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Kwl and Kane/.
(?o\k over thk Falls?We lean) thai on Friday
lan! a man went over ihe cataract, on the Canadian
wide ol the Niagara He was driving a pair of
hornen. and had hacked into the river to get a load
o| -and somewhere nearly opposite Navy Island,
when the curreni hore off the wagon and homes beyond
the control of the driver,towards the rapids. A
pet "i who witnessed the perilous situation, made
off in a canoe to intercept them, but getting alarm- I
ed lor hi>- own safety, had to changeihis course and
rem m again One ol the horses extricated himself
tro.n the wagon, and swam in safety to the shore,
wtv e his mate and the driver were seen to pitch
troin one shoot to the other, until they hath
plunged into the abyss below.?Buffalo Advrrtmr,
May 2b
Murder in Alabama.?By the Alabama Journal,
of the 17th inst , we learn that a savage murder
was commuted in Dale county, in that State, on the
9ih instant. A gentleman by the name of Yelverton.was
murdered by a family, consisting of a father
and two sons, named Boles. As related lo the
editor of the Journal, the circumstances were these:
Yelverton, learning that portions of his plantation
tence.i had been set on fire and destroyed, started,
in company with an old man, a neighbor, on the
trail ot the incendiaries, for ihe purpose ot ferreting
tl,a.? Th?u were enquired in mensiirinff some
track* near the residence of the Boles, and were
threatened and warned off by them. Some words
ensiled, and the Boles then fired, without further
provocation, killing Yelverton and wounding his
companion. Seven shots were fired, four of which
strui k Yelverton. A reward of $1000 is ottered
for the Boles.
Duels.?A duel was lought at Clinton, (La ) on
S i'urday week, between A. C. Hawsey and Rulus
Brooks, by which the tormer was killed. On Tuesday.
last a similar fight occurred at Vicksburg,
(Miss.) between a [lawyer named Wm. E Lake
and Thomas E. Bobbin*, lotmerly President of the
H. ilroad and Banking Company. They lought at
fifty paces, with yagers. Lake was shot in the leg,
but not killed.
Singular.?There was a tremendous storm of
lichtnmg and thunder in Baltimore on Friday night,
which continued until daylight. During the prevalence
o( the storm, the Patriot says, a vast number
of birds were flying oveT the city, which, from the
noisv they made, are supposed to be of the plcver
species. The flight continued for several hours, and
unlc*.* the birdB flew round and about, there must
have been myriads of them?for in all parts of the
city, and in every direction, the noise they made
was heard. Some of the birds were taken, and
are described us a very beautiful bird, about the
size of a robin, having a grayish plumage, and ex
ceediugly wild and restless.
Shot.?In New Orleans, on the 17th inst., Armand
Viiatn was shot dead instantaneously by a person
named Pierre A. Bosseau. They were associated
>n a gardening establishment, and the quarrel which
led to the murder originated in a difference about
the partnership.
Sad Occurrence?Explosion?Fire Damp.?The
first explosion of Fire Damp, or carburetted hydrogen,
which has come to our knowledge in ilie Wyoming
region, took place at the coal mine oi G. M.
Hcllenback, Esq. at Mill Creek, (worked by David
Lloyd) yesterday morning?and was attended by the
most serious consequences to three miners, name"
John Wallace, Jonathan Simnard, and Henry Powell,
who were in the mine at thatimenf tha isrii.
tioa. All these were badly burned; Wallace most
seriously, not expected to recover; Simnard very
severely; and Powell only injured in the lace, hands
and arms. We visited the mine and the men this
morning. More distressing spectacles than are presented
by the noor suflerers, we never witnessed.?
Faces scarred and tumefied; eyes closed; hands,
arms and body covered with scars and blisters; the
skin hanging in shreds in many places, in one case,
the finger nails actually forced off. They are pro;ier!y
cared for, and are rendered as comfortable as
their situation will permit.? Wilkes' Jour, of Wednesday
Bkittsu Army.?The following are the names of
the Officers arrived with the 8*2d Regiment, from
Jamaica, in H M. S. Resistance, which came into
port yestrrdav morning
Lieut Col J If Mai'kay Mojor W Slater. Captain* O O
Moore, B B> n<l?r, W J Whittuck, K B Hale, P Watson. J
PPuleston, LieutenantsC T Isaac. GK Nicholls.J W
Yates, C E Pallida}-. Ensign O F Timins, A<lj H Bruce,
Quartet ma'ter B Giant, Surgeon T P Hume, Assistant
Surgeon G M Webster, Paymaster J Moekler ? Quebec
Riohtly Served.?The Arkansas Intelligencer
contains an account of the murder of a Mr. Cox.
and his family, near the Choctaw line. Mr Cox
was a blacksmith "An Indian and a negro, who
were supposed to be murderers, were pursued and
arrested in the Indian country, and were brought
back and delivered to the civil authorities of Scott
county. They confessed that they committed the
crime. It arpears from their statements that the
lushan snot Mr. Cox, and at the report of the gun
Mr Cox ran to the door, and the negro knocked
Iter down with an axe and killed her?then killed a
small child and cut ite hetid off. They then robbrd
the house, and loitnd something like a thousand dollars.
They were placed in jail?hut the j>opulace
became so much enraged, that they went to the
jail, and took the negro out, tied him to a stake,
.nid burned hitn to death "
ThkTylkr Party.?The Trenton State Gaz. tlirs
illustrates the beauty of the " loaves and fishes"
party: -The truth is there are too many Tyler rr.en.
Theiparty is too large. There are at least a dozen in
this town, and only one office for them all. It is
high time tor them to split. Half a dozen at least
must he pitched overboard. As soon as one of
he ui gets an office the others tall upon mm and denounce
hint as the enemy ot the Present at heart.
It he should be turned out, they would in three
w-eks attack his successor in the same way.
lieing in office is, with them, proofpositive ot opposition
to the President.
More Room.?The great press of sail craft in our
harbor yesterday, clearly demonstrated the necessity
ol an enlargement. So crowded was the creek
that the steamboats were a long time in making
their way out. There was not room tor a vessel to
turn, and it was with great difficulty that they could
pass each other, so closely were they jammed in
Irom one end ol the harbor to the otner. ? Buffalo
Drowned?Just as the steamer General Clinch
reached the wharf, about half past nine o'clock last
night, a deck passe nger, a native ot Germany, named
John Kitz, missed his hold on the forward gangway,
and tell between the boat and whaif into the
river, a d inetanily sunk Prompt exertions were
used to save him, but we regret to say without autoes-.?
Savannah Hep., May 25.
Opposition.?The lare to New York this morning
by the Curtis Peck and Empire is 50 cents On
Thursday evening 12fc cents was the ruling price lor
a passage by the New Jersey and Rochester. We
h'-ar of some instances in which 12 tickets, entitling
the bearer of each to a passage to New York,
were sold for $1, and in one instance three were
sold for 18| cents.?Albany Adv , May 27.
New Hampshire ?The official canvass ol votes
tor members of Congress in this State, give the following
Radical Ticket. W7<>g Ticket.
Edmund Burke, 22,913 Gea. W. N.ninth, 12,900 |
John R. RediDg, 21.769 Joseph Sawyer, H.B96
John P Hale, 22,764 Enos Stevena, 12.H46
Monet Norris, jr. 22,433 Ichabod Goodwin, 12,834
Hill Ticket. Abolition Ticket.
John Page, 6,009 Joseph Cilley, 3,394
A'mer (ir.enleaf, 4 930 Daniel Adams, 3,366
James Clark, 4,929 J a red Perkins, 8,366
Israel Hunt, jr., 4,696 N. 8. Berry, 1,719
Israel Hunt, 229 Isaac Crosby, 1,416
Late Steamboat Accident ?A strong suspicion
exi-ts in the minds ot some of the passengers
that several lives have beea lost, but this can
not be ascertained until the Quern ha- hern raised
We understand that thr Quern has nettled drejier
since she first went down, and that she ia now in
20 teet water. The Lord Sydenham is. of course
in a much more favorable position, and we understand
that Capt Arrnstrotig isof opinion that he will
have her in port in the course of eight or ten days.
Montreal Courier, \May 25.
mipdrn Orath ? Found dead, yesterday morning,
24th met , upon the floor oi his room, on Sycamore,
between 4th and 5th streets, Mr. Win. P. Rice,
formerly of Boston, Mass a worthy merchant and
most estimable citizen. An inquest has been had
upon his body, and the following verdict returned:
"Cnme to biadeath by ways and means unknown
to the Jury "?Cm. Rrpub.
Dkaiii sy Lightning?Moat of the citizens
must have wbserved the single iremendoua elap
ot thunder that accompaiio d the heavy shower of
Friday ing'it?other peals being comparatively light.
't"(,e holt that accompanied it struck a house in
Butch* riown, killing a young m?a named Thomas
Junes instantly. He was standing at an open window,
as was his custom after meals, when he was
struck?the bolt passing from his head along Ins per-on
to the shoe, ripping it ofl and setting his clothes
. ii fire He was knocked down with such force that
his head striking against the plastering, knocked it
ofl. so as to expose the laths. Every effort was
made to resuscitate him, but without success The
chimney and other parts ol the house were also shattered
by the fluid A very remarkable circumstance
attended Ins death His sister, who is a
member ot a church, was much alarmed at the
flishe- of lightning, when a brother said to her, " If
you Christians are alraid of lightning, how ought
ilie sinners in feel " Wiien the deceased replied?
" Hush, James; none of us know what may happen
to us," or words to thai eflect; and his lips had
sc?r< ely stopped speaking, when the fierce messen
ger instantly ushered Ins soul into eternity. It was
a peculiar Hnd moat impressive circumstance.?
SJ \nimh DOl'BLUONB auii Amen,All (told lot sslr ?t
the lowt ( f.-ierket rsles br
M Wall Mntl tad in Bi<?4wit
h~ TV. N. Y.?Thin splendid and commodious Hotel having
been i ntsrged, repainted and refurnished in the most slevant ,
manner throughout. daring ihe p ?? winter, will be opened lor f
the reception of visilem by the subscribers on the tilh nl May
lisuillg. ... .. ..
The alterations and additions to the interior will enable Uietn
t'jfaccommodaV a much ifrea'sr numberol visiters tliaulormeny
and in a manner slfordiuit every comfort aLd convenience. The
promen de grosndswill be handsomely relaidout ? uh a view
to afford tlw most advantageous prospect of the sur'cuud'ng
ecnutry. The loads to arid about tliefHpriuas a e be'uc improved
aud n> w ones oia-ned tor preatrr accommodation of
equestrians The grounds aud water conisri in the vicinity ot
the Bath House have alio been tvstefully laid out. The Bath
Hut is being etilaruetl aud mnrh i? proved and will accomino
date a! " ho in.iv des re to I aihe. There are lour new aud spacious
BallAileys which have lately been erected The inU ri< r arranaemruls
of the Piviliou ire sir* h ;w to afford every attention
lo the coinlort aud wishea of visit*ra with a well organized
corps of servants( and in ahort toe snbacribers will be prepared
to receive their visiter! in a manner not to be turiiaaaed by an
enhtblphmrnt in the eouutiy.
Of ihe White Salp.hur Water of Aharon Spr ngs it can be
said it is not surpassed by any thing ol the kind in the known
world for the core of rh* uiratic, cutaneous,bilions and dyapepnc
complaints, and lor the cure of eryaepilas, silt rheum, aero
lula, li 'er com daiut, and gqnrral dbtlity, ts has been certified
hv some oflhr most eminent inohml nrnfeainra
Bra recat ana'ysis made for the proprietors of the Springa,
by oue of the most eminent chemists in thiacooutry (Dr Chilton
ol New York) the following reiulta have been obtained
leotn out gallon of water?
Sulphate of Magnesia- 42.40 i
Sulphate of Lime 11162
Chloride o( Hnditim 2 24
Chloride of Magnesium 2 40 .
Hydnsnlphnret of Colinm ) ,28 '
Vegetable eitrac:ive matter 5
Sulphuretted Hydrogen Um 16 cubic inches.
These Springs are within a few hours' ride of Albany, Troy
Satamea, Schenectady, Uiien, Itc.; and ere accessible either
from Cauajoharie, on the Albany and Utica Katlroad, where |
I>o?t coaches daoy await the arrival of the morning ears from
Schenectady and Utica, to com ey visitors to the Springs, a ,
distance of about eigi t miles, arriving in time for dinuer; or by ,
the tump he from Albauy to Cherry Valley, by d'ily stages,
ncinu about forty five miles west of the city of Albany. Persona
leaving New t orlt in the evening boat' for Albauy, arrive at
the Sharon Springs the n?*:td,y tu time for dinurr. .
April 28, 1841. i(30eod3ui*r
THE Proprietors wnnld uolity the public that the season for '
1 the annual visitation of thrse louutains of health has ar- '
rived, and thai there are five hotels and tour bathing establish- <
menu ready for the reception of company. For advice in te- 1
gard to the probable effect of these watrra iu their individual <
cases, and for aualysis of the different springs, they are permitted
to refer to l)r. J W. Francis, No. 1 Bond street; t > Dr. H.
D. Bulklcy, Lecturer on diseases of the tltiu, No. 43 Bleecker <
street, or to Dr. Salisbury, at the Springs. rn27 2m*r I
SEITEINOER, respectfully annonnces to the Unveiling
community, that he keeps that large and splendid establish
incnt tii? Ertohauge Hotel, situate at the corner of Centte and t
Callowhill streets, nearly opposite tile Towu Hall, in the Bor (
ough ef Potcsville, which has been ihotughly repaired and tna- I
Urially improved for the accommo atton of yiiitors. The hotel
is forty feel front ou Centre street nod one hundred end
thirty eight feet front ou Callowhill, three stories high; it is
. dmtrahly provided with parlors, sitting rooms, reading room, \
and large airy chambers?the most spacious, pleasant and eon- i
teutent donng room in the country?a new and superr r bathing i
establishment?and every convenience cad comfort to reuilrr
it in all rrs|?cts a MOM desirable hotel. I
'I lie statilmg attached, is laige and well constructed, and
superintended by exiierieucyd and attentive hostlera Horsca t
and carriages niay be Had at any tiaie to convey pernios to any
part of th- country. ,
An omnibus runs from this hotel daily, to and Loin the depot i
to meet the cats, fur the accommodation of persona travelling I
ou the Railroad. No charge for omnibus fare to thia hotel. i
Pottaville, May I, 1843 ml lm'ec
'T'HE subscriber begs leare to inform his friends and the nub
* lie, that be has taken the above -well known bourn-, winch
ba? been thoroughly IMMtod aDd paiut*d in the best maimer,
newly furnished IhiouKhout, and will be opened ou the first of >
Mat" neit.
The l ouse is delightfully situated immediately opposite the ,
steamboat landing, aud from its piazzas commands a ?iew ei- ]
tending up the Kills and ovor tne bay and harbour of New
York. To those desirous of a pleasant residence during the ,
summer months, possessing the advantages of fine salt w-ter ,
bathing, together with beautiful drives and walks, and conee
liieut access to the city every two hours by steam, the Belmont
House offeis inducements unsurpassed by any other on the Island,
and the subscriber trusts that bis former efforts to give
satisfaction as proprietor of the Tatiliou, with his renewed determination
to spare no pains to render bis house agreeable,
will ensure him the continuation of a portion of the pttronage
be has heretofore been favored with.
GEORGE 1'ieris,
New Bkiohtoiv. April 12, 1843. an Hitrfr
4S Whitehall street,opposite the Batteiy Garden.
fPHIS honse having undergone many alterations and repairs? i
I having been newly furnished?tne present proprietor re i
specially announces to his friends of the old couutry and tra- ,
veiling | ublic generally, that it it now open lor the reception I
of permanent and transient boarde-s i
The position of ihis hotel requires but litt'e detail of its ad
vantages, being situated facing the Battery Garden, and ct rn- 1
maudirga lull view o( the Bay; within one minutes' wrlk of
the I hiiadelphia, Boston and Albany steamboats. 1
The proprietor intends tfiat care aud industry,and moderation
ia chargrs, shall not be wanting to meiit the ratr. pa;e of the <
Home-brewed ale, wines, spiri's, tic, of the best quality, t
three cenu a glass, HENRY B. (JrIKFITHS, ,
m!5 lm*r Late of Bath. England.
CPH E above establishment basing been refitted iu the most
J- fashionable and mod?rn style, was opened ou the first of 1
May lor th? reception ol \ itil<-ts and permanent boadrrs.
No location can snrpass this for salubrity and convenience
beiLg titualrd within Dine miles ol the city at the commencement
of the Pslisadoes, on the west bank of the Hudson. For
invalids, or those wishiug retirement and recreation, this
f stabhshrnent present- many advantages, haviug nteiisive
grounds for promenade, where rimers are sheltered from the
summer sun; with conveniences for bathing, such as to please
the most fastidious. Tiie eitensive pros|>ect from the Pavilion
and adjoining heights, are unsurpassed for its beauty. Military
roropaDirs ou enesrrpmeut or tarketexcu sions, will find every
convenience as the grounds have been laid out expressly for
loose purpose*.
1 he steamboat B s'ou, Captain Babc?ck, wiil rlv reeuIvTv,
rivisg laci iiK-s to thjsr havit.g busniiss in t e city, to '
visit daily. _
k"<ir te-m-. or rarticnlars enquire at Jollie's Mikic More, 3f
inl8 1m*r Proprietor.
battery lace, new ^ ohk
CPHIS establishment having undergone thor. ugh ?e?airs the ]
J subsi riber bi gs to announce t<> her friends and the triT?llng
public, ihat it i? now in complete otder for the reception oT '
strangers. The h.ose it delightfu'ly si'ua'ed, fronting the j
heatiiiful Bay ami Battery of New York, and in the immediate
nriuvyrf the steamboat landings for Button, Albany, and '
Philadelphia The subscriber has reduced tne rate of faie to j
accord with the tim-s, and tiusts by strict attention t-> the comfort
ol those who honor her with their favots, to merit 1
share ol public patrouace.
P S ?Meals are serred at any hour of'tlie day wi-hont any I
estr i charge, and parties leaving by the early boats, may rely j
tn being called iu proper (ipie.
m296i*r MARY PETETE. 1
IS NOW OrEN.andin lull operation, for the Spring and
Summ-r aeaaona.
During the winter, many alteration* and improremeBU hare
been m..dr which wili.it is beliered.and materially to the comfort
of ninnr*
n. riahw i mnynic leet in lengin nas neeu erericu ior
the accommodation of large jiartiei at diuurri. wen,concert,
or cotillons.
A separate entrance has been opened for the bar, rendering
Die I .dies "parlors ooiet end ael'Cted.
(>1 th? Wwri, I igroRs, CoKrtcTir.ieaglEi, < Ki:sms, Itc.,
he , it is only nerc.s.irv to or, thev will he, hi heretofore,
Civil and obliging attendants are engaged, and every effort
will be tiled te sustain the reputation this home has already
acquired, and to render a visit to
desirable and satisfactory, 1
An Ordinary every Sunday at 3 o'clock. Tickets 50 cents.
CTr^ftrj ker's Bay is situated "B the nanas of the Hudson,
sis miles from the City Hall,by the Blooiniucdale road. Stages
stait every hour from ihe corver of Tryou Place and Chatliam
street, f*are 12^ cents. m 13 lmr
St. Lot'is, Mo.
Reduction of the fare;?in consideration of the
pressure of the times, the undersigned has reduced the
prices of Boarding and Lodging to $1.50 per day. and the rate of
Wines from 3JX to 100 per cvDl. His tables will continue as
heretofore to be supplied with every luinryth* market affords.
The bnildiog Is the largest, most airy, end combines more comforts
than any in the city, and is not surpassed by any Hotel in
the West
Every attention will be given by the undersigned, his agents,
and servants, to accommodate those who may favn turn with a
May S. 1X3. in 16 iwr
JOHN IRELAND, the well known proprietor of the First
J Waul House, No. 20 Mew sirert, (comet of Eschacge
Place,)grateful for the imtrosage hitherto received from his
friends, and desiruna to merit a c- u'lnualion ol it, lespertfully
info tin them and the t ublic generally, that he has lately | nrch
ted the large and commodious Hi.me aad Gardens, known
as the Washington House, situate in Hudson street If bohen.
within a few minnles walk from the Ferry, formerly occupied
by the late James Sweeny, where he Will be happy to rect ive
Calls from the friends of the late proprietor, also the public
generally. The Osrdeui being n> w.y and tastefully laid out,
will be supplied dating toe season with an eicellent assortOMM
M 0 latest and choicest of flowers. The bit, being
grr any nla.-getl and newly fitted np, will contain a g"od assi
rtment of Wines and Liquors of trie most approved quality,
and eig?rs of the most superior brands?also iSnerry Cobblers,
Miot Juleps and Punch's made In the best style ; Refreshments,
including lee Creams, and other delicacies*!- the season.
He has als o fitted up sepaiate and agreeable anting parlors
for ladies, which front u|>on thv Bay, and furnish a view
of the moat delightful scenery. The auoacriber, determined
that nothing shall be wanting to aecure the c imfort nf his
patrons, h' a also refitted tin Bowling Saloons, with two ,tir
new Alleys, built on the most appr veil plau, for en rcise end
the recreation of risunrs. Ol ih* attention of !lie waiteri.it
ii uliner rvary to tar more than that they will iu all ctsses be
found attendr. to the want! of the visitors. The mhir, iber,
from his lon,t esperience 10 the busioees, respectfnlly solicits a
chare of the ; iililir pUfSMIS, .lid i It 'I*" MMtll (Ml nothing
ball hew. iiiMM hu part, or those in hn employ, to ihiitribute
to the comfort ami enjoyment of those who inty visit
the Washington finrdeue.
m:u im'rc JOHN IRELAND. Proprietor.
I A ORANt.E PLACE-BlfL.L'9 rjtSftY-This d lighti-e
fol sninmer resort, lorinerly kept by Mr John Poi.s"U, nis
since his decease been continued by .Mrs I'ousnn and Mr Steplien
M Aiirett, who are now ready for the recepti n of hoarde
? and visitors. A splendid steamboat runs regularly (see
d< ertisrrnent| to the ferry, raakiuK it as ageeab e a (dace (or
recreation as can be found. The bar n slocked with the beit ol
wines and liquors.
A splendid ta get itronnd at the place, and companies on target
vtcursious cannot be better uccommortated ?!*' ivhere.
THK AMERICAN Stand -,rd System of Wr. tinR, taught by
* Vr P. J Anall, Irom Albany?the only infallible
men oil to become a finished writer in the course of five'o
'isht Irs one. ol not hour each. Success i* KUaranlred to all,
mm the age of 12 to rip Much pnsrecerieutrd improvement on
his 11 autilul style of writing, so trnly scientific, that the most
cei neal has* yieldrd to ilir evidence Terms mo, arm*
' Jnly r 11/ dollar and fitly ceeu lor the coone of lessons.
Bonk Krepiug,double at d single estry.?A complete modem
vstein ol singh entry, or double entry aimplifod.ny which the
am* result is obtained as th?t kept iu double entry. Also,
Innble entry book keeping, iu five difTerrnt lorins, -iquir. d in
irern si* week* to iwo months Kite uollais for ilie course of
is suer one.
Mr Amauld, atliis leisure h< nis, continues to write ap, post
nd hil mcr tradio men s and me chsnu books, to make out the
rate >f affairs, to ei iunne and Trnly bonks or a-eounu gona
uto d sorder, to a jurt individual and partnership coiicrrn .aud
0 'lti III-k specimens or plant of books adadptrd In . i.y hutiness
moved by the m ist simple, concise and satisfactory form '
> / 9 ? Mr. A. will give instiu tn ns at the'residence if rea.
i id u ci'emies, : moderate terms
H- s? 1 Johr S Vail Rni-aeUe-, Esq al H win '*
, ru' n dikidd v'r lion, and to tli* nfllc.e of ih* k ,, .
r . rr o y " - '
\ KEW Ob.NlLt.ME a I r If h i t- .i lemniim 1
a da -d with rood board end pities tin rnoius in a puvaie terns- I
ly, .1 Jus Eu ton street Also,.. fr? dey Loaders r ,j be accent I
rnorlated ou the most reasonable terra. A parlor ami liedronia I
to let, with oi without board. ai ae |
A MUNOST tin* slock, to which the ttUUUou of Strew Hal
rV Merchants aud Dealers U respectfully invited, will be
Plain Tnaean Plait, < sui-ener fabric
Kaucy do do u
boll do do *
Albert (or Brilliaat) ..
Patent ?
Split Straw
Devon, Ice. lie. ),
Alao, Imported B< on-La of all the above kinds of Plait maim- ,
factum! into the late it and moat fashionable ahapea of London <
uid Pane, to which ?l!i be always added by coaliiiuooa fhv
ortatiom; every new atvle ef Plaitsug a* soon as inveuted.and
ill frtsh shapes in bonnets immediately thit they are known to
meet the approbation ol the laahiouable wor'd. u
LONDON k LUTON. 159 Pearl atreet. New York.
m!2 lin*r r
M~ II*. N. SCHELTEMA, ft.METS, 251 Broadw.iv. "pi?1
site the Park, reaiiectfullr inlorms her customers aud the ~
ladies geuerally, that she haa just received by the late atrivals t
fro ram. savcal cases, comprising a large and tpleudid a?lortmentof
Millinery, Embroideries, Silks, aud other New
lionds for Dresses, Laces and Kancy Goods, of all dtacrip- .
tious. . |
N. B ?In the Dresv Making Department all orders Promptly
seemed in the newest and most approved Freach style, being V
luperiuteuded by alady whuhastuit amveti, and who ha> had
sineri?nie ii tl e most fashionable French houses. ?
Will opeu several cases of French Miliuery. Monday, May F
I5lf ? Co sistiur of Oipnttes, Tarlatan Dresses, splc did em- '[
b>oidered Caps for Isdiea, of a verT new style, entirely differ- "
ant fro n snv before offered; rich Baiege Dresses, < hildrenn
Hats, aud a geutral assortment of fancy articles, which will be ?
put at a very low price as nsnal. in 14 lm?cc _ J1
MADAME U. BEHKMAN bega to inform her numerous n
frientls and the i nblie that she lias jnst received from S
France att entire new and beautiful style ol silk materials tor g
ladies' h<U, au<l along with it some cases of Paris Silk Hats, U
which, for novelty and elegance of style, never yet were pre- Jleulcd
to the public before, among which is most pre-emiuent I
l silk hat called A
which is indeed emblematical of Parisian taste. I
Madame B. has just opeucd several cues of French import- f
td Isucy Straw Han, Ainazone, Imperial, Brilliant, Fine f,
mnviisn uumiauir, n(iu4uu, Aineri, kc.ac.
Also, * large and varied assortment of FreRcli Lawn Ha't,
rrom infant's size up to ladies', the whole of which Madame B.
ins deteruiiDed, in order to meet the exigency of the times, to
life, at such low prices as must insure her the coutiuuauee of
rer patrons, who have honored her with their commands, and
:nists to obtain the preference of those whose patronage she
tow solicits. An ea'iy call is requested at the old trench
wuMishment, MAGAZIN
Madame tf. has also received an assortment of Peris flowers
tnd ribbons, whirh for variety and styles may be called com- ?
)l?te. m5 lm?r "
?- tress. Miss S. KINO, daughter of the celebrated t'arl King, ri
rffers fur sale a most select aud choice assortment of Millinery
Soods for the spring trade, never as yet presented to the pub- n
ie, both as renurds the quality and cheapness of the articles, a
f re assortment consists of the following
The celebrated Silk Hat, called
prhirh is indeed emblematical of Parisian taste. MMEHHED <1
BILK, entirely new aud original style, and Lawn Hats, do do. g
\u entire new style of Hats, called a
Parts and English
>f the finest texture, in great variety.
The proprietress respectfully solicits the ladies to favor her
with a call, and rssniinr her elegant aud varied stock of Millilery
for themselves, before they purchase elsewhere, as it will
>e a great saving to them in price, and a great advantage as retards
the variety aud quality of the goods. 7
MISS ?. KINO, Magaziv de Modes. I
?23 Imr WjH Broadway.
i)2 John strut, (near William.) I
rHX subscriber respectfully announces to his friends and the 11
public generally, that he has opreed an Establishment on c
he Cheap Cash Bystem, where gentlemen will always find a J
New and Fashionable Assortment of Cloths, Cassimeres aud 1
Yestitigs, w hich will be made up to order in a style of fit aud I
workmanship, not surpassed by auy other establishment in the j
city ,attthe lollowing low rrices *? I
Fine Dress or Frock Coats, any cclot, from $14 to $1< j
tf.upertiue do do do It to 23 t
Pants of Wool Black, or Fancy Cassimeres 4 to t
Vests of Satin, Bilk, Valcntia, Velvet, tic., 3 to 5
Just received,? splendid auortineni|of Spring and Summer
goods, at extraordinary vow prices.
L'Z?" Citotlemeu furnishing their own goods can have them
made and trimmed, at the lowest possible prices for Cash.
rT^HE Subscribers oiler to strangers aud citizens tne I arrest
1 and best selection of new and fashionable goods to he found
n aiife.it bbshinrnt in this city, having been sublisheil in
his city since the year 1828. Mia ho'diag constant corresponfence
both In Paris and London. Their assortinrut of the fol
owing goods will at all tines be found extensive, rich and
esliiuuaule ?
Scirfsof rich Satin, Mohair anl Sdk, pla:n black, figured
)Uck, gold aud silver figured, fsncy colored, be Be.
Cravats of Italian, English, German ai d French Silks and
JaUus, plain and figured, black rich fancy figured, &c lie. 8c.
Ulovrs of kid. goat skin, silk, liueu, Lite thread aud cotton
.fill qualities ami description.
Susptnders, English. German, French and American, in
treat variety, / f silk, gam elastic, luckskin, plain aud with
piings, embroidered, be. be.
uuorr uirineiiu, siik, rn*riuo, lamnswooi, cotton, linen,
,hre>-d aud buckskin shirts aud drawsra. u
Shirts?Linen and muslin shirts mads in the most faithful t;
md fashi-mati e manner ?
Linen Coil-rs aud Dress Fronts in (treat variety and forms,
ratiud and square corners, Byrou, lie. be. c
Pocket K< rctiiefs of all descriptions, ready hemmed forme, i
Spitelfield, lnd<a Linen, lie. t
Dressing tsowns, Hosiery, Purses, money and riding Belts, t
Umbrellas, Walking t-an-s.and in factall articles appertaining .
10 gentleman's wardrobe I
Tl e subscribers would par ictilarlv recommend their suiierior
article, the Imrrored Minerva Shoulder Brace. This article is |
inn nded to brace the shou'ders and expend the Chest, and will 1
he found of immeuse benefit to-til persons of nud um hubits. (
or ptr? )us of either set who have acquired the habit of stooping
Ta children who h-ivr acquired that lisbit, they will DC t
louud invaluable. They still cotiiiuue the mauu'acture of their
celebrated elastic Blocks, Start and Cravat Bracks. t
rAHSfc'.LLS ill aoatk.
Oid israbhsheJ Linen Crii-ersand iStork Ma- u'-cturera,
r ;4-ln r* r37 Broadway. corner of P-irk Place
SOMETHING NhW-To all who would be paving?C-sh
Tailoring Em In i hment, 168 Ureenwich street, uesr the
Pacific Hotel?The Cheapest Making and Trimming Establishment
in the city?The proprietors take this method of reco.nuit
nding to ail genileinc , waatiug Clothes, the ecmimical
svstetu of purchaiiu* their own cloths, thereby saving the enorin
M profits la d on the nnlsrinh by Ihe.r tailori, aud gelling
Llinn mice and trimmed, for which tins establishment offers an
advantage over ail others, the proprietors haviug made eiteniivs
arrangements to wake tins the principal branch of their
business, superintending both the cutting and sewing depart
merit personally.
They do not present to the pnbl'c a flaming list of reduced
prices as an indue* ment, bat hope that a superior style of workmanship,
a studious attention to the individual taste of our customers
aud the prevailing fashion, will always be sufficient,
u,d the best attiactiou we can offer to our patrons.
ui2 im'rc POOLEV k BROWN. |
154 >y ilium Sir t.ft, Corner of Jinn Street,
['6 decidedly the cheapest in the city. Thare is always <>a .
hand asele ' tatock of seasonable goods, purchased for cash,
which will h i r-.ade np to order in the style of make, 'it, trimming.
Sec., tli a has giver, such general satisfaction during the
last four Tear s,and et a positive saving ot 16 par cent. 1
(Jentlercto are requested t>. call aud examine. Tboss who 1
funtah th"fit own goo<S|, can have them '
CL-ssi Coats, made and yinniei'.r-- ,?7 co t? ft it
(frock Co-Ms, do do 1 CO to 3 it '
Pants and Vsata, 1 75 to .2 6C
Over Coau, IM to 11 fa
XT* Terms?-Cash on delivery.
Gentlemen and ladies' left off ward- '
ROBE?ti> ntlemeu or families deairou* of converting ,
their left off wearing apparel into cash, canobtaiu for'he aune
the higlies cash price.
To families and gentlemen quilting the citv or changing .
re-itlence, having any superfluous effects to dispose of, will '
t-.ml it much to their advantage to stud for the subscriber, who J
will attend them at their resi lence by appointment.
No. 114 Va ick street. New York. ,
Aline through the Foat Ofllce, or otherwise, will receive ,
prompt attention. m20 1 m' r
1Z7HOLESALF. AND RETAIL, No. I Wall street. Th
v r subscriber h?s received and offer* for sale a large assortment
ol imported India Robber Water Frnol (Joods, viz:
Coats and ''apes, of superior Lama, Caahnsera Lama, Fersiaa,
Merino aud Cotton, of all colors and sizes.
Cloth?India Rubber, Water Proof, super Lama, Laws Pah
nan and Cotton, prepared fortailors.
mum nDDtri " tauiUKI i<ir imituuch, u>H?H. ??
IJAVEjiut received from recent importationa, and of their
own nur.1 tnctnre, a ttry aoperior aaanrtment of Spring
'Joodi, comu.liiig of rrtrj thing nrat, taatv and fashionable in
Urn giutlem?n'? furnishing line, which added to their former
tock, rompniei an uiortmctil of gnodi rarely if ever before
found in 0116 more, am .ng which are':?
CAPS?In every variety, for gentlemen, youth and children.
CRAVATS?Of plain '.no fignred satin, (tro gran.,carabrick.,
SCARES?-Of ve.tinr istin, broche.
ULOVES? Of kid, .ilk, brown and eheae linen, liilt, ipun I
ilk, fke,
HOSIERY?Of cotton, merino, wool .pun ?tlk, kc, i
UNDER (JAHMENT8?Of Shaker knit mermr, woolen,
ilk, cotton See.
LINEN COLLARS?Plain and Byron, of all qualities and
SHIRTS?Of liueo.ratulin, French cambric, plain and with ,
ruffle., kc.
SUSTEN OKKB?Of gum el utic, .ilk, cotton, kc
OILED SILKS? Of white and fancy colore, warranted not
to adhere in any climate.
The above cutnpri?t? only part of their ai.ortmcnt. and linrkhfMia
will eownutthiiim intwut bv camming aw aplenii'l
aisortment ofgoods before nnichaiing.
WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, at their old eitabliahed
Cap, Stock, Lmen and Oil'd Silk Manufactory.
1 AND CALICO fP '.INTERS.?Kor .ale, an cieeltent
tone building, with water wheel, and a good <treain of water,
with a good h nae and ont building., four or five acrea of land,
all in good onhi iltMtn at OmwumviIIs, few wlke Mrtb
of Pa tenon. N. J..recently occupied a? a cotton factory. Any
l>eraou w?hiug to etart the above buaineaa, would do well to
call, for further particulars, on
Corner of Tnllm.iu and Bridie ?treeti,
niH lm*ec or 95 Quid it, Brooklyn N. V
CrvOTtfN"Water Kim ?H1 PPl NO?"fbeTuitfreigned
reapecliully inform the owner. and innate re ol vetalt iu
ihe Tort of New Yoek, that (tb?- Hydrant. being now laid at
each pier for the egcln.ivr me of.oppl-ing them with Croton
Water! they are now prepared to gite inppliea in any <( i utity,
it the shortest notice
We would aiate far general information.that no other peraoDi
?re authorised (under tienaltv) to farniah ?h i ping with Troten
Water eiceptlhe auderaigaed.
Oeueral Depot, South Bide Kolton Kerry,
r ! tru rr H-uith effect, New Vnrh
Table ME a Is AND SOUIS. for ahip atoree, war
'ntcd to keev for anv length of tunc, and in any climate, manufactured
and In/ -aled wholesale -ml rr tail, by
?>?JW*r " IM William atreat
I. a j occasion to w.ar laia* hair ou account of the color of
H# hnir. Are often troubled wi ha twin or dinette iu the
lend, ocf:ui'>nru by fhr ireMMr* ol the false hair. Ladiet can
avi* gray i cb*ng?*d ro look a? well ?* e*er it did, w thout
njnry. Mr **. lm? a room oiprrwly to he teuded bv * lady, at
? u si?'ri . Alan, Mr. H. will chaage KPtitleinfi'i hair Jo
ny li !. o c* lor Dnii/gifcli wrulddo well to Movp it #or sfile
' 'fii-s 'uhii b ig d>?? *r going out of da?r? Whole
Chathtfli I , ' * i
fit r i ix in 21?' in r
el I i I YsE N l> -ABMAHA fj I Ki KfM Kwl
J "rohr . a 'iu N* stU str?- ?. ?.< if Bms<Iwri Icm fiion^f
1 1 > ivm ' -.nit t. be - |? red. i ??I N ,,r'
V. tvrr W"- . dry ft' od?, weAfIOH rl| I EL . 1, end pCMOHhl I tot'tn,
oi every deacripUou, ftftk im#tc
PHE aubecriber offers (he following Wine*, Ac. foi tale at ti
1 Pine street, corner sf William.
Madeira in rip**, hhda, quarter casks. demijohns and bottle*,
But very old and high coat, direct ana via India. ,
herriea, in pities, hhdi, quarter caaaa and in glaaa, of variou*
r?de??Amontillado in quarter caaka.
Port?ImiMirted eipreaaly for family nae, in wood and in
lata. '
Claret*?Chateau Margeanx, Latoure, St. Estaphe, Laroas,
It. Jolieo?alaoiucaak*. ,
Hock*?Johanneaberg Caitle.Marcohrnnner Cabinet,('hart*'enter,
Brone berg, Aaainanahanaen, Orenhansen, Hinterhaueu,
Kudraheimer, Hattenheim. Peisporter, Leibfeanmilch, .
lieienheiiner. Hoehheimer,Ac. Ac Ac.
Sauterne, Barsac, M us tat, Chabli*.
Burgundies?Clos de Vouaeot, Chambertiu, Komauee.
Very old Cognac Brandy, vintage 1713; expressly for tummer ,
ae. ,
Kiue Holland Gin.
The abeve article* are recommended to the infirm ai'a aoveeign
remedy lor their maladie*. GILBERT DAVIS.
in3 I in ___ i
DEADER, if we prove an article to be good, will yon betviieve
ill I.aeemathat you have been nnmbagged ao ofen,
that ifau article ia even proved to tie good, you wont try
t. Now rend. These are tile real and positive qualitiea of
ii article whoae price will prove itno nostrum. Joue*' Coral
lair Reatorativa will general y improve and beautify the
air. It will force the hair to grow on the heal, face and bo
y, or any part where nature intended hair to grow, by making
be scalii healthy It stays the hair falliag off, aud thoroughly
urea all scurl aud dandruff. Another ol ita properties is 10
lake the hair grow naturally dark and beautiful. Jones'
'oral Hair Restorative is sold at the sign of the Amencau
lagle. ohatham street, New Vork.
Agents?Zeiber, Third aud Dock street, Philadelphia, and
ext to the American Hotel, Washington, D C. ; 8 8 ate
treet, Boston ; Cleveland. King street, Charleston, 8. C. ; 57
lute street, Albany ; Mitchell, Norwich, Chenango, N. Y.;
Isrtin, barber, Catskill, ,N. Y.| and 139 Kulton street,
Irooklyn. nS Im*
4 ILL, llie inimitable Hair Cutter, Ukes this method of tn'
forming his frieudsand the public in general. that lie has
cmoved from the Toutiue Building to his Old Blanc, No. 96
'earl street, up stairs, immediately adjoining the Pearl Street
louse, where lie will be pleased to operate on all who may
tvor hiin with a call, in bis truly inimitable style of Hair Going,
which, lor elegance of design and beauty ol execution,
amasses any thine of the kind heretofore introduced into the
luited States. The various branches of work dune at the foliwing
moderate prices
Inimitable Hair Cutting, 12cents.
Do do Curlingu 12)2 "
8 iperior Shaving, 61* "
m9 lm*r
J The whole of the ei'ensivc aud fashionable stock containd
in ihe store 8 Astor house, comprising every article in the
ne, is now offeied for sale at and below, cost to close the
Also, a quantity of p ime table catlery in seta and dozens, to
ether with a splendid assortn ent of fine cutlery, consisting of
izors,s< issors, penknives, dressing cases, Ike., fee.
DEAFNESS.?The stock and sale of the Acoustic instiu
lenti usually kept in this establishment will be disposed of a
bargain. R. SIMPSON,
N B. The store to let. 8 Astor House,
may I4-Im*ec
110 ririn WORTH ol China, Glaa* rfhd Earthen Ware
P A \J\j\J for sale at 170 Eighth Avenue, by Thom?s Melorly.?This
ware is now open, and will be sold to retailers,
t the following pries:?blue soup aud Bat Plate*, French
hapes, 7s. per doz.; lofters, 5s. 6d ; Paris white plates, stone
rare, 6a. per doz ; tufters, 5?.; dishes, bakers and toilette ware
quallylow: howls from 2s. 6d to 4s. 3d; lamps, oil, Liverpool,
2a.; hall lamps from t5 to $6,the same at the down- own stores
el! for tlO ami $12; common ware for grocers, by the burliel.
4o credit syst' in Here. N B. No charge for crates to country
lerchanls. Ckiua tea sets from 12*. la $15
Public sale on Wednesday, in 414 Broadway. m2-lm?rc
n LABS AT No. 3 JOHN BTREET, near Broadway, De
J" pot of BTOUVENEL k BROTHER'S Glass Mauufacory,
the only place where people can get supplied, cheaper
ban any oth< r place in thia city. A full assortment of the
ichest cut aud nlaiu glass, Lamps for hall; Astral and Bolar
.amps. Girandoles, Freuch and English China, kc. kc., all at
manufactory prices. Every article matched to pattern. Glass
ut to order. Wholesale and retail for city and couutry trade
t the shove, snd at their factory. No 29 Gold st. m2 lm're
hkOOR PLATES "DOOR PLATES !?Those in warn of
a handsome, cheap and datable Silver Plated *r Brass Door
'late, can obtain the above article at R ROBERTS'Silver
Mating. Engraving and Door Plate Establishment. 157 Bowery.
Vise, Metallic Numbers, a new aud beautiful article for nuinlenug
dwelling houses, church pews, ship state rooms, kc.
R. ROBERTS, 157 Bowery.
m6 lm*r 4th door above Broome si. east side.
T S. WALLI8 k CO., No. 156 Broadway, 2d floor, be
' tweeu Maiden I.aue and Liberty street, would respectful
yacquaint their fricndi and the public, who wiih to hare
hronometers, clocks, music botes, or any description of
catches, however hue or intricate, repaired or jewelled. Also,
eery description of 'scaptments repaired or made new, ruby
oilers for duplet, pallets lor chronometers, ruby cyleuders lor ,
spines, ruby pins tor le?ers, diamond caps, the., and witches
welled in a style not surpassed by any in Kurope Kttsees j
ud wheels cut, and teeth rounded; public clocks and bank
me pieces kept in otder by the year, as usnat. From their
rug ctperieuce iu the trade, they pots'ss the capacity and i
very facility required to make eulire, or any parts of watches,
lOUHin imported, aud wiligive the best of rtffereiices if
quired. Charges moderate. ml4 lm*r
1- MANY?MR. HUOHES, Piofessor in the Royal Milliry
Con?a of Cadets iu Dresden, r.as accommod nious ill his
ouse for gentlemen as boarders and lodgers.
He addn saes himsell particularly to such as, coming to Oerlaoy
for the purpose of learn ng the language, wish to faciliate
thei'advaucrmeut in it, by placing themselves inaiamily
here it iscoustaotlv spoken.
Mr. Hughes, though twenty-five years a resident in Oermaiv.
is a native of England, and therefore considers a residence
his family hs particularly suitable for young Americans in
heir Oeimao studies?his familiarity with bulk languages emailing
him to give, in the course of conversation, those explanaious
which every one finds at first so necessary, and which he
ivillatHI times he most willing to offer.
The different professors of the Corps ol Cadets ha>e kindly
promised to iusnuct any geutlemeu residing with Mr. Hashes,
10 that every facility is offered t? improve those sciences rejinsite
for any future piofession.
For terms, etc , please .to apply to Piofeisor Hughes, Dreslen.
Mr. Asio . New York, anu Mr. Th. W. Williams, Cnnnecti
:nt, have kindlv prom noil to answer any enquiries. .i28 im'ec
LEVETT, Dentist, the introducer into this country in
' I the year lgJi, of inserting Teeth on the above scientific
iriuciple, as practised by himsell ALONE, courts the attenion
of ti e public to his great improvement. The (established
eputatiMU ol Dr Levetl, lu? easy, well known, peculiar and
icientific adaptation in supnlying the deficiencies of the Teeth,
md tlir unvaried satisfaction given. which he fully guarantees
n all easel, warvtnia his inviting tl e atieuliou of the ladies and
irutletnru who have had artificial Teeth uaskillully set, or
?ho may reqaire new for those displaced by nature.
M. LEVETT, Dentist. 360 Broadway,
co ner Warren st. opposite the Tark.
[Copy of a Letter from M. M. Noah. Esq to Dr. Levett.[
> kw Yong, May 24th, 1841.
Dear Sir:?It is both a matter of duiy and pleasure to state,
.hat the set of artificial teeth on the principle of atmospheric
.Tenure which you made for a lady iu my family, hat succeedd
in every respect, in appearance, comfort, and utility, and has
;i veil entire satisfaction.
1 am, dear sir. your obedient servant,
| Signed] M M. NOAH.
Dr. Levett has p< rmissmn to refer to some ol the eliu of the
ritfiensof New Yott m 7-lm*ec
DENTIST.?To those who have decayed teeth, and have
neglected to have them attended to, either from fear cf its
lot beiugpro peily done, or the lush price usually charged,can
iow nave any operation per ormru pertaining in me ie> in, in a
areful and pre per manner by calling on W. K. PARSONS,
I Vrsey it , where he 11 id attrudance at all limei, and prelari-d
to fili lerth and iniert, from one lo a fall art, el the best
rriuciples now Known Dy any deutiat in the eity, for price
hat will coirespnud with the times, and within ihe meai e of
:vrry one Mr. T. invitee all id need of hie services to call on
inn and ihey shall not be disappointed by aoy creation Dot
wing properly performed, and in iact perfect satisfaction in all
;a ee will be given.
N. B eperimem of hie work can be eeen in Lis office, and
eferencee given if required, in 23-lm*r
Letters Patent, Nov. J, lain?Manufactured by L. B. Swan,
Rocheater, N Y.
The attention of Druggists and other Tenders of Soda Water
a solicited to this useful and economical substitute for the ei[leuaue,
complicated and troublesome apparatus heretofore in
The advantages of the Atmospheric Foontain over the old
method, are, the economy ol iu apparatus, the original coat to
the purchaser being less than one quarter that of the old fountain,
iu simplicity of construction bciug such that any one of
ordinary capacity can readily understand its operation and
management; the trifling etpense of materials for supplying it,
together with the small amount of labor required and iu compact
It is now in ase in Tarioas parts of the Uni'ed States, Canada,
the West Indies, and South America; and, as may be seen from
certificates iu the hands of the proprietor and his agents, gives
entire satisfaction.
Druggists aud others in the Southern States and West Indies,
will luid this fountain paniculy adapted to their climate, as tne
syrups will not ferment or injure in the warmest seasons.
Full directions for putting up and using the apparatus, nrepar
ing the different saneurs of syrups, lie., accompany each.
hale sale by the proprietor, also by
(ieo. D. sJoggesh ill, 421 Pearl street, New York, General
V Licse, 102 John street, (up stairs,)
Lawrence a Ki-ese, 121 Maiden Lane.
Robinson It Ward, 143 " "
Williams,Mabee a. Clapp, 83 Mmdeu lane
Hoadley Itielps It Co., 142 W ater st.
A. B. k '). Mauds. 79 Fulton St.
ifT^CAUTION?All persons are cautioned against maun
'a.luring or using any infringeincut upon tins sppvr itos. as that
Patentee is determined to protect his inteteits against the least
Bticruachrneni. l. b. KWaN.
as 2in?ee
Hid Places ot Public Amusement. Ilr.?JAMES
O. MOfrltT, 121 Prince street, New Ynrh, msiiu'ar.ures aispsfjsi
article ol Hhtel Brass, suitable for lining slur.-, which
lie offers for tile cheap. He also finishes and pots them on in
a snptrior style, at the shortest n tice, ind on the most reasonable
terms. m23 Im'r
tfHENCH CARCEL LAMPS, Candelabres, Lustres. A*.
" ?The subscribers have |nst opeued a splendid assortment
of tiles* goods, together with a variety of other articles in the
line, of entirely new styles. An inspection of them Is invited.
Depot ol Mec'iin'cal Lamps, 20 John street,
8m?3 1 nt * i c Agents. I
C EQUIP.VI K N I "?The inhscrib'-rs having removed to the
'owe part of lb huitditg34 Fulton strcr t, oppr site the linned
Slates Hotel and Water slreet, where they ?ie now prepared to
execute at d furnish at the shortest notice Military and Horse
Equipments of all descrii tions, conformable with the United
St ites regulations Also, ag'tieral and complete assortinent of
S oldies, Bridles, single and dou-d* Harness of the lads. and
mi r vnl patterns. Also, an assortment of 'I ranks, Vslives,
Ca- pet B gs, Ac.
jn>27 6i*r HENK v J. STORMS A CO.
L* NGRA VINO.?W. L Oiinshy, inventor of the GrammaU.i
giapli, a ii.achine for eagravmg letters for maps, cards, labels,
Ac., be .uti til and cheap?alto inventor of a machine lor
traisfening rngraveil dti'gui on Uarman silver combs
With great rapidity. Bank Note, Portrait, Historical, Engraving
and Printing riecnted in the but styli?Name Plates for
c-rriagr and piano-forte makers? Number Plates for steainbeat
nertht, Doer Plates, Ike. engraved on br-tt bv s new. elegant,
and economical process The cheapest Eugravin Establish
aeiit in the world. No. 138 Nissan, comer of Beehmantt,
MK F A OA N N A. hTKMMIA R, Attorney at-Lsw in N
Y. rk.is h'-reby requested to answer please to my lette a
>f Deretnbe , 1811, and February, 1842. about the Mil against
ti E Krtcham, I had placed in (lis hands; otheiwtte I shall
be obliged to lay the whole before thepnblte.
Li I* RAN K,
Ni.w OgLKatvi, May I3, IMI. m??Iw'tc
FEMALE PERIODICAL PILLS? Guaranteed in evcii
L case where the monthly periods _ have become it
t*ular from colds oi o'her causes. Their certainty ol
etton Inn long been acknowleoged by the medical (-ofrsston,
ad hundreds that hav# uselessly Cried various boasted lenities
Car- is t-uo -tiine* necessary to their use; though they
o ram morticiue detrimental to the ennstuotton. Add-ts
I.,, f.iv roelltl.re, who use the Pills, by Vndame Cos
i V Liryeoard at, where the Tills arv so'd gennne, "rice
.1 tor bar rn'1 Illl'nU
V / A N 11, L \ BEAN A- ?? ri-i S l'ie-li V |I' I It. WI-, t I
vale low by JAS. 3 ASf IN-v ALL,
(t> Wi!n in s.ii et
/!,< . I'': arrels White Jamaica Ginger Hoot,
lu/l ox. HoJphate Quinine. in2$ 3s*y
_ EOHE the public a feiomos. deeply into sung facts.?
torsi. That the disease called RvkiCTCkt, ? ?/ ??TI P/9um
iccurrence and often existsin per tone who are no. in theleast
smart of it; next that a ver>< erroneous notion prevails ro
Ipeering Stricture, and that ignorant advertising profile aks
load advantageof thiserroneous notion; then, that their art
three particular circumstances by which a Stricture may >i
uuays known and in the last place, that the cure of Writ
[isrt is certain, fret from pain, ana generally accomplishes
m a very tittle tune.
Willi repaid to the first of trese rsiaarki:?
It is well known that Htrieture is the result of s en fly treats*
Uonorrhea It, for instance, that duesse ia suffer fil to con
linne on from month to month, it slides into a sleet. Now
there is no pain or incouvefence in sleet, and therefore it is
often suffered to remain indefinitely. But rt should be knowr
that gleet implies a chronic inttammatiou of the paaaage, whicr
naturally termiDaCes in thickening, and this thickening at oqi
part or other ol the passage ie stricture ; and, funner, that al
though striclnrr may thus re nain unnoticed fbr a length of time
it it far from laying dormant, but is the hidden cauaa of many
lerioos maladies, not only or a sevual, h'nt those also of a ner
eons and dyspeptic kind.
Bnt what especially leads theal ention off from this disords
is the idea that strieture e annot etist to loug as no impediment
to the flow of urine is obaerred, which it quite a mistake. A
stricture often ruts for years witliont produc.mr tnr very
striking change in this respect; indeed a ninunianeu or inter
rqpted stream of urine belongs only to the worst of cases, and
it is to prevent this very state that these remarks are published.
The advantage, however, which ignorant advertising people
take of this erroneous notion is very cruel. Every body knows
how men of this discription swarm about this city, and thai
they will sell their nostrums as long as any one will buy them.
Now, it is a fact, and one which every real physician will immediately
acknowledge, that all the medicine in the world,
alone, can never care a stricture. In proof of this, nothing i*
more common tkaij for the writer to be consulted by persons
who have been taking all manner of things?as colored drops,
and pills, and cordials, and the like, for many raontna together,
bnt whom, ca seeing the real uatsre of the ease, bo has eared
n r i many days.
IflM' I TJBIf VI KICVCUIIUH 1UMC lllivvasivua, uivi?ivtv? ?
neoi desirable to lay before the public a few plain circumstances
by which a Stricture may be known, which can be raaily
dene : for although the syimtoms ofthia disease are nuir.erooi,
there are three ol earecial import, and theie tnree may oe
laled very briefly?they are the following : The tint relates to
TV manner of . urinating .?It hat been already said thess react
aeed not be mock diminished or impeded. Bat observe atteu
lively, after it is finished and the clothes arc readjusted, wlieth
rr a drop or two will ever steal away, so as to wet a littlenothing
is more indicative of stricture. The next is
The time a Gonorrhoea hat i emostierf uncured.?It is diA'
eultlto say how long a Gonorrhoea or Gleet may run and not
produce a stricture, for one is naturally more disposed to stricture
than another ; but, as a general rule, ifit should be suffered
to go on beyond six weeks, this alone would afford suificieLl
ground, at least, for the suspicion of a stricture. The last it?
The effect a itricture hat upon the mind.?The effect ot
Stricture is to depress the spirits, end t olttseu both bodily and
mental activity. This also is one of its most common effects
Not, however, that it ia seen alike in every individual, hut it is
so common that the writer rarely sees a ease of stricture (and
he sees many every day) in which the patient does not complain
more or leu, that he ia net so capable of businesses foruie . l v. il
isgratifying also to witneu the uniform return ot spirits, an?
the disappearing of other maladies as the cure progresses.
With regard to the care of Stricture, on this sahject it is sal
ficient to observr (slid it isistatrd with confidence and plea
sore) that this is certain, free from pain, and generally accom
pliahed'in a v ery little time. So much as this could uot have
been advanced some years ago ; but such has been the itn
provement in this art, and such the practical experience of the
writer, that he can now accomplish the cure or stricture to as
many days as formerly it demanded mouths.
The writer also begs to state, that for those who wish to undertake
the cure themselves, he has published a little volume,
eali?d " The Privat' TVealiie," in which not only stricture,
but the cure of ail those delicate diseases which require especial
care and privacy, is directed iu the plainest manner. It is
advisable, however, chnttnose who suspect a strictore, if nossi
ble, should consult the author personally, and nothing willsur
prist thsra more than tha easa and certainty of hit means o<
care. Separata rooms, also, are arranged for those who mav
nave to wait a little.
It only now remains to sty a word or two on tha ground oa
which the public, and especially strangers coming to tK,s city,
may rely with confidence on what has been advanced With
this view Dr. Ralph hegi te state that, beside his rank as grr.d
ate of Edinburgh, die. be.?he has been engaged in the curt
of thsie diseases, both in hospital aud city practice, for more
than thirty years, and has published two editions ef a work ri
pressly on tnem ?Also that he has testimonial letters from the
most eminent physicians in K a rope to the most eminent in
Amencs?as Sir Astler Cooper to Dr. Mott.of New York,
Or. 1'hysick, of Philadelphia, and others, and that he is parmn'
lad ts -efiir to almost avary Physician of smvuecce in this
Ik Ralph isconsolted at his prival* rssidsnee. No. W Gross
wicb street, towards the Battery, at any hour.?He may also b?
tousoltsd hr post- The little volarae eoove referred to is oa>
dollar. m5 lm*r
AN individual only wishes to know the Riisht Wat to pursue
it: and there are none, were it surely nude known now
Life might be prolonged and Health recovered, who would
not adopt ihe plan. Evieence ia required that the right way i?
discovered. This it what thoie suffering from sickurss want
to he satisfied sbou'. K">rwhoto fodlall as not to enjoy all the
health his body it capable of? Who is there that wou'd not
lite, when his experience ran so nsuch benefit h'tnself and
family? It is a melancholy fact, that a very large pinportion of
the most useful members of society die between the ages of
.'hi tv and forty. How ininy widows and helpless orphans
have breu the cousequeuee of inaukiud not haviug in their own
power the means of restoring health when lost!
Now when we are afflicted with sickness, it ariseth from the
nati-nat. I'owers of the bodv not ha?iue sufficient strength,
in th? Natural Course of thf. SvsteM, to expel those matters
ur humors which have become useless, and whose retention
most produce isjury to the organism. For instance,
the pores are closed from checked perspira'ion : in this
ease, what shcu'd have passed out of ihe bodv by the rores
of the skin are thrown back upon the blood ; the blood thus
clogged in its circu'stion, remedies the evil, bv throwmg the
impurities which should have passed by the "kin, upon
the organs ol the stomach ami bowels. Now, if the
stomach and bowels are very healthy and strung, ihey exp I
the humors which the checked perspiration caused to be retain
rd in the hody, and no harm is done But if ih* stomach and
bowels do not hipien to be in this healthy condiiion?if, for
instance, the bowels should be id a c istive o r bound stair, the
matters of their owi as well as thoie received fmm the occasion
of checked perspiration, are again taken up by the blood;
and this Fluid of Life may be so impeded, as to produce
,?l, ... ... . ... L- a.. ,n it. pirn,I..
lion. and fev~r be the result. If the lungs hare hern previouslf
then ittflnmmoh'on of the /lings; if the hetrt, then
aneurism, or some affection of the heart, or Angina Peciorii;
if the brain has pre* ioualy suffried, ihcn inflammation of the
hrain If an injure hat been done ib time past to the body, and
the part wlirre such injury was 'one co .tiuuea weak, then
that raaT will be effected If Asthma has ever beeu a prevailing
cump'aint, it will show itse'f attain. Those who have
been inueh troubled with k'e"er and Anne, will be attain affected
by it, or tome intermit tin,; fever will take its plate.?
If it lie a rhild, thru the m-a?les, who< piue cough, small pox,
or scarlrt ferer may be expected. The impurilfs which are
strivin: to net out. but are uot able without assistance, will
produce that/orm of disease, winch the person bavintt these
immi-ities in him. is mo-t susceptible to receive.
Now all these dangers and difficulties can be prevented, and
she lone and certain sickness, by assisting Nature in the
outset with a pood dote of the Brandreth Pills. This is a
fact, well u' drr?'ond to be so by thousands ot our c tizent.
This medicine, if taken so as to purge freely, will surely core
anr curable d'sease. Thrie is no form or kind of sickne s that
it does n t exert a curative influence upon. Thus.hy their power
in resisting puirefsc'ion, they cure Measles, Small Pox,
worms, and alt contagions fevers. There is not a m dicine in
the world soahle to purify the mass of blood and restore it to a
healthy condition as the B andreth Pills. This makes them to
vslu-ible iu curing all kinds of chronic diseases, as Erysipelas.
Salt tiheum. Scald Head, Whi'e Swellings. Sore level, and
receut or chrohic enlargement of the glanus or otherwise,
f'eihaps the Brarlrkth I ii.nsre on* of the most Powerful
Ks.Rr.nrrs in Nature for the Cure of Rheumatism and old
< iseases of the skin and bones, for they . pen ami penetra'e into
the most inmost recesses of the body, and drive out all malignant
humori. Thrv dissolve coagulated blood, and cure inflammations
of all kinds, whether of the bowels of the lungs,
or of other psrti of thv body. Their Power is so great over
the Brain and nerves, that Palsies, Convulsions, (both in the
mother and child,} and insanity are enred bv them iu fact, let
any oue suffering from sickness use them auu oe cuied. They
are a medicine which have to be used to he appreciated. By
their usr aloae, all chronic, diseasr er uld be soon banished
from am?n< us Those whose prejudices will permit them,
will fiud the Hrnnlreth Pills a great blessing to th'm and to
iheir families. They should be in every house. They may
be just.y termed ihe saf. tp-v alvrrof Disease.
The same may he said of Brasidreth's External Hems:
DV. as an outward apolicatiru to all extern I pains, or swelling
or sores, it greaily ntsisls the eu-e IVhrn used where tht skin
it very tender or broken, it should be mixed with one or two
parts of water.
The External Remedy or Liniment end Brsndreth's Pills are
for sale at Dr. Brand'eth's Principal Office,24l Broadway; 119)4
Hudson stree'; 27-i Bowery N.York; 19 Hanover street. Bos
ton; 8 Noith Eighth street, Philadelphia, corner of Laigi.t aod
Mercer srs, Baltimore; Van 8chaac?, 44 Market street, Al
bany. Price 25 cents, with full directions.
Kxamine the Bos of Tills. Then look at the Certilicate of
Agency, whose engraved dal'o must be within the rear, which
evrrv authorized Agent must possess; if the THREE LABELS
on ihe Bos agree with the THREE LABEL** on the
Certificate, the Pi tie are THUK?if uot, they ire FJII.SE.
nil tlylkwy
TTOCTOR JOKDAN'A Specific lockages, No., l and 8,
l-r for the prompt cure of secret diseases, are not any new
tmatium, either of foreign or d"me.tic origin. but have Peru
fully tested for the lait nine year, win encouraging iucceu.
Kach | ackage coaiains every requisite for the cure of the.e
disease., properly adapted to the varied aymptom., arcnmpabird
by the Monitor a private treatise on aecret maladiea,
whe-ein i? every direction, with all necessary advice. The.e
packages were the original one. for (he .nppre.ainu of
qanackery, and from their well known popularity. have had a
host of imit'ton. Guarantee, in ca>e. where additional m-di>
inra are rtquired. ?o furrht r charge, made. P i-e $3 each.
Per.on.ordenegby letter falway. lost i>aid] tnmt ?ay|whether
the p<cliaa? i. required for goiorrluea or venereal di.ca.e.
The Monitor alone i. Ml cents. One collar pott pnid enaure. it
Doctor Jordan'* Specific Packages enable the patient to
make a prompt cure without suspicion.
Sold only at Drug Store 6tl Prin-e afreet, corner of Marion
street.a few door, ea.t of Nihlo'. Garden. Private entrance
and office, for consultation, B9>< Mariou street, continuation of
Center atreet one door below drugstore. mlMi 'n'r
portent with many people in need of medical assistance,
that they i htain good advice r> ivately and prnmprlv. All who
may thn. detir* to cnaault a Piofeaaional friend slriuld by all
meant obtain and read the book called the "Knbicon," The
f lurth edition, which hat been recently published, la much improved,
and enlarged to nearly three timev its former air.e, anil
< mbrace. many anbjecta and diseases not before ellnded to,that
will be rapecaliy iutereating to lema es, particularly man led
l.ulics, aa well aa those who ought to he carri-d.
Tne various lortna ol bodily and mental we?kne??, ineapaeity
and suffering whirli come under the head of Private Maladies,
are faithfully delineated, mil the brat practical m> thod of obtaining
sound health. It I. a work plainly and practir illy adapted
tn toe use of all tho.e who may unfortunately need its frit ndly
aaaittarice, of whitevcr age or act. That imrtion of the
work treating upon Impotence, Barrenness, and a certain tiestrurtliil
hahit of youthful inriiacretion, from wheere rtsu'ta
"conititntieiial debili y,n will he found both useful and instructing
t all Classes? it iaa friendly, ystsilrnt monitor where
eu.uai or aeiu?l d hitiiy has made tlrea'rniog nroads upon
the health or constUU'ion, and (Niints out not only the means of
i scat*, but tne certainty of restoration. The work it written
by a pliyiielon of e.periencs, (who is anil in practice inihi.
city.) It sh >wahow often psiei ts and others are deceived by
t.h* i utwaul physictl appearaucr?how the at enna'ion of t e
frame, pilpiiation of the heart, derangement of the nervous
avsteiii, rough, indigeatiou, and s train of symptoms indicative
of consumption, are often atcrihrd to wroi g c uaea when in
rrab'y ihey are the consequence, of an alluring and pernicious
practice alike deitmctire to the inmd and bods. The price of
the book la the .ami- aa heretofore, Sflcrnts. For tale by the
utlior at hia rraidenco. No 11 Birclay street, near Broadway,
on) at the following agenci a, which are drug stores;?
Sanla'.No 78 Fulton street, corner of Gold street.
'a, " hi, Willi m strei t, near Maid> n lane.
Si mi'a. " ? Kultoii street, corner of Water atreet.
David S nils It o 's, 77 Kaat B.odway, eornerof Markrt-at,
? V No. 63 Bowery, comerof Wa'ker atreet.
Dr. Churches' Dispensary, No. UK Bowtry. corner of Spring
'feet. , _
Dr. A. W White'., No. 146 Delancy .treat,coiner of Suffolk
Clnlto: No. 16 C.aual street. , ,
It will be sent mil ill a sealed ensel?|>e to thoae who may
sire so to order it rill/"
Ordeis by mail enclosing $1. di ee'ed to Bo. .67, I
post paid, will pay for the book, whicliahall b. sent immedi.
telj is dir. i i, i. Iitewite l oa "i post t" 5
OCS?'Th# in*i h-viog madc r. i ff <? I is
f lor a r.Hilar * apply ol Scotch, Knglish and In. . I otaioe.,
iggpe. fully solicit. Mic '''v,rj|,"Jf"bhoa'd'hD HBT,
341 Npr.ng stin t.
N B.-Deliraryd m any p?rt of thg city. m77 3t*t
to far excel all other
metiicine* ia the cast, in
the wert, in the north, and in
the sooth, a trial alwsvs prove*
its rirtnes for conshs, cold, spitting
blood, tiekliag or rising sensation in tbe
throat, bronchitis, whooping congh asthma.
weeklies ot the aerroa system, or impaired
constitution from any caose, and to prevent
persous from lalling into a decline, this medicine
has no equal ; a great number of the very best
testimonials ot its viitues may be seen by calling at
Dn. H. Swsvisk's Office. No. 54 North Sixth
street, Philadelphia. Caution?All preparations
from this valuable tree, except
the above. Doctor HWAYNt'8
are both
For sale only at
Drug Store.ISi Broadway, corner of
John at. Also? Swayne's Specific for Gout and Rheumatism.
m6 1m*r
Oft AAA LARGE healthy Bweediah and German Leeches
OUjUuU ?just received per Roland, Frinklin and Howard
from Hamhurc and daily expected.
35.000 Sweedish and Oerman Leeches, per Sir Isaac Newton
from Hamburg. For sale at the^lowest mrh^i jrrce^by
ml# lm*r Importers of Leeches. 44B Peail st.
A RE ail excellent Family medicine, and to perxoni of sedeu
xV tary occupations and habits, will be found invaluablr.be
iy of a mild nature, and very efficacious in removing tlie comSeated
and subtle diseases common to this class of the community.
They are also unequalled ia removing the numerous
aitrnira incidental to the spring of the year, arising from im
parities of the blood and other raases.
The .following are the exrlusive agents for the sale of Parr's
Life Pills, where may be had gratis the Life and Tiroes of
Thomas Parr, with two fine engravings. and first American
testimonials of cares effectea in the Uuited Stairs:?
James Aspiuwatl.Druggiii and Chemist, K William street;
Kushtoo k Co. 110 Broadway and 10 Astor House ; Abraham
Sands Ik Co. druggists and chemists, granite buildings, No. 273
Broadway, corner Chamber street; David Sands k Co. No. 77
East Broadway ; P.Dickie, 413 Broadway, corner Lispenard
street; John B. Dodd, druggist, Broadway, comer Bleecker
street; N. W. Bbtdeau, Bowery Medicine store, 260 Bowery
John C.Hart, druggist, 348 Grand, corner Norfolk street;
Syme's Medicine store. 61 Bowery, corner Walker street;
John Syme, comer Fulton and Water streets ; Horace Kverett,
druggist, 82 Hudson st; J. k J. Coddington, apothecaries,
227 Hudson, corner of Spring street; E. L. Cotton, chemist and.
apolliecary, 2SS Bleecker, corner Jonee street; J. Wend ore',
druggist and apothecary. No. 14i Eighth avenue.
Brooklyn?C. Wells Simons, drug, patent medicine
seed warehouse, 1MK Fulton street, ami wholesale at the t o!
pnetor's effice. T. ROBERT'S k CO,
Clarendon House, 384 Broadway,cor. Dunne St., first.floor
Small boxes 23 cents. Large or family boxes 38 cents.
Persons desirous nf obtaining an agency for their sale in the
eountry, will please direct their letters, post paid, to T. I e
Berts fc Co. letter bos 907. New York a27 Im'n
TMI'OnTANT TO ALL.-Uaddonfirld, N. J., April
A 1843.?On the 13th day of October, 1841, I was attacked by ;
severe iiaia in the sidy, in the region of the liver, which en
tinned some five days. The pain was then relieved bv tl
breaking of an abscess internally. Subseqnenty, and Hunt |
the whole winter of 1M1, '42, I suffered intsnseiy from If
same cause?continual pain in the side, eir-pt when temporar.
ly relieved bv a discharge of matter from the abscess. Darin?
all this time I was confuted to my honse, had a.violeut cough
raised much bloody matter, and was supposed by myself an :
others to be iu the last stages of consumption. The February
following, when apparently my life wa? near its close, I procured
a bottle of Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry. As soot
as I commenced the use of it 1 began to recover. The sore
u- ss of my sid- constantly grew less, my cough gradually left
me, the profuse rxpectorution and splitting of blood ceased,
and iny g ueral health became by degrees rest* red. I continued
using the Balsam, aud by the latt-r (>art of March I resuin
ed my trade, that of a carpenter, which my health ha? enabled
me to continue without interrupiion throughou* the past year1
will further remark,this remarkable cure was effected by [ho
nu of ,,,lie three bottles of Wiatar1* Rjllum of Wild Phemr
Gloucester County, N. J., is.?Personally appeared before
me. the saUkrribet, oue or the jutticei of the peace maud for
said county, Thomas Cozens, who bei'g duly affirmed according
to 'aw, taith the above statement it in all things true.
Affirmed before me.ahe 20th day of April. 1043.
A. William*, Esq., counsellor at law, No. 36 William street,
was cured of spasmodic asthma of twenty-four years standing,
by the use of due bottle of the Wild Cherry Balsam. Let those
who doubt this wonderful cure rail at his offioe and see him.
Jas. W. Woodrnfif. of Ehzibethtowu, N.J. was cured of
da grrous bleeding of the lungs by the use of onlyoue bottle.
Two justices of the peace certify to this cure. We have no
room to name any more of the numerous similar cases.
Price >1 per bottle. Sold at 123 Kultou street, corner of Nassau,
by Isaac Butts ; Dester, Albany ; (Joiham, New Haven.
a27 |m*rc
rpHE Importance which all ages have attached to the Head of
A Hair,is r clear index of the value set on personal figure,tnd
when by some capricious freak ol Nature the human form is
deprived of its fair proportion. Art is resorted to, in order, by
artificial means, to supply the deficiency. Hence have arisen
those wonderful discoveries which bid Nature defiance, Barry's
Veutilating and Gossamer
still stand pre-eminent above all others. Their peculiar light,
gossamer, and ventilating character, their being shaped exactly
as the hair grows; their elasticity, and their superior materia]
and workmanship, aa well aa their style of finish and arrangement,
all combine to form such perfect heads of hair, that they
must be seen to be fully appreciated.
The complete success that the abate named has met with in
the manufictnre of his unrivalled heads of hair for the last two
years, far exceeds his most san* nine expectations. He respectfully
solicits a call, coutident of satisfying the moit fastidious
thai he isthe best and cheapest maker iu the city. They can
only be had at 146 Broadway, corner of Liberty st., np stairs.
Privste rooms for fitting wigs and toupees.
m2 lm'tc
r\R. MELVEAU. office 124? Lioerty street, near GreenC
wirh street, whose great ruccess in the treatment of complaints
nriiing from the irregularity ot total suppression of the
menses, has gained for him so great celebriety.deems it bat justice
to acknowledge that much of his soccers belongs to the
truly wonderful effects of (lie Portuguese Female Pills, 'or
which he is agent, and importer for the United States. Their
certainty in all female ooslructious is surprising. (See advertisement
on last column of fourth page.)
Dr. Meiveac can be consulted on all complaints incident to
females with the strictest confidence. m!8 im* dyOwvr
hAUUUtt Tu thMAhLf.
4-vA inform ladies who with a proper deiicacy, havs a repugnance
is the treatment of their complaints except By ona of then
wn tea, Jiat in all coses she attends to tasm personally,h?r ex
Ssrtence, nsactiee and knowledge enables her to do so. Sha
etna it necessary to stats this, as she does not wish to ta
alaaaad with the pratenderi continually appearing and disappear
iug, advertising as "Fenala Physician*,* who too ignorant and
incompetent themselves are obliged to gel some scarcely leu
ignorant gaoek to eiporimout instead. Consulting parlors snd
rstidenee 141 Greenwich street, between CourtlaDdt and Li
bony stream. Hoars of attoadaaoo from > A. M. to t P. M.
al> 2a* r
I\W1NU to (be celebrity, efficacy, and invariable success *
" ' Madame Restell's Female Monthly Pall* in all cases o'
i.ToguUnity.iaapTeaaion, or stoppage ol those functions of na
f ir* nnrtn wkif K tk* k*aIfk nf anosw U .. -i? ?- -
their introduction into the United States, now about four rent
tornterteiu end imitations ere constantly ?ttempted to be
t aimed off for the genuine. Cheap common pills are purch&ce*
at twelve cental hot. pat ?p in different boxes. and called?
female Monthlr nQa, with theobiaotof aelli n? mem, ii
S Miible, at one or two dollars a box. Females ar e therefore
. artioued against "m ,e attempts to immue U|>ou Uiem. Ii .<
.affluent here to slate that all Female Monthly Tills are eouu
ietfeitt, except thcae told at Mad'uie Re?:elTi Principal 'Jffiee
14t Orcenwieh atreat, New Yora aud t Kaaex atrcet 'boetna
'"nee II. Madame Keetell't signature it wntten on the caret
efeach bov.
N. B ?They eaa he ued bv named or amice, by follow mi
the directions encloted inside of eac.^box. Sold elao be i ?
aointm-Dl at th Orand etreet eorner of Allen, New York
I'A?Tiieso a valuable Towdaiahave been 'Jnivereally adonis
Europe, bat France in particular, for upwards of Unrty yea
ta well aa or thonaaudaiu this conntiy, at beiu? the only mild
safe, and efficacious remedy for married ladies, whose health ,
forbid* a too rapid increaee of family,
Madame Rettell. m ia well known, wee for thirty Tear* Fef
male Phyaician in the two principal FemeJe Hospitals in Kurope?tlioae
of Vienna and Pari#?.where fjvoreo br her (real
experitnea and opportunities, she attained that celebrity is
that* (treat discoveries in medical science to specially adapted
to the female frame, for which her medicines uewetaudanri
railed, aa well in this country aa in Europe. Her acquaintance
with the physiology and anatomy of the female frame, eutblee
her?by iracng the decline ana ill hearth of married lemtlee,
scarce in the meridian of life, and the consequent rapid tee
often apparently inexplicable eaneee which consign many a
fond mother to e premature grave?to their true aource? to ar
rive at a knowledge of the primary canto of female indttpos
none?especially of married femalee?which, in ltM, led la
the discovery o her celebrated " Preventive Powder*.
Their adoption has baen the mean* of preserving not only
tbe health, hat aven the life of aeesy ea affectionate wife eat
' md mother.
The advertieer feeling tbe importance rf this anhjrci, ana ex
(.mating the veal benclita resulting to thouaanda by their ados
lion, would moat reeAcUully aroase uie attention of the mar
ried, by ell that they Sold ueai end dear, to their consideration
ie it not wise end virtuonsto prevent evils to which we are tab
,act, bvasimple and health f meant within our control. F.ven
.(passionate, virtuous, end enlightened mind wr'd uoheaita:
ugly answer in the smrrnative. Price five dollar* a ?*ekag.
accompanied with foil and particular directions The;
can be forwarded by mail te any part of the I nued Hup t Ai
letters most be poet paid. and eddreeaed to V1ADAMS: KKf
TELL. Jamais Physician. Ptincipal office. Ut Oternwitk
street. New York. Office hours Irom 1 A.M. ?o? . clock I'.M
M .etonoffice No. 7 E?ec? f ate <a*r
i^RMAL'. PHYSICIAN. Off ce and reai.lei.ee, 141 Uittt
? wieh street, betweex Oonrtlandt ud Lilcrtv. streets. whore
the can be oonsulttd with llie airicteat eon'idene* on earn
plaints incident to the female frame
Madame Re*lei I (experience and knowledge in the treatmoat
of obstinate case* of female iriepularuy, stoppage, suppression,
kc., is each it to roqnire bat e few devs to effect e perfect
,are. Ladies debiting proper medical attendance dunna ooei
ueinent or other in<riapc>tition, will be accommodated auria>
iseli time, yrith private and respeemble board.
"Preventive Powders,'' for married In*its, wt >*e it
t este or precarious health forbids e toe rapid increaseo famh*,
will be sent bv mail to anv pert of the United States. Tries
M e package. All Letter* (poet paid) addressed to ' box M,
New York. Boston Office. No i Kate* atreet."
N. B.?Madam# REBTELL would inform ladies residirg
at of the city, whose health would notadmi4 of travelling,urn,
lie woald .le rote Iter personal attendance epon them in any
>artof the United States within reaaonahle dulance. al0 3m?
.. m r-v m nunvinoiir. M D.. LISCOiS. P * KTITf4AL
PHE 5eiMttft"eombin*lion of' ingredient* of which diae*
I Pills we eomppaod, haae m*do theft the wonder and admi
ration of the worT8. TheJ are known all OTei Europe to ba
tie onli preparation ever diaeovered Mat haa proved invariably
- rrtJn^n prodoclM the mo,.v.,It ton,. The,: certainty. in afl
(11Vi, being ?oeh that the* mn.t not be aaad dnnng pregnancy,
f "^honghalwaya miW, **f'. and healthy, they are certain to
?>odace miaearriaae if nicd during inat period.
' The direenona are translated into Kngliali .and are enveloped
iend with the aeal of the importer, atamped Each boa*aon|
.na the .ignature of M. de Bi udeloane, am' the Engliah di
h?"e the aisnatnre of Dr. /\i4lVEAU. aethoriaed
- east fer the eentinent of America.
They eat) be tranamittro by mail to aay pan of the United
state*. Sold by Dr. F. Mrlrean, agent and importer for the
United State*, office 1/9 Liberty itreel, near Orn-nwicli street.
I'riee $4?hall boira $3. No nalfhoie. aent by mail. Hold,
lao, by appointment of r F. M., at 130 Cherry ilreet, near
Uitherineat Letter* directed to Dr. P. ivlelreao, ihii M,
,, on. will m*M with immediate attention AH letter*
e be roat paid. mIO Imrtfcw
Tsg Naw Yona Hnnat.n A daily paper, turned every
ryomin* of the week?price fw? cm It |ier ropy. Connfry inV
.inhere liumaned at the .nine rata, lor auT *|ie. Be period, on
a remitnice in adyanc# No paper writ, mile, mid in advance
Twit Wvnai.T Hanai.n? leaned evecy Satnrday imirnm* at
oin# o'eloch?price tix and ai/mtrlcr emit per copy?Inrnithed
10 ruin r' aabvrribe/a at *1,44 tie? annnjii, in ailaiuae.or at tb*
v.ine ra a for any apecifted nenod,
Uaaair.aaiaw ar* rniiiiad it 4 vdraa* 'Hair Ivttari ta
1 iSRNS MAMW ami '

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