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T? IkaPriUk.
W Tfci ??kl?tiaj| ?kv|M mini! Ik?i?k
Hiik?n, published it th? Standard and other papers
I of this iMraiii, ku Jul been m<" kjr m.
li A regard for oar own characters demands thii
k prompt full and unqualified denial of tb? agency at
tempted to be imputed to us, of having at any tine
V employed Jane* B. Gleatworth, nr any other per*
ion, to procure individuals from Philadelphia to vote
at the elections in thia state.
I The fact that persons were brourht to thia city in
the fall of 18W, to detect fraudulent voter* who
were intended to be used by the opposite party, has
never been denied, and was well known ana publicly
I avowed at the time.
I This denial will be sufficient for the present to
pat down the foul charges imputed to ns. In the
I naeautime an appeal will be made to the tribuuaU of
I justice, te expose and puuiih the unprincipled iudiI
viduals who have engaged iu t conspiracy, for maI
licious and political purposes, to affect our characI
M. II. Ghinnkli, James Howe*,
R. M. Blatchkjrd. 8. Drai'sh, Jr.
I H. t'. wttmoke.
I Dated New York, Oct. 23, 1840.
I Remarks,
I Wc are sorry to see iWr. Grinnell, an excellent,
I honorable, and worthy man, put his name to such a
I piece of impiidenee, which is so characteristic of
I the other signer of this extraordinary "Card." If
I, the evidence of Stevenson be esteemed nothing, can
I any honest man abut his eyes to tho testimony of the
I High Constable of Philadelphia, of McCardle, of
I * n ni?. .l , r .n,l \V#.?.
Mnttft x>. uicHinvnu???v? ? ? " v.
aore themselves in their "non mi ricordo" evidenccl
Shame! shame! shame! General Harriioo
does not require the aid of such men, and they are
uttcrjy disavowed.
The Right of la?raj{( In It* Integrity and
Parity, tli* Corner Stone of our Free Institutions.
Let It be proserred.
The undereigaed, in behalf of the Democratic
Committee of Safety of the City of New York, do
hereby call i meeting of the Democratic Electors of
the city, to be held ia front of the City 11*11, THIS
DAY, at 12 o'clock, noon, to take into consideration
the late astounding and all important developments
by which it has beta proved that the people of this
city have been defrauded of their dearest righ's, and
tha integrity and purity of the Ballot Boxes invaded
hy perjured desperadoes, imported from a neighboriag
city, hy the aid and connivance of the Mayor and
Police Officer* thereof, and nnder the direction and
by the money of the Whig Executive Committee of
New York.?New York, October 24, 1840.
The SrtiMiR Narhacaksett.? A report has
reached us second-hand from two gentleman, whosa
names at? given us, who were passengers in the
eteamer Narragansett, the other evening that she
took fire, under the fire gratings- As the particutars
have reached n?, we learn that the blower was
?A ?? *Aola ks^o-im* aA Kaftta/1 f kftt
aoaae part of the grating * fell out, and the wood-work
eaaght fire. Now, we tract, ia the name of humanIitf,
iftki? wa? tkt rate, that the director* will take
il?h ftepa a* to prevent, in any way, any part of
tlnirkoat* from taking fire. The Lexiegton it not
yet forgotten, aor the tear* dried which that catastrophe
drew forth.
OaaTRAM Thiatu.?Aa we antic ipated, Rice,
the great Jim Crew, h?d an overwhelming home,
far hi* beeeflt, aid be never appeared in better
epirite. Nia siuging ia Bnc Squash waa n>o?t
effect ire, aad folly established kin reputation a* a
vocalist of merit. Thia ereniag ia the laat of hi*
eagageeaeat. when he appeara in conjunction with
the singular aad surprisiag Hervio Nano. The
piece* are the beautiful and popular apectacle of
Peter Wilkina, which nightly grew* in public fa ar,
the loeal negro piece of Wheugh ! the Brazilian
Ape, and the opera of Hone Squash Diable, in
trkich Riee *ing* a number of concerted negro
piece*. Tke house will, no doubt, ba immense.
09> Bb*h?m gire* hi* sacred concert at the Tabernacle
oa Wednesday next. What a crewd will
be there!
Arrival* at the Prlaclpal Ilatela.
Friday. Oct. 33.
A*T?a Hot'sa.?NW Edmonds, t F Hoeur. J Pratt, J
Cook, B Davis, C 8 Easton, Ronton; W Tar lor,' T Wattson,
Hay*. Mr Lyon, lady and nun, Phil; C H Oaklet. N York;
two Mi** Lang*. Trojr; E Kostcr, jr, Albany; T H Pothe
am, W I) Perkman. Salem. Man; I, Hillman. N Bedford;
J Wreak*. Phil;GStanley and laly.li CBissell; 8 HCamibell,
U 8 Nary; J C Lorrett, Portorico.
Aamc m Hom-(J W t!oa*e, tuton, C W Oij.1i n.
Mobil*.*; E Carey, Phil; J II Drinker, N Bedford; Mr* Farrar,
l'inl)riii||r; Mm Ketch, Butternut*; K W L'-ecock.
ir; Mr Tu*b, N York; Mr Read, Charleston; W Kitvbrr,
fnnui Horse.?L H Woodruff. ML Woodruff, lUit.
J Merchant, Ms?n, Wfooke, J M Harper, Phil; T A Nortoa,
Kdaretuwe; T Cornwall, D P<ia*e an J son, Miltord; A J
Smith. Buffalo, 8 Yartiutt, J H Palmer, Ro Uesui. 8 R
Telft, Syracuse; A Dari* and daughter; A Hert.jr, N Orlean*;
Mr* H i>k, Hudsoa.
Oiovk Hotbl. -Mr Wurwick. lady, child, and servant;
MrDixou; Mr C Bag Is) ; 8 Coin ell, Phil; UL Bilcom,
Boston; 8 A?bury, Phil.
How ?ai>s Ilorrt,?J J Drlamater, Palmyra: J A Howard,
J W Kairlii'l I, H tdson, M Fuller, Kelloggsvilk-; A J Itous
semi, A?a k. I<1> aad lady, Mi?s Ortnn, J L Eddy, Mix 8
Eddy, W Shepherd, Truj , H M Cunningham, 8 D Pool. O
rearing. i ' nimiwn, n i-ar; i a nun*. J i.or mm. \ ir,
M H Haverorji, (I ?; ' Randolph. Detroit; t Ofho;?, Bmton
i V Biocll, B.alt, R OUott, lUrtiabtirgh; 8 Cum iiiim,
Phil; J O lliiabraok, Li?err?ol, M J PrnilKgrat* an J Uo i,
Wmtirld, II M Bhaw, Roc neater; R K Bring*. Kirid<rhoo*;
D B Mar*h, O W Phillip*, Tompkim: J B Pitkin, 0?weuo;
I W M (>U>h?,C Mor?*. CananJiK'ia, H Cook, H.np?! in?h;
W Smith, B irlin(fton;<i<??. J Jack*on, W k. >'p. LiX"k |?rt j
M CUrk, Vrrno*() F W (irntl, Albany. drant, W?tCbi*?
er. N Mirk*, Bt John* N B, J A Arnold. \fuou?oi ktt;
J Molt, ir, N York; J W (tollman. Peteraham. B N K<td\,
Mix K Wella ami lady, L DW.Ila and lady, Miaa
W?Ui,I'tica; W N Marik. Nunda. J? akl. r and lad*. N
OHi'inn. T B M?rtia an.I lady, Hartford; L Drti*r,Jr. r**M
t'rani . , J Cora inf. Hartford. S Ingraham and n . ?raot,C
lagraliam, Kentucky.
rainDi'T DdTil.-f A Stewart, Utica; Mr. Towa, N
U'lrro Hot?l. ? A Mile*, <>o?ben. B P'rr*.
North imptrni, P. Ha/a, W tiranhy; A R Palmer. Ba\ aiinak:
C Atwater, N K ruttlp. B W Sewell, T R Trnwbrittfe, T
Tuanrr, N Iiiim, (J Koater, H A Peikin*, J H Bicki-r*on.
HartforJ; A W Otia, Trurton M York; J WTmt,Tr?U|
MUa Ckiiri'bilt, Bnow Mill; B ?'ha?r and lady, <i lollia*.
BulTalo. P. N Darla, Norwich; P. Bmith, Boatun; F. Alltn,
Or - Ron; I' >1 Monro*, Kc?bir|h; li < *mpb*il, Rot li -Mrr.
N Omn. Mi? Ony, R Uray, N a I iadi I R
Phil, II V. B<n th, Ply mouth; Hiu Otwn, N Load< n; S
Ra> mond, O'llo, r. Peaae. Bomera.Conn; T Bafre, B R1 ^| aJdojk,
Mlil'llrlowa; K O Lawrence, A Phrlf* Norfolk.
0^. ar at rut CiTr Hot* l ? Not wiihatandia*
the ??*rr* rain on Wedueaday ai^ht laa?,
which poured in al*o?t overwhelming torrent* on
th* head* of th* tiiiltrt, th* Concert of
Maaltri *ai attended by quite a aunirroii*
idi* > Each piece in meeetainn a?toaishr<l the
rnit*r?; loud and * tku?ta?lie eneorea rewarded Ik*
efuta of ilin " Jamil* Harpi?t." It woald bat*
b*eit d l?.c I' to imagtM the boauty of the compml.
liana, or the jne* ?f Ik* yo*n| prrf*riuTi Bui
when tba " infant violiatal" iwHr hi* debut, a irn.le
played i p ? (ha fair lace* at tbe la.liea, whn ha I a!*
oat baro M martyr* to tile atorm and thair rariotit*;
but M Ik* flrat Ml*, admiration taceteded wonder,
a* I tbe api-laa** gradually (welled in an ujir iar
O .* of hi* | i*c<^, " Tb* Caekon Solo" wj< perkmrd
no l**? tbaa fo?r timea. Krtrj oar parted
tmg~d humor and a*'oMabn*?fit at tb? tralf miracn|m*
prrfonna i 'ea of tbe foatbfal miiMtr*!*, malgrc
Ik* tempert that roared without
W* under.tan J ihr*a rMtlidi inlrtij to repeat
tlMir Coneert Mil Tkartdif. P*.
Tw* R?* Ma K *wr deairt* ?* to taf. that
tkrongh Divine bleaiinf, be ha* been eared of a di?lrt*iw|
funk, attended with pain in tk* lid*, ?i|bl
WMt*. "o-t all tb* natMl aymntom* of romninp(Ion,
bf three boxe* of lk*rM* a C>?|b Laienge*
Mia fby. iaiaa who had known of a*r*ral etrri p*rIWrmed
by tbi* popular remady, rerommended them
M th* * n*t and beat m?4i*iii? bn eonld ? ?. Ia
rr*?*tn4# *>r hie fw*?*fy, he mak** tbi* atalemmit,
(Wat ad who ar* nflieted with eoa|(b* may know
#%*r* to Rnd **rtain enre
S'MBTNIIIO tn PnirtR|tiM.<?Mr. FU?raaae,
the poptlnr proprietor of tho Oyater and Refreshment
No. 1(0 Rrnadwty. (- ppoiitf
fk? P?r%) Rttinr ?p m*thinw a?nne*<o,l wilh
hi* **l?hli?hmenf, that wttl aetoaUh " mm* fi|ki"
ia tkie alty It will k? read/ f*r tk* pnMie in a
flaw day*, and if an immen** aeaaation ia aot e re*|*d
mpntt*t H, t>e.. are W? mark mUtnken, Already
Mr rknenee * place ia oaa of the bett freqaented la
|V?* Tork. Ilia oyM*r< are aaleeted from the ehole
bade - hi* win**, /ifaewre. and ri|ara, are of the
Urt npppnrad brand* Ml* waitee* am attentive
nad prompt? hi* harkeepar la *l?e*dinfly obliain/
ad polile. nd the lawdlord I* indeed " a boat" in
fclaa?*>f With tk* prn4**4*d imprnreiaenla, thea,
kk>H referred to, may It not, with pood reaion, be
??p**ted iha* thla Will become th* mott (avhionable
wraatof r?(*rt iatke *ttf. '
Lakyette Hall, oa Thursday evening laM, wm mm of tUe g
moat enthusiaatic gathering* of lh* people ever collected JT
together this Mtm. Upwar* mt ?U THOU HANI) y
I RKF.ME* were asaemhtad in Til. The H?ll was H
brilliantlv illuminated, in tenor of the glorious Harrison
?ictoriea In oar (liter SUtee, ud the utmost animation and *
good feeling prevailed in the great cause of Reform in
wLich all patriot* are now ?o ardently engaged.
CIIAKLkB II. DKLAVAN, K?|< prnided, assisted by 8.. |
PtasoNi, Ksq. ami John MeCaKA. Th? meeting was ad- u
dressed by a nauibcr oi distinguished speaker* in the most /
hitppy and elo<>ueut manner. The Kignt Ward ia sale for
Old Tip. J
3MM sketches of the life and pablic services of General n
Harrison will be gratis on the occasion. oil
_______ i - . J
Friday, Oct. *3?# P. M. 1
There was much S]>eculation at the stock board this j
morning, notwithstanding the excitement occasioned by
the alleged election frauds. Speculation seems to extend '
itself among the fancj stocks. Dry Dock Bank, under the 1
influence of a gambling operation, improved 6 percent; tl
United States Bank rote 1} per cent, Vicksbuig J jter cent, (
Canton 2 per cunt, Stonington 2J per ceat, Dry Dock i per ^
?out. I
Money hat been more easy in the (took market to-day.
lit uncurrent money there U no material change ; it is rather
more icarcc, if an> thing. The bills of the tilobe ^
Bank of Bangor, to which we had reference a few dayi
since, arc not redeemed at the Suffolk Bank at Boston, and t
most of the brokers ill Wall street refuse to boy them, not- t
withstanding that a few hundred dollars are on ileposite ?
with one biokcr for their redemption, lu domestic ex- a
changes there is some improvement. Southern fun'ls continue
to be in demund. The following is a tabic of the current
rates:? -j
Crar.i tt satis or B.na Notm ?i?p Domestic Dills, j
Bank A'ole. Rn. haunt. f
1840. 1840. |
Aafetjr Koad. par a ) f
Security Bunks " a i j
New Hoxlaxd, ia t Boston,.., para I f
Fenusvl*Aiiia, 34a 3 Philadelphia, 4Ja aj (
New Jersey, ;a t <
Maryland, 3 j s| Baltimore, lia l| (
Virginia, 2Ja 3 Richmond, t*a 3i |
North Carolina, 85a 4 3 a si i
(Wi.nr.a s a T Savannah, 3 a Si (
u*orK,?' 5 * Augusta, 41* t> |
Sontli Carolina. ljal Charleston, Ha l( j
Honda, 28 aSO Apalachicola, 30 t
Alabama 4) a 8 Mobile, 3,'a 4 |
Louisiana 3 a 31 New Orleans, l;il I
K-utueay S a s| Louisville, lia S| I
Tennessee, 8 a 5j Nunrillr, 8 a 81 L
Mississippi Union,... .80 at4 Natchez, It atO I
Missouri, 5 a 51 St. Louis, 51 a f t
Ohio S a 54 Cincinnati, 5ja |
Indiana, 5 a 5j I I 4| I
Illinois Sat t}a 7 <
Michigan, .10 a Detroit ?a
These rates exhibit s further improvement. As the currency
between the North and South,becomat more equal- I
ized, in consequencc of the increased value of the southern |
currency, caused by the restrictive movements of the
southern banks in their preparation! for resumption, a
grett amount of fnnds which has been waiting a fall of ex- '
change, is called home, and increases the amount lying |
idle at the East and in this city. The evil under which ,
the southern banks, commencing with the U. S. Bank,
have labored, has been the losing control of their active '
means, by associating the operations of a loan office, w ith !
those of mercantile banking. Many of the bank* have
lent more than their whole capital, at long dates, upon
Stocks and Mortgages, depending upon depositct, circulation
and borrowing, for their active means. By this means,
whenever exchanges are adverse, the long loan* are not ]
avail:i lc, the circulation is aecessarily contracted, and 1
business men are deprived of the means of paying their maturing
notes, which are consequently renewed or turned '
into long loans. The amount of bank capital actually em- i
ployed in the conduct of mercantile business, it small, not..?..u>t
" "6 ?uiihiij
400,000.000. The Manhattaa Bank of (hit city wan an illustration
of thii. The capital ol the bank wai $3,060,000. 1
The bills and note* discounted at the time of it* explotion,
amounted to 12 318,443. Ofthii vatt amount, one fourth
only, or about $?>00,000 weru discounts of legitimate bu*lneia
paper. Thii it an cxbmplc of the New York bank*, 1
as they were conducted, and yet they were the best in the j
Union. The New Orleans banks are much involved in
this way. The paid up capitals of all the bank*, is $41,763,169?of
w hich is held in, or procured from Europe,
>31,000,000?held in other States nr.,710, and the
balance held in Louitiaaa. Of thii amount of ^41,703,160,
oaly $10.000,oOO is loaned upon bills originating
in the state of Louisiana. The balance is invested in
real estate.or loaned at long dates upon stock or mortgage.
The depositee and circulation of the banks average $13,*
000^00, and tlic specie on hand $4,000,0*0. It thus appears
that the banks actually borrow from the Mercantile community,
in the shape of deposites and circulation, $2,000,000
more than they loan to them. When, in consequence of
the overtrading caused by the long losnt to ipoculator*,
the banks are called upon for specie, they are not able to
call in their long loaur, because they are uot due ; they
ce.ua discounting business paper, and rinse a scarcity of
that airculating medium w hieh is daily required to meet
the notes constantly maturing. The) thus prevent themself
e* lrorn being |?id, aad are obliged to renew the notes
und sn*pend their own payments. The whole evil grows
out of tkiir loan operations. The mass of credits is, by
thete means, constantly accumulating an the same capita],
until an explosion takes place. The following statement
of the bank af Mineral Poi.it, Wisconsin Territory, (
is an illustration, as follows : i
tiiATraisr or rut l)m ?i Mnnu Pui'T.Wiii umi*,
on 1HI iith tirT.,Ull, AS i.ommsiii wi1h ihs. Kit IK*
or J?S. I83S.
Rttuurcri. Srfl. 1*44. Jan. 14;*.
Uistouais, Discounts, 43,14*
Mtkef Wikooiio, I,Til Hccuriti,*, 14,?M
npecie aiidsitcie luuds. 4MM t'outii peat. I.nt
\utes ui biuks, i? ??7 \dvue- . u lead, tm
i ash Iter s, *tmh Profit aad i e?. 77
<? ilea* Branch b?iih. tm spet.e a.4 specie fua<l>, ??.< ?
ItrilMlale, i'm* Other raeoarcee, 14 144
Over draft*. 444
Balking fcoas- he. 4.404
M.'H 175 514
Capital, iwaoa j'aviul, ioiow. J
Circulation. tOX Diaruunlf, 741 '
l)r<f>* on S?w I ork, 4T.44J Circu'iieoa, M.H74
" H K?a;>p, >41 D<r?*ites 31,714 I
D. W. Ji.ues. 2,*7 I
Miners' Bank* iTI
sp*(i it ij?|v.#it?. ji/w
Trail an<i loas, , I
A-r. mi in at Louis, f>?7
L> ^ sites, IT,414 '
$!?l,T0t 174JH4 I
This institution was started, as the phrase is, to deve- ,
lope tbe risv'jrces of the new territory. On the same I
capital the discounts have increased from ft > 000 to $934,
*15; while the circulation is M per ccnt les*. The assets
of the bank have increase 1 nominally from *175 000 to (
$333,000, and th<-bank cannot pay ita debts. The institu- 4
uou has thua fax bean of great injury to Wisconsin, l>y ha j
speculation in lead, which has created Aetitious value* I
nd great 1) injured the miner*. j
The r**ur?ptln? of apecle payment* about to laky place,
la baaed ut?n the recovery, by most of thebaaka,of their (
active mean*, not by the liquidation of their long loaas
to apacelature u|?n Actitiou* property, but fiom the ra- '
l. (i. n el Bur HiilKii.iiwinr nininf] n.ivemrunr
tit of mercantile mm by appl> in* the acre*! until trade 1
hiicmnl to mow >Vw, if any. of the hanka hare forced I
aj* culatort to part w ilk their property is order to satisfy (
them. The t'nitcd S'.utcs Bank bai been boasting of the
im| le mi-ans *h< ;?>? > . e?er *ince oh.- revised to pay. J
H?r directors et en k?l the supreme impu lence, ii July
Mat,to notify the public that their profit* Hunnjr the ana- 1
p naien would warrant them in declaring t dividend, kvt I
tSat "out of r?-?|?rt to the leffialatarc,'' they would pat it ,
otf till Jauuary. They hare rrcently formally declared <
th. tr naUlity to pa> their debt*, and have aaked the other (
t tn*? to lo?n them utti'-if n*. monej . at the aama nv< nrnt
?b, [ < ? < ?? ? >100 000.000 of a??t t? of different de?r riptnina |
Why I< net a pott of this enorinou* amount realiat-d to J
mil t the rtr.rr Ltncy ' Pectus the influence of the *pecu- ,
lalora inti t'?-'vd in tha: property will not permit. They ?
prefer rather that the mercantile claaaee thonld be groaad
i, nthi than that th' pr.oeo of ?pe-nLuLi?c property <
fhould be affected by the tale* of the hank.
lalai al tha Itark Rickaafa.
I k.j N * Trwt ? *"V twk Bk ! M ,
VI do do *M a? , M do da *BI I
la Jo f?< "i M <t<> \ ickab'.r* tf t tt ,
if di ?t> t* tt da d i al 1?
Ma- d? ?*e in do 4. 14 *
7 do .1? 3*4 IT! do y } Bk CM t
Modi d i id it V? ? Lafayette Bk . *
' 1 do d < ato M *0 do N lasoer & T* y
7* ''o do t Jt T* do L, I* ?? M
I* .to co **l do ^tiiiiiii(toa *00 M a
'0 i|o do e H( t do do ?l
JO# Jo do e >i, Mf do Harlem R ?B
M do do hi M M do Canton Da Bl ?
hi do <0 >J* *> do Mohawk K Ml
100 do do bJ It] to do do s*|
I I do Del k Hud "j n do p?trr?oa R II
so do do Bia M do Boa ton k Pro* tt I N '
ftaue rhilad Ii bt;
letand Baard. j
* do Tiekab?e| s?0 II ISO do N A Tnil k? M1
t di d< book It I# do Blon ngtoa t?| f
ibh do Dal h Hud ha *0 R do do ? { |
Tl do Harlem 41 t
Protltlan Narkat.
With the aingle oaception af Be. f, meata of all kinda J
hat* dec lined one to twocewts per pound. Tbia haa been
caused by tho col I weather, and by tha e*tabli*hment of r
eeeral stall* in the rMy. Several interlopers too, a* *
they are called by the butcher*, haee ma.le their appearance
in the marketa under aelling tke rrrular monopoly
Jenler* Theae interlopers for-stall at Hudton, King*- j1
ton. and an on up the rieee. and Ball here witkowt pay ing '
cartel* ani tav thereby having theadvantage over the
regaler'batcher* If theae peactieea be continued in. of ^
what nae are the market law** None whatever Tken
why not make a virtue of nrcesaity and abolish them* e
Following 1* a li*t of articles in market to-.laj, and tke
price* thereof. I
Fa tea* or Pe??iat??*.
Beef, per Ik. t alt TrkU, I N a ? ,
VmI, " tl - Fresh Cod. , td '
Matlon. " ta Sweat P.it*teet, I paek t?
kamk, "* IK Pn?a?ne?. per booh II
ark, " Tit Oreen C oa. It ears ftw It
'ilena, ' SB B?*na, per quart, td "
BlaekA'h,* tit Tumainea, " *d
*lr?p?H Bw>*. per Ik. It a ? Sqoaahe*, ?aefc tl
C ir* ( cut l.oWera.lb Bd Ualena, pee kuneh. td
hickni, I ?b IMnii, per 1M |M W
EifWt for 1% Gniii, per lb.
liter, pr Ik Ms? Plumha, 1 pt' k, IM
fa for Ntilnr, 91 M Cattery, mhIi, iM
auia|ri, Iti CkeaauU.ut. 1?<1
iHOU, io?. * * Hiakecy Null, qt. ?<!
leaey, Ik. 16a NratrrttMB*, <|i. it
On Thursday evening, 11J intt., by the Rev. Franci* L
lawks, J IVatlt Hthtr tu Georgian* 1? IVntJworik,daughtei
f Hamuel Wood worth, K, uu l adopted daughter (of
Ldam Ocib, K?|., all of this city.
Oa Thursday, JU1 in?t., by the Rev. (jtorge Benedict,
li'nr Robert to lA/iia .Sinn, eldest daughter of John Renick,
all of thil place.
On Thursday. -Wd Inst., by the Rev. Charles A. Davit.
Jr. Jtttt War/I* LI, of New Windsor, Carroll county, Marvand,
to Anna Maria, daughter of thu R-v. Dr. Thomas fc.
lend, of tia city.
On Thursday, 24?1 intt.,by the Rev. Charles A. Davit,
'Vanrii Tillvu, Ktf , to Emily Davit, both of thia city.
On WediH'tday, Jltt inst., by the Rev. W. R. Williams,
Zebina it. Matun, of L'tica, lo jane Hahrrlt. teconJ (laugh
trofthe late Davjd Roberta ofthii city.
On Wednesday, -ils? intt., by the Right Revd. Bishop
erdonk, Hrnry H. S-'oul to %imrlia Stunt, all of thia city.
On Monday, Ittth intt.,by the Rev. Samuel D. liurchard,
:apt. Xaihonitl S. Rorrrt, of ( haileston, 8. C., to Marti Ann
Jtxltr I'uirittnu, second daughter of John J. Valentine, of
On Thursday evening, Md ?n?t., of coninmption, Wm.
{. Fvter, iu the 39!li year of hi* uge.
The fiiend* Bil l acquaintance* of the family, as alto
bote of his brother-in-law, John Sicker*on, arc requested
o attend hii funeral from nil late reaidence, 139 Broome
trcet, on Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock, without further
tateit Art vice#
ftlCHVID AT THf. trw TOtl HRIULD ofmcg.
Lntwerp 39 Maneillea Sept 13
LmateruMm Si-pt 83 MaUva Sept 18
Lui Cayei A up fi Ma'ilU April (
lombay July 73 Madeira July 17
latavM Mi) >4 Madrid . Sept I
Ireincu Sept J# Monte Viieo Aug 13
lordeaux Sept ?) Matauxa* Oct S
lueno* Ayrei Jul)' 18 Pane Oct 1
2adix Scp< 15 Ponce, I*. R Aug in
Calcutta July t Pern.unbucu Sept <3
'wiitoii May H Port an Prinee Aug SB
fatal Aiii 34 Rotterdam Aug t
tibraltar Sept 14 Kio Janeiro Aug 39
Jottenbucg Sept 34 Singapore Jane 10
lavre Oct 1 St. Thomaa S'.pt 90
lamburg ?e;t Us St. J ago Oct 4
iavaxa Oct S St. Johue, P. R Sept 16
Halifax Oct 14 St. Crate Sept IS
CiagatOB .. ...... Sept 35 Surinam Aug 2K
.ondou Oc: ? St. ly tic! Sept l(
.iverpoc! Oet 4 Triefte Sept 17
.egkorn July 33 Turka laland Kept 31
. aguira July 3S Trinidad, C Sept 7T
Liberia Mar 33 VeraClut Aug M
jiabon Sept 13 Valparaiaa Jni.t 13
Arrival and Departure of the Malls.
Arrivtt. Clottt
Caatern Steamboat Mail, via Stoniugton,
daily, except Sauduyi ( a.m. I| r. n.
Eaateru Steamboat Mail, via Hew Havea.
daily except Sunday* 3 r. M. I a.m.
Caatern Lacd Mail, which leavca bimday
morning, cltae* Saturday T. M.
Caatern Way Matl,viaHarleia,We*leb?*ler,
Norwalk, kc. daily except Sithilaye 9 r. M. T A.M.
tiartford Mail, by ateamer, daily, except
Sunday*.... (a.m. I| r. K.
Southern Mail through to New Orleana,
dxilv Ill r. M. ti r. M.
Weeitru Mail, daily ll{ r. M. 3j r. m.
Northern Maily,daily .... 1 a.m. r. M.
Vortheru Steamboat Mail, to Saratoga, ?ia
Hadeon, Albany aud Troy, daily I| . M. (am.
Paiiengtri Arrived.
LnsDon ? Pui ktt t.'iifi Ontario? Mra Wainriabt. family and
ervaut. Montreal; FCallierwo ' l, Miea Aul Catnerwaod. N
|'.?I k, D>' Janne* Graham, Kdiu'iu'r: Jaine* Smith. London, R
Mugridge, England, H Pattiaoa Mid Imly, PI) mouth; Mra Poiuen
and child; Mra Piggott aid ludy, Philadelphia, Mra Booty
-7? in the ateeraae.
LivtarooL?Ship Queen t'Utvria?J Iverior, J Tia:alone?
141 in the ateeracc.
Lr.i!Moas?Ship JF/el/cipoitf?Mra E A Uallenui.of NYork;
(> T Ovmbiua. (i. un?.
Traaa Iiloii? Hrig Opultnct?J Burtea.
Import at Ian at
lowdo*?Per Ontario?1014 bale* hemp Tucker k Cooper?
57 pkga D< dge, Cumminge k Co?7 do J Conn**?MO Plielpe,
D...lg- k Co?II J Oppeihaimer k Co?16 R Martin k Ct?3 J
Wright?4 D Appletoii k Co?3 E U Lanrdou? 1* O Link?I
Lawi* k Meyer-17 Wiley k Putnam?3 (? Watta?2 Ayatar
k Co?3 (Jiffkio k Ironatdei?3 Huihton k A*, iaaall?3 D
Kelt?3S J Lee k Co?4 f tiriimell k Son*?3 C Akreufeldt k
l!o?30 II Evan*?"7 ti B More^ood?ts lir*eie k Co?1) O
Meyer k S*u?7 Wllaon k Brown?I O Bull?1 Matter*. Mar
k*e kCu?1 A Bell?1 (lojdliu* k C"?1 W Levy k Co?1 (J
Trull?1 Mr Py?t-I D iaa It Co?I R Clark?I W Oarret ??
17 cm 53 toll* I ik< to order.
Litem pool? Prr Qiirrn F7e/tirie?779 iron rail* 1400 ir a
chain* Oaf la, Brook* Si Co?2 0 tout coal 1* water i a-k# tun
beoaea 8 Thomson?25 crt* A McOr.eg?<0 b?g? nail* Pierion
k Co?2 oka nail* J Barrow, PioTidtnce?11 cka t cahlea 3 anchor*
75 coil* r?ue 14 anil* J k P Rhode*.do??S ck( R Patrick
k Co?400 In* J >1 B'uoe k Son ?4 cka Inglrfa k $;ott?10 VV
Cnauneey kCo?14 J Mager?* E Ct'dwci!?lo,oco tire brick*
J H lUlileii?16? crate* J cka Adam> Brother* fcCo.
CsotiaT ?DT? Per Ctnonirut?1?? hare Imu'd J k L R
Bridge?SCO mala Newbo'd k Cruft?ISO |.k?,* H N Peck k Coin
halei Petbndy, Rina k to?WM !>ara iion M pkf* S bnle* H
Omr.ow?Prr trad f?rr|f?100 lona pig iron Boormnn, Johnton
k Co?10 cka U Aith't?10* Reyburu k Vandevurt? 58 R
Irrio?1# puna ? hi key J W Mitchell k Co?t bile <i B Murewood
k Co?SO Wood. Jnhnatco k t o?;# L Ktulchai?t&caakj
Montgomery k Pil'fKH-l bale* t? order.
Limine*?Prr llrUtiptnl?(Reported ynterday)?? eaaea
eitroa It Broom?l D? Mham k Moure?l J B Laaaala?I Mm
ter*. Markov k Co?I Corbit, Deri* k Co?4 J McCall?83 kt*?
marble 1 bi'e K Mirondole?t c* Schmidt k Co?1 Keiai Brva
-J C Denney?I C K faiid?ll H Vy?t?II G Lenghi k Co?
tioodhue k Co?It A Caaaell?4 B. uraer. Johnatotl k Co?If
Jo iM hau? amnac 70 ca?ka oil J T Omitinv-21 bale* lianeed
lioo hf eki oil 2t baa 8 ci to or <er.
CHtiLiitm-Pir Le/eve'fe?71 ba'ea cotton Otia k Maaon
-Wt 8 Jeauiiireiu k Co?.18 Sinnh, Mills k Co?I as Miller,
H if lay k Co.
Port of New York, October 94* 1MO10
aa a lata 4J j noon ai.aa (41
Da aatl A Ik I Hir.M It
Dcparttirr of the Atlantic Steamers.
ranm i!ii.LiiD ran* saw Toil
Preaident Not. t
Britiah Uuaea No*. I Dee. I
Ore at W eetara Not. T Dec. I
President Dec. t Jan. 1
raoM iiTtnrsoL. moM iait?a
Acadt*...... Not. t
I luinan ..Oct. It .....Not It
Britannia Not. 4 ...Dec. I
Acedia Dee. 4 ........... Jan. I
Pockets to Arrive, i Pockets to Depart.
Lessen. I Lensew.
roroste, tinaweld, O-t I I Philadelphia. Morgan, Not I
M'eetmiuater, Moore, Oct It | Saiaacr, Sti.rge*, Not It
UTiifML. I itriar?0L
ndet-odrnre Nye, Septet tiarriek. IVmer. Oct V>
?ke?eld. AHes. Oct I Oif?i J. Raiiikuae, Not I
Baltimore. Kuack, t?pt 14 Da h?**e d'OiKan*, Oct M
Fonsoaa. < rawfoid, Oct 1 <i F.doitird. Niguet, Not l
ntw on.i i>i, aia uaLtnt.
4'abaisiau, Haikneai, Oct 10 Yatoo, Traak, Not ?
M.iaitK. IIMtl r.
Lewie rail, Rydrr, ui.e IC DasiiMoii, Poet, Oct M
l.flu, Porter. uric Hillura, Hhirmaa, Ocl ti
^atauiiah, Chapter, unc tftirlmy, Rialey, Oel f*
Fair6?ld. Wilai.n. NOHeaai, Jobwoa k Lnwden; Ni rm .n
'rati. Turka lalaud, Nrasiith k L?'da, forne, Mitctiroek'
ial'eatea, J MiHmaa; Koiiw, Breeick, haUnn?r< , OceanBr>
Lennerton. Hi Ji kna. N>, Vfaria. troali-m. Peleriburi;
ar?>line. Brook, Waahington, NC; Rteii le.LIM'ir, Batoi,,
ractor. Oilley. Bermiaifa. Badger k Peck ; ( ail.erib* Berry.
;h?rlralit,U Rultnai Treacolt, llnle. Venice, Chambeilaii
k Lewresee.
Psrket (hie Ontario, Bndiah, from Loudon and Portamoutk,
Hat "epl. swI- to ttrinnell. Minium k Co
tk'f ^<??i \ icton4. Thaiapaos. from Luerp ol. |(tk 8ept.
nda, to M Tti<HS|?on. (>ct M, on the Baaka,apok* at hr Ariel,
with MM fta*.
Bh>p l.afaj?tte, F.llery. t day* from Cbsrleiten. ccttoe, to
CI B?tt< h.
Khip Tr? iien. Br.ien, It dnyf from NOrtensa, gotten, kc to
Miirg?* k < lenrsinn.
Bark Kolh-hiida, Wi!liama. of Banker. M *.yt from Nen'Mtlr.
Kn(. with intl, lalil Mor-wnaad k I ?.
Bark Irml Ferry, wt ellisaiire, !Marena. It d >ya froe Olaa|o*.
aall. le Brykern k Vaiwler*Mrt?II pnaaengtra. *?pt
!?, * It, Inn l|, |-aa*ed ?htp Bt I <a??
>r> Ni?w?o*f *?? ? tuiaa.Jow**. t* dt|ra from Hull, Bit,
0 A (J ft A W R..?~
Bf* (,'*?nai< n*. Bi?l*y. Tt .l?> a fmm I nMtWl, inn. he la
Fra^r, Rj**a fc ( *?4 H N PWrk.
Brig (m -llU*. Tiltlr. 14 Jay* frt m Ar?? il?>. fl. ?jlh M hilt
"if ar I * d?> m? I xt .I'MuobtThiwi Ni Lrfl ?clir Wiraid.
>f Hwa Mr. ( r Bullimoi*. a*tl d jr.
Knar Ot> i ? <>. tofcaaaM*, I* ! < > a fmm Tmlit It land. ?nh
ITT* kv*k*lt (alt. I? A U h A W ll-wnn |,*li ?a A?> riran
whr, aar* art raratUMrJ. Idr; (Id m with W? ' i? ?*?. of
wlforlalliiimrt. I,?ft >1 (If < rir?. Iwi| \na Imlh. (mm.
VHma. diafi alao. a tckr f?. ? Nantor*. NC. * .< * nn| r* nltarfe*.
di*? Or It lal t? I*. Inn ?? hr J ' Woo:'ord,
I dt Crow Nawporl f- r <|?l?flnni a; i*lh, Ul M, Ina T?,
Rf>k*lr?* Marj r*nn*H. from V York for M.bil' tl*'. lal W
^>111 71 It. pa***d aa l' S fnfal* and tl.op of ??r. (landing
Brt* Lawr*ne*. Co'ik, T daya frota C?harl**lo?, rolinn, lu |o
J Balkl**.
| Weltr Mwaaic. Ro*?. ? daya fmm Klralhara, * ilk It^t
raafr* T% humrhm kaaiauaa 10 kkla 11??* to hot** thall* IM Ika
* dorm i'iaa ?pplr* fit** >p?H< IS Ink* htnuai ' Hw ! i>
Oft maho*vr It* '!> 'p"*M ana ImarhH ntnona a lal of fcra
ilMtn wn?nl, lo nn?t?r f,?ft " Aio*r<ran raaaala Br aekr
H*?rh**l?r, Cltar, f? r Wilminflo*. Ml . tailrd a l>? day*
Brkr kr??*?. II dayt fnian Bl Mark*, with III
In e?lln? In w W frail L*'t*?hr 4?m, for NVork.l
lay i.
fckr K"#rt?itk" Kala?. It day* fr m Tarkt Itlat.d. ?itk m*
>u*h*l* atll, to Middl*lo? k Ci>.
B*hr l>t*i<alrli. La*, I da>? frow Brandtwi??, Drl. with rorn
Tiro #hl|?. ? ? hark, Ifcra* hri?*.
H<a*ral Hrmrd,
k,t ?*>>> Thu kri?? f Orlrmi, Rn l>?rd*> a, tor Huara, it
aaraMakly drltmrd ualil Mottlay attl.
HKtP Rshltt-f -Mm* of ih? rr?w of IS* *kip B Mrtlrk.
dl Wm M*l Jladarf, arrrtad mala; L Morr a, W?r Owrn*
( f r-m?. Jnn < l*m*al*. r.d? I'lrji 'I ho* Pari*, Allan Wiara,
md TW l laaakf. w*ra kr .<t(lil up .? M>rl*?i,? am Ik* IMk.
nr pliiB'iarinc ll?? *Kia of li*r c?r?o. Tb? B Mviirk ?*a frnm
Wladrlphia, ?ad kad f*i?arkl ra*|n. Tk? *?W?ar* >| p*?r>
e kr r?n*l?lt?* ?f?i??l lh?m.
.1 Tfttrf Rrrw rr?rf ?l afil l.*?k*.of W ?<hia?lm) rtlj- Ka*
(ircr*d*d m rawinf lh? hulk of Ih* old frigal* M*w Vaik.
vhirk hw haao ?nuk in Iba ToloMoc fttf a iiamkar of f vara, and
ia? r?mo?*d il la hiaaki^ ??nl
$rhr Ketra, Htring.fr m TliiladrlpMa for rrov,d?a?f. h?-for?
*pori*d apokrn, put ill* NLau4on lltk, al'h to*a of h*ad of
rrmaat ai d loraaail
Comiaaud*r Blrlntliais ha* Sraa r?lt?r?d froai Ik* tomnaad
f tk* aloo^' f war B"*l"?. *f ?k? K I aqiiailmt. W* Hut* a<>(
-aritrd who wi't lak* romwiand
Th? ?l??r of war Fr?rft*ld haatnt ? ? l'>r**d and rap
rrr-1. ww Uanrk-1| *? W*dar*d*r l>"" lb* ?*fokljn Vnj
?k* Faliwwilh nliMfitf war ia pr*pana? < ba haul* I ap for
*?*fi?i?? r*p?lr*
la Ih* acrounl rnkliahrd of lk? ?hioa ia ronmian. a, lk*r*
r*ra o?i|la? Ikoi* mt Ik* Ham* 8lali'*-W? North ( arnlina
1 f nar. Ik* Colamtaa H. and lha Otlawar* ?. Th* lh'*?
aa* WM m*? in 0>*m. and t??ld rn t<? ar?*k'? anir*.
Alan, krag Ooaarfi.l finia?*ur*aj i?? lh* <ialf fflrAt.
tal'dntia. (?) f'laland, front B- ?loa, 11 hour* nm* ftir Kalifat
nd IJmi*w|, (VI IT, it) a art. off r*|? Bahl*
I'kilo. Ballitaor* for R?l?*Han<. (VI It, lal H M, lot ti
Co?<l*r. frnw ?? for NKondoa. Orl It. 1*1 Jl *?. Ion ??.
I* <k*lla. d**lMMlion ant I al*d. Orl It, lal tl at. Ion ?1
N?r<il**?. Ildat* frowt Wilmnijlon, HC. fcr Jaaami! B*rt
I, M ft, law tt tt?1 of kit ***w twk
rtnlft Fort*.
Btpwtt. CI, Ott l??arr Uraftoa, Bmik. Anlwirp
Turn ItU'it. l(JffiiiMi-Uwr Iimball, fur NYorfc, IB
I d?y?; Opulenc*, do do; rkwnite, forWiluiiostou, NC, w.
United Htatei P rt?.
Bath, Oct IT?eld 1?airfield. CulU, Mobile! Dingo, Eitei,
H*i ?dor<, HaJlowill, Smith, 8| Muii; iHh, irrClltiUiiM,
\l4u1011. Cadis: Dualap. Portland; eld Jaa McCobb, do.
Ba^gvKi Of t II?arr Nerth Braaii'*. NYork. '
PmiLiiiD. Oct to?arr Tangier, Kug, Pictou for NewTork;
e ld (irnrft, Minot, Tampa Bar.
Nr.wd'irruiT, Oct II?arr lv?nho?, Poet. Cluled.
Hili.Ni Oct SI?eld Lotu?, Batch. Sumatra.
hi ?ton, Oct 81 ?arr Ht. ulean, Cook. Liverpool; \ caper, '
Horkina, Philat; Wolga. Hall. Waalimitou. NC: Juhu Murray,
i)?vereui, Get rgelowe. I"*; Bra'ui, Coltrell, I'liilad; tieorge
K lot la, Stetlinau, do; Ue'rieve, Buiulau:,d< . SSd, eld (duinc,, '
Mar?eille?; Cong c??, Ma';.ii7<u; Noithamptou. Mann, NOrlcan?;
Chickasaw. Krudri k, Baltimore; Mary Stantoo. Crowell,
do; Occm. Eldridge,do; B?la Bate*. Pratt, Mobile; Louies,
Hinckley, Albany ; Moutauo, Crowell, Jo; Victor, Halleti, N
P?o* iokwck, Oct SI?arr Union, Smith, Baltimore; aid Nicholas
Hi,Idle, (new, of Providence, SOU torn) Heed. Mobile;
"mai k Sarah, Allen, do; Kow*e, (-adv. Havana; Minerva,
Marble. NCrlnui*; Kichard Rwh, Hinckley, Philadel; Klaah,
Lake, do; Victory, Heath, NVoik; tUport, Daiii, do; Caledonia,
Preut * do.
XiwroBT. Oct IS?arr Clarindow. Holmr*. NVork for Bo* ?! ;
Hero. Doncan. do do; Ptvabe Bt\Ur. Baker, Halifax for
I'liilad: 19th, Citizen, Brown, from Lubec for N York: Martha,
< aatin- for Baltimore; 17th, eld Maaaatoit, Brown, New York;
Ihth. Kin. CoUtM, Mobile.
PniL?i>r lfhi*. Oct 23?arr Sultan, Easttort; c!d Acorn,
Briton; Geo Washington, do; Metamora, do: Mary Carver,
do; Increaae. do; Seven Sifter*, do: Emeliue. Poitlaud; Sarali
Ann, East Greenwich; A Marshall, farker, NYork.
Norfolk, OctSO?arr B.llow, Button; Win Mayo, Hallowell.
A l I TION NOTICE-WM. O. KENT wilful! thi7"da7. 1
at half 1 a?t 10 o'clock, at No. ISO Water ?li?et a lot of
genuiae Havana and Priu iue Brgart, of the be t braud*, among
which are Kegali'a of the Laiiorm* and ..Ihcr maker*; SO 000
Moreno*, icooo Canone*,Mil Fall* de Prin-ip?-i, to.oflo La
Gloria*, entitled o delienture. AI*o, |0,tM Prima Trabucot,
with a verietjr of other brand*, ae'dom olTtr-d at auction.
Sto.mc \V?nt?Am nfsortinrut of 1,1 anp 3 gallon Jug*. Alto,
Pickle and Butter J*>*. welt worliiy the a'lmliou of Grocers
and Shipper*. Ala.i. a lot ?f Cka npagne Wine and lri?h
Whiakv. Alio, two Gold Levtrt, 13jewel*. U ray advance*. 1
at if
PICK'S I) UP. neartiovariier's Island. ou or about iAili Pept. i
a (tick or timber, between 40 and r>e feet in lent lb. and about i
It inches suuare. The owner can bave tha lame ou proving
property ami uaying charge*. byaiphiig at the Whitehall
Hou?-, (t \Vhit"ha]I ' reel, N V. o?4 3t
tier* by this ?hip will embark p< r steamboat Hercules from .
WhitthaW, on Monday, 9tlh insl. ?t 12 o.clork. Letter bags
will cl re at tks usual places at half past It o'clock. o<4 ,
b'ack and brown Saaleta; W do black and gray Pluah, lor
ale b>oui
3f PHILIPS k EYTIXOE.3* Brjad ?t
NOTES sf the Farmers' and Mtchanies' Bank at New j
Drum *ic k are bought at Si discount by
oii 3t J. THOMPSON*. 52 Wall st. |
1 Ann Sovereign* for (ale at $4 M by
1,V/UU ??4 3, J. THOMPSON, M Wall at.
HOW STH ANOE that people will r ml a re pain, jeopardize
health and constitution, by permitting a certain disease to
accotnp!l?h i's ranges, when one bottle of Dr. llunler't Ked
Drop invariably c n.i)uers, and eradicates the dreadful Scourge, |
le-vi.-g I lie comtitulion in Us original healthy state. Sold at t
3'Divislon str?et. Price $1. o84 It i
VfK.DICAL HOUSE. No.3 Division street?I?Dr Hunter's
" Red Drop is the only absolute, thorough, and harmless ]
cure of one class of diseases, the woild should know it?tha* it I
is all tliislrom the fart of its b? i g t years befere the public, {
ils tale increasing.its fame spreading from one end ofthe Union I
to the other. and counterfeits of the medicine appearing every 1
day, is proof positive. One \ial. price fi. i? warranted, under I
alt circumstances, wh? n all else had f.ulel, or the money re- ]
turned. otti It I
Il'ST received a great assortment of new Fall Ribbons and
' Silks, consisting iu part si uea style rich Paris plaid l< I,
bono, superior embroidered lir.ied-rioe Riboons. embr ider.-d
Saiin Ribbons, figuredtiros <te Nppl.a and S<tm Ribbons^tnpe
Satin Ribbons. plaid Satin Ribbons,fcr- Cap Ri bons,ilain
taflVta an') satin Ribbons, all ?idths and color', Milks of various
styles and qualities, v it. plain corded. ehau?e*ble cord.d
figured and plain <leus de Napbs; l'w u red llep Silks and 8alius,
pl.ua Satins, Florences. Mod'', Vilvets of various colors,
< rapes. Crape Liafe and millineny arti les iugeu<rat
A Iso. a general assortment vt Fancy Dry Hoods. Milliners
will find it much to their advantage tocail before purchasing
Wholesale and ret il tt> Division street, 10 doors from Ike
Bowery. N B ?Thisdsy reeeivid. oiecx changeable corded
silks. Also a great assortment if rich plaid silts.
oJ4 lu>:s* C.B.LEVY.
(JO- DR. L. O I R A It I) 1 N -??.
A*d No. m Errsan* Stuskt, Coiner or CLirr.
T'O THE AFFLICTED ?Do uot be discouraged and give
' up your cue ra hopeless, thoi gS ynu I avr been to great
evpense withiut receiving any Demtit, until you have tested
Dr. L 01 HARDIN'S uitdinines for the cure of certain diie
.* s: for the mo?l incredulous lave been okligtd to acknowledge
Ihtir supremacy in curiug diseases which every
nihtr mrdiciite hadlfaiUd to effect. 1'hty pnsaeas. molt assur.dly.
a e'eanaug and Wealing virtue, which is L?'t tubs
fi mid iu other prepared ma. Froas tVe abuses prnctsed upon
ItMMMMMl Mr un| rinimled ' chartitans," who n?'t ouly
r b the pal lent of bis money, hut W!lh a daroig impunity, sport
witk his lit.*, many pernons ar? becominr pnrlectlv disgusted
with every tiiini appertaining to the Medical Profession, slid
are r* ad> o j ran mice almost every medicine, though entirely
ignoiant of its villus, a mere humbug. And here we would
say, humbug or no humbug, fI"/-you shall Ime your miuey
ifneure perforated. It is uot our intenti'in. satisf.ed as
we are, that tlie use of one Votile o' tb?se medicin?s will be
tbe most coavi ci.ig ev iJancr in iheirfanr, to publish along
let cer*i'i<.nt?s,kuudredsofwhich we might, from the most in
i*| ulable sources, but inerily to statu wh'rc the medicine
ran be obtained. Evperience nss eslablisli'd their units In
Utter tlnu those of any oth'r remedy. For sale at Dr. OIKMlDIN'il
Princu al Olflc No.7 Distoion street, near< ailiarine
st >nd s> Bcekman at. corner of Cliff <t. Advice gratia.
WF. H \R.NHE 1 has iwsoriated wilh himself DEX TER
BRKJI1AM. Jr., in ihe Package E\ r?ss, Foreign Letter.
IJeni'ral Forwarding ind 4'eminia*iou builm ss. i uder the
Frm of HARNDEN Is t'O. Tney havs establisiied a branch
of tbsirhoi as t'n London and Liverpool and Mr. Brighsm will
reside there p<rm<neNlly in conduct I lie business. Their offices
are at No. t Wall street. New York; corner of Third and
Market streit, Pl.iladeli hia; rornsr ol Union Buildings in
Pro*i.l?iice; No * t'ourt street. Boston. Due nonce will .>
tiiei, I tin ir o.Sfn m linlal ^ml Llvsrsssl I'^ika^ia,
Parcels, v-s and Samplia < f floods, SfNMi Bsuk Notes,
kc . will hr receirid at either offn-a and forw arded promptly
af directed. Pa tieuUr^alleii'i >n Will be p^ul to pi rohas ni
<>ondf and rollcrtiofr tea and In If. Ill anurt any and nil
baa.neta entruatrd to their car* will airel with [rum^t atteAUon.
Lett-r Ba?e f..r ihe Britiah and North American Roral Mail
Lin'of fcl?? n Sl,i|j. irr kriit at lb* ir off' re in Ne ? York mmI
Reaion. a here letter* will M raeaieed ?itlier for ihe Coiled
Kingdvaa or ut part of the Coatiaei!. ll.r poatafe of whith
can be paid at lltiaend. AH ItMm pan! ttrr lauat be directed
to tli* eat* of HABNDEN It CO., aiadal.eir hou.r in Literpo?
I will ray ib* Enflieli puat.-ge and n nail Hiletter*.
N. B A I (rood* auM ne ca't nf HAHNI'KN k
CO Th*y hap* by uarraiitud attention and prowiftaei a, to I
mak* ta< if agency a*eful to all cla??e* ia the coaaki'iaity.
T B. Cartia, Bo?tea ; Bar nr. It.utlor* It Co. Li**rpaol;
Oo.idl>wk('o,Ni? \oikj latehcr, Altiaader It Co- Load.m
, tiamur! Wei!*, Ea |.. Pari*.
ntt _ lUHMiRN h i O
-nt tj * Mr.UI.IAC, l'At)?IKLOK V*. HllOUOtfa ,V
*3'ina<>ni?, a/aumh, nk\\?r.? lem >sn, mvr7C
TLR*.\ EKB?NAB,i A'.Tl'8'.S,t AK \ A'l I ?N?.
TIN KS, and oilier dee raMe ltrt?n Hnwr and Garden Plant*
TUr auh*< rilx r ha* in* (in par icular) to offer at low price*
th? follow ill* r a r I* U* of lary- ai.il fiur Iwaltliy plant*, ?n : ?
Canr'ln*?1 Wood* (. S D?,i'>le White, t Lady Huine'e
! Btueh, Ill'r itkir. I Dickaoti'* Aramnna tjora, I Ktimia, I
naknati. a d S other fi r tUatiol *..!*, I Rhododend-t n,
Arlwn* ><ti ? fa??ifl 'ra. Rae?t?..ra, (red ilowtrnts,)
i Elate (reJ and t>iirkle flow?r?.) TI.e ? tmellia* and Rbododradnv
a are will *et wth rt? wtr bud*, and will mak* a sr*at
eliow till! mti.t? r and ant aprintf, H lt?> |Ja< line large | labia
of tlir druV* yellow rid wfiie How>rtnf Roae Bitikeia R.?e*
Mullifl r.t, Crlfncoti Pink and Biuah. and many olhrr kind*
w*tl ecenled. in<*ily H>'* a, Dahlia* fyb< lei lu. Wo
ae'ding Mafuvlia, .Mirrapl.ylir, new OlaijC",ke in bo*** continent
for r inapoi tation. Bojum* to rr '*r, fr iia *? r?nta and
upwarde. U*t-filly mad* up. Orler* 'artfully- p*?k*d, and
p jfct'inll)* *aerotid. W RU8IEL* FlffW, w.
r;;? crn'r Baiilh vid I i r *?. P- .*!) u, I. I.
"< A ^ 11 K H? Th? anbacriMr liaa now fi r *al?, at low i nert,
I* aaah- a, witn r ift> ri an I plait? complete, a fft i?a'.
to mak* a K r rnb >>iar forty -fir* f*?t l*h( aad I I leet aide.
Al*o, ta<ah?? witlifram>a and lwi?? c>mplrle. eaeb frame
n>uiirir| It Ul by t fe?t, to? fret I ) ft in length aad width.
The whole are at rly new. and m.d<- i f ?i nd matrnala.
W. RI'?m.L, I- lonaf.
alt It* r. rair Liiiicitnn md Hmilb ate, Br .oklyn.
JtW P^rli>i?f lat Novtiaber?The rUifant Pa~ket ahip
WUK? OX KURD, burl he u 1000 ten*, ( a! I In It ">' II'
will aVil for the ab >?e p?rt oa Monday, the Id November.
I her r*|ulardaf.
| Tbe arrom iiodalion* for raliin and eteerafe (aa?ei>f?ra are
Iwell katwa t<? b* ?( rn?r t> auy line of packata, and thu*e
wi*bii ( tobnirr bertha la tbia lafirit* ahip, will |ilea*? mak*
eaily ay, lit atKiii ou board, fort if Beekman at. or to the etibi
oM-M* <1, ft"uth atreel. up *taira
i IITAN1 ?.!?.*> ayou it lw?B. lataly artired fn.m Kranee. a
?* (ilua inti at paatrjr cook and make- )f prra?r<*a. in a e-mf??.?io??ry
*tt?* He aailer*taaJ*hi* kaaia*** well, tad would
be mndrraie ia hia trim*. A|idy at Mr. Julia B. Tarm'i II)
Lar nard alrr?t. Tbr P>at refrrenrr eaw be tir-a. II mje*
PAUL B I.I.OVD. Audi. neer.
L'l RNlTt RE, Lmi'ORr fct.-Wa. Vc( or'
amk will ai II tt.i d?y <1 10 o'clock, at No. It I oiiiilaa.lt
a?r>ai. Itp<t ad * . ?a aa and other rharfaa, aa rlafaat arfk and
nillawa, ri| |i(i<ii marble tup raatrt ulilr. ?i?S tany rhdn,
l?atl.< r h?t? m till ?# ?*. w ardr >h?a h.~>kr*?r?. (It* a
* ara. * pnoil Uliufcrtt. tl *jll) \ of pthfr arMalra
AIm Jlialf | r brand. II dttaijohua Iritk *l>itkar.
|.*lik)l?TANT TO ' * Mll.ll>.*th? dnMl a ad
' mml araanmiral t"*' n uar. na h? In i hj thr rhal.lion or
laaa I'lKKlit). aid pant In pari ni IhrVity. > apiiltc a*ion at
Ihr Vanhaitan Itil l.i?hl I n't ilRrr. Ill M*r*ar airarl. or of
1>i? rnfiarar ? Ihr wnrha frual of t.ifhtranth atrcel. ffortk
For r?i Winf it ia m|?n' i t? aith? r wood or coal, Mil caa b?
Wrwl a pimmrti ckarraal f?r?rr. ?<r at. ? of any cotrtnirtion.
It ia ?aa.ly ifmM. and alfrrda a prrat l.ajl.
NOTT-* IMnOTKD ITOTI*>r?r rhurrha*. hall#.
toraa. parlnra. (-rrn hoiiara, at' aaihoat an*'
ahip carina. ia tarry t?rirl|r.ar? m? raadp (ir drli> rry, an.!
hr Public rtapMtfully i?i|i? In nam* Ihr aiwia. as I particularly
ati imprrtmrnt rarr itlj- .Ward thrr. lo. Ihal ran ha ap- i
plird to (loin ana it uar. ta ait: a liatla aM radlatnra, hp I
which I!< I.rat (whii-h ia nauajlp rnarryad In thr rt.iiaiiry
whrra but lilijr tdp* it itaadl ia rntiraly rataiard ia the room.
and a taring of onr-frarth of th' furl ?b*.~
F.r.alrhy THAI TON ft
|| \. 11 k. ' n V 1< I W?|" al
VKXIIQN -nrwlMiUdlti ft Vj ' 1W (WNi
? thia day. al thr Vranklia Com* H'"?r. M Maidan Lar?
and || I pilar >1. ami aarrad ar with enrraal jtHy.? f^ta
P-r | 'air. [ *< It'] J. t. BROWV J
THE PRKMIL'M WAOON that racrirrd the first prrmtuaa
1 ai lha lala Kair of th* Asm riraa laatitala, a baauliful ar>
tielr ft r Ihr ijiliiara markrt, fur aalr hp llir iranufarlurrr
Ala. Ltf ut WMoiia and ("aha, OS *a improacd tip la, ftniahrd
1 th-ahairtrat tiolic^. ^^f ^
Milt* * I Ma rear at rrrl
AiOmMTMAM lARItR, who ia tSoraifhly ron
.ra iat wtthcarliM. akaiitt. and cutting liair, and a mim
aiakrrwill liaar of eitualioa#. by ap|l)in? at Xo. IT faTk
Row - IT
t aUTT'H KLOWril BJTLB' ?H) arintha. Tulip?, Oocaa.
I ' Crtiwnimpr'ial, Oladiolna. Nan-??n?. }ll(? rrrriard fr? m
Holla-.d. and lor Mir al thr ?rw Amrnraa Srnl Slot*.
aVahi>!? rnt*rin\ im nk.wabk -Th, .npar.or
purr Ala. hrrwrd ia lha 'Wiwan atjlr. ia now r?a<lf; tar aala
ia htila Uid half bhla fir famil y uar a ad in a tpping ordar Ordrra
to ha '* ft at
oft la1 WILIIAM WARBI'Rt?-*.i?ai K.itrnaf
C} AAA IHTTLI8 ha?t h?m sold aitkia a Uw wrrka of
i.'l'n'aw???'a r.pi'lary (>?| , il ?urra r'trp r?? . and
tSr Oartor wAmi Ika warld to pr<>diica a caar il m 111 not cart.
Trwf Hiaphaa, t>r fiitl, aaarral aid aai^riaarrd n?ra^a. all
who ha?a aard it,?ra rif>n?il tn tolaal lal Maaata rml,
v. - v -rk a' i i >a v ,i? n a'rrrl. Inakbi. r^l
hAliowakk. n 11 y h \ <? far?ry <??"?<?Di.
AW RPICS k CO I" Prarl atraat. n^arl.
Platl atr??t. ITrr afull ali i h .-.f tli' ?l>u*r atli> Ira r th.
laaat ?I -iaa, italinc tatma and at .rtraa lo aait lha tiiwaa. ,
wi wr ______
Ttfi ivv-wv: "
IT Mo. H Wall at and l?P Broadway
Awttoa > !??.
(SbrnlTM. M .1un m>4 lit Futt** ilntti.)
KI'RNITURE?At II) o'clock, at the Aactioa IUm* ri<
cu?i?f and apjendid Sale of ?lt|Mt SmouI ilwd ul New
furoitut.bi c?t?lo*ur.
Eitluiin lilt of framed (.miuIiu**. and ?raw
nga; looking gU**t*. furnituie.glaaa wart, ei grat nig* without
fiame*. fce. at 101 o'clock in t>-e *a ' room*.
Dry good), c'othing. faucr article*. 'urailufe, watch**, jewrlry,
kc., at 104 o'clock, in th? *ale room*.
Sj .leudid *ale of accoiid hand <u.d new furniture, is all their
Alao, benutiful Brunei* carpel*, rug*, ?uf&?. maUoganj
chair*, Itc.
? , , Store Xo. It fUtt Broniwrn^.
Out door lalea (fGroccrica. Furniture, lie. luntuailr attended
lu.and icapeclfull) aolicited.
SALR-AHpoHtIi. at th? auction
rocm, t>> order of J. A. Jackaon, 21 c?thanu? atrcct. a large
b"i d^*V,u"iv?Ta,!d\S^'r'drB,d whichkMTe
I5(M tout Peach ^^r8ALE'
(nfor'c^Ue- Llrerp001 U?" Dtlivcr?l ?? >hc market |.nc?.,
AI*o,10t)Coukiig Store*.
SAI.KS OS" FURNITIjRB.?The auctioneer reaperlfiil
u ''"l" ITS.'.0? *t,mt hf .T'11! "'I1"1 r? "?*?"? < Jive *ale u4
Hou*th?>l?J I* urUiUrc at thr danlm** ofth drrlmTnic hfi**
ieepiuj. ^Liberal cn$U idfatcm vull U multcii lurnitur*
" "? > - ? ?,.yr..-einema ol
the effect. <>f |?r*una deceased. personally atWiuUd to.
J. M- IVhceter, Auctioneer.
Stare tfn. t? Chatham S(u?re.
FURNITURE?At IP o'< lo< k, iu fr?nt of Store, ? gene
ntl assortment of Household and Kitchen furniture, emulating
of hew and aecoad hand bureaus, si'lehoards, secretary, dee?ling
cu?, mahopauy and cherry table*, k reach and plain sofa
bedsteads. writing dtsks, mahogany aud cane *ea? chair*,
racking chairs, looking glasses, double tliut and cat decanters,
wine glasses, fce.; hall lamp*, inahtel clotki, crockory, gla?s
ware, ttc.
N. B.?All familie* breaking up house keeping, aud wishing
to dispose of their good*, will be punctually attended lo by
lending their address to the store; aud good* to any amount
{(O-Liberal advance* paid on all good* seutto l-he store,and
cash paid foralgrtods ou the day of gale.
(To sail erary othrr Monday.)
Ship YAZOO, Cant. B. J- H. Tnnk,
MISSISSIPPI, ("apt. C. Hilliard,
LOUISVILLE. Cant. M. Huut,
HUNT8VILLE, Capt. J. F.ldridge,
NASHVILLE, Cant. A. A. W.oJ.
SHAKSPEARE, Capt. Allen Miner.
The above ship* are all or the fir*t clan, coppered ??P"
per fastened, of a light draft of water,aad built la thia city
liprtsily for the trade, with elegant ac-i-mriindatious for pasleiiger*,
and commanded bi- able and experienced masters ?
The pi ice of pasaage from New York to New Orleana la fised
it $au, aad from New Orleana tu New York at (HI, without
liquors. They will at all tiraea be towed up and down the Mialiaaippi
by steamboats, and the itricteat punctuality oUerved
Aihrir lime of sailing. Neither the owners ?r captains of
d^Bshipa wil be responsible for jewelry, bullion, precioua
U^Bk mlver, or plated ware.or for any litteri,parcel* or packsent
by or put onboard of them, unless regular bills ol
lading are taken fur the same, and the value therein expressed.
For freight or passage, apply lo
E. K. COLLINS It CO. M South ft.
in New Orleans, who will pr,m|tly forward any goons to
his address.
The ship* of thia liu* are warranted to (ail regularly aa advertised.
No good* received after Saturday evening, previous to the
day of sailing. <,14
\" Mrs. K. Ki<Hrr * (Urdml" is ntovtr?i^urtmtdr)
and uiic jualUd fur the cure of the ibovt rom^Umli in all
iheir van# ty of forias. of however long standing- TliuuikLda
die annually thit might have been saved if tliey had employed
tins most uiestimiM. vegetab'e preparation; Us snccea* iu
giving immediate relief is unparalleled and moat ajtokisbiug;
and while it i? tru'y acordial to take, at once soothes (he pain,
and most speedily reslntes to he ,1th, preserves the bowels ia
perfect order, and is of the mott intrin(ic va!ue to famines
where there are ] oung child-eu.
The imarietnr h:is an aouudance of testimony fr< m the
hi?hest authon'y, and numcroij certificates accrur anying
each bottle of the cordial.
For ( tie by J. O. Kay. teueral agent, at Milnor'a drug store,
No. IU Broaeway, (Franklit House,) 19 and ICO Fulton St.;
l?7 Bowery; Burnett and Pollard, Patterson, and Dr. Wet. T.
Meic?in, Newark
N. B. It is also of great value in sea sicknist. Price $1 per
bottle. o?? It
D O C T O R E V A N S,
REMOVED TOtPKCK SLIP -The public *r. reipecifulIjr
re<]ur?fr?l, (if ih*y wunt Dr. to rail at No. f
Peck alii*. If ihey c^ll at tkeoN ftau'l they will moat likely he
deceived There ia no Ur. Ev*m at the old et**d, though the
name and tma? are iair roper'v continued. By aeemg th?- aid
eiDerirnced Doctor at No a, tfcey ran judfe for themaelvea.
Th+-T*kt care of ineiperieacL-d boy a ana vMing notn.
Perfrot, i(eiiitf>uB M'td chenp consul ifl private <ui4 <lelicnte
diaea#e??unrouufy.obstruction! (in kath ?eira) and all
dab UK iea rtmovtd without putTuig noatruaii and fal?e cartiftcatee.
N B.?Don't miatake the Old Doctorr and No. 9 for any
other aumher? they mav Imvp the block* aid ii^n??inaide and
out. but they want the cuttieated mindf. r24 if dkw
Furnished apartments-t0 let m the home of*
widow lady, pleaaani mom oil the abroad door, with
h ard,anital'le f?r 4 married rouple. Alto. three rorma with
full or |?rtial board. ?< II call ilated f r arng'e gentlemen.?
Appl) either petiiually or by letter at No. iU Lenattrd at.
i<*0 It
VOTir.ti.^DAo c EHTOC^ DIwRANIAH : :-M M. M*r
*' fey k Lonati b g to inform the pub'ie. that being deairniii
to r?n>(Jy with tilt aumeron reijueal* of dilfereat familiti
and atcieti'a, their wonderful DIORAMAS will be open for
the futurt from I* A. M till 1 o'clock. P. M., and tu the afternoon
from 6 o'clock until I* in the evening. of!) tw
Yf \ Ni?A MEN?"Oc.ew Ihe. of ?u,erKr ground Black Oxide
'I uf Mii.iuiii,(?ra<'e tir
out rCHMIE It BROOKS.?l Liberty it.
Bf.itA' HINO roWDKP M riaka B.<) d a ce'elratx.
Hleacall'g Powder, fur ?le t?r
oti PKRI?E It BROOKS.II Liberty at.
\ ' ilD ""MIL IRAHAM rtMaatfallr krgi Iratt tat*
** n " ce t-? the public tha' he iitendegi ing ?( O.Ni'KRT
of S\i HtD Ml Si' , en Wednesday E>i ning, the Wth in?t.
at tha Taternacle. Broadwav, prrriom to hit other pr fea
aional eagagraeui*. ajerurd hy aeeeral eminent Vocaliata.
under the 'uperinten lerre i f Mr. C. E Horn
1 he particular* of the Pm: ram me will he duly ?nn?ui red.
Ticket* may be had at all the principal Muaic and Bookit
orei. nit it*
plT\ HOTEL ? VMSIER MIHJI1E*. .?! bte iTSZt
^ br< then, respectfully twgi in inform the public. thai iher
i .leu 1 giung a traaJ Evening t O.NCERT.on THURSDAY
net', Oi'tiib r WlK. To commence at half i>ut J o'clock.
Tkkrll $t e.cli. child en half price; may be had at 'he City
Holel and at the Mutir Store*. Programme will be d'lr?ertd
?t the rooir. i ji ?(.*
RATES of tchangei oa Bank No'e*, at M Wall (tret I :
,?.U J. TH "M PS' iN . r j W.ll ,i
DENMs't>TON AND ST. ALBANS MONET, are mcorJ"1d"r
'Thompson. ? w.u
NO T 1C E.
LOBSTERS, put upm the beat alyle for ahipping or
t i?y iiae.
Alio, raw Oyiler* pnt >ip for tranaporUtiun il kegf Fanulira
ami lied oa the ihorleat notice.
J KECKHOW, IH Oreenwich afreet,
all 2m ri>r*er < oartlaiHl It
ing will commence on Tueiday. Oct It. IMO. and euntiaue
rirat Jay?Sweeratakei (it three yearioM. aub iJ^nth.
forfeit ft ; twi milehra'*; cloiei i?th Sept. with dee tab
icnben. _ . . ..
s,in? Uv? ?er| etU for thr>e yeati oli'. luberriltma
(100 ta:h. h ft .U> which th? proprietor OH* fit*, *nlr I irate
rloaad 1Mb Srptrmhar, with ninf ubarrthrr*.
?e. <>ud dajr ?r?rae (wo milr heUa.
I 9im>4ir-Fnn? fIN; ?i>hral'.
i'h rU dar?Turte ??KJ, tnree .11 Ir healt.
im? 4?jr?riirae 9IW-, mileheata
Ik?I<I ik'ft he a or apect of aajr S?r a Koar
Mil* R<ie. I liberal four mllr | urae will br llrred, rf akwh
dtif B?ti:r wilt be firrn.
One fnurt'i of rain of the ahore pieaea In fx ??>? ?
krit hjrM. O. B AILEV, *??nUn
Trenton. N. J , Oft. W, 1M?. ?mt'
bf.a'm COPIH. Ti?h%r v.uh r. r am
Ril? hula, in harare*. will coate o?n?ar ikr ahnaa Couraa r?
i>Mll| nail. Ih? Mt? of Ot later, at t 'clock, brtwm Har
rrlrbr.lrd Hh?I I V11A1W I fr, the I Klm,,l<? of th* Ho.Hh a ad
Ihe calibrated H?rae Wa ' i fioq, ?So <ia da unr.ralle.'
W M*
TLTANTttD?A ?U?RR an I BTKAPT Ma who wm4*r"
ttatidi (he quarr) ii g of alair Anplv al the clice of Mm
America* Hotel. ?>err d.v for a week . aoar ared apfdr ?*'rpt
I hoar writ rrr nanaendr'1 o*1 ">e rod"
L"?;U? HTWANUK.lt ? ' oRV H? Mf.UT-ftrewral h?a
r itrrd porrhaaera hira liHrrly ?nd. ailfcfiaal krarM, tk?
?ew r?'n?lv ami II,a follnwmc e?rti*fatr will imrnhpfilr the
Aati :
" ffii?i?a??a,Orl. I, i#?o
" Dnr !lir-H>tiM rarrknnl of jrou a holt la of fear Com
Roiwedr. IS the month i f A'W'iat, I tab' |deaa?rr
that after a fair trial I fownd it lb# naif rrma.li for th- dr
?ln?rl? ,* I rnni *or mam y ?re I hoer entered to diatra
Ivmi ft <m IS# effrrle n?w b....te. aad l.ar. from ima lo tima
toed r.rrT r. m?d> who h '"?lrr ? ? t"'. b..' > one *.m
1*|'T?4 aucrcxful uoiil I wae f?ilaaatr ri..,i.fl, to bad vni,r?.
Vowa.tr, If, l%md| rAlUPHANT"
Tha Corn IUwWv mar k* Wi***"**!* ,l- ?
?4 I fMN HTW A NllF.H'* Pfcarwier* . ari in> ?d? *j
F~ L?A* X NT ROOMS To t.r.T. to ataxic |ralltwr.hr
iehed?r imI \ira>ah*d, artlh braakfaet and Ira, if raqairwl
m adrnraWa (>at? of Rr?adwar F.nqairr at W fr.??lwaf
?aa i*?
MR. a. ADA^i.pM?fn*?r by ?hr this *ar*(oja, fVom Havre.
i? ra^uaalad to^al) at H|? "fllrr of ...
o* lOTI) k HI NTH EN.# Toatrwe baildia?.
TO l.tT ?A larfe and roaerr.teat Sack Parlor, aai'aWr tar
I (rntlemea, ..r a M> and irntlrmn without fhildrra
Hefrreurea tieen and requtrrd Ap|df at IM Henrf
\UctlQ1 JoTl' C - Tbr (atr ?f rtrnt1 Fantilafi on I
Satardiy. to rommetara at l*t a'ekaek la t)<e lar*? r?>ai,
M Hw? and II* Falloa it#., will hr C nml dea rei* aH??ttow.
TMOR. Ra 1.1
TO I, TT ?Two anari na farret?d R< ma on the
HTTT - rithrr fWBHL
?h- l <oi>ahl? fcr il.. i r?,.n,4,t,ra
Malair ill r 'or tine l? ?entlew<e? ? or rrm? avtl? I" V1 >aa
UlLBr hT, No m Hiitle n atreat oWfw*
VoV C W A NTKU? Wanted to pnrehaae a la?te Traahim
W od Staee, for which a fair petca ar>H M paid Applj
It ?t Libarif at. * t>l?
Vv {
THW ITEMING. Ottobrr 14, ikm ^
ncact ?i'k lk? rom?4y ?(
(ymte, Mr M?* idc I A Maod*?ilU, Mr. v??<Wr
Howard, Hje'd | Mr? Rjfid, YVk-.tlcy
After wluih,
UitfliUiid Wy Mr? C H11
Til* < to rnnrnidc m ith
DdiOI Ml* Mtedrr
L?por?llo. Mr Plicub I C? n?u?t??t Mri HtlUy
Mr Klor>ntinr, Aod'rnt I iynUiug htm, Vernon
Pntt?Box* f I; fit ?o cat*; (m.'"'? Nctili.
Doom vpen at 4 Ueiorc T o'clock?Farterr***** coautiMte*
?? * rati 7.
i tna ni l it?in? i er|r>rm*'"-? ?>. puiwim
with the laughable piece of ,.,
Sip L.aikiu* Mr H. "
Mr* Trainer Mr* L* Coail**
After wLich,
Dwct, kr Mut Wo-**
To be followed bv I lie Kivmi atelo-dramalicip?'Utl< cf
Peter Wilkia*, the ..*? igator, Mr* 1Ww
J ok d Adami. Ilit friend, Mr bUje ue
Tlir Nondeec ri|Jt, Wild Mini of tb* l*land, rt'irni
He.r.^iL. I ? ??"" ?* <>"?*? \ %%
T? followed with Ilic*'# otHtra %(
BON ft*: *141A?H: iilAULK!
Bout Cqaaili Mr K ?ce
Spruce Pink, C M?st*>er | Duckl*M? M'tThoru#
Tbr e^iiiDKfl i f for ur nf? to * onefud* %?ifh
Jocko, Hcriio Nmo | KeriHutti, MrCliM
Cor ?, mm pe?lo
Door* e|>ei. al It, performance te commence al 7.
Bote? M ciutl. ;il and Id tier* M; pit tit ceat*.gallery MM*
THIS EVENING, Oct. M?The |?rfnrinauc*e will CMh
iwnrr w ilk Ihr larre c tlltd
Henry tlnrrau. Mr Ru**ell | Olir? r Guiot, Mr Ct tiningl.am
Luutat Miaa Singleton
HigVaud Fliag by M i*?'I urnbtall
Followed by II,e tilravagaaaa of
1 9 4 0.
Mr ( 'umnlii, Mr Mit< lit II I A lie*d, Mr Ru*?aU ,
Wtiggle, Edwin I Waltoa, RuUrtl
flulia, Mia* Turabam
After winch, a lew free, called
Mr Bnbb, Mr Milcl.ell | Madalina. Mr* Turn
To conclude with ti ? but letta *f
NO '.
Doub'.fuJ, Mr Rtux.lt I Lady Doubtful, Mm Wa'la
Hurricane, Cunningham | Dtbuiab, Ml* Ba!dock
Dour* open at T?curiam rue* at bait i>*Jt T.
Dret* Circle 50 ccuta?Upper Boie* 'at rent*? Pit om (hitling.
hiiiL'b lllL A'IHE -Ihatham aqniare.
(I jilt Jit Franklin.)
THIS EVENING, October S4. the perfoimanc** will coatinrnce
with llie plat of
Solomon Swoi Mr Hill
Torrent, Mr Bellamy | Finny, Mr* Moaaop
After which,
P-* dr Den. by Mil* Aariol
Highland FliDg. by MitaGanacu
After which,'In ia*tr.ri>l cored)- of
Jonathan rinughboy Mr Hill
Mr Miller, Mr Sti?ki.er I Harriet, Mr* Moaaop
Afler which,
Como* Glee, by Mc**r*. rlumer, A re Iter k T?yl?r
P.* Setil, by Mi**OakBoa
The eteiitnc"* txltilatmrtn* to ronchid* with the farce of
Tin: yANKEL pedlar.
Hiram Dodge, Mr Hill I Bantam, Mr Rellaaiy
McrrUnd. Ward | Cowien*. Suciuey
Din ah, VieiWocdcoc/
Price* of ad?i?*ion~Prnate Boie*. $3 to 91; Dm* f trek,
50 cent*; Part)i>rlle, VS emit. Sd Tier Boat*, *? cent*; Gallery,
li*eM>n a M|?nle entrance, IV! cent*.
LXtllbl I lt?> A'i Mk. LOC K WOOD'S ROOM,
(411 Broadway, nppntite the Apollo )
ftff- Opao eie.-y cay, f.otn 12 e'cltck. A. M.tof o'clock, F.
M . frn? ? P M. to II P M.
(VkU>! r?KI*.)
Ja*t brantht by M. >1. Mattkv and Lokati.
TIm celehrateu an-1 ad-> ired lattri tr of lb* CHURCH 9T
ETIENNE L>U MONT at P*ri?, repie*eutini a MIDNIGHT
One new tableau r?tir**enlir? the mafniAeeat VIEW OF
Botbol ihe*e tableau teinn 'e|'it*ebt?a with modification of
lixhl, will produce t?.? wom erlu! aad inatiul elficl* . f day
anil B'rlit.
Togiee <*erTper*on an op^rtiNiitjr of leeiaf theM *fb*.
did and not el Diuraaa*, tfie price of adaii**ion will be 19 c*u4a.
* l?*
f k.ASH. Va )URK)lVkCl'N
Broadway. Ofipctilr thr City Hall at.d Park.
Dar aiaiter* to the .Mitfrum are siuitud ou the tame e?eniiy.free
of cbarue
1 be IRISH GIANT. Mr. O'Claacejr, lh? large*! and beet
proportioned man iu the Uaiiad S'atca, to be *e*u billing the
day and rremnr.
ML'SIC, gieen by Mr?. Morlty.the celebrated eocalxt,
of the London CoarerUi Mr. Beaait* coainnaeraxi naltaiw
o< mutir.aai1 organial of Si. I'eler'l C hareb, of llii* Lit, ?
Mr. D. JokcioR.
South America, perfectly gentle.
Fancy Gla*a Working, dur ng the day and evening, by Mr.
Admittance to all the entert^iameata H (tali Children
half yr>ce
A *LING SA LOON. Ill Iroadw ay ?The aakecriber ba* Kited
up a Bowline Saloon under Keeler k Piney wilk three
aew Ally'*and Shuffle Board, ant to be aurpa??aa bjraav in the
ciiy. (r.clle tien ot the city and cnnnlry will And (hi* a rery
convenient rlai e of amueenicnl. a* eeety attention win be paid
to thme who w t*h to aaniu* thenxelTe* Tbe Bar will alwafa
be *tor*d with the best if V me* No bttlii.g of not.ey allewea.
N B ? Gentle-r ea wiaking to leara tbe game will Sad eipatented
r me keeper* to tern I, |S? m. * tm
Painted by Engine Lami, E. J. lanhey. Bellange, aad other ee
let-rated I'renrh arlial*.
The*e magnitc*ut Pa'nting*. twenty feet in width aad
ftflera feel hi*e, form the tint ?>ri** or a rolleetioaa iatea4*d
to illustrate the Naral acd Military Hwtory ci Ike Uuilad
Stati*. aai ha?e been eteruttd in Pari*, at ar > eyeoae of twew
ty thooaatxl flare* each, by the wioat celebrated art tela, in Um
.It >. ?r II a .1.1. .I..I ... . .. . . .V I.. . I. v^.
Ibe Murrr du Lmetrburn and Chateau de V Taaillr*
Th'firattan. N?? llrlnnind Lab* V.nt) are now eahfc
bitirf at ll.e (trmitf B ill liuf. rnrnrr of f hamtori lltetl mm4
lro?l*l)' k tlrwrtin Chaiitlxra alfre*.
Ad'maamn Nrti |? 0|wn from II o'clock in Ike naraiof U
ir He Tcmnr ol in*
The < nuriM lli.r at I'ttch aud bar.
Who an k lit * n apt law*,
Onct f-ai < d lo l*at hi* luitf a loo far
Tf> aid lua eliaut'a raupa;
Bj' in? Ltfojr a rrriiffea'a
t>i'| la>> mr Horrtiawft
K?(h Cptinael'or for a daj' nay apeak
Tar jury lo dend*. I
nitiriciTii. _
MY <ki)d bt* bien loci aid p Itiljllr afflicted with th*
who pnf r<HI|k. urf I tried **ri?ua 11< a'riptmra. all In m
rffrcl, but iii?p b?in| r'Rimai'?<rd Peaa-'? ' lartftcd |inai?
o< Ht rrhiuad i'tmif. I fnaad iir mediate nlirf.
Wa.B. Pa-ilreraft. IM| Hudaoa ?L
1 w u painfull* affltclad ?Hh a Mine ImnrMM Ifr naM
two month*. aM fraud ao r*IM i ntil I uard Pi are^ nlrkrt'<4
< .anted Laa<art uf Horehnuati < andy. a Id at ? Wnauu at.
H Palanon, Patter*, a. N. J.
Il?men her C. tferlmr.ra arr aot ar<r**atrd aa air, u4
! ?* 1a ( Hum* onlrra rarh |irli(i la nraad J. PklAtkl k
4t Dlriaioa atn al, ol ahin it caa be obliiar4 ?kcl??
Ir and ralail. oil I .*
Naa Yofta,t)ct. 1Mb, IMA.
k.?HHS PEAMt It WON: ftwnaikaato
I all.aded a pnlilirai meetn a. lh* r?on in whirli it ?aa held
waa rtrrrdinrli aai m <ad r l? ?e. <> I'.at Hoaa atoolu'ely
craaa-y thai Ihe *mil.?i atwiuld b* op*u?d; uiluakily for n?
my ailiiatmn ?il near then? fot lb* time Ike draught f K cool
an l refriahiag, but ia ti>e n.'ruu.g I paid dear for mjr mprudrncr.
I diacoaartd that I had taken a hra?v cold; Uia brrnchilal
tu'->-a aw aaallcn tha' I could Uatdly articulata akora a
whi?p?r M> wife. who l*f??i alainert lor at) aaftlr ?d?i
i*d ?? to at ay al h ne for a few da) a aad doctor nyaalf. Thia
I 6a* Ijr ennaentcd to lajibeabr aalrd aw In aM a i.iec* ?f
candj ? beiaf partial ti> c<>tif? f W>ua I at* after*, (little Ihiahinf
Inat I ?li nl?| Pearc'a Hcnkaaad < iat|r.| Ti e a?ll
iW'ininf akra I pi ap I found mj *?'f ei<e?di*flj r?lie?ed?
attributing the aant to It.r caai ). I iron beranr aa ktkitktl
cktarrol it.
II ?ai n^l till Ik rr 'tiilif a; wifr inf>'??d are that I had
Wen eaunf rear < l?nh< d (.Metre of Htnl.ouad, tahea I In*
medtatrly tat dox a lo iad?* thear liar* In r**i to let y*u
kai akii* ir ichl am indebted t< you Ho?,ii.g aani to ar*
yoa in urraoa. I aubarri** mi < If J *u- aN-di?*l aervaat,
ir.NJAtflM KAPHAKI.. Ml KroJway
T. K. I hare no "b}*rlio?? to y jur pabliahim thia. on at
Ml Hr??J??y. lalraac# ia Ifarrr* atrrrt,
I nalaea hi* prartic* to
Piifmirt of Ikr Fyt 4- Owtkalmir Surgery in gtntrmi.
nr. WIllMACOTT ?iM b* ia attradaM* a.ily.tPaodar*
a **p4ad.> alto, ra Ur. M!iclf* t al.cata duriM Via ak
Aatiricut. F.a aa of a aai-ee' t Quality.
(HBee hour* frr.m i? to ? r rli uh. nrWiav
UR t#R KOORY'I D Itr * r T I C
|? Il B'fl LLR-ror lb* .aaadt a^l eff*?taal
WmF * r.r. relieata dif?pda*. ?.
i4n |?rfnf?iii'? ? m'w'I r?w m l?r <t*i i. Ilwtt Pm m?y ka B
villi* wolViM ?h? ar tulinf WIIK fn?a<?, oltkcwt
(H? roM'kiliijr of AimrlrM', A?U. trA. ar r-qmr
im **y ntii?iri'ii?rli(l. riln tl I ki.hrHln
rlrwf ttorva.
T? Kultcartrrrt. rorarr ?if <?oiA at.
IN Kultoa itrnl rora?? of WifHao* at.
rrn Plro<Mi-,\,< ? iirtfi ?Mt)tii.i?tiii?M.
tT i!K?I il'Ht.
M B???rjp.
t? <*r??a?irh ?t a??r P ?< < ? ?. H
l? UrlMMy.foracr af Sa?> Ik tlrart.
? I'lmiliMi iftfi
Qr#- X rtA?i * WJN'S ??a?atr of lloirhooai H
M Pi?,.?"n ?tr?rt. f?r ail of Ikr loaca laaAuw t? r?m
naa?*llo?. **? ?Ar>n ??,?at tT
I Dnaklr karrrl<*iiaaaf??ary ArawirtiaB.
| Mn?lr karral An Aa 4a
l.n?i n?ir? of ful-l*
I ?m
rmMtaiUN; h?4wHNbi?l tr?rMag ac?i?l?? r?
"kuiVof tkr ako'r rat k? ?ol4mm raalof HpjUlw ?v i
aiaaafkriiir*, u>4 ta.1 ?4aa? a<o?k Will Mr fcr* Ai at ywwii
n( ariTM. kf A. W. Ifltl isfr.. I
?Tl " AH faae rifwl.knr tWl. H
n'jswrs&.'.ra ZRNUbJ" |wM ^2' 18 *=? I
f cr.rhci-A ?!?'?* i?i ?r imim, imi ?*a I
I.J for ?al? wkoI???I? >nA r?t*il at
rlvOlfTW ? NOER?
nm ri!AEM M Y. :<M BraaAwap. |
r (T>7r \BiN Ti'BA* i q >o?r>?ain>fib?Ti iMM I
1j .r Itrtaiai. tilrrr with t w L " *r? nftf r-4 f<r Ml*
,t FKUC NT*'A NOVll'i
o?t f IIA it JJACJ , IN Imwltif. I
/ M | p I \ v ' 1 I "? i ??r?r??iri? ?artaat*4 I
V/ to raa"<r? lli? rhilKI?m? ?flrr two IfflltalWH, ptapafaA
anA Ihr m)? ?h?l??*l? ??H rvlail. at
oti PHARMACY. M BraaAwar- I
niAMontf . kNf^ nt~aStT rf t-S*IA TOOTH < E I
MENT?Both mlitakl* rrayfifVnM frt tlwlf ^opactiaa I
nifi mm. arc < R?f?A P ' aalo. w*>rl???i? < <! at
<m WAKVU' V m BrnfAw,r
I '|Mi trtlRTRMEN - Fo? (da at No Ifi RoaAa ilml,a I
A hanJ?o?? klwk '"o?n?or lal. ihrt* r??r? olA. ??|l traiaoA,
tlwnor't krtrt. impmtHl from '.o?l?oA A'm. a W?o*?fal, H
1 Ai?i r?i-I- KiHf wii <Ka olA, mAI lr?>a-A, H
*?4_ol^ Ifcr ai?n???i W?A. ott H
|5f>AflO?T?a t'aii ia*a r.n > ?>? a |>otlrr i^Uf I
" ? ilK tw-n'il, ky 'W'l ?i ( No. }* flaro.
oM lo*
i>7( vtu\ iTc^nfTrtr^Tfc^ of Di^n* ? M?- I
qp I \ B>fry, Ala for ?V* hy
oM fKRW I HRO(iK4,)il,iWrlril.
FNUU^H ?ILVR? kt Mta *j rCbft *U?JT*

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