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ii lie inure Hint.?iuctna'i in invigorating effects
ir.iuw. Person.. altlictwd w iih weakness or lasai*
IK ANi 1IAVB DOUBTS they iniy now dismiss ihem, miH
the mo.t incredulous way ci lit I'll r De*ft:Mi as curable.
Man .use. o1' cure*. an J many of them very temarkable,
by the use of SCARPA'S Oil-, have tieeu published?but ilna
cii>s ilieclhnu?young or oM you may yet recover your linor
A I.>ily ia Smilhfield, Pennsylvania, toil now about eighty
year. >?l u>', hid fate u ki iju illy getting deaf for more thau forty
5 ? ?o Hut it was neat to iiPiHi??ible to make her hnt I'onver
sstioi in llii? loudest tones of voice Cast w inter she was tn
d'liv I to try SCARPA'S OIL. for OnTimw. It is only won
?if to add, that she hu used two botiles and that h**r healing ia
perfectly mtor J.?Philadelphia Punlic Ledger.
I'l.' .ir?d I y B. Bell, and ?old wholesale anil retail bv A. B It
D. nands, D.iugi.u, No. 7'J Folton street, 273 Broadway, and
77 Last Broadway. s36 lm*rc
T H E li L I X i II O F LOVE.
YT isasovrrefi and speedy ctre for incipient consumption,
*- barre mess. nnpoieiry, liicorhae or whiles, obstruction, dif
ficult i jxiifut i" niru no?. iiicoiilmeuce ol urine or involute
tar, ill tali !.-? Dsn 'i', ?uu tor general (iroatratuiii of the aya*
teui. wlie'h. r the n*.ulr of iuhoie it c in .?> or , : .:u? ? ,i by ir.e^*
o nl llljf., r nCiiteut. It u pli-u.. t to tlie taste, ad iiosi*
tivi uif i:t i'? oper.tio'is. It* tmrivallnil r. luiution in both
haul11, lien. ? >? III.* ""It ol? its almost uninvited virtues.
L,?T .NO O.NC lJlC >P/Vltl
Nothing canjn*
on thu hu * t _ _
tui" ci'ort : Uiuy it, at o. ue become rohuntaud full of energy
u .a *r it. i itlucm >? It immediately counteracts the nerveless
ii#.? orloo-.f.iess .1' the female frame, which in llw only cause
Of barrenness, a id which, prior to Dr. Magut's discovery, was
Considered to I I i .eur ? ,!.?
La ;u igi-, i m rJ, cannot do justice to tlie intri's of the I .ucim
Cordi 1. which i> le^arded_ by the hands of the faculty [n all
parts ol the world .iouo of the most important discoveries of
any iae.
? id w h legale :> .1 retail in litis city at 13 ? H elton street, cor
ner 1 N iisau, and Swth fowie, W aanugiuii aiieei, Bosnia; 90
Nor h Sinn stieet, Philadelphia. Price f3 iter bottle? $21 per
dozen. liii-in
A WrtKLT Parcil I'gVOTSO To THE ItSTKggiTI op Music
? Ml Ul.'SIt l*\?.
'I'ill.S WORK i> iute ideii to offer lo the Musical Piofession
I that, which for a le Igtli of time, tlw*> haie much ueeded;
uain I, a nieitiuiu llir ugh nlncii their ninny lutereaiscan be ad*
to tr ; earnestly and sniLvrely, without l>* r and w ithout bias.
To tlh* puulic it will Ik* a complete chronicle of all the viusi>
c .i eieiits which t ke plac- i t Una country and iii Kurojie: ar*
riugeineuts havnn: been made with aide mid tuteriirUiug cor
resiKjiideuU in Oerniaiiy, Kiicl uid, Paris, li Hon, I'liiladelpliia,
Baltiinor -, i\ew O.lenis, &.C., Sic., to i dvu*' us of ull that
transpires of m eri ?t and im ortance. Tne earliest and most
C irectacc >nnti will b^ giten of the new and vajuible works,
0|ieiai, Urat >rio?, Song*. Stc , Stc., which ap|iear both at home
and i i.o d, so that th" ilil lei uli may obtain a jf, l'ect know led**
of all tin cm iutere I llieui in Musical uiatlers, though
tliouaauda of miles aw y from i lie scene of acliou.
Bio^'rapliie-, with fine Iikeues?ea of the most eminent artists
now icaiUeut he*e, .old ot' lho?e who visit our shores, I gellier
w ill uuiiy papers from the |ieus of our professional brethren,
will uld i .i-ri'.f to our columns, and the varied correspondence
Willi 'in .< tnkiugaud important lealure in the ariaiuemenls.
U sides the lite urv matter, each number will coulaiu four
pat,'-* ol inunc printed In the hrst style of art:?nearly all origi
nal a.id copy ri.,nt?uolh Vocal aud lustruim uUl, wr tluu or ar
riu^ed >-spie>sl> lor this woik by the iuo>l popular composers
in tins country, w.lli several coinpoaitious oi B irnett, Lmler,
an I Horn, in*v r iieloie published, ill ? whole forming a splendiu
vol tine coiiliiuiug tv.o build ed aud eight pages of slerliug
'1 he Adiariising pomon oftlie pa|ier w ill be well displayed,
aud "Usic I u111i.hers, l'iauo-Ko le Mauufaclu'ers, and ieach
ers, boili iu tins city aud throughout the country, will find it
tin *t medium lor anuouucing themseiies auu their works to
the public
Tne w..rk will lie beautifully printed ou fine paper, with new
type, bi li uid pr-ss, aud w ill be oi size 14 inches by 12. It will
bv puulishedetery i hur*da> . The liist uuinuer to ai lioai Octo
l%i id.
-Vll country suhscrihers or correspondents will send their
orders or communications addresseU lo the Lditor at the
Otfice, 14 Johu sir.e'? HJiNKV C. vVATSON,
Kditor and 1'roprietor.
1'erms?$i a year on receipt of 1st nuiuDer; >b,i0 lo city sub
?criuers who pay by the v.eeK.
i^diton inserting this Prospectus twice 3 week, for one mouth,
and s liding then paper, w ill icceive the Musical Chronicle ouu
ill Advertisement* intended for the lirst number must beaent
ill by tie* 2Hlh ol this imiuili.
\V uited?An acme .uid lutelligent boy, to attend lo the office
Sic., \c. Appl, between lu and i. ?ZI lw*ec
Diiwtil AiHi; OUUAIC CiCAOtvi'aiio.
'PHK (joliscribar wishes lo m.tke known to tlie Pu' lic, lhai
A much of the Biscuit and < rackers which are sold hi tills
nt/b, the above uaiues, .ire eulueiy d.lfereul from the Mods
Biscuit aad Sugai Crackers made at his linker) : which liavr.
been used by invalids, |>articulail> tlioae who suffer from indi
gestion. <r mora th ui iweuly years wile tlie beat resulta ;
while ih- imituliOU, Which cau be made lor a lens price, though
perha|M Rood lor a |iersou iu liealth are wholly unlit for the
sick, i'uv above Biscuit and Crackrra, also Buttri Biscuil.
Wiue ilijcuu, Butter Crackers, Water Crackers, Pilol and
Navy Bread, all of tlie lirst quality, ire constantly for sale a!
tie' well known ui^iblisiuueut, 4Tj Washiugtou street, comer ol
War. .. sire<*t. KPI1HA1M TUMi OWKLL.
heautilul black Newfoundland Dog, sixteen mouths
old, oue of the laigesl and best breed iu Hie Uuiled
bin - , tin been trained toliarue?s, auil promises lo be a most
vslti ihle witclidog. VV ill lie sold ou ie tsunable terms.
Appl at Uie Machine Shop of toe New Jersey iCnlroad aud
Trans,airtation Coiupaiiy, Jersey City, all 2w*m
TOIINSON .?? . iiOO.vl, lau Johiuou Co., of *'aNhu street,
" .Vlauulai lure for Cirocers, Urungista, Couuiry Storekeepers,
Barbels ami Pedlar-*, every ilesciiptioii of Kancy boaps, ol the
brst null' j , and it tlie lowest possible prices.
Kales U'i mi t In.- .Uauufacloiy ,7'J i'rinity Place,in the rear ol
Ttuutyctwrchs sii lm'ec
RIGOaIt'bi if'TpCKlf()Rr>F FINS"ARTS
C7 C \M;. ?> i in i I a 1 i iv Dooits W I.ST ok Buoadwav.
M0Ui.it.Ni i-.NOIIaVIN'iS of all sizes, plain and colored,
uii title for llic o.jli-, wr, artist or collector. Comic
ake.i lie. ay ci.iUjh in.i, .N ..nioiti, Xc , tit price., vaiying from
I2;9 cenli |.''i il ize . in - '.nral dollar 1 ojcIi; likewise a tlue tu
so,lineal of rare I'lClNl .i, altei ucll Celebrated masters as
Kaph i. Iu in. ii, Bciglieim, Cuyp, Teueus, Hartoll' v.z.i. 4tc.
N. li. Oln engravings bought Or excliauged. s24 lnt'm
ADAL.ICSMK, Imi-oru-r aud Vgent for Manufacturers, has
? alw iys ou hand a large assortment of diiinm and lea sets,
plain whi*e and gilt h leuch force lam, u well as Diuuer and
De- -II Plates, of all sizes, assorU*d DisUea, Soup Tureuus.
Covered Duties, Sal id Bowls, Kraii Baskets, Custardi and
/. so, Kanty !'?* S?ij, and Rich Decorated Dinner Seta.
Also, Tea aud Chocolate Ware, (Jreek, i'reucn aud American
I nape
Aii the arttele* are warranted ol the beat quality, and to be
?old ou lil.-ral terms, aud m lot* to snit purchasers.
sit (m*e
'PHK SU BSC 111 B tlirt offer lor sale, a very sU|wrior article
-L Ol Alii moo Hats, of dillereut colors, ovule tins summer,
which will ? sold extremely low to close a concern. Also,
Brn.1, ol i ti'iutss Colors. S. VichAV Ai CO..
?iiiiH I in ? ? - It Kern* street. New Vork.
N Mt IV A O It IV , S t. I' J r. At I) (. It, i I 4 4 .
Krf L.sii i.vit'uh.rh.u &TUVK OF
L.:.Nfi, vVc.,
TO (SK < l.USfcD UV NOVKMBKll 1, 1H+4.
ON'*. oif<jiir i'<irtu?*r? iiiiciidiiiK lo ntu% lro?n out coucem oi<
tnr Ut "I iSov. lit if i Ke-Jit, Wk f I B|Wtl lull V iiuorai i UQ
? ??* ati nl** a <? ,? ?r> i - <;!?#?? our t><v?eut ou or Uluf?*
in .i ?1?,. i r?e Ui?. ' > navi* u luijKirlrti l>>* liu; Uloti nrrivals,
UU?1 CuiiklAl 111 |>art ot llir follow 1U*1, VI7. J?
f'r^iich bro-iU (,tuth?,
C&nuicrrv Aiiii ih-ruuu Castor bearers,
Umad Cloths,
Thft?^fourtiu a...l fix-fou> hs Uo^kiiis rind Camiiinerrt,
Kilgiilii Broad Ciotli*,
C'ajMiiner?*.'?, 1'ili.u, Lion BlaukeU,
i'addoU'*, VV Mulf* aud
in cvtsry variety, Ate., 6a:., kc.
frweh. German t.?d K?^li$l? h;ujc> t ai?imtfvil flee.
&colCt? I'laid. <tud Scotch ( weeds, 6tc.
And railom' Tnininiiigf,
inrvery variety.
i #*i will pLaaiie favor ua w ith a Call, and oblige
Votu utofll obi'itieut ?*T\anU,
oc CO.,
2m*rc (UP bTAlHtf.)
fil /a JI AI' F J aN LSS O k1 M A N ivTi N U.
LIVKR I.OMPI.AINT, Jauidict, Cancers,
Kistuli, Piles, Polypus, UfieiiuiatiMm. Con tor ted ?ud Ulcer
ated iioue*, Diseases of tl??* Thioat and Som', oi whatever dura
tiou aud ex tent, wiM:Lht*r internal or external; tlie m<?st dilhcult
C i?? 4 ol turnery, ol the succtssst'ul trt aim-iit of'which otlier
l?i ictitioiier* have deA|Mired; UUseues incidental to children aud
uliar 11 il'-licile I'ciiiaU's. Tlie lirst medicine and utteudauce
Wlii us all'orded paUeuU l'ree of charne. Applicants must re
m^in'H'r the number ol the subset iuer, 57 Ke de street, where
he has hi.s - XU'Jisive Clieirtical l. toora ory and his lar^e Drug
,').o ie l'tie subscriber compounds all hu celebrated tier man
me ..iciiies. *No u^iue or leaiileucc required of patients.
bULUAlOsN 11 i.l .N n,, M l).t
Member Mfdicsl .Society City aud ?tate ol' aNe?v York
s2l lleade street.
pURKUUOH iuviuh all weirers and connoisseurs to insect
v lo. i iunoi.-d V-'iltllltlllK uid |ier|?"tu.\l iittniK VViks, which
for elegance, liglitums and ilurabiluy , may he |il iced atnoiiu the
first production* ol inoderu art. In tlieir ni oiui n-ture they dil
fer from all oil. rs ever niade sere , the hair Oemu singly luser!
ml, and <u e<|u ol; Ji.triliu.ed is to at'iviir just uauiu^ Irom tin
skiu. iu their form tliey cover no mon* of lit.' orow than lae
uatiiia) hair dm-i l nnirose l of li-sir whicu never lows ilu curl,
uud iiy Uie u.e of a rial elastic s|hiuk, (made es|ire?sly for Iiiui
sail,) which naiuier corrudes Bor loses its elasticity, lli>*y fit so
rl'j?e|y to i ,e I Karl, UiU lee most critical oowrvet cauiiot |**ne
tnue the decei'liou. liroauway, (neat St Paul a,)
til 1 IU * In -.1. sS?l?
I lilii il?A ii.^1 a? IhbTii.
/"J.ill. IT I(eduction in UeulisUy.?Puces reduced 50 i*r r*?ii
iei'ih set ou invot 4ti 7J
" oo r uie Plate, fiom $1 .V) to ...!!! J 00
Teelli tilled Willi Kme Oold Koil, from iocts to 1 U0
I ooth Aclse Cured, or'i'eetli Ktlraci^d u
, N. I' A If LOU,
Surgical and .vUcliauical Dentist,
W l*.aal liroadway,
ii i-'.; tin'in (Succaaaor to Win. i'hoiu.)
76 >\imanu Street.
JL'PtRIOIl TKA8, COJ< b Kti, SI.'liAR.?Also, Winea in
^3 ..y^iry v iriety?Otard, Chamiiagne anil '/Ogniai. Brandyi
Irish suiI Scotch ?VhisUey, Old Jamaica Kum, Holland Ciiu;
l^judou Brown -Sloui; fe.diahur|(h Ale, Ssc.. #ic., at
Wholes lie and Itetiil Stoie, 7C Nassail street.
?N. B.?IV nile f,oin tlie couuiry, Hotel and Boarding House
Kei-!" n, ?hi iiuy lor cash, will lind it to tlisaii idvanlage to
giv tli . , ' 'li .one at a Call. Ootids seut lo uiy j'art ot 'he city
les? ol ?s|ieii?r. sd I m * rc
T \riT Otrir'~CLOTrtLNG
GKiN'l'I.K.Mh.N '111 KAMILlKia riesiriusol converting ml'
?aah their sii,? 11. . , ;.,.t ?ti i loiii.ug, will oouua irom
uie "iuu.crioei I ,e 111< .llr.Si ly;\."'H PKIC KH.
1* until jr <> ;tlrm?u <|UIIU ig t i? cuy or changing n
liiie.ice, l iving *ll ts ol Hie k.n I lo disimse of, will Hud l>
much l i i ir ailv i a. ? u wud lor the Bu scriher, who wiiJ
ailieud Uiciii at their resiOenc* Iiy at'i nutiueul
li. CKV KI T, Ot.ice Mo. i Wall Mrnet,
s<id at 47? iluilaoa at.
Clothing c>ane<l r.nd repair*!.
jTA line ui ouah tiw Post Ulflca, or ot^m wise, will receirt
c< npi j veuliou. anJllrn'IC
Miss v. oodkfkoy. -m wro?dw?y "r
?<" ?~ "s^r
BAHBNNK h. CO.. patrouised by the Courts ol f1'?1"*
and B.Igiuir of H Place Veudoine, lira, have the
huuorol iimk(u? known to tl? Cad.es ol tW- Li.iUU State*.
4ud those of ihe city ..I New \ ork particularly, that tliey ?ill
oiieti a binuch of their ?^ll known and fashionable Millinery
Ivitnblni.iiw.il, Oil Thursday, tbe 2'ill of Bepumbw,, on tlie
corner of Broaatwiy <i"l Oraud street, (entrance No. lit Uraud
"xlii branch in thin city will beonder the immediate ?ai>rr;n
teudence <if one of the principle ladies of the I Aim house. I lie
ladies are respectfully solicited to visit the salooiu, where they
will always liud even- recherche article iu tlie uiilliuery line
from Paris, by the PacVets aatliry an ive.
I'. S. They would also iulorm those engaged iu the millinery
busiiims iu the principal citie? of tlie Union, that .all MUCH*
couuected with their business, .aid the latest fashions, can be
supplied previous to tlieir being opened to tint public tn this city.
Orders punctually attended to. "* lulfC
T OWITZ k BCCKKK.No.34 Johu street, will ,?iTL..'
JLi d\y, *.< entirely fre.li stock of C i?nrh Arttfici.1 r lowtns.
Feat Iters, &iic ,JU?I received by the last inickeU lroin Havre, In*
?bote stock was ?ele?ied i.i Paris by C. E. Becker, late sale?
?,.n V ?., Hr... h r ? ,.r Willi. ? ?..?et ?" ""
IJ,, ,1 |,l-i li V.S."'. ,.N 1 OU I 1 , .?!.%? I
0 i.-id by ppl.o.g it 11 Ur-euwich si. l lew ?.;t wnms, tar
uisheil or unfurnished, with full or partial board. It* honse
it delightfully .ituated, and cannot fill to please iiansieut ,
board, H r- ilny. "" "' I
MVJ UL.. UIU,\ . Ui.\l)->-Htnntunc..i.i ?M'^
I sums uisde to all [?rw ol Lurooe, on a Mali ^ici> wiu
entir.lv preveut tlie lo?a or delay ot the name I- or particulars,
apply to C.LlVlNOttTON. ^re^eiic^
?t-12 rrc ? ?
1)1 AMI'FOKTES.-^JOHN PtTHICK, (formerly Muiidy
J k Pethick.) informs those wanting good ,' i?no I" ort?^? ' *!*
lie has it his Old l-Ulahliahmeiit. " l'>
/? ...kirrtil a choli'e .iwirtliieiit ol I lauo rorlen liuui i? io
?even oi iivea, whn.h fir ?xternal fiiiiah.or iiiterunl uualiUM are
secniid to none made iu this country or in t.iiro|r. ^
Old riaiij'? tikeii in eichauge at their utmoat value. .auoa
111 I'll.' Knickerbocker line of atngea l"i? the dnor
miuau-a iu tlied..y. _V.U "c
U'XI'KKbrt PKICKS HKOl'CKU?The Itabacribera tisvf
C< I. duced tiieir K*t'iea* Iiricen on all midll packagea of la?
tud uilie. documents, from M cenu to ceuU l?r |wcka?e
Irom this city to llutfalo and the lulerniediate IKHnta. Also
through Well? V <%)'? Kxpreas from Buftalo t? ChicsfcOjjit ?
cpuU i^r packiim* lroui Una city to ChicauOt ?iwd the intenrwu ?
au iKiiuuon the LAe,NOHTON w>;u,a ^ HIMKROY.
1 1' iti-iit .Medicated Comiiouiid, are- .
1. Iu biaciiu, strenKthennig and clanfyniB qualities.
2. Us K?ntly stimulating the action of the 6kl": ... .
3. Iu producing and encouraging a reaction iu the bnlb "' ""'J'
, Jiiculkrly iu the pulp which receives the vessels and nerve,
giving life and vigor to the hair.
i. I u enualimiig the circulation of the llaiiW. . f
6 It* I7?'?*iii|{ the ikifi from the elit?cu oi iiripintlOlii ?cuif i
tunl d indi ull, and disposing the hair to curl. . ,
ti. And its fivqueul use will preserve the hair in beauty and
health to tlie latest period of lile., , , .
tiratuitous advice uiveii on a disease connected wilh the hair
at the ll.ur t utting Koouis, 116 Broadway, up sia'rs. conjeT ol
Liberty street. ?19 "" tC
At No. kCitv Haul. Plack. ,
T^HOROUGH umrnctiou gi?eu 111 the h ivucn, bpanisn auo
1 Itali.ui Languages, B^>t-keeping^ igatipn. Algebra,
lieom-try, Trigonometry, 8orveyiiig,"Wrjtiiig, Arithmetic, iu..
Circulars and relereuces may be had of J. 1). MonK's,.Jir. ^
N. B. Kvening Classes. si IP
F. BROWNK offers for sale, at 386 Broadway, a large ano
elegant assortment of Double and Single Action Uar|>?.
The rich btiliiancy of tone, lightness ol touch, peilect mechan
ism and beautilul finish ol tliese Harps, caiiuot beesce led.
vVarratned to tiear the test of climate, and at Kuropeau !'"<!??
I he attention of tlie musical world generally is portliulaih de
sired. liari". lepaired. ^m&;)
London and Sev> V ork, e?Utili*t?eil l?10.
The firit amateur and prof?aional uWut iu JsiMroiw and tiua
coimfry. i?ret<-r tht?e to all otwrs. hM Ihh.v olw re
UU M allien kane.
r KKCEIVKX>, the latest and most approved Krench pat
terns rthir's. Also, a general assortment of Clouting ol all
JTlot!i"ug made up to order at the f()llowing low i>rices, vii ,?
Crock nid iir.-ss Coats made and trimmed lrorn $3,00 to Sit,?
I'lUitalooi s and Vests, " , , '
,Vil made iu the best manner and most fashionable sty le.
Under OarinenU made to order HofW, OJovyj, Stocks,
Cravats, (dollars, 8usi>e.uder?, Ike. WM. COLLlNo.
au/7 lin'ec
DECULIAR to the.circumstance, symimtlnee and lornmtiou
I of KemaWs, oy DH. bl Kl HfjWo,
Member ol the Royal Colleae. of Surgeons, London,
tg30 Im'rc 47 Warreii meet. New York.
A NUMBER of M.?hinee for Braiding^ll complete?to
gether with a quantity of Reels, ?|>ools, Swifts, 6ic. Will
lie ??.ld very low u> close a conceiu. Apply to 31 r mV strvet,
New York au30 lm?ec
'PHIS nevi luitiuntetit for tlie radical cure of Prolapsus L-uri,
I or Fulling of die Womb, by external application, su|vr
t- diug the use of Ihe obji-Ctioiml Pessary, is ?oulideutly recom
ineoded to the alllicted a* the means ol perlect reOoritiou to
healtli, it never hnviun failed of pcrlonuing a cure, eviu nndei
lilt- muni *kKr.ivuted clrcumatancea. .
The 8ui?vorter hm aitaiued a very hiKh cliaractftr in h.uror^
is well as in this country. It is adopted to the eutlre uist- ue ol
I'euarka, and ill otiier painful surgical espedienu, in the l.y
tng-iu Hospitals of London and Paris, and is universally n
"o'Ltnwiden in Euroiw by m-.iical men of ine highest nnik
in this country it is sustained by tlie letulinl. imuiLiejs ol ta?
f'icultin# of (/ollt'jici.5 aud hoipiUUt and by ail '?nc4jiniiw?ut in*
'hl've'beeo fnrmsh-d ticlnsively for ladui at No. 4
Vetev street, having n separate eutiauce from tlie Uusiueas de
partment, where a lady is in constaut attendance to ai>ply
Trusses and Supporters to female patieuti sll lmtrc
KLSTAURANT francais.
JBONNARU, 5 Naasan street. The proprietor can fear
? lessly recommend this establishment Ui geueral atteuUon.
It has for many years been condurted in a style that, to tnr
French and Foreign resideuts, luu afforded uuivereal satislac
tiou. His uhle abounds with every luxury the most tesudtous
ran require, whether iu the Knglish or hrench style of cookery.
Hit Wines, Fruits and Liquors are ol tlie best brands?the
Waiters (French and Kuglisli) poliu?, and the general arrange
ments of the labl?, illI a cool and airy talopn. Tor privau- and
social |>artie?, not to be e<jnalled. J- BONNAttOi
i4 1 in*rrc j Nassau street.
\if ANUFACTUKKD aud sold by John Nash Jersey City,
M. and told also, wholeeale.aud rebtil. attbe iollowiug Oepou
Kuahtoa and Com|nuiy, Broadway.
Milhau's Pharmacy, Broadway.
A. U. Sands, Z7:i Broadway.
Henry J. Chapman, I" ultou street. .
\aa retail, of all the principal Drug Stores in the city.
The medicinal qualities of this elegant and la* mumble -
ration have b-eu long known to the public. Physicians liavr
tucceaafolly pre^crih'-il the iijm* of iriah Mo*i a li^ht aiui
liiiilili nutritious article of diet lor invalids, particularly lor
those sulfcring from Pulmonary Consumption. Ilitlnrto, Ons
<nbstnice has been only u*d medicinally, but from tlie verv
suiierior manner in which tlie present article has been prepared,
It will not only be iiseil by the sick, but as a luxury b> all.
Id coutetiueiice of its highly demulcent proiwrties, anil |Kiwei
in illaving irritation of the air-passages, the atteutiou ol public
,i>e.iUers is enruestly rnpiested. To members ol the I ulpit ?Jid
,Lir it will oe invaluable, and to their patronage it is resi- . 'luliy
iwlic.ited, by tlieir obedient servant, JOHN INAatl.
au24 I in * re
TN nil those cases where manly vigor is impaired, where the
1 inenul and physical powers ar- orostrated ny an unrestrained
iaduleence of the pusious, particularly by those solitary and
destiuctive habits ,.f early youth, mduciiig nocturnal emissions
and debility, the Hygeau lL-i.ov itor will oe lound an lulalllble
reinedi. It restores the organs ol reproduction ill both sexes, to
a healthy action, and removes impotoncy, by liilusing new
energy into the system. In uiany instances the effect is insUui
Uneous. It never fails to cure chronic fleets and whites, and
removes sterility, by restoring a healthy uierine action. *^'?r"
P?cescan be given to man. j.n>siciaiis ?ho liave prescribed the
Itenovator witii success iu those affections, .is also in U>si? p
sm weakness id tlie back and loins and affect ions of the urinary
organs. Sold only at the ? Importing AgeuU, 2lX> Hultou
stre. t, New Vork. Price 42 |>er bottle of Iti ounces, and lor
warded to all parts of the Oniou.
?^fl?Copious direct ious accompany each bottle. 115 1m m
TMIE Second Edition of Stinemet's celebratrd work on cut
1 ting garments of every description in a style ol elegance
unequalled, is now published and ready for delivery {ll".sl
who desire to avail llietriselves of the great advantages to be de
rived from the use of tlie instructions it contains, would do well
to obtain a copy without delay. The book is I-! by 17 niches
square, and retains 17 elegant diagrams of all the vsnous styles
of garment! worn at the present day, with lull andainpleiiislruc
tious for cutting in an easy and scientitic manner. 1 he iollow
tug are a few of the many highly i-esia-cuble namt* who Ustiiy
to the merits of th? book:? Ki,?.
'liie II idersigurd being practically acquainted With .Mr. Mine
met s Treaties on < lilting OariiieuU, with pleasure recomineuu
it as a work complete iu lU arr.uigeiiient, and in it* practical ap
plication to en ting, superior to any hcretolore published, either
P? Heiiry?Son',C 1)aniel Cutter, Stoats Ik Banker, Charles
Co* E. VV. Tryon &Co., B. F. llorner, James Daily, John
ilaviland, J. H. B-oiker. vf ., , ?
1 he above c.vii ve obtained of the author, No. 113 IJroaaw ay,
New York. ltn rc?
'T'lllS ARTICLE is intended to hr** tlx shoulders and ex
1 baud 'he chest, slid will be found iudispens.ible 10 -ll |e-.Miin
who have cquired the Iwbit of stooping, either from w.aknMS,
con line n*^ t, or study. Parents and guardian i are part i. ultirly
r"|Uested to'examine this article. It ..highly r. ... led by
i,ian > einineiit prolessipnal geiitlenieu for tlie nseol chljdi III
-Itlier se?. Tliey c ui l? worn with perleclea. , olhsnng no im^
oedifiieut to iIh* live u*? uf li?e arnit, while ih*:> ?i*nj{Ui0ii tl*
tiaclDunl shonbleri, and improve aud beantily the form
Tlie public are cautioned ..gainst a number ol uuviorthv im
itations of the Klast.c .Brace, which are oflered lu d.ll w. t
i,Ui es througlioul the country, as n.aie are ge..miie flcelHil M
H'1"UMf -fiasKfts t a^aTc"'"
Manufactures of Belu, Braces, Slocks, ready-made
Suspenders, ate. kc., and Dealers in Uvuis i nruishiug AmUes,
nil im-rc 3117 Bmadway, coruei ol laik Mac.
urncK or JKirKBHMn i^?'?*ANur. ' omtant,!
No. 30 Wall St. opposite the (..xchange 1
r I u| IS COMPANY continues to Insure against Loss and IM
1 liaise by Fire, on Hoods, Wares, and Merchandise, yd.
?lw, aglinst Low on Inliu.d Nav.galion on Ve-eis and their
(siuuwe* lllJKJuU L va?3
l'nomas W Thome. iJisiia RikS?.
?l liomas T. Woidrnff Ansoo Balier,
B. K Hobs')n, M. D.. ?i"**1'!' L ff ?
Tiiu^i|>?ou i'rioe, Joieph AH^Ut
Moses l ucker. James K. H'ilmet,
Johu II Hwidtna, Johu I j Mrnne,,.
lohn H I.-*, Jsmee H. Whiting,
( ileft ? I nnis, Wra. K. Thorn,
C iHiicit P. lagei 'lltomas Morrell,
johu C. Me nit, tag ue Boij-rt,
THOMAS %V. THORNK. Iresi.lent.
?4fo. T. Hoe*. "'I'"
4 0 LUU G A I E S 1 R L E '1 ,
Two Doons nun. thi Lomooiv l'orri.r ll"t'?it.
M E S S R S. F l. A X .VI A N ,\c MJO VV L L L,
( C Mom is. Ill MSHl's.)
AILOR8 TO HKK MA.IhsI' 1, beg to return theii
sincere thanks to thow* gentlemen irotii America and
Mexico, who have, during their resilience in l-.uglaud,
so liberally favowd them with their a-si I I>rt, s. il at tin
satn lime to asture their friendi and tin- public, their nine.
de?o'e anil aim will be In maintain the liiun credit tlieir hoiiw
tiai attained, by supplying the ver, liest goods at uioderao
S. B.~A large assuttuuut always ready for lusta-cu jn
U i iui*rc
_ N?:John itnat ?aid 3ttv Broadway.
Hi i weaivud by recw.t arrivals, anil lu?p constantly on
hand, a laige and tasteful selected assortment of Freueh and
jermau article. fr,r Krabioidery uud Fancy Goods, which they
it i"r *3!? i1 *hole??]ra-*i retail, ?i/:?
?r 'D "" wwuiicuw, i>racfiri?, Jfi */??iiu?? aua urHCnfU
?V ire UisUets. liilt and Steel Clasps for Bags aud I'uiut.
*ili and SiUsred Hair Pius, CuuiLa, Fringes, Braids, Cord,
J a?sels, Necklaces, Slices, Htc
A sjpleiidid iuaoitur,.! of ait kind of Tastels, ClnaiUe Cord
mil Chcuille.
Kinhr.ijilrrfd SuspeD-hrs and Snspendiw Trimmings, hi Ik,
v* irsted ,u.d Cotton Fringes, and Uiinp, is ail colon and iiue
Oiled Silk, French nurofactare, white, yellow aad greet
jy 24 Jin ec
R J1cH,Ki.'H' ? Mf|d?> Lana, (or stain,) importwlof Kn?
,J ? lull, rreuch, and Ln-rmaji double and single barrel Kowl
ina ud Dnckiug liCNS, from the lowest to bw uualitiw.
Also, always oa liand, an extensive assortment of PIMTOL8
hot I Double aud Single Barrels, embracing IN different k.uds;
including the modern Si* Bar.e bevolven, all of which w.lf
If *>ld lower than any other i use in the trade Merchants ai'd
Ucn Smiths are particularly requested to call, pnwioos W
miking their purchases, as tney will certainly find it to their
I '-'"""W .gMmTrc
tiratuk Store*, 318 BUecker Hrett, Nno York'
361 triu'id utreet, near Suffolk,
151 Girtnutich, near /?Stllun,
116 hull on itrrrt. Ii, ntklun
W? Chut nut andfi North Fifth street, PhilaiUhilriu.
. 71 riunovtr itreet. button.
fii attention of City and Country Families and
..III .1" "'1 ito ,thwZ ??*<?r?l establishments, where tfe- think
will be found by lar the boat selections of pure mi J uncraterated
lea* in tiie Uilltou btntes. The universal popularity and re
now u 01 theu house with rWerence to high qualities. low pricaa,
and upright dealiug,ut#o well understood to render further coin
n?'"U necessary. Origiual and only warehouse for the sale of
rltnvqua s Black lea? Obkerve!'?Strangers will lw|i?rucut.ir
to remember the number of the principal store in Chatham at,
viz. UJI, betwetu Pearl and Kosevelt struct. Tin* public will
also lie pleased to take uotice that tlie C: utou Tea Company
havj uolluu|( to do with any otlier stores except those described
?it the top of this advertisement. au23 3m*ec
37 AIu den Lane, N, V.
YfANUI* ACTUREK8 and imjiorters of Ornamental Hair
*??* Work, Wigs, louiaaa, Bands, Curls, Heim?, Bandeau Hair,
ind a new style ofeverlasting Curls,and allkiudsof liair works
* liolesale aud retail.
N. B. Tlie trade supplied on reasonable.tarmi.
Bvmopsis OK THE Extbwiive Catalooue or
[La i k Johnson it Co.]
\J0. 79 TRINITY PLACE, nkar the new Tbinitt
* * Chliicii, New Yokk.
1'ale Yellow Soap, extra No.
White Bar " plain.
" , " Iierlamed.
Vn negated "
1'alm " ?*
Kaucy in boxes of I to G dor.
u " bytheinmnd.
Mottled Soap, very nupenor.
Ooydi'ldoc " for Druggists.
\V iudsor " White mid Brown.
r.gg uad Ca.shion Model of Kancy Soaps, rerv superior.
Almond, Rose, Musk, Naples, Camphor, Woodbine, Cow
?lii>. \t nh 20li varieties of Kancy Soaps, suitable for conntrv
Sweet l'erfumed Bags, Smelling Salts.
Grecian Hair i)ye,
Curling Fluid,
Bear's Oreaie,
Ox Marrow Pomade,
Essencn of all kinds,
Cold Cream,
1'aarl t'owder,
. Orange Flower Water,
of all kiuds.
Bears Oil, _
Cologne VV aters,
Milk of lloses,
(-.sprit di' Hose,
Macassar Oil,
Tooth I'owder and Lotions,
?llaiidkercliiel K..i^eiices,
Toilette i'owder,
Musk I'erfum
sl8 lm*ec
M. HENRIQUK8, No. il William street, respectfully
? invites toe atleution oi tlie public aud strangers visiting the
c."Vi to call and examine at his well Icnowu established Store,
tlie following well selected Segars, and which are guaranteed to
compos* uone but a genuine imported article, and all of the iirst
Quality, vi/. .?
Regalias, (of superior quality.)
.Nor mas.
V ugrmudad.
Pauetel is, (of diflereut brands.)
l a Palina.
Ue Moya.
Mauuef Amoras.
... Princiiies, (of various lands.,
In Miliioiito tlie above, tliere are a variety sf otnar brands in
the Store, all of which are sold wholesale and retail, and which
will lie t.uien back at any time if tliey do uoigive the witisfacCion
ruimred. na3a lD,?re
TllON SAFES ANU'MONfcY CHKSTS?The subscri'er
a keeps coii.'.tautly on hand an assoitment of second hand Sale*,
orsundry in.ikeis, for sile at less tlinu one half ?-f first co?t.
aucli .u liaie neen tiken in p*rt pavfiiMt for V\ rider's Patent
S'uamAjidtir driies. l luwt- $<tle* ( VV ildrr's) have n^Vfr tailed to
preserve tlie contenu in case oi tire?they are all now made drv,
.iihI warranted ttee lrorn dampness?and can only be had of the
suDscriber and Ins authorized aiumt,
s 11 lwrc iyj Water street, New York.
rPHE Sl/BSCRl UCiU, one of the pioneers of tin cash system
?a ae>lrwt to K.-Mp II before itie oubiic tliat lie couliuuea u> man
ifacture every laud of Civil ui I Miliuuy clolhiiig, of the liuest
ixtarerialn, in uh* Mont 8?j|>e??ur style, at lower price* by twenty
?Ve l'-r cent than any otlier hou>e charges for the same juaJity
i! I'lirm^nts. Wiuiess the loiinwing list of prices ??
Be<t superfine wool black Dress Coat ?14 to iJt
fut-ta ol laucy and plain black Cassimere.. 5 to B
/cbu ol all kinds. Silk, Satin, Cassimere... 23^ to j
Oentl-men who supply their own cloth can have them made
in Uie best style at the following price*
Uicss Coats froui ?7 ?.
? i?u>
Veats 1 $0 to 2
*n lrn*m j6hn mqiitat
A N1NTERNAL REMEDY.?It is a certain core for Piles,
either internal or external, bleeding or blind. Cases, of twen
ty yea*b standiug, have been perineuantly cured by this invalua
!r ,r,'ln.'"ly? afw"r1lli ?iU" "nf,4"* l'?d failed. Testimonials of iw
etfuacj seen at the office. Be not imposed upon?see that tin
signature ol the Proprietor, in his own handwriting, is on tin
outside wrapper of every box, and rememlier that tlie above medi
Cine cau be obtained in this city only at No. 196 Bowery, (fom
v'lIPHA VI tilllVi"tn*1'' fi"T,'",li g?'1 proprietor
\. Ul HAM, M. U., a regularly educated Physician of twentj
![I,|Cf'Kt'TOfi"'ri W *" Ukmck Pkacxji.e, whnr
I I l,h* aud a" Chronic Diseases are successfully tn-ated. Ol
lie* hours froni 7 A.M. to 9 P.M. Advice jfrutis. No 191
Bowery. S. 1 ousey, Josliu's Corners, Madison County, Ciei..
ral Agent for the State of New York. Kold by J. E. Warner fc
Co., Di c-j; Coleman * Co.. Buffalo; T. B. Fitch k Co .Xra
ruse; i II, Hwaii, Kocliester. lo Locki on. H4ichmter Hvm
cu%.', O-weKo, Home, IJtica, Baldwinavitl.* Hainville, CauaefrV
ta, and otlwr places in the vicnuty, tins me?|iciue has cured somt
J;M^tee.wsol Pile, after all other medicines had b?S\r!ed
A i 1,1 tlus city the l roi.rietor has had tlie satisfaction ol
n.cling more ih .uliv. buodreil cures during Uie past year, anc'
is constantly iu tlie rncevuou of letu is from various parts ot tin
'i i- ellicacy of tins medicine ii
or treatment of riles, a disease whioli has often baffled the skill
ol emtueiil 1 liysicians, and of the real nature of which much din
crepauc) ol opiuion amonc medical men has prevailed. Kron
in iii lueotu pathology, an unauco-ssfiil course has Imi uut
?ued iu Uie treatment ol this oomplaint; hence tlie very i*iieral
opinion Unit it is au lucurable disease. This however, is fai
from being the; case?it yields readily to the above remedy, and
tlie proprietor has no liesitatiou in ?sertiug, that it will cure all
ewes of Piles, however long tl?y may have existed, or aggra
?-ated tliey mar be. Remrmbcr, that in this city, ihe mediciin
can lie obtained, ONLV of the pruprietor, at IW Bowery ftin
doors above Spring street. Any otlier article purporting to b.
>? same, is worthless, and calculate.! ,mly to deceive and in
jnsr i rice f 1 anU Smdyiwy*m
' I v. ?JK'.'.'SSn'W u1"' Pleasnre in offering to the Ladies their
uifentiou wluch liaslieeu long iiewl?-d, aud must eventually prove
.ui indispensable article of the Female wardrobe. It combines
in lis manner id construction all the graceful proportions of the
Corset, without any ot its injurious tendencies; while the Cor
set bv unnaturally compressing Uie chest, iin|iedes the In-esnd
iiealttilul action ol the lungi, thereby engendering disea..es of the
most fatal tendency. The ARTEMA1N BRACE exiwinds Uie
chest, wives a tree and healthy actiou to tlie Lungs, aucl a grace
lul and pie.uiiug outline to the ligure ; possessing as it does the
correcting power ol keepiuK the person erect, ami the shoulders
symmetrical. I arents and Guardians are particularly reiiuested
to examine tins article. It will be found on iiis|wctiou to I'ullil
all Uie purposes for which it is recommeuded, and of immense
benefit to cln dren of either sex, and to sll iwrsons who have ac
iiuired ihe habit of stooping. 1 his Brace n mauufactnred uu
1 ll,"? immediate miction of Mr. Parsells who luu liean en
g-w 'I lor Ihe I .ist eighteen .ears iu tlie manufacture of different
Oticlei t.r a -.nriil.tr purpose, and now offer, tlie Artetniau
lir .ee as superior to any arncle that has heretofore fallen undei
Ills observation. Ladies Department No. 2 Park Place, first
do ir Irom Broadway, where a lady, ivrlectly acquainted with
tlie structure aud luting of the article, will be iu attendance
\V bolesale Department at Uieold establishmeiit of
s2 lm?ec 237 Broadway, corner of Park Place.
OALT AND FISH STORE?(Ml hall barrels ll?lilea No i
^ Hrflmon.
1SOO bhls Not. I, 7, and 3 Mackerel. 600 half do do do 4a
100 do No. I Mean Sha<l.
V) hal f bbls No. 1 Hay brook Hhad.
300 bids < od and Hcale Kish. I
40tt do No. 1 <*ib'd Herrings.
1500 boxes Scale I do
2000 ti.? 8irioked Halinon.
i(KJ kits .SotiHCil do
W0 do ?>ou mi* ind Touaneei.
fllUS for shippinic.
1000 sacks Aslnon's 8elL
200 libls Amen can Salt.
?rt do New Salmon.
IWMI lbs smoked do, fiic. Itc.
All for sele in lots to suit purchasers, by
14 ,m ?e SI I>-y st-4?.
D'V ' V'1 'AW< '"' '.Ti "f 196 Fllltoa street, N?w York,
. | I1;!' K/'Val ( olleife of Surgeons, ol" Londoa ami
?L..I- I . i?' ri'"1 Of tlie Jelfsrsou Medical College of
i l i rt'. !'!^' H'"""lh"r"f a work embraciug tlie following
...i.V?n!"',.i li?l>;>t^?i? > aud Stenlity, ai.sto
1 ' 1 "biologically, and medically explained. wilA a com
_"T.'t ,171nature and modern tn?tme?it of
\,.r . r , T'/''' n ^Pmvtoms, tionorThse; Ol.-el, Stricture.
1 ii *,* L"* '"'.''onsequsuCes arising from s?ll"
? ?oi ?kA?. ." confinlies ins private consultation.
I' h diseesus, alius long establl.hed oll.ee,
. ...VjP i'hJ ' ? most agvr iva.ed forms of all sffec
r 3,,'0r',. ;'r't',,,u w'" Vield to liis mode of treat
'*!! ? VL.? ,.r* .i" ,llrt "r and without m?
' l". ? ,1 prucrrntiva energies become torpid or
| . .| I , excess!*? indulgeiioa, i.r from masturbation, he
? ;'eJ1'1" ?<???'"ire the pan s to health aud vigor. Persons ?
Ml , enclosing SI, can have a copy of the work.
A11 |e 11 ers m ii ?l be ,, |,??rn.
A HKRNK PH V 'S BI?1A M?,AL I'll I,s bavng stood ih.
i uit of tiine and experience, aie as th* mos'
'u", ?,7*lv r*?(Hy ("inom.ir, all urethral
isciiarges, in.ntlOU of ti.e hidoeys, nretiir. ,?d prostrWe
' y M**! without couiiueuient from busineiis or
nilT ,1 ?L' 5I[ JT4l,,ualLV|f'tWig Uie breath or disafier*
iff with llie .toniHeb, thus enabling ue- patients u cum tl.eu -
?? bey Kive tone and energy to 'he generative organs,
?i ii ?;ver r*i^rieiiceu from tlie nse oft/iher medicines. Tlie^
>< i* :lorn)e(| MViy extrnonliuary cores in chronic discharges,
uiiiv'' K?;vfs, 8ic., lifter the failure of sll other remedies. Iu
" 1 single box is sniheieiit to tff.-ct a cure til 'wodajs.
<?) if .1|IIA|1 , r'Iliable Tor l.-lsole. 1'riof it pet txis, With
JII dir.'i ons. 8i;iil 0'ile l>y W\). WA l'SON,
a Ai"1 'I''0,"? *' < sl'i. uie strew.
AM lift ' m U7 Maideu Lans.
lioose attached, capable uf n..I.... r^SrV"**. *? ?m"
Kew country; bnwana Kmn (l*r annum,
safe aud profitable Dustems, situated
wh?" ** consumption
Sie F*jui cousist* of 71 acre*. JO of whirK
-he real under cnltj vation well fenced and k
iVill he Mia .eparately ort^ISar
THE Proprietor of Am BALTIMORE HOUSE bum
?Pi.wJ^?rapj.r&,ffitfa tuoss ft
houiie is four stories hiift with three front*. and upwu*of
thirty roems, newly all fronting the streets. Thereu aTo a
iUttUirant adjoiniug th# bar room, with rird, lie., attached. it
u witlun one square of the Baltimore sad New yikH^Sboaj
Laudi.iKa, Custom House, Poat Office, Eiehauga, *^TtJ
Juubluhmaut haa baau doinc ? ?ood business Io>ihe laat four
daf.it i^"0041 U"nt"" taM U for 1 aumlMr ofraanatamo
ofuStSSmiSS DUr htr* P?"*"*i0u " dme brfow Ut
J'trJ~?troltiicZL?'~qmin K ^ Amctiom ,tor*'*?M"
-JHvSl * P'"J of '1?? m?l? ?nd tetaJe. Thaae animal
am lull fruwii, aud Hue specimens of their kind. The malr
carrias at pieseut about it fart of bona. au>3 Imre
k. ! i I.r?l;riJtor of the Abbey Hotel would make hit
? 1'?" thanks for the libaral patronage given" hit
? Iwu" the past summer. ^ *
. Vv prepared for thefollbusinsss, and would ch?-rf?l
^p^ at'tw noU ,r,d^4,, Wit1' B"akl''ut- Umum< ?'
tnd wiu
?oout?0or 7i Aero, aituaud
"??^?withm t'n ""'"''f this city, in tha county of VVestches
ter ..ear the vilWr of West Farm., and on tU foit nZtmZ.
ning between this city and Boatou. The farm is iu a high state
f ^utl ?bounds in fruit of all descriptions aud
of the most choice selections and quality. Tim house is ele
gantly situated lin t promineot location, commanding an exten
wilhiu one mile of theHarlem Railroad. Th* plwe canL ?
amiued at any time and possession given in SO day*.
SioV^ftwi}:41 a"Bow^ ?-SdWfJSMg;
T^lJOln{"r collection of the best quality of Fruit
Trees, Shrubs, Roots and Oreeu aud Hot-Houae Plants chaan
fall style, '
| _ Price 14,50,
UL m?}V il.KADX- ?' OKNI^'S well-known F.stablish
mint, a highly improved and very beautiful Molcikii*
RaT' made in close imitatiou of the French Hats, from tha most
celebrated man u far tones of Paris. Havinic uow on haud au as
wiVl h*Ui,.Ai l'. 1 ln 1 K,rte.<1 ?rticle made by Mujmier, Kentlemeu
will be euabled by actnal com|?ruou, tojudgKlor themselvM of
the almost complete identity of the two articles. Many und?i
these circumstances, have rreferred those mannfaciun-d by thr
.ubscriber, not merely for tfieir greater cheaynett, butu pos
t' f' nu emiueQt <j?Sre<), those qualities for which the
French Hats are so justly admired, vit ?.?solidity of brim
whicti adds so much to Kenenl durability, and whiih alone tin
thai*-and contour of the Hat is preserved?superior grace anil
bt*uly--high lustr* and neatness of trimmingT
I he .ubicriber, not only from his knowl?Ke of thciuticl* bm
also fro in the treat sutisj action of those who have purchased
canconrtdeiitly recommend tliern to tlie gentlemen ?f New Yorli
" *upenor to sny thing of the kinJf haretofore man^facror
of their merits. '
..The usn&j fall and choice'aswrtw**^f'!ilJeav?,^Nutria'aiid
sam^ A1,?'a f0" ",,,rtmei"of
THIS MKDIC1NE has been ei
tensive!y usedou shipboard mid ii.
the Southern States, and i* preferhble
to any other. The uufortunate t*a
tiaut posseses, iu tliis, a sure reme
. dy; has no occasion to make bir
I case public, and without any appli
cation to a medical miui, wirhoni
II restriction in diet, or confiueinent.
Muds himself cured effectually in >
1 'ew. o?y? at a triBing expense, and t
I saving ol ret lings to a sensitive per
son; having; thus in his reach a
cheap, portable and pleasant reme
dy. It is in tlie lorit' of a paste, it
tasteless, and does not impair the di
gestion. Pamphlets accompanyini:
the medicine, without charge, con
taining full and am ?le directions.
_ _ tae yeed
FoK?alt.wholesale and t
rt 2C8 Oreenwicii, corner vVarrwi st
M'NjJTE, by tha use of tlw CLOV1
ANODYNE.?Th? is an excellent arti
cle, and will cure tlie most violent tooth
JtSJ1* .?t l*>n 'n the gums, in one minute
1 tie ' love Auod)iie is not unpleasant ti
the taste, or injurious to the teeth, and
will t->.nmam:\ ri.v cure any tooth u
which it is applied. Price Si cents.
* For sale bj'
- - .... A. B. BANDS It CO.,
... , . . V"qaiw?.Md Druggist, ?7? Broadway,
"iruer Chamber* street; 79 fr ulton street, and 77 East Broad
way- si lm'ec
FOR THE HAIR.?Of all nrepaniuon.
lor the huir or whukers, nothing equah
the oil prepared from Bear's Grease. Il
most lusuncw, it restores the hair to tlit
bald, and will enectnally preserve it from
?? ?? -i [ailing off in any event. It was long noted
.. . by such eminent physicians and chemisu
jj the law Sir Hnmphir Davy and Sir Henry Talford, that port
Bear s Grease, pro|<erly pre|*red. was tlie best thing ever din
??MMfor 'he Prewration of the hair, or restoring itwhei
bald. Messrs. A. B Sands k Co. have saved no expense in get
ting the genuine Beer's Grease from Canada and elsew here, ami
have prepared it in such a manner that the Oil, combined will.
Its high iwrfume, randan it indispensable for the toilet and dress
itic^room oi all.
n^l'r by Broadway, Grenit>
Buildings, corner of Chambers street. ti lm*ec
JL? YE balsam"!
I "is valuable Balsam hss been used for man)
Kira, in pravate pMctice, by the most celebrated
ulisu in this aud foreign countries, and ma\
ue coafldently jelled upon as the most safe and
speedy cure for weak or inAamed eyes, arisinc
from any cause, that has ever been offered to the world. Irj ixv
culiar oiJjratiou consists m removing all unbe^lthy action in th.
vessels of the eye aud parts adjacent, substituting a healthy pro
cess which soon malts in a perfect enre. The afflicted are in
vited to try aud be convinced. In small jars, price ti cente.
Prej*red and sold by A. B. SANUS & C(J? Wholesale and
lUunChemi.u and Druggists, J7J Broadway, cor Chamber,
?treet, (Granite Building) and 79 I" ulton street; 77 East Broad
way- si lm*ec
MR. CHILD having been engaged
for many years, in conjunction with
his father, an eminent Oculist iu
'?"glmd, in the treatmnt of disensejt
of Hie Eye, and having succeeded
in restonug sight in numbers ol
cases which had been abandoned as
liicurahle by other Oculisu. restiect
fully offers his professional service*
in this branch of medical art. His
, mode of practice is simple and easy,
neither resorting to those imiuful methods which are too general
ly adopted nor requiring that irluome confinement from ligh'
and air. and Muplnuant restrictions iu food, which are most usu
ally enforced Numerons casesof his successful treatment have
been publicly recorded to which he can Mfer, and he possesses
testimonials of the value and efficacy of his mode of practice,
which may be inspected by any one who favors him with a call
He will never undertake a case where there are not good reasons
lor expecting a cure?and Ms aim aud object being to assist in the
restoration of that inestimable bleaaing. sight?the poorest of the
community may avail themselves of nt? assistance as freely as
the most opulent. Mr. CHILD may be consulted daily TSuii
days ejrel.ted] from 10 to 4. at 69 Vand.im street, four doors
Jrom Hudson. All letter* must be post paid. Advice to the
p->or gratis. anJ# ,m?f!C
-.,i!i'!!.t r"P*''tfBilly.,n , m," tl"' crti""? of New York, and the
loca'1d himself in tliis city, aud
V ? V ,Broa(t"?i'. ?, large and most complete as
!" T", r SI^and Reading Glas.es, in tJold, Silver
lU ,T n^r.1 l T W'I"IJ a,?" 'V"1""1 the public, to whom
.m.J ,1! i* known b> his annual visits to Bairtoga 9|irings
? J. ??'hat by his knowledge of the optical
science lie is enabled to determine the gl .sses suitehle for an>
Vhi'rh L?|'|'"'*'| . *Ves can be su|iplied with glasses
Titl. .? ? tf i* "*1 aud not strain the sight. Particular
r?i ?n " to* n?w style of peispective ground glassea
?r ?lnt'i" ' 'h/oogh their high polish aud true
ground, prodece tlie purest visiou, and have lieou highly recon
m. idedas tlie best in their effects npou the eye for preserviun
11 hTi1'"i"' sight iu continued writing aud leading
snort-sighted Persons, and such .is have Ix-en oiwated uixiu lor
retarget, aan al?o be uiied. He inserts likewise uew glasse* of
'"^t,o?hts"^fldf,K?;Sjdi?l,cit* of
s7 Jin*re
^JANI i^ACTI'REis AND IM PORTERB of Pan rocket
I -i"d J ,l,k" ' K*l"r? Scissors. Files Maws T.h.Is
?d .Khe, d^enpt'ons^Sheffield l^oods- '
lm *c No. It PLAIT BTK MET.
' and SHOES 81
1A - THK SUBSCRIBERS have received and now offer
? ^.for sa'e Uie.h^t selected stock of Boots and Shoe, fo.
^ v I *r " w",t''r tr4"', that can he found in the ^'<r n(
New York, consul ma iu part of Men's Thick B?ot* M?"
'? Kip and Calf Boots' Men's
IUIf\Vflt /uhI I nmn ( tlf, (irhin and Se.il Bof.tn M*n\ JCii.
Pejiaed wid fcwed fircm,,, Men's M?', ft^
f'!.;u""V" ,VV,!ra'l, ? L?ill?er Buou and Buskins ChildniTv
fhurAM tl? bMtyftoto .Mthe as rket: Lad ies fine Bq.kb.
{.Waiters, Slipiier* anh French Tie*, and all other amriZ. ,U
litie that can pomihiv In? caJlml for Childrv.,'. ?k <?
i ^"^ Forred '^fauTiw
I Hnbb?*,,M?ns udWoMi'i for s?le cheap Ijt M#ul
fr-j-o, m '"T*1 "I'lx'S'te Chailiiin Tl^atre
I '?t?u .ill 10 o clock iu tl,e evening. mj'i
of Lniflit and Wntltinfftoti atiwu N???r V'r.rW
y I".....her of Cloths, Casslmen-s, SatineuX re'.rrfn U
Inform, the m-iu'ilacturers and dealers in woollens il Jill.
nVr ,,|1*"n"'"1 " noTiB ?"CC*Mful "I- ration, and rl.it'h^U^i re
liar d lo.-ierute with prom(itne*s, all order* iu hi* li,,P ihat mM
be Ponlided to him Hpecimeus of his niltLm. ' i .
?*">1 on soplication to tlie gentlemen whose name* are snuasad
?J I to whom he ha* liberty to refer. ,n" ,r*
li--1'*" be left at 6.1 and ih Pine street
?d ^IVVolcott II Mlade, 6t Pine ?tr?*t
VV t Laugi-y, fine .fw,
ti i"*1^ r Co- 31 N?wu Street.
J>. Brigham, ?0 Pine street.
?.J.JoM?liC:o.(ljPia,ittw. gull lm*r?
l ?i?h pains wu taken to wplain iu nature-th. d'sw.
which wsrr piutua for it?iu rouaaquasicaa ud iu com?
ojo the fact thai stricture frequently auu in those who in
?.ot in the least ware of il. Those, however, occupying too
tquch space, the following nanarks will be confined So certain
ilreuinstauces, which will suable One to judge wlietfiar ha has
ittu complaint or no, and iu prolan means of car*.
Among outer tilings it wu remarked, that it \ia by no mu
**V**1,'"* ?Ue*ra of uriiif ?lu>uld I* obstructed, or ei?
nueti diiBiuuU-o, m ? case ol stricture, rfiis, indeed, occurs in
i0"* **tahli?hrd cm??, bu stricture any rsist for
?Booth* end even veara without pro Jurlux \uy striking change
respect. NeiUier is it neceiaary tlserss should t* paiu. or
soy tiling directing the atUntio.. to tile seat of this dimue,
?Tk^ ?*')*">ly m uuw and thro complained of, but it is ouly
rf.rd t ,,U?iUmai"*u Wl*?? to be superadded; mid, witii rv?
V tu fslfc ,?; especially ol mrly cases, theee r.re observ
nart itlTir ^ru ""H '"'d nervous system, ratlier than the
most i^nli.fivfffi howe*?'. threa circumstances which
.j"? 10 ?uicture, and, etiwcially wtioi tliey
ate m??ie^!f'd never be lost sight of, but lead to imuiedi
bnt must -yiany other symptoms might b* mentioned,
&?!3sSs^^ |
10 stricture can sn.t w ithout it. The next U ' 5 ?
?,u7'??use of It trie! ure. It is n?Uu *v?itv LZ&
?b. *2fcgt'Twa^rwsi; Ai
hEirSt^ IZoZ?' iT
i ^Lu / ? coutiDond from six to eiaht weeks this
!3&&? "A^ld??^ -roWiit
ipintt and to less so raauul ena*y Not that this is comoUi^
id of ui the same degree by every individual, but it is so com
?U< V"? "! oth",? a'V Ule *"???' 'Me') ??? a case^i
Stricture in which the patient does uot observe that tut is uot so
sct.ve, or caoable of business as formerly. Tlusalao u s ser?
om effect: though liule uudrrtood, but it is anquestiouably
^ne. Indeed, whoever sousiders I lie nuturel conuection of
uiind and sexnal organs, will easily imagine tliat, as there is a
medium by which lint mind so powerfully acu uj>ou tliese or
IT' X' ^ouuh Ae ?me medium the"sexual o?af???c,
tuxiu the mind. 1 bra, however, is better explained iu " Tl*
mate 1 realise of tin* author, a little volume which iu sent u
tnauy Oftru of the world. As tl? cure of 8triciure ptoT??U
theacurity of mind invariably nsturus. froceeos
With respeot to tlie cure ol 8tnctur?v?this, it is irratifymit u.
sute, is generally accomplished iu very little time, and without
i*iiii or luoonvMiiaiioa. Nothing can exceed tlie improveineni
of late years in the treatment ol this complaint. Indeed, in the
hands of proper and experienced oersnus, the cure of Stricturr
??n,?r Mwmpluhed iu as many Jay. ^'formerly itCj
fK^li?tp,ei?<>u* ??n?ul'.lhe writer wiio come on busi
,e?.C1'v ? ?l>ort time only, but return perfectly
cured, thuugn a nas been a source of trouble and anxiety foi
To Uiose who cannot leave their homes, tlie writer fur
m-?- pf cure, together with his "Pri
vita 1 eatue, which luis un iu tens ting chapter, giving even
jiTSSEh?^ 2,-Weel' *nd WTiuanr1U WdSTSST
i.i^ ta?r* 'h'f opportmuty of saying L'iat he may be
consulted on tl>e various diseases referred to in his " I'rivat
Treatise ?at his dwelling nonsa, No. M Oreet wich street at
any hour, and. in coosraueuce of the namber of im-tendeni auo
books of Quackery whicli inieat this city, lie deems UproperuJ
u.^, "iwrt U a ??'"jactory ground of confi
2S? rank u Graduate of Kdinburgh,
h *. i been enftyied in the cure of tlveie diseaaea, botii
city practice, for more tliau thirty years and hai
publukd three editions of a work expra?ly-on Xi. AW
tetUMPilrom the most eminent phy?cians iu Kuropt
Irpm the most founeat men in America-ai Sir /UMevCaoi^
of London, to Ur. Mott, of New l ork; Dr. I'hy.c. otVhJuSl
I'hia, and others, and that be is permitted to refer to a'mmi
;,v^i.r5r,ciadud?es:a^c,ua th"ci^; JiThf prh,,,ie i'ree
<7 lm* m Halph, senr., U Ureenwich street.
to be tlie best preparation for the deairuction nf
wornu in children Uiat has ererLn off. red, and they are ?o
1 u"5* tl,tt tl>e>' ar? t*ken without auy difficulty
I hey have now he?u in o?e more than five years. duriLuwIiic^i'
nine they have become Well known in every part of tlie Imiil
firV,n Ul* Atlantic to the llockv
Mountains. I heir administration has been attended with won.
MS ?niISh"1'' *1? "1UC!1 so jhw parenu have now uo confidence
exjiulsioii of worms. Tlie testi
uoiiials in then lavor are very numerous, and continue to ooar
in from all qw.rt.-n of the country. HoW many childitli cSI
i . iw!.' w'l('arc suffering from worms, and are inning aw,iv
for the want of a proper niuiedy. tveu the cau?e of t!ie soflr?.
nig is uot susiwcted. One box of Sherman's Worm l/owpge*
lie iifS'Kfr 1- ,Jl*U"'er DO lo"*''r' ,tw'H ?'0U be too late,
tie care.lul to procure the geuuine Stierinan's Worm Lozences
uul give them according to the printed directions on tlie box '
C ousuniptiou. Coughs, Colds, Asthma, and all dise ui^s of the
nUrsd hv br. Sherman's celebrated Cough
LOMUges. The Iter. D iritu Autiioii)', of tlie Oueiua Couftu
?ice, was giyeu up by jus friends, 'i hese Lozenges in a.hort
time raj to red him to With. Htr. Mr. Streeter, of Boston
A^r,|l.^^nfvf<,r?, aU f*1*"? ?r tlle evolution, Hon. Mr!
\rc her, of Virgima. andahost of wmienses caul J be produced
ilii^iTeiiUiwl * Cough Lozeuges, and know tln-m to
lie decidedly preferable to all ouier preparations.
Ui. Hhermau alsoi prepares Camphor Lou nges for the Hmiil
ache. Palpitation of the Heart, Sea Sickness and affoaioiifof
he stomach and bowels. 1 hey cure headache iu a few moments
?i'<nV?r7! "lt* i in colic, diarrhoea, nnd spasmodic alfec
iiikJi.i V.?|Sbc1'j a?d count*! act the effects of overliving
He has also CaUiartic Loienxes. which are takou without ^
rouble, being aspieas&nt to Uie ta&te as a common pvprennint
.u lor Wm.r b.(f.k?, Rheumatism, 1'ains in tlie Side or Inina
Lumbago, and ail affections of the chest. One Million Plisterii
Mill not supply tlie anuual demand. Numbers of uunrincmlMi
fflctVeh?a,l&1"' l,? f?rCe "''I'" l1" couimuni?y a cou'itei>
sawa'Ei'jssi'S'i' is* t's
Sherman can always be obtained m
wnnme, i\o. 1U6 Naasriu atmrt, or at his revular Avei-u ?
Cod'liiimon,, 227 Hud.sori, corner of Spriuir; Sands 188 linwl
?*ryj earner o< Spring; 77 Kaat Broudw ?v, corner Market' lui h
thi? ?ttmOroadvfai: Mrs. Hay V ii .Sit
a Sute^ellBolt^ ^ ^Ulldlit^ Heddi,,^;
pK&Tia!SSi *&rz
1 ain and Swelling of Me Fact, Sore 'Jhroat', Alumpi,
r1ifl|m<^.bnr^atj0n 'i' f and val uable combination of warm
. stimulant and anodyue mgredieuU. and will liefuniiH f?r
i?r0r^2.*ni? ' ^l'?delilocs or Linimenu hwelofore invent"
"d for the above mentioned maladies. .CLi extSSTal li?H cui^n
sss ;wsft; TfiSter1'"" *? ?a* ?"?
""'""a1 ifVAi n??ir,?1?ii',d.rui1'b?
A. B. 8ANUS k CO., Chemists and Druggists,
sS Jm?ec to?- u,,r' cor,'e,' ?f] Chambers street,
*3 fm ec 79 > ulton street, and77 l<Ust Broadway.
- ? KJ O ..
?_ W,o^ND '^"'{"ALMIC 8UKOEON,
nZ^ ^^7'?rBronA^mrt
psertea. ur. u. haa for the lastaiyht years deirot^d Ilia uti^n.
-ion almost exclusifely to thi* imiH)rtnut brunch of the orcrfes
;.'?-V,ehaV^f be"' a ,,u'"1 of D?" tULioTT^b^uentfy^, ^
-i^ ? , , Practising at Charleston. 8. C. Kon OfKHA
D1L.C??Kr?ITT mav ^ eon"?lted confidentially at his Ol
Z. ?l<>or. from Chatham VrangVni
ve reajiectfully informed that Dr. Corbitt is a member orthe
.^^"y of the Vity of New Vork, and th 't ?du.,v!
??errain'ehism* J???1"* ,'!>m Keneral to tile Leatmiait of
New Yo^TVhiell"'***' <ui?w or" el''r'!,' snin ? lh? city oi
5*' " enJt*?ea hia entire atteuUon. The auuals ol'
?rartfee T??ir!?? 1 ?"ccaes than is to be fonnd in hi?
Doctor cautions tlie unfortunate njMiwit the un#
11 hnM thousand, of "itiuu uHSnt
y? in a few days removed entirely from the svstejn S?* .u?.
Judiciously treated by a pe.r?on leir<ihy uualified and
.'HL y tycders and qp icks as there are several o?them in' this
iS e &rtJ\cte'1 ?ul. protracted and iu?^r2. ciil
rSSLf.? d7,v,lr of be"i* required fo lieelrh, by applying to L>T
orutati'on fn'r*?U'?r ?'U'y mr? ,! u tlie Doctor's
eputation for skill and respectability. Htrictnras engage !)??
^afraas-A'gar \rfJr
^ ^"LEi^Il^^ATut^I^OirNAMENT'* A
R n i ?ell three shilliiig bottles, tiut you may know
this u not one of the hair humbugs of tlm day it SI We
k^Zh"' Ch"'7 mi! tl,e tru,.h ^lled hair oils, and it wilt
otKrArticle made?*' W 0,,,' ""I,hcat"JU ? '??? -
tefSiASSrKSKdrSBW-^ jldi";'56 tit'1
A iNVEm-ioS ^
IO ^l^^^^^^i.^^^discolokkd^^ivd YEL.
M IZZrAXaX ^e^U^fuW,:^
So^p are exaggerated; let such give it a fair tnlfT It ?s iii.Cd
tlT5l?ddu^i LTacL^",MB,Mi*,,'r,r'*,5i<m rr" mtd*< ?'*
p.r'^ in . l?1,1 "r ,l"m xr ?'*?' r-sils in curing
I uni h, Hloti hf<, f reeklf?, Tan, Mori hew
^?ilt Rheum, Hcurry, iLri'siialiu hiirl.cr^ ir^l?
Kiugworm, Old Sora? and Uirellflads.
t?rl (ii* it no te j|H'' ?"d ,"il "n'ctM ^
... ? ii i ? I where els?' m th?s city?or toh win i.?
slu lm*in
i For the cure of OonoiTliavi (ik^u Strict'ir?i anH
?maUous complninto of the org .a of generation.'
istK^^r1 for the above complaints, this
It a spaedy .tad perinmaM mm, without the leasi n.
ainaaa.',n ^ **Po?ure, or change in application to bu
ouMie^Yr.12 Ity i^fifb recomMen.lat.oos u dece.v. tl ?
Mj'.'fft IfUw rnediainedrya uot ?iv.k for itvlf. no one shall
a fo?l? itu'lw ol iioo! """ UUl eUeCl 4 rn'"d ""d-'r
I'hi^ is a disease tiiat uufonunately iiervades all rmln nf .
rirh, "nd P?*J. ??"!,,vnial "ni A Th* v
?r- Iwie presented with a remedy by which tlnu c?? ^
"'^ihlp""t """'"J?1'tlTtMl im, . riaiblT"
urther, L'|? diMA-ie c.uiuol be ?outren<ed if ? dose oYrb. ??;?
turn Is taken at nigt,t on going to led wh'nex.Ji.AT M,f'
?' (" I'ut up in bottles with fnll directions ?comi?uv . .
?l a I'ottla. One bottle lasu a week, ^ wl,i<* uS
m^iiy am cured la two days. fueia.l, cores?
^KWWUbt tewVSPtPi--"
Or! a n an-IM Main stwet, Cinoinrii'tj';' _ Cn"al s.,-r'*1' N*w
,uki.tsav;!VhV/ia,u a.m. vviij,:
...... Kbits anoiiiijk ooloi:
W%MUqte^iL',t,"ft{hM lik" ^ or grey hair /
-??> i'.t 11 "h aim should I hi remeiu
' their locks.
Hexed ' j; ! ;,1. l"," ",l <?na sli.
??rwl il tbej le, I inclined t.. change tlie color of i
Th.fi f, i i'e l're'>y?uot red liaip
The celchriiMl l'!in * 'iWir."
kers to a l Ji .'i I Dye clMngea red >.r grey hair or wl.is
without turn.nirrV J. ""King bryWii, auburn or black,
then w ill ,, i?oi IT m ' !^'u'- 1 his is warranted: ? ha,
fJw'sXIIVll^ d "r"'d *?hl#h?is longer I Tile Italian
t*lo.isnieas anil apiieurnnct- to the hair equal to na
Dn'riTslI^ SJ'.Ji?",djh>' A a 9A?fD? h CO., t hemiita and
Buififi M. u "i i ' t!'1,11*' ChaintwrsstiTet, in tlie itramte
Pnci M emu sl " *tn*1 Md 77 n.dway.
10 C?Ur Ntrtct.
rpHE 8UBSCKIBER8 offer ? choice and well selected Mock
1 of Dry tioods at an advance of but live jwr e??i oi Uj?
actual cost. Country Merchants will fnid ii Kiealllt* u*" ??j
vantage to cull npou as iu urtirr to asoaraiu li.e market valoe ol
goods, even if they do not wteud to purtnaa* The attrition ol
city dealer* is also revested. Our goods an all aask-d m
fi|ur??, aud ihf coifliuiiiUM) charged at tiie lootoi tuf Wli. A
b ive Pat teut otovtt
ih24 lm?rc 16 Cedar stmrt, near i'tarl itwt
lithograph y.
PALI. BU81NK8S ?Merehauti. Manufacturer* an* otto*,
P who loiuir* Business C-udsof llu-ir hsU.blishm*uis, Cir
culars, BUI Heads, Drawings iu Architecture, Mac'ilBT ,**
Landscape Maps, Sic., and Publishers who require Illustrations
of Books, Periodicals, aud Muic Pieces, may have tt? work
executed iu the best style aud ou moderate terms, at
fc. JONLithographic Ikubliiliineut,
IxO'ultoD srreet, New York.
N. B.?Drawiugs aud Specifications for Patents.
aoM lui'ec __________
stated)' aud certain cure ever discovered for tlie cure of Uo
norrhuja gleets, *" ureti.ral discharges, irritatatiou of tlie kid
neys be' In recent cases, oue box is usually aaihcie.nl U> effect
a iw'rtMCt cure iu forty-eight hours. In old c.u?s, obstinate
gleets kc they are equally certain, having ruis-d thousands
who had nearly falleu victims to this horrid disease?j. wing to
the injudicious treatment of ignorant praetitlou. i.a.id quacks,
whover> frequeull> rniu tlieir V icumi'oousli to tumor send
litem suUeriug to an untimely grave. Ibe^e invaluable Pills
are onrelv vegetable?they slteugtlieu the geaiul organs and in
vigorate Jhe system generally. Wi th lull directions, $1. 1"or
sate,? hol?ale or retail by Wm. Watsou, Apolliecane.'Hall,
9k Catherine street, and OUott, McKesson, k Co. 127 Maiden
Una. m
MOKTll KIVt.H D1SPKNSAKY, J0<* Kultoo *t?p*J.
IN Doctor Morrisou coutiuurs to be consulted confidentially,
on all private disease*, which lie curs* without niercurj, or ro
stmuit hi diet or |>ur>uit. Keceut cases, particularly (sonor
r'l?l'H?CTU*JKi.8 'oVl^fiji L'KKTHllA are cured by Dr.
M. on improved principles, without iiaiu or lucouveuience to
tlie patient. As tlie symploms ol Stricture are analogous with
those of other affectious of tlie urinary apparatus, none but ex
iieneuced Surgeons sliwuld be alUttcil to make the iwcesaary ex
amiualioii, as those affected with enlarged prostata glands, may
suffer much iujury Iroui awkward practitioners
Nervous and Constitutional Debility.?This affection. atd
the tram of uvils resulting from a secret, destructive habit iu
youth inducing nocturnal emissions and ultimate impoieucy,
are radically cured by Dr. M.. on pathological principle*. by
restoring the system to a healthy lone aud reinstating its origi
nal vigor. A perfect cure guaranteed, or u#? charge,
ft' B?Dr. M. holds no communion Willi medicalluelMiileri.
vrlio claim to be stirgoons, as he is, perhaps, tlie onlj qualified
advertising Surgeon in tlie city. See Ins diplomas in his ohicis.
k'ultou sli'-et. Letters post-paid anil containing a lee will
injure medicine and advioe to auy part of the Union.
Office, 20ii-i Fultou, near Oreeuwicti, Naw Vork. Oiawfrom
7 A. M. to IV P. Al.? daily. ** l?n*ec
rpiiE greatest discoverj- in medical science is that ?f M. M.
1 Desomeaux, of Paris. He has eutis^J- ei|doded tlie gene
rally received opinion of tlie existence ol incurai.le sterility or
barrenness, (except indeed iu cases of mallormauou, wlu*_S re
extremely rare.) The invariable anil universal success of nis
Uixir Cordial, iu every luslauce, ol jiioduciug that state of
health which reaulu in J>e wile becoming bless?l as a mpllu-r,
who for years pined in cluldleas loneliuss, lias lully nitablished
die fact, that what is usually termed barrenness is curable by
the use of the Procreauve Uiiir Cordial. It is lufalliabie in
senurial weakness, lluor albus, debility, mcouUuence and the
various train of complaints arising from excess, illness, or im
prudenfir. Iu great aud invariable success is IU lycouimcnda
lion. The fame of this wonderlul Klixir Cordial is well esta
blished. A sale of more than Idly thoasaud bottles aud lock
ages is suificirnt evidence of its excellence and the estimation
in which it is held. It is pleasaut and agit'eable to the taste.
The undersigned is the only uathorisedagent m thu country.
Trice a bottle. . . .
l?'or the convenience of lliose residing out of the city the in
jmdieuls composing the tlixir Cordial are put upiu^ ckages
for transmission by mail, with full direcuim lor preparing.
Price ol package $6, making three bottles.
All letlers must be posli.aiu, .unl directed to
Dr. i'lMtLVLAU, box J4, N. V?rk city.
Office I2t Litmrty St
N.B.?Ladies calling for the "Klixir" will be wailtd ou by a
Imly m attendance. ln?**c
artificial tleth.
MH LKVETT, Dentist, the introducer of mPorting incor
ruptible Teelli on tlie principle ol utmosphenc pressure, al
lowed to be the ^re-alest improvement iu di^nti.try ever mtro
duced, invites strangers and tlie public iu geueial to uxainilH his
uew uieiliod. which will be louud gfeaily sui>eiior to ANY
NOW IN tiSK, embracing amongst oiliurs the advantages of
great and permanent comlorl. clttinliiieas, durability, kc. io
nervous patients it is particularly adapleJ, as it precludes Ui*
uecessity of extracting stumjw or roou ol teetn, and retains tlie
inuutli 1.1 a healthy swte. The uuuierous trsiiuionials lioni Uie
mo?t dihliuguiitiied iu society, with the lm;hesi dental .uid other
authorities, will ensure to those requiring artificial terili, or
those who hate li\d them nuskill'ully set, Ute happiest and most
satisfcctoiy results. M. Li.Vfc.1 >, Dentist,
sll lm*rc J6C Broadway, entrance iu Warren st.
Medical Aid. ,,
Da. GlUuUOn. k, Ui Ov.iu bi.rtst, u at in* yu*i ?u uaial, day
and uifibl, alieviutiutf Uicmeutal ua w?*li a* bodily aulltsiiugs
of those Vfcho may r?e uuionuuate u? u> uewd hit friiiidly, aa
well as medical, advice aud kViai^aUiy. Concernmg that eUia or
maiaditu called M private" the Uoctor haa imbhsiMnl a Uaatias
CiUleU " The iiabicoii," in which he ahahow the tarioua
fonnt ofseci-etdiaea?ea may be prevented aj? weli tu cured, aiidfcAl
so the method of r?ie&iiiiutf aa well as retaiuiug MA^Lk V R*
UK; Uiat portioaol ilie work UttOMg uikju nn|H)tmjc? or seiual
debilityi aa also the chapter* ou a certain habit ol youihlui m
diacietioo and oielaucholy delusion, tu?d aUo couceruiug many
cuinpUiuU incideut to thettuOer ??, will be lound a Uieudly
vet aile.it momior. Aa it W?CU Uie yarioua iorins aud ?yini>
Uiuis of the fenrxeal disease, whcthtrol receut ox oi loaa *uuid
mg? whether the nose, throat or bouea be ulcexated, or however
conU'liCtiCed lUad duficnlt tlie caa?* may be?its iuatructioua are
amide, and comj?eteut lor a cut* of tbe disease and a reatoratiou
of the constitution. ? . , t a
'1 he chapter oil itrictnre u of immense importance to Uiose
who have iorinerly be?'u afflicted, aud pe?iuo)a luditltrenuy, or
mny be only h ilt cured. It is well known that btnciuiv is the
almost ine\ ituble consf?,iu?nce of the disease . hen bati?y UtHaUd
! or when the disease ?? suttered to rematu too loug without Ueing
cured?it is iu r I'erence to Una circunwtauce liiat so mauy i?oo
lile have bwu benelitted by ajierusal of die little volume here al
.uded to. The fourth editiou, eularued aud unproved, l? uow
ready, and is sold at fifty ceuu. It will be wrut by mail auy dis
tance, postage paid, ou tiw4 receipt ol ^I, which must also be
free of postage and addressed to OREOOHv
slS lni*rc W> Oold street, Now V ork.
rpHK scifntilic combination of ingrrdieuts ol which Uiose
A Pills am composed, hare made the.ni tlie wonder anil admi
ration of the world. They are known all oter Luroja to be tin
only preparation ever discovered that lias proved luvariauly cer
tain m producing the montlily turns. I'lieir certainty ui sll
cases, being such that tliry must not be uaed during pregnancy,
lor rtioogh always mild, sale aud liealthy, they are certain to
produce miscarriage if used during thai ijeriod.
The directions an translated into Kugush, and are envelopoO
round with lite seal of the importer, stamped. h*ch box con
tains the signature of M- de Boudelooue, and the Kuglisn di
lections h.ive the signature of Dr. F. MKLVEAU, authorised
?ent for the Coutineut of America., ,
They can be transmitted by mail to any l?trt of u.e United
4tales. Sold by Ur. K. MKLVKAU, ageut and importer lor
the United Htatna. Oflice, 129 Liberty sti??t, near Greenwich
street. Price $4.?half boxes, $3. No half boxes sent by inail.
Sold in bottle* at ? Balem street. Letters directed to Dr. ?.
MeWeau. box 34, New V erk, will meet with immediate alten
tion. All letters must be postpaid. jyi? rrc
IS now highly approved of, as the best mode of administering
A valuable niedecine to children?being so pleasant lo the taste
they will readily oat whatever is given them. It may be used
Inr all purposes that the simple Oil is so extensively recorn
ineudeu. Common colds, all kinds of coughs, bowel ?om
plaints, lie.; operating mildly, hulling disea>ed parts, and *ll?y
liiia irritation. Manufactured by A. C. HALLOOK, at i7o
Spring street, aud neatly put up, (protected Iroin tlie air aud
dampness, and warranted to keep in any cliuiuU-,) in pnekages at
cents each, with lull directions for use. See that tlie Pro
prietor's own name is wiiMeu t n the engraved wrapper.
Hold by most Druggist* in cities, anu general stores through
out tlie country. sll Im'ec
'PHIS POPULAR. .MtUlClNk; is now iu suchdcinaud,
1 Uiat long notices oi its eflicaey are uniieceesaiv.?
Thousands ol Testiiiiouials of |*rl'ect cures of U)s|vpsia, Dys
entery, Scrofula uid Nervous Complaints, can be at the
store ol'tlie Proprietors. . .
No. 117 Kultou street U
This Medicine is put up in Spanish. Portuguese, Kreuch. Uei
uian and Italian Wrapi?rs, with lii-oks of Directions and Tea
tiuiouials iu tlie same languages forexportaLiou. auil 1 in * m
. ?These hivaluable Powders have been universally adopted
in Kuroiie. hut krance iu p.Tticnlxr, for upnnrdsofthirty years,
an well as by thousands in this conutry, as being Uie oi.lv mild,
s.de and elkcacious remedy lor ma/ried ladies whose health lor
bids a too rapid increase of family.
The results of tlieir adoption to the happiness, the health, nay,
often the life, of many an affectionate wile and loud mother are
too vast to touch U|Kin within the limits of an ndverusemoui?
results which affect not only tlie present well beuik ol parents,
but the fature happiness of tn> ir otl.pring. Is it uot but loo well
known that the families ol the uiarrietl ol'teu increase beyoud
the happiness of those w ho Rave thein birth would die ate I Iu
how many instances does the bird working father, and moie
especially the mother of a poor family remain slaves through
oat theii lives, tugging at tlie oar of lucessanl labor, toiling but
to .live and living but to toil, when they mighi have enjoyed
comlorl and comparative alllueuce, aud if care and toil have
weighed dowu lite npirit, aud at l.ist broken ll? health ol the
father, how often is the widow left unable, with tin- most vir
tuous intentions, to save iier fatherless offspring |r?iiu becoming
degraded objects ol charity or profligate votaries ol vice I Kvm.
though competence anu plenty amile upon tis, how olteu, alas .
are tlie dtyi of the ki> .1 liiwoa.id and lather emuitteied in lie
holding the emaciated lorm aud declining health ol the compa
nion ol his bosom, ere she had scarce reuchwl the .\;;c of tli'rty
?last sinking inm a piemature grave?with the ceriai.i pros
pect of himself being early bereft of the Partner ol Ins joys aud
sorrows, aud his yonutc and hflpWs children ol those endearing
attentions and watchful solicitudt, which a moMnir alone can
Clow, no' nnfre.iueiit.ly at a time when least able to support
h*?irt-reudiug n'OicMon Is it desirable, tlien?is it moral?
for ler-nts te increase their families, regardless ol confluences
U> Uieinselves, or tile 'Veil being of tlieir offspring, when a sim
ple, easy, healt.ht and cert.un renietly i? within our control 1
The advertiser, Ineling the importance of tliis subject, and esli
i:is?i.| tlie vast heK.elits resnlnug to thousii'ids by tin adop . Ml
ol* in.sin> prescrilK-d by h?r, would rss|H>cliuily urouse th.' at
teutiou ol lhe mairied to i s coiisnleratioii. Is it not wise a id
virtuous to prevent evils to which we are. subject, by simple
aud healtllf means w ithin our coiitiuJ ' hvery dispassionnte,
virtuous and enlightened mind, will anhssitatiugly amwei ui
the ailirmative. ....
Price live ilollnrs a package, aucompauied Willi full and iwrtl,
cnl^r dtr.-ciimis. M
Ail letter o.st be pon paid, .iud addies^Hl to nox ' 881, Is
Y.,oi \IAD\!\1K UP.9TKLL, Feinale Physician.
Prioiipal tltlice, I4ii Greenwich sinot, New xork. Office
Honrs from A. M 'oO P. M Hos'on o'hee. No. 7 Kivx st.
.viAIM>1K Rb^TLLij.
}!*KMALIC l'HVSIUIAN, Oihce aud resideuOi', 14? Oreen
v. icii tre?t, betwwn Conrtlandt and Liberty stn-eU, where
[ihc chi ik consulted with the strictest ts.ulideuce oucompUinU
iiicnkut to the female franie.
Madame Hiwt. I Is expernnae and k'l>vied?e iu the ?ren?ir.?i,l
of obstinate cast* of female in vsl ? , stoptw*?, snptiression,
Jtc. is inch as to re.|uite but a w sys to effect a (lerleci cure.
Ladies desiring proper m. lieai attepdance dum g conim-tn I
or other irdispo niou. will be acrnminodatsd during such time,
With private anil resectable Hoard.
" Preventive I'owdets, fur married ladies, whose delicate 01
preoarioua health forbid.! i too rapid iurrvs.se of family, will be
sent by mail t.i?uiy part of the Uuited hu?u<s. Price t.'i a I'acli
?ge. All le'ters (post paid) i.l.lresned to box HMI, New Vork,
Boston Olfics, No. 7 K.ssex <tr.ft.
N II.?Madame RKSTI.LL would inform ladnn residing
oat of the city, whose health would not id nut ot trau lliug,
t!?at si." won!<i devote h?r personal attendance npou tliein in 1
part of ill* United Slutrn wilhiu re.t .unable distance. js# <
,1 A n I.. S a O !l 1> ON II Iti IV N K T T .
I'll* Nmv York UrTiAl.ti?A Uaily Pa|s*r, issued every
morning of the w eeh? price two n *t? l?r eopy Coo'tirr
SuV.scripen furinsa. d at Uie isine rate, b.r eny si^cittc iwri-xf,
on a remittance in adtauee No paper srui uulesspud iu a.tj
Vhi Wi .ki.v llLaai.i>? l:iue<: ou Suni<lay morning al
t^n o'clock?price si* a <|t;sHTk.h i.-kkti per copv?Jsir
o'shed to ? uniitry SaNcriheis at kJ 'il iwr ?.mum, in advance,
or at th? same raw lor an ? siwiihea p -find.
Co??l.?foin'?*Tl are ff?jnfsiAn ?o ^ddieas Ibait I'twx to
IsMfi ??(???> ? K???*rr Pr-n,r<?v?? ??< kditu'?aad d
ilttsr* S?H?" ?? MM **14.

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