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lutea ihat John Porter, merchant At i4ifpb?n?bur?,
K-Iiiuckf, *'<ou: ten mile* from KU*a'*thtowu, wuraui
t)f n-.) on We lnesilajr U t ly V jrijms B. Brown, a consta
ble. Two or three w*efcii previous Porter's bouse ?u
entered by mean* of Islse key?, aud bis desk lobbed of
$?**). Brown was suspected of the theft, and a day wss
B\.-d for bis examination before the magistrate. Before
tHe investigation took place, Brown met Porter, shot bin,
uinl then fi ll upon him and cut him shockingly with a
kni'e. killing him on the spot. Brown immediately moun
t< d his horse and fled. He is about "16 to 16 yean old, dark
Kkinned, a feet 10 inches high, raw-boned, weighs about
140 pounds, bald, bold countenance, hollow-faced, with
high cheek bones.
Jtaip Building is increasing in St. John's N. B
Oritf a few days ago, a ship of 800 tons burden was
launched. It is, however, a fact, that one farm reclaimed
from the forest is more conducive to the permanent pros
perity of the Province, than half a dozen ships consigned
to th"> billows and burstings of the ocean. Industry ap
plied to the improvement and cultivation of the soil, con
dices more to tht advancement of such a country as New
Brunswick than when applied to any other purpose. That
Province abonads with immense tracts cf alluvial lands,
and extensive range" of fine fertile upland, which if pro
ji i ly improved would render it far superior to any of the
New England States in agricultural resources.
Naval.?Letters have been received from the
United States whip Macedonian, V^'om. Perry, of the
date ol id September?then all well?at Palmas, Island of
4 Iran (I Canary The ship was bound to the Cape de
Veids, to meet the U. 8 brig Truxton.
Supreme Court. October Term.?Rochester,
Oct 29?Present,Chief Justice Nelson and Justice
Bcardi-ley.?Joseph Britton a'.d others vs. The Mayor,
Aldermen aud Commonalty of the city of New York.?
Mr. J. Prescott Hall concfuded for plaintiff ; 8 A. root
was heard for plaintiff; B. F. Butler in reply.
Morrla Canal?Ita Facilities and Capa
hilities.?in your monied article of the SOth insUnt you entered
into a discussion of the coal trade lu ihe following iorm and
drawn comparisons:? .
The Morris I lanal has two great competitors to cope with iti
the transportation of coal from the mines of Pennsylvania ; the
Delaware and Hudson, and the Delaware and the Delaware K.
liaritan Canals, the freight on which, according to the closest
calcniati >ns, will range below that on coal via. the Morris Ca
mi. W*e amies statements showing the rate of freight on coal
to New York by the Raritan Canal, andalse the estimates made
of the rate on the Morris.
Kxpkissk of TitA!ssro*Tif?o Com. raon Mauch Chunk
to New York by the Delaware and IUmtan
Freight tolls from M. Chunk to Easton, 46V? m.... 46 Si-100
T.ills on Del. Canal, per ton ? U 20-100
Toll on boats at 2c per mile, computed on boats of
tons, will be on coal, per ton... ... ....... M 83-100
Freight on barges from M. Chunk to New York,
Hit miles, at 4 mills |ier mile ?' 60-1U0
Tolls oi. Del. ii Raritan 30
Towage from N. Brunswick to N. Y 8
Total exreme from M. Chunk to N. York $1,63 88-100
Uij Mom* Canal.
Tolls from M. Chunk to Kaston, 46,'4 m. 46 25-100
Freiaht from M. Chunk to Jersey City,
148** miles, at 8 mills 1,18 80-100 ^ gyioj
Difference in favor of the Karitan 97-100
Many of your readers are not familiar with the subject, and
as they take for granted every thing you say to be true, auil as
you are like all poor frail men, liable to error, and hive, in fact,
111 tin article above quoted, given evidencu or the infirmity, it
is due. to you. as well as your readers, to set you rieht in the
matter. I"? attempting to do this, I will remark, that in the
second item of your statement, which is 11 ceuu ^0-100 lor tolls
011 Delaware Canal, that you assume that this is the toll Iroin
Easton to Black's Kddy ; and you further assume Jliat the boats
are to pass from the canal to the feeder of tlie Delaware and
Raritan, at that place. In regard to which, it is to be observed,
that there is no law authorizing the construction ot a lock to
permit such passage, aud there probvbly will not be ; because
Kiius, Ivauia, in the construction of the Delaware Canal from
Easton to Bristol, being a distance of CO miles, exrenikd $2/;0U,
IK11 and the eff.ct of making an outlet lock at Black s tddv,
which Is only ?i mile* from Easton, would be to arrest the
tmle on the Delaware Canal for a distance of 35 miles, that la,
from the Eddy to Bristol. When the proposition was before
the Legislature of Pennsylvania for authority to make such out
let lock, Ihe advocates ot the measure ottered to stipulate to nay
the same tolls for the 25 miles as was then charged for the whole
CO which was about 30 cents i*r ton ; and yet you ca 1 the toll
f,,r that distance 11 cents 20-100, being about one-third of what
it w as v.roposed to charge if the Pennsylvania Legislature should
s i far forget their duty to their constituents as to throw away
tlie benefits of such a heavy expeiidsture of money by that State,
for the purpose of advancing the interests of the Delaware and
Raritan Canal Company. In the item of freight, of 4 mills per
mile on 160 miles, you assume that the outlet lock at the Eddy
is in'ide, and that the Pennsylvania ( anal is enlarged so as to
admit boats of 120 tons ; neither of which things are done, and
probably never, under any circumstances, will be; because,
among other reasons, the canal, along the bulks of the Delaware,
011 the Pennsylvania side, was swept away, by Hoods two or
three \ears in succession, and had to be repaired at au enormous
expense. Its present depth is only 4 feet, and of course only
nil 11 tea to boat* of 51 tons, being the present depth of the Morris
Canal, and to admit boat* of 120 tons would require 8 feet water
mid a greatly increaned width. The enlargement will not, there
fore, be nude ; as the risk of Hi again being swept away would
be increased in proportion to Its enlarged dimensions.
If the .Morris I anal at the tune the Delaware Canal was thus
.wept away had be n of a caincity to admit fifty-four tou boats
it would have taken the whole trada of the Mauch Chunk re
gion, and in all probability the Delaware Canal would not have
bee 1 again repaired, and if that calamity should once more
oeeur, which may happen nest Spring to that Canal, the Morris
will i.e 111 acondiliou to avail itself of the occurrence, which
w.iitld give to it a transportation of 12 000 tons per week, result
ing in a revenue of $120000, if atoll.of $1 per ton was charged;
a larije |>ortion of which transportation is anticipated evenwith
<1"|t?tthi?fi>ur mill affair for freight yon allow too little for the
Delaware Karitau, or too much for the Morns. J here is 110
jeason for an hundred ier cei.t. difference, and why, therefore,
attach eight mills lo the Morris, and only four to the Raritan.?
Tli* true r.uio between a boat of 120 tons, and one of 54 tons is
as lour to six. W here is the boats as at present constructed, are
of the same burthen on both canals ... ,
Without any prospect of alteration in this respect, the distance
by the way of the Delaware and Karitan is 174 miles, and that
bv the Morris Canal to Jersey City is 149 miles to Mauch Chunk,
being a difference of 25 miles in favor of the Morris Canal.
Ill regard to the item of " toll on the Delaware and Karitan
Can il of HO cents." we have to see how much money can be
made for siockliolde s at this sale. This work I* said to have
rost $1,0'0,000, the interest oil which at6||er cent, would be
$MU 000 exclusive of aiuiual expenses of repairs.and attendance,
? Iaries, elc. &c., which would require a transportation or 210,
000 ions i f coal at one dollar per ton 10 pav the interest alone,
ius'e id of the 30 cents estimated bv yon. The cost of the Mor
ris Cansl to the presentJiroprieters would require but atransl>or
tation of to,000 tons of coal, at one dollar |>er ton, to pay the
aai.ie interest ou cost, which the iron works, manufactories,
mid towns on the line of the latter canal would alone consume
this year, to say nothing of tlie transportation of iron ore, pig
and rolled iron, limestone, merchandize and produce, whicli
items, exclusive of coal, netted the Morns Canal in 1838, about
ihe ttiii of $25,000, that auui being about equal to the anuual ex
penses and r< pairs. , . _ , ? , ,, ...
I have nothing to say of the Delaware &. Hudson Canal Com
pany-. It has had its days of trouble,'and surmounted them all
wiih glory aud success. It has been " hawked at by those
same " mousing owls." which now aasail the poor Morris, but
it was not ki'leu, and I atn glad of it. It can now pay its 10 per
ceil', on $2,000,000 capital and $1100,000. and by a parity ofreason
ing the Morris can pay its 10 per cent, ou $1 000,000. 1he dis
tance t>y the latfr Iroin New York to the coal fields of Pennsyl
vania, is lis'i miles, and by the Delaware Ik Hudson it is 214.?
'l'here is busmess enough lor all, and why etgender jealousies
among tlie members of the same coal r amilv.
Not a place of amusement In the city, we
believe, cau compete with tie " Battle of Bunker Hill," at the
Colis 11m, in (mint of attraction or large and fashionable audi
ences. It is a wonderful exhibition, and it is wonderfully
thronged, too. Parents, remember this afternoon at 3 o clock.
Velpeau'a Specific PU la, for the 1JHdlcal
cure, of goiiorrhuBa, gleet, seminal emissions, ami ell mocopuru
lent discharges from tlie urethra. , llieae pills,_Uie result ol
twenty years experience in the Hospital de Cnarite in Pans, are
pronounced by then celebrated inveutor, Protesior Velpeao, as
a.i infallible remedy for all diseases of the urethra. Thiy effect
a cure in a much shorter time than any other remedy, without
C\ ntiug the breatli, disagreeing with the stomach, or confinement
fro 1. business. PriceTfl per box. Sold at liie (.ollege of Medi
ein^ aud Pharmacy, 95 Nassau street. ?
CUl inarm y,w. ?. RICHARDSON, M. D., Ageut.
Head what Sherman's Lozenges have done.
? \ letter just received from Mr. Chatnplin, of Orinnt, L. I.,
states that Dr. Sherman's Lozenges are performing wonders
anv ng llie iieople. and that tin demand is lucreasnig earery day-.
Ill many ca?e?, wKere ihe Camphor Lorenges have been used
for headache and nervous affections, they have produced imme
diate cures, and the Worm Loienges have eradicated more
w orms thun any remedy that has ever been known. He writes
for a large supply, and state* that they have never failed to give
salisl etion. 'low many there are wno are suffering, aiid who
"ad find relief by trying.these celebrated L-'Xenges They are
always to be had at Dr. Sherman's warehouse, 106 Nassau st ,
?>r of the Doctor's agent*, 227 Hudson it.; 188 Bowery; 77 KmI
Jtr< adw?y; 139 Kultou street, Brooklyn; 3 Ledger Buildings,
Philadelphia; aud 8 State street, Boston^
Kicunl a Parisian Alterative Mixture, for
tne I ermanent cure of primary or secondary syphilis, venereal
nleers nodes, or any complaint Produced by an injudicious use
ol mercury, or uuskilful medical treatment. All perionsaui
pert ilg a venereal taint remaiumg lu their system should use
this powerful purifier without delay, as uo penoa can consider
himself s il'e alter having tlie venereal disease, witliout thorough
ly cleansing the system with this jastly celebrated alterative.
t^j)d ill siugle bottles at $1 each, lu cases ol half doien at $5;
carefully packed aud sent to all |?rts of tlie Union. Sold at ihe
I *,,lI, "e of Meiliciue and I'liarmacy, 95 .Nassau st.
college Ol leu.Liu ^ g. ttlCHXUDSDN, M. D., A?ent.
Kxtractof Cnliehs, Copalva, and Sarsapa
rill i ( Dr. Olover's.)?This is tlie most s|*edy, certain, and ef
fertml remedy for the cure of Oonorrhffla that has ever been
u?d It IS pleasant to the palate and grateful to the stomach,
and easily taken. It is acmceutratioii of all the medicinal prp
lertii s ol such remedies a* have been found most efficacious in
curiug gleets, seminal weakness, and all discharge from the
urinary liasssas. It is wholly a vegetable compound, aud acts
like a charm in producing an immtdiate operation upon the
PTtaffec'ed. l-'ull directions accompany tlie m.dicme, which
may be badat No. 2 Ann street. Price >1.
Medical Advice In Private Ulaeasea.? rha
members of the New Vork College of Medicine and Hisnnacy,
K/taliliilieil for Ihe lUVfrtitionof yiackrry, continue^ direct
their particular attention to all diseases of a pnvata nature, and
can confidently promise to persons requinag medical treatment,
a safe and |a- maneut cur. , without injury to the constitution or
coulineinast from business. Invalids areparticularly requested
to make application to tbe College on #?? first appearance ol
those diseases, as a vast amount ot suffering and ume may tie
tliua avoided. Oueofthe members of the Collefe, for many
vtvrs connected with the principal hospital ill hurope lor the
cureol those complaints, attends for consultation daily Irom S
^ Term's?Advice ami Medicine $5,?a cure guaranteed.
living in the country, and finding it inconvenient to make per
son il application,can have lorwarded to them achest containing
all medicines requisite to perform a radical cure, by stating then
ca*e explicitly, together w itli all symptoms, time of contraction
Ollice an I Consulting Rooms of the College, 95 Nassau it
Constitutional Detrtllty Cured?The Tonic
Mixture, prepared by the College of Medicine and Pharmacy of
the city of New Vork, is COufiJsatlv recommended for all case*
ol .1',.,il,.., prodnced by secret indulgence or excess of any kind.
It is . a invaluable remedy?liuriinpoteiice,sterility, or baneuness,
(unit-** a twtulinK on m*i-formatioii.) _ r ..
^iu^U '>ottle? $1 riclr, c<ue-* ol h^f * doxen $6; cawully
tv.r.Uinl iuA ?ent to k11 p?\rtJ of the Union.
t Mhfts of ihe Collet of Medicine niid IWJNwian
gln^t VV. B. KiyiAHDHON, M. D., Agent.
'J'tie Conr>?iitratc*ci MRtrnct of HariiimrlUa,
Gentian Old Sana! is, prepa'ed by the New York < olbgeol
Medicine and I'harmacy, establisWd for tlie suppre.siun ol |
nuackery. This refined and higtily coiicentrated extract, pos
session all the purif>mg qualities aud curative (lowers ol the
above h ibs, is confidently recommended by the College as is
fi superior to any extract of Ssrsapanlla at present before
the public, and may be relied on as a certain remedy for all
di?e<s*s wiring Irom an impure state of tile blood, such as
scrol'ul#, salt-rheum, ring-worm, hlotchea or pimples, ulcers,
IKIII 111 tne hones or joints, npdes.cutaneons eruptions, ulcerated
sore thro t, or any disease arising from the secondary effects ol
syphilis or an injudicious use ol mercury.
Isold in Single Bottles, at .. .. . 75 ceuU each
?? in cum ol half a down Bottles $3 50
?? 11 one dozen * 6 00
I ases forwarded to all Parts of tbe Union.
N 11.?A very liberal discount to wholesale purchasers.
Office of tlie LA1UJ80N. M. D .iAgenU
ri,i. Z. ^"tl*L ''V !"*n attracted to ?n article in you paper of
he*tUd " Meeting of FreuchiCitW U?t STShu?
uid ? thT1^ u PoMithrd as one of tb? Vice Presidents ;
InvAllilf. ilve" that Wide entirely at variance with
?ftwi Jed '? W0IU> ' d"1? to be allowed to explain. 1
*iT.^rj^?.mect'P?'? company with a few friend, of conm
?hontlh? "Vr ^ eil*c"t'on that the course it might be
rV,mo,i ..Ii ?p'ri 'or u* to puraue v American eitiuas in the
f ' j'ca' content, wai to I* diacuaaed in a frank and un
pnwMlUtad manner, without lu any rmjiect rompromiaiac our
SJfr7?Sf* ?? ?ar !ru.m tlieae niwctatioui beina rallied, 1 ain
now Tally persuaded that [he '? partitau tune" given to that
?p'a* was preconcerted," and aa my political aantimenta
*na intentions are eutirely at variance with those of the orator
ol the night. I beg leave through your paper, thua publicly to
F'i? ' VMmT.win the proceeding! of that meeting,
wnich 1 was prevented doing at tlie time, owing to the confusion
that prevailed. Youn, reapectfully,
Friday, November 1 H p. M.
The operation* to-day in the iteck market were very
limited, and quotation! in many instances at a daclino.
Norwleh k Wereester fell offt; Long Island i, Indiana
ii Ohio 6'e J; Stonington advanced Mohawk J; Mor
ris Canal J; trie Railroad j; Pennsylvania 5's J; Housa
tonic Railroad 1 j Harlem i. Canton closed firm at
yesterday's prict*. There is very little doubt but that aa
noon as the Presidential election is settled, there will be
a very great decline in the stock market. For aome time
past, it has been the general impression among operators,
ttUere mUit b? ? Tery great improvement in quota
tions th.f moment the political questions or the day were
settled, and the administration lor the nrxt four yeara de
termined upon ; and in anticipation et this, many specu
lators ol limited means have become holders of stocks,
,?rineipally?ancies, to an extent much beyond their ability
to hold. These speculators will at any sacrifice
retain possession ot what they now hold until
after tho elections, and then Ihey will be compelled to
throw their stocks upon tho market, and the result of this
will be a break down in prices and serious losses to holders
Had this movement been deferred until after the political
contest, until the excitement Lad subsided, wo cannot
doubt but that there would have been quite an improve
ment in quotations and lor a time quite au active business
done in the a ock markwt. Many shrewd operators are
patiently waiting the result of the late speculations, and
they will, without doubt, profit by so doing. Money is
very abundant and very cheap-good securities will
command any amount, and commercial affairs will re
ceive an impetus, growing eut oi a couvistion that
very little change can tako place in the general
policy of the government. We can very aafely
calculate upon the permanency of |the laws as now
enforced We have not before our eyas continually the
fear that any great interest will suffer from legislation,
and whatever objections there maybe te many ol the acts
now in cxiatenco, regulating trade and commerce, they
must rapidiypass way,and the blessingsofstabilityand per
manency realized. No one can deny but that many of our
laws affecting commercial affairs are defective, and might
be improved by alterations aud modifications ; but the
dangers and uncertainties attending the passage of such
acts are aufUcient to affsct ma .y advantages that might j
arise from any alteration. Tho two great j ariies ol the
present day do not differ materially on any great principle
3?ven-eighths of the political capital in existence is
brought up by party leaders,and magnified to exten ' thsir
own individual ends. It would seem from the tone of
party prints that the principles of either party, if carrie l
out, would assuredly ruin tho country and make us all
bankrupts und beggars. This result, however, does not
ut present appear to be very near at hand, and we much
question the power of the mrat radical party ia existence
to dective the people long enough to spread ruin and
ilesoiati:n over this great country.
The interest on the public stocks of the city of New
i Vork, due on the 1st of November, will be paid by tho
I Chamberlain of the city, at his office in the Bank of tho
State of New Vork, Wall stioet.
The case of the President and Direc'ors of the Mer
chants' Bank of Baltimore rs. the President and Directors
of the Farmers' Bank of Virginia, being an action brought
to recover the amount of $10,000, paid by the plaintiff s to
J. B. Steenberger, upon his check on the defendants, and
marked good by the cashier of the Farmers' Bank ol Vir
ginia, (the defendants subsequently refusing payment of
the same, Steenberger, in the mean time huving become
involved in some pecuniary difficulties ) came up before
'he Baltimore County Court, on ThuraJay last, and was
concluded on Monday. Judgment in favor ot the detend
ants. The case will be carried lo the Court of Appeals
The grax'ees of the New Cheshire Bank, at Keene,
N. H., have accepted the chartar with all the restrictions
thereunto annexed, by the laws of the State, which held
tho private property of the stockholders liable. The ca
pital is fixed for the present at $40 #00, which, by the
charter, may bp increased to $160,000. The stock of the
Oliarleatown Bank, of New Hampshire, has ulso been
taken and will soon be in operation with a capital of I
$60 000 '
The Bank of the 8tate of New Yoik has this day de
clared a dividend of two and a half per cent, lor the last
nix months, payable on the 10th init
The annual report of the Comptroller of the State of
Tennessee for 1M4, shows a slight improvement in the
finance; of the State, and a larger balance in the Trea
-ury thin in 1843. According to the last message of the
Governor, the total debt of the State amounted to $3,260,
116, on which the interest paid by the State amounts to
$173,618, as annexed.
Debt or Tennessee, Oct. 1313.
For stock in the Union Bank 500,000 ^ 25W0
Hon(li lor Bank of lennessee 1,01)0,000 GO 000
lot rual Improvements, act of IMS, 5J<
p r cent, 263,168 13,116
Internal improvementa, act of '37,5 p'ct 1,197,240 74,162
Total am'tofbouda isaut-d and uniwid,. .$3,306,416 $173,678
The finances ol the State for the two years ending Oct
1843, according to the Comptroller's report of that date
were as follows
Finances or|TmMsi(i.
The ordinary revenue lor the 2 past years, to
Oct, 1848, is, from Clerks and Sheriffs $305,167 34
?'.xtra irvenue, chiefly from bonus and divi
dends of Banks and Insurance Offices,.. . 367,863 76
Making a total of .... 473,033 ot
I'heamount in the Treasury, Oct. 1, lS41,was 18?]690 47
?. Making a total of 662,612 48
The disbursements for those 3yeata wero.... 623,737 27
leaving in thelreasury, Oct. I, 1843 $38 874 31
1'otal amount of receipts lor Oct. 1st l$43 to
Oct 1st 1844 $371,833 08
. .... $310,698 2W
I otal amount of disbam-ments for Oct. 1st 1843
to Oct. 1st 1814 361,416 36
dalance in Treasury 1st Monday of Oet 1844 $49,383 03
The debt of this state is so small and its financial coudi
ion so prosperous, that its stock is in demand in this
narket and sella at four per cent above par. In relation
o the intereat payable as above, the Bank ol Tennessee is
elied upon by the state for the amouut, except for the
londs issued to the Union Bank and a small amount of the
interest of the 6} par cent itaprovement bonds. The aggrn'
fata value of ol taxable pre party in the atate is $ 134,041,340
We annex a table showing the condition of the Bar.kst
>1 Vermont in August laat.
Bares or VeaMortT.
Ok ntJ, Drp'i in
Hankt. Circ. Specie. <$-t. Bost.f-c.
tellows Falls $149,218 4,670 703 58,818
llm'tleboro' 125,34!) 8,901 S,lli? 41,742
!tu'lington 121,773 14.892 15,192 101,502
I'-aledonia 72,873 2,855 13,165 17,356
(?'ariners', 130,611 3,632 11,138 51.012
l-'armera'and Mechanics' 103,036 5.155 9,896 44,596
.lanche.ter 81,993 2, lit 6,892 24,392
Vliddlebury 93,846 4,300 9,833 59,978
? lont|>elier 117,771 5,768 7,400 46 589
Mewbury 131,687 3,179 1,825 51, *3
> range 73,582 8,736 14,171 31,411
'Irlean. 30,314 2.777 11,870 ?
I'oultney 77,692 2,841 6,484 42.J25
(inland 124.486 8,151 9,841 46,713
4t. Albans 83,184 4,*20 9,687 34,714
Vergennea 84,164 6,751 6,704 23,001
Woodstock 142,098 4,806 9,451 33.2M
1814 $1,743,807 92.483 154,471 700 80}
1836 2,086,860 76,802 126,018 801,913
183 8 1,139,484 100,238 52 2117 283,767
183 9 1,968,813 129,31* 93,654 590,76*
In 1830 the amount of loans and discounts was $3,888,
^13, which was several hundred thousand dollars larger
than for many years previous. Acaor4ing to the last re.
urns the discount linu amounted to $3,160,788. The safety
und of the Varment Banks amouata to $31,Mo ?
The people of Vermont have not experienced these tre
nendous fluctuations in banking which have shaken
ither States in Iho Union to the centre, from which many
lave not yet recovered, and traces of which will be seen
or year* to come. Being principallyan agricultural State,
lituatrd in the interior, away Irom the speculation* so 1
'urreut for many years, the people remained undisturbed,
ind only knew of expanded banking operationa, so far as
liey affected Iho price of the great staple of the state,
vool. The operations of the Banks of Vermont are nearly
nono|iolised by individuals out of the States; and more or
i!is throughout the Union the country banks are used by
otsiness-men in the cities ol the State in which they are
ituated, or In the cities of neighboring States.
Old Htock Kirhaiigs
110000 Indiana s'ds 4IK 50 abas Harlem RR 73W
<{0000 Penn'a S'a 74 50 L lal ind RR *2%
I0i;0 Ohio 6'a,'60 102V 100 do 82S
tnnoo do 1.60 I02M 100 do 6m 82^
588* do bio 1023a 340 do
.4000 Indiana bond 1 44jj 11 Syracuse Ik I'tics II9H
imm do blO 45 50 Stonmgton RR 50;,
10 shas Contribution Ins 106 50 do l>30 51
30 Manhattan Bk 14 do 115141
,. Ji, - '1111
SjTfi ,?
? : "a* ?????? Sn
;Sm4"c^, s fc .???
J2) j? JH 50 *> ,2?
J? 3? . J* JO Heading RR 44
12 New Haven Col 22* 40 Houwtooir RR ?
? "S.ti K"RR 'i ? ?. S
IgMoM-lKK j, , ?..?
S K ?30 #7 200 do uw 23tf
*? do 67 74 do bN 33*
???ond Board.
U ftrv'JfTCfeSt 5w ??!?? Heading RR 41
? X Y It Erie RR 33% K Nor ?t Wore RR UK
??w Stock JCxchange,
c W JO "has Reading RR <60 53
;4?has Farmers'Trust c I4X JO do .60 43K
? v;,i! ?i e ??? 20 Stouington RR c 4ljJ
? Xlck*b?.'* B.k ? 7X f? do e II
i? M.rris Canal c M Nor and Worn bow UK
S /- ,do ^ c 4 24 do c 138
J5 Canton Co c 4IW 50 do M
M f'VtlB'?upCo b,U l2^? 21 d" nw tl
74 L Island RR 82)2 24 do S2V
30 I'i nu 50 J" Thursday 83
20 brie RR c lu0 d# buw ?3?<
2 3? 33 12J do b] 82%
*J <lo buw 33*
Sales or Stocks?Boston, Oct. 31.
Exchange Board.?60 fliares Long Island RR, 8Ji; 1 do
Boston aud Lowell RR,:J6 |>er cent adv, 7fi Reading RK,
bis, 87; 100 do, 27; ft Boston pud Maine RK, new, 106j; IS
Weatern RR, OOf; 3# do. 90i; SSdo. 901; 100 do, b30 901;
IS Norwich an 1 Worcester RR. H34-: 141 do, s80, 33j- IS
do.MJ; SO do, b30,84; 86 do, 83J
State of Trade.
A?Hcg?Pota are very dull, and we cannot quote over
$4 l?J Pearls are very steady at $4 26 8 4111.
Bukiwai Prime } ellow, of all descriptions, sells as ,
wanted at 294 a 30c.
Cotton?The enquiry to-day was limited. The total
sales ..mount te about 400 bales, ?f which one half was
taken by spinners
tk"Ar?The ,#le* ?re principally at 40c. for prime quali
Whuhkt?Diu 'gn casks are in demand, and we quote
29o Western uu.l prison barrels null at 29j, at which
there Is o lair demand.
Real Kstate?Jit Auction-40 lots on Ninth avenue,
between lMd and 106th streets, with (he buildings there
Brick house and lot we?t side of Lewis street, 13SM
feet from the southwest corner ol Stanton street;
lot 18 feet by 100 3 574
Foreign Markets.
Havana, Oct 18?The tremendous gale we experienc*
?ft hers on the 4th and 6^h iiist. hss dcutroyt'd ncdriv nil
th? nfvv coifee crop?the damage done to the ooming crop
of auf ar in not so great as was at flrs* apprehended If
the weather bo favorable henceforward, thero will be a
fairrrop. Our market lor produce has rnmaintd very in
active lor some time-the high prices of sugar have pre
vented ? iteration*. Whites7] a 10J rls; yellows 6] a 7];
browns 4J a 6 rs, hut holders, it is generally thought,
must submit to a decline in these rates, belore uny opera
tion of importance can take place. Molasses 4 rls. an<! no
cnance ol a decline. Provisions continue to sell well.
Hice? List sales 10} rs The Hayne's cargo not yet sold.
It is expected she will not obtain more than 10} rs Kx
change on the United States, 3 a 3J prem; London, 13 a
On Friday morning, 1st in>t. Mrs Elizabeth Colon,
widow of the late Oa,id Colon, aged bo yea s. 2 months
and 22 day*. *
The relatives anil friend* of the family, and of her son,
Johni R. Colon, and son-in-law, James I, Strntton, arena
pectfuUy requested to attend her itinera], to-morrow of
ternoon at 1J o'clock, from her late resilience, 140 Delau
cy itreet.
Onboard the barque Anah'.iac, on her passage from
Vera Crua to this port, R. Boonf.
Piusengeri Arrived^
# Vn^l7,B,lrq?e AnahuRcrKgi?fo Kicci and lndy, An
tonio lomasi Geo. 8. Wright, John K. Du???uberry, Dan'l L.
'V- ' r Holmstrow, and lour in steerage.
Chari.liton?Miip Sonthport?Mrs K Ross, and Mr P R
Foreign Importation*.
Vkra Chu*?Bark Anahuac?74 bales indze, 30 torn Iok
wood. 3 boxea, 11,000 Mexican dollars, H^rgous, Brothers oc
Coj?18 bales mdse,.8-10 dollars, Meyer & Stucker?2 bxs, F A
V?hS^:10 ba,t* Mau & Pollets?1267 hides, Renard 6c Vo-M
Ho, K PaveuMedt?i balei, Winterhoff. Pii?-r & K?rcke-22 do,
Hen ieheii 1k Unklurt?140 dollars, K. M Lacomlie?3000 do. A
I'atrallo?194 do, J B Lavala-206 do, Hecksclier & (.'outer-2(100
Jo. 1" del tla^s-1000 () U V S-hutn?lier-1642 P Harmony,
N?i;hew, ik t^o?681# Juan de I t (irauja?3(il Ivernou tH < o?
.'>00 Wicheiilinuseii?700 Souteyiar & Peoet?291 Triplet & Co.
Port ait PRiNCB-Schr Joy-18 b^? coffwt T Carwana-12
do Johnson It Uritther?2r, I.awreneek Hill?It Coudit & Noble
I0C0 horns Drury fe co?131000 pounds logwood I i kus I hlids
cornier A Rostain.
Marsuu.es?Bri? Heiirico-16cui-s S Hone- tot bxs soap
C bdl? mdze 440bx, IS bale. J Michel-2 bales I ck 6 I bin lOcks
200 b*?3 r.as?? E Bellanije?I Burbngo & Hunter?100 l>a?kcis 2
bales Bills?I0U b<.xea J Auauire-200 lio*?? Lawrence Ik I helps
-400 do 12 cases BrasthaiiKht U Chum-00 bis Aemun Ik c .-37
clu 49 bales to order.
Uomeillu Importation!.
li^RLB5T"l?r"ShiJ> Sonthport?613 bales cotton, L Pahner
n ' ^ t-p?37., l>e Puyster It Whitinarsh-94, Victor &
Durkw.tl-UO, H Colt St Co-68, O Colli?s-J0, J Stacey
2;{.'iOW!SrTJ'i,Vri}er""1 9a.*T Dickerson Si ('liurclnH?
247 hides,! M Clyde?40 bbls Hour, O K Andersou it Co?8
bbls ale, Kgiileston. I'utinau St Co.
CHARLEsroN?Bri( Caroline?161 bales cotton Victor 8t
Duekurth?42 K. J.affan?113 Henard St Co?107 Cahoone. Kin
My ?tCi>?'6 Poiriu frerres-183 Smith St Mills?I* Sprai-ue,
mib>n?on St f.o?26 J Simpler?I bo* I trunk Henry Coit?13Ills
1. 2 '"r1 l.box C<V'ppr ' ""'.l* Manii?11 pk|i? indze 4 lids iron
?/, Sticrentlier?1 bo* rndze Ia? h Urewster-1 Henry Kl ic??
V S .M,,"r-2 y,nitl' 51 Mills?I W J Miller?1 Ke iriiiKSt 1UI1
?I K l.ynch.
Movement* of the NUainshlfis.
Ateanitrs. Leave lJuei i *l/ne'a. l*ave Jlnw'u
Acadia, Harrison...??? ... Nov. 1
ti. Western, Matthews.. ... No? 9
Hiberuia, Ryne.... Oct. 19...Nov. 1 Nov. 16
Ship Nnaters and Amenta.
We shall esteem it alavor if Captains of Vesssis will give
to HoacRT Biltcv. Captain of our News Boats, a report of
the shipping left at the port whence they sailed, the vessels
?pokeu on tlieir pasM?e, a list of their cargo, dud any foreign
newspaper*, or news Uiev may have. He will board Uiein im
mediately on their arrivj. Agents and CorrespondenH at l.oine
)r abroad, will a so confer a favor by sending to this olfice all
'.lie Marine Intelligence tliev can obuin. Nsuticsl Informa
tion of .uiy kiud will be thuikfully received
t/? nilFS .# 48 I MOON RISES 10*42
Ship. Klisha Deiinison. Seely, St. Marks, K. D. Hurlbut St
Co; Tl inkina, Williims, Ai?aUcliic?)l-i, do; Louisiana, Steven
Charleston, Barstow, Po|ie4i Co?Barcjuen Ovando, Urew,
Mobile, Badad St Pecs; Amos Patten, Thompson, 'Havana, R
o ? 15"} vll??,,ur'. Silvester, Marseille*, Lawrence St t o?
ling Jhilura, Doane, Savannah. Dunham St Dimou?Sehrs
Win. Preston, fajlor, St Marys, J. I). Underwood: Amelia,
Strong. Baltimore, L. 11, tiager; Octavia, Charchill, Apilachi
cola, B. II. Phillips.
Ship SonihiHirt, (Jrilfith, 6 days from Charleston, with cot
ton, to t r Buckley.
Swedish barque Adelaide, Ptahne, 38 days from Soderhamn,
with 100 tons iron, to Oriuiiell, Minturn St Co.
Barqhe Analmsc, Wilson, from VeraCruz, 6th Oct. with
S|? cie, lie to Bnrgoiis Brothers. Sailed in Co will. J VV Hunt
ingto.i, for NOileans jnd Mesican man of war brig Santa An
ns, for N Vork. Left I'etersliurg, Larkin, NYoik.
Swedish hriu Henrico, Bearmaii, 90 dajs from Marseilles,
with limt, to J Mitchell.
Brig t aroline, Sherwood,C days froiu Charleston, with cot
ton, to Dunham St Diraon.
Sw brig Juno, (before reported) Olrman. 47 days from Stock
holm. with 8747 bars iron, to fioorman St Johnston.
. B,"* k,f,r' I"'] ,"aft, 9 days from Turks Island, with 4000
bushels Salt to J. M Laurie Left ship J N Cooper, Vernes, of
Bath, just arr d with loss of topmast, topgallant mast and yard
stils. Brig Curlew had been ashore on South Kev.
New briK Krata, Swan, from Baltimore, and 30 hours from
the Ca|*s, with flour, to N.L. McCready It Co.
Schr Jane Smith, 18 days fin Turks Island, with 3,%9 bush
els salt, to U W lutaker. Left. Stanton, for Philad, in few days.
Sailed ill co, schr I'heuit, for NYork
Sell Patinas, Townsend, 4 days from Richmond, with milze
to J Hunter
Sph Hed Jacket, Thearborn, 4 days from Norfolk, witli mdie
to S MeCready.
Sch Phebe St Klixa, Osboru, 2 days from Norfolk, with md/.e
to Stuigm Si (^Inarman.
Schr Joy, Allen, from Port an Prince, Oct7, with mds>-to S
W lx>wis.
Schr Bergen, Hoe, 6 days from Petersburg, with mdze, to 8
Schr Maria, Latterett, 3 days from Baltimore, to Johnson
ft l.owden.
Br schr Hercules, Fuller, 13 days from Horton, NS, with po
tatoes to J Winslow.
^chr Lynchburg, Mathews, Richmond, with Hour, to Allen
Si Paisou.
Schr N V, Ferris, Norfolk, with petaioes.
Schr Rochester, Kotintain. Havre <le Orace, with iron
Schr i.ouisa. Lee, Philadelphia, Willi ccal.
S?hr I'helie Klua, Osboru, Norfolk, indze.
Schr Patmoi, Towutend, Riclnnund, ceil.
Schr Henry Brown, Lingo, Richmond, coal.
Ships Akbar, Hallet'. New Orleans; Oxford, Rathlmne, Li
verpool; Auburn, Durfy, New Orleans; Columbus, Haley, N. I
'Jorrespontlenre of the Herald. I
Rhode Isi.anoer Orucr, I i
Newport, Oct. 29, 1844. j
Arr Ktidora, Brown, Fall River for NYork: Carroll, Keller,
Providence for NYork; Patriot, Allen, Harwich Initio; Vigi
lant, Providence for NYork; Oscar, Taunton, for do; Bristol,
for Albany; Yankee, N V ork for Kail River.
23d, ar Msrtha, Davenport, from the Pacific, with 1640 bbls
sperm oil; Kgeremet, Sawyer, Machiaa for NYork; Caroline,
Mliven, Somerset,, for Norfolk; Miami, Tucker, from New
York; Hamlet, do, for Providence.
fllMtlluteoui Record.
Packet Ship Victoria, for London, will sail this day|a
12 o'clock.
Brnn Vi ntrosa, from Boston for Matanzaa, lost on the Bi
mini Islands in the late hnrncane, was insuied tin Boston on
vessel for JVtOO, and on freight money (1000. Nhe bad su as
sorted Ct'go of glassware, lard, fish, caudles, potatoes, shook*,
Sic. sliip|>etl by different individuals and valued at about $12000,
mostly covered by insurance. Brig Partridge, of Bath, which
put into Nasssu. dismasted, had suffered hut little damage in
her hull, but hatl thrown over part of herd?ek load,
Accounts from Cardenas, per Robt Mills at Bristol, Rl. state
that the gale there was not disastrous. The O W Kr.iglit, re
ported as wrecked, went ashore, but got off withont much da
mage, and waa to sail soon for Portland.
Aiother Nnw Ship.?A short lime since we gave an ac
count or i>... splendid ship Saranac, of 800 tons, buill for the
Cope Line of Mtmix.oI Packets. We hare now the pleasure ef
inuonnciiig that anothei ..inerior ship is soon to he added to the
number of vessels belonging v. .lysport. J. K. llamitt is build
ing at Kensington, for Wm Tlatt ft >Vo.. 1 ship of 4?? tons bur
then, intended for trie China trade. SheUbnilt of Delaware
oak and live oak and locust?length on neck m r^ei, breadth of
'team 30 feet 8 inches, depth of hold 19 feet, hela'li between
decks 8 feet 2 inches, dead rise 23 inches. She has a totaisllsnt
lorecastl*. All the timbers and knees have lieea carefully ???
lected, and the workmanship throiigno.it is Un shed equal to ca
?met work. Copper holts and copper fastenings are alone ui?'l
tier bows are sharp, the lines graceful, and the whole model is
prmioancrd by competent judges to be exceedingly beautiful.?
.the is ex|ieeted to be a fast sailer.
A new Barque is building at the same ship yard by Mr. Ha
mitt for John Dallrtt St Brothers, which will alao be a beauti
ful tod well finished vsaael.
TV ?N*ii hMi "?"< W VM?*W ><t
mdtutflotu toch&mtj*. *nq Ufut* the litfcul tariff *?ht itiW
operation wens chiefly without work, alow they ait busily
rtmylov^ ana receive from $1 M to $1 75 per day for iheir la
bor.?Phil. Oax. Oct. 31. , , _ lt ...
Launch.?A b&riiue, 220 tons, called the Belle, wan.launched
.a Msttmuoiiett, on Tuesday morning la?t. She is ssid to be or
tieaatiful modal and workmanship, ts owi ed by Edmund Alien
uid others of Kairhs ven, and is to be employed in th?* sperm
whale fishery, under command of Cap'ain tfaudy, late ofh&rqne
Hesper. This is the third ship lsuuched from the same blocks
within 4 mouth* and 29days, and an aggregatn of 1100 tons.
Delaware, bound to Jamaica, lith olt, lat 20,11, Ion 24?by
the Joy, at this port.
Herodout, from Proeincetown, 10th ult, lat 87, IS, Ion 6i?by
the Henrico at this port.
Caroline, from Philadelphia, 26th ult, lat 16, 14, lou M?by
Vau Buren, 7 day* from Rhode Island for Key West, (no
date) lat 30, Ion 73 50.
Factor, of NBedford, for Fayal, 20th ult, lat 39, Ion 46,30,
with loss of 3 boati. bulwarks aud tails. ,
Texidor, froni N York for Porto Kico, 13th ult, lat 27, 15, Ion
kloosoon, 14 ds fm NOrleans for Glasgow, 90th,4*t 30, 20,
Ion 68, 59.
Nkw Bcdpoks, Oet 31?Ar Rebecca Sims, Kay, fin Pacific
Ocean, 29ds fm Parnainbiico, with 1400 bbls (250 wh) oil and
1400 lbs bone on hoard. The R 8 sold GOO bbls wh and 140 do
ko oil on the voyaae. Spoke, June 12. lat 45 8. long 176 W.
Omega, Gardner, FH.6H mos out, 199 bbls; Corinthian, East
erbrooks, Bristol. 19 mo?, f>00 sp wh; Oct 4, lat 14, N, lou
?7, W, Martha. Davenport for Newport, who reporred on C.
Horn, Orion, NichoU, for Nant I800*p 1000 wh, all well-. At
l Vi iMinbiHM. s? i<t :> i, < irolina Augusta* An Salem, put in to
I procure anew windlass; Hy P Stanley, fm Baltimore. /
Oct, 30.?Arr L C Richmond, Luce, Pacific Ocean, Tahitt,
July 15, with 2100 bbls sp oil. Spoke, May 5, lat 1 II, lou 120,
j ships Mary, Pitman, Nam. 7 mos. 200 sp; June 10, lat 40 50 S
lou 130, Ontario, (tilth*, do 1000; June 11. oil the line, lou 128
30, Cambria, Harding. NB. 9;j0 sp. Left at Eimeo. J??ly i0#
Desdemoua, Baker, NB. 00 bbls. Spoke, off do, July 11, Ti
tnoleon, Plasket, do. 100 bbls. Spoke, Sept 12, l u 44 53, Ion 47
34, Brlle (Br) from Philad. bd to Marilius. Capt Il.irdiuge, of
the Cambria, reports about June 1, Jamas Maury, of Salem,
1100 wh 450 so. Capt*iu ilussey died in May la*t; same date,
Charles, Gardner, NB. 1750 sp. Died, on board the L C Rich*
moud, Sept7,Somuol Paint, < f Edgortown,8d oflkisr,
The Charles and James Maury wew to cruise till July, and
thence bound to Talcahuana, tc? recruit forborne. The Orion
sailed from Tahiti three weeks before the L C Richmond, for
| home.
W arr Kit, R. I., Oct 31?Art Triton, Saunders, Pacific Oceur,
Tahiti 141 nays, with 2250 bbls wh 150 do spoil. At Tahiti,L
June 2d, Orion, NichoU, of Nantucket. 2000 bbls oil, to sail for
home iu about 10 da\ s. Spoke Sept 6th. on Abrohols Banks,
Catherwood, Boody, of W?stport, 450 bbls sn oil: Capt K ?e
ports ?t Isle of (iramle, Aug 20, ship Brii'dt, NB, had sold 1000
ubls oil at Rio Janeiro; Caroline, 01 Green port, 1600 wh: Sept
4, Spartan, of Provincetown, 250 sp; spoke 13, lat 2i 01, Ion 57
16, brig Hichinond, of St* George's, 20 ds from Philadelphia to
H irlndoei: 14rh. I?r 77 5ft. Ion >H 40. Henry G Kintr. 18 ds fmm
do to do.
Capt Talier, of the Elizabeth,( of N B, which was off trer
nambuco 5th inst. was sick, and it was thought would lie land
ed there.
Foreign Porta
St Thomas, Oct7?In 1'ort, Treaty, Barnard, fm Antigua,
une, just sr; Sophia, fm I oitland, do.
Turks Island, Oct 15?In port, Provincial, for NOrleans, 2
[days. The Iiuntrtss, Baker, was Idg at Port au Plata to sail for
Philadelphia ou the 9th. The Adua, from Boston for Portsu
Prince, passed through Turks lslaud Passage ou the 12th Oct.
J?ake I'orta.
Cleveland. Oct25? EntM Lafayette, Allen; Texas, Kim
hall; Toledo, Wilson, and Chesapeake, Angel, ()3wego; Win
Foster, Detroit; Mink, Walten, Toledo; Helen Mar, Cunau,
Kingston; lioyal Tar, Fletcher. Barnwell. Cld, C Crooke,
Patton, aed Acorn, Brown, Oswtgo; Texas, Trowbridge, and
Tippecanoe, Rand ill, Buffalo.
Home Porta. |
Banoor, Oct 20?Arr. Arixeue, lleiriman, from Bermuda, I
via Belfast.
NrwBtJRVPORT, Oct SO?Schr Baltict went oowu to shin
Hannah Spragua,| yesterday The ship is larrfectly tight, and
tha officers and crew all well.
Boston, Oct 31?Arr Montreal, Snow, N York, to load for tlie
| Sandwich Islands; Catalpa, Dome, ( harl'stou Iflih inst; Har
binger, Brown. Fival 14 h; Gamer, Hodge, Surinam 29th ult?
I left Baltic, Waite, from Portland, unc ; Alpine, Marchant for
Boston, tit Sfer'ing, Parson.i, for do. unc. Also arr, M ldrid.
Lyttle; St Lawrence. Randall; Georgians, Crispin and Gen 1
Bolivar, Berry. Philadelphia: Marcia, Suiiih, Wnahiwjston, NC\
Niagara, Loveil, Albany; \lai/.e, Uliner; Beni Bigelow, Bax- j
ter; Renown, Lovell; Splendid, ('rowell and Cambridge, Hall,
NYork. Cld, Klleu, Christopher Gill, Havana. Anna, Rey- i
nolds, and Matth ws. Philadelphia; Vultnre, Walker, Ht Jago;
Acadian, Kldridge, Halifax; Jos Baleh, Hallett, Baltimore;
Pearl, Hardi lg, IMiiladelphia; St Patrick. Lansil, Bangor; Nar
ragansett, Haker, Norfolk, City Point and Richmond; Cordova,
Cole, Norfolk; Porto liico, Parker, Bangor; Dover Pack t,
Brewer, Thomaston. Sid Brewster, Roman, Vulture, Arab,|
Acadian. Geo Otis, Oueoco. and Washington. 30th?sld Mary
Nkw Bedford. Oct 29?Arr George Warren, Foster, Cher
ryfield?30th, irr Jane, Bates, and Alabama, Nickenton, Phila
delphia; Eliza, Doane, NYork; Krik, Gibbs, and Georgians,
Albany; Mary Proctor, Doaue, NYrrk?Sld, Brighton, Cox,
NW Coa&tlCornelia. Ilicketson, NYork; Mercy, Smith, Nor
fo'k; Mohawk, Norris, Va: Repub'ic, Sowle, Albany?31st,
arr Industry, Hr"wu, aud Tigkr, Nye, NYork?Shi Minerva,
Macomber, N W Coast.
Kdoartown, Oct 37?Arr Sierra, Masters, N York for Wind
sor; Georgiaua, Crispin, Philad. for Bo^on; Madrid, Little, do
do; St Lawrence, Randall. dodo; Increase, Haskell. NY or*
for Weymouth; Cassius, Crockett, Nant for Bangor; Caroline,
Cotterell, do for Bel fait; Ostrich, Kldridge, N York lor i9ostou:
Diamond, Price, do for Camdeu: Providence, Douglas, Provid j
for Co&tine; Fairfield, Burr. NYork for Salem; Hudson, Tarr.
do for Gloucester, Llizaheth, Allen, Nantucket. 2Mth?Sld all
\ensels bound K.\ iu nort, Henry, repairing. 30th?Sld Alfre.l
| Tyler, Luce. Pacific Ocean. Lost, by being knocked overboard
by the jib of sch Hero, (to which vessel he was attache'!,) on
the 19th, off Katon's neck, Wm. Brewster, of Thomaston, Me.,
aged about 23. All attempts to save him were unavailing,
j Providkni'E, Oct 30?Ar Hero, Siielman. Albanv; Vyrn H
Hawkins, Newbnrg.jN Y: J une- L Loug, Hawkins^ Kdttor,
Dayton; Moses lCudy, Bliven, and Victoiy, French, N York?
l Sld Louisiana. Eddy, NOrleans; Marietta Ryan, Whelden,
Philadelphia: Caledonia, Spelinaii. Albanv.
Bristol, Oct30?Arr R bt Mills, Darling. Matanz u. lte
I ports going in, hint line, Munro, from this nort, with fore.yard
and lower mast standing, under foresail and trysail, bulwarks
off. A Portuguese seaman , named Antone, fell from the bow
sprit off Newport, and was drowned She was immediately
hove to, and a bo-it lowered, but the unfortunate man had sunk.
New Haven, Oct 30?Arr J Biick, Reeve*; Mail, liartrum;
and Geo Washington, Burroughs, Philadelphia; Eliza Ann,
Smith, Bnndywiue; Su(>erior, Rogers, Albany?Sld Wright,
Small, N York. !
Philadelphia, Nov. 1?Arr Norris Stanley. Whitney, St
| Thomas 7th and Turks Island 15th ult?Cld Plato, Holmes, i
Trieste; Leader. King, Barhadoes; Elizab-th, Bourne, Nan- 1
j tucket; Constellation, Smith, and Chief ll?eves, Providence;
| Abm Bro^n, Davis. Pawtucket; Judge Hitcheoc*, Hathaway,
Taunton; Lion, Baxter, Boston; A Marshall, Boston.
Richmond, Oct 3^?Sld Abathul i, Cram, and Susan Lud
wig, Corliug, 8<tkm; Willow, Shib'Is, and Uuiou, Ryder,
i harLESTON, Oct 28?In the offing, a Sw ?hil??Cld Ocean,
Willard, Liverpool; Cathaiin#, Benv, NYork.
Moiiiitfic, Oct 21?Ar Howard, Hill, Bos 'ru (it'll Green,!
Clarke, and Hcniy I'lautagenet, Beswick, Havana*
New Ohllans,Oct23?Cld New Hampshire, Retinoid, Li- ,
verpoolt Nabout, Farald, Gibraltar. Ar Sultana, Denuis, N
York: Francis Dr-pau, Savory, Havre; Europe. Barker, Bath,
Ma?Coining up, John Holland, Henderson. Down*; Hilah,
Hammond. NYork; Narrogonset, .Destebecho, Boston;
AHerton, Torrey, LivariMml.
A. C. TUTTLK. Aiictionrer. ?
VV oooDS, he.?JA^OB S. I'LATT will ??ll l'hii Day.
at 10 o?clo<:k, at the Auction Room, No. 23 Piatt, corner of
Gold St., a large assortment of Gold and Silver Watches; Eng
lish and American Jewelry, ^c. Also, Plated Ware. Au iu
voice of rich pla'ed ware, consisting of lievolviug Castors,
Calo B isk-ts, Candlesticks, Waiteis, fitc., being new goods
just lauded. Also, Fancy Goods, comprising a general assort
nt. Also, fine Japanned Tea ^T rays a no \\ alters, 'l'errns
[months for one hundred dollars and upwards. n2 lt%rrc
LARGE SALE of Sni?*rior Second Hand and New Furni
I lure of all descriptions; Stoves, Kitchen Utensils, i^c.?
JaTio, by virtue of a mortgage, one splendid Plat'o Forte, and a
quantity of Furniture. A small stock of Groceries. % 20,000
Cigars, and nmneious other goods. Also, two trunks of excel-p1
lent Clothing?at 10>* o'clock at II f*|?suc* strenc.
n2 It*rrc TllOn BELL, Auctione?t.|
? GEO B. ROLLINS, Auctioneer.
This Day. 2d NovmUr, I Oh, hi I0>i o'clock, at the Sales
Room No. 17 Bn?sd st. Bulbous Knot*. Two coses verychoic
Dutch Bulbous Flower Hoots, just received in a short passage
from Amstsrdam, from the well known house ol D'Lauge &
Sons, Harlem, iu Holland, compriftieg the usual assortment of
tl>aciuihs, Tulips, Nareissui. Annemones, Ranuncules, Cro
cus. kc.. &c. Also, 10 bbls African Go mo, lor sale iu lots to
[suit purchasers. WILK1NS fit ROLLINS, p
n2 lt*irc
L lie?II. E. WILLARD will sell This Morning, at I0.S
o'clock, without re erve and whatever maybe, the state of the
weather, al? the Furniture remaining in the Btoie 301 broad way,
cor er of Duaue itreet,including .Viahokany % end full Meuch
and Maple ('hairs; 1 '* Sofis. iu various fashionable style*, Mar- ,
hle top, Centre and Pier Tables; Divans; Marble top and plain !
Bureaus, and iuclosed Wasnstandx; Wardrobe; Side-board;
Hat Stand; Mahogany Rockers, Sewing and Arm Chans, etc..
&.c. Bedding. Also, the balance stock of excelleut double and
single Hair Mattros.ies, Feather Beds, Bolsiers aud Pillows,
| Pai'asses, &c., from a manufacturer closing his business.
n2 It*m
W* NT ED?A Clerk in a Hetail Drug Store ?Apply to Dr
DOUGLAS, 423 Greenwich street, between the hours of 9
and II A M.
lljr ANTED?An efficient Book-Krefer.?One thoroughly ac
*? quHinud wiih liia nrul?*ji?i ni, and wli i will d?*ot? u>.
wliol<> of hi. lim- to tlw inUTP.t <if lii. employer., ir*y I >?*' of
Kood situation if immrdi.le .|?|dication I*h made. Pimi, n?.jl
ipiily |,lit ,i,cii a. cm com^ well rtcomniend^d. A<Mre,i li
H , lint rn, 1'ark HoU-Otfice. "I it* rrc
TOJ<V OH SULPHURIC ACID, and ih* nmt common
< heinical |irodu'H. Thi. will be a cn>iul thanre for a comi*
i.nt Y'iu'jk m\:i without capital. Addre,. Bni No. 1040, Lower
l>o.t Otfice, .tatiiiK n.m?, addreu, and i|ualificationi.
o26 Iwi.'m
ANTED.?A white woman a. (^ook?good re.omm<-uda
tion.. Apply at 413 Hon*toil street.
^O LKT?Krom tSe lit November?Handjom. apartmeoU,
- conaiatiiiK of two laritf parlor, on the liriit floor, w itliit or
thr" h.d-room?. A private Uble will lie fitrtii.hed. eiirtner
pad ini I iri can be had by early application atll I Hon, ton ?li?et.
'PO I,KT?The two utory Monte, No. 37 Whit. ?tre?t. Apply
1 at No. 1? White ?treet. ?3I 4t*m
QTOLEN?A Draft for one hmidiwl dollar., by .Ino. T. Smith
^Jfc(;o..on K. W. I'lirk k Co , ol Philadelphia, in favor of
K. llnaiiffi>nd emlorwd hy him?dated New York, October
r.th, 1844, pavable at ?i*ht. The public i. cautioned not to c?ah
or UTKOCiate the .a.ie, a* payment of it ha? bee* stopped. 1 he
above reward will paid by it* tieina returned t?
n2 3t - in > KNAUH'T, 83 <?old *tre?t.
1 CO., 222 Broadway, comer of Ann *tre?t.
CAfll liK D I S M A i. ,
A Domestic l.eic'nd hy W. <?. SIMMS, author of "(inv Ri?*
er.," "'J'he Yem u.e','' kc , kc.?in onejvolnme?pnee twenty
five cents. n2 2ti?*rrc
KRESH SUPPLY of thi* valuable Travelling CoBirnnion
__ i< just received and for .ale at th? Map Store, No. IS3
tlroHilw.y. Also, Travelling and Library Map. of .very
description. T. R. TANNER
n2 It* rrc
T'HE REV. JOHN N MAKK1T will praach in the Mrtho
dist Kpi?c< pal I hureh. in Wi.lett, imar 4ir.nd ?tieel, To
morrow (SuudayJ Afietiin.,n, at 1 o'clock.
'I'he REV. DR. LEVIN OS will preach at the ?atn. place,
at lislf part 6 o'clock in tli? .veiling
A siec.nl collection will b? taken up on tlie occion.
lit lt*M
GRKAT impo.ition* havn lately i.ren practised uj"'" UM P?b
lie by repr?entin? and scilinaii* Si? Usrrel or Self < ticking
Pi.'ol ss 4 oil*. Patent Pi.tol, The ' oil's Kei^im* lirtol.
Ililles, Carbine, and Shot <iuns, are .old forcjsn at IT I llruad
way, New York, ky JOHN EHI.ERS, Proprietor.
n2 3t?m
To tailors, drapers and clothiehb.-a per
*o? from ih. OhP t'onntrv, of long' e?l>?riem-e in London
^snts s situation us Foremnn < tutor. Address M. i . II., ofBc
of thi. paper, or Indian Que?i llot.l, 14 R.ade streat Also,,
young man want. . situation in lb. Oroenry or Spirit. tlMe
Addre.i A. 8., M .bovfc nt It*i
T HIH '*? v'AS IP. i"-? u vLhu ^wwemeit.
r J?Lr.-tYjkC''? "ol. f, will be pre tenirsl. itw coined v
of SPEED *HE HLOU<JH-8ir Abel H-uidy, MT
Bob Handy. Mr. VV H. < ruu, Miu BlandforJ. M>? C. KliU
Grandfather Whitehead, Mr. Placide; 1-Angle y, Mr. Barry
Admimiow -Bosaa.l.t Tier 7ic?ut.-Secoud and Th.rdTim
M cauU?Pit M centt-Oallery *> cent..
NIBbO'S. "
M<ri'ur.U(f.,^*mMU1 celebrated charaaUr of Paddy
Tmw ^r,^T5?^?JA'hVUuu,, ?? ^ J"*
L? ...!h.Y *? !*ux.w'|l b?pre*euted the
p(^"',0?7D? Cir.l7? SWPit as
I mm. Bote. (tu accommodate is pcnwi'I) fj each.
...-."KILLIANT addition to the TROUPK
A ymar'-%xTA
Pandemonium IviiustrHi. ** '""" OM Virginia by llie
o'Hock'-^om'bV 10k.caut?.?Performance. commence at 7
- ? ?-? - o3l 3t*m
* thicatiuE:
To conclude with LAFITTE, th* Pirate of th. (Julf.
a T?f? p^l,;.K hKD,U( El) i o *? cSTrsT^ajT
A 1^f*J?LIC'UU?a g*'?tl*men of Urge families
uTt ?H "'f1' ?? v*tr"0ll? 'I?the ? BATTLK OF UUNkVW;
I v'i k' 450 Broadway?the Oreatest M?ch*u
! ti. j'V VVoild?alni.nt surpasses real life and
ihila^l1,hi",t'Don? T" !hV"' S,l0'0fl0 '""i""' Boaton'aml
P# ffik'.r"1 "IT" ?! commence at 7* .'clock.
, ki"ibitiona on We<*MtsaBirs aud Saturdays at 3 P M
and School.adm.tted on liberal term. ?&?*"?" '
ATl!hW?OPEI!\lfL'11 one month only.
of Milliana, in Africa, between the Ktfcncli and the yfrabs And
A CARD? MR. WHALE aud DAOOHTKll lewectfullv
^.announce to the Ladle. and (tentl.inen of N.W tf!St thZ
their 'lasses in Dancing, Waltzing, and the 1'olka Umti' will
rominenoe at the Aawnblr Room, Coust tu "n l .'f B*
-hroteSS.^7- d'tob" ?*? '""1 wil' continue
Day! of Tuition, for Young Ladle. aud OentUkneu under u
t.Amp'if..1' ? ' * cla???, without a.l.^tioual J,urge
Mr. W. trust. that the reference! he shall offer of his cauabilitv
idic aiiin"' r5'' "'!} Aradeinii ? attended to on up
Hic.ttion aa above, oral hi. PnTtir Academy No 70 Smh
rp -j ,, ~ EXHIUITJOH. ~
VKlty LABOE 51 ZE.br K. AaeIIi at .he An..iu
r.oni'lii tolS'Ko,? kiWbitiot. it] Mtiraly w
aeaas&a.-10 5^- -7??^ ?
iiftSX*"""-R A u
Admittance to the Onrden ,uui l'rmor\mn tt cent.. Artist, are
riurectfujly inrited to vi.it the Panorama free of choice.
U 1 ne Ptnorairit of Midras w;\s eihibited in itusull
V?e^re;Wl W" 1 ""T":""" cm. ?nd when purcluued by
l.ondon considered the very be>t Panoramic raintiu* in
*13 inire
r\.ubliTil'l?l|lFIP,1| re,l"ctl'u"v inform their friend, and the'
IticS^nnd HilM>re^r^(-'L,!..i'.* ?*!?!)n' ''Oftnerly
fi imbhc that they liavenwm ned ilieTivoli Saloon (formerlv
Richmond Hill,) corner ofCharlton anl Varick .'reeu f.ir
the season, and to accommodate nil who miiy favor them willi
their patTOIUM-hav.nL. the 1 ,r<e,t n,?l inosTcommod U? ro. m
Meeting yK7ti?'Lrdf.r^ 7
thriSS' (JirOK/iK'HAM.LTrS T" ^
KKANi:i8 BOQUET, ' J I'ropri?tor?.
tlieir call
oJ7 lm*rrc
Thursday, Novetibar 7th, at a o'clock, P. M.. lueciselv ?
Match for linn, two mile h?at?, in waSon..' ' 1 ,PC,W,J
PifjiPL ?'") <?? name, sr. u. Tom Moody.
rnillip Webber name? br m Ladv
p Novemb r ^th. ? a ?Vl"ck, 7 M ,Sjv_
temd:? """ m * h&nu'"- The following Worses areen
Phinm ",,rl- ?; *? ?ir< hules.
na hHje glU""' A,b"V m" VA??y 'enks :
KOOT RACK Klin ?i40(l
Fourteen Hundred Dollars will be paid f,,r i r??. u. . .
take place .n the BKACON < OI 'l{sK, Hoboken. oppoi.'t?
foFlow."?' OU of November, weather |*rmittin?, as
A mil^' ,$7n0lto l,f fi"?. ??" to the second,
At c .,A f ' *r to ,he f';"r,,1> r'"d $2.'| t<. the flflh.
??i, A i * l1 nte' to the first, and
$3fl to the secoud in the race. '
All entries to be made on ?r befo-c th* 7th Novemb-r, esce/.t
rf vllTv"'"? l,v'n?J'?"*,*r?l,?t*nP? than 301) mile, from theeily
of New i ork. Such t?rs .... to have the ,.r? ilege of rate ring the
Saturday previous to the race. Entrance. $1, which can lie made
R S^tVf'lVk IU.w ,,r0,,n,t0r' " Wm1 Hoboken, or with
Om following Mrson. have entered their nana* to start for the
ten milu race: John OildersUve, tl? winner of tl^ last ^-e
also John Barlow and 1 homas ilreenhaUh, ljeuig (lie two i*
irVV e" i? U Knglaad; also three others who were in the
isVxpeeted '' C ?' '1 lo<li'ul Buffalo,
KTt':,;',rvl<:f lhrT milM Wi." tak''. ':Uc.# &t two o'clock pretl.. ?
l>?nnd the ten mile raoe at three o clock.
"nn lM,*rf<- r S. HHOWrNINO, I'ropri.tor,
lh s ? , e Rotary Magnetic Machi.ies are of ?liIT 'ent sire,
ami ?ru Iut_d into neat mahogany cases, including the battery,
I he case ol the fir?t sire is ten iurlie? long, five wi.l ? and three
'jeep. I he sjcond ?ir.? is eight inches long, four wide, and tl ree
!jP: i wi *'J5 lV,rv'," '""K. three wide, and two
and a half dee". 1 he fourth sue u sii inches and a half long.
Ihiee wide and one and a half deep. Tlw* instruments are set imi
covers in magnetizing, as seen in the figure, are made m a
**.'/, ?"'Pefor style, jewelled, and run in the best manner
I hese instruments are made upon . inathem ilical lirraiigement
or a new principle in Duodyn imics, by which the power of the
machine is increased, and the shucks of the old clnnny mv
cnine". always disagreeable and often irjarious, ate avonl d
1 h. price of these machines is from fifteen to twenty dollars
according to th* style in which they are finished '
... H. 11. SHEltWOOD, M. D.
a* ? m _ I0i i liamberi afreet, N. V.
TO LET-Sii new three ..ory Hou.es, in Chri.t^hn
T7HW street, neiir Washington Also, the second floor, lie.
I M["; a g.Hid house in llunston street, near the Bowery, to
a "fiiMll ntivuly. Kent low. Ap| ly to
.... R. JKNNINOB, Jr..
"]31^ ,rr mciterrv Street
JL 41' have opened their new stare on the cor
. i ,trN* Chatham squara. No. I7fi with S3
and $1 llata, antl a gr*-at variety of Capn and Kurt
I he proprietors for several year* p.itl hare ?trictJr adhered to
Uie one-price cssli system, wlrrehy thev are enabled to m ini,
. ur u" ** V ?"'"1 *P ?'tic|e f.r ih. price charged as any
establishment in lliel nited Hl.te. '
BROWN Ik CO'S Wliolsssl. and Ketail
. tc-, . </ap and Fur tifore, 178 (/'tiltham iquare.
The firm of BARENNE k CO., the on'y Millinery
MHT''"use lu the Lulled States that has a branch in Paris,
"ave the honor to inform the l.adie., who are desirou. of
l""' l'r"'ch Ha'., thst they will receive bt the
packet Francois 1st, from th-ir branch in Paris, two caws of
?5''n" "* w"ni this wooer in tbe sml eity
N P.?Not last year's, but those of this s?.s..n ' ?)!?
ONE bm of these invaluable Pills are worth all the ouack '
medicine, advertised for certain delicate diseases Let the
unlortanate rest aasured that there is no esaggeration in assert
ing Ibese I ILM to Ije a ,|?edy r.d,c?l rnre for Oonorh.^.,
?leeu, Irritation of the kidneys, fcc 'I hey wer. I.irsesera
PT^rrihed by rhf ee|f*hr?|ed Almrtiethy in nil tlw ?irave?of
the above .lisea.es. In the lirst stag., one hot is usually sufficient
to effect . cure m a few days. In bing-iirotracted chronic stages
obstinate gle.u, Vc.they are er|iiafly cettaiu; having cure.1
hundreds who had taken other medicine* for months which
tended more to destroy the coiMtitutiou tlun to cure th< disease
I hey never leave the parti .abject to ihe trohlesome we ikness
which *o rre.|ueiitly .iccur after using otlwr mediciM*. Thev
liave no unpl^asvit Uste or smell, arid anyone taking thein
mj?ht frequent the most IT fined society without having their
misfortnm s suspected. Thev are com|H>*ed entirely of vegen
III. ingredient., which invigorate the system generally, pan).
l 'r eI ,V'e- l K,7"Ul ?v[lnn," I, y T r'l'""v suitable to females
r " I T ""t (ll mail to any part of
the united Stales. For .de. wholesale anil retail, by William
vfclK."* ,?P"th*C'r,M * ? ?'he""" ?'reet, Ll at ir
<>t lm*rc
" A|>(
Maiden Laot.
F(!\fi nV,.n'iV,(
All repairing m the Billiard line done In the best m*nner
IK.s.ible *nd at the shortwt notice. PleaM appK to
?"* T O .ON N Sk', 1 Ann stratt
TVJffiSiL^EVMEN BAKER8 or the Cities of New
? ts lir?n I n"i t"i7A ('"?.T"*1 m"*?ng of the Tiade, in all
n r ri V Jmt o'clock. .?H Hafurdat
ilreTIi .'-M. Holfl. north went corner of F.li*?betii and
wfi lt#m
f?v Tf.rr f^yfv^vv
t ? ?
I'ki.AvJ ii|)lUA*
f .ivpuiidrtio of the Hi raid J
I'hm iOii rKii, Not. I, IM4.
The aUction commenced this morning, but without
that vxaitemaut that it generally attend* at on such occa
sion!. Tba weather is remarkably Ana and clear, and
tUera 1* every proipect of lta continuing *o throughout
the day. It U thought that the rote will not be ae large
us at the laat general election. Thu may be attributed to
various cautea? local fe< lioga, attachment!, jiassins, and
prej adicei. The wbigi aay that they will bare a Majority
of 6,MO in the city and county, while the democrat! aaaert
thai it will not be htlf that number. The whig majoiity
will, no doubt, be between three and lour thouaand.
A drover wan robbed tbia morning oi $600 in aaah, and
checks to the amount of ?3 two.
A horrible murder wm committed in the Eastern ooni
entiary on Tueaday. The riotim ia a nurse in that fnati
tti'iou named Jamaa Ouston. a man of mild and lnofWn
sive habits, and remarkable for hia kiDdneaato tko prison
?ra. Th<- murderer ia a prisoner named John Bill man,
who ia said to be partially deranged. Ho ia conknod for
Mealing a horse in Lycomiag county. Oaaton went in
?o hii cell to clean it out. when Billmu struck him
.everul blowi on the head with apiece of planking which
lie tore,irum the floor ol hia cell, and killed him deed.
He alterwardi dressed himielf in the murdered monl
clotbet. and walked down to the front gate to make hia
f icape, but was rt cognized and lecured, by the clerk and
(wool the turnkeys.
Hai.es at thi Stocb Exchanoe.? KMC U. 8. 6'g, 1M>,
lOfij, 8.1 state ft'i, na IU4-A, ?8; U6 Com Bank Natohec
lOi; 00 Girard Bank, II j
Second Boakii?SOttti State 5'i, 71}
By baat Ntght'o Southern Mall.
Bai.timohk, Nov I?Arr Queen, Potter, 11 days from Prori
d'nea. Cld Sarah Elizabeth. Kirwan, Havana.
Norfolk, Oct 3u? Arr Susan, Siguur, N York; Mary k Si
nn. Mc'linto, Waal Indira.
Oft 8PRINO STREET, patronized hv Il.. ^..,.-It suranons
OVl throughout E.? tneuiost distinguish^ of ttar
?7 brethren 111 tlie United States, and allowed by all to
r?. tlie nearest approach U> uature hitherto produced^ Introduc
ed into tliii country, and made solely by WM. 8ELPHO, HO
Spring street, near Broadway , New York. Tnrms moderata,
and indisputable references given.
" | have irfii tlie artificial leu of Mr. Svlpho; its construction
ap|?ara excellent anil well calculated to answer all the object!
desired. Uui the bent of all is the proof of those who wear
tlwin; tins is positive and undeniable. Koine of my friends,
whom I have mutilated, inform me that tliev are superior to all
others." VALENTINE MOTT, ?
n2 Itn*r? Professor of Surgery, University of New York.
M ETTK.ltS? h'arlM inttead of mittaket, light instead of
darknfti, truth iru/eud of Itupidlty, reality initead of fiction.
?I intend opening a School in Amsterdam, Montgomery Co.,
New \ork, on the 1st of January, lUi, for the purpose of in
structing youth of both sexes in my new discevarrd science of
Anstomy aud useful Botany, by mechanical piocess, by natural
philosophy, and human reisou. and self study, without the use
of old hooks, or withuut the old practice. Only to show the
mistaken id?a? of thousands of years, and the little improvement
eviT made in the most uieful Mid most needed scieuce in the
world for all classes of human and suiinsl crration in relief ef
sufferings. My pupils will be deluded from the need of resur
rection powers to learn bone setting. It will comprise living
subjects for examination and operation, humans, animals, fowls
?if the sir, and fish of the sea, to be as agents, uniler the Almighty,
for k'ovd to all and not ihemeelves only. Mv medieiue issimide,
of my own ion)position, used by me fifty >eara, to greet relief,
even when the same, as fire, or leeches, or cups, used in the old
practice, have not injured or dentro>ed, I ain sble to relieve or
restore most of my employers. Patients desirous to consult me,
w ho are abl? to get there, will receive attention, and may be
l>.?,iU.d the,- or u*A.r l,y ; any ???? whose case is loo despeiste to
i;et there, will receive attention at home, ny i>dilreealng lo es.
|n duty to Ood and my ewn soul,, and my fellow creatures, my
ui ifl is increased often, by hearing of practiouers preventing
some from Iwing relieved by m?', or after I have relieved, trying
til |<ersuadr them out of their own senses, to that effect. I da
prod on si-lf-eviiWuce as tlie strength of my prsclice?tbev butt
their friends slid not tne. I hate no wantof employ by all their
lu srepreeeuiationa, and tliems^lves, if any couscieeee in
righteousness, tlie dog ill the ma iger islan old. proverb, wont
e't the hay liitnsrlf or let the o? rat it. at-lt*rrc
^ moat im|Kirtaut to choose an experienced physician?DK. J.
KVANShiu removed his did Oalen's Head Dispensary to No.
288 Pearl street, corner of Beekman street, where he continues
hi* most dlraordinary cures of all delicate diseases, no matter
iiow complicated, lie apprises the citizens and strangers that
there is no Dr. Kvans in (us old stand, and that lie has no con
m otion whatever with any other ollice. "I lt*m
" U- 'rts Worth Wiiil* to do a Tmi!mi,
Q|R:?From a bad cold I had a levere cough, violent catarrh,
0 hoaisent'irt ai d sore throat, and wa? cored by usiag yoar ex
celleiit Cough Candy. WALTER hMlTH,
160% Division itrat.
To Dr. Mohak No. 29J Division st. ....
MOHAN'S COUOH ('ANDY will tieSfnund.a speedy help in
time of nrsd, for Colils aud all affections of the Lungs. It can
lie bad at the I'rug stoies sll over New V ork and vicinity; of
Mrs. Haves. Brooklyn, and at tlie Manufacturers Drugstore,
No. 2il2 Divisj iu street. wholesale ind retail. "I 3f r'!
IITII K.- J betlnin of Uh l.i i.lbCh ti BUVINU, at La
jjuavra hating lieen dissolved by mutual cnasent.thi" under
viKiied remains charged with tlie liiiuidstum. He will also con
tinue to tr.u.sa' t the same buiiuess as that of th?' laje house
under his own name. W. DELCL1KUR.
Laut avaa, October 1,184-1. oSI 3t*m
*' who wish to purchase (sold or'Silvir Watches, Oold
haim, Hold Pencils, Keys, fcc. will find it greatly to their ad
vantage to call on the subscril>er, who is selling ail daecripuoaa
?if the nbov? at retail much lower than any other how 11 the
city. Oold Watches as low as $W and ttt each. Watchee
ind Jewelry exchanged or bought. All Watches WBr
unei! lo keep good time or llie meney returned. Witcbas,
1 /locks and Jewelry repaired in tlie best manner and warranted,
it much less than the usual prices.
O. C. ALLEN, lmi?irterof Watcliea and Jewelry,
ol Im'eu Wlioleutle and retail, 30 Wall it., up stairs.
LM ?V. CARMAN, tnrgs reai-ectfally to announce to hia
rirndv and the public, that he lioa lured cowmodiou! apart
nents hi the newly erected building, corner of Lispenara street
Hid Broadway, winch lie has fitted up without regard to ex
pense, and intends opening tills day. Tn-sday, 1st October, as a
SHOOT NO UALLEICY, where lie will be happy to accom
nodata all who aiay take pleasure in the amusement. K/ery
uieiition will be paid to visitors, and their coinfoet care rally
provided for. ?* |.tn **
'TW I'Rtil'KIK.I'OKM of the Manufactory of Hegass named
i MIIIII BY HON having heard that counterfeits and imita
t ,lions of tlieir bars made their apt?arance ia vannai
markets of Euroi* and Nnrtn beg to inform the pub
lic that e?ery box of S<*ars not contsmii.*, besides the label
<nd n^meof Lord Byron, the br>ud "Lluo Uairoe," ?? ?i?irioai,
wloeli they make public in order lo avoid that the eoutoii?
who honor them with their sonlidence sbonld be imposed uooa
through til. Credit which they have hitherto aoaeedadI to 1Ujmr
manuTacory. LINO QU1ROB It. t-O.
iUfARA, SfjiUmb^r, 1H44. olft IB ffC
rPHK Subscribers tesiiectfolly inform their friends gad the
I public, that they have re-fitted and opened the above eata
tilishmeiit. where tl ey at- prepared at all times lo furnish Dia
,ers, Huppers and Breakfast, at the shortest notice. They will
Weep an Ordinary from 12 o'clock A.M., until 4 P.M., wheo Pff
,i,ns can dine on all tlie delicacies of tlw season. The Bar Wll 1
aaitT, supplied , snd from their long exiwrieoae in the baat
leas, tle'V hope to ((ive general satisfaction.
They have also luted up a number of airy and well ventilated
ileeiuu.' rooms, affording persons arrivim by the diffeient rail
.sds and steaiii'ioats, au opportunity to obuia lodging at all
boars of the night.
Atlai lied ai the establishment, is aa extebiive stabling for
The public tu?y r*st assured every attention will be paid all
*h? fa??r them w ith a cult.
J 7"* The loratiou is in the immediate vW.aitr of the pnaei
;?*1 tlanks, K-'ilrii id aud Steamboat laudiugs, and oppusise ike
i hiladelnhia Eiahaage. RICHARD B. JONES,
sit 2t?w DA NIr.L COPPELI.
l/lt^.V 11 i riAIKS, SIiJa* and KANCY TABLES?
P TIKKANV, VOUNO fc ELLIS invite purchasers to
t.Kik at their style of Chairs. !*wing i;hair?, Aim Cliairaaud
-?.ifis, under the idea that tliey are mure bee'itifuKnd more Pn
feet in ipialitv and finish than any for sale elsewhere ITier
dso believe, from their sales snd tie- nniverssl exmwseions of
?tiose who bate made them"el?e? scnnaiuti-d with the pricee or
iiliers. that tliev am decidedly moderate inprice.
T. V Si E. hav? also very Imiuliful fablea, W ork stands.
??iss Kustic Chairs, (st greatly redaced imcee,) Iron and
Papier Mache I hairs. Tables, fcc., with a large collection of
I'arlor anil t bamher Omainenu, all of their owa imporUtloaa,
I .r *ale at modeeate pricea, and packet) free of charge.
2ti? is Im in
HAS tlie honor of informing tlie Ladies and Oenllemao of New
York, and vicinity, that he baa arrived for the purpose of
giving instruction in tlie principal fashionable Sauces prevailing
in the highest circles of European and American society.
Mons K. has lately arrived from Boston, Saratoga and New
I ort, where his style met ths warmest wlmiralioo of the pablio,
mil tlie marked approval of the laahionable community.?
Vinong ouwra. MOM K. proimses to teeab that well known
?lime La POLKA?the new Ciuadrilles with original music?
fbe Vsite d? Dent Pas?the Mstonrka?new Cotillions?new
Oalnppe and sll American Dances.
Mons. K. will lie assisted by MADAME KORPONAY aa
Musician. Tlie instruction will he given la the Krench, "tlor
man and Hnglish languages.
Mo.inn are engaged st 113 Broadway, corner of Lispeuard
ilreet, (formerl* the New York Lycenm.l?strictlv private, cool
and -ur\?for the accnminndatioa of Indies and (ientleBien.
The Polka, and 'lie new Quadrilles as at present danced in
the fashionable circles of Loudon and Paris, can be taught ia (ti
or twelve lessons, except the Maxourka. All others in tnaoty
four lessons.
Kor luriher particulars, inquire of MONS. KORPONAY, at
his residence, 77 t handlers street.
Tikms:?l I iss lessons frum 6 to 7, 7 to I, and I to ? doily.
Hit lessons, fti?twelve lessons, tlO, snd quarter, $Li.
Private lessons?six lessons, $1: twelve lessons, $11; quar
t-r. ?*)
All other hours will be devoted to Public Inatitutaa, Acad
emioa, &c , lta.
ever inada; broaght (-v
palist, is now to be sold, tmm
Ware looms of Htodart. W orcester
Ol Itf re
PHESE STOVES area Statue of Washington, the Father
? of ourt'ounuy. The lilieral patronage they received last
winter, and the universal satisfaction they gave, hss induced the
inventor, st a great exp?n?e, to introduce a larger sixe, elegantly
oiiamented, with ? mics door,end surmounted with a tpleadid
'male figure. These stoves have a decided advantage in favor
.1 tlie purchaser Tliey may be used for years, without any
s(ierise, with very little care. Nmaerouv testim-wnals of the
? hm| qualities of tlie sbove stores, from gentlemen of the hifh
?<l st?nde g from all osrts of the Uui'ed f<Wtes, Can be seen at
be store or llie subscriber, wliere will also he foand the I orin
?nan Parlor Stove?an entire new and splendid article, sn|*rior
i any ever yet offered lo the public; together with a complete
"?aortmeul of Stoves of all dene intioes.
J A \1 h.S HINDo. No 114 Orad street,
one door east of Broadway.
N. B.?Statues for Stoops, Nickes. aad other ornamental par
uses, for sale as sbove. o30 1m* rrc
\ B EH It MAN, Importer and Mao a facta rer of Europaan
"? and Aineri' an Fancy Eurs, offers for sale, at hia wholeaale
.1 retail Store, nl William street, a few doon (torn Enltoe
? et, a choice, aiegsnt. ard extensive assortment iff every de
"*eOon European and American Kaocy Eon.
I' S t ouiitrv rnevcbants woald do well lo (all at this
.lilivbinent and examine the goods, as they will tad both the
,ces aud qnality s saviug lo them at least IS per cent.
iw'rf i ?
. t I ENT KlIEA'THINO kkLT.? lgcases Patent Mheathi*
Kelt, a very suiierior article for ships' holt ni and tlie room
Hinses Kor sale by t. KCOLLlNS It <-O ,
>78 !it Month ? l rent
<UGAMe-lt Msds I'wmo Wew Orleana?for sale by
tMn M Sooth ait t

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