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anrnx a statement showinj tie bank movement of
(Jess-giii at two po.-iods.
bank Movements ok Gboboia.
Imm. Surcie. Cire. Vtv
18 to $15,138,142 2.W.2 YJ5 7,*71,117 1.95k,MS
1"H 8 230,140 131 747 1,958,362 1,113,471
D/ktcub... . $t>!*)8,002 $1,296,838 $6,013,225 >44,Ml
Tuia immense decline in the bank ra< vemsntt, ii mo of
the principal Ciuses cf tho proaperom condition of tte
people auu of the liuauces of that 8U'.e. The production!
hive annually increased, and notwithstanding the decline
in price* lor the great staple, the wealth of the State ia
d uly end rapidly increasing.
old Stock Kxehiuige.
$1000 U 8 6's, '?2 coup 113 60 N Haven Canal 20
10M Ohio 6'a, '00 b60 97 60 do 21
2000 K'uiucky 6'a 101 60 L Island K K ?30 76J?
210 0peaus> tvuiia5's 73* 60 d> sl4 74%
2000" d? ,10 73 25 do 75%
2000 Illinois an! 39 42> do bow 76
25 ?liiu Fulton Bank 115)4 25 do 76%
18 lidiik Com, full !>t>% 50 do 74?a
2i.O Vicksbu,K Bk bCO 9% 60 do sl5 75-*?
43 US Bank b% 50 do s50 75*
50 Worih Hirer Ins 108 350 Harlem R R_ 72*
25 Guirdiau Ins 100 40 Mohawk R R 61%
10 Manf.at'in Gas 88 60 do b60 62
i'jO Farmers' Trust 34 100 Stouiuiitoii R II b30 39%
460 do b60 3i% 100 <<0 bGO 39%
150 do b30 36 4 25 do 39%
60 do blO 36% 5 Housatonic R R 30
140 Mortis Canal 31% 24 Nor It Wor RR 72%
60 do b30 31 325 do 72%
40 d > 1>46 32% 100 do *" "
25 do b30 3i% 60 do
100 do blO J2 50 do
100 do i6i> 31% 40 do
loo Canton Co b60 44 110 do
75 do 44% 50 do
60 do 44% 60 do
hmoiui Board.
60 shs Morris Canal 32 40 Cnut.in Co
21 do 32 140 N or He Wor
2j Cantoa Co 44%
Now Stock Kxehange.
$2"f.0 9hio 6'a, '60 buw 97% 100 shs L Island RR blO 76
2i*C0 d'l c 96% 50 do S3 75M
1OU0 Illinois 6V "70 36^ K0 Paterson RR
150 shs h i'liter*'Trust 36% 10 Hiouinaloii
25 do c 36 60 Nor Ik Wor
2'iO do ?3J 3'. 25 do
50 do 130 37 25 do
100 Mcnia Canal c 31% 60 do
25 do b30 32%' 75 do
60 K Bo.ten Co c 14>? 3oo do
60 Canton Co ?3 44% 25 do
160 do c 44% 25 do
Sales of Stock! at Boa ton.
Aran. 26ih.?'25 Reading Railroad, 34}; 104 E Boston
H:oc'k, bo 'J na 15; AO do, 14jj 109 L Island Railroad, 76; 160
do, b o 1 m, 77: 154 do, 764; 6U do, b o 1 m, 774;50 Nor and
Wor RR, a o 1 raj 7 24; 77 do, 73|; 60 do, a oin, 7-j, 60
do, ?O '.0 ds, 73$; 200 do, b o 1 ai 73; 00 do 73 j; M do.no 1
in, 72}:ltt Wilmirgion RRso 1 m, 31; 200 do,3l4;75do,
31';3<0 do a o 3 m, 314; 160 do, b o In, 314; 25 do. a o 2 ra,
State of Trade.
Ashes?Pots are in very limited request, and we still
quoio $4 06^ a $4 124- Peor a are inactive and prlccsfnot
10 Arm as heretofore. Ihey are new held at $4 60 a
$4 664.
Cottow?A very good enquiry has existed to day fir
all grades of cotton, and the sales amount to 3600 bales
The market is slightly in favor of the buyer. We annex
LIVERPOOL classification.
Ufldn.Q-Florida. N.Orl. f Nohilc
Inferior, 4] a 6 6 a 64
Ordinary,. . ... t] i 51 ?.? 64 I 6
Middling, fijj a o| ... el a fj
Uood Middling. 6 a 64 ... 61 a 61
Middling lair,.. 6J a 64 ...? 6) a #J
Fair, 64 a 6j .... 7 a 74
Fully Fair fcj a 7 ... 7| a 8
Good fair 7] a 7j ... 64 a 9
Fine 8 a Uj ... a 0J
Freight to Liveipool dull at 4d. for square bales. To
Havre at |c.
Breadstuff*?'Western Flour now ranprs from $4,(64
to $4,634 ; Alexandria fetches $4,76 ; Georgetown $4,76
to $4 b?j. There i-s a little better demand All sons cf
Srain are rather dull?corn ranges irom 46 to 47 cents.?
orthern eats 30 to 3$Jc.
The quantity of flour which passed the weigh !?ck in
Rochester to the 36th inst. was 70,064] bbls., about one
half of which was shipped there. There was nothing do
ing in Flaur ard Wheat, and prices had a downward ten
deucy. Holders were unwilling to sell at present prices,
mid th? const queace was the market was dul enough.?
No Wheat coming in Irom the country.
Provisions- Thete it a very fair and steady demand for
all articles under this head. We quote sales of old prime
Pork at $9 fl&J a $9,75 ; New do at $10,60 a $11 ; Old Mets
is held at $13,75 ; New do. at $13,50. New Mess Beet sells
at $9 a $9,60 ; do Prime at $6 a $6,60. Lard is in active
('emaad, Prime Dbl. sells at 8:.) inferior at 74c. Pickled
Meats are much wanted. Beei Hams we quote at $13,36 a
$12 80 Orarge County Bu'ter is held at 16 a 17 ; Prime
Western dairy at 13 a 14c. Cheese in casks and boxes we
quote at 7 a 8c
Rice? A imall advance has been realized. We now
qur.tu $3,60 a $3,76 nett.
Fish ?Dry Cod sells as wanted at $6,064. The demand
is ?ot very extensive.
Bkkswat?Prime northern yellow we quote at 80c.,
with a limited demand.
Hat?Common qualities of North river bale, we quote
at 374 a40c. Thedemand is principally for shipment.?
Prime is held at 43 a 460.
Whiskev?Drudge casks are in moderate demand at 33o.
Western and prison barrels are dull, but prices are steady
at 23 a 23 jc.
Cotton market.
Nicw OiLciNi, April 19th ?The market opened on
Wednesday with an extremely limited demand, and the
tr.inssrtions ?f that day did not exceed 1300 bales,at droop
ing pricc*. Oa Thursday holder* showed more diapon
tn>n to meet the market, which resulted in tho traniaction
of a larger basinesa, the sale* having amounted to 4960
bale*, and consisting in great part of North Alabama Cot
ton. Yesterday obeut 3000 bales were disposed of, making
the total business of the past thriedsy* 3,700, and that
of the week 18 700 bale*. We consider that prices are
ebaut }?. lower, but do not fsel justified in altering our
I.ivxvrrioi. CLtisiricirion.?Louisiana and Mi("'s3ipni.
?Inferior, 5 a 6J; ordinary, 6) a ftJ: middling, 0 aSjj; mil
diing lair, ejatij; fair, 7J; good |fair, 7} ?7J.
Baltimore Cattle Market.
Tho rnpply of Beef Cattle at market thia week wo*
quite full tor the season of the year, and price* show tome
improvement over previous prevailing rates. TheoffVr
inp* at tho scale* on Monday coaoprise<1 315 head, of which
6b were driven North and all of the balance told. The
piices paid ranged $3,7a to $3,50 per 100 Iba on the hoof
pccerding te quality, equal to $5,60 a $0,76 net. Oa
Thursday 47 head of fresh cattle came in, and 10 only
were taken by butcher* at $3 to per 100 lb* on the hocf-?
The fuoply o! Live Hog* is not largu, but i* fully equal to
thedesRanri. gales k&ve been madj thia week at $4,7i t:>
$5 por 100 lb*., chiefly t>t the latter rate.
Yesterday morning, Johfi Christie, aged 96 year*, a
oat ire of Scotland.
? The Irieuda of deceased, and of Ml. Jame* Farquhar,
10 Frankfctt street, are respectfully invited to attend the
iunerj) this afternoon at 4 o'clock, from 17 Madison st.
On Saturday evening, 30th instant, Elizabeth, daugh
ter of J?hn and Maria Corrigcn, aged one year and eight
Her funoral will take place this afternoon at 3} o'clock,
from the residencyot Mr. John McKinley,No 51 Bowery.
The frlmdsef the family, and of her grandfather, Mr
Luke Cariijan, English Neighborhotd, N J., are invited
to a tend without moro formal r>otice
Latest Dates
Anjier Dec. 7 Macao Jan. 14
Africa Feb. 30 Manilla Dec. 19
Antigua Mar. 30 Malaga Jau. 2*
Arecibo Mar. 17 Madeira Drc. 17
An* Caye* M*r. 28 Mauritius TVc. 12
Augustine Bay May 16 Montevideo ....Dec. 24
Jt.'.uvu .....Nov. 7 Maracaibo Jan. 25
Bay of Inlands, N. Z..Nov. 8 Mansanilla Mar. I
Bermuda April S Matauzas April, li
1'ir nos Ayres Fab. 36 Mayaguez April i
Belize. Hun Mar. 20 Matasnoras Ant- 30
Barbadoe* Mar. 16 Monterey... Dec. 13
Bogota Oct. 11 Nassau, N. r April 0
Dun-iire Dee. 16 Neuvitaa.... April 1
ltoliia Mar. 6 O.ihu, 9). I Nov. 20
Bombay ..Mar. 1 Para Feb. 12
Cai* Town, C.O. H.. Feb. 21 Pari*...., ...April 3
Calcutta Fib. 23 Port au Prince April 0
Cardenas April 9 Porto Cabcllo Mar. 24
Chains.. ..Mar. 6 Point Petre, Unad.... Feb. 14
Cieans*t(os April 1 Ptruambuco Mar b
Ope Ilaytien April II Panama Feb. 20
Curacna Mar. 23 Payta Jan. 11
Caracas Nov. 13 llio Janeiro Mar. 4
Carthngena Mar. 2> Hio Orande Feb. 12
Catti|ieichy Jan. |J Sin Jnin An*. !*
Cixiuiuibo July 37 Baa Diego Dec. 17
Callao..... Dec. 30 Hun Francircu Dec. II
Demerara Mar. 28 St. Helen* Feb. 21
Fayal Jan. 30 St. Thomas April II
(Hnraltar... Mar. 2 St. J Ago dp Cuba A|>lit I
Ouayama, P. H *lar. 21 St. Johns, P. K Awil I
Oalvestoe April B St. Crois April 10
dnuaives. Mar. 38 St. D.iningo April J
Guayaquil April 33 St. I'bes IVc. >
OallilKigosIslands... May < Surinam Mir. 28
Havre April I Singapore,......... Feb. 4
Havana Apiil 1* Syiiiev, N. 8. W. ...June II
Halilas... ... ... . ..Ai ril 20 '1 rinidad de Cuba... .Mar. 28
llobartTown.V.D.L.Ang. 24 Talcnliuana. Dee. 4
UU of Frauce Sept. 37 Tahiti D?c. 21
Jereinie... .. Mar. II Torn ties Nov. 4
Kingston, J* April 3 Tampico Mir. 33
l.ondon.... April 5 Tobaaco July IS
Liverpool April i Tobago Jan 2
La (iuayra Mar. 13 Tnrka l>land .Mar. 16
I.mum Mar. I Valparaiao Dec. I
Lima Dec. 33 Vera Cruz April 4
Mazatlw Dee. I Zanzibar Jan. j
Passcngeri Arrived.
Ilaear.? Picket ?"-ip One hot ?? d'Orleans?()e ? rge VVelU, nl
New ?oik; John Saigling, Chvl'stoD; I'aal Pirli, I'aly?89 in
the steei nge
?'h?hi.kstois?Ship H Allen? Mrs Mathew and servant. Miss
Aul?y, Miss Poultor., Mrs Klleard, W Mannings. M \V Hayes
D Bran, W W Brons n,<apt rarsons?10 in the sleerage.
Foreign Importations.
Havar.?Hhip Ducheoe d'Orlean"?3 pkgs W Br'wer? 1 J H
Roh r ??I KnlUer ti Viol I man?3 B O Wainwnir t - 2 Pettin
nor St Ooldstem?1 F. II Hallldiy?t Kentirll?4 ttaaa It OieUs
?I It I'ike h >on? I A JopmarU?1 tiranrij an? 3 F Hoardennin
?I Nauenxle?3 J T Dulan fcaon?1 M li W Livingston?I K
Vlurenr -3 C F & A Heniir cka?10 (4 Benaril?I W H t 'ole?J
N Cniiitiu-6 Vlalezi^nzAtoard hco?I M Nordin?I H Jaffrav
h co?8 B iciau k Kuaeh?I K Droz?1 Hehnchardt. Favr* li
f.i?10 t; II Sclimult?I J W llolb-rton? 1 Thoinp?m h Miller
? 1 "latt Bros?J J Magain h co?1 K H?br<u?] Fahreoueue'.
f,lt Si Morra?1 .Moran .V heiin?1 Schmidt Ik Andrea?I B h re
,,,_1 i Vilsda? I D Hftdden?I VV Bie?<-r? I Kdwardnfc Htod
tia d-2C Denny?I J B l.a ala-l I- O Ber:eau- J A Huei?7
li / i ? A It. .linl la f n?1 l( iinn ki i*n_ III1 Ah?..r.lJ> t ?* n
Iier?2 M tlirmn?I I0ly Hrere,?r.ngier?t c M Koberta?4
llahl ii 'I'ob'er?II He- Ward ?t Hnt'on-i7 Oay. Lnaaac It Noel
?1 t'alon li co?4 Sines. Christ it co?I Steile, Dei tar k Bu ih?
8 M t;alf<-l M irtlmeraOiwjrr? 3 I Mitchell?1 J It St Fe
Iu-|K.H'J I-I |t-i!<.r--1 S Co Jir.iu? I F. Brti-?2 A It
'I'ho t!|'?>>ii? I K v k 11 i'ii nil?I A KOtt Mourose -l Henschen
U I'nki t?I VV lt vilile?I Mecke. Plate k eo? I \V Wei et?
Bora k bchtieUerdt?1 K Ltppold?I U M Sieaion-8 >V Pehl
I K Duuiiuu'?l Colvill k Flemiur?I Fanfernot k Deluc?3
Orrniainra k Boizard?iI Rkll Haight?1 Mowlit?2 J Duaaol
?3 Tiffiny, Voting k 1 Holni'iou k Krm?t L Huffman
k co?4 VV It Kim*?I Burnhiim k ll%ldwiu*2 Soloman k Har
?I A II Ward It co?J Henriou it Chauvenu?2 L It Biusaa?I
A Gilbe t?4 L P.rrot?I J Liuinouirr k co?3 H Uabad?2 O
Varet-1 K Detliaux-;l Bard k Taylor?1 Godfrey k co?12
Keaaltr keo?2 Loeiehigli k Wiseudonck?2 L droshol*?4 K
len-2 G Hus'nburg k co?100 C 1 J. -rd ? <0 A Marion?40 A
Seignelte?II ODavit?:96 D CutV.bertsoi.-l K Kippling-1 P
C Gagutlia? 1 P A Bret?I fci Thayer?2 G W
Warren?36 ei II bbla to order
Mal*ua?Barque Flora?5912 born* 429 hf 400 qr d > 16 > krK>
raisius S.laa Pierce, Uoaiou?'>uo bti 20V8 hf 513 qr do 2 0 kena
.Ini Auaire kO.Uay-465 rn.U 200 hf p,>a 255 bbl. wine 200 hi.
iflOhl do raiuo. 5 lio.es lemon. I do oranges P Harmony'. Ne
phewa?4J0boxea 4l)j hf 400 qr do 120 keg. laiiina Faber k Bier
wirth?227 bxa VO kegt do 20 qr ppe oil P J Francis.
Momeitlc lmi>ortatlona.
Apalachicola?Barque May Flower?91 bl. cotton Tli mp
a'n k Ada ua?25 P A Cautd*ell?II liogart k Kueelaud?160
fc. D Huilbut k co?3J7 Parmrlee k Hogrrt?315 M bionsm?41
Roberta k WilliMni?16 SiHifford. Tiletton kco?17 H Coil?
57 A G Yliller?77 Cnllomh k lasliii?3 hbla I roll carpet A B
.?,'UI0U?' boxea beeswax Phelpi, Dodge k co?1 do furaO k A
VV etmore? I bbl do W H Thomas?2 pkga Kiuney, Burr k
Hampton?3 bdla md.e 'III bale, cotton to order.
CHa*LE.TON? Ship H Allen?34 bale, cotton J Emery?
Sprague, Kobin.on k co?H J Manty?30 Pott k Phillips?27 H
Coit k co?45 Borriit k Johnaon?2 caaea Conabrook k co?26
hbla Seymour k co?30 tea rice C Buckmeyer k .on?CO do H S
Le.vitt?CO do 260 balea cotton to -infer.
iHuvement* of tile 8ttanuhlui<
Steuwere. Leant I.iv'l. lhiei iJlme'a. Leave JSvkt'a
Caledonia, Lott ... May 1
Hibernia, Kyrie April 19 ...May 2 May 16
Britannia, Hewitt... May 4 ...May 18 Jute t
G. Wetteru,Matthew.. .May 17 ...May 30........ Jui-e 11
Cambria, Judkiua... May 19...June 1 June 16
Packet* to Arrive*
Cambridge, Baratovr, Mar. 19
Kmp.re, Kuiarll, Mar. 26
Oxford, Hath bone, April 3
Koch a'er, Biiiton, April 6
Girnck, Tratk, April 11
Mediator, C'lndwick, Mar. 20
Switzerland. Knight, April 1
Burgundy, Wotton, April I
Iowa. Lioes, April 8
Onriili, Fun k, April 16
Packet! to Hall.
Columbua, C"le, M\y 1
H*nry Clay, Nye, Ma/ 6
8 Whitney, rhompion, May 11
Voik.hire, Bailey, May >6
Q of Weat, W oodhouae, May 21
St. Jam-st, Meyer,
LTtic.i, Hewitt,
Alb iny, Crawford
May 1
May 10
May 1
May 8
Krancoia I, Ainaworth, May 16
U N nau & 9 1
ai'R ieti 6 511
MOON RISK. 12 33 M
HK1H WATER 12 47 M
Arrive a.
Packet ahip Duchease d'Orleans, Davit, from Havre, 25th nit.
with mdae. to W Wh tlock, Jr. 4th March, a seaman named
Charlea Fr'nch, fell from the main loj gallant yard ou deck, and
waa instantly killed.
Ship Caledonia, Maaaicott, (before reported) 20 dayi from
New Orleana, wiili mdae. to W Dawaon.
Ship H Allen, Wilaoo, 9 rfaya from Charleston, with mdae. to
Geo button. 22d inat at 8 p m, lat J7, Ion 74 40, aignalized snip
Catharine, hencj for Charleaton.
8w< diali barque Flora, Miltopaua, from Malaga, 16th ult. and
ilift Straita of Gibraltar 35 dava, with mdae, to order. Swedith
brig Arcillea, Moller, left Malaga Uth ult. for NYork. Spoke
26th ult lat 3! Si, lou 13 30. Sw Itaiqne Thorn Petre, Andre.aeu.
?ri m Leghorn fjr New York; 24lh, lat 30, Ion 9 2, Sw barque
Helena, Aaaude', Malaga lor Hotton.
Barque May Flower, Hitchcock, 17 daya from Apalachirola,
with cotton, to 14 D Hurlbnt k Co. 17,h inat. iu a gale of
wind, Mr Hoichkiaa, of New Ha\en 2d male, while in the act
of hauling aft the fore ahret. fell overboard aud waa drowned?a
filank ami rupra were thrown him, and the boat immediately
owered, but afier a search of three boura returned without fiud
ing him.
Biirque Harriet Thomfaon, 18 daya from St. Thomaa, Porto
Brig Chinchilla, Robinaon, from New Orleana 4th, with 410
hhda lugar aud 30 do molaaaer, to K D Morgan k co?360 aticka
cedar to Meava Buck k 1 etera. Spoke lat 29, Ion 79 30, brig
Francis, from Matatzaa, for Mhode Ialand.
A Brig Republic, 14 diya from Port-au-Prince.
Auatrian brig .\>rcario, Bartoliui, 93 daya from Couatantino
l le, and Gibraltar 35 daya. with500 balea wool 1400 baga linaerd
to order. 25th inat. 200 milea Ea?t of Sandy llook, aaw ateam
aliio tireat Western, hence for Liverpool.
Briii.h brig Ann, Scott, 40 daya from Banger, Watea, with
alatea, to J H Braine; 300 toua do Holt k Kemble: 21 bxa do to
order. Spoke 20th inat. off Georgea Banka. wha'e ahip Bnby,
120 days fm Oahu for St John, NB. 16th, lat 43, Ion 50, aaw
tarce ialanda of ice.
Brig Girard, Gilnauick, from Pooce, PR. 7ili inat with 163
hda angar 45 do molaaaea to Meyer kStticken. Spoke 18th inat
lat 32 45, loo 73 37. achr Fair, of N York, 10 daya fin ft Thoina.
for Weahingron, NC. Vettela left before ret>orted.
Brig Lincoln, Presasy, 6 daya from Machiat, with lumbrr,
to matter..
Schr Wza Lelaud. *"ecdleton, f om ft Domingo, 3d inat.
with 4266 crotchet 109 cannon logi mahoganv 1)9 hide. 32 aticka
lignuinvito: 6 |'kgs to B Aymar k Co: 3 canuon loga 4 crolchea
mahogany to matter. Left brigt St Marka, William., hence, in
13 days paasagr, diagd. and would sail next day for the coaat, to
load for NYork; achr Virginia, Brown, of NYoik, to aail same
evrniag for Port an Platte.
Schr Edward Adama, Kempton, 45 daya from Laguna, with
230o q la logwood to C Todd.
Schr Aseiiorid, Herrick, 25 daya from Jacmel, with 750 baga
coffee 87,000 lha logwood to De Pejater k VVhitmarah; 110 baga
coffee T Marien.
Schr Cornelia, Kilburn, 5 diya from Richmond, with mdae?
bouud to Boatvn
Schr Juliette, Wcglam. 11 days fiom Peteiaburf, with mdae,
to maafr.
Schr iMari-tti Burr, Knapp, 11 daya from Peterabarg, with
md<e, to Alleu k Paxson.
Schr Corinua, Kean, 4 daya from Norfolk, with mdae?bound
to New Bedford.
Schr Texan, Brigga, 6 daya from Eaatport.with lath and plaa
ter, to maater.
Schr Velocity, McGowan, 10 daya from Kaatpo-t, with lath,
to Smith k Hot nton.
Schr Isabella, l'atieraon, 20 daya from Calaia, with lumber, to
Smith k Boynton.
fechr Scioto, llaakell, 20 daya from Calaia, with lumber, to
m later.
Schr Boaton, Abbott, 20 daya from Calais, with lumber, to
Sc r Uucas, Rogers, 3 days from Norwich, with mdse, to
U S frigate Macedonian, Com Perry, from Coast of Africa
via St '1 hoinaj. At anchor ou the Bar. Also, 2 bugs.
Ship New York, Liverpool, and others. Ship Liverposl, for
Liverpool, is still at anchor iu the Lewer Bay.
fllictlUntous Record.
Bhii- Guln are.?Letter* re?ived from Demerara report that
the Gulnare, Chair, of New Bcdfoid, put into Demerara river
nu ih? 28th ult. in distr- ss, leaky, ana would probably be con
demned. She was from Ichiboe bonnd 10 Norfolk, with a cargo
of about 400 torn guano, 7ft tout of which had been ihipped to
Baltimore by brig Somerset, and the remaiodtr was disg. In
t'liance, at tfficej in New York, for $U,0v0 on vessel and $16,
000 on canro.
Schh Majestic, from Malaga for NYork, put into Gibraltar
willi lost ol for- topmast. and remained in port 2]d nit.
frcHR t clime, Irom Boston, at Bangor, while dis'g deck
load at Dunning'* shipyard, mora of 23d inst. fsll over, store in
tier sirle and began to fill. Her pumps were set to work, and a
lire engine. immediately obtained, while a crew commenced diig
h*r. Mie had a valuable assorted cargo, about half the balk ot
which consisted of sugar, grass seed, drv goods. Ike. which are
badly damsged. The other half it is said would not be much
injured by water A large rait of the goods were insured
Launch ? We learn that the new ship at tin yard of Kelley,
Andrews Ik Co. New Bedford, was launched last Saturday.
Cld at New Bedford 25th inst. Cachalot, (new, of Mattapoi
seti) T^ber, Atlantic Ocern.
A !e ter from Kquator, Mathews, NB, dated Acapulco k'eb 10,
repirta h-r with 400 so. iteports speaking, Nor 28, Missenger,
Downs, NB, 250 sp?has heru reptd 'in Nov'300; Nov 30, Bra
giiizi, Watermau, do, J600, 600 sp; ou Off Shaie Ground Dec
16, Out'rio, Gibes, Nant. 19 urns cut, lVUsp; and a ship reptd
'Courier of Namucket,'600 sp 200 wh.
At Simon's liay Feb 21, Penobscot, leaky.
Ciar, 13 days from Mob le for Havre, 11th inst. off Gun Key.
A brig showing a blue flag with a white H, 12th inst. off Ca
rvsfon Heef.
Maine, from New Orleans for Havre, llth inst. Sand Key
NWby N 12 miles.
Cana ls, from New Orleans for Liverpool, 17th inst. II miles
East of the Balixe.
Schr , frcm Charleston for West Indies, 7th itst. about
lat 27, Ion (I.
foreign Porta
Aux Gates, March 28? 1 ? port. Sneedwdl, Pratt, from and
for Boston, about. 10 daysi Cordova, Cole, do do, 7; Dieakau,
Ryder, lor do, next day. Condor, of and for do, sailed 3 days
bsl'ore, in commaud of aq 1* uglisamnn, pnton board by the U tl
Consul, the former master, who was tl.e first oflicrr previous to
the death of Capi Cahoon, having died at An* Cayes.
Cafe IIattikn, April 11?In port, Harnst, Nsal, from nud
for B ston, soou.
Cardenas April 9?In port, Hy *elsey, Grav, supposed for
Bo-ton, few days; Kvertou. Mayo, for New York, 4; Kmpress,
Church, for Bristol, 8; Ashland, t'tulisle, Boston,!; Batavia,
I'ark, NYork, ?; Charles, Berry, from??.justatr, Oenoa,
Lami her. anil Feru, Atw?< d, wts frt ,
Giiiraliah, .March 22?Ma F.clipie, fm Palermo for boston;
Suwarrow, Marseilles for New drlaans; Hualco, Harden, for St
Tbomas, Klora, [Sw] Malaga for NYork?Utter S'nee spoken.
Port ai; 1'niNc*, April 9?la port, lit public, Wilson, for N
York, 6 days.
Surinam, previous to March 28?Arr Mexican, Rogers, and
Gar.-et, Hodge, Boston
Table Bay, CGH. Ktb II?Sid Monatch, Stephens, from
Ichiboefor N Orleans.
Liik? Ports.
Bi'vpai.o, April 23-A-r Bunker Hill, Chicago: United
States, Detroit; St Loni<, Toledo; Kmerald Black H.tet;
Trenton, Crevolin, D Webster; Roanoke, Carlisle, and Roan
oke, Coilelt, Cl-veland; Kxorrss, Milan; Dayton, Vermillion;
K Hetcher, Toledo. ( Id New Orleans, and St Clair, Detroit;
Waterloo, and Kmerald. Chipfewa; Ben franklin, Detroit; A
II Cobb, and Texas, Cleveland: Harrison, Manmee City; rrf
t?r. and t: Wal*? r, Chicago; Chapman, Pt Burweli; W Calvin,
Milan;'\\it b-i.lg-, Monroe.
dome Port??.
Bkli ast. Aptil 10?Arr Cuba, Bl nchard, NYork for Ban
gor, ami anchored i ff Sear?|>ort Imbor (late thaeastem part of
this town) and aid 23il.
Portland, April 24?Arr Patriot, Cates, NYork; Elity Kl
lan, Drinkwater, Kotduiit. 1 lie brig which was signaled,
wHit do ? i< ti e bay.
Aai.em, April 2J? Cld St Paul, All.'n, Manilla; Chalcedony,
Todd, aud lie aid, Altai, Buenos Ayres.
UoitoN, \pril ?6?Arr Dover, Auttin, Manilla Dec 19, Cave
Town. Cull. Feb 23?left at latter, an American achr, name
unknown Also arr, Saxon, Dean, N Orleans; Si'emts, Ravurs,
Pott tu Prine ; Kli/.i Burgess, Bowns. Ciaofurgos; Grand
Turk, .Nichols, a> (I Alpine, Kienrli,' aidenas; Kmtna, Baker,
mil tk, R\ der, I liilidelphia. Cld S-partau, Pousland.Suriuain;
llaltir, PonsUun, it >, via Wi<mingtuii, NC; Vandaliar, Ponale
t m,Guayama; Palm, Hall, Nassau, NP, Kmily Taylor, Howes,
ami Alkmta', Kustis, NOrlrans; Georgian* Hehm, and Com
merce, Allen, Mobile; Bal imore, Brown, Baltimore; hmerald,
Snow, Kredt'firlinhiirg; Kept, Hamilton, NYork; Ctica Bearse,
do, Atbmy and Tr"y. Arr >Sth, Caravan, Johnain, (Calcutta,
passeil St Helena Mch 6?llth inst. lat >4 38 N, ion 69 10, while
lyirg to in a gal.-from W, waistiutk bya heavy sei. which
openrd the quarter deck planks o*. both aider, and a greit d*?l of
water r*u into the cibiu and between decks; 2l?t, M Shoal NW
by N 2i miles, laid to 40 hours in .i irve e gale from (MNK.?
rtpoke nth, H Shoal NW by N li miles, a barque understood
fr m Tiinidad. blowing h^avy from KNK conln not ?nr**rstand
het name or vtlfr* boil il Also air, I has Will-am, Kt'atiug,
Malaga; s'eamer John .Marshall, Brown, Newt ork 24th in?t. II
a in, came inu> this haibsr at 10 a m The J iM is i wned by a
1 <rge number of parsons on the Krnnebrc aud in this city, aud is
intend "I to nly lietween the two platri. R W Brown, of New
York, lor Mobile, which put back to Nantisket Raid* yester
d*?' to "Onergo examination.
Naw Broron*, April 23-Air Harp, flesse, PhlsitlpWa for
Ware ham
<. 1?j vApril 25?Atr Peeonic, Willier. AptUchicola;
(laladonia, Hp, man, Pawtucket lor Alnany; fcmlly Jane, Wil
tnot, Albany; 1 ecu?seh Childs; Jjmi Lanplieer, Kenny, aud
Despatch, Halleck. N York Sid Jas Ba.boor, bush, goffolk;
1 colter, 1 luladeli hia; C ho, Hu m. Atban> ; Montilla.
W lieeler, Nswark, N.I.
Richmond, ArMl 23-Arr Albion, ( Urkson, Boston; Bichd
Thompson, lownsend: Margaret Ann, Hammond, and Catha
rine Wilcox, Jones, NYork
y Walthall, April X?Arr Napoleon, Cheesehrongh, New
Citahli.ston. April 21?Cld Kdward, BnUley, New York
llese Ad'laHe, [Kr] Csantie, 8t Louu Senegal, Sid Le?0?rd'
Dobbin, [ Br] Jamrs, Liverpool.
Savannah, April 2J? \rr Zenobia, Remington, Providence
John Parker, Comings, Boston; Plymouth, Newell, Havaaa
Vistula, Pendlrton, 1'homaston. Cld Holly Bash, Hitchcock'
Boston '
Mobile, April If?Cld Qtiten of the Ocean, [Br] Tiilay,
ami Mauteruan Abbey, [t?r] Hutchios, Lirerpool; Caaton,
I arksrd, Gibraltar aid a mkt; Attakapaa, hartelle, NOrleans;
I liilnrfelphi*. Mscv, ai d Orralloo, Lulkin, Boston; Alexar.der,
I n lor. Piovidmice.
.New Orllans. April II?Arr Jacob l'enne!|, Martin, Havre:
klota:t, Lewis, Marseilles; Oswego, Wood, N Vorit; Chart*
-nague, Kales, Liverpool; He rah Hud, Bailey, Philadelphia ?
Below, coining up, Francis, and Martha Kiustnan. Tow boat
reunetaeau ninru (owed to lea oo the It h. brig Loretto. Lid
e* York, Wright, Ualns oa: 8t Mary. Koater, aud Homer,
l.illiui. NV* York; Kimball, Inaraham, Charleitou; Patriot,
Crockett. Providence; Veutura,[Mexl Dorantra, Campeachy.
Kkkklin, La AprilO?Arr Merchant, Bragg, Dtinerara?
I'ld 1st, Enterpriie, Audersou, Oalveat.m.
LOST?Oa Friday laat, a gentleman's Oold Kiugar King. aet
witti a dimnoud Tt e liuder will be lijenlly rewarded ou
-aving it at No 65 Krout at. a2l 1(*< <
HKWAHII-Lc?t, en Sunday morning, from No. It
tpO Urevoort Place. a half-breed New foaudlaud nn t Spm'el
1) g, maiked lawu aud white?hiaou a Collar with the abort
tddr-aa. a?8 >t*rc
dS ~ I.KVVAKD?Loat, on Friday evening, in going from
ip'J Chatham Sqqaie to tbe Park, a heavy Gold iVncil Case.
I ti- fmdrr will teceive the above reivaid by leaving it at No. 4
larcUy a tree t. att lt#ic
KEVVAHD-Stolen from the auhsr-riber, at the Airer
Jp'-'" ican Hotel, Jeraey City, on Wedneiday u ght, Arril
0 h, the followiug articles, viz l?I Brown Cloth C'oalt, 1 Ulna
Jlack Dress Co*:, 1 pair Doeckiu Ptuit*, I plain Black Satin
Veat, I black Silk Striped Dieaa, (new.) Whoever will retuin
?aid articles to the subscriber ahall receive a reward of $25, and
(he same for the appiehenaiun of the thieves.
Jeraey City, ApnUl, 1845. ajg It*re
^?000 REWARD?Loat. on boaid the atiarpboat Knicker
,JP^VJV7 backer, on Thuraday evening la*t, ju? before ahe
lali the wharf at Albany, a wallet containing ISM) id $100 bills
>>f different baoka in Itoatou. Three of them ol tna Boaton Bank,
the nthera not recollected.
Th? above reward will he paid on return of the money to i
at the atore of Lcamau, I'annele 8c Peck, cornet of Broadway
>ii.l < fdar street, and no qu?*tiona oaked.
T 3t? in Z. PL ATT. T
l^AY AND DINNER BOARDERS? A limited number
U ofU<mtl?inen ean be accommodated with fall or partial
Board by applying aoon, on reasonable terma, at
M?b. O. FISH'S,
a28 lw*ec 135, 117, aud 1.9 Bioadway.
New Yohr, April 23. 184}
THK American Exchange Bank haa this day declared a divi
J- dend of Three (3) Perl.'ent, pay ihle >o itorkholders on aud
afarMouday, May 5th. Traiaftr Booka will be tloaed from
28th April to 6th of May. By order,
b27 9t*m J. J. K1?K, Caah.er.
WANTED?A French Men Servant. Also, a French wo
man, a> Cook. Apply at 49 Wall atreer, up ataira, be
tween in and 3. The beat of reference* v. ill be requited.
a27 2f m
MTANTED?Kor one of the inuiteiteniive Publiahmg houaet
" in the Uuited States a few active youngmen to act a*
jgenta for the aa e of new and popular worka. The proprietors
will insure each mitu $300 over hia board rer year profit. A
writing to that effect will he given them', tliey will have besides
opportunity uf dealing $1000 per year, and mere if ti ey aie ac
ii'e. Kvery man will have his diitrict It will be necessary
for them to have $25 tn $30 at least to obtain a good fitting oat.
No on* need apply uulfsa he has that sum,'for it is the object of
the publishers to establish good agents, aud give them such a
chance aa uo one e'se ean offer them.
Kor full particulars apply to 434 Broadway, at Hall's office.
ap2l 2w?ec
A FIRST rate Steward and Cook wanted, for the Wardroom
Mess of .lie United States Ship Columbus. Apply on boaid
the ahip, at the Navy Yard. a'36 3t*rh
X left her home, 426 Cherry street, some time on Wrdueadiy
uight? suppoied to be iusane. Shi wore ber nightdress and
cap, white cotton hose, without shoes, and look with her a red
calico dreiaaud blue cloth table cover, wbich she may have put
ou. iMie is 45 years of age, light hair, light compaction, and
?ery much e.nacUtcd from a protracted illness. Any informa
tion respecting h*r will be gratefully received and liberally re
warded by her brother. ARCHIBALD HALL.
a28 3t* ec fi Oliver or90 Chsrry streets.
PHCKETfsIIlP SHERIDAN frjm Liverpool,li"dNcharg
ing nod-r general orders, at Orleans wharf, foot of Walt at.
Consignees w 11 please attend to the icceipt of tl:eir goo J < im
mediately. a27 5tec
a vera will please be on board th* staamboat H?rcul*s, at
Whitehall, at 11 o'clock, A M., Monday. 28th instant. Letter
Bags will close at the utual place* at half past 10 o'clock.
a27 ec
CONSIGN!" KS of Cargo per ship American, from Liverpool,
are iequ?stei to send their permits on board the ship, at pier
13 East River, or to the office of the aubscriber, without delay.
All goods not permitted in five days most unavoidably he sent
to the public store. JOHN HERDMAN,
a'6rc 6t South street.
TITM. H. rUFK respectfully invite* the attention of parant*
'? having aoiu to educate, and desirous < f removing them
rrom the many evil in flu* nee* attending a residence in the city,
to his establishment for General Education, si'uat'd at New
Brighton, State-i Island, which will be re-opened, rfter th* va
cation, en the firal of May. In point of beauty of situation,
healthiness, and convenience of approach, it cannot be au'paas
??(I The building, 150 feet front, is admirably adapted for the
purpose of education, and the arrange men's auch as an expe
rience of ten years haa aaggeated. A plan of physical education,
long smces'folly puraued, forms part of the daily rou;ine of
t uaineas; acd together with aea bathing, and ample futilities
for m mly exercise, presents unusual security for the enjoyment
of health. The professor* in the various branches are men of
experience and ability, and the advantages of the School, men
-ally, morally, and physically, auch aa it is believed will on
enquiry eutit'e it to tr.e consideration of pa eats and guardians
fenerally. Toe pupils ar' all required to study and sreak the
'rench language. Citcultr* can be obtained at M?s?rs KOK
LOCK WOOD 8t CO., 411 Broadway, or from W. H. DUFF,
at New Brighton a!8 lt*m
SOCIAL INSTITUTE, now completed, ready for
i the reception of pupils i* situated in Shrewsbury, three
miles from the celebrated watering place, four miles from Red
llauk, where atermers ply daily from the foot of Fulton street
It ia calculated to give a sound, piactical education, qualify the
atudeut to puisne any business, or enter any clas* in college ?
Terma, per annum, $100, including all incidentals, except^beds
and stationery.
Wanted?A classical teacher, 'native of France. Also, a
female Circulars aud interview with the teacher may behadat
131 Naasan street. ap 12 Im*m
New York, April 21, 1845.
THE underslgued auuounco lu ilic public and partieul.tfly to
the watch merchants, that from this day they have formed
an aaaociation under the name of Delachaux It Maire, f' r the
trade of iuiportatioo of watch**, and that from thi* said day
they have on hand and shall receive from their corre*pondent
mauufe.cturers every description of Watches aud Movemeuts.
No. 127 Fulton street, N. Y.
A. Dtlaehaux?H. Maine. ?d2J lm*m
NO 1'ICE is hereby giren, that Pioposals will be received at
ihe of ce of the New York and Harlem Railroad Company
until the 10th May next, for the delivery of from Oue to 1 hree
'i'housaud Cords first quality Virginia l ine Wood, to be de
livered monthly from one to three hundred cordi.
apl2tomyl0 * Secretary.
MDUMS DAY, Professor ol'Uuitar, Singing at Sight, Ac
? cotdeon. Violin, lie. continue! to teacn ladic and gentle
men of New York (at their residences) the above Instrument!,
Die., in a very short time, by hit nevr Analyzing and Inductive
System?Terms Moderate.
An improved Accordeon for sale.
Oood city references given on application at No. 66 Chrystie
strut, abovs Walker. iM lm*rc
PHE Drawing! may be I thographed without additional ex
pens*. Inventors would find ir much to their ad vintage to
call on the subscriber, and obtain hundreds of copies ol'their in
vention', at tlie prices usually paid for duplicates
apIS lm*m 128 Kulton street, N. V., Hun Buildings.
"PHE Si; Bb'11! BK.HS hive associated with them in buiiness
A Robert !1. Osgood, John W. Fenso, and Isaac C. Kendill.
Boston. Arril ?!. 1814. a24 lw*fh
April U'h, 1S46.
rHK President and Directors have tiiis div declared a divi
l dend of lour and a half rer cent ou th? capital stock of this
Company, for the sis months endmglst February last, paya
ble to the Stockholders on and alter Thursday, ths 1st May
The Trausfer Book will be closed from the 24th instant to
that ihte. By order,
aplStomylec C. L. EVER1TT, Secretary.
rPllE SUBSCRIBER pays the highest prices for Second
J- Hand Clothing.
Clothing alleied, repaired and cleaned in a superior style.
tT7~Hemea?b?rtho No., 130 Nassau street.
a|.?l Itii'rc GEO. LEV IK.
ALMOND, Windsor, Rose, Variegated, and every desorip
tiou of Fancy Soaps.
Cologne Wa'er, in the most beautiful Style of fancy bottlea.
Handkerchief end Toilette Essences in very great variety.
I'air Oils and Pomatums of the finest quality, with every de
scription of Perfumery and Cosmetics.
Walnut Oil; Military Shaving Soap, the m^st exquisite 8oap
ever invented. It makes a perfect < team lather, wni' li does not
drv <:n the face.
Also, Katnilv Washing Soap, of excellent qn'lity; Patent
Crys alline Candles, lie. manufactured hy a*d for sale st the
No. 3 Cotirtlandt St., next door to tn*
ap!7 Im'm ? new National Hotel.
332 Grand stri et, corner of Essex.
THIS may aprear almost impossible,
but sueh is the effect of his CASH SYS
TEM, and the small profits charged on
goods, that it has become the interest rf
cvny buyer to patronic* liiv stibliih-,
inenr. A glance at the list 6f prices is
a sufficient guarantee of the above lacts
Ju?t made no a very Ivge assortment
rf these faahii uab e D'Orsay Office
artl Business Coats, of erery potsible
variety of style autl fabric, varvii g in
piicrsfrnm $1 26:otl0 0fl
1 AipUn.iJ lo* of Krockand Dress Coats,
made of flue S&xocy wooMjei t?g
lish Cloth, and cut and trimmed in the most elegant and fas
hion il>Ie style, from $9 to fll OA
A beantifil selection of I'anls consisting of plain Black and
C.f'l' red Crs'imeres, Tweeds, Dra"> d'Ft*, French Elastic
TlaiJ anH Figured Ootids. lie., lie , from tl VI to U 0<l
Auv quantity of Satinet Pants $1 10 to S3 60
Th? greitea! variety of Vests ever offered 76 to $1 (0
Alio, a complete as ortm?utof Boys'1 lothing, ch.-aper than
I N. B ?Country Dealers would find it a great ad ear rag* to
purchr s* at this establishment, as the greatest attention is pa'd
r.a the Cuttiiw Dcpartn cnt, which is all-iippoitant in th* re
leciion of?i?s
< ome one, come all. dron in and try th'm,
Ifih?y are not chesp, then don't bny ih*oi ;
Wholesale and Uetoil Clothing Store,
aJ7 lm*ec Corner of Oran.l aud Enirxif,
182 IVilliam Strrtt, Thrte T)oor? fVrsi of Fulton
THE meat secret of the sacceis of this eirahli hmei t is, first,
that. very thing is b light lor cash, and hv whole Pieces;
secondly, that the 'ett is low: thirdly, fiat the proprietor is
coufntwith small profits. Oeuil*men ordering garments at
this establishment will have them finished in a style similar to
hitot Brundtg e, Tryon (kCo., with whom O. B. Clarke wts
tor a long period connected
(Jeoeral Scale > f Pi ices.
Kite Cloth Dress Coats, from $14 11 2> Oo
Cassiniere Pants I to 8 60
Sanu Wits j lo s oo
Max ngand TriAiming.
Drets Coats $7 to f) 00
Pants I 60 to 2 110
Ve-. s I 61) to 2 U0
Militars and Naval Uniforms as per lais regulations.
? A " pe'ini'ii Coat always to be seen. Office Costs ofeveiy
description, and all articles usually found in large establish
ment, always on hand, at very low p-icea a28 twi?ii3woe*.-?
'PHK 111 BK.ll offers for silc, on ilie most reasonable
1 terms, at the New Yoik Peintiug Ink Manufactory, No. 21
Rose r.-ar Duane street, News, Book, l>in*, Extra !? ine and
Kancy Colored Inks, which he warrants equal Ui any inannfaa
^ired. Keep consuiuly on hand a large supply.
Ths above tew Ink hss been nsed on this paper for the last
tfcree yeais a>3 >tis*re
to Be; flOliU,
A well built Birouchc Cairisge, in k 1 >1 urder,
aud well adapted for family use, with or without s d >nbl*
To be s?s? at Ro?lstos>'? Hiding School, and Livery
?tables, ur nrM. ml istfrrc
By K. (!OLT')N It CO., Auctiouee.-*
O R.V Sic , on Tu'idlfi April 29th, it I o'clock, P. M , at
No II Clumbers strict Comprising the ?nlir; Librnry of the
Int ? John A. Moirill. deceas'o, together Willi the offic- fmni
'Ure, such as Offiw Desks, I hniS Tables, one large lion Stfe,
iue raluabie Secretary Bockcaie, Oil Cloth, lie.
N. B.?Catalogues can be obtained at the auction room, Vo.
'< Aun ?'ie*t. or at the She.iIT* office on Monday. a28 If ec
, UCTION NOTICE-Genter.l Furniture ly Oatalogue
* Tuii Dar, at 1# o'clock, the entire ? xeellent Furnit;iri
out i iied in houie 12 Leona d I'rft, near Hudson, con*<*ting
of ficii 13 uneU Carpet#, Ku.a to match. r'?g<nt Bronze Uiran
lolts, superior Mant l ( locks, Vase i aud Flower*, elegant Se
cretary and Bookcase, Divan*. Hofss, Sofa Bedileads Pisraud
yl-aut-l Ghsses, Kgyptian aud White Top Centre Tables, Pier
Jo, French Chairs, Wardroaes, French Bedsteads, with Cnr
raiusard C-nopyto match, Damask Window Curuios, Piano
f'crte. _nock?rs, French W.ishs'ards, Oil I'Motinirt aud Engra
vings Ugnin and Venetian Carpet', Oil Cloth. Extension Di>
'>inC Tablet. Tea do A choice Library of french Works,
imougst which are the entire works of Hosseau. Voltaire, Plu
tarqur, Hie.
A so, th," Kitchen Furniture. a28 lt?ec
A. C. TUTI'LE, Auctioneer.
TA^OB 8. PLAT 1', "ill sell on Tueiday, April 29tb, at It
?* o'clock, at No 450 Broadway?
Kxteusive aud Peremptory Sate of Fashionable Boscwood and
M-vViog'ny Furniture, being the entire stock of an old establish
ed manufacturer removed for couvenieec* of sa'e.
Consisting of 1 rorewood carved back Hofa, covered with
crimson plmh. 2 do Uirans, 8 spring seat Chairs, 1 Easy Chair
tnd Piano Stool en suite; rosewood Work Tables, Pari* style;
(iuartetteTable*, mahogmy Sjfas, Divans: half, three-quarter
iud full French mahognuy and rosewood Chairs, Sofa Tables,
Candlesticks, Ecarte auil Whist Tables; Dining, Extension,
Tea aud Breakfast do; Egyptian end Italian top Centre and
t ier do; ladies' mahrgauy a:id rosewood Aim'ires; Hat and
Umbrella Ptnnis; rosewood and mahogany Antique Chairs;
reclining. Voltaire aud Koekirg d>; marble rop Sideboards,
Dreisiiig Bureau; rosewood and mavogany Fiench Bedsteads;
Wash ami Night S.auds; Grecian and Serpentine Carved Sofas
aud Chaiis, Ottomans, maple a'd painted Washstands. Italian
? iid Cottage (.'hairs Matirasaes, Feather Beds, Pallia*lei*,
Wardrob s, Toilet Tabl-*, lie.
N. B.?The above couiprites an entire stock of one manufac
turer of established reputation, and ha* been removed for con
venience of sale from the manufacturer, aud will be pert mi tj
rily sold W close tl-e concern.
Also, 2 larg- size mantel (lasses, 68XC4.
Also, an entire invoice of 6J ?es rich a-.d elegant Girandoles,
in bronze and nil. ormulo, from 2 to II lights
Alio, 14 rich 3 lar Lamp*. Cut Glasa, iu Bronze and Ormu
''atal"gu?s early 'he morning ef sale. a28 itis'ec
BV < . 15. KINO, Auctioneer.
MATS, OIL CLOTrf, le.?Monday, April 28 1815, at
<t}i o'clock, at the store, 159 Chatham a.reel, 'h? entire stock
of said store, r.onsistiug of an extensive and valuable assortment
of super English three-, ly Ingrain and V-Ee'.ian Carpets, of
?very style and quality; a large quantity of super and couunou
Americau do; English Oil Clotns, various widths, lor rooms
Mid hall*; cheneille. worsted aud tufied Kugs; Door Mats, Ta
ttle Covers, Carpet Binding, 40 doz superior Brass Stair Hods,
Druggets, Stair Coveriug, Cant n Matting, tic
Also, a number of very elegant Window 8hades.
8 lie positive for cash and city bankable money.
N. B ?Pieces of Carpeting", containing upwards of 30 yards,
will be cut in quantities to suit purchasers. a28 it*ec
A. C. TUTTLE, Auctioneer.
FASHIONABLE FUKN1TURE. at No. 4i Bank s\ ne-r
r 4th?Jacob 8. Piatt will sell on Monday, at 10 o'clock, the
-n'ire Furniture contained in the above house, consisting iu part
f Brussels acd Kidderminster Carpeis.Euulish Oil Cloth, ma
hogany Sofa nnd Dirans, Ot'omans, marble top Centre Tables
Qu irtctte do, Dreuing aud T- a do, rich China Dinner and Tea
Service*, Plate Ola**Hall Lantern, mahogany Hat and Um
brella Stand, rich pla ed and vile Girandole*, CauCelabra*.Man
tel Clock, silver mounted plated Castor, Cake Baskets, cut
glass set* with pitted *Uu<?*. Tea Tray*, cut glass Ware, Egyp
tian mirble top Bureau, Wash and Night Stands, Looking
Gl***ei, Bedsteads, (lie.. Jtc
Alio, one Piano Forte and Guitar.
Also, the Kitchen Furniture, with which the sale will com
Catalogue* will be leady this day at J o'clock, and may be
obtained at the auction room. a26 2teod*m
Ll Si CO , will sell on?
vloudav, April 28th, at 10X o'clock, at No. 28 Second St., (con
tinuation of Bond street,) elegant Furniture, by invoice,
particulars in time.
Personal attention will be given by E. H. Ludlow to House
hold Fu'miture sales this Spring. Civil attendants ire engaged,
ind all the arrangement necesiary will be a'tendf d to by the
subscribers. E. H. LUDLO VTSi CO.,
alO eod2w* m corner of Broad street and Exchange place.
PlASO KuKTt TtllS DAK? At auction, this morning,
at No. 28 Second street, an excel ent, city made, instru
ment. in perfect ord-r, and bat little used by a priva'e family.
It will be positiv?ly sold to (he higheit bidder, and must be
tnkfii away this afternoon a28 lt>rc
A LEVY will sell on Wednetd^y morning, at II o'clock, at
No. 151 Broadway, a beautiful collection of Fine Plants,
consisting of The Queen of the Prairie, or Michigan Hoses, the
real kind.
Also, ? new Sweet Hvdenr.ge>, a teiu'iful new plant from
Japan, lately introduced. Azilia*. in full bloom; Moss, Stan
dard, Pen etual and other Rotet; Carniti n*. kc , with a varie
ty of other fine Pluit* and S.irubs, worthy of note.
Also, a number of Benches, one Couuting House Desk, one
Show Ca*e, sugar Beet Seed, in qttanti y; with various other
articles. a26 4t*m
From the Depot at Brooklyn?Sundays txrepttd.
ap25 1 mis re
rPH,C above well known sea bathing establishment will be
A ready for the reception of visiter* early in Jon*. Families
d-sirou* of obtaining rooms, will please address the *ubscriber,
at the Astor House, N. Y. HIRAM CRANSTON.
aM Btis'rc
'p wo
1 gag'
rPHE improvements and repairs which have been undertaken
-i- iu thi? establishment, being now completed. tha propriftoi
begs to infjrin p i ties who are desirous of taking rooms th?ie,
that th?y are ready for their inspection.
Having heard that it has bean currently reported that all the
best rooms at the Pariliou an engaged, the proprietor begs to
state thit this raaor mnst have originated iu his having de
clined m king engagements for specific suits of apartmenu with
parties who have wished to take ihetnonly from July. He begs
therefore to state that there are still as many good rooms disen
gaged as taken, and that he will be happy to enter into arrange
ments with partiei wishing to occupy them from the early part
of the sessou.
F. BLANCARU has, at th* same ti.ne, the honor to inform
those families win have already engaged apartments, that the
Pavilion will be open on Thursday, the first of May.
ap2l toMl rre
I I ROOMS, with large pant ies adjoining, may be en
gaged and ent red upon Wore the 1st of May, bv a party of
fjur, or two gentlnmen ai^tii.-ir wives, with good board, end
the comforts of a home, etwr I'uruisheJ or unfuruiihed The
hense is pleasantly located, in Fourth street near Amos street,
within two minutes walk of two orcmbuss routes. For terms
Ikf. . apply at No. 309 Bleecker stieet ail 2 fh
rPHE utdersigced having recently purchased the e stablish,
A m*nt known as the TateisiHi Machine Company's Works
at Paterson, N J , are prcpired to execu e orders for Machinery
either for spinning, or weaving cotton, wool, flax or silk
l>rom the extensive nature of the arrangements made for the
purpore of giving great despatch to orders, we can give assu ?
anceforthe consummation of coutracts within is short a peri
od of t me as any establishment in th* conntry.
Our Patterns are of the most receat and approved mode!i, and
our Machinery unsurpassed by any msde
Outing* of all descriptions will be furnished at reasonable
rates. All applications for Machinery, adJreaaed to us, will
meet with prompt attention.
a36 3tis*m ALLEN U RlSiNG. Paters?, N. J.
TUST RECEIVED, from the late sales, a very large and ex
? cellont assortment of fine new Gieea and Black leas, all of
which are uffered at reduced prices Good fresh Young Hyson,
at 4s per lb; fi le do at is; superior at 6i; Oolong Souchoi g and
Powchong, of the finest kind, from 3s to 6s per lh; (Jveeu and
Blf.cV suitable for kitcnen use, at 2 and 2>6a. Purchasers are
invit-1 to give the above Te.is a trial, as they are offered at le.ut
H.'i per cent Ks? than can be had in the citv.
Al o, white and brown Sugars, at very low prices; Stum's
and l^ioolsry's refned white and jellow Sugar and Molasses
Syrup; with i large assortment of F mily Groceries. 8ie.
Doners and families from the country ate invited to call and
examine the bove stnek previous to purc-hasinc.
J. O, KOWLlCH, Grocer and Tea Dealer,
a2J2wij*r" 260 Greenwich st. cor. Murray,
C UNDERSIGNED is preared to receive goods at this
port, and tiauatnit the same to Canada, for the brnejit of
drawback. He will attend to the necessary Custom House bu
siness hete. and elsewhere on the routes, and return the debenture
money to the shippers.
For further parMculan, apply to C. LIVINGSTON,
ap!9 loniarc No. 10 Wall street.
?2j) FASH'ONAULE S'J'HAW hats. flCr
? C AUL KING, the well known and celebrated
Straw Hat Manufacturer, begs leave to inform the ladiea that ne
lias for sale a splendid and fashionable assortment of Straw
Hits, of every description, at his store No 17 Division street.
He par.icularly calls the attention of th" public to txaminehis
new shai e called the Bohemian Oifsey, v?luch f ir beauty and
taste stands unrivalled.
N. B.?Imported Lace Neapoli au Hats, fishionable shapes
and warrsnted to clean, at $2 in each.
ap24 lm*rc CAKL KING, 17 Division street.
HOUSE WANTED?Wanted, immediately, a con
venient two or three s'ory house, for a icasonable rent.
Address I' I) Q . at t lis office. ?28 3'.*rc.
JgA HALU'.UK HOllSK?To Lei, the upper part of lh*
E'iB in the north-east corn?r of D mail way and Keade
XaHLstreet, contiisiug thirty-four room:,, will be rented very
reasonable. Apply to 8. B. HUTCHINGS,
ail Iwis'm 36 John street, from Ifl to II "'clisek
JK TO LICT?A Isrge three story House, bas-rccuts, tliree
|"jB parloin and office on first floor, mahogauy doors, plaited
Xalfli'tnibs?well adapted for a respectable bar and ball room,
or boarding ho'tsa, 31 feet front by fln deep. Inquire o'
?74 Third street J from * to ? A. M .,
a2* tt'ee P! to I P M , and Irrm 6 to (at night.
Pasement Office, 37 Wall stieet, New York.
?n* A veiy beautiful F irm of Thirty-Two Aer-s, tmL
MMhighly rrliivated, an abundance or the choicest
irule of Iruit.a go d dwelling house and outbuild-X?a&
>ngs, situated near Elfsabfthtowa, New Jersey, siiteen miles
hv railroad fr>m N<>w Voik, is offered?a great bargain at
9J0O4. Citv property will be taken in exchange.
a'Hlteod ec AKNOLP BUKFUM k CO.
CORN ER of Broadway and 2?nd street, formerly cor
pSSner of :Jlh atrert and 4th avenue?lias on hand. Alianthus,
aJUk' .d nil kins* ol' ornamental trees, suitable lorstnetsor
pleasure grounds. Also, a great variety of the choicest Shrubs,
Hetbacioua I'lauts, he , He., best adapted for City gardens
Greenhouse Plains, hn , in great variety.
A quantity of superb Fruit Bearing V nes.
Ga.'leos laid out snd kept by the r-esson. All kinds of Gar
den Work done on the moat reasonable ternr.s
All orders l?fi atthe corner of Broidway and 2M street, or at
thesloranf M-sirs. Thjrburn Ca., 14 John stre-t, will be
punctually attended to. a23 3ieod*ih
Corner of Chryatt* unci Del mice y atrectn
THE Proprietor respectfully informs the public,
Mhat the regular sales at this establishment will take
-' lace, after this day, every Thursday during the ye?r
_ I use of the arena far the nuvher of horses at oriva'a ssle has
i'duced him to lorego the Monday sales, (ieiitlemen are in
formed that twelve pair of superiorNorthern Horse* have lar?ly
arrived, and ? nuuiber of single Horses, no. to be surpassed for
style and spred. Pnrchastr' are invited to call.
all lt*ec JOHN WILLIAMS, Proprietor.
For sale, tha fastest well matched pair of Trotting
' ' ^ in the coaatry. Apply to
?t6 1 is*m Lumber street, near Rector street.
?f\ FOR SALE?A Tair of excellent Familj Ilo s s
1mT>ui close au estate, for sale low. Also, a * iddle Pony
' for ? ladv. Apply at No. 7 1 rinitr Place.
Firit Aircuigteof the OieraTroon1.
Will be p. rform ?<! the Orand Opera, Mane by Ball*, entitle!
the BOHEMIAN GIRL ? Derilshoof, Mr begum; Thad
deu?, Mr. Frsxer; Arlin:, Mrs. fcesniu.
lo conclude with the faro- of PERFECTION?Sir Ltwreuca
rejragou, ,Vr. Chips eudalr; Kate O'Brien, Mr* Skerre t.
Boxes, lit tier 75 cent*, 2d tier 50 cent*?Pit 50 cent*?Oallery
25 cent*
Uoora open at 7 o'clock, enrttin rise precisely at half-past 7
BtlUON'g r 11" K AT KB? Mch Street,
To commence with HAMLET?Hain'et, Mr Anderson; Polo
Mr Burtou, (* host, Mr Barrett; Hor tio. Mr Bieveus;
Graved nar.Mr. Bntke; Ouie, Mr Thayer; Gertrude, Mr*
Hughes; Ophelia, Mm Kirby.
El Bolero, by Miaa E Moore aud Mr* Smith.
To conclude with the new fare- ofTHE THIMBLE RIO?
Ham Shindy. Mr Barrett; Mr* Ginger, Mr* W 11 Smith.
Respectfully* ennouuee tn the Ladies and (ientlnneo of New
York, that they have made arrangement* for the above estab
li*hineut far a short t;me, atd will give th*ir
And continne open every e?en uk until further none*. The en
remiumeut consisting of Socgs, Glees, Choruses, Comic Say
ings. Stc.. accompanied with the Accordeou, Banjo, Congo
'I'ambo, and Bone Castiuetj. in all of which they stand UNRi
For full particulars pee hills of the day.
Door* op ii at hill pan 7. Concert at 8 o'clock. a>7 re
i E;?l>LK OH' 1'IIM MUSKS.
Admission to D ??i Circle 25 rents?Paione'te I2b? cents.
The entertainment* will ooroineuce with JACK'S THE
with a variety of other aniuiemrnts.
On which occasion will be given a Grand Display of Eqars
trian aud other N ntertainment*. being the
preparatory to the refittini; of the esmblshmeiit
Boxes 25 cent*?Pit cents. a?8 It* re
SIGNOR MUZIO MUZZI, of Bologna, in Italy, the inven
torof a new method af itsvmaTi.'vn the atmosphere, which
ha* been secured to him by patent hoih in this country and in
Europe, announces his i tention of producing hi* invention,
and giving a practical exhibiti "u of it* effects in this Theatre,
on Wednesday Eveniug, the JOtU of April, to be piecedsd by a
who will give his valuable aid on this occasion, and explain the
principle, atiucture and operation of the Machine, so as to ren
der it e*s4lr and clearlv intelligible to all A Model of the
Aerial Locomotive will lie exhibited in the Theatre, which will
ascend and move across the house in my prescribed direction,
affording a striking practical exemplification of what will eie
long, it is hoped, he exhibited to the public on a large scale.
To commence at ? o'clock precisely.
Tickets Fifty Cents?may be obtained at the Box Office, on
Weduesday, where places in the boxes may be *ecuied.
a28 4tec
TO be given at the Broadway Tabernacle, on Tuesday Eve
niug, April 29tn. 18>6. . Under the patronage of members of
various charitaVle societies of this city, and a large committee
of gentlemen. On which occasion the most eminent talent have
kindly volunteered their valuable tervice* : -
Part I.
1?Grand Overtore, full Orchestra, the Jubilee,
C. M. Von Weber
2?Aria?Mr. P. Mayer, "di Lncia di Lammei
moor," Crudi Funesta Donizetti
3?Cavatina?Madame Burkhardt
4?Solo ou the Violin?Sig. Papetti Rapetti
5?Cavatina Tyrolienne? Madame Otto?"In ques
to semplice." from the opera of Betly Donizetti
6?Duetto Bnffo?"Metre Francisco faceva il hor
d.),"?Sig De Degnis aud Sig. Sanqairico, from
the Open Buffi. Carloite e Weter" Coccia
7?Grand Aria?Sienora R. Pico, from the opera
"Conna Caritea" Mercadante
Part II.
1?Overture ef the Grand Historical Oratoria, "The Wild
Wood* Spirits' Channt. or the Pilgrim* to the New World,"
De*igned to portray the folio wing subjects :?
ADAGIO O I'TETT')?The Genius of Freedom, ilnmbeving
in the forest shades of America.
ADAGIO SECONDO?Fnll Orchestra?She i* awakened into
lire aud actiin bv those moving melodies with which nature
regales her solitudes.
MAR01A?The efforts of Power to clip the wings of the young
Fagle of Libeity.
joyou* reign of Universal Intelligence and Universal Free
Comjwd and Arranged by ANTONY PHILLIP HEIN
Co'net Concertante by Mr. Harvey B. Dodworth.
J?Song?Miss Taylor?"Lo, here the gentle lark,"
flute ohligato, by Mr. J. A. Kyle Bishop
3?Sena from Der Frey?cbut7.?Miss Windmuller,
"We nahte mir der schlnmmer" Weber
4?Duo Bnffo?"Dove mai, dive trorarlo," Eliza et
Clandio?Signora Pico aud Sig. Sanqnirico.... Mercadante
5?Duett? Flute and Clarionet, Mersrs J. A. Kyle
ard Groenvelt, introducing Swisi and Irish airs... Clinton
6?Ballad?Miss Mary Taylor?"She wore a wreath
of roses" J. P. Knigkt
7?Song?Madame Otto?"My .Father Land," by
paiticular request. Blnm
8?Overture to 'La Fills du Regiment"?fnll or
chestra Auber
Tickets SI?To admit a lad; and gen'.lem\n. Ladies' single
tickets fif'y cents?to he hid at all the prtnc:pal mnsic stores
and hotels, and of the following Committee of Arrangements:?
James L. Hewitt, 295 Broadway,
Dr. James M. Qninn, <75 Broadway,|
Martin W. Kmranns, 14 itud 24 Sprnce st.
And at Madame Otte's, 67 Warren street.
Dons open at 7 o'clock. The Concert to commence at 8 pre
cisely. a17 3trc
1X7ILL be once more repeated, bv particular request,ou Wed
?' nesdjy. Thursday, and Friday, April 30 aud May 1 and
2. Frinklin Hall, Chatham Square, next to the Tradesman'*
Bank. Door* open at 7H?Lec.ure commence at 8. Admission
25 cent*
lllns'rated by the whole of tbe celrorated Mod'li, all of which,
eighteen in uuinber, will be ?hown each evrning. They are the
on'y ones of the kind in th- country. To enable all to aee th^m
well, the ntimber will be limil-d to Two Hundred. a?B Itrc
Telegraph will be remor.>d on the first of Mar. Don't
forget that it miT be tern in full operation, at either 1 it or '63
Broadway, on Monday, Tuesday aud Wednesdiy. of this
week, during the day or evening. a2t 2t*ec
L terary Exhibition, No. 203 Broadway.?J use added to the
Exhibition, a very beautiful Picture by G. Cole?in six? about
6 ft 4?being a Landscape view iu Cnnberland, England, filled
in with a woiderful group of Cattle, which hare rvceived the
finishing wuches of Thomas Sidney Cooper, of London, with
whom Mr. Col* studied. It was rained in the Kxhibition in
London at 400 guineas. Thia ia probably ib? most delightful
effort of art which has been exhibited here in mnny years.
To see which, and about 204 Oil Paintings, 12)4 rents only is
Entrar.ee through the Book Store, where no charge is made,
nor to the extrnsire Print lloom, where Eutmivings of erery
variety may be had, at reduced prices.
N. B.?Mr. Colman, wishing to close up the Book Depart
ment of his establishment, offers bargains to purchasers.
a!2 tfrc
piHAS K. OTTIONON respectfully iulorms his friends
v itod the public, thu he has r*e*ntlr taken tiie Urge and com
modious rooms, Noa. 15, 17, and 19 Canal strr?t. near Broad
way, (formerly occupied by J. P. Rogers.) which hare b?*n
thoroughly cleaned, and fitted up in a manner that cannot fail
to give satisfaction to the most nstidious. Connected with the
Gymnasium, is the SpAnamci Koom, where Mr. O. is always
reidy personally to give instructions iq the noble Art ofS<-lf
Defrnce, and he will likewise state that his pupils enjoy the
reputation of being the trost skilful amateur spacers ia the
Wrestling taught by Mr. Wm. 1'rick, who will warrant any
pupil perfect, after a course of instruction
Fencing taught by an experienced professor.
Mr. O. would respectfully inform thos* pupils who hare
formerly exercised at this Gymnasium, and whose terms hare
not already expired, that satisfactory arrangements for the
continuation of their unexpired time, will be made by calling
on him at the rooms, in Canal street, which will be open from
sunrise until 10 o'clock, P M.
Mr.O. would also state that th? Gymn.uism and Pistol Gal
lery, corner of Broadway andCham Vr streets, will be open un
til further notics. a9 lmje
A MATCH for $<00 will come off on Thursday, May 1st, at
2 o'clock P vi., between C. Carman \ g g John Anderson
and H. Woodruff's b g ,'mhcs K. Polk Two mile hents to wa
I mottdUtely after, a Pars*?mile h?.\ts?but three in fir*?
for horses that nerer trotted for moner.
C. Bertine enters ? Unknown.
VVm Whte'an * m Moss Rose.
J. Ciuklin g c Emperor.
The rrice of Admission to all paits of the Coarse and Stands
for tlx shore trots 10 reals
A Purse of $I2J will b" g'ven, ta come off the third we-k in
Msy. 'I hree mile heats iu harness?free for all trotting horse
that nsr'T won a pmse over $M>. I'urie $;0? mile heats?l?est
three in fire?to 240 nora-l wagunt?free for horses ihat ner?r
wonitnnr Three or more in each trot to mak?a field. To
r'oie on f iturday evening. May 3d. at the Second Ward Hotel,
>aisn street, on or liefoic 9 o'clock, P. M.
A Purse cf J2S0?two *nile heats?in harness?to come off oi
5th May.
TV Bryan *nt?r g m Lady 8uffulk.
G. Spicjr -nteis h r Am.'iicus.
JOEL C9NKL1N, r.oprietor.
Ceutrerille, April ft, 1H5. a2t ltK
MONDAY, April ttth, at 2 P. M.?rurse *2J0-t? ? mi!?
heats in lnrnrss. free for all trotting horses.
D. Bryant enters gr m Lady Suffolk.
G. Smccr ... " hgAmrricns.
H. Woodruff... " brg Columbus.
W Wherlan... " hr m Duchess.
Same diy?Sweepstake (or tIM)?two mile heats in harness.
Vanriper enters. b g Bab Logic.
C. Bertine. ... ?' b g Daniel Webster.
H. Wixidnirf... '? bgWm.Tell.
a26 ttis* m
A PHYSICIAN, of long standing and good practice, intend
^ * ing to withdraw from ihe pro'easion. is desiron* bef ir? ?.i
domu, of forming a connection with i well informed, acUr*
respectable toting practitioner A hue. with i<-?l ad
diesiu'd to A H . wi at the Drug Itore ??,a ? ? Green, ?
..u< nisat with iBMdiate ?MMitioa. *33 lwir*m
[ConiiSjiondcncc of the Herald 1
Washington, April 25,184.).
Mr Ellsworth Charge to Sweden and not to Grena
da ? Who is to be Commissioner of Patents? ?New
York Past Office under Consideration - Hie Mar
sliitsliip ? The Visit of James Knox Walker, Pri
vate Secretary, to Boston and New York, accom ?
jtmiei by Mr. Corcoran and Mr. Cushing?
I Vliat is it for??Government J>eposites and Pet
Bunki?Tlie Post Master General?Contracts and
Prices ?The Contractors' Utter to the Post Masltr
General?Coleman of the National and his Deli
I learn that I was misinformed with reapect to
Mr. Ellsworth's son being appointed Charge to
Grenada, as this is not the case, but he haa been
appointed Charge to Sweden instead. I am aiao
informed that Mr Ellsworth, the Commissioner of
Patents, sent in his resignation cf that office, dated
prospectively some weeks ago, and the appointment
of his son was predicted upon the recommendation
of the memben of the Legislature of Indiana and
all the leading men of that State. His father baa
an estate in Indiana, and intends to retire thereto,
and offered his resignation to Mr. Polk immedi
ately after the inauguration. The Commissioner
ship of Patents lies between Mr. Bidlack and Mr.
Burke, ex-M. C.'s, aa I believe.
The New Yoik Post Office is now under consi
deration. Who will be appointed it ia difficult to
foretell, but I understand that Mr. Leonard, late
M. C. from New York, stands aa good, if not a bet
ter, chance than any one elae.
There are various competitors for the Marahal
bhip here still. Among them are Captain Ryndere,
ihe Urn Giovanni of the age, and Ganaevoort Mel
ville. Both are here as large aa life. Some of the
knowing ones say that the Don Giovanni Blind* aa
good a chance as any.
Considerable speculation haa been afloat here as
to the reason of the vint of James Kaox Walker
to Boaton and New York. He waa accompanied
by Mr. Corcoran, a broker of thia city, and Caleb
Cuahing. The most reasonable conclusion which
has been drawn is, that theBe gentlemen are on a
lteuben M. Whiting speculation?that ia, they are
gone to see about government depoaita, pet baaka,
and so forth, and so on. It is an intereating ques
tion to decide that, which of the banka will give
the largest commission to obtain the use of the de
posits, and at the same time give the moat effec
tive support to government ? It ia aaid that thia
positiota realized to Reuben M. Whitney, at one
time, some ten or fifteen thousand dollars a year.
Nice pickings those, though the progressive demo
cracy are opposed to banks.
The Post Master General and hia Firat Aaaiatant
are very busily engaged in examining and deciding
upon the bids fer contracts. I understand that very
Urge reductions indeed have been effected in the
bias for contracts?some being aa much aa one-half
and three-fourths lees than previously. I learn,
also, that there is no fear of any combination
amongst the contractors, ao aa to throw the maila
into conf usion : for I learn, from very good authori
ty, that the 35 contractors who signed the letter
addressed to the Post Master General, requeuing a
postponement of the contracts for a year, to which
he returned a negative, and from which arose a
fear that the contractora would combine and refuae
to take contracts? these 35, I understand, instead
of representing the body of the contractors, repre
sented only themselves, and sought only to obtain
advantages for themselves by their eourae, which,
however, they failed to do. The remainder of the
contractors were not consulted at all with reference
to the letter sent, and would net all of them have
joined in it, though many of them think the law
bears hardly upon them.
Coleman, of the National Hotel, ia famoua for
hia promptitude in catering for good things where
with to regale hia friends. Epicnrea hereabouts
were just beginning to wiah they were aa far South
as Charleston, in the hope that they might there
find green peas, &c , when lo ! to-day at dinner a
plentiful supply of green peas, with fresh lobsters,
and other early and unlooked for delicacies, graced
the board. A ferocious onslaught was immediately
made upon said peas, and each one seemed aa if he
were afraid there would be none left him, but
there were plenty and to spare. Coleman ia the
prince of landlords in thia region.
^Vashinqtoii, April 25,1846.
Executive Affairs?Virginia Elections?New York
The Fourth Auditor, Gen. MeC&lla, cornea out
in last night's Globe, with an elaborate and able
defence of himsell against the assaults of his politi
cal enemies in Kentucky. The General has been
particularly fortunate. He has had three great
triumphs. H: has put down Clay?he has pro
moted himself?and, at last, condescends to ton
bick and spike the enemy's guns. It is said that
Mr. Clay regards McCalla's success with Captain
Polk with undisguised chagrin and mortification.
And well he may?for, while such Presbyterian
puritanical politicians aB O'dullivan in the late
canvass affected a holy horror of personalities,
Gen. McCalla was not slow in depicting on the
stump, the wine-bibbing, gambling, and Sabbath
breaking propensities of the " Great Harry."?
How can Mr. Clav otherwise regard Captain Polk,
than as endorsing (he charges of McCalla, in hia
appointment to office. This appointment shows
conclusively that Capt. Polk has no disposition to
court the favor of the whigs, or the "embodiment
of whig principles," but as the successor of Old
Hickory, he will pursue his own course, having no
consequences to fear, irom having no ulterior de
signs to accomplish. ?
The war apatm of yesterday has subsided like a
fit of the epilepsy. We shall have no war, what
evej may be the necessity, till the meeting of Con
gress And we shall have no extra session, unless
circumstances may arise which may make such
extraordinary convocation imperatively necessary
tor the salvation of Texas. Oregon and Brazil aro
mere moonshine. Indeed, we believe that South
Carolina, at this moment, would accede to the giv
ing Queen Victoria a fee simple to the whole of
Oregon, provided she ceased tampering with the
Ceople of Texas. But the Cabinet present an un
roken front in behalf of Oregon, unless Mr. Ma
son may be slightly tinctured with the Diatnal
Swamp objections of Mr. Archer. Meantime,
there is an armistice in the negociations respecting
the Northwestern boundary, the settlement of
which promises to be infinitely more difiicnlt than
the Websterian-Ashburton boundaries of Maine.
The Virginia elections, (slips of which will be
furnished vou by the evening's train) appear to have
gone for the locofocos, tooth and nail. Hopea are
even enteriained that Botta is " headed, and
Th.H. Bayley of Wise's district is successful. Mr.
Rives is reported to be elected by a large majority
to the Legislature, the very start which he made in
public life thirty years ago, and which gronnd has
all to be travelled over again, before there is any
hope new of his returning to tne United States Se
They are busied in the Departments overhauling
ths files, and re-arranging the papers?getting all
straight. We shall certainly expect now some
thing to be done in the way of rota tion. The
Secretary of the Treasury and the Postmaster Ge
neral especially, are said to have a good deal of
work cut out.
A few of your New York appointment commit
tee remain in town, and we weuld mention Hon.
H. G. Clinton as one, but he is so modest and sen
sitive alvM't fl?peiring in print, that we refrain.
Washington, April 28, 1846
Humored J (tempt to Assassinate the President ?
Mr Elmore tledims the Mission to England?
IWi mill be Appointed ??Mr. Pickens, of S. C.
?Mr. Rhett, of 8. C.?Shordd Mr. Wutt be
Sent ??Oregon Negotiations, and Mr. Calhoun
? Would he not irithdraw his objections, and go
there to undertake the Settlement of the Oregon
Question f? Should he not be sent ?
There, was a rumor floating ahout'this morning,
that an attempt had been made ?on last evening to
assassinate President Polk, and that the man had
been apprehended and lodged in jail. On making
inquiry, however, it turned out that no attempt on
James K. Polk had been made at ail, but that the
report had arisen from the arrest of a crasy man,
who had beencntting up some antic at the White
House. It seems that eome poor fellow from Ohio,
(.?ami* to the White Hou?e, and insisted on provid
ing Martin, the porter, with a good men!, and, con
sequently he brought a couple of botcies of wine,
and laid them on the table in the East Room, and
then biought two loaves of bread, and displayed
them in the same plane, and was afterwards flaunt
ing about the house with a knife in his hand, and
when thev were looking for him up staira,he would
be down, and rice WM He gave them aome little
'rouble, and was rather crooked; but not being abu
to quiet him in any other way, he was marched to
the watchhouee and locked up, whence aroae this
TS trne that Mr. Elmore has declined the mis
sion to England. Conjecturea are now rife aa to
who will ha*e the ofler, aad from information I
h >?T- received, 1 am inclined to believe thati' w ill
be lendered u> Mr Pickens, of S C. 1 thinlt try*
would be a rather injudicious selection, (or Mr I ?
although he may be a talented man,,i? yet a reeo,

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