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whilst Iliad with ? aely ftftftt ftftri seihuaicsm ?k?? kft
linn shied. lift was lonliy eersvey ?d boat*, ft?d
su-oo to be almuil entirely Jeiv-.gvd an the Sub.iSot ill
religion. Tbase facts may ba relied ou a? correal. sin
gul*rly ai tbay may aouiid, as they ai* known
throughout tlia city. .... . , .. ,
A. young Methodist praachar from hiladelphia, w .10
attracted great attention iu New York last winter, being
only 19 year, of age. ia in a fair way of being .polled
hare The people are running to hear him from ail sec
tiorn of the city, and seven hundred and fifty girl* are
over head ant] ear* in love with hlin.
Thk Muini -Veaterday 1000 bbl*. of Howard atreet
dour was aold at $?. mixed liranda?more wa* offered at
tame price hut buyer, aeemed riot inclined to purchase.
Home holder*, however, will not aell at that price. City
roil!* dour i* hold at $t>9A, but there are no inquiries
and no anion. The amount of tlonr inspected during the
week exceed* JO 000 barioU. Whin key is steady at J7
ota for hhda., and ificta. for barrels, stock very light,
and maiket firm.
Baltiuobr, October J3d, ltMo.
Social Condition of the Inholitonle
Poring the last two or three days, I have been won
dering through the city of Monument*, and 1 mu?t de
dare it th* moat independent lookirg place in the Union.
\t one corner of aomo street you may see a tall
five alory building, nnd on the opposite coiner a small
onu story. Thus it is, I .appose, that the people exem
plify the spirit that poi varies every section of the town?
democracy. The Washington and Bailie Monument*
are truly grand structures, nut with the Jackson Monu
ment about to he erected on Fairmount will sustain lor
the city its ulieady enviable ? imputation The people
generally belong to some religious denomination or
other, and from this caus > the stage is not so well suit
ported as in other cities. The Holiday and Front atreet
Theatres are open hut a short time during the year, and
are very poorly encouraged during their brief season.?
The n.ost striking feature in Baltimore is the uumber of
small house* elected tor the convenience of poor me
chanics, &c Every one wishes to lie his own landlord,
and therefore builds himself a small house?some
tint's one story high. When his means increase, he en
larges his hon?e by adding another story, and putting up
n bark building Thus it is that neatly all - eveu of the
poore-t cluSn's, are without any burden in the shape of
rent to oppiest them, anil the happy spirit of indepen
dence pervades all circles of society
Heic, j on will seldom find moie than one family in a
hoii^" and Ihe prople generally very sociable. There is
not tl.at di-'acce hatwe.-n the rich and poor as in other
oitiea Tnere veetns to h# more equality, and every one
feels his own dignity. Thus may it ever continue
The Courts here ai t engaged the greater portion of the
year, and a great many curious and intricate cases
come up fur decision. 1 think it would be worth your
while to keep nu eyu on ourcity court, as its proceed
ings would do doubt be the source of a great Jeai of
uniii'smciit to your leaders The Judges are Brico,
Nevbir, pnd Worthington. The first is considered as the
H>"St lt'?m<-d in law; the scoond is not of much account,
and the third is about as jolly a soul as you ever met
wit t.
Boston, October '24, 1843.
Tht Markets and Speculation?Politics and Theatricals?
Morality in Boston?A'lirsf AVu'S, 4''
Our produce market for a tew days hat been a? vasoi.
luting m u weathercock. Flour up one day, and Jowu the
next. \1 ilnga fruit outrageously high, and then below
par; butat last the two arrivals of late intelligence fiom
F.urope liuve been duly sifted, anil the market has found
its level, like troubled water that has Mowed back and
forth until the 8gitation lias subsided. Flour sustains a
very small advance on the prices at which it was held
previous to the arrival of the Groat Biitain. Malaga
fruit sells at the usual season prices. Trcduco gaueraliy
is sold at fair prices. Potatoes havo risen slightly, and
prices ate sustained by information received from all
quarters, yet the supply in this market is very abundant
prices vaiying from 50c. a $1.
The whigs are rejoicing over the electoral returns
from the South and West,and the locos don't exactly like
the way things are going on there, but console them
selves by sa> ing that wo have got out President at any
rate, and both houses of Congress will he by a majority,
ours, ard truth to say they will have "the balance of
power." and no mistake. As to our State election, which
will come off the second Monday in next month, all four
ol the political parties are making strenuous exertions
to do their best.
Olo Bull gave a conceit here a few days since at his
usual price lor tickets, viz : one dollar; but it w ould not
do, taken in connection with the Humorous entertain
ments that now engage the Bostonians, und Ole had hut
a shm house. In the coarse of the w eek he gave another
entertaiumeut, but this time he reduced the price ot his
tickets to fifty cents; the consequence was, he bad an
overflowing house, and pocketed about seven hundred
dollars To-right he gives another coucert at the hall
price, and 1 understand that the tickets ate already at a
premium It's Ole Bull's last conceit here.
The commendations ot your city press on the per
formance of our lavorite actor, Mr. Murdock, i? received
here with do little pleasuie by hij numerous friends. 1
urn glad that he resolved to make his first appearance in
the tugher walk of the drama in your city, lor 1 have
myself great respect lor the discrimination of a New
York audience ; they have fully endorsed him. and his
success, alter passing so severe an ordeal, is certain.
You shculdgive him credit for the amount of study he
has bestowed upon the line of characters he is now per
forming, lor I can assure you from peisonal knowledge,
that it has been of the most intense and carelul charac
ter. We await with impatience his coming among us.
The enterprising managers of the Howatd Athenaeum,
have engaged him lor a season at the liberal price bis
merit deserves. He will, therefore, appear in Boston
before the same class of society as he delights at the
Park Theatre, New Yoik. Tell your readers not to
come to this city without dropping in at this relincd
place of entuitsunment, where they will meet a galaxy of
bright and beaming eyes and radient countenances, that
will via with the dress circle of the Fark on an " opera
nignt." By the bje.lsaw Miss Delcy make her dekut
there Where is she now I Will she come to the Fast ?
The 8eguin troupo are about to deligut us with their po
tent charms
1 have visited the Chinese Mu?eum, on exhibition
here, since 1 wrote yon last. It is, indeed, Chinese in
miniature, and 1 doubt, if one could get a better or more
correct idea of "The Central Flowery Nation," by a
six months residence in the country itself, than is afford
ed by u visit to, and care'ul iusjiectioii ol this magnifi
cent display. It is visited by the upper ten thousand (lor
we have this same tegument in Boston), and I am glad to
know is mukiug for the proprietors a handsome income
Tne enterprise and industry that has got together so in
teresting and profitable au exhibition, is deserving of
complete success. To enjoy it most it should be visited
in the evening, when it is most gorgeously lighted by
gay and fantastic Chinese lanterns of the most curious
and ingenious construction and ornaments; hat I am tell
ing yon of that which will soon be in New York
The Boston Museum (a favorite place of resort) is
doing nil excellont business, with Mrs. G. H. Barrett as
star The Olympic and National theatres are doing
well. Kockweii it Stone's circus is coining money for
the propiietors, and lias got into snug winter quarters;
the troupe is an excellent one
Our Police and Municipal Court affords the usual pic
tures ef human Dature that thrive iu a large city. A
charge of adultery was befoie the Municipal < otirt,
Judge Pushing on the bench, yesterday. One Nathan
M. Phillips, ol this city, a married man, being charged
with the seduction of a very pretty and interesting fe
male, wi'h a very romantic name, to wit, Khoda A
Montague. The indictment set forth that " the said
Phillips did have carnal knowledge of the body of the
said Khoda." This name ol Rhwdais the same as that of
the female who awore so hard against the Ilev. Mr.
Fairchild, but to no purpose alter all, as he was cleared
by the Court.
I wrote you some days since that the U. 8. ship United
fttates was fitting out at our Navy Yard for sea, and also
the Independence. The latter, after being about half
completed, is again laid up in ordinary, the appropria
tiou under which she is fi'ting out. having been exhaust
ed, but representations having been made to the depart
ment ol t.e- present exposed condition, it is thought ttiat
tne affair will be fixed ill some u ay by Mr. Bancioft.who
seems Ue'enmneU for itie lutuie,t? keep our ships at sea
e ui our officers aud men in active service. Tais is cer
tainly much to be desired. A draft of over 100 men
are to leave the Charldstown Yard to morrow, 1 under
stand, lor Norfolk. Va. Mr. Ilenshaw was said to have
proved a working Secretary, and a most vigilant one,but
those connected with the department, universally ac
knowledge Mr. Bancroft by far the most efficient.
Hotctikis St ("o , periodical dealers and agents for the
Herald, hive fitted up their establishment iu Court street
lnsuperh style, rivalling their neighbors vastly in ap
peaianre. They are extensively yatrouised by the pub
lic, as the large list you send to thorn daily will bear
witness. The proprietors ure enterprising and deserving
We have had snow all around us, but noDe in this city
yot. Great coats assert their supremacy in the mostcon
fi tent manner, and parlors and offices wear a most grate
ful appearance ?while the stoves are blushing on ac
count of the weather.
Diaval Court of Enquiry.
Navy OiriiTMiST, 1
Washinoton, October 23, 18sii. \
At the request of Lieut.McUaughlm, John M. Brodhead
Esq . was called this morning and sworn.
John M llsoi.iir.AD ?By the Judge Advocate.?f am
ohiel eleik In the Second Comptroller's Office of the Uni
ted States Treasury.
By Lt. McUal'oiilh*.? In relation to the enquiry, of
what constituted a squadron, the witness said? There is
hut one decision in the office of the Second Comptroller,
derived Irom the records of the Navy Department, and
that was recorded by my predecessor. Mr Seaver. This
decision was made by Mahlon Dickerson, iu 1834. in
Capt. Oeisinger's case. Two vessels constitute n squad
ron, as recognir.ed in the office of the Second Comptiol
Jer; the sloop-of war Peacock, and the schooner Boxer,
were recoguixed as constituting a squadron, the com
mander of them, in 1834, then holding the lineal rank ol
Master Commandant, and received, and was allowed, the
fay and rations of the commander of a squadron. The
eacock. according to the official Navy Register of 1824,
is iate-1 at 18 guns. [A table of prices, purporting to be
the official report of John M. Broahead, as chief Clerk in
the office of tbo Second Comptroller, of August *
1843, to tke Second Comptroller of the United State*
Treasury, was here shown the witness, and he was asked
n i* wa< his report, to which he replied," I believe it is,"
and the pRper was thereupon appended to the record.?
No luither questions being asked this witness, he was
J Raiard Smith, Esq., at this stage of the proceed
higs. here appeared and piesented to the court the depo
sition of Lieut Robert Tansill, taken at his residence,
which consisted of answers to seven question* propound
ed to him by Mr. Smith, duly eworn to before a Justice of
the peace, (J. E. Weeiiis, F.sq , the lather mUw ol the
witness) Mr. Smith al-o stated that lie found Lieut
Tansill quite sick, and confined to his room, and thus pie
vented from attending upon the the court [| am indebt
ed to the kindness of the JuJge Advocate, P. Barton
Kay, Esq., for permission to copy the evidence from the
record which is as follow* :]
To the fiist lntorrogatory, I (Lieut R Tansill ) an
swer: I have causo to believe that Lieut. McLaughlin
did waste the public stores under his control. The cause
of my belief is, that he had a house built at the public ex
pense on India!. Key, brought his family there and made
a private residence of it tor them, except one room,
which he occupied as hii office ; that he likewise built,
with the public money, out-houses attached to the main
houi?i wnioo as 1U1 vuil fbr hi* Ikffiily. I fttrUw u
; twr. taat 1 cannot glvo any partloular Instance or *uu,
I but thel tut expedition ?e* generally con J uo ted with
greet estreveganee end Inattention to the tnlereete oltke
government There wee a me?? established at ludian
Key for the officers, which waa furnished with nearly
?very viriity of wluek and deiiciciei, and charged to
I the account* of the hospital. I my*elf nw there public
1 wine* uied fraudulently, but I do not think that the*e
wines were thua uaed with the knowledge of Lieut. Mo
1 aughlin, or by hia peimiaeionor consent. I know that
hi* family resided in the house erected for the public,
from having seen the member* of it about the house.
(Signed.) R. TAN8ILL. Lieut. U. S. M.
To the second interrogatory I answerThat I have
always believed thrt Lieut. McLaughlin ma; interested
I in the store at Indian Key, kept by Mr. t enter, for this
belief, my reasons are that Mr. I enter was always fa
vorod by Lieut. McLaughlin, though 1 have no other evi
dence of this internet except what 1 derived from con
versations with Mr. Center, which are not legal evi
i dence. I know nothing positive, however, on the sub
I ject.
To the third interrogatory 1 answerI know of no
1 particular instance of embezzlement by Lieut. McLaugh
lin. though I do believe tha' he waa guilty of embezzle
ment and fraud towards the United States. My reason
for this belief is, that Lieut. McLaughlin went to Flori
! da poor, and returned from the expedition rich. He
stated himaelt, in a public communication, that all he got
he obtained from tno government. This statement he
ma 'e in a publication in tho national IntelUgtnttr, with
in a year or two. 1 suppose him to bo rich, from the
purchases of houses be has made from his speculations,
and. from hit style of living.
To the fourth interrogatory, I answer, yea, because the
buildings at Indian Key. (.which wero built bvtbe order
of Lieutenant McLaughlin, and occupied hy his family
and Mr. Center.) were appropriated to private uses e*
clusively, and not to public purposes until after the
rquadron left for home, and therefore could not have ,
been necessary to the public; 1 think tho cost of 'bom .
was unnecessarily great, and refer to the accounts as
proof; I know, from personal observation, that Lieut
McLaughlin's family and Mr. Center lived in the public
building. . . I
To the fifth interrogatory, I answer, yea; I too
laree a numberof canoes were purchased hy Lieutenant ,
McLaughlin, because ho could not, in my opinion, have
snared from the squadron at one lime a number of men
sufficient to man them; I think the cost of them was ex
travagant, and refe' to tho accounts as proof; and 1 state
as mother reason for thinking the quantity purchased by
him untie essarv, that ho allow ed the canoes to lay all
about the key exposed to the sun and weather, whore- ,
by they became cracked and unfit for service, and
he had to purcha e others in their stead; wheroas
if ho had put them under cover, they would have
been preserved fit for service, and the expense of
additional ones saved. To the sixth interrogatory 1 an
swer yea,Lieut. McLaughlin did allow improperly build
nigs erectod for the Government to be used by Mr
? 'enter, whovggs not in the service of the United States;
which building Mr. Center occupied as a private store
He also allowed his family to occupv a house erected
for the Government on Indian Key, reserving for him
-elf an office in it 1 tmnk Lieut. McLaughlin had in his
seivice, at the expenso of the government, more ser
vants than he was entitled to by law-; but I cannot men
tion the number ho had la his service. To the seventh
interrogatory I nnswer yea Whon I left New ?ork
(in, I think, 1341, in the Flirt) for Florida, 1 saw a bag oi
^pioitfh doubloon* deposited iu the iron chefct of the ,
vessel. Mr. Marshall (Lt. McLaughlin's clerk) had
charge of this money. One day, when he had occasion
to take this bag of doubloons out ol the chest, I asked
him how many American dollars the doubloons in that
bag would amount to. He replied, about eighteen thou
sand ($16,060). These doubloons were taken to Florida
by Lieut McLaughlin, and many oi them 1 saw paid out
t > tire officers for their pay at the rate of seventeen dol
lars lor eicli doubloon. 1 saw them paid to Liout. R D.
Taylor of the .Marines; at the same time 1 received
some at the same rate for my pay. The exact amount I
received on account of my pay 1 do not recollect; all my
pay while in Florida except a lew dollara in silver, was
received by me in Spanish doubloous, at $17 each.
When I returned to Norfolk, 1 had some of these doub
loons, and could not pas* them there for more than
fifteen dollar* and eighty-five cants ($15 86). The doub
loons w ere paid to mo by Lieut. McLaughlin s clerk,
h\- Lieut. McLaughlin's order. 1 know of no other ex
change ot fund* or money by Lieut. McLaughlin as acting
purser, whereby he would derive emolument.
To the above is uppouded the magistrate's (J. F..
Weem's) certificate ; headed - State of Virginin, Prince
William County," and takenon the dlst ol Oct., 1845.
Great satisfaction was expressed by all parties to
Mr. Smith, for iiis promptness iu making all the neces
I sary examinations and cjoss-exuniinations required, and
I bv the Court, for the performance of the duty assigned
bint. ... .
Mr J. W. Marshall, was next called and sworn.
Bv the J wok Advocate?I was a clerk in the Florida
squadron from July, 1333, to August, 184i. We sailed
on the 1st August, 1838.
By Lieut. McLauuhlin?We carried out English so
vereigns with the exception of about twenty or thirty
dollars in silver. I gave Lieut.McLaughlin $300 in F.ng
lish sovereigns. That was the day on which the Wave
sailed. He gave the money to the pilot to meet a check
for that amount That was the only money I gave Lieut
McLaughlin until he got to Florida. [An affidavit was
here given by the witness, some time since sworn to by
him, relative to the kind of money taken out in the
Wave, and the money given.] 1 think 1 gave that money
to Mr. Jones, of Shocco, N.C. In reply to the question
did not Lieut. McLaughlin refer to you to answer a let
ter from Lieut. Tansifl,asking for damages on doubloons.
The witness said " he did." [and the two letters were
here presented and apjieuded;] we took betweou $4,000
and <6,000 to Florida; it was Lieut. McLaughlin's money
to pay his purser's hills with, after taking it onboard the
vessel Lieut. McL discovered that it was more than hia
bills amounted to, and 1 took $500 or $600 in doubloons
and sold for silver; I should suppose that the nett profits
of Lieut. McLaughlin would amount to between $7,000
and $6,000, exclusive of his pay. I
At tne close ot the testimony of this witness the court |
adjourned till to-morrow morning at l'i o'clock, M, for j
tt;e purpose of hearing a written letter of explanation of
the evidence from Lieut. McLaugnlin, and also with a
view of considering the evidence thus far submitted. In
tho meantime, the witnesses have all been discharged
till Monday. ____________
The American Consul, at Tangier We have
just seen a letter from Mr Thomas N". Carr, who
nas been appointed by the present administration consul
to Morocco. It is wri'.ten from Gibraltar on the :11st
September. He writes?" I am jet here, as you will see
Awaiting ihe appearance of Com. Smith with his frigate.
I ex,.ect him hourly ; and God knows he will be more
than welcome hy your poor friend, who is so anxious to
see the end of the present affair. I have had several calls
from officials and private citizens ol Tangier.(Moors,) all
of whom assure me that no difficulty will be thrown iu the
way of my arrival and reception by the Emperor. For my
self, I have no feRr upon tins head, as I have all along in
formed you; hut I am anxious to bring it to a close. I have
not seen tne first person yet, Moor or Christian, who does
not condemn,in the loudest terms,the authorities of Tan
gier for their previous conduct towards me, nor odo who
aas attached the slightest fault for the committal oi this
wrong to my account, You do not know how tad I feel
in tins place, although the guest ol kind fiiends, who
aie doing all they canto make us comfortable ; still, the
fact that I have beeu here two months without having
visited my consulate, and laboring under the excitement
natural upon my situation, brings feelings of melaneholy
and tegret that distutb my rest. Bat, as the Moors say,
" God's will be doue !" and, if it be hia will, my disap
pointment and ills are of course all for the best "?IVain
in%ton Union, Oct. '2b.
Indian Delegation.?A pirty of Indian Chiefs of
the Poitawatanne tribe, Irorn Council Blutra, east of
toe Missouri river, ure now in this city .accompanied by
Richard 8. Elliott, who has been for some years govern
ment agent in that region. We understand that they de
sire to have a full investigation and settlement of their
business with the government. They emigrated some
years since from the country about the head of Lake
.Michigan, now parts of the States of Indiana. Illinois,
viicbigan. arid the Terri'ory of Wisconsin. The lands
nri which ti.ey are now located are said to he good, and
will ptubnly constitute a part ol the State ol Iowa As
it is tne policy ol the government to get the Indians
soutliweit of the Missouri, an eft'oit will probably lie
made to negotiate a lieaty with this delegation.?Nat. In
ltlli?*nctr, Oct. 2ofA.
From Texas ?A correspondent of the Baltimore
Amcruun, under date of Naw Orleans, Oct 15th,
writes at lollows; The steamship Alabama, (.'apt. Win
I die. is just in with dates Irom Aransas Bay, to the 12th
I instant. There is no news Irom Corpus Christi; the
troops are still stationed there, nor was any mention
j made when they were to be removed to the Nuecos ?
1 I lie Hying artillery, under command of Major Ringgold,
j was encamped on St. Joseph's Island, and would leave in
I a lew days for Corpus Christi.
I Messrs. Calhoun and Elmore have barn selec'ed
by the Governor of Mouth Carolina as her delegates to
the Convention of .Memphis.
It is now rejiorted and believed that Mr. Calhoun
will return to the Senate of the United States at the next
session of Congress.
Governor Yell, of Arkansas, declines a poll lor re
election to Congress.
fatiinlsy, Oct. 46.
Amis?In transactions we have nothing ol an extra
oidinarv nature to note- I'rices lor pots $3 87fto3v3],
pearls 94 12j.
l'aki. I'rarli. Total.
Stock on hand last report, bbls 8,103 4,021 13,117
Received this week 188 MS 1,004
| Delivered this week 898
Stnck'on hand, bbls 7,699 1,934 11,833
lUr.awAx?A few large isles of western yellow took
plsce at 3u cents, cash.
Bk? aditum's? With to-day's transactions terminated
an eventful week in the flour maiket ol this city, Imth
lor holders and buyers, speculators and farmers. The
market closed to day with prices steady, and a fair de
mand at >a bo for (ienesee and good Michigan Wheat
was also in request. Prime (Jenesee brought 91 l!? a 91
20. Rye was brisk at 7? cents Corn was a little slack
at 65 a 68 cents Y lour and wheat shipped from lhe port
of Cleveland, during the week ending Oct. 18,IM48 :
? _ _ . Flour,bbt,. ICW, 4?,A.
U.S. Ports 7,iwti ... fiaftu
Canada 1,248 ... 6,079
Total h.441 ... VifiM
Cotton?The maiket continues firm, but th'eie was
r.ot so nuich doing to dav. The sales, however, sum up
MX) hules, und are at lull rates. We leler again to our
quotations for a correct guide to the market.
Lmarooi. CLASsiricATloos.
Upl. 4- h'lor. N. O. Mob.
Inferior 0 a 0 ... 0 a 0
Ordinary 6} a 7 ... 7 a 7f
Middling 71 a 71 .. . 7f a 71
flood middling 7f a 71 . . , 8 ? 8,
Middling fair 8 a 81 . , . 8J a 8
| Pair 84 a 84 , , , !) a 9
Kully lair HJ a HJ . , , flj a !?
1 Mood fan 9 a 'If ... 10 a I (If
Fma o a o ... 11 a 11
sArdraft ttv::^w.:a frsW:
Muutoh pig at ?M iMtJ lit Mi, yds* ? tut 'i ? I'. Nor
way, ill!, I uwuUii.
Lbao?Holders an new asking a slight advance ou our
former quotations; but wa notice a tow sales of Mlssou
ri tug at M 37}, oasb, being tho protriouo rata*.
ilicis - Since tba receipt of the laatnewo from ting
land, the market has bean unusually dull, and transac
tions hare not reached much above one half tha ordina
ry amount. Pricea have slightly declined, probably ow
ing to the moderate demand. Some tiercee changed
hamla at $4 64 for fair, to $4 34 for good.
Whale bone?We notice ialee of N. W. Coast, for
export, at 31} a 32 cenle.
flour Market.
Bt. t r.iLo, Oct. 91.?There wa* very little done in our
market yesterday. The conflicting view* of dealer* in
relation to the last news, caused a decline in the price*
of flour, of from 94 to 37}c, to which few holder* are in
clined to lubmit. We notice ?ale* of 4tH) bbl*. Michigan
at $4 HI a 4 4ti; 470 bbl*. Indiaua at $4 76; 400 do Black
Hock at $3 46; and 400 do at $4 40. We hear of no trans
actions in wheat. Proviaion* remain a* last quoted. We
notice a tale of a lot of highwiue* at '13c. Salt, for ex
port, continues ut $1 19.
Rochester, Oct, 93.?There i* itill a downward ten
dency in the market. Although the receipt! of wheat
are quite large, yet most of the miller* have purchased
a* much as they desire for tho present, and which bat
been stored on the canal, and is brought In as they want
it. The price Irom wagon to-day has been 97 to'93 ct?.
Freights to-day have been from 60 to 69}c for a bbl. oi
flour to Albauy.
Ai.uanv, Oct. 34.?Flour has again advanced, and sale*
have been made to-day of Ueneeee and good western at
$4 44 a 6 40 f. A load of Genesee wheat wa* sold at 114c
Barley sells at 47 a 49c for two rowed; a prim* lot of
two rowed is in market at62}c?no tales of four rowed.
O.its40a41c. Rye 72} in the streets. Whiskey, 96}c.
Receipt* by canal yesterday?Flour, 13,669 bbls; ashes,
96 do; beef, 979 do; cheese, 46,100 lb*; butter, 14,900 do;
lard, 43,000 do; wool, 9 400 do; wheat, 8,146 bushels; bar
ley, 11,161 do.
PiTTsai'koH, Oct. 99.?Flour is up 94 a 37 }c par barrel
higher yet The market has run up with surprising ra
pidity. Monday evening it left ofl? at $4, though we have
since learned that a sale was made at $4 19}. Yesterda)
the mai ket was very sparsely supplied, and under the
competition $4 94 to 4 >7} was paid for small paresis <>l
fresb ground prime brands. In the excitemeut it is dif
ficult to say how it may stand to-day. Our business is to
follow the'market, and report it as we find it.
Boston, Oct. 94 ? Flour? There has been an active de
mand to-day fer Genesee, and sales have beeu made at
13} cents ndvance on > esterday's prices. Corn?Mar
ket not quite so firm; 3000 bushels yellow flat, weavrly,
sold et 6lc, and prime sound mealing do 69 a 70c; while
67c per bushel.
Foreign Markets,
Ponce, (P R ) Oct 4.?The market has been complete
ly (tripled of all kinds of sugars. The only ami last
transaction that had occurred had been for a very inferi
or lot of sugf r at 4}c. The market having been stripped,
all quotations of sugars had of course ceased Business
in consequence was extremely dull. What little was
doing iu American provisions was at fair rates, though
the stock on hand was ample.
Trinidad dk Ci-ba, Sept, 19,?Our city is dull, as usu
al, at this season of the year. The latter rains have set
in, &ud will, wa hope, he beneficial to the growing sea
son. At present the cane fields look finely, and the plant
ers are sanguine. If the reins are heavy enough this
month and tue next, tho crops no doubt will be fair
though not large, as the drought of previous years has
beau very prejudicial to them - Boston Transcript.
Passt-ngtrs Arrived,
Canton?Barque Sappho?B Newton, New York; J Ryan,
Philadelphia; 11 SaltousMll, Salem.
Lit kkpool?Ship Charles?J Adams ami lady. Miss J M Ad
ams, Miss A Adams, Miss E Adams. J Adams?149 iu the
Foreign Importations.
Canton?Barque Sappho?20 cases crape scarfs 24 do mdse 1
box do 2 idigt silks Cary St co?17 cases mdse Griuuell, Min
ima k co?l G Martin?3 pkgi W J B ibcock?3 do 4 his A A
Low?ldo I S Aspinwsll?3 do 3 tubs T A it F H Deauo-1
esse silks 1 tub mdse G Syninet? 1 case G Colby k co?12 hxs
mdse 2 do tea 1 case silks 1 do china ware Guidon It Talbot?1
box Fisher It Miller?10 cases Lillie & Ramies? I do chins
w ire 4 do sweetmeats 2 do mdse H Saltoust.il 1?272 chests 3312
hf ?lo 1233 101b canisters tea 96 cases silks 6 do Vermillion 2746
mats cassia 1 pkg 8 cases md-e 20 hxs auuise oil 2 do cassia do I
trunk 2 cases cloth 8 pkgs tea 3 bxs chinaware 2 rolls matting 2
hxs sweetmeats 4 tabs dotes 4 cases mdse to order?10 do Good
hue It co.
Livekfjol?Ship Charles?100 tons coal Bird k Gillilan?192
do 847 sacks salt R L Taylor?300 boxes till pistes W Chance?1
csk Van Autwrrp It Hubbell?I do Deunistoun & Disbrow?4
chain cables 10 <-k? do E H Jacob?12 sovils 1 csk mdse Keid It
Sprague?I do E Coruiug?8 chain cable Lewis It Squires?4
bile 4 bis Belknap St W>ekoff?6 cks 3 bis to Older
Liverpool?Ship May Flower?8 biles Bnrrittlt Johnston?
41 crates C Moore It co?60 J It li Laurie- 40 bbls 100 tons rosl
Wilson It Biown?3 hhds J C Jackson?94 bars iron Kemeys
Breeselt Simpson?27 crates 8 It E Willetts?120 bills iron G
W Shields k co?24 ck. E Marshall?2267 bars iron Bleecker k
Oothout?2 hhds J Mayer?12 cks Morris k Brother? 116 cr te?
and casks Benj A Mu of- rd?I cks Newbold k Russell?10,000
fire bricks Heurichs Brothers?I cisk hardware Wm Bryce?.
ca k 1 crate E Collstnore? I cask I ciate Wintaker k Foster?i
hhd A Slason * co?22 nslea H Coggill kcw?11 cks and crates
E Robbins?478 hi, Phelps, Dodge It en?20 water casks 1 box
2 cru'es Kocne Brothers?100 bxs tin 106 crts 42 cks 12 bkts and
27,600 slates to order.
Domestic Importations.
Charleston?Brig Varia Ppesr?370 bales cotton 64 tcs rice
C Bnrckmyer It son- 40 do H 8 Leverich.
? UtSgiar.t 6 44 I M?04 RIICI 1 49 M
Ship Sheffield, White, South Seat, J W Jones.
Ship Xylon, M lliiigtn, Liverpool, Siffkin, Ironsides It Co.
Ship Hindoo, Lawrence. New Orleans, Ouger It Mailler.
Barque Smyrna, Uavis, Cadiz, J 11 Lasalu It Ce.
Barque Miles, (Ham) MaUon, Hamburg, ? l.hnndtIt Balchen.
Barque Emma, ( Bre) Edzard, Bremen. E Pavenateot.
Barque Minna, (Bre) Dannemaiin, Bremen. E It T Poppe.
Haripie .Mandarin, Cnllry, Berbice, Badger It Peck.
Brill Bridgewater. Aldsn, Cape Haytien. Fo.terlt Nickerson.
Briw Tampico. Neagle, Franklin. La Terk It Van Bergen,
iiriix Carrier, Bercher, Mobile, Fitch It Co.
Brig Emma, Wait, Norfolk, Bouchaud ItThebaud.
Hehr John Hoalefs, Lewis. Mobile,
Sclir Delaware, Mansou, Uichmond. Piatt It Pierson.
Schr Sequence. Cole. Baltimore, Jnhnaon It Lowden.
Srhr Iowa, Dayton, Baltimore, Giger It Mailler.
Schr Amphibious. Smith, Philadelphia, N L VlcCieady,
Schr Augusta, Hatch, Bangor, Itc. Buck It Peteia. 1
Schr Henry, Look, Boston, 8 W Lew s.
Hcwr Abbott Lawrence, Meeker, Boston.
Schr Benj Bigelow. Baiter, Boston.
Schra Homer, Kent, and Escel, Lewis. Boston.
Sloop Lady Clinton.Cramer, Philadelphia, McKce.HandttCo.
S oop Juno, Kent. Provtd nee.
Sloop K 11 Green, Hawkins, Providence.
Barges Mars, Daley, and Oneida Hayes, Philadelphia.
Barge Michigan, Alleu, Philadelphia.'
Prepelier Washington, Mason, Providence.
Ship Charles, Hoyt, 10 days from Liverpool, with mdse, to
R L Taylor.
Ship May Flower, Crabtree, 33 days from Liverpool, with
mdse, to J Cram?201 steerage passengers, Roche Brothers It
Hainburgahip Knickerbocker, Jessen, 44 days frem Bremen,
ball lit and I Jit passengers, to E Pavenstedt It Grontng.
Barque Sappho, Gerry, from Canton, June 27, Anjier July
30, Cape of Good Hope Aug 29. and St Helena Sept 12, witti
teas and silks, to Gary k Co. Died July 21, Charles Moses, of
New York, carpenter. The Sappho haa had a pilot on board
4 days.
British brig Enterprise, Freeman, 16 days from Pictou.with
211 chaldrons coal to Duuliam It Sou.
Brig Maris Spear, (of Boston) Felt, 13 days from Charleston,
with cotton, to master. Has had a pilot on hoard 5 days.
Brig Columbia. 7 days from Marinas, with lumber
Schr F. S Powell, Williams, It days 'rom Wilmington, NC.
with cotton, to E 8 Powell. Has aiperienced severe gales on
the passage.
Schr Ko*. Linou, Irotn Baltimore, with flour, lie. to Johnson
It L?wileu
Schr Hrrald, Sm ill, from Portland.with potatoes, lath, Itc. to
Smith It B'?y,iton.
Scb r President, Leigliton, I'rora Cherry field, with lumber, to
Smith Ik Bovnlon.
Sclir Franklin, Crockett, Thomaaton, lime.
Schr Delaware, Holbrook, Thomaaton, Inns.
Srhr Patriot. Crockett, Thomaaton, lime.
Schr Andromeda, Perry. Thomaaton, lime.
Schr Ellen Kodraan, Ellis, New Bedford, oil.
Sclir Sliawmnt, Titcomb, Fall River, in bsllust,
Ships Iowa. Lines, Havre. Adelaide, Adams, Havana, and
both anchored at Quarantine, wind hound.
BUaccllaneoun Records
Holmes'Hole CokEEieoNPikcE.?Ths copy of the Euglish
paper our correspondent at Holmes' Hole took ao much pains
to procure for us, while ike Great Britain wus at that place,
never reached us. We should like to know what became of it,
after it was given in charge of Godfrey's Kipress. Will our
attentive correspondent see into the mailer I
Packer State Gamut e, Trask, for Liverpool, will sail to
tnorrew at noon.
AniivaLs sin Clearances at the port of New York, for the
week ending 24th lust:?
Arrived. Cleared. Ton'gr rVi.
American 22 24 6673
Foreign 13 17 3631
35 41 1t>307
Nnmher ol passengers arrived for the same period. 1043.
Si hk Mn.vn.Lg, Powers, from Baltimore for Petersburg,
with lnne, put into Norfolk 22d inst having been in contact
wi h steamer Chea-peake and had her bowsprit, night heads,
top iimliers and bnlwaiks carried nw iy. The bowsprit r,f the
M struck the Chesap- ake just abaft the wheels on tt.e larboard
side, carrying awsv boat, .luncheons, mid tbe side of the al'lrr
cabin, on deck, and destroying four berths, breaking musical
in triimi-nu and bending some of the muskets ol the Junior
Volunteers, jnst re-tinning from an eieurainn to Richmond and
Petersburg Two members ol the company and ene of the
band were injured slightly.
Schu IvererntifMr c, of Sesrsport, from Bangor for Brigh
ton, gmuudrd on the flat on the edge ol the channel of I buries
River, near the City Mills, Western Avenue, oti the 24th inst.
and capsized completely, ao th-t the tops ol her roasts are in
the water. Her deck toad broke adrift, but will all be picked
up Preparations are making to raise her, and in the meantime
she is not likely to receive farther injury.
St hk Ali SAtsnr.n ?The cargo of schr Alexander, from
Mtcliias, which capsized near Fort Point flats, is discharging
in rails.
Launched?At Hampden, IGtli inst. barque Waller, of 250
tolls, intended for the Cuba trade, ami to be commanded by
Capt Haa'iii. On the lltn, at Ellsworth, brig Lewis ;Walah,
of 160 tons.
Notice to Dlnrlnrrs,
Consulate or Tiir Anonyms RrrisLio, New York, ll'li
October, 1B45 ?The underalg' ed hat been directed by the Mi
nister of Foreign Affsirs of the Argentine Rnpuhl'C, to give
notice til t all vessels bi and to Buenos A\ ret will he required
to t nve their manifests, hills of health and invoices certified hy
the Consuls. RrHDIus Livingston.
W Is h I e in eii.
>'':ai|id from New Bedford 23d inst ships Baliriia, and Miter
?? Sinytli; 24th, Amettca, Pacific.
Ship Asia, Wnosl, from Bostnu Aug 14, for Madras and Gal*
cutta, Hep! 1,1st 32 30. loll 36
Schr I.iicv, I'ri.rn Portland for Charleston, 20th inst. Cale
Henry W 54 miles.
Foreign Porta.
Anjieb, July 30?Passed 2d, Lsnog, from Boston: Ith, Ann
McKiiii, New Yorkt llth, Touqoiu. Boston; Ilkh.Montgomery,
Manila;22d Hnnqua, New York.26th, Medora,Boston. Frolic,
I niton; .tilth, Aqti-tnet, t anion; I net, ??.
China. tone 27? At Wh.tnpoa, U S ship (Constitution, Com
modore Percival, all well?letter bag on board ahtp Aquetnet;
Ann Malta, Millet,for Penang; Lark, Tibbtu.for South Ante
Dart, Kfuuady, Coast ofChina, Wth, Aqeetuet. MutM'iN
York On the ( out of Cbiuai?Panama. OrLwold; Swallow,
Dnmiuis: tfoier, Woodbuiy; Cayuga, Slarbuck Vassals at
iwctad u Canton.?Horatio,Wood, from Manila; Talbot, Story,
New York-, Leuoi, Boatou.
| Montreal, Oat 22?Arr barque Universe, ?; bnj Milton,
I London. Old slop Kuropeaj, Glasgow.
Ponce, PH. Oct 6?No American vessel in pott.
Ql-i heu. Oct II?Arr Aitiole, and Lauriaa. Liverpool; Suir,
Llauel'y; Dromahsir, Portrush; Oxford, Glasgow; flat. Slier
jronka, and Lockwooda, Cork; Sir Richd Jackson, Liverpool;
Horatio, Maryport; Tlietia, Liinerick; Sterling, Duudea. Cld
Err omauga, Olas?ow; Madras, Youghal; Superb, Ureeuock;
Edwsrq. Plymouth; Port Glasgow, Southampton; Cong.eaa,
tlirle-tou; Amity, Swansea; John-, Sunderland.
Sr Helena. Sept 11?Passed Aug II, Anna, from , 26tb,
Sophia Walker, from Calcutta; 21th, Aureliua, do; 19th, Brigh
ton, do; Sept 4, Chilo, A gteat many veaaela arriving
daily at St Helena from the Coaat of Altica, where tliay had
been in aearch of guano, but had uot succeeded in getting auy
ai it waa all gone.
Horai Portt.
Biviiai, Oct M?( Id barqae Braail, Rio Janeiro.
Beth, Oct 20?Sid from below, new >hip B C Bailey, New
Boston, Oct II?Arr brig Lycoming, Philadelphia. Signal
f r( liriga. Cld ships Ar.ie, Calcutta: Kentucky, NOrlesns:
Alkmaar, Chaileatou; barques Guliare, Trinidad de Cuba and
Earaiw; Dauubio. (Ami) Trieste via James River; achra Eu
rotas. Kelley, and Telescope, Nickeraon, New York Nothing
aid ve?terdny. Briga Jane Howea and Susan went down anu
anchored to the Hoaila. P M?Arr briga Loretto, and Jetferaon,
Philadelphia; acbr Miriam, Beiiaon, Camden for New York,
put in on a-connt of head winds. Signal for 'I herm brigs and
? square r-gged vessel, clais unknown. Sid ship Delhi?wind
light and variable, chiefly SSE to E8E. Briga Jane Howes
and Susan have gone to ea.
Hoi.Mrs' Hole, Oe' 20?(Prom our Correspondent)?Arr
I9tlt, achra Waldo, Uilchrist, from Windsor for New Bedford
and New York; Gov Arnold. Salem, NJ. for Boatou; 20th,
brigs Susan, of Salem, from Philadelphia lor Boston; Urauile,
of Sedgwick, do fur do; Erie, do for do.
Lewes, Del. Oct 23?Tug vessels reported in our last as be
ing at the Breakwater, still remain. Wind N, and weather
Nantucket, Oct 23?Arr scbr Philadelphia, Philadelpliia.?
Sid sloop Nancy Kinley. Albany.
Newbl-rtimet. Oct23?Cld brig Forest, Porto Rico.
Norfolk, Oct 22?Arr schrs J W Kim ton, Osborne, and
Vesper. Baker, New York; Edward, Boston; Ann Smith.
Smith, Baltimore for New York; NOV, Wright, Richmond
lor do; Richard. Alexandria for St John; Mare, Frederi ksburg
for Portland; Chaa Jk Susan, iNanseutond for N-w York; pilot
boat Calhoun, from a cruise, eport> 3 ships nud 3 baiquvs in
Hampton Roads, (one of the latterthe J Carver, from Prospect,
vie) lies idea an iiiuuiuernhlo fleet of briga and ?chra,all wind
hound?a larger number of vessels now hi the Rn.tds than for a
long iime past Aiso arr. brigs Ellen. Portlaui; Jos phuie,
Richmond lor Mobile. Below, schr Kate Aubrey, Portland
for Baltimore.
PtiiLaoit chia, Oct 21?Arr brigs Vineeuues, Portland; Sea
man Fall River; schrs Btanrlywiue. Bridgeport; S rah Church
man, LodemiaSt Elizi. aud Delaware, Providence Cld haique
Fsiimouut, Barbadoes; brig Colombo, Boston; schrs Oregon.
N'ewburyport; Surveyor, New Haven; Republican. Troy;
Jaue, Norwich; Miami, and Brandywine, New York; sloop
Sylph, Newport.
Portland, Oct 23?' Id ship Clievalier, Mobile; brig Mary
Ell'n.(new) West Indies.
Providence, Oct 23?Arr hrig Algonquin, New-pott, to load
for New Orleans: schrs Martha Mari -, Philadelphia; Commo
dore, and Hero, Albany. Below, brig Orandee; schrs Invinci
ble. Isaac Jackson, Brilliant, Tangent, and others. Bid schr
Increase, I'lulndelpbia.
By Bust Nieht'n SoHthern Wail,
Baltimore, Oct 24?Cld ships Alexander, Havre; Roanoke*
West Coast ol Africa and a itikt; schr* Katnelianeha 3d. (urw)
Boston; Catharine, Scott, New York. Sid schrs T R Bet ton,
Nssiau; A FMyrick, and Direct, New York.
CtianLEiTON, Oct 21?Arr schr Wnudopasso, Fall River.
NohkoLK, Oct23? Arr schrs T 11 Thompson, Boston; Tsr
quiii, Providence; Rob Roy, Norwich; Carpo, Portsmouth;
Argus Stoniugtou;Atlantic, Proviuceiowu; Erie, Fall River.
Below, detainril by head winds, schrs Hope, and Motte, Balti
more for Providence: Klita.and Mary, Providence^ for Balti
mo e. lu Hamj'toii Roads, brig Dingo, Sedgwick for Alexan
Pun apkli-hia, Oct ?Arr brig Victorin, Boston; schrs
Eul.er Eliza, Eastport; Oread, Proviucetow-n; Geo Washing
tou, New Haven; John Adams, Saunders, New York; Cey
lon, Boston. Below, brig Pianet, E-utport; uud herm brigs
unknown. Cld ship St Cloud, Leghorn; barque Elk. Boston;
brigs luUependence, Leghorn; Sun, Boston; schr Henrietta,
New York.
Richmond, Oct 23?Arr Susan, New Y'ork.
<1 ROSE HILL STABLES. 24th street, between
jLaOSiI and 3d Avenues, and nearly opposite Bull's Head.
' ' '> '???' arrived from the country, and for sale at the
above stables, SO Horses, am one which are four fast trotting
horses, 2 fast pacing do., several pairs farm horses, some fine
cart torses, a few good road and stage horses, end shippers.
s3 2in*rrc R. H. PTORTHRUP, Proprietor.
K U B E R T S U N ' S
103 Fuflton Street, between WlLUnmantl
fg THE Success which has attended the efforts of fg
J^fethe Proprietor of this Establishment, to introduce Jpk
into use a snperior article at an extremely low price, eucoura
ges him to make increased exertions to merit the patronag- ot
the Public, The peculiarity of his system of conducting bu
siness consists in the establishment of tlie most rigid economr
in its various departments, as wvll as in an inv triable adhe
rence to "Cash on delivery," relieved Irom the oppressive ex
penses o the more extravagant craftsmen of Broadway, and
subjected to none of ihoie losses which are the certain accom
pammeutof the "credit principle."
He is enabled to offer the different articles in his line at the
followiug reduced rates ;?
First Quality Nutria Fur $3 30
Second do do do 3 00
First do Moleskin 3 00
Second do do 2 30
First Quality Cloth $1 30
Second do do 100
Third do do 73
IMPORTED FRENCH.BOOPS of the best oualitv
J at the extreme low price of $3 00. The best of
Calf Boots madetootder$3, and a greatnssortraent of line 1
Calf Boots Si and $1; finest calf Shoes SI 30 to $2 23; also
a great anoitmeut of patent leather Boots, Shoes and Uaiters.
i. uh's will find in tins store the greatest assortment of Uaiters
be found m the city ; also Buskins, Slips, Ties, India Rub
L-'s, Prunella Slips, white and black satin, he., he.
Like ~ "
.....wise Loys Calf Boots and Shoes, Misses and Children
do, all kinds and cclors, our own manufacture; also the best, ol
Fiench ooods,and warranted the best ami cheap as the cheapest
at 367 Broadway comer Fianklin street,
ol lm*rrc M. CAH1LL.
^ A lave and splendid assortment of city made Boots and
nSboes, of the most approved styles and workmanship, for
ii sal- twenty-five per ceut cheaper than at any other store in
^V,New York Just received, a few case* of fine French
Calf Dress Boots UtMtlemcu so disposed, cau furnish their
understanding with an elegant pair of Boots, at prices varyiug
' roin three to five dollars.
sl7 lm?rc KRt.NCH & EVERETT, 73 Maiden lane.
?For style and durability they are equal to those sold
in other stores fur S3 ; five French knperial dress Boots
made to order for $4 30, equal to those made in other
stores for 86 and S7, and warranted to give satisfaction, at
YOUNU h JONES' Freuch imperial Boot and Shoe Manu
facturing Depot, one of the most fashionable Boot and Shoe
establnhmenti lu this city. Uentlernen that are in want of
a pair of dress Boots, will find a saving of fifty per ceut by
getting them of us. Mending also done in the store.
? 17 lm*mc No. 4 Ann St., near Broadway, New York.
JE. JOHNSON (late Wilson k Johnson) has
on hand, in atere 142 Chatham street, Uirectly^^0B^f
opposite the theatre, one of the best .issnru-d stocks of
Boots and Shoes that can be had in the city. Ueuts Kip,
Calf. Uraui and Seal, Thick and Tluu Soled Boots and Shoea,
peg'd uud sewed, from the Eastern manufactories; Laidies
Uaiters, Buskins, Ties, Slips, ke.. of every description. A
greater variety of Childreus' Shoes than any other store in this
c.ty. Ueutleineu's fine Uaiters, twenty different kinds. Ueuts
Buckskin Shoes, Sportsmen's, Fishermen's, and Seamen's
Store open till 10 o'clock in the evening, giving country mer
chants au opportunity of examiuiug the goods at their Teisure.
s9 lm*mc
OBSERVATIONS on the best means of preserving the
teeth lu'iispeusable to health, beauty aud comfort,Ibnndei
on long and exte ive practice, by M. Levett, Dentist; the m
troduce* oi i insertion of Artificial Teeth oil the principle oi
Atmosp.-euc pressure This small work will be found u-sefnl
to flir heads ol families, while persons who have lost teeth will
lie lul'ormed of the best methods for replacement and preserva
Hon of those remaining I May be had of the author, 260 Uroad'
w?y,>ornerol Warren st. all Im'inc
established iaio.
ALL MEDICINE* in this Establishment warranted geno
me. No boys or inexperieuceJ young men are ever al
lowed to wait on customers. The finest Sweedish Leeches for
sale or applied by an experienced person.
Chemist aud Pharmaceutist, from A. Uardeu's,
sJO lm*r 772 Oxford street, London.
R. ABBOTT may be consulted confidentially at his office
IS Duaue street, where persons afflicted with delicate dis
eases, old syphilitic nlcers, diseases of the bladder, urethre,
and prostate gland. are invited to call. Several years expe
rience in the best hosoitals in Europe, besides sixteen years
practice in the city of Nesv York, entirely devoted to the treat
meat of delicate diseases, euable him to warrant a speedy and
radical cure in the worst cases, without the use of mercury.?
Dr. A. feels confident that he lias performed more cuirrs, re
lieved more suffering humanity from the aboTe diseases than
any other physician in New York. Beware of imposition, and
do not mistake?16. A medicine may be had to prevent the
above diseaaea in all their varieties. Attendance from 7 A.M.
till 10 P. M. Charges reasonable.
N. B. Dr. Abbott is the only regularadvertisingp hysician in
Dnanc street, except old Dr Coo|ier s4 lin'rc
DOCTOR CORB1TT, Member of the University of N
York, alio member of the Medical Society, has remix
his office from Ifi Duaoe street to 3 Oliver s'treeV.iieiTr CtathYm
ft|wire ; may be consulted confidentially on all due*** of a
delicate nature. Strangers are informed that the Doctor haa
exclusively confined his Practice from being general to the treat
meutof certain classeiof diseases, (now over thirteen yearaio
th- city of iNew York,) which engages his entire attention.?
i_-, ? , , , ?, --- ?entire attrition.-?
The annals of medicine do not record greater succeas than it to
be found in Ins practice. The Doctor cautious the unfortunate
against the nse ol mercury, as it has lU tlmusands of victims.
Recent ca^s are removed in three or four days from the sya
tem. Those protracted and m?lt-rrated rises that have been
under the treatmer' ?lysiei ns lets experienced will Fe
sure to And prompt relief by railing OU Df C. A practice ol
many years has established the Doctor's raputation for skill and
respectability, Strictures engvge the Doctor's profound atten
two. A medicme may be h d to prevent a certain disease in
auv of its forms. Open from 7 A. M. to 10 P M.
sn2A Imiii'm.
WARRANTED nor ro stiffen or solien under any degree ol
vv cold of heat; mi article unequalled l?ir durability, neat
near or price, for sale in assorted cases, suitable for the city oi
ceuutry trade, and in small quantities, by
anil 2m?m too Broadway.
Medical Card
OCTOR KAWf.ETT, consulting surgeon of 196 Fulton
a .v* r '?i<W fork author of ? late publication, em
bracing the following subjects, vir -Mstntnony, Irapoteucy
and sterility.anatomically, physiologically, end MMhmlly ex
plained, with a comprehensive exposition of the nature and
modern trentrnmit ol Syphilis. Secondary Hymi ton.a, Uonorr
h?s, Uleet, Strictures Seminal Weakness" Whites, N?c
tnraal Emissions, anil ell the consequences arising from self
p llutl n The Doctor ha* devoted Ills artention for thelaM fif
teen ye .rs in this city, to the treatment of the above mentioned
? i a L ? '?? i"r niHjyp iril
.iisra?es; and tr m hiacxenaive prsetiee oid longesperiri.ee
in invest,gating the pathology of the vanous atructuies of the
guierattv organs, he guarantees, in i ll cues that he under
takee.a permanent ?nd radical cure. Ih. diulomaafrnm I on
don, Minhorg and Philadelphia; also, hislmnlvarv degree from
Person* ut a diitfWCCs ericloiing $), can h?ve * copy of 11
lare work, accost i mied with one which embraces all diasaui
incidental to females* ? ,
All letters pre-paid.and addressed to Dr. II. rawest! 196 r ni
ton si reel, ?ill reunvc due attentioi.. ^ o!4 lm re
WHKAT-4,<KK, busLels very superior Illinois Wheat?foi
me by EkcOLLINS^cJ^
??IsbraiedlH ??;
betting Iwm, ko. k
Jium Hauley has
br?M> honored with the testimonials of lit*
Preaideut of tlie United Buua, the American Mtniaurs tg^the
Courta of Loudon and Paris, Professors Bochu, Alfira, .?J
tertoo, Horn, aud numerous others from prireto individuals ot
distinguished musicl talent. ?
0* Observe. 81 Anthony afreet, 2 door* from Broadway.
Q- HARPS REPAIRED Strings, kc. sll lm*rc
THIS VALUABLE MEDICINE ia particularly reeora
mended as be tun the moat effectual cure for Asthma.
Whooping Couifh, Colds of erery description. Bronchitis, and
all AlifctiouH o( the Lungs. It ia couaiautly prescribed by onr
moat euiiiieut phyaiciana, and lias atood the teat of thirty yean,
and over 211 OOJ bottles are now cousumrd annually, bur sale
at la, 2a, and 4a per bottle, by
\V holeaale Aaeuts, <] Bowery, corner Walker ftreet.
_ Always on hand, Hooper's Female Pills, genuine ; Dally'a
Pain Extractor; Bristol'?<S?r*ap4rilla : Fresh Swedish Leecnes.
a22 I m'mc '
I H I Pulton Street,Opposite St. Pnul'lCliurcIl
iVl liaj. CAK j* OLL b?Ki to rt-miud her patrons of the silica
IU cvof i.-e Vapor Hatha in curing colds, rheumatism.cltiUs
and fev r, ate. Sulphur Baths require half an hour's notice.
Por?. .e VaiHir Batha sent to any part ol the city or vicinity,
all lin re
5'48 Ptnrl Street.
JgETWEEN Centre and Elm streets.?Warm, Cold and
D Shower Batlu. equal to any in the city, cents each.
Good clean siugle beds, 12R cents each. Meals 12R eta. each
Board and lodging, 82,50 per week.
Newspapers from London, Liverpool, Canada and. all the
principul cities in the Uuited Stales, on file jvm*
THE superiority of Dr. Hull 's Instruments over all others
is acknowledged by the uiOat eminent Physicians in Eu
rope and America. OtPee 4 Vrsey street, Aator House A
female in atteiidailK* in the ladies' department s12lni*m
October 13th, 1841.
TllF. PRESIDENT and Directors have this day declared a
dividend of four and one half Per ceui on the capital slock
of thai company, for the six mouths endiuK 1st August last,
le to the stockholders ou and alter Saturday, the 1st Nut
The tranifer book will he closed from the 21lh instant to that 1
date. By order, C. L. EVER1T1', Secretary. I
o!4to NI re '
FOR 1846.
No. CH (Xnrclay Street <
by Paschal Donaldson?Embelluh with elegant Kitgra
vinga on Steel, from Original Designs by Caailver mid Mor
ton, and beautifully bound in Morocco and Gilt. The usual
discount allowed to Booksellers. all lin*r
Or Hair Invlpox-utor.
REMEDY for all diseases incidental to the Hair and its |
restorative, in all cases where Baldness is not beyond the 1
reach of art.
Mkhit* ok thi: Chkmkl Bsi sah on Hair Iriviooaron.?It
prevents Baldness. It removes Daudrill ni.d Cutaneous ScrulT.
it keeps the Hair in its natural color and oreveuts it Iruin
turning grey. It is now presented loth{ world, with a firm be
lief, that as a beautiful and healthy restorative of the Hair it
will be found on trial unequalled. Prepared solely by K Phu
lou, No. 214 Bro idway.
Agents?O. Fish k Co., Washington, D. C.; Ayer kl'helan,
75 Biond st.. Columbus. Georgia; Turtle, Assembly Build
iugs, corner of Tenth and Chesuut sts., Philadelphia; H. nice,
corner of Court and Howanrtl; streets, Boston ; C B. Brew
er. No. 101 Fulton st . Brooklyn; M. S Fletclwr, Marebosi,
Ulster Co., N. Y.j V. B. Locerow, No. 54 Beaver street,
Albany. ?28 lm'inc
AN ARTICLE of great strength anil durability, can ba
adapted to all kinds of machiuery for which leather is uvj;
costs about one third less, and is superior to it in m uiy respe cts.
It is unaffected hy heat or cold, and when adjusted to machine
ry does not require alteration as is the case with leather Foi
sale by GEO. BEECHER,
100 Broadway.
Belts of given lengths and thickness made to order.
au'18 2m*m
Messrs. j. k h. kkankland andTKOs. hakris
beg to recommend to the attention of all persons inter
ested iu buildings, their much approved .Mastic, which is the
m >st durable and beautiful composition ever yet invented for
covering the exterior of dwelling lions-a or public buildings, in
imit tion of marble or stone ; no iitne or w iter enters into the
composition of the mastic, which consists of boiled linseed oil
of u thick consistence, which, with the oxides and carbonate ot
lead, and other ingredieuts, forms a cement impervious to
water, hard as astoue, and of great durability. Specimeus may
be seen and every information giveu on application to Mr.
CHA8. II. MOUNTAIN, Architect, 17 Wall street, N. Vork.
tS.1 lm*r
ESPEi TFULLY iul'urnis his friends aud ihe public that
- be coutinues the practice of his profession as usual, at ;
his residence No. 1 Warren street. Dr. A having kir many
years paid stiict a'tent ion to the diseases of the teeth and gums
and the operations incident thereto,_aud especially to that j
Of tlie lei
most necessary and useful oue, the filling el' tlie teeth with
gold, lieges by his rare aud attention to g.ve general satistac
tiou inThat particular branch of his profession?to his success
iu which, a liberal aud increasing patronage (and which he
g" tefnlly acknowledge*.) a mndanllv testily- ?7 lm'BI
| ESSRS. CLARKE k STEVAN solicit the patronage ol
L the public to their Temperance Intelligence Olfice. 95R
Duanc street, where they can have servants of the first class,
white and colored, Protestants and others, ol all descriptions,
ol good moral character. Messrs. Clarke kStevau return their
since e thanks lor the kind patronage they have so liberally
rrceived, and contiuue to serve the public at 9i)i Duane street,
one door west of Brosdwav sll 1 m*r
LUBIN'8, Guorlain's, Piver's, Prevost's, Gueliud's and
.vlaugenet k Condray's Extracts Colognes; Soaps; Laven
d. r; Oil; Pomatums; Cosmetiqoes. key English and French
Hair Brushes and Combs of all descriptions, together with
Ins highly esteemed and well patronised Japouica Juice, lor
cleansing the head and moistening the hair, the only thing
that will preveut the hair falling out. Sold at WM. DlB
BLEE'S. Coiffenr America in, 261>b (late 271) Broadway.
?3 Im'rre
R. MARSHALL HALL, on* of the mostcelebraW?dPhysi
ciaus in Eurojie, is the discoverer of this vsluable ineilicuie.
It isuowused in his practice, among tne uoonity of Kim laud and
through tli* continent of Europe, and in every instance wlwit
used according to directions, has produced the most happy re
sults. It is inclusively directed to the cure of such complaint*
<m arise from a disorganization of the generative organs. Its
quick and w uiderlul action is such mat coldness or imbecility
cannot remain in the system thai is uuder its inflaeuc* for halt
an honr. It will afford decided relief to those who by
early indulgence in solitary habits, have fallen into a state ol
chronic debility.
Constitutional weakness,brought on by a secret habit indulged
in by young men. This is, when too frequently indulged ui, the
greatest evil that can befall man. Dyspepsia, weakness of the
limbs, and small of the back, confusion of intellect, forgetful
uess, palpitation of the heart, aversion to society, consumption,
etnaciatiou, are the symptoms of this disease. Gleets, whites,
obstruction of certain evacuations, total iinpotency and bamai
ness are removed by this medicine.
l'HILLIPS k BOYNK. Agents. Forwarded to all parts of
the United States. Pric* t'i per bottle?6 bottles for $9. Sold
atMDuanest. ?I3 lm*r
pure extract of the finest Alexandria Senna, in a high state
of perfection, piepnred in Vacuo. It is an efficient easy purge
tive in small doses?those lor adults seldom exceeding one or
two tenspO'iiisAil; and product* no icluiess or griping in ua oi>?
ration ; not ouly are the nauseous taste and smell corrected, hut
the taste is rendered positively egreasble and inviting, conse
queutly Willi tms preparation- the difficulty attending the giving
ol' Senna to children is entirely removed. Instead of the lorni,
ing which the bulky dose of the ordinary Senna Tea produces,
the b Ini J Extract of Seuua it taken by them with the greatest
readiness and even with a relish.
Prepared by W. MILLS, Practical Chemist, (late aasistan
Chemist in the Laboratory of the Apothecaiiea Hall, London.
Soid, wholesale and retail, at his office and laboratory, 11
Walker stieet, N.Y.;alsoat the Eagle Shirt Manufactory, No
313 Broadway. N. Y. >20 lm*.
A BERNF.TH Y"8 PILLS are the most safe, speedy and sue
c>ssfut remedy ever tntcov- red lor the cure of gonorrhoea,
gleets, irritation of the kidneys, weakaea> and other diseases
of the urethra and organs of generation. Abernetny's Pills are
pnrely vegetable, and lor years have been used w ith a brillian
cy of success that has far superseded all other prrparaiiuus in
tne cute of the diseases for which they sre recommended.?
Price $1 per box For axle at Apothecaries' Hall, 36 Ca
tharine street, and 127 Maiden Lane *4 lm*rh
DOCTOR GOBB1TT, 19 Duaue street, a Member of the
Royal College of Surgeons, Londou, and Member of tha
Medical Society of New York, may be cousulted in the treat
ment of a certaiu delicate disease, ilia long experieuct aud
close attention to this clasa'of complaints?his pleasant, safe
and ? xpeditions mode of treatmi nt?ni? extraordinary success
during a long and extended practice for thirteen year* in this
city?and above all, his legitimate medical qualifications, are
a few of the grounds ou which-he testa his claims.
Dr. Cobbitt's mode of treatment is sale, effectual and expedi
tious, not requiring either the use of mercury or restraint in di
et or exercise. ,
Strictures cured in one or two weeks with scarcely any pain.
Constitutional Debility.?Those individuals who have iu
dalged in a certain loathsome and secret habit can positively
b-restored to h?a Ih and society Mild cases removed in two
to four days. No charge made unless cured. Remember, 19
Duaue street, one door from Chsth rrn st. ob lio'm
|A OR disorders of the Stomach, Liver and Kidneys, acrom
JT panied with ludigeslion, loss of appetite, headache, bilious
attacks, giddiness, palpitation, languor, low spirits, loss ol
strength, pains in the back, side, and lower parr of tne cheat,
habitual costiveness, worm:, and other dis-ressmg sympion,s
Dr Salmon's Remedy has met with extraoidinary success n
private piactice; and is prized so highly by all who have takei.
it, that the proprietor lias hevu induced to introduce it to im
public generally He assures any sufferer Irom the above,-om
plaints, that it is, as it prolesaes to be, s perlect cure, nirignt
ling ilie system, restoring appetite, health, celor ami strength
even to the most debilitated.
This Remedy contains no mercury, nor any preparation
it, and does riot prevent the closest ntb-ution to busiuess. l.ie
most satisfactory references given if required.
DR. WiVI. II MILNOK, 192 Broadway,
?2 Im'rre enr ?,f Inbn st . Hole Ageni fur N. V
IiHF. VIBRATORY MOVEMENT recently substituted
for the rotary in this machine, hy the subscriber, en
dows It with an eilraordinaJy superiority over every form ir. I
which it lias lieeu conslructeU. It is compactly fitted toge- !
'her, with its battery, wires and other appliances, in neat ins
liogany cases, of tevernl sizes and powers, it $10 (two aizes) I
112, (II and $ lb I ach, and Ir warded to order to any part ol the
Union, the <Panadas, West Indies, or South America.
Each case is accompanied with a Manual (7th edition, pp
I2l.:i2rn<> )?including a complete Manual of the practice o I
Medicine, with a very full glossary, giving clear and ample
lirertions for the use of the instrument in the virions diseases
o which it is applicable, and whicharc found, by the aneceaa
ill practice of hundicds of opeiators, to include the most pre
ralent at well as the most peculiar and obstinate I lint sre
mown to the medical profession, with the proper inedicmea
or cucli CU6, H. H. dIiEjK WOOD,
?6 Im'rh Lhambera st
No. lOf* William Street. lip Stnlra.
INTIMATES rhat he bss on hand, and is daily bringing for
ward, a splendid sssortmeut ol the above articles, to which
w Invites attoutiou. Orders promptly eiucuted. I'ricca low.
? II lm?re
\ LL CASES in the Surgical and Medical line, especially
/li those of Laig ?banding, can receive advice and medicine gra
il on the first application, neither name or reaidenw reqnired, at
No IT Rends street. ?. HEINE. M. O.
all M*N
HUdloal Advice.
pwasAHSfis " "
*11 teM S.TlUlU UI
judicious, tana ires Muher
d;4nee DOM KilMM puniu. ?-?
?ini/ from a too Iraqnot indulgence of the passion* ot """"reel
yonth, Bud thereby causing nightly emissions, evautuslly
confirmed impoteney, eigne the br. . .tx,eiret ?Oe.it.oe,^i
object being to report* the aytteoi, aunt ally mid bodily, to uum
"'sTRIC^URKS, s'di'reaae frequently eiuuug without the pm
tient being the l*??t aware, sometime* caused by uiaJ-treatuitml
of uu initiated medical pretenders, auditomwtimra by the o?6^Ct
of the jiartiee themselves, are. by the Dr. effectually cured, with
UU^T)~torCtehi"^eCUfthe few qualified advertising Burgeons
in the city guarantees a i?rfect cure, or no charge made. Let
K^r^TS3oTin?? f?. in,rr1,/,,lTi^f^fe^a'1
dieinc, with advice, aeut to any port, ol the Uuiud
Office 63 Gold atreet. Open from ? A- M. to ? r. M
oil lm*rrc ?
medical Aid.
DB (1REOORY, 66 Oold .treet, is conaultMl, aa usual, m
1.11 di.raaea of a private nature. . It i? weflTtnowu that he
cure. J
U oreajh and D-fe .jre .a
the patient n?t li-Me t?> esposnre. Terms low P" ltn
Medical Aid.
DR- COOK,66 Oold street,is a regular Medical and Surgi
cal Doctor} ha* had more than 30 y?ar* rxperiMC*i illi the
treiimrnt and cure of private diseases III all riieir varieties
aud aiacea. W,th one exception Dr. l ook has cured morepa
tienta^ean any any other Physician uow practicing iu this city.
Ur ?' ia a native born citizen ?f the United Mute* and is a
member of the Medical Hociity Term* for advice aud medi
cine $5 and a cure guaranteed. Letter* hy mail enclosing in#
fee will receive particular and prompt attrition. oil lm r
Medical Card
1VTORTH KIVEH DISPENSARY, 204H, Kulton atrotc.
N Doctor Momaon continue* to be c awaited confidentially
on all private diaeaaea, which he cure* without mercury, or r?^
atraiut iu diet or pursuit. Recent caaea, particularly Oonor
^STk/cTURK.'s OF6T??E URETHRA are cured by Di.
M. on improvad principle*, without pain or inconvenience to
the patient. Aa the aymptonaa of Stricture are analagous with
those of oilier affection* ol tne urinary apparatus, none but ri
oerienced Surgeons ahould be allowed to uiake til* uectaanry es
ainination, a* thoae affected with enlarged prostate glauda, may
This airectiou, and the tram of evils resulting from a secret d?
stractive habit iu youth, inducing nocturnnl emiaaioua and iiluj
mUeVmp-iteBry, are radically cured by Dr. M.,ou pat.ailog.pe .
principle*, by restoring the system to a healthy touenedre ,n
Staling its original vigor. A perfect cure guaranteed, 'or no
ClNr"B.?Dr. M hold* no coumuuiou with niydidal '.retandrrt.
who claim to oe Surgeons, as he ia, perhaps, the ra|'y quelificd
advertising Burgeou m the city. See hi* d ,pluuiu* his office,
206 (i Fulton street. Letter* post paid nod coute a,ii,g a fee Will
liiaure mwliciue and advice to an y part of the ' ?ion. _
Office 301 '4 Eu I ton atreet, uear lireee with ajevv York. Opeg
from7 A. M. to 10 P. M.. daily. m *16 lm*r
L RALPH, begs to state that tie iiathoine iu much iu run
lible, (except SuuJay) in order be consulted uoou any of
the peculiar disorders. relerrr j to in thi* little volume, pee
sunnily or by post. at hut rna' jence, 68 Oreenwich street. New
York: and especially. V t observe that the subject of his
consultations is uot conftv ed to these coin plaints alone?but em
braces the whole ol \k t0se which in any way relate to the
urinary orgaus, as pre* #ej a .iiiTiculty iu paisiug w:\ter peculiar
to advancing ago, w' c He deeuis it proper also htfs to preseu
to the public the r ?iowmg most interesting remarks ou
? t . STRICTURE AND 1TB lura. ,
ThtsbMUg', ery little understood, although tne moat frequent
and import* ,lt eouaequnuce of diaeaaea?iu a former advr. tiae
inent mu'rt paiti w;13 (akeu toeipisin it* nnturv? 'he diaeaaea
which '.vert- miatakeiifor it?iu conaequencea and iW cure?alao
the th.u atrioturf frwjuently exiata iu these who are not in
the least aware of it. Tlioae. however, occupying too much
' <ace, the tollow%g remark* will be confined to ceitaiu cirtum
stoucea which wiff enable oue to judge whether be lid* this com
plaint or uot, and its proper mean* of cure.
Among other thinga it was remarked, that it was by no mean*
necessary that the stream of unue should be obstructed or even
muchdimioiahed, in a cane of stricture: Una, indeed, occurs ui
bad aud long established caaea, butatricture may exist fi?r laonta ?
aud aveu year, without producing any striking chaiTge in a
respect. Neither u it necessary tliere. should be pain, or any
thing directing the attention to the seat of this di'seasr. rain,
certainly i* uow and tlieu complied of, hot ? w only
when iullominatiuu hapiien* to be superadded; and, with regard
to other effects, especially of early cases, theae ure observed to
fall upon the muid and nervous system, rather than the part tt
aeif. There are, however, three circumstances which inwt pe
culiarly belong to stricture, aud, especially when ihcy meet to
gether,should never be lo/Psight of. but lead; to immediate inefiUM
of cure. Mauy other symptoms might be meutatwed, but most
of tlieae belong to other maladies as well, or miate to Stricture
in iu more advanced and settled form, while the following three
belong to stricture in iu early stage, r.ud when it 1* so cosily and
certainly removed. TU first of these relatex to
THE MANNER OE UR1NAT1NO.?It has baeui already
?aid the stream ueed uot be much dimmishsd or impeded;wh.u is
to be observed is the peculiar way in which it finishes, if it
should happen, after the clothes are readfUMteA, that a drop or two
should steal away, so a* to wet a littl* tliia, trifliug as it may
seem, would afford a strong suspicion. Not that.this drop sir
two cau proccfd from no other cause whatever;but, certainly,
no stricture can exist without it. The next is
REMAINED UNCURi-D ?A G-auorrhnaa, though not. th#
only, it by far the most frequent car.ae ol Strictnre. 11 is uot its
severity, so much as the length of Viine its glerty stage may have
remained, that is to be considered^ Neither is it possible in every
case to state how loug tins nosy toutinne without producing
Strictnre, for oue person is na'.ttrally more disposed to Stric
ture than another, if howev.vr, it should nave continued Irom
six to eight weeks, this lengt'/i of time at least would strengthen
any other*u.irm|on? circurgstance The third is
MIND.?Nothing is UiOte certain tlian the ejfectol ntric
tnre is to depress the spirits and to lessen mental energy . Not
ihaMghis is complained of in the same degree by every imlividn
al, Wit it is so common,in oue degree or other,that ihewnter rare
ly sees a casa of Stricture in which the patient does not observe
tnat he is not so active., or capable of business as formerly. This
also is a serious effect;though little understood, but it is unques
tionably true. Indeed, whoever considers the natural connection
of minu and sewnai organs, will easily imagine that, as there is a
medium by which the mind ?o powerfully acts upon tnese oo
Sits so, through the same medium the sexual organs re-act ipor
eniiua. This, however, is lietter explained in "1 he I civali
Treat ise" of the anther, a little volume which i?sentt> imui)
pirfts of the world. At the cure of Stricture proceed^1
vity of mind invariably returns.
With respect to the enre of Stricruxe?this, it ' ^ grariryiugto
state, is geuerally arcomplixlied iii very little t-j0M| wilhoui
pjiu or iucOHvenieuce. Nothing can exceed iinprovenivnt ol
late year* in the treatment of this comp'^in,. Indued, in the
hands of proper and experienced persons^ thaenre of Blricture
is now accomplished in aa mauy days ais R>raierly it demanded
month*. Viay iiersons consult th'^ Writer who come oil buai
uesa to this city for a short lime u'^v returu porfectly oui ed,
though it has beeu a source of tr .mble and anxiety foi 7ear*. To
those who cannot leave their .mmes, the writer fnru iskea Bis own
ja-culiar meaus or cure, toyetlie, with his "Private Treatise,"
which has an inieresrui'^ chapter, givingevei y luforrrmtion on the
snbluct, arid written ,g the plainest inatuier and which, being
enclosed in u little mahogany chest, q*:. be safely sent to any
In csuscqc ^iCe of the number ol pretenders and books o
quackery which infest this si'.ty he deems it proper is make
the follow nig state at, ut, as a satisfactory ground el confidence
tosrrancers. Besides his* ttUk aa (iradnate of Edinburgh, Ike.
6ic., fie has published t*;,ree editions of a work esgiressly ou these
complaints. Also, k,e letters from the meat eminent physi
cians IU Europe w the most eminent iu America? as Bir .\stley
, <?f>.oudon, to Dr. Molt, of New York: Dr. Physic,
of Pfi'tsdel'.nia, and others, and is permitwd to> refer to almost
2I?7 ^'ysieian of eminence m this city. Address Dr. Ralph,
?? "I-.snwieh street. ?? "?*rr
or TBI
J&ediclne and Pharmacy
"HI/. bl?MBF.R8 of the New York Collage of Medietas
. and Pharmacy, established for the suppression of quackery,
j continue to direct their particular attention torn] I disease* of *
I privase nutov^ end car coufuleutLy promise to persons requiring
medical treatment, aaafe and permanent cure without injury to
the constitution er conluicmeut from business. Invalids arcyu
ticilarly r*T-nsted to make apulicntion to the College on the
first appe.uwme of those diseases, as a vast amount of guttering
and time maybe thus avoided. One ol Uie mermen of
College, for many years connected wirb the prir^;?j hospiU *
in So rope for the care sf those coiopVints, o', w,u jot routni
I tatiou daily from ? A. M. to 7. P.M. ' *
Terms?Advice aud Medicine $4?a gugiaatoM.
living in the country, and fmdiiig it fkcourement to make pe*a
soual applications, can have forwarded to thein a chest oontaiw
| tug all mediciqef requisite to perform a radical cure, by Status!
I their caseesplieitly, together with all symptoms, time of eo?
traction and treatment received elsewhere, il auy, and err
closing 96, post paid.
TUJ* TONIC. MIXTUTiK, prepared by the College Is'
Medicine aud Pharpoucy ol the city ol" New York, is eon
fidently rreommended i?r all cases of debility produced by se'
cret indulgence ot bareas oi any kind. It is an invaluable
remedy forjnnpuPence, sterility, or barrenness, unless depe sdj
lug on mni-fero?.ation.
Siugle bov'.es (1 each ; ruses of half a dozen ti \ carelall'/
picked gnfaent to all parts of the Union.
LK)H the radical cure of gonorrhoea, gleet,seminal nmissioas,
JC and all mocorpurulent, discharges from thenrethra These
Pills, the result of twenty ycar's experience in the Hospital de
Uliarite in Paris, are preuounced by their celebrated iuveator.
Professor Velpeau, as an infallible remedy for all diseases ol
the iiretha. They effect a cure in a much shorter tiuie the*
e 11 y ouier remedy, without tainting the breath, disagreeing With
the stomach, or confinement from honors*. Price 91 per hog
LH)R toe iwrmauent enre of primary ot Mwandary arphllis..
' t enerenl oleers, nodes, or any complaint produced hy as
injudicious use of mercury, or anskiilul medical treefn ent.
All persouastiapecting a vcueraul taint rrmaiunie in their sys
tem should niethsa powerful purifier without delay, as uo per
son can consider himself safr after hr.viug the vtaivreal disease.
Without thoroughly cleansing the system with this justly oela
bralt-d nlterrative. . ,
Sold in single bottles at 91 each ; in cases of hall a dozci as
94; carefully packed end sent to all parts ol the Union.
PREP.URK6 by the New York fo'legs ofMejlieto, -,nd
t Pharmacy, established fqf the suppression of quackery,. Tin
refined aud highly concentratedevlr.-u l, pjs'eavinn ill \f * pun
fv inu qualities and curative powers of the above berhr lt conti
nently rerotnmer.drdby ihe Tnllcgeas itifiuiiely super nrtonov
extract ofBarsapnnllri at present la-fore the public. 9 .j may he
relied on as a certaiu remedy for all dis? ?ri?ing i>,,m an
pure state of the blood, iucn ns scrofula, salt rhrti' lti ring-aorrr,
blotches or pimples, n terra, pain m the honss r joints, nodes.
cn taiienus erupt ions, ulewated sore throat, or '.if /.riseasearBinC
from the secondary e fleets of syphilis or an ip indieinns uses
Bold in eingle bottles, at 7ft centsetsi'
? in c ,?r? ot lialf ? dozer, hatl'.ea. 9) >?
" " one dogs'j " t kg no
Cases forwarded to al' parts of the lawi
N B.?A vere diseonni to whetp ,,|. i-nrrhasers
itn- . v h III" t ?tr'Wg 'V j| ,1 ...
JAMES OORDllMKmvQroprirlor.
Circulation? Forty ~Thousa?d.
DAILY 111*-II \U>?r.very imy, te 2 c??ntJ pi?f coP7~~t7
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