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in uncus* uiorraa* of the sale of their Pilli for the short ti
A twy have been introduced into thin c mntry, it truly ii
astonishing, and a convincing proof of the conquering power of d
this hue herbal medicine in remedying disease. At tnis srasou
of the year, when the system is reined by the heat of summer. el
a coarse of this invaluable medicine will clear off t he sour aad ci
bad humors which heat in* rriably generates. The liver, which
generally gets sluggish, will be put into healthy action, and ei
thus be able to perform the functions allotted to it, the bydy m
altogether will be reuivigorvfei, and prepared to undergo whatever
change the winter may bring ou. In bilious complaints. th
heavy colds aud inflammations, they afford a speedy w
to the feriM'e constitutions they are particularly applicable, as
many who have tri*-d them can certify. In fact, every one who fo
has used Parr's Life Pills seem to be instilled with new life,
for their fine, tonic properties invariably restore the stomach to
a healthy longing for food, sound sleep, and all the concomitauts
attendant ou good health. The ? tout to which they aro J
used in Europe, among all classes of society, >* bcyouu con- Ji
cepCiou, f??r more than 30,000 botes are there sold weekry, show- ?
ing that all who use them appreciate tin ?r worth. They are ,
sold sxclusively by the following agents, vu 'Kushton
& Aspmwall, druggists and chemists, 86 William St.
110 Broadway and 10 Astor House. ...... fi,
Abraham Saudi k Co.dru/i^is's and chemists,granite buildings,
873 Broadway, corner of Miamber st.
P. Dickie, 413 Broadway, corner of Lisj?enard st.
John B I) odd. druggist, Broad way, comer BUecker st. _
A W Badeai, Bowery M-dicuie Store, 860 Bowery
J.,11111. 11. ' uri,.1,
Kyini-i' M .licinr More, 63 Bowerv, comer ol Walker at. J
4 B. Triplcr, corner Fultou and WaUr at. U
Vomc. Kirrott, druggist, 367 Greenwichat., neztthe corner of a
Franklin ?t.
J ii J. Coddingtou, apothecaries, 327 Hadarn steeet, corner of
?. L. Cotton, chemist and apothecary, 263 Bl.-eckec ?t., corner
i. Wendover. diuggiat and a|>otheary, 111 Eighth avrune.
rooklvu?Win. Armstrong, seed, iliug and patent medicine S
warehouse. IWK Fulton at. k
And wholesale, at proprietor*' office, <
Clarendon Houae, corner of Duaur atrcet and Broadway, g
oj lnt*r i
HIDES AND VAT.?Five ccni? per pouud caah, current
money, will be given lor all hides weighing 64 lbs. and un- \
iter, and foor and a half ceuu for all over 60 lbs.; and the u
highest market price for sheep, calf skin., and fat, delivered at
the Hi ie House, 228 Elizabeth street, between Priuce and
Houston streets, by JOHN' HUNN. of 2w*r "
ANEW and i in i>o riant article for use iu the uursery, and
as a fastening to Udie* shawls, cloak*, &tc. ratcntcd in ^
the United States and in Europe. f is rapidly gaining favor
wherever introduced, and has became an article which it will
be to the Advantage of dealers in fancy hardware. Uc. in the [*
country, to supply themselves with. For sale to the trade,by '*
most ol*the wholesale dealers in such articles in the city of K'
York. ; '
Thread and needle stores and dealers in fancy articles, sii|>- 1H
Slied on liberal frrns, at the manufactoiy ol the patentee, 146 ^
ay street, Brooklyn. *22 lm*rc J:1
lamps for burning lard. i*
ALSO, a large assortment of plain and Jappaned Tin Ware, Ki
Chaudaliers. Astral and other Lamps, altered to bom (l
campnine and chemical oil, on an improved plan. Also?Superior
Camphtiie and Chemical Oil. at wholsaleand retail, by
BACKUS fc BROTHER. 150 Fulton ?t, N. Y.
N. B.?Persons can be served wiih Camphine and Chemical
Oil at their residences by leaving their addres as above.
*29 1m*
121, late 129 Chatham street. New York.
rPHK CANTON TEA COMPANY continue to offer for
* sale new and fragrant Taai of every variety and style.?
Their assortment specially includes the moat delicious aiul
powerful nr.riles ol Oreen and Black, Every package bears the
stamp of neatness and elegance, and the Teas therein are so
thoroughly secured from iight and air that their quality aud
power will remain unimpaired iu any climate. Their system
of prosecuting busiuess is perhaps scarcely to be eacelled. It ?
is founded upon the utmost regard to the rights of the customer,
especially with respect to weight and quality, and nnrivalle.l
coe-yeess. All purchasers are called upon to return any
arti4<. ?v!iicli fail to give thrm the fullest satisfaction, when s
the ni mug will be clierrfully and promptly refunded. Couutry X
mmd'suts, public establishments, In id i of ramilies, anJ shtpmasieis
will find it a decided advantage to supply themselves ?
from this estahlishm-nt.
( offee roasted everyday.
Orders Irom all |?rcs of the Unileu States executed with f
promptitude and despatch. J
[T/ The only warehouse in America for the sale sf * Ion- ly
(jna's celebrated Black Tea. stO Im* r ha
HH) BE RAFFLED for positively on the first of Novem- ylu
A her neat, two splenpid blue cloth gentlemen's Spanish j,|
Circulsr Cloaks, with capes, handsomely made up with a vel- rl(
vet collar and facings, caries, lined w ith silks, and complete
in every other respect. Tickets t2 JO each. As the raffle will
positively take place on the above named eve. Tickets must ?
he |und for, wlierberone or more, when the numbers are taken.
As a number of Tickets are already sold, gemlemeu wishing
a chance would do well to apply early?as such a chance seldom
offers?the highest and lowest numbers are to have a cloak
each. For farther particulars, apply at No. 1 Murray street, ~
corner Broadway, wnere the cloaks are to be seen,
oj tNovl'r
I'ronnnciatio est vocis, et vnltni, et gestus, mode ratio cum t?. ..
nustata.?Cicgao. H
MR. HARVEY, from Edinburgh, Professor of Elocution,
respectfully announces that he will open private classes
in Elocution, English Urammar, and Cara|>ositioii. ludividu
all, families, Academies aud Colleges, will be attended at J."their
respective (daces J"",'
N. B. Those who have a prospect of np|>earing either at the "
Bar, in the Pulpit, or on the stage, will derive considerable ad- *
vantage in being under his tuition. Fees paid in advance. *
Communications and addresses will be received at the fol- *P
lowing bookstores : Mr. HotTs, 18 Division street; Mr. Elton's, jP'
98 Nassau Street ; Messrs. Turner it Fisher's, 1C9 Broadway ;
Messrs. H. it 8. Ka\ nor's, 76 Bowery; Mr. Neely's, 281 .
Bleecker st. o7 Iw*r ?
rPHE Franklin Institute of the State of Pennsylvania, for the Ba
promotion of the Mechanic Arts, will hold their twelfth *!
Exhibition of Americau Manufactures, in the large Saloon of
the Philadelphia Museum, iu Ninth street, near Chesnut, in
the city of Philadelphia, commencing on Tuesday, October
18th. and to continue for two weeks.
Tne prizes there to be awarded, will consist, as usual, of the
Silver Medals and Certificates ol Honorable Mention of the
Institute. These honorable testimonials of merit will be dia- i
tribnted on the same generous and impartial principles as here. I
tofore, and they will De awarded by disinterested judges in all b
ca n. The rooms will be ready for the reception ol articles &
intruded for exhibition, on Saturday, October 15th, and all e
atich as are intended to compete for premiuma, must be deposit- a;
sd before 12 o'clock, (noouj on Tuesday, October 18th _ si
The managers of the Institute being desirous of exhibiting to tl
their lellow citizens a creditable display ol American skill and I)
industry, solicit from the manufacturers and mechanics, in all p
parts of the Union, specimens of their productions, as well as rl
thoer of the kinds made for ordinary sales, as those on which fi<
the greatest care and skill has beru bestowed, assuring tliein c
that the best exrrtions of the Institute shall be given toencou- II
rage a proper estimate of Amencau fabrics. The regulations pi
for the exhibition, aud any olhet information relative thereto, 1\
may be obtained trom C
06 is eod 3t*r Actuary of the Franklin Institute, Phitada. fl
to persono jlavino.Land in taf."fak west, \
8 aud others.?The umlrrsigned intends going to Illinois 1
about the 1st of November, for the purpose ol pa. ing taxes pi
upon lauds, making sales, examining lilies.recording deeds, and
urvevmg land, and will be glad to attend to such husiuess for o
any person needing such service. Will also attend to collecting,
or any other kind of business, iu such towns, Sic., as lie T
may visit on his road to, aud in the h ar West. Hss had general I
experience in business, mercantile and professional, for many it
years, both in the United Stales and Europe. Can also furnish ta
at the present time copies of field notes from actual surveys, as
entered in the United Slates General Land Office, of all lands
upon the Military Bounty Tract of Illinois lor filly cents per ~
quarter section. References unexceptionable to gentleineu of
the first respectability in New York, Boston, and I'hiladel- ,
Lat?? Secretary of the Illinois Laud Coinpauy, 20 Wall strfet.
New York rrttnl+cc S?
A SPLENDID and well selected assertmrut of rich new fc
Kail Goods, just iseeived per latest importations, at the _
Broadway Cash Tailoring Establishment, is now offered to the
inspection of my customeri, citizens and strangers, comprising
every variety of the fiuest anil most desirable Goods, adapted ,
to the fall fashions, vix English and French Cloths, of every 1
shade; beaver, asphaltuin, m.diair and camels' hair Cloth for si
overcoats, peltos, 8?. ; English and French elastic Cassi- C
meres, ana an endless assortment of rich silk, silk velvet, nieri- ei
no, cashmere aud other splendid Vrstirigs?the whole of which |?
are of recent pu'cliasrs lor cash; at the present low prices, and hi
will be made to order in the be t manner and most fashionable
style.and every garment warranted, at the sin illest advance r;
liosaiole, by which means cnuviuners will be supplied wiih a
splendid article at prices which defy competition, and insuring
a saving of at least 11', per cent. Of this the most sceptical
may be convinced by examining the materials, workmanship, raud
prices, aud comparing the same with other fashionable eetablishmenta.
N. B. A full suit furnished in leas than twenty-four houra.w '
Terms cash ou delivery.
us Broadway, between UourUandl and Liberty *U. piano
fortes"To "mire.?o. godone. ioj* ?
' Broadway, between Walker and Lis|,enard streets. keeps a
lame assortment of Piano Fortes lo hire, from three to eigh F[
dollars per month.
Foreign hlnsic of tbe latrat Operaa of Italy,
Site. A. Bagioli a method of singing. Solfeggi's for one an P|
two voices.
Human Strings lor Harps, Violins, Unitars, lie. l<
All kinda of Musical Instruments repaired. alteodlm'r
A/f I8CARRIED?a letter put into the Postoffiee lit tliia city
'1 on the Mth day of Maaeh laat, addressed to Utie*. con- r
tammy a promiaaory note past dne. for tm.OAO, of no value >o
any prrion bat the owner. A unliable reward ferauy informa- '
tion will be given on application to ?
uilttwlwweil'r 7?Courtlandtat, N. Y. "
AXTOULD utf?nn his patients ami the public, thi he still ad- ,
" heiea to hu original propoaition, lo receite DO money
Citner liir medicine or attendance until Llie pntieut la satisfied ,
with hit improvement, and would inform them that he haa J"
remoird frem 111 Broadway to No. 57 Keade aireet, opposite
the Marahall Honae, where he aolicila the attendance rn the
ore mentioned conditions, of all who have sufferti for a ,
lone time nnder diaeaaea cuuaiderrd bv them incurable. r*
For the advantage of all who wiah to attru.i the treatment "
of Dr. Solomon Heine, I wonld atate that the o'nly Doctor
Heme who haa ever lived in, or had hia office in Broadway, is .
the one now re.,do,, at 57 Reads a tree t, opposite the Marshall "*
House. . . P?
This Physician eatne to this eonntry about eight years _
since. I jjn?e had the pleasure of knowing him ainoe that
Pflft 0 mti'J surprising enrea performed
by htm?he is above the age of fa years and is the only one ?
Cit^amT^ttte ofUNaw'fork' 0
i?r m m , a W WETMORE, M. D. 01
Sworn befoco me, this 17.o day of
of April, A. D. 1M2. Fi
Ricwaan Reap Com, of Deads tIS lm?r '
8 astor huusk
I7RENCR Porcelain Dinner Services, 113 pieces, 125 M w
" Whne Granite, do do 112 do 1] M ta
French or English Porcelain Tea Sea. 32 do I mi d
Dinner Plates. French Porcelain, per soten, I t?i
Do do (Innite, bine or white, do 1 On
Soup, do French Porcelain, do 2 On
Do do tlranite, blue or while, do 1 00 r
Tea Cnpa and Saucers, (21 pieces) French Porcelain, i 50
Egg Cars, So do 37 i,
... . . Glass. n
CJ* sf ,nv/ p*r <* ?. f'om i it h
Do Tnmblers, do do 2 M d
Lemonades, handled, do g ,5
Tasi.r r.uri.tar a
Of the finest descriptions, in sets or doiens, ? the low price p
ofS!2theset. Jnst opened , a handsome assortment of Toilet 11
ware. R. SIMPSON. 11
N. B.?Agent for the sale of Simpeon'a Ear Comeu, for the c<
relief ni d?%Jn?M. tilm^rc 01
oulpraTI of quinine?is#6 ounce, to, kal. t>
iMtvrtf prirf i by
M William street. P
Also?Jujube Paele in 25andM. Ib. bosee. sMXw*r i
VTATIONAL HOTEL? Tchnnpitonlas street, New OiN
I--.,. ?Tina inm establishment. situated in the most cen
ral pert of the rity m been recently opeurd uudcr the auperiteDiieuce
of the subscribers, with new end ample eccoinmoetioue
Tor two hundred boardeis .
The perlonaiid chambers are furnished with neatneea, if not
legance, cud with ecntpuloue regard tu the comfort of the oci'i.r
servants are all white, and hare Wen carefully selectI
with refereucc to Uieir capacity, heaeety and civildeporteut.
The wine cellar and larder will alwaya be fnraiahed with
e beat that can be procured in one of the beat markru in the
The charges for board, with or withont chambers, will W
und of the most reasonable character.
J. PHILLIPS k BKO., Proprietors.
New Orleans, July 24. 1242. at. 2m r
'[ The Belmout Hoiiae at New Brighton, Slaleu lalauil,
JUL well calculated lor a Seminary, having beeu occupied aa
icnTor vomis ladiea the laat live years, together with tne gar a,
ice house and other outbuildings, and land adioiuiug?*
oat desirablCTocatinn foi that purpose, as the healthiness and
mrenience of the place render it the most eligible of any in
|e Slate. Steamboats ply constantly to and from the city o(
ew ? ore during the day. For particulars, apply at )? Hauorr
street. New York, or at New Brightou, to
?2tl_2w HfcNRY LYNCH.
TO LET?The first three story House, 112 Grand
street, west of Broadway, with the Furniture, all uew
JJL The house is in |*rfect order, and can be sceu between
le hours of 12 ami 3. I'. M. ?12 lm r
urmvtrvt; wcttt nionniru d v
>? LTi"r UlJ L/IOUV V Jixv X .
STRIKER'S SOLUTION for THE HA1K, which, will
' chouse grey hair to ila original color iu a few minute*. Till*
l-luliou I* different from any vet offered, and cauuot fail of suercediug
all others. It i* highly efficacious, and |Kjsse*s*a th*
reat advantage of beautifying ill* bair, without injuring it*
Thoie who donbt it* virtue* arc re<]ue*ted ta have their hair
hanged before paying their tnouey. If humbug* would take
?ia method there would be uorcaaon to complain.
One trial will prove the fact.
Sold wholesale and retail, and applied, at No. 5 Chatham
treet, opposite the Hall of Kecoids, New York, up stairs.
*22 |in?r
AI.D ESTABLISHMENT.?Perfumery, Cosmetic, and
' fancy Soa|w. The following comprises a |*?rt of the varie/
of the manufacture of Alexander il.unsay, successor ta N.
mitli Prentiss, ?n
The justly celebrated saponaceous, Naples and chemical coaletic
compound for shaving, toilet soaps in great variety, co>gne,
lavender, and Honda waters, extracts of musk, roses berunot,
oringe, jessamine, Ibke* milk of roses, vegetable
rarl powder, lor clearing the completion, toilet or nursery
awder, the purest article made, vegetable rouge, liiiuid do,
:>ld cream, otto of rose lip salve, otto of roses in gilt Dottles,
arliug tluid. beat's oil, macassar oil, and tie celebrated kephlia
ir the grow In of the hair, hair dyes, Preston talu^court plaster,
idelible ink, blaca and bine writing inks, calcined charcoal,
mdrr puffs and boxes, erasure powder for extracting grease
ease from "iiU, aioinatic vinegar, Ike. &c. For sale at
le manufactory and warehouse of
N. Smith Prentiss, No. 45 Maiden Isne,
s22 lin*r Sign of the Golden Rose.
Between Wall and Pine Streets,
sll lm? r NEW YORK,
Notice to Strafkiirs.
Corner of Nassau Street,
*11 lm r NEW YORK.
TO, 2H Boradway, opposite St. Faulk church, is the first to
' introduce the fashion for the season, ou Saturday, 10th iust.
10 lin*r
W I us
90 Broadway, N. Y.?Desires to inform the public general,
that he ii still to be l'ouud at hia old stand, where he will be
ppy to give them a trial of his skill in the tonsorial art. Hia
imitable style of Hair Cutting is generally acknowledged by
e beau inonde of the city.
lie would also call the attention of strangers visiting the city.
Ins suiierior WIGS, which are not surpassed for neatness and
itsh, deceiving the mo>t scrutinizing, so nearly do they reseme
the natural hair Fancy Articles, Perfumery, tic. of supe>r
(C?* Terms in accordance with the timet. 90 Broadway, a
w doors above Wall it. s!3 Irn'r
' The hnman hair can be restored if proper and scienlitt) leedses
are applied. The proprietor of thia assures you on hi*
nrd, that great uumberscome to his store whose hair this has
tirely restored. He requests von to give Jones' Oil of Coral
rcassia one trial, then judge for yourself. He pledges you
word it is all it it represented. These are its qualities, it
ill make the hair grow, (on the head, face, bouy, or any part
here nature inteuded hair to grow,) stay its falllug ont, care
url'or 'Imdriff, slid make light,red,or gray hairgrow dark from
e roots ill time. Among the numbers who have used it and cery
this, is W. Hopkins, 92 King street, N. Y., J. Gilbert,jew
ler, Houston street, N. Y., and T. Power, grocer, Brooklyn.
I. We could offer hundreds of others if we chose. It is sold
ry reasonable, and ilgives the hair the most delicious dark
ky appearance. .Price only 3, 5 or 8 shillings a bottle, three
tes : sold by T. Jones,sign of the American Eagle, 82 Chains
street, N. Y.: agents, 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn, 8 Slate
reel. Boston. 87 Dork street. Philadelphia. s28 lm*r
T SKIN?Salt rheum,freckles, scurvy. pimples, erisipelas,
lotches, morphewtau, fever, spots, bites of insects, musnurtoes,
.c ?to (huir the color of nark, sunburnt, yellow, or discolor(1
tkm?the Italian Chemical Soap i* really the wonder of the
ire. Well might 'he Medical Society of Parts call it a blessing
nd its inrentor, M. Bespriue, a philanthropist. It is curing
marauds all over the States and British possessions. It entire
eradicates t very eruption or disfigurement of ike skin, imirting
to the face, body, neck or arms a beautiful healthful
learuesr. No misrepresentation is offered One trial will sufce
to recommend it to all. Among the many who have been
ured by this, are the following highly respectable |>ersons:?
,ev 1' S Lover, Newark, N J, (you are notified that this is no
nffed nostrum, bnt a physician's invention,) v| Palmer,Brookn.
Sold by T. JONES, sign of the American Eagle,82
hatham at. New York, price 50 cents, Miss E Baker, Brookn.
Agfiits? IJ9 Fulton st, Brooklyn, 8 State si, Boston. 87
lock st. I'mlvdeliiliia. _ s2t lm*r
rORK BAY OYSTER SALOON, by B. Bnttin, 83 Nas
I s.iu street, between Fulton and John streets. His place is
am anil clean, and I think will take the lead.
Oysters served up iu every style ; pickled by the hunded or
lousand, and families supplied with oysters, bv
slSlu^r B. BKITTIN.
JENRY SCOTT, No. 217 Water st., N. Y., keeps consiant1
ly on hand a general assortment of Pickles, Catsups, Sauces,
c , Preserves, Jellies, Brandy Fruits, Ac., wholesale and reil.
All orders for Shipping and Families punctually attended to
sl3 2m*r
l RE Constantly receiving large supplies of Cloths, CassiV.
ineres and Woollens of every description.suitable for the
unins season, which they offer at eztremely reduced prices
r cash, at their well known Tailoring Establishment, 430
roadway, second door above Canal st.
Gentlemen are requested to call and ci&mine their stock here
purchasing elsewhere.
N. B.?Particular attention paid to boys clothes. slO 1m*r
\ T 182 Broadway, between John street and Howards' Hotel,
a. 150 doipen, dirk and pocket knives, retailing at prices to
lit the times. Also, a large assortment of Scissors, Razors:
hampaigne Cutters, Dental and Surgical Instruments, and
rery oilier article usually kept by cutlers. All kinds of cut
ry made to orderaud repaired. Steel articles polished in the
ighest perfection of the art.
s20lm?c J. 1). CHEVALIER, 182 Broadway.
'SPECIALLY those now in the city, are respectfully rea
minded that they can procure new, powerful and highly
ivored Teas of ereiy desCTiption, on very advantageous terms,
packages suitable for private use, or for their regular custom's,
at the Canton Tea Com) any's Depot,
s2 Im't No. 121 Chatham st. New York.
' glass cutter. No. 29 Gold street, coiislantiy on hand and of
r to supply sll dealers and olhsrs, at the lowest prices in this
ty, ana warranted the best of any other manufactory?such as
-autiful hall l imits ofevery size, astral lamps and shades, derate
rs, tumblers,champaign, wiue glases.dishes, goblets, bowls,
itehes, glass,Ac. Ac. tsooas seut to any part of the country
y any quantity free of packages and cartage, all articles match
> pattern. Retail store No. 35 John street, near Nassau st,
slO lm"r
P BENNETT, 39 John and I1IH William streets, imk
porter and manufacturer of Italian and Euglish Straw
oode, respectfnlly informs his cnstomeis from the South
nd elsewhere, that he has on hand a splendid assortment of
idies fashionable straw goods, suitable for the fall season,
iz. -?Italian, Rutland, French and English Dunslables, black
lorence Braid, Prince Albert, Bchetl, Schell and Imperial,
ad fine Tuscan Bonnets. >11 liii*rc
PO DYSPEPTICS?Among the number of distinguished
I gentlemen who have, Irom personal experience espressed
ismselves iu terms of commendation of the rffects of Becka
....11... ... P.ll. \i. v... ii i.._ i> 1? r
is United States, has,upon reotirat.permiUoi the Proprietor to
y, that having been presented by him mmr years since with a
it ofhis PilD, waa induced to tsar them aa a remedy for a disdered
to mac h?that he haa given them a fair trial, and ia well
lialied that they have contributed greatly to the |>erfeet retabliahment
ofhis health.
The Anti-Dyspeptic Pills are put in a auperior atyle, in tin
>tet, containing forty, with fall direction*. Price fifty centa
r boi.
Thoae who require a more active article, are referred to BsckIth'a
Anti-Bilious Pills. Price 25 cents per boi.
A liberal discount made agents, and these who buy te sell
ain. To be had of
(Jeneral Agent. No. II John at, near Broadway, lo whom all
ders must be addressed.
Kor sale also by J. K. Tripp*. Newark. N. J. *6 lm*r
irlsHF.s TO BfcTtNdWN BY Hlls WdAK. nW
* WORDS-A. WALKER, Dentist, No. 90 Chambers
rest, sets imitation incorruptible teeth on roots, which cannot
1 distinguished Irom the natural, luaerta the same quality of
eth on the principle of atmospheric pteaaure, from one to a
hole set, defying detection, and answering the purposes ol the
itural organs. Filling or Plunging decayed teeth whether the
n?e be esposed or not. The toothache enred. Extracting
ithout distracting the patient. These ano all operations per"
ining to the Deut.il Surgeon, performed at 25 per cent leas
>an the Usual charges. o2 lm*r
the ladies:
f?iiiu utero abdominal supporter.
1 Vr vUnI" f?r the radical cure of Prolapsus Uteri
n? the 5 ofthe Womb, by external application, tupcrtcdi*
")! ''he objections! Pessary, is confidently rcenmaaith
it mw h.yIC"i fjlh! In""' of perfect restoration to
ZTmo'st aueravilfe i e* of performing a cure, aven nnder
fee moat aggravated circumstances.
ii ttainfd i ?fry hith rtnrnctpr in Kurone
. W5ll as .n thuro,,ntryr h i, JVBf?YbSw dun.^l
eaaanes.and ail other |<ainful surgical exnedienta.in the Lyingi-HoamU^
ol London and Pari., ?n/T, Sti^jSZ S
tended id Europe by medical men of the highest rank In this
niintry it u attained by ihe leading im-mnera of rh? fsfubU*
f Collages and Hospitals, and by all the senna nt prisate prs?
Rooms have been furnished exclusively for Isdies at No 4
rsey street, having a separate entrsnVa from the buaineaa detriment.
where a lady is in constant attendance, to apply
'ruasss and Supporters to female patients 04 lmr
P\ K. OREU0HY, lone aocustomed to prescribe for diseases
^ of a private nature, rtiidn at 34 Mutt street. He lias
he en familiar with these complaints many years, and having
been a particular and close observer of cause aud effect, he has
obtained a thorough practical Knowledge of this branch of his
profession, which has enabled him to introduce some valuable
improvement* into his practice. He does not boast of making
rapid sad hasty cures, bat his satisfaction is to perform thorough
aud radical cures, and in as short a space of lime as it can
possibly be done, with advantage and safety to the patient; and
generally speaking, it is not necessary for the patient to observe
any change in business pursuits. Hasty,ai d consequently imperfect
cures are the source from whence result so many distressing
esses of consecutive or sreoudary symptoms; and the like result
frequently follows the use of many advertised remedies ; for
this reason?that any medicine, however good in the hist or primary
stages of the complaint, cannot be supposed to exert the
tame power and influence over the human system when its
administration has been long continued; and thus while the patient
is swallowing medicine from day to day : his disease, if
not changing to a chrouic form, to say the least, is very likely
to trrmiuate in a permanent debility, or perhaps something
Dr. Gregory deems it worthy to remark, that he has often
been applied to for relief by imtieats who having been treated
for the complaint, were discharged as being cured, and themselves
were ol tne opinion that it wu really so. A few days
elapse and the disease begins to show itself again ; in some instances
only occasionally, in otners again the relapse is permanent,
inducing St length a chronic inflammation, attended with
otlirr visible effects, which it would be indelicate to describe
in an advertisement, but which will be recognized readily by
eve.y one so afflicted. It is such a state of things as this that
terminate in stricture, and it is by surgical means only that t
stricture can ever be |>rrmaneutiy removed. Not sq, however,
with the chronic inflammation, or rather induration ; for in this
simple means. Dr. (?. is proud to ssy that he has discoveieil
and brought to his aid, a remedy never before used ill these
eases, wineh lias proved successlul in every instance where it
has been applied, and lias effected cures iu cases ef from 3 to IS
years'duration. This announcemeut is not made through motives
of vanity and love of boasting, but simp!to inform those
in need of the remedv where it may be found. Those seeking
Dr. Gregory will find hiru at his own house, (not a drug store.)
3V Molt street, about ISO yards from Chatham square All letters
must be poet paid.
Dr. Uargory has published a little treatise on the above subjects,
price SO cents. For sale by the author, and also by Messrs.
Sands, Druggists, in FultMi-slreet, and both comers Broadway
and Chambers-street, and ir the Bowery at Nos. 63 and 188;
H6 Drlancey, corner Suffolk-street, and 77 East Broadway,
corner Market-street. Applications by Mail, Post |>aid, enclosing
$1, will secure the book by return of Mail, free of Postage.
au27 lm*in
T?HAT celebrated Physician, Da. BENJAMIN HUSH,
a could not have left a more valuable legacy to mankind
It is indeed a blessing to the afflicted, giving relief in all the
usual cases of sudden illness or lingering disease with which
humanity is distressed or the functions of life are destroyed. It
is now conceded by the most eminent of the meuical faculty,
that the stomach is the seat or fountain of all disease; thai it is,
as it were, the centre from which proceed all the evils produc
ed by forcigu or irritating causes, and which thence spread to
every part of the animal system.
The proper method of cure, therefore, is to attack the citadel
in which the disease intrenches itself; and no combination of
medicinal agents has yet been discovered so efficacious for this
fiurpose as the preparation of the late Dr. Hush, and which,
rom the universal success alteuding their administratiou, during
a practice of nearly half a centuary, were styled his "INFALLIBLE
HEALTH PILL." Their great virtus is, that
ihe-y anest disease in its first approach. They are preventives
as well as remedies; and we will venture to say that if uken by
persons when they are first affected with symptoms of, illness
many and many a case, that is either serious or fatal, might be
Let the afllicled without hesitation avail themselves of
this iuvaluable Legacy, and they will have reason to bless the
name of Dr. Rash, as one of the greatest benefactors of man
O- Sold, wholesale and retail, by H. G. DAGGERS, 30
Ann street. NewYork;and, retail, by Kelly, 367 Broadway,
N. Y.; J. Aiford, 168 Bowery, N. Y.; J. F.. Scott, 161 Siilh
Aveuue, corner of Twelfth st ., N. Y.; H. Green, 69Nj Fulton
street, Brooklyn; Heddiug & Co., 8 Bute at., Boston; D. Smith,
96 Market street. Newark, N. J.; G. B. Zeioer, 87 Dock street,
corner of Third, Philadelphia; W. Taylor, 13 North street.
Baltimore; and ageuts in the principal c ities in the United
<XJ~ Price TWENTY-FIVE CENTS a Box; each box en
closed iu an elegantly engraved wrapper, with full directions
loriifte. iL'8 2w r
Continues to be consulted daily, until 10 P. M.
On all 'lelic&te diseases, at his private offices,
QECOND Door from Bioadway, with the utmost confidence
in all cases ofa delicate nature, requiring prompt and safe
treatment. .Being a Kegulur Practitioner, patients may relv
ui*m receiving all the atteution their cases may demand, with
an assurance of a successful issue, based upon trie experience of
many years piofessional duties. Dr. Bell does not advertise a
Specific Drop or Pill for the cure of certain diseases?but guarantees
all that Anatomical, Medical, and Chemical knowledge
can suggest in each case. Separate offices. Attendance till 10
1' M. daily. s8 luijr
/"CONTINUES to be consulted confidentially at his office No.
V 7j Murray street.
Strangers are respectfully apprized that Dr. H irne, being legally
bred to the medical profession, in the city ot London, has
been a practical member of the said faculty of physic for 40
years, for the last 36 in the city of New York. His i ractiee
from being general, he confines to a particular branch of medicine,
which engages his profound attention. His experience is
vary greap?his success astonishing. He cautious the unfortunate
against the use of mercury; thousands are annually mercurialised
out of life?recent affections are, without mereury, extingnisheu
in a few days See your cases eradicated, not patched
up. The learned Dr. Buchan emphatically observes? Married
persons, and persons about to be married, should be particularly
cautious of those affections; what a dreadful inheritance
to transmit to posterity."
Persons afflicted with protracted and deplorable cases, need
not des|?ir of a complete recovery by applying to Dr. Home. A
residence of 36 years in New York city lias established Doctor
Home's ch trader as a man of sterling honor, and based on real
respectability and skill. Dr. H. offers to his patrons a sure guarantee.
Dr. Home's offices are numerous, and patients never
come in contact. Attendance until nine o'clock in the evening.
K7- THOMA8 G. HORNE, son of the late Dr. George T.
Home, respectfully apprises the public that he continues hit
father's most successful practice at his establishment. No. 71
Murray street, and may be consulted daily uuli 19 o'clock. P
M.. Sundaes etcetrted em lm*v
IbAADAMIC COS'l ELLO need hardly state that her PerioWl
dical Pills, for the cure of all the diseases peculiar to female)
are auperior to all other*, or that they are now the only
ouet recommended by the medical faculty in their private
practice; as these facts are sufficiently known to the public in
general. Equally celebrated is Madame Costello's Southing
Syrup, lor teething children; which almost immediately lulls
the irritation of the gums, and is a certain preventive of convulsions;
and likewise her "Nipple Paste'' for sore nipples;
which is so good, as to leave nothing to be aetired, aud as such
is the most popular article in the country.
All Madame C's medicines are patronised by the medical
faculty, which it more than can be said of the nostrums of any
of her imitators however tliev may obtain a transient notoriety
through the uews|>apers. Post paid orders for media nes from
all parts ol the United States,, attended to. Terms?Periodical
Pills one dollar a box?Teething Syrup, Ally cents a bottle.
Remember that Madame Costello is the only legitimate bred
Female Diysician in New York. sM lm*rc
to the ladies.
MADAME COSTELLO, Female Physician, still continues
J-"-1 to treat, with astonishing success, all diaeasea peculiar to
Suppression, irregularity, obstruction, Ac, by whatever cause
produced, can be removed by Madame C. in a very sort time.
Madame C.'s medical establishment having undergone thorough
repairs and alterations for the hotter accommodation of her
nnmerour patients, she isjiow prepared to receive ladies on the
point of confinement, or those who wish to be treated lor obstruction
of their monthly period.
Madame C. can be consulted at her residence No. M Lispen
aid st, at all times, and with the strictest regard to secresy.
All communications and letters must be post-paid/
lit Im re
tfrKfJO REWARD.-OROSS' specific mixture.?
For the Cure of Ooonorrhcaa, Gleets, Strictures ana
analogous complaints o f the organ so (generation.
Of all remedies yet discovered for tmt above complaint!, this
is the most certain.
k makes a speedy and permanent cure, withoutt he least restriction
to diet, drink, exposure, or change in application to bit
We give no long quackiah recommendations to 'deceive the
public. If the medicine does not nor speak for itself, no one
shall speak for it. Our object is to notify where it can be had,
and the proprietor challenges a single case of recent Oonnorrhma
to be brought, in which the mixture will not elfect a rapid
cure, under a forfeiture of 1300.
This is a disease that unfortunately pervades all ranks of so
eiety?high, low, rich and poor, matrimonial and single. They
are here presented with a remedy by which they can cure themselves
without the least exposure in the shortsm time possible.
burl her, the disesse cannot be contracted if a dose of the
mixture is taken at uight on going to bed when exposed.
It is pat up in bottles with full directions accompanying it, at
SI a bottle- One bottle lasts a week, whick generally cures?
many are cured in two days.
For sale only at Win. H. Mfcar's, 199 Broadway, comer of
John street, oppoeitc Franklin House, New York; J .Jones,
corner of Chestnut and Seventh streets, Philadelphia; and at J
M. Smith's 139 Washington street Boston. sW lm*
POR The treatment and preservation ol the Hair; the only
" infallible preservative against baldness, and a certain cure
for all dilates of the scalp, such iu dandruff, plica potmca, he.
kc. kc., including all cutaneous affections. This article is prepared
with great cars by the inventor and proprietor himself,
after a study of ten years, daring which his time has been almost
exclusively devoted to the perfection of this incomparable
article for the benellt of the growth and beauty of the Hair. Fn
the mean time, many nostrums intended for the same purpose,
have arisen and died, while this rejoices in the full vigor of
manhood?and is destined tolivt as long as a fine head of hair is
duly prized or its cleanliness and beauty admired. Let those
who have these desires but give it a single trial and he has no
fears for the result. It only reouires to be known to be appreciated,
and when so appreciated the propriet or eipecta to obtain
his reward from a discerning public, and asks it not before?he
is not afraid of getting out of patience.
Nearly five nnndied certificates, testifying to its virtues, in
all cases for wl ich it is intended to be used, from the most
highly respectable individuals in various parts in the United
States. the Canadas, kc., can be aeen at the office of the inventor
and manufacturer, No. I Pmestreet. New York.
The eecond invention of modern times, to which we would
respectfully call attention, ia KENNEDY'S CELEBRATED
PREMIUM CHEMICAL HAIR DYE, the first ever in
vented in (his country. This article, as ran be testified to by
a large number of oral and verbal recommendations, is superior
to any thing of the kind imported from any part of the world,
and ia rapidly superceding alf otner nostrums foi changing the
color of the hair and whiskers to a beautiful dark hrown, or let
black, flrotn flaxen, red, grey, or other objectionable color, in a
single application, without affecting the skin.
The above Hair Dye was exhibited at the Fair of the American
Inatitute, held at Niblo's Garden, and received the first premium,
as being superior to any other exhibited. It mty be obtained
at the following places i?Bailey, Ward k Co. Maiden
Lane; Leary k Co, Aator House; 83 Bowery, comer Walker;
330 Bowery comer Bond street; Tiffany, Gourd it Kiln, 2St
Broadway, and at the manufactory, No. 1 Pine street, New
A VISITING CAKD PLATE, beautifully engraved, and
50 best rnuamelled Cards printed for only $1,M. Cards on
ike heit ennamtl. printed from pUlfi at $1 per IW. A Business
Card Plate, engraved with the nsnal amount of matter, and 180
beat Cards, at fl. Door Plates, Seals of all kinds. Marking
I'latev Labels, gold, silver, brass, kc. kc. engraved proportionate
with the above. Cenper-pUte Printing of all kinds at the
same low rate. Please call and examine for yourselves, at JKHVIH'S
Cheap Engraving and Pr.nting Establishment, No. 294
Broadway, and 8. E. comer of Greenwich and Conruandt sts
ag lm|r
IA T THE HOPE MILLS. M Marketfield street, between I
A Broad and Whitahall, lata *7 Elisabeth street. New York.
Office ua Front st. Constantly ou hand, at the lowest market
prices, and in the esaal variety of peekagee. x2T 1m*m |
QIGNOR L. MARTINI beg? to inform tfte public th^t he
^3 Iias ju*t published hi* Accordiou instruction, which ts divided
id two part*?the ftret for the Accordions withsnt semitones?Che
second for those with semi-tones, both of which
sis amply famished with selected misic, and exercises pro
gressiiely written, inorderthst the amateur can easily hare
entire command over the instrument. ... .
81GNOR MARTINI begs also to lUte that he has a I arte
collection of MS8. mu.ie lor the Accerdion, which lie lotead*
to publish shortly, and he arranges for that instrument any tort
ol music he .hould be required. The Signor will be thankful
to all thoee who will faror him at his rc.ideuee,90 Canal meet,
where he continue, Jo tire hi. lesions. _ jiuH In'r
VPHE subscribers respectfully inform their frieuds and the
f public iu general, they here just finished a newly invented
instrument called the Transposing Piano Forte, which they
now introduce to the musical community.
This Instrument forms a beautiful, rich and new eiterior.
both iu shape and neatness, bes'des a tone full, brilliant, and
melodious. The treat advantage derived from this new inven
tiou, is that music may be transposed iuto any key desired to
>uit ihe vocalists, or for an accomikiniment of any othi r instrument,
and therefore worthy the attention of the amauur as
well as the artist.
A large assortment of Tablet Piano Fortes, rosewood and
mahogany, 6 and 6% octaves, with French grand action, are
iu??> iuiwiauur hjii uu iMitu, til oi wmcn we resjK.-cuun> iu?
111 it to professors, amateurs, and th# trade in general, at our
ware rooms and manufactory, as above.
N. B ?Piano Furtea tuned and repaired on the shortest notice.
s 29 lin*c No. 343 Broadway.
la removed from 143 Broadway to No. 7 Aator House.
in gentlemen's dress.
Garments of a most Elegant and Faahiauable kind ft a saving of
(0 per cent for cash.
rPHE advertiser d? ms u unnecessary to resort 13 the heekA
neyed system of giving a list of nominal prices, presuming
that the length of time he has ;becn established, together with
the extensivd patronage bestowed on mm, will prove a sum
cient voucher for his capabilities. Possessing the advantage el
being connected with an extensive cloth establishment in Europe
he confidently assets that be can furnish clothes which, on coaaparuon,
will he found bower than any dlher house making up
the nest descriptions ofgeatleAen'i dress.
?I03in 8. PHILLIPS. 7 Aator House, Broadway
artist in hair,
NOT less than two inches long, in one hundred different designs?Necklaces,
Bracelets, Watch guards. Ear-rings,
Flowers, Rings, Wigs and Scalps.
a. c. barry's
Still stand pre-eminent above all others. Their peculiar light,
gossamer, aud ventilating character, their being shaped exactly
as the natural hair grows; their elasticity and their superior material
and workmanship, as well as their style of finish and ararrangement,
all combine to form such perfect heads of hair,
that they must be seen to be fully uiprrciated.
Parlies having: a piece of hair of a living or deceaaed friend,
can get it formed by him into any design the mind cau conceive.
In such a form it will ba a kebpsake invaluable.
Gratuitous advice given on all diseases connected with the
hair, at the Hair Cutting Rooms,
116 BROADWAY, cor of Liberty street,
jy!2 8m? Up Stairs.
ring's verbena cream.
rT,HIS Celebrated Shaving Compound is now all the rage, as
A well among tootorian professors, as among those who prefer
te gatn.r in their own diuravl crops. The improvement recently
made in its manufacture place* the Verbena Cream
above competition.
The subscriber having purchased the copy right, presents it
to the public with an elegant new label, and guarantees that for
rue in sharing it can be equalled only by a Wall street broker,
the Cream possessing the advantage of giving belter satisfaction
to the party by the operation, and this speaking from ex
To prrveut imposition by the spurious article* now in the
market, the direction* for use will have the written signature
of the proprietor, none other being genuine.
For tale wholesale and retail at 100 Nas?au at,
K. SINCLAIR, Proprietor.
N. B.?Also for tale, Ring's Elixir of Life, Nelson's Ex
tract of Sarsaparilla, Dr. Browder's Compound Syrup of Indian
Turnip, he. ol lm'm
STEAM ENGINE.?For sale cheap, a lorty horse power
strain engint. The cylinder is one foot diameter and six
feet stroke, with governor, force pumn, and fixtures complete:
tly wheel fourteen feet diameter and weighs four and a half
tons, with shaft ten feet long, one pinion. Also one spur wheel,
three feet diameter. The work it got up in a neat, substantial
and workmanlike manner, and adapted to the use of steam ex
pensively. For further particulars inquire of G. C. HISCOX,
No. 38 Ann street, N. Y., office 2d story, s!7 lm*r
/"vR.ACKERS.?Parrt cheap Cracker Bakery, 73 Mott street.
C' near Walker street.?Constantly on hand, Soda, Milk and
Wine Biscuit; machine and haud made Butter, Sugar and Boston
Crackers, 8tc.; Pilot and Navy Bread, all at low phces.
Shipping and country ordeis nut np in barrels, kegs and boxes.
A liberal disconnt allowed, and delivered callage free.
N. B.?Passengers to Earope or NewOrlean* supplied cheap.
s28 lm*
scribers, being the sole Agouti for the Manufacturers of
Concklin's Patent Portable Forge sad Bellows, beg leave to
call the attention of tire public to the above article. That they
have been called for and introduced in uearly all parts of the
United States, is, we believe a sufficient evidence of their
utility and convenience; being portable and compact, gives
them far the preference over the common Forge for Snipping
of every description, Rail Roads, Canals, Plantations, Mann
factories and all purposes for which the ordinary Forge is
used. Those manufactured for the U.S. Navy are Wrought
We would refer those wishing to purchase to some few who
can recommend them from personal as well aa general knowledge,
Commodore Crane, Navy Yard, Portsmouth, N. H.; Messrs.
r u... M. il u 11 : IT 11 -
West Point Foundry,'Celd Spring, N. Y. Mriin. S. B. Alt'
hiuic k Co. 443 Broadway, N. Y., and oar city blacksmiths
generally. GAY k TEBAULT,
s21 Jm*rc comer of Old slip and Water si.
T) OBERT E. LAUNITZ, (late Fraaee 8c Launitz) Sculptor
^ and Artificer in Marble, No. 591 Broadway, New York.
Buitues, Monuments. Busts, Fountains, Tombs, Head 8toues,
Vases, fcc., eieruted of lire finest American and Italian Marbles,
in a chaste and classic style.
N. B. Croten water having heen introduced into the city,
Mr. L. will be pleated to ezecute all orders for erecting fountains
for gentlemen in their gardens, as he has had many years
exiierienaa in Italy and this country. The best o( city reference
All orders by letters, giving New York city references, attended
to with punctuality aud despatch. s27 101*01
New Yoag, Sept. 5, 1842.
Gentlemen :?
About two years ago, I furnished you witk a certificate respecting
the virtues of your Hoarhound Candy, and the benefits
I had experienced '10m it while performing the duties of
my calling.
1 deem it right and proper that at this time I should renew
my opinions in its favor, because recent use has increased my
knowledge of its valne. At the camp meeting held at Sing
Sing, commencing on the 2?th of August last, and ending on
the 2d September, I exerted myself much in the cause of my
Master, and consequently my voice became hoarse and incapable
of its usual force.
1 had two engagements the ensuinr Sabbath to preach, and
found it tecessary if! expected to fulfill them.to take some remedy
to renovate my votes and sooths my lungs. On Saturday
, being, supplied iwilh a package of your candy, its use
enabled me to preach as 1 engaged without llie least hoarseness
or pain.
I consider your candy a necessary article for every clergyman
to keep in his possession, as the use of it keens the voice
clear in its tones, and free from that huskiness and tickling of
the throat, which so often mars the delivery of the preacher.
For all complaints of the lungs it is invaluable, as my previous
certificate mentioned ; and I feel confident that its early
use would save many from the grave who finally fall victims
to consumption. Yours truly .
W. C. HA WLEY, 70 Crosby street,
Chaplain at the City Hospital.
Messrs. J. Pease fit Son, 43 Division street.
Agents?110 Broadway and 86 William street.
have used J. Pease It Son's Comi>onnd Extract of Hoarhound
Candy, and freely recommend it to those afflicted with Coughs,
Colds, Hoarseness, and Consumptive complaints, as an excellent
remedy in these eases, and for the use of the voice professionally,
nothing ca? ecjual it. We recommend it to our brethren
throughout tne Union. ?
Reverend J. Lindtey, rect nt pastor of M. E. Church, Second
Reverend J. Cmmford, pastor of the second M. E. Church,
Reverend Mr. Lucky, presiding elder, New York Conference.
Reverend Mr. Whitaker, pastor of Presbyterian Church,
corner Madison and Catherine.
Reverend Mr. Giffen, pastor of M. E. Church, Bedford at.
Reverend Mr. Iltrt, recent pastor of Baptist Chnrch, Gold
Reverend Mr. Gibbs, III Third Avenue.
Tevereud Mr. Berry,pastor ofWesleyan Methodist Church,
corner Grand ami Clinton sU.
Reverend Mr. Lyons, pastor of the Ccrman Mission Church.
Kldt-r Knaiip, and llev. Mr. Maffitt.
Gne would mink lh> above recommendations were sufficient
to sell a ton of Tease's Hoarhound Candy a day, in this city
alose, when the proprietois can obtain certificates from ministers
of the Gospel ! men ol such onblemishcd reputation, that
whoso would not believe them neith- r would he believe
though one should rise from the dead. The virtues of Pease's
Hoarnound Candy, then, may be conaidnred proved, as far aa
anything can be proved, by human testimony,
F. B. All letters post paid, directed to J. PEASE It BON, 43
Division street, will he punctually attended to.
* * Country merahanU^an obtain Pease's Hoarhound Can
dy, at the manufacturer*' loweit price*, bv *endin? an order to
any merchant in the city with whom they hare dealing*.
J. PEASE It SON, ti Divmion at.
Agent*1 n the City?Rmhtoti It Aapinwall, 10 Artor Home,
MO Broadway, and 06 William atreel ; Elton, 90 Naaaau ?t ;
Kieited, 519 Broadway ; Briaham, cor. Houaton and Avenue
D : Hart, cor. Norfolkand Grand at ; Bateaon, cor. Park Row
and Ann at ; Cotton, *61 Bleecker at ; Mirtine, cor. flat atreet
and Ninth Avenue ; Paator. 166 Greenwich at ; D'igga, 601
Broadway ; Kerr, 741 Broadway; Mom. 506 and 500 Grand at.
Ageita in lite Country ?Zieber, 07 Dock atreet. co,. Third,
Philadelphia ; Redding, 0 Slate at, Boaton ; Weed It Water*,
Troy ; Baxter,57 Slate a', Albany ; Robinaen. Ill Baltimore
atreet, Baltimore, Md; Haldeman, Louiaville. Ky ; Wataoa,
Memphia, Tenn ; and Haya, 1J9 Fulton at, Brooklyn. c>5 Imr
D USHTO V It A8PINWALL, 06 William atreet. 110 Broad
TV way, and 10 Aator Houae, offer for aale, a full aaaortment of
I Drug* and Medicine*, of annerior qui.lity, and put up in the beat
manner. Alao Medicine Cheat* for ahipe, famtliea, and plantation*
Jeffrey'* Reapiratora?A new and valuable inatmment for
equalizing the temperature of the air, when inhaled into the
lunga, and enabling invalid*, and petaona with weak lung*, by
wearing them, logo abroad in all weather*. Price $0, and upwards.
Hair Glove and Strap Renovator*, a aubetitule for, and much
auperiorto, the common fleah brnah, with ample direction* for
Compound Floid Extract of Saraaparilla, ptepared by R. Ot
A. in the beat manner, and highly approved in the United
State* aervice, and bv iheeuhlic generally. *30 Iw'r
YffUFFS k FUR TRIMMINGS.?The nnderaigned wtmld
iTA call the attention of the ladiea of New York and the pnblic
generally, to hia large aaaoitroent of Mnffa, eonaiatin* of lynx,
atone, martin, Siberian aquirrel, Fitch. Genetand Coney Mnffa.
Atao, a laige aaaortment ol Fur* and Swancdown Trimming*,
*e. ke. Otc., which ia offered for aale at the loweat caah pneea,
Noa. 104 and M0 Greenwich atreet.
Repairing of all kind* done on rsaaotwble term*. al9 lm*r
ed from Read* atraet to XI Broadway, oppoaitc the Park.?
Give* notice to hia aeholara and to geaUemrn who deaira to
learn th* French language, that ha will ra-openon Monday.
Four claasea for gentlemen in the day, and twe day claaaea in
the evening. Claaaaa for India* from 4 to half paat 5 in th* nftaruoon.
*X lmr
*k? Anti-Angular System oT Writing.
raoa TWILTI to ill MLUII ! ....
\/fR. 1HI8TOW of London, reapeetfully informs the I. diet
end (Jeutlenmii of New York end Brooklyn, that hu ) t?aea
Day end Evening, hare commenced for Ik* reason, anil that
he haa seduced hu Teinu one half,?to Six Dollaia !
Aciomr No. 134 Bnooawav, man Pan* PLact.
1 !' He? are positively taught in twelve lessons,
*?old, Ate, expeditious and finuhed buiineas-Uke style ol
Wnuof, no matter how bad, illegible stiff, or cramped the
writing may be. Bee specimens at the door, 135 Broadway.
,. . Awn THE LaDlEi
A neat and handsome, delicate and fashionable Rnnning Hand
_ .Welti Eaar Laaaowa !
?tC7" VJSITOR8 in New York can take a cenrar in Three
Daje .?Mr. B. u to be aeen from * to 1 A. M., or from 4 to 8
Evening Claaaea from 7 to ?.
_ , Booe-Keefi*?
Taugh on a superior method, by doable and aincle entry,
eientincrl |y and practically.
f 1
A new lyetem of the Art of Writing Short-hand, for taking
down Lectnrea, Sermona, Trial, at Law, Ike. he., taught perfectly
by Mr. Brislow ia one coarse of leaaona ! at 114 Broadway.
See a ipecimen.
N. B.?A work of the author ia preaented to every pupil for
their permanentguide. a4 lrn-rc
vvi nnDAumri dduco
IN THE EXTENT of the varieties in this department the
proprietor may safely challenge competition with any other
establishment in the world, and has unuer his own immediate
superintendence the most skilful workmen, and all the rrquisi.e
materials for executing erery description of Xylographic Engraving
and Prhiting. ...
Original Designs and Plates of e very description execnted in
the first sty e of the art, and beautifully printed in Bronze or
Fancy Colors. Druggists, Perfumers, Manufacturers, Oroceis
and other Labels, constantly on hand, wholesale or retail, and
all articles connected with the trade.
Job Printing in every variety of style executedi u the best
manner to order, and on the most reasonable terms.
Notes, Checks, Dralts, Bills of Exchange, Certificates of
Stock, do Deposite, Blanks or professional, weddsng and visiting
Cards, neatly engraved and printed, at si oil notice, and on
the meat reasonable terms. The lowest |>ossib!e price is char
ged for all wark done at this establishment.
All orders from the country punctually attended to, and articles
ordered, forwarded to any part of the United States, or
the Canadas.
all lm*r CHA8. SHIELDS, Proprietor.
TNfire hundred different designs, necklsces, bracelets, wateb
x guards, ear-rings, Bowers, rings, wigs, seal]*, Ac. Ac. Ladie
or gentlemen having hair of a living or deceased friend, can ge.
it formed by him into any design the mind can conceive?ia
such a form it will be a keepsake invaluable.
M6 Broadway, cor of Liberty street, up stairs.
N. B.?Individuals resident in the country or living at an inconvenient
distance from the city, can have all such orders
prom|itly executed, by forwarding through the medium of the
post office the hair to he fashioned, with a drawn and specified
ilesign of the workmanship, and enclosing from five to twenty
dollars, according to which sum the superiority of manufsctnre
and style of mounting in gold will depend. All such communications
to be post paid. A. 0. B. ol lm*r
IS with confidence recommended to all whose hair is becoming
thin Irom disease, scurf, and OandrufT. The surest remedy
to prevent
The most healthy dressing that cau possibly be applied to the
head; rendering the hair soft and glossy, and treeing the scalp
from all hnmors and irritations, removing every particle of
scurf and daudruff, and disposing the hair to curi. lu frequent
use wi'l preserve the hair in health and beauty to the latest period
of life. For infant heads it is invaluabls.
To be hid only at the Hair Catting Rooms, 146 Broadway,
cornet of Liberty st, up stairs, or oi the appointed agents.
30 lm*rc
* v subscriber haa received and offers for aale a large aaaortment
of imported India Rubber Water Proof Oooda, viz:
Coata and Capes, of superior Lama, Cashmere Lama, Persian,
Merino and Cotton, of all colora and aizes.
.Cloth?India Rubber, Water Proof, super Lama, Lama Persian
and Cotton, prepared for ttilors.
India Rubber Webbings for suspenders, corsets, lie.
TVAR8. LOVE, Corset Maker, No. 68 Lispenasd street, re*YJ
spectfully informs the ladies of New York and its vicinities,
that s'le haa invented a new article for the preservation of
the health and stret^th daring pregnancy. This Abdominal
Supporter is perfect in its application, acting as a support, and
preventing all itr&m upon the muscles, and the consequent fa
tigue and exhaustion oh the whole system. It will preserve the
form in all its youlhfhl symmetry Nothing that has ever been
invented offers ao many advantages as does this Abdominal
Supporter for invigoratiug the system against every accident attending
Mrs. L. has secured a patent. She begs to refer to the follow
iug eminent gentlemen of the Medical Facnlty:?Br. Francis,
Dr. Pond, Or. McDonald, Professor Oillman. M D, Professor
Parker, M D, A. C. Castle, M D, Dr. Nelson,Dr. Moore, J.
W. Francis, M D, J. O. Pond, M D, J. ,W. Moore, M. D, J.
Neilson, M D.
Country merchants and dealers supplied wholesale with Corsets,
Belts, and braces, on advantageous terms. s6 Imtr
fyHE Proprietor, in offering this valuable stove to the publie,
A would briefly state some of the advantages of >heir improve
ment, which consist chiefly in the following particulars, via:?
1?To obviate the evil of im- 5?To be capable of affordpnre
aL.d uoxious gas in the ing a mild or an intense heat,
burning of anthracite coal. 6?To avoid all ineovenience
2?To generate and diffuse from dust.
a warm and wholesome at- 7?To preserve the air of the
mosphere In places exposed to apartment pure and wholedamp
and cold. some.
3?To lesson the risk of aeci- I?And to unite with all
dent by fire. tkose excellent qualities, an
t?To be quickly kindled elegant and durable article of
ant' easily managed. furniture.
I his Stove is constructed of the best quality of Russia sheet
irou upon the cylindrical plan?the fumace or fire-chamber
oce tpying a part of the centre cylinder, to which is attached an
atmt spheric Rarefier upon each side, of a tubular form, and
lined throughout. The heat that is created in the chamber
passei between the linings of the two rarefters (or radiators as
they ere called] into the base at the bottom, and a curTent of air
continually rushing through the tubes, which are left open at
each end for that imrpose, carries a great amount of rarefied or
warm air into the apartment.
The puflty and softness of the air in a room heated by this
stove are peculiar and remarkable, the heat being diffused from
a great extent of surikce moderately heated. The heated air,
on entering the wings or sides of the stove.dcscenas and spreads
over the entire surface of the base at the bottom, keeping the
colder portion of the air next the floor in constant circulation?
in the meantime preserving it entirely from contamination,
rendering this Stove perfectly safe and agreeable for apartments
of invalids, sleeping rooms, tic. Manufactured by
I/ll E. BACKUS, M Bowery, N. Y.
N. B. A new article of air tight stoves, with rarifiere ; also
the new kitchen companion cook stove, warranted equal to any
in use in this city. s27 Im'm
REPAIR* O y RICHARD AYLIFFE, established nine
ft years at 96 ~ I atham street, New York. R. A. has Nott's
aud other Stove, which he can sell at a very reduced price.
Stoves and pipe put up at the shortest notice.
N. B.?Pipe constantly on hand. s>7 lm*r
THK subscribers offer this dsy to the public, the office and
J- parlorsize of this new and splendid paleut stove. We ask
all in want of stoves to call and examine it. It is by far, the
most efficient and economical stove offered for a number of
years, aud has the approval of all who have seen it, and bids
fair to take the lead of all others. Larger sizes will be in
readiness in the course af a few days. In the mean time, the
priniciple of the stove, can be seen folly developed in the size
exhibited. 8HEPARD fc CO.
Nott's Stove Warehouse, No. >42 Water street.
N. B.?A splendid assortment of Nott's Radiator Stove, the
nnlv atnb'ss in tk* markfl ani(.ikl#> fnr warminir ilwsllitxu
churches, hotel*, public building*, lie. A two itory home can
Ire warmed with three tons of coal, less than one grate will
Drums for parlors and halls, in style and variety unequalled
in the city. Alto the best wood cook stove ever offered.
*29 lm*?c
YITARRANTED to keep any length or time in any climate,
" vizr lobsters, halibut, shad, salmon, oysters, and clams,
beef, mutton, real, dock, chicken, turkey, beef soup, mutton
broth, rhicken soup, ?i tail soup, mock and green turtle soup,
vegetable soup, green peas, mushrooms, carrets, turnips, parmine,
tomatoes, milk, lie. he., manufactured and sold wholesale
oT lm*m 82>s Nassau st
'T'HESE instruments are to be obtained at R. SIMPSON'S,
1 t, Astor House. Of a peculiarly simple construction, they
merely require to be placed in the cavity of the ear to give immrdiite
relief to this disagreeable malady.
Person*, non-residents of New York city, on the remittance
of 5 dollars, can have a pair forwarded by post, or if desired
a tingle one rbr S3 M.
NiB.?Agent for the sale of SIMPSON'S EAR CORNETS.
*4 lm*rc
OFFICE, No. I Wall street comer Broadway.?ManufacturV
er of German Silver in sheet,and faultless castingsuof A<i ne
fortis, Muriatic, Nitric and Pyroligneous Acids ; of Tin Solutions.
extract Logwood, Labarraguia Chloride of Soda, of Lanat
Caustic, Pruatic Acid; Liver of SalpherJIodides of Iron,
Lead and Mercury. Dasraerrotype,Chemicals,Ether, Ammonia,
Grant i I ley Lotion, Chloride of tlold, Phosphate of Soda,he.
Infallible Poiaona for Bedbugs, Fleas, Fly Paper,Cockroaches
Rata. Moths, Caterpillars, moscnetoet; the compound chemical
Whale Oil, Soap and Heed Protectorj Platina, Palladrine,
Goldfoil and Bronae, genuine Harlem Oil, imported.
eg lm*ec
JUST pnblidwl. prie M by Or. VAWCKTT, of
196 Fulton street, Wew York, The Greet Consoler lor the
Mind in Diatresa?-a popular inquiry iuto the conceaiee causea
that destroy the physical energy and the abilrty of manhood,
with observation* on the baneful effects of solitary inameence.
local or constitutional weakness, nervous irritation, umtnmp
tioo, and on the partial or total eitlnction of the reproductive
power*. The Doctor Ual?o author of a new treatise which is
exclusively written for the sensitive female, who, while she
thrinks abashed at the idea of revealing her sufferings. may
nd in its paces a confidential and capable adviser
Dr. F. contnwes to direct hit attention to tnc entire eradication
of fonorrHoa, fleets, strictares, noctnrnal emissions,
syphilis in its worst forms, nervous irritation, constitutional
debility, and all diseases bronfht on by solitary habits. Female
diseases treated scientifically. Office 196 Fulton street.
.23 lm*r
?? Lpnrtship and Marriage?an infallible Qnide-Book for
Married and Single Persons, in matters of the utmost importance
to the Ilaman Race. By Eufine Becklard. M. D.
Among the things dmy considered in this work are matters
of seriona importance to single and yonng married persona?
The causes ef, end cure for Sterility?The art cf Beauty and
(.'onrtahip?The danger of aolitary practices, and how the habit
may he removed?Trie canses of Love and Jealousy, with a
remedy for eradicating from the system the seeds of a lOpeleaa
or an nnhappy passion?Offspring, including modes for the propitiation
or prevention thereof?Tests for knowing the seies of
unborn children?Intermarriage?Persona who ought and ought
not to merry?The most suspicious season for wedlock, atPrice
75 cents. For sale at l* Fulton stsuet. and tif Broadway
sd lm*r
Canfc Tailoring BiUbllihment,
. Stre"' Corntr of Jtnn Strut,
TB decidedly the cheapest in die city. There ie always cm
I hand a KlcctsUKk of seasonable goods. purchased for cash,
which will be nude op to order in the style of nuke, fit, trimming,
he., that has given such general setisfsctioe during the
last Tour years, and at a positive saving of 94 per cent.
Gentle "<en are reqnested to call and examine. Those who
furmsh tl>eirown foods, can have them
Dress Coats, made and trimmed, -$T M te $1 M
Frock Coats. do do I M to 9 54
Pants and Vests, 1 75 to 1 00
Over Coats. 9 00 to 11 OS
[T7~ Terms?Cash on delivery.
fti lm* c MICHAEL E. MARTIN.
/"" ENTLEMEN furnishDg their own goods can have them
II made on in the most fashionable French style, cheaper
than ever offered before in this city.
Overcoats made and trimmed $1 54
Frock coats " " ' ~ >
$?3%^ " ' $1 54 to 1 75
o^.^""""" d?"e lhe nt>tC*8AVIUEL WYANT.
ui\r, iniuc.
^HERE IS NO IMPOSITION practiced at this store by
L asking double tl e price au u ,icle it worth, neither any interruption
ou the tide walk. No intuit offered if yon don't
|Hi rebate.
Any perton within* to make a purchase can rely on being
furnished with clothing at the following prices :
Coats $9 a 12
Cloth Jackets 3 a 5
Cloth Pants 3 a 4 50
Hal line It Pants 1 SO a 7 SO
o4 lin*T 133X Chatham street, near Rosevelt St., N' V.
~Z ^shirts.
CJH1RTS made after the latest and moat approved French
^ patteait. Costa, i antaloout, vests, and all under garments,
m Jre J? ? F *JL*^orS notice and in tlie most fashionable style.
Gentlemen s Famishing Store, 67 and 69 Maiden Lane, New
?3 3m?r WM. COLLINS.
CftllTTS.?United States Shirt Manufactory, 77 William at,
O comer of Liberty, New York. Notice il hereby given to
merchants and traders in geueral, that the proprietor of the
above establishment has adopted a new method of a-anufacluring,
which enables him to sell his shirts at a cheaper rate than
any other house in the city. This statement will be affirmed
by the list of prices, as follows
k lue Muslin Shirts, with Linen Bosoms and Collars, par
<lt>v, $7 5i
Do, stitched in the Bosom and Collars, per dox, 6 00
Do, colored, new patterns, large siaea, per dox, 7 oo
Also, a large nnaatity of Bosoms and Collars constantly on
hand, which will be offered cheap for cash. sO lm*r
Li VANDERPOEL, No. 557>i Broadway, having completed
her arrangements for receiving the earliest fashions, offers her
services to ladies of taste, who are desirous of economising in
articles of dress.
Muslin Dresses made in genteel style, $7 00
Silk " " " 3 00
Every article of dress now in vogue, may be had at the low
eat remunerating prices, and the natters herself that she een
suit the tastes of the most fastidious, satisfied that those who
may favor her with a call, will come again. sl6 lm*r
AffONS. MALLAN?Sound Magnifiers?Invisible Voice
LvJ. Conductors.?To enable persons instantly, at .n'advanced
age, and of forty and fifty years standing, of extreme deafness,
and of those who are only slightly dull of hearing, to join in
general conversation, and te catch the sound of a distant low
sneaker at a nublic assembly Thev are the size of a vary
small gold seven shilling piece: and when in the cavity of the
ears, uicy are not in ihe least perceptible, nor more nncomfor
table than having a small piece of hue wool in its place. And
although they are so extremely small, yet they enable those af
dieted with extreme deafness to hear, in every respect, equal
to those of most acute hearing.
To be had of Mona. MALLAN A SON, Surgeon Dentists,
Sole Agents for the patentee, No. 2 Park Place, one door from
The above invention has been in ass in Europe for some
years and is stroogly recommended, being one of the greatest
discoveries ot the age.
Perseus, non-residents of New York city, on the remittance
of $10, can have a pair forwarded by post. s3S lm* r
A/TAONIN'S LUCINA CORDIAL, for the sure and speedy
hvJ. cure of incipient consumption, barrenness, impotency, lucorhae
or whites, gleet, obstructed, dificult or painful menstruation,
incontinence of urine, or involuntary discharge thereof,
and for the general prostration of the systt m, no matter whether
the result of inherent causes,or of causes produced bv irregularity,
illness, or accident.
The wide-aprsad celebrity of this wonderful and inestimable
cordial in both hernial teres it a sufficient guarantee lor its
quick and positive success in enring all the above affections
and complaints. Nothing can be more surprising then its invi
gorating effects on the human frame. Persons all weakness and
lassitude before taking it. at once become robust and full of
enery under its mtlaece. It immediately counteracts the nervelessness
or looseness of the fenftle frame, which is the only
cause of barrenness; and which, prior to Dr. Magnin's discovery
was considered to be incurable. And it speedily removes
the impediments produced by physical prostration, which Be
quently deter men from getting married. Language, indeed,
..annot do justice to the merits of the Lucina Cordial, which is
regarded by the heads of the (acuity in all parts of the world as '
one of the most important medical discoveries of any age. Price
$3 per bottle. Sold at 92 Nassau street, and No. 90 North Sixth
trcet, Philadelphia. *2t lm*r
ANE box of these inestimable Pi'Is aro worth all the Quack
v-r Medicines in the world, for the cum of s certain disease.
Comment.?If we examine the nature of the above disease
and the sitnstion of the parts affected, we must consider it a
very important ohjectto be able to obtain e remedy at once certain
in its action, aad at the sama time composed of such ingredients
as will prevent the possibility of discovery while using
it. It is a fact well known to many, that most of the remedies
nffnm/l frtr flveswm rlisensea ivm P/tmiutaeH nf atlr- li nnnscAun rtniM
as to render it almost impossible to continne their use witnoat
creatine a sickness at the stomach or other nnp>easant consequences.
Snch being the case, there can be no donbl bat such
a remedy as VALIER'8 FRENCH PILLS will meet the universal
approbation, being entirely free from those objections,
pleasant in their operation and prompt in removing the disease.
The proprietor would here remark, that the efficacy of these
Pills in the disorders allnded to, are no ibasednpon supposition;
on the contrary, it is founded upon rational experience, having
used them iu a successfnl practice for upwards often years he
feels confident of their superiority over the remedies hitherto
Sold at No. 93 Nassau street, lis Broadway, and 99 North
Sixth street, Philadelphia, Pries <1 per box. sX lm*r
T7EMALE PHYSICIAN. Office and residence, 141 Green
P wich street, between Courtlandt -nd Liberty streets, whsra
she can be consulted with the strictest confidence on eocai
plaints incident to the female frame.
Madame RestelJ'sexperience and knowledge in the treatment
of obstinate cases of female irregularity, stoppage, suppression,
lie., is such as to require bat a few days to effect a perfect
cure. Ladies desiring proper medical attendance during confinement
or other indisposition, will be accommodated during
such time, with private and respectable board.
" Preventive Powders," for married ladies, whose de
licate or precarious health forbids a too rapid increase of family,
will he sent by mail to any part of the United States. Price
35 a package. All Letters (post paid) addressed to ' box 999,
New York. Boston Office, No.7 Essex street."
N. B.?Madame RE8TELL would inform ladies residing
out of the city, whose health weuld not admit of travelling,that
she would deyate her personal attendance upon them in any
part of the Uiflted States within reasonable distance, si lm"r
WING to the celebrity, efficacy, and invariable success of
U Madame Restell's Female Monthly Pills in all cases of
irregularity, suppression, or steppage of those functions of nature
upon which the health of every female depends, since
ti air .ntroductiou into the United States, now about fonr yearn,
counterfeits and imitations are constantly attempted to be
palmed off for the genuine. Chei p common pills a-e purchased
1 at twelve cents a box. put up in different boxes, and called?
"Female Monthly PiUs." with theohjeetof aelliog them, if
possible, at one or two deliars a box. Females are therefore
cautioned against these attempts to impose upon them, h is
1 sufficient here to state that all Female Monthly Pills are counterfeits,
except those sold at Madame Restell's Principal Office,
149 Greenwich street, New York mid 7 Essex street, Boston.
Price II. Madame Restell's signature is written on the cevsr
of each box.
N. B.?They can he used by married or single, by following
the directions enclosed inside of each box. Sold alto by ap
pointment at 284 Grand street, corner of Allea, New York.
si hn*r
M?These invaluable Powders have been universally adopted
in Europe, but France in particular, for upwards of thirty years,
? as well as by thousandsin this country, as being the only mild,
safe, and efficacious remedy for marned ladie% whose health
forbids a too rapid increase of family , _
Madame Restell, as is well know n, wis for thirty years Fa
male Physician in the two principal Female Hospital* in Europe?those
of Vienna and Paris?where uvorec hvrpMt
eiperience and opixjrtunities, she attained (hat celebrity in
those great discoveries in medical science so specially adapted
to the female frame, for which her medicines sow stand unri
vailed, as well in this country as in Enrone. Her acquaintance
with the physiology and anatomy of the female frame, enabled
her?by tracing the decline and ill health of married lemt(eS|
scarce in the meridian of life, and the consequent rapid and
often apparently ineiplicable causes which consign many a
fond mother to a premature grave?to their true source?to arrive
at a knowledge of the primary causes o! female indispositions?esnecially
of married female ?which. in IBM. led to
the discovery e her celebrated " Preventive Powdere."
Their adoption nee been the neui of preserving not only
the health, but even the life of many an affectionate wife sad
fond mother.
The advertiser feelrajt the importance of this subject, and es
tiraating the vaat benefits resulting to thousands by their adoption,
would most respectfully arouse _ie attention of the mar
ried, by all that they hold near and dear, to their consideration.
Is it not wise and virtuous to prevent evils to which wa are subject,
by simple and heslthv means within our control. Every
dispassionate, virtuous, and enlightened mind will unht sitau
ingly answer in the affirmative. Price five dollars a paehaga,
accompanied with fall a ad particular directions. Toe*
can be forwarded by mail tu any part of the United States. All
letters must be post paid, and addressed to MADAME HESTl.LL,
Female Physician. Principal office, 141 Greenwich
street, New York. Office hours from 9 A.M. to 9 o clock P.M.
Boston office No. 7 Esses at. si lm*r
_ nvmiD iitD rurtiin It _
rPHE Scientific combination of ingredients af which Ihsau
A Pills are composed, have made them the wonder and admi.
ration of the world. They are known ail over Europe to be
the only preparation ever discovered that has proved invariably
certain in producing the monthly turns. Their certainty, in all
eases, being such that thev must not be used daring pregnancy
ft>r though always mild, safe, and healthy, they are certain to
produce miscarriage if need during that period.
Tha directions are translated into English .and are enveloped
round with the teal of the importer, stamped. Each bos contains
the signature of M. de Botidejpnas. and the English di
rections have the signature of Dr. K. MELVEAU, authoneed
agent for the continent of America. .. ? . .
They can be transmitted by mail to any part of the United
States. Letters directed to Dr. F. Melveen, bet M, New
York, will meet with immediate attention. All letters maa?
be post paid. Sold by appointment at 1? Cherry, near Caihn
rine street. Price $4- Half boiee $?. No half bos es mat hy
mail .llm*rdAw_^,
Tm Ngw Ymi Hnnsi-o?A daily paper,
mornsug or the week?price two cents per <wpy. t-wnuiry "nj^
cribera furnished at the same rata, for any agudlSj
a remittance in advance. No paper sent,
Tut wrkklt HgnsLB-leaaed every
aine o'cloch-prioe tia end eomvrter v?e
to country subscribers at $!,? per annum, in advance, or at the
venae rate for any specified period. um? ?

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