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The Marry Heart
I would not lro? the ?i? require
I'he ?u-n?>?rertheir learned lore;
Nor would I ft\?m the rich Jmim
A counter of thoir wtoro?
For 1 b-ve ?**? and I hivo wealth.
A?d I h4*?spiriu light a* air;
And "loro th.m urisdem, more than wealth?
A mrrrj imrt th >t laugh* at car*.
LiK? other d ortaif of my kind.
Pro strut? led for Dane Fortune'* faror ;
And *o?wiir?-* hare Mn halt inclined
To rate herf>r her ill-behavior.
But life wai kbort?1 thought it lolly
To lose its nu.nruts in Wapair ,
So *l>p aside from melahohuly.
With merry heart that laughs at care.
An ! once, *tia true, two witching eye*,
Surprised me in a luck lea* aeaaon,
Turned all my mirth to lonely sighs,
And quite subdued my better reaaon ;
Yet 'twaa but love could make mo grieve,
And love, y?u know, i* a reason fair,
And much improved, a* I believed.
The morry heart that laughed at c*ro.
So now from idle wishe* clear,
I make the ron.1 I mar not find;
Adown th<i I gently ?t?>er.
And ?hi(t my ?ail with every wind,
Ani half by nature* hall by reaaon.
Can still with pliant heart prepare,
The man attuned to every season,
Tba merry heart that laugha at care.
Tet wrap ine In ycur sweetest dream,
Ye social loeii'igs ot the miad,
aire. soaaetimea five, vouraunny gleam,
And let the rest good humor find,
Yp?. let me hail an! welcome give,
T" every jay my lot may ahare,
And pleased and pl -s iug let me live,
With merry horn that laugha at care.
Domestic News.
Main* Election.?We have a few returns,which
wi* subjoin, from the Stale of Maine.
Portland (without the Island?) gives Anderson,
(iem ) lor Governor, 704; Robinson (whig) 767;
Abolition, 188 For Representative to Congress,
Uunlap(dem.) had 098 ; Little (whig) 750 ; Fessenden
(ab.) 149. The Argus Extra states thatDunlap
is elected Representative to Congress (or the Cnniberland
Diatript by a very heavy majority. The
same authority slates that the Democratic Senators
in me county are ei?-ct? n oy a large majority. i^ape
Eliz ibeth gives 2?S for Andersou, nnd 24 for Robinson
; Gorhara, 238 tor Anderson, 129 tor Robinson,
ami 81 scattering. Btunswiok, 191 for Anderson.
201 for Robinson, and27scattering. Falmouth, 124
tor Anderson. 114 tor Robinson. 32 scattering. N
Yarmouth, 98 tor Anderson. 229 for Robinson, 105
scattering. Westbrook, 375 tor Anderson, 101 tor
Robinson, 20 scattering Kennebunk Port, 148 for
Anderson, 79 tor Robinson. Kennebunk, 123 tor
Anderson, 111 tor Robinson. No Representatives
are elected in Portland ; Cape Elizabeth, Gorham
and Falmouth, have chosen one democrat each. In
WeBtbrook there was no choice; N. Yarmouth 1
We learn that the vote of Bath for Governor,
stands 36 for Aadersou, 310 ior Robinson, and 113
for Kavanogh.
Wester* Ratlboad.?The receipts upon this
great thoroughfare up to the 2d ot September, were
fr>m passengers, $180,426; freight, $150,079; mails,
$14 595; tMtal. $345,100 Iu the tame time last
yf-ar, $177,577 were received from passengers,
$121,162 from freight, and $12 484 for the transportation
?>t the mails; total, $311,222. Trie increase
of r? ceipts over las! year is $33 877, besides making
up the arrearages prior to the first of May, when the
receipts wer^ $5 029 short ot last year. This is a
good result, and especially bo when it is considered
that nearly all railroads in this couutry or in England
have exwrienced a falling off in receipts, and
onlv been enabled to make their uiual dividends by
serious reductions in the expenditures, salaries, See.
The last semi-annual meetings of the Birmingham,
Manchester, and Great Western Railroads, show
thes> t ictson the other side of the Atlantic; and the
Lowell, Kastern, Worcester, and Providence, with
us, in their semi-annnal accounts, confirm the gene,
ral statement.?Loston Post.
The Roston Tremont Journetme* Tailors ?
Five hundred assembled at Washington Hall, on
Monday morning, and were addressed by Mr. Goalback
and others, who showed them the necessity of
being united, and enlisting the press and the public
in their favor. The executive committee's report
stated the receipt of ?70 from employers, unsolicited,
and other contributions. It was further announced
that there would be a meeting ot tailoresses and
seamstresses at the Marlboro' Chipel on Tuesday
evening. Piecemasters, both in town and country,
have contributed to lue BUpport of the movement;
and tlifl same determination as at first prevail, not |
to relinquish 'he cause until it is completely successful.?Post.
An l xampls to Firkmew ?The directors of the
ludepeutieni hire Com,><iny, of Baltimore, give notice
ihat they will htrest all minora who run with
their engine, aud attempt to create a disturbance.
\ Monstkk.?We l< arn from an English paper,
that a gentleman travelling uloug the road ue*r Cold
brook, had tug attention attracted to the screams of
a cnild in the care ot a tram^iug woman, who h d
two other children totally blind also with her The
cri^-s of the child were so distressing that he insistted
ou knowing the cause, but not getting a sattsfactory
answer, he forcibly removed a baudage from its
eyes, when, horrid to relate, he found them encased
with two small perforated shells, in which were two
live black beetles for the purpose of destroying the
sight. The woman was instantly seized and given
into custody, and, at the magistrate's meeting at Eaton,
commuted for trial. There is too much reason
to tear thai the wretch produced the blindness of the
ciher i wo children by similar means.
TMJE SUBSCRIBERS are prepared to make amngemant*
A .tit'i Ismilirs and single geutleiuea for the winter or by the
yar, upon reasonable terms.
Th? l'ricM of lhii establishment are the same as heretofore,
Tir: S; JO per day. BENSON k HODOES.
iS luir
! > CITIZENS.?UNION HOTEL, No. 18 llector street,
roraer of (rreenwich street.?P. Del* mo tie lias the honor to
i:l >rm Kit Ineuds a.iJ the publicgenerally, tli.it the p? t^enhip
hi-retolon. existing between the advertiser and J. Bonnard, has
be?a dissolved b> mutual cuum it, and that he h?i? rei>i?'in-d his
old (Mtabiiilimeut, situ lie as above. which has been occupied
by him for the past live ytwrs. Tlie Union Hotel has beeu
thorough I j r?-| lircd and renovated, and now contains as complete
a.id comfortable sitting and lodging rooms as can be
I and M the citv The cooking department u conducted a la
Kranctise, and most amply supplied, without regard to cost,
and the price* chirgeu to guest* arc in conformity with the
l:inn. An excellent l',tiU fl Hnte la msilv i?w??rv il?v mi 7 n!.
clock,for which the moderate price of 31 cents only is charted,
'l'hr advertiser hopes that his past eiertions and prant desire to
give salislaction. will insure hnn the patronage of his fellow
country'iieu, and of all gentlemen who may wish lo obtain
capital fare and accommodation, at the Iwtst possible eijiense.
al lm*ee
American hotel, new york-having compi*
ted the repairs and alterations of the American Hotel, sn
the adjoining house (which 1 have autieied to it) I respectfully
solicit Irom inv friends and the public a continuation of their
patronage. The situation is a> good as that of any similar es
tablishment in the city. It front* on the Park, and the Foun
tain is immediately omosite. The house has been newly carleted,
and every thing thoroughly repaired.
'T'HE undersigned, after a seven years' experience of the eril
1 effects revolting from large stores aud larger rents, is happy
to inform his numerous customers and ike community generally,
that he has tffec.ed (thanks to a conscientious landlord) a
leas? of of his old stand. No. 4, (formerly 5) Wall street, Mortimer
Bu Id.ngi, corner of New street, and for many years celebrated
by nis well known SION OF THE GOLDEN
FLEECE?a beacon to all w ho are in guest of good cheap and
fashionable garments.
To such of his old patrons who may hare lost sight of him
doriug his wanderings, heiuvites thfir return to the Old 8|>ot,
with the assurance of a strict adlierance to his well established
fume tut skill and punctuality. Of the public generally '.'solicits
a < ill, beim pr'-paied w ith an assortment of tine and seasonable
cloths, cas?imer?, ?e?tiugs, on. Sit., which hewilbe
happ? to make up lu the most faithful maimer, and ou reasonable
charges, for Cash Only. Th* same care and attention bestowed
ou making and irimming, as when the cloth is purchased
of him. C. B Babcock continues in the cutting department.
sll lmr Sign of the Golden Fle?ce, No. 4 Wall st.
to persons >wishing to engage thkm
selvfcs in 1 he dagl kkreotvi'e bl'siness.
F< A. ahtault, 2'Ji Broadway, 3d storv front win, op
p si'e the I'srk, reapectfnllv informs the phot rra,hic aitists
that, intending t" ?o to France in a few mouths, hi v? ishe?
t? sell, at ?er> low prices, (lower than prime cost),
JOW Frencis Daguerreotype plai.ee, No. 30 and 40, 6}t inches by
larg'wt apparatus complete, fited with chr mstic lensee of
s;, nic ies uiainewr, inr itui su- portraits \ large plates
and hali plates.
20 Complete apparatas for quarter rlate? and medium tia*.
fi chromitic tense*, inches 4nn?;tr.
13 chiouiatic Jenaes 3 mcbea
2> # otmcea of chloride of iodine.
'AtO ounce* pure cromiM
jii pounds drosulphate of aoda.
It* i graius chloride of gold
'jf) bottles of * new preparation r>ada by M. Laraboiiri, for
gilding the pictures
2WI bottle* Krencn Tripoli.
"ci bottlea m.i?r
ill bottles iodine,
Aud ? quantity of t?ifan stands, and material" suitable lor the
Tli* part of theee goods arrived by the latest "a?l>
and arc warranted lo be pore niid of the best quality.
.. "M*."? "*w ?npply of frames, morocco caaes, and a splendid
Diorama, wiUi2| views, made iu Paris by M Daguerre.and
srary eostlv.
LC7" ' ' a** to *all at 215 Broadway, Sd story and front room,
all ln*r
ANEW' ratejit Invention combining e<?g,?ee and economy.
in L?die? tlr -,s. halm, twdisse fitiiu* ami making 53
Market street, between Hamilton ami Cherry s r? is. Ladies'
drrssa* cat U|>?a the above principle, guarantee.! a perfect and
elegant lit. v? it?. i ??.l I > t ! K fume:which is an highl> oaaen
Hal III producing Ian It lass I garmeuu, also maile w nl, i,?at?,
and despatch, and in atrict conformity with the latest Parisian I
and Loudon laatnoua. Ladies measured at lliau residence if j
re |uiied Lad it's taught the above invaluable ait. and rights of
the invention to be dlat>n*ed of, hy the practice of which the
advei i.avi h.?> reilire.l a very htudsoine income, and instruction
< luireil in ti?o aaa> la.s>u??terms moderate.
v> anted Imm diatal f-H apprentice* and 2 improvers.
s 11 l ni" ni
ntxti li.lt'.i KaLIj FASillUN,
F O K <? b N T I. K M EN'S HATS,
- AL'TL'M.N?1H3.
NO" ready for ?\'e and inspection at hit old stands, 204 anil
Jffcj I ir? :l W lih Street.
1'. b.?Al?o, m elagaut est .runeet of ineu's, boys'aud children's
cap*, of la tile patterns all
HKKK-liV the- MM- .1, , <11 AM?I*
Slautftil** liijuar <>t Jolm R. Prwtton. thr*? doori from
T?nrd At?BU#, (??u! iid*,) in Mlh ttr?*?t oi superior quality,
Si *" ' *" 'ttsTTlVlVS:&
E L I X I R?" Or* LOVE.
In olden time, among the lews.
That tiiiui a second w il<* might chooee?
Whose first, by Fate's unkindly doom,
No children horn co Mw bis hoine.
Afflicled thus, the Roman
Prayed to Lucine, the midwife ? patron,
Kiypuw wive?. in ? " ? * er,,,!'t
Called to their aid the ^mU of lui;
And eveu now, rha meek Hindoo?
Warm as Iwr clime, and tender. too?
If childless i*fl" mouths from her bndai
Klim weeping to her ?enaewas idol,
ADd witli nised hands, ill accent* wild,
Peimoni Bramah for a child;
For well she knows. Love shnoi to bl?M
The Hindoo bed of barreimeaa.
80 much for lore in dare by-gone,
And savage customs in our own;
But say, even now, does Loire's commuiot
I) leas in or* land, a sterile union)
No. oft times conjugal felicity,
b thus disturbed?ay, e'en in TMli city
Yet may the barren, if they tTy
The means "increase aud mnltinly,"
With "Leva's Klmr" for her friend.
The childleaa w ife's repiniugi end.
Bat not tha procreetiTe power
Alomk, ia this Kluir'j dower.
Consumption's ills it will prevent.
With rigor clothe the impotent;
KlIIinrMi n wliattf'itr St* flat*
And all life s function* renovate;
Eruptions from the nkiu it chases,
Aiuf brings back beauty anil tin grace*;
'Ti? woman's trust?and ne'er deceives liar.
From Flnor Albus it reliefs* her,
Aud each disease. (with jWoikm ran, too,)
ller fair and fragile form is hair to.
Tl ?* are bxt trvths, who calls them Action
Shall have stern proof in contradiction,
Letters?all forms of attestation?
From the uvam of every nation;
With grateful missives from all <[uarfers,
Pejiniid by Disease and Quackery s martyri.
Thoasanils who lay, with flattering breath.
Almost within the jaws of death;
Now in their nightly prayers repeat,
Thanks to Life's friend, in Nassau street,
And sometime* name* the very number?
"N inety-tWO Nassau "?even in their slumber?
Oi. dreaming of Disease* ordeal,
Cry iut for the "Luciiia Cordial."
Persons ordering this medicine from the country, by seuding
a remittance, can nave it boxed up and sent to any iurt of the
Uuiou. Price (3 per buttle, or $24 per dotesL Also for sale at
No. M North 6th at, l'h.Udtlphia. ml Om*ec
the public a few nu^tt deeply interesting facts.?
J-yrst that the disease call J Stricture is of very
frtcuent occurrence and often exists in persons who are no<
in (he least atcare of it ; next that very erroneous notion
prevails respecting Stricture, aud that ignorunt advertising
people take a bad advantage of the erroneous notion ; thtn,
that there are three particular circumstances u-hich a
Stricture may he alwups known?and in the last place, that
the cure of Stricture is certain, free from pain, and generally
accomplished in a very little time.
With retard to thp first of those remarks :?
It is well kutmu that Stricture is the result of a badly treated
Gonorrhea. If, for instance, that disease is suffered to conti;
nue on from mouth to month to month, it slides into a sleet,
Now, there is no pain or incouvenience in gleet, and therefore it
is often suffered to remain indefinitely. But it should be
known that gleet implies a chronic iuti.imnfetion ?f the passage,
which naturally terminate* iu thickening, aud this thickeuiiig
at one part or otlier of the passage is stricture; and fur*
ther, that although itricture may thus r?maiu unnoticed for a
U'ngth of time, it is far from laying dormant, but is the hidden
cause of many serious maladies, not ouly of a sexual, but those
also of a nervous and dys^ieptic kind.
But what especially leads the attention oil [rom this duordei
is the idea that stricture cannot eiint so loug as no impediment
to the llow or urine is observed, which is quite a mistake. A
stricture often exists for years without producing any very
striking change 111 this re?|>ect; indeed a diminished or interrupted
stream of urine belongs only to the worst of cases,
aud it is to preveut this vary btote that these remarks nr? published.
The advantage, however, which iguoraut advertising people
take of this erroneous notion is very cruel. Kvery body kuowi
how men of this description swarm about this citv, and tint
they will sell their uosirnms as long as any one will buy rheni.
Now, it is a f.ict, .d one which every real physician will immediately
ackuotvh il<e, that all the medicine in the world,
alone, can never cure a stricture. In proof of this, nothing is
more common th.iii for the writer to he consulted by persons
who have be?n taking all manner of things?as colored drojis,
and lulls, and cordials. and the like, for many mouths together,
but whom, on seeing the real nature of the case, he haj cured
in as many days.
With a view of preventing these impositions, therefore, it
seems desirable to lay before the public a few plain circumstances,
by which a Stricture may be known, which can be
easily done : for although the symptoms of this disease are numerous,
there are three of especial import, and these three may
be slated very briefly?they are the following : The first relates
The manhf.h or urinating.?It has been already said the
stream need not be much diminished or impeded. But observe
attentively, after it is finished and the clothes are re-adjusted,
whether a drop or two will ever steal away, so as to wet a little
?nothing is more indicative of stricture. The nest is
The Time a Gonorrhoea has remained uncurkd.?
It is difficult to say how long a Uouorrhma or Gleet may ran
and not produce a stricture, lor one is naturally more disposed
to stricture than another ; but, a* a general rule, if it should be
suffered to go on beyond >>* weeks, this alone would afford
sufficient groi'nd at least, for the suspicion of a stricture. The
last is?
Thi: F.ffkct a Stuictvrk mai VTOtt thi mind.?The
effect of Stricture is to depress the spirits and to lessnu both
bodily and mental activity. This also is one of the most common
effects. Not, however, that it is seeu alike iu every individual,
but it is common that the writer rarely see* a case of
stricture (and Vie sees many every day) in which the patient
I does uot complain more or less, that he is not so callable ol' business
as formerly. It is gratifying also to witness the uniform
return of spirits, and the disappearicg of other maladies as the
y> ith regird to the cure of Htritrow, on this sobject it it sufficient
to observe (and it is KaVil with confidence and pleasure)
tl.it tku is mtiin, free from pain, and generally accotn
plish-d in a very I istle time, bo much as this could not havi
been advanced soine years ngo ; but such has been the improve
ment in this art, and such the practical e?p< nence of the writer
that he ran now accomplish the cure of stricture to a* man]
days as formerly it demanded months.
The writer also begs to state, that for those who wish to on
dertake the cure themselves, he ha* published a little volume
c.lled " Tut Piuvatk Tkeatiie, in w hich not ouly stric
ture, but the C'lre of all those delicate diseases w hich nxjuin
especial care anil privacy, is directed in the plainest manner.?
It is advisable, however, tlut those who susiwct a stricture, i
possible, should consult the author personally, and nolhtni
will snrj.rise them more than the ease and certainy of hii
means of cure. Se|>are!? rooms, alio, ore arranged lor tho?<
who may have to wait a little.
It only u"w remains to say a word or two on the gronnd on
which the public, aud etpeciallv strangers coming to this city,
may rely with confidence on w hat has been advanced. With
this view Dr. Ralph begs to state that, beside his rank as graduate
of Edinburgh, fcc., he has lieen engaged ill the cure
of those diseases, both in hospital and city practice, for more
than thirty years, and has published two editions of a work expjessly
on Uirm. Also that he has testimonial letters from the
most i miutnt physicians in Europe to the most eminent iu
America?as Sir Astley Cooper to Dr. Mott, of New York,
Dr Hiysick, of Philadelphia, and other*, and that he is permitted
to refer to almost every Physician of eminence in this
Dr. Ralph is consulted at hit private residence. No. M <?i*enwich
street, towards the Batter-,', at aoiy hour. He may also be
consulted by post. The little volume abot e referred :o is one
dollar. atilu lm*r
NO CURE NO PAY. DR. COOPER. 14 l/uane street,
between Chatham and William streets, t?kt tins thud
of informing citizens and strangers that he has for the last ten
ve.ars Cijlinnd bis practice solely to the treatment of Venereal,
Nlercurisl, and other diseases of a delicate nature. Although it
is considered by a |>ortion of the medical profession as n sjiecies
of (juacliery for one of its legitimate members to advertise, still
the gTeat adsanture the unfortunate victims of venereal disease
derive from a regularly educated physician devoting his attention
to a particular braiuh of the profession, must be apparent.
Do von not tinploy a surgeon to amputate a limb I?to an ocu
list 011 disease of th.' eye '?to a dentist for an operation on the
tmth '?and to a surgeon noted for tile cure of Hyphilis when
you are troubled with Venereal ? And you do so from the fact
that those men are iwrfect in this branch, because they ouly
practice at it. Dr. Cooper spent years in a celebrated Lock Hospital,
and has for ten years enjoyed the most eitensive practice
in this way of any medical man in New York. Ilecan cur?th?
most aggravated cases of Syphilis, aud mild cases removad in
two to five days. The Dr. is a regularly educated physician and
surgeon, and never suffers his patients to leave until a perfect
cure is performed. It is deplorable to witness some of the cases
that are presented to the L)r.. w here the <lt*Mi?e his t>e?>n ilnvft.
into the system by quacks, to bre.ik out a?ain in the form ol
spots and i>lcers om (lit-body, j>ains ill the joints, sore throat,
11 iicht mfflU and emaciation. Tht Dr. will in mry cur wurant
a cure, or makr no chars*.
STIIH TUJtE.?Dr. Cooper ha* discovered a new method,
by which he can cure the worst form of Stricture in from one
to two ?*lu, with scarcely anv pain to thr patient. I notation
of the urethra, or prostrate Kland, or of thenerk of the Madder,
are sometimes mistaken for Stricture by general practitioners
and charlatans.
CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY, sometimes called Seminal
Weakness, brought ou by a secret habit indulged in by
young men. '1 his i?, where too freely indt>Is d in, the greatest
enl that can befall man; for it begets disease of the heart. consumption.
dyspepsia, emaciation of the frame, and tinally ends
incomplete idiocy. Dr. Cooper will effect a radical cure in
men case*. and restore the constitution to its original vigor.and
that by a mild and simple course ol medicine. A cure warranted
in every case, or no charge. Tost paid letters, describing
complaint and enclosing S3, attended to. Patients attended in
hotels or b '.irding houses. Office otien till 10 at night, lteinemlier,
14 Duane street, betwmo Williain and Chatham sts.
I Im'r
Vf ADAMK CO>>l r.l.UO?Female Periodical Pills?Guar
l-'A auterd in every c?? w?v i- monthly |>eriods hare !*
c?me irregul ir fri>i? ci.ldj, Jic Their certainty of action hai
long been acknowledged by the tr-dical profession, and hun
dreds that hare uselessly tried various boasted remedies. Car<
is sometimes neceanary to their uu ; though they contain ni
medicine detrimental to the constitution. Advice given gratii
to all those w ho use the Pills, by .Madame Conlello. 34 Lispenard
street, between Walker and Canal, where the Pills are sold
Price SI per boi. au29 lin'm
A desideratum in dentistrvi
cor , of WHITE STREET, has a Paste for
tilling Jwsyed Hollow teeth. It evi lie put into the ?<tsi teuilv
teeth w ith ut an; jmiii or inconvenience, with which it he<v/in?e
impacted into (INK hird solid body, thos restoring and
rre?-rviug 'li!,;.-rto [-sinful and useless teeth) artificially WMj
and i?rlect in all their <e. iwfire uses for I ila?prevent leg IN
ALL I AS, tlie ueces?it\ of extraction. Ladisa the most
distinguished in society, offer their t'-ati'momals in the most
vivid terms, as to lis efficacy. The Editor of tlie Evening Post
says " It is adjniraMy adapted for tender teeth and MfTOU
persons and_ L?r.< astle o|?-rates on the teeth with great care ami
abilit> ' Thi New York Aurora sa\s " It laakea ths te. tli
in all resp-cu perfect for life." The Sun says Dr. Cattle has
obtained rrfc': celebrity for his eicellent mode of filling the
t?eth." 1 i'?. Tvost eminent gentlemen of the Medical Faculty
hare persuu^liv tried and recommend Dr (.'aatle's Paste foi
filling the f eth. Tooth-ache pills, one of which put in fth?
aching tooth will effect a lwrmanent cure.
(Krom the Journal of Commerce.)
A C f astle haa replaced by a most ingenious piece of dental
mechanism, the Inat tortious of tlie upper and lower jaw bouea,
shot away in the caae of Lieut. S , of the U. S. N., win:
met with this uriilde and severe casualty, while in pursuit ol
the Indians in Florida. We liave s>?si letters from Lieut. 8
confirmatory ol una extraordinary cure ana iu emire ?uccea?
tint lli* I jsi ill [hciv imjiorUut oricuia to skilfully replaced by
l)r. C.iatle it now no mure a source of regret to the Lieutenant
Dr. C. insert* artificial teelh ou the principle of adlieaion by at
uiospheric pressure. Dr. A. (.. < anile refers to the Spanish,
Kreiich and hnxlish Ambassadors, All tttouiihiou, the nikuiuh
, Cousitl Kmr Admiral Walton, L?rd Mor|icth, Ow. McCarty,
<iwt. Maaon. Dr. K. I, . Johnson. President of the Medical Hociety,
S N. V.; Mr?. (.eneral <kinw, J. B. Beck, M. D ; Dr.
J A. Sin.th, Dr. K Delali. id, Dr. B.-adle, Dr. Boyd, Dr. Bo.
iter, Dr. J. I ,< Im-amau, Dr A. H. Htepheaa, Dr. J. Torry.
In-., Dr. W? (iraykou D Dfrrm*, kc. k u Ofnc J?i
I H">ndwi>y. ,U2H tw'r
A "J'M' IA^,TKI:th ON atmosphkric PUKSI
,V . ''v.W1."' K" 'Vjmprovemenu, altogether iieculiar to
liimsell. by Mr. Lfe.V K I T, Dentist, zoo Broadway, entrance in
warren ?treft?the iutiodiarrr of the above principle in thi>
country m u,e jen nr?. r '
r rum ' lw Newt \ ork Lancet, vol. lit, |>ag* rod?Protfreai ol
| I. ? J Denial 81 icnce.
liaift 51*1,**? ?",-tH'n to III,d that the Science of DenI
ill " ' t'r'j|<r?M in tint c ountry. Many
valuable ,mpro?e?e*t, hare of fate been introduced amount
thein, tiial of inaertiU! teeth on the principle of At?oaph*rir
Pl?..ure as eminently worthy of attention. W* Iwliete that
to our talented townsman, Mr. Levatt, the cred.t Mo"?. of "
tjolurm* Ihu improvement, which haa deservedly received the
runivool appr.?biKi<)Bol nu-ij ol our prnfeuioaa] brethren.
The subscriber inviiesfch?1lMx"< uUifeuaauoa ot w? pubhi
1 m the* bore, in* lm+70*
: VJ-ORTH RIVF.U D18PKN8ARV, JO,* Hilton at., n?r
Oreenwioh. Doctor Morrison, mr*ib*r ol the Royal College
of Surgeons, Loudon, aud formerly Surgeou in tl>c British
Nsry, coutitiues to be consulted confidentially ou all diseases
i)f i prirstft nfttuiv, tud all thoia oiitmwiiii; lynaptnms consequent
ou iujudicmns treatment aud the imprudent use of quack
medicines. A rrguUr medical education, with an eitensiv#
practice ol over 22 years, enables Dr. M. to adapt the proiwr remedies
to the dilfi-iv.it constitutions, as well as to the vari' us
form* of (hose insidious m-ladies. Dr. M. is daily cousulted
by patients wnere the leading syinptnin* hare been ouly checked,
still leaving the poison to lurk in the system until it ultimately
develops itself in the deplorable shape of " Secondary
Hyphuia." In nil cases Dr. M. warrants a perfect cure without
mercury or deleterious drag, or hindrance trom business. In
some forms of the disease cures are performed in 2 to 4 days,
and in proportion with malignant.cues, or no charge made.
STRICTURES OK '1 HE URETHKA.?Obstructions in
the urethra, such as stricturrs and enlargement of the prostate
S'and, accompanied with much irritation, and dull pain iu
ose parts are some of the consequences of mal-trcatineut. Dr.
M. cures strictures in u scientific manner, promoting their .ibsorptiou
without any paiu. Iu some advertisements ou the subject
of strictures, the symptoms aae defined. This is delusion,
because enlargement ol the pros'ale gland, fcc., would produce
analogous s> mptoms. It is cruel to torture patients with bougies
wlieu really there is no stricture. Dr. M. is frequently
consulted where patient* uro injured by such an impro|<er
men are suffering from the consequences of indulgence iu a secn't
destructive nabit, aud whose nerves are further injured
from the use of nostrums and pretended s|iecitics, which stimulate
only to induce greater depression. Dr. M. treats such cases
on purely pathological principle*, and never fails in establishing
a cure. Letter* post paid, and containing a suitable, fee,
will ensure the patient medicine* and advice to any p?rt of I lie
Union, Uie Calculus, or W eat Indie*. Scanners should be cautious
in placing themselves under advertising Doctor* claiming
to be Surgeons, witnout tint reading their surgical diplomas?a
sure test against imposition. N. B. With one exception Dr. M.
is theonlyqualified advertising Surgeon in the city. Office
204)4 Kultou. 0|ieo from 7 A. M. to 111 1'. M. *12 1 in*r
~\vbtiMS h.iLC thousand?.
/">H1LDRKN are most subject to them, but persons of all
V ages are liablat to be afflicted with th?m. Bad breath, pale!
nes* about the lips, flushed cheeks, picking at the nose, wasting
away, leanness, pain in the bowels, joints or limbs, disturbed
sleep, frightful dreams, moaning ulu sometime* a voraciou*
appetite, are among the symptoms of worm*. Many are doctored
for moiitlii lor ?ome other imaginary disease, wlieu one
box of ShermaiiS Worm Lozenge* wauld affect a cure. Dr.
Ryan, corner of Prince street and the Bowary, cured a man of
worms that was reduced to a skeleton, and by only one box ol
Sherman's Lozenges : he is now as fat as an Alderman. The
Hon. B. B. BeardiTey has *aved the life of on* of his children by
them. The aale of over l,000,000of boxes ha* fully testad them.
They are the only infallible worm destroying medicine known.
Wlmt family will be with4?t them I
Consumption, Cough*, Coldst Whooping Cough*, Asthma,
and all affections of the lungs, will find a healing value in Shernai'a
Cough LsMngta l7ny saved th? Rav. Richard D? Forest,
the Rev. Mr. Streeter, Jonathan Ilowartn, Ks'^i uid that
wortliy old hero, Leonard Rogers, from the consumptive's grave.
They cured in oue day tlie Iter. Mr. Dunbar, the Rer. Mr. llaiidcock,
Wm. H. Attree, F.sq., of distressing coughs. They are
the pleasanteat cough medicine aud cure the aoonest of any
known remedy.
Headiche, Sua-iirkr.es* and Palpitation, relieved in from five
to ten minute* by Sherman's Camphor Lozenges. Person* attending
crowded rooms or travelling w ill find them to impart
buoyancy of spirit* and renew their energies. Those suffering
from too free living will find a few of the lozenges to disjiel the
hor.ors and lownes* of spirit*. Mr. Krauth, of the Suuday
Mercury, has reiieatedly cured himself of severe headache by
[ them. I aptaiu (.hadwick, ol the packet ship Wellington, has
| witnessed iheir efficacy in 4 great many Cases of sea-sickness.
They operate like a charm upon the agitated or shattered nerves,
as Sherman's Poor Man's Plaster does upou rheumatism, lumbago,
pain or weakness in the side, back, breast, or any part of
the body. Mr. H. (i. Daggers, 30 Anu street, Henry R. Goulding,36)2
Chatham street, Moses J. Ueuriuues, Esq., and a multitude
of others have experienced the wonderful effects of these
Plasters. Price only I2)f cents. Cautiou is neccssary to see
that yon get the genuine Sherman's Lozenges and Plasters, ai
there are many worthless articles attempted to be palmed off in
plac? of them, by those who would trille with your life for a
Dr. Shnrmaifs warehonse is at 10t> Nassau street.
A CURE GUARANTEED.-The Collage of Medicine
and Pharmacy of the City of New York, established for
the suppression of quackery, is now prepared to treat all diseases
01 a private nature, and offer to all those aifiicted w ith
these distressing nuJ.-.dies advantages not to be met with in any
other institution in this country, either public or private. From
the constant corresiwudtMice, and from private arrangements,
between the members of the College and the most eminent
Professors of the Medical Institutions of Europe, all improvements
in the treatment of these diseases are forwarded to them
long before they reach the majority of the ined.cal profession
of this country. All persons who have used the celebrated
preparation of Professor Ricord, " The Parisian Alterative
Mixture," can bear testimony to its being the moat powerful
remedy ever discovered for primary or secondary syphilis,
strengthening the constitution, whilst eradicating the disease.
Professor Val|>eau's discovery in his S|>ecilic Pills, for the
cure of gonorrhoea and gleet, has raised lun immeasurably
above all his contemiHtraries in this particular brauch of the
nrofessiou. With such celebraied remedies, together with the
combined skill of'tlie first medical men of this country-, the
College feel satisfied that the rood work they have undertaken,
" the suppression of quackery?' will receive the patronage it
deserves from .that portion of the public requiring their services.
Terms, for advice, all medicine*, 15.
Office, and Consulting Rooms of the College, 97 Nassau it,
W. 8. RICHAllDSON, Agent.
N. B.?Patients living at a distance, by stating their disease
explicitly in writing, giving all symptoms, together with the
treatment they received elsewhere, il any, can obtain a chest
containing all mediciues, with full direction for use, with a
guarantee of cure, by addressing the Agent of the College, post
paid, enclosing $5. je28 3mr
A FEW DAYS SINCE, I announced in the papsn of
this city that 1 had resumed the practice for this most
distressing disease, and stated also, that since the publicatiou af
my book I had made such additional discoveries a.i to induce
me to believe tliat I could cure the most obstinate and inveterate
cases, no matter of how long standing, since which 1 have
been practicing upon it, and find it to answer mv most sanguine
expectations in all cases: and 1 have now so much confidence in
its importance and utility in its effecting a i>ermnueut cure,that
I have no hesitation in saying that 1 cannot imagine a case of
dyspepsia, under my immediate care, that 1 ewnoi cure.
OLlVKH HALSTKjj, 21 Nassau street,
. si 1m*ec cor. Cedar st. and 7i Chambers st.
TMIE Attention of all clssses has been attracted to the nnJ
deniable virtues of I'irr's Life I'ill, and a vast majority of
- the people have evinced their unqualiiied approval of the high
, character awarded this medicine, and a'e daily becoming more
and more convinced of its efficacy in curing disorders the most
p opposite in their recognized symptoms. Hence the proprietors
have, from time to tun-, been obliged to enlarge their aatablishf
ment, and compelled to avail themselves of thecorabiaed aid of
[ mechanical skill and steam power, in order to enable them to
i measure out a supply in accordance with the demand; and the
s philanthropic ol every grade anil of every dim* will rejoice to
learn.that this invaluable medicine is rapidly extending its heal
i in.-inllueuce to every corner of [he civilued world.
Persons iron tiled with scorbutic affections are strongly advised
to Iry (hem *' tint time of the mr. In a few day* they
will see the |>owerful cleansing propertie* they possees.and thus
.t". induced to continue them.
\ II persons more or less suffer at this season from a relaxed
state ?l* the ivsiem, induced by the heat of simmer?a few
weeks course of the pills will clear off the sour and had humors
thus generated. Tin' liver, wlneh generally gnts sluggish, will
be put into healthy action, and be able to |>erh>rm the luuctiona
lllotad 10 it?the bod} altogether will be rein* igorated and prepared
to undergo whM> ver change the fall may bring on.
lhey an-sold retail at mo v. of the respectable druggists in
New York, and by duly appointed agents in every city and
town from Maine to Louisiana, Canada, the British province*,
Havana, the West India iilands, and Sooth America, iu boxes,
JO and 25 cunts each. And wholesale by
THOS. ROBERTS Si CO., 304 Broadwar.
Who beg to notify the sub-agents for the site of Parr's Life
Pills in the New England State*, that Frederick Brown. Druggist,
68 Washington street, Boston, is their agent, pro tem., the
agency of'remrge Rolierts hiving been withdrawn. sC linr
? * folio win! unprecedented reduction in dentistry is m.vlm
the celebrated Dentist, W. Thome, D D S., 02 East Broadway.
Cleaning Teeth, - - - - - - $100
Extracting, " T.,
Stopj.iug with his justly celebrated Mineral, 75
Single Tooth on Pivot, 75
i " " " Silver .... 2 oo
: " " " Gold 3 00
A complete set of Teeth on the most approved principle*, at
the same price as the above.
N. B.?Where e.itire satisfaction is nobcivan, no charge will
be made. 62 Kast Bmadway. a 19 lm*r
S'TOPP KD falling off, dandruff cured, Stc., for tbe low
' price of three shillings, by using one bottle of JONES'S
CORAL HAIR RESTORATIVE?Miud, neider, the above
are the positive and real qualities of this article?we don't
misrepresent? we sell small bottles that you may try and
know its qualities, without exjiending a large sum. It is
not a nostrum, but a physician s reci|ie to force the roots of
the hair to a healthy action, thereby causing its growth.?
Persons who have light, nil or grey hair, should use it; it
will make their hair beautifully dark, and iu time make
the hair crow dark. If this is used merely for dressing the
hair, it will make it(the hair) diiciously soft and silky, and
keep it so thrice as long as any other preparation. Give it a
trial, it is only 3 shillings, and you'! never use any other hair
preparation. You can s<* the names of the most respectable
persons who have used this w ith snccees, at the store.
Sold, price 3, i or 8 shillings a bottle, at the si^u of the American
Eigle, 82 Chatham stm t, N. V. Agents, /eiber, 3 Ledger
Buildings, Philadelphia: Redding, 8 Slate street, Boston; 57
State strwt, Albanv; 2U7 king street, Charleston, 'J. C., or 139
l ulioii street, Brooklyn- *' lu> ec
t'() l< K I.KtiS." HANDS. A KM*. &0.
'"PHE LOSS of Feel, and Legs no hindrance to the set of
1 walking?JOHN F. THOMAS, Cork Leg Maker, Ike
re?pertfnlly informs the public that hi* h.a returned from Phi
tauetphia lo No. <72 Water street, comer of Pike *t, New York
City, where ha continues to manufacture
od a pi an the moat correct and le.ut complicated,having, through
I necraaity, invented, made, and worn an artificial leu for forty
years, and l?u a manufacturer Air thirty-live yeari, feels confident
of giving satisfaction to all who call on him for Legi,
, 11 ML Arms, or Mm Common Wooden L?*-. .
i J.h. T. would inform those who hire hid the misfortune to
losa a limb, that the Artificial Limb pMHM th? following
projwrties, tit.:?
1. A shape exactly like the remaining limb.
2. A capacity to he dressed exactly like it.
3. A mode of adaptation to the stnmp, easy, sale, and nccoramoditinc.
having no bearing on the end.
4. A ki.ee-joint and ankle-joint, with a fleiion or articulated
, motion in the foot, having springs imitating the action of tha
I ranscles, moving the foot in such a manner that the strong taadon?
shove the heel and iiithe instep are wonderfully imitated.
All letter* must he postpaid. s<> tm'r
DIA RUBBER IIOHK is confidently recommended fo
) any purpose# for which leather is used,and is warranted to pos
J aas< the following properties
1st?It is perfectly tight under pressnr* of the Croton.
2d?It is made of the strongest fabrics, and will not mildew
to injure in the least, and re>|ulres no attention.
3d?It is not destroyed by coming in contact with oil or
grease, nor stiffened hy cold weather, nor can the rubber deeotm?)se,
as inferior articles are ill no case used. Should the
leant complaint he made of the Hose, not possessing the above
properties, it will lie taken back, at any time inside of sii
months from its porchaae, and other given in exchange without
4th?Coupling and j?t pipes will be attached without charge.
; Buyers will note that we are clearly satisfied that thai hoae (the
process of making which is unknown to any other iu the trade)
1 is just the article long wanted for leading water and mm?
j Other liquids HORACE H. DAY,
anl7 r Successor to Hoihurv I U 0.. 44 Maiden lane
TN the world is Winn's Irish Vegetable RELIEF CANDY.
A for immediately removing the following diseases?bowel
complaint, cholera morbus, rheumatism, pain in the baad, side
i and breast, scurvey, dy*|*p4ia, spitting of blood, asthma,
1 whooping cough, influenza, coughs, colds and consumption.
' Kot sale at 4t Carmine st, ami J."* Broadway, and 41 Divi'
?J iiiianii'm Wholesale Agent, 101 \Vfet_iL_
G/)LLKN~ KAI TORY K(Ml HAM-..?XI* .ul).rriUr
will wll one half or the whole of lot Woollen rai.'lory,
which i* loi i on thi I irn nptoD lti?< r, Mjf IBM#* nom
1 l.irtl"or<l. Connecticut. Tin- mill in in complete nitration, and
now Mulling SO yitrd* of liroadrloth daily, with water power
milieu nt for any reMonalileetiealion. Xhe ntyle of clot" ?nn
l?* *eeii at Mriiit. t offm, li miller It ' o"? Store, No. U r-?change
I'Uce, New York, where other more pruticular information
inay be had u to i rirw and term*. . .
New Hartford, t.'onn. An*. 31, 1843.
lU.MMi dollar* wanted, on nt lilac tory eeciirity Mtoated in
New liartl >id, ( onn.?nileiem at o |?r tent, pliable annuilly,
at the Mi-chan ic?' pank, New Vurk Kor particular ?ee Mettri
Coffin, Brady (It Co. 44 K(Change I'lure.
.1110t*m tiEO C. KKLLOOU
OPERATIVE SURGEON to the New York Medical and
I v/ Suruical liutiluh, liiay l>? touiultcd daily between the houri
i of Mil 1 o'eJocli. (j?c? TJ Chutberi ?wet lm*r
THE PRIVATE THXATISK-Thu little book iteelf is
/ deaifnod for thoM who re.,uir? a speedy and nririie ear*
for certain infectious <.in|Uint?, ud in which the bat and
mut convenient treatiu *. t in plain and fhithful manna. The
price ii $1. The piwit tdvrrtisemeut, however. is to Itut
th.it th* author lua now published the moat n.trrrating chaptar
?fli.it ou the causos which render tliese complaint* so obstinate
and liugaring?in the form of a (ingle leM.v, which ha supplies,
free of eljietise, to any "DC wishing it. Hia reaaoni for doing
this are given in the letter itself: and in tliu, also, will be aeeu
why so many jwsons suffer on from month to month with a
comj>laint which ia to prone to alfect the mind rt well aa function*
of tha body, and which is so easily and i| eedily cured
whi-u once its Udtnre ia explained.
But leat it should be suppoied that the letter here referred to
profesaes more than it really contains, the author ben to state,
th.it betide hu long et|?-rieuce, he has testimonial lettera on
the subject of his integrity and skill from the most einiuaut
physicians in Europe to the most emineut in America, aa Sir
Astlev (>oop?r to Dr. Mott. of New York, Dr. rhystck, of
Philadelphia and otliers; and also that he is pennittad to refer
to almost every ghvsician of eminence in the city.
Dr. llalph would also further state, th.it he is consulted on
diseases of this nature at his private residence, No. M Greenwich
street, at any hour, and thoee who honor him with thatr
confidence, ?enu tu the most complicated state of disease, will
bs surprised at the ease aud quickness witli which, in general,
they will obtain a cure. aull Im^r
TU8T Published, Physiological Mystariea and Revelations
J in Love, Courlshipand Marriage: an Infallible Guide Book,
IV- and linrln nil matter* of the utmost importance tO
tiie human race, by kugene Beckland, M. D. Translated from
the third Paris edition, by Phili|i M. 1 [award.
Among the matters duly cousidered iu the work, 'Matten
of serious importance to single and young mwried lmnons.
" The cause* of and certain cure for barreuness." ' 1 he arts of
beauty and conrlshiti." " The danger of solitary practices, and
how the habit may tie removed, and its effects cured," " i lis
cause of lore and jealousy, with infallible remedies for radicating
from the mind the seeds of a hopeless or an unhappy passion."
" Offspring, w ith newly discovered modes based on scientific
principles, lor the prevention, or propitiation thereof."?
" Intermarriage.'' " Liress, with the form and colorsmost becoming
to the various shape* and complexions." "The most
auspicious season for wedlock." " And most other matters of
interest iu single and married life, as relate* the principal sub
jects above noted."
Kor sale wholesale and retail, at IDS Nassau street. New
A post paid order enclosing $1, directed to HOLLAND St
OLOVF.R, New Vork city, will procure a copy of the work
being sent to any port of the Uuited tf'ates, or the Canada*, or
three Copies will be sent for $2.
Twelve copies will be sent to one address for $7 None but
franked or poet paid letten taken out of the post office
CAUTION?A work professing to be tlie above but wkick
is a mere catchpenny, has beea published and |ieddled about the
streets. The genuine work can ouly he had at Holland & (Dover's,
the holders of the copyright, at tlie office ol the Cynosure
102 Nassau st, one door from Auu street.
aal2 lmdftw*ee
\f ADAME COSTELLO, Female Physician and Graduate
a* MUwilt, offer ?V? iprefaeeieu# lser?.?es u the ladies of
this city and country. Having had lotag experience and surprizing
success in the treatment of diseases incidental to her sex,
apprises Indies on the point of confinement, or those suffering
Iroin suppression, irregularity, obstructions, kc. that she will
l>e happy to afford a comfortable temporary home at her residence,
where '.iiev can always have the beet medical treatment
and the moat matronly care mid noriiug, or if prefermd. will
wait on and attend tnetn at their own houses until perfectly recovered.
Maaame particularly begs to impress on the minds
of the delicate, tnat she officiates personally in every case, so
that hesitation or dread need never be apprehended.
N. JV?Madame ( ostello would iuform ladies residing oat of
the city. v, hose health would not admit of travelling, that she
would devote her personal attendance ui?on them iu any part of
the Uuited Htatea withiu reasonable di-.tnnce.
Madame C. can be consulted at her residence, 34 Lispenard
stnvt, at all time* and vi ith the strictest rrgard to the wishes of
her patient* All communications mid letters must be post paid.
auZ'J I in- in
FIS IMPORTANT with many peopttin ne**i of medical
assistance, that they obtain the bestadvice privately and
promptly. All who may thus desire to consult a professional
friend, should obtain a little volume called the "Hubicou."
The fourth edition of this work, with engravings, has receutly
been published. It Ls much eularted and prcatly improved, embracing
many subject* of interest and symptoms of disease uot
before alluded to.
The various forms of bodily arid mental weakness, ineanivcity
anil sutferiug, which come under the html of Private Maladies,
ari' faithfully deliue.ned, and the best practical method of obtaining
sound health: it is a work plainly and practically
adapted t.i the use of all who may unfortunately need its {nana
ly^issistance, of whatever ax* or sex?that portion of ilia work
treating UMQ Impotence, and a certain destructive habit of
youthful indiscretion, from whence re?u!t "constitutional debility,''
will lie fotoul both useful and instructing to all classes
?it is a friendly yet silent monitor, where sensual or sexual debility
has nwde tiireateniug inroads upon the health or constitution,
and pointi out uot ouly the means of escai>e but the certainty
ol restoration.
The chapter ou stricture ii worthy of particular attention,
and should be read by every one. The author's method of treating
this complaint is without paiu, and affords a positive unconditional
cure, re>{uiriuK generally ouly a very short time in
its accomplishment
'Pi,? i >ri >,r Ih^ UnnW ia \A renra. Sold hv the Author. No.
11 Barclay it, near Broadway, and at the following agenciee,
which art- drug stores, vn
No. 86 William it, near Mauler. Lu>.
No. 79 Kulton st, cor of Gold ?t.
No. 77 Kast Broadway, cor of Market at
No. 188 Bowery, cot of Spring st.
No. 146 Delancy it cor of Suffolk it.
No. 89 Canal st.
No. ? Kukon it cor of Water it.
The work is written by Dr. Gregory, who ii still in the practice
of Ins professi-m. at No. 11 Barclay it?w liere he may be
consulted cotldentuilly any day iu the week at all hoars of the
day or evening.
Doctor Gr.?qry deems it worthy to remark, that he has
often been npplied to for relief hy patients, who, having bee:i
treated for the ctjui'daiiit, vere discharged as heme cured, and
tliemseivee were >! pii:uu that it was really so. A few days
elapse. and the disease l*i{iiij to show itself again; in some instances
only occasionally; in othera again the relapse is permarieeit,
ind-iring at length a c'iroilic inflammation, attended with
other visible effects, which it would he indelicate to describe
in an advertise:,ient, but which will be recognized rrftdily by
ever/ one s? atfli> ted. ft i. iiirli state of tliiujis as tliis that
terini late in stricture, a. J u n by surgical ineana only that a
stricture can ever he permanently removed. Not so, however,
with the chronic iiillammaliou or rather induration; for in this
stcrge of the malady there is a care, and that too by mild and
simple means. Doctor Gregory is proud to say that lie has discovered
and brought to his aid a remedy never before used in
these eases, which has proved successful in every instance
where it has l<eeii applie<l. and has effected cures in c.utes of from
3 to 14 years duration. This announcement is not made through
motives of vanity and love of boasting, but simply to inform
those iu need of tiie remedy where it may be fouud. Tnoae
seeking Dr. Gregory will liuu hiinat his own house (uot a drug
store), No. 11 Barclay itreet, near liie Park, until a late hour
every evening.
!L r" Persons at & distance lending $1 by mail will have the
work (in iheau) promptly forwarded to^uieir address as per
order. mi 12 lm*ec
JQ1 D KO A D WAY.?Extract:?
"OX "I cheerfully comply with the request of Lieut. McIutosh.
to testify that he was invalidtd home u nntit for duly,
in consequence of total deafness aud discharges from hit ear ;
that while in New York, on hit way to England, he placed
himself under the Professional car* of Dra. Castle and Edwards,
Aurists. Under thuir treatment he recovered his hearing, and
haa returned to his military duty.
bigued, H. McNEVEN, M. D.
Surgeon to H. M. B. Forces, Jamaica
A sure cure for incipient deal'nisa, earache, onins, buzzangs,
or singing sounds iu the ears, collections of bard wax or vitiated
seoretious of the organs. Their acoustic oil has been a popular
remedy as a curative in all disease* of the ears for u|>wards
of twenty years. Offices removed to 3S1 Broadway, corner
While street. au26 lm'r
T^-ORTH RIVER DISPENSARY, 204? Knlton street, new
Is (ireenwic.h.?L)r. Merrisou, Member of the liuyal College
of Surgeons, Loudou, continues to be consulted confidentially
fr"m # o'clock A. .VI. to 10 l'. M. daily, on all diseases of a private
nature, and all those distressing symptoms consequent on
injudicious treatment and tlie imprudent use of quack m-Hlicides.
A regislar medical education, with an extensive practice
of over 22 years, enables Dr. M. to adapt the pro|<er remedies to
the various constitutions as well as to the various forms of those
insidious maladies. Dr. M. is daily consulted by (vttienta
wh?r? the leading symptoms have been only checked, still leaving
the poison to lurk ill the system, until ultimately it develoixt
itself iu the deplorable shape of "secondary syphilis." In
all cases Dr. M. warrauts a |>erfect cure without mercury or deleterious
drugs, or confinement from business. In some forms
of thedisease, cures are i>erformed in three :o five days, and in
proportion with malignant cases.
STRICTURES OK URETHRA.?Obstructions in the
urethra, sudli as stribtures and enlargement of the prostrate
gland, accompanied with much irritalion and dull pain in those
parts, are some of the confluences of mal-tre-Uinen:. Dr. >1.
cures stuctunas in a scientific manner, promoting their ahsor|>tiou
without any paiu. 1 u some advertisements on the subject
of stricture* the s> inptoms are defined. This is delusion?because
enlargement of the prostrate gland, Ike. would produce
analagous s\ m) tonis. It lit cruel to torture imtients with bougies,
&tc. when iu reality there is no stricture. Dr. .%l. is frequently
consulted where patient* have beeu injured by such an
impniper course
men are suffering from the consequences of indulgeno in a secret
destructive laibit, aud whose nerves are timber iiijm,^' from
the use ol'uostrums aud pretended specifics, w hich stimula*. on
ly to induce greater depression. Or. M. treats such cases on
purely pauioiogic.il principles, miu never laiis 111 ewianiismng a
cure. Strictly confidential. Letters post paid, autl containing
i lee of $3. will ensi? prescriptions an<i advice; or for flu ra?d
icinss will I* forwarded wd a cure warranted by tbs P*;uat|.7
iug a history of his case.
Office 201}% Kulton ?t. near Oreer.wich.
N H.?W ith two or three exceptions, Dr. M. ia the only qualified
advertising Su|?OD in the c|ty. jy30 lm*r
'T'HAT IS,| warant one single package tocontain the medicinal
properties of six ouuces of pure Sarsapurilla Hoot. Person?
w ho are uk'iig Sarsa|??rilla for any disease, should try this. I
do believe that one package contains mor* real Sanapanlla, than
three or four bottl?s of tha pretended stuff' sold at $1. All
alilictad with scrofulous diseases, ileranRCinenl of the system,
in>I urity of the blood, fcc. should use this?alio with salt
rheum, scurvy, chronic rheumatism, pimple* and eruptions on
the face. kc. With the sensible reader, tins will answ er all tlie
purposes of a long, rl aming advertisement. Of one thing rest
assured, 1 here state nothing but truth. This Extract is unitilured
by heat. The machinery with whirh 1 make it, cost me
o'er three thousand dollars, Price 25 cents a Iwckage. hold at
the Sign III ilic American Eagle 82 Chatham street, ^iew Vork.
Agent*?3 Ledger lluildings, Philadelphia; i Bute street, fioiton;
or IJ9 Kullon street, Brooklyn. aulli lm*ec
()KK1CK, No 1% Knit".1 street ?Ull. KAWCETT. Metnv/
her of the Royal College of Surgeons nf London ana Edinburgh,
and Member of the Jefferson Medical College, of Philadelphia,
suthor of several works ou the generative organs, tec.,
routine* hit practice to a certain class of delicate diseases, in all
their various stages and complicated forms, the worst case* of
venereal affections will yield to his mode of treatment, without
restraiut in diet, hindrance from business, and without mercury.
t onstiturinnal debility, irnpotency, sterility, aeminal weakness,
nocturia I emissions, and all those deplorable diseases
wnich are lirought on by a secret destructive habit of inconsi
derate youth, and other exw.siva indulgences of the passions
which uudrnnine the constitution iiiiil lay the foundation ol
preinaiure decay, (see Dr. Kav celt's work on these subjects)
can be i.tdicslly em it, and the para restored to health and Vigour.
Htrii ture? of the urethra, emending as far as the prostate
fci i.jii Aim ij'm i* i h,p Q| ;i(jrr, ami wnirn are gvnrmnv |?n?uure<l
by the l>.<1 tr-uitr nt of di??*nnr, uu<l frequently t!??*v or?rf?Innr.
?Murbutton, c?n: l> radically cur??l by Dr. Kawcut,
at i% Pulton ..r.vt,
T. 8.?Df. K. i . the <tld*it advrrtmnR Fhyaician in 'theciiyi
nil diploma* from London. KdmhiirKli, Mia Philadelphia, arr
ihih4 u|> iii ' !.' Irani'* 111 liii (nr. wlwrn lilt worl?n run b*
ut-.irtwi, Price m) o ,(ii. ? "> lin*r
T" " "> Knintioiii ...I Hewn ify or I leir Pneolored Skin?
x \ ? il|.,< civfry in <: i . mialrt li.u? ??*n inmle Inwly
l?y H. ifiri n, mi It ilun cheiinti, for cnriac *11 eruptioni,
tnd lor rUtnuiiiK th* color ?>f d.uk, yeliow. or iltacolored akin,
lo * line juvenile and yoiitlil'ul cleimen?. lie haa madethiaii
the conveiiriit lnrm of a Ixuwtil'ul inn:* of ?oap, for any old
far a of eruption, mich *a ncnrvv. aalt rheutn, ery?ipe|a?,
it care* wonderfully; alao fri'cklea, Ian, aunhnrn, mnrpliew,
pimple*, liloti hr.., fci. Sold, wholesale mid retail, | nc till
cer.u .i cakt', ?i it>. Higiioi'tiir American Kaale, HZ Chath.iin
alrect, N. V, (,,iit one rriml only. Sontlwmi nierchanta,
captama and othera trading lo tlie aouth, mi*l>l make a good income
by I iknm a'111 (iii itV thither. They will In* allotted (;i?
well iu all otliera buying a <|aaat4ty)a liberal ducoiint. Never
bnythii unKa the tiuuriliire of T. Jotiet it on etch wrapper.
Acanu, Zeilwr, J LriUer Huiidiuga, Philadelphia; He'lding,
V buu ?UMt. Datum; in paiton *ir?w, brooklyn; 243 lir uti
am, N?w?k, NJ. il Jm*M*
1 staut supply of this Colynum. it can henceforth be ob
U,,,"d fmm l(" ANIAK W L A K R.M.D., ^
Opthalmic Sti.geou and Oculist. No. 86 Whitact.,
rut Jid? ol Broadway.
Tha pra^aninant and permanent beuafct derived from the n?*
ol ill it KyaWatrr, iiaring dm the approbation of nearly all .
who liare uaad it, both in France. Eugland, and thia country,
I do not think it requisite to make any ramarka upon ita a/hcacy.
An iIm agaut, 1 aui (ally authorized to aay, ' 11 ahould .
not meet th? niiectatioiia of the patient, it etui be returned, and '
Mm money will lie rafundad, aubjact uuly to a deduction for the I
quantity uwl iu proportion to the price |>aid, which la lOfr.or '
92 for on* os. rial with aya glaaa; 30 fr. or (t Tor % os. vial with '
eye glaaa,
Thia aya water, atreiirtheiis week ayaa. eaused by a /loae
application to atudy or Una work, and rawWa riaion perfectly
atroug, tha era brilliant and haallhy. _ '
It curw tha patient wlioae (iaiou haa bam weakened by fa- J
ran. maaalaa, enaaye of cliinata, expoaure and Inta houra.
, *'/! * c'aar aigbt to tha 14ad, by retnoriug morbid granu- J
latinnl fro* tha aya. I
It alforda alinoel immediate raiiaf in all inflammatory attacka 1
to whieh 1 ha aya la auhjact. <
It will reaore tlia mint inreteraw taifa of alirouic opthalmm.
It raaioraa in a law dan tha smoky appearand* and floating
annta whiah appear to tha ay* in toa nm ataga ofainauroaia,
chackmg the diaeasa entirely.
Paraoua uaiug thia aya watar ooeaaionally, will find their aye.
aaaumt a brilliant traiupereut brighuieea and acurity of metien
which will remain |wrm.mant.
By directing. aa abora (noat neiilV it >ill U !
auy part of thi Union. " ? "*7'to"30?rw I
No. 75 Chambers street. i
4 Great Debility. 9 Gonorrhoea.
2 Ditatuw Jl'tbe Heart. 3 5 Gleet.
u'ldur treatment, rapid- i Stricturio in ihu Uretha. 5 i
ly recovering. ?iider treatment.
4 Seminal Wenkueei. 6 Buboe* rural by a uew I
1 Inability to hold lit* Una* method of traatmeut i
2 Midwifery. 3 OuaBiain,
3 Secondary Syphili*. 2 Kluuimtiaoj. I
A Prim try ( Inner*. 3 Diarrhoea I
3 White*. 1 Hcrofela.
2 Purulent discharge*. 3 l's ii" l-sia.
1 Falling of the womb. t 2 Pile*.
under treatment. 2 Sore Nipple*.
3 Ulcerated Breast*. 1 Cutaneom Kniptiooa
1 Delirium Tremens.' 2 Dy??it?ry.
2 Primary Consumption. 1 Diseased Liver.
2 Aihii leay.
1 Deafness, 2 Curvature* of the Spine. 1
2 Fistula inAno. a 1 Fracture.
4 Hemnorhoial tumori ?e- 1 Contraction of the Finger*.
moved. 3 Tumori removed from the
5 Inflamed Taaticle*. f.?c*.
2 Hydrocelaa. 1 Club Foot cured.
1 Hare Lip 2 Operations for squinting.
1 Encysted tumor ramoved. 1 Contraction of elbow joint
1 Imperforate vagina. ruliuved by an o|>*ration.
1 A ilinnfiH tumnr remnral
from tlie vagiaa.
Attsudicg Surgeon and Physician.
Apothecary and Secretary. sfi lm?c
TNVT.NTOR of the "Patent" Strabismus a?d Ophthalmia
1 (ioule. Olfice No. 06 Whit* street, east side of Broadway,
New York. This instruueat is'certain in its operations, worn
and applied wiihout jiain to the patient, and the squint can in
?ery case be cured if ih? patient it not under three jears of age.
In regard to Dr Lake's general practice, as an Oculist, he Hatters
himself his practical wperience is 4a guarantee, implicit
confidence may placed iu hit professional ability.
Office hours from U A. M. to 10 1*. ,M,?Patients who can only
l*V for medicine
10 A. ,\1. to 1 P. M.? Patients at regular fee.
1 P. M. toi P. M.?I'aaca of Strabismus or Squinting.
The public can examine this instrument any time during office
hours. a7 to 311* r
Fcr the Speedy and Permanent Cure of Ganarrhaa, Gleet
Strieturee, Seminal IVeitknets, and Diseasts generally
c\f the Urethra.
nr?HF. class of delicate diseases which these Pills are so well
J- adapted to cure is of too common occurreuce.and it appears
that all classns of society are subject more or less to fall into its
malignant grasp, and, blasted in reputation and borne down iu
suffering iu body and mind, she victim of its progress is ready
to grasp at any thing tli >1 offers a reasonable hope of recovery.
Among the manv medicines and means of relief that are placed
before the public, unfortunately most of tliem are prepared
by men unacquainted with the nature of the maladies which
they promise to cure, and many of Uiatn are ignorant of the
lowers of the very medicines tlu-y are uaiug for that purpose;
and as may be easily foreseen, the result is that the individual
so unfortunate as to fall into their hands receives 110 relief, but
on the coutrary, the medicine employed beiui; perhaps quite the
opposite of what is required in his case, and the time that is
lost, only tend to tasteu the disease more permanently, nu in
upon the patient its most lasting and vexatious consequences.
It is or the utmost importance to the welfare or the atllicted
individual, that diseases of this class be si>eedily removed, and
alto that tney l>e removed with pro|ier anil sale remedies, otherwise
they an sure to result ill consequences the most dangeroas
to the i?Mce and happiness of the patient, by leaving a permanent
seminal weakness, stricture ill th* urethra, iunammation
of the prostrate gland, or some of the other very serious maladies
which iuvariably* follow a badly treated case of gouorrhona
Impressed with a sense of the great necessity that exists for
some sale and ipeedv cure, to arrest this di.ea.ie in its career aud
effectually put a stop to its ravages, the proprietor of Thomas'
S|*cilic Tills announces with pleasure that long cxparieuci in
every variety and stage of this complaint, provee that tle-se
Pills are all thai is required to remove thoroughly an1 effectually
from the system the lirst cause of this complaint, and by
gently exciting the parts to a natural actio'i, restore the patient,
from th- most aggravated stages of this disease to perfect and
lasting no Hit.
The?e specific 1'illa are n vegetable preparation, composed of
tlie active principles ouly, aii.i are entirely iuoxious to the most
lelicaie constitution. All who have been partially or imiierfectly
cured by other medicines, can Iierm.uiently establish their
health by usinira box or two of this remedy.
Agents at 79 Kulton street, corny of Gold; 77 r'.ast Broadway,
and ^73 Broadway, corner of Chambers street. Trice $1.
au U lu;*r
TAYNK'S CARMINATIVE BALfAM is a certain, safe,
" and effectual remedv for dysentery, diarrhma, or looseness,
cholera morbus, summer complaint, cholic, giipinK rains, sour
stomach, flatulency, Sic. Sic., and all sp.umodic and nervous
diseases, as sick and nervous headache, h j slena, cramp, he. Sic.
Krora l)r. M. L. Knapp, late Physician to the Baltimore Disnmiure
nnil Arrrtir fi.r ?Ke Ylarv urn! V _ cine Institution !?
t Al ti?inr.K, March 27, 1838.
Dr. Javne?Dear Sir?Yon ask me what proof* 1 rwet with
of tli* efficacy of your medicine. I can safely say that I never
prescribed a medicine for bowel complaints that has given me
?o much satisfaction, and my patients so sjieedy and perfect relief
as this. Whenever introduced into a family it become* a
standing remedy for tho*e ailments, and i* called for again igj
a?aiu, whic h 1 think a pretty good proof of its efficacy and u> v
fulness. Ill the summer complaint of children it has frequently
apix-ared tf> snatch the little victims, as it were, from ine grave.
'Tl saved the life of my child, and of such and such a child,"
I have repeatedly heard it said. In dywuteric affections of
adults, I have time and again seen it act like a charm and give
permanent relief in a few hours, 1 may say in a few minutes
In lint, it if a valuable medicine, and no family should be without
it. Respectfully,
M. L. KNAIT, M. D.
From Dr. Wm. Steeling, Physician to the Cnmberl&nd, N. J,
This may certify that 1 have used Dr. Jayne's Carminative
Balsam very extensively in bowel complaints, and have not the
least hesitation in declaring it su|>erinr to any preparation that
1 luve la-L wilii for the relief of these diseases.
Bridgeto*, July 19, 163#.
From Jonathan Going, D. D. (late of New York) President of
Granville College, Ohio.
Dii. D. Javnf.:?
Dear Sir?llavine made use of yonr Carminative Balsam in
my family, and finding it to lie admirably adapted to the complaints
fur which it is intended, I take pleasure in recommendlug
it to the use of my friends and tli- public generally, believing
those who are afflicted witlianvof these complaints, will
liud relirf in the use of this valuable medicine.
New York, May 20, 1837.
Sold wholesale and retnlat the proprietor's price*, by A. B. &
f>. SANDS, Driggists, No. 79 Knlton strret comer ol Gold St.,
273 Broadway; 77 East Broadway. Price 60 cents, an 19 lin*r
No. 210 Greenwich, corner Barclay street,
T9 NOW OPENING a oomplete assortment of goods in his
a line, which he offers at wholesale or retail on the lowest
terms that tliey can l>e purchased at iu this city, Agent for
Coopers' Olue.
Country merchants will please favor him with a call previous
to making purchase*. an26 lm*r
J. SOKlA'n
MR. SOUIA begs lenve respectfully to inform his friends and
the public in general that OWiag to the depressed state d'
the times, he liaa reduced his price Z5 per ceut below the regular
Ladies wishing their summer dresses, shawls, Ike. dyed or
pressed, will lind it much to their advantage by paying linn a
visit. Gentlemen * ill also do wail to call with such articles
of wearing apparel ?j may nutd dyeing or pressing. All orders
will be punctually attended to, and the articles doue up iu the
best style at Soria's establishment, No. 490 Pearl st.
His branches are at No 2J7 Bleccker St., No 342 Bowery, and
at 507 Grand st. Also a branch at 49 Fulton st. Brooklyn, and
at Newark, N. J., corner of Broad st, and Washington Place.
Merchants can have all kinds of goods dyed and put up in
the iroriginal form*, and on moderate terms.
Principal office490 Pearl st. au20 3m*ec
1S8 Canal street, Nkw York.
PNCOURAllED by the satisfaction given lince the opening
E'of their establishment rApectfully invite the attention of merchants
and families to their ample stock of superior Teas and
Coffi?, purchased for cash, by one of tli* lirm, long experienced
iu the trade and for years an insiiector of Tew* imported by the
F.aat India Tea Company, of London. They confidently recoie
mend them, uot only as the best in quality, bit as che*|>er, fro
10 to liper cent thai; can be had elsewhere. All orderspromptl
and faithfully eiecuted. nu8 lm*m
121 late 12H Chatham lirtrt, iVw York,
And IIS Fulton street, Brooklyn.
A<.?: ??:v, 318 BLERCKKII ?TR?.r.T,
T?Hr. CANTON TEA COMPANY crrotinue to offer for
1 sale new and fragrant Teas ofeveev variety and style.?
Their assortment s|"ecially includes the most delicious and
powerful gratlra of Onfti and Black. K ? * >' packiifr bmre tn*
I ?t inn ?f "fftMMi iui<l elftiftuc^, and th?? I thwin are go
tiinroiirhlr urcurr.l from fijiht and ?ir, that tnnr quality aii?
power will remain unimpnn? <l in uny climate. 1 hnr *y?te?i
of rro*rcuiiiig bii*ine*? !* perhaw, *carcely to Unwllra. It
ii n>n:ideil upon the Btm.nt to th? riil.t* ol the cnitomer.
e*peci*lly with rwpect to weight and quality, *id nnriralled
che?pne**. All purchaaer* are called npon to return any
article* which fail to ?it? them the utmost i?i?fartion. which
the money will he ch.-eii.illy and promptly'refunded. Country
merchant*, public establishment*, head* of lauiilie*, and ihipmuter*
wWl llnd it a decided advantage to ?opply themielvr*
from this e*Uhli?hm*nt.
UKNi'inr. Java C orrr* roa*ted every d.-y.
Order* from . II parta of the United Stale* neenfed with
proinptitudi and divipatch.
ft"/ ' Tin' only wan-lion** in America for the ?ale of Hon<]oa
* celelir.itiMl Black T i j29 1m*i i
J-J two door* iro,n the corner of Washington afreet, near
Cliaton Market, New Vork. Constantly on hand a general **
lortiT'iif of Sole and Up|ier Leather, HI irk Morocco and Kid
Nkin*. wilhP.*r, tioat 1 L.inbikin Binding*,Shoe Thread*,
Lasting*, < i'lloon*. Rihiinn* Diluting*, Limn and Leather
Lining*, JJoot lord and \V?bl>*, Boot TrM, La*t*, Hammers,
Cinceri, Awl* nnd.Tack*. with n full asiortment of Hhoemew?r*
Too'a,.ol the limit flit" <il i.litems.
.nl It* 'r ?. A H ItKN * **"1-'"''*
0"kkITk ok ./kkkkrhon insurance compan v
?OITi-e '*> \V ill st.i-et. Thi* company continue their bn
line** of insurance agiinst lo*? or damage by lire, on uoodf?
ware* and meichnndiw, and ;.l?o on ve**i-l? and thiir cargo**
gainst lots by inland navigation,
Thorn** W. Thoni#, tjmhii Rign. .
TUomm T. YVooili ufT, Benjamin It. flobiO?*
John it. I)?viv>n, KrancU I'.
Thornton I net Jonrj*|?
Jiilm II. I.iv, Jolm V..-Moor*.
M > *> * Tucker. Jam" J t
t C. Tunra, J^nr.H. Whitio?,1
Anooti OtkfT, '''Tii ??
*IK<> T, H<)PB^?w?*n (mui)?D
rtJUUB TOOTH WA?H-***<6ee *f i?jm| mn?
at No. y Gold street, Ntw Tclrfc?T!ie Oms Tooth Walk
j porWy a vegetable preparation, poeaeumc the properties of
leaning the teeth and mouth?restoring the sums to a healthy
itate, and preventing any unpleasant Uuite or odour in the ?
nouth, whetlier iniiui front diuvco teeth or from a deranged
gate of the stomach.
It ia designed to be MfJ with a tooth bnnh. and will be found
? supersede the necessity of a powder kroplng the teeth clean
mil preventing the weiring away of the gums from tlie teeth,
t II particularly awful in cases of spungy gums, leatoring
Ju'in to a liraltliy (tale, au<l causing them to contract around
lie tooth. In painful affections of tlie teeth and gums, arming
r..n? expoanre to cold, it will be found highly beneficial. It i?
mrticularly aerviceable to use the Orru Tooth Wuh at night
ust before retiring to rest. 1 his method ia recommended by
miner,t dentists, as by so doiug all particles offend which
iccuumlate during the day are entirely removed, and the mouth
lent through the night in a clean, sweet, and healthy state.
Sound teeth and white teeth are the most valuable portion*
if poor humanity ; but how many neglect the attentiou necsalary
for their preservation, even when lurrounded by all the
neans ueeded. Among these w* know of none more ple.asant
uid effectual thau tlie Orris Tooth Wash?it cleanses and whims
the teeth, strengthens tlje gums, purifies the mouth, and
iwoetens the breath. We recoinmeud its use to all young and
>ld.?(Boston Morning Post
The Orris Tooth Wish is the beat detergent we ere* used on
>ur enamel.?(Uestou Tesusoript
For sale by the pri.i u 11 rfuggista in the city, m4 r
DAS9INU ur> Chesnut street last evening, we saw a man bn*
lily engaged iu pusiing upon one of the trees opposite the
State (louse, a small wn'ten plsonrd. which having effected, tie
looked cautiously around like a tluef, and then decamped with
the utmost celerity. After lie was gone, we went up and examined
the paper, and the following is a copy of its contents:?"A
Humbug.?I nave used si* bottles t>f Jayue'a Hair Tonic, according
to direction, without receiving auy benefit therefrom.
1 have been humbugged out of six dollars. John Craven.
Keusingtou." Gracious! thought we,here's a trni|iest in a tea not.
The writer of that nousence is wel1 named. He sneaked off like
1 craven, after having pasted up what is palpably an infamous
fib, as though he were conscious of having committed a deed,
which, if traced to him, would brand him with obloquy. For
nur own part we are convinced that there is nothing iu thia
tvoriu line jayne ? nair i0111c lor tne production 01 nair. we
liave known it to till the bald heads of several of our acquaintances
with a beautiful crop, and have heard of many other*
who now port an eiliuberant head of h.iir, whobnta short time
igo concealed their nakedness linmlh lha artificial assistance of
? wik. No wonder the wig makers Imve declared war a(ainst
. '"J?1''' alu' lr>' disposed to drive him our from the precincts
pi civijnzed society. rhey are till of tham Johu Crarwu.?(1'hiladelphia
Spirit of the 1 iuu, Keb. 6, 1840.)
Sold m New Vork bv A. D. & D. SANDS, Drunrists, No. 79
p ultou street; 77 East Broadway: 873 Broadway.
an 19 lm*r
R'l IIKIf'E: skast ki 1 iVarty to inform the public that he
J-' still adhers to his old plan, i. patients laboring under
syphilitic or mercurial aifectioni, and beiut pronounced incurable
by other physicians or in hospital*, that then* are the
very cases in which he will require no remuneration, (not even
for medicines) until he has performed a perfect cure; it is >|uite
indifferent as to the seat or symptoms, whether in the form of
ulcers, eruptions, pains in the bonus or head, ulceration of the
throat or an> other part. All receut affections will b" treated
on'an entire new plan.
N. B.?l)r. Heine will attend, as usual, to the various brandies
ofhis profession, office 161 f'anal st. *u23 lm*r
"T\R. COOPER, of 14 Duane street, between William and
Chatham strivts, ttkes this method of informing the citizens
and strangers that lu> still affords relief to the afflicted of both
sexes, and may be always chnsnlted with the utmost confidence
in the worst casee of delicate diseases. Dr. Cooler, from a rueidence
of many years In hospitals in Europe, devoted to the
treatment of delicate diseases, and from an extensive practice in
tkis city for the lost ten years in this particular branch of the
profession, guaranties a safe, speedy and effectual cure to such
liersons as put themselves under his treatment, lirdeut cases
cured in two or three days. Dr. Cooper uses no mercury or any
otlier dangerous meriicin*. Dr. Cooper's mild and iudicious
mode of treatment <*ill require no interruption from business or
alteration in diet. Persons afflicted with protracted and deplorable
cases, need not despair of complete recovery. Dr. Cooper
informs the public that lie is the only regularly qualified surgeon
who advertises in Duane street, and exhibits no diploma from
the Stnvvesant Institute of this cily, procured by false certificates
and false pretences. The most inviolable >*cn?v observed
in all consultations. Separate offices, so tht* patients cannot
come in contact. Letters, |>ost paid, attended to. Charges moderate.
Office open from 7 in the morning until 10 o'clock at
aitht. Office 14 Dtnnnst. utt 1 ,?i* r
nOCTOU BELL devotes his personal attention {daily, until
10 P. M.) to the removal of private dist>M?1n every
stare. .til sunerinE uuoer proinictru cosr?, JcKr*T*icu ui unsuccessfully
treated by inexi<erienced or pretendad practitioners?those
laboring under the destructive effects of mercury or
(|Uack nostrum*, and all who suspect the remains of disease
lurking in the system, may consult Dr. B. always with a guarantee
of a cure.
Persons contemplating mamas*, who have been the subjects
"I delicate dueaite*, may consult Dr. Bell with honorable
oonlidence. Post paid letters, describing tlie case of persons at
a distauce, have his prompt attention. Dr. B.'s treatment never
exposes to suspicion, and is well known to be sue and iwrma
Private offices 87 Cedar street, two doors from Broadway,
aul2 lm*ec
PERSONS afflicted with rnptmes may rely apon the beet
i instrumental aid the world affords, on application at the
office. No. 4 Vesey street, or to either of the agents in the (irineipal
towns in the United States. Be careful to examine the
back iud of Hull's Trusses, to sea if they are endorsed by Dr.
Hull, m writing. Noue are genuine, or to be relied upon as
geod, witliout his signature.
Many persons have undertaken to vend imitations of Hdll'a
celebrated trusses, and thousands are imposed u|>on in consaqtiet.ee.
These imitations cannot be relied upon ; they are
made by unskilful inec!unics, and aie no better than the ordinair
ltoc.ns Have been fitted up at No. 4 Vesey street, exclusively
forlaiF". !>a\ in* i serrate entrance from the business department,
wl"-re a ft-male is in constant attendance to wait upon
female Puieuu. si lm ec
'PHIS new inst'Uineut for the r.iCcal core of Prolapsus Uteri
A or tailing of liie Womb, bv external application, superseding
the use ui the ohjectional Pessary, is crnlidently recommended
to the afflicted as the ir^rs of perfect restoration to
health, it never iiarmf failed of iwrformiug a. cure, even unde?
the most aggravated circumstances
The Supporter has attained n very high character in Kuropa
as well as inthis country. It is adopted to the entire disuse of
peasaries, and all other rainfnl surgical expedients, in th# LylUg-in-Hospitals
of London and rrni, and is universally recommended
iu Europe by medical men of the highest rank.?
In this country it is sustained by the leading memoets of the
faculties of Colleges and Hospitals, and by all the emiusut
private practitiouers.
Rooms have been furnished exclusively for Indies at No. 4
Vesey street, having a separate entranee from the business department,
where a lady is inconstant attendance, to apply
Trusses and Hupportera to female patients. aS lmec
Those invaluable Powders have been universally adopted .
in Europe.but France in particular, for upwards of thirty > ?>r?
as well u bv thousands in this counti^', as being the only inild,
safe and efficacious remedy for married ladies, whose health
forbids a too rapid increase of fam/ly.
Madame Reuell, as is well known, was for thirty yean female
ttiysiciau in tfce two principal Female Hospitals in Enrope?thosa
ol Vienna and Paris?where favored by her great
experience and oppprtiwiliest she attained that celebrity in
thosa great discoveries iu medical scieuce so specially adapted
to the female frame, tor which Iter medicines now sLoud unrivalled,
as wi ll iu this country as in Europe. Her actinaiutances
with the i<hysiology and anatomy of tha f< male Tram*,
enable* her?by'.raciug the decline and ill healln of married
females, scarce iu the meridian of life, and the c.msaquent rapid
and ?ften apparently inexplicable causes which cdhsiga
many a foud mother to a premature grave?to their true source,
to arrive at fc know ladge of the primary causes of female indispositions?especially
of married females?which, in IW18, led :
the discovery of her celebrated " Preventive Powders." Their
adoptiou lias been the means of pr. s-rving not only the haalthf
but etea the life of many an affectionate wife and fond mother.
The advertiser feeling the importance of this subject, and ertimaling
the vast bem-lits resulting to thousands by their adoption,
would most tesiK-clfully arouse the atirntion of the moiried,
by all that they hold near and dear, to their consideration.
Is it not wise and virtuous to prevent evils to which we art
subject, by simple and healthy means within our control.?
Every dispassionate, virtuau* and enlightened mind will unhesitatingly
answer iu the affirmative. Price live dollar! a I?ck
age, accompanied with full and particular directions They
Can be forwarded by mail to any Dart of the IJuiied Ht*i?s. All
letters must be post-paid, and addressed to MADAME RESTKl,L,
Kemalo Physician, rrinciiwl Office, 148 Ore wieh
street. New York. Office hours from t A.M. to 9 o'cloc P.M.
tl?rt".V? -T L - ;in
/"YWING to the celebrity, efficacy, and invariable igeepii of
Madame Kestell's Keinale Monthly I'illi in all cases of ir
regularity, suppression, or stoppage of those fanrtious of nature
upon which the health ?f every female de|iends, since
their introduction into the United States,now about four yean,
counterfeits and imitations arc constantly attempted to b?
palmed off for tli<> genuine. ('heap common pilli are purchased
at twelve cent* a box, nut up in different boxes. and called?
" Female Monthly Pills," with the object of selling them, if
possible, at one or two dollar* a box. Females are therefore
cautioned avaitist th-se attempts to impose upon them. It i(
sufficient here to state tlmt all remain Monthly fill* ase counterfoils,
except those sold at Madame Result's Principal Office,
H8 Greenwich street, New York, aiul 7 hssex street. Boston
Price il. Madame Aestell'i sign vture la written ou the cover
of each box.
N. B.?They can be used by married or single, by following
the directions enclosed inside of each box. Sold also by appointment
at 264 Grand street, comer of Allen, New Vork.
jeto 2m* r
inform ladies who, with a pro|<cr delicacy, hare a repug- m
nance to the treatment of their complaints except by one ol their
own sex, that in all cases she attends to them. personally, her
exiiericnce, practice and knowledge enables her to di) so. She
deems it necessary to state this, as she dors not wish to 1)9
classed with the pretenders continually appearing and disap
penrmg. advertising as "Female l'hysicians," who too igno
iAnt and incompetent themselves are obliged to get ?m? scarce i
ly lens ignorant ijuaek to experiment instead, Consulting |?ar'
lors and residence, 141 Greenwich street, between ourtland
sad Liberty streets. Hour* ol attendance from 9 A. M. tot
P.M. 2roal0
ir?vf.*ticn **d rrkrskkd rt
'Pill1'. Scientific combination ol ingredients of which these
A 1'ills are c-.mpo?ed) hare made them the wonder and admiration
of the world. '1 hev are known all over Europe to be
the only preparation ever discovered that has proved invariably
certain in producing the monthly turns. Their certainty, in all
cases, being snch tuat they must not he used during pregnancy,
for thou*! always mild, safe and hesltln , tliey are certain to
produce misc triage if used dnnug that period.
The directions arc translated into English, .and are enveloped
round with the seal of the importer, stainixd. Kach box contains
the signature of M. de Houdelonuc, and the English directions
have the signatu-e of Dr. K. Mk.L VEAU, authorised
agent for the continent of America.
Tliey can lie transmuted by msil to any part of the United
States. Sold by Dr. F. MELVEAU, agent and itn|>orter for
the United States, office 129 Liberty stria*, near Greenwich st.
Price $.??half boxes $3. No hall* boxes sent by mail. Sold,
also, by appointment, of Sir. K. M? at 120 Cherry street, near
Catliariue ?t. LettiTi direoted to l>r K. Melvmu, box 21, New
Vork, w ill meet with immeniat" iilleatimi. All letters inust bo
post paid. m 10 Imd&tw
FKMALE I'HYSYCIAN, Office and residence, 14? Greenwich
strert, between Court l*nUt and Liberty streets, where
she can be consulted with the stricteat conlnleuce on complaints
incident to the female frame.
Madam- llestell's exiwrience and knowledge in the treatment
of oih tinate cases of letn ale irregularity, storage, sup|>r?ssion,
Stc , is such as to re.|inr nut a lew days to eflei.t a perlect cure.
Ladies desiring proper tnedieal attendance during confinement
or other iiidlsposi'iou, viil be accommodated duruig such
time, with nrivate and respectable board.
"Prevcutn. Powders," for married ladies, whose delicate or
precuiions health fusbids a too nptu increase of familv, will lie
sent by msil w any part of the United StaM. Price $4 a i-ackage
All letters (postpaid) ad.lr ssed to box, Mil, New York.
Boston Offii No. 7 Esf x slrv<
jj._Madame KES l'ELL would inform ladies residing
out of the city, whose health would not aslinil of travelling,
that she would d-v .i? her |ierir.n*l attemlance upon tlieui u
any part of the Uuited States witluu reasonable distance.
a 10 2m* I. , .1 ,| | , [ l - Minimum?
PUBLISHED daily nv
Tint Nbw York Hkmin?A daily paper, issued every
morning of the wo k?price two or.M S per copy. Country
subscribers furnished at the s.ame rate, lor any specific |-?Nod,
on a remittance iu advance. No paiwr scut nulesa paid in adl
Twr VVimi.t llvasi n?Issnml every Hatar,lav morning at
ten o'clock?price six *!so a <tt ahtkk cksits [>er co|iy?fiirnishi
d ( country tuhscritieis at f? 21 Per annum, in advance,
or at the same rale for any specified |>eriod.
Uoagy?ro.*t>gr?r? are miuested U) addren their letters to
Jinks Osmdon Bcivnett, Proprietor and Edifir?and all 1st
n?.?a.bWUMM M k* ?M?-Mld,

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