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( ailed Miain Circuit Court.
Before Judge Betta.
The U. S r? If H Bridgens.?In thii case, the
court decided that the indictment could not be austained.
1 he lawn of the U S. had not made it penal
to forge aixjiany nieces, although the revived statntes
or the State or New York had. The defendant
was, therefore, diacharged.
Uenrral Neuioua.
January 15?Alexander Doyle waa tried for
robbing the stable of Eli Hart, in Bond street. The
jury found Alek guilty, and he was remanded to the
tornba, to a* ait hi a trial for a grand larceny.
Edward Morgan, the house and night porter of
the City Hotel, waa put on hi> trial for assaulting
one Frank Donnelly, a hack driver, with a sword.
It appeared that the complainant and some others
who termed themselves " the better class of hack
drivers," went to the City Hotel, on the occasion
of a military ball, given by the National Guards,
and, vi el armia, took possession of the hall of the
> house, where they mad# themselves quite cozey by
the tide of the stove. This intrusion would not have
been objected to by the proprietors if these aristocratic
sons of Jehu had behaved themselves, but
whenever a military hero came down stairs, ready
to brave the lury of the snow storm, "with only Ins
martial cloak ar?und him, ' the Jehus, by the stove,
would first pester him to know, " it he wanted a
hack 1 ' and on receiving a negative, or no answer
at all, they would taunt him with such ' better class"
observations, aa " tailor's apprentice in borrowed
plumes," "a barber s clerk with his fancy woman,"
"a poor devil that cannot pay for a ride " lets his
? \\a m *?' * ft\m want e\f a iln'.lur '' I
tera The barkeeper remonstrated witli the hack j
men, but the latter stood upon the rights of the aria* I
tocracy of the whip, and at length they were told to 1
leave the house. This they refused to do point |
blank, and at length the accused and some of the
servants were summoned to put them nut by force,
when a regular fight endued, in which the sons of
Jehu used their whips pretty liberally, and the
servants of the hotel defended theius Ives with any
weapons they could lav hold on. Morgan kept a i
sword in Ins room, to kill the ra's which infested
the houtc, and he used that weapon until he cleared i
the passage of the hotel. In the melee Donnelly received
a blow on the head.
Mr. Gardener, oae of the proprietors of the hotel,
proved that th^ accused had received great injuries
on the night of the aff ray. That his life would probably
have been sacrificed by the hackmen, if the
watch had not interfered, and that he had been in
ill health ever since.
The jury acquitted Morgan without leaving their
Thomas E. Gage, a medical practitioner, was put
to the bar, to taice his trial for manslaughter in the
second degree. The following is the law which the
District Attorney relied on for the conviction of
tbeaccused : ?
" Kvery p-rion wlio ohitll administer to any woman preg
aant with a ijuick child, any medicine, drui;, or aiibatsnce wt atever,or
shall use, or employ any iustrune.it, or olUer means,
with intent thereby to destroy said cliild, unlet the tame
hall have been uecexary to preserve the life of auch mother,
or ahall have been advised bv two pi ysiciaut to be ueceasary
I*r such purpose, shall, in esse of the death of such child, or
s'ich mother, be thereby produced, be deemed guilty of mailslsufhter
in the >econ I degree."?Kevited Statute*, vol. 'j,
page 3y>.?Stcond Kditiou.
This case was progressing when the court adjourned.
Miircial MeMl.ius.
Jan. 14.?Joseph Kobertson was found guilty of
petty larceny, and sentence suspended until Saturday
Ma y Ann Hopp, a loaferess, was convicted of
stealing a key, for which offence Mary was put behind
the lock until Saturday next.
Ann Loder was found guilty of stealing a clonk, and
eat to the tombs to keep Alary * company.
John Sweeney, a dock Ijater, wan convicted of running
away with a hawser. City prison until Saturday.
Sal Farrcl wa? found guilty of treating Johanna
Kelsey to a " cold duck forsupper." i. e. Sal having
a grudge against Johanna, watched in a dark crrner
until the waa coming home in her best hall drem. and
then Sal le her enemy have lUe pail of water from
top to toe. The eourt let Jsal off on her promising
not to treat any body to ? cold duck'' again.
John Williams, convicted last Friday, wai adjudged
t* the penitentiary for threw month*. The
aaaoe loafer wai alto, for another oft'enee, adjudged to
the six months
John Rogers, for an assault and battery, was fined
Harvey Place, for a like offence, was adjudged to
the tomb* until Saturday.
Monona Hart was fined six centi, and discharged.
Poller OHire.
Jaif. 14.?A Nice Young Man.? One of these incipient
debauchees, wno haunt the punch rooms of the
third tiers, made hi* b nv to Justice Hloodgood yesterday
morning, minus hi* coat and ve*t, and began to
teM a piteou* talc of how he was beguiled to a naughty
Mouse?how bis garments were ruthlessly torn from j
hi* grasp, .ind how i-e was despoiled of his pocket :
book, containing many valuable documents, and
bout twenty dollars in note*, by the naughty women
that inhabit the naughty htuse which is located at
184 Chnr.'h street. Of course the worthy magistrate
had a feelinz f?r the *iitferitigs of such a nice young
mm, and ha forthwith dispatched twool his trustiest i
indefatigable* to arrest all the naughty damsel* that
could be f >und at No. 184. Well, the indefatigable*
returned with seven pettirouted being* in cu?t dy? I
three the veriest dmbs that ever went with holes in
their hose; three tolerably decent, and aitired in long
ahawU and green curtains to their head gear; u h.l.l
the seventh, who presided over the establishment nt
No. 181, was of a ?taid, motherly appearance, with a
portly gait, and her person h ibited in a close bonnet )
K ..... 1.... . r. .1 n..,M ??.i ..f..ll.. i i I
wt WVH MMM IMUIIf nil tKKIUIIJ t IM ( M'|'? U III j
au enormnui plaid shawl. These specimens of the
aofter part of our species having been introduced
into the private rooiu.(hedelicate investigation com.
It ai>p ared that the name of tho nice young man ;
wan H<*nry lay lor; we are ?orry that hi? where-1
'about did not transpire; that on the pre.ioim night
he picked np two of the drain, named Kmiim Scott
and Mary Mall. and accompanied them to the establiahmtnt
of the motherly looking woman at No. 18-1.
These drabbish looking nymphs had a fhrewd suspicion
that the nice youhg man * pocket* were in
that ?tat? whirli the learned nay that nature despises,
?.*. there existed a "vacuum there." Thi* drabs
communicated their suspicions first to Mistress
JVIitrhell, the motherly looking lady before detcrib- |
ed and the told the third drab, whose name was Ann
(ireen. Now Ann w?? not exactly green, though |
her parents cave her that na'ite, and she took the {
met younr nian up to the room, and told him that
before he went to bed with her, he must give her a !
idedge, at she mver took the word of any man ? !
The nice young man begged Miat Ann woul 1 wait
till the rooming, and he would behave like a gentle- j
man. l.'ut Ann put her tkumk to her nose and pro- i
flounced the awful words, no go." So the nice '
young man gave Ann his vest, anA the took the gar>
mrnt down <o the motherly lad v. Well, the latter
turned over the garment, and then she said i was
not worth n tinkered?, In this dilemma the nic?
y>u? j man's coat f und it* way into the clutches of i
the motherly lady ; and al length, a muss was got np.
in which the nice young man broke the bedstead, in |
Ann (ireen s room, aad in the morning cau.e off to the i
Police to m. k his complaint.
The officers ?*a ed that they foand the coat and the j
vest, but as to money or valuable papers, why they
were neither hrrr, nor thrrf. The worthy magistrate j
being lull of virtu us indignation, *?nt the thr?e
urao*, injcrmer with the thre* nyinph? with irreen 1
eurtaini to their he id fur, alnnt with thr motherly
looking lady all t" the torubi, ulier? the? will *tay, |
until liberated in due cnnne of hihrai cnriiui law,
by hi* Horn rtbr Recorder.
&*<?/>?At Naahrillf, on the l?t mat., the mow
wii ?me inch** deep. I liey had mow in Natchez
on New Year'a e??, and the cold ?a< nm<t (evert.
Mutate - O r.lnn I). B'tyd ha< not killed the Marshal
of Miiaiaaippi7Virtt
in Minouri ?Wolf aralpa and conn akina
arc fa ? !?. d for t*xe* in MlWWl.
4-.)lk IKWAHI) l.oti, l> * WILDKi fc'n.<?? ?,
fl * lated \r w V fk, Orl le.1 *1 ^ m< ii1 U* |?*y <
V>11 at th? Ve?'hm >ea* B* 1%. in '* Of of He?o t. c It
Co fir MM \ f W. fc f. Ori?w<n'? Ml, <*< ??) H in
Hurgli, Mich .An? 9lh IMt?. ?' on -amnrl < r?.?. n,? f
hi til*, ikli or ot n?*oC Ham:> Ii t'o, aec< pl'il a?il pro
t*?teil f,>r Mn pumnt, fur $747 4" r?al? ; al?o, f. W. It f,
M oa'l deaf'. JitW Hamburgh, Mich. A?t lili, 1S3W. at 4
m ,iha i h Hamuli Oriavin, in f<mr of aatne, accrpi??l ainl
prot??ir<l for no? pajio-nt. for #717 Mrenta.
1 h- ?b mc w?rr < bcI'mkI in a le t?r ilir?et? il to William" St
Trt? f jch, of IMroit. M>rh. an?* all hfing paat line, *r? ?f m
*? lo miy p?rtnn hat tin aa^aerihera. Any p*i*nn hariag
foanj the .ame,hy rMimmt th*m through the I'.-at Office, or
*?lli? niSf -riVrr*. Na. 174 Pearl atraet, will recede the al>o??
|*I4 Iw* Kt'.VO C. HAM'!'. Jc' O.
Expedition fur Lead.?The United fetmtei geologist,
Dr. Owei, ban discoreied in the lead region at
the west some valutble raises. It appeals that they
have succeeded in making sixteen in* discoveries
of lead, where no diggings have heretofore been
attempted, some of them exceedingly rich and pure.
niKHI l.
Wrdataday, Jhm. I2 -0, PThe
downward teudency of prices at ill continues. Delaware
It Hudson declined } per cent; Harlem 1 per cent; Mohawk
1 per cent) New Jersey Railroad } per cent; Caatou }
per cent; Narth American Trust and Ba'jkin^ Company 3 per
cruL There were sales of Cerporadoa Bonds to the extant
of $18,000, at 14 a If diacouit. Bills on Philadelphia ware told
at GJ per ccut, which ii an improvement. In sterling billa
there is uolhiug dome.
The Bank of Charleston hat declared a dividend of 4 per ct.
for the half year. Bank of South. Caroliua, $1.60 per share.
Uni^u Bauk of 8. C. $1.60 per share. Slate Bank $3.50 per
A wettern piper gives tha following as the retu.as of the
Farmers' fiauk of Seneca County. It is uot, however, official.
Stale Stocks deposited with Comptroller, $71,000
Bunds and Mortgages, 19,634
Total Heposites, $90,634
Bills received from Comptroller, 06,84?
Balance with Comptroller, $J3.8i'7
D A 1 u ? 1_ ll~_L SK 111)11
Specie, 1'2,600
Stocks, Bonds, kc. $90 414
By this it apoears that the Comptroller hoid? scarcely sufficient
tecurity to cover the legitimate bills ltsued by him, in
the constantly falling state of the marked.
The return is v*ry imperfect, however. Tile item,*' bond*,
&c probably repretentt the amount cf pott uotet and
certificates of depnite issued by the concern, for which they
show bonds and mortgage*, of the real value of which it is
ia possible to judge, but they are worth nothiug ai a banking
One of I e directors of the Schuylkill Bank has stopped
payment, under circumstances lint excite such indignation.
It is stated thet he purchased a large quantity of molasses
ia Kliode Island, giviug Mr. Levis as endorser, and the sellers
grasp a shadow. It is rumored that upwards of $40,000 in the
post notes of the Schu) Ik ill Bank hare arrived in Phila'el
phi* for c?lle?tiou fioin Kentucky, and not the slightest
notice of their issue is found on the books of the Bank.
The position of affairs in the Pennsylvania Legislature,
with regard to the banks, it now a subject of much iatereit in
financial circlet, both here and ia Philadelphia. Many enter,
tain the opinion that Mr. Penniaian't resolution, compelling
the b'?L.kt to returns on the 1st February next, will pan. Taking
iuto view the ttrong anti bank feeling in tke lewer house,
and the fate of the election for printer, it it not improbable.
The printer, who wat the editor of a papir, lost hit election
brcau.e he had advocated Governor Porter's views ta regard
to the aanks; he is also a canal commissioner, and as such
approved by the Governor. This indicates the state of affairs
| iu the House; but in the Senate, a change of three votes wil'
I deleai me measure, ain. me uuvcruor 3 muiience w m uuaiujiedly
be exerted in favor of (he banks. The tune of the Goveruor't
me sage, united v;ith tiis recent net!, fully prove that he
if inclined toward* the United States Bank. Although it it
notorious to all that the intluenc* of the United Statu atid
Girard Bank) wai the cauie of the suspension of the other
bank*; yet Hie menage contaius not cue word of allution to
the affairs of thote concerns, but recommend' the >ale of the
stock owned by the state iu the Farmers' aud Mechanics', Phi
ladelphii, and Penns)lvania Banks, which iMstitutions are
amply able t? meet their liabilities. Again, it will be recollected,
that, in Novctnbrr last, the treasurer addressed a note
to one of the banks, declining to reccive the dividend in any
tiro; bat tpecir; at the same ti ne, they received from the
Uuited states Bank, in payment of a loan made in Angust,
three months previous, aid remitted to Mr. Jaudon in Loudon,
the bills of that bank, which were deprtciated ten per
cent. This !ra??aetu n is not alluded to at all in the mrssace;
the gaveruor being desiroas, no doubt, of cloaking over the
mismanagement by which he delivered $2,003,000 of the state
s'ock to sustain the credit of an institution which stopped
paymeut before settling for it.i
These facts are daily mcreasin; the oppositioa to the Governor's
recommendations, and alto the anti bank fetling.
I The eiplotion of the Vicktburg B ink hat increased the diitrutt
; of .thit (tack and Iht Sloniugton the Uirard Bank
hat $3,000,000, her own capital oeing $5,000,000; lliey a?a alto
creditor* to Ih* Viaktbu g for f M 0 UOO. The ViahtWurj; o wet
tli? United 9i*l?t Bank $1,300 000, ill additiou t? which the
United Statet Bank hold* #,00 ) thare* of their ttock. on which
the advanced at $75 at a tine when the ttock wat telling at
80 a 81. The amount ?f the indebted! ert of ihe bank to the
two iaitilutiout it near $4,376,000 The inveitigating com.
i a.ttee recently valued Ihe Vicktburg flack held by the Uirard
at $20, aad thou'd the failure be confirmed, the Ion will be imir?:i?e.
The debit owing by the fall >winf corapanirt to liie
United State* Bank :?
Morrit Caual k Banking Ca. (leorgia Rank.
Ne ? Orleaut Ou Bank, Mobile tulTereri,
NatcSei Bank, HHMtHi
Vicktburgh, Danrille fc Polttville RR
Elinyra R R, Litt'e Pu<quehaDua,
Tide Waltr Canal Company, Mitntti|>|ii Bondt,
?amounting to nearly $17,000,000. The great depreciation
which hat taken place in tliate tactiriliet, and the fata of the
Vicktburg Bmk, hat by no meant tended to increate confidence
in tha eolvcucy of thata coneetui. Tha oilier Bank* of
The Commercial Bank, Farm*r*'li Mechanic*'
Philadelphia do North America,
Northern Liberliea, Kriitinglon,
Mc)amea?ing, Houthnarl*,
Peun Tawnthip, Mrchamc*',
Gar town,
?enjoy, in a great degre*, the confidence of the pablic
in their ability to retaina tpacia pavmenti. and the fact
that the influence of Ilia Unite* Stale* Beuk and Uirard
Bmk prevent! them from to doing, mcreatei the odium atlaclied
lu thote imlilutioui.
At toaie index to the great depreciation in funded property
during t'ie patt year, we have compiled tha following labia of
ttock talr* at the New York board of broken, durmg the pait
Palest or the le?dins (TocEt i* the New Yoke mar.
Kit ihioduhoVT the rut rill.
Mareh M,'r- Ju,'r- S?P'- NoT-J|e407
tin R.nb IM IIA II* 11 a ina u "
N. Am T.AB. 96 W 86 77 64 83 SI
Dry Dock, l<>3 109 106 91 87 64 00
Paean mob, U'4 104 104 #9 17 86 8?
l>?l. h HuJaoii, 77 79 80 87 67 64 71
Mech.Bk. Ae*. (.? ?l 87 ?0 7f 67 94
Mohawk, 69 64 64 68 67 44 63
Bo.t fcProv. 107 104 107 107 100 "3 ]V4
.N.J. K. R. 108 1"3 103 98 *9 74 M
Pateraon, 8J 63 64 07 *3 Hi 46
Harlea, 6i 63 60 47 48 31 47
Colli oa C*. A3 4 J 46 36 36 34 30
Moningtwn, -6 39 34 36 94 14 16
Am. L. A y. 130 103 99 78 ? ? ?
Viekiburg, 77 76 61 37 9# 33 6
Ohio 6 *, 106 193 106 10* 97 90 86
The?e (luck* represent a capital of fWOtX'.tHW
Oa which ihe average depreciation in 41 per cl. or 3J,nOO,UOO
Balanre, $38 000,000
Thi* Iom, large a* it form* b it a amall item in the ag^re
gala depreciation which property of all kinda hat undergone,
and hear* a limilar proportion to th?t which mull yet take
place. We Aid Ohio6 perct. aUte a tuck a?!d currently in the
market one )ear mice at 6 per ceil, premium, and now ia <iull
at 16 per cent. I'iecount , and yet Ohio dock itanda neit tv
New Ycrk on the lilt, and ia one of the heat iiiveilment* for
capital which could be made. The revenue* of Ohio are
mora than auflWieiit to meat Ih* intereat, and Iheuliimate
payment i? p ovided f.?r by taaation. Thi* ia alio the caae
itilh Indiana, atiu the intereat of both theae date* ia uniformly
paid in apeiie.no m itt?-r whit may he the etpenae? )et ludiana
atocka aell at 63. When, therefore, undoubted itockaof thia
nature are *<* aacrilited, it need eicite no *urp.*i*r that non
dmdend paying iloch*, of doubtful character, ali?nld depreciate
in nominal price*.
The U. 8. Baik h*a been the grand centre around which
thrae aecuritiea have rallied, and Iheir continued fall and ac
ciimmatiiig weigh), added to "71 amanagemeut at home, clogged
her rnirrme'ita afcroad and pre?ipitat< d her inaalveiii >. The
eon. ition in which the wa* placed appear* to haae been w II
nderatflod ah'oad. Nothing but the aupericr tkill ai>d active
eaerlion of Mr. J*u Ion could haae carried her through thua far
Theae have won for thai gentleman the admiration and rrapect
of all thoae abroad connected with Ameruan aCair*. if an)
Hung can rector* the public confidence in the bank, and retrieve
her ,fTaira, or preloi g the cataatrophe. it will be th*
return of Mr. Jand?n lo lake charge ol the hank at home. Hia
eiertionant the head nf the institution, unit d with the effort* i
of all thoee Interested in the welfare of the bank, both in the I
flute of I ennaylvama and in Rurupe, will de much to aave the I
*tockhoM?r* from further lo?*.
Bmltm the Slack Bxckaage.
$M00 Corp'o bead* j aw M| M do Dtl k Had beod. 70
*000 d? W) Udo do. ?30d? 69
700 do 9s} 60 do do ttfOdt 00
S<>00 do nw !(?i 60 do do 6?t
ftOOO do 11* 98} 60 do do 89
3000 do 'uw 9*} 60 d* do tw 69}
60 ?liare? U3i5k ?4uit HI.J 60 do do uw 99}
*0 do do ii|0d* 04 100 do do 001
A* do do >3ud? ?4} 60 do do nw #94
AO do do. ?00d> S2$ 133 do Mecliauici Bk 94
AO do do 84i 26 do l'heun ?30d? 79j
60 do do 84| 100 da do W)
AO do lo 64f -J6 do Am Ks Bk ?30d? 81
26 do do in* 841 10 do Merch Ex Bk 103
AA doNATrustkBkyCo 4 i 05 do Bk of Coin ?cri|i 9"}
100 do de 41 8 do Ohio L k T 80
30 do do 4i 26 do do tw 80
AO do do 41 60 do Vickt Com & HK
AO do . do NW 41 a30di 1A
60 do do uw 41 10 do Eagle Kire
36 do do uw 41 30 do Merch Ex Co 40
AO do do 40* 25 do Harlem UK 48J
AO do do 41 60 do do tw 40)
AO d? do b30d? 41 60 do do 48j
26 do do 40} 60 do do 4H]
AO do do ?30J| 41 36 do do 4#}
76 do do 40) 60 do do nw 4tii|
AO do do bsdi 41 160 do do Ad]
AO -.0 do b3ds 41 60 do do nw 4<tJ
25 do do 41 60 do d? uw 4d}
AO do do 41 15 Mohawk 1<R 6ii
74 do do 4' 1 60 do New Jtetey RR 81)
S7 do Del Si Hud tw 09j 100 do do bl4d? 80
60 do uo b IA in 69) 46 do Stoniugton KR 17
60 dj do blAds 69} 60 do Long Island Rll 61
AO do do [blodi 09} 2C do SyracdHkU R 1074
A" do do 80} 10 do Canton Co 29}
35 do do slid! 69} 40 do do 29}
COK\?N?; IHatU D-ollli' NKWN,
Port ?f Hew Yorli, Junuai y 10.
Faekvto l? lrriY*>> I Pachfin to l)rpai i.
Quebec, Hebard, Dec 10 i Gladiator, Britton, Jan 20
B. Quetu, (s) R'erts, Jan 1 I Mediator, Champliu, Keb 1
LUKitrooL | i.ivKnronL.
Eurwpe, Marshall, Dec 19 | <'o!umbn\ Cropper, Jan. 19
HAVRk'. . | Sheridan, Depeyster, Jaa JS
V. He Lyon, at Bermuda, rep'g | havhk.
Burgnndy, Line*, Dec ! | L?uis Philippe,Caitoff, J<4) 16
Erie. I'unck, Dec 24 ' Poland, Anthony, J.iji "J4
| Chas Carroll, Hussell, Feb 1
Clinton, I von*. Savannah; Harjiet, Hooper, Rio Janeiro
and a uikt, W 11 Robertson; Slotto. Forbes, St Croix and St
Tlionu, W W I'ratt; Gallon, Chadwitk, St Joseph, Ha;
Cuba, Latham, Rio Janeire, J Often.
Packet (hip (J trrick, Palmer, fin Liverpool, 10th Dec, mdx
to K K Collius Si Co.
Ship Scotland, Robinson. from Liverpool, Dec 11, rndi to R
it D M Dyson.
Ship Anson, Sinclair, 13 d? fin Charleston, with cotton, he
to G dutlou.
8lup Lewis Casi, Hawley, IS days fm Mobile, cotton, &.C to
Sturges St Cleartnan.
Ship Trcscott, Lindsay, S3 ds fin Bio Janeiro, coffee, <ko to
Holfwid, Braucker U Co. The T was bearded on the 14th, off
Barnegut, by pilot boat Jame- / veryBrig
( iroline E Piatt, Itice, 9 dt fm WilmingtoD, NC, with
cation, 8tc to Joho Onden.
Brig Nancy Jane, Benedict, 8 days fr a Wilmington, mdz to
Depeyster & Whitman!)
Brig Moses, Lovtlaud 7 ds fm Charleston, cotton, Stc to G
Bi ig Tallas, EUachard, 21 ds fm St Thoma?, mdi to Aymar
& r.n.
Brig Relief, Stout, 15 ds from St Maryt, E F, timber, 8tc to
Nesmith &Ltedt.
Schr Pelwn, Mason,30 dt Tin Tubmen, logwood, be to Howland
& Atpinwall.
Scl.r Hereine, Van Diner, 9 dt fa Jacksonville, KK, wood,
he to capt.
Schr J W Kemptou, Bedell, 4 ds fin Norfolk, mdz to Stur get
& Clearman.
Sclir Two Brother', S dt fm Virginia, oysters.
Schr C E Thoru, Saulord,6 J? fm Wtlmiugton, NC, Brown
Ik Porter
Schr Thaddeat, Stuirt, & dt fin Baltimore, mJz to Sturget It
Auburn, Durfey, NOrleant; Amelia Strong, Dudley, Darien;
Henry, (.'oil, Georgetown; Cordelia, Sherwood, Apjlachicola,
and jinert.
The W S Pigott, Bennett, f>r New York, weut ashore in a
late gale at Elizabeth City, NC.
Spoken 4th ius*. lat 'JU 45, Ion 77 19, fell in with the wreck
of herin. brig Aligeiiue, of New York, wilh l"st o( fore topmast?bore
down to her to tee if the w?? hi want of assist
ance, but perceiving uo cue on board, ?:.d it blowing freth at
the time, coutiuied on our course.
A letter fiom ?o officer r f the II 8 thip Ohio, Comirodore
Hull, to ? trieud in tbi? place, lUted at tea, Oct 10th, 1P39 sats
?"VV? arc all well on buaiH. Liralnmili Oiowniu*, "I aylor
and Gordon have been tramfrrred to the Cyane, aud Lieut'an'.i
Hitchcock. Hazard atd Miller, frorv that thip to thit?Captain
Latimer wat at Marseille*, but daily eipec'ed at Mahon when
we tailed. iltCvtM wat there, aud Capt Perceval would
leave at toon at relieved by Cap! L.?[Nortolk Herald.
1%'allcr <? Xnvi?u?o??.
The Floating I igiit Vettel ttatioued at Kartlett'i Reef in
Long Itland Sound, having agaiu retumeJ her tlatlon ou the
10th lutUbt, tliii notice it given.
Rutrell, Coaner, from NVork for NOrleant, Dec 91, off D
H S Keyt.
Pnwhattan, McCerrau, from NOrleant for Liverpool, Jaa 7,
lat '.'9 10, Ion 79 SO.
( Bitrd !s?nm Paris.
Naw Haven, Jan 13?arr Lady F'nwirk, Frisbee, NYork.
(.'haklcitoh, Jaa #?arr Levant, Bartlelt, NYrk; Tremoat,
K'lly.do; Mary, Betse,do; eld Brooklyn, H.ehardtoa, Liverpool.
Gcoacrtow m, SC, Jan f?tld Frances Aen, Hobart, New
WiLiii*OTO!s, NC, J tu 4?arr Only Son, Havana; Charles
Hammond. NYork; 6th, arr Llna Jane, Lee, do, Leroy, Ober,
do: 8th, Kichaoge, do.
WatHiJiDTo'v, NC, Jan #?arr Marcia. Smith, NYork; Ca
roliue. Diguer, do; Amerir.11 Coutrr, Stewart, do; eld Ala
I hima. Pui'ti- do: Atlas Cr.idle ilo: Thrti Wihbi ll?nl? J*.
Biilliant, Fowler, do.
Kliiahcth Cit*, Jan 4?arr Samuel, NYork: rid Qieen,
do. Seter-I ?e**el? in the harbor d? t uned b* ire.
Havana ><, Jan 9?arr Madron, Balkly, N Vork.
Munit.R, Jan J?eld Chariot!#, tJrahaai, Havre; Julia, Kct,
Bontou, arr l?aac Hirhi, Nlli?, NYork.
N?:? OttLKtn*, J in S?rid New F.ngltnd, Lowtll, Havre;
Kclio, Crowell, Li??ri??m'j llrrla, Wh.tncy, Cibraltar; arr
Antioch, Weitcott, N York, T) rune, S|*ar, do.
Forriin I'oria
Rio d( jA!*n?o, No*. I ?Foreign arrival* at this port
during October wrre American* IS. Kxi;li*li 11, Danish 9, Portuguese
8, French 7. Swtdnh I, SjunuU 3, Bremen 1. OiienUl
2. Dutch 1. Sardinian* 4. Firrign clearance*, Kn;!i?h 14,
Americau 13. Porlujuete 8. Daoi-h 4. French 4. Sardinian 4,
il*tnhur( S, Oriental 3 ??a?nh 4, Tnicau 3, Belgium I, Au*
irian ', I'rimnn l,8wedi"t? I.
NK.W OHLKAN* MOLASHr'.h, COFFiCE, k- -S.ipe.
rior new crop, landing id barrel* and titrce>; aUo 0*ml
1 Dom ngo. Java, *bd Marar?ibo Collet ; Engliah Clnveraeed,
? th general a??ertuunt Ureteric*, which i* trend for tale
cheap.by J. O'DONOUt'K,
jalfi 31* 334 Franl, one door (rum Perk *lip.
PAINTINUfl.?We ie*ra with pl?*<ure th.t th'- larg? and
plcndi>' collection of mo<Urii European Painting*,?n' ?
to be *?en admtiion Tree,?at lira coraer of Br-adway and
Chamber* ilreet, attract that attention to which it i*
jutil* entitled. Tlie Palatini* Me all *plem!ldly fr.imcd,and
tillable fur immrdiate r-moral to the d'awirc room or |>rlrate
cabinet. They will he >old at auction on Tii??day n?*t,
whea wc hop! that the admirer* of the beautiful in art will
improve th* opportunity lo *eci.re to iheroaelte* the nnm>-roii(
gem* of the co'lection. j?t6"
LOST, Mni?y, Um lllh, at the We*tern Hotel,
Wallet containing between %,0 and ? JO in bill*, a note
of hand for f3tt ..I dated De mil, Nov. IB, IA.it), payable at
the Bank of Huttaln, tit July, IHlt, drawn by J. K. Bird and
endorsed b* K. Hemmarw*y, jr : *! , rwie rfriwa ly C. I,
Bearh, foe f'WlH. dtle. Jm. I?l, 1840, payable lo the order
f H L. R"bin*nn. at Ihe Tanoer*' Bank in *i? month*; to
gether wi?h mm' other paper* of no use to any one but the
owrirr. inrann-r in?jr?i*iu me inoi.ry l>y Irai ing Ihr r>a
ptn ll llw to ?f Wnltfi Hotel. jalA 1|?
CncrnTrr.il*-. rrmorril In J31 Bro i.lw iy, i p|.??ilc the
P?tli. Couli of Arm*. t'r**t?, Cyj.lirrt. K.mM?m jliral Siih.
I*tIt. Ite., rng-aird on Sinn*. LiMmmitlt, AmeiUytlt, To^iet,
Cryita'*, lie., bouthl In the rnujh or rut la ?n? for-n La
dir*'?**'?, r?nrii ( a?rt,B gn'l K.ngt, fcc , engraied with Coat*
of Armt, t rr*!-, M'>tto*? <r ?< y niher il??iee.
t'oafi of Arim and forw irded t<> a>y parI cf the
I Uiiii'd 'Itl'i.
B >nkt of Heraldry k?pl, with upward* of 100,008 hidim
j Coatt of \rm* f un'l ja I# St*
MoSkV TO LOAN.?A?y aiwoant of mno'y yroeurrd
on loan o? nMwhandne.i.r prrptrlynf any tfrtrn-tim;
alto Nolo*, Ilrafkt, and 1) > 111 nfti.lw p urgoi iaud^ lucurrent
Money buii(hl ai>d ?"l I by
H. < OUTLAND K.icliHtig- Broker,
jilAtt* 1 Our lu ll <t"'i, fmlj *iif V(i?ii Hntw '
MR. WHlTlC'9 LK< I UKfc tAHu.-.tlr. ttHf I r..t
, Intr 'dnrtnrv Lert re, w hi. h ? at announced for falucd*)
e?e.,iu* !? ', at lh? Siwytetan: Int'i air, has beM pjMp* nl
(iu eoi, . yience of tlir wc eineiiry of the weaiher n I i < ?*
nine) ?o to mor?.iw (Wn'oetda*) evening, J r I5lh, w tn it
will tn drlivtrid at the Lu tuni Niivkai. Hiitohi, M.I
Br ladway.
in Ihr |>ro({rrn of Ihi* Lrcture, "The Harp th?t once through
Tara't ll*ll? }"' ' Whea Morning Burnt u *or? Creiua j"
" When h* who Ad.'ret 1 her j" ami " Herr't a health to litre,
Tom >ioore.''will be introduced at illmlralinn*.
A tplendid Piano from .lolly t Mu-ic (More hat been kindly
furmtked for Ihete Lerlure*. Ticket* may he had at thepriu
ripal mutie itorrt, and at the do?rt of the Lecture Room ; for
the eourte fi, for a tingle craning Mreot*. Ledum to rommeort
at hal. p**t 7 o eiock j?l? Ik*
( To *ail every other Mjndiy)
Chip LOUISVILLE. Capt. Allen, ui Monday, 'i7th Jan.
HHAKSPEARE, Capt. Coraall, 10th Keb.
HUNT8VILLE, Ca t. J. Eldredge, J4ib Keb.
KAKATOGA, Capt- W. riath.way, 7'b March.
YAZOO C*|it.Tra>k, -J3.I March.
MISSISSIPPI. Capt. , 0th April.
The abort ihip* ?re all of ihe first cla**, enppered and copper
fattened, of a light draft of water, an J built iu thit oily,
eiprestly fur the trade, with elrgmit accommodation* for pa?lenderi,
and commanded by able and experienced matier*
T.'-ie price of paaiaue from New Yoik to New Orleans i? liied
at $80, and from New Orleau* to New York at $90 witHnut
liquors. They will at all times be towed up and dowu Ihe Mi
itnppi by ?l?amboatft. ami the itricteit punctuality observed
in their litre < f tailing. Neither the owner* or captain* of
tbe.ie *l.i| * will be re?uoi?jiMe for jewelry, bullion, freeiou*
?loue?, nlvtr or pi <ted ware,or for any letter*, pircel or package,
sem by or put ou board of them, utile** regular b>ilt of
ladiu': ar? ulie.i for the ?miii*, aud Ihe v <lu? therein expre**.
cd. All good* *tnt to the tubtrriker, will be forwarded free
ol coinniitaion. For freight or i>a??>ge, apply to
E K. COLLINS it CO. !6 South ?t.
Agent* in New Orleaut, KOS \CK St KASINe.8.
No go d* received after Saturday evening, previou* to ihe
day ol (ailing. jalti
THE consignee of 7S cask*, marked O. HWAYNE.per brig
Hsr lepool. from London, i* reque?led to lea^ hi?.iddro*i
at No ?0 South *tieet ja!6
"JAR UKLL notifies the public that he may be c .nsulted
<i ' at his office, QTJ- No. 4 Courtlandt street, twu doors from
Broad tvay, with the utmo?t confidsuce ill all Dclicatk L)isKlin,
requiring prompt and saf treatment. Being a kf.ou
uk I'Kac i n iomlK, patient! may rely upnu receiving all the
attention their cases may demand, with an assurance of a sue
cessful issue, haied upon the experience ol? [C+- twenty years
professional duties. Ur. Bell does nut advertise a specific
drop, pill,( r rob for t'e cure of certain die ases? hut guaivntees
all that aiatomical, medical, ai d chemical knowledge
can suggest in each cme Separate offices. Attendance from
7 <l ?Um k A. M. till 10 P M jal6 In.'
KOii LIVERFOOLi.? Packet of 13 h February.?
The packet !hip UNIl'BU STATt.S, A. Britton,
'" '"master, will sail as ahave, her regular day.
For freight or passage, apply on boara, at foot of Maiden
lane, or to
The packet ship VlhGlNIAN will succeed _tne Uuited
Slates, aud sail II h March. j <15
FOR NK >V ORLKAN8.? Louisiana aud New
?0kM> York Line of Packets.?The Regular Packet of Mon"" day,
27th iu?t ?The fast sailing packet ship LOUISVILLE,
Capt. Allen, will sail as above.
For freight or passage, having h tndsome furnished accommodations,
apply on boaal, at Orleam w'r-srf, or to
j?15 K. K. COLLINS fc CO. 51 South st
1, 011 t-lVfcitt'OOU ? Packti ol me t?.n J?n ?a
WMmIV first class fast sailing packet (hip will sail as abuve,
" ' "her regular day.
H tvtug vei y superior accommodations for cabin and steerage
pas-encers. persons iuteudiug to embark should make imuieui.
ate application uu b#a>d.or to
j* 14 OLOVKR St MeMURR \Y,?0 South-it.
MANY rain attempts are dailv making to imitate these
celebrated articles, out tne public will #U erve, that
C. IS THE OCialHAL M4KEK, in till* CuUUtry, of Wl|[l and
Scalps without metallic ipclngi. They are made to tit the
head upou a new but liurrring principle?are formed to cover
uo more of the brow thau the natural hair does?aiid mil be
ol-i a' prlfe to meet the ?ircumstdnces el all classes.
l3t linn
Y Celds, Couph', Influeuza, Asthma, Whooping
f ousli, aud all otlitr dijtases of the Brea?< aud Lungs, leading
to Coi Himptiou, l? the cheanr?t, as well as the must speedy
aud c? rtaiu rnre Who that Knows the inestimable virtues of
Hoarhound and Pone?et and has a coipn will net employ this
vr-cetable rtinedy. a conibmatiou so luppil y dt signed aud so
mild nnd sale. This healing BaUam most effectually and
tpeedily remove* 11 inflammation a'ld tmeirss of the luug*,
allays the couth, promo e? eipectoratiou, aud relievts astn
ind difficult re*pir*tinn.
Kor tale by J. O. KAY, Agent, *1 Milt>or'? Drug Store, No.
103 Broadway, (Franklin House,) New York; Madison street,
corner of Catharine; 64* Broadway, If9 Bowery, corner of
S; ring 87 Canal street; "Jn8 Greenwich; and 'JJ7 Hudson
street, corner ?f Spring .
Prire anlv AO re' t< per bottle. j*l* 31*
William Lewis and other*. Stockholders
in the Meehauica' and TraJ? rs' B.nk of | Id Fquily.
Cili?lti, ; Milt pr?> ii k all
versus | injunction,
William Butters Hank of United States. | Sic.
and 8. M a*ou. J
ON motion of Chauncey P. Uolromb Esq .counsel for plaintiffs
an ii junction w n g-anted in this case by the Court of
Common Pleas of Tlnladelp ia count?, sitting ?? a Court of
Equity, restraining and enjoining William 9urt?e? from en
dois.ug n'K itialing or paruug witn four Post Notes, drawc by
the Uauk of the lTuited Sta'es to the order of 8. Masor, mol
by him endorse-' b. ing Nos. 3073, *077 .W78, 3070, dated l iih
of August, IH3!> and made payable in the ci') of York at
lit months alter dale, for ili? mm ft' f> 000 each?the bill
chsr inir that Wil lain Snr.eei ohla nrd possession of the
plaintiffs' no nets with isliic : said Post ^otes were purchased
by frsuil. A stibpiru* u'si) issued to the Bank of the United
Stales and 8. Masou. ai d the Bank has been notified by the
I'aintiffs not to p <y these routes. All persons are cautioned
against rrcemnc them.
Philadelphia, Jan. 7, IS40. j18?41
Ci a>h ashTT' t ami ::v uood* for
/ CA SH!!!-WM. VANN, U8I Urand strret.n selltng
heaps of (3 K>ds ? f etrry kiad, at pricei to suit the times .
S;oie crowded all 'he time.
Cheap ! c' eap t ! cheap !! !
CLERKS WANTED.?Several smart, active young men
and youth* wanted; these who base e?d toine etperi* nee ia
th- business. Apply personally. J9I Uraud street between
Allen ?nl f?ri lianL jal^it*
( ARROLL returns thanks to th* faculty in (articular and
the public in gtneral, for ihe liberal tnpporl eitent'ed to thi*
(stahlisliineul t' r the last fourteen years, and holies he hci as.
sidii ty ai J attention ta mei it a continuance of In* same Tha
B ill's are now in full operation, a'd are u<ed with mui h sue
ess in all Mjdren on'os, rli umniism < roup, kr. Ike. to which
I t y afford immediate rrli'f. T' stimonials of their efficacy
c i is fre seen Kt the estahl i-liairnt from the following em inert
physiriaiis: Doctors Bteeeos, Mo't. Bush, Boyd. Macuieeu,
Hiiinelaio.tr, Neiisen, Smith, Ireland, Kissam, VauJenburg,
Icr he.
portable Bsill* sent to any part of th# ci'y ar Brooklyn.
Snlohur Uaths at ail hours of the day hv uinusr one hour's
n Mice.
?)rup- of Sanaparilla and Liverwort.and Hrrb?fre?h from
th? ^itk r?. No couneilou with any other e?tabli?lim?Dt.
jatS Im*
V* OTItK.? The mloiribrrt will makt rath ndfiuoi no
11 eoangninenU of Merchandite to their Arm,Wildea, Tickertgil'
it. Co., Lieerpovl.
ja3 'mi?* carnar Hanoreraud Eiciianje it.
1 HOAT 1.1 B will tike plare at the Itirhmon I Kaloon,
cnrerr ef Varick ati'l ( ha'lton ttreela, Werfue?day F.reaidii
J ittarj Ifttli, 1840. The member* of th? different < lube
W* IU*ilt<l to alter <1 in Ih'ir reapeetiee flu1* dretaei Poda
worth'a rtle^ra'ed Cotillion Bind ia <n( f?<l fi.r tlie rectoion.
Tifketi can be hud al the lolioaa ii>|| r'>er* : Walter Hejer't,
C in'nn Ho ei, 307 Sp iug at; Captain HeeleyV Branrh H<>.
lei, P Mtduirr Laf<**lte H*ll, Mi Ander on'a, Hejar
nre.Sil Broadway; Joh? Ma NtidY Nor'h Hirer Coffr*
llMMt K'pp k Bro#u'- >?i!.ce OIT.re: Tbot. H AlWire Van
r-hMD H II corner of Joint and Bleerker itreeli, at. d at the
bar of th? Salt on.
The flo'ir will fre uerfer lh? m tiagetnent of Mr. William
Barker, axitird by a Committee.
ja13 3 ' K P. O DOWV.t.I. ?. rretar*.
Si 11 A V N I! \ I, HIIN/V BAI.L K)K III K ~dt. N -.
The ( i-rraitttm ul the t'.rinn ttene?.i|.nt A*?oeiati<>n ?a?e tha
plf niuri oi infiirm m the public and the palrona > f the l>>rm?r
rt II , firm by U?i? 4*a?ciation, that ibeir netl Annn*l H< 11
lor the m <?t pra'*"W?rlh) and charitable bjecit ?' rel e\ioc
the Orphan* of llie Kenan catholic Orphan A?yl*m, Prince
Irff'. '?hit tin* ntiT n rr I ?n kni.ji.a4 I - il" ?
IM< JlH >'< 'e ??r>rjroflhf Mmiui winter, whitY withnnC ?hr
n ail- >rthu Bull t>ir* nmtl e rltinfy rniliirt, *'l lake pUc*
,il ' in nt lijll.nn M -kU) effi.ng J*?mry 'Wlli. flO.
Mr t) J. t.'ir?? will Hire (tie >n?n*i> in'nl of lh? II ?.
Mr II M Huffman'" rrlebrtlecl Colilinn B iod i? rr; ri J,
and will |t?r fi,i in ? tr> il Nat itn.?l ?ir? .uriuj the even mg.
1try- i.vli-i are rr ii'-tliilljr mf .rmrJ ikat a will be
mlmiilril w tkmil an MniHin ticket.
V.iir* I v'i- 'nJmnxou ticke't, HI.I
Ti k U $3 rub, mty be procure.! from tke <n!lowia| j?n(I
Tn< pm () Cni?''r (II Will ilrr?L
K. Wi'ift K I# llriiir il ert.
Martin Wiittri 4 I Mm ?lr*?U
.li.hn ' ???! n, abb Purl tree!.
K. Ki<tUi?r? -1 rnmer of Oak aril Pearl tlreetoV
I. l-einy IB Mm ?tre?t corier !) ????.
William Dinm n. IS ^'nlherry rrart
Win. r.itb'lt, it > texlt,roruer <?f Oik ?tr?e<
J >l>n Mnn-la*. 6.0 VI afreet.
.1 lin MeKiul'jr, ? B >wer)r.
Jnhu Mr >'?'i<?ii, t,h?'h im S'?jti?r?.
J* ?ra Dmii. H Hh U aril Hoiel.
K'lmund M. Derry 4 Wall iL
Jofcn A Hern I It l 'm*hy at.
K.Uwati) Mullen, I W Front ?.
Owen t'o't-l rtJiwi !. In?kly?.
'"oraeli?a 'Irnrj, oeof the tenrelary,
jtlftb**!.* MS H NICUOLSO.M, I1T Water at
will b? performed
THE Wlr E ; Or, A TALE OF MANTUA? St. Pi?rr?,
Mr. Vaudenhott'; Muiauiue, Mim Vaiuleuhotf
Alter W(iic?,
THE I.ITTLE TJQEK ?-buckituue, the Litil* Tifer,
Matter Kichmgt.
To conclude with the fa'ce of
MY SISTER KATE.?Ckurlci Uuit, Mr. Richibgi; Mrs.
Kate M?rton, Mn. Richardson.
BubTicket*. fci?I'll, oweauti?(iallery,'JA c?uU
ot perfouned ,
Knowlri't new jilay of
Huuu, Mr. Hambli?j CouateM, Mrn.Miaw.
To coJicIh 'c willi the farce of
A LOAN OK A LOVEK.? Amenfort, 4 r. Foster; Gertrude,
Mrs. Hrrriug
t'oor?u|>eu ut 7 o'clock, arid p<rlormauce coinme?>e ?t 'piarer
before tl |?rcci?ely
l'ricet?lloiet 76ceDt??l*it.37( tent? ? (iallrry J6 enti
OLYMric THEATKE. ? THlai EVENING, Jaa. 18ib,
Is-lu, will be presented
Alter which the
JENNY JONES?Edward Aiorgau, Mr Homcuslle; Jenoy
Jour*, Mr?. Prntoa.
lit itESISTIBLE CADETS IIjumbal ?cu ficktoataff.
Mi. Mitcliell.
Tu he followed by
BAVAUE AND THE MAIDEN?Nicholas Nicltlehy,
Mr Horucastle.
The whole lo conclude with the
ROOK SC It A \i BLER.- S ..elviuo, Mr Horncanlla,* Mol^
Drown, .nr jvincneil.
Dren circle, tOimti?second kui! third tieit, 24?pit, 13J?
private boxes, $1. l'trloriiunrtttinnmruce tl7 o'clock.
BROADWAY CIRCUS.?Messrs g Wilih, Bartlktt fc.
Co.?THIS EVKNINU, Jan. 10,the eultrtaiau.eB ts wiU
commti e wit'i the
Urtek Warrior's Return; Negro Kitrava^xntas, by Mr. Pelham;
Gymnastic Exercises, b) the .*holt- Troop; intrepid act
of Glemoy, ou his Wild Arab'an; Mr. Drrioui on the Cord*
Elustique- Extravaganza rntiilnl the Ancient Maid of I&6*;
wond?rul perfei mau< e of Mr. Writs, tlie celebrated Clowu.
and first Aliti,"odeau in the World; The Flig'it of ihe Sara*
cent, by Mr. Cailwallader; Mr. Garvey, The Air.erican Hercules,
will upp ar; Mr. Sprncer, at The Wild Warrior of
Amtrica; Hortnnanthip by Mr Bacon Mr Deriotis and Ins I
young Positioiiisli, Mr. Swieuy ou the Bai jo. To conclude
with Jerry Stilclium.
floors opeu at tS); Performance commence at 7 o'clock?
Boxen AO cents; Pit 2i cents. jalfl
Uvv Kit . A vTl'HI i HhA'l UK, Nu ;7 liowtiy.?THIS
EVENIMJ, Jail. 10,
The entertsinmeuts will coirmence with a
Graml Eastern War Procession, >ntitlrd the i iger Horde, by
twelve Cliiuese llorsemeu and their deeds. < ?mic Si wg. by
Mr Nathans. Hnrnenaupkip, by Mr Archri. Equestrian
f\raindi, by a tu and lorsrs Vaulting ( itcle Sports,by the
lint Gytnnijsti, succeeded by Matter Wiod'a Cla-stc Portrait!
acd htutnri of the anotnt masters A n.yOtologic act
on two court?rs, by Otty Motly. entitled Here nits ou Horsaba<
k, followed by Ihe romic eitra>ag?i za of Glint and Giuat
Killer. Succeecfed by the qrea( German Kider'a astounding
Act. To conclude with the Oriental i pectacle ofTimkw
Khan, or the Rival ( hitfta t t.
Doors open at 0 o'clock ? perforir ancei commence at sereK
o'clock. Prtco of Duxes SO c?nt??fit Ui crnli. jaltfit
uTJLutilt AL l>aMTH U'l t.?JUNK, 'i U US, ANGEVINF.
Ik CO ' tpltudid collecti. n of Living Aniinalt
it uow open for the rtcepliou of vituort at their we?
know n establishment, No 37 Boweiy, where every preparation
hat beeu made to receive the public. Vuitors will now ham
the additional advaulate of b<iioliiD? that rare and lingular
animal, a LIVING EGYPTIAN GIRAFFE! Audthefaether
gratification of teeiug a BLACK TIGER! the existence
of which hat hitherto been either doubted or denied by
all authon who have writteu ou the sebjeet.
Entrance to the exhibition No. 17 Christie street, directly
in the rear of the Bowery Amphitheatre.
Hniirt of eil ibitrin Irom ill o cioc* A. ?. 10 ? r. w.,aa a
from 6 10 9 iu the evening.
Admitnou 'Jb centa ; children u?der ten yean of aj#i
price. dl la*
rrZFT Ma^TV AT I 'S UiAKY IN AMfcHU A -J"*601''*
V> leriet,at 60 centi.?T. K. & P. U COLLIN*, Philadal***
phia, have ihi day puhlithed a cheap editira of the continuation
of Capt. Marryatt'i Diary iu Amenta, iu 1 vol. eonplete.?
For tale by til the booktell it in New York. jal49t
A" KtlHClAL l Kt'iH '"M. LKVV.VI UhuMsiTnT.9M
Uio ,dw*y,entrance in Warren ttrrel.begt to call the ittentiou
i/l ih* public t? Ht? oKiomai method of filing Artitr
cial Teeth?from t ne to a full ?et ? ch the principal of atnxapherii
preature?unattended by pn u or injury to the mIjih*ing
teeth ?r gumt. Mr Levett'i method it new and ?)!
pettier prcultar to Kimitlf, ?ud it warranted to product the 4*
tired etfect.
[From th? New V rk Tiiwt )
Aitipicul Tekth.?A fri. nd ofourt h*?iug undergone
dentiMical operation ui der th< handiof Mr. Level! took oeoa
tiou to tpeak in high prai-e of that geutlcifiai<'i tkill, facility
and new mode of tupvljiag the lott of Taeth, hy the latrodac*
lion of a new and mi i|ne principle of Artificial i net, in a way
alike d. void of pain or inconvenience. We have been tliown a
circular contaimug eitractf from the New York Mirror, ttta
Courier k. Kmpitrcr, Mtd from the Evening Ht it, a'l tpaakiag
in the highest lermt of Mr. Lev?tt'i new pnvciple for tb? ciattructiouaf
Artificial Teeth?of iti uorelty and utility, and *t
itt ditpeuting with tpimgt and lip.tvie*. uy the timple lutroductiou
of almotpheric pretture, which hat been found infallt
Iblc fur all purpoaei of m,.tticaiioo and oniirorot; iiJeed, m
il.it |?(t retpect the coinmuuiit ttand larg?ly icdebled to M*.
Letett for hi? introduction aud lugenioui application of tba
atmotpheric preature principle. nlBtaw*
Without any Metallic Spring*.
Of Wi|(i to be had No. 1 A?:or Home, Barclay it
SOLE RiltMiihnniil, nKcrt can be faund H'ipn' nay
dncriptioa, aud which by adaptation to the m.uiuaclarn,
are Bi'dr to til ant ahape and at ytia* of head.
d 33 Imia*
DIC. KlililOT.
Broadway, entrance in Dmne ?tr??t.
Com met hit practice to
From Dr. K.lliott'a ettenaite pmctic*, and the number of mtlenta
oho rauu'it be attended during lilt ?tfice honra, h? nan
obtained the aarvicet of Mr. YV>.?tmauott. a practitioner f?
eonbly known for tome >eari in thii city, a member of tfca
New York Medical HocieU,.?nd of the Hoyalt ollere af
ceont. Kdinourcu. Dr. Yr.pwi? much attention to diaeaaaa a
Dm K.jre in Parit, and, mo e recently to Dr Klliott'a paeatiar
mode of operation aud t raiment
Offlce houra trom It Ui a'dork.daily. my~i.Vrw
(j(/- AT thta lacleraent aenaou of tha te ?r, (writrt a cofraapoadent.)
wl?a canauription, Atlhma, l ?n(ha. < old? kt.. art
mott pratelent a moat tafe, eftcacieai, and at tha urn tiaa
ipeedy remedy may be found in Dr. Vlaaou'a' nncealratrd Veritable
Balaam. For tale In A B. k D Sanda. "it and 100 F?lton
?t : *yme, #3 and 3*0 Bowery ; B'irnett'a fcrfaaary
More H7 f'onal ttreel, kr For further pari<< alaraae* Dr. Mfe nn't
adterlitement in another part of the Htnld. o/lta
NKW CA9TLK, Del., K.b. 14th, I AM
DR. LfVI'OV ?D?ar Sir,? I can ut?tr be grateM
enoii.h for the cure I hate rereited ty the u?e of y??r
intalnable medicine, (Mnnler'a fled Drop.) I waa for flew
montha afflicted with ttnereal. and u<'id( that time toak
warn medicine*,but twae woulj cure mr. At laat my phyaa
ci n c?" mr "P 1 h"' '< riiiu.ittljr nm rtay I m ?< ,i-?kiDf to *
frirad on thr ?u j?et Ha told ra? that Huniir't Rrd Drop waa
Ik( onh mvitiM t li.tf rurt m?, of ?ki (i I purehatad
Mint of your nt in Oiiladi lptn?. and 'he result it, that I i?
rrjojint p?rf?et he<lth Now, ?tr, aftrr ?tiff*nof a? loaf,
and Andtrg at la?t ?u<"h ?njn?l relief I'rom Hint?r't Rrd *)rop.
| I frrl it my duty to u.form the iulrretted where rrlirf may ha
: h?a kT ?. *?.
3 Ditnion. *1 per rial. jlW
88 Cedar ttrttt, near Pi omdtfUf.
iff r.C. MAllHH, Accountant. eoatiaue* lOfiva rrwtv?l
Lrnnm in thi? nio.t aerteaary hraarh of* tnerr.ntile duration.
Alio, to ?fnt ciaaa or adjutt accounU, aad 10 writ*
up bnokr.
The e"?rae of iaatruetion throne h whi *h the pupil paaeaa in
| tl oroairhlT practical; and the p?-rn>n of ki ?d r ?n? it?, erko 4??otr?
.tboat three ??kl to tlw ?tiirly. will h? qui lilted to knap
temctly a nl elefantly 0>e iremnlt of any butia-ta
Prolitrln'*. ?'lli irrmt. Ii hr had 41 'l>e rin me
Introduced in New York f ScSaalt
" Th? fVieiice of D -nble K.utrjr Uooitker junc Wimpiiied.**
A ?t!?n'l?r-l ?*R, ri|kth edlltem. JtIO patrv Sro? #1 U
* Thr \rt oftincle k'ntry Uooklfrf>ii'g. 111*1mtiil ky tk> , a
reduction of the Prmf B^Ium*,' 1.1(1 r?q> t ????Tfteta
' A Leoaie an (he ttuJy of Bo;'kk?p?n, w tk HaUaaa
k-?l." A ae*t | uo(KI*t, 48 pajrt 11m?19 mu
j8 e*d'
Sf|,l M hi it \L f *Hl?lTIOVl Nm ftm
at lll'tml *ttr?r|, a frw ito?M e??t of Brntdwny?Meeara
RAYMOND Wr.KK*, HOBB?.*<'?, ha.e "Ha pi>aenra
to inform tl>? public and nturi'nta that Ihry bar* ntaMidwl
a rare. he lutifu', and etteneirr Vanijterte of l.iviaf Aiwmata
and 1- raitt. at the ahoee ??mnl place. Htair ro>l??l?a #o?
pritet a great tariet? of tli? >|Hti?HI of n? oral hialarv
r rr imported 10 Am?r?<-a. Will be open lor iSr rrir|Hmi af
mit?r? nr(1 day, from IB} A. M ta A T M , and from I It I
in the eaefw*. dH fa'
SftNM OIL.-fdf 7" barr? U cadr Rpria Oil, *
board b if U(a tt < o?nii t tlip, if np 4iad far ia*adiatrly.
Fm fuMhrr parti?ular?, app'y to
jaiAti* W t f TOBY, t lintoa HoUl.ar aa board

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