hat which it more likely to injur* than bent lit, for if the
UuUrfnt that I? (old at th* ..burr *tor* it indeed a food
Medicine, w y thoulii it require my name to make it Milt?
The conclum 11 i? tnat it it made to injure. Why made to
I injure7 *ome one a*k?. To deitroy the hiijh character of thn
genuine medicine. Thi* DrttggUt it very cureful that hi* inf
tmy thotild h? w?ll nhterved, for he >xhi its no le** than
three i ;u tint he h a Brannreth'* Pill* for tale?all which
are only tnree ttateineu* that h* t-outidert honor and hoimtty
ptrfeetl; iiiilm. but 1 can ! II him that the inurM guilt of?
teller of Counterfeit Medicine i? greater than lliat 01? a patter
of counterfeit Money Thn latUr i* decidedly the more honorable
oftl.e two. He tiaudt a ?lian"e of beiug ?eot to tha
State Pritoo f.;r ten yean, b'it your tellerof t ounterfeit Medicine
knowiyoucan only bring your action for dainagea, Mid as
the teller* of counter!'*'! medieihe* hate teldnin . ny thing to
lote, they cannot pottibly be ma le to pay. The* conlirm the
old mlc,that out *1 untiling nitliingcto be obtained.
1!) office in the Bowery it a few door* touth of tbi? t'M?lu?h.
ing Mller of Counterfeit Jlraadrcth1* Pill*. fnrchate thtm at
m> office,which i* 176 Bowery, between Prince and H melon
itre'li. And at you value your he iltli, never go to a drugji*l'?
ttore when you wa it Br indretli't Pill*.
I hat* never know* any who hate n*?d in* Oenuino Pill*,
hut th it ?< M'idldl they were th? bed me icin* they had
ever n-ed. If it were not fir couuterfV-il m< knave*. there M
but litt 1<- doubt bta long before thi* tune tiny would have laken
the |*1 ire ol all other pur^atue medicine*. At It it, they
are iu a l air w?y to brtoine *, and it <!?pew!t wit* the Judtciom
I'ubtic whether I ?>i?ll he ecurc4 m my j i?t right*
The Public'* obedient tervuit,
E. Bit VNDRKTH, M. D.,141 Broadway.
"241 Br' u!* it, *J7tf Bowery. |HA I fit*-?ih ?t., bemg my *wri
nffiret the fill* pureha.cd there ci 1 be r*lieii upon a* th* Ira*
and ^eahine. B. BIIANDRKTH. M. U. 40 eodin
DM. LtusAiiVa 8f?.ClHC i-OU ffc? KKT MALA
OIKS,? The aliove remedy, for the mo>t di<tretting duet
?e itetd'n' to the human rate, orltitnted from tho enlifhteued
mini of the enlnrut Le Sage. Ihe promulgation and lucre**
of which, throughout the kmgd. m of France and Italy,
h 1 added honor to ti e hikhW houneeil 1 am* of the Inventor.
The -nflrr?r it re?tored to hi* utual health, without delay or
liiconveuieiir*. The *ecr?t h*? hitherto h< eu ronhued to
Prance mikI Italy. It h** recently been introduced, by wty of
New Oi e.m?. o the Am riran pnblic.
It it particularly retuir mended it *ea fairing men, a* eon
laining no portion of Me'curr, whereby ?o mauy have beeu
ditable I froia tervice The V'.fadic*t"ri? found to give imni*I
diate relief to thow afflicted with tincture* and ditea*e* of
I the Dr?*trat? elm I.
Anodyne Liniment, price S7 cenfa. THi? Liniment haa been
'tied for apwirii of?w<-?tji yrara. and pruee* to hare been
effectual r- m?dy ih a multitude of painful ?(l"fiou?, aa f'hroaic
Hli' iu-iti.m, ?p> aiat, brui.'t, c/air pa, of the joiati,
oft throat OwiofU) lit* unmero?e imilaCinot i hat are in
circulation th? j-i,?i,n. will hetea tec I a -if tied on the rut'ide
of ihi Untile. by salhaui'l Howard, 114 Bruni Itltd, Button,
III- pmpn'l ir, in hi? >?n hand writintj -iu New Vwl, by A.
B. k 0 * <ud?, 7'* a> d 100 Knltoa a(r*et. H. H. Kmc.44 Broadway;
A. Mai'm,r.?rt.rr Pearl and tertre.aod by Dr. Emhrea,
77 fcaat 12 . sad way, principal i(fut?iu IMInlrlrih'i, J. P. W.
Naill. J.J4I, li atrert, |>rincipal ?c?nt. 3. K. Knorra, earner
Coble ajd Mecond; Cr Jarn*. JO. Miiml, J. J. Marlia, corurr
4p'in| t?irdeu sum Olli atraat, l)r Ura/f, *nuth id tlreeL
ji7 a <d lm*
f <Ki nk roTiFV.NE, noTTLfO iv oroAT?7
vJ ? *nlr!jr imp-irtfd for tlw> ut? af ia? elide and cooaoia
':r, _lu enter queue e of Iha hill* rto almott iM'iparabla
liHirial'y of alitaiiiDH in thit rnu itry the linant (pialtiee of
Port Wilia, in ''Miinr {? mna itate aa produced f-o? tha
'in** ia 'he 'i< eict of !) ? Alia Dauru, ia Portugal, Maaara.
j OiSorn, Brotbara, of Opurtt, will continue to report ts?
abort article. ia caere of one dos?n rech, b tiled in Oporto;
and !- > p"'?nt im mi itien in any quarter, tlia cora of eeery
fcotll- will be marbednn Ihe ?nmr part, with the braod of tho
Home, " 0*Bt>KN
by w'.,(rb ireaua ?hoae partiea who t'llnb it worth while to
obtain para tad u 'adulterated Pirt Wine, (en olteo neceataij
in eirlinaaa, lor tha preae vat ion of life i'telf.) may drp?od
upon ( nrrhaai! jj an article aa pnr? at it rune Oem the w inepr'
?a. and of the eery choiceet quality that nature m capable
of producing
Red Port of the ea'raordinary rialata of HS4.
White Malm ev P.irt dnaini'ege I?I4 *old b?
j<4 % n* WV< lore * *' KVMSEK. *7 Wallet^
Hlip, New York, doerna it peeper aci -MoiM.Py to rainind
ie ptihlu 'hat .? CM?ilion?a to admiaiatar to tW ?Wi-tad it Mi
?ld (atibliahrd Di?p?e?ary
Ta a ?aat number of i!?a ntieene of Inea irefropoUt ha neoda
qo beralJ* to announce ki? airtor* oeer diaenaa.ta ita moet tanjlicate.l
anil .:?at.-ucliTe ( rroa nor ooee ne <!?em it natanal t ,
ta **ry IK' .fic i? the t un<-? af th* ranaut malaria
to ?Wh i>??'in<t "<l ?<<man1iin4 ara tubjaet.
Tofir rapm i * l"-f? lnr> m 't rr?(? tfiHI) to r?n??rli, thai
? eainiitt" Ip ptMliw,ia4 iWrntM liiir??lf JTtnnilly
I" Ifcp wlfar* of W? plr?*p? no a???tant? ?
?.!<( bo??, for Ute prn?.;j uf palifula,
i*t..> t? Mvtr i oom in coaUct.
P'. < .'rjcrilrr ?it<: II' t fc> n rrttilnt-lj Jm-alfd tottw
orrlV "i of ma4tr i:,a <) ??rr""T. ?ml Tf ?'i *J liM dipl^m*
m .? )??r l?18, of th* N?w York *t??? M*<!i ?l *???i?tT
tiii.il t ii 1 ty r?aiNl*J nti'l nM ')1 n?*tMl John R. k
'W n ; -> 'i T A < Pr??i-'?14, nrrf Sr km far a Innr wriN?|
,c*r? i! liin -?|f (4 u* irraii ^l an! <*rf of all (Mirata
vi4 pri- <*tadtf*M??.
If . |i -ty . , .i<!a.ivl r m) '"HiMTH ?p*iirati?? t?
t't? dirt* of On raaitir pfnilN. n-iuatait familiarity
??Mi ??fc *ad ??rutjr af a f ?liculnr j\i?a ?f <it*?aa?,
hiW.1 Ut ? folVjiiftr 'd r(ul?r aiMtral r<liic?tn>n, awMtk tba
tira?li?K',r*r tn ?ry orn tl>? tr*r? tjro in lh* profaa:
n, ')octf r I arji. at?r d'emi it < < iMJt'r.l ,iud J?rnp?f to dii*rt
..f ,i rnit !ir 'o th? inf?r*uf? of t'ia roi?*riaoa,>a<!
? itir??f jatino of lm rl?iw?
OC?- Chary*# mwaaM*. aod ff'itua] rnrrt, in all raaaa
, v~*rt?rd awi i?riri?# Pktiauto ran nrrm
Tim# id r ?. ?tl
B? p?rton!?? '.hr Mun.l>?t 4 ??> k *lir> t ??r T??rl utraat.
al-T I R ( AHrtNTKR,

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