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Blaekw<a><1'* Edinburgh Murntlne, a now reprint?Two
dollir* a rear?*ln(rle copies ISJ em's.
The publisher of the New World announce* that he
hn commenced the Republication o( thl* mo*t celebrated
of the Masro'ine*, at a price which will Insure It a vcri
lanre circulation. The lannarv numher. received hy th?
*te?mer Caledonia, will he published Thi* Uav.at twelve
nVlnrt ' and hp for onto af ttianritn?QA inhaliopt nml hi
the New World Agent* throughout the country. " Black
wood" has long stood at the heal of the periodical liters
tureof the world, and it continue* to maintain that di?tinetinn.
without a rival. Profpssor Wit?on, it* editor, (Old
" Christopher North .") i* unrivalled a* a pro?e writer and
a i?oet, and hi* contributor* are among the flr?t living anthor*ofGreat
Oo*T*!tT* OF THIC J*l?tU*V NuWBFS.
I Great Britain at the Commencement of the year,
If IS, (a splendid article.)
I'. Letnrqnes ; or the Victim of Judicial Error.
Ml. Caleh "S'ulcely?Part 10.
IV Imaginary Cnnver*ation?By Walter Savage LandorTnssonnd
V. The World of London?Second Scrip*?Part I.'
VI. TheDreem of Lord Nithadale.
VII. Two Hour* of Mystery, a thrilling Tale.
VIM The East and South of Europe.
IX. The Curse of Olencoe?Bv B. Simmon*.
X. The Martyrs'Monnm?nt?A Monologue.
XL Taste and Music in England.
Tirms Two Dollar* year?three copies for $4?five
conies for H??'en copie* for $14?Subject Jto newspaper
postage only. Address
J. WINCHESTER. Publisher, 30 Ann ft.
the ftir.srv of Old ridge's Balm of Columbia, from Cornstock
It Ross Qft Vfaeniipe s?re t, to reprodiicethe hair on
hal I head* or preserve it if It has not Mien out, and keep
the heat entirely free fmm dandruff" and srnr', they have
nnlv to make one trjal of it to he convinced that all we say
is e'rictiv true The ereat numbers who are now daily
t|si?*r it are a "U m-lent guarantee that it is fully as good 8s
|t Is recommended. ? ]V O Pic
**"he same mar he had nr Cow* tock .St Williams ? North
Fioh street. "hiladeplhto,and Comitock Sc Co. 71 Maiden
Lane, this city.
M 11,E nhilosopher. from Franee, whose developments of
character and events in all the principal cities ol the
Unite' states, have created so profound a sensation among
every rla?s nfriti7O0S, and who has been visited bv e'ergi
ment eminent ladies, fudges mngistrntes. editors, and
men nf science, nil of whom have hpen delighted ami astonished
nt hnr rsvrlalinn* has talfnn nrlpaln Mrlnro ol
No. 11. Park How. wbpre ladips and gentlemen can call
upon her at nil reasonable hour*.
cents per bottle. An nrticl--equal to anv erer made by
Rands, Bristol or out o'her t,"r?'nn,to be bad nt7lMn'den
La"?. -vwronted. and at half the price of either. Also
Sands' and Bristol's sold as above.
or the cure of all discharges from the urethra?sold in
bottles, at $1, and at Mtceptseneb.
W. 8. RICHARDSON. Agent,
07 Nassau :*reet
N V TRIBUNE. Sept 3. 1S42?The virtues of Sarsaparilla
as a restorer of purity to the Mood, and rouseqvpntlv
a curs for maladies resulting from its impurity,
have been sufficiently set forth by numberless preparers
and certificates. We will add a rase within our own
knowledge. A frirndhnd a voung child dangerously dinesaed
with tumors as well wphin as upon its head, which
had long deficit medical skill H" stated the fears to us.
and we. pretending to no knowledge ef medicine, urged
him to trv a bottle or Bristol's Extract of Sarsaparilla, as
we know Mr. B., and had faith in his statements. He fob
lowed our advice, and cured the child immediately. This
was two vears asm; and we sow the little fellow ypsterdav
in excellent health. So much we know and can certify;
and we believe the child is living now by virtue of
the' Ssrenporilla.
Sold wholesale and retail bv W. Burger, druggist. SO
Cotirtlan't street, retail at Rushtnn A Asnlnwall's; Milhan's
Pharmacy- Lynn's, P"YIWfjJrif r'J Division street;
Jelmefl^^mFjwlWliwfiAlkey, e#we learn, has found
his radeeed rash yrieee to Miesr the requirements of the
er?M?iata, a?4 ie patreaieefi Meerfiingly.
?Five new
works for 12} rents monthly. The pnblisherof the New
World having determined to exclude all continued stories
in the regular weekly issue, announces Viin intention of
giving *he whole s <ries of the new works, bv their popular
authors, D'ckens, Lever. Ainsworth, and Lover, in
one extra number, immediately on the arrival of theF.ng
lish steamer, and continue to do the snme each month,
he-, eater?thus furnishing the latest productions of these
authors in advance of everv other establishment in this
country, and at a price which will not fail to meet the
public approvaL The following are the titles of the NotpIs.
the first numbers of which appeared in London on
the first of Innnarv, 1S-13, and wh?;ch are published in an
Price 12} cents; and for sale at the office 30 Ann street,
and hy all the newsmen
The Lives and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit?a tale
of English life and manners?Bv Charles Dickens, author
of "American Notes," "Barnaby Rudge," "Nicholas Nick*
elbv." Ac.
Tom Burkpof " Ours"?forming the second volume of
Our Mess?Bv Charles L?ver, Esq., author of "Charles
O'Mall'y,"" Jack Hlnton,"Ac. Scc.
Mr Lover's new work. L. R. D-, or, Accounts of Irish
H**irs, fnrni'hed tnthe public, monthly, by Samuel Lover,
Accountant for Irish Inheritances.
Windsor Castl?; an Histmirnl Romance?By W. H.
Ainsworth, author of "the Miser's Daughter," "Guy
Fswkes." " Tower of 1 ondnn," Ac.
The Lniterines of Arthur O'Leary, hv Charles Lever,
Psq , ruthcr of " Our Mess," "Charles O'Malley," Ac. Ac.
As this edition willhe issued in a beautiful octavo form,
ftt nnp.fntirtlt tVin pnt? t\f ???. asL?? -
very large sale; there'ore w? eolir.it of our agents and
othera, immediate orders. Thi? will lie the first and best
American edition of the?e popular works.
Terma?121 ccnta single?eight dollars per hundred.
J. WINCHESTER, Publisher.
AND PRACTICAL SYSTEM?A few more gentlemen
ran join the new Evening Class,whioh will commence on
Wednesday, the 1st of February. A Morning Clasa for
badiea will commence also on the 1st Fab. Immediate
application is requested.
Persons who have studied on the system can enter
lasses at any period of the study.
2 MANF.8CA DURAND, 78 Franklin at
Saturday, Jan. 28?2 P. M.
The stock market was mtirh moro Into* ant to-day, and
prices generally w< ?t up. New Y'ork State S? per cent
rot.' I per cent; Kt ntucky 6 s, j per cent ; Ohio 6's, J ;
H rlem. j. The Portage Canal Company, of Ohio, have
outstanding bon.la to (ho amount of $200,000, leaving coupons
similar to those issued by the Slate, which have not
been paid,and suits have been commenced against the company
for the interest.
The Stock Board have to-day reduced their fee for admission,
from MM) to $200, by a unanimous vote.
Th Massachusetts Legislature have the following resolution
before them, and it is sincerely to be hoped that it
will pass into a law. The present system of coniiniug
everything to iho caprices of hank officers has wrought
disaster enough, and it is high time that stockholders
should at least have the right 0f knowing how their property
is managed:?
" Ordered, That the committee on Banks and Banking,
consider the expediency of a law to compel the several
hanks in this Commonwealth, to make a monthly publication
in two or more public prints, of nil the debts, ere
uiv?, iuiiii, mill ii'uc*, ingeinc! mm me names oi SUCH
persons in may be. indebted to said bank*, either in an individual,
or corporate enpacity. And also the expedienry
of giving to stockholders, the power to examine the
liooks, account!, and transaction*, of such banks as they
may hold stock in.n
i he following is the late law of Michigan in relation to
ttikingthe State liabilities for debt
An Act amendatory of an act entitled " An act granting
to certain debtors to the State the privilege of paying the
State in State bonds, lie.
Section I. Be it enscti d by the Senate and House of Representatives
of the State of Michigan, That the time limited
foi tli" completion by the company of the " Detroit and
rontiae Railroad, and the daily running of the same as
contained in the second provision ol the third section ol the
act to xvhieh this act is amendatory lie, and the same is
hureby extended to the fourth day el July next : Provided,
That nothing herein contaim d shall be construed as releasing
any of the securities given by said company to this
Section The extension of the timo for the completion
niul running of said Detroit and Pontiar Railroad, as contaim
d in the flrat section of this act, shall not he construed
to iff. ct in any way the i ights and privileges granted said
company by the act to which this act is amendatory.
Section 3. This act shall take eflect and be in forca from
and after it* pa-sage.
The collection of taxes in the several Stntes where they
have been levied, proc- ed exceedingly slow.evan for those
which aie necessary to support the ordinary expensi s of
the government, and afford an index of the impractibility
of obtaining new taxes for the payment of debts. In relation
to this matter the State of Maryland attords an instaucc
In the report of the Treasurer, showing the amount o^
taxes rt nidining unpaid for the last year, as follows:?
in i nr. nnxoHAILK THr. Hwn or UHLM?T?I i?
Tho Treasurer furnishes the i*nclo?ed statement, in obedience
to t'>eir order of the 1 Ith initant.
The amount by tho statement, represented to be now
due on account ot tho direct tax fer '41 and '42. ia the gross
amount due in the contemplation of the supplement,
Chapter 101. of December session, 1841.
It is greatly more, however, than was understood by
any ot the county authorities to be due, except by the
commissioners ot Anne Arundel.
In tho original act (c.hapter 23, of March ses :lon, 1841,)
no definite time is fixed for the payment of any hut the tax
lor 1841. The 52nd lection requires the subsequent tui. ?
to bo levied with the county levy, and collected by the
collectors of the county levy, and at the same time and in
the same manner.
The />3 I section jrro/ttsa* to fix the time for pay ing them
Into the Treasury, but seeks to affect it by simply refer
ring to the provisions of the act?no pinvision being to be
found in it?unless the 47lh section, which seems to relate
only to the tax lor '41, be in truth applicable also to luture
tuxes; and In that case, the tax fot '42 would perhaps in
every Cctlnty in the State, be payable by quarterly instal
ments !?t March, l?t June, bt H. pt- mber. and 1st Decern
her, 1843. On thr|contrary,in the view ofthe said supple
inent, the tax for IH42 now unpaiJ, is now all due exoep' I
2^ c?nts in the $ll>0 which is pay aide 1st March, 1843
mid the l?* lor 1843 will be payabie^uarterly m 1843, tiy
'ho name InrtmmentA na wh 'ho )'>x I'nr 1841, pavahle t'V ^
the original art.?Moat reaprcifnllT, their nbnilient nerr't '"'i
Treasurer W S. Mil. f (
* |,t?tp,mrn, phahito thf Amoitrt. paid irto th> j '
i reaittrt to thf isrh Jar . inn, ircli'SIpk. ar ?rrnriT
of the Diarrt Tax per Chapter 13. of March Pr? j?.
aiav 1r4 i, a?d it? "uppi.'mfrth?aro the A maijrt af t
Kfi fiptt in virtl/c of chapter! iso aRD 19t OF PrCEM k;?
rfr 8f?!ior, 1811.
_ ftpjhwt iap?i, tlnf( dus to* 23
rat/men's. perch 23, qf Mar. direr! I axe* ,
1041. and for 1841 and
eupplrmenl. l*i7 i..,
"v AII??miv rnun'y, 4.200 nn P.hik i" ,..1
' n?* Arnn VI Co, 2.4,107 21 ? '?? 0"? ,tl.
Hiw?rd Jin.. A. A.Co. 7,40.4 86 o.'or, no t
^Itimnr-'itv, 142,li> 66 Hn.lRI 6<
Rilt'mnrp en., 27 704 41 34 806 no
'i'vnrt cmtnfv, ? 12,404 44 j
P*rn'ii-? rnunty, 1,074 40 4.040 0"
Psr"d| onnntv, 7,004 40 71,7*7 00
P?"il cnnn'v, 4,100 87 10 *14 00 ^
PSrle* countv, 7,077 44 17 004 0" ??
tOnrho*tor omintv, 4,004 14 17 717 24
Vr?.,V-jcl< rounlv, 37,000 00 17 801 41 ?n(
"irCnrd county,' 6,8'7 00 17.707 4*
K?nr oonnfr, 4,000 on 10.077 0* ln
\1-n*cnm*rv comity, II.003 54 0 707 10 nr
p*inc Ocnrcc's Co 21.700 83 18 '0* 1*
Out" 6 nn'? county, 0 274 74 12,104 40 tj,j
Bt. Morv'?county, 5 571 16 1300400 WI
8mocnifi county, ? 14 6*7 *4 n,,
TVliot county, 4,174 00 I*.W6 II
Wo*himr*on county, 15 /00 00 70 078 87 r|,j
Worcester county, ? 15,73' 30 ,M,
342.230 02 402.760 27 j{,*
He<*-:nt? ii?r chapter 186, of 1841, for ?uction du'ies, no
?i|difion*l, ... $3 4*6 69 'o
1?p, ipr* p?r chapter 104, of 1841, for exhibition'i- N<
cense*, 85 50
S*Im at Ih* Ntnok KTrhnns*.
*rnno NY 7'?, 1840 104 V 0 ?ba* S'hn !4ink, 7iV on
lino do 5V'?, 1861 0' 4 Ilk Com. full 81
2*00 Ohio K'n, 1866 , 66*i ,40 do ?r-in 01
moo 0? 67 40 Ohio f.if? & Tr 47
7000 do 1800 64 74 Ha'lnm BH 1*V ,
inon Kentucky B'lidi 8i*( 124 do 1*V
40*0 do 8' 24 Sioninelon RR mV
*000 do 82*4 25 do 17
Bonond Board I
I'OihM Hir'em *15 16V .40 ?ha? T.eng Island 48V <\i
05 do s3 16V 24 Mi hawk b60 7'
200 do 16V $3000 State, 1861 99 to|
50 do blO 16'.i -o,
Mate of Tr?d?. JJV
Cotton?The accounts from Europe have given mo"( j
firmn?s* to our mnrket, and shipper* purchase freely s ?j,
holder*, however, hnve evinced n disposition to meet buy- W
off, and the article closed without variation in prices ? ton
The transactions embrace oono hnles Upland and Florida, trei
at ft} a 7} cent* ; 800 Mobile ft| n 7f ; and 4000 New Or y"
loans fi a 7} ; making a trial for the week o4 7S0flbaler. ^
Oi7??The market continues hire of whale Linseed is
held more firmlv, hnt we know of no salss? 200bbls crude fi, |
rporm a4 the eastward sold Pt .V2 cent*. r"\
Prorittiont?Thelm*'kct for heef nnd pork continue* dVi
very dull ; prices remain without change. Western lard
i?in fair demand ; we notice one talc of 1000 hhl*. to arrive,
at Scents : and of that here, 3 a 400 hhl* at fij a Of, pi,j
nnd 1000 kegs 6} cents Pickled Hams sell at ft} a 0 ; smo iltt
ked Beef 0} ; and Beef Rounds 4 cents. P""
Foreign Itlarketi. fro
Jan. 17?[Extracts oflc'ter*.}?Regarding the
state of our mnrket we have no alteration to make in our T
la?t report. The balance of the R. Bruce'* cargo n< Rice Jj.-j'
has been taken at 0} rs , the quality heing verv poor. One j
cargo from your port was sold vesterdav at 0} r?., and one i.
remains in first hand*. The Harriett "Smith arrived ye*. pPt
terday. Lard, $12 a 13; Exchange on London, 11} prcm.j I
New York 3 a 4 prem. ft
La*t sale Rice was a small cargo at 10} rs. One car- y"
go afloat remains unsold.
Nothing doing of consequence in our market?a few j
small parcel* new box Sugarhave appeared and been sold B"
at 6 10, but the prices are by no means fixed?we quote 1
assorted 6},9} a 6}, 6}; Whites, 8} a 10} rs. No Muscovndn
vet. .
Coffee is in moderate dcmnnd, nnd prices rule 6 a 6|; |,?i
third*, fi} a 7 second*, 7J a 7} pood second*. rei
Exchange on London at 11} prem.; N. York at 3 a 4
prem. *r
Philadelphia Cattle Market. 1
There were 931 Beeves in market?431 went to New \
York. Sales nt 4?4 cti?extra 4} ct??40 remained unsold. W
227 Cow* nnd calves?sale* from $|6a22: extra, $97'30? C?
Springers. $11al7. Drv cow* $lal0. S72 Hog* in mar- ljni
kej, 13P0 of which were from Ohio?sales from 3?s4 ct*? Jr.V
00 remain unsold. 1340 sheep?sal s were made from $1 a >,,!
$1,76; extra, (3,40. B,.'
???^?? ??? W? eni
L.iiteat Advice*
Africa Nov. tt Macao Sep', rfl <
AuxCaye* Die. 28 Madras Oct. 2"> N1
Antigua Nov. 9 Manilla Sept. "Ill f
Bombay Nav. 1 Montevideo Nov. 25 30
Balavia Oct. 7 Maranliam Nov. 26
Bermuda Jan. 10 Matanzas Jm. S lev
Bonaire April 9 Majaguej, .'Dec. 8 7.0,
Buenos Ayres No*. 6 Maracaibo Dec. 7 .lit
B.ihia Nov. 12 Matamoras Dec. 15 PL
Belize, Hond. Dec. 25 Neuvitaa Nov. 10 (Jn
Barbadoes Jan. 4 Nassau. N. P. Jan. 2 Sn
Bogota Nov. 10 Oahu, S. I. Oct. 1 Pel
Berbicp... Feb. 20 Paris Jan. 2 Mj
Cape Haytien Dec. 21 Port au Prince Dee. 28 Du
Ca|>e Town, C. O.H-Dec. 3 Ponce, P. R. D?c I tor
Caracoa I'ec. 19 Para Dec. 21 hai
C'ienfuegos Dec. It Pernambuco Dec. 20 ,-ar
Caithagena Sept 15 1 mania Sept. 23 bat
Canteen* May 17 Ki > de Janeiro Nov. 29 (B
Cliagres July 1 Singapore O't. t Su
Caliao Sent. 7 Sydney, N. S. W.** Juue 11 Ty
Calcutta Oct. 21 St. Helena Dec. It Mr
Pemerara Dec. It St. Thoinaa Jan. 13 Du
Fayal Dec. 23 St. Barts Jau. 3 for
(iibraltar Dec. 11 St. Jago de Cuba Dec. 20 Br
(oiayaouil Oct. 16 St. Jontis, P. R. Dec. 25 l.a
(.inavatna, P. R.* Nov. 7 St. Croix Jan. 8 Ed
tlonaive* Aug. I St. Martha Dec. 8 mo
(talveitnn Jin. 8 St. John, N. B. J in. 20 Kb
Havre Jan. I Surinam Nov. 30 W
Havana Jan. 17 Tampico Dec. 6
Halifax Jan. 23 Tobanco Deo. 23
Jeremie Nov. 20 Turks Island Jan. 6 Q'
Jacmel Dec. 25 Trinidad de Cuba Dec. 31 O
Kingston, Ja. Dec. 22 Vera Crux Jan. t Ke
London Jan. 3 Valparaiso Oct. 16 <-al
Liveroool Jan. 4 Yucatan Jan. 3 vei
'.at Jan. 1 Zanzibar Sept. 27 Ch
Lima Aug. 6
=z _ T
Passengers Arrived. mi
Havbk?Packet ship Oneida?John Colvill, of New Voik; "l4.'i
Th. s McCormick, Mexico?10 instetrage. wh
Passengers Balled. *"}
Livf.hpooi.?Pack/t ship Sheridan? Samuel Ridlev, Master rT.
Jamea RiJ'ey, Saml Ridley jr. Marcus M jor and Iaily. of Lon- .3
don; VVm F Chapman. New V'o'k: William Roebuck, Can* a; ,
Chas D Roy, Andrew Arthur. E lw Macbav. Montreal; J ihn
W Rowland, of Worcester, England; Charles O Graham. of m<
? - ? um
V??r?fl|;n liQ|MruilMnu, w,
H tvBF?Ship 4 pkgs Vex in? St co?.4 C*ffV k Me1* __|j
h? r?1 H HoutTH?I T Dennv?6 Wtiip-f, ^'urgr* k Shiw
-3VC.ill miiM.u-9JKSrK. lu-l.WH IVm .B. ?. N
karwk Hii ton?I W Horatrnftii?I (' Giri i<>ux it ro? 1 Dur & n
AIIe ?4 Pr^xe & Liv^nnnif?I K Boivel?5 J 1) nicker Si c< ?
1 J P Hutchinson? I CruRn?25 L*nt\ Larnnoi. Si ?*<??5 D < #el
Porte'?2 L B B'Ji sc Si co?Ifi K Cottenet?? T F^ycr Si co? I
A II W^rd k co?1 O Rein Si co?I K Bot?Aiiur*?I D A|?j? t - .
t<inSir<:?I L lsa*c..?2 rolvill ? leininu'?I Umbrr k L) nib- :
ma'in?111 M Dnilor?I Craig k H- yocclctr?t A Rolker? iO \/
Brntilein, K oiikc- ? 9 Mi m *-t'& Hmith?I T Lu*< her?I
Dubois, Jaeot k co?| Oro scU'jdr k Gimnv 1?5 Brtin & co?1 chi
r F Hoycr?I D-lnn?mco Fre????I F Chouqucl?3 Me uu Ik Ca
Bcn od?I Buck 8i co? I Boict*" & Huscn? I You' g, Sinirli Ik (
co?7 UH ssmbcrtf k co? I Wicht Ik S^vre?1 H Boblr?I Sti
? I Kcssler Ik co?3 Bfcar, Becjamiii Ik e >?7 J B Slautcl?3 D Oh.
R ?H?1 Bolton, Fo* Si Livingston? l Cousenary Si Mitchell?4 am
FC Vle\?r?ID Madden Ik ^ou?1 D" Rh<in Si iVl^ore? I B? - ?
rard k Mundouii?3 Win Br*u er?2 Hen k? iir.nh Si Schnl*?J
M Weincr?3 Golds* Irnidi Si co?I L uis S -|?iller?I I' V.ilentu.?
I S Pratt?2 L Pillexu > i?I Ocswme V U ?'raIpu?d < ks do IJ
2 d.. brandy Geo M h?30() bkts wine Gerding k Kin? keltn *n? n o
|mi B ticker k c< ?I pk* R JafTray k c<> ? < B ylsrd jr?I II k G be
Grandji .iu?I Kngb r k KoUx ?| W B D ?|?er?;<5 F 8I? Idon , n
k C"?2 Si ml M-ukell?3 A C M tew art k c ?.3 E VI Dtvis?5 I mo
C Howe k co?0 Gardner, t o'bv k co?2 B Kin k Sander?2 F has
Hunt k co? I H wuden k co?3 V1o?es H Go nal ?I K Hen?6 to |
Loesc' ink k VVisemtoiick ? I B de U Ros?i?re?3 A Hrtinvr k CII
co?i Pcbiichaidt, Favre k co?1 ( has Ahrr nfeldt?2G*v, L ?? fee
so- k N;?el?3 Canelle Dsugery?21 Moran k Ittlin? I k rketi
nth k Van Damme?8 Fabrcqnette's Fils k Morra? I Hcliuin
ICh? r?\ W B ArTof? 8 to order. ji
MARITI M ! : H KB A !.(/.
Nulling Onyx of I lie Sfram Ships.
Caledonia, Lott F b. I ha,
Acadia, Ryrie Feb. 4 Mar. I
U. Writem, lloakrn Keb. II Mar. Ifi
Coluiul.ia, Millor Mar. 4 April I
Britiimia, Hewitt April 4 May I
(? Weatern, lloakeu April IS May II
I'lirkrt.a to Ainrlve. Packet! to Sail.
FROM LIVKRroOl . FOR l.irKnrool..
Otfonl, Kaihbo ic, Dec. 21 Colomhu* t',..le, Feb. I
Patrick H> tiry. Delano. Dec. 27 U Waahiiiglori,Borrow,. Feb.7
UneS.c, W'lili.unt, D< c. IS Mediator, Champlm, Feb. I
IMiiladelphia, Hover, Dec 2? Wellington,t.'hadw irk, Feb. 10
FROM HtVRF. roll HtVRK. ...
Ariro, Ai.tbony, Dec 24 tt. Nicolaa, Pell, Feb. I
Kraucoi, I, Ain.wortli, Jan. 1 D d'Urleana, Rich'daon,FeP.t ^
Sltlp Master* and Amenta. ,eri
> 0 ,11*11 eateeio it i IkFor, if captain, ..I vent I, will yi?. '"JJ
ro Cotiimodoie Hobrrt Rilthi, of our new, fteel. a r? '
port of the ahippinti I It -l tha port whence they ?aiieil, tlv . i
>"?>elr ,,.okeu or, their oar,ece. a lit: of their cargo, and ' j
f' . i ... noway is or new, they inay have. Ilewiii .oard their. (l( .
uiin.ediatelT on their aerieal. Aneiits and correspondent, " t.'1
inline ot abroad, will aim rotifer a favor by seudiio; to tin,
oitice all the marine intelligeiice they cau obtain. Nautical '1
information of any kind will be thankfully received. ' j,(
?. V(-rl
Uft RIIK* 7 Ifi MOOn RISK, 6 27 nl(|
tin RF.Tt J 12 I mioh H 12 ytf,,.
Cleared. rrjj
Ship* Agar*, Cimeron, Anaterfftin, rfeiff'rk Wiiimiun nj?
fames Edward, Wrnsfcr, New Orleans, J O Ward.? B'mjip
Ann Louisa, Marschalk, Vf a ('rot, Hargou* Brothers k < o.? f Jl);
Brie* Adna, Sherman, .Vfw Or'eaus, Nesmith, Leeds k Co; ,jpri
Canb, Porterfeld, do, J E well ill To; Mariner, Smill. Nor- ruf,
folk, Brett a Vone?Schra Gordon, Le.olit, (in i\nma, I'll J jj
Elwell k I'o, Vandi, Pierce, Kingston, Ja. It P Buck; M *r\ ?rr
Caroline, L^wsnn, Muvunn. S B Si I Chapped; Rosco.. Enton, J^P
Savannah, A B Coolr\ fii Co; Baltimore, Squires, Biltinnre. al
dodo; Lenity, Smith Al xiudrit, do do; Maria, Hopkins,
Balumnre, Johuson k Lowdeu; Margaret, Wogiam, Petersburg;
I W Kemi>ton. Oshorn, Norfolk, Hturget * CUarnun; Consul, tj,u
IVnny, Washington, NO; Compliance, Lnvrmnn, Boston i
Ship Hauuiim, Moriwtv. for Ghent, cleared ou the 27th, and #l.
brut i aboka, Murray, for Tobasco, on thn 26th. Coruuli goes .-i
master ol the packet ship Sheridan.
Arrived. , ro,
Packet shinO leida, Kunck. front Havrr, Ore. 16, with mdse, t *
i Boyd k llincken 24.h inst. lai 40 I), Ion 7i 15, ?pok?- banpn lo?i
Al'h th. from New Orleans for New York. fror
Scbr Sm th Tnttle. Busli, H days from St. Thomas, in bal- It
II t, bound to New Hatrn. Left brigs Pennsylvania, Idg fui f ll
Vew York, to sail i I U ; J iwoa d Vrw Haven, Ma
dull, and a numbei of other American vessels. nanus ur mown,
U. B. ship Marion, for tna BpanitVi Main, flatted ilk of un
Isnnai , <p<
Sehr Elista lluckman, Wiley, fn.in York River, with oys- nn
i ts, to iii tier, ill
Stoop Charles, Ash, from Providence, wfih domestic goods, A
mmii r f<
Sailed. VI
Ship Sherid.ui, Cornish, Liverpool; barque He form, Tilyou
Mob i la; btiga Batqachanaah rat em Pwri Laoo; R Groning N
<Jo; Long Island, Mobilt; Jf'iaukini, Lisbon; ?oid*aiu? N?w I*
' " s: Tmtri. /Ri> C ?.m .... r T n.tiflr" Iwrrwl' I
Kfl, * * " " ' '
4?cner>il Kerord*
i?r4T PrapsTrH.?The ahin J imM Rdward. Webate
in New O'leanv wi'h a fiiM cn*po of cotton. tobacco anil
nr, arrived and hauled alongside ?f "ier Iwl Wednesday
in, diacbarired, cleared, and trot rrady for ten hr *hree o'clock
m .1,i -.o, ,|, ^
'ackft ship kVuopF ?Tlop ship, *aV? a wri'er in the AJp.
"rrived at Liverpool on ?he '>21 "If. from Now York, in 21
a. under the cnmm"?rd of 0*pt Fnrber, afVr having 'nrft""| jron g
rd nevero gale*. which continued for ei-ht dava. The skill
I fortitude dinplaved h" the c ?pf*in. merit the a* armeat praise,
a the witer, a passenger, w ho attribute*, neit to Divine Fro- j
ice, ?he safety of the phi to the nn*irine eie'tiona manifest irtieh
hv the contain Surrounded with dinger which threaten* d
<|epf riiefinn of the packet, nev-r left the deck. hi t, no to ?runk
Wceea in wat r encouraged, h-h*? presence, the continued ,
rtionaof the officers and crew, to whom, also, great credit i
Cft Wfst. J ?>. 18 ?On the 4th inat. the sell* Anion, ftniM ^
??nd from Ohiihim. M en. forth** pnrf, went on to the FlnriRvef.
off Rev Vk'H wan assisted hv wreckers and arrived
re on the fith in*t She '?is diachnrced of her cargo and hove Suf
f hv ord-r of a surver. wh|'e|, ?frer unking a thorough camp- B;fur#
on. ?hoinfht it hesf for ill interested that she b* condemn* d .
il ?rdd. She Wris accordingly sold together wi'h her cargo on ?!?
IOth inai ft puhlie auction, for the props sum of sis hundred
'I eighty ilnMnn In Conp?-qnence of the ahp nPO of the fudge^
our Admlraltv Court it w? thought heat hv the agent of
po. Gould here to call an arbitration to si ttle tvc salvage in
1 cue, which wu done, anil an award in"de giving the H. 1
-erkert rer cent on the amount saved, after paving cv- com i
n*ea; the amouir n' ?al? i??id w ? S ill. Br'g laaar Mead lopr 1
b. en hove out, and the condition n** her bottom i? worse. I .Hei
rik, than any vessel ever brought to this port Then* are uituri
ren timher* ne rher hnw quite fhronoh, and 'here i* acarcelv
fact of k-' I fore " 1 ift ii-1 u holt lengt i Bhc I ippt* ,,f'.
' <i'rnn??Mgf c ??c of salvage hrought here in mm* time; "he is
w waiting the order* of the tindrrwiter*, and for the Judge
arrive for a settlement of her salvage. The cargo of brip 'l |,;
raM is also uniting the same. wi'h
Whalemen, edjro
* letter fmm l'? Hr?n> r , nT Knlmoulh, report! her liI"' "
the coast of Afrie.', nni!s'i>, 'Oft libit ?p.
Spoken. ^yj,
rhnmj. r. *kln?. of ?ilcrn,f-<Mn NYork for Minilln, Oct 1?
Strata of O '?p?r
lV'tr?kw. of Newport 1*1 from New Orleans for Charleston, A d
i 22, off Georgetown. 80. f'i nia
Korelijn Port*, p
V.f**Mtrco, I>ec ?o?-In port. Padnng, from P il?delph'a arm c
r*: R H ftOprr, Sbeef, dodo: ChipMi. of ilo, dis?; Navarre, ware i
le. Me- Rothschdd arr IQ'h from Richmond; Jones. Nicker- to pa\
i. for Win: B^ndvwine, 8mv k, unc; Pronfa. from N York, nR(
d. Sid 14f*?, Odessa, f'nm NYork. for Rihl*; 'Vh. Adeline, I E
lav* from B'^eor, for Montevideo; l*oiitfti?*v, Mnmrr fro*** David
Irimnre, for Hio de Janeiro, first and second m* r?s charged Kxch*
'h having attempted to murder the captain; '6ih, Hosririo, for t! ?- fo
Iavasta, J*n 17?rn r0rt. Yor'*, Merrill, for freight or charter: cornet
Pespont, Ellis, of and for ^ew Vo-k. all fremht* Ta'ms, wi.hu
insor. for C owe* and a mfct, M?r; O'eanT, Steven*. of Rot- M#,a 1
, for Cowes and ? mkt. Mr: Diantha, Shorev. of Portland, lot N(
iffht or charter. Roh"mh N.isi'n.do; Loni?a. Wnodsidr* fm mel M
nov disy; Zo<h, Hondh ?t from Wi?ea*?ef.. ?ln; M*?rgarefta with a
erett of Portland, one; Lima. Nisnn of Bith, cargo un- hnu?d;
M'Lellnn. Lirr?' ee, do, dhg ; Charles, Sylvester, Peiua- 21
a, do; Amethv?f, W-'mtrr. Wilmington, do; Alcenus Skn- attd to
d, diae; Lifayctre, Winchester. Boston, do; Gaiir*, 8enll. ami I"
in Mobile for Boston, line; Eliza, Blake from Portland; 27;l. 211
ilPam. Crocker, from Mohtle. tor nth; Lincoln. McLel- A.1 <
, Bjth do; Ant,ires. Hatch* New Orleans,do; Cardenas, Chanc
nrchill, Portland, do; PensacoU, Ki'gore. frcm do, ca go un- fhe v.i
d; Charlotte, Portland, Me; Elizabeth, Remington,of and for wards
i1ad?*lphia, do; Emnresario, Collins, for MfW O lea* s. to sail p
*; Row?e, Allen, from Providence, arr 1st; Eaele, Fnllerfon. and St
tl?nd. dug; Hero. S-?ratt#?, for N#?w Orhans.ldg; Augusts, ty lH j,
it, Moh?|e do: Gazelle, Waferhonge, to s-?il for the South ?
< ; n(. Wolfe, Rintop, to load for Boston; Retrieve,Carksou,
m Mobile, disg. Sid 12th, Kmilv* 6mith? Charleston. rpHI
Rome Port*. 1 (
'oRTLAtvn, Jan 25?CM Science. Elliott, NOrleans; CrbHr, where
mnnds, Havana; Harriet Woodbury, Mobile. Sid Harriet, as issi;
i/.a Ellen. Seience. and Cybele.
JrwntTFYVORT. Jan ?6?CM Forest. Varina. Porto Rico. a t 1
Ialfm, Jen 2S?Cld S' Paul, Osborn, Manilla; Gen Brooks.
*o, St Jago. S|d Boxer.
Joston. Jin *7?Sig* >1 for a brig CM Amos Patten,Thomp? rnn
i. H ?vana; Wasson, Dougla^a, Cape Haytien; Harriet, Cole,
rfo Ri^o via Cam 'en, Me; Hnic Howes. Shaw. NOrleans; BRA
ctor. Gorham. M? bile; Emerald, Snow, Charleston; Susan, GEO
iMhews, NYork.
JrANtsis, Jan 25?In port. EUa. WheMen, Philadelphia for THIl
rnn; Ma?ietta, Brown, ^Yo?k for do.
rfoLMFi Holr. Jan 21?Arr Lucy, Towle, Pernarnhnpo for si'Al
iron; Minor. Chapman, and Navarro, Hammond, Washingl,
NC for do?and remain 26th. JAf'l
-'doartown, Jan 23? Arr M rv Angnsta, Firnham, Savin R\\
h for Bo?ton; 24th, Eliza, Moore, Baltimore for Saco?and HEC
nail 20th.
raRPAULirv fovF.. Jan 25?Arr Bethel, Frederiekshurx for ?
?ston. Sid 26th, Mariner, and Veto, from Frankfort, for N?-w \l\]\
irk. u" ^
'Rovmrwcr.^Jan 26?Arr Sun, Barber, Norfolk. Sid AgetViLMifttJTOR,
Nt'.Jan2t?ArrOrchil'a Harding St Croix; BEN
all-, II... r, V V ?.l. 1 r? <? -I-. " ? ?
mden, Me; Increase, Warren, Sf Martin*; Margaret, Mo.$tmerv,
Nmiku; Edgar Laing. Turner, Georgetown: Rlic*
ie. Cnnon. B?*rHce; J Sl W Erricksnn. fcmith, Provinenre.
11Jnifv, (Br) Hnrtnn Barbadoes; Afdebaran. Comerv. Cii* IVA1
; Albert, 8fap'???. Sr Jag" de Cuba; K.rhn. Mess?*r, Havana;
He, Mvers, N'Ynrk; H-lleapont, Randall, Cuba; Pintn, G*v- OUY
?, do; Baltic Pnrrington, Martinique; An*w?n. 8wa?ey. Hana;
Kl en Terkitia, Oil>?-t?irk, Porto Rico; Rrainerd.Norman. THE
; Independence Rnirdivanf, Domingo; Alaric. Palestine,
rcen, and A F Thorn. NVork. ROB
Savannah, Jan23?Air Hannibal, Dublin; Lucy Ann,Snow,
fork. OLD
ArousTirtK. Jm 21?Arr Wm E Bird, Corson, NYork?
emigrant* for Indian River. HEA
Mobile, Jan 19? In port, Cherokee, Long; fl F. Howell, Bai ;
Dublin, Scofield: Cores. O rdner; Milton, Dixon; Kilama- BRIT
, McCerren; Alhamhra. Wilson; Euphrasia. Bunfm; B >wcl?,
Crowell; Mauco, Nicho); Mount Vernon. McManui; KEN
itina, Manson; Countess of Loudon, (Br) Hutchinson, and
icen of the Ocao. (Br) Til'ev, all for Liverpool; Waverly, WAA
ow. Havre; New York, Niven. Greenock: Rockingham,
shallow, do; Marv Frances, Ilubbard. New Yoik; Hanover, THE
urtin, Providence; Hebrew, C?rr; Venice, Thompson; J
plan, Choate; Fraimooia, Jones; Morea Flanders; Ketisingi,
Shumway; American, Wonhnrg; Cornelia, French; Caarha.
Coffin; Sunerh. Gatchel : Washington, Benson; Arneril,
(Br) Pritchard. and Acadia, (Br) McKenzie all for freight; VIVI
noes Orbit, (Br) Robinson: Tamerlane (Br) Morris; Asia,
r) H?nnah; Blonde, (Br) Crawford; Turbo. Beaimhamp; VFN
If an, Burwel|,and Salem, lslev, for Liverpool; HW Tyler, ROM
ler. Havre; C William. Keating. Boston; Luzon, Goodrich,
W York; A H*-nry, Barstow, do; Win & Jaines. Shcpnsrd; THF
c d'Orleans. Hoooless; Nashua, Perrv; Ten Brothers, (.rawd;
lauthe, (Br) Porter; Jessi., (Br) Barker; Eagle, (Br) put
sou, for frriin': Tsy, (Br) Lsngwill, Greenock; brigs
wrence. Curtis, Havana; Growler, u'rnev, NYork; Morea,
gar, do; Cohau*ey, Moore, Philadelphia; Com Hull, H?ri.?
rid, Pos'o r; Kosato, Cook, do; Peterson. Green, Providnce;
ele, Fnllertoo; A'drich, Baker; Solon, Bill; New England, ?... .
rlsh; Attrkapis, Hayden,and Linden, Griffith, freight. D|i()
01,'ND PILOT?OW f.n PKESCOTT, Pilot for Vew ['A'/J
Bedford, N.ntncket Shoula, "oaton P'irt?mnnlh, Portland, *
nnebick, and other porta. Office at Ftye k Shaw'a Nanti- t.P. .
Store, 222 Water, corner Berkmau afreet, N. Y.?Vice
rai A'tama' k xpreaa, Button, thiee diija before wanted .
rRe I lie aime a, tr~m Gay H~?d. j2.'? lmiar \\B
'O LET ON LEASE, OR for SALE?A Am of 30 EST!
a're? ? ith a inlMM n. w hoOM, Mid ailllite within an Al l
lea of Brooklyn, in nnt. of the mo,t healthy Mid beaiiri'nl aitjona
in the Uuit.d States?aome part Ilia been laid down to (
e t and meadow )a,t fall. If let. the lent will he $30.11er j\||
inm, or if aold the price will he $.3,000?the title ia jn rl'ectly r0( , j
id, and the pr ipe tv wholly tineni umbered. AMP
Ip ly it 834 Pe.arl atrect, New York jy '8 3t r Njci
INOINO PARTIES at the Kiinbow, 49 Howard Hr.rt, rii i
Iir?r B uadw.y?'I he proprietor! of the ab ive hnuae beg '
ve to inform 'heir fnerida and the public that they have com- pirif
need their SiiiRi r Patttea upon ;he Old Shad . atatrm. ai d
>on. Ti> thoie who are fond ?l humonv and ?< m>, by call- ,i J
a the above, will meet wi h a delightful lr< at. ih.chair -1
II he talien at 9 P. M.
rr O. KVAVH & CO. J^fvV
") I ICK i? herehv e'vrn ?! ?t the (hi potneiahipheretofore not to
ei'aimir hrtareu Kit ha Fair ol B aton, Maa?. and t'yrna hot [VI
Pane >1 N? w \ ork eitv, i this .lav diar-lv il bv mutual cou- r -v. al
it. The tnaincta of tlie firtn will be .ettlnl hv C O. Pa.e. PA SI
fct I-HA PAGE. She
(JYKL'S U. PAHE. a, ,1 w
<rw Vorlr, Oct 4'h 18"2. 27 t"r 'iocs.
rEUH'AThL) V ?POH BA i |{i, 2. Coarttandt Mrae , ?- '''
I t..liliabed IH 6 -*AoitiI t ever, col'l?, inlluninil ir> ind pi II
ouic rtieiiir.ati.nn.Vc cnti d :n a few dav by the iiso ot J. P. i ft
rn.ll'a Mt die ited VP?r B d?-|x>t,
I pen from 6 oc'im U in the nioinint till nine o'clock at night, iron.
111' u B.iilit I)<]iur< oue hour'a pit-vimi* notice. Portable kno vi
h ? or io any part of tha city or Brooklyn Bathing tubs
1 hip bathe for hire. jtti?lwr The
Ml:I ICAl. NOTlCi;. fegj
|H. HOMKK BO*TWICK. Professor of Surgery and Sur- >4 om
geonrothe Nrw York \ledic?l ?>n<l Surreal Institute, unti'r
s part ten la* attention to the treatment ot dn.east s of the H*n
: and J1111 R| dyipt pill I tea of the . stum tod ill
isle compl/ititft. I lit* gr it sue i"s that ha* attended his rPO,
tie of trea iiiji tho < pain i til mil no frequently fstal diseases, S*
brought patients from the most remote pirttof the country ifigthi
Pare themselves nudcr his care, and out of 231 p.uleuts that scribei
tie from a distance, all hu* live retmn-'d to their Iiouivj per- Maori
tly cured, ami those five were inctlrsble. been <
HOMKit BOSTWIt K, M. D. gu?, 11
No. 75 Chambers street, and c<
, 18 mis*m Second !wv.s? west of ft- . nlw , , v, ? - I
ALL?The Highland Society of New York will g ve their f/li'.Vl
Bill oi Tuesdty Kveuing, Jan 3'?t, 1813, at I'lmmaiiy "
H The B II will he opened by the inetnb* rn in lull High- i,,? B?,
I cosiume. The proceeds of the bail are applied for chanU- . .
urposes. ' .
P;c i ts one dollar, to be had at Tammany Hal! and of .. ^'
'he Boo* will be uuder the direction el' Mr. Murtoa, who |
in tht kindest maoBer voleuteered his rvicei. i
Roderick Mel eod 7 Lourtlaudt street. *
Joseph'-':ig 511 r*<irl street. 1
Th'ins-W. McLesv. 116 filet cker street. .
Andrew Drysdale, 139 Cedar street. h,.-irt
Simu-I J tckson, Te 'h Avenue and 16th street. J, j
William Armstrong, T'tith Avenue and 19tb street.
Alexander no be ru on. 171 Fulton street " ! .*|
D * id Diinfj, 4 < ourihiidt stieet. ' p
John Forrest. 120' #nrre street. ' ?
J ones Peacock. 8 Clar* son street. -i' ? '
William Wilson 37 Mott street. ,...
Thomas Mr Dong ill, 37 D- y sir**et. , ;o h
K )! erf Orrsdtl?> 18 Filth ?.rr?'f.
HODKHICK McLfCOD, Chief. /~it)n
UN K. CLFMENT, Becretsn. i>i lWre bqai
L. Suners having above thirty years' experience io the
Mgement of Heal Kstatc, and (rossessiag a large !.<nded pr<v ) On
.y himself, al o feeling great confidence from the liberal
"nage he has heretofore enjoyed. resj>ec.tfulfv solicits the
lit ton of the public to the special ?dvan ?ge? of ihe Arn??- 2?0 1
n I,.in 1 nni Load Onlee.at Wo. 11 W.?il street, in die city 1 wow
lew York, for 1 he purchase, sale or < ichatige of liu'ises L a<fi
Lots, Farms and uncultivated L'uds either nt private 01 which
lie sale, and for the hiring and letting of Houses, Stores. nctlif
ms, fkc.; for col erring the rents, and for taking the genenl r#v 111
ucy aim supervision ol lie,I Kslate, nlao lor the aupenii- p dy i
laice ol erectiiiR ind repairing Buildings. Btrftli
raoiu lidVuiR property to aril, ei? h-uge or lei, will find il our pri
heir a.lv -mage to apply at tine oilier ratlin than o Buy
r in the city, both in point of eronnmv and drapatc i. oi| ]n
II pro|ierty n -gisterc-1 ,n thia oilier w ill, if rrt|uired, be ail XT ~>
iied in twoor inore of ihe rao*: widely circulated journal*. [\ , M
rvriy honorable rterlion made to ditpose of the aain. . r t
hi Id the property not br aold at private aatr, it will, if de- R
d, be offered at public auctii n, tnu* giving toowner* of thr v1i
IH'rty diiunlr dtantage. . '
r will also attend to elL-chug Inau ance on property, oh L_
in* and loaning ol money on bond and mortgage, or ott er
ritiea, taking apectal eire to receive ample security for
icj loaned; and to have till. * to property evamined by gen- I
run of the legal profusion of eataliliahed character fo ac- I'1*'
icy. , Roma*
folders of vacant greni d that require* improving, will II.. J it 1
itly to their advantage to apply to him.a* hi* knowledge ol "
kind of building* w hich an most productive for tVe-filler- '''
localities, ii o I tiie greatest importance; and Ifi* long ac 1 "
inlaiicr with the building of home* will enable him to gel ''oo
in erected on the ino?t rea-otiable term* at a far !e?? tipenac ' 1
11* nana).
r w ill a|*o hike charge of real estate intended for pub1 ir
* is hi* knowledge from eaperirnee in getting up *ale*
I Pr of great value to lh->?e intriiding to dispose of then J."}'
;u-rtv he will prepare the adverti*-ment*. are that tnry are
]? liy'dlvtnhuti d and superintended, and direct the sale tan-' J
ill be found to br a great saving from the fact that properli ' *'!
the laat time or four year* baa been freipientlv ?acrificeil
n the want ol proper attention and skilllul management,
idividit 11* or c mp mie* that reipnre an agent to Ul e i hargr
fo ir real estitc.miy depend on having it faithfully and
nominally in an grd? and all money* received, promptl) i. '
lover Person* wi?liing to liiie or pntchaae propert* , oi ,y, ;
at money, ran most generally be aecoinmotliteil tree ol ' p
urn?and per*ons re?uling at distance desirous t.i ?el or ' '
sliase real est ue by *eiidin a description of the property [JrI
[receive immediate attention. '
II letters for the ptlrrh.ise, * de .1 eiclnnga of real estate | H '
vr the loaning or putting out of money, mint he directed ti 1 wfi
I.I.I AM L,. telMKKS Ainriic n Land and Loan office. K. brim
II Wall atreet, New V orli, *ud the post ? invariaM-, i aid vt t 1
il I >i.tract* and olln.r papcis ptepaied at tin* office. Peers',
t lout* I I U| Ol UK
THOMAS BCLT-. Auctioneer.
'A,Vi? .^rn nil' I" '
At 10% o'clock, in tlie salri roomri(T?
Sale of various furniture, dry good*, jewelry, fantides,
8t?. (?
o, a larire variety ofrlioice furniture,counting houae desks (;
afe, and uumeroua other article*.
A_t lit^ d'clnck. hi the aalea room.
ge ia't in rt..>>>ing. vaiirua dry goods, fancy and pledged
a, ifun?. cutlery, watches, Sir
o, Scares Donjon cloths, rasaimeres, vestings, hosirrv, 2
s choice c'nthitig, shirts, rock* and dry goods generally.)
o, r varle y of goods, |d? dged over nnt* year.
0 5n d> mi choice w ines, honors, 2ft.r OA aegtrs. Ac. t
1 I.KT?Two large rooms in the 2<l 4'd 3d itoriei of 175 >
Ivray, opposite Howard', Hotel
At 10 o'clock,in the sale rooms. !\
endid s'ock of Cabinet Furniture, togeth'r with the for
of a family leavint the city, piano fortes, paintings o(
d house furnishing gnodr, by catalogue.
HENRY"K. HIKLl., Aurfr.
Store 301 Broadway, comer of Daaue streets. "
k A. are now ready to made advances tc any amount on
enmrnrs, Ri urns prompt. Sales of real estate and out
ales of household furniture attended to in person,
rutar rales of Liquor Segars, Ike., everv Tuesday, FurI'i
.inns, Kic . e i cry Wiliie?dtv snd Saturday.
At 10V? o'clock at t're sale rooms,
itinuari at ot the eateu?ire stock of ready mad J clothing .
ser with another large lot to rh ?r cnniignmeii'.
iastock is uncommonly l.rge and good, and is r rely met
at anct'Oii. Among them are hi irk, bine and fancy colorck
and b sir.ess dress coits. pla n and colore pants, velvet
H-riuo veils, calico ahirts, dr- wnrs, tic in l&ige lots.
At U S o'clock, at ihe sale rooms,
nes, liquors ar. 1 segars.
A' 10.S r "c ock ill lite aale rooms.
air hie stock of new and second hand cabinet ware end Cr
ihi g go- Is, from the makers and families. ur
n. nip i ,:ii_roie wirml pic i), 2 mole elegant s'cret draw I*
rases, :* so?av, ?ro c me seat eh ?ir*. RO office or bar room
hairs, sr-'ro st*oIs various sizes, brdsuads, carpe's. tin C
uH<?i, cmdiva, piimints, & *, without reserve for cash, n<
* adva * r*. cl
Si 80.V will veil nt suction, under the direction of
! Cod wise t E-qi M^ter in t'lnncerv, at the Merchants'
mgr. on 'I m *11117, 3Uf of January, at 12 o'clock at. noon, 'lowing
valuab'e property :?Two neat two s?orv houses,
187 and 2Jf) Madiswj st~"ef with eight fire place* each;
rnoucanditon No. .mi Madisonitrnet; iwostoryhontn
ihouse 1 t' 1 ' n nr, " SI Bcstnmsl itnct, AUo, the
wos'O'V l ouie No. 22 Hcan.mcl slrett; larfe house and
? 230 Monroe, corner of So mm? I street; No 31 8c*mr
et, 3 story brick bona And store; No. 15 Marion street. ir
i3?*orv house in the rear, valuable lot of ground and 12 b"
s 27rt Walker street, lot 200 feet deep; hous* n an I store
I Roosevelt, near Chatham street, I t 138 feet deep; house
t V? 210 Mot? street, opposite (Catholic church; 2 houses
t No 118 R dge street; 5 houses anil lots, Noa.272. 276,
;0 and 282 Rivington street?each Has si* fire places, otc.
a, u i?ler the direction of P. T. Uiugl??, Esq. Master in \
ery, by Wilkin* Rollins, at the same time ind place,
'111 hie House and lot No. 17 Orange street, which cost up- j,
of $13,000 to build, and is leased to Mr. C. Donnahoe at
er annum, all taxes and repair*, and insured for $6,000,
00ft can remain on mortgage. Most of the above properu
good situations for business. jy28 3tj**r
following Publication. are for .ale i.t the HERALD t<
DFFICF. N'oith We.t cornet ol Fu'tm ,ud Nn.?au ?U?
1 nil the Cln.ap Publication. of the day ciu be lud as toon
led,nt the
in '8 Number.. The I, II, III end V
IV Ni-.are now ready, ceh 15 ct?. C>
completed >n ft No.. No I now ready 2ft
NDE'S KNOYOI OPJEDK, No- ' 2 and 3, 25
?No. 1. 9 3?r.d \ 25 A
REVOLUTION.from No I fo No9, 25
each 25
ICHINrON, 3l>i, 50 k ?l 0(1
OY ANDY. 50, $1 k $1 25
TOR O HALLORAN, No. 9. 12)1 9
EY'S LADY'S ROOK, for February, 25 1
I ARTIST. 25 1
TLEY'8 MISCELLANY, (a republictl(
n ) j".! received, at the low price of 12)? '
Cent* sm.le, aud $9 00 to **ei,u.
WAVEKLY novels.
NHOE?by SirWalter Scott?complete in one _
limber 25
M A N N K RINO?by Sir alter 8 'ott? _
complete in one number, 25 1
A\'T'QUAUif?by Sir Wa'ter Scott?
complete in or.uninwr, 25
itwv ? ny air Waller Scott?complete in one
number, 25 _
MORTALITY?bv Sir Welter Scott- 1
romp et-- in ii" number, 2)
HT OK MID LOTHIAN?by Scott?com- r
pletn In one number, 21 n
iK OF I AMM-HMOOR-by Scoti-comJilelr
in one number, 25
LWURTH?by Sir Welter Scott?com- .,
plet? in one number, 25 1
fERLY?by Si.- Walter Scott?complete in
one number. 25
MONASTERY-by Welter Scott-compUte
iii one number. 25 ^
i I ihrsry will be completed in ten weekly numbera,
AN OKEY?by D'lireeli?complete iu one
volume, 25
F.TIA?biD'Isneli?complete in one vol "me.
plefe in "ne volume, 25
YOUNG DI'K E?by D'lsrach?w thaportrait
of the auth >r. 25
NCESCA CAKHARA-by L E L'lulon, 25
Beautiful Uniform Kdi'ionof Bu'wci's Novela.
Tneuty-bive Ceuta each.
I \M.
r pays of pomps n
rz \ n IN A.
Zl. The La?t of the Tribunea. I'
DEVOTION, or K itlnnine Randolph. 1
OB AT HOME, or the Return to England.
E; or, 'i lie Mysteries; Sequel to Ma'traveri.
the wo.lis of the abote writer will be yttbli'hed in regular A
.RICA, for general rircn'ation, 12)^
lOLAs NICKLEBV? Postage 20 ctnu uuder.
an i jiW cent* over ton miles, 50 v
Ell TWIaT-Portage 11 centa under, and 1
I8?.< c-nt? over 110 imlei, 25
wfcK PAPERS?Complete in one number,
50 *
scriptiona for nil the above Magazinea will be received at ?
"' . and l un tu lly attended to. j28rC g
IOV ED frr.n the Musenni in private parlors, Park Row, \
it '9. can be en ultr-'l r-ve, i J.v ?nd evening; the claima u
ictoea noihiug bat wtut is reconcilable to philosophy,
lllg the rj
will inP'i in them if nicy ate married or not, and when o
bat hu b*nd rvfe they will get?deserib-* the di-posiHid
< hsrartc a, is il she ?iw tlicm from birth Piic-ri- L
o M cents. j :'! It^ec
II.lt. SAI.E ?.l F II B r II Ii II,a,I iron?Will ii, sola on '
idiy,the 17ih day of February n ?t, at the HarrLhurg Al
at Htrrisburg, reuna., about 250 tons flat bar railroad 1
Sale to en, insure at 10 o'clack, A M. Terms made
l on day I'snle be
U Sti ze te and Pub'ie l.edg'r, Philadelntu: Courier k C
rer and New York Herald, New York; Alias Sc Post,
i; American and Republican, Baltimore ; Gazette and
h tQrer, Pittsburg, Will innrrt the above twice a week,
lie uav "I sale, vi'' send their bills to the above firm.
Uhnrg, j in 2 >, 1813; j2> tol7Fr
FHUMENT .VIAKKRS, mil mlirrs drairons of evtend*
ii business in a very profitable investment, The 8ubr
ti iVinic t-.cn in business in Lend m, Birmingham, mid
inter in England, fur u ward. of twenty years, and has
'Oiiaidrr<d the fuat in tlm trade at anuficturunr whip
it'er* bow strings, harp, violin, violincello d nible bass
ivi r- d woe .trinsa, sail.age skins, >teain rng'iie and
band., -ml . lit string. of e<, ry description, nil of which
w ini| oricd to the United Statra, plying a duty of twei,p-rctnt
The consumption of tbeaegnod. in hit c un- Di
very so ar, md na it h'a not been discovtrrd before, that
inn could he inanufartnr> d in tins eountrv, the ae vice,
an bar > i tier to in per ill tend the manufacturing of auch atv.nH
bt invaluable, li ivinit trnVc led through ai veral of
ilea, V in wa vome of the be.t firaroniera to aoll to. This Vi
s c ii'd b-carried on to an uu nnit d eaten', evi n to an
li< importation of English gut. I'he .uhacnlier w uhl N<
i to hi < ngaaernc lit with any |h raon desirous ' f cmbatkihi
trail , at a reasonable tetnuii* ration?w'uld hare noon
Io o wo at Or south, if it was proposed to c trry the
* on a very large sc tie, as the rn.term's are iu gr ater
nice an I much cheaper ihan in thia city. Beat of refer*
liv* n and required. Please address a not for A. Catgut,
Her -'d offi e.
Store to L< r, end fig'urea for aale chea d wn town,
ng a goon Int.Ill- as, Hoi k?. tints, scales. It com lete. <y](
perron wishing to go info the Pork, San-age and Meat 4
X. rt is lan rare opportunity. Apply as above.
I*1" 11?An assortment fr-m IR to 32 oi r f very eitra
dit^ ,tn-iiiifac'nied fn m the beet ore and with great care fi
lie in lota to suit purcha-t rs hy
: M South street.
economy in dress si
Ill stigcett to the rnmtnmntv that I am furnishing event ^
cle of clothing at proporttonably modent* prices, for
i ur ateg anrtouta have been .Horded, and would solicit
mm those capab'e of appreeiatine firs'-rale work, that
ay judge of the induct mrn'e offeied to th te paying
iria III me my requiring Kl'rnriiis, will please tparn qn
n*e Dr?pe> am) Tailor. M|
hT ORE'S Ei h nge l7ffi-e, 13 Wall at ?$3000 Union the
ark Flour)i, wan'rd at imprnred rates: $2000 Southern |n<
snranre end Trust Co, for rale it 30 on's mi the dnllai: leb
ink United Sides Notn for sale. I Iinois. l ull nr.
rh>i{-in Serin an I Rank Notes bouklit and olil. $400 H
f Vficb Kin N'lpr fi r III P. ji?9 lt*r
following Committee, organised on Thursday pipniiiK
, beg leave to annonncr that at their request, W. E
"is, Esq , of N. w Haven, will deliver a Lec'nre on top
Andrea on M> lidai evening. Ja r. 30n>,at half-put 7
in Wa?hing'Oli Hall, corner of Broadway and Keade
keU In admit a ventleinaii and two ladies. 30 CPbta; am- .
i-ts, 23 rents?may be had of the Committee, or at the N,1
JOI1N MULLEN, Chairman. lJ
iVt f\" n* 1
it*! 3 B?*ide itrtet. * 0
a ml Marie, I2?: Liberty street.
O'Doi.nell, 37 James strei t. , |V
irles M. Nanry. 08 Piue street. ,
aard Mi limy. 177 Bowerv.
Iihi n Olwel1, 61 C-lheii'ip a'reet. , U
nek Ki lly, corner B ivard and .Mntt streets.
11,Nagle,l Mnaroe slreut,
Irs Bergen, 63 Wall street. a'1
I Shelian. II Kn'ton street,
bur S'air, 201 Hester rtreet.
1i:Qnade. 10 Soil h strei t. v P
Mooiian, 02 Oreenwich street. to?
VI. (j rem, 3 Vn .roe street. son
I Nona an. 17 I Washington strppt, Mi.iir
eCalli 11 .comer H nry and Catherine sis 1)1
ui? Cir in, <4 Prince street. J$itt*re
II iir h lliiiin 'I Hill id tlrrt i ninpsnV New Y nk Cadelr, r
Itakeiilne. it thr A|i dlo Silomou Wnlr es ay. lit
1,11)11 D" iw'irlh'. b nd is engaged Tickrtato be J*
l'a|itai'i J. U. Valid'nheru, 30 Clarksnn st: at Colonel I)/
No. 9 Broadway; Capta.u Kiley'a.i Fifth Ward Hotel, U
:u>b?i? o(Uie company. t?j v.tjtir jrHtt't*! iy
apiratpan lliwcton *( Niwn. H. Ko kwell % CadwaRader
lowni to th? Circle Meaara. Ooaain fc Wella
Perferm ?< ?? to rnoiinenrr at t o'clock.
The trout* will c mm?irr with a
Beautiful and Claaair Poici of the F >nr Roman Atliletor
Matf Kit'ade ? ih? V'teran Sa'lor'a Son.
'nnnproarhahle Oymnnetira on tl>e around Fv the Iaetnua20
(ut Olenroy In a variety nl Suerb and Difllrult Featjnu
Perfection of B >dily Ovmnntipi hi* My Nathttna end pnpila.
Ira Howard in a Urttrefnlul Art on her Fleet and Beautiful
Trtnafo'matinna hy C I Rivera
Bv Mr Cadwatlailer an I Mi?? MrFarlanl.
IT?" At thia period of the Evening nn intrrininnion'of tan
linatea will enane.
THE SECOND PAHT will eoinmenrr witfc
Indian ofthe Horky Mountain, bv O II Stone
A aer'ea of Vrrrtt Sonca, Dtnrea. We . entitled
by Maater John Diamond, whoae celebrity i? every where
Laaiatcl by Hoyt, rhe N?ern Comrilian, and W Chaatnnt th
Breat Banio Player.
Mr Nathan in bia anperh net on f??ur horaea.
To rnnr'oi'r with.
Or. Guatavtta l.e Grind
n which 2fi Splendi llv Attired D<mea and, Cavaliera will ap
pear niouuiuu on inair niyn iraiueu meeus.
For 'If convenience of Juvenile Pirties there will be ?
Irand D.iv Performance every Si'urliv Afternoon, com
leucirir at ? o'clock precisely, embracing all the choice am'
mat splendid
If the Sea.so W For i n tirola's see It in I l>i I la St the Bo* #
eo, which o I Satnruav will be ready for delivery from 10 i '
lock A. M. i ntil the time of 0|trniiu,
If"?*Boxes, 5(1; Pit, 25: Gnlleiy
n-?** Seat* can be secured at the Boi Office, from 10 till 2
ch.cU ,i.
Conducted by Mr. Rtifns Welch, who gratified and Battered
i (he highest dsgree he the presence end approval of the
aantyanl faihiou nf'he citv u'rn'nihe following new
SPi.Fvnn) ?ichiks.
Fitk all the Great Disidsy of New Scenetv. an I lie debut of
1 the Principal Characters, and in all other respects produced
at au expense hitherto unknown in this city.
The puh'ic are resif cifullv advised, thai in order to Secure
eats, an F.srlv Application should ne mad- in the Morninir,
hicli will prevent tntuv ineonveniences and disappointments
> the continual intlux ot Families who arc pleased to honor
id patronize
WF.DNF.SDAY, Frh. 1st,
Fill he presented the fnllowiiut Magnificent routine of Acts,
oinmencintt with a Characienslic Eonest ian Pastoral ef the
OMen Time, entitled the
Or, The Msrriave Gift.
In which Forty Established Artnts will appear.
L Grand Romantie Legeie' and Fierie Fn'ip, appointed with
New Scenes. Dresses, Decorations, Mechanical F.fTects,
aud Oulrie Cin urn r .n , s .ml Situ ti in, entitled the
The New Scenery by Messrs Smi'h. I Wiser. B Ora-'n,
Wheatley and numerous Assis'ants.
The Machinery he. - Mr Spears aud his Various M ichinis's
Th> Dresses of all Nat'ons by Mr Lewis and Assistants
rhu Superh Female Costumes, by Mrs Hammings
The Acct soties snd Decorations, by Messrs Heury Palmer
and Oeor/c Hi'sev.
rhe Fotie invented, written nud pr dun d under the di ection
o|... ...... ...Mr J [IAmhK.it
Among many singular Sceii'c fcF. ct? will be presents d in
The Frozen Ocean Temfic Jechergs Fli.fi g.
Die rude Crueifis erected bv Shipwrecked Travellers,npposile
'he Ogr? afrer cm*ii g the destruction of t1 e little Thumba
teini>orarY abode, ridea nrro<s in bit sledge, drawu
bv a "olar Bear Tbe Historv of th" Magic net.
Til* mi Berime Travell* r? entnped and I) .rna to
'lie Oitre, a Magician and a Caiiiiibd, .a* fierce,
hungry and CTO-1 a? any admirer of Melo
Draina ciutddeair^) Mr Jcnniugs
liavdn Hel Furgo, Fire Demon of the Gold
H< ad, a warm friend ai d hu'Uin. light In the
Ogre, who, at hia Master's word, burns |>ecple'i
houses about tlie i r eara. Master Perry
,'hrre Little Thumbs, poor things! all Orphans,
and burnt out for the convenience of the Can
nibd One, who ii addicted to swallowing
tit-biu and sweet relishes,? Mast W Kincade,
Misses M A and A Wells.
Die Brave French Kuiglr Sir Tiiuam, and Ins
high-born Dime La Belle Mirg-rtte, both
Shipwrecked on tbe Norwegian Coast,
Mr C J Rogers and Mrs Howard
being waroiog esamplri [fit for a I'antomime)
how f?r love may tempt incomiderate people
from home. ,
Ini Ti. all Og esa, a men hard-hearted lade,
given to cut up and cut down, a lei tie fund of
a large bottle and uiren to kick scratch and
say bad words, a fit spouse tor an Ogre, MrTC Parsloe
who led. th i rey to
'he Cannibals Refectory, bin ? ot red .tune and adorned with
Egyptian Figures and Devices.
Ogres commit anachronismi with impunity.
Isgir Knife Mid EuUi 'lili d N seg iv -T? e Loss of Two Legs
And the Dclivera ce ind Transfo tnitiun of the surrouudiug
izili a Merry and Mighty '.I'.narch cf Moonbeams, represent.d
bv ? Mast Frederick Wo. d, ills first sppevaticr st
this theatre, who will introduce to the city of New York
!arlr.(uiu Mr C J Rogers
olumbinc Mis Howard
intsloon Mr T C Parsloe
!o Ho llal a. tie Clown Mr John Wells
Who all proceed immediately (no ina'terhow ) to the
View of the Riiah'a Palace rid WaterEsta'e.
. Comical U.crattoii ou a Corneal Ueast (let the Zoologists
classify it) fir it las been e?|>ri ssly engaged for
lhi? niece, and is of a most n < el figure and wifi |ierfi>rm
Which, a? most play bills say. must be ?e?n to be believed.
lahout Mr Carrol
Shops ill Waterloo Bond, Blackfiiar< !
Exemplification o( Wedding for Weight and Wedding for
Love t
'all and High Bred Oliver Orange, Mr ' J Nathans
Irlinda Biinchriilown, Short and Sharp, his
Wife, Master B Stet liens
ladame La Mode, a Milliner, Mrs Wells
.net' Smah, a Help, (heaven help her
Mistress,) Mrs McFarlaud
i'tl Cur' m, a Dress Maker, Miss Bedford
U'* lit in Qnix, (a Curiosity;) and .Mister of
the Curl sity Shor, Mr 0 Stone
rimhalii G ees-, a Country Lad, Huntingdon
iti ble Bi-turs, Mesdames Gossin and Needhim
? Didone Abandon itti, a Sensative Lady,
fouil of White Garlands, Light Liter,l ine
and lo?elv Lai. Dogs Mr Serjeant
uguitiir. the Accomplish, ]. well known
in London, Paris and on ihe B-oedrvay,
New York, as the Tip Top Kegular Tiine
O'Day, Mr H Needham
wdi of C'sties a.,d People, a L ?p, wnndcrlul Bed Coffer, '
Patent Pop Oon, Restless Chains,.! Challenge hut tie Fight
'Ihe accomplished Augiis'u- shot through the
Ceiliug? F ct not Fable. ITALY!
View of the L'lre of 1 uiano?Black and while?A Child
lo't?Pantaloon in a pucker and hung out to dry.
Maiket at Ait-pick, hy L-mp'ight !
Adventures of Coff.-e Stand?Abstraction on a great sole. ,
[Vitlgariter stealing ] ,
Ghost of the celebrated Mother Goose, Mister Serjeant
Three Du'ch L ilies in a M"as? A PI nt! Vegetalde.
Man ansei and iu ihe eonfu.i m the Market Place is
traii?forrn-d to the I
Laid out for a Corporation Dinner!
tad Geese and I.ive ones, all ready d'essed?Animated Pas- p
try?How by a body Corp >r ite?Veg. tsble< and ?
Whiskey Overthrow?Roast Howls foully 0
tr-aied?Aggravating and Solemn ighr ;
it: that uf ihe cclebrat-d U DK, 10 I'eet in height and everyway
proportionate! ]
OTg?Moni. TJdr while living was feet H inches, hut every <
b.dy knows there's g eat stretcbing allowed in *
Canton of Luzerne !
Two tort* of I1 irl If Pit* ii g. A Or ar Swell !
Bit ?a iri' , rthfrt't mv Shirt ! "
CKNT R A L A M E K [C A . ?
Romantic Ruin rurroundrd by a Forest.
Hikeyt, Owis and Willi Bona ezeit themae'Tea inthrt acene
,vlnrder com irtted an I brought to light
On at Dang' r in a Marble Mouth. ,,
Oak House at Allonville, Pays tie Caux. h
ie Hnmora cf a Spotting M itel ?How to Snare a Ketn One. I>
The Moonlight Ruins ol St Jago !
N?*cr??mnntic Vnuit ami Knctnnrrri Nosrgay *,
JBTERRA!?Trial Arch sustained by Burning ~
Scones! .
<1 Hot HjUmaiMl^rn Knnnelv Hirwm uitl Chcinut. t
Cki.k.stiai.?The Silver City ol
Crossed pv a Spi.endid Hkiixje ok Ruwes! J
in?tneah'e brigi t comet, ?natrc of cour?e, Miaa L Wrlla.
noting Sta t in Azure, Bine ami ' ilver, Mi?'ti Stephen*,
Olenroy, W. Kincadc ami Serge ;nt, Mia*e* Wella, Iir. y
filed S a a, Sar> Pi eg. Comae tinea and Luntri 'in genely:
II atifod apl*t ''idly and correctly, that is to say , after
nthnrrtiea of modern ?? ronnm-i*. *ir J. Newton Locke Al
it him on the n> demanding. but die gentleman of lunar ceipty
), Herachell, aC kr he.
Purrr.Ta Brioht.
Palmer, J Berjeaut. ,
H. Needkam, B. Carrol,
B Hoyt, H- Runnel*. ,
Pt.asz rs RrauTirVL. .
tdamrt Ooaain. Well*,
Needhim, McFarland
La Fante, Miaa B'dford.
Totr Or rice, )
New York, Jan *7, 111), y
NGLISH MAIL.?Letter hag, (or Great Britain per royal ti
mail steamer Caledonia fron Boston, on the lat February
t. will he rloaed at the upper and lower post offc et, on
et day, the )lat luat, at t) mnniiea p ,et J o'clock, P. M. w
Larnouroua of Pad*, and told in >ew York. ID Franklin
et, by Ninuatd. at Iht modcrire price of SI JO, ale achnow- *'
re'l hy many ibyin iana, and all other i t raoua who have 11
rl them, to he. and are in fact, most' fhc reimia for curing
eervu* affection* and pains, a rheumatism . ueura'itv,
gout, fic rtou'oureiiz, megrims, paralyaia in the In ginning [J
ssea of women, pa'e colon, amennr'he??, suppressions, It
arra, iietrona s't'clt*, Ike ; tney c in iiiatantaneoualv uer- IS
? a?it?fion w hen in HeJ Agt nt-? In Boatou, M???ru H mSt
Siv.tis; in Bnffilo, Mr. C. C. Bristol; in I harl'Stou, j
' ' l"'nee. hW lm '
HiLIP KYAN whnrtigagt.il" Ih ,>anig> I KUeu Vial- <
IigAll R'id Junes Herar, on t ,e 10th No* laat, will pleats I
ou (ht aubaciibcra without deity ,e
\V V J T TAP"' Oi l,
Tr II p, . I, siir r South at. q,
VNK OF KNOLtNIl Nill'ASbjji^loM^. j P
Hlwr i. it WaJI at. anJ Broadway. ,?t
jf7r ?1 i*n?tlntn<t
MBf*-"*''"' Line-tfc'f?Jt atil.n, lackd .hip
wSKLhI'N I'SVJU.K, tan Mullord, will tail [KMltl??Jr
^sH^h, ?.*' r *uUr?l4V AW,
Hiving nplcndiu <?< rnmmn<lwtion? for cibm,second cubin *?d
r?i?f- paai< nk-ern. tlinav wialiuiK to wroi' bar)In tboold Ml
il to innk? early plication on board, <>r to
,ffr 4J Pel wll[ c>r Soarh ?l.
, , < P k XI 11 A M . K t'.ai al.lv a! atpM of
' K"?lei.d, lirUuil and Scntl.tod, in mi or ?i. A10, ?15 and
Uioauv amount, for aalc by
21 >7 W ,11 Il?. |?.I l? Bu-flwav.
'HE*EVat lamed' and' c.labrarvd Pill., from Pnrtryal. aw.
we i?erc*ivrt to be obtained ?n tht? country# idvertitc
fit on fbe I? ? rolnrnn f'xnrfb ?*?* - P*
OK OH EKI i HTWANGER'S IV.ce t orrent of Copa
via, I 'ranlaa, Soda. Dvcwooda. L inar I aoatic.T) afntf
ityje Chti/iiculi, Oerita.0 a?,,f#r? mt.mc. B?a foartp
Urea* Circle, 25 r?nr?: f?t -outUppar TW? UXtea
After which Negro Dancing.
Cnnelnde with
Unon opeb at o'clock ami the i'S'far mauo will com
Di<*ncr Af t prrcnely
"4 RroR'lwAT N*w Yorli
MONDAY K.VKNiv<v 'J^rfonnerf
T" r?atlu<lr wilh
try Tha Dnor? Will b? opened at nalt pi,t ? Vid the nertorUMt.
r .(iFK'l.ilC at T, tVrrT.t.nina
Drraa Circle 15 can't.
12* "
PiniU.tr. "
Prie"- B *
MONDAY EVEN1NO Th- i < rform anee to commence with
ANo the following jicrantis ai pear Jenkins, with hi*
cccrniricilic* anil comic ainirictr?Oi*on, wirh hia melodies?
Roaalie, with b-r enchanting w.nbliau? Aurinl *ntl Cent".with
th.ir etching ACri.l flights?the inimiub'e Connoeer, with hia
India-rnbhiritma?ON^mtnel', the Tattooed Man, with his M?ig.
pi oik*?ttnl more thing* die than cau be crowded into a
mall a|iace.
To conclude with.
The hoi office now open tm?I*r (he rtirecrion of P. C. Pnl,
wer. _ H. JX DINNEKORU. Manager. '
MONDAY EVEN1NU, Jin II, will b? performed
Conthds with
M?rhle B Jit Broad way, opposite Ht. Paul's Chawh.
i i nnmiuiii, manger.
First week of 'In- gorgeous "Oil magnificent snectsele o
got op in aslvlr of splendor, md with an expense that cannot
be appreciate-1 without beholding it. Positively and assuredly
the LAST WEEK of T
The smallest Dura-f in nil creation. Thu perfect aiweimen of
(nan, on the sinalje >' lc.ile ever brlore heard n(, can be aeen day
and evening at t r Museum, without eitra charge. He ia 11
years old, nur ini hex high, and
That being precisely his weight when hut six months old.?
The Oeneral is of fine avmmrtriral proportion, and decidedly
the moat perfect Dwarf in the world, ana the most surprising
living curiosity that ever astonished ihc ixihlie.
Last week o' the universally admired
consisting of many gorgeons in.ring scenes, including the
splendid spectacle of
La Petite Celeste, the admired dauvente ; Mr. H. U. Sherman,
the popular ballad ainper ; and T. O. Booth, the Comic
Singer, lire engaged. Alao, Vivaldi's cslebrated Meclixnical
Performances commence at 7 o'clock.
I) iv performances Wednesday and Satnrday afternoon at 1J{
Admission to all 75 cents?Children half price.
Saturday next (day and evening) Farewell Benefit of Oea.
Tom Thump, and positively Ins last appearance in this city fer
some time. jTSee
The estahlishment cnu'sins an almost endless number of
Neatly aud tastefully displaced in three spacious halls, and
boasts of s verv
Exceeding iti extent and value any other u America.
Every Dav end Evening, commencing on
TUESDAY, January Slat ISO.
t 'on'istiug of
Including th"
MR BLANC, thegreit Necmm -ncer and Magician.
MISS HOOD, the accomplished Vocalist?MK T OKAHA
VI, ih* Comic Singer, are al'o engaged.
Also engaged, dn-ing the whole D iy asd E-ening,
From England.
She wishes not to imi use upon the pnblic, by making them
believe her a Witch < r
Possessed with supernatural ixiwer?hut on the eontrmry,
confesses publicly to he able to iu-truct others nf good
intellect, and meu'iou their leading trx a tedious of
Tickets to the \lu. euni, cents; 1 hildreu hall print.
STREET. jyll lm?r
nruMPini.'u %. iii'buiim?m ??- ?
? ns.Dni/11 win iihdo private parties ua
f->soire?;s witt* a baud of from three 10 twenty ar'uti. Apply
No. 77 De'.aucy street near (lie Bowery, or No. M Crosby st.
Jyl7 ll*r
MKOK ^ALK?A FAKM containing 75 acres. situated
on the B'>1(011 Turnpike, 19 miles from New York, and
half a mile from the beaulilul village of New Hochelle
?on w Inch there is a handsome two story house, with baseinent,
suit ihle for a counrrv res dence, being eligibly situated,
with a liur view of Long Island Bound, Ac. A very fine garden
and 1? 11K orchard, good birn and outhouses. Also, a mill
used for marble manufacturing purposes?s dwelling nous# for
miller, an I a aood farm hou-e, he.
For fiiither particulars spply on the premises, or of Jsmes P.
Huntington, fc.su , or I 'toes T K'll*. Cost Office, New Hochelle,
or of JOSEPH OATWKLL, Marble Works,
jJ8 ! Wrc 11 s-ullivan st New York.
jseega FOR HALF?Farms in the village of Jamaica, la. I ?
Two handsome funis, containing? he one tiftvHlour.th*
?JLs."thrr forty 1 ighr acres of 'and, properly divideJ iato stable,
pisture and woodl-ml. Tley are in a good state of ealtiva'ion.
and art situatid a short distance south from the railroad,
to which their front extends parallel uimiu Be ulh street.
On cue farm the improvements consist of a good two story
house, hani. ud 10 cesvary cirbuddings. On the other thers
is a good site for building. They will he Sold low if applied
form,mediately. Apply to FRANCIS h. BKOW.V.
j 28 tit' r No. ii Wall street.
1UO THOMAS PAINE wilt he celebrated st the Shakspeare
Hotel, corner of Duaue and Willi on st eels, Monday
evening. Jiu. It, at 0 o'clock. a tew|>crate and social party
will oar tike of a supper, pre ions to wi.icli a ihort 01 it on will
lie delivered bv the chuirtnaii. L idles .anil gentlemen will then
retire to the cnncr't rooui. where music will b? provided.?
Tickets75 cents c uh, to he had at Mr. Julia Windt's, Printer,
19 Htade st, au'l at Mr. O Vale' ,91 llooa. veltst.
Mr. O. White, city of New York,
Mr. Hudson, city ofBrooklyv, )' adsc*1*N.
B ? Ladies desirous to .att nil the concert only are ol
course ?t liberty to waive the supper. _ jy18 3t*r
FIRST PREMIUM HOSE PIPK-Iudia Rubbe r Hose Pipe,
lies ble and p ifectly tuht, suitable for the Crnton water.
'1 his article u perhaps the heit for ih" purpose of irrigation,
washing windows, c aire) ing water to the roof, Ac. in caee of
fire of any II lug of the k nil yet introduced, k ia <inite clean
and has received the preference of some ol the largest Hotels,
Printing establishments >.m! others since the intioductiou of
the Croton Water iu the city. It is made of a pre tare lion of
Dink with In ia Rubber by the aid of powerful Roibury aachiuery
in a manner defying all competition and furnished in
any desirable length or calibre, with ct piprssml couplings attached.
Our etiabh'liineut has also the Ne w York Agency (or
the uelv invented lleitip Hose, and will eirrute orders with
promptness. Plumbers and the trade are it riled to libml
terms. Warehouse of the Kotbory lulia Ruboer Kstiblis,.meiit,
15 Maiden Lane.
d50 lrt> r Successor to Hosbnrv Indis Rubber Cs. .
U\ji.llu i inr*s <in an parta 01 me united surea mm on
the inoai favorable terroa by
s j. sylvester.
J2H Iwr ? W.ll et'eel anil IVa Rrnedvray.
i 1' m b e r \1k.ns' b a n k,?w~, rrru, Pa. Northampcon
la Bank, Alletitown, i'a, Now bury p.irt. Mas*., bought a(
?, /. sylvester's.
j^28 lwr _ 22 Wall h, and 1)0 Broadway.
I<g- ALI. REGULAR PACKETS and Steamersand
ifvvy otlirr pas.criyer v??*el? carrying, " Francis' Patent
mamtolilv Boat*" will in future have tlio word patent
lamp) <1 an<l plainly pmnlcd 'in the tide. jy2! Iwiar
for london?Packet of the lit February?
|mfw The id lienor Well known packet ship \1 ediator,
imdubca'-apt Cna'lwick, will iail a* above, her rrgnlaa day.
ii> r accommodationa tor cabin, lecond cabin and steerage
aii'krii are uiisurpass-'tl Tor comfort and convenience Early
pl'licanon ihoulii be made en boa <1 ihe ship foot of pine at,
*i. john hlrdman.
j2lcc 61 Month at.
new line 1.1 v e k i'l ii) i. iv k kts.-Parket
16th Kebuary?tli? ipleuilid well known faat
mb sailing packet ahip rochester, Capt. Philip
Voodhouie, will aail poaitively aa above, her regnlar day,
aviny conimenced her regula trip* in Messrs. Woodhall It
ilinturn'a New Line of Ltvr rpool Parket*.
The accommodationa oi tlna ahip lor cabin, aecoad cabin and
trerayr pa??eugera,cannot be autpaaaed. haviny all the improvelet.t*
of the new modelled imcket >hina. Persons deairona of
rruriny berth* ihould not fail to make early application on
oard, foot of Burling Slip, oi to
w. It j. t. tap8cott,
tj Peck Slip, cot. South at.
Paiaona deair >na of sending for th'ir frienda in ttie old connrv,
can have tin in brought out on favorable retina, by the
ikivc favorite ahip. which leavra Liverpool on the Jth of April,
er reynlai day,'and those wiafntiy to remit mouey can be antied
with drafts for any am nut payable on demand, witkoat
iicnunr, in all tbe priuci|>al tow na of Great Britain and iratod.
i he packet aliiii Hottiuyorr will aucceed the Roeheater. and
ill on ihe 16th March, her leyular day. )t> r
jo**? kgr new orleans?louisiana and
jjiv new york line?To receive freight till 1
mnfebap m -To aail ihia d -v.
i'he faal aailiua pocket alnp huntsville.CapcMamford,
'ill positively aail a* above, her rranlar aay. For freight or
issage, havitif handaome furtnd" d accommodations, apply
ii board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall ?l or to
e k collins h co m Sooth at.
Passengers will pleaac he on hoard at Orleana whaif, (hot of
fall air> et, ihi* day, :?0lh mat. at 2 o'clock, at which lime
ir ahip will a ll.
Shippers may ,t-fy upon haviny their yooda correctly meaanrd,
anil that "ne ah.p. of this line will aail pnnciaally aa adverted.
Any guarantee u> that effect will be given and fnlfilled
iat may be re*jn re<l.
Ay rut* iu n. Orleans. flnllin fc Woodraff, who will promptforward
til gooda to their aildieaa.
i'he packet ahip Ocmnlger, Oolam Peet, will aneeeer the
lonrurSle. I F-h hi d?v IN r
for new umlfcanx-Firat Packet Shipj$fv
The packer .hip fair fib ld, Cat t Wiloomwill bo
jaukbtedrspnichrd lor the above port on the lal Feb?Cabin
iiuTtrTrage patsengrrt can b* h?nd?oti*cly ?commodate a Hi
"Apply" abarrl the .,..p at MurrayN wh^of f.o^of^WaU x.

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