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pHiuiDixrHit, Oct 24, IMA.
The Court oX Qiartet ttoeetou* Uuj morning were en
gaged in trying the ia*?e whether Billman, ? prisoner in
the eastern Penitentiary, who attacked en<l lulled one of
the keeper* tx? 1 iim 111 man a i>11 a fillet >? gaooii, about
four or ive e^^>t^?,-wai mi hi* i(f b; mind at the
time tho deed wai done. After an examination of the
physician of the Penitentiary, and several of the moit
eminent medical men of the city, the court and jary
cam* to the conclusion that he was nan compot mentui.?
Judge Parsons directed that he should be remanded to
the place from whence he came until the lunatic depart
ment of the Aims House whs, in the opinion of the court
so arranged as to be u suitable place for the treatment of
the insane. The court, by an act of Assembly, is autho
rued to confine lunatics, who have become dangerous by
the commission of a homicide or other dangerous crime,
until such time as they can be liberated with safety to
the community, and in this case Judge Parsons exercised
his judgment, and refused to send the patient to a place
which the united testimony of the medical faculty of
Philadelphia, and the presentments of more than two or
three grand juiies proved to he unfit for the treatment ol
the insane, and calculated to aggravate rather than amo
liorutathe disease. He decideil that the Penitentiary was
u better Hospital for such a caso than the insane depnrt- |
ment of the Alms House.
Tb? natives are in a terrible quandary about their ro
cent defeat, and are whistling very loud to keep up tboir ;
spirits, and their papers are whining at a great rate to I
get the dispirited cohorts of their party once more up to
their support. Hut, as a natirist orator Ht the 4th ef July
National Convention remarks, "Ichabod is written upon
them as a party."
But little was done at the stock hoRid to-day, and pri
ces remained neai ly stationary. Girard Bank stock has ,
been firm at $9 per shore for three weeks past, and the
probability is that anotner speculation similar to that of !
last winter will be got up upon the faith of an applica
tion to the legislatuie for a rechailer. State .Vs advan
ced i on yesterday's Quotations-, but, considering the
state of the treasury and the determination of the Exe
cutive and people ol this commonwealth to meet the in
terest regularly, the depressed condition ot these securi
ties is a matter of unfeigned astonishment. It is unac
countable how meu will risk their means in such a spe
culation as the Girard Bank, for instance, upon the faith
of a verv improbable event, while at tho same time they
abstain irom an investment which in the nature of things
must, heiore a year rolls by, yield them a profit of 25
per cent. But so it is. Men delight in the poetry of un
certainty. The following is the list of sales to-day:?
Sales of Stock* at PHIIailclplUn.
Kihst Board?219 shares Girard Bank !?; $3000 State
5's, 75$.
Second Board?$2200 State a's cash 7oj.
As ter Sai.es? 100 shs Hit so 5 ds 1"; 23 Girard Bk 9;
$355 Lehigh 6's 47.
Snlea of Stock* at Uoaton.
Exchange Boaiid, Oct. 23.?fi shales Merchants' Rank,
1051; 10 Kastern Railroad, bo3.1s, no int, 107;; 40 Wes
tern Railroad, Saturday, 97;; 175 I.ong island Railroad,
69$; 100 do I>o30ds, 70; 150 Wilmington Railroad, 17j;
17o Norwich and Worcester Railroad, 731; 50 do ho 30 is,
74; 100 doboSOds, 74; 25 do, 73$; 50 do, 73$; 10 Reading
Railroad, 201; 100 do bo 30.1s, 28]; 100 do, 26$; $1000
Heading Railroad Bonds, 1850,87$.
Seco.xd Board, Oct. 23.?50 shares Reading Railroad,
28; 55 Western Railroad, 97$; 6 do so 5ds,97$; 9 Kastern
Railroad, 107$.
From Corpus Christi.?The Tinted States schr.
On-ka-hy-e, Lieutenant Commanding Sinclair, ar
rived at Mobile on Thursday week from Aransas Bay,
whence she sailed on the Otli instant,bringing despatches
from General Taylor to the Department. All was quiet
at Aransas when tho O. sailed, und the troops were in
line health. The following is a list of the officers of the
On-ka-hy-e A Sinclair, Lieutenant Commanding ; Geo
T. Sinclair, 1st Lieuteaunt : J. J. Guthrie, Acting Mas
ter ; C. II B, Caldwell, Passed Midsliipmau ; Wm. li.
Jameson, Passed Midshipman ; Morris B Beck. Assistant
Surgeon ; John D. Ghiselin, Captain's Clerk. Passen
gers? Hiiam Stanford, Assistant l.ngineer, with orders to
the Mississippi ; R. S. Reil, Passed Midshipman
New York, Friday, Oct. 34.
Asms.?The market looked up a little to-Jap, when
some sales were maJe at J;* 87$ for Pots, and $4 Hi lor
Cotton.?The market has displayed more animation
to-day, and about 1600 bales were taken, mainly for ex
port, although some spinners are buying. The sales, as
far as we could ascertain, were at better prices than have
been hitherto paid, and are about our inside quotations ;
and for the new crop parcels, extreme quotatious were
paid ; we therefoie refer to tho present liguiee, as tiie
correct rates.
Liverpool Classifications.
Upl. 4- Flor. y. O. 4- Mob.
Inferior, 0 a 0 ... 0 a 0 i
Ordinary ?? a 7 ... 7 a 7$
Middling 7j a 72 . . , ij a 7]
Good middling,. ...... "5 a 7$ . . . b a Hi
Middling fair 8 n 8} . . . 8$ a S|
Fair 81 a 8' . . . 9 a 9/
fully fair 8$ a 8$ . . , Pj a Pi )
1 loud fair 9 a 9$ ... 10 a inj
Fine 0 a 0 ...11 all
Flour.?Transactions wsre moderate, and prices firm
at $o bo.
Teas? lmpoitcd in the ship Venice. Terms?notes at
six months.
Hyson?8 ht chests at 93 cts i>er lb, 31 chests 67$; '77 do
CD, '70 do 83, 93 halt do 31; 8 cases 6->; 17 cans, bxs 68; 50
chests withdrawn.
Young ilysou -13 half chests 60, 17 do 08, 81 do 56, '76
do 66 , 50 do 464: 34 do 14$, 7 do 42$, 6U do 41, 147 do 40, 56
do 394, 198 do 39, 65 do 28$, 116 do 38, 16 do 37, 49 Jo 33$,
60 do '79, 37 do 26$, 71 do 22, 74 chests 18$, 977 hall chests
Hyson Skin?15 half chests 38,36 chests 30, 17 do 37,36
do 26, 10 do 26, 43 do 19, 516 do withdrawn.
Gunpowder?9 hall chests 90, 13 do 70, 6 Jo 69$, 34 do
69, 35 dj 67J, '21 do 66, 77 do 56$, 10 do 30, 40 do 20$, 60
do 24, 10 caiiDisters 3S, 50 do 3$j, 100 6 lb boxes 25, 140
ao 24, 37 131b do 24,3d hf chests, 176 13 lb bxs and 166 61b
do withdrawn.
Imperial?9 half chests 74}, 6 do 66$, 31 do 60$, 62 do
00, 27 do 68$, 9 do 55$, lOOfdo 27, 240 Olb boxes 30, 50
cases 43, 4b half chests, 175 131b boxes and 166 6lb do
Chulon?100 hf chests 32,25# do withdrawn.
Powchong?10 half chests 17$, 10 do 13$, 955 do with
Family Provision Ularket.
The diffeient markets are full of every variety of fall
produce from the gardenor and tanner. Large lots of
young pig, .pork, and country beef already till tip the
many avenues to the markets. Game is more plenty,- |
with some fine saddles of venison.
In our report this week we have no material alteration
to make, prices remain as per last noted.
Apples, brl ...SI 50 a 3 ? Pears, hf peck.. 0 25 R 0 75 ;
Peel, cit'e lies.. U 9 a 0 12 Woodcock, pair 0 37>$a 0 50
Do. cornea.... 0 5 a 0 8 Wild Dtick, do. 0 50 a 0 75
Beets, bunch... 0 5 aO 6 Tame Ducks,do.0 0 0
Beans,lima.hfpkO 8 a 0 10 Teal, do 0 37 a 0 50
Do. string, liu.. 0 75 a 1 00 Turkeys,do... 1 00 a 1 50
Cucnmbv, 100.. 0 25 a 0 31 Geese, do 1 00 a 1 12
Cabbage 0 ' a 0 6 fowls, do 0 624*a 0 87'<
I elery, bu'b....O 10 a 0 12 Chickens, do... 0 37$ia 0 62)x
Cat rots, hunch. 0 3 a 0 4 Sea Bass 0 8 a 0 10
Corn, per 100. . 0 50 a 0 62$a Swiped do 0 8 a 0 10
Cr uibeiries ,'aiik 37>?a 0 0 Flounders, bull 0 10 a 0 12 ]
Kkc Plants, eali 0 3 a 0 6 fills, per Id 0 6 a 0 8
Lettuce, hesd.. 0 2 a 0 3 Fresh Cod, lb,. 0 5 a 0 S
Onions, bush.. 0 50 a 0 b2>s Crabs, 0 12 a 0 18 j
Squ ish 0 3 a 0 6 Lobsters 0 6 a 0 ? |
Tomatoes, bu. 1 00 a I 50 Butter, freah... 0 22 a 0 25
Veal, pound... 0 7 a 0 12 Kgga, per doz.. 0 8 a 9 ? j
Potatoes "0 56 u 0 62,Cheese, per lb. 0 6 a 0 9
Do. sweet, bush. I 0 a 1 50 Lard, do 0 9 a 0 10
Pork, fresh.... 0 5$?a 6 6 Wild Pid's, doz. 1 0 a 1 25
Meti s, clt'n, ea 0 4 a 0 10 Muincrs 1 00 a 1 75
Water Mel'n,do 0 6 a 0 37$4 Salsify doz.... 0 50 a 0 0
Parsnips doz,. 0 50 a 0 0
| Apples, fall pears and quinces, of every kind, size and
quality, and at various prices.
Flour Market.
Buffalo, Oct. 32.?The effect of the news by the Hi
lierma upon the market at this point, lias been to cause
the less sanguine holders to oiler at reduced rates, and
we hear of the sale of 500 brls. Black Rock at $4 56,
500 do, also Black Kock, at ?4 60; 460 do Michigan at
$t 67$ and $4 66, and 470 do Indiana, at $4 75. In wheat
we hear of no sales. Before the reception of the news
by the Ilihernia, an invoice of Lower Sandusky wheat
on the achr. Marshall (b43 bushels) w as disposed of at
95c., hut the buyer has since declined to take his pur
chase, consequently it is still on the market. Our wes
tern trade is assuming a new feature in relation to
wool. Many qualities of our wool are adapted to the
manufacture ot certain kinds ui fabric in Kng'aiid, and
hence arises the necessity of our exporting such qua
lities in return for the |tine wools we purchase for im
port. An operator connect* d with a heavy New York
firm, was iu our market yesterday afternoon, and pur
chased 3IMHI lbs. No. I lamb's pulled wool at 27c., and
3000 lbs. supeiline lamb's pulled wool at 30 cents for ex
port, atid we have no doubt the returns be will receive
will be sufficiently encouraging to continue a tiade of
such importance.
Principal articles of export by carial yesterday: ?
Fliur, brls, 6,773, Ashes, casks, 76; Beel, brls., 208;
Wheat, bush., 7,200, Butter, lbs., 61,689; f heese do
77,273. ' '
( anal exports second week in October:?Tolls,
$16,010; mdse 2,290 tons, salt, bbls 10,040
Principal articles shipped were flour, 31,564 brls.;
Beef, 675 do; Ashes, 772 cks; Whiskey, 4,120 galls .
Wool, 24,652 lbs ; Cheese, 370,705; Wheat, 108,326
bush.; Butter, 130,302; Lard, 46,194 do.; < lover end other
seeds, 19,710do.; Staves, 313 tuus, Lumber, 3#7 M ft.
Detroit, Oct. 18, 1845. - flour brought $3 78 a $3 77
yesterday. Wheat 73 a 75. The eastern muiket has
revived a little.
Pit tisi'rch. Oct 21.?Flour is up 12$ a 25c higher
$3,87$ a >4 was paid yesterday on tho wharf ami from
wagon. Mora is said to have been paid, but we could
not verily a sale above $4,00. 200 bbls. in several lots,
sold from store at $4 per bbl. The market is extremely
bate, l heese is much sought for-200 bxs and a few
casks sold troin store at 6$c, small lots 6$ abjfcperlh.
'26 kegs butter, in second hands, brought 10$ a I0$cpor
lb.?the market is rather'dull, however, sales of 6000
lbs Hams from store at 8Jc, and some Bides at 7$ a 7Jc
iwrlb. Bale of 200 bbl. N0. 1 Alleghany Salt at the
River, at $1 find inspection. 200 bushels Oats at 29$ a
30c per bushel at the River. No 1 I.aid id kegs ?elli
fieelr from store at 8Jc pei lb. Sales 30OQ lbs prime
Feathers, in several lots, at 30c per lb. Bale of New
Oilcans Molasses ot llh- per gallon, cash. I60bo*es
bx 10 Glass, country brands, in store, brought $1 75 short
time Timothy May, $18 a 16 per tou of 7000 ibs de
livered. A small lot of Lemons in good ordei retailed
by the box at $10. Limited sales ol Codfish at $4 per
100 lbs. The arrivals of Pig Metal continue to he laign
from above and helow, but still the market is not active.
No. 1 Alleghany, us remarked previously, is freely ol
lered st $30 Bcorcbings are very dull at 3c, even on
Philadelphia Cattle Market.
Oct. '73.?At market 1060 Beef Cattle, mostly Irom
including 160 cows and calves; 580 swine, and 1
sheep Prices?Beeves still dull of sale at $4 a $6 60
109 lbs tor common to extra quality- -100 leftover; ci
ami calves sell at $18 a $30; swine brought ft 74 a $4 40
the 100 lh?j shaep?sales range at tl a> a ?3 "f lu
qualityi hay is brisk at 94 a lOAo. the ewt for good timo
thy, ami straw now brings $5 40 a $8 40 thi hundred
bundles. .
LsKst Uatee
Aujier July ? 'JJsatlla June 4
Africa Sept >? 'J1'" 1* * LL
Aransas Bay Oct- 4 -I*}.' j?
Amicus . ? Sept. 20 Madeira Au*. 14
Aus Caves ' ' ...Sept. ? Mauritius July 26
Augustine Bay!.'... ? May 2* Montevideo Aug. 17
Bmtuvn . Jul V S.Maracaibo Aug. 9
Bayol Islands, N. .March24 Maasanilla Sept. 11
Bermuda <?? J Matnnxne Sept 20
Buenos Ayres Aug. 21 Mayaguex Sept. h
Belhte Hon Sept. 19 Matamoras Sent. 13
UarhaJoes Sept. IS Monterey July 31
Bogota July 20 Merida, (Vuratau) ..Aug. 7
Bonaire Sent. 30 Nassau, N. P Oct 2
Dalua July 26 Oaliu, 8. 1 June 12
Bombay Aug. 27 Oregon April 27
| Cape Town,C.O. H. .Aug. 10 Para Sept. 28
I Calcutta Aug. 16 Paris Oct. 1
i Cardenas Aug. 17 Port au Prince Oct. 1
Cliagrss July 26 PortoCabello Sept. II
Corpus Christi Sept. 28 Point Petre, Guad... Sept. 30
Ciaufuegos Sept. 3 Peruambuco Sept. 18
Cape llaytien ....... Sept. 10 Panama April 12
Curacoa Sept. 17 Payta April i
C trtliageiia Aug. 23 RioJaueiro Aug. 28
Cam peachy Aug. 8 Rio Grande Aug. 20
CiKiuimbo July 13 Sau Juan Sept. II
Callao July 4 San Francisco March 14
Dune ram Sept. 29 St. Helena Sept. 3
Fayal Aug. 72 St. Thoinaa Oct 4
Gibraltar Oct. I St Jago dr Cuba... Sept. 27
Guay&iii i, 1'. R Aug. 14 St. JoTius, P. It Aug. 3
Galveston Oct. 10 Sagua la Grande ... Oct. 7
Gouaives Sept. 4 St. Croia \ug. 27
Guayaquil Aug. 21 St. Domingo Sept 27
Gallipagoi lalailda .. .May 4 St. dies Sept. I
Havre 0<t. I Surinam Sent
Havana Oct. 7
HobartTown.V.D.L. Keh. 4
Jereiniv Aug. 30 _
Jactnel Sept. II Talcahuana June fi
Kingston,Ja Se]it. 21 Tahiti May 17
Loudon Oct. 3 Tampico Sept. 27
Liverpool Oct. 4 Tobaaco Aug. 21
La Guayra Sept. 21 Turks Island Oct. 2
Lacuna Aug. 20 Valparaiso July 16
Litna Aug. 4 Vera Crux Oct. 3
Macao June 27 Zauzibar June 4
Surinam oept. u
Singapore ...July 8
Sydney, N. S. \V... June 13
Triniilad de Cuba... Sept. 30
.Movement* of the Stemil Ship*.
o,. Leave Due in Leo re
Steamer/. Caj.tam,. uuerpool, A,9mrriea
Great Britaiu, Hosken ... Oct. 28
Hiberuiu, Hyrie ... ...Nov. 1
O. Western, Mathews Oct. 11...Oct. 24... Nov. 6
Caledonia, Lott Oct. 19.. Nov. 2... Nov. 16
Acadia, Harrison Nov. 4... Nov. 17... Dec. 1
I'at lo is to Arrive. | l'uekets to Sail.
John R Skiddy, Sept. 30 I Garrick, Trask, Oct. 26
New York. Cropper, Oct. 1 I Montezuma, Lowlier, Nov 1
Liverpool, Eldridgc, Oct.6 I ludepetidence, Allen, Nov. 6
Toronto, Tinker, Oct 1 Victoria, Morgan, Nov. 1
Westminster, Hovey, Oct 10 I VVelliugtoa.Chadwick, Nov.10
St. James, Meyer, Oct. 20 I H. Hudsou, Moore, Nov. 20
Baltimore, Funck, Sept. 16 I loiva, Lines, Oct.24
Argo, Anthony, Sept. 21 Oneida, Fuuck, Nov. 1
Sully, Edgar, Oct. 1 I Kmerald, Howe, Nov 8
?I'M RISES 6 43 '< MmON RISES .....12 40 M.
SOM SETS 4 17 I HIliH WaTKR 1 2 I.
Ship Iowa, Lines, Havre. Vox 8t Livingston.
Ship Liberty, Norton, Liverpool. J Vv Phillips.
Ship Maine. Litllefield, Savannah. Barton Brothers &Co.
Barque Abagtin, Finney, Liverpool, (1 IL-tvilaiid.
Barque May blower, Hitchcock, Antwerp, K U Hurlbut.
Brig Reindeer. VViiisnr, Jacmel, A C Ktusiere Ik Co.
Brig Joseph Atkins, Truudy, Matanzas, Read St Hoppock.
ling Moses, Lnrelsud, Charleston, Geo Bulkley.
Brig Bolus, Hiller, .Viurtreesboro, NC.
Schr Tiger, Perry. Charleston, Gayer St Mailler.
SchrZtiloda, Cudworth. Edentou, NC.
Schr J C Demurest, Smith, Philadelphia, Piatt St Picrson.
Schr October, Batter, Boston, Lewis St Co.
Sloop James L Long, Jones, Providence.
Sloop Charles, Sturges, Providence.
Barge Comet, Cox, Philadelphia.
British brig Eliza, Coffin, 11 days from Pictou, NS.svilh coal,
to master.
Brig Caroline Clark, Ketchum, 8 days from Mschias, with
lumber, toJ KSuow. On Tuesday last, when in lat 40, Ion 17
3, iu the NIV blow, the C C wu knocked down on her beam
euds and Inst deck load of lumber, w hen she righted.
Schr Forest, Robinson, Machiaa, lumber.
Schr Mechanic. Sawyer, Machias, lumber.
Schr Hero, Spear, Thomaston, lime.
Schr Mary Laugdon, Cobb, Thomaston, lime.
Schr Leprelette, Smith, Thomaston. lime.
Schr Otranto, Morgan, Surry, Mc. lumber.
Rllcceilniteoua klecord.
Steam Smr Great Britain, will i&il for Liverpool 011
Tuesday next at 3 o'clock.
Pacrkt Shit Iowa. Lines, for Havre, will sail this morning.
Letter bags close at half-past 11.
Ship Adelaide, Adams, for Havana, will also sail morning.
Schr Alexander, from .Marinas, which arrived at Boston
33d, grounded on 'he Hats same night, fell over, a:,d filled with
water on the flood tide.
Ship American wis sold at Boston 23d inst. by auction, for
$67110 rssii. She is four j ears old, and 3**0'a tons, of Eastern
Beautiful Schooner ?The new and beautifnl schooner
Arrow is nearly completed at the yard of John K Hammitl,
Kensington, and will be ready for launching in a few days. She
measures 130 tons, aud is a perfect model for sailing. I apt Jos
Seiners will both own and command her.
Ship Koiinhasset, late of Boston, has been purchased at Sag
Harbor, and is to be fitted for a whaler.
foreign Porta.
MaRanhsm, Sspt 16?No American vessel in port.
Para, Sept 26?No American vessel in port.
St John, NB Oct 16?Arr brig 'Belle, Sevose,'New York
(so reported); 19th, Acadis, Barnes, do.
Moms Pn. La.
Boston. Oct 23?Signal for 2 brigs Cld ships Bombay, Val
paraiso and a mkt; itadius, Last Indies; Delhi, Alauillv; No
ii.trlum, and Elizabeth Bruce, New Orleans; Konohaaset. Sag
Harbor; barques Effort, Rio Janeiro; Manchester, NOrle.vns;
br'ga John H Stephens. (of Boston, late of Newark NJ) Jack
sonville, fls; Washington, Pensacola; h lla, Philadelphia; tchs
1 a.siiis. Wilmington, NL; Isaac Franklin, Alexandria: Faucy,
Chase, New York. Sid barque Justice Story; brigs Nereus.
Hope Howes, Susan.
Buck sport, Oct 19?Sid schr L'rvnus, Baltimore.
Fall River, Oct 17?Arr schr Niagara, Philadelphia; 18th
brig Token, and schrs Constitution, 11 W Gaudy, and Benj H
Field. Philadelphia; 19th. brigs Emetine, Victory, and Autares.
do; si nips Frank'in, and F,ssei, New York; 20th, Alice, do; 21st,
schr Kveluie, Philadelphia. Slil iCtli, brigs Tecums-h. and
Seaman Philadelphia; schrs Frances. North Carolina; lly G
King, Aroerica^and Flash, Philadelphia; lith, t rig De'aware,
do; 18th schrs k lorida, Darirn; Pith, Geo Washington,Charles
ton . B 11 Field, Philadelphia; 22d.Qiiesu, Baltimore.
Hartford, Oct 23? Arr schrs Kxchxuge, Charleston; Ade
line, Richmond; sloop China, Albany.
New Bedford, Oct 22?Arr ting Nonpareil, Wilmington,
N< . Sid schrs lace Y. tes, Philadelphia; Ellen Rodman, New
York; Heary Clay, Albany.
Lewes, Del. Oct 22?Ship St Louis, for New Orleans; brigs
Fairy. Ibr Demerara; Acorn , Eliot,and Albert,for Boston; sens
Dorcai, for do; Elizabeth. SM Jabez L. White, for Providence,
went to sea yesterday alteruoon. Several brigs and a fleet of
se.hrs cause 111 last evening aud anchored at the Breakwater.?
The steamer Cohansey, Iroin Philadelphia, came down last
evening, hut could not land her passengers until this morning
owing to the boisterous state of th? weather. There are now
at the Breakwater 13 brigs and 39 schrs, mostly outward bound
Wind strong from N W, and a heavy sea running.
Philadelphia, Oct 23?Arr barge Shark, anil steamer Vol
can. New York Cld brigs Sulla, and I eruinseh. Boston; schs
Advance, do: Columbia, Newport; J Kusliiig, and Pheb* Bax- I
ter. Providence; John A Duncan, and Volta, New York;sloop
Report, barge .Middlesex, and xteainers Ocean, and Black Dia
mond, do.
Plymouth, Oct 19?Arr schrs Wave, Richmond.
Portland, Oct 22?Cld barque Murillo, Char eston; schr
Wave, Mobile. _ |
Portsmouth, Oct 21?Cld Caroline, Mobile.
Providence:. Oct 22?Below, schr Tangent, fm Philadelphia;
sloop Hero. Albany; and others. Sid brigs VV P Walker, Bath,
to load for Cuba; Hellespont, Wilmington, NC; schrs Star, i
Philadelphia: U S surveying schr Vanderbilt, Newport; sloops
Jupiter, Mhae) ; Radiant, New York.
Sai ?>, O- t 20?Arr schr Rubicon, Hrinkwater, New York.
Salem, Oct 22-Arrschri Sophia, I'ara; Sarah it Maria, New
by l.ant Night's Sonthero Sail.
Alexandria, Oct 22?Arr schr Susan, Boston. Sid Frank, '
New York.
Bali iMore:, Oct 23?Cld schr T R Betton, Nassau, NP. Sid
brig Dover, Boston.
< HAHLKs roN, Oct 20?Cld ship Ma/ianna, North of Europe.
Sid ship Virginia, Liverpool.
Oeohoetown, DC. Oct 22?Cld brig F.veline, Kingston, Ja.
Mobile, Oct 16?Arr ship Alabama, Wise, New York; brig
Growler. Philadelphia; U S schr Oukahyr, Aransas Bay; schr '
Mayflower, Newport. Sid L S steamer Col Harney, Galves- j
ton and Aransas Bay.
New Orleans, Oct II?Arr steam ship New York, Phillips,
New York. Old steain ship John S M'Kim, Galveston; brigs
Rover, do; Mary Walker, Aransas Bay; barque Kaminohuu
Roy, Paul, New York. Steam ship New York reports left
Kay West l(th. and ou the 1 llh encountered a heavy gale from
SSW to NW, which continued 48 hours?stove starboard bul
warks aud sustained other damage.
Philadelphia, Oct 21?Arr barque Anna Reynolds, Boston;
brigs Palm.and VVin Penn, Bostou; schr Caroline, I'once, PR.
Beiow, brigs Seiman, Victuriu: schr Delsware, and a herm
brig unknown ('Id ship Thoa P I ope, Liverpool; schr John
Randolph, Provideuce barge i* E Nice, New York
ter, Mass.
President?Hon. John Davis, of Worcester.
Vice PresideuU?Hon. Isaac Davit, Worcester.
Stephen Salisbury, Esq do.
Treasurer-William Dickenson, Esq. do.
Secretary?C. Harris, Esq. do.
This institution is now prepared to receive applications for
insuranar on lives Iron $100 to $VWSI at rates of premium less
than those now charged by other companies. It Fiaa a guaran
tee capital of $100,000, for w hich, 7 per cent, interest only is
paid All the profits arr divided amongst the assured,offering
greater inducements than any other company. Application for
assurance may be made in E. D SAaTON,
(Agent of the Company in this city,)
<( Wall street.
A Sidney Doane. M- D , Wdical Examiner, 32 Warren
HEW oT I me ml'r
the plijmbk national daguerkian
r| 1 BROADWAY, upper corner of Murray, over Ten
\T. . n*)' 4 JJ'we'rv store, awarded the .Medal, lour M Kint
Premium; rind two" Ilixhest Honors," at the t ihihitiou at
Boston, sNew V ork and Philadelphia, respectively, for the best
pictures and apparatus ever t ihibitcd.
VOIQTLAENltER's a ppa ha tus.
Pin in be a Premium Cameraa, Instructions, Phi tes, (uses, it c.
forwatded to auy desired point, at lower rates than by any oth
er manufactory "aaainD&WMnc
A F.THOMPSON'S D.iguerruoi Rooms, No. 2*. Broad
. ? way, between the Granite Buildings anil iteadc ?|
LIKENESSES of the various sizes taken by the improved
proem* and finished in the inost SRperior style, with ail tlw
ii aturM colors.
Operations in all weather from 8 A. M. till 4 T. M.
lusirucf ions in thcArt and Apparatus and Materials supplied.
T person i Hishiug a thorough Knowledge of the business su
p* rio; advantages are her* offered. si" lfn*m
Willi DO/EN Shirred Suspenders, manufactured under the
N/' nbove patent For sale by GEO. BEECHER,
foT'" im'tn inn Rinufe.*
I,' FATHERS?4,000 lbs. IHiiiih Feathers, just receivedTTor
. r tale by
1 ?m E- K COLLINS k Co. M South at.
f Hi Anthony St., t Doors from Broadway,
JAMES HANXr.r, (ha oulr Pupil of Scbsstiau Krard, #1
Loudon and I'aru, call* public attention to hi* nock oflm
' proved Patent Doubt* and Single Action Harp*, including hi*
I celebrated6)f oc.. Grand 4Jothi? luatrameuu with Mntallic Vi
brating Bassra, fee. itc.
James Hauley ha* beep honored with the reatimouial* of th*
! President of the United State*, the American Minuter* to the
; Court* of London and I'ari*, Professors Bochaa, Alvari, Chat
' trrteu, Horn, aud uuinerou* other* from i>rivate individuals ot
distinguished musical talent,
i rt-?" Observe, 81 Anthony ?treet, 1 doors from Broadway.
I HARPS UK PA IKED Strings, lite. *U Im'rc
rpHI8 VALUABLE MEDICINE i* particularly recoup
I a. mended as brine the most effectual cure for Asthma.
Whooping Cough, Cold* of every description. Bronchitis, and
all Affections ol the l.uugs. It is constantly preaenbed by our
| must eminent physicians, and lot* stood the trst of thirty years,
I and over 80 oOo bottles are uow cousumed annually, for.sale
' at Is, 2s, aud 4s per bottle, by
Wholesale Agent*, 63 Bowery, corner Walker street.
' Always ou haud, Hooper's Female Pills, genuine; Daily's
Pa.iu Extractor; Bristol's'dnrsapartlla ; Fresh Swsdish Leeches.
*22 lin'inc
IMA Kulton Strt!ct,Op)MMlt? Ml. Paul's Church
\1 118, CAUitOLL beg* to remind her patrons of the eifica
ivl cv of toe Vapor Baths in caring colds, rheumatism,chills
and lev r.fcr. Sulphur Baths require half an hour's uotice. 1
Porvi ,e Vapor Bath* ?eut to any part of the city or vicinity.
all Im rc
948 I'enrl Street.
BETWEEN Centre aud Elm streets.?Warm, Cold and
Shower Botha, equal to any in the city, cents each.
Dotal clean single beds, 12)4 cents each. Meal* 12>4 cts. each
Board aud lodging, $2,30 per week.
Newspapers from Loudon, Liverpool, Canada andjall the
principal cities in the United States, on fie. jym*
'?3HE superiorly of Dr. Hull s Instruments oyer all others
JL t* acknowledged by the moat eminent Physician* in Eu
rope and America. Office 4 Vcaey afreet, Aitor House. A
female in attendniiee in the ladies' department *12 lm*m
October 13th, 1843.
1MIE PRESIDENT and Directors have this day declared a
. dividend of four and one half pur oaot on tha capital stock
of this compmy, for the aix months eudiug lit August last,
l>ayable to the stockholders on and after Saturday, the 1st Nov
The transfer book will be closed from the 23th instant to that
date. By order, C. L. EVERlTf, Secretary.
?l4to N1 rc
FOR 184?.
No. BM Uarclny Street.
by Paschal Donaldson?Embellish with elegant Kirtrn
vitigs on Steel, from Original Design* by Casilver aud Mor
ton, and beautifully bound in Morocco tutd Oilt. The usual
discount allowed to Booksellers. sll lin'r
Or Hnlr Iiivlgorntor. ,
REMEDY for all diseases incidental to the Hair and its
restorative, in all cases where Baldness is not beyond the
reach of art.
?Merits ok the Chemicl Bat ssm or Hair I.tvioortor.?It
prevents Baldness. It removes Dandriff aud Cutaneous Scruff.
It keeps the Hair iu its natural color and Prevents it from
turning grey. It is now presented to the world, with a firm be
lief, that as a beautiful aud healthy resUOrative of the Hair it
will be fonnd on trial unequalled. Prepared solely by E Pha
lon, No. 214 Broidway.
Agents?U. Fish It Co., Washington, D. C.t Ayer IkPhelan,
7b Broad St., Colnmbna. Georgia ; 'Puttie, Assembly Build
ings, coruer of Teutli and Chesuut its., Philadelphia; H. Kice,
corner of Court and Ilowanrd; streets, Boston : C B. Brow
er. No. 103 Fulton at.. Brooklyn; M. S. Fletcher, Marabou,
Ulster Co., N. V.; V. B. Loc.row, No. 34 Beaver street,
Albany. *23 Lui'mc
uorrrtoic, Oieett, Strictures, aud Analogous Complaints ?
We give no quaekiih recommendations to deceive the public.
The proprietor challenges a single case of receut gouorrnote to
be brought in which the Mixture will uot effect a rapid cure,
under a forfeiture of(3l>0.
Foraale at Dr. W. fl.MILNOR'S, 192 Broadway, opposite
the Frankliu House. *7 lin'rrc
IV all it* branches; Ladies Wigs; half Wigs; Frizettrs1 Wire
Curls; Cnrts; Bauds; Braids, ktc. Sir., to suit any ahade ol
hair. Also.alargeassortmeuloiUeutleiueu's Wigs aud Scalps,
of all si/.es and shades, of the best quality, to be found on hand
or made to order at short uotice, at W.M. DIBBLEE'S, 26i>4
late2711 Broadway *3lm*rre
A N ARTICLE of great atrength and durability, can he
a h adiptedto all kinds of machinery for which leather is useB;
costs about one third less, and is superior to it iu many respects.
It is iiu.ifleeted by heat or cold, and when adjusted to machine
ry does not require alteration as is the case with leather Foi
sale by GEO. BEECHEK,
10# Broadway.
Belts of given lengths and thickness mode to order.
*u28 2m*m
1T1 bet; to recommend to the attentiou of all person* inter
ested in buililiurs, their much approved Mastic, which is the
in <st durable situ beautiful composition ever vet iuveiited for
covering the exterior of dwelling houses or public buildings, in
imititiou ofmarhleorstoue ; no lime or water enters into the
coineotitiou of the mastic, which consists of boiled linseed oil,
ol'a thick consistence, which, with the oxides and sarbonate of
lead, and other ingredients, forms a cement impervious to
water, hard as a stone, and of great durability. Specimens may
hr seen and eve'y information given on application to Mr.
OIIAS. H. MOUNTAIN. Architect, 17 Wall street, N. York.
*23 lra*r
RESPECTFULLY informs Ins friends and the public tliat
lie continues the practice of his profession as usual, at
his residence No. S Warren street. Ur. A having Sir many
years paid strict attentiou to the diseases of the teeth and gums
and the operations incident thereto, and especially to llint
most necessary and useful one, the lilting of the teeth with
gold, hopes by his rare and attentiou to give general satistac
nun in that particular braucli of his profession?to his success
in which, a liberal and lucreasiug patronage (and which he
gr-tefully acknowledges.) abundantly testify. s7 Im*in
\TESSRS. CLARKE HtSTKVAN solicit the patronage ol
IvA the public to their Temperance Intelligence Office, 95X
Duane street, where they can n ive servants of the fpst class,
white and colored, Protestants and others, ol all descriptions,
of good moral character. Messra. Clarke St Stevau rrturii their
since e thanks lor the kind patronage they have so liberally
received, and continue to serve the public at 3iX Dunne street,
one door west of Broadwav *13 lni*r
UBIN'?, I iuorlain's, Piver's, Prevost's, Guelsod's a ad
Maugenet St Coudray's Kxtracta Colognes; Soaps; Laven
derj Oil; Pomatums: Cosmetiques. Stc; English and French
Hair Brushes aud Combs of all descriptions, together with
his highly esteemed aud well patronised Japonica Juice, lot
ch aining the head and moistemug the hair, the only thing
that will prevent the hair falling out. Bold at WM. DIB
1)1.UK'S, Coiffeur Americain, 263X (late271) Broadway.
*3 lm*rre
DR. MARSHALL HALL, oue of the moat celeb rated Phjii
eians iu Europe, it the discoverer of this valuable mediciue.
It is now used ill Ins practice among ttiu nouinty of England and
through the continent of Europe, and III every installs ? wlivrs
used according to directions, lias produced the most happy re
sults. It it exclusively,directed to the cure of such complaints
as arise Iroin a disorganization of the generative orgaua. Its
quick and wonderful action is such that coldness or imbecility
ca.mot remain iu the system that is uuder its influence for hall'
an hour. it will aiTurd decided relief to tbose who by
early indulgence in solitary habits, hare fallen into a state ol
chronic debility.
Constitutional weakness,brought on by aaecret habit,indulged
in by young men. This is, when too frequently indulged in, the
greatest evil that can befell man. Dyspepsia, Weakness of the
limbs, and small of the back, confusion of intellect, forgetful
ness, palpitation ol the heart, rversiuii to society, consumption,
emaciation, are the symptoms of this disease. Gleets, whites,
obstruction of certain evacuations, total impotency and barren
trees are removed by this inediciii'*
PHILLIPS St BOYNE, Agents. Forwarded to all parts of
the United States. Price S3 per bottle?6 bottles for $9. Sold
at II Duane st. *13 lm*r
DOCTOR CORBITT, Member of the University of New
York, also member of the Medical Society, has removed
his office from 16 Duane street to 3 Oliver street, near Chatham
Square; may be consulted confidentially on all diseases of a
delicate nature. Strangers are iufurmed that the Doctor haa
rxelusivaly confined his practice from being general to the treat
ment of certain classes of diseases, (now over thirteen years in
th? city of New Y'ork,) which engages Ins entire attention.?
The annals of medicine do not record greater success than is to
he found in his practice. The Dector cautions the unfortunate
against the use of mercury, as it has its thousands of victims.
Recent caaes are removed in three or four days from the sys
tem. Those protracted anil malt-reared cases that have been
under the treatmer* -'lysiciins less ex|>erienced. will he
sure to find prompt relief by catling on Dr. C. A practice ol
many years has established tfiss Doctor's reputation for skill and
res|a-ctability. Strictures engage the Doctor's profound atten
Hon. A medicine may be hid to prevent a certain disease in
any of iu forma. Open from 7 A. M. to 10 P. M.
an26 Imos'm.
No. 105 William Mtreet. L'p Mtnlrn.
INTIMATES that he has en hand, and is daily bringing for
ward. a splendid assortment of the above articles, to which
lie invitss attcuriou. Orders promptly executed. Prices luw.
a 11 I in* re
NE box of these invaluable Pills are worth all the qua *
medicines advertised lor crrtaiu delicate diseases. Let toe
an fort on it# real aaaarod th.it there is no suggstttioa in assert
ing these Pills to be a speedy Slid radical cure for Gonorrhoea,
Gle. ta. Irritation of the Kidueya, ttc. They were for several
years preicribed by the celebrated Abernethy in all the stages
of the above diseases In the first stage one box is usually sut
fineu! to effect a cure in a f?w ilayt. In long protracted cliro ' ic
stages, obstinate gleets, Stc. they are equally certain, havin
cured hundreds who had taken oilier medicines lor muntns,
which tended more to destroy the constitution than to enre 'lie
disease. They never leave the jatru suhject to the troubles, un
weskness which so frequently occur slier using other rnedi
cinea. They have iio unpleasant taate or smell, and anyone
taking thein might frequent the moat reliued society wilhoo,
having their iriisfortuues suspected.
For sale at Apothecaries' Hall, 36 ( atliarine street, and 12"
Maiden lane. Price >1 per box. s9 lin'ine
IN all those rases where manly vigor it impaired, where the
mental and physical powers are prostrated by an unrestrained
indulgence ol the p.issious, particularly by those solitary and
destructive lialuu ol early youth, inducing uoctural emissions
and debility, the Hygean Renovator will be f, und an infallible
remedy, ft restores the organ* of reproduction in both sexes to
a healthy action, and removes impotency, by infusing new
energy into the system. In many instances the effect is instan
taneous. It never falls to cure chronic gleets snd whites, and
remove sterility, by restoring a healthy uterine action. Kefer
rnees can be given to many Physicians who have prescribed the
Renovator with success in loose affections, as also in Dys|aqi
sia, weakuessof the back and loins, and affections of the urinary
organs. Sold only at the "Imisirtiug Agent,"201>$ Fulton st.,
New York Price $2 per bottle of 16 ounces, and forwarded to
all parts of the Union.
VII?Copious directions accompany each bottle,
oil Im'rrc
WARRANTED not to stiffen or soften nnd^r any degree sf
cold or heat; an urticle unequalled lor durability, nest
or price for sale in ansortad esses, suitable for the city or
country trade, and iu small quHiititiea, by
,m 1,1,1
I ?/( 1 -'AMK8 Bl^nchinf Powders, now landing from ship
* Coluinbu, and for sale by
ol*re 61 and 67 Naaaau street
747 BroaUwttj, under (he 14. V. Hotel, corner
or Wnvcrly P)?ec.
HAS tlx houor to lufurm the. Ladies that ha has just re
ceived by the lata arrival* (rout Havre a lUleudid assort
meut of . .
that have been (elected with particular care at Paris for thia
Store only, which he begs leave to call the stteuliou of the La
dies to examine
Krab'd. Musliu Dresses. Point de U'Augleterre dresses
Rich thread lace do " with flounce*,
Brussels thread do Eatra rick thread flounce*,
Kmb'd. with thread do " " scarfs,
rulle do do " " bertiis,
Hirh whits satiu, do " thread lace veils,
Point de Brussel do " sleeves and caps.
All iu Pattern Dresses.
Silks?Broche Veuecien. Silks?Black eitra
" Arceuciel richly shad'd " Pekiu Cainayeus,
" (ilace Ombre, " Honroutale Stripes,
" Reps Royale. " - Pekiu Chiuois,
" Ombre ''adrille, " Cardolioe Perse,
" Wliite Watered, extra " Heriniua Riche,
" Algerieu Nuauie.
Paris embroideries.
Extra rich Pelleriues, Emb Musliu Points,
do do Chemisettes, do do Fichus,
do do Collars, do do Canezous,
do do Berths, Trimmed with Valeu Cult's,
Rich emb. Pocket Hdkfs. Spleudid Mautellas.
Thibet Shawls aud Cloaks, New stuff for Cloaks,
Tartar do do Cashmere Cloaks,
Mngadou do do Printed Cashmere d'ecosse,
Plaid do do Musliu de Laiues
Einb'd Cashmere d'ecosse iu dress patterns.
Also, a very large as.ortmeut French Jewelry, Reticules,
Sashes, 111 boors, Perfumeries, aud avaiiety of Fancy Articles
not to be fouud iu any other part, thau at the West-cud.
? 12 lin'rh
' pilESE articles are daily acquiring an increased reputation
A for their perfect sue es* in curiug all kiuda of Rheuma
tism and Nervous Co nplaiuts. No matter how chronic or t_
vere may be the disease it readily yields to the mysterious
power of U.ilvauism as applied by this novel aud beautiful iu
veution. lie Doloreux, Paralysis, Apoplexy, Cramp, Fibs,
Sick Headache and the long tr.tiu of nervous duordvri are
permanently relieved when every other means has be. u tried
without avail. Certificates from our most respectable ritixens
are daily accumulating regarding the surprising rlficaey ol
these articles, aud several iutelligeut Physicians coustautiy re
commend them iu their practice.
Galvanic Bands, Bracelets, Sic., which can be adapted to any
part of the body with perfect convenience, are also to he ob
tain) d. The only place in New York to obtain the articles ge
nuine iiint the Xgeucy of Dr. Christie, the inventor .uid Pa
tentee, No. 134 Fulton street, (Bun Building.)
?. . _.) All sold else
where are spurious imitations. Ol0 2w*mc
RATION are, beyond all comparison, the most rapid and
permanent stimulates in existence. They speedily renew tlw
unpaired energies of life, remove impotency, uufruilfulness,
aud constitutional debility, and are quick aud positive remedies
for all the diseases produced by certain solitary liabita. Their
effect is so absolute and permanent, that the vigor they impart
is felt in live minutes after they are made use of, and is as last
ing as it is powerful and pleasant. The Tincture, which is ex
??'I " I'UHIIIUI I'li-aonHi. a "c A 'Iit-tuir. nnit.il IB ri*
tremelv pleasant to the taste, is an internal, and the Lotion an
external remedy ; and they may be used separately with great
advantage, but are most efficacious together. Prepared ill pint
buttles?price two dollars, or three dollars for a bottle of each.
For sale at the Patent Medical Agency, II Ann at., back office,
tirstfloor. Kor the convenience of persons living at a distance,
the Tincture aud Lotion are also prepared in powders, which
by mail.fl
are equally effective, and are tent by mail,folded in letterform,
with full directum for preparation aud use, at double letter
postage. Price three dollars for a letter package, containing
two powders, one for the Tincture and the other lor the Lotion;
or live dollars for a double package. Ail orders must be post
paid, aud directed to DE LAUNEY Ik GRAY, New York
city. o!6 lm*r
UT read the following and reflect.?Another Wonderful
Pmi.ADKLfHiA, April 1,1845.
I hereby certify that during the riots iu Southwark of July
last, owing to exposure and fatigue in the iierformauce of mili
tary duty, iny health received a severe shock. In the latter part
of August, all the aymiaoms of PULMONARY CONSUMP
TION appeared. At thisjuuetum 1 called in my tirstpliyaician,
who attended me some weeks without benefit, and told me dis
tinctly that he considered my diseass beyond the reach of hu
man aid I now^em^luyed jinother J>b>'?Jciau,whoat once
TAR AND WOOD NAPTHA. I uae.l twelve bottlea. nml
I testify that iu common with thousands of otiiera, who nave j
been cured by this medicine, that to it alone 1 owe my restora
tion to health.
JAMES ANDREWS, No. 217 Cathariue at. j
I was called to attend to the above case, iu the secondary ,
st ige of the disease. I fouud the patient laboring uuder com
plex disease of the lungs and liver; ulceration of the latter had
taken place, and by percussion I discovered an abscess had
formed in the right lung. The case being apparently hopeless i
and beyond the reach of the usual treatment, I resolved at once !
on using Thomsoifa Compound Syrup of Tar and Wood Nap
tha, the virtues of which 1 had previously tested, scarcely ex
pecting it would reach a case so desperate. The result is, A I
pelling all doubts respecting the efficacy of this excellent raedi- 1
cine, in diseases of the lungs null liver.
Philadelphia, April 1,1845.
Principal office, Nortn-East corner of Fifth and Spruce sts. <
Sold wholesale and retail by A. B. SANDS St CO. Chemists
aud Druggists, 27:< Broadway, corner of Chambers st. Sold also
at 7!) Kultou st. and 77 East Broadway. Price 50 cents.
s9 ttn'inc
N certain delicate disuse*, in which (lie beat and moat
convenient meaua of cure are atated in the plainest possi
ble manner (the prescriptiona used iu the author's own practice
being given without reserve 1,; giving also a clear anil faithful
description of several innocent disorders frequently mistaken
for veuereal, which atford a wide field for the extortions :uid
deceptions of a well known boasting class of people. None
but those who have had peculiar opportunities of judging, can
possibly imagine the numerous and varied sources of deception
which exist on this subject, nor the sufferings, both in mind
aud body, they entail upon society. To be had ouly at 80
Greenwich street. Price (1. (It may be scat by post, un
P. !>. Aware of the opinion in general entertained of those
who obtrude their sksll upon the public (multitudes of whom
are seen iu almost every paper), it is considered a duty to give
the following statement ns the ground on which this iitlle
book claims especial confidence:?
Besides tne author's rank as Graduate of Edinburgh,8ce.?his
former works on medicine, viz., The "Domestic Guide to
Medecine," which has |<asaed through sereral editions, a Trea
tise on Dyspepsia,on the Epidemic Cholera,4tc.,8a:.,he has tes
timonial Inters from the most eminent physicians of Europe to
the most eminent in America, ns Sir Aalley Cooper to Dr Molt
of this city, Dr. I'liysick of Philadelphia, Rud others, and,
which is most gratifying, has permission to refer to almost
every physician ofeiniueuce iu the city.
|?/" The author has lately observed that several pretenders
have as nearly imitated Ins advertisements, and the title of
his book, as they could do : but those who shonld unforuuate
ly happen to be misled will very soon detect the imposture.
*14 im'm
igVKb.tWAith.AHDE OUttEfb?kJU
Broadway. 4th Door from Grand Street.
WM. BIRD, 7 William street, was almost blind for sixteen
months, with neubulas covering the right, is now per
fectly restored.
Charles Barry, late of the Hamilton Literary and Theologi
cal Institute, 28 years nearly blind from amaurosis, has been
perfectly cured.
Miss Corcoran, 84 Mulberry street, totally blind of oue eye
f?r one year, a large ulcer covered the sight, was cured iu s
few weeks.
Miss Crassous, 192 Green street, nearly blind from amauro
sis: iier sight is now t-erl'ect.
We, the undersigned, haying witnessed astonishing cures
performed by Dr. J. KRANClS, believe his preparations ft*
diseases of the rye to be one of the greatest blessings that could
be afforded to the aillicted, and we highly recommend him as a
safe aud skilful Oculist.
Kcv. Duucau Duubar, Hev. G. Benedict,
Rev. 9. H. Cone, Rev. J. Peek,
Rev. J. Audrade, R. C. Priest, Rev. E. Wlieelock.
Artificial Eyes ii.serted which cannot b? distinguished from
the natural without giving the least pain. Numerous certifi
cates to he seen at the office.
P" /~ Advice gratis, given to the poor, Mondays, Wednes
days and Saturdays, from 8 until 10, A. M.
On application by mail [post paidl slating the disease, his
medicine will he sent to auy part of the Union, with directions
or its use. s9 Im'rc
Wigs and Scalps,
PHALON'S New Invented Wigs and Scalps, or Gentle
men's Real Heads of Hair, heinj( the latest and greatest im
provement in the manufac'tire of W ig* and Scalps.and the sub
scriber is happy in ben g the first to introdnce them They
display the forehead an., temples to any height?can only be
procured at K. PHALON'S, No. 814 Broadway. Copy the ad
drcss. o!4 lm*r
BWigs and Scalps.
ATCHELOR'W New Invented Wigs anfScalps, are ex
citing the astonishment, curiosity and admiration of con
uoissrnrs. All the old difficulties sod vexatious annoyances
are now done away with. These beautiful specimens of the art
of Wig making, can only be procured at Wm. Batch-lor's, No
8 Wallstreet, near Broadway. Removed I roin ISS Broadway.
' " THE
SO closvly lesembles the real head of hair that sceptics and
connoisseurs have pronounced it the most perfect mud ex
traordmary invention ol the day The great advantages of this
novel and untune wig, is its being made without sewing or
weaving, which causes its appearances so closely to resemble
the natural liair, both in lightnest and natural appesranre. as to
defy detection, iu texture being so beautiful, so porous aud so
free, that ill all cases of perspiration evaporation is uiiimivded
ind the great evils of other wigs entirely avoided The sceptic
and connoisseur are alike invited In inspect this novel and beau
tiful Wig, and the peculiar method of lilting the head, at the
manufacturer's, A. C. BARRY, 146 Broadway, corner of Li
Iwrty street, up stairs. olOlm'mc
M . W I !S E ,
Vfl ost respectfully informs the citizens of New York, and ihe
iTl public in general, that lie Ins located himself in this city,
and opens to-ilny at 437 Broadway, a large aud inu.t complete
assortment of S|iectacles.and,Reading (flosses, in Gold, rtilvrr,
anil Bteel bramea. He would also remind the public, to whom
he is partly known by his annual visits to Saratoga .Springs,
since the last nine yearn, th.it by his knowledge of the optical
science he is enabled to determine the glasses suitable lor any
eye Penoua with weik eye? Can l>? supplied with glasses
which will greatly beueftt and not strain the sight. Particular
attention is called to a new style of perspective ground glass
es of the finest nint, which, through their high polish and true
ground produce the purest vision, and have been highly recom
mended as the heat in their effects upon the eye fur preserving
and improving the sight in continued writing and reading.
Shortsighted persons, and such as have been operated upon for
cataract, can also be s mi fed i inserts likewise new glasses
of superior'juality in old frames, and solicits the patronage ol
all in want of his articles. Please rail at
M. WISE, Optician,
?IIIwri rc 117 Broadway
VN internal remedy is a certain nne (or the Piles, cither in
ternal or eiteri.nl, hie, ding or blind Hold at the office of
the original proprietor, A Opium, M I) * regular educated
physicianor twenty years eiiierience. confined to an office prac
tice, where Piles audothsr chrome diseases are successfully
treated. Medical office 196 Bowery, four doors above Sprint
street. Office hours Irom 1 A.M. to 9 P..V1
Advice gratis. BttlmdltW'm
ALL OA8EH in the Surgical and Medical line, especial I y
those oi long standing, can receive advice and medicine gra
fi* MWjmaUon, name or residence require^ at
1*111 I*Ai> IB 1*1*111A HOTICLJ8.
Chestnut Street, between 8th and Tthatreeta,
THE SUBSCRIBERS respectfully luform their friends ud
the unveiling public,they hive taken the above house, (for
merly known as Die Marshall House,) and liave made eitruaive
alterations and improvements m ita iulerior, having .pared no
expense to render it one of the most pleajnuitaua fashionable
bouaea in the city. The uarlorssre numerous, the chambers
large and well arranged, trie furniture entirely "??*? lu loca
tion ia in the moat central part ofthe city, near to all the Pisces
of public aniuaement, and coueeuient ts the de|iota of the
Southern. Western and Northern routea.
The tables will be supplied with all the delicacies ofllie sea
aon. The Wiuea are of the clioiceat branda, and hare been
carefully aelected.
The proprietori hope by theirpersonal attention a-d experience
iu the buaineaa, to give satisfaction to tltosr who may lavor
them with their patronage.
Jamee Bagley, (late of J onea' Hotel.)
llenry C. Mackenzie, (fortn*'rly of the Waihington llouae )
Peter L. Kergnaon.
July lat, IMS. jyl Ira'ec
Between SItth and Seventh Street,
JAMES BAGLEY. law of June.'Hotel.
HENRY C. MACKENZIE,formerly of Waahiugton lions#
PETER L. KKKUl'SON. ?212n,rc_
5 Golil Ml reet, near Maiden Lane,
Ct OUNTR Y MERCI1 ANTS will find thli a desirable House,
S heiug convenient to the buaineaa part of (he city, l'hia
establishment ia fitted ur with rutirely Hew furuiture. Good
and aiibatantial dinner, 18W centa, lodgings 25 centa. Kor con
venience and comfort thia house iaei|ual toauy hotel in tiie city,
aud ut half the price Perinaurnl boardera can be accommodated
on very reaaouable terms.
All the delicaciea of the aeaaon terved up, aa toon as they
arrive in market, at half the price of other houses Elegant
private parlors. for the referee caaea, or private dinuera or sup
(irripartiea. Thevery be?' of liquors Jn5 Im*rc
'IMIK snbacriber would reancctfully inform inch persona aa
1 are deairoua of engaging mourn during the eusuiug wiuter,
for the purpose of Balla, Coucerta, Lectures and Public Meeb
luga, that there ia now erecting on the prernlaea of Brooklyn
Garden, a large aud commodious building to he devoted exclu
aively to such purpose?to be completed by the 25th October,
1815 ; and the uuderaiiigiied will endeavor to render it the heat
and niovt convenient ofuuy room in thia city. The BjII Room
will hare a spring floor, constructed on the moat approved
plans. Tonus moderate,
oil 2w? J. W. VAN PELT.
THE greatest medicine in the world, for the enre ot Colda,
Coughs, Consumption, aud all Brniicheal, Pulmonary,
Pleuritic aud Dys|ieptic Affections. Of all tlie remediea now
known, there ia but one that cau he relied on for the cure of
that " terror of the human race," Consumption?that remedy
ia Hcheuck's Pulmonic Syrup. It has succeeded in cases
where every thing else has failed, and it will generally suc
ceed in curing every case of Consumption, where blie follow
ing things are attended to, vir.:?A fair trial, perseverance, and
a atrict conformity to the directions. It may not be amiat to
state the reason of the great success of the Pulmonic Syrup?
it ia the most powerful purifier ofthe system known?it ope
rate! by assisting nature to exjiel the disease from the lungs,
stomach, and liver, where there is hectic, fever, night sweats,
constipation, all usual symptoms of Consninptinu. The use of
the Syrup removes the fever, slops the night sweats, and regu
lates the actiou of the bowels, making them healthy and natu
ral ; it soothes and ripens the disease of the lungs, and then ex
pels it iu the forui of expectorated matter, and it is truly aston
ishing what ijuantities of corruption are exiwctoratea by the
patients generally, who have token the Pulmonic Syrup, and
this continues until all disease of the lungs is removed, and the
patient finds to his joy that lie ia restored to health.
The genuine Pulmonic Syrup can be had nt the proprietor's
office, No. 4 Courtland street, a few doors West of Brmulway.
Please notice that P. S. BEEKMAN is no longer agent for the
genuine Schenck's Pulmonic Syrup. a23 lm* r
DR. A. POWER, member of the Royal Col lege of Surgeons
of London and Edinburgh, and of the principal College*
of the United State#, nud for several year# assistant to the late
Sir Astley Cooper, can be confidentially consulted at hi# pri
vate offices, No. 16 Chambers street, New Vork, upon all
diseases of a delicate nature?to the treatment of which he
has confined his practice for the last 17 years.
Syphilis, Gonorrhoea and Gleets, whether recent or of long
standing, cured in a few days, without the use of mercury or
conaiva, or no charge made.
Stricture, which, of all diseases, is the most insidious, often ;
commencing nud stealthily sdvaucing where its existeuce is not j
even dreamt of, producing the most lamentable effects upon
the mind and nervous system of the patient. Some of the
most prominent symptoms are prostration ofthe natural ener
gies, aversion to society, and the iuvoluntary escape of a few
drops of water, after ailjusting the clothes, subsequent
to voiding urine. Hundreds of cases have keen successfully
treated upon my uewly discovered system of Magnetic Repul
sion, thus avoiding the intolerable pain and great danger attssi
dant upon the rash introduction of instruments.
Self Pollution is a morbid habit, often arising with the inex
perienced, and when once contracted, most diffiuult to over
come?producing in many instances, idiocy, loss o( memory, I
pains in the back and loins, nocturnal emissions, impoteucy j
and sterility: the sufferer is s|>eedily enabled, under my treat
ment. te subdue this pernicious practice, and the system is re
stored to its pristine vigor, by the use of the Electro-Magnetic
Fluor Albus. or Whites, Obstructions and Suppression of the
Menses, and all diseases of the female sex, have received s
large share of my research and attention. I am the only quali
fied practitioner who hat had the moral courage tu antagonise
the empiricism which so fearfully prevails in this most neg
lected branch of medical science.
On the doubts and fears which often deter Iroin marriage,
and on all other matters connected therewith, 1 may be con
sulted with the most honorable regard to iutegrity and se
crecy. Patients at a distance will pleHse be as minute as possi
ble in the description of their cases. No letters taken from the
Pott Office unless paid.
Offices No. 15 Chambers street, between Centre street and
Chatham street. Hours from 7 A. M. to 10 P. M.
s27 !m*r
_ liquid I)ye, w Inch instantaneously changes the color ofthe
hair to a beautiful brown or black, without injury to the hair or
skin. The great superiority of this Dye consists in its easy
mode of application, and instantaneous effect?all other dyes
requiring from ten to twelve hours to produce any change. Its
superior excellence will be apparent to every one upon a single
Extract from the " Philadelphia Daily Sun."?Alexander's
Tiik ohapmk.?The effect of the above oil the hair is truly as
tonishing. It was tried yesterday in our office, and the chauge
from gray to black was instantaneous.
Extract from the "Philadelphia Daily Forum."?Several of
our acquaintances have recently applied to their hair the valua
ble liquid Dye known as Alexander's Tricobaphe?a new and
valuable discovery ; and it lias in no case failed to produce the
desired effect. Immediately after applying it to gray hair or
whiskers, it imparts a beautiful brown or black color.
For sale by Kusliton It Co. druggists, 110 Broadway; 10 As
tor House, and 856 Broadway, corner J4th street; Aspin
wall, 86 William street ^ Johnson, Moore & Taylor, 81 Maideu
lane; J. W. Wright lit Co. 2 Cedar street; and ofthe principal
druggists throughout the United States. or of sole agents,
H. it G. A. WRIGHT,S3 South 4th street,
olllm'rc Philadelphia.
OR falling off of the Hair and Pityriasis, or Dandruff, Sen rf,
Sic., are positively cured by the use of Hill's Infallible
Onguent. which is an old and well tried specific lor all diseases
of the hair or scalp of the head. It is a certain preventive of
grey or red hair, or if they do exist, a thorough use of the On
gneut will change the color ; it will make the h.ur llexible, in
clined to curl, keep it moist longer, and give it a glossier ap
pearance than any other preparation now in use, in which as
sertion I am fully sustained by the numerous certificate- in my
possession, a few of which nre annexed. Sold wholesale and
retail, No. 13 Nassau street.
New YoRi,May21, 1842.
To Mr. Wm. Hill.
Dear Sir,?A short time since my hair became dry, exceed
ingly harsh, and finally commenced falling out, which increased
to such ail alarming exteut that it became quite thin, and what
rein lined appeared |>erfecllv lifeless; indeed 1 was fearful of
losing all of it. At last, through your qiersuasion, 1 was in
duced to try your lulallible Unguent, which I am happy to say
in a short tune caused my hair to entirely cease falling off, as
suinea moist, soft ami glossy nature, and I may add that differ
ent members of my family (especially the feuialo portion) have
used the Ougueut lor like purposes with like success.
Yonrs respectfully,
Proprietor of City Hotel.
New York, May 6. 1844.
I do certify that I have been seriously afflicted witfi dandruff
and falling off of my hair for more than tive years, and have
made use of several articles said to be sure remedies for the
same, and found uo hem-lit arising from them, hut quite the re
verse ; finally, at the request of Mr. Hill I was induced to try
his Infallible Onguent, and the result has been highly satisfac
lory in rrmoving the camlruff, staying the hair, and causing it
to grow, and I would recommend any one alllicted with trie
above tu make use of the Ougnent, being perfectly satisfied
they will reap great benefit from the same.
Manchester, Ontario County, N. Y.
New Yon*, October, 1844.
Mr. Wm. Hill:
Hir,?Having had the misfortune to lose the greater part of
iny hair by a gradual falling off during a tour of over four
monthi out West, I was induced by the suggestion of my
friends, who hid been similarly affiicted, to try your Infallible
Ougnent, and to my great joy it has completely restored iny
hair to more than its original growth ; it also makes the hair
moist, soft, and gives it a beautiful dressy appearance.
150 Pearl street.
Recollect Hill's Infallible Onguent can he obtained only at
his principal office, on the Northwest corner uf Pine and Nassau
1MB I?r III?:||' II III1M r. UN ill* SXIH HI wc?v t.111 Iix-I III ? giir
streets, and at the following apnls, New York
Wm. H. I'bsbv it Co., 186 Pearl street; I. Graham 8tCo.,73
Water street; Mr. Tin una# Mrwel, 478Grand street. Brooklyn,
C Hte.ine, Chemist, 184 Fulton street; Mrs. J. Jordan's Fane
Store, 59 Atlantic street. Willinmshiirgh, E. Banzett's Con
fectionary, in 1st, between Grand and South 1st streets. Albany.
D. A Herrick, No. 8 Delavau House. Baltimore,Mil., Messrs.
.Mortimer St Mowbry, corner of Markvt and Charles streets.
?23 ltn*rre
AS the touch ef earth restored vigor, activity and confider.ee
to the extiansteil arteries, so with that glorious prepara
tion LUCINA CORDIAL, reinvest ihe generative organs,
however weakened, with their original power. There isnota
shadow of a doubt, that this is true, and were not the subject
of too delict e a nature, hundreds would testily to the nnrival
led efficacy of lei# Cordial as a specific for barrenness, floor ah
luis, gler Is, irregularities in the secretions, pains in the kiu
oeys, female suppressions, (o- the reverse) prol <psns uteri, and
in fact almost every detpase to which ihe most delic ite portion
of the III!man organization is liable. It Cannot' indeed, cure
malforinatiou of the parts, hut for any thing short ol that it is
offered as an infallible cure for barrenness, while ill all the otli
er diseases enumerated above, whether acnt? orchrouie, it
will be found a safe and sovereign re'erdy. The Lueina Co'
dial its gentle tome, operating generally upon the sect etive or
gain and bracing the whole system without so far stimulating
any function as to produce subsequent relazation. On the con
trary, it seemi to act in perffict harmony with nature, ana noes
not create ntempornry vigor, hut s permanent renewal or the
natural energies. The first bottle used will fnlly convince the
purchaser of the truth of all we have asserted.
Principal Office 12'. Fulton street, New York. Hold also by
Beth W. Fowle, Boston; Dr. Wadswortb, Providence; J S
Murphy, fK) No.tli Hiith *tr???*t, Philadelphia; 0;K. Tyler Jolm
M. Laroque, and Roberts and Atkinson, Baltimore; Charles
Hiott, Washington City; O. N. Liuthacum, Georgetown; .1
11 Wilder, Louisville, Ky.; Handford ?t Tarks, < iiicmnati; and
by no other person in any ofthe above named places. Prion
83 per bottle, or 824 per doveii "24 Im'r
70T)<iT; H>R vodusklf.
HUNTERIAN DISPENSARY, No. 3 Division street, es
tablished A. D. 1835. by the present proprietor, for the suc
cessful treatment ol a di tease of a secret nature, and for the
sale of l>R. HUNTER'S RED DROP. Tins mediciue is the
ouly remedy on earlli that can snlcly lie railed on to thoroughly
cure this horrid disease without injury to tlie constitution, and
without diet or hindrance from business, evcu when all else
have filled. A coffiprchensiye treatise accompanies each vial,
(wiih full directi. ns) whichia warranted to effectually cure in
all cases, no matter how long (landing, or how deeply seated in
the system, with lass tronbla to the patient, and in S shorter
?pace of time, than any other medicine in the world, or no pay
will be taken. Price 81 par rial. , el lmoe'mc
medical Advice.
DHOCTOR LAMKRT is .till confidentially coaanltodubu
? old aifioa, M Gold itr?et, between Kulton and B*ekmau, on
nil diseases of a delicate natnra; hi* treatment bumf mild and I
judicious, reau ins neither mercury, natraint in diet, or bin
ilr<uic? from buimeM porsuiu. Recent cues cared in lord
siug from a too ireqneut indulgence of the passions of indiacnel
youth, and thereby causing nightly emissions, and eventually
confirmed iinpotency, engage the Dr.'? ?tricte*t attention, hi*
object being to reetore the ayateni, mentally and bodily, to 'h?f
state of vigor nature originally designed.
STRICTURES, a disease frrqueutiy existing without the pa
tient being the least aware, sometimes caused by mal-treatmoU
of uninitiated medical pretruders, and sometimes by the uegleet
of the parties themselves, are, by the Or. effectually cured, with
outpain orincouvauience.
The Doctor being one of the few qualified advertising Surgeon*
in the city, guarantees a jerfrct cure, or no charge made. Let
ten, post paid, euclosiug a fee, immediately attended to, and oi*
diciue, with advice, sent to any part of the United Stall's.
Office 63 (fold street. Open from < A. M. to 9 P. M.
n2l lm*rrc
Medical Caid.
DOCTOR KAWCKTT, consolting surgeon of 196 Kulton
street, New tun author of ? late publication, em
o.-cing the following snhjects, viz:?Matrimony,Iinpotency
and s^'rility.niiatoinic'illy, physiologically, sod saedici.lly sx
pl-lined with a comprehensive exposition of the nature and
modern treai.'-ieut ol Syphilis, Secondary Symi ton.s, Gonorr
hoea Gleet Si.'icturvi Seminal Wt-akneas, Whites, Noc
turnal Emissions, a.''' ?" the consequences unsing from self
I> illuticii The D.iCtO.' devoted Ins attention Tor the last til
teen years in this city, lo lb* treatment of the above menltoned
diseases; and fr rn Hx eiteus. ve practice and long experience
in nivestitfatiiiK the pathology of the various structures of the
generative organs, he guarantees.! ?" W*1 that he line. J
takes, a permanent and radical cure. His diplomas from l*o*i
clou, Kd in burg nod Philadelphia; also, h*."4 houoary degree from
the State of Louisiana, are suspended iu f'uines 111 his of
fice 1% Kulton street. ...
Persons at u distance, enclosing $1. cam Iu ve * c.?^
late work, accompanied with one which embrata"
incidental to females* . |JM. ? .
Ail letters pre-paid, and addressed to Dr. H. Kawceu ui
ton street, will receive due at'enUui.. ot4 ).rn Tr
Medical Aid,
DR. GREGORY', 66 Gold street, is consulted, as usual, id
all diseases of a private nature. It is well known that he
cures reopnt caes iu a few days, without restr.int in diet or
pursuit, ilis method of preparing remedies is such that it
causes neither inconvenience or Gad breath, and therefore, is
the patient not liable to exposure. Ter.'fl* l?w- oil lm*r
Medical Aid.
DR- UOOK,6fl Gold s'reet, is a regular Medical and Hurgi
cal Ooctui; b:s had more than 30 years ex|>erieuc* in the
r.rratineut and cure of private disease:! in all their varieties
and stages. With one exception. Dr. Look Loss cured more pa
tients tean any auv other Physician now practising inthis city.
Dr. C. is a native boru citizen of the United Stales, and is a
member of the Medical Society Terins for advice and medi
cine $5. and a core guaranteed Letters by mail enclosing tne
fee will receive particular null prompt attention. oil lui'r
Medical Card,
1) O O T <) K. M OHRISON,
Is Doctor Morrison continues to be crgisulted confidentially
on all jirivate diseases, which lis cures without mercury, or re
strauit in diet or pursuit Recent cases, particularly Gonor
rhoea," he cures in 3 to 6 days.
M. on improved principles, without pain or inconvenience to
the patient. As the symptoms of Stricture, are aualagous with
I those of other affections ol tne urinary apparatus, none hut ex
i perieuced Surgeons should be allowed to make th? necessary rx
I amiuatiou, a* those affected with enlarged prostate glands, may
suffer much injury from awkwardpractitioner*.
This affection, and the tram of evils resulting from a secret de
structive habit in youth, inducing nocturnal emissions and ulti
mate impoteucy, are radically cured by Dr. M., on pathological
I principles, by restoring the system to a healthy tone and rein
stating its original vigor. A perfect cure guaranteed, or uu
| charge.
I N. B.?Dr. M holds no communion with medical pretenders,
who claim to oe Surgeons, as he is, perhaps, the only qualified
advertising Surgeon iu the city. See his diplomas hi his office,
2MK KultOw 1treet. Letters post paid and containing a fee will
insure medicine and advice to any pnrt of the Union,
i Office 201K Kulu."n ?treet, near Greenwich, New York. Ope*
from7 A. M. to 10 P. -v'-' ,ls
A RALPH, begs to state that > ? at horn* as much as pos
'? ' - ? - ? ? ?*? #?mi??ilr#d nnnn anv of
York: and especially, to observe that v ,J.
consultation* is not confined to these complain. *{""
braces the whole ol those which in any way J,'.!.ni|l,
urinary organs, as gravel, a difficulty in passing w*v r
to advancing age, Itc. He deems it proper also here u ? reaeu
to the public the following most interesting remarks on
This being very little understood, although the most treqOc
and important consequence of discasev?in a former advertise
ment much pains was taken to explain its uatnre ?the disease*
winch were mistaken fur it?its consequences and its ?ure?also
the liict that stricture frequently exists in those whu ere unt in
the least aware of it. Those, however, occupying too much
space, the following remarks will be confined to certaincircnm
?tances which will enable one to judge whether he has Bits com
plaint or not. and iu proper means of cure.
Among other things it was remarked, that it was by no mean*
necessary that the stream of urine should be obstructed or eve*
much diminished, in a case of strictuie; this, indeed, occurs in
bad and lougestablished cases, butstricture inay existjorrnoiiMi*
andeveu years without producing any striking change in: t a
respect.. Neither is it necessary there should liepaiu, or any
thing directing the atteution to the seat of this disease, rain,
certainly is now and then complaiued of, bof it is only
when iuttammatiRii happens to he sii[iernddeil, and, With regard
to other effects, especially of early cases, these are obwrved to
fall upon the mind and nervous system, rather than the pnrt it
self. There are, however, three circumstance* which mc*t Pe
culiarly belong to stricture, and, esjieoinlly wlieu they meet to
gether,should never he lost sight of, hut lead to immediate mean*
of cure. Many other symptoms might lie meutioued, but most
of these belong to otiier maladies as well, or nrlatrtoStTictli.ru
iu its more advanced and settled form, w hile the following tlirea
belong to stricture iu its early stage, and when it is so easily and
certainly removed. The first of these relates to
THE .MANNER OK URINATING ?It has been already
?aid the stream need not he much diminished or im)ieded;what is
to be observed is the peculiar way iu which it finishes, if it
should happen, after the clothes arc readjusted, that a drop or two
should steal away, so as to wet a little, this, trilling as it may
seem, would afford a strong suspicion. Not that this drop sr
two cau proceed from no other cause whatever; but, certainly,
no stricture can exist without it. Ttie next is
REMAINED UNCURED ?A Gonorrhoea, thcush uotith*
only, is by far the most frequent cause of Stricture, it is not its
severity, so much as the length uf time its glcety stage may have
remained, that is to he considered. Neither is it |>ossit>le in every
case to state how long this may continue without producing
Stricture, for one person is naturally more disposed to Stric
ture this another. If however, it should liave continued from
six to eight weeks, this length of time at least would streugthe*
auv o'liersuspicious circumstance The third is
1 MIND.?Nothing is more certain than the eHectof Stric
ture is to depress the spirits and to lessen mental energy. Not
i ihaMhis is complained of in the same degree by every individu
al, cut it is so common,iu one degree or other,that tin-writer rare
ly sees a case of Stricture iu which the patient does not observe
lost he is not so active, or capable of business as formerly. Tins
also is a serious effert; though little understood, but it is unques
tionably true. Indeed, whoever considers thr natural connection
of mind and sexual organs, will easily imagine that, as there is a
medium by which the mind so powerfully act* u|hiii these or
gans so. through the same medium theacxual organ* re-act upon
the moid Tins, however, !* better explained iu "The Private
Treatise" of the author, a little volume which is sent to many
parts of the world. As the cure of Stricture proceed*, I ne acti
vity of iniud invariably return*.
with resjiect to the cure of Stricture?this, it it gratifyingto
xtate, i* generally accomplished in very little time, and without
[mm or inconvenience. Nothing can exceed the improvement of
late years in the treatment of this complaint. Indeed, in the
liauJi of proper and experienced pcrsous, til* cure of Stnctme
is now accomplished iu as many days us fbrinejly it demanded
mouths. Many persous consult the writer who comeou but
tle*! to this city tor a short tune only, but return perfectly ciurd,
though it has been a source of trouble and anxiety lot years. To
those who cannot leave their homes, the writer furnish** his owa
peculiar meant of cure, together with his "Private Treatise,"
winch lias an interesting chapter, giving every information on the
subject, and written iu the plainest manner; and which, being
enclosed in a little mahogany chest, can be safely sent to any
iu consequence of the number ol pretenders and books o
ouvekery which intestthis city, he deems it proper to make
tnr following statement, as a satisfactory ground of confidence
to strangers. Besides his rank as Graduate of Edinburgh, ke.
Sic., he. lias published tlirec editious ol a work expressly on these
complaint*. Also, he hat letter* from the most eminent phy*l
eiiui? iu Europe to the most eminent in America?as Sir Astlsy
Cooper, uf Loudon, to Dr. Mott, of New York; Dr. Phytic,
of i'lnh-delphia, and other*, and i* permitted to refer to almost
every Physician of eminence in this city. Addrvss Dr. Ralph,
*6 Greenwich atreet. *9 lm?rc
j&ediclne ana Pharmacy
IM1E MEMBERS of the New York College of Medicare
nnd Pliarmacy, established for thesuppression ofqnuckery.
O'-.itinue to direct their particular attention to all diseases of a
private nature, and can confidently proiniae to person# requiring
medical treatment, aaafeaud permanent cure without injury to
-.he i nnstitntioii or confinement from business. Invalid! are par
iicnlarly re'/aetted to make apulication to the College vn the
lirat appearance of thole diieaire, aa a vaet amount of sulleneg
n:d time may he thus avoided. One of the members of the
College, for many years connected with the principal hospital#
in Europe for the cure ef those complaints, attends for consul
tation daily from 8 A. M. to 7. P. M.
Terms?Advice end Medicine t'r-a cure guaranteed.
living in the country, and finding it inconrenient to make per
sonal applications, can ham forwarded to them a chest coiiIami
ng all medicine! requisite to penorm a radical cure, by stating
their case explicitly, together with all symptoms, time of con
traction and treatment received elsewhere, if any, am. e?
elosing 95, post paid.
CONSTITUTIONAL, ueruaty cured.
'HK TONIC MIXTURE, prepared by the College 1??
? Medicineaud Phari tacy of the city ol New York, is con
fid-ntly r-cnimneudcd for all cases of debility produced by se
a/et indulgence or excess of any kind. It is an invaluable
re nedy for impotence, sterility, or barrenness, unless depend,
ilignn mil-formation. ., ? ,
Hinnio bottle* $1 pecIi ; CMfi of half h dcr.en $5; CAfilBlH
packed and sent to all parts of the Union.
tlOK the radical cure of gonorrhea, gleet, seminal emissions,
and all mocorpurulent, discharges Iroin the urethra These
I'll Is, t|,e result of twenty year's experience in the Hospital ds
Cbarite in I'aris, are pronounced by their celebrated inventor,
tVil'essor Velpeau, as an infallible remedy for all diseases ol
the ureiha. They effect a cure in I much shorter time than
anv other remedy, without tainting the breath, disagreeing with
th- stoinnch. or confinement from business. Price $1 per bog
(.ICR the permanent core of primary or arcauiWry ayphilu.
r reneresl ulcers, amies, or any complaint Produced by an
ituudicinns nae nf merenry, or unskilful medical treatment
All persoiisaiisiiecling a venereal taint remaining iu their sys
tem should use this powerful purifisr without delay, as no per
son can consider himself safe after having the venereal disease,
without thoroughly cleansing the system with this justly oels
hnied alterrative.
Sold in single bottles at II each : in cases of half a dcren at
95 ; carefully packed aud sent to all parts of the Union.
r>KKPARED by the New York College ol Medicine and
I I'h irmacy, established for lite-oppressionofqtiarkrry Tlii.
refused and highly concentrated el tract, possessing all iho puri
fying qualities and curative powers of tin, above herb-is conft
denlTy recommended by the (Ullegeas infinitely superior loan?
ex'r-rt ofSaraapssrilla at jirracut heforn the public, and may lis
relied on as a certain remedv for all diseases arising from au nn
pare state of ibe blood, such as scrofula, ,?|i riieum, ringworse,
Idotchea or punples, ulcers, pain in the bones or joints, nodes,
en lawous eruptions, ulcerated sore throat, or auy disease arising
from ihe secondary effects ofsyphilis or-n injudieious useai
Hold in single bottles, at TSeaatretsl
' IS cases of half a dozen betllsg, 915#
" one doges id 00
Cries forwarded to all parte of the Union.
N. II ?A very liberal discount to wholesale pnrehaeere
dkwre W H RIOHABMPN. M. P.. ant

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