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jg. as. M M
The ibiM of thie line wilt continue their departure from
New York an the let. and will tail from Havre ou the 34th
of each month, during the year, thui:?
From New York. ? ??n Havre.
1st January ) Ship UTIC A, ( 34th h ebraary
let Mu Capt. J. B. Pell, J 34th June
. i r / 24t?, Oclnher
1st September } ?
lit Febraary ) Skip CHA8. CAKROLL, ( 34tk Murtk
lit June > C?i?t. W. Lee, < 24th July
ltt October ) ( Novemb'r
lit Maroh ) Ship KKIK, 24th April
i lit July > ?apt. E. Fuuk, 14th August
let November > 24th December
1st April i Ship BALTIMORE, 34th May
1st AuguH > Capt. Jat. F unck, 24th September
1st December ) 34th January
11>i accommodations of these Ships are not surpassed, combining
all that may be required for comfort. The price of
cabin passage ii $100. Passengers will be (applied with every
requisite with the eiceptiou ol wiues and liquors.
Goods intended tor these veasels will be forwarded by the
aobscrioer, free from any other than the expenses actually
incurred on them. For freight or passage, apply to
^ ?12-v No. 9 Tontine BuiUlins
sail on the 1st, 10th, and 30th of every month.
" Thit line of packets will hereafter be composed of the
following ships, which will succeed each other in the order in
which they are named, sailing punctually from New York and
Portsmouth on the 1st, 10th, 30th, and from London on the7th,
J7tb, and 37th of every month throughout the year, vis:
t Jan 1 ( Feb. 17 ( Feb. 30
ST. JAMES, Seoor < May 1 1 June 17 J June 30
( Sept. I ( Oct. 17 ( OcL 30
i Jan. 10 ( Feb. 37 ( Mar. 1
MONTREAL. Oriffin ? May 10 ] June 27 1 July 1
( Sept. 10 ( Oct. 27 ( Nov. 1
I Jan. 30 ( Mar. 7 f Mar. 10
GLADIATOR, Britton J May 30 ] July 7? July 10
? ( Sept. 30 ( Nov. 7 (Nov. 10
!Feb. 1 ( Mar. 17 I Mar. 30
June 1 ? July 17 < July 30
Oct. 1 ( Nov. 17 t Nov. 30
( Feb. 10 ( Mar. 37 ( April 1
WELLINGTON, Cliadwick 2 June 10 ] July 37 ? Aug. 1
( Oct. 10 ( Nov. 27 ( Dec. 1
t Feb. 30 ( April 7 1 April 10
QUEBEC, Htrbard < June 30 < Aug. 7 , Aug. 10
( Oct. 30 ( Dec. 7 I Dec. 10
( Mar. 1 ( April 17 ( April 20
PHILADELPHIA, Morgan { July 1 ' Aug. 17 < Aug. 20
( Nov. 1 ( Dec. 17 ( Dec. 30
i Mar. 10 ( April 27 ( May 1
SAMSON, Sturge* < July 10 {Aug. 27 < Sept. 1
(Nov. 10 (Dec 27 ( Jan. 1
J Mar. 20 ( May 7 ( May 10
July 90 Sept 7 ? Sept 10
Nov. 30 (Jan. 7 ( Jan. 10
t April 1 ( May 17 ( May 20
ONTARIO, HutUeson \ Aug. 1 < Si*pt. 17 ? Sept. 30
f Dec. 1 ( Jan. 17 ( Jan. 30
S April 10 I May 27 ( June 1
Aug. 10 { Sept. 27 { Oct. 1
Dec. 10 (Jan. 37 ( Feb. 1
I April W L J'lllt i 1 *uiav id
WESTMINSTER, Moore { Aug. JO ' Oct. 7 ? Oct. 10
I Drc. j?<Ktb. 7<F?:b. 10
These ships arc all of the Km class, about 700 tons burthen
as a are commanded by able and experienced navigators. Ore at
care has been made use of in the selection of furuiture, beds,
lu., and the price of cahiti ;M?aje u now fixed at $100 outwmrd,
for eaeh adult, an<l cm Idren half price, without wines or
iquort of any description. Neither the captains ikt owners of
the above packets will be responsible for any letters, parcels or
packages sent > them, unl* ? regular bills of lading are signed
(Ler?f<<r. Ap|dv to
O KIN NELL, MINTURN Ik CO. 131 Front sL; or to
JOHN ORISWOLD, 70 South street. New York.
Sailing from New York on the 13th, anil froa
Liverp vl en the 1st of every sa?nth.
Jan'y 13?Th? STEI'UEN WHITNEY (new) C?pt W.
C. Th'<n?p??B
Feb'y IS?1>? U?fITKD STATES. Cnpt. J. vi. Fishar.
March 13?The VIHUI NIAN, ('apt. Lewis Higgiiss.
April 13? Toe SHEFFIELD. C*pt F P AKea.
Jan'y 1?The VIRGINIAN. ?*> ton*.
Feb'j I ?VW? SHEFFIELD, tons.
March I?The STEPHEN WHI r.NEY?1000 tons.
April I?The UNITED STATES??W ton*.
Tka qualities and a. comm .4 j< ions ef the above Ships, aad
tfc? reputation of tkeir commanders, are well known Every
exertion will be made to prom-teth* cem'ort of pnssentfers
aad the interests of importers. The prica of passage to Liverpool
ia the cabin, as in tha other lines, is fiied at $140, with
wises and stores of every description The owner* will no; be
responsible for any letter, parcel or park'gs sent by ilia above
hii.s far which a bill of lidmi-is not laden For freight or
passage, apply to STEPHEN WHITNEY.
<lld.y ROUKRT HERMIT, 74 Souih street.
M[j}V-Ti> sail I9ifc ineUnt.?The fine. fast saili-j. co iper
aHlBifuUn'd and coppereil brig PATSEY B. BLOUNT,
Pcdrraon, mister, will sail as akove.
For passage only,for either p^rt, having good accomiBodalions,
apply to the captain ou board, at per '? E. R , or to
jal3 6t* B. BLANCO, 87 Front st.
- L lit) PUIS I'nl If*. Tk. h.iln', hr?[f liTT
POL, Hu?b?rJ, in tater. hating the greater
flHBMfitf hrr cwjx tnp|tJ, t. ill lnn nnm-dnte Jc patch.
Kw freight apt Ijr on bo ird, il Jjiim' wharf, or m
jail E k COLLIN* ft > O. M Moutktt.
FOR LONDON.?Th? Untith Urn Hartlepool,
Vffjfr llahWd, baring ihe ttre?ter put oilier cargo
WMBbb engaged. will hart immediate detpatah Kur r>
der of freight, p'y on board. ?l Jonct' wharf, or to
Jaf i; K < OLL1 <?>( o M, ^ ? .
A/A. FOR LONDON ? Packet of the 'iOlh January.?
yf y.yV The first iia??,ta?i mailing packet (lop t?L \ UIA
" **?"?TOR, C?pt. Tho?. Brill >u, burOitn 740 tou? will
aail a* abnee, h*r reg ular day.
Hiving trry iu|irr?r <cr >mrno iatiaut fir cabin and aleerage
|ti>irt(rri. |i?r??n? intending to embaik ahould make In
irilidt application, nil Lo?H, I ->ot of M aiJen I 'o?. or to
<I" OLOVk K Jc MrMl lUi \ V ?9 let
l*A- FOR LIVKF.ro )l Tie ?, fa.1
inlm|i Pirkft Ah?p Rochaattr, r W wllioiiir,
JBBafa M tater, will be read* lo receita fraig't Iht* week,
and tiava mmrdiat* deaiatch. rorpimp ia the cabio, hating
aeconi modal aurpaaaed by no Packet ou' of t?,e port, apfly
lo the t ep.aan <a koirt,or U WOOLHULL It MINTUHN8,
.K K7 'o?ih r*-f.
Mg FOR LIVKIUOuL->.w Ln-.-PcguUr I'acgCTf>k-t
of J*.h January. Tit paekM ah p 4MKRIDAN
* """ apt. Depayalar. of 1.0 0 lone. will tail a? abutt.
Far freight of pi?e-ge, hating acc n-n >H <tn in wi|'iillld
fct pleador ?r comfort, app.i oa board at Orleaua wharf, foot
f W*ll .reel, or I?
K. K COLLINS k ( O South at
Tl?? |?ck?t -h.p OARRIf K, t apt A. ?. Palmar of IjOO?
Iraa. will auceet-l Ikr MhrrKlan, aud ?ail on the i-Hh February.
No alteration in price of paaaage or fare by thia liue Njbi
bar of pa??"af r?tim-tej. dan
TJplain M Ktwn. Hu lK? mi?ir part of her
fa earjo ?n(?gr(j, uiH mill b* promptly dirp itched. For
freight or pwifi tpnly to
KOTD >HI\i Kf.N. No 0 Bnildin*. oS
Ai&& FtJR TKir.n rr.?The ?>iperi<ir copper f?trwrd,
M-fft and coppered "tup Fi >ri la, W M ir?u. M??trr. hai
JBBHfa Iht principal part of ber cargo rng .g?d, ami will ?
AtapDtched a? promptly a? practicable. For frr *ht or
apf^r ... SOI II Si III ?( K^N o Toatin* RnldiDfr. jaS
light. ar?i t?.? full f?l?f girrq in raah h?
n LSVF.TT. 197 William .treet.
Knowing th*re at* p^ranot who m .k. a |r??| p?ff
their adrrrtiaemmU f>r t'aat-off ClMliiit, kl he., ml who
in many raw do oat fi?? tb? ?alu* for th? nmr. H L. will
awire tb<?e trntlemen who may hare *arh artwl?. by them,
ami wWo may tend for him, of rcceiring lh? rery at mot I rait*
id < ASH for r?rt articj*.
A Mar ?t.n Dfh the fort Office, or otherwur, ta th? ?b*ra
a4i<rrw. will m?t with itw attention. HA Jin*
HAD7TTi:K?;Ti?: Iall Ft k*Trn Th??7l iliTiT
t r? '! W. TKUflNEn. Bu?rv?r, Nt.ia.i
. hrlow J? id. r??,>-rlfiii'y i 'f n* I' ?? pet - <n? wvi in
(rid |nj>|ktlll (Ml ? nlrr, t' ?t hr M prr >?r??<l to e??Mit?
Tirb?t? t.,r military, ft-e (ompaD'Ci. tad boat -I'i'i ???or it*.
tKDt, w.th a d?gr? rf n^a'oen and b> vity unnrrlled. I>?
t^m drawn. rngrv rd, ami printnl on et'ra ht (WmllM
card? riprMtly prcpirrdftr ?S? pnrpo'e, at t'' ?horlr?t on
tier () W T p*y< part tulir attention to lh? W?t' l
f V tailing, W. ddiag, and Pr?frt?t>>nal Cardr. ai rrga d? thr
for nation of I he Utter* k
Ota W Tr.UBNF.R, F,?gr???r,
jit 1m* Nwm *t
AM' T. COMPANY ot th? ei'y of New Vnrk, J*in*ry
7, 1S10. Th? t urd ?f Dir-ctor? har# thi? day declared a
Dividend of (it p<r nut. for tUc U?t in month*.
oo and af er the I.Vh io?t.
Tranafer Boob rloar j fVi.m 8th to Hlh ineln^irc.
j*lw* WJi H. BIRO, H??r?tart,
Mb- Mb.
The Old Line of Packet! for Literpool, will hereafter be
despatched in the fullowing order, eteeptmg that when the
ailing cay fall* on Sunday, the thip will tail on the succeeding
day, viz.
from New York. From Liverpool.
The NEW YORK, (new) July 1? January 7
yo noicnucr i? may i
Wm. C. BinUx, March 19 September 7
The CAM BRIDGE, Anguat 1 September 19
860 tout, l)eeeinber 1 January 19
Ira Bursty, April 1 May 19
The NORTH AMERICA, Anj-uit 19 October 7
010 tuns, Dco m'jer 19 February 7
W. E Haxie, April 19 June 7
The EUROPE, September 1 October 19
618 tona, January 1 February 19
O Maralwll, May 1 June 19
The OXFORD. September 19 November 7
8JO torn, January 19 March 7
J. lUthb-ne, May 19 July 7
The C'JLUM BUS, October 1 November 19
700 torn, February 1 Ma-ch 19
T. B. Cropper, June 1 July 19
The SOUTH AMERICA, October 19 t)e emljer 7
016 torn, February 19 April 7
?>. G. Bailey, Juue 19 Aiijuat 7
The ENGLAND, November 1 December 19
750 tous, March 1 April 19
B. L. Waile, July 1 Auguat 19
Theae ihipa are not aurpaaaed in paint of elegance or comfort,
iu thrir cabin accommodation*, or in their faat aailing
qialitiea, by aay veaaela is the trade.
The commander* are well known aa men of character and
experience, and the atricteit atteutiou will alwaja br p tid to
promote the comlorat and ctuvenituce of paaaengera. Punctuality,
at regards the day ?f tailing, will be olaerved aa here,
The price of paaaage ou'ward ia now lined at $100, fir which
amplr atorea. ?r every oeacriptien, will be provided, with the
exception ol wiuet and liquort, which will be furuiahed by the
a'.ewarda, if required.
Neither the capttint nor ownert of thete ahipa will te reipon
lar billt of Lading are signed therefor. For freight erpattage
'pply to
.187 y and to BAKING. BROTHKHO fc ?n J ir>m0,.|
To tail from New York on the 26tb, and Liverpool on tke
13th of each mouth.
Ship SHERIDAN, Captain K. A. Depeyater, 26tW January.
GARKICK Captain A. 8. Pa'iner,'JAth F. bruary.
ROHC1U8, Captain John Collint, iftth March.
81DDONS, Captain N B. Palmer, ifttb April.
Slup SIDDON8, Captain N. B. Palmer, ISth February.
SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Depeytler, 13th March.
GARKICK, Captain A 8. Palmer, I3'h April.
KOSCIU3, Captain John Ccllmt, I3ih M iy.
Thete tkipa are <11 of th? first cUtt, upward* of 1000 tsnt,
bui't in the city of New York with ?uch improvement! at
combine great tpeed with unutual comf.irt fur pat eogert ?
Every care ha*bceu taken in the arraugeineut of their accommodation!.
Tne price of pa??ei)ger< nence it f 140, for winch
ample ttorei, including wiuet, kr , will be provided. Tliete
thipt are commanded by ei^erieneed matter*, who ? ill make
every exert i?u to give general tatitlacliou.
Neither Ihe captain? or owuert of thete thipt will be retpon
ti> le fur any letter* parceli..r pa'k...;et teal by them, unltts
regular hill, of lidiun arc tigned therefor.
The thipt of thi? line will h. reaper go armed, and their peculiar
conttruction gitet them security iiot po>tetted by auy
other but reneli of war. For freight or paawge, apply to
E K COLLI\S it Co., ati South Ureet, N. York, or to
WM. k J *3. BROWN k CO., Liverpool.
Letter* by the packet* will be charged 13) centi per tingle
iheet. <M) ce. U |ier ounce, and niwipaper one real ea- h. J10
PA*?Ane. c Ho ! Luauua a.nu Lit v r.tiM^VfOOL.?The
lubacribert hare made arrangeinvnti tj
t'ring paiteugert from tbe above porta, by the regular
pacl.eta, tiling from
Loudon, lit, IDtK.and 'JOt'i ?Teach month.
Liverpool, lit, 7th. 13th, 19th, and iSth a?f each month.
Thta |irncijfa a favuralh wppurtuillty to people la thil
country who are derrout of tending for their relatioui or
frieDtlt to come frum F.ngland, Ireland, or Scotland. In ererv
care where paftengert do Dot embark, the piiiage money will
be promptly returned.
Thou detirout of remitting money can hare draft t paya ble
on demand tn any part of thr?? kingJ"ini on applying to the
tubacribert. ULOVr.K A M'.MUK AY,
jalO 09 8 iii? <i ?ei, (Wilt rf tin
n.tVIO%TlU1 ? KtlHtlM.
Tt'? ?? *"> *hip BRITISH
y*f?Av *M|.a QUKKN, 3010tout, Mmi horte
. 1 lTOK^|*vy power, Lieut Richard Roberta,
R N., eoiuu.?uder, will Mil
Frnm .Veu> York. Fromi London.
lat December, lit January,
1840 lit February, lit M-rch,
lit April, lit May,
lit Juw, lit July,
lit Auguit, lit September
lit October.
68" toai of earg ) will be Ukat for freight of wIhcIi or pat ??>
A Junea' Ltiw,rei> 103 Front itrcet.
No teeoed elatt paj??ugrrt t.k.u
!1i gooila will be received ou board without an order from
he Ageuti.
\ij- a n t'tperiebcad ^urgeoa ii Attacked to the ihtp. n?y.
;sr*>v ium Li?inruuii.
The ittia trup LIVER*
^^2; FOOL, IIM loo* k?rO?*P
#4 %ai m KoCM ' W"' R1
' ? ? ? -?*'
'a-* t/S ** M ipfOiaM to ?ail ? follow* :
Pr** Ntw Ymk. | Kr^m Livtrfl.
14th Urc nhfr, 1M | IWh Na?emb*r, IPSO.
SOth Febcuaiy, IfMOi Mth Jawaary. I**?T1.rr-?f>rr
on th* *Hh ol earh alternate month,
far* 10 Liverpool, thirty ft?* guinea* ($19t M) i? <h? aft,
ad thirty ruine**(?l4fl) i? th* fore ?!?*?. including win**
mi all *t*rea. Steward'* f*e* $4. No *a?ond cla?* f ***a?Mlik?
CWMr*o idar li, and tereaiiU, half pcic*.
100 ton* fr*ight will b? takeu-applkatioi. But to b? mad*
t tha '>*?*.
In ?*p*n-w?d *urgmn a?comp*ni-a thit *hip.
tfat |.UMM or ir? "ic'.>t. *pp'y per*on?Hy or bj l*tt*rto
JNO l'OLLt>oK, Li??rpwoljarto
ABM BF.LL k CO. Agent*. II? Kulton it. V Y.
B ?TW e<nwp?Br'? new *V>.p tha " NEW TORK.''of
1400 too* burthen, ?l(l eo?Mnence alytrg early io the IM6?
'ha* affording * depa.tnra on tl?* iOUi of aaeh month, to and
from !f'? Tort and Li?'rp**l. '
^ ? only direct, the cheapest, and mott
/F* liA iur of ilim'i Irom New
York to Albany, i* th? Uaited Stale*
wL*S& Mall and Accommodation Lin-,
which *?a?t* from tae W>*t>rn Hot I, No. ? t'oartlamlt
*ireei, e*e? y morning, at b o'clock A M , oa hoih *iJ?* of the
North Hirer. Tho?e p<?tn|rri wlo wi*h to tleep niglil*
wilt t<beti>e wr?t nde. ami lo'l^* at N*wburgh8r*' nigh),
eeond ntg'it at Catabil', arri mg at Albany nrit dty. *1 13
o'clock, aooa Kar canfort and ia?,thr Wed Hide Liar can't
h* h?at.
W? h?*? eilra 'g'nt* ?mployrd ta travel ?n thi* mate <0 *ee
that the driven d<? thru du'y. Th? public may real aa?n red
lint lh?r?a?T'r w ii 4 hrltrrlii.ro' ?t ?e? than the peeaet.t
liar* tt i fhil|f*{? th? world to brat u* Remember Ihr
No 0 our'.l<adl itraaL
j?l? If K IIHrH and other*.
A"A TO I. RT ?Tha new fire proof baiMmg corner Na*i
?>u <a-l t'edar itieett. It i? *rr.ng?d for a *t>ire on ihe
grown I II>or; ha* a tnp-rior baiemeat, a id an ?*'el.
lent r ol tault* running und?r tha entire building, *uitaMe
f?r a r> ?pe-i ?l.ie wm*d??l?r. Tl?e uf |'.rr *torie? ari? in ?mt' *
ot well h room*, in-ea rd for lawyer*' and other offi.t*,
'erh hiring a pririiege ?| fault under th? parem?ir
The tiniK.rie will he I) entire in part*. *1 may he f.
quired, f -further it f ?rm*tl"n, *|>pte to
>?ia?w* LAKttON iVEd V CO M Tiae *t.
IV" fi)U )Vir.H M< I-* a* iMMal at !ii? nmr.
\r Mi* own practical eiperienoe, and hi* reeeat rhemical
*p?riwirnl? h>re enaM?d hiqi to mtro.tuce lato hi* practia*
<er?ral n*w arti- ! < which are pr npt in curing thoae di?a**>
10 whirh he,t?0?, >,i, atieation.
1 la" "I'l''1*** ,,f?nger? taat ha ha* raeeieed aregiilfir medi
ral edaeat.on, :md ha* devoted hi* attentiori far the laat tai
rear* to a *elrct hraoeh ofhi* pm?ea.i?n Hi? ofllre i* No. i
\nn*treet. Pnrat, entranc third door from the Muaeum
1 hrrugh *n eair* with lamp at the o?ee door
N._B. The Lwtor b?yt a gvieral aaaortment of Tril**a?
itid ft?memory Bandage*, wkiah are adjuated aad an lied a*
1 ?koee. "
P.B. Hi* t?lehr*t?d linn may fee bad at hi* Mare friaa
I aw dollar j?Ty
u 8(adf ecouomy , ye, who ne'er tludied it befcrc,
And ye who ha** tiudied it, mad ?tudy it the more."
GENTLBMfcN iu want of Clothing, will find it their intereel
to call at 10? Beekmau itreet, near Pearl, wher*
f;oodt are manufactured in the vary belt ityle, at the following
ow price* :
Sup Dre< Coati, from f 14 to 90, made aad trimmed, 97 to 0.
Do. Ifrockt.du. " 16" 31 do. do. 7J " OJ
Best Casi. Paul , " I" 0 do. do. ij " 3
Vests. allk'mli " 34 do. do \\ u 3
Fine PiUt Coati, " 13" ltf,eitra due beaver coats,14" 50
0I8 3meod* J. MOKK.4T
8UITABI.K HOLlL)AY PKfcSENT.?WeddTi7g~~aiid
Visiting Cards engraved in a new aud approved ityle,
and printed with (he utmost neatuen. Just received a superior
lot of Porcelain Cards, eipressly fur W'eddiug aud Viiit
ugoarus; ior whiteness and brilliancy or polish they cannot
be excelled.
Ladies and gentlemen are respectfully invited to call and
exsiniue the specimen book* ?f ihe advertiser. Pe.son- furuisliiug
their own card plates can have them printed at short
notice. Store Cards, either copper plate or letier press, Ball
Tickets, kc. executed on favorable term*, by applying at
Fashionable Card Engraving aud Printing Establishment,
d-J-linec,d* *0 John street, corner William.
CUTLERY.?The Subscriber has received per Ut?
packets, aud opening this day a very large and complete assort*
inei t of rich plated warn, consisting ?f silver-mounted Casters)
Cake Baskets; silver-mouated Tea aad Coffee Urns; Caudleitios,
Su. , fcc. Also, a very splendid assortment of flue Table
Cutlery, cansisting of sets of 61, M and 100 pieces of Ivory,
Pearl and Silver handle Ksives, with French forms, Forks, extra
Carver?, ?ud extra fine Knives for Silver Forks. All for
sale a< very luwprices, as nsual, by
olrt y DANIEL E. DKLEVAN. 11 Maiden Lane.
" Who steals my purse steals trash?
But he who filches from me my good name,
R?bs me most villanwuslv."
0(7-HEINE'S ORiUS TOOTH PASTE for cleansing,
preserving, and beautifying the teeth, received the fir?i premium
at the recent Fair of the Americau Ins'itutc.
This unequalled dentifrice gives to the Teeth a clean and
pearly whitness, aud r? moves aud prevents every appearauce ?f
tartar; it also improves the color of tne lips and gums, prevent
and heals all ulcers of the mouth, arrests the progress of
decay in the teeth, and imparts a peculiar aud grateful sweetness
t* the breath.
GO-" The best article that we know offor cleansing, preserving
and beautifying the teeth, is Petue's Orris Tooth Paste.
It gives to them a clear and pearly whiteness, and imports a
|>eculiar aud most grateful sweetness to the breath. We cordially
commend it to the atteutiru of our readers, especially
to the female portion of litem. No toilet can be co uplete with
out it."?Ladei' Mag.
The unprecedented celeority which this most excellent article
for the teeth so speedily obtained under its original name of
Orris loath Paste, hm induced evert) unprincipled individuals
to make but counterfeit preparation*, uutler varioui uimei, '
of which beware, for they may probably prove highly mju- '
ri?u? to the teeth, and are uo more to be compared with the genuine
than Hyperion to a Satyr. The rigin.il article hat now !
the fac timile of the inventor and proprietor, G. W. Peine, '
upon the label, without which it it not genuine. '
Kor tale only at the Bazaar, 173 Broadway) by Union, 186
Broadway; J. H. Hart, M. D. '27H Broadway aud 9i Hudtou tt.,
Howe and Onion, 128Chatham tt.; K M. Guiou, l'J7 Bowery, 1
J. L. Sc'urffl ii. 114. Canal tt. and 83 Henry tt. corner of Pike.
Ayam?B? ware of Counterfeit!! nifli?dSm*
0 I'OltM.?Containing a lull and accurate list of all the
Bauking Iu?lituti?ne ia the Uuited State*. with the priret in
the city of all Counterfeit aud Altered Notet. Pricet Current
rale-t of Exchange pricet of Gold and Silver, he.
Tie trrmi are ft per annum iu advance; tingle eopien tix
cent- each Pertont pnrchatiag over l'i copiet will be allowed
fiftv ceutt.
SYLVESTER It CO, l?< Broadway, retpectfully acqmiut
the publie that tuch arraugemrnlt are ffewt* at to enable
th nt i give Oraft* and letter* ol Cred.t, payable in anv
1 art of England, Ireland, and Scotlaud, tn any tuui required,
fiom ?$ aud upwardt.
They will purchase billt on Europe aud any purl of the
Uuited State*, or collect the tame at low ralet. They will
al o give the highest pric for Bank of Engl nd Notet and
Foreign Gold aud Silver. Pertor t remittiug cau draw at tight
for th* tame, or if left over !W dayt 7 per ceal per aunum,
will be al owed. UbCuireut mouey of all ktuda ditcounted at
the lowctt tatei.
Slock and Coinnuuion buaiuett of every kind attruded to
with punctuality.
Pertunt remdinz ia any part of ibe United State* or the
Canada*. will hare their command! eiecutcd with punctuality
and ditpatch, at.il ilr npn arriving in ihc city will find it
greatly to their advantage to call at IAS Broadway, where
much valuable iarurmaiuio may be ubtaioed free of charge.
HVLVtSTKIl b CO., IM Broadway,
below Maiden lane,
N? connexion with any ether office, iu tkit city or elte.
wlierr. jain In*
8PF.CIKIC.-The great >rec fi. m Doctor
|. rome Lerey,of P iria, the mint effectual auii rapiU cur* ever
khovtu Car a crrtatn dfraie.
TViom who with t* avoid </uark anlranu, and cure themtelvet
with little trouble or without liability of eipotnre, will
find thi? medicine well tailed to their rue. ti it require* no
cl ause of Dik.t. and datt not affect the Brk*th, which preveota
the pottibtlily of diecovery while uting it.
Bnidet thit injwrlaBt adtulifrt. it sever learea the pari)
Mihject to the troublesome weaknet* thai occur* ?o efleu after
the ute of other medicine, and if taken in the fir?t ?tage of the
diteate, it will arrett the di?*har(c, and remove all unfdeatant
feeling* iu a few d*yt. In long, protracted or chronic Hue*
oftlM diV'.vae, iuobtlijate gleet*. female complaint*, or a weak
oca* of the?e organ*, it it without d?ubl the molt ifrctu^l remedy
ev?r diteovercd. and hat cured many ob??inate cwi after
every other mi Jiciue had failed. A c*?e of thi* kind, of more
than a year'* tt.ndiug, w?i recently cured In I we wxki by thi*
peeift-' after upward* of a hundred dollar* had been tpent for
Medical advice ami Medicine*, without effect. In fact, it mi
been u*>d with *ucli tueeeaa ill all tla^ei of the diiewt, tint we
challenge any < ne to he produced that it will not cure, under a
forfeit el ? VW.
Kacli bottle ha* a full detcriplion of the di*ea*e?, and all the
aeceeeary direction* for both *eie*. in Uie Kn?li*h and French
la-i^ui^e*.?ran K 91 a Bottle, (large Bettle* of double tire,
{}?}- For tale only at the agent1* offee, ,\*. flfi Ntuto
?ra trr, four door* from Fnltoa *tr*et, (up iltirt,) *Aee open
ntil ti o clock ia the evening. elCJm*
DRAi! SIR,?I ihonld alinott comirter my*elf devoid of
gratitude if I did not thank you f.>r the |<>.>d that your
Red Drop ha* doae me. Having heea leJ away by the full e*
of youMi, I wii te unfortunate a* to enntrart that d if ate
whi h your preparation pr.'fe?*et to core, and afltr trying al
mod every medicine that the qoack* of thi* city endeavor to
palm upon the community, I found mtaelf wa*tiug away, and
the di*ea?e fatt undermining my cuntt itolion. I had alm?*t
abandoned the hope of being re*'ored to n.y former good
health, when I procured a bottle of your lied Drop, and am
now entirely recovered, wrhout any bvl effect* of the iliteaM
remaining. My dear, *ir. all the return 1 can ever mi,? you.
will be to recommend it to thoo* * ho have been at unfirtuntle
a< my elf, atturing them, wt'h the utmott coufi leace, that it
will not fail in producing a apcedy and letting cure.
Yonr?, tmly, H. Y'**".
You are at liberty to pnblith the letter, but I beg the fivor
that you will not publiah the name, iDiviiiou tlreel. 91
|?r ?ial. jal8
BOARD.?Two or three piill?m'tf?n bare ?'?(!> furniah*
ed hmnii with, hoard.by applyi?( at No. 10 F?rk place. A
lower front parlor with -nfa MilnJ, eaa be had, if detired.
N. D. Dinner iri # 'flirt'. tl16 l?*
APAKTOR, HAIR CUTTKR. IM Greenwich .treat
A. Tutor t?k? thia opportunity inform the pel lie.
after long eipeneacr n Ilia bueineae, Im Km formed a compnai
ioD, ttlld
Or C?*taa^?nnfi hurntiiil Oil oT llmaad?.
pgr- |for deatreyiofdindmff, and prerenline the hair from i
oo-im; eat or laraing (rey, aa infallible remedv arainat aidm
and rtie public may rely ou it,that A. FACTOR'* COM
MH'ND OIL i? the wh?<leiome?t aud beat Oil for the hair?
nabM it fraw thick aad li>nf,prerente ita falling <.IT or <nraint
(t?j, and mi if hair haa brftm to tur* p?y, it nwh a nonrinhei
It the hair, that by oae it will reati.re it to it* natural color;
l'w> prerenta hair Iroa Wr 'minn ebaued. am] if hair ia olrr*'!j
Haded. which u a |reat dnii^vreneal to youm Indira, ar>J if
?J for * abort trme, it will realore il to Ita natuenl color, alrar
lie Kurf. ihd kriy the h?aJ and hair cUmd; prari' 'n eyhrowr
ltd ob.ti,.... A literal diaeottn1 nude lo wSo!t%?!? ivirehe
to*Orr*awi>h?treet.N. T
Prie* Mtcaat" per bott'e, hiehly perfumed, jifl im*
J ACHAU'S PATKN r?T?>e undented tahra harcby the
pleasure to inform tin pabl t. that he h*? etlahliihed a
factory of hi* Spectacle til .??' ,called Jachni*< P?l'ii Spectarlrt.
Tne fic'ury. for th* conyaaicncc rf the public, haa
been ncated at N? Chatham %treet, far in* the Tarb, Wbora
he will be happy to reeeiee or.lera. which he will eeecite at
the *h-?rteat not ice aad at reaaeoaMe price#, aa wall wholesale
or retail.
Ttfae who are in w?nt of thi? article w iulddiwell to
eall aid be eonrinefdof tbeir Mijieriorily.
Medical certificate* aa to their e?cell*Dcy will be ahewn to
thoae who mar detirc it.
Oold, *il?er, and tteel frame* rnntinuallr on hand
jtll In' g|c> , Chatham tboot, upetatr*.
AlNUARY 16. 1840,
SPRINGS.?The lubacri Mr intends to lea?e the above
*"*e?tabli?tiineut for * term of year*. It embrace* an mlire
black of ground wi Ih every accommodation of out buildiuga
and garden*, litualed in one of the pleawuteit locatK at
in the village. The well known Flat Rock Spring i? in the
immediate vicinity, an 1 ill poiitiou i* central between the
other celrbrated Mineral Fouataiui. The eitabliahmriit will
accommodate 360 peraoui, ai ha< been dcrnonatrated by the
OVirfliiWimr Hll?uiM>r lU ??? i. -I..
well iu|>|>lie?rwilkt furniture which will be told to the leuaui
at a bargain. The rent will be moderate, affording to a per.
ton wiihiui; to engage iu the butiuest the mott certaiu protped
of realizing a competency. An it i* presumed persons
will exami e Ilie preiaitei before leasing the tame, a further
description it unnecessary.
Application in Ay be made to ALEX. L. McDONALD,
No. 83 Libert) street, (3d ttory ) jaO I in*
4 iONt>U.\ii iiu.n, abIHMa: Wl>lUtt/UOUtlkI?
v The exltinive and daily increasing demand f r Dr. MA
P ON'S " Concentrated Vegetable Balsaus," it truly a neacou
ofho|>e to the afflicted, from the thousand nines acknowledged
fact of ill haviug perforated wore astonishing, lasting, nud perfect
curet tliau any other medicine ever known. The inaiant
action of (hit Bal?*m in Mibduing lullamation of the throat,
windpipe, larynx, cronchice luog??toothing and healing by
it* balsamix powers, all ulceration*, irrita lout of thoie part*,
that checking the pulmooary diseases, aud affording ease of
cough, breathing, paiu in the throat, chett, tide or back, arretttug
spitting uf blood, or corruption, mitigating night tweatt,
preventing apoplexy, aud to invigorating (tie frame at to restore
the afflicted to robutt health. Or. Mason't Baltarn hat
not got into notice by pufflug quackery, but by f.icts like the
following, from tl.e New Vork Transcript of ?eh. 20, 1838?
11 Dr. Mason's Balaam hat been abundantly proved to be a inott
excellent remedy for cought, coldt, t pitting ?f blood, cousuuip
tion, lie. A gentlet %n now in our office, had been loug aud
paiufully afflicted with all the above ills, has been entirely cur
rd bv two or three bottle# of Dr. Matoa't very valuable medi?iue."
For tale by A. B. It D. Sand*. 70 and 100 Fulton street; Mil
nor, 193 Broadway; Dr. Hart, corner Chambers aud Broadway ;
I. Dewer, corner Chamber! and Church; Syme, 03 aud 330
Bowery ; I. Wyeth, 113 Bowery ; C. King, 044 Broadway ;
Lindsay. SA Sixth Avenue ; I.Creightoli, corner t'armii.e aud
Bedford tlreelt, and li uracil's Perfumery store, 87 cmmi st ance
$1. o i l 3in
Suspension ok specie payments?th* criai*
has now arrived to tetl the merilt of the cash system, for
mwrver tattering the credit system nuv ap|x-ar ou papn;iti
'ffecU uptin iu<livi<1 uala often prove ruiuou* in the extreme,
o London and l'a.-.*, the con*uuier* have act their face again*t
t.and consequently, a number of establ ithmrnl* have -pruug up
if late year* ihat da a cash buaine** only. TIiii ha* been termed
ly Kint the Kuropeau tyitera, and liu but recently been illxoduced
into New York.
PHILLIPS, of 106 Wriliam street, does n?t claim for kinuelf
.he honor of it* introduction, but he d*ea believe tlaat he Curries
t out to a greater extent than any of hi* rivai*. K?r instance,
[hey content lhem*elve* with purchasing for coh of the jobber*,
iow he remit* fund* to Europe, to buy of the manufacturers
lirect, thereby avoiding all thoae accumulated profit* which
:nhmce the value of article* bejure they reach the customer
rhe eiten*ive patronage he ha* keen honored with, must be a
luflicteut voucher of public opi..n>u. a* to the way he rarrie*
>ut hi* axiertiou of nnxluci" tfirst rate garment, cut in a *u
lerior style and made by no but the unit finished workmen
He effict* a saving ?f3ttper ceut sin the prices charged bj
iihiki wno profess to furnish t!ie best good*, and he doe* thn
notwithstanding the *ui<eriority of In* style and elegance of hit
garment*. Phillip* will al*o warrant his coat* to be equal to
my mode in Broadway, and lie consider* them the fairest
tamiarJ by which a comparison can be instituted.
N B. ?Ail good* paid for On delivery, and no gentleman m
|*cted to take any tarments w'u?n any reasonable objection ei
ists. A call solicited at 100 William corner of John street.
TO THE LADIES?Mrs. BIKD vary resp-atfully informs
the ladies of New V?rk and females generally that
she continues to give advice and prepare hsr popular aud efficacious
mrdiciues for the various diseaie., peculiar tj femalr*.
Mr*. B. i* happy to announce that her treatment Ins given the
fullest *ali*faction to the very numer m* patients who have
relied ot her profession il abilitie* Mrs. B. has I'clt heiself I
warranted in undertaking the Very responsible office of a Female
Physician, fiom loii{ etperieucc aul pra'tire in the most
eel br ited hospital* of (Europe, from the instru<:ti?u and id
vice of emimnt medical gentlemen, and fr?m a scientific
uun> . .n uic uv ?u uui uui.iiiic Ml uic iiuinni n ame, H'.l
ig> ontoce ol witci inuat rtuder tlic uubluahiu^ pretention*
and dt-coj iiig |n!iic?si of mercenary adventurers totally u tele**
il Mil t.iK 1 imyxt imm. Hingte jd! laarrwew ladi>-? may
rely vs11h rouUdence on her *kill and maternal solicitude at a
Kcinale Phytn uii. H"We?er ditlrestiu* in iv lie tU#-ir corn
plaiuti. her m-dical NcquiremeiiU will he found adequate to
<he eng*. ty of die caw. lu >h?rl. the grounds I hit i otic* to
the Lames on the luccetiful retults of > thoro ii?h medical
education, and a ,iuit reliance oa *'the appointed mrjot" of
impartial health, tigor, and consequently happiness, to all
those who in?y honor her with tl elr coufilence.
Reside ce of Mrs. BIRD. 18 t tliver street, where she is
prtpared to accommodate Ladies on the point of c infiiienieu',
and to administer medicinei for all d se.nes to hich her ?ei
it liable. Secrtey iatioiable. j?4 3m'
D"~H SdLilMON IIMNK, M U., Ill 1'IIK lJllK.il'
it mud.
Thirteen year* ?ai I afflicted with nicer* all aver my body,
m" (Vet was ? < destroyed by them that tevtral physiciant rea
intueuded lham lobe amputated ?my throat to destroyed by
tli? disease at to be nnable to tpeak.sat or swallow food, my
tongue the tame, and myhialih otherwite io destroyed as to
make life a burtken. la fite weeks af,er my appli:ation to Or
Holoim n Heme, M. ()., No. 17* Hudson ttreet, my tore* were
heated, my health restored, and being unable to rtcocipente
auch aerticet, I fe-l tt a duty to pntilch tint itatement, not
jnly in gratitu le, but Tor the benefit ol others, ?Ko maybe
alfecUdnia uni ar manner
(S fU'd,, ABIOtIL HALL, ?70 Water iL
Sworn to i?rf.>re me, Ihit J4th da* of I'ecemser. I8t#,
Alderman ol S'veolh Ward
N. B. Hiring made application to the ald> rman of the
ward in he ..If of the ahot emrntioiied offerer, to obi tin the
gratuitous "T. ice? of Mr Salomon Heme according! In out
, f lnt aiherli-einenls. I tike i real pi a?-.r> in ta>iii?; tli-t tin
bote tlat'iii-nt i tulit .intia'ly correct, and feel it a ?,'?ty I
we lo him and lli? coniinunity to rtcoumxud all tuftering
similar ina'ndiet to apply to bin.
(Signed,) A. B HOITON,
Missionary feseath Ward.
Dr. 8. HEINK ?lf(n hie terncea a* before,'.wiihing *aly
for those ca es. wl at* eer the diseate it. though pronounccd mcur<ble
hy all oth? r physicians, and assures tl.em hat he will
furt them, thoofh irteir raae ta hop* -.t: Me.nnnes and ad
rice are bo iai*oaeeai nee or eip?u<e. He receives no cam
pens at ion (or h e tereicef or medicines until a peifect and
radical cur* ia t If acted-.
Pr. SOLOMON Hf.lN'K. M D ,
No. HI Hudaoa atreet, bet ween Canal and
j<9 Im" Detbrettei streett.
/lOAL! I'lAL! ! CIIAL :r I?reach Orchard. I
V> MiHBlwl.Onf Wl Schiijlkilt, Lehigh, fcr., frnrn tha
yard, S04 Wa?hitij'ou*t., D??r Pprm*. Rrokca and ?ere>u*d
in tha yard >nd daiiaereit fr*1 of cartage to any part of tha
till,*' the following price*:
Peach OrA'fil. Red A*h, Broken aud k.gj
do Mountain, il? do do P,QQ
do do da Nut. do 7 00
Schuylkill, lifey Aaii, Drokro ?lJ Ei;^ 7(H)
Lchtgli, do do 6.7A
Lackawana noil Bearer MeaJaw, Broken and Egg A *0
do Nut 00
N B Liverpool and Kdntf aalow aa the laweit.
IS 3m f. B. OVKftltRIT k Co.
STORATIVF. it now adinitlce lo be a rrn?d) iap?riar la
??J dlh?r It iwwtl in n?, (?f (hi dixntn wcaliar to the
It invariably Kiaorn obstruction*, r*(<iU(e a, in moat caaca,
painful, too frequent cr pr^fuac irrttatrualion, ami haa cured
the n?ai obatmaU cat** wf Fluor Al'>ua.
Dr. J. M lrrinoo, who haa practiced maalirm* arm* twenty
year* in Oneida, N. Y , *?) of if, " That it ia tha boat m<di
cine sow in u*?. In ca*? of retention or ?nppr*?*ion of the
woi'i, I flunk it will *o*taio the appellation of Spacil C. I
hart tried it in tha moat tmm with admirable ante**; and I
wiah for the ?<ke of (nlTering Femalea, that all Phytician*
would in'redue* it into their practice, at I hare found the
Pi'la fully lo anawtr their recommendation."
Phytic,ana uuirerailly (who hare given it a fair trial) tell a
imil ar atory.
For tealimonial* nf the hifheat character from Pkyaiciaaa
and other r**pectable individuate, aee pamphlet, which may he
had gmtii of all who eell the Medicine. See alto adtcrtiac
men'a in the New York Tattler >nd Signal
REYNOLDS k P \ AMELY, Proprietor*
Fitn'ord. Mu'iroe t n. N, Y.
FOR SALE in Ihia city at i? Falton ?tre-t. corner of
Ooldj 100 F'lltoii. ewi.rr of William ?l, (41, 04.1 >d 771
Broadway; 10^ Siith A<enne; 90S (lreenwi?h ; IMCimI.
enrprr of Lanrrna ?t?.; SM (Iniid at, e,,mer of Laaiit. ll/7
Hud*..u *t., corner of Spring; 104 Cherry *L
Foe ?te a* ahore. Ret. J COVIBT'B DA LM CP
LIKE, wH h ia an hi(My recommended by the pli}?ician? acd
other, aa a rrnt'dy for COUd 1S. TOLD*. CO.NSUMP
1 ION. BRPNt HITIS. and all ilia?a?e* of ?ha Lan** atij
Windj.ipe. See circular* containing tei'itw'nuli of the hi|heat
r?|iectahility, which em b? had g-ati* ** nSaee nIA '*n*
BUS I UN < h At KKM BAKErtV - William Bond 00 t)r*h
ard at reel near (ir&nd, woailil inform the paihlic t\*it ht
manufacture* the Beirut. aoft aod hard cracker* in a *u|>?r?or
atyle. (the only place th?y ar* mad' in ?he eii* ) likeniae B.?t
tar ai'.l Hucar cracker*. Soda and Milk Bi*cnai,at>d Fil.it hrea
riVi.viE ItKER F??K "*ALK f?? IVer. male ai,<l t1
mula, perfectly doaile, tc he d? p?*et! of. Apply at 113 |
^<t?r flintl, np-iUin. ^all It'
v ^1
N*. MV
JB. IK WIN k. Co., Member! of the Royal Col lee* of
Surge out, Loudon, continue to be consulted on delicate
Jiteuet iu all their various staiee, at their itlhce, 'i04i Kultoa
rtreet, where, from the chin modi om* arrangement of their room
[M-rtoni Uborioc uuder delicate complaint* can be treated with
secrecy and safety.
J. b. Irwin It Co. pledge themselves that in all cases of the
moat violent venereal, which hare hitherto faHeu uuder thaur
uotice. their treatment without mercury has beeu moet suesesiful
and tpeedy. T'?ey need not by certificate*, direct the
public atteution to their superior practice iu those diseases, aa
'.heir reputation in tliii city it well known and respected by
all who had occasion to coufide lu their honor. It is strongly
rvcoinmeuded lo IVmale* who are in the habit of Maine their
Deobstruent PiH?, tlmt uo more tlnu two should be taken on
ny occasion, aa more might produce effect* which the*e who
would be mother* are deiirnm avoid. A preventative can
be h>ul?recent c*?e? cured iu two days. Th?ae who hare injured
tlisiiiaelvea by a *ecrtt mid destructive kabit, can obtain
relief. (Solvent security l> all that will be required until a
eare ?haII be effected. Letter*, post paid, detailing the nature
of the complaint, aud covering a suitable lee, will be ! Mediately
attended to, and medicine*, with lull direction*, forwarded
to the partie*. j?6 1 m*
IiNUlA Hl'libh.K STORK, ?0 Chatham ?treet, New York
Hutchinion & OmssanoNK have opened the ahove eatablikhmeiit
with a iplendid ai*ortioent of Imlin Rubber Oood*,
vii: Ludir* India Rubber Shoe* with leatl er - >le*j Geatlemeu'*
Over Hkoe* with do , L'fe Preservers, l.eggin*, Long
Boot*, India Rubber cloth for carriage top*, and a variety of
other article*. The*e ihoe* are imperviou* to water, and
much superior to the old kind of rubber*, being equally a* neat
in their appearaace aa raerccea or hid. Term* very libera1,
both to wholesale dealer* and retail purchateri. Order* reeeiv
ed at the store, oral the factory in New Bruuawick.
Or#- A11 kind* of uncurreut mouey liken in trade.
jafl lin* New Brunawick, N.J.
Forty Years Experience ?n various climate*?Twenty-four
years established in this city?Ntithar
Quackery nor Imposition.
No. 12, Peck Slip, New York.
DR. J. KVAN1 continue* to be noaiullr.. caufideotlaUy
in all V*** * * I case*, mercurial and eUr?n?c dleordert,
where the i.ioat improved practice, ?be molt expediltooa MKS
mild treatment may be depended on. To prevent raUtaaea,
be particular u> find No. 12 Prca Slip.
Uir~-va'? Box, ?-.cmlaining a complete plan ?( medicine for
pvory lormof the disease,can be procured ?s above, and nerd
withoutexpriaii.t the patieru They will be tent te order te
&nv pa-ttif the Cniten State*.
AI?o. a preventive remedy ngainM that may be
lull* relied on.
All letter*, post iiaid, and describing thecaae, and eneioaing
r*a*onable fee, will have the remedy and direction* aent te or
tier. Attendance daily, until 9 o'clock in the evearng.
The Offices air1 trances are well arranged and wan;
may be dependedl
No connection tflCii any otnor oftct in or out of tfccaity.
nil s No. 13 Pock Slip,If.T.
over'itff Drug Stores in the city of NEW TOUK. O:
the miserable druggists ! who shall prevent the (corn of th?
world from m.king you despised and rejected of your follow
iaon Y
It is deeply to be lamented, for the sake of public morals,
that justice and mrrry to those who might be deceived compels
me to publish the following:
Public W?r-<ino ?The Druggist who keeps a Store at
BOWERY, west side of the Cowery -nd north Side of Houstoo
street,sells a couuterfeit of inv Pills.
It i? endeavored by using Show Bills very similar to miae to
deceive the unwary pirltou of toe public into the belief that
it is my tore, and lliut take the hard earuiugs of the poor for
ihat which is more likely to injure thaa benefit, for if Iho
Counterfeit that is s?ld at the kbove store is iudeed a goo4
laediciue, w y should it require iny uame to make it sollt?
The conclusion is tnat it is made to injure. Why made to
injure 7 some one ask?. To destroy the hij-i character of iho
genuine rnedisiue. This Dructist is very careful that Ins infamy
should be well observed, for Ur nhi its no laas thaa
three sigut that he li s lirtnerelk's Pills for sale?all which
are ouly tnree stall ineo s that h? considers honor and hoaosty
perfectly aseless But I cau tell him that the moral guilt of a
seller of Couuterfeit Medicine i? preater than tliat ol" a paaeer
-r .?r... H Tk.1.11.. ...1^1.1^1. ik. auiri Kan
oratile or the two. He ttaudt a ihun of ueing wnt la Am
RUIc I'riaou for l?i y??ri,biit jour *ellerof Counterfeit Medicmi
? nowa you c-?a milv bring fur notion for damagea, nod a*
the teller* of Counterfeit inrdicinaa hate taldom i ny thing to
low, they cannot poatibly be mad* to pay. T> ry conform itw
old iu e.that out af natliiup nothing can be obtained.
My office 10 the Bowery i? a f'-n door* iouth of thu unhluahlog
taller of Counterfeit Braadreth'* Pill*. Pnrchae* thcui at
my office,which i? Ttt Bawcry, between Print* and Honilaa
tract*. And u you ralue your health, aeter |o to a druggul'*
tore when you want Braadreth'i Pill*.
I hare otter known any who hare need the tlenuine PtlU,
but that wa* aatiafied thry were tha bed nei iciM they bad
rrer u*ed. If it were nat far counterfeiting knave*. them U
but little doubt bu' long before thu time th<y would hare taken
the place of nil other purgatf > iredieiret. A* it M, they
are iu a fair way to bttotne < , aad it depeadt with tha Judici'<u?
Public whether I ahall We secured la myjaat right*.
The Public'* obedient (arrant,
B. Bit \NUKKTH, M D.,341 Broadway.
941 Broadway, U7SBowery, 1*6 Hudson it., being my awn
affieei th? PilU pure hated llicre can be relied upon at th? traa
and ceauine. B. BRANDRKTH, M. D. d#?odlm
DM. LlfsAtit.'l* ?."?.CIHC FoH it'Ei KKT MALADIES.?The
above remedy, for the im -t dmretting; diteate
incidta1 to the human rate, originated from the enlighttntd
mind of the eaiineut Le Sage, the promnlgatioa aad IUCceii
of which, throaglout the kingd m of Franca and Italy,
li addej honor t>> the highly honored lame of tl.e Inetnlot.
The tufferer it rrrtored to hit untal health, without delay or
incouvenienee. The aerret h?? hitherto beeu confined to
Krauce and Italy. It h >? recently l>eeu introduced, byway of
New Orleans o the American pafcic.
It ii particularly reran m>uded ta tea fairing men, a? ?tmtaimtig
no portion af Me ourv, whereby ?o many hare been
doable ! from nervice. Tlta Etadicalor it found to git* immediate
relief to ll ore afflicted with tincture* aad di*ea*e* of
the proatrate gland.
An >dy ne Liniaii nt, price 117 cent*. Thi* Liniment ha* beea
iited for upwardi of twenty year*, and prove* to hate been an
effectual remrdy la a multitude of painful affection*; a* f'hroo
ic'Uhet,malum, pi tin*, bruitet, cramp*, ttiffn'** of th? joint*,
ora throat* Owing l? the num< toui imilatmnt that are in
circulation the grnuine will herra'ter be aigned on the outaida
of the battle, by .Saih?aie.l Howard, 114 Brn'cl ttreet, B aton,
the proprietor, in hi>o?n hand writing -in New York, by A.
B. k U Bind*, 79 anil IIM Fulton afreet. A. H. King.44 Broadway;
A. Merlin,corner Pearl aad Certre. aad by Dr. Fmbrea,
77 K??t Broadway, principal agrat?in Philndelph'a, J. P. W.
Naill, ]M, id (treat, principal ag'Bl, J. K. Knorr*? earner
I Cotla an I Mecond; l.r Jayne, JO, SI aireet. J.J Martia, coeaer
*|kiii| Oardeu and t;h tircel. Dr Hi iff, (outh td aireet. t
ja7 ?*4 Im*
r ?.leiy imported for the u*e of inralid* and onn xt??nr?
? In confluence of the hilherta nlinott iaa iperable
di'Ucnl'yof abtaiaiug in thu Country the finett qnltietof
Port w.ne, in the *ana gei nine alate aa produced from ttaa
?i?n in 'h* ditlrict of the Alto D iuro, la Portugal, Maaar*.
Oabvra, Brothar*, of Oporto, will continv* to eiport tha
I above article. ia rate* of one doseneacb, bottled ta Oporto,
and ') pr'?*ot un ki itiuo in any quarter, the corn of eeery
bottle will be marked on the inn. r part, with Uc bfui of the
Hoik*, 'OHBORN
bv w!,ifS rr ?*r,? thote partie* who think it worth while to
obtain port miJ unaJnlteriied Tort Wim, (in olten
iu tickne??, for the pre*er?ett?n of life ittelf,) may depend
upon purh?*i*j an article parr it run* fraa the w ii>e
pr M. and of the *?ry choicest quality that nature M < apaMe
of JToillClOg
Red Port ?fth? ea'raordinary na( <r? of l**4.
Whit* Mala e* Port Jo ?image ISM Hold br
j*4?-n- WVI KO'T kV H VMSKR. 87 W?U et^
Mkom al < \HI) -nil CAXfKNTra, y?. ? Pee*
Slip, New Tot*. U?r?? it proper CCCaionetly to riwn<
-he public that he ceotinaee to adirm later to the afflicted at ha
?<1 nliMiiM IV?pea'?ry
To a raft nan her of the citiecn* of the* metropolis he neede
mi herald* to aiwo'tic* hi? victory o?*r fit vase, i* it( taoat coraCliratei!
and dotruetire forme nor ooet ne deem it maternal t
r Very ?p-. ht n etiameratMlf the Damn of the tanoaa maltli'?
to which mankind and womankind are atibject.
To < r??r'" he bef* I .ate troat reejierlfiilly to rtnark. that
e t.idhwi hi" aelf t" office practict, and derot** himeelf per
jialljr to th? welfare of hi< patient*. heepe r.o e**i*tantee*
hop Niya, and haa aepnrate often for t*>e privacy of patieata,
*li tart new come in contact.
Or. nrpcnfer would and thai be ta rrtulerlj edi.-ected te the
r>" ??aton of r?.e:licioe and "tn?ry, aixJ rrenred bie diploma
.K (i* year IM1, .if the New York State Medical Rocfetj
'~"ad ?? t e hifhlt teaperted ami ai'ich lamented John R. s.
Potp'ri, ' !. 0., a* Frriidcnt and that he haa fore lone aerice at
e i .Ier? ted hitia. If to the Uwatiueel and ntt of all delicti*
lut privr.tc diecaai-a
If i,?artj t 'ir'y y?wr* aaw?!?o?* aad ar 'o?i* applicative to
the dnti- cf toe medical pt?if??-ioo. and Mnetant familiarity
wit'.i every ?'?fe ad variety tf p -rtunlar^ljai ?f dieaeea,
ided by a eolle ;ia*? *nl rej .lar mnlical education, ectitle the
prac'itio-tir t? ana pvef?rn?ce net Un were tyro id the profcc>io?.
Doctor t arj>rrlerdeema it r nantrnt and proper to direct
>c att< nfflon ?f a di*ee- a? p?l ? the inference of the eoa(cn'.n,
and aa inreet,i?t... I atk 1 aiaa.
Chcr??e reav.oa! ? i<: ?!T?ctucl tan, in all eaeae
[ rear an tend fcepara*e aLi pnrne t ?cce?Paticnte can neve*
ome in roi tact
Be p-rt" filar '.h# auate?- 4 ftck Wip.iettr Tewl atreet.
el ? DR CAJtreXTKR,

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