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hose house en the body of John Cook. Two balls
were found to have entered his back, aud came
out about an tneh apart in the right groin. Ftout
all the evidence that was brought before the jury,
tt appeared that the deceased had been firing the
piece Hgainat the military, and was in the act of
retreating when strum with the balls The mem
bers of trie Wrccacoe are tuku.g up a subscription
witft which to deiriiy the burial expanses of the un
known mau mentioned above, us we.l as Cook.
They have suspended a craped ll.ig before the door
of their house. The Weceacoe engtue company
have also displayed the mine symbol of mourning
betore thsir building. Flags at half mast are seen
in every quatter of the district.
Half i ast 2o'clock.?Col. Jack kas just read
an order from the Sheriff to a meeting in South
wark, authorising the Commissioners to organize a
police force to relieve the military at 5 o'clock,
with the understanding that the district will be
some responsible for the preservation of the church.
Tmskc o'eLoca.?Ths military have just been wltE
drawn, and ths crowd have titled up the space which they
oacupied. The church *u in peasesaion of the magis
trate* and Commissioners of the District, and upon a re
J nest of the former, the Court of Quarter Sessions, with
udge Jones and J. Murray Rush, i>q at their Lead, are i
?pen the ground and have organized a Court ia the pre
sence of the crowd. The Judge exhorted to peace and
decorum and was received with cheers. Every ihing is
quiet and no disposition to disturb the peace is manliest
Count? Boaxb ?The County Board held an adjourned
meeting yesterday merniug. .Ylr. Foulkrod was appoint
ed President, pro tern
Mr. Penniman presented a aommunication irom the
County Commissioners, asking for an appropriation for
ths erection of additional rooms in the State House row,
aud alse tor an appropriation of $30,000, to defray any ex
penaau the Shentf may incur in hia efforts to quell the
present rioia, which was referred to a committee, consist
ing of Messrs Penniman, Trego and banning.
The Board than adjourned io meat this morning at 10.
Latest feom the Mormons.?The Cincinnati
Atlai, of July 4, contemn intelligence Irom Nauvoo
up to 4 o'clock on the evening of the 38th June. We
copy the following from that paper : ? The steamer Men
dota, at St Leuis, left Nxuvoo on Friday at 4 o'clock.
Cant. lUley aaya he stopped at Nauveo several houra, aud
talked with a number of the Mormons, and that while
there a body of Mormons came in, bearing the dead
bodies of Joe and Hiram Smith. Mr. Phelpa was not
killed, but was in Nauvoo when the Mendota left,making
e gpaeoh to the Mermoos, and advising them to peace.
Richards was not injured-no Mormons being killed ex
cept Joe and Hiram Smith. The Mormons all express a
determination to keep the peace, and not to resort to arms
except in necasaary ?fence.
Sales of Stocks at Philadelphia.
Fiust Board, July 8 ? $1800 new County ft'e, 1880,93];
>5000 State -Vs, 5 ds, 74J-, $2000 do, ctp. 74]; 50 shs U S
Bank, 8|; 100 Qirard, 6~ds, ll];S-25 do, ill; 87 shs Grand
. .? - ?
Gull, 10);50 do Wilmington, *5. 33; $3000 'IVnn 6's, 83).
Second Boaxd, July d.-$l0o0 State 6's, ckp, 74]; 100
sbsGirard.il]; lOdo Schuvlk.ll Navigation, 371; $3000
Chesapeake k Dale's, 185# 87]; 135shs Reading RA, 361;
6o Wilmington RR, 6 ds, 33]; 30 Union Bank, Tenn, 61];
$3890 U S Bank notes, 78.
Bjr This Morning's Southern Mull.
Pmi.ADii.rHi4, Je'r ?? At Beiwick, Fa-ding. Liverpool;
Bnrm^h, Ssrzvut, NYotk; Rrtrieve, Wssgatr, Salem; S-ow,
P llaburv, Otlsi,; Alexander M J?nnev, and Hrl-n Giav,
Ptamm-r, B -stan; V?u Bn-en, L-iahtoa; Edw Keut, Carlisle,
sad t-txmgc-n, Wats Fall River. Cld Ducamm Lritnnr.
Borde ax; Caroline, Norgrave. West Indies; Volta, Tnitle,
Pa'I Rim
Baltimore, Jalv ft?Arr Alh'os, Chuse, Phil<delpliia; Al
berilDiia, [G den] Mareling, Bremen; Bsl'imore, Biown; Mar
" - ?- ""' subi * ~ ? '
Sts'iinn. oeame; Elisabeth, B~>orne; Da??r, P-tci?sl. and
Hiijh'aader, Freneb, Boston; Aneon1 [Br] Lynch, St Johns.
NF; Manhattan, Hepkint, Bsag- r: Msrv, Cols, Newbar< porl;
Canaan*. Brig itmau, Fall River; Mess-nger.Sinds. and Union,
P ?fr Prevideix'e E A S evens. Br get; M?ria Lalonr tte.
aad' hol-stan. White, iNYork Cld Militant. Cole, >Y'"k;
Planner, Kaowlet, Plymouth. Ms S'?t Roanoke, Smith, V? -
I'anino and s mkt; Apn'lo. f Br-m] Storg*, Bismen; Gaie'le
[ Br] 8eon. Amiga*; T R Beti.au, Griffith, P.rt Spain, Tria;
Axreix, chase, Wilmington. NC.
Common Cmanetl.
OfT B2m m.ne."7#<C,0C0,mm,t,ee ?? wharve.
?i ?ck#? *n<1 for a pier foot of Perrv
b^y"o^l^iah0,^BbTOken^hrA pe,!!iou 'rom ,ome
the poor. Refer?** P* ",iJ ???? ? fund for
*1*ar?ji*to f?mraitt"? ?n wh?"" "ported
Market .lip * two ,muJl P'e" at the foot of
ta??tf"il?rCthrIhhrJ?iU' Com,nitt-' reported in
addition al h y lirinf tin nan ul ,n*,p9Rr ?? organize two
?ach flr,? di.trict The rom"' ? thre8 iu a1', one In
?ten e*h? who era to h?e??en,e< "? ,0 cnn"i" often
hydrant, in the di.trict md ra'"^ 'Uperriaion of the
Water P.iryeyor ' ?p?rt #U out of orier *> the
whom" ./referred^ haTnhi* .Com?,tt'? on Street*, to
tween Broadwavwid Ith " p"vinK 9,l> ?tre?t he
reported ie r?vnr ni in! Arenue, called Clinton Place,
eenon-1 " exoerinmnt" r ? 'h? sum of $8(10 toward, a
Which hare lone ??ne? h? p,/,n? with woo len block.,
AU.m? W* f " m. tnd'foHnd l? b' Utt"'r uaelesa. j
wooden block 8n0tller " e*p?ment" with
i?r.rr.n.'&,;??????. -
of^o0;^:".^:"' "ni',hB '>*poriment? to the tune
* I - A W.,? ? ??>? ?> >?
of both B.art, p oUer ,nd E*?cuUre Committees
ai5^,h?!L^rAr f*,'tion fro,I? Harnden k Co.
laare for ? i " ^ u }"* "migrant', dock, and asking
.. """ AtCtmhoHt
" ?n r^,ir*800 rn
?Sclent. P ' h,ch *? thw? would be in
''a ?????
^S%^r"K??' SJK9S
X&r&vx'sxzx1?"" ?-?...
?omh,w?t'"r',ny <0?A resolution to lease a lot at the
Ler?y *n<1 Washington streets, ?.1
T^Ko build Bulk
ft^/;0.T^hc^^re,,t'0,,th' N?rth SWiffiSi
~A reaolutlon to repsre Broadway
. ?d -pSSH
?*P"a"*,k,t they co.t the city, wa. adopted. *" th"
??,dl7f ..?etMr?cf??^An ordinance to sweep the street, of
aSSn^ on h,5 ?1f '* ?u* in ,]*??n?r-ot. was taken up for
afd(be reading liolh Board* assembled
ke notieid t? ill" rim,n Bu!,T,?"3 ro,e ?id said that
bn?nn i w mornin? P,P*r? the death of Richard
?.0luHon^I?J,, i0.nM.T #0,%' 'nH h? offered a
?pne!atedW*nty 00,1 w*'*hert'lime to.pectora, kr . were
m ? - ^ - t&ble, and Coatat waa ra auDointerf
^nk^^to9inn^:o^tk%h:rm,t'rrt Mr'
Aid. Hssaaouea denied th.t he had eyer rH.J v
atatemeut but h.d slUg.4 that the second rharVeYrTl'ni
Mr Drinker wu substantiated. He then slh.f i f .w
ehareeter ef the charee Jlu - "? to th"
Drinker had by nionay attasapted to bribe *a wit*' ^
the?lhtaIiZSl?C,Z?fc.0f f",0r,y'tn nU*nX hilB,,*lf In'ordl"
deelaredthat the Alderman ef the Third, fConeniih
the reeolution here pre.ented , arinoed a want of hon Jty
pre:.";"""1 MU th# "Her. after th7?;
aa-iM ^r?
?zr" ""M"' ?'?"?"?
Hasaaooct -I wish meraly to aay
a?4T*"T_Tha f""''"man will take hia seat.
;h; ""??""??
Haseaot/cB?I nae to explain
^PassiDswy?The gentleman from the uth wiU take hi. |
Caaanrea?Tea, ait down ; yon hare no rieht. kw -
"?* "??
Oale-1 rite to put an end to thia diaouaaion, and there
com Iron. being preeanttd before ?Ua Beert. mw,ting>
1 Oslb ?The evidence was ca.led for at toela" ? ?'
; but was nut presented refused at the
i Hassaoccs.?That testimouy waa net rtiuseo ? u
' loot meeting , it was itady to be intro.lu?d et y
uient, and every memb.r present know* U^ I M
question should ^ ?u?l?'^JPV1' n before thu board
srss ??^,'sssnussr ft'??
but liot vote blindfolded, as they would be .c?mpei
under the previous question He then denied tfat he
said that the teatiinony under the second charge had
""thfsaa.-I call the gentleman to order, aa 1 wish not to
^^l1wtoftoixptainasto the charge of faUe
hood, that the gentleman of the 14th say* 1 alleged egamat
Uhsse?1 call the previous question?no explanation.
Pbksidant.?Let the previous question be put.
('..rried by a vote ot 19 to 11. . .
Tho resolution appointing Mr. Drinker was than adopt'
?d by a vote ol 14 to 10, five of the native members not
MS* -*??w
ol the committee appointed to inquire into
Valentine Mott, and numerous physicians, for theremo
of Kb Lea.itt from the office ofCity n'PfCtor ^incem
iietency, reported that they were satisfied of hia compete
cy, and. therefore, asked to ba discharged. rt in
j Alderman lUssho.xa presented ? 0"
which ba stated that .Mr. Leavitt was nearly ignorant oi
any scientific knowledge of medicine so
,>ei foro.ance of the duuea of the olhce, and, fberefor , i
sented a resolution for his removal, which waa lost y
vote of 8 to 33.
The Board than adjourned.
Boxkd or Assistant AL?saMBN.-June 8--Ttais
Board also met last evening, William kvaanaLL, tsq.
'?Mr Chabuox moved a correction of the journal, upon
which the minutes were approved. fram
Petitions being in order, a petition was rece'. h .
inhabitants ot latli street, between Broadway ?<>"***
enue, praying lor certain repairs in the sidewalks of that
' locality? referred.
Vroii Isaac B. Smith, praying compensation fur the
I loss of his horse, occasioned by falling off loot of piar in
Hudson river-teferred. . . ,
Prom Jot-n K. Cadmus, praying similar reliel for loss ol
horse and cab?referred. a a
Mutu in the Mtns Haute.?Mr. CKASL'ca presen
petition from Oliver Smith, complaining ol lfl-treatinant
which he received in the Alms House?referred.
Chatham Square Aufssncs.-Reporta from CojnmitteM
being in order, the ordinance in relation to ?b"te??t .
nuisances in Chatham Square waa reported, and ordered
to he laid on the table. , j._.
Fire-arm* on Sunday ? In favor of suppressing the dan
serous practice of using ftre aims, and nnng guns or \m
tola on Sundays-concurred in. iro._?r
In favor of appointing Isaac Tucker. Asiiitant Keepe^
of Washington Square, at a salary of $1 -16 per day
C?1 if favor ol'paving pa.t of Bleecker street-concurred in.
lie-port adverse to granting ,BPPrpf>"a*!onfi
erect a grave furilie late Hon. T. Willet, the first Mayo
of New Voi k-non concurred in.
The Sh'dslat Catherine Market-Iteport f[?? ???7ii t?e
in lavor of amoving tb* shod. f.om .h. Hah market In me
vicinity of Catherine Mnrket-non concurred in
| Report directing the Assessors to prepare the jury
lists, and give ten days notice, so as to e"able par
ties not liable to serve as jurors to report themselveii.
On motion the matter was referred to a ipecialcomniiUee
consisting ol Assistant Aldermen Horn, Baylis and Tap
'''a communication was received from
in favor of granting an appropriation ot $500 lor remo
val o! rubbiah and ftith?Concurrod in. u
Jljrpointmentt concurred in?J. C Palmer toe J? P ,
of umt.rHCite.-oal; O.deon Palmer weigher of 11??, -^
seph Mandeville to be weigher el meichandise, Wnliam
Lent inspector of lime _ , .
Report and resolution from the other Board in favor of
granting an appropriation of $'1000 lor extra watch, an
$1600 for repairs ol lamps.
Mr. Chaslicx opposed the passage of such a rew
lution coming from a partv who q-up
economy in their control of the public moneys. The
Board were bound to give every (acuity to the public to
enquire into the expenditures that were made relation
,0 lamps. They had nothing to rely upon k
mumcation of the Comptroller ia relation ^ *he Mlege.1
expenditure, which was claimed for the repairs ot lumps.
I he people ought to be allowed to see the manner in
which the public moneys were expended. He wo''W.?n
der the chru instance* move a reference to a committee
Assistant Aldermen Hohn anil Johnion opposed
motion, which, however, prevailed. 1o
Tlic rules were suspended to enahle tha committee to
whom was referred the petition of W.
romon.tiance of John Jacob Astor ,n re la {ton <?btuldmg
a bulk head at 19th street and ending at 13th street. 1 ne
committee reported in favor of granting the appbcat,on.
AdC6afV?m ifuare.? On motion of the chairman the report
was taken up, when its adoption was moved.
Mr. ChAM-icK rose in opposition to the adoption of the
report He considered that the auctions in Odii square
were not so great a nuisanceas represented. The removal
would entail much misery and distress upon the poor
people He moved to Jny the report on the table
Assistant Alderman Blackston felt ""j"Pr'"v/whose
course taken t>y the Alderman oi the 1st. (Charliclc) who t
ZnthyWMflO in favor of tho poor women in
(Tm/hatn square, after the ?? Bunkum"
by him H few evenings ago. 1 liey ought, he conaidered,
to pass the resolution.
Assistaut Alderman Evkhokll conswlered tho auctions
a regular nuisance, and that the business in tb* vioiai'y
of the square was conducted by a sst of ?
Assistant Alderman Waho followed in support oi the
'^Assistant Alderman Chablick, in reply t?tb? Alder
man Horn Hie Bth (Mr. Blackston) regretted that thegen
tinman's st mpntby could not be exerted in
i,oor people in the vicinity of the market by a bunkum
'peeeh The fact was. the onpo.it,on w"gotup tod rive
away a few poor foreigners t\iat e.xercisedthetrindtistry
in the square. The question was taken, and the report
I waa adopted. .
The Board then went into joint ballot.
The Board of Assists^'* returned after remaining in joint
ballot lor over an hour . n
Jpvomtmenta concurred in?John Bardine, John .
Wood, Dsniel Sickle. Benjamin 8. Wantyle J. H.
Dogmw, Lot.is A. Burke, W. Rnttle Peter Swords,
L H Brady, Joseph Moere, Jacob Bnrdett, O Halsted
Anthony Snyder, J 8 Barnard, John Prince.EdwaiM
Hitchcock, and 8. R Hoffman, jr , were apjwint^f'- ty
Weighers; David Damarrest, Lotus Randolph, Cornelius
Dej.uy, John Outer, and D. MoOuy, were ap^nited In
spector of Wood ; A. Gardener. Weigher of Merchandlie,
Daniel Demarest, Weigh Master ; WlUard Hyde W. H.
Roach, Richard Albaon.-Jacob Blackwell, a"(,r|oh''
Chicheater, were appointed Ouagers; W. 8 Darling,
and Jo.eph Bkidmore. Weiahers of Anthracite Ceah Thos.
Gilderalie, Inapector and Weigher of Hay ; Joaaph
field, Inspector of baled Hay.
The Board adjourned at 13 o'clock.
THK SUBSCRIBER unrgam tn the public, that after an
A Rhine* of two seasons, k* hit naa?d the direction of tb*
Horel it the above place. The home ha* b en thoroojhl v rsfur
Dished and pot in cornclce order, and he trmti by hii attention
to the comfort of his gneats to merit a retorn ol the patronage
10 liberally heitow.d on him in former rear*
jm4 2w emits* re M MOORE
DAILY, Sandayi excepted?Through Di
T P. M., from the Steamboat rier be
rect, at
tween Conrtlandt and Liberty itreeu.
The itonmboat KNICKERBOCKER, Captain A. P. St.
fohn, Monday, Wedneaeay and Friday evening!, at 7.
The Steamboat ROCHESTER, Captain A. Houghton, ox
Tnandav, Thursday and Satnrday Evenings, at 7
At Five o'clock. P. M.?Landing at Intermediate Places:^ MR
~ eh.
"The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain Wn.. H. Peek
Tuesday, Thnriday and Satnrday, at 5 P. M.
The Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Captain R. O.
Cruttanden, Monday, Wednesday, Friday aad Sunday, at 4
P M.
Passenger* taking thia line of boats will arrive is Albany in
uiiple time to take the Morning Train of Cart for the east or
:r7"The above Boats are new and substantial, are famished
with new and elegant State Kudus, and for speed and accom
nudatioesareannvalted on the Hudson.
For passage or freight, apply on board, or to P, C. Schnltxat
lha office on the wharf. jyf re
FOR ALBANY, wiihont Landing.-Cabia
DrrkJO etits: Berths free
The siermbuat PORTSMOUTH. ( apcuo O. House, will
lesve the Pier at ih? fioi of Cedtr s'reet/
Itegnlar days from New York, Monday, Wednesday and
Friday. From Albany To-id y, Thnriday and Aanday.?
This boat has been leng'l encd cud tilted up in a neat aud com
foitable style, with new bedding and fnmMure throughout.?
She has a number of elegant ?'late Rooms, end Can ucommo
date from 3'0 to SOD passengers. Havin* a light draught of wa
ter, she will not be detainee on any or the bars
O. HOUSE. Oeneral Agent.
Passengers taking this boat will arrive ia Albany in ample
time t< take the morning train of cars mat or wast.
For freight or passage ai ply on board
After Monday, 'my let. will leave at ? o'clock, from
the toot of Liberty sl eet; and Albany at 7 jell) lm'rc
From Pier No. 1, North River, foot of Battery Place.
~ CINDERELLA, will i
The Steamboat CINDERELLA, will ran
'as follows, daily, from May 30th to October
? 1st. IS44 Lsave* New York, at ? and U
o'clock, A M.,at 3>i. # and! P M.
Leaves Port Richmond, at 30 minntea to I, and 10 mmntM to
10 A. M.i at I. 4H and OX P.M.
Learcs New Brighton, at ? and 10 A. M.; at IK, 4 and 7X P.
On Sunday?Leaves New York, at Sand II A M.j at t, 6 and
I P.M. Leaves Port Richmond, at 30 minutes to I,and 10 A.M.;
tt I. J and 7kP M
New York. May 10. 1144
myll 0m*rs
The Bomrill^M fellow. u.^furthernoti..:
*' '' LE?AVfcASTATfc%%L A&if f' M*
7. 0, 4. io. ii, A. M., I, t, 4, 5, ?. 7M r. M.
Oa Sundays, every hoar, from ? A M. to 7 r. M.?11 M. ex|
Leave New York 0 A M.. 3K P M
Fort Hamilton 1% A M , 4H P M.,
CLIF tSn" A&* *"7! wVoRK
re (bandars ei-epted )
the foot of Courtlaat street, daily I
cd,] at 0 o'clock, A M , by Railroad Irosn Jersey City to Mor
ristswa direct, without change of Car?from cheatc by Poet
Coswhw through Mend ham, cheater, Schojiley', Mountain,
Port Lolden, Washington to Kaston At Washington a daily
ifflirrrxfti:? i?2sx?uxvviix/
IraKiBsar ?nswH
'1 11f- 8ubs< rib-r take* phasute in announcing to his Friends
A and Die Public, that he his made airaugrmaols with tbe
Wibntid Corun Bird itdrr >ha dinetioa of Mr. Allro
Dcdsw rih foi the i u'poae . i living a te'ira oi laatrnaaanul
v i neurit on the above bay* ; end Tie hopes by ?o doing, o
uake it ?r ill inure sgrxeeb e to lh< te who have so liberally |
pniiotiiie him.
t- irn Co .nri this afternoon J Ay 8ih.
He leii'ineuts ol all Sibils fnrnislsd with promptness. and of
the very U-et quality. L SCHWARlZ
J>8 li?rrc .
A I'll A ( T1CAL I* I T ?li li is had severeI years'Z
perieuee aaa newsy-M edit'r a~.<t viho likew ise is p acti
cahy a quaicipd wi'li bo l-unpi: q ia all t'a details isdtan
uin of i blaming e urlcy'iio-nt in t il t r or all ol the ?b->?e capa
cities, iu town or co'ioiiy.i.i> ill or south. or in any ui the mis
siouary or oilier printing i lli a* ul?r?ad?or he woald taie
c s ee of a bi nSs'oie, or sssivt ia a scnuo', for l>oth of whieh
s'ations he is fully qualified. He would have no objection to
engese for a teiaa of y-ate. at a moderate ro ipeosauou. Ad
dress T. K. U., Post Office, Boston. All letters must tie post
I/TP" The courtesy of the press is solicited by a brother
editor t" give the above publieny. j8 8t?ec
ABK.AU I 1KUL, i.iuatraied edition of all the acknowledg
ed worka of Charles Paul de Kock.with the author a pur
trait aod biography, lanow ready for delirery at 108 Nassau at.
New York?price out dollar. De Kock's uuvels,"si>s ihe
Londou b i inioer, "are the richest, meat hnmoroua, moaltaci
tiug. and must popular e>net cf fictions ihst hare evar appeared
in any languag- '' r?o great It llie eicitemect about thein iu
Fram e and England, that Blaikwood's Mngax ae says?'The
people m both countries apuear to t are forgotten all the-r oth
er authors, aud gone Paul De Kock mad " '1 In edition it be u
tifnllr priuted ou auperftue paper, auu contaiua aerrn handed
large pagrs of cloaely priuted matter. The work ia mailable
and tray be sent hy post througnont th- United States or ihe
(anadasatairiflingnpei.se All ordara for one copy of lha
work maai coutaia oue dollar, be franked or post p-id, and di
reeled to Holland A Glovi, >02 Nassau at., Naw York.
Bis copies will be sent for flia Pol Int.
'1 be trade supplied ou th- uau-l terms, Jy8 ImdfcW ?ec
Al 385 BROADWAY. i
JK. BROWNE begs to call the atieutioo el admirers of
? this delightful instrument, to the large aud eh gant assort- |
tueut ol Ha-pa he has 'or sale at 381 Broadway. 'I he brunt' c>
of tour, lightness of ti u:h, aud aleiract finish o these Harps,
aaiiLOt beeicelled and very iu dmu equal.ad. Thar have all
the modern improvrm-ntt uf London end Paus. and at Europe
an prices, tv arrant, d to Liar the test of c'iro'.te.
Harps repaired. ?J. K. CHO'-VNt A CO.,
(Itiaaeia from Kr.iru, Condon.)
383 Broadway, una 7j>4 chambers stoec. N Y.
Established 1(10
Jast receivad, a tew eopiea ol Bochsa'a last Instruction Book
forthnHmp Also, a flue lot of Strings. jy? lmdAltw- re i
DABIMIAII'i CHEAP BATH, at thafootof Morion at
TV North K.yer. The proprietor of llie ab ,re establishment
re-pec tl'ullv ibforma the i nbiic. that he is now ready to receive
rimers, from sunrise until II o'clock, P M The Bath flor
merly located at Oesb'ossea sheet) will-accommodate both
ladies and gen'lemen. Pr.c? six cents.
A New Bath has replaced it al the foot of Deabroaaas street.
iy( ixi'w
the Snperior Court of the City of New York,
| Notice is hereby liven, pursuant to the provisions of the
xntuteauth riziug attachments against nou-reaident debtors,
that an attachment has issued against the estate of CHARLES
NICHOLS a resideulol Amsterd .to, in Holland, and that thr
aame will be sold for the payment oi his debts, unless he appeal [
aud discharge such attachment, accoiriicg to law. wilhiu niue
months Iruu the first publication of this notice; and that the
payment of any debts due to him by residents of this state, and
ihe delivery to him or lor his use, of any property wilhiu this
Mate b? longing to hun.aud the transfer of aoy such property by
him ,are forbidden by law and are void.
Dated lhe7lh day of February, 1844.
Attorneys for Attaching Creditor.
null It/iwlinTr
T ATK of Owago, wishes to inform his friends that he has
LJ removed to in is city, and has lakes an OFFICE at 631
BROAD WAV jelS <md Altw'rc
To LET?K URNIBHED ROOaIS with good pin
tries attached to them. In a large and airy house 106
Dunne slrret, a few doors from Btoudway, west aide.
I ?Krsnch spoken in the house. jy4 lin'm
KOH bAL". OR 'i O LcT-The handsome three
[ story nrick H- use and Lot No. 73 Anthony at eet, near
h Broad a at. To be sold on easy terms, or will be reuted
uw to a good tenant. App.y to
jyt 3taw3\v* rc 11 Pine stiaet.
QBJLITAN BONNET, rrsiiectfally inform the public
that they have emoved their establishment from fbi'd
stre. t to No 33 Deiaucy sireet, near the Bowery, wnere the
above suierb article of ladies' dries of the nrweat style and
transpareui c'esrni-ss is comlaiiMy on hand. Ladies are invi rd
to call aud examine th-in, as many are sailing n very inferior
boeuet for our mauufaemre
Drains supplied at wholesale, as usual, by THOMAS
Vl'E, 1T3 Pearl street.
jafc? 2w?nt PATT18QN, NOE A CO
f 178 BROADWAY?Tiwi ibicii r"4 nn? now on hand
d^macompl-te assortment of Summer > wi <i neoffers
lor sala cheap. They are finished oil in ? / ? r vi-gance uu
surpais'd by any o til or establishment' Ligm blnck Hits
suitable for amnmrr use, constantly on hand. A'sn, Sporting
Hats, Shooting Caps, Travelling Caps, axo Ladies' and Gen
tlemeu's Riding Cars, Gentlemen wishing any thing in the
above line are respectfully invited to c*i|
je88 8w"ee 178 Br?adw y, Howard's Hotel.
A SINGLE TRIAL wi I convince any gentleman that thrre
the best value ia <i / >n lor the prices charged, viz: splendid
Dress Coats made .0 rroer, it from $12 to $30; Pauls from S3 u
ft; Veau from $3,M to $4 50; and every other arti-le iu He
fine propi'riMaabt j low. got up in the best xtyleasd a good fit
f.T" Juxt recetred a large assortment of Fancy buuimtr U s
??meres and Veatmgs nrwes. style. Pltute eali end exam.c
beiore giving T'.ur i.rtieri
Ifmthrraen lurnishiny thair own Cloths. Ac., can have then,
.i.ad- ar.d trimmed as usual, ic the best ni.'uikrr.H the Ait to wi a.
priaea:?Dress Coats $7 to $3 50; Frock Coats $8 to Sir ,50; Pair .s
ind Vests $l,r,0ui $3.
Terma cash o? delivery.
HAS the hor.or to inform the ladies, that she has opened r
fashionable eetabliehuieut. No. 337 Broadway (up a'airs)
up|iosite the Tabermcle, between Aolhony aod Leon.trd street
She will have always on linn I, a large assortment of Caps,
suitable for mtirnini?, dining aud evening; Em Broideries of i II
studs; Capes, Collars Bhawls, riauditerehiaia. Muslin Dn-ss
vs. Storkings, Gloves; Lingerie and Jewelry, Ac
r lowers of the newest ami most futiionable style,
jelo )m m
Tlllri roied dioronghfareis now admitted to be the greAtevi
mart lor th* rale cf genilrmea's wearing apparel in the
United Id:.lis. aud tlie impulsion that has heretofore existed ??
ihemmiUol luauychat "imrrhaaerx in Broadway are ebligec
m pay an exorhilaui | rice for an article of dreas," ia folly re
butted, from the known reputation aa to the charges established
M EDWARD FOX, proprietor of the City Cash Tailoring
Establishment, No. 203 Broadway. Here is an advantage tr
merchants and others visiting this city to avail IhrmieJves r.f
vn outfit Irom a very extensive assortment of ready made clo
thing, manufactured from the best materials and m the most
fashionable style The attention of tbe public ia particularly
eallfd to riai t this establishment and examine the late style ol
twilled and faney Cassimere Offiee Frocks, designed for the ap
proaehing season.
Also, an assortment of rich Chano Velvet and Brocade Veal
tags. Fancy French Cloths and Cassimeres. hy the late arrivals
from the celebrated manufactory of F. Biolley Fila, and se
leered expressly for the spring fashions. Garments superbly
made up to order, and if trqairiril at a few hours notice.
City Cash Tailoring Establishment, 2C3 Broadway, below ;
Fulton st. mllm'ef
GENTLEMEN OR FAMILIES dantreusof converting
Cx into cash their superfluous or east off Clothing, will
obtain from the subscriber the HIGHEST CASH PRICES.
To f&miliee or gentlemen quitting the euy, or changing resi
dence. having effects ol the bind to dispose of, will find it
much to their advantage to tend for tbe subscriber, who will
attend them at their residence by appointment.
H. LEVETT, Office No 8 Wall street.
and at 376 Hudson at.
HT"A line through the post olfiee, or otherwise, will receive
pxonintattention j? lm*re
\DALESME, Importer and Agent for Mnaufaeturen, has
? always on hand n large assortment of dinner and tan sets
.a t isinwhitennd gilt French Porcelain, as will as Uinner and
Dee ?rt Plates, of all sizes, assorted Dishes, Soup Tureens,
Cov- i e 'ishas. Salad Bowls, Fruit Baskets, Custards and
i "H' -
Also, Fancy Tea Seta, and Rich Decorated Dinner Seta. !
Also Ten and Chocolate Wrre, Greek, French and Amen \
A Ji the articles ere warranted of the best quality, uJ to be
Sold on libelli term*, lad ie lot* to suit parehaarra
itrH *?err
? the si
NOTI''E?The Subscriber continue* to practice on
the tame terms that he liaa for the last ten you* put m the
eityofNew kork, uamelv?to attend to every branch of aich
MMth. itanhumaaaatirei*taqM to.particularly iu ?u.h
ci s< * u aie of loug standing and appear incurable He wishes
such to call on hira, and they shall receive the first medicinr
aud alteadanee gratis. Office No. 57 He-dr street, a few doors
north Iron Broadway. 3. ifKINK, M I)..
lets I m ? re Herman Phvaieian.
Thk HIOHEdT PRlcEHeanbe obtained by Oeatlemen
1 or Families who an desirous of connoting their left off
we>rmg apparel into cash.
To Families and l ien lie men
quitting the city or ehanginv
residence, haviag any superfluous effects to dispose of, will
And it muah to their advantage to teed for the subscriber, who
will attend at their rseidenceby appoietmen
? Broadway, on stain.
A line through the Poet OHoe, or otherwise, will receive
promptattention. jllm I*re
IKON BAFK8.?It is an lonver a question what safe it the
A beet protection agates! fire,as all admit WILDER'B 3ala
m*nder to ba the only really Are deAei?dampaeta ii the only
ohjaction ever raised, *a*nat them, which hu now been entire
ly overcome. a*d the subecriher challenge# any oae to prove en
instance when any eale made by him, haying nit name npon a
gilt plate (which all now have) that hu ever injured boobs,
papers or jewelry, by dampness. He pledges himself to the
public ti<at all aafes made by him shall be tie proof, thief
nud damp pr.tof, well knowing that should one fail
in either respect that hie loss in reputation would be greater
than the owner of any sale that should so orove iiuperfeei. All
other Halamander Safes are an imitation and en infringement
R>on Wilder'* Patent, he having purchased thff exclusive nght
br the Hist* of New York] to maun actnie and fnrnieh the
genuine Salamander, and aue and ordera received at hit iron
Safe warehouse aud factory No. 1J9 Water street.
N. B ? Second-hand Safes for sale at less than half-price.
Jell lei dykwy ee
/NOMFORTAoLIC BOARcSevern! very pleaeant.au
v and commodious rooms to let, handsomely forma had <.
unfurnished, with boa'd Families and single venliomen will
do well to call without delay, and secure room* in this
establishment, (reesntly opened.) where the comfortsof a
"Home" will be (bund, No. ?o While street, a few doora aaat
of Mr adway. jet* Im're
TRY ?An experienced teacher takes into her family a
limited number ol children as boarders and scholars The*
will h> under the eonitsnt care of this teacher, wno will spar*
no pnius to render her house a pleasant home to the pupiie, and
?? * * us r I the
to ad ?aace them in their studies. The health end moral.
scholars carefully attended to. No day scholars admitted.
Tne location is very hmlthy and retired. There art now
three vacancies For reference* and farther pa lieu Ian, en
qni'eof MR. J. J. BUTLER. Engraver, No. 19 John street
jeM !w* m
OH.'i HANI) AN!) FOR BALE, in leu te salt purchaser*
? at VALENTINE'S, 46 Fulton Market. l.W barrels fcur*
Mess Beef, a choice article, all selected piece.; 245 barrel# Uity
?^^Hted Mesa Beef, warranted; and MO half barrels of Family
^^?rery Ane. intended for the southern market.
r*pHIS spacious Noih. which, since th* improvemrots ud
additions raoi to it daring the put winter, is bdiovad to
be on# of the ranu commodious nod comfortable of th# largest
class of Hotel# in the Siat*. ? now rendr for the reception of
coupauy. and will be opoood on the 25th d?y of Mat Ust To
ncc inu.uda'r ihe Is ge and increasing number of people who
?pend ih- season ai 8h. ron Springs, ihe tubtcribors liner, linoe
l**t 'all, greatly extended their ore in itre. by nnr.rxuig to the
Pavilion an entirely new baildine, which emirarre twenty-six
apa< ions spartmeuia, besidrt iutkiug large add up us and mi
i roeeujeuta to the interior and l>unriii part* ol the house ?
Blinds have b :eo add d to th* windows?'n* bxiotiful pi> me
a# le grounds in front of ilie I'nrilion hare been laid out and
uutrlnr y |>l.in led with ahrnb# ana tlowrra?ihe bath rooms
have been overhauled and new laraitu-e provided, furiishing
avery coureuieuce to thoae who w uh to eujor either n Cold or
warm bath No expense or effort h*s been sptrd to supply the
delicieuciesof peat aeneous, and every eiertiou will be used, to
receive the visitors of the coining seasou in a mm urr not to be
surioseed a*, any other place of fashionable retort in the United
To those who have not heretofore visited the Sharon Springs,
ilia sufficient to say. thai the qualities of the water (an analvsia
01 which is gi??u below )ara very nearly identical with thoae of
the far-lainrd White Sulphur Springs of Virginia. ?xcept that
bv the concurrent testimony of all medical men who are ac
quainted with both, the Sharon are eateem- d the mo.t potent ?
Situated ia an elevated region of country, tlie Pavilion com
mands one oi the most extensive v ews, and is placed in the
midst of the most picturesque scenery in the State of New
York Kr< m its el. vateil position it hex the advantage of a
continually dry, cool aud refreshing atmosphere. Plea,ant ex
cursions to the villages of Cherry V-lley aud Coopers town, the
Otaego Lake, ard other points equally interesting from their
senary nod their histery, offer themselves ou every hand?
whilst a Billiard Doom and four ipucions Ball Alleya, leave
an means unprovided within dears for eremite or amusement
Of tlie Whiif Sulphur Water of Sharon Springs, it can be
?aid it is uot surpassed by any tiling of the kind ia the kuown
worlu, for the cure ef rheumatic, cutaneous, bilious and dys
peptic complaints, aud for the euro of erysipelas, salt rlieum,
' ' ' nr oomplsiut, bronchitis uud general debility,, as
scrofula, lira.-? ,? . _
has bsen c unified by noma of the most eminent medical prufea
By a recent auaJyiis made for the proprietors of the Springs,
made by ons of the most smineut Chemists in this nnauiry
I Professor Reid of New Yerk ] the following rannlts have beso
obtained from one gallon of water:?
ofMign ?
Bicarbirate of Msgneeia 24 grains.
Sulphate of Magnesia ?????????? 24 "
Sulphate of Lime 16 4
"" J
? 2 7
Sulphate of Lime
Hydsosalphate of Magnesia and {,imn<
Cnloriilu of Sodium ana Magnesium ??
Solid contents??? 149 1 grains.
Hydrqsnlphnric Acid Ons, or Sulphuretted
Hi dro.teu 20 6 cubic in
The Spriugs are within ? few hours ride of Albany. Troy, |
in. Schen
Saratoga. Schenectady. Utica. fcc ; are aee-atible either from
Cnuejohnria on the Albany and Utica railroad, whare poet
coa-het da l? await the arrival of the morning narn from Seln
nectadv and Ution. 'o convey vieiters to the Springs, n distance
ol about ei"bt mi.es, arriving in time for dinner. or by the
Oh rry Valley Turup ka, by dailr stags b. ing about forty
live miles west of Albany, on a good road, Pernora leaving
New York in the evenirg boats for Albany arrive at the Sharon
Springs the next day iu time for dinner
my I 2ta? 4m*ec CLARK k (JARDNKR.
LTAVING withdrawn onr Agency entirely from Mzasav
II Harnden It i,o.. of Boston and New York
? ? nssnusn a v.. - * vi uutiuu ,rotk, we herebv
announce that Mrssnx. Ads MS ItCo.ofNo 9 Conrt street
Boston, and T Wail street, New York, are our au'horixed
Agents for th* United Stater and Canada, who are fully em
powered to act for ns as our Shipping and Forward.Bg Amari
ean Agents.
To ersuro the reeentioe of goods <n Liverpool, and the for*
warding ol the tame to any ra't of Euvlan J.France, foe. foe.,
it it nee-scary that they should puss through the hands of our
?aid Agents,
at their several offices, a* follows
No. 9 Court -.treat, Boston. I No 7 Light Street, Baltimore
No. 7 Wall Street, New York. I Penn. Avenue. Wast'infton.
No. PS ( Yiesont Street, Phi lad I No. 86 Fourth St P'tUburg
No 19 Sheiac.JutSt.,Notwieh. | No. 165 Main St., Worcester
Liverpool, Mayl , 1944.
WILLMER fo SMITH take this opportunity of stating to
M-rehants. Brokers, Importers, and others resident ie every
pert nf the Uuion that their Liverpool h-ute it peculiarly
?d-pted forth* instant and express oeepatch of parksges, par
ce's. epec'e, foe , passing through Liverpool, for Boston. New
York, aud all the other cities in the Uuited State* end Caub''n,
and tnet that aeporiment of their busine?e has tki constant
WILLMER It SMITH have mada arrangements withMeters.
XDAMS h CO., by whieh all goods passing through their
Liverpool house for America, by the Steam Ships end other
vessels, will have the immediate and punctual attention of <heir
said Agents, Msssrs Adams ft Co., at Boston and Nnw York, I
and will tnereby ba fee Irom delay and high chars es
They d?em it necessary here to state, that they have no con
nexion whatever with Mr. E. U Tnckerman, of Liverpool.
WILLMER fo SMITH, who have for a tehee of years run
private expresses to and from Loudon with importaut iotelli
gmrre ^frequently performing the eutire journey,_ 2>0 milee, ia
. ... to the Am-rican Public anil Government
ihen services for the safe and rapid tranxmixeion of impoitant
do< nments despitehes. specie, uordi. bills. deeds, foe , which
will, on all occasion!,be mostliulhlullydelivered by th-ir own
private me>senG-r,an<l hours . enemlly in advance of the English
niaitx to Loud in. Mr. EDWAHD WILLMER. who is now
iu Anjeiica, is prepared toaffoid any inlormation op?n this |
? ubjaet. and give security for the due i>erfonnance of ail such
business ns tuny be entrusted to his Liverpool establishment.
jeli tf rc
THK most extensive end brilliant assortment of exhibitions!
A Fireworks ever manufactured in this country, is now rea
dy for disposal, at the United States Laboratory. Jersey Citv
Also, the Imperial llocket, never before offered to the pabtie.
'leing an imP'Ovemcni on Congreve and Ruggerie't celebrated
Honarev *n<l Signal Rocket, which cannot be obtained Irom any
ithrr place than the Laboratory, he having dispensed with nil
groat*. Orders l*Jt at Mr. Wnliam Niblo's, Castle Garden
Northern Hotel,, or at the -Laboiatory\ JerseytAtfj will br
un.'.toally attended to ISAAC F<1
1*7 Irn-r" Psrrocwhniet. Jernev f itv
(roHMiini.v rsnshaw's )
T<HIH well-known and delightful sen btlning establishment
A will be opened for tin- reception of visitors on and slier the
iith li^ne iiist. The buildings have undergone a complete ann
>homu*h repair, and no etfvi\? mil be rpar-d to maii'lsin thr
.lep-rcedly high reputation which Uiis establishment lias heie
tofiin- acquirnl.
The price for hoarding will be $7 per week, ics'osd of th.
former price of <10, chilUiw ami saivaorj half price Yonup
i?"pl*, uot r-quiriiig mocn room, will find accommodatipg
The tieamer Orus, Caixain C. Price, from thr Fulton market
and the strainer Shrewsbury, t'&plain Corliet, from < aihxriu*
Uaikst, will each inako a daily trip between New Y'uik
and Long F,ranch Stages will be in readiness upou the arriyal
f eitb r ol' the above beacs at (he Ocean House, to convey pas
jengvrs immediately to Long L!ranch. Kan- I'ro.u Now Yoik
to Long Branch 91. JAMES OK -K.N.
Long Branch, I one 12.1144. je!4 lm*re
Rati opknep ron the Season their Hotel at
QO WELL KNOWN lo the ciliMos of New York and
O Philsdelphia in past years, with treat approbation, as being
decidedly the best Hotel and Sea Bulling Establish went with
in a hundred mi its of eith-r city Visiters and invalids will
tind every ait-ntion they can desire or ask for 'I he advantages
of sea bathing during the summer mo-ths are apparent to al I
a id Long Branch fnruishea every indncement to families and
individuals, for health, recreation aud coin fort. To the lovers
of Fishing, the vicinity ef the Sea Bass Banks affords groat
?port, and the Gunner will fiud no lack ef game
T'e Mreimer OKU8, frr m Koltnu Market wharf, and the
SHREWSBURY, from ti e foot of I athsrinn Market, go to
and letnr.u daily Lorn th* Oram House. From the Utter place
passengers are conveyed to the Branch, (seven miles,) m good
earriagrs J. BAisULAY fo I'O.
Long Branch. Jane 94, 1944. j*29 2w*r*
T'HE anderaigned begs respectfully to aannunce to his
_. "Ublic, I"
' Friends an3 the PabTic, that he has leased the above well
known Establishment, and to solicit a continuance of that
supnort and patronage which for so many years has men es
tended to hit predecessor. Mr. Rasco.
With the experience which he has already had in the line,
he can ceuftd ntlv promise to hit porous and travellers gene
rally, that nothing will ba omitiea in hit Establishment winch
can conlriba e to tneir comfort or convenience. Hit table
will always be supplied with the luxuries ot (he season and ti.e
best of everything which the markets afford, at well at with
Wines and Liquors of the choicest description. Ha has also
engaged a first rate Front h artiite, under whose active super
intendence the caliuary department w.ll be placad on n foot
ing w hieh cannot ba surpassed in any timiU' ratanlishmeut on
the American Continent. Thewhola establishment hen lately
undergone n complete renovation, and contains, hssidro name
root eleganily famished Private Apaitmanls, hvndtomsly fin
ted ap "offee end Reading Ko?ms. supplied with the Cana
dian and United Stnten papers. Hot and Cold Bathn. and every
other neoetsnry convenience. In sluirt, nothing shall ba want
ins to maintain the preaent high cl&raeter of the Hotel, or u
ins so maintain me yrcssui nign susiwoa ui u? siuwi, v> -
anhanca its reputation. J. M.DONEliANA.
THE SUBSCRIBERS respectfully inform thsir (Head*
J- and the public general! r, that the naw tad commodious
Home, erected for a Hotel, at Morristown, Naw Jersey, will
be open for the entertainment of all ihoaa who will (avor there
with their company on the 20th of Jane, instant, when they
hope to famish such accommodations aa to edit tie them to
public faror. J. C. BURGESS,
Recently from the City Hotel. Hartford,
From tha Union Hotel, Elmbethtown. N. J.,
jelj Im*rc Proprietors.
BOARD and Lndgiug, per week |)H
Transient Boarder,, par day--* ??? 0 74
Single Veals ???# 24
TV location is pleasantly situated, convenient to the Phila
deli hie, Boataa and Albany steamboats. Fervors wishing to
reside in tha city for a lew days, will do wall by calling and
making their arrangements with the proprietor,
jed lm*rre F. KNOWLES
Q Til ANGERS via tint the city will find i? worthy their at
trillion to notice Bigger a I
_ Itepoairory of Fie# Arts, where
they will And a choice collection of Prints after the old mat
eria, snob at Raphael. Carrncci, llenbena, Teuiers, P Potter,
Brigham, Vandyke, Ac raauyof which ere not to be fonnd in
any other collect en in tha c ?nntry Also, modern fine En
fravings, Sk-'eh>-v by Cruirkvhack, Seymon-, and Strap
riots, front 12K p-r doaan; taucy Stationery, Orate Aprons,
Drapery for Ulaseee, lie.
J AS. 1. BIGGAR, <7 Canal afreet.
jy7 Im're near Broadway.
BAKMilcl.'S INDELIBLE INK?The superiority of
this Marking Ink it now very generally acknowledged by
the drnngieta nud consumer, of tbe article in Philadelphia?a
large numbrr of ? horn have already tested it, as may be sera by
heir advertisements, and have pronoaaced it aaperior to any
other indelible ink whether of domestic or foreign reako.
The whole process ol marki -g it may be completed in three
minutes, even nt midnight if dearable.
It is called Barohill's Icdelik e Ink. altar tha Christian name
of one of onr firm, who invenu^it Mauufa-tured and for aula
Wholesale Druggists,
Jo- SIStt Market street, Philadelphia.
From the IJn.ted Stales Gntette of March 13th
Inorlibi.c liva?Messrs, Potts. Linn A Hums, No. 313H
Market street, above 5#i. mane Acture nnd hare for aele among
srtitlro in ihrir line of busiaam aa druggists, sa admirablei ink
t.aly indelible, it will, by iteVaaty and the simrlicityaof its
use, com mead itself to las mini ofuoee who like to seta
lad wo
?ark upon their apparel, and would like that stark oaatand
?"rom the Editors of the North American of March 12th.
InDnushi Inn?We hava tried some of Bunhill'a Indelible
Ink; and cheerfully recommend it to all thove wishing to mark
on linen or cotton. It row freely and requires no previous pre
p.i ration. It re for sale by Maura. Potts, Llna A Harris, Nt.
?T 9 -
111* Mark.l st.
Copy of on advortiaewiBt of April l?th.
BtariHtLL'a Iisdmisi.e livn?Just received, a supply of this
celebrated Ink. and having lasted it vhorooghly am prepared to
warrmat it equal if not superior to any made in the United States
or of the imported
Alto?Drugs Medicinm, Pain*, Acids. Dye 8tofb, Var
nishes. Ac., Ac., which will be aold on the most reasonable
Wholesale Druggist, Market at. nkove ltth
Jrt im*rc WAS
PLACE. jyl ttawlm?re
'V*m? '"1 tb* Crope?sulphate of Soda?Nil
' ?*
B JOSEPH, U Maiden Lane, (bp stairs) importer of Knir
? liah. French, aad German doable end sufl* barrel Yowl
ing sndDuck lag ULN8, from the lowest to fcmel QMlitMe,
Aum, ilwiyi oa baud, &u nuctifc AMOfUncfttoi rlorOLb
Auo, ilwiyi v. ? M - - ?.
bo lb double &ad siflKle barfBia, embrtciau 1(H> diffrr^nl kiada :
iBclttdiuf tb* iiiudtfo Slu Barrel KevoWtn, all ol which will
b? told lowe. Uiao any oih??r haute ifl the iraOu. Merchantsaad
tiuu Srailn? we iiarticuii/iy reQaetted to call. prtTioua to
uiakuiff thou pnrr.fuu*?, at they certmaly will find it to tbeir
idrau rh* &304m#rrc.
iVi. WLSto,
Moet raspeetfnlly informs the citisens of New York, end the
public in general, that he haa located himself in thit city, aud
opens to-day at 437 Broadway, a large and uioet complete as
eortinent ot Bfcct&sle* and Reading Glasses, in tioid, silver
aud Steel Frames He would also remind the public, to whom
be ie partly known by hie annual vieite to .aratoga Kpriuge
since the last nine years, tli.it by bis knowledge ol the optical
science he is i rubied ts determine the glasses suitable lor any
eye. Persons with weak eyes can be supplied with glasses
which wilt greatly benefit and not strata the sight. Particular
attention is called to a new style of perspective ground glasies
of the finest dint, which, through their high polish and fur
ground, produce the purest vision, and have been highly recom
mended as the best in their etfects upon the eye lor preserving
and improving the sight in continued writing and reading
ohorfeighted pei-ons, and snch as haTS been operated upon lor
cataract, can also b? soiled. He inserts likewise new glasses ot
superior quality in old frames, and solicits the patronage of all
tu want of his articles. Please call at
M. WISE. Optician,
aid iin're in Broadway.
A clinod to close up an interest in a Tobacco Manufactory, 1
sow ofler for sale a quantity of prime tine cut and smoking
Tobacco, papered op in the usual way, at very reasonable pri
ces. 1 beg to call the attention of Western Merchants and other
buyers to this, the quality of the tobacco beiag of the very best
ted prices by lar lower ihaa usual.
m7?iu?rre IOHNTi YABKK No. I New si.
WOULD KLSPECTFULLli inform the public
that lie has iwmced his prices to tui: the liuies,
ai*u vAeii fine Call Bouts at $3.30 and $1,00. Boots mate to
oidei to. $7 00.
N B.?tf.ots by the oas? from $1.50 to $3,30 j06 lmeod?ic
JOHN WHV'lh'g is the place you cans_
And a great variety of Bouts and bhoes.'
givehiai a call, and you will find that lo. chea.nes.,
ue .mess, tssh.on ana durability, hit st >ck is unsurpassed oy
any in the ci y. Htort No. i3 1 hud Avruus, betwitn 7th aad
8th street. jvl lm'eo
Branch Storee, SIB Bleecker street, New York.
f361 Grand itrrtt,mar Suffolk,
1191 Greenwich, neat Pulton.
110 Pulton street, Brooklyn.
Alto,' Corner of Maine and Houton street, Pattereon, N. J.
And 46 North Pifth street, Philadelphia.
establishments, where tliey think will be lound by far the best
(elections of pure and undo Iterated Teas in the United Statue.
The universal popularity and renown of their house with
reference to high qualities, low pricus and upright dealing, is
too well understood to render farther comments uecessary
Original and only Warehouses for the sale ol Howqua's Black
Tea. 'Observe i ! "?Strangers will be particular to reinembei
die number of the priacip&Tstore m Chatham street, vis : lift,
oetwecu i'eorl and Rosevrlt streets, Hie public will also be
leased to take nonce, thai the Canton Ten Company have no
Hung to 00 witn any otnerjstofea except those described at the
IIViil lllii KirMi,,.,..,! *nX? (?.*?*
AH. PAKKEK, 69 Quane, between Elm .trert aud Broad
? way, Agent for the sale of Valuable Oil Paintings, Porce
lain and Antiquities, has on hand a hue collection of sploudid
imported Oil Paintings of the blemish and Dutch schools,
whuh he can dispose ?1 at moderate prices. 1 hetel'ore, those
who with to eunch their collection!, or ornamenting their par
lors, will find it to their interest to call, examiue, ana judge lor
themselves At home trout 9 A. M, till 6 t. M.
jell km ?otl*rc
who with to purchase Gtlu or bilTer WitcnWi
T oV,ldChuu. (iUldreu",U. Key,, fcc.will I?pd?|WWji
to their advantage 10 tall on the subtcribsr, wl o> U *UU* aU
oescnptious oi the above at retail much lower than at any
UU(iold0Waleh??yiow a. ?20 and*25ewh. Watches and
Jewelry &oght. All V* arena, ????*?&?!
good time or the money returned. Watohte and Jewelry re
,*<red in the beat manner, anil warranted, at much leaa than the
uaual pnc?*. ALLEN( llnporlrl of Watch- and JewellT.
jrgg ?in'?re Wholesale and retail, ia Wall ?' nu stairs.
errv fWTfh LBS YELLOW OCHKKs W.OOOlbaEatiactol
50.000 Heiiilock Baik; ".WO Ibeboat German I 'ipe L ay,
10.000 lbs superior Ivory JSo do"iiu twi
cfn J.6 Ja^V.te"' I 000U'lba belt Wood,.aphtha;' l.iKIO lbeCa>
hiue' Aiw Si? lbs Billion A .row Hoot; 1,000 Ibe < rocua
vl irt-a* i0 WO lo? Pumice bione; 1,000 ohncea Duuttonfl th'.
ueea^ement; 6 000 Ibi t xtraCi of tturicitr..n B?a, Lana
i-auitie. 1'iuiiic Acid, anlphate m So ia. Sujthate of Atnm >
aia, Nitrate ot Soda Comp. Lhenucal Whale Oi[ Boi.p.iat
chnullv Comib'iand. Fly Paper, BrdDtig louou. Myrrh iOo.h
Paste Sweat Spi'l.a of Niue, Sulphuric L her, Lab irreqae ?
^rid??t ?Sda Verau ne,' Cbior.de ul Lime. Wood .1.
Boiea. Iodide Ir.u. Be. tiodido Mercury. Alntn, Hire Bodg,
Unlm In thole ink; ?.0o0 large Swednh Leecuss, l.Uuo lbs
v^afil Black; l.OW lba Chinrae \ ellsw; 100 o?a Lamms;
j.OOd Mineral Incorruptible T?-th; t?0 ^?.f*? Hcla"/K:
*,000 iba Siroi.K btHTiw HoiUhordie; 3,0u0 c&lioni Diach lb*,
''Tllof wh'ch '^7linv?Ts e KUonf WA&&R.
j. is I in eod*ec ] CO .ua.dcn i,ane.
hygeia'n institute,
47 WAH111CN BIR* KT, N. Y.|
t> uhu i.tig rh/siciAfla tl . - f .
J STEPHENS, of King's Co lege a Oay's Hoewtel. Lon?^ i
iKTK III, a a ? W 11' 08 ll6VOt*<i tO flilWdW Oi ^
P1>?fn. oV T^ufiaVtoTembaAC.ng i* trnma*. out the dit
. j imp-.t?icv. and tiouorrhtPA, tut
Lrfutinfiii. oi which E\f? b- euii.e *11> grace! ?1 to th*
??cia i awd cou?"<|heotiy fallen into the hauti ol a de?p cahlt
li? of ?i?eo. to whoift tnr p.aadei ol their Mtii-nu is the ooty ,
object, AutCj^cng catalogue of di eutailTd oa gfiimiioi* j
0 come Vt ? soitciu the |?fcirv?o?t;e of ihfl poohuii the
g ne alVct ceof Medic.ua end .Vlidw,ler>. ^d eonUdenUy
1 uiuiitt hie tali'nt* to tCiunuy ? i public. j
lie a ill be happy to fuiw.rd eovice and meaiciue in the abnte
bitui'hfa ot the ptnfea*ion, to j eraoaa rea.bi..g at a dutMM.
npoD an accur.tia deacrip ion ol the avmptotna, and llie lattei
ducloaing h fre. ld?twsa? ut?ed not be poet*p id. 111
N.inJ will be reiuted ctilil on aCCOttUt of PoewtT, and all I
miy ret?tn?urr?l that a peniiAueiit can will be #ile,.u4 witlioat
endangering the future liappineaa cf like p.tie.t; a>l that tcienea
i nan (in witi bf? douc to ifcu(0 a iptcdy couvce
Oihco honra Iroui i0 till U A- M.t iblli l' M. Adtice iin
.he llieeaxea of Keuialea gratia from ? till i? A. M., ??o?i?Ta
CIO aloaelT reaemblaa the real head of hair thatacepitcaand
S eonnouaenra hare pronounced it the meat f*r^ect l"'Ar*"
raordinary invention of the day.. The neat advantage of thu
aovel and unique wig ie ita being made without|
.mtide which eits appearances so closelY to reeeinblt
the natnfJnair, both in lightness end natnra appearanea, ?? w
del v detection, its teartnre bein* ao beadtifol, so porous and so
lri/ tliat in all cases of perspiration evaporation is unimpaded.
?d'^imtiBVlUolr other wigs entirely avoided. 1 he sc-pti,
ted connoisseur are alike invited Mi inject this novel and beau
ttfnl Wig, and the pecnliai method ?1 fitting the head, at tns
...afacta"'. A.U. Harry, u. Broww.,,d.rm.r of LhW-T
j street, np stairs. Je a
OpricK or Jgrrnasois lnetmancic LomranT.f
No. K Wall st, opposite the Kvchange. i
TH^.r^Tor^rw^7m?d^ ?dd.i.?.
U H Kobeon, M. 1)., Joeeph Umke.
Thornpses In*. Joseph AllM.
Mosee Tneker. "} P 'mni? '
John R. DavuUon. John
John H. Lee,. ^ K 'r>Vori
Johnaionitt, thomab w.^Hofe^Prsaid"**
BKO. T HOFIC.Secretary ?"
j?M lm*rre
? TEETH ! TEETH !! TEETH ! . . ,
OiHir AP. HT OPERATING OKFlCfi in the oity Trie
C sd^^d fifty per cent? N. TAYLOR. Burgeon Dentist,M |
blast Broadway. ?
blstrscting ?????? V*
Single loo?h,onp.v^.-;.. ->;;:
ootd... ??
All opereHonswarranted at this offer. JH I'U*ro
~ JOSHUA GAltSEU dt CO., i
r\V PATtN 1' THRKADB, Shoe Thread, super hail Twine, |
lean lei*re ?. . -?
11A L BO T T L K 8-TH RE LB H A. LI NO 8.
1 know >t?'*e?il?>J.<?'"},Y??hn?bottlre must prose tiietrniii
ure intended hair to ?oWjStop ha,, grow dark Fot
^f^^ion'omi& i^ artieU ^
Hreoklvn i ?"Btate iWiJ"""jjgiii'oe
delphie; WT King street. Charleston, ?. L. J>^
rpHK MOBT bleesed and wonderfnl dl,r0T"
,M""nfSB8i?sr cotwTsars/TERa ,
surprising *?***' guk or T.,jow Mu
To a hsilthy, flue clearness. .
Albert. Patent Uun,tahl??. ??"" 2-jicus patterns, tot to
xSe? "V)"^tetv Nu<17 KtU,ud "raM
Will !tmf!??
able shapes, art- to be bad * c"' *' ,?I0 2n.'m
t.iu fctiuuu street
r , reaoiNA>u?. O'-'JMyTOSifSKiiS
? 2s saw
with the beat t-iwohesfronil1. Hambuig ai.d Mar.
regularly bv eve'* pa bet Irom ''a? i ( puieha
sellles. which they will sell in ,q"?V< baited Sulfa -
PCBHOIM# .amilew> egStTS"SplUS^A
pal towns in the (l"'" k y, sae il they are endorsed by Dr.
HuU '' in "wnUng* TSST? o*. to berelisd upo. -
good' without hia ^Ktatara. d inlltations of Hull1*
Many persons ba?e undertaneew^ ,mpoMd npon meonsw
celebrated Pniaaee.aiid Mio ot ^ ?|ie<i nPou; they are
ZSZti JSffiLSSS3? ae?ww?>a
X?b- a-.??t SK.'.?!SiS2"i'SS
for ladies, having. a separate entteneei .row tu WMt upon
ment, where a female ta IB couataot at jn luwe
female pat-ente. _ ? _???
medicated^vSor^^lph^R BAJ^.
Baths sent to an* part of the city or its em
Tnba lor hire
N7tw uanS^^'^artras
Hood re-aPH&nuiM uooiiit ihfi* fallow
Pan'. uTaktd ?po. as
?JffS^SSaV!iSS^SS agecl of thia highly-priaed
""SUfdlfr all mpectable Druggist* in New York, in Boxen at
25 and 50 cent*. *V hole?ale^g* Prop?ieUHS^g fc CQ t
No 117 Folton stie*, up.?????;.
f.dentially on all P"'?1* *ai'd recent eaaee, inrticu
ntoSivi. ?' ?"?-????
"8BR?5bp tos.jrroTioN^ mjilitj
This affection, aud * oSSmJ fmt.stoue aid ?U
sraaAaSwV; ?ha?gsi
SKSSftSSSTCS.*F?U ?? ???"-'"?
^N.'b.-Dt. M. hold. BO eommnniouwith g*^yP?SJjjS
who claim w be ?urgeou?, ai h* ts. at hie if
advertiaing Surgeon tn the city. d ,0buinin? a
fice, *<* b ultou s^t Lecw s POsPpmo^ of 0
I'm will iBtttrs CQWlCllll Wfl MlTicc' v. j imin front 7 Aa
M4tf Fulton, near Greenwich. N. Y.
M to 10 P. M. daily. :?
Noctiircal EW.siioa?, Oooorrhm , ^ ?a^ be ? btsiaed at
and ail Diseases of the Generalise "rt The Doctor
Fine Gold. Rolled 8U?t Plating. Rrass and'PljOedMelR,
aft<Sf?tW ha**-? mi
uurg. ?or sale at the lowest mnrkut,i>noo,^tiy.l ^VITTE,
lM?,c ygJohneuU. New York.
*DIM of iffiSf A*
r^r rr?f?Sfet sk
tediey tits nss ef Ute qWcction _ ? rertraatien so
antsd id to the ? flietcd w U?s ol Pcrasos^
? jwltu, it never haTtH 'ailed ot yrrioroivw * ?? ?
lbea;itetwpitya\eietrcac;sun?ea. c3a.iri.-r v* Eerope
The nupjporte. "asaU^ic .^.pSi w we entire dituas el
welt a> .B o.t ?r?? vf; prd.sou,.? tie ur
;^an^.?ndUic^.nr>-unf?usa.f ..ril ***** UJ\w-eaor t?
hU in 'toil.ratet hsn^J -??? *??? % h.^e* isM.
s^ciutrnded In Rnro - o. ? ; ,f l;w <i,c*iUr? o? tun
la wit country u .?**?- .7 }"* tn ,3. ?*.?*?
heu tiesof Gotwgod ??.? ruspiutt. ??
Triisess .c-t '?Hr.fiirtf.is -o ?if l' --<' i ?
Uuivernity oi the ciW ot V*V Vc ? j lo t|,e ueatment
.ively couhned hit practice lro.n d 1 n f , ya:*s tn uieeity
iWbTP^ers and^nacna.u l,^?V
in the ctt*. 1 ersons eltlicted^ v. lit I ^ liea|th, by appiytng
i-aMn need not despair of being ^ ^ Mtsblun*d the
toUr. CothtU. A Pf*c.lwTll and^wniectability. Strietnres eu
y<rctot's repotation |.t skill and rtwecmuui^ ^
> tge the lloetor't profoniiu atientioa A gmere
pra.reseat a. ertain il.seaae. lu any ?f Usjorras- J" ? -
I'llBiwwdiFtSS"hIiu Ar9?-?l"Al
uar^nnma. ('"^Vhe^san bT^ ?' h?1
SBt!M;\nTe^V-tan". ?'
lealth which r*?nlu in the wife )uu tnnr ntabhab
who for yoara pinsd in chtldhw* '"^^vJonee. U enrable by
theV:luTCordial. It iat-fallabl.
ihe nse of the Procrealise ? debl|lly< meonmuence, mi
labluhed. A ^ 01 more Uian OU^ mo^ ^ ?ulnatton a
"I'o,Cn.rn ? 1* of U^?
tfSSK'iS ':"'K'rr"
Pnee of paclraga ??. in^tnii hotjjj
j>l In no
%/fO. DAY, boot naku, No. *0 Tillary street, Brooklyn,
1TA in Bared greatly for aijtbtMa months with eraaeiatjoa, de
bility, sickness of th? stomach. loaa of tppelilt, shootiag paiaa
ia the bowels, hi* siemach ueglseiwl nianosierarr kiad oTTood.
aioapt augur. Ha had baoa attended by various physicians.ami
l>r two mouths by tha professors of tha University, tad all to
ao purpose.
On reading Dr. Sherman's Book osaaripOTB of tha symptom*
of Vienna bo thought they mat his asset so he purchased a boa
>f Sherman's Worm Lozengca. A few doaaa bruoghtaway, aa
ae Judged, abouttwoiinutaofworau.afcdsuuroiy cured turn,
A multitude if aimtiu eases might ha maeuoaed where chil
Imu and adult* had auflerod aJ out daeth from worms, sad ao
A multitude if simiiar eases might ha mauuoaed whereehil
diau and adult* had auflered all out daath f
thing gava relief but Sherioau's Loaaagaa.
Coaghs, Cuba, Asthma, Whoopiug Cough aad avau Con
m caption, are all aooaer cured by Bhsmaa'a Cough Juoteagaa
cbaa any othar known remedy. They ail*/ the tickling in a
lew seconds, aad enable those a&ietrd with the moat
harraaaiag consns to 'leap wool- nights. Tha Her. Dr.
Duaber, Ret. Mr. Da Korea t, He v. Dr.Eastmoud aud huadrada
thoueanda ean attest to their happy virtues as others oan to tha
rtficacy of Sherman's Cough Loxeuges, for headache,
. alpiiatioa, lownees of spirits, aaa sickness aad lassitude,
irom bodily or mental camions, and lor tha woaderfol proper
ties of Bherman's foor Man's fluster, which aoeu hut
cents,and is a warranted curs for rheamaUsui aud lumhngo,
puia ar waakneaa in tha breast, tide, hack, or any part ot the
body. Ash for Sherman's I'oor Man's flatter, aud sea that hia
asms and his ate simile with directions for turn are on the back!
i'here are a great uaaav worthless intentions hawked ibout aad
?old by uapnasipjad druggists. Hem ember to get Sherman's
Loanagwiys aad Wasters aad Truaa-waaa others, or yen will
Dr*Hhsrman'l Warehouse is 1M Nassau (treat. Agsaw?4J7
Hudson stsor Spring, 1* Voieary cor Spring; 77 East Broad
way sor Market; ? William at; lib. IR, M and Ml Broad
way. Ik Brooklyn, Mrs Buys m Keltgta, aud Mountain'*
Drug store MS faltou. Simeon sot flu ? set aad Jaahsoa >4
la laraayCity?E RuaAUl, Sroser. InNeweM? J E Trippo
and David Bryaaa. ^i rntiagm** BlieUr A CoTlmtesr iiuiltT
?. Burlap Bedding A Co.S State at. Alhaev?AOuuine,
tauwiT Hall. dll re
D K AD the following latraaating case and margtedyi cure at
"? files Mr. J. Bowman, adistinguished argMfx Welding
?u Broadway, has bean afflicted with toe fmm m* yum.
He consulted me about three months sums: ban P* Wr -wsa
foal, appetite bad, iivar torpid, ooasionaJ mMMb aounte
aanoa pale aad languid, eoiaplaina of eeiwa dm* MM iadnevs*
great irrimtion, teasinn aud weight in UM wrwsgiwu of tha
bowels, attended with pUa tumors so much dflnM at timrs
na to produae insmtap sofferine, at other timsu MidMg them
?elves bvaprofean Tiscnarge of blood inducing gem* debility :
rhe moat lea of the baek from the long coetiaaed irritation baa
'he moat lea of the baek from the long coutiaued irritation bad
m some degree I oat their power, .'reducing turahago, and i t was
with mnehchfficulty that lis could walk; nmaleo wna feeble and
infirm, bad etpandad more thsa five liuadrao do.laiu in i'ourf?u
years for this complaint, and hadobtauak only temporary re
lief ; is now aotk/ely sirred, baring tahsu QUI? thrua botes of
ntv Pilu ELacvpsay; has travolTai mass than two thousand
rnfssiiaee. aud feels no lugum of dMooMpEaut; m as well
and active now aa he was thirty mm a*?. aad sttrAuess tan
to that inestimable remedy, lir. Wham's Pi lb Blbctuauv.
Reader, this is Paly one of a thousand similar eases cared by
theaame mesuu. The Pile Meetsarr. aa isternal remedy, is
?old bv the proprietor at his office IM Bowuar.tear dears a bo re
? 11 Im dkw*oe
Thi Jvbw Yoke HghsLD? A daily paper, issued ererv
morning of the week-^nee two cents per copy. Count" f
tubse risers famished at the same rate, for any specific p-riod,
on a remittaaaa in advaaea. No pgper seat unless paid ia ad
Tft Wukulv Hebald?issued every Saturday morning it
:ea o'clock?pries tit sisd a uuastcr cruet per copy?tut
nsbed to eouatry suoscritian at $1 19 per iaaaum, ia udvuaesl
sr at the same mas lar nay speeiAc period. ?
?Mi?g.t?aw?W ?d i ail Ml ft

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